Living Free Without Permission: “Building Without a Permit, Driving Without a License”

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    Everyone wants to live free, but few actually walk the walk and stand up for their rights.

    Of course, the state has created the perception that you are required to get permits and licenses and official approval to travel or build a home and many other activities that have been established as individual rights by common law and historic precedence.

    Most people just bow to the demands of offices, courts and officers either in ignorance of the law’s true requirements, or to go along, and get along in an orderly and convenient fashion.

    Tom Hyland isn’t most people.

    He tells his story of arming himself with the knowledge of state and federal codes and asserting his rights to be free.

    Over the course of decades, he successfully built his own homestead by, with walls made of straw bales, and rescinded his driver’s license, registration and license plate to drive travel on roads in his car without much interference.

    When pulled over, or confronted by inspectors and code enforcers, Hyland presented letters with sound defense of the parameters he is operating under. As he pointed out, the Supreme Court has ruled on this matter, and upheld the right to travel. Hyland noted, in part:

    In my studies I learned many years ago that the driving code is commercial in nature.

    By law, the only individuals who are required to license themselves and their vehicles are those who are involved in the commercial activity of transporting goods or paying passengers for a living. We The People have a Right to own the cars we have purchased and travel upon the public Right of Way. However, it has been written since the times of horse and buggy that the commercial activity of transportation shall be a regulated privilege. “The right of the citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, either by carriage or by automobile, is not a mere privilege which a city may prohibit or permit at will, but a common law right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thomas v. Smith, 154 SE 579.

    In my meeting with the directors of the MVD, I opened the books of laws defining these commercial activities and read aloud certain passages describing jurisdiction and intent. I asked the directors if they could prove anywhere, in written law, that the Citizen must relinquish his right to travel and subvert that freedom into a paid-for privilege. The directors were unable to interject any proof at all except to say I am welcome to my opinions. I was reading from a page titled “Definitions” and I pointed out that the title atop this page wasn’t “Opinions.” From New Mexico Administrative Code Title 18, section, is the definition “Driving of Motor Vehicles”: “The department of public safety hereby adopts Part 392 of Title 49 of the Federal Regulations with no amendments.” I offered the page from 49 CFR 392 for them to peruse, which begins with the headline: “Driving of Commercial Motor Vehicles.” At that point, the directors went silent and I told them I would return the following Monday and close my account.

    He didn’t win every round, and it remained an uphill battle, but he did do it, until he was practically compelled to get another driver’s license or go to jail.

    For the strong willed and the determined, you too can live free, without the pretenders to authority granting you permission for rights. (It may work better in some states and areas than others, but the principles are there.)

    The Jailhouse Lawyer wrote this about Hyland’s work, and its potential to inspire like-minded civil disobedience in other patriots who understand the law:

    Tom Hyland is a citizen of Santa Fe, New Mexico who is fed up with the unconstitutional machinery of government system operative in his state, and in ALL others, by whom government, fraudulently, and deceptively, coerces, under threat, Sovereign American Citizens, against their will, into participating with the state Motor Vehicle Division which regulates “driving”, “driver’s licenses”, plates and insurance. Rights guaranteed in the Constitutions may not be controlled, legislated, manipulated, limited, restricted, denied or taxed, in any way. However, in this country, if the Citizens do not know, claim, demand and enforce their Rights, then they have none. Tom knows this and has been the “beligerant claimant in person”.

    Every American Citizen has the Right of free and unrestricted travel in this Nation. According to laws well established he is free to travel in his own private motor conveyance, upon the public roads. When Citizens are unaware of their Rights and allow those Rights to be converted into “privileges”, which then are controlled, manipulated and taxed, those Citizens willingly surrender their Rights and, in so doing, collude and conspire with government to defraud and deprive themselves of Rights guaranteed in the Constitutions, both federal and state. We the People have been duped into participating in this fraud by our own governments. When government deals with the People, the People should be able to expect, in this “free” Nation, that government will deal “lawfully” with them, and not “defraud” them, as a usual custom, practice and policy of government. The expectations rarely, if ever, meet the reality of actual government practice, yet the People do little, if anything, to stop it. Do you see why the governments have no respect for the People?

    Tom won two cases in New Mexico courts brought by the State of New Mexico against him for “no driver’s license, no plates, no registration, and no insurance”. Both cases were dismissed, with prejudice, and have established precedents, whether recognized, or not. To expose this fraud and restore Constitutional governance to New Mexico, Tom filed a Complaint and case in the state’s first judicial district court, in Santa Fe, against 34 individuals who work for the machinery of government of the State of New Mexico […]



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      1. It would be the most wonderful thing to drive without any of that information. Not only is it the biggest pain in the butt to deal with. It is also a tax. There are so many codes that actually serve as taxes and ways to take our hard earned money.
        This guy is a true patriot and amazing.

        • A good example of a school ground bully
          making the rules for the other kids to
          follow, or else.
          Until, one of the kids calls his bluff and
          bloodies his nose,
          and there lies the paper tiger exposed for
          all to see and no longer to fear.

          • It’s great in theory, and completely legal, in “the most kind of legal”, but few have the ability to completely thumb their nose at the Conspiracy and quit the Matrix. And for those that can and do, things generally work out pretty well “for a season” and then they forget to do their ‘i’ and cross their ‘t’ or “jump through the right hoop” and then the bullies sic all the demons from Hell on them to “get even” with a peasant who thinks he should be a free man.

            This country can’t be saved by a few here and there choosing to exercise their natural born inalienable rights from time to time and place to place. It must be a synchronous uprising of the masses.

            Which is why the Conspiracy’s second task was to dumb down the masses.

            • Well stated. A longtime friend–about 30 years–got away with this strategy for nearly 3 decades. He’s spent many a night in jail, eventually being “thrown out” of jail by the judge who sent him there out of sheer frustration. He’s a brilliant guy, very persuasive speaker, and he’s tied courts in knots many a time over the years. Finally, after a savage beating at the hands of cops in Los Lunas, NM, which sent him to a local hospital for about a week, the man got a license. Attempts to prosecute the cops went nowhere. Cops are now ultraviolent and often homicidal in NM, and the Constitution means nothing but a savage beating to anyone who brings it up in the presence gov flunkies with badges.

                • I’d love to buy an M16 through Walmart, but they aren’t Class III dealers and any M16 I could buy as a civilian has to be one manufactured for the civilian market prior to may of 1986 and costs many thousands of dollars more than I can afford even after the special taxes are paid, special background checks passed, local LE gives an approval, and I actually find one for sale that can be transferred to me out of the very limited stock available to the civilian market only through Class III dealers.

                  Best advice, when you hear someone claiming special inside knowledge spouting pure nonsense it is best to stop and that point and go no further. You will learn nothing of value and will probably find yourself being deliberately fed misinformation to keep the truth from you.

                • There are more privately owned firearms in this country than there are ablebodied people to use them. The American Revolution was fought and won by the participation of about 30% (+/-) of the ABLE Bodied populace at the time. 330million and take only the fighting age males of about 20mil (guesstimate) and 30% of that…it will never be 100% participation but it never has been in any revolution, and didnt need to be for success.

                  • Most of the fighting in the Revolutionary War was performed by 3% of the populace of the colonies. ONLY 3% and they sent King George’s men packing.

                • How do I share this? My kids need to see this….

                  • How do you share a video? Right-mouse click on it, copy the video URL, and paste it into an email to your kids. They can then watch it on You Tube or wherever it is located.

                    There is also a program called “SaveTube” that allows people to save You Tube videos, typically as compressed MP4 files. These can then be emailed to anyone with whom you wish to share.

            • Yes, you are 100% correct there, but why not go down that rabbit hole just a little bit deeper and see what else you can find? I often refer to this as “thinking in a straight line longer than to just the end of one’s own nose”.
              Please read my paper here and then do a little bit of thinking with it. If you read and understand the words in a law dictionary, you can see how to defeat the legal system on its own terms. With enough people educating themselves and others in how corrupted the legal system really is, we could throw off the yokes of tyranny without a loss of a single drop of blood being spilled anywhere. Herewith, The Scam of the Legal System.

              The Scam of the Legal System

              The “legal system” is nothing other than a huge scam, fraud, artifice, which is set up solely for the impoverishment and control of its victims. And of course, it also has the intent of using any means at all at its disposal for keeping itself going on forever, and growing, at an ever increasing rate.
              But fear not, Dear Reader, as there is a most simple way out of that abyss, that labyrinth which we have been led into under the false idea that we can hire someone to help us in obtaining our justice when we are wronged. It is quite simply the serious and dedicated application of the Three Magic Questions. They are; What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYONE has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANYONE has an obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of in the instant case? No lieyer who has ever been asked those first two questions has given a straight answer, the ONLY answer possible, which is none. For to do so would put an immediate end to the fraud which they depend upon for their daily bread!
              It is a given that no one who is dependent upon something will ever do much, if anything at all, to harm it. Hence, we see quite clearly now as to why the lieyers of the world do not like to look too closely at the origins of their “profession” and what has become of it. What had started out as a bona fide alternative to the thoroughly corrupted King’s Court, has now become that very thing which it was created in protest against; a totally corrupted system! Many may balk at what this Author says, but NONE of them can offer up even the slightest shred of anything to actually prove it wrong.
              If there was some amount of fraud that one had a right to commit or an obligation to endure, then how could it possibly be measured? Without that measuring stick or container or balance scale, how could anyone know for certain how much was not enough or how much was too much?
              What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of at any given time? Don’t we have the Right to know that? Aren’t we at a severe disadvantage if we do not? Who can say that we have no inherent right to know all of what goes on around us? Are we “persons” held as slaves to another in a democracy, or are we free men and women in a republic? Please heed these words here well, for they ARE the key to the chains around your ankles!
              If you print out the TMQs, either by hand or machine, and then post them all around your house and at work, after a short amount of time of thinking about them, they will become a part of your mind and way of thinking. Every time that you are interacting with others, you will think of it in terms of those TMQs!
              Look up the definitions of fraud and contract, and learn them as well as you know your own name. Make them such a part of your thinking that not a day goes by without contemplating them, and you will then begin to see a change in your life. In the way that others treat you, and you treat others as well. It can’t help but happen, unless you wish to keep on being cheated and cheating others too.
              The entire legal system is a den of thieves and vipers. Why should we continue to feed them anymore, when they bring us such unlimited amounts of misery? We need to use the TMQs and starve them all out of business as well as existence!! What would a so-called “judge” be able to say or do if asked those three simple questions? What could they say? What can ANYBODY say in response to them? It should be dawning upon you Dear Reader, just about now, that you are at the mercy of a corrupted system that has gone wild and is completely out of control. Who is going to rein it all back in? Can it ever be done? This Author says no, it cannot! It is like a hand or arm with gangrene in it. It cannot be saved, so it must be cut off as quickly as possible, before the body dies and there is nothing left to save.
              Make your OWN test of the TMQs as this Author has done. Ask as many lieyers as you can stomach, what the answers to those questions are. You won’t get one in a thousand to answer you honestly, for it would go straight against what they are all about! Just look up “Attorney and Client” in the Corpus Juris Secundum, Section 14 and see it for yourself!
              A thorough and careful study of any law dictionary will give you more knowledge of and insight into the criminal nature of the legal system than you could ever imagine. It is just FILLED with expose’ after expose’ of how corrupt the system is, if you are only daring enough to see it for what it is.
              Very few people will go into a fight that they completely KNOW they have no chance of winning. They would rather just let the fight come to them, and be killed, than to expend their last energy in that way. The lieyers of the world are the same way. They know that they cannot prevail against the TMQs, so they do all that they can to avoid them like the plague. To answer them correctly, is to commit suicide, both financially as well as “professionally”. Being as professional as an unwashed whore that is. What could a lieyer do for honest work then? Surely not much until retrained, as their whole career was all about lying, cheating and stealing. If anyone at all can prove this Author to be wrong to any degree, in any way, then let them do so at once! This is all born out of some facts as solid as a piece of granite stone, coupled with a bit of logic. True, some may like to ridicule these facts, thoughts and logic, but can they prove them to be wrong? Or have all of the differences between what is right and what is wrong been eliminated? If such is the case, then surely it must have been done by the lieyers themselves, for no one else would profit so handsomely from such a dastardly deed as they would. But to be fair, whores at least serve a useful, if maybe distasteful purpose in society. Lieyers on the other hand, do not. Maggots, jackals and vultures may feed off of dead bodies, but lieyers are the main cause of all those dead bodies.
              These elevated to the bench so-called “judges” (actually they’re just Executive Administrators sitting in Admiralty jurisdiction) are just more lieyers, and are far from being unbiased. Since they do not swear a proper oath of office, and also are members of the British Accredidation Registry who take bribes (cash payments in “income tax” cases and monies from civil judgments paid into their retirement funds), how can they be anything BUT biased??
              Justice must satisfy the appearance of justice. The USSC has ruled and reaffirmed so in Levine v. United States, 362 U.S. 610, 80 S. Ct 1038 (1960), citing Offutt v. United States, 348 U.S. 11,14, 75 S. Ct. 11,13 (1954). “A Judge receiving a bribe from an interested party over which he is presiding, does not give the appearance of justice”. How much plainer than that does it need to be?? For further proof of all this, just do a search for “Fraud upon the Court” or “Fraud on the Court” and see what you find. “It is axiomatic that fraud vitiates everything”. Those words are not those of this Author only, they come from many, many court cases. ANY officers committing fraud upon the court render the orders and judgments of that court void, of no legal force or effect. This is the reason why everyone needs to get the “judge” on record at the outset, BEFORE any kind of plea is entered into the record, a promise to not commit any kind of fraud to any degree in the proceedings nor to allow anyone else to commit any fraud either. What kind of “judge” would not gladly make such a promise? Would any honest judge have a valid reason for not doing so? Is there some kind of hidden premise that is being operated off of in the courtroom? As stated earlier, NO ONE who is benefiting from a fraud or scam can be counted upon to injure it. The legal system has become a plague upon the land, and like a plague, it will kill itself off after it destroys more hosts than are needed to keep itself going.
              No casino anywhere in the world forces people in off the street at gun point and makes them gamble with their life or property, so why should a court be able to do it? What is the basic premise of the courts? It’s certainly not to ensure that justice is done! The outcome of any so-called “trial” is no more guaranteed than whether black or red will come up on the spin of a wheel. In the subject of casinos, most everybody is aware to some degree that the games are all rigged up in favor of the house, but how many of us know that the courts are rigged up every bit as much, if not even WORSE?
              In the case of U.S. v. Robert C. Braun, Mr. Braun merely asked if the property he and his fellows had been protesting upon had ever been ceded to or bought by the federal government. It had not, so the silent judicial notice of federal legislation being in full force and effect there was negated. Braun, and his already convicted fellow protesters (all of whom had hired attorneys BTW) against abortion had not in fact violated the F.A.C.E. Act and were thus set free. Foley Bros. v. Filardo had been upheld, much to the chagrin of the prostituting attorney, who told the “judge” that if the legislative jurisdictional challenge from Braun was permitted to stand, “half the prison doors in America would fly open”. EXCUSE ME?!?! That filthy scum bag lieyer KNEW that fraud was being committed all along, and yet did nothing to stop it? Why wasn’t he put into jail for aiding and abetting a crime? Or is it his JOB to commit fraud upon everyone that he can get away with? It most certainly does seem so!
              So woe unto YOU, lieyers of the world! The people are beginning to wake up to your foul works and evil deeds, and soon we will be rid of you, one way or another!

