Main Street Interview: “Greed, Greed and More F*%kin’ Greed”

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    In an interview that’s sure to entertain, an Irish passerby randomly stopped on the street by Jason Calabry of Financial News doesn’t mince words when he discusses the problems and causes for the economic collapse in Ireland, which are keenly representative of our very own economic woes, financial phenoms and government officials here in the U.S.

    (Video Follows Excerpt)
    *Strong and Colorful Language*

    We have…I’d say four causes. We had a stupid fokkin’ government, with a regulator that was asleep at the wheel. We had very deceitful and conniving and corrupt developers. And of course, above all, wankin’ fokkin’ bankers.

    Wankin’ bankers, we had these assholes that for the last twenty, thirty years are getting these massive bonuses, these employees and directors of banks on the misfortune of the working class and getting these huge bonuses and salaries.

    But, if you… and all these assholes should be thrown in jail and the keys thrown away for the rest of their life and you know sir.. If you went in and you’re unemployed and wanted to take a loaf of bread out of this store or supermarket to feed your family, guess what? You’ll be up in Coldford! These assholes are living all over the world now, on the backs and the misfortunes of the working people. And who’s gonna pay for all this? We’ve mortgaged the next generation or two. Who’s gonna pay for it? The working man! We got the laborer, the small farmer, the fisherman, the nurse, the teacher, the policeman, the fireman, the plumber, the carpenter. Fok sake man, this is, this is a joke.

    Watch the video:

    That pretty much sums it up. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

    Hat tip The Daily Bail


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      1. Who’s Michael Flabby?

      2. Daja vu

      3. Comments…..You didn’t have to go clear to fookin Ireland to get this interview. You could of asked me I would’ve told you the same thing…..verbatem. Enjoy the beer!

      4. I believe their judgement day will come, and i dont mean by the hand of god, the almighty will get whats left, after the general populace gets done with them

        types like those, will not make it in the times ahead, you cant buy survival of the fittest

      5. Excuse me, but seems gas prices shot up to $4 a gal. b4 things really went sour.  Now that those prices are headed up again, seems it will destroy the made up recovery of the economy. It appears to me this is gonna shove a very sick patient into critical care.  Bankers got there greed fix & now speculators and big oil are wantin there share again. If you are a working tax payer, you are a target of big Corps & Government and the lazies that wont work. America you may have seen your best days. Oh and food prices going up. To the  greedy Rich & both sold out political parties, THANKS for creating this wonderful climate of suffering. May you roll in your bed at night without any rest for the suffering you have inflicted on us.

      6. Didn’t read the article because of the foul language.  Let’s keep it clean.  Thanks.

      7. Fokk me! I have the most annoying tendency to give others the benefit of the doubt (often to a fault!), but the evidence virtually slaps one in the face. Corporate and government greed got us where we are today. Corporations are required by law to do whatever it takes to make a profit. We’re guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, but these guys are required to catch it, bottle it, and sell it to the masses at a 250% markup! Ah, the sweet smell of lasciviousness!


      9. ‘Paddy’ has never been one to mince words! This very PO’ed gentelman hit the nail right on the head …….. and it’s the same way here in the US and all around the world.

        The reason why one man does without is because another man has taken more than his fair share.

        But not to worry though, the rich and the elites can try to run away and hide; but with 98% of the citizens of the world after their sorry, greedy asses ….. they may not get very far. Soon! Very soon boys and girls. Everybody hurry up get their ‘weed-whackers’ tuned up and ready. Buy lots of extra trimmer line also.

      10. We are reaping the whirlwind of decades of catering to business and turning a blind eye while big business and republican and democratic politicians raped the American consumer and taxpayer.
        We allow third world nations to flood our markets with cheap crap that forces the American working man into unemployment.  We allow automakers to build cars in mexico and then claim “made in America”.  I could go on and on.
        Have faith everybody!  They’ve started handing out bonuses on Wall Street again, and they’re the biggest bonuses ever.  That must mean that everything’s going to be just fine.

      11. As I write this, I am the 9th poster. I’m afraid most don’t grasp that we are the enemy, not they. Why are you posting here if you are engaged in thrift and prepping? For the majority of Americans, you will be the GREEDY!

