MELTDOWN: An Investigation Into a World of Greed and Recklessness that Led to Financial Collapse (Full Movie)

by | Oct 1, 2011 | Entertainment | 114 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The first and second parts of the Al Jazeera investigative report (in documentary format) that reveals the causes, inside players, and the machinations leading up to and following the financial crisis that rocked the world in 2008.

    If they have no qualms about crashing the world economy and impoverishing tens of millions around the globe, what else are they capable of?

    Part 1: The Men Who Crash the World (Available Below)

    Part 2: A Global Financial Tsunami (Available Below)

    Part 3: Paying the Price (Available Soon)

    Part 4: After the Fall (Available Soon)






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      1. get a rope.

        • screw ropes… ever heard of the blood eagle?

          • I have a better idea:

            Impoverish them.

            Take away everything they have. Force them to fend for themselves. Make them wash dishes or flip burgers for a living (or post-SHTF, work the fields).

            Death is an easy punishment, no matter how horrific you make it. Life without comfort is far harsher, and gives them the opportunity to mend their ways.

            • Amen! These jerks have been living the life of luxury for years. While they’re sleeping on 1,000 count sheets, eating healthy high quality organic food (free of pesticides and chemtrails), wearing high quality designer clothes, the rest of us are eating pesticide laden GMO foods and maybe shopping at Walmart, garage sales or the Salvation Army.

              Every single night I see either a homeless man or couple sleeping on a cot near a dumpster or living in their van or their car.

              I see this waste on a corporate level every single night. Last night I found enough office supplies, pens, pencils, highlighters, arts and crafts kits, etc, that can supply a dozen teachers with supplies. I’ve made their baskets to give out this week. In our prep supply (which is getting bigger daily) I have plenty of food, cosmetics and other new unopened items that could help plenty of people along the way that was all thrown in the trash!

              Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making money and being successful.

              But if you’re making a living by lying, scheming, or hurting others, then that’s wrong. Many of these millionaries ONLY made their money because they got an edge up on the economy illegally either through insider trading OR they were in bed with their congresscritters whores who could sweeten the deal with either a huge tax break (read not paying taxes) or insider information.

              Not only do the wall street banksters have something to answer to, so do many of our politicians, congressional aides (who write these draconian bills), government officials (such as the ones who should have been firing those morons in SEC who were whacking off on the taxpayer dime) and the military industrial complex who preys and makes money on our young men and women overseas.

            • Do we not complain that one of the things that makes this nation immoral is the US government’s use and rationalization of torture?

              If we exchange places to become the abusers and torturers, what has improved?

              If convicted, the banksters, “international” financiers, and genocidal and warmongering Zionists, fascists, and communists should make restitution for their crimes against humanity.

              If they are convicted of capital crimes, so be it—but I see no goodness, only evil, in torture.

            • Annie: Get your gun!!!

        • I have watched all FOUR videos now. It is a great documentary that is descriptive of events, global in scope, and balanced. A good history of the time.

          Everyone in America needs to watch all FOUR videos.

      2. zzz

      3. This information is way to complex for the people watching American Idle and Dancing With The Stars, so, it won’t do much good to expose it.

        There are still too many people with TV and stuff to do. They’re not poor enough to be bored yet.

        Its coming but its not here yet…

        • You are absolutely correct. The problem is, those who are glued to TV reality shows and haven’t felt any pain over the last few years, will find themselves hit so suddenly, there won’t be time to prep. They will go from comfort to victims in a tent city, with no survival skills or “tools”. It has been my long experience in trying to spread the word that ,many people are afraid. Their response to threats are: if they don’t talk about it, don’t hear about it, won’t acknowledge the problems, nothing bad will happen. I see the same thing on chat boards all across the internet. By the way, I no longer try to wake anyone up. The fence sitters and deniers are not worth one more moment of my time.

          • Yo SWIFT, You are right to not waste your time anymore warning Sheeple, you will only be ridiculed for it anyway. People laugh at me and call me a wacko so screw em. SHIF is on it’s way, I believe that just like I believe that beer is only rented and destined for the urinal.

          • We don’t talk about WTSHTF either, except to each other and a few close friends who are on the same page. Everyone else, we’ve found, is too busy with NOTHING to even want to listen. Found out recently about another couple who have been prepping for some time. When they moved into a smaller house two years ago, they brought the washer/dryer up to the first floor and converted their new basement into what looks like a PX (husband was in Army). Food, water, paper products, toiletries, cleaning supplies – you name it, it’s down there. They are our inspiration!

          • Can you imagine how the Betty Ford center will be flooded
            with TV addicts going through withdrawls? People more worried about who made the final cut (whatever the reality program) than how to survive.

        • your right NetRanger…..the sheeple are more worried about Facebook, Nancy Grace, and the Kardashians… when it does they will all be standing around asking”what happened?”. its not poor enough its hungry enough. real hunger is a major driving force….then thats when it will get ugly.

      4. This is old news. If we keep getting distracted we will be the new victims.

        OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

        • There is no common sense in advocating communism.

      5. Al Jazeera? Really? Talk about a lack of credibility.

        • I was just thinking the same thing.. since when is an organization that interviews terrorists as heros and is the mouth piece for regimes that hate us and our freedoms deemed a reliable source of news ?

          I suppose even a toilet sometimes has some pure water in it.. but I don’t think I’d want to drink out of it even so.

          • make sure you know who are the real terrorist are? The German people thought they were right too. just a thought.

        • I suppose they have as much credibility as any mainstream media source… If I understand correctly, much of al jazeera, especially the English division, is headed by former US msm personnel… Regardless of the propaganda, it’s still worth watching at least once… Decently put together, informative, and another piece of the financial crisis puzzle…

          • Are you kidding?? I don’t even watch or have tv/cable.
            I’m just fine with that…and AlJazeera has been reporting lots of chit the media won’t touch.

            Lack of credibility??? Like your MSM has that in truck loads??

