We Inherited Our Freedom, Now It’s Up to All Of Us To Fight For It (*Full Red Dawn 2012 Movie Trailer*)

by | Aug 11, 2012 | Entertainment | 179 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    If you’re seeing this broadcast you are in a part of the country no longer controlled by the government of the United States.

    For some years now we’ve been covering the development of the remake for the 1984 hit Red Dawn.

    Originally titled Red Dawn 2009, the release was delayed for a number of reasons that included digitally altering the communist red threat from an invasion of the mainland United States by the People’s Republic of China, to a less believable but likely to be equally entertaining, North Korean foe. The cost to make the movie politically correct in an effort to appease the United States’ key money lender came to a reported $1 million. Then, the movie was hit with major budgetary issues as its production company went through bankruptcy proceedings; the release was delayed indefinitely much to the chagrin of Red Dawn 1984 fanatics.

    All that is now behind us, and we are ecstatic to learn that Red Dawn 2012’s official release has been confirmed for Thanksgiving Day 2012.

    The original Red Dawn was the ultimate in doomsday entertainment, and based on what we’ve seen from the trailer for 2012, the remake will not disappoint.

    Here’s some weekend entertainment for the die hard in all of us (albeit just 2 and a half minutes to satiate our appetites for November):

    It was a new class of weapon. Everything went offline and never came back. They wiped us out – including US Central Command.

    Here’s the original trailer for Red Dawn 1984, which you can watch in full on Netflix (instant stream)

    Hat tip Satori, Prison Planet


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          • We are not going to be at war with China or N. Korea. The war is with the US government and it is already attacking us daily, albeit in small numbers or individually.

            It is sad that the people will continue to ignore the obvious and look abroad, following the misdirected finger from Hollywood, for the threats against our freedom.

            • One more thing. I did NOT inherit my freedom. It was and is a gift from God. It will be protected and defended as His property, just like everything else I have.

              • Isaiah told the people of Israel that God would always protect Jerusalem  , the people then became spoiled with that thought , they grew lazy as to following Gods law 100 years later Jeremiah had to tell the people that if they don’t stop sinning God will destroy the temple and send them into captivity , the people didn’t listen , So God allowed the temple to be destroyed and the people went into 70 years of Captivity , we used to be the Church of Philadelphia , the founding fathers picked Philadelphia for the Captiol and made a covenant with God , now we are denying his name , Read Revelations chapter 3 verse 7 thru 13 , I think that they people who say that they are jews and are not , they are the bankers , they used to bow down to us before we sinned now we are bowing down to them , read Daniel chapter 7 verse 4 we are the first Lion  , PUT PRAYER BACK IN SCHOOLS AND THE TEN COMMANDMENTA BACK ON THE WALLS , It’s your generations only hope to slow this down , the US has drunken almost all of the fornication  the beast has to offer

              • You did inherit your freedom if it wasn’t for the U.S. we would be controlled by another country! The U.S. is a screwed up place I will not deny that But if it wasn’t for each and every United States Troops risking their life, We would not be free! Where is God huh? If there is such thing as god don’t you think there would be peace instead of war? Would there not be poverty? Where is your God? Where is your leader? The United States will fall it’s just a matter of time before it does, and when that happens where will you be? In a church praying that go would help you? Where will you be when there is another country knocking at your door? I inherited my freedom. And I’m Proud to be an american! If there was a God my family wouldn’t be risking their lives everyday. If there was a god my dad would still be here! I believed in God once! But then he lost me!

            • I have got to think that while we will have a war fighting our own government, the Chinese and Russians will not sit idly by and miss an opportunity. Both nations are ruthless and have a history steeped in treachery.

            • Russia has been fighting Judaic usurers for 200 years.* Russia saw 60+ million Christians killed by Judeo-Bolshevism.* Russia is still fighting the Judaic oligarchs and that is why Judaic media demonizes Russian nationalists. Christian Russia is one of our hopes.

              Do you really think that Russia will intervene to support “the adversaries to all mankind”? 1 Thessalonians 2:15

              *Stalin’s Jews
              by Sever Plocker, 12.21.06, Israel Opinion
              “We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish…”

              Then there is Solzhenitsyn’s history that you will NEVER see in English:




          • Might be too late at this point even if the masses were to magically awaken. Anyone seen whats been going on in Anaheim, CA? Appears the police state is already being implemented there after a police shooting that has prompted not riots but peaceful protests resulting in police harassment and what appears(from what I can tell from videos) to be illegal arrests for no apparent reason. Is this an isolated incident or the beginning of whats to come? Was this officer shooting of an unarmed man just what they needed to get the ball rolling? Only time will tell, but for now stay safe stay sharp and keep prepping.

        • Please……

        • why is shtf promoting these mainstream memes???????

          • So the occupation is the UN, or our own jack booted thugs, does it really matter? These main stream memes might just give the powers that be an insight to what they might face a thousand times over when they go too far. Good for us…promote the hell out of them!

        • North Korea? You’ve got to be joking! How in the hell would they ever manage it? That’s got to be the most idiotic excuse for rebooting this film I’ve ever heard. The biggest “threat” that any freedom loving citizen has today is from his own government. It’s the elephant that’s in the living room that folks refuse to admit has a gun to their heads. Why look overseas for devils when they’re clearly in DC?

          • homefront great game about the occupation of america by n. korea.

          • Perhaps North Korea is standing in as a foil because the the makers could not get a film with the U.S./U.N. govt as the enemy past the censors?

          • I agree, the North Korean armed forces talk big ,but they and theirs leaders know they can’t evean sucessfuly invade or hold South Korea long enough to change the goverment before Nato and other Asian allies kick their ass out of their,especially if China top leaders did’nt give them permission to start a war there in the first place and may even do the military operation themselves ,which i believe the North Koreans are scared of first of all. The new Red Dawn movie is stuipid anyway,so what’s up with the chinese leadership,so is it a threat for this movie to have been orginaly released or does it give away their secret plays to do a Red Dawn in the next 30 years and believe me they will be leading it and who ever joins in on it will be taking orders from them and not the under equipt North Korean Armed forces.

      1. The original was good because they were fighting for their home. This new version will only have the same impact if the focus is on their freedom and loss of home and not just the fighting and violence.

        • I loved the ’80s version – a great flick.

          Too bad they didn’t make a “Red Dawn” movie where the enemy is portrayed as our own tyrannical government, and we fight back against those oppressors. Would definitely be more realistic than the North Koreans.

          • That is what the GRAY STATE movie is about…

          • @ Eagle 71

            In the mid 90’s I talked with John Milius, Director of Red Dawn. I suggested to him exactly what you proposed. He said simply, “I have enough trouble already.”

