Madness: Addendum: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned (Micro-Doc)

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Do you LOVE America?


    The warnings are all around us. For those paying attention, it’s as plain as day.

    In the addendum to Madness of a Lost Society, the fourth installment micro documentary from SGT Report continues where part three leaves off. It’s a a body blow for those who still don’t believe the end of the Dollar is near.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that America is headed towards the most difficult time she’s ever experienced. We don’t know how bad the collapse will be because no one has ever experienced it, no countries have experienced the size of the collapse of this economy.

    Fabian Calvo

    When the Day the Dollar Dies happens, it will change everyone’s life forever. Our new normal isn’t going to be anything like the current normal. It’s going to be a radically different time in the United States. As Gerald Celente has said, we will be the first post-industrialized nation.
    Daniel Ameduri

    What if  things aren’t OK? What if the banks don’t open that next day and you go online to get your account balance and the bank is closed? You go to the ATM and the bank is closed? You go to buy some gas and they don’t accept credit cards? Or there’s no power or electricity?
    Bix Weir 

    The definition of terrorism in your country has been redefined to people who are critical of the government and people who are interested in your Declaration of Independence, your Bill of Rights, anybody who talks about the Constitution… That isn’t the America I grew up in and respect.
    Rob Kirby 

     Watch – Madness 3: Addendum: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

    Watch Madness of a Lost Society: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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      1. The First thing is to just praise the lord. My prepping has come to something!Oh Ya!!

        • Amen!

        • Not a religious man.

          • Hmm, I was beginning to think I was the only non-religious person who visited this site.

            • It has been said “there are no atheists in foxholes.” I understand why many people who think things will be bad would tend to become religious especially since things are progressing according to Bible Prophecy.

              To each his own.

              • There are more false prophecies and prophecies that weren’t even in the OT than there are prophecies that have come true. And this can be proven with a little research. When I was a religious man many years ago, I had a pastor POINT THEM OUT to me. Also, people in the NT would have had access to the OT and could therefore create a story that “confirms” it. Like government, religion is just another way people discovered they could control others like sheep. This is my opinion anyway.

                • It is not about religion, it is about God. Either you believe or you don’t. Faith is a gift that is not given to all but if you want it you only have to ask Him.

                • Help me with one aspect of atheism. If you don’t believe in a higher being, what sets your morals? Why is it wrong to kill someone? Rob them? Beat up someone that you don’t like just because you feel like it? The laws in this country are based on Judeo-Christian ethos. The guiding principles of that philosophy dictate how people should treat each other. So how does the atheistic moral compass work?

                • Just because you dont believe in any particular religeon does not mean that you do not have asense of morality. If you as a chrisitian were told that God does not exist and you believed it would you no longer have morals. Believe me or not but you don’t have to believe in a religeon to stop you from going around and killing innocent people.

              • @GG your right; to each his own. That is why I put my faith/trust in Jesus Christ the true living son of GOD. Because I know that he will take care of me, I know where I will have eternal life.

                I hope and pray that you too know where your soul will spend eternity?

                However, in the mean time while I’m still here living in the U.S.A, I will prepare and take care of my family. I will stand along side others who wish to Fight for our Freedoms & Liberties against those who choose to do us harm.

                GOD Bless AMERICA!!!

                • Regardless of how we look at it, we should live by our convictions. One day, we will have to give an answer for why we did or didn’t do what we were directed to do.

            • Well, all I will say to that is, where did you come from? Was your great, great, great, great, great grandaddy an emeba? Mine wasn’t, I know that for a fact! And I know when I see the Lord face to face (as all of us will, like it or not), I will be ashamed of my sin and faults and all of the times I shoulda but didn’t. Yet, in all of that, I will know where my eternity lies for I know of Whom my faith is in. Because it takes faith to make it in these times and the oh so hard times ahead. For without being armed with faith and the full armor of God, and only being armed with self-reliance and self-confidence, we will fail in more ways than one!

              Hope you find the Truth soon. I will pray for you, and those here who think being is Christian is weak, silly or “out-dated”. As good ole Mr. T would say, “I pity da fool.”

              • Your pity is reciprocated, I’d hate to be so ignorant and one-eyed.

                • You sound like a welfare recipant to me.

                • Please, do me a favor. One, keep your snarky and belittling comments to yourself. I wasn’t being sarcastic or rude, why were you? Secondly, remember what you just wrote, OK? Because one day it will be repeated to you by the One who you degrade as a fairy tale. True ignorance my friend is found in someone who believes in nothing, in no greater power than what’s inside himself, one who cannot see the majesty of the overall creation and know there is a Creator, and one who demeans those who hold to these truths because they feel threatened and are in reality unsure of these things within himself and resorts to attack that which he does not understand.

                  I will pray for you as well and that heaps of hot coals will be put upon your head until the day of Truth makes it’s revelation to you.

                • Ah the old debate… mystery vs knowledge…

                  Proof of the Creator lies in the Grail, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil…

                  Regular Christian folks depend on faith, because that is what they were taught, that; everything is a “Mystery of God” my son. This is not their fault, but lies deep in history.

                  But, it is time for the Revealing, and the message to the churches, and to the atheists, is revealed in the math of the Unified Field of God… The Gnosis lives again by the lady with 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the Light of the Sun while standing upon the Moon, played in a New Song, and the Mystery of God is finished…


                  You may ridicule them, or me, but unless you disprove the math, the language of the Universe, your words are equal to theirs, just words.

                  May His force be with you.

                • Maybe you are one of dem dar decendants of dem monkeys?
                  Just kidding guys,just a little humor–sort of.

                • Hey Piper, if it’s mystery vs knowledge (which is proof) then proove God doesn’t exist. Apparently you’re a simpleton.

              • Anon

                It’s good you have faith, but not everyone feels the same. How do you know your ancestors were not amoeba? God and science can go hand in hand. Have you considered the Lord made the amoeba that you may or may not have descended from, it could be part of the grand plan?

                I don’t regard Christianity as weak, silly or out dated but I do accept people have different views and opinions….

                Heaping hot coals on a persons head does not however seem full of Christian charity.

                Take care

                • @ Burt
                  To Argue over God or Christian values will not do well in my camp. Look what it causes here. If you are religious it would be better served to keep it to yourself.

                • Slingshot

                  You may ave a point though if its someone’s opinion it’s their opinion, that then causes me to have an opinion. This then brings in your opinion…….

                  Each to their own I say.

                  Take care

                • Heaping Hot coals on someones head was a blessing of fire that they could take home. They wore a special hat that allowed them to not get burned but still retain the hot coal for when they got home so they could start a fire of their own.

                • @Das. Interesting. Taken figuratively, the heaping of coals means bestowing wisdom that could be passed on? I like that one.

              • Anonymous,

                I would agree with you that your great, great, great, great, great grandaddy was not an amoeba. That is nowhere near far enough back. If you took every pixel on this page and replaced it (figuratively) with the word “great,” you might be getting closer to the generations back you need to go.

                I would also agree with you that it takes faith in times like these and the “oh so hard” times ahead. It takes faith, because the evidence that that tells you things are going to be very, very hard, and the stark reality of society crumbling all around you is too much to bear. So, in steps faith with a convenient alternate reality to assuage your natural instinct of fear in the face of such atrocity. “It just CAN’T be like this, there HAS to be a better future, it will ALL be okay eventually. Justice will SURELY come to evildoers.”

                No, it won’t.

                Just listen to yourself. “Armed with faith??” Having at your fingertips the ability to disregard modern science, innovation, technology and logic, in favor of the writings of a bunch of goat herders two millenia ago?

                “Armor of God” What need does God have of armor? What need do YOU have of armor being a true Christian? Is not everything that happens in your life already pre-ordained and pre-determined according to the will of God? Then why have armor to try and stop the rather nasty effects of his will? You are trying to mitigate, to change the outcome, of his will. That’s not really faith in action now, is it?

                • I see that none of you have ever read the Bible, have you? If you have to ask what the “armor of God” is, you don’t have the basic understanding of Christianity. This is not the venue to go into that. However, I will tell you that your very well written and intellectual comment is full of vanity and pride. You (nor any of us) are our own master. We did NOT create ourselves. We did not create the amoeba (sorry Burt the Brit for misspelling it – wow!) nor did we come from the amoeba. If none of you can pick up and dust off the Bible I am sure lies on one of your shelves and actually read Genesis to find out “how I know” that my lineage didn’t come from anything other than man, then I feel very, very sorry for all of you.

                  Gosh, I guess our Founding Fathers were a bunch of quacks too, right? Do any of you realize that 29 of the 56 signers were professing Christians and were Seminary graduates? Have you ever heard of “Monumental”? The forefathers of this great Christian (yes… CHRISTIAN) nation left a legacy and a road map of sorts of how to establish a true and righteous civil government.

                  Check this out:

                  You all have a good night…

              • A smart traveler is always prepared.

              • I have made is just fine in these times without faith. Speak for yourself. You rely on an invisible being to give you strength. I rely on myself, friends and family for strength.

                And the only reason I am pushing my own beliefs upon you is because you did just that in your own comment and it is rude.

                Just remember this though. There are hundreds of other religions saying the exact same thing as you, and they do not believe in your God. Who is to say THEY aren’t right? There are a few religions that are much older than Christianity still thriving and being practiced. Something to think about.

                • Could the atheist v believer debate take place in another site. I wish all would stick to the topic for a change. Believers — fine express your belief. Atheists — fine express your disbelief, BUT get on with discussing the topic. Stop debating religion and attempting to prove the beliefs of someone else to be wrong. What’s the point?

                • Yes but but but…. My unicorns are the realest. I BELIEVE in my unicorn. The one true Unicorn. Have faith in my unicorn. My unicorn is prettier than all the rest.

              • There will come a time when the existance of God is proven or unproven. Until that point in time words will not convience the believer or non believer either way. Remember it is far easier to change an idea than it is to change a belief. As for me and mine we will follow the Lord. There will be no discussion of which religion is right or wrong in my camp. Worship as you see fit. The key is to worship. If you don’t believe in God, find a damn good substitute because you are going to need it.

                • I don’t need faith to give me power. I guess some people are just naturally stronger minded than others. Some people can’t possible survive without faith, some people can and will thrive.

