He Who Makes the Money Makes the Rules

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    “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” –Henry Ford

    An ‘oldy’ but one that needs to be seen and understood by all Americans if we are to ever have real change in America.

    GM, AIG, Fannie, Freddie, and all the rest of our government-owned corporations are nothing compared to the behemoths known as The Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service:

    Nothing has changed since the days of Henry Ford, and in fact, the monetary system is now more controlled than ever before. When a private corporation is responsible, seemingly without any oversight, for manipulating the currency of an entire nation, as well as the economy of the globe, then we have a serious problem. While the pros and cons of a “central bank” for the betterment of commerce and economic expansion in modern times is up for debate, what is clear is that control of such an entity should not belong in the hands of a few powerful banking conglomerates (The Federal Reserve is 100% privately owned by major institutions and private interests).

    The Fed essentially controls all the front end of capital expansion (or contraction) and is the key party to blame not for price stabilization, which is supposed to be its mission, but rather, for the exact opposite of stable prices.

    On the back end we have another organization operating outside of the law much like the Federal Reserve to take whatever remains of your depreciated earnings after the Federal Reserve is done with inflating away your savings. The IRS, as depicted in the above trailer for America: Freedom to Fascism, has no governmental mandate, and the only reason that the majority of the American people actually pay taxes is because they are under threat of force. If Americans were to learn, understand and act on the fact that there is no legal requirement for them to pay a tax, we’d have a public response that would exceed the millions who stopped paying their mortgages when they realized they wouldn’t be evicted from their homes for months or years.

    And while we’re on the topic of corporations and government, for those interested, the largest corporation you’ve never heard of is one that you interact with on a daily basis. It controls everything you do, overseeing your monetary policy, your taxes, and your freedom, or lack there of, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    It’s called THE UNITED STATES and it was established by the Act of 1871, also known as An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia.

    A brief explanation from Lisa Guliani:

    The government which was created for the District of Columbia via the Act of 1871 operates under Private International Law, and not Common Law, which was the law of the Constitutional Republic. This is very important to note since it impacts all Americans in concrete ways. You must recognize that private international law is only applicable within the District of Columbia and NOT in the other states of the Union. The various arms of the corporation are known as “departments” such as the Judiciary, Justice and Treasury. You recognize those names? Yes, you do! But they are not what you assume them to be. These “departments” all belong to the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. They do NOT belong to you and me under the corporate constitution and its various amendments that operate outside of the Constitutional Republic.

    If you’re interested in learning more about THE UNITED STATES Corporation, we recommend the following short film, which explains the corporation, our two constitutions, and cites the special acts and laws that make it so:

    We are, and have been since before our birth, ruled by corporations.

    They make the money. They issue the money. They seize the money. They make the rules. For now.

    Watch Aaron Russo’s America: From Freedom to Fascism (110 minutes):

    Hat tip GoldenFoxx


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      1. Comments…..Great film, is it the same situation in the U.K?
        Should I stop paying my income tax or would I go to jail?


        Isle of Man

      2. One question..why , when they havent answered the question and cant show the proof. Why arnt these people still hounding the IRS for the answer?
        They know if you wait us out, we go away..thats the problem. We need to be more proactive and more tenatious.
        Either they give you the proof or we all stop, If i knew i wouldnt be fined, have my bank accounts siezed, and hassled and threatened..I would stop right now! I cant afford the “representation” in court to end up on the wrong end of this in the end. Someone needs to form a legal team funded by the government (hahah) to sue the F-ing pants off them inside of 90 Fucking days if they dont either produce the dam law, or refund us our money..or I will give them a way out, choice 3 M. Fers
        were done with your game ..word goes out to all the masses that income tax is banned in the USA from this date forward..we made a law, no companies can pull income tax from our checks and no IRS agent will force his misguided adgenda upon any citizen or be shot on sight
        Without a law in place,, why are we still playing this game? especially in these economic times?

      3. The law is the 16th amendment. Not saying I agree with it as there is a long troubled history of conflicting laws regarding taxation in this country, but that is the law most often cited in response to your question.

        1913 was a very interesting year.

      4. That is what I have been saying all along.  The United States is a corporation, not a government.  It will never change, you just have to leave it.  And you should never ask for permission to leave, you just do it.

        VRF, the last thing you want is “representation” in court.  If you hire an attorney you become a ward of the court, which is owned by the Corporation.

