North Korean Invasion – Red Dawn Release Date Confirmed For 2012 *Watch Unofficial Trailer*

by | Jan 7, 2012 | Entertainment | 202 comments

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    After many years in limbo, Variety reports that the remake of the 1980’s mega-hit Red Dawn will hit theaters on November 2, 2012.

    We admit it. We’re fans of the original (movie fact: It was the first movie ever distributed with a PG-13 rating), and have been anxiously awaiting the release of Red Dawn (2012), for several years. It was originally slated to be Red Dawn (2009).

    For those who have been following the movie developments, you may recall that the original remake, completed in 2009, involved the invasion of the United States by the People’s Republic Of China (the 80’s version featured an invasion by Soviets supported by Cubans). After internet protests by Chinese bloggers, executives at MGM and Sony reportedly caved to the political correctness necessitated by our being China’s premier debtor  and edited out the Chinese aspects of the movie and replaced the Chinese Red Army with that of North Korea at a cost of some $1 million. Apparently, the Chinese box office is expected to bring in a huge chunk of change, which is purported to be the real reason behind the modifications, as we can’t have Chinese audiences seeing their heroes lose World War III to a bunch of high school guerrilla rebels.

    Fox News Reports:

    Fans of the original will recall memorable appearances by notable Hollywood actors like Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson and C. Thomas Howell. The cast for the upcoming release will include a host of new comers, including Tom Cruise’s adopted son, Connor Cruise, as well as rising stars like Thor’s Chris Hemsworth.

    No official trailers have been available, but we suspect with the November 2nd release date approaching we’ll begin to see some soon. The following trailer comes from Cintex Productions and was actually created about two years before the remake was completed. It gives us the jist of the story and, for die hard Red Dawn fans, is quite exciting, but is not official.

    In the meantime, enjoy the trailer, and for those who missed it, the original Red Dawn (1984) full version is made available below. If you’re looking for a weekend movie, you may have just found it.

    Red Dawn (2012) Unofficial Trailer
    [Original script and filming involved an invasion by the Chinese army, but was later changed to North Korea]


    Red Dawn (1984) Full Version (via Google video)
    [Sorry, No subtitles for Russian/Cuban dialogue]



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      1. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE.

        (The original, that is)

        I Hope the remake doesn’t blow like all remakes these days.

        A Chinese invasion would be way more believable than North Koreans.

        • Is this some kind of amazing coincidence? Not only was the original Red Dawn indeed phenomenal, the new premise of a hypothetical Chinese/NK attack is exactly what the video link below suggests also. I used to tell myself that Red Dawn was not propaganda, since, heck, there could never be propaganda if you’re defeating the communists! If you have any recollection of the 1980s, then you know that was A VERY BIG DEAL. And I mention it, because in terms of a truly visceral response, this video seemingly recapitulates that pristine emotion . . . . . Enjoy!

          • Great video.. Really something to think about.

          • There not Chinese they are British soldiers and German soldiers. You can find vidoes all over youtube showing this including one 15minute one done recently by Alex Jones.

        • An invasion by corporate Zombies funded by a secret society of bankers would be even more realistic.

          But wait, that has already happened.

        • Neither one would be believable. Invaders who look “different” would become instant TARGETS once they got off the coasts. That means both Chinese and Koreans.

        • Look around the streets of America and I’d say the Chinese, along with every other ‘wanna be’ an American, invaded this country long ago. Why do they bring their cultures with them, if they didn’t like it (what their cultures provided for them there) where they came from? Because we’re the melting pot for “multiculturalism”.

          They come here because of what the Constitution guarantees for them. But then, the invasive species infects the Host by turning against that which they both envy and loathe, because it never was inherent in their previous culture and they can’t make the transition. That is why forcing multiculturalism will always fail.

          • Wow you sound like a really horrible person.

          • Dang srtaight EA! I’d thumbs up 10 times if possible. But I’m surprised the attackers from the ‘we are the world’ crowd didn’t get after you for this one. cheers

          • True. USA is more “Balkanized” than Yugoslavia ever was. Our “tolerance” will be our undoing.

          • Well the joke will be on them EA. Wait till they find out what the goverment has done to the Constitution. Come get some of the American pie boy’s, oh wait only crumbs are left.


          • Typically Asians assimilate quite well into American life. They are the hardest-working, highest-achieving demographic in America, taken as a whole. It’s mainly the Middle-Easterners and Latinos that almost feel entitled to promote no-American values and cultures. Asians (including Indian immigrants) that I’ve known in my professional career have tended to be freedom-loving, liberty-minded people with the utmost respect for the Constitution. On average, Asians tend to be pro smaller-government, more so than whites or others are. They value individual success and hard work more than most people I know, no matter what their race or religion.

            • *non-American, I meant

          • Really funny comment. America has been invading many other countries with American culture for years!!! MacDonalds, KFC, Costco, Kmart, Target, Coke, music …… The list is long. I personally find a lot of the culture that comes out of the US as sub standard and not appealling at all. And with so many Americans now leaving the US for the safety of other countries, they are bringing their ideas and cultral standards with them. Unfortunately, in some countries, we are starting to view Americans like you view Chinese people in your country!!
            America has come full circle. For decades many people from countries around the world have had to listen to how great America was. How big, how strong, how rich, how much better you guys were compared to us non Americans.
            I wish all these Americans hiding down here in Australia would pack up and leave. Go home with their bad attitudes and rudeness. I enjoyed listening to a group of Yanks I met at a BBQ just before Christmas. They whined and whined about how they didn’t like our way of life and that it wasn’t like home, it’s too hot, too expensive, too strict, people weren’t helpful, the food sucked, rentals were more expensive than “home”‘ the transport system was too complicated, it was frustrating getting things done because we do it different.
            I think most people at the BBQ tried to hide there laughter when I suggested that they do us all a big favor and go back to where they came from, because we don’t need moaning parasitic mites like them bitching out the their Host!!!
            So please, if your reading this, please remember we don’t want or need people like you guys in our beautiful hemisphere unless you leave your burgers and culture behind and assimilate into OUR culture and do it OUR way!!

        • Hey guys,
          Pardon me, but I wrote about this movie months ago and reposted it on Dec. 14, 2011. They are telling you what they will do ahead of time. Believe it it!

        • Alright forgive me, I am not as “hip” to this crap as you young farts are but here is the link to my original post on but my original post on was Oct. 22, 2011. Okay, if I screw up this post i will try to forget it. But don’t say you were not warned.

        • It’s only a movie!!!!

        • Far fetched? With a few EMP bombs leaving the US without power, our military would be left stranded, without command and control, no supply lines, transportation, food. Recalling our overseas armies would take too long. Our only protection would be a nuclear threat. But that wouldn’t happen because Russia would say “no nukes, or else.” Leaving the West coast facing a million screaming Chinese, North K’s, vietnamese and Russian special forces(the are training in Colorado next week@ Ft. Collins). They will crush organized forces within 6 months, leaving only the private militia that will rise to defeat them. Wolverines!!!

      2. Sorry to destroy the fantasy but NO invasion by anyone would go undetected to a point where paratroopers could land anywhere in America in any volume.

        China is 13,000 miles away with one aircraft carrier just out of rehab which may not have launched its first aircraft yet.

        Don’t bother brushing up on your Mandarin anytime soon. Check your Persian. Iran is just around the corner.

