Repeal the First Amendment *Video*

by | Jan 27, 2010 | Entertainment | 4 comments

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    Mark Dice, who some may remember as being the man who tried to sell a one ounce piece of gold for $50 in a popular recent video, is now trying to see how many individuals he can get to sign a Petition to repeal the first amendment to the Constitution.

    For the communists out there who may have never read the Constitution because of hours of long study in the Marx/Engels manifesto, the first amendment is the one that protects our right to free speech.

    You’d think that Americans would be horrified and would adamantly reject the petition proposals.

    Think again:


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      1. A couple of comments.

        First, people don’t read anything. That’s not a defense on their part, just an observation of mine. Couple that with my 2nd point:

        He doesn’t appear to tell everyone that it’s directed toward the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. He just says 1st amendment in most cases, which is slightly disingenuous. Now alarm bells should go off for most people when they hear 1st amendment, but hey, most people are ignorant.

        He’s slightly misrepresenting his case when you consider these two points, which is enough to push most ignorant people off the cliff. All in all, I am still appalled, particularly at the older gentleman who actually read the petition and still signed it. Kudos to the few who didn’t. Maybe there is some hope after all.

      2. Geez…the baby was more skeptical of him than most of the adults.

      3. I’m appalled but not surprised.

        Chris C, you’re right, no one reads anything anymore.  I do.  And I can’t tell you how irritated people get waiting on me to do so … it’s a clear indication that no one else is reading it.  The irritation shows up right away, not like they are patient and finally give up b/c I’m a slow reader …

        BTW, I have found that the folks on the other end (mortgages, contracts, etc.) often haven’t read the document they’re asking you to agree to either.

      4. What can I say? These are the same people that (probably) voted for The Obama! They run on their own internal emotions and not facts or understanding. Misrepresent something a little and put a pretty face on it and they’ll sign anything. Thats why we call them the “sheople”!

        People have been indoctrinated to think that if they want you to sign, its OK. Since most state laws protect idiots, you can get out of most anything you sign. So, you are never encouraged to read anything before you sign it. I at least skim stuff, contracts, ULAs, etc before I sign them. 99% of people just sign it. We’ve been brainwashed and this video is the proof. If they want you to sign, its a good thing. Don’t read it! That takes effort! We wouldn’t want you to have to put yourself out.

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