Happy Days Are Here Again: Stock Market Approaches All Time Highs

by | Sep 14, 2012 | Entertainment | 233 comments

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    The Federal Reserve has officially begun its long awaited monetary stimulus, and the world has breathed a sigh of relief – for a week or two at least.

    The stock market staged a huge rally Thursday after investors got the aggressive economic help they wanted from the Federal Reserve.

    The Dow Jones industrial average spiked more than 200 points and cleared 13,500 for the first time since the beginning of the Great Recession. The average is within 625 points of its all-time high.

    The Fed said it would buy $40 billion of mortgage securities a month until the economy improves.

    It’s reminiscent of 1930, when the effects of what the stock market crash of 1929 actually meant for the global economy and geo-political climate were yet to be realized by an unsuspecting public.

    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    Let us sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again
    All together shout it now
    There’s no one who can doubt it now
    So let’s tell the world about it now
    Happy days are here again
    Your cares and troubles are gone
    There’ll be no more from now on
    Happy days are here again

    Happy Days Are Here Again (Charles King, 1930)


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      1. Can this bubble get any tighter?

        • Agreed RWM! I’m sure we all doubt ourselves every once in a while, crazy tin foil hat types… And than every once in a while something like this happens and we end up doubling our efforts.

          Good luck everyone, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!!!

          • Yes of course, it’s all perfectly timed. Everything must be perfect come election time. The market must be at an all time high, MSM puppets telling us unemployment is low, business must appear to be booming so B HO can say “see, I did it, but there’s more work to be done, I must be re-elected”. I think the end of the end will be right after the election, one way or another.

            • unless B.O. get’s behind in the polls badly, look for all hell to break loose….

        • No worries….The I-Phone 5 is being released….The skies above are clear clear again…Happy Days are here Again!!!!

          • Tina, you are spot on and I totally agree with your assessment—-doesn’t it make you ashamed to call yourself a human or even be associated with the majority?

            Think about it —- REALLY THINK ABOUT it people — something is seriously wrong with people—-seriously wrong. Everything is backwards:

            If you are a criminal, you are rewarded.
            If you are a liar, you are rewarded.
            If you are irresponsible, you are rewarded.
            If you are a consumer, you are rewarded.

            On the other hand:

            If you are honest, you are punished.
            If you are a saver, you are punished.
            If you are a producer, you are punished.

            God please take me away from this god awful place—–we truly are living in hell.

          • Yupper ! Sales of the iPone 5 are going to be so vast as to move the GDP up a notch. I know. MSNBC said so.

        • What was the price of gold, silver and other precious metals when the stock market hit the all time high? IF the stock market was actually as high as 4 years ago in comparison to REAL money, then it should be in the mid-20 thousand range. More deception to try to fool the voters into “thinking” that everything is so rosy. What a crock, what a total crock this is.

          • I’m ok with fooling the voters. If this buys TPTB a few extra months then that is a few extra months that we have to enjoy the circus.

            I would encourage everyone to use this “gift” to tuck away a little extra food and water as it will be worth a lot more after the election.

          • Be Informed, rest assured the criminals that run the crime syndicate will use their paper to crush the prices of anything they don’t want going up.

            The crime syndicate that runs Amerika are dangerous, evil, criminals —- they will do whatever they choose and you will accept it or else.

            Seriously folks—-the population at large is too stupid, ignorant, and apathetic to make a difference.

            Last one out turn out the lights (or leave them on—we can print money to pay for them).

          • Be Informed,
            In October 2007 the stock market (Dow Jones Average) peaked at 14,164, whereas gold was around $750 per ounce. Gold has doubled and stocks are still below their highs.

        • NO!

      2. My food supplies are approaching an all time high!

        • Same here. Keep adding, stack it higher!

          I’ve been on overtime canning tomato sauce and applesauce but I had to cave and head to a store to get a few more items. Ben and his omnipotent money-machine just got creepier!

          • Just topped off my 200 gal propane tank….and all the small (portable)ones I had

            • Hahahahahah. and for what reason may I ask….let me guess , the DOOM CLUB is expecting hyper inflation like tomorrow…..hahahahahah

            • Rich,

              What brought you back? Didn’t you say you were “done with the doom club?” You were just talkin garbage, obviously.

        • Sierra Dave: Now that’s an investment worth having and holding for the long term as they use to say with blue chip stocks!

          • Rich99: It’s always good to hear from you and get a different perspective. Whether hyperinflation is around the corned or not shouldn’t be our focus. We have been experiencing inflation since the FED was created back in 1913. Gold averaged less than $20.00 an ounce in 1913. That bought a good man’s suit for business in those days. Gold is now over $1600.00 an ounce, about the price of a good man’s suit today. Yeah, you can get cheaper stuff from Sears or the Men’s Warehouse but not for the serious (senior) business man. The FED has been loaning money into existance for almost 100 years and this has caused the value of the dollar to drop from a gold support of less than $20 in 1913 to over $1600 today. That’s an increase of 80 times value in just under a century. That’s inflation my friend, no matter how you slice it. Gold didn’t go up, the dollar’s value has just dropped, and as long as the FED continues to print money out of thin air, it will continue to slide until one day coutries stop buying our debt. It so bad now that the FED is has been buying a lot of the debt to include MBS. It’s getting very desperate there in Washington. So against your advise, I’ll continue to slowly prep because I’d rather be 10 years too early than 1 damn day too late.

        • Mine, too, and I just ordered more. Seems like we’re all on the same page here. I can’t help, but go like… like… like……………

      3. I reckon what is coming will make the great depression feel like a summer shower compared to a tornado. Back then there were less people, those people were far more resilient and know how to make do and mend. 99% of the present population will go off the deep end when the ss checks fail to turn up, when the chemical cosh anti depression meds are unavailable or unaffordable those dependent on them will go nuts.