        Lets take them one at a time.

        • durango kidd

          I totally agree. A rather ridiculous idea that China, or any other country for that matter, is going to invade America with boots on the ground in any number to have any real effect. We can can see them coming from miles away in every direction. What idiot pays worthless dollars to see such worthless bunk. Rather, China is being invaded by globalist multinational corporations who are taking our good paying manufacturing jobs from here and sending them over there, resulting in our destruction. That’s the real war happening right now under our very noses.

          • It is total bunk….until you think about the fact that China owns us. We are broke. Its not out of the realm of possibility that Obama (or any administration) would permit a controlled invasion of this country, if only to gain further control of a population that’s been in a coma for decades.

            • Is that debt secured by anything?

            • scott this is for bendover; our debt is secured by means of our natural resources (i.e. coal, oil,etc..) as collateral, western states! As the gov’t has been regulating us to death, shutting down our mining and drilling as an example, it isn’t to help this nation but to distroy it and tear us apart; state by state. While most are preoccupied with minor tid-bits of politics, the gov’t has been reducing the size of the states (called federal property) and dividing us. Simply put: red or blue state? east or west, conservative or liberal; get the picture?

          • Seems to me several tens of millions have already invaded by crossing the Southern border. Would be a simple task to start arming them or have weapons waiting for them. You expect anyone in our screwes up govt. to care?

        • Any prospective invader of the USA would need the Mexicans on side. They could not hold the entire country, but I think they could take California, a few southern urban areas, and Hawaii if they really wanted it.

          If Mexico got in on the party, there would be a fair few South American nations that would want a pop at the USA too.

          Urban warfare is no joke, and will render air superiority a moot point.

        • China can dominate an area they can walk to and to a lesser extent drive. Crossing an ocean intact is well beyond their capability. Crossing an ocean and supplying / resupplying those forces is even more problematic.

        • Why send paratroopers? Seriously why not just send several hundred well trained special forces across the southern (and northern) borders each day for a month. Then your invasion force is in place.

          • Why not just send containers and container ships full of troops from China? We’dnever suspect anything!

        • emp opens our air space.

        • Actually, China CAN launch a successful invasion of the west coast and get away with it.
          They have been probing for quite some time, looking for weak points. Half of their equipment inventory is designed to fit into standard shipping containers and could be sitting in the LA port complex in Army strength at any given day. They have been backlogging shipments by providing incorrect documentation for the past 5 years or so. This is something that never happened before. It gets so bad sometimes that many of the containers are sent out to contract customs clearing areas to await proper paperwork.
          The men could be here too. Do you have any Idea of just how many illegal Chinese there are here today?
          Multiply that by the numerous ports on the west coast and there could be a Theater size fully equipped army sitting in the US as we speak.
          They would have no trouble securing a sizable area to allow amphibious and airlift resupply.
          Could they do it. Yes they can and there is little we can do to stop them.

          But do they want to. Different matter entirely.

          • My brother in law is Chinese. He mentioned one day that the problem with illegal Chinese immigration in the New York and Seattle area is almost as big as the Mexican one in the Southwest.

        • “Sorry to destroy the fantasy but NO invasion by anyone would go undetected to a point where paratroopers could land anywhere in America in any volume.”

          …apparently you missed 9-11-01. you know, that day in history when cave people from the other side of the world invaded the US (undetected). their volume: 19 terrorists. these sheep herders are considerably more dangerous than any paratrooper regiment. they didn’t need guns, parachutes or orders. they just walked in and screwed america.

          btw, iranians speak farsi.

          • Citizen Ron: Thanks for the heads up on the Iranian language. I knew Irag spoke Farsi but wasn’t sure about Iran. Its all Arabic isn’t it?

            Apparently you have missed most of the information that has come out since 911. It was an inside job Ron, and the finger prints of the Mossad are all over it.

            Which just goes to show that WE need to “keep OUR enemies close and OUR friends closer”.

          • You still believe that story?

        • They don’t have to fly anywhere to attack. In response to our large debt to China, Congress and the State Department gave China large plots of land WITHIN the continental US. They are to build factories, staff them with imported chineese “workers”(because of course all Americans are too busy with our own jobs to be able to work in factories on American soil)and the land is Chinese soil, not American. They build military camps and call them factories and staff them with armies. Then they just walk out and wage war. Crates declared as “factory machinery” could be anything and remember that the crates are going from China to Chinese soil if they land on their own airports on their chinese/american lands. And we have no say and can’t inspect. Whatever you say about Congress, never call them smart or patriotic.


        • McDonalds and KFC Baby!

      4. But it will be the Chinese.

        • If I were China I would not invade the USA. There is everything to lose and nothing to gain from that strategy.

          If I were China I would engage the Russians, take them out, absorb the retalitary strike from whatever was left of Russia and then confiscate everything east of the Urals:

          all of the oil and gas, all of the timber, all mineral resources, and all of the fresh water.

          I would make products in those ghost city factories built with American taxpayer depository funds from all of the Russian raw materials, then sell them to American consumers to keep my people employed and out of Tianimen Square.

          Invade California for what? Mexicans to cut their grass and Kim Kardashian’s ass?


          • durango kidd, if the Chinese are going to invade for Kim Kardashian’s ass, they’ll need all the help they can get, including the Russians! They’ll certainly have their hands full, and they’ll need a lot of stamina. Personally I don’t think they’re up to the challenge.

          • I think Russia and China are more likely to form an alliance, and kick America out of the Pacific, and the Muslim states nearest to Russia.

            An Iranian conflict has the potential to leave America short of carriers, especially with Russia and China giving covert technical support to Iran.

            America could take Iran, and lose everything else.

          • The only reason I could imagine China wanting to invade the US is because our dollar becomes worthless to them, and our food is priceless. In that case why not EMP the nation, kill off 90% like “One Second After” projects and then send in “Peace Keepers” to help turn the other 10% into farmers to feed 270 million extra Chinese people.

            • Will a gun safe act as a faraday cage ?

          • If AmeriKa invades Iran, and China calls AmeriKa’s bluff… especially in alliance with Russia, we will get our arses handed to us in the region. Meanwhile, China could park off our left and right coast and fire a contrail missile… I mean, a few EMP’s and goodnight AmeriKa.

            By the way, I am not saying that if China invades AmeriKa that it will win. But certainly, much of AmeriKa would be toast and no longer the worlds super power.

            • What the hell is the point of spelling America with a K?!
              Please explain this crap to me

            • If China ever attempted that…. we would have every reason, and the RIGHT, with no one to say anything about it, to turn China into a glowing, glass covered parking lot. They could do nothing about it either.
              China is NO Military threat to us and NEVER will be.
              They are more an economic threat, and not even much of one at that.

            • Eaglescoutprepper says:
              January 8, 2012 at 6:30 pm

              What the hell is the point of spelling America with a K?!
              Please explain this crap to me
              ~~~~~(gawd I love these silly little tilde characters)~~~~~
              If you were paying attention…no one would have to explain it to ya…….you’d get it!

              I’ll give you a hint…jeopardy style: would you like to spin the wheel or buy a vowel?

            • apparently certain characters didn’t post in my original comment.

              the hint was excluded, but Eaglescoutprepper think fascism

          • Is Kim Kardashian’s ass so hairy that it takes Mexicans with lawnmowers to do it? Gross.

            • LMAO!