            Of course H✡llyw✡✡d will not allow anything that exposes their tribe.

            • I find your comments to be the most well informed of the bunch. Amazing how even on this website the zionist joos (a minority of jews to be sure) have their defenders. Stooges to the end.

          • Damn straight. You don’t have to look overseas to find out that the biggest “threat” to life and liberty reside in DC. Question: Who are they? Answer: there are over five hundred of them and you know full well who they are.

      2. I’m not going to spend my money for a ticket or wait in line to see this one on opening weekend, but I do want to see that the reviews have to say about it and to hear what it grossed on the Monday following its opening. This one seems like it could be a real ‘reach’ to get anywhere near to where it resembles “reality”. If I think that it insults what very little intelligence that I claim to have; I probably won’t be seeing it. If you do go and see this movie then you may care to review it for the rest of us?

        • Yep., this one might be called Red Yawn. 🙂

      3. Notice the 75 cent gas sign in the 1984 version?

      4. North Korea has 1/50 of the population of China and 1/60 the land mass. What is this? Don’t want to offend the Chinese? Lack of realism really hurts a movie a lot. The original has the USSR and Central American sending troops into the U.S. this was realisitic. The ONLY way North Korea could invade the U.S. would be if a panademic killed off 75% of the population or the U.S. was torn apart by a series of volcanoes and earthquakes. I would probably enjoy watching the movie if I could swallow the plot line.

        North Korea could fight a very limited regional war at best. Now if they had a whole slew of other countries forming an alliance against the U.S., much like the other Red Dawn movie, then that would be very interesting to watch. It is like the Olympics clothing that was made in China. The U.S. could have just given some people over here in the U.S. some jobs and given those Chinese clothes to a bunch of chimpanzees, because that is what crap made in China belongs. BUT NO! We mustn’t offend the Chinese. Even in a fictional movie.

        If I had the money I would make a movie that depicts the Chinese as vicous blood thirsty savages that commit the most heinous crimes imaginable. I would have people wanting to burn the Chinese flag after seeing the movie. I blame the BO (stinkbug)admistration and all those that are part of the movie industry for caving into the kiss the a$$ of China no matter what.

        • Be informed,

          By Moviefone Staff

          China is a huge market for American films, so what do you do with a movie that could potentially offend the people that live there? Change all the Chinese characters to North Koreans, of course! At least that’s what the producers of ‘Red Dawn’ did, after MGM decided to pass on the film in 2009. Now, according to the LA Times, the movie has reportedly found a distributor in FilmDistrict.

          I won’t bother spending my money on this type of make believe garbage.

          They should do a movie about how the chinese kill baby girls. Female Infanticide is acceptable in China and I do not hear one person in the white house mentioning that ever. It is disgraceful and demeaning to bow to these foreign, vile, manipulators.

          • As opposed to us, who simply kill our unborn children regardless of gender?

            …Hypocritical, much?

            • Right on, The Guy!

            • Worldwide
              Number of abortions per year: ~42 Million
              Number of abortions per day: ~115,000

              Number of abortions per year: ~14 Million
              Number of abortions per day: ~38,000

              United States
              Number of abortions per year: ~1.4 Million
              Number of abortions per day: ~3,700
              ~55 million abortions since 1973

              Maybe not aborted by gender but most of them were black or brown.

            • TheGuy,

              You are right, but I was speaking about the Chinese, if you want a list of all the countries that commit Infanticide then google it. I also left out India, I am not being hypocritical, just stating a fact about a country that is part of this discussion. In China, they often kill the baby girls after they are born, either through starvation or murder. It is not uncommon to see a dyeing baby girl laying in the gutter, and no one will rescue her. In this country, we rationalize and justify this act of murder by saying it is not a baby, just a thing because we can not visualize the child until it is born. I am not saying that it is any worse than abortion. By stating what China condones, in no way lets abortion in this country off the hook. In this country, there are many who fight to stop this slaughter.

              I take offence that you would peg me as hypocritical, I have fought hard for the right to life and would be happy to see a movie uncovering the dirty business of abortion in this country.

            • @ The Guy

              Precisely on target!

          • I thought it was originally done with Chinese soldiers and the delay in releasing it was because they had to digitally edit everything to be Korean or something. I know it was supposed to be out by now but they hit that major ‘offending’ roadblock.

          • @ Ohcumgache. It would have been more believable if they had made Venezeula as a focal point to all the Spanish gangs that had joined North Korea and several arab states in some sort of city to cityfighting nationwide invasion of some sort. Like Pakistan and North Korea had brought in dozens of nukes to further devastate the county, kind of like a Jericho TV series. Then the heros of the movie help the U.S. from falling to many foreign invaders. This might have been interesting to watch.

            It would have been okay to even have Russia be the enemy again, it work in the 1980’s. This movie I saw today, “The Five Days of War” was a cheap movie about the Russia invasion of Georgia, but it showed how vicous the Russians can be. They would have made a good enemy in a 2012 Red Dawn movie.

            It seems like most all these remakes of classic movies stink. It has become this, I don’t want to offend anyone. It is like these movies walk on eggshells. People should not care about offending anyone, portray the real enemies as the real enemies in a movie and let the movie goer that spends money on a ticket enjoy themselves. China is the real enemy, so let the Chinese see their country for the way they really are. If they are not allowed to see it so what. A North Korean invasion is going to lose many Americans from seeing it because it is not believable and the movie is going to lose money there.

        • What did it for me was the Tienamen Square masacre. The vid that came of China, of the fur worker ripping the hide off of a living German Shepard did’nt help my attitude.

          The Chinese are slowly sneaking in all over the place, and the US government does’nt dare offend them, due to the debt. The US government will probably look the other way, when China decides to take Taiwan.

          • It’s not as though they come empty handed! They ARE bringing TB with them!

        • Can’t piss off your best debt customer. Where would that leave us?
          Yes this is sarcasm.

        • The only reason North Korea keeps any of its population alive is for a secondary food source once the army runs short of rations.

      5. “We will bury you without firing a shot”. – Nikita Khrushchev

        • He was obviously wrong. The Soviet Union collapsed because communism is a joke and it doesn’t work.

          • yes communism is a joke i think we should be telling obama that

          • tell that to OBAMA and his marxist czars

          • Make no mistake, in the minds of the true believers, communism is not dead, but constantly adjusting and inching forward. In the US, the 10 Planks of marxism are pretty well in place to some degree.

        • ‘We’ll sell you the rope with which you’ll hang yourself.’
          Nikita Khrushchev

        • Yes. They will.

          I’m wondering if McCarthy was actually wrong.

          Call me nuts…

          • We should dig ol Joe up and put him back to work. The commies are everywhere.

          • McCarthy was an optimist.