        This is going to be a long and unpleasant interregnum which will likely end in a neo feudal system of an international financial aristocracy who own everything and a serf class who own nothing.

        • Looks like the new White House bunker is nearly complete.

          “After nearly two years and $86 million later…”

          “Deep underground, whatever has been built there remains shrouded in mystery.”

          “The GSA went to great lengths to keep the work secret” and ordered subcontractors NOT to talk to anyone.

          “However, what reporters and photographers saw during the construction … a sprawling, multistory structure whose underground assembly required truckload after truckload of heavy-duty concrete and steel beams.”


          • Yea, Hitler had a bunker too.

            • If you had the spare change to build one,….well would’nt you ………AZZZWHOLE !

            • Ya,and history records he died in it… 🙂

            • You must have a fetish about large women.

              Hate to disappoint you, but I look nothing like that.

              Why don’t you start posting something that adds to the “preparedness” discussion.

        • Great point. Very few people today know how to do much of anything except simply exist. Back before the great depression about half of the country lived on farms, today that number is around 2%.


          You could take the average American family and drop them onto a fully operational farm, and it no time they would be starving. When things get ugly and the shelves are empty, people will turn on each other.




        • Truth is things are already as bad as the great depression. The difference is instead of soup lines, they have EBT cards. Its when the shtf, when the gov’t can’t refill those cards and send out those SS checks (because they stole all the money we put in) that things are going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen or heard about.

          Keep stocking, stacking and loading. It won’t be pretty and there won’t be any help like back then.

          • Arco,
            Thanks for your post, but I have to disagree about the EBT cards not getting refilled. Since the Govt/Fed have an electronic printing press they will refill the card each month, but the money will just be created out of thin, so the net effect will be that you will get your money each month, but it won’t have any purchasing power. The noose will squeeze tighter and tighter until the people riot.

      4. If we hear that Mr Soros sells his gold and buys stocks, then we can say that the recession is over 🙂

        • Manos

          Morning mate. Glad to see you here.

          Take care x

        • correct you are sir!

          is this reminiscent of your situation as it unfolded..?


        • Welcome back, Manos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

        • Valid point Manos !!! Great to hear from you again!! 🙂

        • Excellent point Manos. Good to see you online.

        • Hi Manos!

          Glad to see you!

        • Welcome back 🙂

        • manos! You and your family are always in my prayers. God be with you!

        • MANOS!!!!!! Holy shit dude, you are a alive!!!!!!


      5. Morning all

        I won’t pretend to understand high finance but doesn’t this just cause the money in your wallet to be diluted?

        Surely there would have been more sense in investing the money in businesses in order that they could hire more staff, update equipment etc?

        The banks get bailed again whilst the man in the street gets shafted. Wonderful.

        Take care

        • good morning The Britster :Bring It on :

        • I agree Burt. Steve Keen, the economist from down under, said much the same thing.Of course, we know that the Fed does the bidding of the moneymasters who own it, not the common man. END THE FED. Watch the price of food and energy skyrocket now.Better to get as self-sufficient as possible while we still can.

        • Everytime bernanke the bear shts in the woods the flies gather , Shure its a fiesta … isnt this a this a land grab so the feds are a slum lord of the states?shure would make it hard to tarce the trail of your new neighbor,

        • Burt

          You are spot regarding devaluation of the dollar.

          Then again..that is the plan all along.

          Market rallies as Europe implodes

          and of course an assassination of a diplomat

          riots and protests throughout

          as the specter of war looms closer every day

          keep prepping folks

          history is indeed repeating

          everything is planned folks



        • Dilution? Yes.

          Bought some silver yesterday. It will never be worth zero, unlike the US dollar.


          • Feh. Silvers O.K. but look for a HUGE spike in the value of lead, copper and brass soon…

        • Burt the Brit: They did invest in business, remember the many solar powered businesses that the fed invested in and are now going belly up? Then there was the auto business that we bailed out. Ha! Ha!

          I just hope that the end comes quickly and we can get started on the right path sooner.

          Don’t forget the recent investment that the fed placed in brazil for their off shore oil drilling. Very patriotic.

          • We’re jealous. We had nothing to can this year due to the drought and crop failure. What few apples made it are small and sour, so we’re going to dehydrate them. All extra money is going into long-term food storage instead of other items we might have bought. However, our local Army-Navy store had a “hot weather” sale and I was able to buy four more full-size? wool blankets for $7.50. That seems to be a good price for this outlet. The thought of getting wool blankets in 105 heat is a difficult connection. However, I doubt if they have tomatoes for sale this winter. Bad year all the way around.

            • @ Vicky your not the only one we planted a huge garden over 200 tomatoes and over 100 peppers and a lot of other dtuff we got just a handfull of peppers and tomatoes. Going to have to buy some now not to happy about it.

            • I used to sell Army/Navy wool blankets of even a cot size cost me more than that so ya, a great deal and theyll last for a lifetime!
              Was it the heat or the blight that got your tomatoes (Vicki/Ranchers wife)sorry to hear you lost em…

        • Burt, sounds like you understand finance quite well. It is Bernanke that is either clueless or evil.

      6. its raining money

      7. Just waiting for the big selloff. I hope they lose They’re Arse Hose’.

      8. Whatever?!!!!!!

        • Whatever huh? You and yours will be the stepping stones for my survival. We will feed off of those like you. Keep up the good work target.

          • That was uncalled for. I meant the idiots who think this will help.

            • JL I can only send my sincere apology to you. Bad morning and I completely misunderstood the context of your message. Sometimes knee jerk reactions just = jerk. I will try to do better.

