Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA *Full Movie / HQ

by | Jun 25, 2010 | Alex Jones, Entertainment | 11 comments

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    Since the topic of mass evacuations has come up as a result of the BP oil spill, we thought it in our readers’ best interest to provide as much information about what might happen if/when FEMA takes control during a national emergency.

    Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA is an Alex Jones film that discusses the powers that have been granted to FEMA, as well as the methods that may be used under emergency powers.

    While mass evacuations resulting from Oilcanes, Toxic Rain and Fumes may not be exactly relevant to the scenarios described in the movie, what is relevant is that FEMA, under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security, will have total control.

    Here is the full movie in 480p HQ for your weekend viewing pleasure.

    Click to watch directly at YouTube

    Order the Full Movie on DVD at InfoWars


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      1. Thanks for the movie, I sent  it on to others…seems martial law is  soon.

      2. This is very scary stuff.  If this doesn’t wake you up, nothing will.   Please take the time to watch the whole thing.

      3. Have guns, family has guns, neighbors have guns, co-workers have guns, tea party has guns, NRA have guns, patriot friends in the U.S. military have guns, patriot friends in law enforcement have guns………..Liberty or death.  

        My choice.  

      4. Paul,

        Is it possible that they shoot to fellow citizens?
        Because if they are determined to do so, we are screwed.
        I don’t think of myself, but my daughter. How the hell can i protect her?
        Unless we leave to the mountains like fugitives; most possible.
        Do you remember an 80s movie, the “Red Dawn”?
        It’s amazing how our grandparents experienced the WWI, Balkan Wars, WWII, Vietnam.
        Our generation is actually living a new kind of history being written.

      5. We’ll all be the first to be rounded up and thrown in the FEMA camps….

        GET READY NOW!!!!!


      6. DHS tried to brand the Tea Party a terrorist org, the NRA a terrorist org…..if that’s not a Police States tactic, I do not know what one is.there are 80 million plus armed, well over 200 milllion weapons, and trillions of rounds of munitions……..if only 5% of that 200 million decide to say FU, then the Gv’t is dead meat………Federal troops will not fire on the People,they hold their oaths to a high standard.
        Local LE, and other agencies WILL however, but they will be outnumbered 2000-1,,,,,,,,,,
        If things to do NOT change course politically after November, and the economy tanks further(planned), then it won’t be long before the SHTF.

      7. There has never been a police state,forced transportation to camps,or a genocide of a populace that has 100 million gun owners in the history of the planet.
        Explain to me how that can take place if all law enforcement and military would be out numbered if only 5% of gun owners fought back…

      8. Don’t worry FEMA has already logged everyone that posts here and has a bunk bed with your name on it waiting for you. Transportation via cattle car to the FEMA camps will be provided free of charge as a courtesy to the “patriots” posting here. When you see the “WORK WILL SET YOU FREE” sign you know that you have  arrived at your new resettlement home. Don’t worry about your gold,ammo and stored food that you left at home. FEMA will take care of that and ensure its safety until your “return home”.

      9. See my website. Americans prior to the American Revolution had a lot more spunk than people today. We could learn a lot from them by reading Murray Rothbard’s _Conceived in Liberty_ series. I reviewed it on my site.


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