            • You nailed it, Unreconstructed Southron!

              It must be a mass uprising, or a mass disconnect from the system, or nothing will change.


            • That’s true, Southron, but the synchronous uprising has to be one of individuals exercising their natural born inalienable rights. It can’t be a centrally-lead (bossed) action. For one thing, the powers-that-be crave their opposition to have a boss so they can neutralize that boss. Secondly, but just as importantly, trading in the powers-that-be for another boss isn’t worth the fight against the first one.

          • OutWest, what you just said hits right at home for me. I lost count of how many POS bullies I had to deal with in my school days. I got suspended a lot for self-defense and in only some cases did the bully get punished. I felt it was a double standard when I was the only one who was penalized and nothing happened to the bully. I used to get penalized for arguing with school officials over the way they handled the situations, but I didn’t give a shit. I wasn’t going to be a damn pushover for anyone, get on eggshells for anyone, show respect to any thug or bitch, etc. That is no way to go through life. I was only a kid going to school trying to get an education and never went around having bad intentions toward other people or any of that crap. Teachers used to tell me I had a “bad attitude”. Well, that depends on what someone means by that statement. When I asked them why they let people with bad intentions toward other people bully other people, they would look at me like I just shot one of their relatives. Even to this day I’m still amazed at how I was allowed to go all the way through school and graduate. And those school officials are “educators”? [I use that word tongue-in-cheek, with great reluctance, and with a bad taste in my mouth.] Give me a break!

            • I could have guessed that, Braveheart. I knew were a sheep dog.

              • Hoorah Braveheart

            • Hehe. Bad Attitude = Won’t Believe The Lies

              Same thing happened to my son. We told him for a time to “let the system handle it.” That would be a “Recipe For Disaster”.

              What you didn’t say was this: bullies protect bullies. At its core, its a corporatino thing. I haven’t got enough room to key in the volume it would take to understand it, but,

              Corporation = evil
              Government = corporation
              Schools = corporation
              Corporations = a way to bully, murder, steal, victimize, vamparize and poison humans.

              The push of the corporate agenda in government and schools is so easily seen. The corporate agenda is anti-human. A corporate entity is a “person” with no morals, no accountability to the creator and no soul. It does, however, have emotion. Most often jealousy, which is directed at its human creators, essentially, to destroy them.

              Sound far fetched? …only to those who do not understand what the idea of a corporation is.

              • I guess what I meant to say is that the schools very much operate in a similar manner as the bullies you had trouble with. They were essentially having a moral schism when they were asked to punish a bully when their operation (as is all government operations), at the core, is the same as a bully.

                They want what they want and they don’t care what is right or wrong. The diatribe that follows of how you should behave and why this and why that is a complete fraud and totally hypocritical.

                I had similar troubles in school but was far too strong will to let it get a foot hold. Thanks to my parents, I stood up to all the bullies, including the school officials that attempted to force me to stop doing what was helping me and not hurting anyone else.

                Get a clue: “The System” is all about “The System” and not about you. It was never for you. It never liked you. You are necessary only because it feeds on you. You are its “Cow” to be milked.

                • NetRanger, I know exactly where you’re coming from. The ALLEGED ‘educators’ I had to deal with were no better than the bullies I put into the hospital.

            • Right brave, everybody else in the school was wrong and you were the only ” right” one. That’s how you wind up going through life as a security guard for 33 years.

              • Jonesy, go f#$% yourself! I’ve never been a bully one day in my whole life. Never had bad intentions toward other people. The only times I hurt other people were the same f#$%ing bullies I mentioned earlier. I was forced into all of those fights and never wanted any of those things to happen. That’s how I was raised. If someone hits you then hit them back in self-defense. When I know I’m right I’ll stand my ground. I WAS RAISED TO BE A MAN, NOT SOME YELLOW, WHIMPERING COWARD OF A PUSHOVER. BEING A PUSHOVER JUST OPENS THE DOOR FOR EVERY BULLY AND HIS MOMMA TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO YOU, MORON. As far as not going to college is concerned, even in my younger days I saw people coming out of college with some screwed-up minds. No way was I going to college to get brainwashed with a bunch of communist crap and then have to pay off a student loan for life for the brainwashing. GIVE ME A F#$%ING BREAK! BTW, I worked my way up into senior management at the company I’m at and have a few benefits, so no, I HAVE NOT been a guard the whole time. I work for what I want and pay taxes into the system just like you or anyone else. So f#$5 you!

                • Hey everyone, the troll named jonesy thinks I should have gone through life being a pushover. How do you think that would have turned out?

                  • braveheart, of COURSE you’re a pushover. You buy into every conspiracy theory and government is out to ” git” us screwball idea to come down the pike. How many times have you openly talked about shooting people, Hundreds, thousands? Have you EVER simply tried to get along with other people, because once you’ve proven yourself to the local bully population they usually DON’T keep coming back time and again to make you prove it over and over, they’ll leave you alone once you’ve established the fact you’re not going to put up with it. No, your story about being the good guy who’s always been picked on doesn’t ring true, bullies find weaker targets to bother instead of guys who prove to them they’re in for a fight. If it’s really true you’ve gotten all this grief my other people, then you’ve had a hand in instigating it, logic doesn’t apply any other way. Lastly, you say you work 60-70 hours weekly for 45k per year and a few benefits, doesn’t sound like much a a management position based on those statistics to anyone, sounds like a title offered to somebody instead of a meaningful pay increase.

                • “No way was I going to college to get brainwashed with a bunch of communist crap and then have to pay off a student loan for life for the brainwashing.”

                  You got that right. I know people who never went to college, are very wealthy…why? Good connections to the field of work they are in.

                  Its not what you know, its who you know.

                  Life is never one way, its different for everyone and different everyday. Its a rat race or dog eat dog world, it depends on how the circumstances are in the world. In a SHTF dog eat dog comes into play, right now the capitalist rat race is on.

                  I’m with you on the bully perspective. This is a very insane, evil world we live in. Good people are often cornered into defensive positions, and at times very violent positions for the fact that the only way to deal with monsters is by showing them deadly consequence.

                  This quote below was from Richard Kuklinski “The ICEMAN” a mob hitman. This was possibly the only truth that came from his mouth.

                  “It has been my finding that “good guys finish last”. I have been too nice for my own good, and instead of being respected for being a nice person, you get trampled on and taken advantage of until you learn…fuck everyone! Its a dog eat dog world and the only people I now care to look after primarily is my family, and then myself, anyone else can go fuck themselves….its a shame because thats not my natural disposition, Ive had to learn to be like that.”

        • MIke,
          I will have to check this out as i live in NM and had not heard of this although i do live at the opposite end of the state, i see that if you wish to win , you will have to be prepared to spend money and time in court, i guess that is where the saying comes from ( all good things come to those who wait!)

          • Years ago I did the soveriegn thing (ucc process) and a guy who lived near me did the same. He drove without a license and eventually they impounded his car. We were always filing paperwork with irs and trying to explain to cops to no avail. Unless you want a fuckin nightmare of paperwork and court bullshit and very extensive studying your trapped in the system. Depending where you live and the court system there people have varying degrees of success. However the soveriegn system did get me out of property tax on a trailer and 14K in credit card debt. Do what you will to fight them but bware, you had better know what your doing and be prepared for it because it aint no cakewalk.

            • Genius:

              I think you probably have perused this site but if you haven’t go to muckety dot com. Wonderful interlocking maps of business/organizations/families; a wealth of info as to owns the world. Have fun!

              U.S. financial business in Russia is a great start.

              This is a great site!

              • TY pog, I will check it out!

              • Over at the daily sheeple, “So What Did The Thug Brigade Expect?” Interesting and thought-provoking; a must read.

                • i have agreed with nearly every single THING that karl denninger writes for the last 7 or 8 years…a true patriot, and the smartest one i know of….y’all SHOULD be reading every word he writes! market-tickerdawtorg

            • Sometimes it is better to be the Grey Man. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

              There are times to stand up, but you have to pick your battles.

              • red leader,
                I agree, sometimes it gets the better of me to ( be that nail ) and do some nailing myself, BUT that causes problems and i found for many years now, (except for my rants on this site) it is far better to keep a LOW profile and when the time comes, HANG-EM high! because of my past, they know who and where i am, so i guess for me probably makes NO difference unless i try to do a name change and MOVE. and with all the tracking even that probably wouldn’t help a person. oh well screwed again!

              • red leader

                That is precisely the mentality that has led us to our current state of affairs. Quite frankly that type of reasoning makes me sick. It is that middle of the road piss weak attitude that has eroded our rights so far back most don’t even understand what liberty is. Don’t pick a side, don’t take a stand, neither black nor white, just grey, maybe you should change your handle to grey leader. Not everyone is a natural leader and rebel and I don’t expect we all should be martyrs, but to denounce those that do as pariahs…well that is as luke warm spinelessly un-American as one can get, actually you are picking a side and you just don’t realize it, you are siding with the thieves and slave masters and executioners. May posterity forgive us for choosing to be the invisible grey men for so long

              • @Red Leader

                “Sometimes it is better to be the Grey Man. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.”

                Agreed. When, not if, the SHTF, the VERY last place to be will be in jail. It is entirely likely that every person working in that jail will simply walk away to take care of their own family and to hell with anyone who’s locked up at the time. Without water, every one of those prisoners will die of thirst in 4-5 days.

                • If you are not doing anything but sitting around, and it’s not too hot, you can maybe last a week or so without water, but 10 days, I seriously doubt it. And I highly doubt that in a SHTF scenario, that nobody at all is going to go in and open the place up past day 1 or 2 at the most. Those men and women who are locked up will still have some family members nearby outside who will show up to free them, and all it takes is one! If the power is off, there might be some difficulty in opening up certain doors, but nothing that a smart man couldn’t figure out. With no guards around, who will stop them? Even if there are a few guards left, they will be easy to pick off from a distance if they leave for some reason. And they too will need food and water won’t they? You could put them in the exact same boat as the inmates quite easily.


            • “Varying degrees of success” is a rather vague term.

              Could you post some of the court cases and docket information so we could review what you consider a “degree of success”?

              To the best of my knowledge no one has ever actually been successful at that “sovereign citizen” and “ucc” stuff anywhere on the basis of those arguments by themselves.

              The only things ever given as examples of success seem to be occasional stuff that ended up being dismissed or mitigated due to prosecutorial procedural errors (which are sometimes successful if you’re up against an inexperienced or incompetent prosecutor, usually on rules of evidence grounds. This actually works sometimes -usually on appeal- if you know rules of evidence well enough and can find reason to have evidence against you thrown out leaving no basis for prosecution. FWIW, you generally have to raise an issue at trial to be able to use it as an appeal.).

          • I have heard of this before, apache– its for real. There are various videos on the Internet about it. When I have more time I will read this more thoroughly and copy it… I really detest all the red tape!

          • apache

            The ending is what we are preparing for. Wish I had the type of money to battle this out in court. If enough did this then that would put an end to it. Most don’t have that money. I for that reason will put it towards preps for the time when the wait is over.

        • @ Mike in VA

          You will appreciate that science is catching up with Scripture:

          gwwdvd dot com

          • John

            I surely do. I know in my heart that I am saved and that there is a God. It saddens me when I find someone who does not believe. There is nothing worse than that. But I believe in freedom and the God given right to choose.
            Thanks for this.

          • Scripture? You mean to tell me that you somehow worship a JEWISH God!?

            How’d you manage to set aside all your racism and stupidity to get there?

            Inquiring minds wanna know.

            • Idiots Everywhere….are you including yourself in that category?
              Yahweh is NOT exclusively “jewish”…unless, of course, you wish to push an agenda…hmm?

            • By worshiping I have love and occasional wisdom granted by the one and only God. Now you know.

            • God is God and belongs to himself – he is not FOR any particular people troll. Move along now, child.

              • Fate got you what you got, not handed to you by some ficticious cloud driving holy ghost. Some people are so duped and enslaved by their religion

          • JQP. There is the science section then there is the falacy idiot section. Religion is so obsolete to any reality. If God was so brilliant he would print his own money and stop begging for yours. A Sucker born every minute.

        • Mike in VA,

          What part of that article did you not understand? It is TRAVELING, not DRIVING when you use the public roads, streets, highways and thoroughfares for PRIVATE matters only. It’s when you use the public property for your own personal gain that you must then take out a license and pay fees, fines and taxes. Do you get this now? Tom travels by right because he HAS a right to travel, he does not “drive” because he’s NOT engaging in commerce on any public property. Get it now?
          You cannot remain ignorant and free at the same time.