            • Thank-you, no one understood where the whatever came from. I mean how do these people think this helps. Another bailout? Come on it’s so ridiculous I cannot wrap my head around it.

      9. As the worthless dying ameriKan fiat dollar continues to devalue … the cost of stocks commodities shall rise inflate … as it takes more worthless dying ameriKan value-less fiat dollars to buy purchase lease said valued stocks and commodities on the criminal corrupt ponzi rigged ” now european german owned ” new york stock exchange – globalist banker robber baron controlled wallstreet .

        European Union EU money will flee europe banks for AmeriKa shores , the dollar will show some strength – then die !!!

        Don’t get caught in the dollars death rattle .

        Unstoppable Inflation and the on-going devaluing of the ameriKan fiat dollar caused by 16 trillion and counting in uncontrolled unstoppable zog federal spending – debt . Has not only now tax debt enslaved you … but your children’s children’s children’s !!!

        Don’t believe the hype … get out now while you still can … buy some land – dig your well deep – plant your crops and some pm’s – bury it deeper . food water ammo is the new pm’s . stack em’ high .


        • No, our children and grandchildren won’t pay the debt. The US won’t even default. They’ll just pay it back in funny money. Once a loaf of bread is a million dollars our $16 trillion dollar debt will be nothing.

          • even the, you will still be able to get 2 loaf’s for a silver dime.

      10. What ever ?!!!!! Do you not give a fuck??? THAT IS WHAT WHATEVER IS ABOUT!!! I Suggest that you start to give a fuck before your Ass is handed to you on a silver platter

        • The whatever was about the stock market going up after this was announced. I do not see how the government buying more debt will help anyone. I’m not a financial genius but it makes no sense to me at all.

      11. They have to keep kicking that can as long as possible, because everyone that is not part of the elite has to be shoved down to the bottom rung of the social ladder. Plus, it gives them a little more time to set their pieces in place to have complete control.
        We should see an uptick in the pricing of metals soon?
        Get those tangible/bartering items while you can, because things are only going to get worse in the real world of economics!

        “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you”

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • They aren’t kicking a can anymore, it has long since grown into a full blown tanker … and when it eventually hits the rocks, the spill will hit everybody and everything.

        • With all that is happening in the Middle East now, and all that is happening domestically with daily “bomb threats from Al-CIA-DUH” at some university or other public facility…I fully expect that the “BIGGER, BETTER, MORE DESTRUCTIVE” version of 9/11 is being telegraphed to all of those reading between the lines. And make no mistake, IRAN WILL IMMEDIATELY BE IMPLICATED IN WHATEVER “TRAGIC EVENT” transpires.

          What is happening now is among the most blatant “HERE IT COMES” under the radar of the sheeple warnings I’ve ever seen. Fool me once (9/11), shame on YOU, fool me twice, shame on ME. I won’t be fooled again…and sincerely hope the majority here understand what is now unfolding for the “message” that it is.

      12. They knew this market would chew up a 500bn liquidity injection faster than hungry fat kid on a honey bun, so instead went for open ended purchases. QE3 is actually QE(infinity). If this market ever catches up and starts moving we’re gonna see hyperinflation like no currency has yet seen. I hope it was worth it.

      13. As the worthless dying ameriKan fiat dollar continues to devalue … the cost of stocks commodities shall rise inflate … as it takes more worthless dying ameriKan value-less fiat dollars to buy purchase lease said valued stocks and commodities on the criminal corrupt ponzi rigged ” now european german owned ” new york stock exchange – globalist banker robber baron controlled wallstreet .

        European Union EU money will flee europe banks for AmeriKa shores , the dollar will show some strength – then die !!!

        Don’t get caught in the dollars death rattle .

        Unstoppable Inflation and the on-going devaluing of the ameriKan fiat dollar caused by 16 trillion and counting in uncontrolled unstoppable zog federal spending – debt . Has not only now tax debt enslaved you … but your children’s children’s children’s !!!

        Don’t believe the hype … get out now while you still can … buy some land – dig your well deep – plant your crops and SQUIRREL AWAY some pm’s – bury em’ deeper . food water ammo is the new pm’s . stack em’ high .


      14. On Wednesday I had $50 in my wallet, then QE announced, now I have $35 in my wallet.

        • Buy a good bottle of bourbon with it, sit back, and watch the fireworks….

      15. As the worthless dying ameriKan fiat dollar continues to devalue … the cost of stocks commodities shall rise inflate … as it takes more worthless dying ameriKan value-less fiat dollars to buy purchase lease said valued stocks and commodities on the criminal corrupt ponzi rigged ” now european german owned ” new york stock exchange – globalist banker robber baron controlled wallstreet .

        European Union EU money will flee europe banks for AmeriKa shores , the dollar will show some strength – then die !!!

        Don’t get caught in the dollars death rattle .

        Unstoppable Inflation and the on-going devaluing of the ameriKan fiat dollar caused by 16 trillion and counting in uncontrolled unstoppable zog federal spending – debt . Has not only now tax debt enslaved you … but your children’s children’s children’s !!!

        Don’t believe the hype … get out now while you still can … buy some land – dig your well deep – plant your crops and some pm’s – bury it deeper . food water ammo is the new pm’s . stack em’ high .


      16. Wow, look at all the thumbs down this morning. the trolls must be up early

        • Or they never went to bed. Freeloading in Momma’s basement has golden opportunities, huh?

          • I love it when I strike-a-nerve….

            (Hey Trollers, I’ve got your IP and know your addy. You can type but you can’t hide.)