              • Anon,
                You sound like all those Muslims ready to kill for their one true God. No one has to or should be made to believe as another does. That is the foundation of the Christain faith, that one will come to it willingly and on their own.

                • Well, that statement proves your complete and total ignorance of the Christian faith and what divides us from the other “religions” of the world.

                  Thanks for proving my point that the vast majority of folks need to dust off that Bible sitting on their shelf. It would benefit you to actually open the cover, after blowing off that buildup of dust, and reading it!

            • Hey there Tim,
              I am deeply religious, and I will say to you that I am not one bit offended that you do not share my convictions. You have done me no harm, and I am pretty sure that you mean me none.

              It’s like when people wish me Merry Christmas: I’m not Christian, and I’m also not offended.

          • Timothy and GregorK: You’re not alone. I guess that we all get the thumbs down from the “real Christians” here. Prayer is an interesting thing: it assumes that an all knowing god got something wrong in the scheme of things and that if his followers/believers pray long enough and hard enough that he’ll change his mind. In there world, their god is either a screw up and needs to reminded that his action(s) are harmful, or that he’s just a cruel meglomaniac that loves to have people begging him for favors. These are the same folks who need to be bribed with a reward (heaven) AND threatend with punishment (hell) in order to behave (act ethically) towards other humanbeings. It must be terrible to live in fear as they do, but it explains their fervor and their behavior (anger) towards those of us who refuse to bow to their petulant and capricious little desert diety (Jewish, Christian, and Muslim).

            • So, you are in a sense saying every parent that trains his toddler in proper social behavior is cruel??
              I was raised properly and NEVER feared my parents–ever.

              • jayjay: There is no hidden meaning in what I said: only a desperate being would need to bribe with erternal bliss and threaten with eternal suffering just to get someone to behave. Children need loving guidence, not bribes and threats. As for adults; if there is a god then he/she/it/them gave us the ability to reason things out and make informed decisions based on observable facts. What I have observed in my nearly six decades is that kindness and compassion (love) is reasonable/rational, whereas bribes and threats are the result of some failure. Peace!

            • You do realize there are ways to disagree w/o being a dick about it, right?

              • But where is the fun in that

                • Taking the time for thumbs down.

                  you folks have no sense of humor

            • Glad to know I am not alone. The thumbs down is an interesting concept. Christians are supposed to love thy neighbor despite the sins we may commit, the beliefs that differentiate from theirs. But they thumb us down as if to say we are evil, wrong and a threat to their faith.

              I know what you mean about prayer. Before my father passed, I grew up watching him develop his faith. He is one of the reasons I lost mine. I saw him pray every single night. I saw him hit hardships that were never resolved no matter how much prayer he gave. And when things got worse he struck it up to “It is God’s plan.”. When things got better he “thanked God.”. It was a win win situation for him. It struck me as quite foolish. When its bad its a divine plan, when its good it is God answering his prayers. He also chose to ignore bad things happening in the world, he never watched the news. I tried several times to help him before he hit hardships and tried to explain what he could do to prevent it but he would just tell me “I don’t need to worry about it and fill my head with negative thoughts. God will help me.”
              Excuse my rant. Religion frustrates me to no end. It creates some of the most prejudice people I have ever laid eyes upon and it brainwashes them just the same into doing ridiculous things. And they all claim to do this without pride, but that is certainly not the case.

              • GregorK: Just imagine a god that will answer the prayers of someone on a football team but ignore the pleadings from the parents of a sick child. Nothing could be more sadistic than that. These religious folks are so terrified of enternal punishment, or even temporary retribution, that they can’t think for themselves.

              • Both of you Gregories:

                I recommend the book of Job. It’s a hard slog, and is even harder to really dig into, but it does help explain a lot of why prayer, punishment, and suchlike isn’t exactly a direct ratio and/or proportion.

                Incidentally, there is a difference between trusting God and being helplessly codependent on Him (the latter being a bad, bad thing).

                • I have read Job as I have the entire Bible. Although, it has been many, many years. With the help of my pastor, my skills of observation and my need to seek out the truth, I found my won way. I realized all the hypocrisy, the prejudice, the improbabilities and the impossibilities that stemmed from religion. My pastor was the greatest help. He liked to teach both sides of the argument. He was a man of God, but he also liked to use a neutral bias. He wanted people to decide what to believe for themselves rather than be told. The prophecies, which are often used in religious arguments as a confirmation of God were one of his main topics. He directly helped me find my way and I remain thankful for it. Over the years I have saw what it did to both of my parents, friends and other family. There is one good thing about faith…even when things get really bad, you still keep an positive attitude, but as it turns out,, this causes even worse things to happen because those people never take action to prevent harder times.

                • actually, God wants our total dependance.

                  John 15:5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

                  which he has, whether one submits to Him or not. we cannot breathe without God. duh.

            • “Prayer is an interesting thing: it assumes that an all knowing god got something wrong in the scheme of things ”

              Only if you’re some kind of dope that thinks prayer is like rubbing the magic genie’s lamp. Why doncha stick with something you know about and stop talking out your ass.

              • Special: I take it from your emotional response that logic is not your stong suit. Just then what is the reason for prayer if not to envoke favor or intervention by God? If something terrible happens in your life isn’t it God’s will? And isn’t it terribly presumptious to ask him (through prayer) to change the course of events that he has set in motion? If you are a true believer in a good and just God then logic says you must accept all things as being the will of God and for your benefit. True faith in God would be total acceptance of all of life’s events, good and bad, with a happy heart.

                • amen. most of our prayers should be thanksgiving and praise for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do.

                  we can also spend time praying for others.

                  as for ourselves, total surrender to His Will, whatever it may be or look like in our lives, is what He is looking for in a Christian. He is the Divine Decider, after all. whatever He decides is good for me, is good for me.

          • Every person lives spirituality but not every person is religious.

            • @ BigB

              Somehow it always get around to religion. I’m going to Hell for this or that. They Knock at my doors on my days off. Put cards in my mailbox. Asking for donations. Worst than the government. Had 8 years of Nuns on my ass and probably been excomunicated from the Church a hundred times for this or that. Maybe just for eating a can of sardines on Friday. When I got out of Catholic school I thought they let me out of PRISON. I know religion and what it can do to people.

              • No human being can condemn you to Hell. It ain’t in our power to do so.

                If you are/were Catholic? Considering they haven’t excommunicated that heretic Nancy Pelosi yet, I promise you that you’re in no mortal danger… 😉 (also note that excommunication is not a condemnation to Hell or anysuch – it’s just simply being kicked out to fend for yourself).

                Sardines on Friday? Err, fish on Fridays is a traditional Lenten thing, and sardines are fish, so…

                I’m also a Catholic school refugee. Kinda prefer it over public schools, truth be told… I learned more there.

                You are right in that religion can do some horrible things – when it is misused by ignorant, careless, or evil men. Consider religion and guns to have the same role… it isn’t the item, it is the person(s) who use or misuse it.

                • @ Odd Questioner.

                  I will tell you OQ that when I refused to become an alterboy, I was considered to be Satan Incarnate and that the the High Mass was so drilled into me, to this day with a little coaching, I can say about 60% of it in Latin. If they still do the Mass in Latin.

                  Fridays was NO MEAT At All. Fish was acceptable. I stand corrected. Called us, Mackeral Snappers.

                • Well, can’t speak to what others may or may not have done in your past… I only know what goes on around here, and what went on in my own past.

                  They haven’t done Latin Mass since Advent in 1968 or so… though there are a few parishes here and there that offer Latin Mass (Ordinary or Extraordinary Form), though usually outside of the normal schedule, or say as an extra-early (say, 6am) Mass on Sundays.

                  Incidentally, VaticanII also pushed the whole meat-on-Fridays thing down a bit. They only demand it during Lent now (and it’s pretty easy to keep, especially when I break out my mad soup skills… 😉 )

              • Slingshot,
                Your not going to hell! That is a place reserved for politicians and lawyers. 🙂

                • @ BigB

                  Never hear from the Buddist, Shinto, or Hari Krishna’s.

                  Always the Bible Thumper.

                • AND USED CAR SALEMEN!!!

                • Sling shot – don’t know what the shintos are doing,

                  but the krishnas are busy at the airport,

                  and the buddist are sitting queitly in the corner

            • I believe in God not religion.

              sooner or later it seems most religions get to big and start getting folks killed in the name of GOD

              • So then is it the religion or the evil men using religion in dictatorial ways?

                Hmmmmm. Come on people. How about some critical damned thinking.

          • @GregorKlusar:

            Religion (or even faith) is not a requirement for survival in this world.

            Many folks (myself included) are devout to various degrees, and while I cannot speak for anyone else, perhaps I can explain why I believe as I do.

            I am at my mental core an engineer who demands logic and reason in my life, as it is the easiest means by which I can understand this world. Like my apostolic namesake, I demanded proof for a lot of things in this world. However, for too many times in my own life, I have personally witnessed events and outcomes that cannot be explained by science, sociology, reason, or even random luck.

            I also find that, at least to me, as I read more of the Holy Bible, it contains a huge library of lessons for getting along with God and with one’s fellow man. I find this to be true in spite of my technological daily world, and in spite of the so-called “modern” society we live in.

            I promise you, the revelation didn’t come easy for me. Taking things on faith is something I’d spent half of my life avoiding, since taking something on faith meant (at the time) opening oneself up to be used and exploited. Over time though, I’ve come to realize that survival in this world –with or without civilization– demands that we trust in God and in our fellow man at times.

            Mind you, I’m not trying to proselytize. I just wanted to explain how I got here.

            It is my hope that if you do not find God, at least you can find some semblance of peace and goodwill in your life and in your heart, and even if you never pray again, I suggest having a copy of The Holy Bible in your preps – not as a history guide, but as a solid philosophical foundation. If it becomes a spiritual foundation, all the better, but that’s up to you.


            • OQ I agree completely that The Bible is a terrific book to learn core values and how to properly treat others. But there are also many books in existence that say the exact same thing without the religious overtone. I myself believe in a creator, but I do not believe that anyone on this Earth knows who that creator is or what it is. And we won’t know until we die, if even then. I believe religion came about to explain that away. Much like the Native Americans developing stories to explain natural occurring events like the rising, setting sun and moon I think all these religions came about in a similar fashion and caught on. Scientology is obviously fake, being created very recently by one man who made a bunch of elaborate stories and events without any proof. But people believed it, it caught on and now people consider it to be a true religion. Just my opinion of course.

