Hyperinflation Humor: Most Painful Economic Cycle of All: Super-Hyper-Inflation Trauma

by | Jun 3, 2010 | Entertainment | 4 comments

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    While the potential for hyperinflationary collapse is no laughing matter, sometimes we’ve got to sit back and take a breather. Here’s one that should make any gloom and doomer smile.

    Tom of the North, aka Northstradomus, of The Looming Doom, discusses the possibility of hyperinflation and deflation:

    The Looming Doom has learned leading experts are advising the Obama Administration that the U.S. is poised to experience the most painful economic cycle of all: the Super-Hyper-Inflation Trauma (SHIT). While there is yet slight division amongst the experts as to whether the U.S. is already in SHIT or not, once the U.S. is fully in deep SHIT, there is no quick fix. Furthermore, if the SHIT is too deep, the economy may never recover.

    Read the full article here…


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      1. LOL, that is great! I love how Americans can keep a sense of humor though all this.

      2. I’ll repeat the comment I posted at The Looming Doom:

        You know, when this SHIT hits the fan, it’s going to be the worst disaster in history – like the fall of Rome, only quicker, nastier, and more violent. Without coffee, chocolate, Chilean wine, and the other little shit that makes life bearable, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to take this SHIT. Still, I’ve got to admire a guy who can stare into the stinking avalanche of steaming SHIT that’s about to bury us all and keep his sense of humor.

      3. Yes, we can laugh ourselves all the way into early graves.

      4. Decomposing fecal matter deflates the body politic
        Yet it is hyper in geologic terms
        Black goo shall surround us
        The hue & cry arises: ‘Oh poo!’

        – Northstradomus

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