      6. north koreans ???

        ;0) bwaaahahaha

        ;0P pssszzt

        wtf ???

        people eat grass like goats and cows in north korea just to stay alive .

        they have 1/4 of the population in starvation death camps where cannibalism of their own babies goes on .



        WHAT A PUCKIN JOKE !!!




        BOYCOTT RED DAWN !!!

        DON’T GIVE THEM A DIME !!!


        • Knock off the retarded anti-semitic comments.

          • Barn Cat: its Not antisemite when it IS facts and truth.

            Even more than a few jews admit hollwood as well as entire MSM in ALL versions(movies-tv-newspapers-magaz’s-ad agencys etc) are owned/controled/run/managed/Profited by Primarily Jews.

            Communizim IS a jew invetion Barn Cat. Go look at an xallant expose of hollywoods jews and also Soviet era russias jews. It is found at Incogman dot com website.

            Incogman has all sorts pictures and names of original commies such as Lennin-Trotsky(real jew name is Lev Bronstien) of the nearly 500 Top kommie party controlers the top elite of russia’s commie take over/revolt in 1918, ALL BUT 13 members(of 489?) were Jews.

            Incog has their real jew names next to what names we know em as…Lennin also was one. Far as I know it is Only Stahlin who wasnt a jew. But he married Lennins daughter!!

            I think a great movie we need for a change would be an True Facts filled Documentary of who and how russia was taken by kommie revolt from began 1918 till about 1990!

            Notice Every fuckin day without any stop we see something on the tv news-History chanel-discovery ch. or new hollywood ads for upcomming movie ALWAYS/DAILY about “Nazi’s” or “Hitler”?

            Monday: Nazi horrers!–Tue. Hitler- Wed Hitler when a youth!–Thur. Hitlers drugs use!- Fri-switch to Poor victim jews of holohoax!….SAT: (new stuf!) Victim Black folks!—Sunday: Back to Evil Nazis!

            In just a few yrs ZERO personal from ANY WWII nations armys will be left cause they ALL be DEAD!…What then?….Will eli weazle famous nazi hunter run outta work and retire?

            Do you know he got found guilty of fraud or something similar in FED court of calif aprox few yrs ago for LIES in his books?…Yep Weazle’s so called rommie mate at aushwitz camp sued eli cause eli was NEVER THERE!!!

            Older/younger pics shows eli had NO Tattoo # on his forearm!…His book have been totally discredited. Of course if Barncat only uses MSM sources he wont never find out this info!

            If speaking Factual Truth gets You to lable me as a rassiss or antisemite(95% of todays jews are Ashkenazi-Khazars…Zero semite dna) then feel free to call me names too!…..

            Learn factual Truth begin at 1918 Komie revolt of russia and DEATH to 100+ Million mostly white christian peoples!…Murdered by Mostly Jews who invented and Ran communizim. Perhaps you then will better understand why Germans wanted them Same floods of kommie jews Out!

            Kommies died out in 1990?…Maybe for russia!….How many Millions of bolshevik/zionist types kommies came to mainly USA-england-telaviv?…ps bulk majority came Here america!…..Stop believing msm=schoolhistorybooks-fed gov-etc…Learn Real factual Truth well hidden the last 100 yrs from especially us in the usa.

            Like I said, incogman has virtually all types facts, documented truths, pics of Near total jew monoply control of MSM-newspapers-magaz’s-Hollywood-AND Our Fed Gov at ALL levels. Then come back and complain!!…Unless your scared of true truth?…Then go join Rev. Haggees whackos!

            • Shut up! We’ve heard it all before. Quit preaching your shit here! Give it a break ’cause no one really gives a shit!

            • Angelo….I agree that the Ashkenazi Zionists have taken control of a great part of America’s institutions.Zionism did not exist until the late 1800s.I have seen the Khazar connections too. However, I am not sure if it is provable.It could be true. IMO the real semites are actually the Palestinians, among others, but not the Ashkenazis.

            • Yup. Jews invented Communism, which is why religions observance of ANY kind was all but prohibited in the USSR.

              Get off the pipe, seriously.

              If Communism was invented by a Jew then that doesn’t make it a “jewish plot” any more than flouridation of water would be a Hindu plot if it was a Hindu that conceived it, although I’d concede that anti-semitism is an -idiot plot- conceived and executed by idiots, FOR idiots.

              If you hate the Jews so much then move to Iran where you belong. I’m sure you’ll love it there.

          • What’s up your ass!

            • A barn?

          • Barn Cat

            There is a big difference between anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist – do some research to understand the difference.

            ~ D

          • @barnPUSS

            1st first go puck yur’self !!!

            2nd second i’m just gettin started WARMED UP with the JOOO’S !!!



          • @barn cat

            Thats funny. You used the word “retard” to chastise the “chocolate crackhead”.
            He said Joooo
            You said Retard
            That is funny, I don’t care who you are!

        • Here ,you can borrow my tin foil hat…

        • NinaO ~ I bet YOUR INBOX IS FULL of movie trailers, videos, books, all of which depict outward threats

          – and you are right – it’s just to brainwash people into missing out on the big picture, the true picture.

          Bread and circuses ~~~ all set up as a distraction to keep folks from awakening. Compare this to Gray State – where do “they” want our minds to go? What do “they” want us to be thinking about?

          “They” want people worrying about an attack from outside, while the stealth attack from within is what is actually eroding our way of life.

          Recognizing the techniques of manipulation being used by the PTB is the first step towards not being manipulated.

          ~ D

          • @DAISY … notice the release date of the new red dawn movie . thanksgiving . mid october 2012 . then see in the news its being reported the banks are all prepping for a crash late october 2012 . every single movie of 2012 coming from hollyjooowood has nwo globalist ZIONIST JOOO commie propaganda in it subliminal mind mk-ultra teasers in it . even regular tv cable shows and magazine advertising commercials the world over … not to forget 80% news stations and newspapers 80% are nwo zionist jooo family owned manipulated loaded with jooo nwo zionist propaganda !!!

            And look at the programs being subsidized $$$ by your own israeli banker zionist jooo controlled fedgov all jooo religion and commie zionist programs BANK-ROLLED BY YOU THE AMEERIKAN DEBT SLAVES AND ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS !!! you all are paying the nwo bilderboybuggers to “enslave the world” under globalist zionist jooo bankers commie rule !!!

            THIS PARTY IS ONLY just now “GETTIN STARTED” … wait be patient … its gonna get a lot worse here real soon !!!


            • NO ~

              I did see the vid regarding that staged bank collapse in October. Alex Jones released it yesterday.

              If you read what I wrote carefully, though, you will see the REAL MESSAGE.