            • JJ, why don’t you just watch the videos and judge for yourself. For those of us whose lives have been “ruined” by the Wall Street crime syndicate and witnessed firsthand the crimes perpetrated by the bankers and other actors, I think the Al Jazeera piece does a very nice job of explaining the big picture to the average person. The sad reality is the crime and corruption that defines western style markets is 1000% worse than what the Al Jazeera movie depicts, but at least somebody is willing to call the criminals out and try to explain it to the average sheeple.

              The only criticism I have for the movie is that the viewer is left feeling that somehow the previous 5-10 years has been an exception. The fact is the U.S. financial markets are the most corrupt in the history of mankind, and while other countries markets are corrupt as well, most of those players learned how to manipulate and loot the public from their mentors on Wall Street. The fact is Wall Street has been manipulating and looting the savings of the public for many, many decades, the only difference between history and present is that the most egregious acts used to be prosecuted whereas today Wall Street pretty much has carte blanche to loot the public in whatever manners suits their particular need at any given point in time.

              Note: Parts 3 & 4 are available for viewing now—I watched them yesterday.

              Part 3

              Part 4

              The bottom line is the U.S. markets are the most corrupt in the history of mankind. They exist to for the sole purpose of looting the masses financial resources for the benefit of the elite who rig prices and information based on their current agenda. You can criticize the Al Jazeera piece, but the only criticism should be that it doesn’t go far enough in identifying the institutional corruption that defines the U.S. markets and by extension, the global markets.

            • JJ, good or bad, we can learn a few things from our enemies. I totally agree with you about Al Jazeera, they aren’t exactly friendly to the west especially christians.

          • Mac, judging from the comments you are getting on this piece, I must admit I am starting to wonder if there is any chance in hell America will wake up. When you present excellent material to your readers like this documentary and all you get are ignorant close-minded sheeple comments, it must be very discouraging.

            I have watched the markets full time for over a decade; however, I don’t see what is so complicated for the masses and ignorant sheeple to understand. The markets are rigged and the players control our government and media and use propaganda to mislead the public. Are people really so ignorant that when factual information is put right in their face they are so close-minded and partisan that they won’t’ even consider it? If that is the case, we truly are screwed.

            The sad reality is none of the MSM in the United States will tell people the truth on either side because all are rooted in the belly of the best. Most of them live and work in the belly of the beast (New York City) and their friends and neighbors job is to loot the country on a daily basis. They all see it as financial services, but most of them know what that really means—–lying, looting, and other treasonous acts against their fellow Americans to “get money” and “power”.

            Free market capitalism is the greatest economic invention ever devised. Unfortunately, New York City and Chicago have hijacked our system and turned our country into a fascist state run by the bankers for the bankers, yet, most of the ignorant sheeple in this country use their lack of ability to balance their checkbook as an excuse for allowing the crimes of the financial oligarch against our country to go unchecked.

            What the financial terrorists in New York and Chicago have done against their own citizens throughout the country is treason of the highest order, and most of them should be hanged for their crimes. Sadly, judging from some of the close-minded partisan comments I have read here today, it doesn’t look good for the republic but must be very refreshing to the most dangerous terrorists our country faces: the New York/Chicago financial services industry.

            • Good comment.

              My biggest fear is that the crimes of the financial terrorists will be used as an excuse to dismantle capitalism. It (capitalism) is an imprefect system working wonders in an imperfect world. Unfortunately the intellectually lazy, those that eschew responsibility and those that lust for power and control are bringing forth socialism as the answer to capitalism’s problems.

              We must understand that in a capitalist economic system there are two basic fundementals for profit.

              The first, which can be termed wealth creation, is the use of or gathering of natural resources to make a product. It would also include the adding of value to a product. The farmer, the miner and the logger are in this first group as well as the carpenter, fabricator, manufacturer, machinist and assembler.

              The second group, while necessary, must be limited to a fraction of the first group as it is a parasite depending wholly upon the first for it’s life blood. This would include bankers, (yes, banks and debt are as necessary as government. If a person waited until they had saved up the money to buy their home then there would be fewer homes and they’d be much smaller) government, lawyers, entertainers and retailers. These provide a necessary service but do not increase the wealth of the society as a whole.

              Unfortunately we have come to a situation where the non wealth creating parasite has exceeded the ability of it’s host to support it. Either the first group must grow or the second must shrink.

              Since the EPA has just added 800 new species to the endangered species list, the alphabet agencies are in full swing and ignorance is the #1 major at most universities and colleges it is safe to assume that growing the wealth producers is out of the question.

              All markets will always return to their true value. Until such time that house prices reflect the true value of a place to live and raise a family as opposed to being thought of as an ATM and public employee pensions are brought down to simply unreasonable levels as opposed to insanely absurd and all other things return to their proper valuation we will not have a stable economic system.

              Judging from world events and politicians jejune proclamations, I have little faith that sufficient numbers of the people will undertake the demanding task of thinking and developing a solution to our problems.

            • I was in agreement up to the “Free market capitalism is the greatest economic invention ever devised” error. As the “Al Jazeera propaganda” evinces, what we suffer now IS the result of a “free market.”

              Why quotes around free market? In reality, there is no free market. There will never be a free market. Human nature being what it is, the government has always sold out and will always sell out to the highest bidder—EXACTLY as the “Al Jazeera propaganda” evinces.

              One of the most fundamental errors of free market “Austrian” economics is their foolish assertion that big business and the government are in opposition. Big business and government are always partners in crime—explaining why there will never be a truly free market.

              Further, human behavior being what it is, abusive psychopaths will always seek to exploit others. There will always be psychopaths who will engage in usury, unjust wages, and unjust prices. The free market religion fully supports such abuse and absolves itself for the injustice by passing off their errors as “science.” What a bunch of immoral rubbish!

              Free market, like hell. Aim higher, people.

