The Day The World Ended [Micro-Documentary]

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Entertainment | 286 comments

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    From the creator of the widely popular The Day the Dollar Died: The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse, comes a simulation of what the world may look like in the very near future.


    CONTINUE: Watch The Day the World Ended [Part 2 of 2]


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      1. Whoa Im first wow, was just going to ask about the volcano that erupted have anything to do with the earthquakes, ect?

        • Will someone please tell me why Israel’s people have become such pussies. I didn’t say Jewish. Why do they refuse to do what is needed to protect Israel. Do they think the problem will just go away. What is being held over them.

          • What is being held over them.”

            International pressure from the EU and US, unfortunately.

            • America is the biggest restrint on Isreal

              • Are you being sarcastic?  Please say you’re being sarcastic.

                America funds Israel to the tune of $8.5 million dollars per DAY.  America has pledged to support Israel militarily – the Congress has passed legislation to make it law to do so.

                America is the biggest enabler of Israel.


                • Then what is stopping from kicking the crap out of Gaza for shooting at them.. Why won’t WE allow them to level them.

                  Just like after 9-11 we went there. But due to the restriction on all engagement order we didn’t stop anything. We should of gone in and kept bombing and shooting until they would of never of thought of even thinking a bad word to use.

                  Israel should do the same thing. Don’t stop until they give up or there is no one left alive in the Gaza. Then go to the next group. I bet they would lay down quickly after that.

                  This is just going to keep growing in scale as long as they (Gaza) have a chance. Go in blow it up and just prove to them and there brothers that it is a waste of life to continue on this path.

                  No different then dealing with street muggers. Kill one on the street and that becomes the safest street in town.   Overnight.

                • FBP ~  What the hell is wrong with you?  

                   Don’t stop until they give up or there is no one left alive in the Gaza. “

                  These are PEOPLE you are talking about – HUMAN BEINGS. Families. Women. Children. It’s not a video game! 

                  What gives Israel the right to blow the Palestinians off the map, in your mind?  

                  I have the utmost in disrespect for your post – I wish I could give you more thumbs down than just one. You discuss the extermination of families and children residing in Gaza as though they were nothing more than the offspring of rodents.

                  Truly disgusting.

                  ~ D

                • Israel wants genocide for all Palestinians. Genocide is wrong, whether you think you are God’s “chosen people” or not. Palestinians have a right to live too. This “holy” war is wrong and needs to stop immediately. That’s just my uneducated opinion, regarding how ALL God’s people are loved the same.

                • At what point do we stop these PEOPLE from trying to kill. They are raise on it. They do not value life. It is not curable. They are a cancer on this earth and should be removed completely. Sooner or later these king of PEOPLE will be doing the same thing here. What should we do.

                  Seriously what should we do that will work. Daisy. Nothing has worked. So it is time for the strong to go in and clean it up so someone can maybe try to start over in these areas.

                  Just because they are families Women and children does not change the fact that they would kill you or I if they were given even the slightest chance. I would prefer to kill them first and over there. Instead of dealing with it in my front yard.

                  A life is a life and yes my and my fellow Americans are worth more than theirs.

                • Daisy I know exactly what I am saying. And understand the outcome from it.

                  I ask have you ever meet some one from Gaza. (And I am not Jewish for all the haters out there)

                  When it comes to there women and children there are rated just at the rodent level by there Men and elders.  They use there Children as shield and teach them to kill. The mothers do nothing to protect their daughters from abuse. And hope there boys blow themselves up in the name of something.

                  They trade their girl for a few dollars or just kill them in the cribs. So this is who you are defending.

                • Sixpack  What plan will stop it.    And only someones God loves equally.

                  In ever fight there must be a winner. This will go on until there is one. The strongest should just go for the win. It is unfair to just drag it out.

                • Interesting thoughts FBP. Remember, of course that Gaza and the West Bank are all that’s left of what was called Palestine. When the UN decided to GIVE “Palestine” over to the Jewish council in 1948 so they could turn it into the Nation of Israel. The Jews then forced every Palestinian out of the area we now call Israel and into concentration camps that have over time become the West Bank and Gaza stip. 

                  Imagine if in 1948, President Trueman allowed the UN to hand the State of Vermont or Conneticut or Maine over to the Jewish council instead of Palestine. And the Jews from Europe moved there in there tens of thousands, kicked out the locals who’d lived there for generation upon generation, at gun point and forcing them into concentration camps and starved of food, medicines and basics. I guess that would upset some people. But it’s OK that we did it to a bunch of dirty Arabs and Palestians that had lived in Israel for many generations before the time of Jesus?

                  So your comment about not stopping till there are no more Gazans left, just shows that you don’t know any history or you are a supporter of Genosidal methods and show a non desire to give your fellow man his human right?

                • Cede     I do know my history. But they are there now. What would cure this NOW. They are there they have the power use it. And end this bullshit. Just kick the shit out of them. At least there would be aclear winner and a clear state power in the area.

                • Facebook Page…. troll.  Wakey, wakey.

                  Gold Leader standing by.

                • Last I checked, the US gives Egypt at least 1.5 billion each year.  Also we pay the Palestinians hundreds of millions — every year.  Who is enabled?

                • The only thing I know for sure about Israel and Gaza is that I’m friggin’ glad I wasn’t born within a thousand miles of the place.


                  Anyone preaching that this is a matter of  black and white, wrong and right, is a damn, turkey fool. There is NO simple solution here that is moral and NO moral solution that is simple.Hell, it’s fair to say that there’s no solution AT ALL.

                  Imagine that. A no-win scenario? Whoda thunk it?

                • @ Orwellian States —

                  Interesting that you cite the fact that Amerika provides “aid” to Egypt, but conveniently leave out the “why” of the matter.

                  Simply put, since the administration of President Anwar al-Sadat, Amerika has PAID Egypt for nothing else but to make nice with Israel.

                  In a very real sense, US “aid” to Egypt should be considered “Aid to Israel.”

                • I can’t comprehend how so many people can be okay with what is going on in the Middle East.  The murders there are indefensible and I don’t care WHO is doing the killing. There are generally accepted rules of engagement and neither side is following them.  

                  Why does the government support this?  Why do many of YOU support this?

                  Judging by the “hot debate” status my comment received, it appears that many of us have very different versions of right and wrong.  

                  I don’t say these things to insult anyone – I say them in hopes that you will open your mind and think about these premises.  And if, after doing so, you still maintain your viewpoint, then it truly IS your viewpoint and not that of the media, nominal christianity and the ADL.

                  I think that may be because of a lack of critical thinking – acceptance of the Zionist-owned mainstream media and the brainwashing of a large portion of christianity by Israeli interests.  

                  For those of you who think blowing up an entire nation of families is okay, have you really done the research or are you just taking your pastor’s word for it?  Have you really studied the situation, looking at information from both sides or are you just taking the AIPAC,  Anti-Defamation League view of Israel as the “chosen ones”?

                  Does “chosen” mean that you no longer have to have moral compunctions about killing children for sport?  Does it mean you above the guidelines that govern the rest of us? Do the Ten Commandments not apply to you?

                  Having God’s blessing at one point in history does not give you a free pass forever. 


                • Daisy I can tell you are a compassionate person and with your mother instincts your thoughts go to the children. I commend you for this and as you wish there could be a more human outcome. 

                  The individuals that we are talking about not only believe that you or anyone are better off dead if you do not share their beliefs. This is the very race that comes to these shores and wants to kill Americans no matter what your religious affiliation is. Our rights are based on individual freedoms which allow each person to believe and worship in there own way, however it does not allow anyone belief to threaten or interfer with the other.

                  look at what is going on in our nation, God has been removed from school, Christianity is no longer the major religion, our government is doing all it can do to keep God out of any equation. Yet look at the other groups of beliefs and our nation allows them to have and practice their beliefs, but increasingly not Christians.

                  our country has been sold out to the highest bidder, those that the trilateral commission wants to rule a new world order, one that does not include the white race.  What you are seeing is something that will increase each day, our time on this earth is short and we will all suffer the result of this madness.

                  i would rather confront this now than wait until they are in my door because believe it or not they are already at your door! I hope you can find your way through these turbulent times because this is just the beginning of your’s and all of our nightmarish realities.

                  God Bless Daisy I will pray for you and your’s

                • Since when does it matter if the goverment follows the law?


                  Standing by in SC out

                • That’s right!!!they are humans too!!! Only humans execute their victims and drag them through the street behind motorcycles. Only humans rejoice when jetliners are flown into skyscrapers and thousands die. Yes and only humans…filI in the blanks.

                • You are a loon. You have no regard for the Israelis being attacked but cry a river over the phony palistinians a people that do not even exist. They are just Arabs that even other Arabs will have nothing to do with. King Hussein of Jordan learned the hard way the that they will stoop to any treachery. I always thought your posts were light in the brain dept . and your recent posts prove it. I know you are one of the darlings on this site but to me you are just a joke.

                • Daisy as sad as it is yes they are ppl. But yes they are a filthy ppl. I do not say it against thier race, or religeon. I say it for the ppl themselves. There are some good, some.

                  Ever count the tears streaking a little 11 year old girls face thru a scope right before you are forced to shoot her in the face, as she walks twards you strapped with plastics, knowing she is going to die no matter what either by a gun shot from our side a gun shot from the man who forced her into this death march or by the explosion? no?  I have.

                  Ever have to shoot an 8 year old boy at less then 3 yards because he is about to shoot you with an ak? No?     I have.

                  Ever been shot at by children from inside a school while your trying to disarm not only our land mines but russian land mines and  eurasian mines from  right outside of this same school?No? I have.

                  Ever see the women of the arab culture try and gain just an ounce of respect and recognition, by training thier boys to grow up to be martyrs? No?  I have. In person at less then 10 feet.

                  See daisy they are ppl, this is NOT a VIDEO GAME, also for some of us it is or was NOT HALF a WORLD away either in someone ELSES back yard. Things look a little different in person, then they do on tv, or the web.

                  I  used to hate eurasians. The whole fucking lot of them. I gave up on my hate and have pitty for them now.  I used to want a giant beach  parking lot. They do not deserve us bombing them but then again they also do not deserve our help. We need to cut all ties to the eurasian zone, and leave a simple rule of  fuck with us we will end you. do not fuck with us and we will not care one moment  about you.

                  We have our own starving to  take care of. We have our own homeless to take care of our own sick to take care of our own disabled to take care of. Want to talk about a fucking hand out system lets  talk about forigen aide.  All these other countries are nothing but giant ass wellfare queens. Fuck, if we cut them from the tit maybe we would be less hurt when taking care of our OWN useless ppl.

                • Daisy: You have identified why Israel has not bombed Gaza. They are trying to resolve this situation with the lease number of innocents being hurt. But their adversary hides behind innocents so that when they ( Hammas and civilians) are hit, Hammas can cry foul and the world will see photos of children bleeding or dead.  And the world screams at Israel and the Arabs pay a lot of money to Hammas.  That is what we are seeing. As long as the Arabs pay money to Hammas, they will keep hiding behind kids to try to kill Jews.

                • Daisy Said:

                  These are PEOPLE you are talking about – HUMAN BEINGS. Families. Women. Children. It’s not a video game!”

                  Just about the time I’m thinking “those beastly Israelis are killing women and children again!” then Gaza starts shooting at them?



                  I do believe the Gazans are getting a bad deal, however, are they SO INCREDIBLY STUPID that they think lobbing rockets into Israel is GOING TO HELP???

                  Either the people in Gaza are the dumbest people on the planet and hate their women and children, OR!!! OR!!! The rockets are not really fired by them. Could the Israelis be sneaking in there and fireing rockets at their own people?

                  So, there we have it. 2 theories:

                  1. INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY

                  2. FALSE FLAGS

                  Frankly, I don’t care how poor and mistreated you are, if you start beating on Godzilla toe and all you have is a shovel and a .22 pistol, your INCREDIBLY STUPID. Is that Gaza? Are they really?

                  Frankly, I smell a rat. The rocket attacks scare people a little bit but they never really do much. I’ve always been on the side of Israel until I did some study. Israel is not the country you think it is. We’ve been fooled. …in a VERY BIG way. With my new knowledge and knowing what modern day Israel really is, I now realize the reasons for many things. Remember the USS Liberty? Remember 911? Remember Oklahoma city? 

                  The lamestream news pushes Israel defending itself. Thats VERY suspect in and of itself. Just like the news pushing the behngazi “video protest”. If we stopped the lies, the lamestream would have to shut down.

                  So many things are the opposite of what we see.

                  Gazans can’t be that dumb. But, can Israel be that cruel? Of course Israel has the right to defend itself. But, I have this feeling that they, directly or indirectly, bring it on themselves.

                  This video is a bit severe, however, it may play out basically this way in slow motion over a week or two.

                • cedeorbleed,  makes a great point, if you were kicked out of your state and into a concentration camp, would you not fight to the end to get back what you lost?  These people were kicked off their land by people that had no right to it.  If your arguement is that the bible says… please remember we are not all christians in this world, if god wanted them to have the land, I am sure he could have made it happen without our intervention, don’t you?   God does not need us to carry out his will, we carry out his, I don’t think war, genocide, killing is on his list of priorities. 

                  Daisy, I couldn’t agree more with you.

              • @ Chance —

                I guess that sometimes, even Amerika wants to distance itself from Israel — especially when Israel commits the same kind of acts for which it demands the entire world condemn Germany for having allegedly committed seventy years ago. You can’t have it both ways, I’m afraid, and the moral yardstick that requires us to judge behavior by the simplistic standard of whether or not it is “good for the Jews” is one that does not resonate within humanity at large and probably never will.

                Of course, a pesky fixation on one standard of morality for all people is taken as “proof” of widespread antisemitism, and from this psychotically narcissistic judgement, it is only a hop, skip and a jump to targeting all the capitals of Europe with nuclear weapons, which Israeli professor Martin van Creveld has confirmed is avowed Israeli policy.

                • thank you cede or bleed for your defense of this injustice.

                  I too try to think in terms of Tennessee coming over, putting our state, Ky. in fenced camps with only minimal rights and access to food and shelter—there would be hate in my heart as there is in Palestinians’.

                  I also read in my ‘good book’ the passage that the Israelites broke the covenant with God, and he washed his hands of them.

                  “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people . . .” (Exodus 19:5Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:See All…).

                  “But if you will not listen to me and carry out all these commands, and if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant . . . I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and drain away your life. You will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it. I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies; those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you. If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over” (Leviticus 26:14-18

                  “‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord, ‘when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah-not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, though I was a husband to them,’ says the Lord” (Jeremiah 31:31-32 [31] Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:[32] Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD:See All…).

                  Oops..chosen people???  Interpretation is 9/10ths of the law?

                  [14] But if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments;[15] And if ye shall despise my statutes, or if your soul abhor my judgments, so that ye will not do all my commandments, but that ye break my covenant:[16] I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow your seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it.[17] And I will set my face against you, and ye shall be slain before your enemies: they that hate you shall reign over you; and ye shall flee when none pursueth you.[18] And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.See All…


                • The Jews were there before the Muslims took it. I am not an “Israel can do no wrong” nut, but how many rockets would have to land in your town before you would want to strike back. These paper peace treaties are always violated by the Muslims.

                   Like it or not, FBP is right. There will be no lasting cessation of hostilities until one side or the other get the living shit kicked out of them.

                  All of you people who cheer on the Muslims take note– to Muslims  Israel is the little Satan and USA is the great Satan. They are coming for you next.

                • i`m not on either side here, i ask all this question,,

                  rockets are flying both ways  shit happens,,people of innocence die on both sides,,,,are we condeming both sides or just one,,,,   


                • My faith does not believe in a “master race” or a “chosen people” — both concepts are equally repugnant, perhaps they are the EXACT SAME IDEA.

                  My faith believes that all wars are civil wars since all men are brothers.

                  My faith also believes that we start tending to the real holy land, the one called America. Step one : energy independence! The sooner we don’t need a damned drop of oil from a region populated by people who either hate our guts or try to play little mind games, the sooner we can stop sending any of them OUR money. We can keep it for right here


              • Net ranger that is one of the most controlled area by it own leader around. They control most all info. So the People think this is normal. Just like North Korea.

                This what big cities here may look like in the future.