              • I agree that there are numerous other books which carry similar philosophical lessons and themes (I have a pretty sizeable pile of them written in timespans from ancient Greece/Rome to more modern existentialism-based tomes.)

                OTOH, I like how it all got condensed into the Bible. Makes it a lot more portable. Just my opinion, though.

                I also agree that religion is all-too-often a thinly-veiled scam ($cientology), or even as an excuse for license (Wicca, which IMHO is a poor adaptation of various ancient paganistic religions, but with all the gore and violence removed). It can also be used for many other not-so-pure reasons.

                OTOH, a 2000-some-odd religion that is at base an imperfect attempt at following divine teaching? It works for me. The lineage goes back to Peter. The scriptures contain the inspired word of God within them, in spite of imperfections and literal millennia of mis-translation (as discovered and corrected over time whenever ancient manuscripts are discovered). Corruption aplenty, schisms galore, and arguments never-ending… Yet somehow the slime gets ferreted out, the house gets cleaned, and things muddle on (just like humanity, come to think of it).

                Finally, I find there’s something to admire about an organization which has out-lasted every major empire on Earth – including it’s own Imperial patronage.

            • OQ, my little boy is also a Thomas (the patron saint of scientists) and my husband and parents have careers in the harder kinds of hard sciences. He doesn’t talk much about his faith, but looking at the world through microscopes has given him a deeper faith in God.

              Also, for an engineer, I have to say, I have read the first couple of chapters of your book thus far, and the writing and editing are flawless. I am impressed. I have taught a few engineers and not all of them are writers, but you are.

              • Regardless of opinion on religion or lack-there-of….Is there any chance we can turn off the Holy War and go back to talking preparedness?

        • Isn’t that attitude the problem today (e.g. at least I have mine)?

          In all your prepping, have you prepared to help others, or are you just planning on helping yourself?

          I am betting that when things do go wrong, the only way out is to correct the actions that got us there in the first place (e.g. think about others).

          • You have to be prepared to help others. No individual or single family can hope to survive on their own.

            • My faith gives me the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to keep going when things seem hopeless, or too hard for me to bear.

              Footsteps beside me in the sand.

              Sometimes the correct path is the most lonely, isolated and miserable to continue along. All around us bread/circuses, drink, oblivion, drugs & the blue pill are offered at every turn. My faith keeps me strong, when I my self cannot go it alone. I admire those who are able to stare down what’s coming with no support.

              I was raised on the mantra “God helps those who helps themselves”, and every now and then something/someone comes along at a critical juncture and helps me in a way that cannot be explained by logic alone. I give thanks when that happens, and try harder.

              The individuals I have met who have been through hell on earth, and have come out the other side to teach me all share one thing in common – a strong religious faith, though the tradition varies. (Shia, Quaker, Sunni Catholic, and most recently Budhist). Draw from that the conclusions you will.

              Free will is a wonderful thing. I will not judge others lest I myself am found lacking. Instead I prefer to work just that little bit harder than I did yesterday to ensure that the change I wish to see in the wider world is first manifest within myself.

      2. How can anyone be surprised when the dollar collapses? All you have to understand is the most basic of economics to know you can not keep borrowing to keep paying interest on previous debts.

        • The dollar will not collapse. Not anytime soon anyway, as there are wars to be fought, nations incorporated into phony crony capitalism, and their resources confiscated by the major global corporations.

          The dollar is the weapon of choice. But when it is replaced it will be replaced by a basket of major currencies, (Euro, Yuan, and Dollar) backed by metals.

          By then, 3 to 5 years out, the US will be an exporter of hydrocarbons and WE will be collecting payment from the “Empire” in a “fiat” currency backed by gold.

          Daniel has been WRONG on every economic and financial prediction he has made in the last three years; whether it is “hyper-inflation” or silver.

          The Day The Dollar Died is BULLSHIT! Had you taken his advice to purchase silver the last time he recommended it here, you would have lost 25% of your value in a week!

          He should NOT be recognized as a “source” by SHTFPlan for anything economic. Hell, Mac, if you are going to use Daniel as an economic expert, you may as well run that propaganda from the Russian General again!

          Just saying. 🙂

          • If the dollar isn’t going to collapse, please explain BRICKS to me.

            • What specifically, is your question?

              • i believe his question is in respond to what BRICS stands for, now correct me if im wrong please however BRICS is not spelled with a K if that person is refering to what BRICS stands for. Brazil Russia India China and the S i believe stands for South African union if you look up that it will tell you more about it and its creation and why it was created and how that ties in to the possible collapse of the dollar.

              • I’m 40 and agree with durango Kidd on this. It wont happen for at least 2-3 years at min. We will be further and further into debt and it will be pushed and all this on the news is to get us scared. yes it will collapse but im not saying in anyway that the dollar is strong its falling and all the towns are upside down. They the gop and dems are on the same side, we all agree on that, but they play us and will hit us middleclass with huge tax increases honestly. If they push the people too hard and they know they are not dumb they backoff until they can take all they can. we are being used as slaves to the system. I think we have a few years. back 6 months ago many thought we would be done by now. We are still here and food and items are still moving. It will get bad yes but we still have more time I believe. I’m not arguing with anyone on here and will not badmouth or disrespect anyone on here. I like to share ideas and what you think and it helps us all figure this big mess out TOGETHER.
                I think it will start to get worse around feb and march for some reason. I could be wrong but I was right that martial law and other things would of been happening by many peoples predictions. share your thoughts and give a reason why, but dont bad mouth people on here. Lets work together against the fuckers who are trying to destroy us.

                • DISREARD WHAT I JUST WROTE. I sad some things that make sense and some that don’t. I don’t know what is going to happen. My senses tell me at least 2-3 years but myself says much sooner.

                • What is the point if:

                  “The dollar will not collapse. Not anytime soon anyway…”


                  “It wont happen for at least 2-3 years at min.”

                  THE POINT IS MOOT.

            • The dollar has already collapsed. There’s no other explanation for a jar of frigging Wal Mart brand peanut butter being almost 7 dollars

              • Food will be the new gold. Buy all you can afford, grow/raise and gather all you’re physically able to. If you don’t know how to grow it, kill it, butcher it and process it,….LEARN! If you believe in God, thank him for it. If you don’t believe in God, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If some on here are newbies to this and have a question, sing out! If I don’t know the answer to give you I’ll tell you so. Rest assured,there will be somebody on here that can answer the question(s) you might have. A lot of people here will point you in the right direction.

              • I suspect it may have something to do with salmonella being found in the peanuts produced by one of the largest peanut growers and the recall of those peanuts. The dollar collapse will not be that apparent in domestically produced items, at least not until everything falls apart.

          • By all means people…..put your money into paper. Bonds…stocks…mutual funds…money market accounts.

            Those things are the only thing that have any intrinsic value and we know that they will always be around. Fiat currencies NEVER fail….ever.

            The Dollar is KING and you can bet that if you just keep buying those T-Bills and other government paper that you’ll be protected by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

            I feel much better now.

            (Is there an emoticon for sarcasm on this site?)

            • Walt: While the dollar is not going to collapse, I do not recommend paper either.

              Select stocks in certain gold companies, other commodities, investment real estate (if you have the capital and you are a proven RE expert), and farm land/retreat.

              I also recommend a strong cash and physical metals position for those who can afford it AFTER their preps.

              A collapse scenario would be a deflationary collapse, therefore, CASH would be KING! (knew you would love that Walt! 🙂 )

              • Well golly gee Beav. There aint no collapse and we’re all a bunch of slack jawed morons for believing it but yet you dont believe in the paper investments and believe in investing in Gold?

                Paper investments being the vehicles of a sound dollar.

                Gold, which had performed HORRIBLY up until somewhere about 5 years ago. The same gold thats going up only because our dollar is becoming worthless?

                So there’s no collapse but you invest like there is one. My aren’t you a 5 star dope.

                • Quite so my friend. In fact, buying gold and silver can be thought of as a way of “shorting” the dollar, meaning you make money by predicting that the dollar will continue to lose value.

                  You wanna know how I know this is a safe bet? Because EVERY DAY, my local paper has full page ads screaming “WE WILL BUY YOUR GOLD AND SILVER!” They’re not doing that from the goodness of their hearts; its because they make HUGE profits from it. You know when I’ll stop buying gold and silver? When I see those ads disappear

                  By all means Durango, you keep your dollars, and I’ll keep my gold and silver. If you can’t see the dollar’s value evaporating before your very eyes, well, I guess there’s nothing I can do to convince ya.

                  good luck with everything

                • At one time or another all types of paper currencies have failed. That being said, I highly doubt that the dollar will fade away anytime soon. Unless the Saudis have a change of heart.

                • YYAB: I don’t like “paper” and never have because I recognized that all markets are manipulated long, long ago.

                  Having stated my personal preference, considerable wealth can be generated by paper investments if you are a trader or short term investor, follow a specific market, and keep your eyes glued to the screens.

                  We HAD the collapse. Golly, gee, where the fuck were you? 🙂

                  WE just haven’t recovered from it yet and WE are now in a second leg down as de-leveraging continues. De-leveraging will continue for a long time and QE4 is an attempt by the FED to accelerate that process.

                  Gold holds its purchasing power in any financial environment, whether that environment is inflationary or deflationary, as it is the one financial asset that is not someone else’s liability.

                  You I think are the “five star dope” because you do not have a fucking clue! 🙂

                • SOS: Yes the dollar will continue to lose value against other currencies and gold, and that is the goal of the FED whether they lie to the rest of the world, and US, about it or not.

                  A decline in value is not a “collapse” as the fear mongers who visit this site would like you to believe so that you will rush out and buy silver to protect their basis.

                  It may feel like a collapse for those who are unemployment, without income, or facing diminished purchasing power. These Americans must adapt and over come. That is what prepping is all about.

                  Engage your EMPLOYEES America or be made serfs to the PTB.

                • “We HAD the collapse. Golly, gee, where the fuck were you?”

                  Golly Gee, I was divested of all paper investments (Jan 2008) because I knew/know whats coming too.

                  Yea, you got me. It’s me that the dope. And you’re still the 5 star dumbass talking out your ass.