            • Its socialism for the masses; corporate fascism for the few, which makes it confusing for the sheeple.

            • Plain Old American, good comments. Your point about capitalism, specifically, “My biggest fear is that the crimes of the ….” is particularly important, and I couldn’t agree more.

              As you stated, capitalism, as imperfect as it is due to the fact that anything that involves humans will be imperfect, is the reason America rose to greatness. The problem is we have not had capitalism in a long, long time in this country. What we have now is a cross between fascism with a dose of Marxism—the direct result of Keynesian economics. Many people point out that real capitalism in America ended in 1913 with the Federal Reserve act — and I won’t disagree; however, things moved slow back then, so the destructive affects took many years to take hold. Throughout the 20th century the kleptocracy that we see now was largely contained due to logistical constraints. Sure, there was the typical insider dealings, corruption, etc. at the federal level, but total state run capitalism was difficult to enforce. TECHNOLOGY CHANGED EVERYTHING.

              With technology, the kleptocracy now has the ability to control everything with real-time information on how to best manipulate and control industry and the masses. From my perspective, technology was the final nail in the coffin of capitalism and the reason why the decline of Amerika is now in “overdrive”.

              Like you, I still believe capitalism is the greatest economic ideal and if we would return to it and follow the constitution most of our major problems would vanish—seemingly overnight. If the government, who is supposed to work for the people, would start issuing indictments and prosecuting fraud in our markets, it would very quickly send a message that if you even suggest criminal activity that aims to monopolize or control markets, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. It would not hurt to publicly lynch a few of the most egregious offenders to send a clear message, and that would set a fire in the spirit of Americans unlike any time in history. While I cannot speak for most people, the root cause of my demoralization is that I know I cannot compete against the kleptocracy but I certainly would not want to join it. I simply could not be part of an institution that destroys so many people’s lives for my own selfish interests. There is a big difference between “survival of the fittest”, competition, etc., and outright looting and pillaging. Our system that we have now is the result of years of corruption, but in the end, those that participate — even without knowing it, have to at least recognize that without favoritism and regulatory actions by the government that is bought and paid for, they would not flourish. The ideals of competition, winning, losing, etc., are what capitalism is all about—NOT THE GOVERNMENT PICKING THE WINNERS AND LOSERS based on the highest bidder—that is fascism.

              I guarantee you if our government would abolish the Federal Reserve and let the free markets work, the innovation and spirit of this country would spring back to life overnight. Do I think it will happen? Not unless we get a strong President whose first order of business is to end the Federal Reserve and start sending treasonous bankers to jail. I just don’t see that happening but I guess we should always have hope.

            • John Q Public—-No sir, what we are witnessing is not a failure of capitalism, it is fascism. If our government followed the constitution, we would not have a centralized federal reserve, etc. If we had free markets, when criminal bankers decided to perpetrate crimes against their own citizens, they would GO TO JAIL. No sir, we DO NOT HAVE FREE MARKETS in any way shape for form.

              Anybody who wants to blame capitalism for our problems needs to do much more homework. Our markets are rigged by and for the bankers, corporations, and the kleptocracy that supports them. The only people that claim we have capitalism in the U.S. are those who want to declare the U.S. officially a marxist/fascist state and redistribute everything.

              If the United States would end the federal reserve and its constant manipulation of our markets for the bankers and large corporate interests, AND, send people to jail when they try to monopolize markets, we could once again be the greatest miracle on earth with FREE MARKET capitalism.

              Please don’t confuse state run capitalism (fascism) with free market capitalism—-they are completely and totally different.

            • John Q Public, let me add that you are right that humans are always corruptable, but that is not an excuse for having state run anything. Regardless of what system you have, as you said, there will always be corruption. The big difference, however, is in a free market, those who commit white collar crimes go to jail alongside blue collar criminals. They do not get special treatment or rewarded by buying off politicians. Can you eradicate corruption completely? No, however, free markets will sort this out, state run economies do not.

            • @ ws 1st point: free versus restrained

              Please do not put words in my mouth. I am neither suggesting socialism nor fascism. I despise both as much as I despise unrestrained capitalism. The market must be restrained by morality (a particularly difficult task in this society or any other society that is virtually entirely bereft of morality). For a just and decent society, business and government must be restrained by the same morality that restrains persons. There cannot logically be separate public and private standards of morality.

              Certainly, restrained capitalism is a possible option—capitalism that is NOT “free” to buy privilege, to loot, to monopolize, or to escape responsibility. I argue that eliminating corporations is a necessary first step in obtaining justice. Corporations claim the privileges of persons, even of immortality [sic], but evade the responsibilities of persons with the pilpul of “the corporate veil.”

              Those who own businesses must be responsible for what the businesses do. Those who manage businesses must be responsible for what the businesses do. Those who work for businesses must be responsible for what businesses do. I would argue the same for government—that there is no immunity because of an elected office, a civil service sinecure, or a badge. EVERYONE must be at risk for what they do. No more evasion of punishment by corporate “persons” or so-called “public servants.”

              Besides capitalism, there is also “the third way”—read Belloc and Chesterton.

              @ ws 2nd point: the fiction of a free market

              I have said it before and I repeat it here. “Free market” advocates remind me of unrepentant Communist professors at UC Berkeley who argue/argued that “real Communism hasn’t been tried.” Another analogy I have used before to nail “free market” advocates in their claim that “a real free market hasn’t been tried”—they are like physicians in the pre-antibiotic era: If a little arsenic didn’t cure the patient’s syphilis, surely more arsenic will.

              As I have already argued, there cannot be a free market. Big money always buys off the government. They are partners in crime. The “free market” is the poison that is killing us NOW. It is precisely the “freeness” of capitalism today that positioned it to aggrandize itself, beat its less wealthy (or more scrupulous) competitors, and to buy off the government against us. We cannot survive a free market.

              We demand a just society in which morality is defended as much as property rights of INDIVIDUALS are defended.

