2010 Predictions: A List of Lists from Around the Web

by | Dec 31, 2009 | Forecasting | 15 comments

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    As 2009 comes to a close, predictions for 2010 are plentiful. We’ve compiled a list from around the web for your reading pleasure.

    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente predicts:

    • an economic crash
    • terrorism
    • the rise of neo-survivalism
    • an anti-immigration movement
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    Karl Denninger’s thoughts on Where We’re Headed

    • The stock market will end lower on December 31, 2010 than where it is on January 1, 2010.
    • Housing prices will fall another 20%.
    • Banks will begin dumping their foreclosure inventories.
    • A massive wave of small business bankruptcies.
    • Unemployment will appear to improve, but it will be an illusion and we’ll end 2010 above 10% on the U-3 unemployment rate
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    National Inflation Association:

    • We will learn the 2009 holiday shopping season was a bust.
    • We will see a major decline in the Dow/Gold ratio.
    • The U.S. Dollar Index will see short-term bounce, then huge crash.
    • Oil will rise back above $100 per barrel.
    • Major Food Shortages.
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    James Kunstler: Forecast 2010

    Hat tip to Tom of the North for sending this one over.

    • Rising Treasury interest rates resulting from, in part, forced government bailouts of bankrupt states like California and New York
    • Dismal Q4 2009 retail sales will force many businesses into bankruptcy, including national chains. As a result, vacancies will increase and this leads to a final “push off the cliff” for commercial real estate.
    • The above will lead to regional bank closures, leading to a bankrupt FDIC having to request direct bailouts from Congress, leading to even higher Treasury interest rates and higher mortgage rates.
    • All of this leading to the recognition that we have entered a serious depression, which is only a facet of the greater period of hardship we have also entered, which I call The Long Emergency.
    • Outbreak of civil disturbances on many levels.
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    Kitco Commentator Roger Wiegand on Good News and Bad News for 2010:

    • Housing sales both new and used for the first half of 2010 fail so badly, this market is literally in free-fall. There will be 7-10 million new mortgage defaults with most of those in the prime paying (not sub-prime) category caused by job losses
    • $40-$50 billion in U.S. credit card failures are reported
    • First half auto sales are reported. They will be so poor more car-makers file bankruptcy
    • Commercial real estate loans bankrupt many developers and their projects among those existing, under construction, and planned.
    • New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California are among the financially worst, hurting from falling tax revenue on broken businesses and consumers….When some states face total collapse it will get very ugly very quickly….They will spend until there is nothing left to spend and then scream for help to the Federal Government.
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    Tony Sagami of Uncommom Wisdom Daily:

    • The U.S. stock market is more overvalued and headed for a very painful fall.
    • The dollar is overdue for a short-term bounce, but the factors that killed the dollar in 2009 — runaway government spending and massive trade deficits — haven’t been fixed, so the long-term trend of the dollar is still downward.
    • Interest rates are higher, but they are headed a lot higher. Inflation has yet to rear its ugly head … but it is coming.
    • The commodity boom has a long way yet to run.
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    WebBot Half Past Human:

    The predictions noted here are based on analysis by Half Past Human’s WebBot analysis tools. The information is acquired from across the internet, parsed, analyzed and the interpreted.

    *Note from Clif High of Half Past Human: The predictions herein are produced using our radical linguistics method that has been in development and production since 1997. The data sets employed are a result of the data gathering begun in October 2008.

    *Do not assume we know what we are doing in the presentation of this material. Always discount the information presented as it has an in-built error toward the most extreme connotations.

    source: The Shape of Things to Come (Volume 0, Issue 3) – Data Set Analysis Dec 6 2009.

    • More whistleblowers and information will be released about global warming, putting the entire global warming power structure at risk.
    • The dollar will continue to die. Data sets are pointing to a very visible impact on the planetary populace as the financial system goes into lockdown crisis that will apparently ‘peak’ sometime before the March equinox.
    • After November 2010, the US Dollar and the federal reserve will lose influence in the world at a shockingly fast rate.
    • Social order will begin to crumble in a rapid manner once a threshold of suffering is breached. The issue seems to be large scale failure of the distribution system, which results in shortages of food across wide regions of the USA and other countries.
    • Disruptions of social infrastructure over 2010 and 2011 in the continental USA include, among other things, medical systems, financial system, local government, natuonal energy supplies, law enforcement, food and energy production, international communications and transportation. All of these are indicated to be collapsing or imploding under the pressures of corruption and twisted hidden agendas.
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    Sharon Astyk: Practice Losing Farther, Losing Faster:

    Hat tip to The Survival Mom for sending this one over.

    • 2010 will mark a (probably dramatic) resumption of the economic crisis, which will not be short or pleasant.
    • We will face deflation, probably simultaneously with fluctuating and sometimes extremely high (at least in relationship to people’s ability to pay) prices for food and energy
    • The trend towards growing your own, small home livestock, and home food preservation will continue to grow and expand
    • There will be a fragmentation of mostly fairly unified fronts among climate change activists and scientists as we are forced to deal with the revelations of last year
    • Most people won’t look at 2010 as the year it all went to hell. But looking back from 2015 to 2005, they will know that somewhere in there, it all went to hell, and well, this was right there in the middle.
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    Got a prediction, or care to comment on one of the predictions above? Feel free to post it below. You’re guess is as good as any!


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      1. Mac hits another one out of the park! I’m spreading these around. People come here and they just eat it up. Thanks again for a great article!


