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    This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

    Unless something that not even the authors of the most elaborate Hollywood sci-fi movie can concoct, happens in a few days (or weeks), Joe Biden will be announced as the 46th President of the United States.

    I’m not saying that because I don’t believe that there were voting irregularities, but I don’t want to provide false hope to Trump supporters. There is no smoke without a fire, so clearly, things did happen, but the lead between the two candidates is 4.3M votes, so it has to be one giant scandal, if the ballots were messed with.

    There will be recounts and there will be and already are court appeals, but from all of the data that I’ve been able to put together, the world is now preparing for a Biden presidency.

    The big question is whether or not the Georgia recount will actually flip the state in terms of their Senators, which might give the Democrats a “blue sweep,” a result that the markets are currently not pricing in and they definitely do not like!

    The markets have celebrated the gridlock situation in Washington since they’ve deduced it to mean that in the next four years:

    1. We won’t see any tax hikes (or cuts)
    2. No new wars (probably)
    3. No reckless spending programs on climate change initiatives
    4. No resumption of the Obama-era massive regulatory environment
    5. No ban on fracking

    Gridlock, for lack of a better word, guarantees that the majority of the pro-growth agenda from the Trump administration will remain intact (for the most part) and that the power struggles in Washington will probably be negotiated on an even keel since there will be checks and balances between the red and blue agendas.

    It also means that any delays in fiscal programs due to feistiness between the two sides will be resolved through currency printing by the Federal Reserve, in the interim.

    Courtesy: Zerohedge.com

    We are left with the following question: how will global markets and the U.S. stock market trade in light of this new era upon us – Will it be more like 1987 or more like 2009?

    This week, the dollar weakened greatly.

    Stocks soared by the most they have in a post-election week since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn in in the early 1930s.

    Here are some worrisome risks to consider, going forward:

    1. Will Biden’s inauguration usher in a period of lockdowns?
    2. Will Trump, in the interim period, wish to approve and oversee a massive stimulus program as his last hurrah?
    3. Are more stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop going to create national security risks for Joe’s approval process?

    With these in mind, I want to recap the performance of our five watch lists from 2020 (starting with the first one) and also note that we’ll publish additional summaries of companies not mentioned in these reports but that we did profile in these pages. We’ll be doing this in the coming days and weeks, as well as highlighting two new opportunities!

    The first watch list was posted right after the March Madness week. It offered once-in-a-decade (some say even more) opportunities to consider stocks while they sold off badly. The watch list, which can be accessed HERE, was comprised of 27 securities in total.

    26 securities are up considerably, with a number of them trading 100%+ above their March lows, an impressive achievement.

    Expect updates on our other 4 watch lists, as well as companies mentioned in this newsletter this year. It’s been a tremendous comeback year since March and we’ve got plenty to report on!


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      1. Trump must declare this fraudulent election to be a national emergency and declare martial law immediately. The US mint will produce new ballots for all fifty states that are as counterfeit proof as a one hundred dollar bill and the election will be monitored and ballots counted by the military. If the Democrats are capable of putting a President in power by fraud, then they are capable of anything. If these measures are not taken by the president the Democrats will some how take control of the senate and stack the Supreme Court. They then will make all US territories and the District of Columbia states and allow millions of immigrants to flood into the country thereby guaranteeing that the Republicans will never have a majority again. We will be a one party system, the communist party. We will be under martial law anyway so it would be better under Trump than The Whore of Babylon Harris.

      2. Senator Rand Paul (in a position to know) stated “One point one million DEAD people received stimulus checks. Do you still believe the MAIL-IN BALLOTS FOR EVERYONE (including dead people) was an honest approach to an election?

        Does anyone believe states denying oversight by both political parties have nothing to hide?

      3. The author is clueless about how easily Trump,can turn this around.

        Does he listen to Rush? Does he read Zero Hedge and Lucianne?

        Also, this author pathetic
        shilling for his “free” newsletter

      4. ” but the lead between the two candidates is 4.3M votes”

        As we know the popular vote does not matter, no one is challenging the California votes and others. The far closer races have not just inconsistencies but no accountability as required by law as many, possibly most, mail in ballots were not allowed to be examined by poll watchers as required by law. Ignoring the latter which is well documented, videoed and therefore indisputable puts the US in banana republic mode.