            • Here are some examples of how the US “holds Israel back:”

              Israel demands an “emergency appropriation” of 80 million dollars and is given only 75 mil— “The US is holding Israel back.”

              Israel demands that bankrupt Amerika expend its blood and dwindling treasure to attack seven countries on its strategic hit-list, and Washington responds by attacking only six — “The US is holding Israel back.”

              Israel recruits “Amerikan” Jew Jonathan Pollard (a US Navy analyst) to steal the greatest haul of intelligence data in the most damaging act of espionage in the entire history of Amerika, and the US jails Pollard instead of releasing him to a hero’s welcome by the Israeli PEOPLE who honor him as a fighter for Israel despite the TRILLIONS Israel has received from Amerika since 1948 — “The US is holding Israel back.”

              Israel sends Mossad operatives to the US who are working under the cover of an “innocent” looking moving company in Weehawken NJ; five of these individuals are arrested after witnesses spot them celebrating on September 11, 2001 as they film the collapse of 2 World Trade Center using PRE-POSITIONED video cameras —
              “The US is holding Israel back.”

              God, I love the smell of CHUTZPAH in the morning!

              • Now you’re just showing off, Ahab.  😉

                • Daisy —

                  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Lucky you, you get to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving too!

                • Daisy……………………………. why dont you just take an extended D IRT NAP ….?

                • As a Christian I cannot and will not support genocide & Apartheid regimes, such as the Isreali one.  Genocide is ALWAYS wrong.

                  All Jews are not Zionists and all Zionists are not Jews.  I have no issues at all with any of the Jews I come into contact with in my daily life, however life  & history have taught me that  Zionists are a danger to Jew and Gentile alike on a global scale. A quick look at the maps of the region over the last 30 years tells you all you need to know re the Isreali desire for peace. 

                  The Palestinians have been existing in ever shrinking camps within their own lands and dehumanised for far too long. (It’s interesting that the US propoganda media never seems to cover the fate of the many Christian (& non-Zionist Jewish) Palestinians prior to Isreali occupation, Jerusalem has been globally revered as a sacred site for most of recorded history ffs!).

                   Constantly interfering in the lawful Governance of other sovereign nations is not OK either (just take a look at all those dual citizens in the senior ranks of US lawmakers, gubberment advisors, and bankster classes).  Dig a little and you discover that Isreal is really a nation scale “welfare project” paid for by the US citizen. 

                  Dig a little more into the slave owning  Saudi derived funding of these crazy fundamentalist suicide boogey men that have the West & in particular the far right US “born-again” types so fired up.

                  For WW2 ordinary Jews were used as the bogey men, by the tptb.  For WW3 it’s going to be ordinary Muslims, probably because Islamic nations still resist the imposition of a fiat based central banking system as like the Bible the Koran forbids Usery.  Usery via the fiat based central banking system is taking both the US and the EU to hell in a hand cart right now, & the upcoming destruction of our financial security is the key reason many of us prep.  

                  The suffering of the selected scapegoats when these pyschopaths who run our civilisation decide to play, doesn’t bear thinking about.  Yesterday it was the German Jews & the Russian homesteaders, today it is the Palestinians.

                  Before blindly wishing genocide on others do you not stop and think that one day it could be  YOU & yours who is selected as “scapegoat”? 

                • Most folks need a history lesson. The counties of the modern middle east  were unincorporated areas under the Ottoman Empire, ther was no Isreal, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. All  these  countires including Iran, were formed by the winners of WWI: the British, French, and the USA to a lesser extent because we defeated the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and took their land. In exchange, these new countries let us explore them for oil and we’ve been manipulating them ever since.  Is it any wonder that many of them are sick and tired of us and our presence in their countires. These are the entangled alliances that George Washington warned us about.  But  most Americans are too stupid realize that big business is manipulating our leaders and tell us it’s in “our national interest” to intervene in the affairs of these countries when what they really mean is that it’s in THEIR interst for us to do so. They want us and our children and even grandchildren to to fight for their bottom line. As a veteran with 22 years, I say no thanks.  I’m not sending any of mine to fight and possibly die so that big business can improve their bottom line and so that lazy Americans can drive their SUVs two blocks to buy happy meals for their obese kids. It’s time we started minding our own business.  Screw the rest of the world!

                • Heres another example:…How Most of the world has been brainwashed to believe jews can never do any wrong and are ALWAYS 100% Innocent “VICTIMS”!

                  CNN-FOX-NBC-CBS-ET AL. report of a Horrible Double Murder of two elderly folks. A Married couple.

                  The elder married couple are jews, and the Murderer was their 40 yr old SON also a jew…

                  Heres how ALL MSM(all jew owned/run and staffed majority wise) will report this terrible crime of double Honicide.

                  Police today tell FOX/CNN etc news that they found the remians of Two dead folks. An elderly married couple. Both were Raped analy before being repeatedly Stabed with a 10 in Butcher knife, at least 40 times Each!

                  Police tell TV news/msm, they do have the Murderer in custody.

                  He is the SON of the Elderly couple He murdered!

                  When This TV msm news contacted various Jewish news sources here in the usa, and abroad in isreal for comments..

                  This is what Every jewish news org told FOX/NBC/CBS tv msm news…..”We are so Sad to hear of this terrible event. And all of us fellow jews wish to send out our condolences to that POOR! POOR! 40yr old SON since now he will spend the remainder of his sad life as a …….ORPHAN CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!”

                • Daisy,

                  You and your little clic of Jew hating Anti Semites are really a hoot to read. You have no problem with the palis starting a fight but when the Jews respond that is a problem to you. Admit it you voted for Obama and really hate the US and other preppers. You post like a two faced progressive and that indicates that is what you are.

                • John W ~

                  First of all – you have completely misunderstood my posts if you think I’m a “Jew-hating anti-Semite”.  

                  Since you started casting the insults, I’m delighted to go along the same avenue and I’ll try to use small words for you.

                  I have no issue with Jewish people and Israelis. NONE.  I have a serious issue with Zionists.  Now, I’ll let you do your own research on the difference between the two, since you are either being deliberately obtuse (best case) with my posts and you won’t believe what I tell you anyway.  There’s a difference and it’s a big one.

                  No, I did not vote in this election, for the first time since I became eligible to vote.  I do not support the flawed and rigged system.

                  Neither side is in the right, as I’ve posted ad infinitum, but there seems to be a special kind of ruthlessness coming from Israel.  I object to genocide, whether I agree with either of the parties religions or not – and somehow this means I hate preppers?

                  You’re always a “ray of sunshine” with your critical, negative and rather mean-spirited posts, but usual there is a modicum of spiteful intelligence. Now, you just sound ignorant, and you’re resorting to name calling and insults for lack of meaningful verbal ammunition.

                  I doubt that anything I said here will change or affect your opinion but hopefully, at the very least, you’ll educate yourself regarding the threat that the Zionists offer to the world at large.

                  ~ D


                • and from my earlier rant do NOT get me wrong isreal too. let them swing  in the wind under the same rule of not fucking with us. We do not need to  pay fucking isreals way either.

                   Also  for lonelonmum’s comment down below about being a christian and not being able to support  genocide regimes…… um…….. gen 7 21 “And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man:

                  22 All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died.

                  23 And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.”

                  but as being a christian you DO support genocidal leaders. red thumb this all you liek  after all I did not write the bible and it is GODS word not mine on what happened and how it happened.

                • AnonLegion ~

                   I’m sorry that you had to witness those terrible things – the type of stuff you just can’t “un-see”.  What you wrote is very touching.

                  I’m not a fan of the bombs going the opposite direction either – my issue is with the fact that the US is paying for much of this and that sides are being taken when it’s none of our business.  

                  There are so many wrongs that one couldn’t even start to enumerate them. What upsets me is when people that don’t see the bigger picture.  When people begin to dehumanize these things being done so far away.  When they support the US government funding of more atrocities.

                  Best wishes to you – I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving.

                  ~ D

              • The US President warns Israel repeatedly to not do anything militarily except in restricted circumstances, for starters.

                I guarantee you that if some neighboring little country lobbed rockets at the US for 12 years straight, it wouldn’t take 12 years before we reacted – we’d have flattened it into dust after the first volley. Our own history proves this. Instead, everyone demands Israel just sit there and take it.

                Tell you what, sport… if you’re so sympathetic towards Palestine and Hamas in this little conflict, do tell why Egypt has even higher walls holding Gaza back from their territory (and no checkpoints – they just shoot anyone trying to get across). Tell us why Jordan won’t allow any Palestinian immigration, under any circumstance (I already know the answer to both…let’s see if you can read a little history without reaching for the tinfoil).

                Meanwhile, kindly explain why Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood is more eager to rein in Hamas than they are to blame Israel? 

                But you know, hey, they’re Jewish, so you just feel perfectly free to hate on ’em as much as you want, mm’kay?

                • @ Odd Questioner —

                  I’m not concerned with twelve years worth of bottle rockets being lobbed at Israel — I’m concerned with over fifty years of Israeli espionage against Amerika, over fifty years worth of Israeli meddling in our foreign policy and over fifty years worth of Israeli manipulation of the internal Amerikan political process to the point that our country is now UNRECOGNIZABLE.

                  I’m even more concerned with the role played by Israel’s agents on Capitol Hill — many but not all ethnically Jewish — in dismantling the constitutional liberties of myself and my fellow Amerikans and the setting up a of POLICE STATE that bears many similarities to historical Israeli occupation policies in Palestine.

                  I’m not “concerned” with Palestine as such, except as a feeling human being who reacts with the appropriate level of horror to the dropping of liquid phosphorus on starving and obviously ABUSED humans, particularly CHILDREN.

                  Admittedly, none of my relatives or friends are Uzbek, Jewish or Australian Aborigine, so I do not interpret world events through the ethnocentric perceptions, customs, religions and beliefs of ANY of these peoples. Or is it that you demand Amerikans make an exception for Jews ONLY and suspend our own intelligence, viewpoint, identity and internal moral compass? Come to think of it, in this question, I have just summed up the OFFICIAL “mindset” of Zionist-controlled Amerika.

                  Rest assured OQ, I’m concerned chiefly with AMERIKA, because it is MY country.

                  I have just a few questions for YOU now: With what foreign country besides Israel do you concern YOURSELF; where does Amerika stand vis-a-vis Israel in your hierarchy of values; and more importantly, WHY (as an ostensible “Amerikan”) are are you so concerned with the welfare of Israel, particularly in light of Israel’s extensive track record of ACTS OF WAR and espionage committed against Amerika?

                • OQ,

                  Gaza isn’t a country, it’s just one oversized refugee camp.

                  Hamas is the top-dog there, you want food, need medicine, housing, water, electricity Hamas controls most of it.

                  Hamas has nothing to lose and thats the problem, if this was a country with politicians looking to feather their own nests. There wouldn’t be the daily rocket attacks on Israel, which provoke the response that we are currently seeing.

                  We don’t see the governments of Egypt, Jordan, Syria or Lebanon authorising attacks on Israel – not good business for their politicians. Also the reason why they don’t want Palestinians in their own countries – because they don’t need them stirring up the local populations.

                  Israel is so much stronger but their politicians just don’t seem to how to beat a weaker enemy. The old when you beat you someone weaker than you, you’re a thug and if they manage to beat you, you’re an idiot.

                  I believe Israel could unilaterally declare the creation of a Palestinian State, sit back and let the Arab world deal with the fallout.

                • Hey Butros, we heard you the first time.

                • @ Ahab

                  Bottle rockets? Really?

                  You’re either a lying shill or so sadly misinformed your opinion must be discarded with prejudice.

                  Qassams are flying steel pipe bombs, and qassams are the least of what they are firing. Qassams don’t have the range to hit Tel Aviv.

                  But if they are so harmless why don’t you volunteer to let us shoot some at your house. Then as the steel shrapnel slices through your liver and your children scream in terror you can tell us just how damn harmless they are.


                  “Allah’s Apostle said, “Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?” Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, “O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?” The Prophet said, “Yes,” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab). “The Prophet said, “You may say it.”

                  Hadith 5.59.369


                • @ AhabBottle rockets? Really?You are either a lying shill or so sadly misinformed your opinion must be discarded with prejudice. I suspect the former.Qassams are flying steel pipe bombs, and that’s the least of what they’re firing. Qassams can’t reach Tel Aviv.But if they are as harmless as you claim why don’t you volunteer to allows us to shoot some at your house. Then as the steel shrapnel slices through your liver and your children scream in terror you can tell us just how damn harmless they are.”Allah’s Apostle said, “Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?” Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, “O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?” The Prophet said, “Yes,” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab). “The Prophet said, “You may say it.”- Hadith 5.59.369

                • It’s Israel’s fault…no, it’s the Palestinian’s fault…it’s the Zionists…no, it’s Hamas. Wake up people and realize that the common man of any of these countries does NOT wish war on others. Just as the common man here doesn’t wish death to millions of Iraqis. The sociopaths that run the show are the ones wishing death to others while they lay low in their hidey holes and send the young men to die. Greed rules the world. Hang some bankers….and stop listening to Glenn Beck and Fox entertainment for your info. Beck…with a “Star of David” on one boot and the corp US flag on the other. What a shill for the warmongers.

                • Ahab: It is Americans NOT Amerikans

                  One is correct. The other is disrespectful. Which are you intending?

                • This is for:

                  AnonLegion says: November 23, 2012 at 6:24 am


                   Also  for lonelonmum’s comment down below about being a christian and not being able to support  genocide regimes…… um…….. gen 7 21 ”And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man:

                  —God didn’t favor anyone, He destroyed them ALL and started over. He took no sides. There were no borders. They were punished for their sins against God.They did not die out of hate for their differences. That’s the way I read it, anyway.

                  I just never understood why innocent children and animals had to die for the greater sins of mankind in general.

              • Fort Hood killer …. was he Jewish?

                Crew plotting Fort Dix killings … were  they Jewish?

                Guy leaving car bomb in Times Square …. Jewish??

                Man convicted of plotting to bomb NY subway system … Jewish?

                Underwear bomber …Jewish?

                Shoe bomber … Jewish?

                Guy who killed army recruiter in Arkansas(?) …. Was he Jewish.

                Man caught plotting bomb at LAX … Jewish?

                NO NO NO NO



                • @ Orwellian States —

                  Do they assume in Hasbara school that there are NO Amerikans who know any history?

                  Answer this, then: How many attacks on Amerikans by Muslims took place prior to 1948, and more specifically, the complete takeover of US foreign policy by Zionists? None, unless you clutch at some straws and choose to call the Barbary Wars “terrrrism” (in Dubya’s inimitable way).

                  That laundry list of attacks you provide just goes to illustrate how Israel and its fifth column on Capitol Hill have made Israel’s enemies Amerika’s enemies, and harnessed this country to its agenda like an ox hitched (or other beast of burden) to a wagon. Ever heard of the words “manipulate” and “embroil?” THey are making Amerika a target for their own purposes.

                  BTW, have you considered that the US’s vetoes of all attempts to hold Israel to a civilized standard of behavior in the UN is noticed by the Muslims, and that those “Made in U.S.A.” logos on all the tanks, helicopter gunships, aircraft, bulldozers etc. that Israel employs to exterminate Palestine are a great sticking point in US/Muslim relations?

                  Finally, have you considered that there would be vastly fewer Muslims in Amerika to carry out the acts you describe if not for Amerikan Jewry’s unstinting demands and support for open immigration from the Third World, not only here, but in Europe? If Muslims are uncivilized and violent, why do Jews and Jewish organizations work with such feverish UNANIMITY to fill all Western countries with them?

                  Why should we support people abroad whose supporters in Amerika are destroying us at home?

                • Columbine killers dylan and klebold…JEW Yes!

                  Batman Movie theater shooter=JEW!

                  of the aprox. 298 Spies in USA that got Caught since WWII, ALL but aprox 3-4 Were Jews!….Jonathan Polard ring a bell?=Jew Yes!

                  You choosing certain incidents that You know are not jews did it what does that prove?…..jews can do No wrong ever?

                • Im starting to be able to pick out who the trolls and shills are on this site. But keep i tup you guys. Your bullshit is shing through!~

                • @Ahab

                  Bitter pill to swallow, but, you are correct. 1948 is when the zionists started messing with the entire world.