            • Doesn’t this “entertainment” remind anyone else of “The Hunger Games” in which the enslaved people are only allowed one channel, out of the Capitol, from which they receive constant propaganda regarding the fact that the benevolent leaders are only looking out for their own good?

              It’s all designed to form people’s opinions for them, to influence them subtly yet firmly, and to misdirect them from what is really going on.

              ~ D

            • NO

              Well then..

              We’ll just wait and see what unfolds come Oct Nov Dec etc etc etc…

              It appears TOTAL collapse in imminent every year for how many years now?

              I for one will not be holding my breath on these predictions from anyone..what soever.

              I will copy and save all these dire exact dates then re post them after the fact..after nothing happens.

              Crying wolf for years on end makes one suspicious of the motives and most likely the profitability of keeping those supposedly “awake” in constant urgent fear mode.

              Surely the survival food and prep sites are enjoying quite a surge in profits

              never mind the gun manufacturers..

              have a great day


            • Daisy & NO

              If the ptb are supposedly announcing a date of some nefarious event to happen.

              then it won’t..

              more disinfo..

              plus AJones, and so many others, are always on “red alert” status telling everyone to watch/ buy their wares and advertisers products..

              more you tube hits

              more cash coming their way

              and in the end

              no event(s) takes place

              prep and prepare..absolutely

              but listen to all these shills?

              no more thank you

              have a great day


            • Possee ~

              I agree with you on the fact that these dates are not “set in stone”. And on the video Jones released he made the point that when people become aware of the plan, that the plan changes.

              Predictions of certain dates are always risky because the best-laid plans can change. Awareness that these plans exist, in my opinion, is the key. And like all propaganda, there’s always the risk that the whole she-bang is disinformation.

              I don’t think it’s crying wolf to point out that the plan exists.

              Have a great day, Possee! 🙂


            • Did I miss somethin? When did they move Thanksgiving to October? It is in November.

      7. Will it wind up like this or worse?

        • Yeah, I think Gray State is far more a likely looking scenario. This shit looks like comic book contrived fantasy from the ether in a galaxy far, far away with the sprinkles of Superman’s Bizarro opposite. LoL, North Korea, HA HA HA! Are you fucking kidding me?

          • Agreed. GRAY STATE is far mor likely than anything else. Probably a big false flag soon, followed by lockdown. Then the genocide will commence.

            “We’ll probably have to kill about 25 million Americans.”-Bill Ayers

            • I’m sure that estimate has been updated.

          • I’m just going to insert UN, Chinese, FEMA into the bad guys when I go and see it. They may not realize that if 300 Spartans (plus slaves and some Athenians) could hold off 60,000 Persians with sharp pointy things how many are they going to loose with 60 million pissed off americans using rifles, shotguns, pistols and anything we can steal from the dead?
            Yamamoto was an optimist when he said “there will be an American behind every blade of grass”
            They will regret ever trying to take us down. It won’t be pretty but if we Americans who look at impossible odds and say “Nuts!” then hold out for another 3 weeks without resupply, weapons, clothing or anything approaching common sense against a circiling force 4 times our size….
            In the words of Bugs Bunny “Dey don’t know me vewy well, do he?”

      8. If someone gets to see the entire movie before it’s release, please post your review! What does everyone think of Paul Ryan?

        • LoL, Paul Ryan, HA HA HA! That’s almost as funny as North Korea. Still watching the meat puppet show of the red versus blue, jackass versus fatass, MKUltra mind control experiment designed to keep you thinking you have some say in what the fuck goes on in this country?

        • Peter Parker,

          Paul Ryan is a decent guy and his heart is in the right place. He is also a brave pick for Romney so I give him credit for that. I like Paul Ryan, I believe he has a lot of common sense and for me he is a breath of fresh air in a very stale room. I wish him well and hope to see him as president one day.

          • teaparty.org/article.php?id=4036
            add http : // www.

            Paul Ryan took apart Obama and Obamacare — in 6 minutes!

          • i think he is real and really cares for what he does and believes in, it would be very hard to not be corrupted while being in office.. But i think he is a straight shooter and that was a very good pick. joe biden looks like a basket case compared to paul ryan. I think he will do very well and people will start seeing thru the bs. yes both parties have screwed us over but i think it will be better for our rights, he loves to hunt fish, shoot etc.

            • Yeah, but they’re not trying to disarm congress! They’re trying to disarm US.

          • And the beat goes on………

        • LOL.

          “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who count the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.”- Joseph Stalin

          It will not matter who the parasites install. America is toast.

          • Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
            Those who count the votes decide everything.

        • Romneys Ryan for vp pick?…Unless I am wrong Ryan like his gop pal, kantor is it?(and to date highest congress position for a tribe member) is also a tribe/zionist too. On Friday fox tv they called him a “Technocrat”!

          Aint as yet found out if ryan is also a Duel citizen with usa and isreal?…Wont be shocked if true. All gop/fox airheads speak of is ryans great plans to do away with “entitlements”…BUT NEVER do they say “Welfare” etc Nor $1,000,000,000(billion+) Per Day tax cash we pay for Illeagles mainly from mexico!

          No..All they say after entitlements is Soc security and medicare. Yes I know all that is also socialistic. BUT Nobody ever told any of us that back 40+ yrs ago.

          We All fell for it and had not much choice when taken from paychecks etc. Now after soc sec was Raided for Loot to buy Black ghetto votes, and, pay enormus cash to 150 Other nations(foriegn policy?) its broke so just tell us all who depend on soc sec screw yous guys!

          I Know many here will state typical libertarian points such as “You should have done diferent, Or, got personal old age or disability insuranse etc…And if we all could know the future ahead of time we can all do real swell and be millionaires!

          Well sorry but we were too busy workin/payin taxes while nobody back then warned us of “socializim” and its evils etc. Ryans main number one goal seems to be End soc sec so folks like Hannity/O’Rielly/Geraldo et al who get paid $20million per yr and 10 book deals per yr. Can save a few dollars they pay into soc sec funds!

          All we need is a Technocratic Fabian globalist JWO kommie as a new VP…..If rommney dies in office(like jfk?) we get an Official Ziowhacko warmonger-wars forever! Brand new Prez!….That may prove Worse than the kommie monkey there now. He only wants to get his Mammykoon Sheboon wife paid a fed salery now!

          I plan to sit home and not vote untill someone who represents Whites, and Americas intrests FIRST, comes to the scene. Them what does vote may find it mentelly difficult when time to make rascals Pay comes if You voted for em, No?

          Only thing hard for me as a non voter christian will be to not enjoy killing enemys of patriotic americans too much!…Gotta remember Love enemys=Kill without their suffering if posible. Hope I am wrong and it all works out once they cut off all cash to 75 million soc sec persons….We can sit on a curb to starve while them dem lib monkys live it up on Our tax paid into it soc sec!