          • Personally, I suspect his whole story is a lie.

            For one thing, he is a long time sign maker, he has worked in several States, he is engaged in Interstate as well as Intrastate commerce, and, unless he uses a horse drawn wagon or carries his stuff around in a wheelbarrow or something, he uses his motor vehicle in commerce (which he admits would make him subject to a license requirement).

            Further he has a postal address for his business (interstate as well as intrastate commerce), a telephone number for his business (interstate as well as intrastate commerce), uses the internet (interstate as well as intrastate commerce) and solicits business (interstate as well as intrastate commerce).

            And further still, in his story you notice thhat he totally avoids anything specific and verifiable by using vague and non specific terms like “the officer” and “she” and “supervisor” and so on without giving the names of the officers, the jurisdictions and court cases he claims to have been involved in (they, the court dates and proceedings and police contact records, are a matter of public record and could be accessed to verify anything he says if they were actually true).

            And in the end, the NM police don’t just get confused and give up when someone opposes them, they arrest you if you don’t cooperate without question and shoot you just to watch you die if you give them the slightest resistance or excuse to do so (DAMHIKT). They also, until very recently when it got so bad the legislature passed a law forbidding it, seize and keep any money or other assets you have with you and don’t just return them because you want them to (you can rarely get them back through the courts).

            Try not to be gullible.

          • Randy

            Thanks for your post. I understand all that. My point is there has to be some rules and regulations regarding driving. If there were not then what do you think we would have?
            I wan’t as little government as possible. As local as possible. You cannot have no governance or you have anarchy.

        • The phrase “sovereign citizen” is a complete oxymoron. It’s time people stopped using it. You are either a sovereign or a citizen. You cannot be both. How has the Supreme court defined citizen? Someone who OWES A DUTY OF ALLEGIANCE in RETURN FOR THE DUTY TO PROTECT. Please think about that!!! A sovereign owes no Duty of Allegiance to anyone but his Creator. What does “allegiance” mean? It refers to those who have loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. If you are a CITIZEN then you have a duty of allegiance to the STATE. You cannot be SOVEREIGN. A Sovereign owes no DUTY of ALLEGIANCE except to his MAKER. It’s no wonder judges deem “sovereign citizens” as crazy!! Stop using phrases mindlessly.

        • Try flying with a ticket but without a Government sponsored photo ID. The TSA will not let you get close to any airplane with out it

        • I walk the walk Have not renewed my Drivers license since after they suspended it for failure to appear at jury duty that was my last stand every time I tried to follow the law they would find some stupid thing to suspend it and cost me money & time(18 YRS). I have also remodeled my kitchen installed update electric panel new deck and new waste pipe all with out a permit. i also have drive and operate a Case 580sn backhoe all without CDL or Hydraulics license.I also have and use a few other things that require government intrusion that i say is no ones business but mine. the Constitution and bill of rights is all the permits and licenses i need.

          Long as some bizzy body is not telling on you then most people would be worry free not be licensed

        • This is inspiring until you get down to the brass tacks. He can’t buy a gun because he has likely denounced his US Citizenship. The big elephant in the room for this autonomous free man movement…..

          • What law says that he cannot purchase a gun? If you mean a “firearm”, then yes, the slaves on the plantation need permission from their master to do nearly everything. If you do not know what the difference is between a gun and a firearm, or that there even is a difference, you need to get some more education, and QUICKLY!! Did you know that you can build your own guns, if you know how? What law says you can’t? Cite it for us, PLEASE!!
            WHICH definition of “United States” are you referring to there? According to one SC Justice I think it was, there are at least FIVE definitions, but he wouldn’t reveal what they were when someone was talking about there being three of them. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, up to the 6th Edition anyway. Now however, it is left out completely! Why is that? Are the publishers of BLD committing fraud upon us by their actions? At least they haven’t removed the definitions of fraud or contract yet, but they may be next!!
            Oh, and it’s REnounced, not DEnounced. Look those words up in your dictionaries too. But all of these points are put to rest by TTMQ or just demanding to know how and why any law actually applies to you. And have the answer given to you sworn to under the penalties of perjury.


      2. If you think that is bad, my supposedly free state of Wyoming requires that I have a license to work. Im an Industrial Electrician with 35 years experience. One day a Electrical inspector showed up at a job I was working on and demanded to see my journeyman’s license. Of course I said, “Im not in a union”. He said it is a state issued license. I asked him what the state was doing issuing licenses in a right to work state in the first place. He said it was the law. I looked up the law and couldn’t find one. It seems like the fire marshal made it up one day with the help of his union buddies. I said ok ill get a license to make them happy. Well I went down to the office and applied and they told me id have to start a the beginning and go to a trade school for 4 years because I neither had union affiliation or had worked for a licensed company. (I had been self employed”. Anyhow, I refuse completely now and chide them to cite me or something because it is just a bunch of bull to protect the existing companies who do such crappy work. State licensing of someone’s right to work is on par with licensing the right to exist.

        • Same crap in my state. I have a two year degree in Electronics and have been wiring houses and playing with Ohms law since 1976, have been teach cable fault location, cable location, and electrical grounding, since 1990, but they still want me to jump through the same hoops. They are also in collusion with the Insurance companies. They won’t issue you insurance without your State License No. Then the General Contractors won’t hire you unless you provide them with your Insurance. Shocking!

        • Doctors, lawyers, engineers and everyone else shouldn’t be required to have a license either.

          Let the public die as they may if they trust the wrong one, licensing to guarantee basic competence should be done away with.

          • I actually agree. As it is now with everyone licensed we have a crapload of medical malpractice but it’s all good because they are licensed. It doesn’t reduce harm.

            If it did work there’d be no auto accidents since everyone’s licensed. There’d be no deaths from pharmaceuticals – they are all approved by the FDA, right? Wrong.

            The baby is thrown out with the bath water. Cannabis heals but because it’s not approved, insurance won’t cover it so it’s a proven treatment that most won’t ever use…it’s not “licensed” to be used as a treatment.

            I’d say licensing in that case actually harms as it disallows effective treatments.

            Let the free market determine – word of mouth does better than anything. You harm someone and word of mouth would cease your business; likewise if something works you should be able to use it as you wish without asking permission.

            • Caveat emptor is all the licensing necessary.

              • Licensing is all about money. this how jurisdictions fund themselves. while some of it requires competency most of it is to bring in the money. even the guy holding a sign at road construction is licensed and your dog. Wait til the cat has to do it. follow the money.

      3. He had me until no insurance.

        • Insurance is ONE of the BIGGEST rip-offs ever invented, MOST people are led to believe to have to protect your FAMILY AND BUY, home, car life, etc etc. insurance and then they lobbied the feds and or states until they passed laws saying you HAVE to have it! what a crock of CRAP!! just like health insurance it is all a money making SCAM, when is the SHEEPLE going to wake up and grow a set and get the scumbags and such tarred,feathered and or HUNG!! make our country FREE and start getting these bogus laws and the ones who passed them tried for treason!!!

          • Apples and oranges. I agree but vehicle insurance is a necessary evil. My loss at your fault with no compensation doesn’t lend itself to harmonious relationships. Perhaps I should say your loss at my fault with no compensation and why not? Bankers go free, LEO’s go free, irresponsible nuclear countries go free, those that guide us go free, prosecutors of wars go free. Consider it a protection racket closer to the underworld than the upperworld. The upperworld, that is the realm of the extortion racketeers.

            • Apples and Oranges my ass. If you are so afraid of traveling and being hurt, carry full coverage or stay the fvk off the road. Oh that’s right, the insurance companies have 500 dollar deductible so now you blame someone else for your inability of telling the insurance parasites to gf themselves. Now we all get to live under the yoke of paying the parasites because someone got hurt, and fvked over. Here is a little awaking Grandpa, the illegals are driving around uninsured and you damn well better be carrying full coverage as I know of more than one person that has been maimed by them and received zilch. SO, is mandatory insurance working? Not for them it didn’t and it wont for you unless you carry some extra uninsured motorist coverage that we all could have done in the FVKING FIRST PLACE and let these poor people including non-illegals that cant afford this outrage catch a fvking break.

              • .02, your point is well taken, but legally all you’re required to have is liability coverage, unless your vehicle was financed by someone. Until I got my first company vehicle, I paid cash for all my clunkers and only had liability coverage. I’m aware the illegal aliens are driving around with no insurance and the same goes for most black people on the roads, but the insurance laws are never enforced against them or the illegals thanks to affirmative action. I don’t think it’s right for responsible people to have to buy more coverage than they really need because some third-world parasites on the roads won’t play by the same rules we have play by. Just another example of minority groups getting special treatment from the federal government.

              • .02;
                Good points,the lawyers won’t go away and the illegas have nothing to take and the aclu would defend them Those of us that have shit would quickly be relieved of it.

            • Insurance needs to be like ever other business in the country. If government stayed out of it I don’t have a problem with it. Then the good companies with the best product would do well.

            • If you BORROW money from a banker, a relative, or a friend to buy a vehicle; it stands to reason that they would want insurance on the vehicle to protect the asset.

              If you BORROWED the money in the first place to buy the vehicle, its unlikely that you have the money to repay the loan if you damage or destroy the vehicle, since most people use their vehicle to go to work.

              If YOU lend money for a vehicle to a relative or friend, wouldn’t YOU want the asset covered by insurance to guarantee the loan if the asset is damaged or destroyed?

              I think so. Insurance is a necessary evil and a condition of the vehicle loan in most cases. 🙁

              • I knowwwww… Like voting for the… lesser evil, or the… least necessary evil, and look where we are!

                Isn’t it swell?!

              • DK, brave

                A bank saying you have the option of getting full coverage car insurance and accepting thousands of dollars in the form of a loan…. Or not getting insurance and not getting the loan. Is a lot different than the gov’t forcing you to buy the “promise” of a POTENTIAL service (one which they have the right to pay or not to pay at their own discretion) from a private party. And brave, I have always had liability as im sure many have, but only in recent years have they made it a mandatory purchase by law. Thanks to them for slipping that right under our noses, probably did it the same time they forced the seat belt laws, no smoking laws, and God-forsaken red light cameras. Hoooooray for America Hip Hip HOoooray for Liberty!!!!

                • Agreed. But car liability insurance and Obola Care are two different things. I have VA.

                  Veterans must wait in line to see the death panel. Fortunately, the Good Lord and I look after my health.

                  Every disease can be cured by diet and prayer. 🙂

              • If you lend money to a friend or family member, you shouldn’t have to have a guarantee as you probably have enough money yourself to not have to worry about being re-embursed for any loss.

            • grandpa

              If I want to protect my self from lawsuits I get liability, if you or I want to protect ourselves from others, we get the comp, collision, and everyone seems to forget the option of uninsured motorists. Insurance is like a vaccine, if you want to protect yourself you get it… All others pay cash or get FUKT. They have convinced you in this lil scam that it is so necessary that they must force everyone at the point of a gun to buy a potential service from a private party. Yah what’s more American than that. I think insurance is a smart thing to have, I certainly do not think the gov’t should force us to have it, but somehow we let them. God help us I’m just thinking about how many rights of choice we have lost just in the last ten years. Thank the Lord for men like the man in this video, I wish I was more like him.

          • Liability insurance means to me that if I hire you to do, say, electrical work on my home and your incompetence ends up with my home burned down it will be paid for by your insurance.

            Now if you want to post standing cash bonds showing financial responsibility to cover my potential losses I would be satisfied with that as well.

            Most, maybe all, States have provisions for self insurance through a financial responsibility bond system for things like auto and business liability. Most people would rather pay insurance premiums than have all their money tied up for the liability period though.

          • I hate insurance, but because my wife made mistakes, I figure I am ahead by 30 years of car insurance payments.
            All my insurances are hedges against animals getting out of the fence.

          • Apache54, Obamacare is definitely one of the biggest rip-offs ever invented. I’ve got coverage under Blue Cross/Blue Shield, but if I ever lose that coverage, that’s it, I won’t get Obamacare, and I’ll just take my chances with the IRS on the so-called penalties. Being over 50, I won’t be able to use it in any case, and I’m not about to beg any cold, heartless bureaucrat for any kind of medical care.

            • Ok Braveheart, two things. Number one is ONLY liability. Tell that to the poor schmuck that are counted in the millions in this country living on minimum wage and hoping and praying his car holds together long enough to make a grub stake so he can move out of his car and MAYBE get a studio apartment. Want to know how I know they exist? I was one of them BEFORE I was forced to buy insurance. Now I an financially secure and have full coverage on my Lexus that is paid for. I still carry full coverage and had to pay 500 deductible from a hit and run in a parking lot not too long ago. Number 2, the IRS confiscate your money before you see it in the form of income tax as they did to the wife and I this year. Instead of the refund I was expecting, they reached into my pocket and stole their vig even after the fact the wife and I was insured over 6 months of the year which cost me 665 dollars a month for my wife alone. Ok now you can say “well go exempt and make then come take it.” Good luck with that, I know how that is going to end for you as I have been on the bad side of the IRS in the past and I am here to tell you right now, DONT FVK WITH THOSE GUYS!!

              • Legally, the IRS can only take the penalty if you have a refund. You can also go exempt by joining a Christian healthcare ministry. The only problem is you need to be Christian. The lowest cost plan is with Christian Healthcare ministries at $45 per person per month. Cheaper than paying penalties in the future and gives you some coverage. If you have a lot of health problems, their most expensive plan is $150 per month. There are other ministries with better coverage for more money but none as high as $665 for one person.