                  You’re fighting an uphill battle, Ahab. When you mention “Israel” most of the people on here that have Christian backgrounds and have read the Bible see Israel as Gods chosen people. They don’t realize that Israel was never that same Israel in the Bible. The 1948-born Israel nation is full of Kahzars and Anistazi. They are just about as far from the line of Abraham and Isaac as you can get!

                  The Zionists have stolen the mental image of Israel and taken the greatest nation on the planet (The uSA) and made it their slave because they claim that image. Like so many obedient sheep, the people of the uSA, they obey because, now, we are the “USA”, an incorporation, different from the uSA that we all think we live it. So many things are not as they seem but, normalcy bias, word magic and false impressions rule the day. Most people are unwilling to think beyond the planted mental images.

                  One has to understand what modern day Israel is. Israel, like our joo-rich infested government, uses word magic to lie, cheat and steal from us.  Getting people to understand modern day Israel and modern joo-ish-ism is as difficult as getting a liberal to understand that more gun control increases crime. They just don’t want to go there.

                  One day, soon, I hope, the truth will come out. Israel and its current operation is about like comparing a 20 dollar bill to a 20 dollar gold piece. Both *SAY* “20 Dollars” but one is a fake.  But, people do not want to hear this. It interferes with their blissful thoughts of the Israel of the Prophets existing in modern times. …they just can’t let it go.

              • It still amazes me how EVERYBODY can choose sides, after “neglecting” those parts of history that don’t fit their ideals. The whole  issue here, is WHERE DO YOU START? At the point where they gave people’s homeland away, then threw them out of their own homes; or where they start to fight back for their homes?

                Let me be clear about my opinion—NEITHER SIDE IS RIGHT! BOTH SIDES ARE MURDERERS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE.

                And most importantly, WHY THE FUCK IS IT ANY OF OUR BUSINESS WHAT THEY DO OVER THERE? We can’t even run our own DAMN country the way is is supposed to be, what the hell makes us think we have any right to impose OUR fucked up values on the Middle East?

                Let me tell you what it is—WE WANT CONTROL OF THEIR OIL-RICH LANDS. Supposedly stopping the infighting, is only an EXCUSE to go get their oil…a cover story to justify killing more people over there than THEY do as we OCCUPY their land.

                I’m sorry, you people can’t recognize bullshit when you hear it, but ALL people have a right to live.

                You need to at least admit to yourselves that the U.S. government has NEVER worked for peace in the middle east. We have overthrown elected governments and placed U.S. puppets who would give us their resources. WE have decimated their countries for our own ends.

                At least admit that PEACE NEVER WAS THE ENDGAME in the middle east. Getting our greedy hands on their oil was.

                The ends DO NOT justify the means—not for good people and not for God.

            • Off topic. I was on site 2 nites ago, and suddenly lost “access”.  After tech support, reconfiq router, etc., synopsis is that SHTF site bolcked my IP. I am not that tech savy, and maybe this has to do with the upgrade to the site. If I have missed something over the last couple days relating to this, appologies. If anyone has input, it would be appreciated. Also, is this only me? Thanks. 

              • Happened to me once.  I contacted Mac and he got it squared away.  I think the firewall was set a little “sensitive” and was blocking certain ranges of IP addresses.  Trust me….it wasn’t personal.

                I’m sure this site is attacked all the time….not to mention the government creeps and spooks who monitor it I’m sure.  And I wouldn’t put it past them to be doing a lot of dirty tricks.

                • Walt: I love the Cyber Squad!  I get a big bang out of them. Particularly the young blond with the BIG brains that monitors this site! She may be a government agent but she is no geek!

                  She is a “freak” in the sheets! 🙂 (I have my sources)

          • “Pussy” isn’t the first description that decent people use for those who make sport of killing children.

            “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered–death squads gunned them down in El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children in their sights…in Sarajevo–but I have never before watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport,” Hedges wrote. His account, coolly factual yet full of passionate intensity, was written not for his own paper but for Harper’s Magazine, which sent Hedges to Gaza on his vacation.” The Nation, March 11, 2002



            • Palestinians/Israelites??

              Know what peeves me?? We here take sides and a lot of our views are from the media…here, not there.

              I read an account year and the pics were horrendous.

              It later was stated the pics were from another war/confrontation, had nothing to do with the Gaza strip and were used to promote sympathy for Israel, to sway the sentiment FOR Israel, AGAINST Palestinians.

              Since then, I question all reports.  It’s our lying liberal media owned and ‘controlled’ by Israel–why would anyone believe any reports??  Wanta list the coverups and lies ohhh..say since 9/11??  You be the judge. 

            • I’m calling B.S. on this.

          • @fbp-L Fool= Doo Doo Bird

            * you really are an Ignorant Dimtard Jooo Troll moron .

            “Burning Palestinian Children Babies Alive” with illegal ZOG AmeriKan Made – IDF White Phosphorous Chem Bombs / DEPLETED URANIUM MUNITIONS used against a unarmed imprisoned Palestinian civilian population is HOW ISRAELI ZIONIST Jooo’s FIGHT WARS !!!


            It was the Jooo’s who started this Recent Genocide Murder upon the Palestinian people of Gaza by Jooo Snipers shooting from a flying helicopter a Palestinian Child a boy just a boy for playing Soccer in a field in his own land !!!

            WTF ???

            ~N.O.  ;0p

            • I knew you were still here.

              • @fbp-L Fool Dimtard … ;0P pssszzt

                i was going to retire from shtfplan … to focus on other web projects coming to fruition … but your High level of Zionist ZOG FEDGOV TROLL stupidity AND SUPPORT OF THE UNPROVOKED GENOCIDAL MURDER OF Defenseless Imprisoned Palestinian Women and CHILDREN BY ISREAHELL ZIONIST Jooo’s Mossad IDF has made me reconsider my plans .  

                so … I’ll be checking in here time to time just to ensure you behave yourself !!!

                @fbp-L Fool … for now on every bullsheeit post you and your Super Zion Rainbow Gay Propaganda Friends post here @shtfplan … i will counter post with a link to the truth .

                ;0) call it my FREEMAN PATRIOT Duty to fight against those who murder and kill defenseless women and children just because they can !!!

                Israeli Offensive on Gaza Ongoing for 8th Consecutive Day and Military Operations Escalate:

                ~N.O. ;0P



                • Smart you followed the money. I knew the referal fees were low from shif clicks. since you were found out to be here for profit.   i hope all of your school buddies luck. If you leave what cameras will we all have to watch. 

            • Your screen name says it all. You are nucking futs.

        • Half wit.

          • Facebook Page’s comments are pretty spineless.  To be stuck in that mindset….I have to ask…then why the hell are you at a site like SHTFPlan?  You are obviously NOT awake in the least.  To be CONTROLLED in the paradigm of cultural and religious comparison is to be the first in line for Darwinian deselection when the SHTF.  F.B.P., you are ARE the minion with closed eyes.  I pity you.

            • How am I controlled. By who.  

              I just know until some one finally wins this all will just keep happening.    I notice you didn’t present a plan. What would you do.     This isn’t going away.  

              The question is why are you here. And no religion drives me. My beliefs do. 

              • HOW are you controlled?  Seriously?  You need an answer for that?  Just the fact that you can’t see the other side tells everyone capable of higher-level thinking that your kind of ‘beliefs’ are what’s holding us all back as a species.  I know the Rothschilds and the whole Zionist movement are pure f***ing evil.  But HOW are your ‘beliefs’ any better than those on ANY side of a conflict?  Answer that.  Oh right, just because you said so.  You say EXACTLY the same thing as those on the other side ready to shoot back.  Break your chains, my friend, or Darwin will be knockin’.

                Destroying one side is the answer, huh?  It’s single-track minds and two-digit IQ’s that have kept the world bogged down in the same brainless hierarchy and control that keeps the Rothschilds and other puppetmasters in the driver’s seat and loving it.  You have a family?  Then grab your bayonets and have them lead the charge and take the first bullets.  Not willing to put YOUR family on the line?  Hmmm.  Just so long as our soldiers lay it out there for you, huh.

                History is repeating itself RIGHT NOW for umpteenth time because of exactly what you speak.  When will people wake the hell up?

                Want a plan?  Again, I ask…Seriously?  Where to begin?  Let’s see, oh ya!  For starters, how about Ron Paul’s plan?  Or how about his final speech in Congress just last week… posted RIGHT HERE at SHTFPlan?  There are some thoughtful questions in there.

                And we wonder why the hell things are the way they are.  Remember, the Reaper supports EVERYONES troops…..good luck with that, FBP.

                • No one side winning and ending it is the only thing left. They have been trying peace for how long. 

                  What has dragged this world down is all this political correctness. The strong will survie. Just like here when they cant get any more money from the the producers the leeches will die. That simple.

                  What chains. And if you know what I have given to that part of the world.

                  Israel need to unleash it power and the USA needs to unleash the soldier with real engagement order and all this suffering would be over.


                • Swing…and a miss.  Sorry buddy, but you struck out again.  Yes, political correctness is deadly, good point, but you still missed the greater story.  You just proved every single point I made and why we’d be stuck in bloodshed and conflict until the end of time, while the masters laugh all the way to their banks.  Again, if you’re okay with butchering familes, let’s see you grab your bayonet lead the charge.  And so as not to be hypocritical, I take it you’d be okay with the same spineless philosophy from your supposed enemy if they kicked in your door then?  Fair is fair, right?

                  First, I’ll send you pity, because you can’t fix stupid.

                  Second, I send light, because one so dim needs all the light he can get.

                  And third:

        • Evening All

          Well I’m off to bed but I’d just like to wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday.

          Take care x

          • HAPPY THANKSGIVING Burt and to the rest of the crew at SHTFplan !!!!

          • Happy thanksgiving to all you grunts as well!


          • Can’t believe some asshole gave you a thumbs down.Happy Thanksgiving to all.Celebrate it while it is still legal to do so.


            • stupid sheep go back to sleep

              noone cares about your satanic materialistic holidays that the TPTB replaced Gods holidays with


              • Bob, do enlighten me as to how Thanksgiving is a satanic holiday.  While the “original Thanksgiving story” preached in the schools is way off by a historical yardstick, I’m very very curious how expressing one’s gratitude is Satanic.

                Thanks ~


                • Daisy: Really, a satanic holiday? You really got more than just a few loose screws don’t you!  It’s just a made up day to celebrate like every other holiday we have. But what whcaky standard do you get off calling it, or any other for that matter, a satanic holiday?  Please show me some quote will you from any book that specifically calls Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, satanic in nature. If not, then you should seriously consider shutting the hell up you loon before the send you to the Funny Farm!

                • Gregory8:

                  Ummm….read my post and stop being a jerk to me. I was questioning why Bob called it a Satanic holiday, and far more politely, I might add, than you addressed me.

                • Yes Gregory8 It is my job to be Daisy Jerk.

                • FBP, dude – you’re such a stalker.  

                  Really – why do you have to comment every time I do?  Why do you respond to every post I make?

                  I’m genuinely curious and trying to decide whether to be creeped out or to just roll my eyes when I see you following me around.

                  ~ D

                • When one is a miserable loser like Bob sitting in a room all by himself, friendless, looking at porn while people with normal livesare celebrating  one tends to be a little negative like Bob.

                • Daisy you have no idea what kind of world you are preparing for. It is going to eat you and leave you laying in your front yard. Many here think you are tough. You are when society still has rules.

                  Many places in this world left them behind all ready and if what we all discuss comes about. You are in for an awaking that I believe will cost you everything you hold dear.

                  The world is a hard place. We have been able to shield ourselves from it for a while. Nature wins in the end. You are in trouble if a true SHIF happens. You are not awake you are just playing prepper so you have something to do with your life right now.

                  You better dig deep. Your daughter is learning from you right now. How will she react to the up coming evils this world will hit here with. It will find you even up north and probably a lot faster than you think.

                • Daisy: Sorry, my bad. I  read your one post without benefit of knowing the whole conversation. My apologies. 

                • Gregory8 ~  Apology accepted. Thank you.

                • FBP ~ I didn’t ask for your analysis of my situation, about which you really know very little. I ASKED why you keep following me around the site, posting your little “heres and theres” every time I say anything – if you’re going to respond, kindly respond to the question I asked you.

                  And you know, think what you will, but everyone has to start learning somewhere. I’ve been a “city person” my entire life. I have a great deal to learn. I’m learning it now instead of later.

                  I’ll wager my lifestyle is a lot more self-sustainable than yours, the way you speak of all your money and purchases like designer bags and the Mercedes in your driveway and pink Glocks that you buy for your girlfriend. Your money and possessions don’t impress me at all – I’m impressed by character, brains and a warm heart.

                  I never said I was tough – I’m not.  I’m just a mom, trying to chisel out a way to survive what’s coming. I don’t want to shoot people, butcher animals and live without refrigeration – those things aren’t really on my bucket list. But I will if I’m required to .  My goal, however, is to be left in peace to raise chickens for eggs, to have a huge kick ass garden, to stack my woodpile for the winter and to hang out with my kid and teach her to think and provide for herself.

                  Don’t try to “school” me – I don’t require your input.

                • Beautiful pity story.

                  Yes I am. My block does not even have Grid electric. We have our own.

                  Yes I have money. I do buy nice things. Because I have ran out of things to do with it. At some point you can have to many trailers full of supplies.

                  Some of my supplies were stored in 1966. We have been at this for a while.

          • Don’t forget to brush your” tooth” old boy…cheers !

          • Can never understand why such an innocuous comment gets thumbs down…

            All the best to you Burt, from down-under

        • Jews are the most evil group of people to ever exist! The holohoax is the biggest lie of the century, but it is also one of the best ideas!

          • Paul Pace: were you born this stupid or did it happen over time? So this holocost story is a worldwide conspiracy by the Jews to get sympathy? Wow, so tens of thousands of U.S., British, and other Allied soldiers, (USSR too), including General Eisenhower, all got together and faked all those photos and film footage, built extermination camps,  and made the millions of Nazi documents supporting this, all as a ruse to get the rest of the world to feel sorry for the Jews? Dude, you are one serious conspiracy idiot! Let me guess, you still live at home with your folks and have a job that requires you to wear a name tag and punch a time clock and you blame the Jews for your life’s misdirection!   You’re a loser, but it’s the Jews fault, right?

            • Truly amazing how this site has morphed from a prepper site to a full out daily KOS style left wing anti semite place. way to go.

              • I kinda like the diversity of information. Opinions, right or wrong and the freedom to speak them in public is what makes this site good reading. We agree and agree to disagree.

                Freedom is never having to say “if you say so”…

            • The Holocaust, like everything the joo-ish deal with is another word magic mix up to fool you. 

              Were 6 million Jews killed. YES! They were.

              There were also 10 million Christians killed.

              Where are the Christians whining and moaning about how they were mistreated? Hmmm?

              The fact is that the Nazis killed anyone that didn’t follow their religion.

              There are Jews, those who follow the Jewish religion, Judaism. Then, there are the joo-ish. They claim to be Jews but they are not, they are Zionists, a whole other group. They’re murderious, criminal, liar bastards. They have infiltrated and infested societies and governments everywhere. Joo-ish, Zionist HQ is modern day Israel. Most people also, mistakenly, think modern day Israel is the Biblical land of Israel. See my former post about comparing a 20 dollar bill to a 20 dollar gold piece.

              Essentially, the Kazhars and the Anastazi have taken over the “Jewish” label and destroyed it from within. I refer to them as the “joo-ish”. This is not to denigrate or defame The Jews, Judaism, their lineage or their land. On the contrary, it is to exalt it, to free it from the scourge that has captured and co-opted it.  When you see me refer to the Joos or the Joo-ish, I am denigrating and defaming the evil that the Faux Jews represent. People need to separate the two. There are the Zionist/Kazhar/Anastazi bastard joos then, there are the real Jews, in spirit and or lineage.

              By the way, the muslims don’t hate the Jews, they hate the Kazhars. …and if you study a little history, you’ll find out why: they murdered and tortured muslims for decades right before they, essentially, went and stole The Star Of David so they could hide behind it.

              Wake up people! What you have been taught is a lie. Modern day Israel is an evil creation.  But, in the modern world, take away the horns and pitchfork, put him in a white robe and even the devil looks like a saint. …with just a bad sunburn. 😀

      2. They’ll be panicking.  We’ll be loading.  God Bless.

        • Exactly. The only thing you can conceivably do in such a situation is one of two things, depending on how you planned for it:

          1) to get your family home, get your house in order, get the neighbors together…

          2) load up your evacuation gear, the gas tank, and bug out the nanosecond something starts going down. Remember your routes (sticking to the back roads). An alternative is to take all of your vacation time early and use it to get to (and settle in) your bug-out location.