            • The crap that goes on in this country is unbelieveable. I don’t think illegal is even in our dictionary’s any more. Whether it’s people(illegal aliens),people(congress), people(judges and most other elected and appointed people). Illegal is illegal and until we put in office someone who will do something about it, it won’t change. How anybody can get elected President an not prove he is legal to be President, well you get change alright. Hell, I have to prove my citizenship(birth certificate,utility bill,s.s.number) just to get my driver license renewed. Wake up people, wall street is just screwing you because they can like everybodyelse does. Shit rolls downhill, start cleaning house at the top!

            • WS, A few points before I call it a night.

              1. You are correct about the federal reserve. With the ability to inflate the currency by arbitrary control of interest rates they rig the system and systenatically loot the wealth of the people. Trying to do business when inflation exists is like trying to build furniture with an elstic tape measure.

              2. While government and it’s proponents like to portray themselves as altruistic do gooders the truth is that they harm more than they help. The war on poverty has been waged for decades and has harmed far more than it has helped.

              3. If the federal government was constrained to it’s constitutional limits (see article 1, section 8) and basically just provided a way to enforce civil contract law, control immigration, execute foreign policy and protect from invasion then the ability of the wealthy to control the lawmakers would be pretty much worthless.

              I just hope and pray enough folks THINK and learn before they jump on the bandwagon to destroy what is good to punish and change that that is bad.

        • faux news al jazeera same same

        • Al Jazeera has blows away any American news organization. Let me guess. You’re a Fox fan.

          • … and let me guess. You’re a shill/operative, right?

            • I have no idea what that means.

        • Whadda ya mean? Hillary has endorsed Al Jazeera. It’s gotta be reliable. Besides, the impression one gets with the opening picture on part 1 is: “It’s all Bush’s fault!!!!!!!!!!”

          • The man in charge IS responsible. The financial collapse happened on his watch. He is culpable.

            Not only is he culpable, but he encouraged the infiltration of America by 30 million illegals to take OUR jobs and surpress OUR wages, then allowed 42,400 factories, millions of jobs, and trillions of dollars in GDP to be transferred offshore by the GB’s during HIS administration.

            How is it NOT Bush’s fault? The man should be on trial for TREASON!

            • this financial collapse has been in the making since Reagan(Reaganomics) then ol Bill Clinton passed the Nafta its a slow and deadly process….its all politicians.

        • Really Slate Wiper? That shows your complete and utter ignorance. I hope most of the viewers of this site are not as ignorant as you.

          FYI, Meltdown was created by CBC in Canada. Here is the link to the “Hard Facts”—-just because you don’t like the fact that the U.S. has the most corrupt markets in the history of mankind, don’t shoot the messenger.

          Perhaps instead of attacking, you could channel that effort in to helping put the criminals behind bars where they belong. Here are some facts:

        • I know folks that claim anything at all from the intenet is BS.

          No need for due diligence when one has an infallible prejudicial model.

      6. It takes a self hating Jew like Mac Slavo to post Al Jazerra Muslim bullshit. You are one sick Jew, Mac. Next we’ll be reading the chapter on economics from Mein Kamph. And you state that you are an optimist. LOL. You and that other bald headed self hating Jew, Jeff Rense with his bad wig make a great pair.

        • And it takes a complete and utter ignorant fool to make baseless comments like yours. Why don’t you get the facts before you attack.

          FYI, Meltdown was created by CBC in Canada. Here is the link to the “Hard Facts”—-just because you don’t like the fact that the U.S. has the most corrupt markets in the history of mankind, don’t shoot the messenger.

          Perhaps instead of attacking, you could channel that effort in to helping put the criminals behind bars where they belong. Here are some facts:

        • At first, I thought it was NetRanger posting this. Scared me for a minute.

          I guess KyMom’s grandma was right. Trash comes in all colors and words.

          @ Mac,

          I’m sure you don’t let buttheads like these upset you. I just wanted you to know..I really appreciate all that you do and yes words can sting. Here’s some words for ya 🙂

          “I’ve heard there was secret chord that David played, and it pleased the Lord. Well, it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth. The minor fall and the major lift.


          I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch, and love is not a victory march, its a cold and it’s a broken..


        • bigot

      7. I doubt this information is credible. Look it is from.

        • RetMsgt84, I sure hope you were Army and not Marines, because your comment is baseless and ignorant. As a former Marine, I would be ashamed to stand next to you when you would allow your country to be taken over by the bankers just because you think a source is not credible. Perhaps that is why our country has gone down the tubes—too many “patriots” willing to be spoon fed lies and propaganda from their own media to brainwash the public for the criminal bankers who send us off to get killed and mamed so that they can profit from it.

          With that said, perhaps you should do a little “due diligence”—if you did, you would find the documentary was produced by CBC Canada—Al Jazeera is simply one of the distributors, probably because the corrupt mainstream media in the United States doesn’t want the truth to get out to the ignorant sheeple who blindly give the criminals on Wall Street their money and sons to loot, mame, and kill.

          Want to know who the real terrorists are? You need look no further than Wall Street. Wall Street has been responsible for more deaths and destruction than any other socioeconomic group in the history of mankind—perhaps if you all would spend more time researching and less time being close minded we would not be in this mess.

          All should remember that bankers cannot loot the country unless you let them—IGNORANCE is not an excuse.

          You can start here:

          And here:

          After you watch these, if you still feel that Wall Street has your best interests in mind, go ahead blindly as the ignorant sheeple that you are—-in the end, those of us who understand the root cause of our problems can add you to the list of people to blame for the end of the republic.

        • You could always watch it and then look up the facts that you’re not sure of…….

      8. I watched a bit before the power went out from a storm. Granted I saw just a few minutes but so far so good. These people need to be in jail.

        Ok. its from Al Jazerah. Factor in the propaganda factor for this just like you do for Russia Today, CNN, and Fox.

