Jobs for the Economically Depressed

by | Feb 10, 2010 | Entertainment | 2 comments

Tom of the North, of Outside the Cardboard Box, provides some tips and job opportunities in his latest satirical view of Really Depressing Jobs for the Economically Depressed:

As the Modern Economic Depression continues to expand and unemployment rises, job seekers struggling to make ends meet have increasingly ventured into hazardous occupations they are often ill-equipped to safely navigate. Perhaps formerly ensconced in a quiet corner office or at the reception counter of a boutique hotel, and now desperate to survive financially, they rigorously compete for jobs with some of the highest injury and fatality statistics in the Nation.

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    1. NetRanger

      I just finished reading a fantastic book entitled “Surviving The End Of The World As We Know It” by James Wesley Rawles.  (Thanks Mac!)

      In a section that talks about starting a home business to give you a little leg up if you lose your day job or just to supplement to help with preps, JWR talks about jobs that match the “Three Ks”. The three Ks are Japanese about which I cannot remember anything but the translation: Dirty, Dangerous, Difficult. I guess in English, its the three Ds.

      There will always be those jobs. The dirtier, the more dangerous and the more difficult, the less you’ll have to compete for them.

      I’ve done those jobs. The ones where you’re shoveling sewage and the sides of the ditch are caving in. Yeah. Not fun. The only thing that would make it more dangerous is if zombies were after the sewage or something and you had to carry a sidearm and you had armed guards standing over you to keep the zombies away. That would have been worse… Yep, rambling again I see.

      The 3 Ds, coming to an unemployment office near you!

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