          #2 is all about timing… get it right, and you avoid the crowds while holding out as much as possible until hope is gone. Get it wrong, and you’re stuck at home, stuck in traffic, or stuck with having to get some early-bird yahoo out of your BOL without destroying your supplies lurking in it.

          • OQ


            I think it’s a fallacy that even the “back roads” are going to be open. Maybe for a nanosecond, but that’s the window. And it’s a huge chance one is taking on.


            After watching Joel S. presentation on strategic Relocation, and scoping out most the roads where I live and other areas where I’ve lived, I think when evac begins, it’s going to be a war zone, absolute mayhem, a bloody battlefield. When the traffic stops and the lines are literally 25, 40, 75 miles, it’s going to be the last place anybody in their right mind will want to find themselves.


            Yes, it is about timing, and that’s a great point, but let say one gets ahead of the masses, BUT THEN, miles from home, there’s an accident and another accident (and hundreds of various kinds of accidents will be the norm, “who will care about fender benders?) and traffic stops? It’s really over,  more or less, if one has to abandon the vehicle.


            I say, unless a disaster is going to level your home, stay put and ride it out. Least that’s my plan. City dwellers? Well, preppers of that realm should have left long ago or they’re city savvy and now how to “really” lay low.

            • I agree indeed that simply relying on back streets/roads alone won’t do it.


              OTOH, not everyone can already be living in their BOL, and for them, timing is paramount. In the book, I went way out of my way to say that bugging out is crazy, but is something that should be prepared for nonetheless. I did that because you just never know if where you are is safe enough – that all depends on what’s going down, both locally and globally. Example? If you’re all hunkered down and some idiot sets your neighborhood on fire, you’re kinda screwed if you remain. 

              As far as bumping off another car, you’re right… but then you have to be prepared for that too – the only form of transportation you can rely on with any certainty is the Shoe Leather Express and a backpack. 

              • In addition, imagine what’s going to happen at gas stations. There will be more blood on the ground than gas in the underground tanks. Cars will be scattered in droves up and down the interstates and all along the back roads when they run out of fuel. Literally thousands of desperate souls will be migrating away from one battle field to another.


                Fires will erupt at gas stations all over the country. One will want to be as far as they can get from: grocery stores, gas stations, gun stores, sporting goods stores. Those areas will become the “killing fields”.


                Got a little stored gas in the garage?

          • Bugging out is suicide. Use common sense.

            • Driving back from Vegas on Wednesday starting in san Berdo the traffic on the 15/215 was bumper tp bumper. This extended all the way to the Sandy Eggo area on the 15 where we exited at the 52 to go East. If things can get so blocked up simply because of people getting off work a couple of hours early imagine how it will be in a real emergency when everyone bags ass. The 15 is an eight lane sometimes wider freeway all the way except for a few spots. Hundred miles of traffic jam.

              • Lucky for us we were headed South the traffic was Northbound. Too many people and So. cal will be a death trap for anyone who tries to bug out.

        • yep, in more ways than one. i plan on starting my algae bio-fuel project come december. hopefully i will have it up and running by the middle of next year. if everything works out i will have my very own supply of diesel. no need to go to the gas station. after that if there is still more time i plan on buying the right strain of algae so i can make ethanol and bio-diesel.

          • OGK, so whats the plan.  SIP and sell fuel or is this plan to make fuel going to be done when and if you get to your BOL?  Sounds pretty complicated. What do you need in the way of raw materials and how will you replace those materials.  Just curious what the plan is and if you could provide a Readers Digest summary of how it is done.  Thanks, BigB

            • since i can’t afford a BOL, so i decided to make my current location as self reliant as possible. so if the shit hits the fan yes i will sell the fuel. i have a large enough extended family that makes that possible to do that.

              the process of growing algae is very similar to growing  aquatic plant, which you are. there are two different methods of growing algae. 1. a photo bio-reactor or 2. a open pond method.   i plan on staying small scale, which consist of using a strain of algae of your choice either a strain from your local pond or a strain that you buy from online or from university, clear plastic bottles of some type, fish tank air hoses with air pump, lighting and water. for best growth you need a way to put carbon in the water that is the main thing that algae feed on. so i plan on staying small scale like that until i get the process down. but once you get the process down, i plan on using the photo bio-reactor method. the first method works any where because it is grown in tubes. so it can be grown on the inside or outside of a building. you just have to be able to control the tempure. the ideal temp is from 80-90 degrees

              certain strains of algae  has a very high oil content. so picking the right strain is very important. depending on the strain of algae you pick you can make diesel, ethanol, jet fuel, almost any type of fuel that you can make with standard oil. diesel is the easiest to make. you are are not using the type of algae that grows on top of the water or sea weed style of algae. well you can you see weed style of algae but it takes alot and it doesn’t have a high oil content. but the type that grows in the water is the best.. once you get enough algae you take it out of the container and put it into a press and force all of the oil out of the plants. once you are done with that step you end up with two by products. 1. the plant part, that once you dry it and make sure you have all of the oil out  you can feed it to live stock. and 2. the algae oil.

              after that, the process is the same as if you are taking vegetable oil and turning it in to diesel fuel. well that is if you are making standard diesel. if i want to make ethanol or a different fuel type, the process becomes longer and more equipment  is needed. 

              it is not as hard as it sounds. and the best part is the fact that it is not part of the food chain. and the worst part is the fact that it uses a lot of water. but you can use fresh water or salt water depending on where you are at. the type of water you use will determine the strains that you will be able to use. i will be able to give you a lot more detail once i start my project in the middle of December.

              as i like to say “the hardest part is getting started”.

              • Excellent, I look foward to hearing more and seeing what your results are.

              • you must be using some sort of solvent that leaves no residue? Isopropyl alcohol perhaps?

        • Good thing, as the world is blowing up, people are focused on what is really important…Money. Greed is more important than anything else, I geuss. After all, it’s the greed of the parasites that have gotten the world this deep into a rut to begin with.



      3. Pretty cool – I saw your website in there, Mac!

        • An SHTFplan cameo!


          • Brought to you by ” I told you so, Mac”. Enjoyed it and you got to admit the film does stir up many a thoughts.

            Stay calm, let others panic and don’t be suprised at what happens and to/by whom. It is getting close.

      4. Why did silver drop at first??

        • Silver doesn’t have as many commercial pressures on it as gold. 

          Both are used extensively in the tech and electronics industry, but gold gets top slot because it has a better conductivity and doesn’t tarnish. Silver used to be more heavily used back in the day for two real biggies: photographic film and home goods (silverware as a literal example), which made it more resistant to movement. But, times have changed… most folks have stainless cutlery and such, and film is now an anachronism.

          Both still have industrial and commercial uses, but silver not so much these days. 

          • I thought silver had increasing uses, esp. military appliucations, even though for x-ray development andf other photograhy use has become non existant.


            For the record, isn’t silver the most reflective (mirrors) and best conductor, even better than gold?

            • Silver does make the best mirror, though usually it’s in an alloy (forgot what it’s alloyed with) – gold sucks in that category because of color. 

              As for conductors, silver is initially the most excellent conductor, but quickly loses that when it tarnishes, requiring a protective coating (which in turn adds to the unit cost). It’s usually cheaper to just use a gold-plated conductor instead if that kind of conductivity is required.

              • I disagree. Silver is cheap even with the additional process. That is why the GB’s suppress the price of silver. It fuels their electronics industry.

                OQ you are usually right but you missed it this time.  🙂

              • When Israel lights up Iran it will not be the start of WW III. It will just be another Mid East war. The  NEXT war after this one will be WW III. But not yet.

                Read your Bible. WW III starts 3.5 years after the Peace Treaty from the coming conflict; for however long it lasts.

                But keep prepping.

                • Hey!!!!

                  They didn’t mention the Peace Treaty in my Bible. I got ripped off, darn it!

                  ~ D

                • Yes you did go read it again. Or are you thinking of the TV verison.

                • Daisy: Yes you did!!! 🙂  In Revelation (it must be missing in your Canadian version), the anti-christ concludes a seven year peace treaty in the middle east (probably stemming from the coming invasion of Syria by NATO). 

                  Then there is Peace and Safety all around for 3.5 years.

                  After the 3.5 years of peace, he invades the middle east and starts WW III. My personal belief is that this invasion co-incides with dramatic Earth Changes (possibly from Nibiru) and the Pole Shift that transforms everything.

                  WWIII cannot begin until after the THIRD TEMPLE is rebuilt on the Temple mount, as the anti-christ presents himself in the TEMPLE as God. How long will it take to rebuild the TEMPLE?

                  More hype from Future Money Trends. If they are going to predict hyperinflation then they need to understand money and banking. If they are going to predict WW III, they should at least follow the scriptures.

                  Don’t cha think?  🙂


                • DK   I agree often with you but. Scriptures is not needed for Man to go to war and kill each other.

                  I will not argue believes or one’s faith.  But religions I will.

                  When it come to wealth Man will “Murder” all day long.

                  For future reference there is a difference between killing and murder.

                • Sorry…but the Bible is not that clear on “when” WWIII will start.

                  Lots of folks get real dogmatic about the “when” of things……like folks who say that the church will be raptured out before the tribulation.  I was raised with that doctrine pounded into me.  But…then I started reading my Bible and discovered that there is just as good of an argument that it may occur midway….or even at the end.

                • Walt: I appreciate what you say about the Rapture, and if you and others want to call the immanent war in the ME WW III that’s ok with me; but then everyone should understand that the Antichrist starts WW IV 3.5 years after he signs a peace treaty with Islam from a coming conflict.

                  Lots of time my peeps. but keep prepping. Scripture tells the story for those who are willing to read it. Just make sure your Bible was not printed in Canada!

                  Kisses, Daisy!!! 🙂

          • The advent of digital photography took silver reclamation down some too. You can use an electrolysis-like plating method to extract PMs from film and negatives used in photography. I worked at the Oregonian newspaper in Portland Or, and hit up some of the photographers for their croppings. You actually get more silver out of that stuff than one might think. The method is cheap, and the reclaimed particles are pure. Best thing is, there is NO paper trail, no matter how much you accrue.

          • Silver is the second most utilized commodity on the planet, after oil.  It has most industrial and technical applications now than ever in history.

            Batteries on every missle, for example, are fabbed from silver. They are the most durable and powerful. you couldn’t/wouldn’t pay the price to put them in your vib, er, flashlight. But Uncle Sam doesn’t mind. And at boom time, all that silver is vaporized, not to be recovered.  Ck it out, we have less above ground silver now than gold! Which one should be more valuable?

        • Because it’s odd…if oil goes up, less demand for products which products require a LOT of silver. higher oil = less industry = less silver demand

          just a guess

          or else it’s an unfinished mini meme in the video that wasn’t explained later

      5. And also, who is Tyler Durden? Never heard of him? Is this another opne of those confusing Who’s john Galt thing?? Never understood that either

        • Tyler Durden is the ‘Author’ name for most of the original content produced at The name was originally used in the movie Fight Club.

          • Kinda fits in this context:


            “The first rule about prepping is…”

            • Except when online behind mystic handle and hidden faces.

            • The second rule about prepping is….

              • Talk to everyone you can about prepping. If all your neighbors are preppers you dont have to worry about very much.

          • If you blow up the little face photo next to “submitted by Tyler Durden.” you’ll see it is Brad Pitt.

          • You know, Mac, you are one very excellent fellow.  I can say this on good authority.  This is your site, and yet you give it to us latitude to post about most anything.  When you find pause to add your .02 it is always thoughtful, compact and spot on (worth a silver eagle to me).  I truly appreciate that you maintain your integrity like you do. 

            So here’s a big, old sloppy hug from little old wee.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your kin.  Hopefully you can put SHTFplan to bed just for one day and count what counts. 

            I heard a very rude MSM guy making suggestion for doing ‘one for the team ‘ tomorrow with misguided folk on a ‘conservative’ talk radio.  I had think – how about we just simply don’t talk IT on just one tiny day out of 365.  Be humble, patient and kind and let the peace restore your soul. 

            Okay – sorry, I’m babbling on.  I’m the peace-keeper on Thanksgiving and my tribe knows better than bring sour milk to the gathering.  If we aren’t going to be THANKFUL, then I’m not bringing my world famous dressing! Ha-there!

            Peace and love to all my other family here at SHTF.

            ~..~ wee

        • …if you do not know who Tyler Durden is then…well…you aren’t ready for what’s coming. End of story.  As for Silver dropping in Dollar price for a few minutes who cares?  Silver will spend better than anything else were something like this to happen.

      6. Aaaghhh! I need more preps!

      7. Great video, but I hope people realize that it is a scam to take your money.

        Step 1 – Get the people scared with a real world idea that could potentially happen at any time.

        Step 2 – Get the scared people to join your news letter.

        Step 3 – Send stock market suggestions explaining that a stock is going to explode really soon.

        Step 4 – People start to invest and the stock begins to rise, slowly at first.

        Step 5 – People see the rising stock and all jump on board to make money.

        Step 6 – The creators of the video ride the market and allow the stock to skyrocket before selling off their shares at 10 times the original price.

        Consequences – Scamming complete, creators rich, share falls rapidly, costing many unwitting people a lot of money.

        I have seen this before, luckily I never fell pray to it. But I was certainly tempted before I knew what I do now.


        • 1) it’s spelled “prey”

          2) a simple trick to avoid being scammed: don’t buy stock just because someone tells you to. Only buy stock after doing your own independent research.

          • I misspelled one word and you find it necessary to point that out? When I reviewed it after I posted, I noticed it too, but unfortunately we can not edit these posts.

            Obviously you would think it was that simple. A lot of people fall for the scam that is why the stock surges. Many of our type of community, the people who are not supposed to be idiots fall for it. People like me try to help others. Those negative thumbs on my post could just make some people think I am full of it. They may decide to invest in that stock suggestion and eventually get screwed out of their money.


            • Believe it or not, I thumbed it up after a later post of yours explaining further.

              All that said, the pump/dump scams have been around online since online trading. I remember back as far as 2001 seeing some jackass spam-touting some worthless penny stock, thinking everyone would jump on it. 


              Almost as old as the Nigerian/419 scams…

        • Is it a sales pitch sure.  Does not mean it or something much like it couldn’t happen.

          We have invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, and tossed Libya’s dictator into a grave and put Epypts in prison.  Assad is next, but wait he’s not some country hick colonel he’s a PHD with western academic credentials.  Think he might go a little differently?  Ever since hamas started launching missiles into Israel we haven’t heard much about Syria  — except an Iranian \ Syrian “peace” summit.  Hmmm

          So who’s to say Assad doesn’t send a few hundred of his best and brightest acrosss our southern border?  What happens when they knock the lights out on the “biggest shopping day of the year” and send everyone home due to a few car bombs?  How well does our consumption economy go on after that?  How long would the sheeple masses take to clear out the grocery stores, empty the gas pumps and imagine no gas lines – because there is no gas. 

          It probably won’t happen like the video – but it could happen.  The more we piss off petty dictators like Assad the sooner one of them is going to say…screw this I’m fighting back.

          • It’s all about us, keeping our nose out of other countries business, even when they have natural resources we’d like to control. THAT is one secret to mid-east peace. Maybe they’d stop fighting so much if WE’D stop covertly overthrowing their elected governments and installing our puppet regimes for our own gains.

            We could use the extra trillions for our own economy right now…

            • You mean like rebuilding cities in Iraq, and Afghanistan when our own infrastructures are crumbling?

              That is why I say ‘they’ know something…rule #1–don’t shit in your own nest…rule #2–clean up your own back yard first.

              • What if real reasons for zero done to fix Our usa infrastructures along with tens of millions of un-american and hate american third worlders invading our borders and refuseing to ever leave.

                What if the one worlders or NWO/JWO crowd who we KNOW desire and Plan on massive Depopulation agendas etc are planing to Whack america from existence?

                Besides a vast desire to exterminate All whites, especially usa whites, that crowd of globalists wants to rid the earth of many more other race types also.