        You do factor in the propaganda factor, right?

        • But it’s FAIR AND BALANCED!!!

          Right, you can find some truth if you read between the lines. These demons made sure they got the laws changed so what they were going to do was legal. In almost every case, no laws were broken. This is not so hard to accomplish if you conspire with the traitors in congress.

          • An example.

            Congress passed the “Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992.

            One of the new creations ofthis law was a regulating bureaucracy known as the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight. OFHEO was supposed to calculate and enforce minimum capital requirements for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was also supposed to develop a so called “stress test” to calculate capial reserve requirements.

            The CEO of Fannie Mae played hardball politics and worked on the late Henry Gonzalez to withdraw the legislation until Fannie Mae could review the law and recommend changes. This is sort of like having Michael Vic write law on animal cruelty.

            If anyone thinks they can solve our problems with sound bite sized answers and thoughts they are wrong. We must review events and look at the motivations that caused the problems.

            In short, the American people were given the gift of self government. We have been too busy with the NFL and let crooks do it for us.

            Is that their fault or our own?

            • Plain Old American—AMEN sir. If the sheeple would turn off “Sports Center” and do even a little be of due diligence, they would quickly find the root causes of our problems.

              I also want to further your great comments about the 1992 act you referred to. I think this was a progressive “virus” to collapse the system. I know that might be far-fetched, and I acknowledge it. I just cannot believe that even the progressives were not smart enough to see the destructive nature of their policies. I think they figured they could sign all of these “viruses” into law and it would take several decades and the public would be none the wiser. You do not hear many people speak about Clinton and Rubin (who was Goldman Sachs), but the things Rubin did while in office laid the groundwork for the financial collapse of 2008, and I am absolutely convinced that even if Clinton and his progressive ideologues had no idea what was going on, ROBERT RUBIN KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING—and sadly, it worked.

              We can only hope that more and more people will turn off “sports center” and educate themselves. I am not optimistic, but miracles do happen. Speaking of miracles—-even though I disagree with most left wingers due to their “collectivism” and love of big government and shunning of self-reliance and responsibility, the Wall Street protest groups in Boston are chanting “end the fed, end the fed” at the Boston Federal Reserve today. This proves that no matter our differences, many are becoming united on the root cause of the problem—the Federal Reserve. Someone recently said (I cannot recall who) that Americans are slow but usually get things right. Perhaps there is something to this and is reason for optimism.

            • Globalists have no party and no allegiance to US. They are neither “progressives” or “concervatives”.

              They just use the two party system to advance their goals

      9. And I guess since half the countries around the world know and are reporting 9/11 was an inside job, that’s not true either??
        Geeze—have you folks been living under rocks??

        • JJ: Whether parts of the US Government was involved or not, (other than in the coverup)I don’t know. I do know that the fingerprints of the Mossad are ALL over this.

          See SHTF America: 911 Summary

          • DK—I can teach a seminar on the inconsistencies and unanswwered questions of 9/11—I spent weeks researching, watching videos, and studying pictures and testimonies–thanks.
            The govt HAD to be involed—this was an operation planned over a long period of time—if the abc agencies didn’t know, then we have more to worry about than 9/11 being an inside job.

        • What I love about the comments from the open minded people here is, “if they the government of the US says they are a terrorist then they must be a terrorist”. To me its like a big witch hunt for someone or some thing that isn’t even out there. Smoke and mirrors, a boy that cried wolf a needed distraction to keep the greed machine rolling.

          We are now at threat level red or orange and TSA will conduct anal cavity searches because a terrorist could have crawled in your ass while you were asleep.

          I often wonder what we would be like if a military landed in our cities, began raping, murdering, stealing natural resources and dropping bombs on schools. Would we be called terrorist if we fought back?

          • Yes we would

          • “I often wonder what we would be like if a military landed in our cities, began raping, murdering, stealing natural resources and dropping bombs on schools. Would we be called terrorist if we fought back?”

            Hopefully, this is just poor wording on your part and you are not mouthing the military hating zombies on the left by accusing ALL of our soldiers of being rapists, thieves and murderers ? I have family in the military and everyone I’ve ever met associated with the military are some of the absolute finest, most honorable people anyone could ever hope to meet.

            • Sns, Scott said “a” military, not ours. I’m with you, our guys are honorable.

            • I think ‘a’ military doesn’t necessarily imply ‘our’ military.

            • “everyone I have ever met with the military are some of the absolute finest, most honorable people anyone could ever meet”
              The Navy and Marines here in SoCal have every sort of person within a society. There are lazy people, hard working people, not so bright people,educated people, liars, cheats, thieves, honest people, sexual predators,child abusers, athletes, gays, lesbians, Gang members, ect. They are essentially,people, and represent a cross section of our society.If you choose to see otherwise, that is your choice, but my experience is they are no different than any other large group in society. I do not feel that they, as a group, are protecting the American way of life. They are protecting the way of life (profits) for a select few.

          • Yes we would be called the terrs. But only if they lived and we died. The victor writes the history. Me? I will write the poetry as I skip through the flowers with the likes of Gods Cremation. Is time to go mad hatter yet??? Roar!!

      10. My computer made it through the whole first part without seizing up (video card shot) and from what I viewed it is a pretty good documentary. I don’t pretend to be an expert on finance and economics, but after the collapse I read everything I could. Even watched an American documentary called “Inside Job” narrated by Matt Damon. It’s pretty good too. I like these types of overviews that make sense of all the bits and pieces flying about when you’re in the midst of the chaos. Guess we’ll be watching documentaries about the next global meltdown soon.

        • Damon’s presentation is just like him a partisan hit peace. Hardly a mention of Dodd, Frank and graham. Please remember those 3 names. The most despicable of all are those three!

          • It makes you wonder how stupid some people are to keep electing guys like Dodd and Frank.

            • Why wonder? They are enormously stupid to re-elect any of the Judases in the US Congress, state houses, and elsewhere.