            • lol, can you track on the side what mine is? I stay in hotels each night and pick up signals from everybody else. I know you can still have a address but curious if you know where Im from etc. interesting Zoltanne. Yes they are freeeloading, you bet they are. Wonder when it all shuts down if they are going to ever even realize how stupid they were for knocking us for what we do.

            • Hey Clint, don’t worry. I won’t give away your secrets. And I won’t post any of the vids, either. lol

            • you already looked at my nice collection of fancy women? lol your good with my help you could be the best!!!

            • Zoltanne doesn’t care about your nekkid woman flicks. LOL

              The Eye is watching you.
              Eye knows what you wear.
              Eye knows what you don’t wear.
              Eye knows what you doin’.

      17. It’s annoying b/c it makes my warnings to my friends and family fall on MORE deaf ears when the stock market is rallying. Thay already think I’m a “doom and gloomer. ” This does not help.

      18. still time to buy SWHC stock thats Smith & Wesson, its only going to go up up up own the paper and the steel!

      19. stupid is, as stupid does

        maybe when beer and chips cost 100$ than some might wake up..were definetly working our way to it

        im not going to bother stocking up on anymore toilet paper for the crash..we’ll be able to use our paper dollar for that instead

        you ready?

        • You people in the DOOM CLUB crack me up!!!!
          You keep talking that crash crap huh….at what point will you realize that a crash isn’t coming anytime soon ????
          2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 and now entering 2013 ……at what point will you stop your CRASH NONSENSE ? Its like being in a DOOM CULT …..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          • Rich, No- it is NOT a crash, it is and has been a slow slide down bot economicaly and socialy. The slide is just picking up speed. Keep thinking things aren’t unraveling…..I will keep prepping.

            • Have you ever served at fort Dix SSgt? I myself was an honor grad at Fort Nutz in the 80’s!

          • Rich,

            What brought you back? Didn’t you say you were “done with the doom club?” You were just talkin garbage, obviously.

        • …beer and chips $100…

          Thanks for the warning. I’ll be adding another set of shelves for more beer some boxes of Lay’s variety pack. What fun will it be watching it all implode if I can’t catch a buzz and munch on a Dorito. 🙂

          • My list has Velveeta cheese on it…didn’t know it sits on a shelf for about 2 years and that’s not knowing how long it was on a warehouse shelf before it hit the store shelf.
            Velveeta..lots of it!!

            • Yummy and good for you in a SHTF situation where calories are something you seek, rather than attempt to avoid. Got crackers.

          • I’m getting Merlot and pistachios.

        • Most wont care when chips cost $100 as long as the system make you and I pay for them theyll keep chewing and being ungrateful…till we quit buyin…just sayin…:(

      20. I’m in DK’s camp on this.
        It’s death buy a thousand cuts…..
        Ahhhh… The power of the printing press!
        I guess my question today is what cut are we on now??? 937 ?
        On a happy note I purchased my first 22LR. I pick it up tomorrow!

        • Make sure you buy bricks of 525 rounds for practice.


          purchase 22lr Hollow points for self preservation


          • Thanks possee,
            Is there any brand of ammo you would suggest to stay away from?

            • Remington. Owned by Cerberus, worst ammo on the planet. Buy CCI MiniMags for S/D.

        • What are ya gonna hunt squirrels with it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH……other than that it will sit and rust

          • RICH99,
            Are you an attractive woman?
            Discribe your features for me.
            I have my own vision of you so make it good.

          • more deer have been killed with .22s than just about any other rifle what do you think poachers use 95% of the time

          • Rich,

            What brought you back? Didn’t you say you were “done with the doom club?”

        • Go kill a few empty soda cans.


          My guess is you will enjoy shooting, and will own your second gun soon.

          • Thanks 9mm,
            I hope to demoralize some cans in the near future.
            I do have other pieces as well, but the ammo is getting cost prohibitive to really
            maintain or improve my skills ( Twice a year at the range is really weak).
            Although, apparently on par with NYPD standards (but more ammo).
            Oh ya,
            I think I shall go out and shoot a squirrel in the near future for RICH99
            Whatever it takes to win her over.

        • Sweet. Have fun. I’m teaching my little sister to shoot right now!
          Internet gun party!

        • And I shot a .32 Colt for the first time since learning how to load, unload blindfolded.
          I need practice–lots of practice.
          Truthfully, I suck.

      21. The Stock market is “imitation flavored” these days.

        It Tastes good for a few days but goes Rank within a few days..

        Enjoy it while it’s crisp and fresh..

      22. Congratulations Slick,

        Get some extra magazines if you can.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Thanks YB,
          I’m excited, I think it will get me to the range more as the cost of the other ammos
          are prohibitive to hitting the range with any freekwency.
          I’ve been wanting one for awhile.
          Ive come around to maybe bigger isn’t always better.

      23. I’m a survivalist – you want to spread your stuff out- includes your money-so you have some cash , silver or gold, old comics, art, antique guns, indian relics, or whatever but it does include stocks. You don’t have to be rich by a long shot to use online stock sellers- 7 dollars a trade etc..you don’t put the whole grubstake in stocks just a little why not ? you might accidently make some extra cash or do what I like to try purchase a little survival stock I like SWHC and I like the guns they make to, I own them both, just make good sense to me.

      24. Big 5 has bricks of 22LR for 14.00 bucks….someday I bet each bullet will be like a quarter. So I’m going to buy a few more boxes and expand my future money supply.

      25. Well it was you guys who kept calling for a stock market crash all these months and I have heard that the market could hit 15,000-20,000 !!!!
        You people have been continuously wrong and I have stated that this will go on for YEARS!
        watch the market today ….hahahahah……I love it when I’m right and I don’t even have a website

        • Rich99 Sometimes I agree with you but today all I see is the MSM “money shot” running down your chin. If you are going to be a professonal cock sucker at least learn to swallow it all. thumbs up brah…

          • Poor99 that was uncalled for. I spit my coffee on my keyboard and monitor and it’s running down my chin. I can’t stop laughing. You got owned RICH99.