        You must be willing to stand on your own rights and learn how to defend them.  The last thing they want in their courts is the truth.  If they know you have it, they will likely go after easier prey.  You know, the ones that can afford “representation”.  Wards of the court are easier to screw than someone who will challenge the system itself with facts and demands for proof of obligation.

        As a private corporation under international law, it must have a contract to make any “charge” against you.  The contract with the corporation  is presumed to exist by the corporate court, only they don’t tell you that.  You are presumed to be a ward of the court and property of the State.

        All crimes in the  United States (corporation) are commercial crimes.   It has NO LAWFUL JURISDICTION in any state.  that is why the feds usually have their drug war victims prosecuted by the State governments.  But it doesn’t matter, the State of  Whatever is also a federal corporation.  It is about keeping the appearance of Constitutionality.

        Leave the corporation.  It is up to you, not it.  You DO NOT need permission from the corporation to leave it.  It is your choice.

        But if you choose to stay in it out of fear, good luck in you slavery.  I hope your master treats you well.

        if you want to learn who you are, check out this web site


        Remember where your rights came from.  They can only be taken by the source. 

      5. Chris C

        The 16th amendment does nothing.  But that is not the point.

        There are so many ways the income tax does not apply it would take a book to tell you most of them.  Search the Great IRS Hoax and read some of that.

        The only thing that could possibly make you a subject to any IRS tax is the use of a Social Security Number within the District of Columbia.  That number indicates you may be working as an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States.

        If you are still thinking along the lines of the 16th Amendment as being why you owe a tax, you have not done enough research to understand the law or anything I could tell you about it.

        I am 100% certain that I do not owe a tax to the IRS for anything I do.  I am 100% sure it has no jurisdiction in any union state, or against me as a Man.   God created me, only He can tax me.  It is that simple.

        If the IRS believes otherwise the burden of proof falls on it.  If you believe otherwise the burden falls on you.

      6. God Creation, I can’t really dispute anything you’ve said, but like I said before it is the law most often cited by “officials” when someone asks to see the law. Not that I agree it is the law, but you get my point.

        The colossal problem here is understanding the law. I have ventured down the rabbit hole myself in trying to understand it and it is daunting to say the least. You are right – it would take a book to explain to most people that the income tax does not apply to their person (as income is defined). That is exactly why the people do not mobilize against it.

        Anyway, the other major problem in trying to fight them is that they will arrest you and put you in jail. Yes that’s right. For failing to comply with a law that doesn’t exist you can be either imprisoned or have your savings/income garnished/seized or both. They rule solely through fear.

        The only way to deal with them is to not deal with them. I’m sure it’s easier said than done.

        I’ve been through this thought process a hundred times and have come to the conclusion that nothing will change because the people will not risk losing whatever little they have left.

      7. Aha. So the XVIth Amendment doesn’t exist. Nor does paragraph 2, section 3 Article IV and paragraphs 1, 2, 3, and 5 of section 8 Article I US Constitution.

        Please don’t try to parse the phrase “coin money” or drag up the first paragraph of section 10 Article I. There exists no requirement that the coin must be metal or disc shaped. And Article 10 is all about what a state can coin as money.

        The Federal Reserve Act, no matter how onerous some may think it is, was passed by Congress and signed into law. The IRS is covered by the XVIth Amendment and laws passed by Congress.

        Claim whatever you will. You will lose in federal court. Either the Constitution stands intact or it doesn’t. If any portion offends you, there is Article V. The states can call for a Constitutional Convention. This is NOT the thing to do. Far better for the states and the citizenry to demand a change from Congress.

        I contend that change is coming. The what and how escape me. I would argue that those who pay no taxes and/or are directly supported by the government ought not to have the right to vote. This includes government employees. However this requires an Amendment to the Constitution. This would remove any and all incentives for politicians to appeal for votes from those who would indirectly vote themselves monies out of public coffers. This disenfranchisement won’t happen until … . Then lordy help us all.

        Woe dispair, agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery.

        Consider me among those who wants the government to find a way to solve this mess. No good comes from destruction. Even worse, we set the precedent of,  “Unhappy, then destroy.” It has been my observation that collectively we know more and more about less and less. Just look at our education tests compared to other countries. The trend of the masses is towards entertainment and away from studying what is important.

        I tend to wonder just how many people have actually studied the Constitution in its entirety.

      8. overthehedge, I am clearly not the Constitutional scholar you are, but I have studied it on some occasions.