        “It’s not over until the fat lady sings”.

      5. I liked what Trump promised but I am afraid he did not deliver and he misled his supporters. His biggest achievements were for Israel, strengthening their hand in the Middle East.

        He promised to deal with black squalor, crime and ignorance but instead pandered to BLM and let them riot. He promised to shutdown radical Islam but it is still out there.

        He will be seen as a brief freak show who talked a big game but did little but Tweet, Jack off, eat burgers and fried chicken and watch Fox.

        • Frank Thoughts, other achievements by the Trump Team include: 1) Kept us out of endless wars, 2) Reduced red tape that stifles economic development, 3) Nominated three outstanding Supreme Court justices, 4) Forced NATO & other allies to pay their fair share of defense expenses, 5) Forced China to treat the USA fairly in trade, 6) and I could go on endlessly.

          Regarding dealing with black squalor, crime, & ignorance: 1) he has supported the nuclear family that is proven to reduce all of those things, 2) he supported law enforcement that helps families live in safe environments, 3) he improved the economy & assisted minority businesses & hiring, 4) he kept us out of endless wars that kill off our young people, and I could go on and on. I submit somebody is NOT paying attention.

          You do know that some issues MUST be handled on the state or other locally-governed level.

        • “He promised to deal with black squalor, crime and ignorance but instead pandered to BLM and let them riot.”

          Frank Thoughts

          Until that BLM / ANTIFA riots destroyed Federal Property it was a State, City, Local responsibility to handle. We have 50 States and they have Governors who have both a National Guard and State Police.

          Tenth Amendment

          The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

      6. Democrats need to pick up three seats to gain a majority upon the inauguration of Kamala Harris as Vice President on January 20. But they need 51 seats to control the Senate at the beginning of the new Congress, which is seated at the beginning of January.

        Due to election laws in Georgia that require candidates to win at least 50% of the vote in the general election, its two Senate races are expected to advance to January runoff elections, which will likely determine which party controls the chamber.

        If Democrats gain control of the Senate ,Biden will pack the court and the big new green deal-doe becomes law.

        Progressives will love having the new green deal -doe shoved up their ass but I can only hope you union guys that would sell your soul for a dollar …can take it like a man.

      7. More Faux news bullshit? Whoever wrote this is a complete moron loser. Trump WILL WIN! Fraud is being uncovered by the trainload and states are still counting. Ro the author… GTFOOH!

      8. I didn’t care about bumpstocks, except in principle. He supported too-obvious red flag laws, with no nameable thresholds. (Any imaginary friend or pink elephant would do.) I disagreed with the Platinum Plan and with continuing DACA, while saying they would pay through trade deals. I knew the social contract was over, when I saw the LGBT flag and dancing and talk of kissing them all. There is no politician, who presses my Jesus button. I am not one of the cultists and never once claimed to fall for any of this.

        I think, it would have been clever for Pence to answer debate questions, curtly, in terms of Biblical Commandments or the Bill of Rights.

        But, when a close relative was an arrogant masker and said there was nothing wrong with Kamala’s debate manners, I knew I could never leave my kids or anything of value with that one.

        Anyone who could understand an earthy, Biblical parable, or Aesop, should probably see politicians in light of Bastiat. The hooligan is a state actor or protected class.

        The Broken Window Fallacy:

        The hooliganism which breaks one market might just as well stimulate another, owing to compulsory waste — not owing to the substance of any politician’s stance or personal character.

      9. Theirs a 99% chance I will never read drivel from this author again

      10. Actually, trump has a 99% chance of winning, because the REAL ELECTION hasn’t even happened yet.
        12th amendment, ratified into law in 1803 irrefutably mandates that the electors “electoral college” chosen by each state senate, votes on the individuals running for the office of president, those votes are forwarded to the US Senate, who then verifies those elector votes, and if an individual receives the majority of the votes, the president elect is certified and announced.