              • .02, calm down, I don’t mean to upset you. I’ll make a confession to you. I was also one of those poor schmucks back in the 80s after moving back here from FL. I’ve scraped and struggled to make a living myself and for 3 years went without car insurance myself because I couldn’t afford it. I’ve come a long way since then, but I do remember those times all too well. More times than I want to remember my lunches and even some suppers were a can of vienna sausages and some crackers and sometimes a soda to go with it. It wasn’t gourmet eating and once things started getting better for me, I stopped even buying the viennas. The whole experience sucked and I rarely touch viennas anymore, but my point is they kept me alive. I did what I had to in order to survive. I’m not running you down for anything. I’m sorry for coming across the wrong way and I always enjoy your posts. BTW, a majority of people at my company don’t have Obamacare because they can’t afford it and I’m not holding that against them.

                • You didn’t upset me, I know you are a stand up guy, but think of this. How would your life have turned out if you got caught driving with no insurance, car impounded, you are fined 500 bux which you are too broke to pay so it is off to jail you go after the bench warrant is issued? Then they decide to kick you to the curb, you are without money, food, probably losing or lost your place to live and your car now is 1200 bux to get out of inpoundment. See what I am saying? This is in the land of the Free and home of the Brave that I am talking about and this exact scenario probably plays out 1000’s of times in this country daily. It just aint right.

                  • .02, I do understand your point and I know you mean well. I’m only saying I’m staying here to fight and try to save this nation. I think it’s worth saving if enough patriots join together and take the stand. The only way I see to save this country is for the system to be totally destroyed and we start all over from scratch. The system is not worth saving and has never lent itself to reform. I personally know people who have ‘worked within the system’ for decades trying to bring about changes and their efforts were all in vain. I believe the system can and will eventually destroy itself. If/when an EMP hits, then that’s all she wrote. None of these insane policies will matter anymore. No one will be around to enforce them. The enforcers most likely will be at home protecting their families just like we will be doing for ours. It will be ‘no holds barred’ and ‘anything goes’. .02 I agree it’s wrong EVERYTHING the system does to people, but the day is coming when it will end.

                    • “I’m only saying I’m staying here to fight and try to save this nation. I think it’s worth saving if enough patriots join together and take the stand.”

                      I’ve been on this planet for 56 years. Guess how many times I’ve heard that.

                      It’s like a tape with auto re-wind and play.

                      But dern it! We really really mean it this time! No, really really! But, but, but… first the EMP! Or… when they cross the 2nd amendment line! Or… er… whatever! If it comes. Then we really really mean it! You betchayourass! Huh-huh! Bubba! And, and, and… Im’a gonna be a sniper!


                    • Curt,

                      Completely hilarious and totally true!

                  • No longer land of the Free
                    Now is land of the Freebooter.

        • Same here. The license is one thing, but he’s not prepared to make amends for hurting someone else, without insurance. You’d have to sue him to get a nickel out of him, and I’ll bet you he doesn’t have any nickels.

          I also wonder if he says he has the right to drive on the roads while intoxicated.

          • If they do have insurance you have to get a lawyer and sue them to get a nickel out of them and then they appeal and drag this shit out in court until you are dead from old age.

            • If the other guy has insurance, it just means you have to pay to fight the insurance company’s team of corporate lawyers, instead of a private one.

              • sixpack: If the other guy has insurance, and if you have insurance, your insurance company will demand payment from the other insurance company and the other insurance company will pay your insurance company for the asset; usually with no questions asked.

                Any physical damages inflicted on you by another driver beyond your policy limits would require an ambulance chaser to get you just compensation for your injuries.

                There are no shortage of ambulance chasers willing to take your case for a hefty percentage of the damages. Bodily injury cases are pretty cut and dried at this point in time, once fault has been determined, with established case law to support a claim. 🙂

          • Curt and Jonesy, the day IS coming when the tape will stop playing and it will become REAL. Believe what you want, but both of you morons are in for the shock of your lives.

            • Tell’em Cuz, that Curt and Jonesy are damn lucky they don’t live in Memphis, or you would feed both of them a knuckle sandwich, or some lead nutrients. They would find out just how you treated them bullys back in preschool, or was it kindergarden? My Cuz took up fer me many times, and he shed alot of blood! How you think he got the name Braveheart?

              • NGIC, go back to sleep, idiot.

                • NGIC,

                  I said in a previous comment that brave has threatened to shoot hundreds if not thousands of people who are ” out” to get him. If Winston Churchill were alive to hear him I think he’d say something like ” Never in the history of the world have there been so few that shot so many!” I’m really glad that I don’t have every government agency out to ” git” me like he does, I think it has a tendency to make people trigger happy to serve up ” hot lead nutrients, dammit!”

        • So force it in a for-profit market. Remind you of someone forcing someone to pay them for protection by breaking their knees? It’s called fascism, whether it’s auto insurance or now, health insurance, so corporations can profit and wealthy shareholders get dividends, by force, or you get fined or imprisoned.

          That’s freedom and just to you?

      4. I whole heartedly disagree with this type of behavior, not for disrespect of someone like Tom and his wishes to live that way, but rather the precedence it sets for others who think and act to get something past the system of laws in a “loop hole” fashion. I commend someone who is smart enough, well versed enough to navigate through state laws, CFR’s and prior legal arguments, someone like that is not the kind of person I believe that would be reckless on the road, subject to DUI, or out themselves in a position to be willfully dangerous to others.

        That being said, there are too many people in this country that are the opposite to all of those things, they will use examples such as Tom to try and go around charges and guilty verdicts that have been brought upon them, they will hit your vehicle or hurt someone and have no way to make good on the wrong they have done.

        While it can agree to overly restrictive emissions, fees and taxes (without equal improvement to infrastructure for which you are being taxed for) but the idea of letting people roam free about the highways in an unregulated standard of even the most conservative of views I think is literally, an accident waiting to happen.

        • Right, there should be a law against letting people roam free about the highways in an unregulated standard. Heck while we are at it, there should be a war on drugs, laws against prostitution, HEY lets make murder illegal.. surely no one will do these things then. Idiots, I am surrounded by morons and fvkin idiots. And the worse part is the idiots THINK people are going to follow these laws so they open themselves up for disaster when they get smoked by the drunken Nigerian because they ASS U ME D everyone follows the laws. Stupid is as stupid does, and Amerikans are notoriously stupid.

        • sailing

          It’s not about finding and going through loop holes in laws, it’s about getting rid of useless laws (taxes) altogether. Do you really think driving is a privilege? do you really think licenses are what makes people good drivers? Do you think people who have no idea how to drive are going to go out spend thousands of dollars on private property, hop in it and go out and just go crazy, destroy their property and then kill multiple people in the process? (Of course that’s what they want you to believe) I would dare to say that people would be better drivers without a license. Instead of just having your daughter read a book, then take a lil test, and drive around the block one time, park, pay us some money, and boom here’s you license now you can drive 🙂 Now imagine dad’s buying a car $$$, and then before she drives that car dad has to teach her, she has to pass dad’s test, I personally just believe most would probably learn much more that way. But we’ve somehow believed the lie for so long that we’ve forgot about personal accountability and the natural human instinct of self preservation. We believe only the gov’t can sanction them. Wake up people, we’re getting further and further everyday, and once we give them the power, you’ll hardly ever get it back, and worse they just want to keep taking more.

          • Richard, your logic is sound, but applying in today’s society mix is not realistic, maybe 40-50 years ago, but today there are too many drudges on society that incidents and the precedence that is set by this guy Tom doing stuff like this would lead to much more trouble than good.

            I’m all for personal accountability, live by it every day it’s the other 3/4’s of society that I worry about. And those are the ones that if thinking twice about tickets, fines and jail time because they don’t have a license or they can’t afford insurance keeps them off the road I drive on, well then I’m perfectly ok with the process and 2 hrs every ten years it takes to renew my license.

            Now I’d like to see bridges, roads and pot holes fixed better with all the gas & property taxes I pay, there’s a fix I’d like to see in the system for sure.

      5. FUK the fvkin INSURANCE! Dirty rotten mudderfving insurance companies make we wear seatbelts, force me into their clutches through mandatory FASCISTS laws called the ACA and then when it is time to pay up the fvking assholes try every way to dodge paying. Of all the institutions I hate, Banks AND insurance companies are neck and neck. Ypou afraid of getting in an accident without the other one having insuranc, pay 5 bux extra a month for noninsured motorists. FRVK I HAte those fvkers.. I lived in the days of not HAVING MANDATORY insurance and will be leaving this country in 3 years as soon as I retire. FVK Amerika and fvk you grandpa.. YOU are the problem, F U C K !!!

        RANT fvking Off!!/

        • .02,
          right there with you BUDDY!!!

          • FVK!!! Now I need to take an aspirin for my blood pressure.. F V K!

            • .02 I hear ya bro. Welcome to the corporate states, a division of the corporate U.S. with it’s corporate citizens and corporate laws. Living in incorporated towns and counties. Everything these fookers do is “legal” which is quite different from “lawful”. Common law vs. Statutory law and public policy. A quite clever scam to “legally” enslave the people. The US corp went bankrupt in 1933 and is under the direction of the creditors (fed reserve). How I wish I could dig up Wilson and bring him back to life and torture the fook out of that POS. Lincoln was the biggest traitor of them all imo.

              • Right there with you Genius, Lincoln should be pictured as the US’s Stalin imo. And look at how the poor brain dead fvks in Russia still have statues of that butcher in their country. People.. wtf? *shakes head*

                • And how we have the Lincoln memorial and his shitty face on coins and bills. Stupid ass people love him and think he was great. Notice obaaaaamy said he was his idol? I wish I could have burned that fooker alive with a zippo!

                  • IF ANY state would leave the Union, I would move there in a heart beat, even if it meant fighting the Union.

                    • Are you boys saying that John Wilkes Booth
                      might have been onto something back then?

                    • OutWest, Booth was an agent from the money printers hired to take out Lincoln b/c that arrogant pos thought he could wrestle the power of the printing press away from the red shield. This is why his face is on the money. Similar to Jackson, who tho they tried the pistols didn’t go off, and of course Kennedy as well. This is how the “printers” rub our noses in their sublime messages of who is really the emperor. Too keep that total POS Free Slave from derailing the thread, I am sure we don’t have to mention who the printers are.

        • Cutting it pretty close at three years but I see you like to gamble.

        • I moved out of the city and out to the boonies and my car insurance premium coata dropped by 30%. Yep Geico

      6. Not saying not to explore exerting your rights, but accept that, if you do, it makes effectively ‘going grey’ then less likely, too, if that’s also important to you.

        • Would someone explain to me what ‘going grey’ means?

          • Dont stick out, basically be invisible as possible = goin grey.

            • .02, thanks for that and once again, I’m sorry about the earlier misunderstanding.

          • Keep your head down, don’t invite trouble, go along to get along, when tshtf be the first one in rags begging in the streets.

          • Brave

            IMO, it’s accepting being a silent middle of the road luke warm cowardly big gov’t sympathizer, who instead of admitting to being an enslaved serf, they try to convince themselves and others they are just being tactical in their approach, all while denigrating those who do have the courage to stand up, be counted and resist tyranny. Basically your average American citizen and all those who have gotten us to the state we are in now.

            • Yes, “going grey” means neutering yourself, pulling out most of your claws and teeth, but still barking at everything that comes along. Oh, and putting a chain around your neck too, just for good measure, you know!


        • shane, please read my reply to red leader above about being “grey”

      7. Too bad he gave up so easy his pursuit of allodial title. But kudos to him on the rest!

      8. the way i see it is that it dont matter if your talking companies or government, i classify as corporate america and you will never get away from it completely.. the best you will ever be able to do is minimize it as much as possible to live as free as possible… if i can live with out the influence of corporate america by 90% then its a lot better then them have 90% control over me….

        i was born free and i want my freedom back

        • I told the wife we travel until I see an ox drawn cart in the streets and THAT is where we start shopping for property. I will shit in an outhouse and haul water if that is what it takes to be free again. Been there done that back when AmeriKa was semi free. How far this country has fallen just in my short lifetime, and I cant fathom living in this hell hole another 30 years or so. Unless things change rapidly for the better, which I seriously doubt, I am so out of here.

          • lawrenceburg, Tennessee

            • You took the words out of my head, lol! I took some midwifery workshops near there! For those who don’t know, Lawrenceburg is in south/southwestern Tn, and is almost all Old Order Mennonite or Amish families. The midwives I learned under did/ do a lot of their births. Dirt Roads, horse and buggy, no electricity, huge families(they need the extra hands on the farm) self sufficient living, for the most part. Sweet people, but I like electricity.

          • .02, I understand your feelings and frustrations; hell we all do. But where do you think you can go to and feel welcome? Take your pick of any country out there. THE ENTIRE WORLD HATES US THANKS TO THE ACTIONS OF THE GLOBALIST-CONTROLLED US GOVERNMENT. You won’t be welcomed anywhere outside of our borders. Do as you will, but I’m staying and fighting to take my country back from the NWO scum. That’s the only real option any of us have. Take care.

            • NOT true, I have talked to a lot of expats that live in the far east, Panama, Ecuador, etc and that is bullshit what you speak. You can get a second passport from many of these countries and travel as one of their nationalities. There are many I have chatted with that will not come back to this country ever again. Do some research. Not to mention, my meager SS check goes a long ways in Thailand. Believe it or not, I have traveled in Mexico and they are a wonderful people as well. And further more, if someone comes up to me and bad mouths the United States of America, I will honestly agree. I have decided the people of this shithole are not worth fighting for. Truthfully, Americans suck.

              • Only a damn fool would depend on a SS check, 401k, or dividend check to survive on in a foreign country or this country. when the shtf, plan on no check, worldwide turmoil, and gringo scapegoats. I wish you the best of luck (really) because we are ALL going to need it. Also, plan on bartering your trade skills for the rest of your life…there is no retirement.

              • If you want to be upstanding and free, why do you expect my taxes should pay for your aged welfare?

                • I imagine most SS recipients would be happy just to have what they paid in given back to them, maybe even without interest.

                  Just write me a check for all I’ve given and I’ll let you off the hook, it’s highly unlikely I’ll live long enough to collect it all back in benefits (I started paying in when I started officially working for wages at the age of 14).