        Amendment X of the Constitution:

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        Tell me, does this imply that the powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to BOTH the states and the people in full, or just to one or the other? In other words, are the people and the states interchangeable in the Constitution? What is the definition of “OR” in this case?

        Because if the definition of “OR” is the logical inclusion of both in full, then how is it that we have used paper money as a people for over a hundred years, which is strictly forbidden by the Constitution, assuming the people and the states are the same thing?

        I suppose all this is pointless however, as our nearsighted great-grandfathers decide to handle over monetary control of the entire nation to a cabal of wealthy elite bankers answerable to no one but themselves.

      9. overteheedge…

        of course you will lose in federal court. Why would you let a federal court hear any matter concerning you?  it is a court of the corporation.  it does not know the Constitution and is not bound by it. It is foreign as a matter of law. Most victims show up with an attorney, and are rightless wards never standing a chance.

        The court has to prove jurisdiction if you challenge it.  None is given by the STATE constitution that protects you, and you are not on federal territory where it could be given by Congress. 

        I responded to jury summons for federal court by telling them I was not a resident on any federal property, and could not hear cases involving  federal matters.  I received a reply back that I was excused from jury duty because I did not qualify.  They can hear you when they want to.

        If it shows jurisdiction, the IRS then has to prove your obligation.  All you have to do is demand they show how YOU have the obligation they claim you do.  It requires a written contract or a specific statute.  Neither exists?  Move for dismissal.

        I will fight that battle on the front line if it ever comes to me.  I hope it doesn’t, but it might.  I think I am well prepared to fend off the criminals if it does.

        The system will only collapse when the People understand who they are and DEMAND their rights be protected.  The Constitution of the United States does not apply to you.  The constitution of your state is where your protections lie.  Demand your rights, and enforce them sui juris in a state court.  If you submit to a federal court, you will lose.

        Chris C …  never rely on an official as a source of the law.  They are clueless.  To them the law is a pamphlet put out by their department.

        When my second child was born, the state officer took it upon herself to give him a different last name than me and his mother gave him.  She literally changed the name as we put it on the form, after it was signed by his mother.  I printed out the state law and showed her where she was incorrect as a matter of law.  She gave me a DHS pamphlet and a said no, this is the law.  I don’t know what that is you have.  It was a printout of The Tennessee Code.  She didn’t even bother to look at it.  She was creating a corporation for the state and they could name it whatever they wanted to.

        Really, that happened.  Now the government does not recognize my kids by their real name.  They have state issued fake ID’s.  We have witnessed affidavits of live birth with their real name.  I was pissed, but soon realized it was a blessing from God that my children were not  owned by the corporation as a result of its own incompetence.

        Leave the corporation.  Those who seek to control you may not approve, but you do not need approval anyway.  Either you are free, or you are not. 

        I choose, freedom.  What do you choose?

      10. Of course the whole thing is B.S.    There’s hardly any reason to even discuss this.  We are all F*cked and there isn’t a thing we can do about it.   Argue till your blue in the face……………  Beans, Bullets and Bandaids…..

      11. Gods Creation, ..you are right..
        I put the word “representation” in quotes because of the very reason you state.
        I would Never! hire some person who passed the British Acredited Registry…Ever!
        As far as im concerned a person “practicing law” in
        this “systems” courts in this country with The BAR exam as their back up and education, are a complete joke and a slap in the face from way back in founding days of this countries government. And constitution.
        And Im a firm believer that some types of Lawyers are a Huge! problem in this country, and pander to many bullshit games ..
        The fact that we have so many is astounding.
        and guess what do they all end up trying to be? ..Politicians..know any politicians that werent Lawyers, or took the BAR exam?
        Mayors? Corrupt..Mayors..Senators, Congress..Presidents!
        Judges…yup..It points to one thing for me…

      12. Gods Creation, ..you are right..
        I put the word “representation” in quotes because of the very reason you state.
        I would Never! hire some person who passed the British Acredited Registry…Ever!
        As far as im concerned a person “practicing law” in
        this “systems” courts in this country with The BAR exam as their back up and education, are a complete joke and a slap in the face from way back in founding days of this countries government. And constitution.
        And Im a firm believer that some types of Lawyers are a Huge! problem in this country, and pander to many bullshit games ..
        The fact that we have so many is astounding.
        and guess what do they all end up trying to be? ..Politicians..know any politicians that werent Lawyers, or took the BAR exam?
        Mayors? Corrupt..Mayors..Senators, Congress..Presidents!
        Judges…yup, it seems to point at one sector..doesnt it?