        • I’ll field this one kids.

          Rich99, let me try to dumb it down for you:
          Imagine you have a credit card that is completely maxed out. Then you decide to pay off that credit with a piece of cardboard that you cut out yourself and wrote “Visa” on it.
          Even if for some reason your creditors temporarily accept your homemade “card” eventually it’s worthlessness will be discovered and then you will find that you now owe double.
          Basically that’s what the fed is doing- using non existent “bailout money” to pay debt that is impossible to be repaid in the first place in order to “fix” the economy.
          It’s like cutting your finger and thinking it will heal quicker by putting 5 band aids on it instead of 1.
          The stock market had a nice boost after the cash in the 20’s…and soon after came the Great Depression.
          You can’t fix the economy by throwing good money after bad.

        • …not the real rich99….rich99 is a respectable asshat.

          ….this poser is really finx…an asshat and a duffus.

          …finx: do you still piss yourself to sleep at night ?

        • I finally figured it out. Rich 99 is Bernanke. Hey Ben, can I get a couple trillion to bail out my ASS too?

        • Rich99: That’s what all the talking heads were saying in 2006-2007, that the sky’s the limit because ‘this time it Really is different’! Ha!! I read enough from 2004-2007 to know that the underlying market fundamentals were built on sand and I cautioned my friends and coworkers who all either laughed or call me Mr. Doom and Gloom. Well, I and my wife slowly moved out of stocks and into bonds 3-4 months before the bottom fell out. The folks at work weren’t laughing then. While my wife and I and maybe two others were worry free I saw folks lose 50-200k. Many of the same problems that caused the collapse in 2007-2008 haven’t been remedied. Couple that along with round 4 (TARP, QE’s 1,2, and now 3) of more money printing and that’s a formula for an even bigger financial disaster. When, who can say.? But as long as banks and brokers are allowed to gamble with clients money and the FED is allowed to continue to dilute the value of the dollar through continued printing, we are doomed, it’s just a matter of time. It’s so bad that the FED is forced to buy our bonds and mbs because other countries don’t want them any more. The FED is esentially writing checks (printing money), cashing them(buying bonds and mbs) only to write more checks. If you or I were to do something like that we would be arrested for check kiting. The FED and the U.S. Government are just holding their collective breath hoping that someone won’t call bullshit until after the election. Get the picture now Rich99? Like I said before, “I rather be 10 years early than just one day too late”. But hey, what do I know!

      26. Well the grinder wheels for our destruction might turn slow, but they are turning. See to your needs the best that you can.


        As the worthless dying ameriKan fiat dollar continues to devalue … the cost of stocks commodities shall rise inflate … as it takes more worthless dying ameriKan value-less fiat dollars to buy purchase lease said valued stocks and commodities on the criminal corrupt ponzi rigged ” now european german owned ” new york stock exchange – globalist banker robber baron controlled wallstreet .

        European Union EU money will flee europe banks for AmeriKa shores , the dollar will show some strength – then die !!!

        Don’t get caught in the dollars death rattle .

        Unstoppable Inflation and the on-going devaluing of the ameriKan fiat dollar caused by 16 trillion and counting in uncontrolled unstoppable zog federal spending – debt . Has not only now tax debt enslaved you … but your children’s children’s children’s !!!

        Don’t believe the hype … get out now while you still can … buy some land – dig your well deep – plant your crops and SQUIRREL AWAY some pm’s – bury it deeper . food water ammo is the new pm’s . stack em’ high .


        • MARGIN CALL …

          Quote from an financial investment insider 09/13/12 :

          “The cost is that the fiat currency, paper currency standard, is in the final stage of the ‘super cycle.’ Fiat currency systems always collapse at the end. We are in that stage of the super cycle where things are accelerating TOWARDS EVENTUAL COMPLETE COLLAPSE !”

          uuuuuuuuuuuum … phuckme phuckyu (i love twins) ;0P … CHECK PLEASE ! IT’S TIME TO CASH OUT AND BUG OUT ! ;0p – pssszzt


          p.s. – go phuck yourself @fbpg ;0P ya’ zog cia fedgov homo jooo troll tool !

      28. Every day it gets a little more scary. Yesterday shopping with the wife at Costco a quarter of what we spent was on meat. 4 strip steaks = $18.00 (plus tax)Gas here in N. Calif. is staying at about $4.05 a gallon for some reason. Don’t know why as we are normaly higher than most of the nation. Fox Business is reporting green arrows instead of green shoots. Very odd.

        You know Slick that if you buy regular 22 LR you can put you own cross on the slug that will work just as effective as a hollow point.

        • Now that’s some interesting info. How deep would you make the cut?

        • @Brian:

          Sir, just a reminder to email gov. brown to veto SB 1221, SB 1366, AB 1527, AB 2333 and AB 2460….us prepper types have got to stick together.

          I live near Santa Cruz….be safe……..BA.

        • I admit, I was on fumes when I pulled in the robber… I mean gas station. But 50 BUCKS to fill a Focus? Then I go to the grocery store, 20 bucks not bad right? except I only had five items and I didn’t need a basket or cart to carry them to the checkout. Oh yeah, things are much better than four years ago.

      29. WOW …..total censorship on a truth website …..WOW……3 comments completely censored

        • Thats because all that is coming out of your mouth is shit. If Mac did not clean up some along the way we would all be walking in it.

      30. So poetically well said.

      31. While many focus upon supplies don’t forget upcoming repairs. Get everything done that you can. If you might need a roof in two years get it done now. The same with auto repairs or replacement.