                  • I hope you’re in better health than that, most folks get back all their SS payments after about 3 years collecting benefits.

      9. “Living Free Without Permission: “Building Without a Permit, Driving Without a License”

        The last people to do that in the USA were the native americans and most of them all got killed by cowboys who helped to steel, oops sorry, settle the land.

        Todays police are doing the same and if they find some black ‘N’ not kissing arse, working like a slave then they need to be pushed around with the odd one being killed to set an example to the rest.

        The modern day tax enforcment officers have killed ten times more blacks than the KKK ever did, no one investigates and if they do then they are on the pay-books most times.

        it’s just one big plantation and they have you thinking that you all need permission to take a leak, it’s a privladge in kind from masser.

        I’ve done my time kising the cocks of managers who in turn kiss the cocks of the MD who kisses the bankers dicks, no longer a debt slave and the job sucked anyway.

        This does not make me free but it is better than working to pay into a system that buys more chains and whips to whip me with and calling it regulations and permission.

        • I guess we’re lucky that kings and the Pope only require you to kiss their rings…

        • Engage your employees or be enslaved by them, one rule, regulation or law at a time.

          Create a Freedom Cell.

          Magnify your voice in a group. Intensify your power in an organization. The future belongs to those who control the political process ….

          By ballot or bullet. 🙁

          • ” The future belongs to those who control the political process”

            Yes we have a name for them, it’s bankers and history books are full of cases where they have gone too far and been hung from trees for being cheats and theives.

            The cry needs to go at that you are with me or are with the bankers

            • I give Kudos to the Guy who was so pissed off at the IRS he flew his private plane and crashed it into the IRS Building. We need more heros willing to sacrafice.

      10. If so many were not so hopelessly dumbed down the people could assert their will by non compliance to all these ripoff money fleecing scams. If, that’s a big word in meaning. If everybody refused to pay, these illegal money thefts would be over quickly. How to get everyone of one mind seems impossible. It is tough to get people to agree on anything beneficial to everyone. Divided and conquered, that is America’s #1 condition.

        • aljamo, You would have a better chance getting people to stop using fed notes as money. Make a local currency of whatever and make it tax free. It would qualify as barter and be out of the scope of federal control. Just don’t use the term “dollar” as the fed owns that. There is a community in Oregon that uses “salmons” as a currency and as far as I know it is still in use. The liberty dollar was finally shut down because they had “dollar” on it.

          • I remember one time Bernanke saying that as long as people use the federal reserves “product” as money, the fed has all control of it.

      11. There is no “Thomas v. Smith, 154 SE 579”, no need to read further than that.

        Almost every legal quote used in this claim turns out to be either non existent or taken out f context to imply it -traveling on public roadways- means not that everyone has the right to use the roadways but that no license to operate a motor vehicle on them is required. This is where you go wrong, operating a motor vehicle can be restricted to licensed operators even if the traveling on the roadway itself cannot.

        An instance given in one case in California, against an attorney who made this claim of needing no license, resulted in an appellate decision that requiring a license does not ban someone from using the roadways since he can still walk, ride a bicycle, hire a driver for his vehicle, or use public transport. *he was convicted at both the trial and appellate level*

        So if you’re a fool go ahead and try that “I don’t need no steenkin license” argument, but be sure to have the bail or fine money with you when you do since it won’t be recognized.

        I encourage anyone not believing this to go ahead and try it, report back to us after you get out of jail if you take it that far. (Illegal aliens being the obvious exception to licensing laws, but that’s a different story)

        • All motor vehicles driven by anyone is a licensable event. Traveling in a car is not. You keep using the word motor vehicle – that is a legal and statutory term.

          I have friend who has now twice traveled home after being pulled over and passing their BS “verbal” test. He has no license, no insurance, no registration.

          Know who you are at all times.

        • “A”
          You are Correct!!!!

      12. Many years ago I got an “International drivers license” issued from the Turks and Caicos islands. Registered my vehicle there too and had “assurance” not “insurance”. Let me tell you that it was FAAAARRRRR more trouble than it was worth. The police state of NJ does NOT take kindly to people who wish to be free from their enslavement. Police stops were a nightmare and you are trying to argue case law with the average LEO with a quota to fill. Most times I did get let off with a warning but not until much time was spent trying to make them understand. AND the ONLY reason I was stopped in the 1st place was because of the unusual license plate (BWI) on my vehicle. One time I did get a ticket because I still had a NJ dl and they were able to trace my name to it.

        To those who wish to assert your freedom and rights I say you have every right to do so and more power to you! Been there, done that. Just know that there will be no flying below the radar for you.

        I had a friend who also did the intn’l dl thing and the police in his town would watch for him and pull him over every time they saw him. Is it harassment? Yes, I think so, but that is what they do to make you kneel. I learned that it’s better to pick your fights and some are worth fighting and others are not. The person I knew was basically red flagged and continues to live in hardship because of his choices.

        I chose to pack my bags and kick the dust of that state off my feet and try to live as gray as possible now, waiting for the big fish to fry and letting the little ones go by.

        • These are only but a few reasons why I have a hard time not grinning when I read/hear about a cop going down. Whether they admit it or not, they are evil, their job is evil and they enforce evil…..period!

        • Thanks 3%R…

          Pretty much the way I feel.

          Even with all the bluster on this board, I am of the opinion that most people don’t walk the walk even if they talk the talk. They comply with the fascist state to avoid dealing with the fascist enforcers. I am mostly the same.

          Not a good sign for freemen.

          • JRS it’s kinda ironic to think of how TPTB push the people all the time…ALL the time and the vast majority of people take it (myself included) until that line is crossed. At that point society as we know it ends. The sheeple will submit but that is when the freemen will begin to water the tree of liberty in earnest. No illusions, there’ll be casualties on both sides.

        • I had a Turks and Caicos liscense also for 21 years, no tag or insurance. Everything was fine till 9 11 and it slowly started getting harder to get by.

      13. I applaud this guy for his actions.

        However, using the name Sovereign Citizen gets you branded as a terrorist by law enforcement. They have no concept of natural rights or liberty as they are brainwashed to enforce the unconstitutional corporate state code and statute and not the rights of a freeman.

        I believe God’s Creation had the gonads to do this by using the “I do not consent” angle.

        I researched this a number of years ago, too, and I carry a rubber stamp in my truck with “Without prejudice. UCC 1-207” to use when making my mark on a ticket. I have not had a ticket to use it on.

        Read Howard Freeman’s “The UCC Connection” for more info.

        I might possibly flaunt the state requirements with my old truck but I live in the sticks and avoid interaction with the blue mafia as much as I can.

        Lotsa people talk big but do nothing to fight the corporate state.

        I wish there were more people like Tom Hyland and a whole lotta enforcers that would wake up to the people’s rights instead of the corporate state that pays their way.

      14. I knew of a guy who put out a video back in the 90’s that did this. He helped a friend of mine escape zoning laws of the town that wouldn’t let him build a little shop to do his business in Indiana. He patented his land and the town couldn’t touch him. Everything on the books referred to property and land owners in zoning laws, not patent holders.

        • Outside of railroads, I’ve only heard of one “land patent” granted and the Judge said at the time that it was an exceptional circumstance and he would never grant another one (been a long time but IIRC it was a remnant of land still owned by descendants of the original family that still had a land grant that was recognized by the treaty that brought it into the United States).

          Perhaps you could post the dockets of the Court proceedings in this case for research? It would be interesting to see how the original title was brought forward to him.

      15. The trap is insurance. Car liability insurance, which is what the law requires, is a contract to shift liability (responsibility) from us to the insurance company, for damages we may cause. So putting the responsibility on the insurance company makes us legally irresponsible. That was what made licensing required in the first place, since a hired driver was not responsible for damages he might case. His employer was responsible. Private travelers were not required to purchase irresponsibility (insurance). When lobbyists for insurance companies got laws passed to make us purchase their contracts, we lost the right to travel. Since we are no longer responsible, we must be regulated (licensed).

      16. The reason it did not ever work for him even though it was a good try, is again, he is referring to himself as a Citizen. That is a very deceptive moniker.

        I believe it has already been proven by many court cases, that if you assert your right to travel on public roadways you are NOT a citizen. You will have no security card, no license, nor anything expired and will simply travel.

        You can do it just fine with a drawn up card that has your picture on it and a copy of the right to travel language….or the actual law for right to travel printed on a placard or both.

        At that point, I have seen no one have anything but success with “traveling” using any type of vehicle besides a taxi or utility for commerce.

        • All motor vehicles driven by anyone is a licensable event. Traveling in a car is not. You keep using the word motor vehicle – that is a legal and statutory term.

          I have friend who has now twice traveled home after being pulled over – once in Beverly Hills and once in Culver City – and passing their BS “verbal” test. He has no license, no insurance, no registration.

          But he also had no legal name with which they ensnared him (research name fraud).

          Know who you are at all times.

          • Includes an automobile, automobile truck, automobile wagon, motorcycle, or any other self-propelled vehicle designed for running on land but not on rails. 18 USC

            ht tp://

            This is what a motor vehicle is under the law.

      17. The actual answer is not to have an international anything or any license period because those are tied to outlandish foreign governments…

        The real answer is to have no license at all, and absolutely no ties to the identification. You should be wise enough to know that asking for a license from any agency, makes you subject to their jurisdiction worldwide.

      18. They lie to us… Then they lie again.

      19. I like driving in my car.

      20. Here’s a revelation …. if you don’t want to be bothered by the gooberment …. DON”T INVITE THEM …. you want to be living off grid – be totally off grid … don’t own any property or do any driving …. no license required to rent or bicycle around for IRS free can collecting …

      21. The country was founded on free enterprise and Constitutional principles with a little life , liberty, and pursuit of happiness thrown in for good measure.

        I don’t recall seeing a standing army of highwaymen listed there anywhere.

        The best solution is to protect yourself and your property and get rid of the highwaymen. They are only enforcers and revenue agents for the corporate state. The benefits for freemen patriots are nil.

        If you can’t or won’t do that, there is another alternative…it’s called private security.

        For a fee out of your own pocket, you can have the protection you want. Free enterprise allows you to hire armed guards to protect your assets. It happens every day.

        Private security is subject to the same rule of law that you and I are. The highwaymen have state granted “qualified immunity”.

        Security guards cannot shoot someone in the back or claim “I was afraid”. They can only protect assets against a crime in progress or prevent access to private property. They need to make sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed before they use lethal force. They are subject to lawsuits that the taxpayer won’t be footing.

        Government thugs…not so much.

        Besides that, I take ownership of my own protection seriously and will ’til the day I die.

        • Bravo, great post.

        • JRS, I’ve been in the private security industry since 1982 and what you say is true. In fact, I’ve lost count of how many potential lawsuits my company settled out of court by giving someone money under the table. I can say a majority of the potential suits were nothing more than attempted fraud. The way the CEO saw it, it was a lot easier to just give in to the scammer than to fight the lawsuit. Private security is very limited in what it can legally do. A world of difference between private security and government-sanctioned LEOs.

        • JWS

          I have said all along that there are many more good cops than bad cops. That is easily proven by looking at the many police who have gone there whole career and never had a blemish on there record.
          I have never gotten a ticked I did not deserve either. Anger towards tickets about speed limits should be directed at the government which seems to be a part of everything that is bad.
          If any disagree that is fine. I say fine remove all police and then see what happens in the world. Most of the takers in the country would then go wild like animals.
          Most officers are so frustrated by the government and know what is coming too.

      22. If you live in a tyranny it doesn`t matter which law you have got. The courts in the tyranny do not care about the law, they allways find something to put you in jail.
        My new EDC – Item is a Combat Rosary of WW I.
        it`s good for every christian, if you come in jail you have got something to help you. I need to be blessed, othherwise it don`t work against satan!

      23. “…few actually walk the walk…” says it all Mac.

        People talk, but few do anything.

        I’m ready to do another walk across America in “Support the U.S. Constitution” ( ) if only there was another American willing to ‘take a stand’ against tyranny.

      24. I disagree driving a motor vehicle on the public roads isn’t a right. Its a privelage and in orderto have the privelage you must follow the rules set forth by the state legislature where you reside. Anyone who tries to copy this looney path deserves the trouble they get. keep a valid drivers licence tags & insurance. Don’t go looking for trouble. Folks who go looking for trouble usually find it.

        • OG, Who the hell do you think paid for those roads?
          Not my right to travel those roads?
          Go looking for trouble?
          Were you the koolaid kid?
          You obviously have no idea what freedom and rights are whatsoever. YOU will get everything YOU deserve and have no right whatsoever to bitch about loss of freedom..
          May your chains rest lightly……….

          • Can I also assume you also think speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights, school zones, etc. should be ignored?

            They are, after all, an infringement to your “right to travel those roads” the same as requiring a drivers license is.

            If you accept those restrictions as valid then you have accepted restrictions and that means you have to accept the restriction of a license to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways as valid well.

            The problem with some so called free citizens that don’t believe in the rule of law is they tend to be total morons that really need supervision if they go out in public just to protect themselves and others from their stupidity.

            Your post lends me to think you probably fall into this category, but if you don’t think you do you may want to explain yourself a bit.

          • Who paid for the roads. The responsible folks who follow the state laws. The dont run untaxed farm or off road fuel in their vehicles. They don’t shirk the responsibility to the rest of the citizens to have insurance and valid tags & drivers licence. In way past 60 and It think if your past 60 every time you renew your drivers license you should be required to take both the written and driving test. Your free to ride a horse & wagon or walk on most public roads and even ride a bicycle. a motorized vehicle is a entirely different story. Who pays? the users who wear the roads out and benefit from them are the ones who pay. Scofflaws are thieves.