      13. OK NWO you win…I’ll drive slower, sluff off at work, not be productive, let the country go to shit.    Revenge of the cubicle dweller…I’ll do just enough to get buy.  You want all the money fine.  But you’ll be one of my customers..and I’ll give you shit service and so will my kids.  In short…enjoy your new kingdom of lazy serfs….  Then when it all collpases one day…the serfs will know who all you elite are.  French style revolution I bet.

      14. Attaboy Bill!!! Someone here’s got it…the problem is, I’ve been encouraging people for years to get prepared and all I can say is, it has fallen on deaf ears.

        Charity begins at home, take good care of you and yours!

      15. Comments…..sorry, but you got it wrong. i cannot go into all the details but the  US is not a corp,just DC. Its just like many small cities incorporate. cmon, use your head,x there were many presidents of the US before this incorporation of DC happened, the logic in this vid is dubious at best.  and yes I would love it were it true as I would love to tell the feds to fuck off


        Don’t waste your breath trying to fight the corporation.  My Republic of Texas neighbor just started his second prison sentence because the federal judge refuses to recognize his self issued drivers license and license plates.  (and money orders)

      17. Comments….. Laws mean nothing, can change over night.
        OWE NOTHING TO NO ONE. If you owe, pay the debt ASAP.
        You will never be rich, but you will skip prison. Go figure: now USD inflation ~ 5%, gov`t says the target is ~ 2%. So more inflation coming. If you`re in debt, there is no better place to put your income but to pay down that debt.
        Then …. you can count cans, bullets, Krugerrand, 10$`s
        Then … if you`re smart, you can decide how you save …..
        if still alive ….. LOL.

      18. Just wondering….what would be the point of paying down any debts?
        If The Shit is going to Hit the Fan..who’s going to be coming for that debt?
        No one..
        I say F-the debt, and stock up to take care of your own.
        pay the min. on your debt just to keep them off your back until the S does hit the fan, and so you dont have the bank taking something away while your prepping.
        I dont see where in a total SHTF senario that the debt is going to be of any prioraty, (at least not to those trying to survive)but you cant shuk the responsibility until that happens.
        when your in survival mode, paying for food, and having shelter and water is going to be of primary concern, not if the banker got his payment this month, on that big screen TV..or the doctor bill debt for your wifes historectomy, or what ever.

        and thats probably why alot of bankers and loan and credit card companies dont even want to think about any SHTF senarios, at least not on a grand scale..or the total devalue of our “money”..because there would go any incentive to G.A.F. about any bloody banker or that “institution”, or its pay back policies

      19. you absolutely must not refudiate your debts under any circumstances. you must pay all your debts even if you have to borrow money to do it. . it is your patriotic honorable and and judeochristian duty under god and country to repay all your debts on time with interest. this is why there are no debtors’ prisons anymore. debtors must remain in the market place to earn money and quickly pay all their debts -not to take advantage of our  country and it’s bountiful corporations. when you are born in america there is a tacit contract with the federal reserve bank corporation that you will pay your debts on time or you will go to court. if americans refused to pay their signed debt obligations our wonderful and generously honorable country would certainly falter on it’s way to it’s god-given destiny of eternal and everlasting greatness. this must never happen.

        look at the huge problems all those foreclosures and short sales are causing for the federal reserve bank corporation and it’s patriotic multibillionaire share holders. our generous government needed to pay off these toxic unpaid morgages with taxpayer debt obligations to china while all those lazy immoral criminal riff-raff home-squaters who were collecting all that socialist unemployment money and food stamps were busy pretending to look for jobs.

        look at our wonderful economy which is the envy of the world. if you doubt this just ask anyone from greece or iceland. they will tell you how great america and it’s hard working wall street firms are. it is certainly uplifting to see all those beautiful wall street buildings and those well dressed employees and managers always well groomed and always smiling and wearing nice suits, well shined shoes and nicely appropriate  colorful ties.                                                           

        then look at main street and all the problems caused by the middle class scum. it’s a disgusting contrast. tens of millions of uneducated unwashed whining  main street sheep talking about guns, ammo and freeze dried rice while they’re groveling for unemployment handouts, food stamps, social security and medicare from our overly generous  government.

        in short, pay your debts and in the immortal words of eugend66 (above) save “10$,s” (ten dollar bills).

