WATCH: Man Almost Dies When He Shoots A Refrigerator Full Of Explosives

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Entertainment | 43 comments

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    A viral video in which a man shoots a refrigerator door is causing an internet firestorm. The refrigerator is shown exploding after being shot with a rifle, and the door nearly ends the shooter’s life.

    The man in the video obviously enjoys living life on the edge. The video posted on the Internet shows a man firing an what looks like an M-16 rifle at a refrigerator stocked with Tannerite. Tannerite is a widely sold and very popular exploding target specially geared toward gun owners. It consists of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, is legal, and available at sporting-goods stores and websites. But it’s fair to say that it isn’t meant to be packed inside a refrigerator with intentions to shoot said fridge.

    Complete with his American flag handkerchief stuffed in his back pocket, the man takes aim and hits the refrigerator with a bullet, only to be almost hit by the door. The refrigerator explodes sending its door flying right past him on his left.

    *There is some strong language in this video, and it may not be suitable for those at work.

    The video went viral, generating over 515,000 views on YouTube.  Luckily, he was standing behind a tree, which afforded him a little bit of protection against the flying refrigerator door. The end of the video shows the men involved in this stunt walking toward the flaming remains of the exploded refrigerator.

    He’s also told by his friends, “That door was coming right for you, dude!” But oddly, the man doing the shooting didn’t seem like he was all that concerned that his life was on the line. He does, however, quickly remove himself from the path of the rogue door.

    Perhaps because of his odd reaction, some seem to think this video is faked. One comment from an article written by the Daily Mail says:

    “Looks impressive but its faked. The bush to the man’s left is too close to the tree for the door to pass without knocking it over. If you look carefully the trunk of the bush doesn’t move an inch while the animators made the leaves move. An object like that traveling at that rate of speed would have stripped the leaves and branches off both the bush and the tree. Impressive but fake.”

    The video has propelled a debate online about the legality and availability of Tannerite, although it’s likely here to stay for the foreseeable future. Those afraid of guns will continue to be scared and those who own guns will find the humor and lesson in this video. What are your thoughts? Fake?


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      1. Not a m16!!!!!!

        • We live and learn. He had some clue this might happen as he did stand behind the tree to fire. This is not nearly as traumatic as staring down a barrel or being shot at. Glad they got it on video though.

          • Menzo, my cousins do things like this on occasion but MINUS the tannerite. It’s nothing for us to get together and turn some old appliances, etc. into swiss cheese but they don’t go loading up any explosives in them. The guy who shot that fridge could’ve at least taken the door off that fridge before shootng it. He was definitely playing with some fire and was damn lucky to survive it.

          • It would have been cool if the door hit him so hard that he looked like Hans Solo frozen in Carbonite.

          • I am surprised the idiot did not have his wife stand near the fridge and let her shoot it not knowing she would blow herself to bits then collect the insurance . I would.

        • You have’nt lived until you’ve alomst won the Darwin Award…

        • Two thoughts went through my mind….

          1) Future Darwin Award candidate (This guy won’t learn from this…trust me)

          2) Last words of a Redneck….”Hold my beer and watch this!”

        • About 30 years ago here west of Miami Florida in the Everglades two or three young men went out shooting and found a storage shed or trailer that supposable was well marked, “Caution Dynamite !” They disappeared for a few days and then their abandoned car was found and it was obvious the dynamite had exploded due to a crater in the ground, But a continued search turned up no young men, Until “Just one finger” Was found !! Then never anything else ? ! This sounds like a story you tell around a campfire when you are camping out ! But it was in the local TV and newspaper news ! mju7yu76yt5r4e3jku878y76t54er45343ko987y65t

        • What a dumb bitch…

        • He said it looked like an M16 and it does look like an M16. I could not tell if it had the giggle switch?

      2. “Perhaps because of his odd reaction, some seem to think this video is faked.”

        If real, he may feel the stress, a year a later.

        But, the video should be questioned, on account of political bias.

        • Yeah, he’ll probably be arrested for releasing refrigerant into the atmosphere.

      3. What a truly stupid, son of a bitching fool!

        • Darwin factor at work here.

      4. Not fake

      5. That’s Genius and why he has not been here posting lately. lol Being liquored up on Moonshine and Tannerite does not Mix. Just kidding. Genius I believe is up in MT up country. Watch a few of the other videos that follows this one, when even more tannerite is used. If I tried this in my area, I think some neighbors would be calling the Sheriff’s office. And Uh… I don’t need that kind of attention. Learn where the weak point is on a fridge. Uh the door?

      6. Yes it’s fake, if you notice when the door first leaves the frig, it hits the ground, and there is no debris, no grass, nothing, no dirt flying. Then it becomes a projectile to travel that far. I DOUBT IT!

      7. Reminds me of the video where the dude shot the lawn mower tannerite target and lost a leg instantly from 30 yards…. People have no sense of what they are dealing with, how powerful that stuff is, and the relative ranges of high velocity shrapnel. They insist on shooting these targets without enough COVER.