                Why fix Our roads, bridges etc if they plan to lay utter waste to it soon?…..I do not know if true or not. But Something really Fisheys going on eh. Between cash to isreal last 60 yrs, and cash to “nation Build” while america rots from within?

                Why?…….They do know the answers to Their plans. When it becomes evident to all, look out…..I just hope its found out in time to deal with the they or them types who doing all this Evil.

                Make america the 110th nation to give em the BOOT!   Das Boot! Das Guten!……Boot em, Loot em and Hang em all!

            • With that rational please tell me why we didn’t take a drop of oil from Iraq ?  Should we have not at least been paid for freeing them of a prick like Saddam?  Maybe our deficit wouldn’t be so high.


              With that in mind I would like to know why if we will not destroy the opium fields in Afganastan we do not do as Al Queda (sp) does and demand a piece of the pie for letting it go on?  I really don’t get that whole way of thinking over there.

              • Freeing them? You believe that crap???

              • The Iraq War was an orchestrated event by the Bush/Cheny(military supplier) as a two fold event.  Get back at Saddam, find his billions in US Dollars/Gold and steal it back and then set up a corrupt system whereby a portion of all crude oil sales are funneled thru TPTB’s accounts and distributed to the Iraq cronies in positions of leadership. 

                 Afganistan is another crony deal and the whole underlying reason for US involvement will eventually surface.  Heroin is part of it.

                 TPTB aren’t stupid.  They feed the sheeple this crap about “we’re fighting the terrorists over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here”; and they eat it like sugared cereal.

                 When the US military is pulled out of  Afganistan it will be because they have a much bigger mission elsewhere and the military machine $$ keep flowing.   There will be no less terrorists in the world and if anything, they will be more empowered than before 9/11.  We, in the USA and Canada, are more vulnerable for terrorist attacks today than ever before.  It is our freedom of gun ownership and the willingness to die for that freedom and protection of our own, that is holding the terrorist cells back from their planned attacks.   They will eventually try to pull something off.

          • I hear Assad’s going to work alongside Bill Ayers.

            • Bob…Syrias Assad is a phd And also an Eye Surgeon by training etc. He was schooled here I think. Or in euro univ’s.

              While 99% of isreal and jew are trained fully by Talmude. Go read some passages from talmude specifically on how talmudiacs views Us gentiles and Christians and Our Lord Christ.

              If all info is from MSM like Faux(fox) news?….You never will get it.

              Untill them racial supremisistic jews come for You and Yours!…unless you aint a hated gentile of course.

      8. Ha!  I just sent Mac the link to this, not realizing he’d already posted it.

        Typical me….day late and a dollar short.  LOL!

      9. i dont think it gets as bad as to the point where you need gas masks or a place to bug out to(if you dont live in a city of any size).

        i mean, the world went thru the depression with a world war going on and society still functioned.

        now, i do believe whats coming will be worse as when countries start defaulting on their debt; its going to make things real bad and that the world and US has turned away from GOD and the bible which means they’re will be a lot of people that will kill you for a sandwich or money to get thru the day; but armageddon i don’t see.

        the governments will default, it will be bad for a lot of different types of financial assests; but they’ll move on and get moving again.

        i’m expecting in a city of any size, food shortages, blackouts lasting for days and areas of the city that you dont go after dark. i think eventually the unprepared will die out or kill each other in a couple of months and aloow the govt to keep on, keeping on by those that are willing to endure the tough times . i fully expect nothing to change and those in power know will stay in power.


        • leeholsen.

          No gas masks?  Ever  been tear gassed? Once it is dispearsed it goes with the wind and you may just be down wind.




        • leeholsen:

          I  think you need to reread your post and understand how truly awful the scenario you are describing is. If that doesn’t make you want to hunker down and lay low with your supplies, what would it take?  What is coming is not going to be comparable to the Great Depression – that era is going to look like the “good ole days” in comparison to what’s coming.

          What does it take to be classified as “Armageddon” for you?

          • You stated that people might kill you for a sandwich.
          • You stated that the government would default on its debts.
          • You stated that  the unprepared will die out or kill each other in a couple of months.

          How much worse does it have to get? I don’t understand how you can refer to  all of the above as not “a change”.

        • leeholsen, Most of us would feel fortunate if our future was simply a repeat of the Great Depression. Our future will be more bleak, more violent. The violence will erupt as anger and desperation grow.

          Please compare the population percentage of violent offenders, criminal acts, and those incarcerated and how it has increased since the Depression. We are not the same moral, patriotic society as we were in the Depression and this can be proven statistically.

      10. Thanks Mac, posted to

      11. Not as gloomy as I anticipated.  We would be at the retreat by 10AM while most people are still wondering what happened. It’s better to be early a dozen times and have to come home feeling foolish as being late once might make me the “late Prepared Pastor.”

        Maybe I should rethink having a TV there. Listening to the world end on the radio just wouldn’t be the same as watching it live.

        • PP, 

          That is a huge question for my family.  We have enough to live here for over a year, but we are within 40 miles of the largest city in the state.  What are the triggers?  How long do we bug in (or do we) before heading to the primary BOL?  Do we invite anyone to go with us?  Too many questions to get all the answers, but I’d like to get more input from others.  OQ began to cover this in his 2nd post.

          Esse Quam Videri

          • I would not plan on having a year before the zombies from the city make it out past the forty mile point.  I guess it all depends upon your location in terms of what is on past you and where will the masses be heading to/for.    Plenty of woods and water? Maybe.  Densely populated pockets? So they have more victims in a concentrated rural setting?  We just don’t have all the answers to all the scenarios.

             Our plan is to, “Plan for the worst, and Hope for the best”.  Keep the powder dry and keep the firearms close, with plenty of ammo.

            • Don’t Tread, 

              I have no doubt that SHTF is NOT going to be the exact way any of us plan for, so “plan for the worst” is the best I can do.  I think it would be easier to pull the trigger and G.O.O.D. after an EMP, Nuclear attack, etc. etc.  I see difficulty if NYC, LA, and Chicago are in flames, but the SE US (where I live) is still pretty secure.  Planning to bug out in that case is tough b/c you definitely don’t want to get caught in the herd, but access to resources is more limited at the BOL.  

              Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust and wrote about it in “Night”.  One story was about how the “village idiot” witnessed what the Nazi’s were doing while traveling abroad.  He came back to his village and tried to warn everyone to no avail.  About the time the “idiot” gave up trying to warn people, the trains rolled in to town and started loading people up.  

              The sheepdogs must be vigilant in their awareness of threats and careful not to let the message get diluted.  The train is coming.

              • Now you read eli the weasel books, try reading another jew guys story who SUED eli for lies and defamation in FED ct, and Won his case as he proved eli was NEVER in any camps!……Also look at jewtube videos of elis NO tatoo on arm stuf!

                Eli used that jew guys photo as proof it was elis best buddy in auswhitz camp. Yes the other jew guys Was at that camp…..Eli Was NOT!

                Check the video of a NPR(?) interview of eli where reporter asks eli “Well you eli Admit that proof solid shows You lied”…..What have You to say for that eli?……ELI= “Yes its proven what I wrote of never occured…..So what! I still Believe it….And You should Too!”

                Try reading real facts by various Jew myth exposers like david duke(DR phd historian) or Micheal Hoffman’s work online debunking most jew and isreal Myths and Lies of holyhoax Holocaustianity beliefs.

                • Angelo, 

                  Everything you say might be correct, but you wrap it up in so much antisemitism I can’t focus on any of your points.  

                  So you may have something good to say, but the way you said it discredits you.  THAT is part of the point of the story about the village idiot.  He was telling the truth, but no one believed him.  It’s also exactly why people associate secession with slavery, b/c the good points some secessionists make are marred by abject racism.


                  God Bless Israel.

                  Esse Quam Videri


              • I like Eli Wiesels writings, and what he has written is true.  I believe the name of that so-called village idiot was Mosher, “the Beadle.” I have always identified with Mosher, in that most people see me as the village idiot for various reasons such that I do not go to bar, listen to worldly music, attend worldly events, and other things, that represent that I am not on their idiotic level in the way they see things; and you can learn a lot about a person by what they say.  However, a person’s  English grammar use is not a requirement in judging the character, intelligence, and aptitudes of any person, since I would align with any unschooled person who knew how to fix things in a complete grid-down situation that probably will occur, and many of us dream that it might occur so we can have fun surviving in the use of our acquired preps and knowledge.   I have in the past warned some people, and because of their reactions I learned quickly to start downplaying any thing I said into just a two-week survival plan or so,  similar to what FEMA says to do in case we have a blizzard or an electrical outage for a few days or so. Even though I think something much greater and horrendous is about to take place.

                I am highly intelligent and I am a God-fearing believer in Christ, who is very academic, yet the dumb-downed masses that surround me in the small town where I live start rumors that I am disabled and on disability, which I am not or on.  So, no one ever takes my warnings seriously, that is, I am just a “Beadle” to them.I appreciate the comments on this site that are helpful and I appreciate the well-written articles.  I do not know how it will exactly play out, but I have an edge given to me,  thanks to all of you, of how I will react to different scenarios by the many good ideas and recommendations.that you have posted.  At this time, I have stopped warning anybody. If they cannot realize for themselves that all is not right, and that we have entered into a dangerous period of world history, nothing I will say will convince them. It seems that people just want to live their lives in a vain, material way of constantly coveting more and more of things which will serve them no good when the coming chaos begins in full force. I am a wise believer in Christ, and I know some believers in Christ will want to help every one in need, but they must remember, that we are told by the Lord Jesus to be wise as a serpent to not let others hurt us, yet to be gentle as a dove that we will not hurt others (not the exact quote). I am not going to help those who are evil, and violent, or the town bullies where I live. But rather I need to be wise, and realize that it is these persons who will try to harm me when they are hungry, and they will have no restraint in themselves to invade my home. But I am taking account of the good people, and especially the elderly, who will need extra care.I think it is a good thing to appear hungry after an event, and to ask for food of any kind if available by kind neighbors, or even by the government in its emergency hand-outs.  But keep in mind once your kind neighbors who have helped you, are hungry, help them by restoring what they gave to you, and more if possible. If the death rate is high in your area, I would as soon as you can invade the homes of the dead to take any water, food, or emergency supplies. If the death rate is gradual, I recommend hiding out in your home or BOL.


                • Anyhow, I am sorry that my paragraphs did not take hold when I clicked on the “Submit Comment.”  I had my post all in short, readable paragraphs for your reading ease.

        • Just consider it a “drill”, then you are simply practicing, not being foolish.


        • Just hope one of your “retreat neighbors” isn’t named Judas.

      12. The USA is like my neighbor’s dog…..blind in one eye, walks on three legs, missing an ear, recently castrated…..Answers to the name “Lucky”. Well, this country’s luck is running out. If the people understood modern economic theory they would kill the economists and go back to barter…Oh wait….They soon will.

      13. I got thumbs down on my post that was supposed to spread awareness. I find it ironic that on an awareness site, people don’t wish to be properly informed. Google the words “pump and dump”. That is what NIA and FutureMoneyTrends (both sites and videos made by the same people) do with their inflation nation newsletter. What they put in the videos is supposed to attract the awareness community. The video plays off of current events and possible future events to scare people into joining their newsletter which pummel you with stock suggestions and paragraphs upon paragraphs about “how their research shows an coming uptick in the market”. It is quite an ingenious scheme.


        • The easiest sheep to fleece are the one’s who think they are not.  Pride comes before destruction even for those who “woke up” and “saw the writing on the wall.”

        • GregorKlusar

               Sometimes you’re the Hero and somethimes you get flamed. You put it out there and that what counts.

          Didn’t you  know the whole world agrees with me?

              @ Mac. What’s the record for the most thumbs down?



          • @ Mac. What’s the record for the most thumbs down?

            …I bet it has the word “FIRST!!!11!!!” as its content. 😉

            • I think the record is close to a hundred, and I am the proud owner of that record!!!  🙂

              • NOt close I have a 150 to my name. And I remember one higher.

                •      HELL, I would have thought Mr.Mysteriouso would have got that HONOR!!!???


                • I think you are right that sounds right. It was at about 250 something when the new story took over. And it was something stupid.    At least I earm my thumbs

                • Damn! I’ll have to try harder!!! One higher? Maybe its me!!!  🙂

                • Alot of thumbs down on a post thats based on facts and truth, shows either the Group/Herd mentality is alive and strong even here with aware folks…..

                  OR, its Proves how swell vast majority of americans have bought into the vast brainwashing cycle they endured entire lives from Public schools-Univ’s-and MSM/Govnt propagandas.

                  And No other issue or subject Proves how dumbed down so many are than any mention of jews or isreal.

                  When its them posted of, evangelical jewdeo whackos as well as athiest types most always revert to Trained like Pavlovs dogs Kneejerk reaction and mass white guilt to rise to defend poor always victim jews.

                  Decades of viewing or attending churches such a John Haggee or Pat Robertson or Jerry Fallwells, has much to do with such wrong headed thinking.

                  But when it comes to those two issues, them bullheaded “christain” types are worse than Dem Liberal clowns in never admit when proven wrong.

                  A Quick CURE is shut OFF tv pastors, and READ a bible yourself. Read INTO it not over the words contained.

                  Compare to all what them jew 1ster preachers spews out daily. HUGE difference. Of course when at least Two of the Three pastors mentioned here got a FREE JET plane and Millions in CASH from 100% Jew sources?……Can any blame such fake pastors to be so biased For all things jew?

                  And of course if one person like me points out these facts it gets many thumbs down. Thats fine as I rather know Truth than live in fantacy bias lies all my life as so many seem to love doing.

                  I bet alot are former dem libs eh…..They got alot in common.

      14. 6.1 down in Chile



      15. hey have a question for all the more well prepped preppers. I have a 2 hr commute (1way) 4days a month. i have my get home bag the question is besides my sidearm what rifle does anyone recommend for a 5-6 day walk home if the shtf happens while I’m away. me debate is 22lr with an easy 1k of ammo or .223 M4gery with +/- 500 rds?  

        • lots will have weapons more powerful than a .22 lr. I recommend an M4. Went to my gun store last week and noticed they had a  replacement upper and magazine that allows the weapon to fire .22 lr. Just an idea. .22 ammo is cheap. Maybe get the M4 knock-off and 1000 rounds. Then look around for a replacement .22 upper and magazine. Might come in handy.

        • M4   No question. You are defending yourself. Not hunting. You need ammo and power.

          • Get a breakdown Kel Tec and carry a pistol in a matching caliber

        • I have given some thought to this myself.

          The downside to carrying a rifle of any kind, is that it will immediately obvious that you are armed.  You will draw all kinds of unwanted attention from any law enforcement officers still on the job.  If they are struggling to keep order, you may be arrested….or worse…shot on sight.

          The object will be to get home and remain as low-key as possible in the process.  And part of that will mean that you will want to dis-engage from any conflicts as quickly as possible.  You aren’t out to win a war.  You’re trying to get home alive.

          I have Maxpedition Jumbo versipack.  Relatively small…but holds a lot of survival items.  And it has room for a handgun.  I keep one of these in both my vehicles.  My weapon/s of choice……in one I have a Sig 2022 in 9mm with two extra magazines.  That’s 46 rounds available to me (plus one in the chamber). In the other bag for my other vehicle, I have a Sig 526 in 9mm as well….again….45 rounds +1.  

           I prefer .45 cal…but in this situation, I want more rounds.

          The bag slings over my shoulder and rests on my right hip.  The pistol is in a zippered pocket.  Easily accessible.  Totally concealed.

          Again…depending on how bad things are going with the zombies…..the object will be to get home as quickly and safely as possible.  If it’s a total FUBAR situation, I will likely lay low during the day..hiding wherever possible…and move only at night.  This means I want to have some dark clothing in my vehicle all the time.

          • .45 with more rounds..

            look at the Springfield XDM..cant go wrong.

            I carry mine daily..yes I carry a full size .45, and that aint all, but I’ll leave it at that

            • just remember its not so much caliber, as it is shot placement..carry what you are skilled and comfortable with, in my case thats no hand gun under .40 cal, unless it has a very large capacity and you have no issues with pulling the trigger until the threat is gone.


              • VRF..etal

                Next purchase will be either the s&w shield 9 or 40..just for concealed carry..not being an expert..any suggestions on either?Have head better placement with the 40 at the range than the 9mm…

                Have the shot the 40 m&p and loved it..but quite bulky for ccw.