        Fun fact; of the 50 state legislating senates, 26 are controlled by republicans, who will elect republican electors.. fyi; 26 is a majority of 50.
        Another fun fact; out of the 45 presidents elected to office, 17 were elected into office in spite of the unconstitutional popularity circus contest vote that we’re subjected to every four years.

        The people have no authority to elect the president, this circus vote is a feel good measure meant to placate the populace and give them the appearance of control. However, this circus vote is a complete waste of time, money and effort and is no consequence as to who becomes the president of the united states of America.

        READ THE CONSTITUTION and therein you will discover that everything I’ve stated is the truth. We’ve been lied to our entire lives by these frauds ie the FAKE NEWS msm meat puppets, and our elected officials.
        We learned all of this in civics class in high school, but apparently the overwhelming majority of the country were sick the week they taught us about the ELECTORAL COLLEGE and the 12th Amendment in civics class.

      11. You’ve lost both sanity and credibility, now the next Drudge. I’ll never return to this website.

      12. Some of the charlatans are claiming that red state America will rise up in revolt and refuse to give up their rights under a Biden presidency, except that those same individuals that the charlatans are claiming will rise in defense of their rights being violated sat quietly at home under the first nation wide lock down in American history, and have not risen to the occasion to date, despite twenty years of complete tyranny, treason, and fraud. So, I would like to know why this time will be different. They have not said why it would be any different this time. And rise up and do exactly what? Start shooting people at random? How would that improve their lives? Or would it be deep state actors wearing MAGA hats ? Trump supporters that have not been violent during all of this are suddenly supposed to become enraged in violence? That just does not seem to be logical or likely. Evidently nobody has clued me in on the details, and I think that it is because there aren’t any details to be clued in on. 

        Violence next? I am not involved in the deep state. Do they plan on a civil war of warring factions of the deep state itself? The rest of us have been their victims for decades. Is the congressional shoot out going to happen to start it off? With deep state scum rising to the top to quickly fill the vaccuum that power abhors? 

        I would not know. One thing I know is that there are a tremendous amount of people claiming to know what will happen next without disclosing how they know that it will happen. It is my belief that they are attempting to persuade people that those things will happen and allow them to become self fullfilling prophecies which are gas lighting techniques and mysticsm techniques used in cabala and secret societies and secret brotherhoods. 

        It is a bunch of baloney. It is so important to them that everyone believes it because believing it enables them to impose their will on others.

        Now they are calling it predictive programming, which is something that every day trader is a victim of. The trends defy logic and reason, and the techniques employed in the industry and by Wall Street are a confidence trick, where people keep pouring money into investments watching their balances grow, taking the predictive programming bait being fed to them by algos and catchy phrases like sell in may and go away, yadayadayada.

        A fool and his money are soon parted. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. So I sacrificed the chance to win big and lose big, for peace of mind and sanity, because I do know that the technology used is untrustworthy, and I am not an insider privy to the knowledge that I would require to make any investment decision that I would feel comfortable making, and I do not trust anyone in the industry that has that knowledge to be honest, because we would not be experiencing the Health Scare Plandemic, the 2008 crash, or the inside job of 9/11 if the people in the industry were trustworthy individuals. 

        Why would anyone trust the charlatans that are not honest with them about what is currently happening to share secret knowledge that they claim to posess about what has not yet but will happen? 

        Nobody is reporting the news! Everyone is reporting what they believe or would like others to believe what the future will be, or, they are lying about what is currently happening, in 90% or more of the media!

        Andrea Iravani

        • I now understand all of the motives behind these acts of fraud. I had realized immediately that the lock down was an act of fraud and a fall guy for financial fraud which has been the U.S. business model since 1993 creating a criminogenic petri dish for corruption through deregulation of the financial, corporate, and government sectors. Also to obtain hard assets at fire sale prices, and BLM being used for insurance fraud purposes, and BLM financed by the corporate sector despite being run by known Weather Underground convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg.

          The state governments want and demand civil war because they are financially insolvent, and blue states are more financially insolvent than red states over all. 