        Sad to say, I really love to see the night shoots at the Machine Gun shoot, but the range to those targets and propane cylinders they use is 150 yards TOPS…..99 percent of the crowd who watches could be mowed down by shrapnel at any point, but luckily no one has. If they built protective blast walls, it would kill the whole effect of the shoot, but just ONE time is all it will take where some one buys the farm from one little piece of metal and it will all be over with after litigation. BUT MAN is it such a thing to experience….truly awesome display.

      8. Damn I thought my refrigerator door was moving fast with two teens in the house. That was great. Give a monkey some tannerite, a rifle and an old fridge and let the monkey business begin. Didn’t look fake to me. Would’ve been better if the fridge were lying on its back.

        • Reminds me of the redneck funeral I went to.

          Billy Bob’s friend was giving the eulogy. He said he’d never forget his dear friends dying words. They were, “Hey Bubba, lookie what ahhh kin do”!

      9. If fake, still entertaining.


      10. Not fake! I have friends that do this all the time with washer, dryers, appliances, junk cars, & etc. There isn’t anything left. And pieces do come/go flying. They post on you tube, too.

      11. Fake. I down loaded it and stepped through it frame by frame.

        The door has an unrealistic trajectory and it should be spinning due to air resistance and that it touched the ground.

        Just before it hits the tree where the guy is another tree in the background can be seen through the door.

        When the guy turns his head away his face is blurred. The door is never blurred.

        It took the door 25 frames from the explosion to where it just touches the tree where the guy is. It takes another 9 frames to get on the other side of the tree. It slows down just at it reaches where the guy is for no reason.

        OK, I’m not anything close to a video expert but this just doesn’t pass the smell test. Mythbusters has done hundreds (over 900 according to them) of explosions sending debris all over. The video here doesn’t look anything like those.

        Fun to watch.

        • I wanted to add, the explosion is real and the guy is reacting to the shock wave and the leaves on the trees move around from the shock wave. But, there was no refrigerator door whizzing by. Someone did some good CGI.

      12. Reminds me of my neighbor doing the same with an old washing machine a few years ago. Except he had his wife and 4 kids there at the same time.

      13. Real.

      14. That Video is all real. The door hits that smaller tree and flies by. All real folks. Ive seen a 1/8th stick of dynamite blow a webber grill top 70 ft in the air. Some old home videos back in the 1980’s with a bunch of buddies on a shoot out day in the country. Explosive expansion can get objects flying fast. Looked all real to me.

      15. I wouldn’t have dreamed that the refrigerator would go that far, that fast! It was cool but I definitely would have chosen a bigger tree.

      16. Stupid

      17. Boys will be boys.

        That’s one way to learn. Try talking with an explosives expert or take a chance and read a book on such experiments. I’ve seen chemistry professors do some exciting experiments. They always wear protective goggles. You know he expected some danger because he’s being warned and he took cover behind a tree. He should have worn goggles. A little tiny piece of flying debris could have blinded him. Young and slender, he moved quickly away from the flying door. Another reason to stay fit. You may have to run away from the work of a genius.


      18. Learn something here folks. Point the door towards the enemy. LOL


      19. About 30 years ago here west of Miami Florida in the Everglades two or three young men went out shooting and found a storage shed or trailer that supposable was well marked, “Caution Dynamite !” They disappeared for a few days and then their abandoned car was found and it was obvious the dynamite had exploded due to a crater in the ground, But a continued search turned up no young men, Until “Just one finger” Was found !! Then never anything else ? ! This sounds like a story you tell around a campfire when you are camping out ! But it was in the local TV and newspaper news !

      20. I grew up in the day when the real M-80s and quarter sticks were still available. Seen a few close calls that spooked me as a kid. I then went to work in industry first Chemical then Oil Refining. Any fascination with fire and explosions were expelled as I seen a bit of both over three decades and many close calls. I have boo coo respect for both.

        • Kevin2, I played with M-80s and quarter sticks black in the day myself. I do have more respect for them now than I used to.

      21. The FPSRussia dude on Youtube used to do this sort of thing all the time. Look for his videos. He used a fair amount of Tannerite to blow up trucks, zombie dolls, and the like including one huge explosion that was maybe $600 worth of Tannerite at once.

      22. That’s not Tannerite. Tannerite does not creat a fire ball. Only smoke and noise.

      23. Dumb folks doing stupid things? We shouldn’t try and prevent stupid people from doing dumb things. If they remove themselves from the Gene Pool that’s a positive thing. Possibly a fake video? It seems everyone has some sort of agenda? Never100% believe anything you see read or hear on the internet or media. and only half of what you see with your very own eyes.

      24. I often say that perhaps there is a case to be made for some kind of eugenics program, LOL. So many stupid, ignorant people with too much time on their hands. The human population’s behavior IS the eugenics program. I swear at least 90% of the population is insane or retarded in some way. Or maybe just suicidal. The human race is a cancer on the planet. The sooner we’re gone, the sooner this planet can get back to normal.

      25. Waste of materials and a fridge, if you’re to ask me.

      26. Meh… who cares what eddie-joe-ray, jeb and jed are up to in their backyard.

        Kind of silly how they’ve received so much attention.

        Funny how it makes the communists and retard soccer mom types shit when they see this kind of stuff though.

      27. That was not fake.

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