          • China is surely eyeballing Siberia. Lots of resources and a lot closer than North America.

      5. “what’s grazing fire”?
        “I need a drink”

        \best line of the movie

      6. I was hoping it would look a little better than that.

      7. Does John still has a long mustache? Is the chair still against the wall? Inquiring minds want to know.
        I’m making my own VERY onofficial remake of this classic. ‘Okie Dawn’ will feature several little-known and untalented actors.(they work cheaper) The premise is an invasion of Tulsa by Peruvian goat herders launching a full scale attack with Mentos and Diet Coke powered missles. Ohhh, the devastation!
        Should be plenty of opportunities for classic dialogue too.
        “Never judge a man til you’ve plowed a mile in his overalls”
        “Boys! Avenge me! Or at least call my lawyer!”
        “Bring plenty of corn cobs. I aint using no leaves”
        “I thought there were a billion screaming illegals?”…”there used to be”
        Our school mascot isn’t a wolverine though. Not sure how it’ll look, holding a rifle overhead and shouting “Sueeee Pig!” That part may still need a little work…

        • Should they reach the woods of Okemah during deer season, have mercy on their souls. They’ll run back to Tulsa looking for relief:)

        • You have to watch out for the Peruvian goat herds man they are damn tough!! I wouldn’t mess with them unless I had some coca leaves and a pan flute. Otherwise it would be suicide!

        • I used to live in Tulsa. As long as they are threatening them with Diet Coke missiles, could they at least bring back Git-n-Go during the fray?

        • Suzy slut sells sea shells while selling self at the sea shore.

      8. That really looked awful! I liked the original and I’m hoping for a good remake, but that looked plain silly. At least it looked good in comparison to that dumbass fox news dude.

      9. It’s not ok for us to display Chinese villains in our movies, yet it’s ok for Chinese pianist Lang Lang to play a rabidly anti-American Chinese folk song “My Motherland” at the White House during Chinese President Hu’s state visit on January 19th, 2011. This kind of boot licking gets me disgusted. However, as a fan I’m still looking forward to the movie release. At least it’s not completely politically correct. At least there is a villain.

        • Do you forget that the current Pres dislikes this nation?

      10. This movie was initially filmed as a Chinese invasion of the USA because America would not pay up on it’s debt. Part way through the movie political correctness set in and they changed the movie to a North Korean invasion so they would not offend China. I am betting China via Hillary had someting to do with the change. They did not have to change too much because Chinese look very much like Koreans.

        This was reported by Jim Rawles on his site several months ago.

      11. I liked the original. But this film will suck hard and cause mega cringe. All the “America home of the free” stuff is just painful to watch in light of what we all fear to be true – America is now the prison of the free. Some freedom may be left for those who can snatch it, but if nothing happens to derail the tide of history then it will be the US government which will take away your freedom and you gun from your cold dead hands. Definitely not north korea! Its tiny – go look it up on a map…

        Still – I loved the original

      12. Just change the NK uniforms to TSA, HHS, DHS, etc uniforms and it would be believable.

        • Exactly… the premise of the movie doesn’t change much if you change the uniforms. I see Mexico and China partitioning and owning much of the U.S. in the not so distant future.

          The destruction of U.S. sovereignty is near the top of the NWO’s agenda. The U.S. has already been balkanized to such a degree, that the only thing left to do is actually partition it.

      13. that looks horrible…

      14. i already watched it… it’s sucks hard on a big white headed pink zit! splat! ‘0P – blah… the REAL north koreans are f-in’ starving to death… eatin’ grass AND HONEST TO GOD DIRT PIES for craps sake… half the population is in slave camps starving… people colapsing in the street of hunger and the united zionist facist states of amerika … SENDS THEM 1000’s OF TONS OF FOOD so their soldiers don’t starve! And money … YOU ALL SUBSIDIZE NORTH KOREA! silly rabbits…

        Hellooooooooooooooo… ;0P the movie is a joke… just watch the first one again! Your better off! r.i.p. patrick swayze rocks!

        You’d all be better too imagine the n.k.’s as NWO cia operatives , local national guard troops , fema , police NWO sellouts and piece of sheeit IRS, FBI, DEA, DHS, ATF and israeli massoud agents! BECAUSE THAT IS WHO REALLY IS INVADING , ENSLAVING AND POISONING AMERICA WITH DRUGS LEGAL AND ILLEGAL! THAT IS THE HARD FACTS AND TRUTH!

        the movie sucked rotten eggs… wait for the dvd… don’t give the nwo sellouts your hard earned money! f’em!

        • What’s up your ass?

          • @anon – the NWO, NDAA, Patriot Act 1 an 2, Traitor BARRY SOETORO, DHS Enslavers and FBI Terror Squads, INTERPOL, The.ENSLAVEMENT.OF.AMERICA BY A BUNCH OF INBRED greedy BANKERS, Chemtrails, RadiationFallout, Flouride, MonasantoGMO’sFrankenFood,, Ron.Paul being ROBBED of the Presidency… shall I go On?

            • That was a quote from the movie.

          • EEDER!

        • just look up “streaming black hat copy of red dawn 2” , there’s 3 servers running it, 2 in europe, 1 germany , 1 iceland and 1 server in the philippines! i lasted 20 minutes into it and THEN killed the link… Don’t waste your money, don’t sellout to NWO.zionist.hollywood! THE MOVIE SUCKS! wait and buy the directors cut dvd in 2013!
          ;0p BLAH

      15. RONPAUL2012

      16. Although I find the idea that N.Korea could invade us on its own extremely unlikely. That has never stopped me from seeing a movie before. I also really loved the first one back in the day. Its is definitely dated now, and the acting seems cheesier then when I was in 9th grade. It is still a good flick. Hopefully they don’t screw this reboot up. I can think of a lot of movies that have been remade that so completely sucked the people behind them should have been fired for putting out such total crap. But every now and then one squeaks through that works. I guess we shall see with this one……..

      17. Look people – movies are not supposed to be real. Its only the few that are that get the awards. Everyone knows this is not an Oscar-type movie…… Just like everyone knows that the only country that will ever F- us is our own. So sit back, relax and enjoy the movie (when it comes out) for what it is – 2 hours of escape from the real world troubles that exist… Or don’t. But please stop expecting this to be a realistic depiction of anything that could happen in reality….

      18. I also believe that the Red Dawn scenario is unlikely to occur.
        Most possible is some conflict between Korean states, or between Israel and Iran.

        • The original premise of the second movie, that China invades following a U.S. failure to make good on the debt we owe them, was at least within the realm of imagination. This NK spin is entirely crap.

          So much for Freedom of Speech.

      19. I am waiting for the movie where the American People invade the District of Criminals and take back control of the money creation by chopping off some “heads of state”.

        I might even be an extra…

        • Gods Creation,

          I spent a good deal of time last night searching for the info on what you and NetRanger are talking about, with no luck I might add. Is the I do not consent and waive the benifits site top secert or what??


          • “I do not consent and waive the benefits” is something a corp person would say when trying to defend themselves within the corp. in one of it’s courts. Of course, by attending the court you are already accepting a corp benefit.

            What specifically is your question?

            There are no tricks to being free. You just have to act that way. Your defense for EVERYTHING is Sovereign Immunity under Corp codes (USC 28).