                • YYAD: Why don’t you present a rational argument and refute what I say rather than call me names? Its because you can’t! LMAO! 🙂

                  And hey! Here’s a “paper” investment that will go bonkers for you over the next three to five years; buy Yuan (Rmb)!

                  By then the Chinese “dollar” will be interchangeable with OUR own and have an equal value! get in now!!! LMAO! 🙂

              • Reserve currency status will not save the U.S. forever.

                Angola 1991-1999 1 New Kwanza = 1,000,000,000 1991 Kwanzas (kids starved to death)

                Belarus 1994-2002 50,000 = 100,000,000 2000 Rublei

                Bulgaria 1991-1997 Defaulted on its debt, food shortages, reduced the number of zeros that were added to its currency.

                Brazil 1986-1994 1 Real = 2,700,000,000,000,000,000 1930 Reis

                Bosnia-Herzegovina 1993 Massive hyperinflation

                Chile 1971-1973 500%+ Inflation military overthrew the democracy.

                China 1939-1950 1937 3.4 Yuan traded $1.00 USD. By May 1949, $1.00 USD = 23,280,000 Yuan

                Ecuador 2000 Pegged to USD after 70-80% drop in its dollar

                England 1100s 1455-1485 1543-1551 1100s silver in coins fell. Coins were clipped. Henry VIII debased the coins to raise money

                Greece 1944-1953 1 1953 Drachma = 50,000,000,000,000 1944 Drachmai

                France 1789-1797 Death sentence on anyone selling the notes at a discount to gold and silver livres. 1795 a new currency was issued, the mandat, which promptly lost 97% of its value. 1797, both paper currencies recalled new monetary system backed by gold.

                Georgia 1995 1 new lari = 1,000,000 laris.

                Germany 1923-1924 1945-1948 See chart above. New R was 1 billion and gold hit 87 trillion an ounce up from 2,000 marks 1-2 years earlier…

                Hungary 1944-1946 Forint 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = 4 × 1029 Pengõ

                Israel 1979-1985 Price freezes

                Japan 1944-1948 5,000%++ Inflation. Issued military currency, anyone caught with Honk Kong currency was tortured.

                Krajina 1993 Country folded became part of Croatia.

                Madagascar 2004 1 Ariary = Madagascan Francs – Riots persisted.

                Mexico 1993-1994 Defaulted 1982. 1 Nuevo Peso = 1,000 Old Pesos.

                Nicaragua 1987-1990 1 Gold Cordoba = 5,000,000,000 1987 Cordobas.

                Peru 1984-1990 1 Nuevo Sol = 1,000,000,000 1985 Soles de Oro.

                Poland 1990-1993 1 new Zloty.10,000 old Zlotych

                Romania 2000-2005 1 new Leu = 10,000 old Lei

                AncientRome 270AD +/- Took the Romans 300 years to do what the Fed did in 84 years – debase the currency by 95%. The Roman empire fell, they welcomed the Barbarians.

                Russia 1992-1994 100 Rubels = 1 USD 1991 30,000 Rubels = 1 USD 1999.

                Taiwan 1940-1950 1 New Taiwan Dollar = 40,000 old Taiwan yuan.

                Turkey 1990-2005 1 New Turkish Lira;= 1,000,000 old Lira.

                Ukraine 1993-1995 1 Hryvnya =100,000 Karbovantsivi

                United States 1812-1814 Continental Currency – Failed

                United States 1861-1865 Confederation Notes – Failed

                Vietnam 1981-1988 Gold trading was outlawed.

                Yugoslavia 1989-1994 1 Novi Dinar = 1,300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000Dinars.

                Zimbabwe 1999 – 2010 Ongoing mess.

                • BB: While I agree that the history of the world, even in “modern times”, (especially in modern times) is a history of financial and monetary change, revolution, and the rise and fall of nation states and their monetary systems;

                  and while I believe that the US Dollar will continue to weaken by design, and also believe that the present trends cannot continue indefinitely, I believe that monetary change is many years away yet, for the reasons I cited.

                  The value of the dollar (and other currencies) of modern nations have been set and reset constantly since WWI.

                  Now, the Central Bankers of the world are clearly accumulating gold and large quantities of it. China and Russia purchase all of their own production. China is the top gold producer in the world.

                  If the Chinese are purchasing that much gold, when gold is more expensive for their “cheap currency” which will continue to rise dramatically. (Meaning they would be able to buy gold “cheaper” later, as the value of their currency rises over time) WE should all be purchasing gold too.

                  Even a “five star dope” should see that there will be a new gold standard down the road once the world has been made safe for phony, crony capitalism. But not yet.

                  And that is the primary reason that I recommend Preppers own as much of it as they reasonably can; not because the dollar will collapse.

                  The dollar will not “collapse” but it will decline significantly with respect to other world currencies. It must decline in value against other currencies if America is to be competitive on the world stage under “Free Trade”.

                  Its a race to the bottom. A slow race, but a real one.

            • Hope you don’t really believe that and was just trying to get a raise out of someone.

          • dk

            I’ve heard every self proclaimed major financial forecaster over the last 3 or 4 years all predicting the same scenarios again and again and again…and all of them have books or videos to sell..and absolutely NO ONE knows how this will play out one!

            The only facts I listen to are the ones submitted accurately by John Williams of shadowstats.He fully understands and proves the governments numbers are all false and rigged by utilizing their own formulas which are now omitting once included key factors..

            That being said,I do agree with your premise that there are more nations to plunder and more wealth to extract from us all til they are finally done with us..

            Inflation is real at this point. average wages earned is dismal..and the few jobs that are reported are either part time minimum wage or government related..and the so called spike in the housing debacle..that’s all smoke and mirrors..mostly foreign investors buying distressed properties in bulk..

            Oh yeah, it is a slow descent into hell..the only caveat is the quadrillion in derivatives exposure.. should that start to crash and burn..then we will see the 07’08 crash seem like a picnic..and all of us will be burned..


            • Possee: Yes I hear you about everyone trying to make a dollar off of the very instrument that they claim will collapse in value! LMAO! 🙂

              There are many variables to the economic and financial conditions that plague US, so yes many possibilities arise, and it makes it difficult for anyone to predict with certainty where it all leads; as change is the order of the day.

              I try to show folks here what is happening and why and how it fits into the scheme of things in the economic environment that WE find ourselves, without the LSM or alt media propaganda, both of which is designed to manipulate the masses into a particular belief system to either support the status quo, or the basis for their silver investment.

              Remember that for the past three years everyone, including John Williams was screaming “hyper-inflation” …. except me. Inflation, even double digit inflation for some items, is not hyperinflation.

              The “derivatives question” is not something that I can address because I simply don’t have any experience with them and they seem to have far exceeded the “credit enhancement” tool that they were originally designed to operate as.

              But history has shown that you do not need a derivatives explosion to find your nation’s economic and monetary system in shambles. So while I believe another collapse is possible, I also believe it is extremely unlikely.

              Unless an unexpected event occurs I expect things will continue in this vein and along this course for some time; which is why I encourage everyone to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

              As long as the sheep are passive nothing will change. Activism is OUR only hope. Activism does change things. Passivity only encourages the aggressors to continue their assault.

              That’s a basic psychological principle.

              BTW, thanks for buying my newsletter for $49.95. Let me know if you do not receive the CD and three FREE reports. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery! 🙂

          • durango kidd is right.

            They will breath new life into the dollar and possible do a gold nationalization like in 1933. This is of course after they severely let it depreciate.
            The plan is to change the scale of money first to deal with all the huge debt.
            So a big mac might costs you $45 one day.
            Then, they will strengthen the dollar as Roosevelt did.

            All the elite are now running to off shore gold.
            Then when the gold is nationalized, it will be repriced globally.
            Their overseas investment will double or triple.

            Later, they will sell gold and push the money back into America
            as they build out the NAU with mexico being the new China for cheap labor.

            Finally, the goal is to have ww3 with china to depopulate the planet in time.
            Or pandemics.

            So there you go… my research findings.

            Think about it… why would the powers that be give up a reserve currency?
            They just need to realign is with an electronic version with transactional taxes.
            By the way… stop using credit cards. The coming great inflation will kill anyone with variable rates. I think your prior purchases will be at that rate bought when you bought something. So it’s key to cut up the cards or you’ll be killed.

            I did hear of Obama’s plan to be a net energy exporter of liquified natural gas.

            As for career… have your kids go into medicine or IT.
            Two fields that will never go away.

            Good luck.

            ps. We will never go to mad max days. There might be some times that some areas do from storms. But people still need to live. Just keep supplies and what to get by on for many months. You’ll be fine.

            • Seems like sound wisdom. But I do recall the time my old man kicked me squarely in the ass and I learned much from it.

              • Haven’t read through the thread enough to form an opinion one way or the other, but I love the analogy! 🙂

            • TGIR: China, (the CCP) is a PARTNER with the Globalist Uber Rich/GB’s, dividing the planet’s resources between them.

              The rise of China was a not a miracle out of the blue. It was a deliberate scheme, a conspiracy, hatched by the NWO to turn communists into capitalists by transferring the wealth of the middle class in Europe and America to their new found PARTNERS.

              It was designed to exploit cheap labor and cheap currency under Free Trade to enrich the very rich and make the CCP and their kids, multi-millionaires, and full partners in the NWO.

              The West and China are partners. No WW III between them. The transfer of middle class wealth to the CCP and the subsequent interlocking financial arrangements were designed to eliminate war between them.

              The deliberate transfer of neutron bomb technology (w-88)from the US to China was designed to shield America from the radioactive fallout when war breaks out in Asia between China and Russia.

              China can absorb a Russian First Strike and has stated as much. China needs the fresh water and mineral resources of Siberia and central Asia. It will get them one way or the other.

              Other countries will be exploited by this ruling, global, wealthy class. That’s their plan anyway.


          • Wow, look at all the red thumbs! It’s amazing you can be totally correct and yet the truth so unpopular.

          • What If? ….. The OPEC Nations decide to “only” accept Gold/silver, and/or, any currency besides the US dollar for payment of crude? …. The three major holders of US debt decide to cash in on that debt and trade in other currencies? The banks close because of Martial Law and no cash is available? What happens to the dollar then?
            DK does seem to know quite a bit about economics, or at least more than I do; however, I believe the US economy is one disaster(of biblical porportions), away from a total economic collapse and the dollar may very well go down with it.