        • Gretchen Morgenson wrote a book titled “Reckless Endangerment.”

          It is a very good account of what happened in the American mortgage industry and how corrupt actors in congress assisted the rapacious bastards in destroying the lives of millions of families all over the world.

      11. Oh I do love fools who ignore history! Its started again, blame someone (usually Jews), demonize the opposition, relabel them to the point on non human, round up and exterminate them and anyone who speaks out against the establishment.
        Now its anyone who is Christian, Jewish, pro Israel, pro god, anti terrorist Muslim, tea party, pro constitution, free market, capitalism, pro family, etc. Evil is coming people, the time to speak up is here. Its hard to speak without a head. There are 2.8 billion Muslims whose religion requires killing or enslaving all opposition. Wake up!

        • Good post fellow exnuke. There may be some truth in this, but it really doesnt matter. The destruction of our country began a long time ago, but the first major S.O.B. as far as I am concerned was Slick Willy Clinton. NAFTA totally destroyed the economic power of this country, and when he stopped the drilling of oil in this country, made us dependent on foreign oil. And now his spouse is screwing up our foreign affairs.
          As for the Muslims, I am not saying they are all bad, just like I am not saying all of my fellow christians are good (I know a lot of people who say they are Christians, yet bash people every chance they get and forget the teachings of our Saviour Jesus Christ. However, MM2 is right. There are a lot of Muslims out there who believe that is you arent with us, you are dead meat. They have no problem killing innocent people. They come into our country and demand we change our ways to satisfy their religion. This is our country, if you want to come here and live, you respect our ways and dont make demands. You adapt to our ways.
          EVIL IS COMING, no wait, it is already here and it is in charge of our country!!!

          • Just curious, target or sub? I was stuck on the Carl Vinson bird farm then shipyard in Washington PSNS my last 6 months watching Clinton scrap half the fleet. I couldn’t handle being in the clintons personal cruise line anymore and got out in 97.

        • I thought it was just a billion Muslims and that only 5 or 10% were radical enough to think everyone else must die? You see a lot of folks can ignore a 50 million person problem.

          • 84% of Egyptians want sharia law! Indonesia is mostly sharia, btw obamo was raised in a Muslim school which explains a lot. Most of the nations involved in the arab spring are going sharia too. They are pushing it here in the USA also. There are peaceful Muslims but they are far outnumbered by those who would see is dead or converted by the sword.
            The Islamic messiah is the biblical antichrist who will kill all who oppose Islamic law. Do your homework. Don’t just take my word or anyones look for yourself the truth is out there. I’ve been to the Persian gulf twice and witnessed “honor killing” of a 12 year old girl because she was raped by 4 men. Nothing happened to them but she was bent over a post and had her throat cut! Do you want this for your wives, daughters, grandchildren or neighbors kids just for being a woman/girl? I hope not. There’s ugly times coming people wake up before its too late.

        • Do you believe in cause and effect? Or do you believe Jewish behavior has nothing to do with Jewish blame?

          The author is a “Jew”:
          April 27, 2009 Jewish Financial Aggression, Worldwide Economic Nakba

          This author is a “goy”:
          August 1, 2009 The Culture of Deceit by Edmund Connelly

        • @ MM2nuke Why the hypocritical double-standard? Why not subject Judaism to the same scrutiny and criticism as Islam?

          Are you unaware that Torah treats non-Jews as non-humans who should be killed:

          Are you unaware that Torah requires beheading of idolators, including those of us who are “idolators” because we worship Jesus Christ as God. The Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that the proper punishment for such Christian “idolatry” is beheading. See:
          “Laws, Noachian,” Jewish Encyclopedia entry,


      13. good video, thanks mac.

      14. Mac, great job ! Thanks for posting those vids.

      15. sorry, haven’t become that paranoid to believe al jazeera

      16. Sorry, guys, but there are folks manufacturing conspiracy theories out of nothing. Absolutely no one planned the global economic mess, the result of a thousand discrete, and misguided policies and actions. The only plans are the ones that are attempting to use the crisis to further other agendas.

      17. Regardless of who made the video, it’s still good over all. It does explain how the crises got started, though I have seen much more in-depth productions of what started all this. And yes, there is some propaganda in the video.

        Bearing in mind all videos made with an establishment backing is propaganda. It’s up to you the viewer to sort out the good tid-bits from the rest of the crap.

        I am interested to see the next 2 installments. To see what their conclusions will be. To see how close they are to my own conclusions.

        It’s pure ignorance to dismiss information based on the messenger. It’s called an ad hominem. Which makes any argument presented against the video into garbage.

        Simply watch the videos and see if you can spot the propaganda and identify it. There are many fallacies in the video as well. Especially an appeal to emotion.

        • Nicely put.
          I wish more people would just watch and then discuss the merits or b.s. about the videos (yes, my computer made it through the second part without crashing, yay) Looking forward to the 3rd and 4th installments. I noticed at the end of the 2nd part that it’s made in conjunction with CBC Canada. Does that help its credibility or not? Honest question. I’m also interested what points you thought were propaganda.

      18. I believe it’s necessary to view an enormous amount of media/internet information sources to see what’s really going on in this country.

        Middle class death watch

        The economy is on the ropes

        Post-petroleum paradigm

        Who’s destroying this country ?
        Greedy,corrupt,selfserving politicians funded and put in power by greedy, corrupt, selfserving international corporations. imho
        Gear up folks, and get that one year supply of food and essentials socked away in the pantry.
        Off to feed the chickens and gather fresh eggs for breakfast 🙂
        Good Luck To All

      19. BTW, for all of you that want to attack the factual message in the videos because you “thought” it was Al Jazeera, perhaps you will recognize your close-minded ignorance when your realize the videos were produced by CBC Canada, NOT Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera is simply a distributor.