            The corp deals only with itself, not the People. The People are Sovereign (highest political authority) by Law, thus the corp can not deal with you if you properly identify yourself.


            Implicit waivers evidencing agreement to be sued in the U.S.:

            Choice of law clause: Agreement to be “governed by” U.S. law may be an implied waiver. See, e.g., Marlowe v. Argentine Naval Commission, 604 F.2d 703 (D.D.C. 1985).

            Conduct within the lawsuit: Filing a responsive pleading without raising an immunity defense. See, e.g., Drexel Burnham Lambert v. Committee of Receivers, 12 F.3d 317 (2d Cir. 1993).


            If one claims Sovereign Immunity to ANY charge, without answer, the court loses jurisdiction to hear the case as it CAN NOT decide political questions.

            In other words, if you do not assert your Immunity, and only your immunity in answer to the corp, you have granted it jurisdiction.

            If the corp comes calling, do what you need to do to get away. If it requests your presence in court, DO NOT go.

            Instead, return the summons for invalid service with your defense of Sovereign Immunity for ALL clams under the jurisdiction of the summoning court. Inform the court that YOUR CHOICE OF LAW is the State Constitution and that it is not competent to enforce it as a private administrative law venue.

            The courts have one option against such a Defense. DISMISSAL.

            Everyone here has SI, but not many know it is the KEY to freedom and protection from the corp.

            • ok my question is where did you find this information?


            • My Sovereignty is declared by God in the Bible, and acknowledged in the Treaty of Paris as well as my state constitution which protects it (when invoked by ME).

              That makes me a FOREIGN Sovereign to the US corp in ALL matters, in the absence of a VALID written contract bearing my signature.

              The rest is just a matter of reading the corp codes dealing with foreign sovereigns, Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of l976, Pub. L. 94-583, 90 Stat. 289l, 28 U.S.C. Sec. l330, l332(a), l39l(f) and l60l-l6ll

              The problem most people have is that they can’t conceive that they are IN FACT foreign Sovereigns in relation to the US and it’s codes, including the codes of it’s STATES.

              If you are not Sovereign, you are a slave. The choice is yours, as is the choice of law that governs you.

              If you answer to the corp in ANY other way than declaring your Sovereignty Immunity as an Affirmative Defense, you lose and grant jurisdiction it otherwise lacks.

              Does that answer your question?

            • God’s,
              No not really I guess I would have to a lawyer to understand this. Somewhere in the past either you or netRanger posted a link to get more info I guess I’ll look back through this articles to find it..


            • GC…I know you have explained this before on here.Being someone with no law background sometimes its hard to get a handle on the language in the cases cited.Have you or do you know anyone that has done this in a court of law and it worked? This intrigues me.

            • DPS


              Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry

              The best place to start is to download the FREE ebook

              The Great IRS Hoax

              Be prepared for some study.

              It will get you started on understanding WHO you are. It has a bunch of case law, etc. But what is important is that you understand that statutes of any variety DO NOT apply to you as a Man (without written consent).

              The law YOU choose is what applies. The codes do not indicate who it applies to because it can not, without being in violation of the constitution.

              The scam is in making people believe the codes apply to them, when they do not without voluntary participation by you (obtaining and using an SSN and Form W-4).

              You DO have a choice of what laws you live your life by.


              Most people try to use codes and case law trying to find out where it says in plain language it does not apply to them, or it does.

              The tax code, for example, imposes a tax on no Man. You become liable for an IRS tax by VOLUNTARILY submitting a From W-4 attached to a Social Security Number. If you have no form and no number, you are not included in the code and NOTHING is reported to the IRS that would be construed as taxable under the private agreements it enforces.

              Using those forms you are agreeing to become an employee or officer of the US Government, and fully controlled by the codes for employment with the government. It is a PRIVATE, VOLUNTARY act by you, every bit as much as it is a fraud by the corp.

              Bottom line is that you either choose freedom or accept slavery because you choose not to learn who you are.

            • Thanks for that link, GC. Interesting reading there!

            • JRS said

              Have you or do you know anyone that has done this in a court of law and it worked? This intrigues me.

              You will not find a case because the court has to dismiss. I have conferred with one individual who has claimed to have used it quit successfully twice. No way to verify it.

              The corp does not know me, so I have never had an opportunity to use it myself. I certainly hope I never have to, but I feel comfortable with doing so should the need ever arise.

              Th People are the source of the Law, not the subject. Once you understand that, and why it is true, you will have God and His Law on your side in any corporate encounter.

            • Gc.. Thanks. Unfortunately, I have a SSN and have filled out a W4 at work so I guess I already gave my consent to them.

            • If you really wanted to get out of it, and work with your SSN, here is how.

              Send in a NEW SS-5 Social Security application, this time claiming the proper citizenship in relation to the United States (alien, allowed to work).

              Once approved, it will change your status with the IRS to that of non-resident alien (the way you were born).

              You can then submit a Form W8-BEN to your employer. You can put your SSN on it, but it is not required. Using it should convince your employer you are not up to anything shady. If they doubt your alien status, it can be easily verified with the Social Security office.

              The SSN number will show, in IRS computers, the W8-BEN as the correct form to use for the associated number, and all of your IRS numbers will add up, and you will not have any withholdings under the form.

              The United States is still bound by the Constitution outside of it’s internal corporate affairs. The People are bound by their ignorance and misplaced trust in criminals who are lying to you and know it.

            • Thanks GC…I am going to look online at those forms.

            • JRS

              Go to the website and look up the Amended form W8-BEN. It will tell you everything you need to know.


            • What is this “Corp” that you are referring to?

      20. China will dominate us
        but it won’t be militarily
        it will be economically
        they have a long range plan
        and they are implementing it step by step
        we on the other hand
        are an empire in an advanced state of decline

        • The “long range (economic) plan” of the GB / CCP partnership is evolving now. The intent is for China, and to a lesser extent India, each with more than a billion people, to replace America as the engine(s) of world economic growth.

          This will be accomplished by the transfer of wealth to China (which has happened) and eventually India (which is occurring now), with a much stronger Rmb and a much weaker dollar as China becomes a CONSUMING nation and the USA a (limited) manufacturing nation again.

          Between them (India and China) as consuming nations could spur economic growth all over the world, creating more wealth, more consumption, more business, more loans, more profits for the multinationals, and more profit for the investment class:

          Particularly the GB’s. Long term investment? Buy and hold Rmb.

          On another note, why an EMP on America even for food? Why not dominate the rice bowl nations of SE Asia? Why not dominate them economically, then physically?

          It makes more sense. Anything else is irrational, uneconomic, and military suicide.

      21. Shouldn’t the invaders be wearing blue helmets? The original came out when I first got into survival so it is pretty special to me. No matter how good the remake, it will never live up to the original.

      22. North Korea?? What a joke. They can’t even afford to feed their own people let alone invade the US. A far more interesting and plausible story would have been a State that has seceded from the tyrantical US government and is defending itself from the vampiric federal plutocracy.

        • Now that is a movie I would pay to see! Especially if we can convert the “movie” into a real-time current event.

        • They can afford to make a nuclear bomb, build a rocket & push a button on the back of their citizens. Don’t laugh, the world including you have been paying for it! The U.S. has helped to feed their poor more than you will ever realize every time they acted like a spoiled child.