        • Old Guy? How OLD can you be, and still have so little understanding of — or appreciation for — liberty and freedom? Or maybe you are a gummint employee? What is freedom, without the right to travel?! The Right to travel includes the right to travel along the public right-of-ways, using the common and ordinary conveyances of the day. A license is permission from gummint to do something that would otherwise be illegal. Are you saying that it is illegal to travel on the public right-of-ways, using a common and ordinary conveyance of the day? What socialist country are you from? Or have you been so affected by the public indoctrination centers (public schools) here in Amerika?

        • @Old Guy.

          Where is the victim in this so-called crime of no tags or expired license? How can there be a crime with no victim? Is the “state” the victim? How come if you ask to be confronted by the victim (accuser),which BTW is your right, they won’t produce one? How were they harmed?

          I think the state has tried to convert a right into a privilege by requiring you to make your mark on paper whenever you buy a vehicle, real estate or a firearm. They assume a controlling interest in these things by you giving up your mark and decide how and when you can use it. A signature is an agreement according to contract law. The corporate state operates on contract law and not common law.

          We are the victims.

          • As far as driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, tags and such, they consider the state to be the victim, because they were denied collecting all of the money associated with those services. In other words, a CORPORATE RESPONSE of “we’re a victim because we lost money in the deal.”

            • Go to school and learn proper English.

          • Its not fair to those folks competetors. Ok ive owned semi trucks. I paid plenty of taxes & fees & road tax to boot. If my competitor didn’t that would allow him to recived benefit of the highways and infrastructure that the rest of us responsible folks paid for. We would be the victim, the scofflaw would be stealing from everyone else.

        • I stopped a kid one time for running a stop sign. When writing the ticket he told me that his father was the treasurer for the Republic of Texas and that he was not to submit to local authorities because they did not recognize the authority of the State of Texas. He was refusing to sign the traffic ticket.

          I asked him if he believed enough in his cause to go to jail for them.

          He signed the ticket without further protest. He was very conflicted because he was afraid of what his father would do to him for signing the ticket, then he was afraid of what I would do to him for not signing the ticket.

          I told him to tell his father that since i was a city policeman it was o.k. because I was not a State Trooper.

          I never followed up to see if he paid the ticket or not.

          • There is absolutely no need for police, either city or state. They are only put there to intimidate and control people and collect revenue for the mafia.

            The ONLY respectable and legitimate law enforcement is the county sheriff.

            • Probably varies by jurisdiction, but most police departments operate under the authority of the Sheriff.

              • In Texas all law enforcement are titled “Peace Officers” then they have secondary titles of police officer, deputy sheriff, state trooper, constable and others.

                The peace officers have state wide jurisdiction even though they may be municipal police or county sheriff’s. There is no hierarchy of levels. The sheriffs have zero authority of municipal police and constables have zero authority over sheriff, etc.

                Interesting though, the District Attorney is considered the head law enforcement officer in the county, but only because he decides what charges are prosecuted.

        • Your post contains a few statutory traps.

          1. Any “driving” is a privilege and all “drivers are licensable and they drive motor vehicles (a statutory term) and they haul cargo or passengers for hire; travelers are not drivers and they travel in cars/automobiles/conveyance and they travel with friends and family and carry personal effects/possessions, not cargo.

          2. All “residents” are aliens within the original organic union state boundaries because they have federal statutory status AS residents. They get perks (enticements) like “in State” (capital “S” State refers to federal municipality know as the “State of” entities that are found within the external geographic boundaries of the original organic union states – small “s”) tuition at State-run universities and the ability to play the lottery.

          Freedom is not convenient and it comes with no perks whatsoever extended to someone by a government; if you are offered a perk, look for the catch.

        • Old Guy and Genius

          Actually everyone. I understand what both of you are saying. There is a fine line here. For example should 8 year old’s be allowed to drive. Should there be no speed limits or laws regarding vehicles.
          I want the federal government limited. They have the responsibility of protecting the country. After that all laws should go as local as possible. There are many things I could say about how I would design government. Maybe I will do a post on that soon.
          The point is if someone fly’s by my house at 80 miles an hour then it pisses me off. Suppose my wife is coming home and the idiot hits her.
          I am a libertarian but there has to be some law. Without it then you have anarchy.
          What would you all suggest is the solution?

          • The way I see it, without common sense or responsibility, there needs to be some sort of law to protect people from the morons who have neither.

            • Lol oh man, that is the classic post that proves the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

              • .02

                The reason there is a road to hell is because of Evil in the world. There will always be evil people and good people. In the original design of government that worked people controlled the government. The police are not the problem. It is the codes and regulations that government has made that is the problem.

      25. They way I see it do what you want till they try to ruin your life with jail and fines. The illegal immigrants build illegal apts without permits if gov was really worried they would require permits to buy construction materials. I’ve done work to my house without permits never got my balls busted I made sure it was to code so if they did it could be inspected and approved. Driving a car without a license I don’t do that but some people do. I know someone who has a license but drives with no insurance. He lives in a apartment so he don’t own anything drives a junk and just did what was needed to get registered you know so he’d have plates then let insurance lapse. The dude is almost in his 50s and told me he’s been doing this his whole life. Sure he’s had trouble with the law but he is not in jail broke as shit don’t care I guess you could say he’s free. A driver license is a priveledge but owning a gun is a right. If you don’t have any wealth in the form of property or other your just poor then you don’t have ANYTHING to loose. It’s the one good thing about being poor. Living free as in free of charge is not what America is about you can’t live consuming for free. Somebody has to pay for it somewhere. It really isn’t that expensive to live people but I’m all for trying to hold out and save a few bucks you just gotta be careful where you cut corners it might not pay in the long run.

      26. Hell one minute after TSHTF we will all be just like this guy. Who in their right mind should care about any of that. It will be every man for himself then.

        • “C”
          You are 100% right. 1 second after TSHTF it won’t matter.

          But for now there are rules like them or not we have to play by them. Because if you want to stay under the grid violate a bunch of them and you will get fried by the grid!

          • Sgt. I back you 100%, but I fear for the ones like you, because you don’t deserve what is coming to those who wear a badge. You will be the first TPTB sacrifice for their cause if you still wear the badge. Be safe my friend.

        • Copperhead

          My son will be home tomorrow after graduating. He said he would like to sit down with me and design the perfect government.
          It caused me to think about some things. If we win when the shtf. We have to be able to have some government. It probably won’t matter for most of us because of our age. It will surely matter to our children or grandchildren. Just something to think about.

          • Hate to reply to myself but I thought of 1 thing. There is no such thing as perfect government. That is because evil is in the world. We must design one that can withstand as much evil as possible.

            • I think I have finally lost my mind because of all of this. Now I am talking to myself lol

            • Mike, how about no politicans allowed in that government.

          • I’d keep the Constitution and Government we have, just get rid of every elected official, and replace them using the phone book. They couldn’t do any worse.

            Then replace them every two years. The employees can have a career, but not the politicals.

            And, definitely reduce the size in half, for starters.

            And, finally, you drop out of high school, no voting rights. Felony, no voting rights. On welfare, no voting rights until you’re off. Under 26 years of age, no voting rights without veteran status.

      27. Here is something funny about Texas: Driving without a driver’s license is a Class C misdemeanor. Driving on a suspended driver’s license is a Class B Misdemeanor.

        So if you don’t have a driver’s license and get a DWI, then you just have the DWI and a no driver’s license ticket.

        If you get a DWI your driver’s license is then suspended and driving thereafter is a Class B Misdemeanor.

        The lesson is, if you are a drunk, don’t get a driver’s license. If will be less penalty in the future.

      28. Sovereign citizen bullshit. I agree that our rights are challenged daily but we are also a society and being a member of it means accepting certain conditions. I imagine this hippie toolbag doesn’t carry insurance either. We can argue insurance all day but at the end of it, would you want this uninsured douche t-boning you and expecting you, the “sheeple,” to pay for the wreck? Personal responsibility goes beyond being self-sufficient. It also means being a functional member of society that can be trusted to act as others do. This sovereign citizen shit gets under my skin.

        • “This sovereign citizen shit gets under my skin.”

          IOW, shut up and do what the State says because we’re all subjects of the State. WTF is a half-wit knee bower like you doing on a site like this?

          • Idiots everywhere, I might ask the same question of you. you sound like another idiot troll, so move along, sonny.

        • Yolandi15, I couldn’t have said it any better.

      29. Driving is a privilege under Illinois State Law.
        Show me in the 27 Amendments to the US Constitution where it states that driving is a Right. Cars didn’t exist for use by the public until around 1900, about 125 years after the Constitution was written, and no amendment have been added to it to make driving a vehicle a privilege.

        If you drive a car or a truck you have to buy fuel. Fuel has a tax on it. so you are still paying to the Federal Government, State Gov. and Local Gov..

        State law in Illinois states you must have a drivers license and proof of Insurance. If you drive on Illinois roadways. If you get arrested for violating these the first time you get a Fine, Second time you Suspended with a fine, the Third time you get Revoked with a fine, the fourth time you get to go to JAIL.

        Illinois you have to pass a test to get a drivers license. This is to see if you are competent to drive. If you don’t pass the test you can’t drive unless you are taking lessons, and then you have to have a learners permit. Just to let you know that this has been taken all the way to the Ill. Supreme Court and was upheld. As far as I know this has not been taken to the US Supreme Court.

        Don’t kill the messenger I’m just telling you how it is in Illinois.

        • FYI the State of Illinois is not Illinois state. Two entirely different things.

          That is the key. Unlock it.

          • No the real point of it “Sgt” or seargent or whoever you are, is there’s no such thing as a half way free lunch.

            You either go in all the way and do it right, or don’t bother at all.

            The Law, this is what the law says. If you are a Citizen you have privileges and will have a Drivers License, Registration, Security Cards and everything else they demand you have. You will be controlled at their discretion and you will Drive a Motor Vehicle.

            If you are not a Citizen, you will not be Driving a standard motor vehicle. You will travel at will on the public roadways, with your own conveyance including a used car. It will not have any registration nor will you ever be asked for such. You will have no security cards, registration forms or anything period nor will you be bothered again to ever get one.

            And the travel you do on the roadways cannot be for commercial purposes, nine times out of ten I have seen everyone left alone once they do this. There is no license, just a decal with your picture and the law for the right to travel. You can combine that with a local ID, in any case you are left alone and are not a slave.

            Will it work in the State of Illisnois? No!

            Will it work in illisnois state out in the country? Yes and it will always work. Should you bother with the big city? Probably not unless you want to be pulled over hundreds of times, they won’t do anything but the police will not be happy with actual non citizens taking from their paycheck. The streets belong to YOU, not police.

        • OK: Driving is a Privilege under the LAW in the State of Illinois.
          does that make you happy?

        • Cars didn’t exist for use by the public until around 1900, about 125 years after the Constitution was written, and no amendment have been added to it to make driving a vehicle a privilege. Right, they rode horses and had buggys as well. You think accidents didn’t happen with those? Hell yes they did, plenty of people got killed and maimed by them, but did they run out and start passing draconian laws and stealing funds from the public? THAT is the difference between now and then.

          They also had firearms as well so tell me Sgt, does the State of Illinois consider my firearm (45 Springer hand gun)a privilege or a right?

          Do you see what we are trying to convey here?

          • .02
            I see it as a RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            The Turds in Springfield little Chiraq (new way to say Shitcago,) because the are more shooting and killings in Chiraq that in Iraq. See it as a privilege.

            • It is a right. We had the right to ride horses and mules before 1900, didn’t need a license for it, but we’d better have a brand on that animal and a bill of sale for it or suffer the consequences.

          • Things that are not covered by the counstition are left up to the individual states.

        • Yeah, well Sgt, you must think that every word in every language always means exactly the same thing as every other word in every other language, and that is why we do not ever have or use dictionaries, right?? All of these millions of words and terms, they just don’t mean a damn thing because they’re all the same, right? No dictionaries were ever written before and none will ever need to be written because there’s just no use for them.
          Get your terms defined first, understand what they mean, and then maybe you can follow along with the rest of the class instead of just sitting in the back row twiddling your thumbs waiting for recess or lunch or time to go home.
          You are in a state of total confusion, and that’s why you cannot discern any difference between what one word or another one is or means. To you traveling equals driving which is the same thing as sitting in your car which is not going anywhere. It’s time for you to wake up.


          • Well Randy
            I wrote Driving not riding.
            Did you read what I wrote? Not one time did I write ride. So where on Gods Green Earth did you get ride out of what I wrote?
            Let me enlighten you. If you are in your car with the keys in the ignition. You are in control of your car thus the driver of the car. You car can be parked and not moving, but Under Illinois Law you are the driver. Like it or not that is the law. Don’t like get it changed.
            Don’t like what I write don’t read it.
            By the way I’ve been awake that is why I have lived as long as I have.

        • If you don’t have a Legal Name and are Traveling on a commonly travel path they don’t have recourse. Big difference between traveling and driving. Good luck on anyone believing the truth. Everyone is so duped by the system.

          • So you’re an illegal alien invading America?

      30. Sgt Illinois is no different than where I am in Rhode Island when you buy a vehicle you pay sales tax 8 percent on the sale price of the vehicle then you have to have full coverage insurance if the vehicle is owned by the bank or finance company towns and cities levy a property tax on your vehicle based on book value then there is fuel tax tax on repairs fees to deal with waste oils from the car tolls and repair costs you can save $ if you do the work yourself otherwise labor for repairs cost. If you don’t pay insurance they suspend your registration oh I forgot state inspections every other year and they will find things that need to be fixed to pass inspection. Ya it’s a fuckin hassle to own a vehicle. If you trying to get a license written test and a road test you will parallel park. Someone from the dmv evaluates you by appointment. Getting a commercial license is very difficult I have one and the road test is administered by the community college and state police. People fail all the time they are strict who gets a commercial liscense. Your better off getting it in another state that’s easier. Most community’s are old villages that the roads were cow paths paved not designed for commercial trucks. I think this is why so strict. My pickup truck has a commercial plate because it can be used for commerce purposes even though it’s my personal truck. For old vehicles over 25 years old you can get antique plates. I think it’s much cheaper. I don’t know though. You can get a motor scooter under 50cc and don’t need a motorcycle liscence. It’s a cheap option for half the year anyway. During the winter months your gonna want a car at minimum 4 wheel drive if you can afford it. A lot of people like Subaru because all wheel drive. The property tax on vehicles is double dipping and they were supposed to do away with it years ago. It never happened. Property tax is outrageous mostly because the firefighters contracts being quite liberal at the expense to property owner taxes. There is a fire house on every corner so the service is excellent if you need firefighters or ambulance. It just costs a lot to live here.