          • Yea quit listing to his crap long ago. he is more of a pump & dumper than economic thinker. He will eventually be right in some shape or fasion. Who knows when & how it blows & it will @ some point. There are just too many wrenches ready to fall into the gears to pinpoint how it will go down I expect war on the horizon possibly civil, do to govt & union pensions, SSI,MEDI,Snap,so forth so on.It is undoubtly one giant ponzi. Be a reliant on yourself as posssible able to feed and protect your family for an extended period. PM’s if and when you can and get on with living life.

            • Gus: I can’t be a “pump and dumper” because I do not own any stocks except in my own private companies.

              I have never recommended any stock here; but I have called BS when others have tried to pass off false research as truth.

              IE A year’s supply of silver above ground as a “shortage” of silver.

              A week after that recommendation to buy silver by that poster, the price TANKED 25%. That’s a fact. Check the archives!

              My investment advice for the Preppers here has been consistent: “Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead”.

      3. Y’all, I noticed that another reader has chosen the “hillbilly” moniker. Just wanted to let Snake and the others near me that I will now comment with the SC addition. Thanks

        hillbilly SC

      4. I remember when my wife thought i was crazy for buying food, silver and ammo. She now tells me to buy more, has her own two guns she bought. And this weekend we went to the gun show at her urgingto buy more ammo and a huge first aid pack.

        Now if any of you knew my wife before she got on board then that alone would tell you to get your family and yourself prepared for something bad is coming because she is convinced we are in deep poopoo.

        • Steve… Damn, are we married to the same women??? 🙂

          hillbilly SC

          • Having been married and close to it about a half dozen times I have to say my little woman drives me “nuts” with some of her hard-headed,stuck in the childhood days, way of thinking. Just last nite after I had fixed burritos for supper, she cleaned up and,as always, left the burrito meat sauce sitting,uncovered on the counter for two hours(as always). I asked if she was trying to let the meat spoil a little before putting it in the fridge. She replied, “it has to cool down some before covering and refrigerating, dumbass”. The fact that is was so cold when I fixed the last buritto that it wouldn’t melt the cheese didn’t matter to her. I’ve had thoughts of going away to Tim-buck-tu and becoming a monk. I’ve been with some pretty good women and some true dumb-ass psychos.
            I’ve come to the conclusion that a woman is worth keeping if she: doesn’t slip around and screw other men, doesn’t slip around and do drugs, isn’t an alcoholic or pill popper(only what is absolutely necessary), is a good mother,believes in Jesus, and will shoot a gun.
            At my age, the sex and cooking part isn’t a priority for my expectations from a woman anyway. I have always been able to cook better than any woman I’ve been aquainted with, except my two grannys that i learned from.
            My first wife/teenage sweetheart, thought f**-king’ and coo-king’ were two cities in China, so every girl/woman since the divorce was an improvement.

            • Awesome.

        • Well at least yours wants this. Mine is a very good looking and likes to fish and kind of down to earth and can flip her shit but she has slight OCD but not bad. She is not a fan of guns at all and I’m loaded to the tee. We bought our first home and I’m 40 and she’s 38. She doesn’t care if I hoard food but she doesn’t believe a collapse is comming and I cannot convince her but she thinks on animal planet that bigfoot is real. She really does. lol We have one small 8 year old girl her and me. I got very good weapons and i’m a very skilled shooter from moving places etc. She will have to accept my guns when this falls apart. I wish mine was like yours in that aspect., wish you the best.

          • Bigfoot, homo giganticus, is real, up here in the Northwest mountains. It’s even a felony to kill one.

            • Its so dry here in Nebraska that theres one of them thar bigfoots that drink from our bird bath every morning. I know, I know, if theres no pictures it did’nt happen. I guess one of these days Im gonna have to get some batteries for my camera.

          • I married a liberal college administrator who runs a DOE grant-funded project that pays high school students to think about going to college. Nevertheless, she married a former Mennonite who was living in the woods teaching wilderness survival when we started dating. She had never fired a gun or even cooked dry beans before we got married.

            She accepts my lifestyle and has never complained about anything I have purchased, built, or scavenged (just picked up a folding ladder for my loft from FreeCycle). She has come to agree that the country cannot continue its current path, but we will ride this out in her home as long as we continue to get ahead then move back to my woods. We too have a little girl who is the apple of my eye and the wife sleeps well at night knowing we can survive for seven years without spending one dollar or harvesting anything.

            As to the question of this article, if tomorrow the banks closed forever I guess I would lose the $24 I have in checking and the fraction of my retirement that isn’t invested in rural real estate and precious metals.

            • Relax, the banks are not going to close. Congress knows there isn’t enough room for that many more crooks in DC. Besides who would pay them the big money.

      5. Actually, I try to live everyday as though the ATM’s & credit cards don’t work anymore and that the bank has taken a holiday. I thank the Big Man everyday that the power and electricity is still on. (Non-believers no need for thumbs down…everyone is entitled to their opinions or beliefs).

        I’ve tried to prepare myself for the future by assuming that the luxuries of the past are on borrowed time in the present.

        PS…I love the SGT Report.

      6. …if I went to the bank and it was closed? wouldnt matter much aint got anything on deposit there anyhow….

        • Reminds me of a line in an ‘Alabama’ song:

          “Well somebody tol’ us wall street fell,
          But we were so poor we couldn’t tell.”

          • I remember my grandfather explaining the meaning of that song to me as a child. He lived through the depression and WW2.

      7. Boner and ‘Bomma are talking right now. They’re gonna fix us, for sure.

        Yeah, they’re gonna fix us all right.

        • Yeah they are.

          Try it yourself. The conclusion becomes pretty inescapable pretty fast.

          Remember… ‘Bama wants his ‘Bama care and the Repubs want their Bush tax cuts. Dude, both cannot exist in the same universe according to that thing. It would be a stretch and a half just to paper over that shit WITHOUT the political infighting. I tried. I failed. Then again, I attempted to do so in the least harmful way possible.

          Given that as a sincere attempt it simply cannot be done harmlessly…

          As a less than sincere attempt… well…

          • Looks like you drank some of the MSM kool-aid. The Bush tax cuts help just about everyone not just the rich like they are trying to make you believe!!! Lowered tax rates for everyone, and an additional $500 tax credit per child. My family is no where near rich, we are lower middle class just staying above the poor house line, but if those tax cuts are allowed to expire it will be at least an additional $2500 a year for us. That does not even include the 0bamacare taxes due to kick in. With taxes, SS, health insurance, etc, I only take home about 65% of what I earn, and that is only about $1000 a week.

        • And we gonna get nother Bamaphone…we’ll be just fine !

          • Don’t forget your food stamps


        Declare default. Imprison the fraudster banksters. And bail out the people. This would be over tomorrow.

        OR INSTEAD.

        Prolong the pain. Kill off the middle class. Impoverish everyone. Let the fat cats & rats get fatter than ever. Go to war with umpteenth countries. Keep printing money. Destroy civil liberties. Expand the bureacracy and military-industrial complex that protects Tyranny from overthrow, while speaking on a daily basis about the confiscation of guns, etc.



        • Well of course the latter will happen. The government only knows how to protect themselves. Money and power is what drives them. That is why I am a firm believer that a politician should make a modest wage and should not be able to hold that position for any long stretches of time.

        • I agree with you, but they wont imprison the bankers, they are in it with them. you need to imprison the bankers, and all the politicians too, than we will be getting somewhere, a start if you will.
          there are many in this game that deserve to be behind bars for life, and some that deserve to meet their maker

      9. I’m suprised things have not fell apart more quickly. We got super high gas prices and food prices and people are dealing with it and not outraged. I seen an article on Credit card is at a all time high usage, but you won’t see one on high gas prices. THe liberal media news will not be able to hide this stuff much longer. I bet obama the 2 faced POS is taking his long hawaii vacation to get one time before he has to fake like he is dealing with this falling apart economy.
        Please be careful in trusting people with what you got. If you have guns or food, people will be so nice to you just to get what they want and what you paid hard earned money for. Don’t be stupid and give it away. We won’t know how long we will not be able to get more supplies if things really get bad. Be safe and have confidence and don’t be scared. YOu will be a much better shot ladies if you relax and don’t panic. Maybe for you single ladies will be a good time to meet a nice young man when the collapse is here. Gold diggers literally. lol Just kidding.

        • Oh please. I’m not handing my gold out to any guy. They can dig elsewhere. Unless you are suggesting we should find a man to mine gold for us? I think farming and security would be more practical in that case.

          Oh, and anyone who is relaxed during an armed home invasion is a psychopath. I would suggest firearm practice under stress would be better than attempting to “relax” during an event that requires shooting someone.

        • yea Clint, I’m too, surprised how things have slowly eroded away. TPTB are not stupid. They have slowly conditioned the people to believe that there is nothing just white or black anymore. They have muddied the waters so that everthing appears to be OK even if it seems a little murky or greyish. Just accept it and move along little sheeps.
          I think they call what we are now seeing as, “Controlled Chaos”. Tne balloon can only hold so much hot air before it breaks loose and rises beyond control, or just explodes.

      10. How many more people do we need to warn us? How many incidents of treason, of stealing our wealth,our liberties and embezzelment. Look at our cities and communities. Riddled with crime and decay. How much hope do we really have for a recovery of this nation.
        Mark my words that if you think some crazy’s are at this site already, you ain’t read nothing yet.

      11. I am wondering what will take place once the U.S. falls off the financial cliff. The President/Dictator in power does not seem to be working too hard to attempt to stop it. The excuse will be to blame the GOP if it does take place. Between the earthquakes, the typhoon, the economy, Europes economy, and the 2 sinkholes in Ohio and Louisiana, it makes one think. The gov. goes through its motions of normalicy, to lull the mundane masses into going through its motions of normalicy. I suspect the Gov. knows much more than the masses think, the Gov. just refuses to tell the masses ‘how bad it really is.’

        • Emily
          your points are well taken.. if the govenment knows more then they are telling then could it be that one of two things are about to happen?

          1) they stage an event that brings about collapse?
          2) they see the so-called doomsday prophicies and fullfill them on their own?

          either one of these could be in the works, and to top it off if they did either one of these then have a natural disaster happen what would be left for the people

      12. Here is a conspiracy theory for ya.

        I am willing to bet all of the people interviewed in that video have large amounts of gold and silver and are wanting you to buy gold and silver to drive up the value of their stock pile.