                • had..typo

            • Too big.  Full sized, Double-stack .45’s don’t fit my hand well.  I bought and sold two very fine pistols before I figured that out.  I still have my H&K USP Compact in .45….but it has a slimmer grip…but it’s also only 8 rounds.  In the “normal” world, I prefer that.  But the FUBAR world demands slightly different tactics and strategy.

              In a “get back home” situation, I want to have more rounds to fire between magazine changes.  And I don’t have a lot of room in my bag for a bunch of magazines.  So..I’m limiting it to a 15 round mag in the gun and two spares.  I may throw a box of 9mm in the trunk and see if I can fit it in a pocket…but that’s the extent of what I’m going to do.

              I went with Sig’s because of their utter reliability.

        • my favorite is an old breakdown 410 over/under. Each piece is a little over a foot long and you can easily fit it into a gym bag. Some might argue that you have to take the 30 seconds it takes to put it together, but I say that of you are situation aware, you’ll have that time. The pros outweigh the cons, IMO.

          • I have a breakdown over and under 410/22LR that is my all time favorite.  They call it a farm and ranch gun cause you can throw it in the back of the truck and forget about it.  Pretty near indestructable.  Holds about 20 22LR and 4 410 in the stock.  I take it everywhere.

          • I used to have a 12ga Cheep toper brand shotgun. It was a sawed off legit size 18in barel and 26 1/2 in overall sized.

            Its a single shot 12 ga, and if you Remove the screw that holds the forestock attached Under the barrel, The forstock will still attach good and not fall off etc.

            You can take it apart in a couple seconds flat. Then you got just Three pieces. Put 18in barrel down Right front of pants down your leg kinda, put the small wood forstock into Left blujeans front pocket, and put remaining Trigger and chamber part into Right Back panyt pocket(this is for RIGHT Handed people).

            Then cover with Only a normal blue jean or flannel shirt and leave shirt tails UN tucked. Leave shirt unbuttoned or only use One middle button.

            With alot of practice, you can walk into say a bar and in aprox less than 10 sec, reassemble gun, load 12ga shell and Fire it!

            Nobody can tell you are pakin it neither with practive in walking and sitting etc!

            I garentee you if you ever need enter a bar or any other location and take care of buisness?……Most likely once all present see that sawed off in your hands ready to fire….You probobly wont even need to fire it then!

            No matter how mean and bad any group or bikers etc are, None will make a move once that sawed off is pointed at their general direction!

            This was what I carried in detroit 20 yrs ago, so if cops arive or car pulled over etc, its just a NON gun taken all apart in 3 pieces. With a few 12 ga shells in shirt pockets…..I dealt with several such cop scenarios and never had a problem.

            Its not a CCW gun if apart in pieces. Just hunks of steel and wood is all!

            But very great incase of troubles!    Very cheep too, got mine used for $40 cash!…….With No4 Buck in 12 ga 3in its sufficent to get away from problems or avenge other problems.

            TO REASSEMBLE Quickly:….Grab main chamber/trigger assembly from back right pocket with right hand, pull barrel from right leg pants area with Left hand and quckly snap together, LOAD one 12ga shell into open barrel……..Slam shut(carefull! it Can be fired now!).

            Then final move is use Left hand to grab front wood stock from left front pants pocket(can use left back pocket but is slower to grab etc) slap it into position on alrerady closed and Loaded gun and you are ready to do serious negotiating with even several perps at a time.

            With practice this all can be done Very fast….Like 5 seconds start, to Fire gun. I won’t name any bars this worked in! Its more a Try it yourself thing.

            PS..leaves Zero Balistics on fired round!!……Nothing for Officials to find but dead perps!

            • A 2nd method to pak my 12 ga sawed off gun, was to Keep it assembled fully, and use the drilled hole in what remained of rear stock portion to run para cord  or leather shoelace thru and tie into a loop. Like a latge lanyard kinds.

              Then you can carry it with looped cord over shoulder and let it hand down straight alonside you bodys side under a shirt. Or Coat.

              To use and fire gun just swing shirt to side while grabbing gun with left hand and swing gun into proper fire position. Then load a 12 ga shell and ready to rock and roll. Or can carry Loaded already for faster acuisition.

              But if cops stop you it Will be a concealed gun and 5yr felony etc.

              Best way is prior post on taken down style carry. Both methods work real swell though and paks alot of firepower in small pakage.

              • you are an idiot and if someone considers this a good idea they are just as stupid. you will get the user killed.

      16. don’t want to ruin anyone’s Thanksgiving




        “A truly disturbing story. Army and Navy suicide rates are at an all-time high. It seems soldiers don’t like being sent off to fight foreign wars for oil and so J.P. Morgan can rape the resources of Afghanistan. And the military’s solution? Nasal spray. Truly pathetic.”


        “This story, as much as any I have read, perfectly demonstrates the mindset of the elite power structure in the United States. Faced with the highest number of suicides ever in the military do they try to figure out why? No. Of course, it can’t have anything to do with the fact that these troops are merely fighting for corporate interests and the petrodollar. No, couldn’t be that. It couldn’t be the fact that they see the government implementing a police state back home for their friends and relatives while they fight for “freedom” abroad. It couldn’t be the fact that more and more military personnel realize the whole “war on terror” and the “war on drugs” are a fraud and that the elites think of American citizens are the real terrorists” 


        • @Satori – thank you.  I have a special little gal, bull-dog type, that had always ‘dreamed’ of serving.  I begged her to please wait… consider what is real and what is surreal.  She shrugged me off and just graduated today with a superior marksman badge in the USA Marines.  Proud of her, yes I am – she has come from a very turbulent past and needs to find success.  Unfortunately, I can only pray she has good men watching her back…as she deploys and maintains a balance to sustain. 

          I am very sick deep in my soul for this young one, so full of hope, vigor for life and it’s a crying DAMN shame she might just be wasted by  the sick, twisted *@%# folks.  I had to send her a ‘congrats’ because she worked so hard to endure what some here might bash as sexist, but I  am too old to think females should not be in the line of fire no matter how we failed them.

            I weep knowing what waits this beautiful young lass.  We are a messed up society and I am ashamed for my part. 

          • WVITW

            She is going to be just fine.  She is a United States Marine and a superior marksmen, but being concerned for her welfare is understandable. Marines watch everybodies back, because it is part of thier job description.

          • Support at all times. You will see that many who choose to end their lives had no real support from the beginning. Many of the PTSD Vet at the Clinic I help out at that survived their attempt seem to have had no support before hand. (Just my personal looks)  

            Support her no matter what happens to her or what she may have to do to survive.

            • My dh just got a brochure asking too many questions from VA…too invasive.

              After reading the part that the meeting after returning this questionnaire would only require 20 minutes for a blood sample…I destroyed it.


              • i know the people doing the study at american lake. it is a blind gentic study to see if they can help the vets with ptsd. 

        • The last time I checked military service was voluntary. If you are so absolutly retarded to join up and go fight against freedom and to enable total tyranny and sell out your country and family then you deserve every bit of it! Like Kissinger said many years ago ” soldiers are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foriegn policy” Even the elite look down on soldiers and cops as the lowest forms of life there is. And they are too damm stupid to even think for themselves wth they are really doing. They fight to enslave theyre families and destroy freedom and enable tyranny, support them? FU! DO YOU GET IT? Or maybe you should go back to your little bubble world and pretend Im full of sheet instead of doing any serious thinking. Much easier to defend ignorance than to labor with critical thinking. By the way, why the hell are you celebrating thanksgiving? I bet you never thought why… just did it because everyone else does. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming zzzzzzzzz

          • @ flotsam.

            Don’t worry about Thanksgiving. We will be hard pressed in the future  to remember it. You sound familiar.

            • yes its back he must of found a new money supporter

          • Sad but true flotsam, critical thinking is a thing of the past. People dont think anything through, they just react like animals all wrapped up in theyre false patriotism. I read somewhere that they call them dogtags because they really do consider them dogs. What a world.

          • Tell me your are being saracastic?  Please.  Because if your not you are a chicken shit piece of humanity.  How dare you insinuate that those who serve our country are any thing less than patriots serving out a blood oath to protect your sorry ass which I might add allows you the right to say what you said.  But I am sure you were just being saracastic.

        • The problem and the reason for the high suicide rates is that these heroes are being asked to make multiple deployments. Some have been in and out of combat three or four or five times.

          Its too much to ask.

          • I hear that over 40% of active service people haven’t been deployed in war zones at all. If I were a NG person, that would really piss me off to be dragged out of civilian life while some pencil-pusher geek stays safely in USA and pretends to have “served”.

          • I read online a post somewheres, that stated that out of over 5000 usa military deaths due to Combat related, less than FIVE deaths were of the jewsih varity of amricans service personal.(in iraq & afgan)

            Don’t know if its validated fact or not. But I do believe far less percentages of their tribe is enlisted when compared to overall percents in Fed gov and MSM and Hollywood etc.

            In fact I think the Only single place in all american society where jews actually represent a close to actual Population percentage, of, One Point Four percent only 1.4%, is in fact americas armed forces who do combat duty. Everywheres else their tribe is more like 90+% to even 99%(hollywood and MSM).

            Yet most every war zone Our folks die in is done strictly because the answer is YES, when the Question is…”is it Good for Jews or isreal”?

            Too many still Fall for that crap we was told of how “If we don’t fight em there, we will need do it here”…..One of Kommie tactics is always to engage target nations Military as Far away from Home country as posible, so when the kommies finally make their move to cause revolution against target country(america is target number One), their armed forces are too far from home to be any help. And with No way to get back here!

            The Duel citizens in NY and DC(mainly but also many other areas of usa) make certain Their kids never enlist!……Or they enlist in Isrealis IDF.

            I hope so many more awaken to all these jew lies and myths that soon none will join for these foolhardy events.

            And while yes I do respect and Honor all our military, I do not subscribe to this fake terror wars and nation building crap.

            Before 1948 usa had ZERO enemies in mid east. Today usa is most hated of all nations…….Thanks alot jews and jewdeo zionistic “christians”….

            • Do you go to a lot of KKK meetings with your hero David Duke?

              • Have you ever READ anything of david duke articles?….NO!

                Ever read Prof Kevin McDonalds articles?…NO AGAIN!

                Hows about Michael Hoffman articles?……Facts is You are an asshole like FBP and several here who still rely on and swear by what You heard from MSM(bet ya like fox tv news alot eh) or is it Glen Becks crap?

                It is idiots such as You who cannot argue real truth or facts so then You resort to slanderous name callings right!

                You are so brainwashed nothing I or other ever write or links we post will help. You are either the “Blind” led by the Blind?….OR You are the Leader whos Blind looking for more Fools to follow you.   Blind as a Bat either way.

                Get back to me After you self educate on various Real facts on jews etc. Start with the Hundred MIllion Whites and Christians, russian jews murdererd in Russia from 1918 onward till 1990 era!

                But YOU Wont go there right….YOU FEAR factual Truth if it deals with Your jew fantasys you bought into for so long.

                You are kinda like the fool idiot who refuses to admit he got Took in buying a Used car even when every week it breaks down…..You still believe the car salesman was Honest when he told you it was driven ONLY on Satudays when a small old lady drove it to her Sinagog of Satan training classes!

                Just stuff more banana peels into he trany, and sawdust into the Rear end gears, and all will remain super swell……Untill next week at car breakdown time eh.

                Bless them Honest car sellers!!!

                • Dear Anti-Semite,

                  Gee, I  must have hit the mark.  You would be a great guard in a FEMA camp.  Calm down or your blood pressure will kill you.  However, you do tend to ramble.

                • Just rechecked his bio on Wiki ….. he is as wacki on the right end of the spectrum as the SPLC is on the left.  He’s a freaken NAZI!  Hello, his PhD is from a no-name, unaccredited school in the Ukraine — impressive.  I have no more time to waste with you.  Go burn a cross.

          • My son spent 2 years in Iraq (two different deployments) and 16 months in Afghanistan where he was injured. That was after being in Bosnia.  He is still going through surgeries and hopefully that will keep him stateside. Miraculously, his family is still together.

        • Satori…..dig a little deeper. While this is a sad statistic, the suicide rate among  veterans is comparable to that among the general population . This story is sensationalism. They pulled the same stunt in the 80s when they claimed there were more Nam vets that commited suicide than were killed in battle. Untrue. However, they need to stop pushing antidepressants on these kids.

      17. The Chinese would be pissed at the Iranians. They have big plans and a big refinery they are building.


        They didn’t mention any currency crashes in their video.

      18. Absolutely SHAMELESS commercialism.  I am surprised to see a blatant commercial on this site.

        • Oh good grief.

      19. Have a very blessed, safe,  and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

      20. Have a very blessed, safe, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

      21. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving…..perhaps tomorrow we should REALLY think about what we are truely thankful for…..for it surely cannot last…..Live, Love, and Be Ready……


        • Something for the Black Friday herds to think about (too bad they can’t think):  Does that store sell ANYTHING  that is worth trampling over your neighbor’s head over?

      22. The seminal efforts of 21st century missionaries to proselytize the nudists of San Francisco failed to produce progeny, though, the penal system did swell, under the dictates of the righteous. 

      23. Just keep buying.

        In 20 years…when you are old…and you need groceries….pull out a few coins and visit the coin dealer.  You’ll have plenty of folks to sell to.

        The prices will amaze you.


      24. Will Iran upon being attacked act on it?  Maybe not at first, then BANG.  It has to be remembered that the islam belief to bring that second coming of their prophet or whatever they think, there has to be a flare up in the Middle East.  Without this they believe that times will go on indefinitiely like they are.  A Middle East is very likely to go a third world war for several reasons. 

        First the Caspian Sea region is as important to Russia as the Gulf of Mexico is the U.S.  This truly is thought to be the last spot on the planet for easy oil extraction and everyone wants control of it.  Russia, China, the U.S. and Europe.

        Russia will not tolerate any further boxing in.  NATO was promised to Russia that they would not expand eastward,  This promise was broken and Russia loost not only ex-satellite states such as Poland, Czech republics, Hungary, and others, but they lost ex-USSR states such as Lativa and others to NATO.  Russia has promised IMMEDIATE invasion of the Ukraine should they attempt to join NATO.  Just look at how quickly Russia flattened Georgia in 4 days after they tried to go just a bit too far to the west.  The Monroe Doctrine almost had WW3 with Cuba, and Russia will no way, no how allow western powers to invade or occupy Iran and a major chunk of the Caspian Sea.  Russia will take their chances on launching their ICBM’s, because they lose the Caspian Sea area they lose their country anyway, Game OVER.

        China gets 1/4 of their oil from Iran.  The Chinese already burn enough coal to poison the entire planet for energy, their skies look like something from another planet like Venus.  To lose 25% of their oil supply means to lose a massive chunk of their energy to manufacture goods to sell and to run their infrastructure.  An Israeli attack is not enough to take out Iran’s nuclear industry, they need the U.S. for repeated bombings to get down to the buried under solid rock that their nuke industry is now at.  China has to prevent this or lose a big part of their industry.  China is no pushover, they now have what is called a blue water navy, and most of their navy is very new with the most modern technology.  They should have the most advanced technology, after all they build and assemble U.S. computer parts and even defense parts of the U.S. over there.  This is so stupid about selling out national defense to the enemy, that is another story.

        War start because one side “thinks” that they can defeat the enemy.  It is now a grave misconception on both sides that THEIR armed forces can win against the enemy.  You look at Hamas that should know after being sorely defeated would not try to go toe to toe with an army that is far superior, yet they do because they feel that they new weapons can defeat Israel.  Unless they have been given state of the art military from Russia or China, this is not the case.  Yet they continued to fire rocket after rocket into Israel until I truce was declared.  This sends a message to ALL arabs that Israel can be held back and even defeated.  Hezbollah actually won the 2006, barely but they did by almost sinking Israel’s flag ship missile cruiser destroying 100 of their best tanks, and keeping the northern part of Israel bottled up and terrified for weeks.  Iran now thinks it can defeat Israel, maybe even stop the U.S. They will fight and won’t surrender until Russia or China saves their own interest. 

        The U.S. or NATO cannot go after Russia or China inside their borders, doing so will be launch on warning, the skies are then filled with nuclear missiles.  Russia and China can continue to add to their military forces from home without being stopped.  This is a huge advantage in a land war on Russia’s home turf.  the U.S. and NATO will eventually lose in any prolonged war against China and Russia that somehow stayed conventional.