          What if 70 Million of them old folks gets Pissed off?…Theys who got alot less to lose than younger “Yooots in da hood” eh…..Vote for end entitlements(aka end soc sec) and find out!…I bet many on this site gets soc sec now. I also bet most will agree.

          • Ryan is a Catholic you dumb shit

        • I’m not too impressed with Paul Ryan. But, the thing is, even if he had all the ideas in the world, the VP really doesn’t have that much power. What have you ever heard of, for example, Biden, contributing? The VP is a figurehead unless something happens to the President.

          Obama/Romney – they are different sides of the same coin. Both have been tapped by the Bilderberg group and that really says it all.

          • Sometimes, I wish,just wish, I were a blissfully ignorant fool. A football or baseball fanatic, rooting for my favorite team. Waitng for Friday night to go drinking with the boys.

            But no. I go and start studying the economy, after 2008, trying to understand wtf happened.
            Don’t look, you won’t like what you find.

            Now I’m a wacko to my wife and family. She points out my preps, and they all giggle and say, “we’re coming to your house”. ha ha ha! Food, TP, generatorS, fuel, silver,gold,guns and ammo. And addicted to this site.

            And I have to go out every day and hustle a living, trying to pretend all is “normal”, while checking the news and markets, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

            Will Europe implode? Earthquake? Our financial system finally crash ( like 2008, and you have to give tptb credit for pulling that chit off). Drought? Israel bombs Iran, oil stops flowing. One or more of these is coming, and any one will rock our world.

            I suppose, no I’m sure, I would rather be aware of the dangers. But it sure is a weird way to live. You know what I mean.
            Meanwhile, we watch these government asshats, try to convince the sheeple, they can fix the problem. They ARE the problem.

            On guard; Ready, Willing, Prepared and Able.

            • Forgot to say. Just watch the news. Whatever is coming will be a whole lot more “entertaining” than any movie.

            • I feel ya, Rick. I, too, am the “crazy relative”. 🙁

            • Daisy, I have always enjoyed the term “black sheep”.

              Also I prefer eccentric to crazy,
              It has much nicer ring to it.

            • Rick for the love of GOD, why do you let any of these sneering nay sayers see ANY of your preps??? I don’t doubt your sincerity, but I am terribly afraid that you’re painting a huge bullseye on your back.

        • Cathulu For President! Why vote for the lesser Evil!?

          • Sounds like a fellow gamer in the old school “RPG’s”. Call of Chthulu, Twilight 2000, Rifts…. I prefered Twilight 2000 and the new one TW2013 is great for wargaming preps and scenarios around home, finding weaknesses, areas of needing improvement etc without loosing anyone or cutting into my preps.

            • Actually, that was a bumper sticker. I can’t resist tossing it out there when people talk about “elections”, or shall we call them what they are “fake shell games”…

              I read some of Lovecraft’s stuff, odd pup that one…

      9. Help me out. I remember that back in the mid 90’s(not sure of the time frame) a defecting Chinese gerneral said that they where going to invade the U.S. in 2015. Now if this is right thats just a little over 2yrs from NOW. At the rate things are going here in the U.S. if we last to 2015, it will be a sure thing. They are moving in bases all round us, as we speak. He said they are prepared to use small tactical nukes on the both coast’s, when asked about the central U.S., he said we are not stupid and destory the world’s bread basket. It’s coming to us ready or not.
        Keed an eye out for trouble and LIVE FREE

        • Didn’t a Russian General say something similar to this not to long ago ?

        • @Anonymous-Wow! If they could make to our shores with a Million Man army,it would look like a Fire-ant swarm crawlin out of the water! They would easily over-whelm any shoreline defenses.While in FLA.,maybe Disney leading the defense ,could put Goofy in charge of the Front Line with a bugle!For those that don’t know ,I say Disney because they’re in Tight with the State GOV’T.and Fla.is ruled by Big Business!!Governor Scott, from B.Business,does everything he can for them and the average people on the street can starve for all HE cares!! We’ll See!——

      10. I just hope that no crazies come out in threatre and start shooting like batman during this or some crap. lets hope nobody or no false flags or goofy crap comes out during this time.

        • Why would people go to the movies to see this, from what I have been reading the last three years the damn power will be out by then. Think about it.

      11. Help me out. I think back in the mid 90’s(not sure of the time frame), a Chinese General that defected to the U.S., said they where planning to invade the U.S. in 2015. Now if this is right, thats just a little over 2yr’s from now. they are moving in bases all round us as we speak. He said they are going to use small tactical nuke’s on both coast’s, ask why not the central part, and he said we are not stuoid and ruin the world’s bread basket. At the rate we are going it is more likely than not.
        Keep an eye out for trouble and LIVE FREE

        • @ CopperWho- Strange, you have the same post as Anonymous?But his was made at 6:40pm 12mins.before YOU ?? Thats ODD!!

          • Thats was my screw up it was me SORRY

          • Perhaps he’s a bot or an official government disinfo agent who just plain fcuked up. You know how they troll these sites regularly.

      12. R.I.P. Patric Swayze., you did an awesome job in Red Dawn !!!

        • I know, my spelling sucks.

      13. Can’t offend the Commuists, now can we? 0_o

        Ahhh… ohhhhkayyy?!

        Maybe it can be an invasion of the Elbonians from Dilbert.

      14. Actually Ive been waiting for this one to come out. I dont understand how anyone here thats read One Second After, or played the game Homefront and I might add, had a ball playing, could be so negative towards the remake of Red Dawn. On entertainment value alone I think it looks pretty good. The chinese and the North Koreans are both working very hard to get a workable EMP bomb, so its definately not out of the realm of possibilities, but I would say it would be both the Chinese and N Koreans in a joint effort if something like this happened.

        Plus I want to see how they mounted the chain gun on the Mustang GT.

      15. Oh wait then we can’t call it Red Dawn either, right?





      16. They are stretching , but it could be a good movie …….the truth is we have more to fear from our own government than the ” Reds ” . Lets hope we do go to war with the chinese and russians …… the draft will be started , population decreased , they will have to seal the mexican border , and best of all …….all the troops will be occupied somewhere else ! Thing is , its pretty far fetched to invision an invasion of the US , for several reasons , first ……we are hard to get to in mass without being forewarned , how do they think they are going to take us over ? we are a very big nation , the Canadians would join to drive them into the sea because its in their best interest not to see us fall , if we do ……they are next . So you have the entire north american continent to try to defeat and occupy . Good luck .We have an armed population .Its not guaranteed that we could win a war against either , it could go either way . Against both ……..we are toast . More likely situation than invasion is defeating us on an overseas battlefield , then isolating us . Without our military …….people have no reason to listen to us , they certainly dont desire to listen to us now .