        Want to do something that will provide for you in the long run? Learn how to grow and preserve food and save seeds. Plant fruit and nut trees. Buy things like solar ovens and solar food dryers, get a well dug on your property with a manual pump head. Get things that will help you survive in a possible future of no money (of value) and no electricity.

        If someone came to my homestead hungry and desperate and wanted food and all they had was gold, I ain’t budging. Gold aint worth dung to me at that point. If they want to do some work to earn a meal and be on their way, no problem. But gold is not gonna do anybody any good. Now weapons and ammunition? That’s a different story. Knives, shovels, manual processors, those are things of value in an electrically and financially starved society.

        • The plan is to make it so nothing grows via chemtrails. and droughts.
          Better have a water supply and a long hose.

        • I agree with you Timothy. You can’t eat gold. Mac posted on this site a long time ago a story of a man and his family in I think it was Serbia in 1992. I cannot get it our of my mind. Bic lighters and booze. That was what was worth some thing.

          Tangible assets that can be used for trade. That is my gold and silver. Being a paper pusher all of my life I have no skill in which to put on the table unless you call my hobby of small scale farming and ranching as a skill. But if SHTF I wonder how much of that knowledge can be used during a time of crisis.

          • Ammo, beans and bandages might be fine of your net worth in investments is $100k. What if your investments are about 10x that?

            Everyone did not loose their shirt in the market. Everyone with a buck is not a silver spoon lucky bastard. No one gave me a damn thing including a father that lived for today. I was given an example of what not to do. I worked blue collar 30 years and invested while others spent. I read the non MSM and bailed out of the market in Feb of 07 seeing this coming for two decades.

            Everyone has different circumstances and no plan is a one size fits all.

            • K2, You are right that no one plan fits all. Didn’t mean to infer different. Just as one mans thoughts and opinons have no more value than anothers.

          • He goes by Selco, the man who survived the seige of Serajavo (ick on the spelling, sorry!). His story is fabulous and real and moving and scary. Look up his stuff on the web and learn what an urban SHTF scenario DID look like.

      13. Mac,
        Please invite a guest post from DK so he can tell us exactly what scenario he’s prepping for. DK, I love the input from a perspective that runs (somewhat) contrarian to majority views expressed here, but I can only get bits and pieces of your view of what you see the need to prep for from your comments.

        PS – the parenthetical somewhat is because you seem from what I can gather to be investing & prepping for some bearish to calamitous future, but you seem to me to see the U.S. remaining as the #1 power in the world with or without reserve currency status for the dollar. Love to see a guest post laying out your detailed take on things.


      14. I think what Emily said is really the true danger of a dollar collapse, a black swan or a combination of events that are truly and really awful disasters. Some terrorist with enough of a biological weapon could not only easily collapse the dollar, but make it similar to Jericho TV series reality. Bio-weapons scare the hell out of me, and you have a mess over in the Middle-East, and it is extremely likely the Syria has biological agents that are nightmare like. The worst ones are the types that are communicable and just keep going as long as their is a host.

        An earthquake, just one like in 1812, on the New Madrid would do unbelievable amount of destruction to the economy of this country like never seen. If Long Valley Caldera, one of the major Washington state volcanoes, went off, not even a supervolcano, it would destroy the country’s economy. A Middle East war that bottles up the oil, could flatten the dollar if it was serious enough.

        Decades ago this country could survive an economical devastating event, but now the country is a lot more vulnerable. I think this is what the article was trying to say more than anything, the U.S. is severely weaken and there are events that could bring down the dollar and country’s economy, that a generation ago could not. This is what is the problem is, there are a lot more SHTF events that can happen to devastate the U.S. dollar and collapse.

        • I totally agree BI! I too think there will be a black swan, something noone saw coming that will start the financial collapse… We are extremely vulnerable. Look at those idiots on Black Friday… I can’t fathom going out in that crowd, let alone fighting over a Chinese plastic thingy!

          Regardless of what everyone here thinks will happen, at least we are all here to help eachother learn how to cope when it happens.

          I recommend prepping like there is no electricity. When whatever happens, chances are pretty good that the people manning the electricity will not get paid, hence not working, which equals no power.

          • +1 about electricity. Look at every dictatorship in the world. Management by crony invariably breaks down any grid they may have inherited, until there’s only power for 3-4 hours every fourteenth day after a blue moon.

            Not mention the obvious fact that without spare parts the grid will deteriorate. And that even a semi-competent enemy can knock down high tension wires and pylons with very little effort.

            Tesla’s system made us what we are, but it also made us very vulnerable to black swans, either natural or man-made. I don’t advocate giving it up electricity entirely, but being able to live without the grid should be a very high priority for every rational human being in the developed world.

      15. I thought some of you might enjoy this, its being moderated so ill clean it up a little,

        Preppers X-mas
        by Secret Squirrel

        It was the night before X-mas and the s#*t hit the fan
        There was chaos and turmoil throughout the whole land

        The preps were packed neatly, all stacked up with care
        And we hung out our sign that says “LOOTERS BEWARE”

        We tucked in the kids and I went out on guard
        That’s when I heard a strange noise in the yard

        I ran to the window and all I could see
        Was dozens of Goons that were running at me

        I met them at the door with my gun in my hand
        I said “I won’t go to your camp, this is a free land”

        That’s when things started to go all to hell
        They started advancing when I heard someone yell

        I looked overhead, what I saw made me woozy
        It was Santa in his sleigh and he was packin’ an Uzi

        “Get back thugs” said Santa, “this land is still free”
        “And when you f**k with it, you f**k with me”

        They just kept on marching so I hit the ground
        And I laid there and watched Santa mow them all down

        He set down a package and in the blink of an eye
        He was back in his sleigh and off into the sky

        I picked up the package oh I just had to know
        It was an AR15 with a pretty red bow

        So my good friends when the s#*t hits the fan
        Don’t forget Santa, because he is the man

        • Secret

          Brilliant mate

          Take care

        • Great Job!
          Should be on every prepper blog within a forenight.

          Best wishes to all…and to all a goodnight!

          • Please, spread it far and wide.
            Secret squirrel

      16. I just have to comment on the bob costas and piers morgan interview tonight. I hope I don’t get VRF too upset over this, as he feels as strongly as I do about these characters lurking around that try to destroy our freedom and the 2nd amendment.

        First costas talks about supporting the 2nd amendment, but ONLY with all these restrictions should someone be allowed to own a gun in their own home for protection. Then he said ONLY under special circumstances should anyone be allowed to carry a gun outside the home. Then he sites that the NRA believes in what he is saying about safety and gun restrictions. Talk about crap flowing like a stream.

        British bad joke piers morgan says he is not a citizen of the U.S. and he respects the 2nd amendment, then says that the pro gun advocates twist around everything to support gun rights. He talks about how terrible it is that someone owns “an arsenal” of 8 guns. 8 guns??????????. I know people that have hundreds of firearms. He uses the words like “munition storehouse” with someone with 9 guns. He goes into all the recent murders and how whacked out it is that the NRA and other groups say it is the person not the weapon that does the killing. It gets worse.

        They then talk about how it is always easier to kill someone if a gun is around. That no one in a dark theatre could have stopped that nut in Aurora. That if everyone had been armed it would have been worse than the NYC crossfiring of police a couple of months ago. It goes on to say that people carrying guns would lead to all sorts of accidents.

        WELL, the most heavily armed state, the Cowboy State Wyoming, is one of 4 states that allows you to carry concealed and is one of the safest states there is. That psycho that killed his father and the father’s girlfriend did it with a compound bow and knives. Again piers morgan would have all weapons banned, other than a rolled up copy of the London Times newspaper. Not the Sunday edition, because it would be too thick and might hurt the attacker.

        To end the conversation piers talks about why BO hasn’t banned assault weapons and if has been flirting with it and should. Then they both comment how crazy it is to think the an evil tryannical government was going to take over, and those that think this nonsense should not be influencing gun policy. At this point piers and costas looked like they wanted to hold hands and go skipping away with each other. As piers commented on how intelligent of a conversation he had with costas. It would be comical if it was not so serious what these two idiots were trying to do with basic freedoms to this country.

        I tell you all this, we as a people are in deep trouble if the majority of the population in the United States ever become this head in the clouds about the basic rights of gun ownership. Oh, they also both said that the gun laws were the reason why Zimmerman shot Treyvon and that if that that laws should never have allowed Zimmerman that right to own a gun. Knew that one was going to come. A true debacle as you could see costas blinding like sand was thrown in his eyes when he said that he supported the 2nd Amendment. People blind excessively when they are trying to make others believe something that they hardly believe.

        IF they ever start restricting guns like these two flatulent heads were proposing to only those that have to jump through a bunch of hoops to own a gun in your own home, you won’t have to have a dollar collapse to implode the country, it will already have been done.

        • No worries BI
          Costass is two faced, and knows he fucked up..its all doubble speak now as far as im concerned..many people have been fired over less..this jackass needs to go.

          Oh and BTW these guys should also talk about getting baseball bats off the streets..A gas station attendant Up by me this morning was almost killed by a theif with one, as he robbed the store.

          maybe someone in the baseball announcer arena needs to have his 5 min. too?

          I know you know where im coming from BI..these talking heads anymore on TV need to stick to what their job is, and keep their stupid opinions to themselfs and do thier jobs
          Yes I understand they have the right of free speach.. but not on my time and on my TV while im trying to drink beer and watch a game.:)

          • I remember seeing some city, I believe it was in Cali, banned the carrying of baseball bats in public unless you could prove you were going to a legitimately scheduled game.

        • I know Piers Morgan is originally British BUT……..

          if y’all could just do me a tiny little icckle wickle favour and kinda “lose” him somewhere mid-atlantic if he ever tries to return to our overcrowded Island I’d be ever so grateful!

          He’s not representative of the British people in anyway shape or form. (I just felt the urgent need to point that out).