        • Goldman Sachs is Mitten Romney’s #1 contributor just like they are Obama’s ATM card, anyone shocked by this? This goes back to the idea that big businsess and anyone with a lot of political/financial (read bankers) sway are really running the elections. Everything else is just pomp and circumstance.

          • spot on
            someone smarter than me said

            ‘if voting made a difference it would be illegal”

      23. this debate on nbc is going to be a sham in my opinion… nbc does not like Dr. Paul.

        • eeder,

          None of the msm like Ron Paul,which is why he is my choice. I will try 1 more time to vote but at this point is seems pretty useless. The system is FUBAR

      24. No thanks, I’d rather be making soap………..cold process……….KEEP PREPPIN’

        • Maybe, maybe not. The networks got seriously “outed” for ignoring him in previous debates and drew a lot of public criticism. Hopefully they will remember that outcry.

        • Yes happycountrymom, keep preppin is excelelnt advice and if this damn debate doesnt start soon i am going to go cut wood!

      25. The idea of the Norks invading us is almost as laughable as the Cubans in the 1st one.


      26. When I was growing up in the 80’s, the Russians were a legit threat to America.., a lot of people were scared of the evil empire. This gave the film validity of events that could possibly happen.

        The North Korean threat is just not there, so the movie will be probably silly and unbelievable.

        Political correctness will destroy the credibility of this new remake. 🙂

      27. We have already been invaded….we lost….we would have fought back…..but there was no app on our iphones for it.

        We have already been invaded….we lost…we would have fought back…..but we didnt want to lose our place in line at Starbucks.

        We have already been invaded….we lost…we would have fought back….but we could no longer fill out the proper gov’t forms…no habla..que !!

      28. We will be attacked by the North Korean Navy as soon as they learn the translation for the word “row”.

        …such a simple word…….row.

      29. I wonder why they are all so paranoid?…gee, I wonder why.

      30. WHY would anyone willingly work for $7.50 an hour, ( or sell China some more scrap metal if you’re unemployed and your job went there ) saving up for seven weeks to go to an idiotic movie such as this and be forced to pay $20 for the theater ticket and $25 for popcorn and coke ????? wasted money and time if you ask me.

      31. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? In the modern world of entertainment the body politic forms more of their world view from fantasy than from reality. History (and therefore reality) is re-written in movies.

        The focus was always on China. Now with US Military presence in the Middle East established the real intent is allowed to become known.

        The US is securing resources globally. There is no doubt that the power elite are preparing for something big.

      32. You guys seem to be missing the Irony here. Its funny that China has intimidated MGM into changing the entire character plot of a movie based on an invasion by China. Make no mistake the war with China has already begun. In an age where our weapons can literally destroy the world, wars must be waged on a different battlefield. Me thinks that China is winning the economic war. This intimidation of MGM is plain proof of it. Yes massa, please don’t crack dat whip, don’t take my paycheck away! MGM is a disgrace! I think that the patriots of this country should boycott this movie!

      33. I think it needs to be re-editted to have the US Army invading the US.

        • They did a whole series on this, it was called Jericho. 🙂

          • Apparently you never watched it…as your statement is wrong.

            But thanks for playing anyhow….

      34. Hope this movie bombs in China. No, really. boom.

      35. This was the first PG-13 movie I saw and wasn’t sure Id get in because I was 12 and wasn’t with an adult. Haha. We actually dug a trench behind our back fence to fight the invading Commies.

        But now I think Id be an insurgent, a terrorist. Isn’t that what somebody is if they fight the tyrannical invading army? And before someone gets their panties in a knot for me saying this realize that your tyrannical gov is already labeling you HGT’s, no not home grown tomatoes. So when your benevolent all caring all loving .gov just wants to keep you safe from all the terrorists ask yourself why they’re starting to label us as terrorists too. Maybe our real enemy is our own .gov and not the people our .gov has labeled terrorists. Because wouldn’t that just be you??? Lets wake up and stop believing the propaganda.

      36. China has invaded the U.S., you have not noticed, take a look on the supermarket shelves, the labels of their electronics, there is “Made in China” in the majority.

        It is a harsh reality that we, in looking at only our navels and just not detected.

        We buy, the government must pay, issues papers Treasury because it can not print and ship without ballast, the account is for our children.

        This is the harsh reality.

        The output is close, close borders, bring everyone back here, re-produce and consume only what is produced here.

        Globalization is cold, forget it, it is important to us, the world that kill, starve Europe.

        : – /

      37. Indigenous civilian forces fighting an occupying external military force don’t usually “win” in the conventional sense. They make the occupation so difficult that governing is impossible and the foreign forces just pack up and leave. In the process the indigenous forces may loose every battle but like the elephant fighting a million ants the war can be lost daily until finally the beast walks away and victory is achieved.

        A successful occupying strategy gets the support of the body politic. Prime examples are the MacAuthur Plan in Japan and the Marshall Plan in Europe; all others are eventually doomed to failure.

        • Such as Russia in Afghanistan, and now the IDIOTS running the US Military.

        • “A successful occupying strategy gets the support of the body politic. Prime examples are the MacAuthur Plan in Japan and the Marshall Plan in Europe; all others are eventually doomed to failure.”

          And don’t forget the best example of all. The banksters in the US. They bought and paid for the body politic with worthless paper, and 99.9% of them sold out willingly and voluntarily. Not only that, but also sold out their children and grandchildren.

      38. I was 15 when the original Red Dawn was released. Reagan, SDI, and the Cold War were in full swing. Today, the original movie seems more and more plausible. It’s a timeless classic and John Milius is a genius.

      39. You think just maybe ?Well having a EMP Bomb or two to knock some of our nation grid down and just waiting.For the out right panic to hit .I think something could happen maybe small hit ,But sure would wake us up.Having Iran or some other bad boy’s step in now that’s scary!

        • That letter gives me chills, DPS.

          Only recently have I heard so many people make so many solemn vows. I feel honored to hear/read them.

        • I like it. Esp comments 7 & 8.

        • Don’t take this the wrong way, but most of the Oath Keepers “10 Orders we will not obey” apply to situations exclusive to wartime and more specifically, occupation and extreme civil unrest. Where have the Oath Keepers been during the oh-so-unconstitutional 40 year war on drugs? How many of them have refused to conduct illegal searches and refused to enforce unconstitutional laws, and for how long?

          I’m just not convinced these guys are for real. Anyone can say what they will and won’t do during wartime, but how about during peacetime? I’d just hate to see the Oath Keepers end up like the Tea Party… co-opted, fake, and ineffective.

        • Very good!This enshrines the beliefs of any lover of personal liberty…which includes many who never put on a uniform but will stand firm against any attempt to enslave freemen and women!

      40. There are enough guns in America for every teen and adult to carry two. More ammunition then they could all carry. The ONLY way an “invasion” into this country would not be a suicide mission would be after a massive nuclear attack. THAT is the threat not a million foriegn troops.

        • EMP… then the clean-up.

        • Unfortunately, the America public does not have a long history of armed guerilla resistance against foreign troops like so many other countries do. I’m not convinced an invasion would galvanize a public so fractured and balkanized as the U.S.

          Spoiled, self-centered, overweight American civilians from the “me first” generation might not fare so well against a professional military. If we can’t bother to drive the traitors out of Washington now, what makes you think we could drive out motivated invaders then?

          • TMFC: Not at all. The mistake is that the Globalists have used the American soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine to fight their wars for the past 60 years.