        • Very good point, not one that is stated often, but I agree don’t put off until tomorrow, it may become impossible.

        • Agreed. I might also add having a mechanic take a good look at your vehicle, especially if it is still under warranty. I went in for service work and the mechanic picked up on a leaking water pump. Got it fixed.

      32. I have said this before, as long as TPTB on Wal Street have OPM to play with it’s HAPPY DAYS. They will not play with their own money. So the CROOKS at the Fed will see that they get all the OPM they use no matter who it hurts. But the chickens WILL COME HOME TO ROOST! Like was once said:
        Nobody wins When Freedom Fails,
        The Best Men Rot In Filthy jails,
        And Those Who Cried,”Appease, Appease”,
        Are Hanged By Those They Tried To Please.

        Live Free and Stand Tall

      33. You keep talking about all these horrible things that are supposed to happen (BUT DONT ) but in reality doom is just another market ……its the DOOM FAD

        • Thats what the Romans said too.

      34. A couple of weeks ago I told my wife that our credit rating was going to take a hit, it looks like that day is coming sooner than I thought. I honestly did not think these bastards would have the nerve to do QEIII, much less pass the funding for obamacare, planned parenthood, etc., we as nation DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY!! Now we have crazed muslims attacking our embassies in coordinated attacks, a president and administration that is apologizing for a stupid video, all the while life appears to going on as normal. I really have my doubts we are going to see an election this year, our entire way of life has been usurped and corrupted. Well, got to go now, I have supplies to buy before the money is totally valueless.

        • Don’t worry. The rest of the world will help us when we hit hard times. They love us!

          • US,

            Yes, sarcasm is a second language of mine as well…

            I actually just came back from overseas, and let me tell you (if you all do not already know this), we are the laughing stock of the world. Uneducated, myopic, self-righteous and arrogant.

            All it takes is a trip to your corner Wal-mart and you can see why this is a well-deserved appraisal of this country at large. To be sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but we are judged by the company we keep.

            The king is dead. Long live the king.

            • Achilles Heel: Yeah but the rest of the world hasn’t been to America to visit Walmart. We know on average that Americans are behide in test scores, but so what, they’re just numbers on a piece of paper. I’ve been over Asia and much of Europe. Nice places to visit but I haven’t found one that I’d want to live in full time. Most kitchens and bedrooms in these other countries are the size of our bathrooms. Most of the citizens of these countries form their opinions through consensus with help from their govenment and the press. They would all just rather ‘get along’ than have an idividual opinion that may go against the group. It’s nearly impossible to get a gun in any of these countires, and god forbit you should try and defend yourself, you’ll end up in jail. Try and start a business and you’ll find that our system is a breeze compaired to Byzantine rules and regulations they have to go through. And you can be arrest and later sued for voicing anything that’s considered disruptive or what our own liberal sissies call hate speech. Let them laugh from inside their their mini-homes, or in their mini-cars, from opinions formed by group thought. They are nothing but little people from little countries who do nothing do and say nothing that’s not part of their ‘group think’. These are just some of the reason why our ancestors left those sad little poop holes in the first place. So let them laugh.

          • Unreconstructed,

            Drank the kool aid did you? LMAO!!!

      35. LMFAO!

      36. Don’t worry about anything.

        take a big deep breath of the clean fresh air.
        Put a smile on your face be a millionaire.
        The streets outside are paved with gold.
        There’ll be pennies from heaven for and for me.

        So says Bernanke

      37. Helicopter Ben’s comment: “The FED would buy $40 billion of mortgage securities a month until the economy improves” Reminds me of a well known quote: “The beatings will continue until morale improves”.

      38. Yeah, things are great. That’s why Federal Reserve tokens are raining down from Ben’s helicopter like a bull pissin’ on a hot rock.

      39. Armed men storm Lebanon restaurant; German Embassy in Sudan on fire

        • VRF

          The British embassy has joined it, KFC burnt down and Tunis is kicking off.

          Whoever planned filmed and released that movie knew exactly what they were doing. They knew it was inflammatory, they knew US missions abroad would suffer, closely followed by missions of US allies….wonder who could be behind it all?

          Slice of Mossad with your coffee anyone?

          Take care

          • Has nothing to do with movie, these are planned coordinated attacks, the USA is once again under attack.

            • CJ

              I didn’t say they weren’t planned, of course they were planned, the movie was in my opinion, a way to light the fuse that’s all.

              Take care

            • I read that this movie is about a year old.

          • you are correct..planned

            • That movie was ‘part’ of the plan.

      40. Missile launch lights up Arizona sky

        KTVK|Added on September 14, 2012An early morning missile launch in Gallup and White Sands, N.M., lit up the sky in Arizona.

        • I saw that and I’m not to proud to say is scared me I think the times are here doing all I can to finish getting prepped ( if you really are ever completely prepped). Then we get the news of QE 3 honestly didn’t think they would be that stupid (actually was hoping they wouldn’t be that stupid ) and all that is going on in the middle east. We had better spend what little time is left getting ready. We have a bug out place I really didn’t want to go to as all our stuff is here and it would take a lot of work but my husband and I were talking the other night about what we will need to do to get it ready and that is a first for my husband he has always planned on staying here I think he is seeing that we may not be able to do that. Hope we have time to get all finished.
          Keep prepping and luck to all.

          • I’ve read internet news where some Homeland Security insiders say that there will be an engineered financial collapse during the third week of October. We should all get ready by then just to be on the safe side.