      20. I don’t have any freeze dried rice!  Do you have any freeze dried rice?  3 minute yes.

      21. Overtheedge, unless I miss my guess, those lyrics you quote are from “Hee Haw”…

      22. I just cannot stop laughing at Mushroom’s comments. Even when you think about the US Corporation being false. The wealthiest individuals do make all the rules and/or high influential people. This is reality.

        I would say pay down your debts. The problem with inflation is that it will sap out your earnings to live. For example a person making $22,000 dollars in the 1980s is making $60,000 currently and really that is happening is a 33 percent drop in purchasing power.

        The US seems to going towards a Weimer Republic and the fact that the system of government is really meant to screw over individuals is quite apparent. Overall, I realize that the government is trying to buy more time. They are hoping that the Euro falls so that investors (wealthy people, foreign governments, corporations) will invest in the US Dollar and to prop it up a little bit more. I just do not understand why people would prop up money that is generated mainly by 1s and 0s today.

      23. Hmmm. Maybe my words and my links may have helped SOMEONE see the truth. Maybe it was GC saying what he’s said. Whoever said whatever, I think we done good! Many people are waking up. It is truly an exciting time to be alive. Great commentary Mac. GC and I’ve been preaching this to everyone. I’m still not free by choice. A willing slave but more free than most. One cannot be free until one realizes they are enslaved. At least I am that far. I’m essentially waiting for the greed of TPTB to destroy the system and then I’ll slip my chains. But, most don’t comprehend the problem or their situation. They are truly enslaved, body, mind and soul.

        If you’re going to be a slave, like myself, at least know how long your chain is and know how to unlock it when you need to.

        Thanks, Mac, for all you do. 

      24. Chris C.
        Normally I wouldn’t respond, but we’re talking about the Constitution. Soo … ,

        First we have to understand the reason behind our Constitutional Republic form of  government. It was brought into existence for two fundamental reasons. Private property protection (including self) and management of property held in common. In order for any protection to exist, this demands that individual rights can’t infringe of the rights of others.

        Individual states and the nation have Supreme Courts to draw lines in the sand respecting these rights. All governmental authority is derived from the people. The government has NO rights, only authority.

        From this we derive that government is all about governance and rights are individual.

        So the Xth Amendment is all about state’s rights and individual rights being exempt from federal government. The IXth Amendment is all about individual rights. Therefore the Xth Amendment is “OR” as it is governance or individual rights.

        And yes, the federal government and the state both routinely trounce on individual rights. There is the problem with certain individuals, corporations or organizations pressuring government to impose moral values not held in common by all civil members of society. The most onerous deal with actions of the citizenry that lack a victim. The enlightened ones proclaim that the perpetrator is the victim.  Here is an example:

        Prostitution invents a victim. The prostitute, the john’s family or those seeking a spouse are the claimed victim.  Federal and state laws exist to stop this trade. Never mind that this trade is between consenting adults. Never mind that it is perfectly legal for me to use my body performing physical labor. Never mind that it is legal to cheat on a spouse. Never mind that virginity is valued most by virgins and rarely by older adults as a condition of establishing a relationship. This whole shebang gets even more stupid when you consider that if I film the social interaction and fill out the paperwork complying with section 2257 of Title 18 USC, it is freedom of speech.

        Those who would claim that rights issues always go in favor of government haven’t ever studied Supreme Court opinions. Ignorance is cured by gaining knowledge.

        So going back to money, we have federal government awarding a monopoly franchise to the FED. The XVIth Amendment was ratified permitting income tax. If you don’t like the tax structure of the tax code, appeal to Congress. If you don’t want taxation, use the Article V process to repeal the Amendment. If you don’t know the process, get some education and erradicate ignorance. Only idiots choose ignorance over knowledge. Beliefs systems refuse all evidence contrary to the belief.

      25. Thank you for the clarification Anonymous regarding the Xth amendment. Your suggestions however to either appeal to Congress or use the Article V process to amend the Constitution is pointless. Neither process will ever work, and if you do not know why then you need to study up on lobbyists, something the Constitution never took into consideration – but how could they?

        You’re right. Only idiots choose ignorance over knowledge. I choose knowledge as do many who frequent this site. And I know most will agree with me when I say true change can not come from within the system itself, but rather from outside the system. So we have only one path before us. The only question is will it be non-violent?

        I hope so.

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