            WE are trained KILLERS!!!!

            • More like 100+ years. Wilson admitted being duped in to adopting the fed and being suckered into WWI before his death…

        • Right on.. They’d get their asses handed to em.

      41. Silly Chinese, we all know the cancer is within. We can’t put the urbanites or the africanite in the movie either so they only had two choices, White Conservative Christians or N. Koreans.

        No doubt we have to worry about the Chinese post collapse, but by then they are going to have problems of their own.

        Maybe Pat has it right,!

      42. The North Koreans couldn’t do it: their equipment would fail on the journey over to the US. Out-of-date Soviet knock-off crap fueled by kimchi and benzene.

        The idea any nation would invade the US in such a manner is absurd. Much easier to do other things.

      43. I’m not quite sure the movie will make it… I mean a cartoon of an Asian kid on a toilet? Did someone hack this video or what? It says official trailer.

      44. We’ve already been invaded by the rothchilds (since 1913).

        Pretty subtle huh?

        • Their first invasion was repelled by Andy Jackson.

          • Andrew Jackson 2012! Now you’re talkin!

      45. The full scale frontal invasion of America(spelled with a “C” not a “K”) isnt likely given present realities. But another reality some here have touched on is the unseen and unrecognized attacks…all the termites eating out the timbers on the inside so that when the time does come an attack can turn those once solid timbers into dust and splinters…the trick is to not be fooled by the appearence of solid looks on the outside but to repair and replace those supporting structures and the continual inspection of the same!
        Many of the uninformed today are fooled by the appearence of strength in America and do not see or comprehend the unseen enemy,the devaluation of our money,the slow whittling away of our personal liberty,the insidious dumbing down of our people,the takeover of our govt by fools and traitors,the rising control of the military industrial complex and corporations who value the bottom line over the lives of people and their liberty…all these constitute the termites that we have to deal with as freemen or lose ot all…will we?…time will tell…got Raid?

      46. If China or anybody else decided to EMP us, then their country will become a sea of glass. It would be automatic nuclear war. We have nuclear armed nuclear subs,ships besides aircraft carriers such as destroyers that have them, and several ICBM’S positioned all over the world to take care of business. I still do not believe 90% of the US population would die withen a year from an EMP burst. You still have a large percentage of folks that live in rural or smaller cities such as in my part of the country that could feed themselves. I do agree that if you live in a major city you are screwed.

        Considering the fact that thier are over 100 million gun owners in the US even if not well trained, would be a force to reckon with. Their are several million ex-military here that could each train a small civilian force quite easily. You would have small militia groups pop up all the country carrying high powered deer rifles that is far more accurate, better range, and more powerful than your standard AK-47. It would become a sniper war quickly. As already stated, any foreign invading force would have a hard time resupplying their lines. After all, the US is as big if not bigger than Europe with mountains on either side and large rivers to slow progress across it. Linclon said it best when he said that no foriegn force would or could drink water from the Mississippi or was it the Ohio unless we let them.

        • They’d use SVD variants for sniping more so than any AK’s, but I do agree with you on the point of complete fallacy of ground invasion. I think the Chinese are far too smart to do that. Instead they’d see us die slowly by hand of our own government, vis-a-vis internal extremism, fascism and regulations. The true enemy is within…

        • Why is blatant comment spam like this allowed? When someone says nothing about the current topic, they should not be allowed to promote their website here or anywhere…

          • Toomany….start your own website then and set your own rules. I have no issue with anyone spreading info from their own work are another.
            The other day I posted something and gave Daisy a link so she could cross post it on her blog.

            Was that wrong of me? My bad….so sorry…whatever…

            • Uh oh, RWS3 – the blog po-lice are gonna get us!!!

      47. The US allows and even encourages foreign ownership. Why invade and take it by force when you can more easily buy it? It saves a lot of things being broken that the occupier or better put owner would need to repair. The indigenous workforce knows how to till and mine the land and the banking establishment will gladly finance your purchase if necessary. I have a feeling that they will somehow make it necessary.

        Wasn’t one of the goals of the NWO establishment international ownership so that the potential for world wars lowered because you tend not to bomb things you own?

      48. Proproganda for the masses.

      49. This country has already been invaded by the Mexicans.

        • To the eternal shame of the U.S. government. The Mexican invasion is a sharp stick in the eye to everyone from legal immigrants to the men who died in the Mexican-American War…

      50. All this day dreaming ain’t it fun. Lets see China invades or Russia maybe, no it’s the N. Korean’s, no it can’t be its Iran. Maybe its those damn Mexicans, Well damn who have we not pissed off or better pissed on. Oh yeah and lets not forget those Damn EMP’s

        ” America will never be destoryed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will bebecause we destoryed ourselves” Abraham Lincoln

        Better enjoy that KFC it might be our last for awhile.


      51. The Business Deal, Black Bras.

        A Chinese guy goes to a Jew to buy black bras, size 38.
        The Jew, known for his skills as a businessman, says that black bras are rare and that he is finding it very difficult to buy them from his suppliers. Therefore he has to charge $50.00 for them.

        The Chinese guy buys 25.

        He returns a few days later and this time orders fifty.

        The Jew tells him that they have become even harder to get and charges him $60.00 each.

        The Chinese guy returns a month later and buys the Jews remaining stock of 50, and this time for $75.00 each.

        The Jew is somewhat puzzled by the large demand for black size 38 bras and asks the Chinese guy, “…please tell me – What do you do with all these black bras?”

        “The Chinese guy answers: “I cut them in half and sell them as skull caps to you Jews for $200.00 each.
        …….and this is why the Chinese own us!
        “Business is Business”


      52. As Americans Starve , go without food, eat pet food, go without medical care, die freezing in their cars and in their homes, an 100’s of 1000’s live in plastic tent and ramshackle plywood cities constantly terrorized by nwo nazi police with box cutters and bulldozers for code violations the Illegal CIA ZIONIST Puppet and his “ALL THIS FOR A FLAG – Bwitch Queen” PLAY at Your Expense America! read below… WTF! Makes me SICK and PISSED OFF!

        White House ‘covered up’ Tim Burton-FULL HOLLYWOOD staged Alice in Wonderland Halloween party
        The White House covered up an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party staged by film director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp for fear of creating the wrong impression during a recession, a new book on the Obamas has claimed.


        VOTE: RON PAUL 2012 , Your Freedom is only a VOTE AWAY!

        RON PAUL 2012

        • mobama was the joker.

          • check out the truth of WHO soetoro/ Obama really is…

        • i’m “FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012” am offering a BOUNTY REWARD:

          $$$ 50,000,000.00 to the FREEMEN WARCHIEF Platoon Team Leader and $$$ 40,000,000.00 to each of his Platoon Team Members who “Arrest – Alive and UnSpoiled” ILLEGAL CIA zionist PUPPET PREZ barry soetoro of chicago illinois/ aka illegal prez barack obama A REAL documented citizen of indonesia and his “all this for a flag!” spoiled bwitch queen michelle obama! FOR Blatent TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! An the desecration of the U.S. Constitution!

          “JOIN the FREEMEN of AMERICA.PROJECT 2012 and FIGHT the NWO ZIONIST take over of OUR “The Peoples” AMERICA!”

          All FREEMEN.HARDCORPS MinuteMen Fighters or their Families, will Receive a $$$ 10,000,000.00 dollar gift from the NEW AMERICA REPUBLIC , when AMERICA is returned Back to the PEOPLE!