          It is all spelled out in Section 4 of the 14th amendment:
          The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. BUT NEITHER THE UNITED STATES NOR ANY STATE SHALL ASSUME OR PAY ANY DEBT OR OBLIGATION INCURRED IN AID OF INSURRECTION OR REBELLION AGAINST THE UNITED STATES, OR ANY CLAIM FOR THE LOSS of emancipation of any slave, BUT ALL SUCH DEBTS, OBLIGATIONS, AND CLAIMS  SHALL BE HELD ILLEGAL AND VOID.

          So, they spend like dunken sailors on par with Wall Street. The village that I live in spent $7 million on plumbing on an old, outdated, school that looks like a torture chamber or prison because there was rust on the wall by the plumbing, even though iron is in water and plumbing and iron causes rust. They could have built a new school for $7 million. Unskilled labor village employees make $44 an hour. Yet, despite the fact that I have repeatedly reported the terrorism and crime committed against me, they refuse to do anything about it, same with the state and federal government. Those are just a couple examples of gross negligence and mental incompetency, by James Brunquell village of Grafton WI presdient that does not work a single minute in the village, has no village voice mail, and works full time as a manager for Froedert Hospital. 

          They are not a government! They are a terrorist network and organized crime ring that is guilty of treason!!

          Andrea Iravani

      13. Biden gets in the system will crash… What short time he will have as President, until K kicks his old ass down the stairs of Air Force one . The Democrats will be drunk with power, the attitude will be Damn the Torpedoes full speed ahead.

      14. The author is either ignorant, stupid, or a shill for the libtards. Trump only requires less than 70,000 votes to defeat Biden in several close states. If there’s fraud you simply overturn the fraud in the courts. To admit defeat would be essentially the end of America and just allowing fraud and lies to win elections. No this author is a clown. If anything there’s a 100% chance Trump Wins. Literally everyone knows the major fraud has occurred and will just take time to expose it and void the results of the election.

        I would just proclaim Democratic politicians to be terrorists and use the Patriot act to either kill them or throw them in prison. They’re the biggest threat to this nation after the Zionists.

      15. Our LEGAL SYSTEM (I no longer call it a JUSTICE SYSTEM) is slow. The LEGAL SYSTEM is NOT sufficiently agile to deal with systemic election fraud prepared for over a decade by one political party. Soros financed campaigns for certifiers-of-elections. Many people working the election with no sense of morality or ETHICS. ENGINEERED METHODOLOGIES that allow for plausible deniability. Reluctance by the Supreme Court to opine on anything related to elections. Getting true election results at this time is a monumental task.

      16. This guy is ultra delusional. He is in for a very rude awakening

      17. 99.9 percent sure Trump is going to get the people’s chumps for Trump 24ct golden boot award, the man,the myth, the legend Donald J. Trump. Trump has taken out more of these shit eaters and shit spitting c.h.u.d., pig committee. His two boots on the ground = 100s. of those poor little democraps. They aren’t going to be able to keep up with him. They will be sucking in shit at an amazing rate of speed dropping dead from shit inhalation.The best is yet to .com. My president Donald J. Trump. Elbulleheal

      18. There is 100% chance that DT will be President for the next 4 years.

        I don’t know how and don’t care how it happens. I just know that he has a job that he MUST do, and he CANNOT do it unless he is the President. I also know that he could NOT do that job without the backing of the Supreme Court. Now that the Supreme Court is in his corner, only two things need to happen. One, DT must be President, and, two, a specific religious issue must come before the Supreme Court due to an un-Constitutional order by DT (probably inspired by JT). The Supreme Court will “validate” this un-Constitutional order allowing the order to stand.

        Shortly thereafter, probably within weeks, possibly a few months, the U.S. as we know it will cease to exist.

        Timing? No idea when. Could be within 4 years, or maybe longer. IF LONGER, DT WILL SOMEHOW GET A THIRD TERM. I realize the “IMPOSSIBILITY” of that happening, but in this political climate everything seems to be possible.

        One period to watch, though, is January 2024. No idea what will happen then, but I do know that it will be something MAJOR. Might even be the “validation” of the un-Constitutional order. Time will tell.

        Sneer if you will. Won’t change anything. Just watch what happens in the next few years. In the meantime, get lots of popcorn and watch the show.

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