        When one side is losing, they almost always goes to their “special weapons”.  Either side the starts to lose will use their equalizers.  It may just be a small nuke at first to halt advancing armies on either side.  The second that one nuke is used, it will go just like the chain reaction of an atomic reaction right out of control. 

        War NEVER goes as planned, and the variables with mutiple nuclear powers at war will almost certainly not be contained every long.  The un is is a terrible joke, and when war starts there are few true safeguards to prevent it from becoming nuclear. 

        The days of easy energy are gone.  There may be a lot of oil sands and tar rock, but it is costly as hell to obtain a refined useable energy source.  Where the ratio of obtaining oil use to yield a 10 to 1 or higher of energy use to obtain energy.  Oil sands and tars usually yield a very low ratio of 1.75 to 1 or even as low as 1.25 to 1.  It takes a lot of energy to clean up and refine oil frozen in rock and sand.  When you have an area that still contains the remaining easy oil extraction, it a pretty nice prize for all.  A  lot of natural gas over there also that Europe needs desperately.  This is why the U.S., Russia, and China have so much interest over there.  You don’t see these countries in other areas that don’t have a strategic purpose. 

        I have rambled enough.  All I can say is that the second that Iran is hit, there is a good chance that it will continue to expand like a volcano until…………………..

        • Russia and Chins sit this one out. The Caspian Sea is a different theater altogether.No shortage of oil and gas. No shortage of energy. America has hundreds of years of hydrocarbons and has yet to truly tap its wind and tidal power. China has huge reserves of shale gas just as WE do. The South China Sea is awash in hydrocarbons that could supply China fora couple hundred years.

           This isn’t about oil. This is about Israel and Iran. 

          The “expansion” will come from Arab countries and they will be sooooo crushed militarily that they will have no choice but to allow Israel to build its Temple.

          Game on. Keep prepping.

          • @ durango kidd.  Natural gas yes, the world is not in short supply of natural gas at all. Oil, there is a serious shortage of cheap oil.  OPEC has long overstated how much oil they have to gain more say so in the decision processes. Hubbert long ago predicted that the world had about 2 trillion barrels of oil that was not locked up in rock or sand.  Hubbert accurately forecasted the peak oil in the U.S. within a few months back in 1970.  Petroleum as you know is not just used for fuel, it is used for fertilizers, in pesticides, big time in plastics, for lubrication, etc. etc, etc.

            Even with no drilling techiques, cheap oil is difficult to find.  Time and time again whenever there is the slightest problem in the Middle East for whatever reason, the U.S. is over there in a flash.  Other areas of the world there is seldom this type of interest.  The movement of naval forces is expensive and held accountable for in some sort of budget that one side of the congress or the other has to justify.  Playing devil’s advocate here.  Why would there be such an urgency with unrelated issues to Israel and Iran in OPEC nations unless there was a reason.  To me this is energy. 

            If the U.S. had an unlimited amount of energy then why bother with foreign areas?  Why does the U.S. still obtain about 60-70% of its oil for imports?  Oil is still extremely in demand, even with the other alternative energies available.  I suppose you could blame the oil cartels for going against refitting the society to run off of natural gas. Then again, petroleum is not just for energy alone. 

            The addiction to plastics is not good.  Plastic is lighter of course and more pliable, but it is oil based.  The use of glass has died out as there is plenty of sand around the world.  Glass of course takes more heat to make an object than plastic, but there are still many items that can still be made with glass.  I have to admit that plexiglass is sure safer, but if you forget to clean it right, it scratches easily.  Plastic has its place, but so does glass.

            Durango kidd, I also have longed wondered why the U.S. has not used tidal power, especially where it is channeled in and you can get the maximum amount of a turbine turning.  With solar panels, much plastic is used, but is being made more efficient each year.  Wind has a vast potential if you can get by the EPA that wants to protect bats from the wind mills’ blades that sometimes bats run into.  Absurd when you need energy.  Hydro power is always an option in areas where you have a good flow of water that is not too stagnant.

            If Israel does build the temple and the arab lose their doom rock, this will be the sign of the end.  There are still over a billion muslims in the world, and to have their sacred site where the phophet muhammad ascended in to hell, he didn’t go into heaven or a better place, bulldozed to put up their sworn enemy’s temple is something they cannot take.  I think this is their most holy site, or somewhere in saudi arabia, as I don’t know much about this religion islam as I think it is crackers nuts.  I do know they will not tolerate this and will react much differently than being bombed for example.  They will fight like no tomorrow.

            How do I know this?  Just look at what psychos they become when a cartoon is spread around of the phophet muhammad having it out with a pig.  These idiots riot and kill each other like mecca had just been nuked.  Over a cartoon.  Imagine one of their most holy sites was demolished to put up a Jewish temple. 

            This world seems to surprise everyone more and more often.  Everything could go in a direction that few saw coming.  This is why the GAME IS ON like you said, and why we all must not let up on the personal preparation at all, and treat it with urgency each day.  Never pass up an opportunity to get a survival item for cheap or free for example, you are likely going to use it someday. 

            • BI: Lots of “cheap oil” in Africa and other locations that has not been tapped yet. Technology is generating lots of oil from enhanced recovery techniques. Most oil wells in the US for example only extracted 40% of the oil or less, given the technology at the time they were drilled.

              Natural gas will replace oil (gasoline) in trucks and buses worldwide, cutting demand for gasoline. That is happening as WE post and will continue to do so. Remove the annual trillion dollar subsidy from hydrocarbons that create the false idea of “cheap oil” and alt energy competes!

              US tidal power is virtually untapped. It represents an unlimited source of “green energy”. Imagine tapping the power of the Gulf Stream with water turbines as just one example of tidal power.  🙂

          • DK, yep zero oil shortages. Deep drilled wells are whats going on with drillings off to 40+ xtra wells from one single orig drill hole.

            Yes its ALL due to Isreal wants what is called “Greater Isreal” lands as their own. Thats the land God told abraham he would give his decendants. IF They OBEYED Gods Covenant. Which even a cursory read of jeramiah will Prove his denendants failed and after God gave them at least 50 second chances, God finally got fed up and ENDED thier covenant.

            The only main thing they was “Chozens” for was to be Right with God and be an Example to ALL other heathen and pagan nations and peoples.

            Isreals 12 tribes failed miserably, and a 2nd covenant was Ordained, aka the New testement one. And also a New type people which is Gods Elect aka Christians.

            The stuf on  third temple aint stated that way in bible DK, thats more TV pastors end times scenarios scams promoted more than prepper scare stuf is!

            The bible don’t say for certain any 7yr plan. Read REV DK, it states 42 Months Not 7yrs. Thats all part of the Pre trib crap used to Sell videos and books galore( left behind series of 12 books earned aprox $500 Million for LaHaye and his pal writer! and all 12 books versions are so full of Unbiblical crap it aint funny) But many believe in 100%.

            Once they believe it, they act like liberals who cannot never admit being wrong period. If Haggee or Robertson or Jack and Rexella Van Impe say it?….Its facts and truth period.

            Yet how many times has each of these idiots and money hungry fools Changed their End times scenarios?…..LOTS! thats how they Keep selling More vids or books.

            EXAMPLE:…Once per week Jack Van Impe tv show, Jack lets wifey rexella read stale month or two month Old news reports…..Imiadiatly and I mean I timed Jack! In less than 19 seconds since tv show begins Jacks spewing on about what else?……RAPTURE Folks!! yep Pak ya bags we going any minit! Maybe before This tv show ends!

            200 Million fools in america And worldwide see & hear Van Impe;s stuf and rush to Buy/order his Latest newest video or CD version….Why?

            Because they refuse to Read their bible and see how wrong his crap is, and because every couple yrs or so Van Impe and all the others like him, tell audiences .

            “Oh Glorius blessings folks! The LORD has just yesterday shown Me a NEW piece of Prophetic Knowledge! a WORD of KNOWLEDGE from God!….Folks YOU Need buy my New CD or Video because Gods new info has showed me that He last time just revealed a Part  of the Future stuf!.

            But NOW my new info vids has the Full Truth! So call in NOW to order and send me $39.95 + Shipping fees and Rexella will Rush out Your new better Future from God, CD!!!

            Millions Do! then watch/listen, and Believe it all without any questions period. These folks may be the Main Most Dangrous fools we will need contend with when shtf time. They will risk familys-fortunes-lives! incudeing Our lives if they so much as think it is “Good for Jews or isreal” to Murder Us!…..But Only if we Dare to question or Disagree with their favorite tv preachers version of Jew Firster crap.

            They take Out of context 1/2 sentences and Blow it into a Two Hour CD or tv show!…..Theres Nowheres in bible that demands any third temple. Nor any 7 yr time frame for Todats world or future.

            Read Mathew see When Christ said Rapture(he calls it Redemption) happens….AFTER These Things! Not before and not during. And Danial book dont mandate no third temple…READ it.

            If these folks continue to follow these fake pastors leads?…..It Will be They who stand before the Lord and Hear “Depart from Me”…

            Then they will say “But! Lord we did Miricles in Your name! and Fed poor and Healed sick all in Your name!…..We even Raised the Dead in Your name!”

            Then again they will hear the LORD state “You Wicked workers of Inequity(sin/wrongs)…Depart from Me”!

            And They will Join them whats being tossed into the Lake of Fire!

            THINK:…Nobody else fits that description of feed-heal-do miricles etc other than Todays pastors and their jewdeo christo zio followers!

            It sure wont be no kommies or Jews that tell the Lord “We(jews) did this or that in Christs name!!!……The jews Killed Him and His early followers! and continued 2000 yrs to Kill Christians even Today!

            Now they are preparing to do away with White America….Same Tactics as Russia 1918 and again they “tried” in Germany circa 1930-40 eras”.

            Now its america on jew hit list. With 50 Million Decieved zio christo jewdeos to assist in it!…..Same as fools in Russia did! Decieved and ignorant by Choice!…….

            Plan A- Gain for jews “Greater Isreal” lands(most land now ocupied by Others in mid east).

            Plan B= Destroy White Real Christian America.

            Plan C= Jews get Total Ownership, And Total Kontrol of Entire World, run and managed from……Isreal!

            Whats YOUR plans eh?

            • I don’t discuss my plans with strangers, AM. 🙂

      25. How can you people not understand jews are evil they did 911 they are the ones who own the fed reserve ,they are for diarming America .They tax every food you buy with a kosher tax  marked with a small U or a K inside a circle

        For real Wake the fuck up !!!! This info is all over the net

        they started Communism and  killed over 60 million Christians

        • Zionist jews are evil freemasosn who poison and brainwash us from birth yes

          Not to be confused with normal jews FFS no wonder you got so many thumbs down

          • Real VS Zionist?…..Nope. 99% of ALL jews believe in Talmude as Top Final Laws bar none. To them talmude is Above every nations laws or constitutions(us cosnt especially!) and even Above Old testement first 5 books Moses wrote.

            Nothing in universe is higher law than their Babylonian Talmude! Nothing!

            Go research and Read about why zero difference between zionist and “reg” jews exists. At website of   Realjewsnews dot com.

            Written by Former Born and raised NY jew guy who converted to Orthodox Christian aprox 25 yrs ago……Bro. Nathinel Kapner.

            He has every issue and agenda that revolves in or with or around jew and isreal subjects. From A to Z hes got it there!

            From how Prez Wilson was surrounded by jews when he did the fed reserve act in 1913, to FDR and all the jews surounding his prez office and decissions etc……Russian revolt of 1918?…yep hes covered it. WWI? Yep hes got it…..WWII?…..Yep hes got Tons of articles(aprox 600-700) and Videos too with total factual truth none of us in america ever been privy to till Now.

            Read his info and you will gain Wisdom beyond measures! If you want facts and truth that is……If not?…..Keep thinking and believeing whatever you was taught to think and Suffer consequences. That goes Double for any jewdeo christo zios out there!…..Wake up while ya still can!

        • Did you ever notice in all the movies how the jews, who own the  movie companies portray children of arian, northern, white….

          as evil.

          Think about it..  Drako…


      26. To all. Wether we disagree or not, I hope you all have a great and peaceful holiday tomorrow with those that you love and love you. In the words of Charlie Daniels: pray for our troops and our country.  To whatever higher power you pray to. Doesn’t hurt.

      27. Happy Thanksgiving, to Mac and his staff and to all you preppers out there.


        “We Didn’t Start the Fire”.   Billy Joel

      28. Has to be a “Closet Yankee”,  for a thumbs down. ROFLMAO.

      29. To everyone:  The scenario in the video sounds plausible, but I don’t think it will happen that way.   I don’t  care about the middle East one way or another; I’m only concerned with America.   Things are really coming down to the wire now; I realy feel we are running out of time.  The USA is now on life suuport now; at any time the plug will be pulled.  If we make it to Christmas, all I want are preps, preps, and more preps.  Hell, the greatest gift of all would be to get our country back and that wouldn’t even have to be at xmas time.  Stay safe and keep prepping. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE OUT THERE!   Braveheart

        • I’m with you, Braveheart.  My main concern is here in the Home of the brave and “somewhat”, free.

           On that note; Mac,  have you read or heard anything concerning the implementation of the REAL ID Act that is supposed to be enacted this January 2013?????

           I’ve  got a lot of information thru Mark Learner and it appears as though the full implementation has been delayed since about 2008.

          I think it was signed into law by Bush II about 2005.  Thru our driver’s liscense picture/digital image, we are linked “globally” into a system engineered and systemically controlled by the United Nations.   Every American should be getting informed of the possibilities linked to this Real ID Act.  It was pushed thru, and approved by Congress, while being attached and basically hidden in other bills.

          • REAL ID  did get pushed through years ago but enough states said “we aint doin it” and thats where it is.  That doesn’t mean it’s not coming back as something else wrapped with a nice bow.  Be aware and stay in contact with you state reps.  Each state has to approve and pay for it( go figure). 

            God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving,


        • Braveheart and all.

          Despite the anti Thanksgiving alt media naysayers..Happy Thanksgiving to All of you..!!

          We all need a day down from the geo political sewer, sit back, and enjoy our friends and family and give thanks.. for one day..take a break..enjoy life…

          (while 99% of the hordes are feverishly preparing for unwanted guests and relatives while subconsciously panicking over Black Friday sales for the next fretful holiday.. Christmas.)

          We have shared a myriad of useful information and viewpoints here and ,for that alone ,I give thanks.

          Wishing you all a relaxing and reflective day…tomorrow we will prepare once again.



          • I have no family; I’m NOT panicking over Black Friday..I am calmly going into the store @ 8PM, walk, not run, and buy me some ‘more’ long handles…those would be thermal underwear for those not from Tennessee or Kentucky!!!-)

            • 🙂  🙂 🙂  for the last post…Happy Thanksgiving!

      30. would have, should have and could have.


        there = direction (over there)

        they’re = they are leaving

        their = possessive (that is their opinion)

        little cheat sheet for you, Facebook Page.

        you’re welcome. not your welcome. 


      31. Remind me again what YEAR this video was made?

        They have been saying this crap for years & nothing has happened. We are all still here spending US dollars as the dollar is alive!

      32. Every day should be a day for giving thanks. But it’s ok to make one day even more special. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I honestly love every one of you. (in a ‘brotherly love’ way- not the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ way)


        My sappy, yet sincere, emotional sentiments have now been expressed… I shall now load the .22, fire up the weed whacker and go hunting for them pernicious gophers who’ve had the audacity to dig up the garden and consume my precious late season veggies without so much as a ‘by your leave.’ And when I return, in triumphant victory, I will use my (gopher) blood-stained hands to render an account of the mighty struggle. Following which, time permitting, I will post a heart rending tale of love, and loss, and sacrifice, and brotherhood, and all things heroic, and the time me and Bubba accidently shot out seven (count ’em- Seven!) street lights with a single bb.

        Or, I may just have a cup of cocoa and go to bed….who knows?

      33. “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really even care?”

        I went to the store to get a new battery for my watch. It’s one of those old style watches with hands and stuff. Remember those? Anyway, the kid behind the counter at the battery store said they didn’t have my kind of battery. In fact, he looked the number up on his computer and said ‘They don’t even make those kind anymore. I can’t find a supplier anywhere in the country.’