          Join the FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012

          HELP TAKE BACK AMERICA from the NWO.Zionist.Pigs!


          RON PAUL 2012!

      53. i suggest @EVERYONE here buys a FEW bricks, a real brick, and WRITES, PAINTS, PERM MARKER, ON IT “NO-NDAA!” on one side and “Your FIRED!” on the other and VERY GENTLY deliver that brick too your nearest CONGRESS.critters OFFICE and SENATORS.critter OFFICE front doorstep at 3am in the morning! GENTLY PLS! And lets let them know WE MEAN BUSINESS FOLKS! MAKE IT REAL!



        FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012

        RON.PAUL 2012


      54. i suggest @EVERYONE here buys a FEW bricks, a real brick, and WRITES, PAINTS, PERM MARKER, ON IT “NO-NDAA!” on one side and “Your FIRED!” on the other and VERY GENTLY deliver that brick too your nearest CONGRESS.critters OFFICE and SENATORS.critter OFFICE front doorstep at 3am in the morning! GENTLY PLS! And lets let them know WE MEAN BUSINESS FOLKS! MAKE IT REAL!



        FREEMEN.PROJECT 2012

        RON.PAUL 2012


        • Take pictures / video of the bricks , NAME YOUR BRICKS! DRESS em’ UP! and post them online! Make it go VIRAL!

          It’s time to TAKE BACK AMERICA!


          • I’ll bet you’re a cut & paste queen.

      55. Oh please! Who believes any of this nonsense?
        How about seeing a movie that depicts the reality of AIPAC infesting our congress to get the US to sacrifice its children & treasure destroying Israel’s enemies?

      56. why do they keep doing all these dumb remakes? The movie sucked to begin with!

        PS – I love chinese food.

        • Chinese food in the USA is not much different than what is called Mexican food. AKA taco bell.
          You would find very little of what you like in a typical Chinese restaurant in the USA on the menu in China…

          • Don’t think she talking about chink food Big Joe.

      57. If adding 100 million third world people since 1965 isn’t an invasion, then what is?

      58. A close friend of mine was stationed on the Korean DMZ in the late 70s. Things were kinda testy then. It was the North Koreans on one side, the US on other and ROK (Republic Of Korea) troops behind the Americans. The US Soldiers rode in duce and a half trucks up to their outpost passing ROK troops that ran 10 miles in EXTREMELY cold weather in non winter clothing to their outpost. He was under the impression that the US Troops were between the ROK and North Koreans to stop the ROK from attacking. In his opinion (granted just a low level opinion) that with some US air power the ROK Army and Marines could well defend themselves.


      60. The ROK have 1st rate equipment. North Korean ground forces in a conventional attack would be decimated by US Air Power having to move in the open. ROK Troops we’re regarded as very tough by the allied forces in Vietnam. Armies that march well don’t always fight well as was witnessed by the various Arab Israeli wars.

        I don’t think his assessment was too far off.

      61. I’ve read several posts saying, in effect, there’s NO WAY China could successfully invade us and win. Note to you all that think that way. Maybe not this year or next, but they already have plans in place–just in case. CHINA HAS MORE THAN 100 MILLION EXCESS MALES. Think on that. Soldier ants that would be unstoppable due to shear numbers.
        I can think of MANY scenarios where they could pull it off.

        Here’s one:

        Introduce a virulent disease that sickens a big majority of the population.

        Then follow up with a massive hacking event.

        Lure our Navy into a tight spot, like the Strait of Hormuz, and take out a big chunk of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

        Then perhaps an EMP strike. Perhaps out of Central America to make things interesting.

        Start loading those tens of MILLIONS of soldiers and all their equipment aboard as many CONTAINER SHIPS that they could get their hands on. Probably landing 100,000 every few days and making a round-trip in approx. a week to 10 days.

        CHINA CAN’T INVADE THE U.S. successfully? Don’t be naive or arrogant! You have no idea what the future brings. If God allows it, nothing we’re going to do with stop it.

        • NW Fisher– let me think a minute here. Oh Wait… I only need a second or two… There’s 90 million gun owners in the US…. If they only had 15- 9MM rounds in the clip, that would allow for at least 13 misses. OR, if only 10 million US owners had the fortitude and stamina to succeed, a full clip will suffice. Yes, I believe in Jesus and the Book of Revelation is well within my belief system, so I just guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens soon, as the Book of Revelation mentions, oddly enough, an army one million strong.

          • oops! My bad. Two hundred million strong, and it was the angels bound at the Euphrates. Rev. 9:15 and 16.

        • US Fast Attack subs would sink them as fast as they launched. US airpower would sink one ship per weapon fired. We have a dozen fleet aircraft carriers. Half of that is bigger then the air force of a major power.

          Whatever army you send you must feed and fuel. Any nation invaded leaves nothing for the invader.

          China is a regional power without extended reach. If they can walk or dive there look out. The longer the distance and further they reach the more their supply lines can be severed. The US had the UK to stage for D day. Without a staging area close no one can move a huge amount of troops let alone feed them. Chinese can fight with 100 rounds of ammo and a handful of rice but not very effectively.

          He who owns the high ground controls the low ground in a conventional battle and the US is the undisputed master of that high ground.

        • like i said this is highly laughable !!! just more articles to keep the doomers reading

      62. NW Fisher: You are the one that is naive, and poorly informed I might add. OUR tactical neutron bombs were specifically designed with 100 million excess Chinese soldiers in mind.

        WE have plans in place too. Just in case, and 71 nuclear submarines, each carrying 500 nuclear capable cruise missiles as part of OUR Triad capabilities.

        There are many military links (and Chinese links)at SHTF America on the lower left hand column. Suggest you brush up on the facts instead of becoming another China fear monger.

        If OUR military were stagnant for the next 15 years China would have a 50/50 chance. It won’t be.

        Just saying. 🙂

        • DK

          Actually I think any nation with an atomic bomb let along hydrogen bomb cannot be invaded.

          I have a vision of Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha and Utah beach with 5000 ships out there and a couple of nukes under the water. A quarter of the ships capsized and a few evaporated with fallout as rainwater cascading over the remainder. Invasion plans have just taken a serious setback and this is without a classic delivery system.

          Conventional invasions upon a nuclear armed nation have went the way of the horse and sword in combat. Nuclear weapons if nothing else are invasion insurance. Any invader needs to mass a significant force to accomplish their goal and that is a ripe target for a nuclear weapon. Invasion upon a nuclear armed nation would be one of the few triggers that would make the use of a nuclear weapon highly likely.

      63. Even the Chinese are making us go PC. Sad !

      64. Where do I start?

        LRD, If you don’t know the difference between a clip and a magazine, you’ve never been to war. Don’t know nothing about what you’re saying. Apparently you didn’t read what I said about people being sick and all.

        Kevin2 and Durango Kid,

        By recent examples of our drones being hacked (just the tip of the iceberg)–you’d think you might have second thoughts about our modern technology. People boasted about the Titanic being unsinkable.
        If someone takes out our military satellites, our military would be back to about WW2 status.

