What You’ll See When You Fly Into Lubbock, Texas

by | Jul 30, 2010 | Entertainment | 7 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Unless you’re headed to Texas Tech, buying cattle or passing through on a cross-country road trip, most Americans will never have any reason to fly into Lubbock, Texas.

    But in case you’re ever flying into the city, keep a look out on your approach and you might see a very creative way to protest the policies of President Obama:

    Lubbock, TX - Say No To OBama

    Thinking that this might be another BP-style Photoshop job, we took some time to verify the legitimacy of the story.

    Though there was analysis which attempted to discredit the photos as faux photography by some Snopes message boards users, it looks like this one is real:


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      1. Uh-oh…..there goes THAT guys USDA crop support payment for not growing whatever it was it wasn’t gonna grow anyway…….

      2. There are members of the Democrat Party that say Obama is the most Liberal Left Wing politician to ever gain the presidency in U.S. history. There are rumors that this president might stage a False Flag Event to retain control of the country. International Corporations control Washington DC. Who knows what they promised Obama to maintain “business as usual” ?
        An Economic Collapse in the U.S. will lead to Societal Collapse. Martial Law will allow this president to create whatever “America” he choose’s. He has certainly become casual with his use of executive orders. With his “executive order for this, executive order for that” attitude, we may soon find no need for a Congress as “He” alone knows what’s best for the country.

         The American People may soon witness the “Two Headed Party” reveal itself when the country’s economy  is destroyed, and “They” begin to  rebuild it to their satisfaction.
        We are living in perilous times and those who are preparing stand the best chance to survive. E PLURIBUS UNUM

      3. Time to drain the swamp in D.C. except for the Honorable Ron Paul.

      4. “Unless you’re headed to Texas Tech, buying cattle or passing through on a cross-country road trip, most Americans will never have any reason to fly into Lubbock, Texas.”

        Mac, don’t forget the cotton.   During harvest, so much cotton falls off the trucks, it looks like snow on the sides of the roads.

      5. you dummies that  voted for the bushs, clinton, mccain or obama  caused this mess. now stop whining ,  take your medicine and reap what ye hath soweth.

        just think pretty soon you might even get to vote for that slutty looking airline hostess..

        and the band plays on…………………………………

      6. Excellent article Mac.    We need to kick Obama’s sorry ass every way possible.  Just this week a co-worker said she was cashing out of her 401K to buy gold.  And another acquaitance said her son (she’s single) is buying guns for what is coming.     More and more American’s are on to Il Duce Obama’s game.  My hat is off to the Arizonans fighting the tyranny of the federal government.  Speaking of Arizona Mac can you advise how we go about supporting the Arizona fight against oppression?   I was hoping someone or some organzation was selling Arizona state flags to raise money to fight the federal bastards.    I want to buy one and fly it next to my Texas flag as a show of visible support for the courageous people of Arizona.  If you know of a Arizona based web-site that is offering these for sale please advise so we can join them in their battle against the fascist regime in Washington D.C.  

      7. Paul, I think this might be the best place to go to show your support: http://www.buycottarizona.com/Home_Page.php

        I didn’t see any AZ flags up there, but they’ve got a petition drive and all sorts of other things going on.

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