        Okay, now go dig some attack up on CBC Canada so you can discredit the information—-that will be much easier than admitting that the U.S. financial system is the most corrupt in the history of mankind.

        • ws…there are those that will defend this govt to the bitter end even while their children are being kicked out of their houses into the streets—they confuse patriotism with loving their govt or treason for questioning…that’s not patriotism…..partiotism is loving my America..big fricking difference!!

          • Right on!

      20. Good videos done by Al Jazeera. They do occasional good journalism. Their coverage of the protests in Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia were 10x better coverage than the American Main Stream Media, you just have to account for their bias when watching them. They gave good updates on the conditions in Syria and Libya. It’s unfortunate that they are a Muslim network as it seems that some of their contributors actually care about the issues they are reporting.

      21. For those of you out there that recognize that central banking is the root cause of our problems, Ron Paul has offered the solution: End the Fed. I just read an article arguing that blaming “Wall Street” is wrong, and it struck me because I already knew the root cause of our problems is the Federal Reserve, but even I often get caught up in the Wall Street blame game because they (Wall Street) leverage the corrupt Federal Reserve policies to loot the public and control our government.

        The fact is if we did not have “central banking” by an unelected, unaccountable Federal Reserve, we would not have the “Wall Street” problems to begin with. We also would not have these violent boom/bubble/bust cycles that are destroying the fabric of our nation.

        If you have not seen The American Dream, you owe it to yourself and loved ones to watch and to share with as many people as possible:

        This full length video fully explains the Federal Reserve System and should be required viewing for anyone in order to be allowed to vote.

        Very interesting article regarding this is here:

        Perhaps Ron Paul can leverage the lefts hatred towards Wall Street and get more votes. In the end, the only way to “Fix America” is to end the Federal Reserve and return to honest money, and currently, Ron Paul is the only presidential challenger who has been consistent on that message. The rest of the republican field are nothing more than “bankster” puppets who will say whatever they need to in order to get elected and then continue the status quo of allowing the bankers to loot the public.

        There is a solution to America’s problems: End the Federal Reserve and return to honest money. When that happens, the bankers will no longer have the power over our government and this will allow the other problems to quickly be fixed (e.g. corruption in the markets, insider trading, etc.). Note I am not so naïve as to believe that insider trading and other corruption will not still occur, HOWEVER, once we take our government back from the bankers, criminals will be prosecuted instead of rewarded!

      22. This is an excellent read, maybe not for the paranoid or weak of heart, but nonetheless, one that verifies and validates what many who roam the halls here already have a sneaking suspicion of, if not a down right clear picture of.

        We are at war, brother and sisters, and it’s not with some country across the ocean.

        THEY WANT US DEAD! Red level alert America–-red-level-alert-america/

        Here’s the bullets to pique your interest-

        “If you still want to believe your government loves you, let me count for you the ways they don’t.”

        1 Aspartame
        2 GMO Crops
        3 Corexit
        4 Vaccines
        5 False Pandemic Panic
        6 Pharmaceutical Drugs
        7 Fluoridated City Water
        8 Aerosol Spraying
        9 FDA
        10 Vitamin Supplement Demonization
        11 EPA
        12 USDA
        13 Fukushima
        14 The Food Safety and Modernization Act
        15 Smart Grid and Smart Meters
        16 Unending Wars
        17 Obama”Care”
        18. Weather Modification
        19. FInancial Collapse/Depression

        • great list

        • you’re either a European or you are an American. You cannot be both unless you’re here to make money until our system collapses and then you’ll go back to your mother country and live-off the socialist lie.

          Make up your mind.

          If you want to be an American as my european ancestors did ten generations ago on my mom’s side, and two generations ago on my dad’s… then drop the “european” in your monniker and stop acting like you have a better perspective than us because you’re from someplace else.

          If you want to be a European, then please declare it as such so I won’t ever bother reading your posts for any content that I may remotely be able to relate to.

          Makes me want to punch your lights out.

          • 1630 my direct ancestors arrived in the New Colonies, (Massachusetts), father side., I’m the 13 generations from that noble family lineage. My Great, Great, …. Grandfather, Ebenezer … was a Brigadier General and fought along side of George Washington in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

            Who’s got older roots to this country, D N T?

            Any time, anywhere, Death N Taxes. You name the place. Swords or Pistols?

            • What are you laying claim to? European American is like saying african american. Its stupid.
              DnT is right.
              Go back to the EU because they are so awesome.

          • And fast forward to clean up Europe’s mess…before expressing how to clean up America’s???

      23. “Keith Olbermann tells the common people to wake up before all is lost”

        Doesn’t matter who the messenger is, Keith, Socialists, Republicans, Democrats, Monkeys or Clowns, if the masses start to get on board, at least we have an army of misfits with a common objective to break the strangle hold. Once we get the moment going towards moving in a constructive direction while exposing and bringing down the culprits, then at least SOMETHING other than complacency is stirring up the mud. We can deal with the misfits later. Their “relatively” small in comparison.!

        Another video

        VIDEO – Crowd Chants: “F*CK The Fed” At Occupy Boston Rally Outside The Federal Reserve

        • Agreed. The better focus is WHAT is right and not wrap yourself around the axle over WHO is right.

          Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

      24. Why argue about the info? Turn off the FN TV and take a look around your own hood, talk to your neighbors… if you even know them. The good old USA is circling the good old toilet. Gather your loved ones and supplies and head to higher ground. Peace be with you all.

      25. Now I fundamentally don’t condemn Capitalism as whole. I like making money and I work hard to make my money. I don’t cheat or rip off others to get ahead while making money. In the process of generating money I treat others as I wish to be treated; fair and just. I also feel the same about others who participate in making money. So, with integrity in mind, Capitalism can be a very good thing as long as the mechanism is done sustainably. With that being said, Capitalism has become corrupted in America. Again, there are good and decent Capitalists, but as we all can see, greed and selfishness have become the motivator for many of the wealthy.