        In every specie, the genetic and environmental variability leads to vast differences in efficiency. Efficiency=Thrift. Thrift plus planning for the future equals wealth. )(&^%*$*%^$($ wealthy bastards.

        I am among the wealthy. I earn less in a year than what some of you make a month. It is all about efficiency.

        Hey, Mac. How about a key in your post that says “Download Video clip” for those of us still on dial-up. When it is embedded, we have to wait 10 minutes or more for the page to finish loading. I prefer to spend the extra $40/month on supplies.

      12. @VRF,
        This is the exact thing I have been trying to elude those in here too without coming right out and upsetting people, adn I didn’t want to tick people off by hijacking threads. But your right this is the stuff we are being distracted from that will couple with the financial disaster coming and send the current state of affairs further in to the abyss all the faster.

        I haven’t been getting email notifications to posts being made in any of these threads? The last few days I figured it was due to the maintenance upgrade being performed on your site. But now that it seems to be over with and complete and I am still not getting email notififcations, I wanted to bring it to your attention. Notifications are a lot better than opening each article up individually and looking for new comments….Just sayin.

        Thanks Mac….I do love your site.

      13. Be careful getting caught in the class warfare game, you are being set up to do just that. Yes, some very greedy MF’ers have “stolen” a lot of money, but not everyone who gets “rich” does so off the backs of others or through evil deeds. Many get rich through determination and hard work and do so with a moral compass. And many of those rich also provide the jobs for the working man.  (or at least they used to before the majority of the wealthy have gotten that why via non-production i.e. wallstreet)
        If we continue to ratchet up the rhetoric and lump people into groups, we will again see guillotines, labor camps, and ovens. Tyrants and Despots count on it…

      14. I was wondering if any one could help me out by explaining the last little bit in the video where the reporter is obviously trying to be a smart alleck and refers to a Michael Clabby??

        Thanks……sorry for being such an annoying curious george

      15. You know, I just don’t understand why the same lower & middle class who keep complaining about the big banks & bankers keep using their services. 

        If everyone boycotted Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Chase, Citibank, etc. then they would go out of business and smaller banks would step up to the plate. 

        Really though, our whole government is broken.  Crooked politicans taking bribes, hiring the big fat cats to work for them & advise them, they are all in it together.  It’s inscestuous.

        Where is the re-boot button?!!!!!

      16. Somethings brewing and its ingredients contain viable solutions-
        “Welcome to This website exists to facilitate networking, local community action, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. We promote decentralization, localism, and the de-globalization of human economic systems. We aim to work with and support local economies, markets, barter networks, and farmers cooperatives; and to promote alternative currencies and monetary systems. is not financed by or associated with any entity, corporate or otherwise; except for Neither Corporation, whose wise readers generously donated the funds required to bring this project to fruition; and Oathkeepers, whose wise founder cleverly approached the right man for a job that simply needed to be done.”

      17. Sumpin’s fishy — this ‘un smells like a fake.  Loved the fokkin foul language, though!

      18. GA Mom,
        I often ask the same question.  I quit supporting the bankers years ago.  It makes life a little harder sometimes because most people believe the banks and governments are serving a lawful purpose and “require” your participation with their master before they will deal with you..
        For some reason, most people believe that you MUST have a Social Security Number to live.  There is no law that requires one for anything.  In fact, it is against the “law” to refuse service to someone who refuses to give one.  But who follows the law anymore.  Certainly not the government or its corporate spawns. Because of that you will almost always get a funny look when you tell the requester you are a non participant.  If they insist, I make up a number to give them and sign nothing.
        The reboot button has been pressed.  The banks (or owners of the banks privately) that own the vast majority of the gold are getting richer as its price goes up and your purchasing power with their paper goes down.  On top of that, they get the same paper you work so hard for, and they get it for free.  No government, any where, owns any gold at all. The bankers own the governments of the world, thus everything claimed to be government property.  Including you.
        In the end, they will end up as the only sources of monetary gold, save for a few that have gotten a small scrap or two.  The gold standard will be ushered in because the bankers have all the gold and they need to calm the people down before it gets to be too late.
        They will use some form of the “gold standard” to restore confidence in their paper, then repeat the process again and again until their heads are separated from their bodies.
        Doing that is our job, but it will only happen when the mobs form and  their fear is replaced with the instinct for survival and revenge for the crimes against them.  The bankers will answer when enough of the people ask the questions and demand answers.  The answers will cost them their lives, and the gold will stay here when they embark on the trip to hell.
        Justice will be served…or not.
        It is just a matter of time, I believe.  Until then, I will be playing golf and enjoying life to the best of my ability.