      2. Good reading Mac!  Glad I have the option to be aware and prepared for most eventualities even if they don’t all happen.
        Cheers, Mark

      3. Thanks Net… This one is pure aggregation pretty much. The authors are the one’s that deserve the credit.

        I was going to add one prediction to the mix…

        Mac’s prediction for 2010:

        “whether it happens in 2010 or later (though 2010 might be a good target year), the government, aided by Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Sheila Bair and President Obama, will continue to talk about recovery, positive GDP, growing employment, positive consumer sales, and stable banks up until the very day before the entire thing siezes up and comes crashing down.”

        Of course, that’s a simple prediction that is almost guaranteed, kind of like one I read on a psychic’s web site earlier today that said “notable people will die in 2010″…. WTF? really?

      4. I realize that much of the research and actual words are not yours, however, the way you assemble them is masterful! Honestly, it takes all kinds of information creators and handlers. I see what you do here very much like my own profession as a SysAdmin. I set a machine up, write a little code to glue things together, type “shutdown – r now” and things happen that make people say “Wow! You’re a *GENIUS*!” but the genius is all in the guys that wrote the programs that I stuck together in ways they never conceived. You’re doing the same here. Instead of a information “programmer”, you’re an information “administrator” and you do a fantastic job!

      5. One thing to keep in mind, as your hometown deteriorates and the value of everyday items start to go up. That rake or shovel or that bicycle on your front lawn becomes valuable. The smallest of items. Remember in the book Alas Babylon when the woman broke her last needle. That line in that book has stayed with me for 35 years. Anyway back to the thought. Remember every town and community has its druggies and thieves. The common electronic items that were once stolen and sold for drugs will be replaced by things that will have real life saving value. Without the modern technique of making even the simplest of tools life will get real tough. Anyway my prediction which is really just looking forward at a possible issue is that burglaries ,thefts and even home invasions will become very prevalent .The main target will become  and will always be food in hard times.
        Solutions as you know is dogs and always being armed. Yes, even in the bathroom. 
        Final thought. Not only will it be the druggies after your property, it will also be desperate people like the ones you told that they should think about putting some stores away for a rainy day.

        John Wayne once said:  Life is tough. Its tougher if your stupid.

      6. Comments…..nuthin’ matters until it matters,,,and then it’s the only thing that matters

        we’re on our own,,prepare for it

      7. I second NetRanger’s comment that you put this together in a very readable format.  Thanks!  There’s lots of food for thought here — plenty to keep me up at night.  :o)

      8. Mac,
        Do you have any insight as to what can be labeled the ‘Cloward-Piven strategy’?  Might this be some help in making predictions for 2010? When I look at all of the decisions that have been made by our government through the lens of Cloward-Piven.. it all makes great sense!  No surprises here! They know exactly what they are doing! Perhaps if we know the game plan we can all be better preped…

      9. Prepare for the government to buy up as many bad loans this year to stave off a further collapse in housing. it will be touch and go but they should be able to pull it off as the the fractional reserve system can expand as far as needed.

        Until re election the Feds will just create money. By the way, the government has been doing this every since we abandoned the gold standard.

        It all hinges on oil prices so I expect we will have to take over another oil producing country.

      10. Why do you people even waste time with Celente? HE is a fraud. The man basically reads what others are saying and repeats it, knowing that he has media exposure while the real experts have been banned. You people are naive.

      11. How is he a fraud, compared to the other experts?

        Who are the banned experts?

        What has Celente read that others are saying and how is that different from what other forecasters do? My thinking is that  forecasters basically take the available information on a particular topic, parse it, and then come up with their own opinions and conclusions. Kind of like the guys that do the weather on TV…

      12. Wrong, all of them.  A bunch of negative hum bugs, jealous of those who are sucessful, viewing the glass as always half empty.

        Here’s the reality: financial and banking professionals and the super wealthy (i.e. those who matter) are doing fine.  In fact they’re raking in massive multi million dollar bonuses, the Dow is back over 10,000, jobs are being “saved,” the global economy is on a growth trajectory.  Every thing is good and getting better.  Only the losers are complaining.  The commentators on CNBC assure us of this; so does the white house. So, don’t worry, be happy.  Just because the working and middle classes don’t have jobs, are under slave pressure from debts they’ll never pay back and have trouble putting food on the table, with rampant and growing crime in every neighborhood that isn’t gated (that’s what they get for not gating their hoods !!!!).  These predictions are based on illusion from excess negativity.  Soon it will be a hate crime to say the economy is bad, so shape up and get your attitudes adjusted.  Things are great !!!!

      13. Predictions 2010

        China Bluff Exposed, Regime Overthrown– China’s communist regime continued to print money, lending it to everybody that wanted and didn’t want it. The giant housing, infrastructure, and manufacturing bubble came to a violent crash when the debts where not paid and inflation forced the authorities to tighten despite massive unemployment. The combination of high inflation and high unemployment in the urban centers took the people to the streets. The Chinese citizens refused to accept state intervention in the economy and their personal life demanding more personal and economic freedom resulting in prolonged civil unrest which almost reached a full scaled civil war. The collapse of the Chinese regime and economy resulted in a colossal bust for commodity prices, albeit temporarily and caused a severe recession in Australia, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, and the Gulf States.

      14. Comments…..I would like to say that…I Dont Care!

      15. Wow, for who it matters, it’s been two years already and nothing…yet…


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