        He then asked how old the watch was. I thought for a minute, then mumbled to myself, “Let’s see…4 goes into 17 with 3 left over…minus the inverse of the ratio of the radius of pi…carry the 6…times 3 to the 9th power…at 29 degrees celsius…on a partly cloudy day with a 20% chance of rain…light fuse and get away…um, it’s 2012…and I got it in 1988…so, it’s…uh, 24 years old.”

        He stared at me, “Mister, I wasn’t even BORN yet in 1988! How’d you keep that old watch running all these years?”

        He was a nice enough young fellow, and I didn’t want to get angry with him, but it really bothers me when people say ‘All these years’ referring to something I did in a time frame that, to me, was ‘just the pther day.’ So I just kind of stared at him with a blank expression for a few seconds. Then said, “Actually, the battery died in 1991 but I’m just now getting around to replacing it. I figured, what the hell, I been wearing this thing for ALL THESE YEARS with a dead battery, it’s high time I got it fixed.”

        • @ SmokinOkie.

          Does anybody really know what time it is?

          Time for a beer!

          Does anybody really even care?

          Nope. It’s five o’clock somewhere.

          • Amen to that!

            • Smokin Oakie…My Mom if she was still alive and ever met you would have a Field day!……As I read about your broken watch it reminded me of a few yrs ago when my mom came to visit(I refused to go back to detroit area) she was sitting at my kit table with her husband and my aunt.

              Just a normal nice family visit and all of a sudden my mom got freeked out big time!

              She began to ask “How can you Live this way”?……And “What is Wrong with You son”?!

              I glanced around and seen that yep I cleaned And Dusted whole crib and all was spotless for her cleanfreekness……..Then I asked what are you talking of mom?

              She pointed at my only calander hanging up on a kitchen wall across from table.

              I looked and again said whats wrong with a calender?….She was upset because it was now the Month of April, and the month on wall calender was Last Novembers dates!!!

              I couldn’t believe she got so fussy over a stupid wrong last years calender!…..A week after I got a “care” package by fed ex delivery.

              She sent me 1/2 dozen new calenders and a bunch of thermal underwear long johns for next winter etc!

              If she ever met you and found out you wore a watch that stopped running 10 yrs ago?…….I can just picture what she’d say!

              That be worse than out of date calender for certain!

      34. What do they call people who tweet on twitter? Twits?

        Not that I got anything against social media. Except that the terms ‘social’ and ‘media’ don’t really go together. ‘Social’ means people interacting, usually face to face. And ‘Media’ means some guy with good hair and no brain, looking into a camera and lying to you on the evening news. I just don’t see how the two go together.

        Maybe I’m just getting old or something (it’s probably ‘something,’ because I know I’m not getting old) but our modern world seems to be filled with confusing, and often conflicting, terms. People say stuff that just doesn’t make sense to me.

        I thought a ‘mandate’ was what those limp wristed boys in San Francisco had. It sure as heck ain’t what Obama got from the voters. Yet, there’s those silly news announcers repeatedly telling us he has a Mandate. Do they honestly think we’re stupid enough to equate a margin of victory of 1.8% as a genuine outpouring of support from the people? Or are they telling us, in a sly way, that Barak’s taking a night off from Michelle and the girls and returning to his forbidden first love? I reallly don’t know….

        And what about the most IMPORTANT news? The mainstream media evidently thinks if they ignore a catastrophic event, then the ignorant masses will never know about it. Hogwash! Even the sleepiest of sheeple know we’re in a world of hurt! They see it every day! And I’ve been screaming the warnings from the proverbial rooftops for months now. People are waking up! They know the truth. Dammit, we’re headed over the Twinkie Cliff! I, for one, will not go quietly into that dark night. I will accept NO phony substitute for reality! Little Debbies are NOT the same as Hostess!

      35. The Doxology

        Praise God from who all blessings flow, praise him all people here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts, praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost…..amen.

      36. Today I am thankful that the world did not end yesterday.

        Happy Thanksgiving Mac! And thank you for all you do!

        • Thanks Nick!

          Happy Thankgiving All!!

      37. God Bless Israel and all nations.  Happy Thanksgiving.

        • stupid brainwashed sheep

      38. The USA should occupy Israel. Then do DNA testing on all tthose who claim to be Jewish. After determining all those to be Khazars, otherwise known as “FAKE JEWS”, they should be rounded up and deported to other places they belong to. They have been carrying out this charade long enough. Boot them out and once again the real Jews and the Arabs and Christians will live together on peace, like they did for hundreds and thousands of years before the al-Nakba, when all the

        Eastern European Ashkenazi Khazars invaded Palestine.

        • Amen to that TheHolyCrow

          Nail hit head right there!

          1000 Thumbs up

        • Theres even More khazers Here in usa than isreal or any other nation!

          It began in 1880’s with Boatloads and more boatloads came from eastern europe. IE: Russia and Poland mainly. The boatfulls kept comming till 1940’s era!

          Most settled in NY! and set up Two competeing Rabinical sinagogs of Satan to begin their Kommieizim of america.

          US Congress tried to change imigration laws and did such, but that lasted a few short yrs untill the invasion began anew.

          Today Every major institution in americas society-Govnt-Media, msm hollywood, newspapers, magazines, Universities, Unions leadership. Fed Reserve, Banks, Public schools/teacher unions, femanazis, faggots,dykes,lezbos,treehuggers, and ANTIGUN promoters big time!,….These positions wherever there is influential leadership etc.

          Is ALL owned/run/Profited/maintained/managed/staffed by or with Jews.

          Even the fuckin NAACP!! National Association for Advancement of Colored People(wheres the white advancers org eh?) is and WAS begun by Kommie Khazer Fake jews!….in 1909- 5 or 6 russian jew kommies and ONE CPUSA(kommie party of usa) Negro is who began NAACP and Ran it till 1980 era when got to hot to handle for jews and they handed it over to more black run kommies(Julian Bond) etc.

          PLAN A of naacp= Get Baptist Black pastors on board!(done deal)

          PLAN B= Teach said black pastors whats called “Black Liberation Theology” aka= Hate-Blame-Kill whiteys always and for Everything posible.

          Plan C= Pastors start churches or return to existing churches, and Teach as many blacks as posible(aprox 75% usa blacks attend weekly church) this Black Liberation crap…..(Hobammys Rev Wright ring any bells yet?).

          Plan D= once enough whites are dumbed down and filled with white guilt and agree whiteys are no more than Pure evil Racists And Antisemites…..Begin extermination of said white folks.

          Plan E= After the Only group who can stop the evil jews(whites and true christians) are gone…..Use whats left of usa to fully take Ownership and Kontrol of entire world so Talmudiac wetdream of Jewsih Mesianic era occures!!

          Rabis/talmude teaches jews that They the jews will become their Own self initiated Messiah…..But first they must undergo a vast “Holacaust” which means Humans Burned to death in vast masses….Only jews burn though!(the magical six million number of course!)

          Thats to Pay for older jew sins(like 70 ad when jews got booted by romans from isreal and jew 2nd temple destroyed) to make the “return” to occupy isreal said Holyhoax must first occure……And if you believe all jew stories and fantasys it did occure dureing WWII in Germany!!

          Only thing left to go is Kill off whiteys and take ownership of entire world run/owned by jews!

          UNLESS!! some leader type arises(again) and convinces enough Real Patriots(in usa) to Halt such MADNESS!!!…….tic-toc……

      39. As a career military officer who has actively fought from Viet Nam to Afghanistan I believe I can speak with some measure of authority. In War and any type of combat women, children, the aged and the infirm die. During WWII the Allies intentionally killed millions of people who were in no way involved in hostilities. Like it or not believe it or not that is the nature of War and combat, the object is to destroy and kill people.

        The middle east has been a hotbed of violence for uncounted thousands of years and that is not likely to change in any foreseeable future, so get used to it. There are no good guys in white hats or bad guys in black hats. Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, Persian, Jew, Christian, Muslim and everyone in-between preaches peace but peruses violent conflict. 

        You, I and our children’s children will never see a peace until someone wins by killing and subjecting their real or perceived enemies, this is how it has been throughout all of human history.

        All peace is temporary until one or more groups feel powerful enough to take on those that they perceive are repressing them. Then conflict breaks out again and again and again.  

        • And why have you made a career out of killing?

          • I know where you were going with your statement.

            Huge difference between killing and murder. If you do not know the difference you will never understand.

            • Would it make a difference in your mind if white phosphorous or depleted uranium cluster bombs were raining down on YOUR home?

              • white phoshorous. isnt that what used to be on matches when they actually worked, before the v.a.t.i.c.a.n. put down a doctrine that we shall not use this substance for anything incuding making matches that actually work?

      40. Jesus,   anonymous.   My father is a retired military officer.

        Your statement reeks of cruelty, insensitivity, and callousness.

        Reminds me of  idiot I encountered that referred to the military

        as Bush Slaves.   Enjoy your turkey, and your freedom, a&&hole,

        people died in this country for you to enjoy things today.   Wow.


        • There are very few people still alive that may have died for my freedom. All so called wars since at least WWII have been wars of aggression and not to defend freedom. Unless, of course, you believe that some box cutter wielding Afghans carried out and took down two buildings in NY on their own.

      41. Here is a like minded group that one day is wishing the others happy holidays and the next, at total odds.

        Is it really that far of a stretch to see why countries are dropping bombs on each other?

        Family is held closest, and beliefs are second… both of which men and women have  fought and died for as long as there has been men and women. 

        Agree to disagree and go back to prepping before you upset the kids!

      42. @DK

        “Walt: I appreciate what you say about the Rapture, and if you and others want to call the immanent war in the ME WW III that’s ok with me; but then everyone should understand that the Antichrist starts WW IV 3.5 years after he signs a peace treaty with Islam from a coming conflict.” –Durango Kid–

        Oh…I’m not saying that it’s definitely going to be WWIII….but it could certainly escalate to that.

        And you may be entirely right about WWIV half-way through.  At some point, Revelation says that 1/3 of the world’s population is going to be killed.  That sure sounds like WWIII to me.

        But I think the pre-trib rapture teaching could set a lot of people up for a rude awakening.  I’ve grown skeptical of a doctrine that really has only been taught for the last 150 years or so.  Prior to John Nelson Darby and C.I. Scofield, there was no pre-trib rapture teaching in the church.  That’s a little strange, don’t you think?

        I remember as boy, that if you didn’t have a Scofield Reference Bible…well…you just weren’t considered to be up to speed.

        I don’t think we have any guarantees that there is not going to be some great conflagrations.  And I don’t think that we are going to be spared having to endure them.

        I’ve had a lot of folks who are professed Christians who absolutely refuse to prep because they believe that they are going to be raptured out of this mess.  They say things like, “God is not going to let His church suffer through His wrath.”….while they forget that God did not rapture Noah.  God didn’t take Noah out of the flood.  He took him through it.  They also fail to understand that it’s very possible that God is revealing to some the terrible times that are coming so they can prepare.  Look at Joseph.  God used a heathen ruler (Pharaoh) to speak to Joseph through a dream.  I think it’s interesting that Pharaoh had the dream…not Joseph.  But Joseph saw the significance of it.  And what’s more important, Joseph didn’t say, “Well hey….isn’t that great that God showed us that?  Let’s just trust God and he’ll provide for us when the time comes.”  No….instead Joseph took action.  That’s what real faith produces…action.  And that’s why God shows people things.  Because He wants them to take action….not sit on their backsides and wait for God to save them.  God gives us a brain because he wants us to use it.

        And there are a lot of passages of scripture that just don’t make sense if one believes in a pre-trib rapture.  I won’t go into them here.  But if one reads the Bible with an open mind, they will understand what I’m saying.


      43. @Walt K.   I agree with you, I do not believe in the rapture either.

        And,  I have read and studied the bible, along with many other religions, cultures,

        and spiritualities.

        • I’m not denying the rapture.  The Bible clearly speaks of it.   I’m talking about when it will occur.  And I am specifically speaking of a pre-tribulation rapture as being suspect.

          I see logical arguments for mid-tribulation rapture…or even more likely…a rapture at the end of the Tribulation period.  But I think a pre-tribulation rapture just may be a lot of wishful thinking by folks who don’t want to face reality.

          • Walt: I agree with all your points, particularly the idea that “rapture” is not pre trib. I have heard arguments in the past, but can’t remember when, or who, that there are a couple of ‘raptures” at the end of the Age; so that some might go at one point in time and others at another point in time.

            Personally it doesn’t matter to me if I am “Raptured”, or not.  My “bags are packed” and I am waiting at the bus stop for Jesus, right now!!!

            • And that’s a good way to look at it DK..

          • If you researh the History of Who Scofield was, and Who paid to publish his brand of bible etc, it will be found that  it was a man named Ansel(?sp) Meyer…..Who changed his name to ROTHCHILD!….

            Scofiled was basically a gambler and drunken failure, then he met rothchild and agreed to do the scofiled translations bible.

            Nobody is more to blame for such phony isreal and jew crap like we see occure today then them two men.

            Scofileds bible translations IS what began the fever support of jews can do no wrong and zionists are chozens etc……His bible was published aprox, in 1904 era.

            Rothchild is the Main funder of modern day isreal. he Paid for and designed isrealis Supreme ct buildg, and keneset to I think it is(their reps and senate is called keneset I believe it is).

            No person had more to do with funding them orig zionist groups ideas than rothchild……And YES he is the Same one involved in Our Fed REserve jew bankster crowd…..Probobly The richest family in the world….

            He also basically Owns the City of Londen, england…..Where the Head banksters operate Satans systems from…..NY is almost an equal now though.

            You can read this stuf on scofiled and how his bible came to be published online.  I don’t feel like looking for a link now….You can though!

      44. I don’t know about all of you out there, but I enjoy looking at all the brochures for special survival items on sale for black Friday.  One of my favourite is to look at the different firearms on sale, but one really caught my eye.  If you have the walmart brochure for black Friday, look at page 4 at the Crossman air rifles that are listed at $64.  They have an air rifle that travels at 1200 feet per second, about the same as a .22 rifle.  This is not bad for plicking varmints.  Though in one of the state that restricts gun rights, you can ONLY get the air rifle that travels at 699 feet per second.

        This bothers me because there is a huge difference between 1200 to 699 feet per second, and because it sounds like Illinois is limiting even air rifles to a certain speed.  It says “Available in IL at 699 feet per second”.  Does this mean that Illinois is cracking down on air rifles also on top of the other anti-firearm restrictions?  Just something that is disturbing for those that value gun rights. 

      45. Thanks Be Informed.

      46. Israel bombs Iran, so Iran bombs Syria?

        That makes no sense whatsoever. The entire premise here is flawed, making everything after it also flawed and unbelievable.

      47. These Zionists see any non-Zionist as an animal given the gift of speech so as to better serve the devil Zionist. They have taken over the government of the United States and are using Americans as slaves to serve the interests of Israel. America has been bankrupted fighting Israel’s wars and paying for them. It is time to dump that Satan’s spawn, Israel. These Zionists are pure evil in human form. Where the Zionist find contentment and happiness, it is their obligation to their God, Satan, to leave misery, grief, woe, sorrow, and death. These demon seed have been responsible for a billion deaths since the late 1800’s. There is no good in them.


        Now just think when the NWO engineers their crop failure….ooops!

        These folks were fighting for cell phones.

        I still think the UNs plan with the other NWO schmucks is to create an artificial food shortage to starve a few billion into their graves.

        These nwo folks are pure evil.

        So you’d better have your pantry in order.

        Further, if it does go down…better hide it fast.

        More over…   plenty of food…but because of a currency collapse, you will not be able to afford to feed the family.

        The end-game of socialism is to “thin the herd” and that keeps the rest quiet as socialists and commies have no real solutions.  They create nothing but slaves.

        This year, we’re not spending shit!

        I will not support a socialist president.

        Let it all collapse down on is fat arrogant head.


      49. wow, I can’t tell you how many things were wrong in that video. It was nothing but fear mongering. The USA has enough oil to serve itself and we are exporting oil even now. People flocking to the stores is an assunmption along with gas running out. There would be rationed gas but not running out. Also, an attack on Iran would trigger Russia and China to intervine and they openly said sThe spreme leader of Iran would be declaring war not the president. The present had 4 people above him in rank and 8 VP.s The whole senario is off completely.

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