      19. The name the interviewer says at the end I believe is Michael Flatley. He is the dancer most famous for “riverdance”. I have no ides if he was born in the US but I’m sure he’s revered in Ireland.

      20. Thanks Slippery,
        I just didn’t get that last bit at all and I am a curious george  🙂

      21. Mac,
        I just noticed and read the very small print below comment box about email notification, I got it  😉

      22. I have a question for the real smart financial guru’s in here…….what would happen if a large number of Americans pulled their money out of the banks? What if they pulled from the banks and opened up credit union accounts….sorry if this is a real no brainer

      23. @BJ
        I did that over 30 years ago..dam bank i had plenty of money in wouldnt lend me enough or finance me into a new car, so I said to the big shot need me more then i need you..gimme all mmy cash now!
        im out this place.
        I have been happy with my CU ever since..and they have been good to me.

        As far as what would happen? would be nice to see, but i bet our ignorant governmment would continue to “bail” them out.. I believe they have been bailing them and other businesses out all along, with out the general populace knowing about it..they know it would enrage us to know that they continue to fund this failed system and wall street..
        There should be a ton of Wall Street thugs that should be behind bars..and arnt..why is that? because they are all the the big O’s buddies..thats why

      24. Several little known facts:
        1. The largest contributors to the Democratic party are the unions.  The unions force their members to pay dues, then use the dues to campaign and support their toady Democratic politicians who then pass legislation that favor their union paymasters at the expense of the taxpayers and the public.
        2.  Wall Street bankers contribute about 80% of their political donations to the Democratic party.  You want to know why the Banksters are not in jail, just follow the money.
        3.  Trial lawyers who rape and pillage our judicial system with frivolous and ridiculous lawsuits are the 2nd largest contributor to the Democratic party.  They contribute over 90% of their campaign donations to the Democratic party.  Want to know why our judicial system allows these ridiculous  lawsuits?  Just follow the money into Democratic pockets who then vote down proposals by Republicans to bring sanity to the system.

      25. The end of the video. Checked into it. The reference was to Michael Flatley, not due to Riverdance, but to an “Irish” show he does called “Celtic Tiger”. The point being that this “Irish” show is run by a guy from South Chicago.

      26. Thanks Dboy  🙂

      27. BJ – Look what happened when Andrew Jackson pulled the money out of the central bank.  Nevermind, that’s when money was silver and gold–literally.

        The banks don’t actually have enough to hand over to everyone since we have fractional reserve banking.  Most of our money in the bank is just lent out to someone else, who puts it in the bank, and then that bank lends it out, and so on, and so on.  So just having everyone withdraw it at once would cause huge pandamonium until the fed could print up the bills, and lend them to all the banks. 

        Kind of reminds me of the silver market, and the delivery problem going on.

      28. Reminds me of “It’s a Wonderful Life” We sure have a lot of Mr Potters in the world  🙁

      29. amerika is 64 trillion in real debt!!! the pentagon stole 3.6 trilion from you on 9/11… the usa amerika is already bankrupt… she went belly up in 2008 folks… right now she’s surviving on printer press life support and she will die as soon as they print off all the money they can – completly destroying the value of the dollar!

        china and russia are already dumping dollars, have been for a while now… they know the score!

        get out of the dollar into commodities now while its cheap… guns ammo gas gold silver  foods water etc etc

        it’s only a matter of time now… only a matter of time… it’ll happen when it happens… remember CANADIAN TROOPS AND MEXICAN TROOPS ARE NOW LEGALLY ALLOWED TO ENTER THE UNITED STATES AS PEACE KEEPERS… AS OF LAST WEEK!!! SO LEARN TO SAY F. U.!!! IN MEXICAN NOW!!!  Chinga tu madre !!!

        arm up stock up prepare, predator or prey the choice is yours!

      30. F*CK!!!

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