      17. I’m not so sure Syria is our problem. I think a false flag there might be. Remember that the U.S. is who is arming the ME. I’ve stopped buying gov propaganda, and the gov says Syria is a liability—therefore I ain’t so sure

      18. Right off the bat, Im not religous, I hate religion and if you’ve ever read the bible you will also know that God hates religion. Yes there are many verses that support my statement. God is interested in your faith not your daily routine (banging your head against a towel, wall, or how many chants and candles you light, whatever)
        I do however have faith in Jesus the Christ. If you study the bible especally the prophetic books Daniel and The Revelation you will find that everything that is happening now has been clearly described in the text.
        Make no mistake it will not get any better from here on out, we are clearly gearing up for some events to take place of biblical proportions. Actually Jesus himself spoke about what is happening now in Mathew 24. If you want half a clue as to the extent of this give it a look and then you will know.
        Now as for how to prepare for the inability to buy or sell without the mark of the beast, thats a question worth asking.
        However its gonna last 7yrs but when it starts is probably gonna be a guessing game.
        Ever look at the colors of the four horses of the apocolypse white, red, black and green(pale poor translation) Where have you seen those colors lately? Try looking at your MSM news.

        • hey Boss
          i do agree with you on many points, i do think that king david is right when he said that he has NEVER seen the L-rds people begging bread or have an empty stomach… i dont think its a matter of prepping for being able to buy or sell w/o the mark of the beast as much as prepping to proclaim the gospel and to stand fast in times that are very tough to put it mildly

          as far as religion goes, i look at it from the stand point of religion is man made therefore is almost worthless, because religion is nothing w/o relationship and fellowship with G-D,Yeshua and doing so thru the Spirit

          not sure what you see in the 4 horsemen and msn but yet i havent looked to closely either… we are in very trouble times and it will not get any better, it is possible that the next year will bring about more famine, drought, hunger, war as well food prices going thru the roof.. alll these things will bring about the need for the nations to bond together and make a new way to control the food and money, the end result will be a unified monatary system and a restriction on who will be able to use it… all in the name of public safety or for the good of the people of this world and nations

      19. Just had what JustOneGuy describes as a polar bear, quake deep in the Arctic, 5.1 in the Yukon. Only TWICE in the past 40 years has there been a 4.5+ here and what has happened after is disturbing.

        On 5/29/1994, then a 6.5 in Burma, a 7.8 in Java Sea, a 6.8 in Columbia, and then a 8.2 on the Bolivia/Peru border, within 15 days.

        On 1/17/2008. With this only two 6.2’s in the Java Sea area, and a 6.1 where the 9.1 super quake happened about 3 years before.

        It is following the pattern ( this is alarming ) through of the earthquake swarm down in Bouvet Islands and where the list that I gave of places to watch for the next 14 days until Dec. 24 for a good chance of a third large earthquake on the top on the 7.3 and 7.1. I would say this earthquake increased the previous chances given by at least 5%. It also put South America and the Caribbean plate more in the crosshairs. Isn’t it interesting how Mother Nature follows a pattern over the years and decades?

        • Hi Bi,

          T’anks for the ‘read’ here, was wondering..I’ve seen several 3.0-4.0 up in that region but no 5.0’s or better (before). Nothing going on in Solar or extra-Solar department at present. I’ll be back later today.

        • BI i have noticed your tracking and predictions of quakes with amazing results and really appreciate all your dedication and hard work / time invested to help inform others. As an unfortunate resident of the leading communist regime poisoning the western most part of this country known as CA I can’t help but take interest in your work, for I’m sure as you know we are long overdue for a big one along several different major faults. I am curious to know if you may have some insight on when we may be expecting some activity, it has been eerily quiet in my opinion. Thanx in advance for any info you may be able to provide.

          • Should be more specific, activity in mid to northern CA, mainly near bay area, I know southern CA has seen activity on a regular basis.

            • @ Seeker of the Truth. The southern california area is much more vulnerable to a massive quake, especially the southern San Andreas which is WAY overdue. I am not sure if WHEN the southern San Andreas breaks that it will continue past Parkfield and jump the creep zone south of the Santa Cruz. When the San Andreas breaks from the south it is almost certain to go to the central San Andreas, which would be about 325 miles or almost 3 minutes of shaking. Magnitude between 8.1-8.4.

              If it jumps the creep zone to the northern portion, the earthquake could continue to the ocean south of Eureka. That could be a mega quake like the one in April in Indonesa that was either a 8.6 or 8.7. This one could be similar size or bigger with up to 5 minutes or more of shaking. The creep zone is a buffer zone long thought to prevent the entire fault from breaking, but it can happen.

              In 1812 the New Madrid Fault broke before the 1812 central portion of the San Andreas fault broke. The New Madrid affects the central and northern San Andreas. The Cascadia fault boke in 1700, about the same time the Southern San Andreas broke. The plates affect each other. Actually the Bouvet Islands energy retraced from the point it started out, one of the locations was the central and northern part of california. Just like retracing the original bullet fired, energy can also be retraced.

              My theory is that ALL earthquakes have foreshocks, but not at the point of the fault breaking, but away from the fault, often all the way across the globe, especially the polar and sub polar region. Part of the energy from California was directed to these islands and why until Dec.24 I gave california and southern Oregon as potentially dangerous for large earthquakes.

              Okay, the one fault that I think most dangerous other than the San Adreas for the north is the Calaveras fault that runs next to the San Andreas like the San Jacinto does in the south. The Calaveras fault runs right through part of San Jose and right dead on through Oakland. People talk about the Hayward fault because of San Francisco, but the Calaveras is WAY< WAY overdue and other than Morgan Hill in 1984, there really has not been a large earthquake there. Calaveras is a big fault fault also, capable of what the San Jacinto is, about a 7.7, probably a 7.5. This fault is definitely in my opinion one the top 4 most dangerous fault in the state.
              1. San Andreas, 2. Whittier-Elsinore thrust fault, 3. Newport Ingelwood thrust fault, 4. Calaveras. This opinion is based on potential destruction to populated areas.

              My advice about california is don't listen to what they say the San Andreas is capable of, it is more than capable of a 8, even 8.5 or higher if most of the fault broke from one end to the another. Magnitude with a strike slip fault, which the SA is, has to do mainly with how much fault in miles that breaks and the amount of displacement that occurs. 300 miles or more of fault breaking means 8.0+, that simple. Every 2 miles of fault that breaks means one second, about, of shaking. 300 miles = 150 seconds of shaking, 2 and 1/2 minutes. The duration is going to be what brings down buildings. Take an egg timer and see just how long 2-3 minutes of intense shaking is, it is an eternity.

              Also, look for the lack of earthquakes of small to moderate size, 3+ as a sign that things are really locked up. Microquakes are a different story though, 1's and 2's. Look especially from earthquakes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at about 40-48 degrees south, these are directed from northern california and signals earthquake activity to come most of the time.

              • @ Seeker of the Truth. I was watching the launch of North Korea’s missile and I mentioned that Oakland was under the Calaveras fault and it is actually under the Hayward fault, the Calaveras runs east of Oakland and breaks into sections there in the north. They believe that the Calaveras fault will set off the Hayward fault. This is what happens when you try to watch news stories and try to write at the same time. I always try to give the most accurate information to others as possible.

      20. THE GREY

        (After watching the above very real warning of the ameriKan fiat dollar collapse vid again just now this poem surface in my minds inner eye from the movie “The Grey”.)

        ” Once more into the fray …

        Into the last good fight I’ll ever know …

        Live and die on this day …

        Live and die on this day … ”

        ~The Grey

        * Prepare Preppers … We have NOT yet begun our Fight for FREEDOM from the NWO UN ZOG !

        ~N.O. ;0p

      21. Why in the world are any Americans listening to Piers Morgan as their news source? Are we in such a rush to turn this country into the one He left? Are we so pathetic that we crave the darling accent that croons our Siren song? Its almost as bad as Dancing with the Idol/football Kardashian, Shore. Its an exersize in futility, the ptb, must be belly laughing every time his show does well. Cant you hear it from the war room now…

        “I know, I know he’s selling them everything the’ve fought against since the Revolution, those sheep really are suckers for that pompus British crap, they love him, oh yeah lets see if the balk if we bring Costas in with him? I got a five spot sez they dont even flinch”

        The mere fact that Americans put up with this nonsense is either a testament to our tolerance or our gulability, I cant listen to him anymore tryed it twice that was enough for me.

        • Boss

          He had to leave the UK nobody watched his show, mans a twat.

          Take care

      22. geez- i be out about 40 bucks..

      23. As a young man my grandfather fled Germany between wars just before the Nazis came to power. He was not Jewish, he fled because there was no opportunity and Germany was gripped by hyperinflation. It is said that he emptied an entire suitcase of Deutsche Marks into the river because he needed the suitcase, at that moment it was not even enough to buy a loaf of bread.

        In the late 70s there was a sudden conversion to electronic gas pumps. The mechanical mechanisms of the old pumps could not keep up and there weren’t enough digits, many only counted to $99.99.

        The necessity to handle paper and coin places a damper on hyperinflation, and I wonder if in today’s electronic money environment the hyperinflation curve, once it takes hold, would fly like the wind.

        Like others in this thread I do not fear a bank run because nothing of mine is there. I have a suitcase only large enough to hold my dreams if I sit on it to latch it.

      24. it seems to me, at this point, that HOW the coming economic meltdown happens is of less significance than being readied for it and the inevitable consequences it will bring… maybe i’ve got it all wrong and this mess will continue to degenerate into the US becoming a formerly affluent now 3rd world despotic regime with the illusions of a once thriving Republic… my response is:

        prep prep prep then prep some more

        pray for the best, prep for the worst

      25. very interesting little article

        “Nearly half of Americans would expect serious, sustained life-threatening civil unrest within two weeks of a major catastrophe, such as an EMP attack that would destroy electronics, according to a new poll.”

        “Another huge percentage say they would expect further deterioration after two weeks, but for many, that development would be irrelevant, because they expect they would be dead by then.”

      26. One thing I would like to know is how to keep from being on the edge all the time. TPTB are keeping on the edge all the time. I’d like just for a while to get out of condition orange and enjoy life for a while.

        • ScoutMotto.

          Do the Horizontal Mumbo once in awhile. How hard was that.

        • It’s easy to enjoy life. It is the intent of TPTB to keep you, me and everyone else to be constantly on edge. Just don’t listen to them. They lie and sell us down the road every day. All we can do is live every day as of it is our last. Go about your preps and forget about the rest of it. What will be will be and all any of can do is do our best to prepare for a future situation.

