SHTF For Russian Fork Lift Driver (Saturday Night Entertainment)

by | Nov 7, 2009 | Entertainment | 2 comments

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    This just goes to show that SHTF can happen anytime, anywhere. This one makes us wonder if the Russian fella in the video may have had one too many vodkas from the warehouse supply. (The warehouse depicted in the video stores vodka and cognac). We hope he had at least an MRE and a flashlight with him, because it might be a while.

    Hat tip to Rick Blaine for sending it over. (In case you haven’t read it yet, when you’re done with this clip, we highly recommend checking out Rick’s recent article An Introduction to SHTF Home Defense, Guns, and Safety)

    Watch the Video:


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      1. OK, no one was seriously hurt…so it’s OK to make fun.

        You gotta love how the racks just virtually toppled like dominoes.

        It almost looks like a scene from “The Naked Gun” or something.

      2. i bet that driver felt like i did when i was a kid and i wound up in danger because i did something wrong.  all i wanted was my parents to come rescue me…then someone else to rescue me from them.  that’s all i could think about when all those people are trying to get to him. 

        i’ll bet he got fired for that.

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