Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Entertainment | 7 comments


The Great Depression

As much as things have changed, they’ve also remained quite the same.

The above cartoon was originally published in 1934.

Hat Tip Wheedle and Patriot One

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    1. Patriot One

      I like how you posted the cartoon. It needed no explanation. How were we so blind?

    2. Bill

      I’ve seen this before.  Pretty amazing how right on it is.  Just change the date and a few names and it would be dead nuts on…….

    3. Chuckles

      Funny how history tends to repeat itself.

    4. Tom posted this many weeks (month) ago.  Glad it’s getting out.  Get ready.  Last call.  PLANNED….

    5. pokerface

      Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to relive it.

    6. MadMarkie

      In order for the elites to implement their New World Order they must first destroy the United States. Theirs is a well thought out and very carefully planned plan of action to achieve this purpose. None of the events, financial or political, that we see happening around us today are by chance.

      I actually can’t wait for the stuff to finally hit the fan because I want to see the look of shock and dismay on the faces of those with their noses presently stuck up in the air. Those who like to think that they are somehow ‘special’ and that their ‘plastic’ lifestyle will go on forever. The higher they are, the farther that they have to fall and the greater the ‘splat’ sound when they finally hit the ground. Welcome to the real world boys & girls.

    7. CE

      Comments…..You might like to rething that MadMarkie. In communist countries only an elite few own property or have any power or money. The rest are all slaves and that means that if the bankers and “plastic people” go down so do all of us. I for one do not want to see this nation trampled into the gutter.

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