        All these arrogant boasts about what we’re going to do. We cannot kick ass in a backwoods hole like Afghanistan.
        You guys seem to have NO freakin’ idea what it would be like to fight human waves of pissed off, determined and trained soldiers intent on taking your country. You think enemy soldiers will stand like targets for a fat, untrained civilian to come out on their front doorstep and pop them with a 9mm handgun?
        They can lose MILLIONS and it wouldn’t concern their leadership. Most of us Americans can’t even conceive of what’s possible. Most haven’t even smelled rotting bodies.
        I don’t know what will happen, just sayin’ what could happen. DO not trust in our advanced technology–that can and will be compromised. A carrier can be taken out by one fast torpedo or one missile. I may be a lot of things, but naive ain’t one of ’em.

        • Yup, not a clue what a few EMP’s will do. “They” will bring weapons that work, we will have no effective military.

      65. I think it would be more sensible to portray DHS agents as the real invaders and occupiers.

        Chinese have already conquered America without a single shot fired and our own government had done all but rolled out red carpet for them…

      66. NWFisher

        “If someone takes out our military satellites, our military would be back to about WW2 status.”

        Well that WWII status plus nuclear weapons. No one with nukes is invaded. If you used the things as land mines the invasion force is decimated. They say, “Close only counts in horse shoes and hand gernades” . Well with a nuke that “close” has a new meaning because you only need to be in the same zip code. No satellite aiming needed.

        “You guys seem to have NO freakin’ idea what it would be like to fight human waves of pissed off, determined and trained soldiers intent on taking your country.”

        Those “Human Waves” have to get here. China could not sustain their Army in Korea that was within walking distance from their border with a quarter effort of the US to repel it. We had plenty more troops and plenty more equipment in Europe. The bigger the “Human Wave” the more difficult to transport and supply. Take out the satellites and you think an invasion force of 5000 ships can get across the Pacific without being noticed? Aircraft have range today, we have radios. You can’t cross an ocean with thousands of ships undetected and you can’t use numerical superiority without moving them in a lot of ships from there to here. As a last ditch if all else fails a nuke water mine is in your path. Fight that 200 foot wave coming your way. Let me see you swim the rest of the way. OBTW if one nuke does not work there are so many more. All detonated along your path away from population centers.

        The above is W/O the Ultra High Tech wiz bang satellites and GPS.

        As I said previously a nation will use nukes in the event of it’s survival. That is a line well drawn in the sand that only an idiot would attempt to cross.

        For the above reasons nuclear weapons to date have prevented major wars.

        • And yet Oblah-blah our idiot president wants us to get rid of our nuclear arsenal. Hmmm makes you wonder what country he’s really from!? I can’t understand why I think Manchurian Candidate comes to mind every time I see the guy’s face on TV.

      67. Wait and see.

      68. The most credible invader of the United States, is the United States. Make THAT movie, and I’ll be impressed.

        • Shhh! That’s already been done; we just don’t want the idiot, common, masses to catch on. We find that control is easier if they don’t know what’s going on!

      69. This may sound a little naive, but wouldn”t China have a vested interest in seeing the U.S. succeed, at least econmically due to the fact that we are the largest consumers of Chinese goods in the world. Any kind of war with them would screw up their good thing! Although I do like the idea posed about them invading Russia-perfectly plausible.

        • Once China gets sufficient raw materials secured with military might to feed her industry it’s in Chinas best interest to have her people become the consumers raising their standard of living.

          The idea that “China needs us” to consume is like needing a leech.

      70. Chinese? North Koreans? Really? After the recent vote on NDAA 2012, I am more worried about what my own government is going to do to us.

      71. I wasn’t totally surprised to see the current +2 and -6 for my Jan 8th question/comment regarding the Oath Keepers. So, I’ll ask it again. It’s easy to take an oath saying what you would and would not do during martial law or a wartime occupation. But how about during peace time? How many police officers and military folks are enforcing unconstitutional laws right now? You can’t just pick and choose when and under what circumstances you are going to follow the constitution. Also, do the Oath Keepers have any real teeth or are they just another ineffective, fake, co-opted bunch like the Tea Party has become?

        John Milius 2012

      72. the North Koreans invade the United States? That’s the most laughable thing I have EVER heard in my life! If the North Koreans ever “invaded” the first thing they would do is take over a local WinnDixie or Safeway because they have been starving for the last 15 years.
        My God…. Exactly how are the North Koreans going to get across 13,000 miles of open ocean UNDETECTED with NO NAVY?
        The plot of Cowboys Vs Aliens made more sense than this panic mongering Hollywood claptrap. Kinda sorta just like the original Red Dawn..
        Oh and by the way, as an actor, Patrick Swayze sucked. His best film was Roadhouse, and that ain’t saying much.

        • PaulTheCabDriver – I couldn’t agree with you more. What ever Hollywood Douche Bag, Politically Correct ass clown of a person or persons that came up with this theme is an absolute retard. I am going to make sure that none of my mutual funds have MGM as an investment, because I just don’t want to subsidize stupidity anymore.

      73. I think a more realistic movie would be if China and the rest of the world got together and announced no more exports of anything to the US and that countries could only trade using stable currencies. No more being forced to trade for things like oil in American Dollars because it only hurts the buyer

        No-one needs to invade America at all!! All they need to do is close their doors to America. I think many countries are more prepared to isolate America and just ignor them all together.

      74. I challenge you all to check out the following sites and then you make up your own minds, “UN AGENDA 21”, “NMO”, and the best for last, “FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS” Oh yes this will blow your mind, if not, then your head is so far in the sand you can’t see day light, or really in denial! “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory”

      75. No invading war on American soil.

        The enemy is already here.

        I think you will have a civil war once Muslims or Mexicans become the majority and attempt to take control using our laws and constitution.

        By 2050, USA will lose much of the land west of the Mississippi to La Raza or will become a Sharia police state and with Muslim superimmigration will double the population in the USA to 1 billion by 2060.

      76. A message to Pooh: You must be one ignorant individual. The United States saved your country’s backside during WWII otherwise you wouldn’t even be here. You would be some Japanese speaking half-breed if you existed at all. For you to paint all Americans with the same broad brush shows just how simple and ignorant you are. So you ran into one handful of whiny bitching people from the United States…big flippin’ deal! If you think we’re all like that baby you better get a clue. The toughest SOB’s on the planet come from the United States and don’t you forget it! There are people here who are so tough that they shit steel! That’s why the United States gets called to come bail the world’s ass out everytime some penny ante dictator starts causing some problems. The United States has saved this World twice with regard to World Wars…how many times has your country saved it? That’s what I thought! Maybe it’s time you have a nice big cup of S.T.F.U. –think before you say something STUPID!

      77. What part of “EMP attact” is not understood. The rules have changed. Knock out electricity in the US, then the Chinese gymnastic team could walk in. The only hope would be “Wolverine’s” with old cars and syphon hoses and those guns that the left want to take away. Should be quite a show(the movie too).

      78. In 1992 I went fishing with a friend of mine in the Gulf of Mexico, we were not that far out. A few miles. It was getting dark, we heard a loud splash and looked not far from us as a submarine emerged from beneath the water. It was dark in colour and it had the Russian symbol on the side. My friend and I became scared and we turned on the boat and left their as quick as we could. When we got back we told the local police and they laughed at us and said we were drunk, and yes we were a little but not enough to dismiss us as drunks. Nothing was ever heard or said. I told this to Art Bell on the his radio show Coast to Coast AM. Back in 1993. I became a believer then.

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