        I tend to agree with Max and Roseanne Barr that many Bankers and many of the Wealthy need to be beheaded, for obvious reasons. I might even attend an execution if brought to my local area. Not sure if I would watch it, but listening might be all I need to satisfy my desire to see “them” get the point and dramatically modify their behavior.

      26. Drudge Report, Wall street protesters call for Re-Election of Obongo! Should have known. Certainly didn’t pass the smell test! How stupid.

        • This round of demonstrations by red-diaper-doper babies is probably welcomed by the PTB, because it devalues the public image of the real protests by real working Americans that are coming. That’ll make it easier to crush the real protests without inciting a reaction.

      27. Just bought 10 more battlepacks of German Military Surplus DAG 7.62mm 144-grain nikel-jacketed warshot….(fragments apart after penetration)

        Just bought 5 Surefire 60-round hi-cap mags for the AR-15 that already has a Slidefire stock making it an ATF legal (for now) automatic weapon.

        Replacing the superbeetle a 4×4 and looking for a pre-computer vehicle as a backup in cae of EMP.

        Planning on growing onions and potatoes on the shaded-side of the house in 25 gallon feed tubs from the in-law’s cattle operation while the wife plants cabbage, lettuce and celery in the raised-bed garden out back.

        Need to bite the bullet and commit on a combo of a propane (stores forever)generator and a portable solar panel setup to keep the food storage cold and the batteries charged.

        Nothing is going to change the stranglehold the rich have on us. Our government is as bought-off by the entrenched elite and their corporations as the Pope was bought and owned by Phillip the fair of France when he had the Knights Templar rounded-up and confiscated their holdings.

        We can’t change this cycle…we must remain independent of it for as long as possible and eventually we must fight to survive it. The USG and wall street only care about you if you’re drowning in debt and still playing their game.

      28. Okaaaaayy…I watched part 1…and I’m asked to believe this housing market collapse isn’t intentional by the powers that be(PTB) but incompetence and greedby powerful men??
        Sorry—I can’t buy this, not now. I just must see more evidence of this.

        • It was intentional. The politicians & the banks concocted the idea together. Together they both became rich and powerful. At the average Americans expense. But, as Havok correctly points out below. “No one forced these idiots to buy houses”.

          There’s blame all around.

      29. i’m thinking maybe that this whole greed and corruption based on others’ debt issue is why God said: “Owe no man any thing,…” Romans 13:8a… a loan is ok but the borrower must bear in mind that: “The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” so, who’s up for a little(or alot) voluntary servitude today..??? anyone..?? the point is we’re victims of what was boldly entered into those many years ago when the bankers were allowed to take control of businesses and lands they had no actual right to… “We, the people…” still opens one of the most famous and beloved documents in world history… “WE” should have stopped their(bankers/owo) machine in the 1800’s… now we, being their descendants, are reaping the harvest of over a century of banker/politician corruption… it just may be that there is no “fix” for it and things will continue to degenerate until the shtf… stage 4 colon cancer recovery rate is 8 – 15% … America has it and those who make decisions are refusing treatment… keep your powder dry and close…

        think about it before you cast your unwise and critical stones…

      30. No one forced these idiots to buy houses.
        Why does everyone forget that?
        Capitalism is the way out of this mess.
        Everyday people who lost their shirts over this got there because they made stupid decisions.

        • Sometimes ‘stupid’ needs oversight—it wasn’t there and what have we now??
          Not anybody’s fault just isn’t cutting it anymore as I see it–somebody’s head needs to roll.
          Imagine if I ran my household the way of the banking systems.
          I’m sorry, but I still claim this was intentional…the winners are TPTB.

        • You are right Havoc. Unimpeded free capitalism. But first, we have some ‘resetting’ to do. How many will survive the big reset? Not many. This country has An average three day’s food reserves, a restricted food resupply system, and limited energy resources. People will die for lack of food and clean water. And then they will die from violence. There is a way to survive. But if you aren’t prepared now you are probably too late. You can still buy food at big box stores in bulk but not for long. The problem: prices and sheer availability, and no income. And closed ATM machines and useless credit cards.

        • Capitalism IS the way out of this mess. Unfortunately what We have is Crony Phoney Capitalism; by the GB’s, and for the GB’s.

          WE need to DEMAND their arrest and conviction!

      31. To DRD5508: by the way who is still left on “Dancing with the Stars?” If one of the guys I work with would come in some morning and say “Have you seen what’s going on in Greece?” instead of “Boy Simon was on a roll last night” or “How bout them boys” I’d have some hope.

      32. My 2 cents. Greece is gone. As is Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Italy. Germany is now Master of Europe, again. Britain is a footnote to history. Germany will soon re-launch their new currency and countries like Austria, Denmark ect will rush to join them. Those holding Euros are screwed, including France.
        The flat lining US economy and political system has created a power vacuum that is fast being filled by China, Russia and Germany.
        USA, UK and France will soon decend into civil war and outright caos

      33. John Q Public said:

        “Please do not put words in my mouth. I am neither suggesting socialism nor fascism. I despise both as much as I despise unrestrained capitalism. The market must be restrained by morality (a particularly difficult task in this society or any other society that is virtually entirely bereft of morality). For a just and decent society, business and government must be restrained by the same morality that restrains persons. There cannot logically be separate public and private standards of morality.”

        A far more articulate individual than myself, you sir (Ma’am?) have put in a nutshell my thoughts.

        I do not know how, or if, we can ever achieve the necessary character that will allow us to benefit from a capitalist economy while the avarice of man is properly restrained.

        The answer to this conundrum must certainly come from someone wiser than POA.

      34. What George Bailey should have done was to get all his depressed neighbors living in Pottersville to form a big mob carrying torches and pitchforks. Then they go over to Potter’s bank, drag him out onto the street and hang him from a tree. Then change the name of the town back to Bedford Falls.

        It’s a Wonderful Life!

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