          • Lady, it’s obvious to me that you do not work and live off the old mans “wallet” on your so called ranch. I highly suggest that you get off your lazy ass , cleanup your house and join a tupperware club to keep you productive so you waste time on the internet all day. Volunteer at a church or help a nieghbor out somthing along those lines. By the way , if you…excuse me Your husband has a ranch ,….why the hell would you leave it.REAL AMERICANS DONT RUN FROM SHIT! sO QUIT WITH ALL THE “IM A SOUTHFORK WIFE CRAP” P.S.Dont take it personal.

        • Not to worry folks. It was me and a few friends with a plastic cleaning bag, some cardboard, and a few birthday candles!

          Just like the old days! 🙂

      41. *Be Informed*
        A strong earthquake hit off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

        The 6.2-magnitude shook the Kepulauan Mentawai region

        • they are on the..”Ring of Fire”

        • @ VRF. The near north pole earthquake showed this yesterday was coming. I thought it would hit just north of Australia like yesterday’s post said, it was northwest of Australia, but it was in the low 6 to mid 6 range like stated before it happened. Polar region earthquake activity means earthquakes of decent to large size to come. I have been trying to narrow it down and working on something to do this. I am getting closer to completely this. Whether it works or not is yet to be determined, but one has to keep trying before finding something that will work.

        • A volcano erupted in Guatemala last night too. I just read that Univ. of Texas has been evacuated due to bomb threats.

          • Probably just a couple of prankster engineers from Utep having a little fun.

      42. Nobody seems too worried over 16 Trillion dollars in debt. They even project out to 20 trillion in 2016. Will we hit 20 trillion? That’s another matter. Bernacke could have done 100 million and would there be any uprising? No. Things would continue as they were. We accept the slow incremental creep in prices and as we adjust to buying cheaper goods we do not acknowledge what is happening to us. Just the price of doing business. I just can not wait to see what the new toy or gadget people are going to fight over for Christmas presents.
        Happy Days are still here, but for how long.

        • And….the “debt” is a squishy number as well, considering it doesn’t include all of our unfunded liabilities (social security et al).

          Pretty soon our interest payments on the debt (not paying it DOWN, just the interest payments) will eclipse what we spend on our military.

          Happy Times



        • If we make it to Christmas our kids won’t be getting any new gadgets they are getting clothes and things they need and maybe there favorite shampoo That I don’t buy for storage because we can make our own and save the cost for something more important.

          • Sounds to me “it’s all about you” Why dont you just cut down on makeup and mascara purchases.Go to Goodwill and get a couple of old style bras with wire in them !!!! How do you like them apples. Basically just because your going bat shit over prepping, does not mean you have to take the smiles, innocense and enjoyment away from your kids. Qit bieng a hard ass.

            • @ JapTalian
              You don’t know shit I work my ass off as does my husband we both work day jobs and ranch and farm on the off time.
              My gilrs know times are hard and they do a lot of work sorry not like your kids sitting in front of the video games all day and eating chips. And they appreicate every thing they get because it isn’t handed to them on a silver platter. It sounds to me that you are a jealous lazy person with nothing else to do but whine about what other people are doing then taking care of your own.
              P.S.Dont take it personal

            • @JT
              I forgot to mention that if I need a new bra I don’t need to go to the second hand store I have the skills, pattern and materials to make my own.

          • Rancher’s Wife ~

            We do mostly homemade presents at our house, some needed items and one “wish list” gift. My kids seem far more appreciative than other kids and they are very creative about the items they’ve come up with to make.

            Nearly everything we give to people outside the immediate family is homemade as well – usually some kind of food goodies.

            • @ Daisy
              Thats about what we do like you said the kids are a lot more appreciative and will take care of what they get.
              I guess some people think it’s all about the money we don’t and our kids were not raised that way.

              Also most things outside the immediate family are handmade in fact some will request certain things.

            • You’re probably like me RW – no self-entitled little brats here.

              People that think kids need fancy THINGS to be happy have raised their kids all wrong.

              Kids need attention, the sure knowledge they are loved, to have their curiosity indulged and to have the freedom to explore the world around them. That makes happy children, not designer jeans or hideous $200 sneakers.

              In a bad situation I’d rank our kids chances of surviving far higher than JapTalien’s, with the values he/she espouses as being important to children.

      43. So just to sum up the highlights of recent months –

        DHS has purchased 2500+ heavily armored troop carriers. The same vehicles we use in war zones.

        DHS has purchased close to 2 billion bullets, all of it of a design for tactical use. FMJ, Hollowpoint, Buckshot, Slugs and the king of common issue bullets the .308 HPBT capable of tagging and killing anything man sized out to 1000 yards assuming a trained marksman. And not very good for hunting.

        DHS has purchased 2500+ portable bullet resistant check points.

        TSA has expanded exponentially since it’s inception even though flights and people taking flights has decreased. They now provide security for things that have nothing to do with Transportation.

        The Posse Comitatus act is in danger of being repealed which would legally allow U.S. troops to operate on American soil.

        FAA has approved the use of drones in American air space. Estimates up to 30,000 in operation by 2020.

        The FBI is rolling out Trapwire which allows for facial recognition and monitoring of ‘pre-crime’ activities. (I wonder if they have the cool air gesture screens of Minority Report in their bunkers)

        There’s a new underground structure of steel reinforced concrete has recently been built at the White House with no official explanation why they need it. A second underground structure will be started on soon. This is in addition to the existing Presidential Bunker that already resides at the White House.

        Many movers and shakers in the financial industry, ones that avoided the 2008 crash by making similar moves, are pulling 10’s and 100’s of millions out of stocks and futures and putting it into hard assets like gold.

        Russia and China and the Central Banks have heavily ramped up gold purchases in the last year and their buying rates are increasing. Even as gold prices soar toward record highs.