        • The US military is has been, and is continuing to be, set up, to be destroyed, if not outright, then death by a thousand cuts. The true patriotic troops are all deployed, the nwo-leaning ones will be stationed here.

          They will not shut down the border, but open it. Obummer will give blanket amnesty, and is busy castrating ICE, and the Border Patrol. Expect something along the lines of Obummer’s “civilian army corp”, a true modern day Red Guard. And, they will not be enlisting you.

          America’s fall has been planned for a long time. The parasites have lots of options to play. Expect something along the lines of GRAY STATE to come…

          • The boys in grey are ready !
            Stars & Bars !

      17. looks entertaining but I dont think it will be anywhere as good as the first one. The timing and context of the first movie made its social impact huge which is its still a good movie today.

        • A Russian Diplomat used the original Red Dawn as a trainig film to show the Spetznaz what they would be up against…. The Army led a Coup in 1993. They would rather go up against their own government than take on pissed off Americans.

      18. Yes, they did change it from China to North Korea, and tried to make it more believable, case in point being, I hope kids of my generation will take this in as a possible reality. America’s going bankrupt, Politicians do not want to do their jobs, and as a result this country will gut its military and attempt to balance a budget on the backs of service members, a result? a shallowed out military while China continues to flex its military muscles across the pacific harrassing Japan, Vietnam Indonesia and the Philippines, and continuing to improve and lessen the impact of economic turmoil within its country. If China wanted to, it could truly pull off such a scenario given that we continue to do nothing, unfortunately those that would depend on the government for everything would either bite the hand that fed and turn coat, and those who were previously pro gun control and ‘pacifists’ would either perish as victims, or seek those that can defend them, and prove to most likely be dead weight.

      19. It would be a more believable plot if people were defending themselves against their own tyrannical government.

      20. Pathetic in the reality camp! While I have little doubt NK would LOVE to see us fall, if they EMP’d our butts first, then why would they want to invade us so soon? They have ZERO capability to do so, and after the EMP, all anyone would have to do is wait a year for 75-90% of the US to die off and kill each other. After that, it would be a cake walk to take large parts of the country with comparatively little fuss.

        This may be a decent action flick, but the military realities are too stupid to believe. Now China….well.

        • Does everyone forget about our Trident nuclear submarines (constantly deployed)?

          Go ahead, EMP our asses. Your country will be radioactive glass 15 minutes later.

      21. if I was an AMerican I would be far, far more concerned about American Troops and their comand and control structure. Trust your government? No way in hell.

      22. I find the Gray state scenario a much more likely Wolverine battle; I will not see this misdirected crap of a movie.
        If Hollyweird wants to name the enemies than all they need do is point the finger at themselves and our own gov.

      23. All I gotta say is..They better be careful taking away all a mans got to live for, ’cause at that point they will have more than thier hands full of what they could never stomach.

      24. The recent shootings really put guns in a bad light. Maybe this will make the youth of America think about why the founding fathers wanted all citizens to be armed.

        Dads, start your kids out on a ruger 10 22, then move them up.

        I proudly have the NRA sticker on my bumper.

        • The NRA sticker will keep you safe, earthling. Nano, nano, says Mork.

          • Anybody ever see an Obama/Biden sticker, and an NRA sticker on the same car???

        • I dont advertise any part of my intentions, let em find out the hard way. I love the element of surprise

      25. ok we dont know what a true emp blast how big is needed and where to take out everything electic etc, we know that it can fry a lot of electic compenents etc but i just keep thinking why would anybody want to take us down, it would throw the whole world into market crashes etc. we give so much god-damn money away in aid and make so many missles bullets etc I just dont see any country wanting to attack us in one hand. On the other hand I can see totally a rouge nation would love to wipe us off the map and not have to worry about us comming in and taking them out. My friend who im trying to get him to store food and prep a bit is a bit like me, but the other day he was on u tube and said to me, “man you were right, all these blacks want to kill us whites” and if obama looses its going to be major race battles. I think that there could be that possibility but i think it also depends how bad of shape we are towards those elections, if we engage iran etc, we wont obama cant handle that during a election, he would get hammered for doing nothing as usual. but I think honestly we have a few more months until the end of sept and mid thru oct to really know what is going to happen, if gas prices are supposed to go up and this drought kicks in and prices go up more too and more jobs are lost and if a million federal workers are let go, then I think things are going to get real bad in a hurry. more shootings and snapping of peoples emotions. But for the movie i think it will be entertainment but not like the true good actors we once had like swayze. That grey zone or area movie I would be wanting to see more over red dawn movie, they should have balls and show china wanting to take over not north korea, that makes the movie retarded right there. Guys my only advise is there are young people on here and older people on this site. Please stay in shape and doing some jogging and situps and throw some punches here and there to keep lose and quick. if things get out of hand I dont want someone overpowering your belongings if a race war breaks out here in america. Just be thankful we still have a semi good country and we are not in great britian or canada with gun restrictions, which we already do in many states which is just stupid thanks liberals, 10 rounds or less BS. as usual dont count on people a lot of times because sometimes the people that you trust turn on you when its their own lives at risk, so dont tell your neighbors all your hiding spots or give too much trust. I used to try and be too honest to people and later in life I find out that they are not there for you and do the complete opposite of what they say they would do. So just make sure you trust the right people and always keep your mouth shut and don’t try and brag you younger people or try to make yourself more popular. Just worry about the ones you love and always have a guard up in times of uncertainty.

        • Krav Maga lessons, are a plus, and dont cost that much..do it now while you still have a job to pay for it

        • “and if a million federal workers are let go”

          Be assured THAT would never happen. Not sure how the US government will end up collapsing, but reducing government workers by a million is impossible because we will never have the leadership needed to make that happen.

          Otherwise, I would say a lot of your post is correct.

      26. I will save my time and watch the new series this fall, what is it called, Revolution? It’ll be about the same quality. If those Gray State people get the funding I’d love to see that movie!

        • Anyone ever heard of the movie “A Distant Thunder”?Cheeseball Rapture flick back at the height of the whole Protestant Revivalist movement in the 70’s. Reminds me a lot of Gray State. Hope they keep it a little more real than that though. But the thing with the Guillotine in the trailer? Right out of A Distant Thunder.

      27. So is this an actual movie to hit theaters in November??

      28. Hi guys, I read here every day for years but rarely post. Someone in another post was talking about neurology science and that type of thing. You may be interested in hearing what happened to me one night:

        In the middle of the night I woke up with a flashlight shining directly into my eyes from outside our window, shining between the window frame and the shade. There was also a blinking red and white light out there. Some men were talking and one said something like “she’s a Ron Paul supporter, blogs about concentration camps and economic collapse…” and the other one laughed.