        • A huge pet peeve of mine is this: The Gov gets their sales tax on the price of the new car. New car is sold to mr T, gov gets tax on that sale. Mr T sells to Mr X, gov collects again so on and so on until the fvkin car is crushed where I have a sneaking hunch the gov somehow gets paid for export fees to China where they cook the bastard down and make a wrench that wont turn a fvkin bolt and ship that bastard back to us where the gov gets paid a sales tax when we buy that piece of shit.

      31. I remember some years back the local Indian tribe had a smoke shop and they were selling cigarettes tax free. They though because they were on sovereign land they could get away with this. The state police came down on them like the Gestapo. It was on the news I remember I don’t know what ever happened but the smoke shop is closed. The gov controls them too. We are all under the thumb of the oppressors.

        • O@ and ass,always ways to work around,first,live in a state with nop sales tax,I bring cheap smokes/booze and all sorts of other items to friends in tax states,second,grow your own tobacco/make your own booze ect.There are many ways to at least contribute less to the beast,one of the only bright spots in a collapse situation is the end of bad laws/taxes,there really will be no enforcement.That said,do not in any way look forward to the collapse,just hope the other side better for folks.

        • Had a cig store here selling bulk tobacco to roll your own or for those cig making machines .. guy was the best deal in town for natural tobacco and he was taxing it and paying the Feds .. but according to the Feds he wasnt charging enough for the product by weight , so they werent getting enough tax dollars per pound..shut his ass down and it still is 5 years later

      32. I will admit it, I drove throughout the 80’s and 90’s without insurance or legal tags. Mainly because I was either too broke to afford it at the time. I’m lucky I was never stopped, or got into any accidents. Right around 2003, is when the cops started getting more heavy handed and started noticing. I was pulled over and threatened three times before getting my truck impounded and off to court to explain myself. So, I got my insurance and legal plates, and got into the system. I remember how nice it used to be, not having to be in the system.

        Now I can’t even go to a doctor without being grilled about guns, vaccines and flu shots. There was even a time when you could go see the dr and they wouldn’t ask you a damn thing.

        I had to go the Missouri last year to take care of a dying family member. When my stay extended into four weeks, one of their officers pulled me over one day and told me “I’ve been watching you come and go for a month, and you need to get your vehicle registered for Missouri plates” I explained to the cop what was going on and he didn’t give two flips. Told me that if he saw me out again without Missouri plates, I’d be ticketed and impounded.

        Yes, they really do freak out when you aren’t being a good boy or girl, and try to loosen your shackles a little.

      33. When the time comes, this guy will be one of the first to be picked up and hauled off. It is much more important to be a Grey Man if you really want to be left alone. Even if you decide not to get a drivers license, make sure you obey every driving law so you don’t get pulled over. Going in front of the Motor Vehicle chiefs is a sure way to be noticed.

      34. 000hhhman, you all made my head hurt. I’ll come back tomorrow to read more. Shit!

      35. Oh, all this sounds so fine and great, but what happens when good ole Tom has an accident on the highway? He has no insurance so who repairs your car. Also the roads and highways were built and repaired at taxpayer’s expense: Does good ole Tom get to use this free of charge while the rest of us pay our own way. Anyway when it was all said and done dufus tom had to get the license or go to jail, didn’t he? There are battles worth fighting and battles not to be fought. In the end he lost: as he should have.

        • I guess your effing insurance company will!!! if you so desire to have it and uninsured motorists as if there even Is such a thing in this big gov utopia nowadays. And I imagine if he’s going to travel in his private property he’ll have to buy gas which they tax the shit out of and tell us it’s for the upkeep and road projects….yah right. We are all so use to this system and it keeps getting bigger and bigger every day, reading so many comments makes me a bit angry and realize just how FUKT we really are.

      36. I hope he doesn’t drive,er, travel in Arizona with no license,plate, or insurance. And don’t tell a DPS trooper you don’t need them. He’ll be spending more time in Arizona then he planned on. In fact,he probably doesn’t ‘travel’ outside of New Mexico. Some freedom.

      37. Statutes, Rights and Destruction of American Constitutional Liberties
        (A Reader for the Common Man)

        Most reading this article have involuntarily entered into a diabolical and corrupt period of American government with regards to individual liberty. Few might have anticipated such an assault rising out of the country’s humble beginnings.

        Laws of deception have been so crafted, few ever wake to the traps and pitfalls that in an unexpected moment can transfer them into a pit of “lawful” Hell through state, county and city agencies. Some reading this article are angry, resentful and travel this saga for years, while everyday others unknowingly wait a turn in the corporate wringing machine. But already there cooks a boiling kettle of angst against this system with an ever growing number year by year. American prisons hold about 25 million people which is more than any other country and more than the populations of some.

        The state cannot become a victim by substitution for violation of law. Such would be the Dictator’s dream but has become modern government’s delusion. Without a victim there is no crime. Common men on the street have been fooled into accepting a masterful trickery called Statutory Law and Public Policy. Statutory law has become a substitution for Constitutionally protected rights and replaced at most levels of government in communities across the country. A caution from a Statutory judge is found in this warning, “If you mention Constitutional rights one more time, I’ll hold you in contempt of court”. The defendant, knowing he’s been setup in a rigged system, must quietly accept torment of a criminal set of quick-change Statutory artists or face consequences.

        In the early 1900s chauffeur and drivers were subject to license of commercial activities. Government reserves its right to license and manage commercial services delivered to the public, however, citizens under the Common Law and Constitution have always retained a separate right to travel. For decades not every state licensed automobile travelers and it wasn’t until the mid-50s that states began working this scheme of total public control. Horsemen though, were never “drivers” unless engaged in cattle drives. No lawyer, judge, or professional will ever reveal this Devilish structure robbing us of God-given rights and civil liberties.

        Should anybody need a once-in-a-lifetime test to operate an automobile? Really, once in a lifetime? No. The test is claimed to screen applicants for public safety, but in actuality, is a massive effort to force state permissions and this program took decades to accomplish one state after the other. While some were traveling with license in one state there were hundreds of thousands in states where no requirement existed and never had. Today, each has been manipulated into becoming a “driver” whenever police or officials ask for the driver’s license. Each “admits to driving” by application but few ever know—it was never needed. There is no requirement of the public to have a license that if lost, leaves citizens wondering how to travel except done by foot. At some point this game was flipped on citizens with a license demand but without query for logbooks and travel times. Statues are for commerce and everyone has through deception unknowingly volunteered to be a driver just as if on a run for house plumbing, package or flower delivery—“I’ll have one of our drivers bring that over right away”. Added to the confusion is the federal Commercial Driver’s License for transporting weighty loads and moving bus passengers.

        Pretending to live in the wilderness and separated from cities and towns, business and homes are reached by foot. All hunt a living off the land. The town passes regulatory measures where those hired for commercial trappers, independent contractors are required to purchase a hunting license. Government has rights to regulate business but does acknowledge Common Law rights of individuals to hunt. One day a business related hunting crime occurs. Officials decide they need identification of those working for the hunting business as well as all citizens. Presenting a hunting license not only serves identification for commerce hunting (regulated by statutes) but has now become applied to everyone. Family and friends walk the town but stumble into an ammunition check point. Carrying special ammo is illegal but then the words—“hunting license please.” A citizen replies, “I don’t have one”. The officer asks, “How do you feed yourself?” Do not avoid this checkpoint. Do not look nervous and do not run as such could be seen as the actions of one having committed a crime or at least evading police. You could be shot fleeing simply because government began citizen regulation through identification but having no license may see loss of firearm and days in detention.

        Far worse, doing business in town or working means presenting an official license (with photograph). Suppose one reveals there is not a citizen connection with commercial business? The hunting license request is akin to the real-world experience whenever confronted by police for almost any reason. If a “traveling” license is not presented, the next question comes—“then how did you get here?” Such a question should ring alarm bells and understood to imply that license is the way one travels. Will officials tell any that none are required to answer? Isn’t this the third-world torment of dictatorship? But not always third world. At just about the same time of the Russian Communist experiment and Germany’s dictatorial model, the burden for American government papers began. But if citizens are not engaged in business commerce then there shouldn’t be a request for government license. Rights cannot be licensed.

        Why do authorities insist everyone is traveling for business and not pleasure? Because there’s a feeding of government money machines with fine or prison in minor offenses. Imagine crossing town with a dim license plate, headlight or signal light out, crack in a window, too dark a window tint or being in rural areas with no witness to see that missed stop sign? All citizens are policed as business revenue but costs are even greater. Citizens think their daily activities are private affairs but no longer. Police auto plate scanners gather real-time information and whereabouts despite claims of data deletion. Within seconds scanners are able to collect and keep information files that are getting larger all of the time. Many police forces do not understand why they’re enforcing some statutes but told to do their work. Judges and lawyers know that many elite clients remove themselves from statutory harm’s way.

        Constitutional rights cannot forcibly be seized or none of the inherited and Constitutional judicial system would make any sense. Yet, every time citizens are pulled over for the slightest performance or automobile related issue, each is asked to present the license. Readers may have a difficult time believing licensure to be the problem that it is, but consider how often the county uses license for citizen interaction. Ever whip grass clippings onto a road while weed eating the yard? Such could trigger a statutory fine from the city and nowadays almost anything for revenue is becoming more possible. An artificial, arbitrary, commercial and dangerous statutory court system is responsible for lifetime damage to otherwise honest American citizens and families than most can imagine. Natural rights have been slowly eroded and replaced with statutory privilege. Almost every law causing harm today is a statute where there’s no victim and avoiding them can sometimes be a mine field.

        Courts assume a driver’s license equals citizen statutory regulation where in nearly all cases citizens are never allowed an advanced reservation of rights. You believed traveling to be a Constitutional right but learn there’s an illegal control grid set up all around. Rights to travel cannot be turned into a privilege whatever authoritarian excuse. Miss a student loan payment?—No Travel. Can’t make a child support payment?—No Travel. Insurance payment?—No Travel. Too many recorded seat-belt “points”?—No Travel. Forget a traffic fine?—No Travel. Fail to honor an unjust court order?—No Travel. State tax disputes?—No Travel. Miss one too many days of high school?—No Travel. There are more restrictions proposed yearly in state legislatures across the land. This control apparatus could not exist if police, courts and agencies were prohibited from asking or expecting automobile travel to be anything more than a personal traveling experience. See other studies under a Reservation of Rights or Without Prejudice, UCC 1-308.

        Nearly all police activities involve nuisance stops, followed by requests for: license, full (not partial) window roll down for smell test and visual search, proof of insurance and registration for paper searches, along with permission to physically inter the owner’s property through coercive and detective-like technique. What average citizens don’t realize is they’ve encountered a potential police feeding zone that may ramp up in a moment’s notice with questioning and non-disclosed background check. This patrolman can’t get promoted helping the stranded but is now ready to make detective. Everything will be asked of the driver as “legal” but if choosing to help, driver, auto and plate style may be similar to those bringing drugs into the state. The officer can get a search warrant based on a faulty or police “triggered” dog response and since there’s nothing to hide many do cooperate. But that’s when a driver realizes honest permission to search applies to anything found and can be used in a court of law. A tire tool in the trunk is a tool, but on the floorboard said to be a burglar’s choice or how about some spilled sugar in the trunk from yesterday’s super market visit? Once permission is given it cannot be retracted and trying to do so is like “blood” in the water with sharks. They may rip the car apart and it will be the citizens cost for restoration. Police fishing trips often ruin weekend, reputation and a lifetime if such turns ugly. You may have just encountered a state thug.

        Authorities support these tactics along with control for profit but lately they’ve been called during road stops, “safety checks” and in the public courtroom. To counter, government fights back with the label of “Sovereign Citizen” and it is generously applied to those resisting. Many know being stopped for infractions can result in police assault, automobile seizure and arrest with relocation to the police station. Sometimes fighting may result in death and high-value property loss on either side. Given a choice of bad treatment, resistance with hope of anonymous retreat may seem a good idea but hardly ever ends well. There are so many deaths ranging from tasering to deliberate and accidental shooting along with property damage, such causes any to question the sanity in this class of revenue. Authorities place hopes that brutality sold to the public as necessary will absolve them from ever being reeled in, but lawsuits costing millions of dollars are paid yearly while governments keep the blue lights rolling.

        Imagine a future where uncomfortable feelings of seeing a police cruiser on the shoulder or in the rear-view mirror is no longer a concern. No more public stops and unexpected check points taking place and no crimes without victims. It may all be possible one day when people rise to put an end to an out of control and bullying system. It won’t be easily done but it can be done. It’s your civic duty to pass this along.

        Travel for pleasure.

        The Free America Project
        (May be freely reused or posted.)

      38. None of these stories I see about individuals, especially ones who get rid of driver’s licenses, license plates, etc., strike me as much of a bid for “freedom” as much as people being unwilling to pay their way in our modern society.
        What do they think pays for the roads and signage? Fees and taxes are what does it. If one does objective research, rules of the road came about because of the chaos and carnage that were our early road system. People who would praise this behavior, just realize you pay more taxes because of it.
        I personally feel many of the traffic laws are quite odious myself, but what does one do when hit and run occurs with a driver who has no license plates for anyone to make a useable I.D. for their vehicle? Most of the no license types I have encountered also have no insurance. Do you think because he is a “Patriot” he will pay the six figure medical bill you now have? In most cases he will not, and you will be left ruined…I have seen this happen.
        I like this site, but it amazes me sometimes just how much endorsement I see of anarchy. I have experienced various forms of lawlessness and I really mean it is all fun and games until it is not, then blood usually begins to flow and men like me ( who I know are not always well regarded by some visitors to this site) have to stop it. Rights vs. Privileges …. I’ve argued for hours with many a Sovereign over them.