          Sure the dollar could fall tomorrow but more likely or not it will be at least a few days, weeks months, I doubt years but the point is there is no reason to live in fear of tomorrow. Embrace the day and prepare for tomorrow.

        • Be prepared, know your limits, pour some good scotch and watch the sunset.

      27. Morning Solar Report,

        Solar activity remains at low levels. Activity at this time is becoming more nominal, ie, NOT the odd ‘flat-line’ behaviour seen over the last few days. The next 12 hours will see the return of NOAA 11618 at a position along the north-eastern limb some 12 degrees above the solar equator. The STEREO SECCHI beacon imaging would seem to imply that this region is now senescent (beyond maturity). No other spot groups will be seen to return over the next 4 days.
        SolarHam has noted that a large ejection was seen in the latest LASCO COR2 imaging. This event appears to have emanated from a newly forming region visible in the STEREO A imaging at a location not quite at the -180 degree point; this region will not return to the terrestrial LOS for at least 8 days.
        The Penticton Solar flux as measured at 22:00 UTC last eve was 100.7 sfu and is on an increasing trajectory at this time maintaining the observed unusual periodicity it has demonstrated since the spring of this year.


        No new GRB’s have been recorded since that logged in the evening hours of the 9th. The SWLC repository has a plot on-hand at this time. Said plot is apparently, superficially indicative of a lesser order event, yet the plot is significantly incomplete.

        Daily Solar Reporting will be erratic during the next few days on an ‘as-per’ basis when and as warranted by conditions.

      28. Some don’t like canning info, some don’t like earthquake science. Since it’s deer season here I’ll just throw this out FWIW. I just ground up about 20 lbs of deer burger. While I usually just freeze it I thought I would try something a little more “permanent”. Mixed it 50/50 with ground chuck. Added rice for filler and some water to bind it . Rolled out between 2 pieces of wax paper and used the ring of a widemouth jar to cut out patties. Pre cooked and packed in widemouth jars. Added beef soup base to water for broth. Can it up and you have ready made salisbury steak for your SHTF food stores.You can thicken the broth for gravy when you use it.

        • @ JRS,

          T’anks Brother,
          Of late the ‘canning’ thing has begun to catch my attention. I have ‘jerked’ a variety of meats thus far but have only just acquired the canner, jats and etc. for the process, quite a bit to learn about here it looks like. Thanks for the specifics!

          • lots better than $$ in the bank!

        • @JRS

          Canning meat is the way to go I can at least half of all of our meat chicken, beef, ham, sausage, elk, and deer. And canning meals with meat. I am trying to get away from the freezers.

        • @ JRS

          Thanks much! Keep those recipes coming dude, they’re much appreciated here.

      29. What really pisses me off is that these bastards the so-called TPTB are deliberately bringing about this collapse.

        • Many would argue the same thing happened in 1929 to bring about the Great Depression. I think more importantly, there is not enough opportunity to provide jobs and a current standard of living for all of the people in this world without completely destroying our environment making it (the planet) uninhabitable.

          We need a way of living that is sustainable, works within the boundaries of the environment and does not depend on markets and never ending growth.

          Regardless, TPTB will profit greatly from the coming collapse, but unlike past events, there will be no recovery for them to enjoy their spoils in.

        • we can only hope that TPTB are the first targets of the peoples’ frustration. mash all those stinking bags of skin……….

      30. We have been betrayed by our government and financial system. I hate to say it but we are beyound the point of no return. I am afraid, not so much for myself but for my chindren and grandchildren. America is completely unprepared for what is coming. Judgement is at hand and I fear that most of our plans will be swept away with the coming destruction. At this point in my life, only faith in God saves me from going completely over the edge. I don’t know what else to do or say…….

      31. Avalanche collapse is exciting… but history repeats itself. History so far has been accelerating inflation with pay stagnation and job loss (especially viz-a-viz population increase). So, that’s probably what we’ll see. You have a banking cartel magically giving themselves $40B and doing this same dance every quarter or so. What does that mean? Imagine if your neighbor could give himself $1M every quarter or so. Soon he’d own everthing. So, that’s simple.
        They will own everything before this is all over. In fact, with all of Americans enslaved to the governments and the governments enslaved to the banking cartel, they already OWN Americans. Rather than print money as the USA Federal Government used to do, now the banks do it but instead of putting the new money into the government treasuries, they put it into their central bank account. The government is then issues debt. This is why Social Security and other programs are going to go towards nothing…. the Congress and President gave away the money printing rights. This will continue until some force can stop it. No force can. In fact, there’s a reason the Constitution explicitly removed the money printing right from the States. Seems the founding fathers were either more smarter or more honest.
        I don’t think we’ll see a collapse. I think we’ll see an engineered depression. As normal, people will turn on each other instead of the banking cartel who engineered the whole thing.

        • That 40 billion each month is purchasing OUR mortgages–yes, they will own all properties, commercial and residential, including all land.

          • @ jay-jay

            In truth, they already do!
            You see, even if you’ve retired your mortgage & have a copy of the property deed in your position…you still DO NOT OWN SAID PROPERTY!

            Want proof?
            Quit paying your property taxes & you’ll find out real fast, who owns it.

        • interesting
          thanks for the link

          it will be quite some time till China can match us militarily
          but they damn sure have their effort in high gear

      32. Seems to me that this is more of an advertisement to sell gold and silver rather than stocking up on essentials. Who is going to buy your gold and silver when you need to sell it after the collapse, what happens when everyone tries to unload their gold and silver at the same time, the price plummets. Do you really think the government will not find a way to take your gold or tax it into oblivion. If you are rich then you can afford to take the chance, if not then what is an ounce or two going get you in the long term. Better to use that cash to buy essentials. Have small denominations of cash on hand and plenty of supplies to sustain your family for a good while. Just my opinion.

        • not bad thoughts here… one more thing to concider is when you cant buy food and all you have is the gold and silver then what? heres a hint: scripture says , THEY WILL THROW THEIR GOLD AND SILVER INTO THE STREETS… thats only because they have held such high regard for something they can not eat, even if you did eat your stupid gold or silver theres no nutrition in it…

          sweet are the dreams of an honest man, even if he has little to eat or has plenty

          • moderation is the key to PMs. Except for lead. Can’t ever have too much lead, and brass, as long as you have the powder and primers to go with them.

        • +10 LFOD.

          So many have lost perspective concerning wealth. Funny how my worthless paper money can still purchase, food, ammo, gold, and gas still. (But maybe not always).

          Anyone who wants to trade me their “worthless” paper money for some Cow Chips out there? (I didn’t think so)

          Also there has been a number of countries who have gone through similar economic problems and it did not bring down the whole world’s currencies either.

          Sure, I own some PM’s, my land and house is played off, we’ve got other supplies, but anyone who puts all of their egges into one basket is in my opinion a fool.

      33. Are you guys crazy? When the SHTF the Government WILL confiscate ALL of your gold and silver and pass laws to make it illegal to trade with it.

        • Black market dude?

          You gonna ask the gubberment for permission to pee?


        • @ Dr. Paul

          Do you honestly believe the people out here in flyover country will give a shit, if the gubbermint passes such laws?

          In a severe depression where our economy becomes a mirror image of say…North Korea’s, there will be commerce in the countryside. It will go the black-market route too, bartering will flourish & PMs will be traded & the feds be damned.

          Govt thugs will strangely disappear, their abodes will be torched & snitches will be shot!
          I say this because unlike the 1930’s depression, a huge swath of rural America distrusts the current regime in DC, not to mention their state govts as well.

          To illustrate my point, try confiscating the PMs or prepper supplies of a rural Texan or southern folk…good luck with that. My money says you’ll be coyote food before the following sunrise!

          The same rules apply per gun bans & confiscation. Most folks will simply ignore the dictates & shoot the living shit out of any dumbass group of JBTs, stupid enough to attempt such.

          Resistance will be widespread, across the board & deep!

          That said, the urban folks are in for a rough ride indeed.

          • Most of us don’t give a shit about their laws already here in North Idaho. They can all take a flying leap at a rolling donut……….

        • Dr.Paul, not if them slumbitches don’t know I have it.

        • @DrPaul,
          LoL, you’re funny…
          They may TRY.
          Do you understand SSS?

      34. No one can ignore what is happening around them anymore .I will just keep prepping and learning and keep trying to convince family to the same it will take us all to get threw this together if i have to do it myself there will be no point

        • I hate to be negative, but you are in a bad place for a SHTF event. The NE is the last place you will want to be. Too many big cities around that will experience a mass exodus. The country in the NE will be overrun.

          I moved out west where there is still plenty of open land. You may want to consider a move if possible. Just don’t come to Idaho 😉

          • Not sure how much time you have spent in the Northeast, but there is quite a bit of wilderness and very rural area left in ME, NH and VT. More than half of us are not liberal, and more than 2/3’s of us are well armed!!! Prepping has been a way of life here for 300 years, not a new phenomenon to sell freeze-dried food on TV.

      35. I haven’t kept my money in the bank since 2008 but I still don’t see this happening anytime soon …..this is a recycled story from 2008 with gerald celente and his BANK HOLIDAY nonsense

        • @Rich99 … not to bright of a light brite are you .

          Ummmmmm … you rode the Short Yellow bus to school as a kid … didn’t you when you were just a lil’ @Richy33 . ;0P

          The price of Gold and Silver has Doubled since 2008 … food doubled since then on some items … most others increased by at least a min. 25% in cost .

          … And you don’t see anything HAPPENING soon ???

          The Dollar is D E A D .

          BUY PM’S .

          ~N.O. ;0P

          • For a DEAD …….DEAD dollar it sure seems to work at the store…..yes inflation has gone up and metals have gone up but it doesn’t want equate to a collapse DIPSHIT !!!!! I’m sorry I pissed in your DOOMFLAKES but reality is reality

      36. Lansing, Michigan = Right to work Riots, Demonstration,
        state police protecting gov. buildings

        History Channel = Running shows on the End days, biblical
        references – Pale Horse means Pale Green Horse, the uniform green of Islam, Matt. 24 discussed.

        Piers Morgan – Slimely Limey – If his show in England got cancelled, only a matter of time where his show will get cancelled here. He is a twat, agreed Burt the Brit.

      37. Considering so many of the world’s economies such as china depend upon us to buy their crap, when we crash they will be crushed. It will not just be us.

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