        Then it was like there was a scan of the room going through the wall. I could feel it as it went across the bed, and it made a quiet scanning sound. It felt very unpleasant, made me feel tense and hot and jittery. Then they left.

        I don’t know if any of it was a dream or not; it’s possible. But I HAVE considered moving the bed to the other side of the room, just in case the scan was real.

        • That better have been a dream…


        • Click Clack.


          Repeat as nescessary.

          Leave one alive for as long as it takes to get answers.

        • Assuming you’re not just a nutter. No offence intended.

          • Definitely not a nutter. I know it sounds crazy! But I don’t think it was even a dream. I know the part about the flashlight really happened because my eyes were open – it woke me up.

            • Actually, I find your dream very interesting. I’m not at all sure that it wasn’t real. You never know these days. It is so sad what has become of our once great country.

      29. We need to play by their rules. If America finds something offensive, we should insist it be pulled too.

        As to the movie. I wont see it on principle that they were too spineless to go with the Chinese as the enemy. The Russians didn’t whine about the original Red Dawn making them look bad.

        Holly wood is anti-American anyway. They can go to Hell as far as I’m concerned. Hard to find a movie or TV show without some liberal BS stuck away in it anyway.

        Sierra Dave

        • War Horse
          The Curious Case If Benjamin Button

          • of not if

      30. Why didn’t they do a movie about a real invasion. Call it “Taco Dawn” about the Mexican invasion of America?

        I guess taking somebodies job at 1/2 the usual wage isn’t sexy enough to sell tickets.

        The movie could be shot in almost any American city and instead of plans dropping Paratroopers, you could used rusted old vans and pickups.

        It would have been a lot cheaper and the Chinese would still love us enough to buy our worthless T-Bills.

        • Love it “Taco Dawn”. They actually made a movie somewhat in that order its called Machete with Jessica Alba, Deniro and others.

        • And they’ll use leafblowers to gain access to secure locations. A Mexican with a leafblower can go anywhere.

          • Rick
            Sneaky bastards, what about those hedge clippers? They could put your eye out!

        • The Chinese quit buying our bonds a long time ago. Now the Fed buys them all.

      31. When are people going to realize that the US is a done deal and this was all planned. Sad part is we let it happen.

      32. Hezbolla coming up from the south should be more of a concern. do some research and location intel and see why I say this.
        they will have no quams about destroying everything in their path and will be supported by cartels and drug money, some of what came from this cuntry to play drug war games.
        Bet some of them are already here, or edge of border gaining intel by the day

        • please excuse my fat finger spelling of “country”


          it’s all controlled by your own zionist fascist commie jooo hi-jacked fedgov !!!

          Hezbolla is israeli jooo mossad created and bank rolled by the way !!!

          It’s all fascist zionist commie circles of control , circles within control circles !!!

          • You said “Hezbolla is israeli joo mossad crated and bank rolled”..I knew that, and thats why I said what I did.. they are a threat as you also state, and understand.. and dont think for one minute that the cartels havent noticed and have no problem chipping in to get a job done


        [Hopper has just drowned three dissenting grasshoppers in a pile of seeds]
        Hopper: You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line. That’s why we’re going back! Does anybody else wanna stay?
        [grasshoppers shocked – all the grasshoppers “rev up” their wings]
        Molt: [motioning a fellow grasshopper] He’s quite the motivational speaker, isn’t he?
        Hopper: Let’s ride!

        • Go snort some more of that white powder crackhead!

          • me ??? “SNORT SOME OF THAT (90% of illegal drugs in ameriKa is ussa zionist fascist Jooo fedgov cia owned transported trafficked and ameriKan fascist banks drug money laundered) AMERIKAN fedgov CIA FBI DEA TRAFFICKED poison skin eating COKE HEROINE ANGEL DUST MILK OF THE POPPY OPIUM ???”

            no thanks … as a VERY STRICT PURITAN “Straight-Edge” … i get high enough just from life !!!

            ;0P pssszzt “JOG ON ya SODOMITE PILLOW BITER , the stolen lands of zionist israel is calling you home to the land of the israel Babylonian Jooo boy lovers !!!”



              Martial law is being prepared for a staged banking collapse in the late October.


              *** keep in mind wallstreet controls wash dc , wallstreet tells wash dc what to do and say , wallstreet is your master as you are their tax debt slaves !!!

        • NO ~

          I can’t send you email. 😉

          ~ D

      34. Warning about the GAUSS VIRUS taking down our money system, I feel this is an excuse to do an E O to control inter-net. This is the last of the ways to get trueful info, not main stream media thats for sure. We are being set up for a major FALSE FLAG soon very soon, to kick in gear martial law. For me the team the repub’s have is window dressing, andd we all know about the dem side. We are truely fu-ked.
        Stay open minded about the things around you, keep a steady eye and prepare all you can.

      35. How about Red Dawn 08. The plot could be where a guy who was raised by a Commie Mommy and a Raghead Daddy joins forces with the ex-head of SDS and a Black Panther Rev. to punnish America for stuff that was done 100 years ago or longer.
        As President the guy destroys the economy, lies to the public on a regular basis, fills the Military with Homos, and sells guns to Mexican Drug Lords, ….nope too “out there” to be believed.

        • you forgot about the Wall Street and bankster connection

        • Best post of the day. 10 thumbs up if I could. EVERYONE needs to go see Obama’s America 2016. Make sure you are registered to vote and let’s switch trains in November so we slow down the financial collapse for a little more prep time.

      36. It might make a good movie , but like the original ……beware of fear-mongering . The 80s version was not much more than a propaganda piece . I think I’ll go see the Hobbit when it comes out , rather than this……as it will most likely be more believable and far more entertaining lol .

      37. The producers might put out an unedited “director’s cut” at some time. Might want to contact them and let them know of your interest in a more believable scenario. Like one with Chinese instead of NK.

        • Considering the North Koreans cant even feed themselves in peace time , they are already a burden to the Chinese because they have their hand out all the time . And their population is how large ? They couldn’t even get over here on their own .

      38. WOLVERINES!

        Whatever, whichever…enemy occupy, or un troop gun confiscate….. How much you want to bet, MILLIONS of patriots around the country will shout that at the top of their lungs for their dyeing breath!

        • ” fear no danger , shun no labor , pick up rifle, pike and saber , to arms , to arms , to arms in Dixie “

      39. Pure trash. An endless river of trash from Hollywood, designed for mentalities that are emotionally at the level of eleven year olds and with i.q.’s barely at room temp. levels. American culture–if one can still call it that– has descended about as far as it can go with the outpourings of garbage from the media industry, whether the vast majority of movies or television.