        • Yours is the voice of reason, an uncommon thing here it seems.

        • Old Cop
          Damn you hit it on the head. The problem you have is there is so many young people on this site that have no frigging Idea. They believe anarchy is the answer.
          Thanks for your post.

          • Driving should be a right,not a privilege,or,at least stop stealing money from me thru taxes.Peoples rights are put on hold all the time when they are convicted of crimes and jailed,till then,see driving a right.I am sick of the cop/prison/court cartels and a slew of dumb laws/regulations designed to enrich these cartels.I can live without dumb laws and police,just stop infringing on folks rights to defend themselves and stop making so many things illegal that you create huge black markets that attract huge money and violence.Stop stealing from taxpayers and then you can force em to be licensed ect. as roads a private entity.Cool thing is many roads in my area dirt(more back roads),we see a pothole/washout locals many times take care of it themselves along with volunteer fire/emt’s,the country as a whole needs to go more in that direction.

        • most likely the hit and runner is a meth head alcoholic child molesting illegal who could give two shits less about malum in se much less malum prohibitum. And I’ve got news for you people, sometimes shit just happens, so if you want protection well CYOA, protect yourselves. But no youre more than happy to pay for your protection, and make everyone else do it too, you are under their thumbs.

      39. Let me repeat this once again:

        If you are a Citizen, you have privileges and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Drivers License is required to operate your motor vehicle for commerce. Everything else they issue is also required.

        If you are a non citizen or national, you have rights and there’s not a thing that can be done about it. You have no drivers license at all, no security cards, no registration papers or forms and are afforded the Public Right to Travel on all Public roadways. You will drive a conveyance, but not be driving it perse since all you do is travel upon the public roadways. Nothing else except a copy of the Right to Travel Law and your picture, will ever be required.

        You will be allowed to travel anywhere in your conveyance, besides large metropolis cities. And for the most part it is prudent to stay away from them. The right to travel can never be revoked, and you will never have a registration ID. The most you’ll own is a city ID card if that. And every instance I have seen, you will not be bothered.

      40. Marrying….without a license….

        Being born without a having a livestock number….

        Do you think when Social Security goes under they’ll retire the SSN scheme?
        No? – Me neither.

        • Marriage

          It is a religious ceremony. The reason there are so many court cases regarding this is because government got involved in religion.
          Separation of church and state was meant to keep government out of religion. Not religion out of government.

          • marrage license are a license to have sex. a one time tax to make having sex legal. Its not much different from Licensing Brothels. its also a lame attempt to legislate moral behavior.

            • Oh Puullleeeze Old Guy! When the “marriage license” was instituted, it was to regulate unions between a Negro or Indian and a Caucasian. Look it up in Black’s Law Dictionary and you will see that it relates to intermarrying, which is an act of miscegenation. You might be old, but you ain’t that smart!!


        • Where I live common law marriage is recognized (there is no common law divorce, think about that before you decide on it) and I didn’t number my children (but I couldn’t claim them as tax deductions because of that).

          I also put them through private school (all the way through the university level) and did not have them vaccinated (although they later chose to vaccinate themselves of their own volition).

          Most of what we complain about is being done by us to ourselves for the benefits it provides, not because there is no way to avoid it.

          It seems that there are reasonable laws, unreasonable consequences of them as they pile on top of each other without regards to original intent, and totally unreasonable regulations that are simply written by bureaucrats to justify their own position or passed by legislators that can claim they did something to use in their re-election campaigns.

          It’s good to know which is which, which should be obeyed because they are needed, which can be avoided since compliance is actually voluntary, and which to oppose and try to get repealed or overruled because they serve no purpose other than making life difficult.

      41.…..It’s all in your name.

      42. Cops routinely run tags through their computer just driving through parking lots or wherever they go. All this technology has closed the gap of what can be gotten away with. I remember just 15 years ago getting away with things that today wouldn’t happen. Technology has cost people jobs freedom but people still want it. Progress isn’t good for the little guy but great for the oppressors. I’m surprised cops don’t take people’s phones to see what your up to. I don’t have a smart phone just a cheap flip phone don’t want a smart phone ya they are cool but I just don’t want to pay for the service only to be tracked. Someone told me soon that’s the only kind of phone you will be able to get I guess then I will give up having a cellphone. Who knows maybe the gov will pass legislation that all adults have to have a smart phone. See how tptb can force you to comply. When was the last time you seen a pay phone. People don’t even question this stuff. I do. The police are everywhere people are they will patrol on water on bike in the areas people go on foot. There is no where the police won’t go. They will show up to your house because someone made a baseless complaint when they do they will say they have to investigate. You just want to be left alone though. This is the type of society that is being built your neighbors ratting on you for nothing just because they are mad at you or whatever. I’ve been through this before. I don’t bother with people waste of time. I view life as a sports competition I’m playing to win not make friends. Just think about it your competing with others for resources so in my eyes they are trying to take what should be mine. I don’t get all crazy with this thinking but looking out for number one is not wrong. My prosperity is not a joke and I’m not playing nice. I’m in it to win it. I find most people to be useless to me they are dependent types jealous of someone who succeeds. Like I said I don’t waste time life is too short and I’m not getting any younger. I got my own agenda .

      43. Off topic, three interesting takes on America’s support of Israel can be found on VeteransToday. “Taking Netanyahu orders treason to U.S., “The whole truth about Israel in one sentence” and “The Religious/Political Poisoning of America”. The comments are good also.

      44. I have lived in the mtns for decades now and it took a while to shake off the limited attitude of living in the city. I can do what I want when I want since my nearest neighbor is a mile away. Recently some relatives moved here from LA right away they want to make it LA with restrictions on everything I was blown away by the attitude They just cant accept freedom to live as you want. They dont understand freedom and want to get permission for everything instead of just doing it

        • Hope they have fire insurance if ya know what I mean 😉

      45. The problem of the “right to unrestricted travel upon the roads” is that inevitably ‘that guy’ will show up who insists on driving on the left side of the road or that red lights do not apply to him. His “freedom” trumps the safety and well being of everyone else.

        It is true that so many laws, rules, codes and regulations exist that no one can possibly do anything without being subject to a “gotchya” moment and imprisoned at will by the Leviathan however since commonsense and courtesy are historical anachronisms some laws are necessary. The important thing is to understand which are truly necessary and which are simply tools of oppression.

      46. It is like this don’t pay car insurance they suspend your registration if the bank owns the vehicle and you pull back coverage to liability only the bank will increase your payment to cover the inadequate insurance or they send the recovery agent. Don’t get an inspection you get stopped a five day tag is issued to you to get it inspected if it needs repairs to pass you will do it. Don’t pay town property tax on your vehicle when you renew you registration property taxes have to be paid . You see where this is going nowadays there is no way out of paying to drive it’s that simple. There is no substitute for having $ to cover for these costs. The moral of the story is get $ problem solved.

      47. I agree to a bit the grey man thing but as I get assets in a legal way unattached from me plan on sticking out a bit more and being public about it.I am all for under the table endevours work wise/own food and energy ect. but it is time to get a bit public,you wake up even one person tis one more person on the side of freedom.

      48. Are they just pandering to us, or are they trying to warn the general public? On the season finale of “Blacklist” this week, the star of the show told his followers that we live in an artificial reality created by the world government propaganda matrix. He told them that nothing they see on the news is real. Hmmm. William Casey, head of the CIA in the 80’s said, We will know how effective our propaganda is, when everything every American believes is wrong.

      49. We are told that Delta Force violated the sovereignty of Syria the other day, and killed the head of ISIS finances and oil for refusing to share the profits with the big guys. Sounds about right.

        • Who told us that?

      50. The Boston bombers. How many of you knew that the bombers Uncle Ruslan was married to Graham Fullers daughter? Who is Graham Fuller? Just a high ranking policy wonk at the CIA. Uncle Ruslan lived in Fullers’ home when he was still married to the daughter. Ruslan is an attorney. He worked for the CIA and Halliburton. Google it. It even showed up in the MSM briefly.

      51. In Florida, he’d be living free -in jail.
        (would u like a slice of bologna w/that bread sandwich?)

      52. Everything is so screwed up it is amazing. Maybe when the SHTF and IF the govt. is changed, we can re-organize all this crap and start over again.

      53. Fighting the system does not always work for the little guy. Changing the system is usually impossible for the little guy.

      54. How can any person believe the lies the gov spews. I mean the lies are so unbelievable they cannot be believed. I still don’t see how the economy hasn’t collapsed yet. People have $ to go and buy new cars and clothes and go out to expensive resturants. The demand for new cars must be high I see a lot on the car lots people driving out new wheels. The economic numbers must be better than we are led to believe or it’s all a big hoax credit being extended to people already in debt. We are just one crisis away from shtf I feel. It’s just a matter of when and what event triggers it. Nothing is gonna convince me things are going well. When I watch my kids excitement about life I wish I could get that excited again but I know I will never look at the world the way a child does with such optimism. I know this will be destroyed eventually on them by the trappings of adult life. For now I like them to be happy kids. Sometimes I wish I was a kid again innocent and naive. It’s nice to live carefree.

      55. THE HAIRCUT

        Blessed are those that can give without remembering, and take without forgetting. One
        day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’ The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door. Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill , the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’ The cop was happy and left the shop.The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a ‘thank you ‘ card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door. Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I can not accept money from you. I’m doing community service this week.’ The Congressman was very happy and left the shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were
        a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut. And that, my friends, illustrates the fundamental difference between the citizens of our country and the politicians who run it. As Ronald Reagan said: BOTH POLITICIANS AND DIAPERS NEED TO BE CHANGED OFTEN AND FOR THE SAME REASON!

      56. Prophet I can’t really gin up much outrage over our military killing an Issis big wig. They are all pieces of human scum and the world is a decidedly better place without them. As for cars an insurance, who actually suffers from these laws, poor people, folks down on there luck and generally folks working jobs that don’t even pay a subsistence wage. We have constructed a huge powerful apparatus to squeeze these folks and then when they have nothing we lock em up. Millions of jobs are created for courts, probation all officers, law enforcement and corrections. None of this is going to change, as people are making to much money perpetuating it. We have created huge libraries full of laws which we use to ensnare folks in this system and once in it, if you don’t have a lot of money you aren’t getting out of it. As a psychologist in the criminal justice system for 20 years I have watched this evil system destroy thousands of lives. I truly hate what my country has become, but can see nothing but an EOTWAWKI event ever stopping it. Watched a Western the other night, what a glorious time to be an American that must have been.

        • ” I can’t really gin up much outrage over our military killing an Issis big wig. They are all pieces of human scum”

          So why does the USA keep air dropping weapons to them, by mistake i am sure.

          Why do we allow our saudi friends to clear cheques for ISIS

          Why is it that when another group attacks ISIS that Turkey or again our saudi friends tried to defend ISIS as they bomb Syria or Yemem.

          Do you think that if the USA stopped poking the bees nest that the bees would stop stinging ?

          Scum smells, follow your nose because the smell is a lot closer to home and 20,000 dip sticks running around in white 4X4’s donated by the UN is NOT a danger toy your life or killing as many people as the USA has killed on WMD lies of the back of the 9/11 false flag attack.

          Now if you want to beleive the offical story on 9/11 where 14 of the 19 terrorists all came from Saudia Arabia then did you also know that they are going to be allowed to get nuclear weapons.

          Don’t fear the bees, its the bloody train that heading for you that you should fear the most.

      57. Right O you are. Welcome to travel – by foot or horse. Would you propose to do away with the need for pilot’s licenses to fly under the same logic?

        • Actually you don’t need a pilots license to fly certain ultralite airplanes. and you don’t need a license to ride certain small scooters.

      58. The criminals eventually succeed because of the threat of force. It should be noted that even though these brave people have stood up against the government they are not now legally bound by submitting. As Lysander Spooner clearly points out; a contract is not valid if it was made under coercion. And I would call taking your property, putting in jail, putting in a hospital, and threatening life; coercion. The only hope of victory is mass revolt, and as long as people still have something to lose; the solo resister is only going to be a martyr for nothing. I know because I have experienced it myself. Agorism is the only answer at this point.

      59. I have always respected this website for the articles Mac posted. Lately I notice more and more towards, basically, anarchy. People don’t want restrictions, laws, taxes, or police and they don’t seem to realize what happens when people are allowed to do what they want. A society with no restrictions is hell on earth. You will want laws and police back, but the time will have passed.

        It’s people’s own fault that more laws are needed, because people don’t obey the current ones. Then they rebel against those new laws. Lack of common sense (including the “sovereign citizen” nonsense) equals even more laws to try and control the mob until it can be controlled no longer and society breaks down completely.

        I am unbooking this website. Enjoy your anarchy when it arrives.

        • Its the wild west mentality. No group or forum is immune to the bickering and power struggles ect. Myself I simply wanted to live out my days drawing my social security Ponzi scheme check and playing hobby farm. Im afraid that dream isn’t going to continue.

      60. The only problem with “free travel” is that you are traveling on roads that are built and maintained by the state, county and city. If you want to build your own road on your own land, you don’t have to pay diddly. You pay to drive to help maintain those roads and bridges. Now if they want to charge you to WALK, that’s a different kettle O’ Fish.

        • Hey Tex, you ever hear about this thing called a road tax
          that they put on every ounce of gasoline or Diesel fuel that you buy? Even propane when it is used in a car or truck has road tax added onto it. Did you know that those road taxes are sometimes siphoned off to pay for pet political projects as “loans” that are not always repaid?? Isn’t that theft, embezzlement or fraud going on there? Time for you to wake up cowboy, and hit the trail to freedom!


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