      40. After reading first third of comments I simply can’t stay silent. Calls to “make us hate Chinese” or ” I hope we go to war” left me baffled and angry. I’m Russian… you know, citizen of the Evil Empire that should, by your fiction given to you instead of facts, be conditioned to be bloodthirsty merciless warmonger. But even I am shocked. Lets the the disposition. USA have a big, nasty internal problem with governance, or so this site and its followers say. Let’s assume this is 100% correct. So, what solutions are offered by the esteemed followers of the SHTF? FOREIGN WAR! So, your Founding Fathers left you ideals of freedom and liberty to adhere to and when some bastards are corrupting this ideals from the inside all you can come up with is attack someone who has nothing to do with your domestic policies TO SOLVE YOUR INTERNAL PROBLEMS?!?!! Even offer of the civil war or the revolution would be less revokting – if a nation as a whole can’t solve its problem any way but by violence it is the right and trouble of the said nation, but THIS?!! People, are you sane? For example, Russia should have a lot more aggression witjin it, due to prolonged state of weakness. I know that mostly its our problem (mostly because foreign governments acted against us too in murky waters of 90s) but you cant explain that (our problem) to angry enough populace. But never EVER there was a thought of war with somebody in order to solve our domestic problems. And you know why? Because literally everybody here have a grandparents or parents who fought in WW2. They knew what terror a war actually is. You obviously have no idea which is no surprise given an absence of draft and absence of even one major war on your soil (or in any other way affecting majority of the population directly besides your precious tax dollars).You have no nationwide memory of the terrors of war to hand down through generations and those of Civil war have faded too much. Then ask your modern ground troops vets about what war looks like and if they want to see it at their doorstep! Come to think of it GB and USA is the only major political players in the world which have no land invasion in their history to left scars of war in national memory… and GB and USA are both most warring nations as of present. Coincidence – or something bigger? Like you, your leaders included have no idea what they are ordering? And after offering foreign war as problem-solver (which is not) you are still surprised why your every president indulge in military escapades costing millions of lives of those who did no harm to USA? Come on. They are just doing what you silently subscribed to. @The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, right? Oh, but Thomas didn’t specify whose patriots and whose tyrants, so we kill foreigners in the name of fixing US domestic policy! Good catch. And to HELL with THAT kind of liberty and freedom. I hope such system would never come over here. I’d better shoot myself than say something like “Lets solve Russia’s problems with war” ‘cause I know what horror it actually is if not firsthand. Maybe US actually needs a major war on its soil to be immunized from warmongering in the future. I only hope this wont involve Russia. We did our share in wars many times over. Enough. As for US… if majority of its population really believes in war as a solution, than country is lost to fascizm.and its populace ALREADY conditioned – those who fancy themselves as awake.. And don’t calm yourselves with idea of Us Army being invincible – many conquering armies thought exactly that. You know how they end up.
        Sorry. Just letting off steam.

        • Decaf anyone???

        • Miles–thanks for the perspective from Russia. I do hope you read many of the comments here more carefully, as your thoughts seem to be based on some kind of preconceived notion of what the posters here think, rather than a close reading of the opinions. First, the movie is about a foreign enemy invading the US, not US launching a war against an enemy. A couple of people did address the viciousness of the Chinese and the Russians…but quite a few posters pointed out that, to be really accurate, the movie should show the US gov’t attacking its own people. And from what I have seen, most of the posters here are sick of all the warmongering and recognize that almost all the recent wars have been unnecessary distractions over oil or whatever else is at stake in the great global chess game between TPTB. And most recognize that the sabre-rattling against Iran is a distraction from issues like our debt serfdom to China. (Hopefully China never comes to collect on its “pound of flesh” if and when we can’t pay up on the debt.)

      41. As I said – it was like letting off steam o something. Being Russia, thus having a LONG history of wars on native territory (90% of all wars with Russia’s participation or close. We certainly are no angels, but most of the time we were on the defencive…at first) makes you tick every time anyone call for war in any circumstances except directt military aggression. Plus, posts like this
        “If I had the money I would make a movie that depicts the Chinese as vicous blood thirsty savages that commit the most heinous crimes imaginable. I would have people wanting to burn the Chinese flag after seeing the movie. I blame the BO (stinkbug)admistration and all those that are part of the movie industry for caving into the kiss the a$$ of China no matter what.” ( orry, who forced US to become largest debtor to China? BO? You elected him. Rigged? Your problem – either deal with it or cope with it. Internally. Believe me, hate generation en masse is hugely counterproductive for any cause except war. You claim to be opposed to corrupt gov’t which waging unncessary foreign wars – and yet you play in their hands by virtually proposing another war (hate movies are obligatory prewar conditioning)with Chimna because of.. what? Because its your creditor and you cant pay debt off? Novel in th contract law – cant pay off debt – kill the creditor. US part of TPTB would be deliriously delighted with such a write-off, paid by the US and Chinese lives and will restart the scam all over. China are no angels either, but they wasnt begging for T-bills as far as I know, nor forcing US to sell it to them. Maybe better gain access to offshore-parked trillions ( by whatever internal means necessary) pay that damn debt off and forget about that nightmare, leaving TPTB with shattered dreams of restarting the presenrt paradigm?
        Thoughts like @ Lets hope we do go to war with the chinese and russians …… the draft will be started , population decreased , they will have to seal the mexican border , and best of all …….all the troops will be occupied somewhere else!” plays right into TPTB hands plus thy are based on illusion of invincibility of US military (it IS an illusion, you wont stand a chanche against Russia-China combined forces in the long run and short run is thermonuclear, whuich is no-win).Do those who write such things HOW grim, dirty, nasty and revolting ACTUAL ground war is? I have to assume that no, if you global war is seen just as ” occupation” for the troops, while civilians live happily… hello? Wartime economics, martial law, spies, dibersions, sabotage, and eventually ground invasion, anybody? Please. Think. And read. Listen. I listeed enough, seen enough. You know, walking the seemengly calm srepe with handeld metal detector which ios CONSTANTLY zooming because of war metal underneath, on every step – it gives me creeps. Most of our land was generously washed with blood in different times. I dont want it to repeat here or anywhere else. Im not a pacifist. I wil tear threat to my country into pieces with extreme prejudice (I have a kid, you know…. but only if itd be obvious and DIRECT military threat and we’d be on the defensive. Wars of agression or for profit should NOT exist. Period.

      42. Sorry for typos.

      43. Inherited freedom , like inherited money , is usually squandered more often then not , leaving you with nothing in the end . If you didnt earn it , your appreciation of it is unfortunately lower than if you did .

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