        5 out of 10 financial analysts agreed that more money printing in the form of Quantitative Easing is a very bad idea. And this was before the open ended “We’re going to keep printing money until the problem goes away” style of QE3 released yesterday. Those same 50% are now going WTF dude?!

        Do or don’t draw your own conclusions. I will offer mine up for a thought exercise. It seems to me that perhaps, just perhaps, someone in authority sees a potential problem looming that might cause more than expected acting out of the American people, rightly or wrongly.

        In the case such an event does occur a person, family or (best yet) group that has the ability to lay low, operate under the radar because they have the means to support themselves during a crisis, however long it lasts and whatever form it takes will do far better than a person, family or group that has to deal with others, possibly those in authority in order to obtain the means to support themselves.

        This could be nothing more than the usual spread the wealth situation to those nestled up to the pork barrels. It could be as a benign effort to build up the forces necessary to keep the peace in as non-violent way as possible through a show of force. It could be something more sinister.

        Regardless of whatever it is or isn’t, it does you no harm, no foul, to have a little (or a lot) set aside just in case. You pay for house, life, car, health, retirement insurance, why not pick up an extra case of bottled water, a bag of rice and beans each time you go to the store? It could the be the cheapest insurance that could save your life.

        And the absolute worst case scenario? You save money due to increasing food costs when you eat those beans and rice a year from now. Oh the horrors! 🙂

      44. These fascist USA murderers go back decades, funding both sides of wars for profit. George W. and G.H.W. Bush father senator Prescott trading with Hitler through banks, yet I suspect most preppers voted for the Bushes. They are all liars, from top to bottom including this king of the liars, Obama. Our tax dollars pay for their burrowed underground refuge. We on top ground will be dispatched without government firing a shot. The assault on free speech will be merciless, while the dollar wil be worthless.

      45. JRS

        Just about a 1/16 deep. You don’t want the slug head to expand too much as it will jam when entering the breech. Should have said that before as well as it will cause the weapon to be cleaned more often. I was taught this as a kid to get more knock down power when hunting coyotes.

        • Thanks for the heads up Brian. I’ll have to try it on an old bolt action and see how it works.

        • It works,done it for many years…dont cut your thumb 😉

      46. Meanwhile, the dollar index is in a nose dive that I haven’t seen in years!

      47. Burt,

        I saw a short video about your new Justice Minister – Shahid Malik.

        You need to get out.

        Y’all Beware! God Bless & Take Care

        • Y’all

          I needed to get out twenty years ago, I just wish I’d have known it then so I could have done something about it.

          Take care

      48. “if we hear Mr. Soros….”

        Don’t kid yourself. Soro bought a tiny amount of gold compared to his stock holdings. He knows as well as anyone else not to “fight the fed”, and to take free profits when offered. Hold equities and gold when the Fed is inflating.

        That said, Benjamen Strong of the NY Fed did the same thing in 1927 and called it a coup de whiskey for the stock market. We know how that turned out.

      49. There’s a man, goin ’round, taking names…

        And he decides who to free, and who to blame…

        Everybody WON’T be treated all the same.

        • The hairs on your arm will stand up
          At the terror in each sip and in each sup
          Will you partake of that last offered cup?
          Or disappear into the potter’s ground
          When the Man comes around

          AWESOME song. Between this and the several refences to the volcanic Ring of Fire, I’m going to have Johnny Cash in my head all day. And that’s a good thing.

      50. “Happy days are here again
        The skies above are clear again
        Let us sing a song of cheer again
        Happy days are he


      51. University of Texas orders evacuation of all buildings

        AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – The University of Texas at Austin ordered an emergency evacuation of all buildings on Friday due to threats.

        “Evacuation due to threats on campus,” said an alert posted on the university website just before 10 a.m.. “Immediately evacuate ALL buildings and get as far away as possible. More information to come.”

        • Same thing at North Dakota State.

          Here we go… multiple bomb threats across the country per day. How many days does that need to go on before we get a nation wide martial law order??

          • Seems like it is too early in the semester to be trying to delay an exam.

            Pop quiz Friday?

      52. Drudge headlines are so red it looks like they’re canning ‘maters, too….

      53. If you are still in the stock market it would be a good time to sell Mutual Funds. The market will crash and when it does you will not be able to sell MF’s until the close of trading that day. If you feel you need to be in the market consider ETF’s or individual stocks. These holdings allow you to use stop/limit orders, trailing stop/limit orders, or hit the SELL button. Personally there are only two things that I see as a BUY. Silver and a ETF shorting the market. Disclaimer: I own no MF, I do own ETF’s, Stocks, Silver, and am shorting the SP 500. Consult a professional before making any moves.

      54. Gee, did anyone see this coming?

        The Joint Intelligence Bulletin issued by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security said “the risk of violence could increase both at home and abroad as the film continues to gain attention.”

        “First responders should remain aware of the potential for spontaneous large crowds and protests that could overwhelm resources and should be vigilant for possible efforts to encourage peaceful protesters to commit acts of violence,” the warning said.

        It urged “faith-based organizations to promptly report suspicious activities that could indicate pre-operational plotting against Jewish, Coptic, Islamic, or any other faith-based communities.”


      55. I am afraid I do not understand what this article implies. Are things getting better or worse? Why only for 2 weeks? What happens after 2 weeks. I have very limited knowledge of the stock market.

      56. North Dakota State University evacuated after bomb threat

        Posted on Drudge Report

      57. @ rich 99 You haven’t noticed the middle eastern, north African countries going absolutely bonkers the last few days? Take a good look at what is going on in these countries, thats how it will be here later this year or early next. It also looks like Israel is going to attack Iran … so you don’t think $200-$300 a barrel oil will effect you at all? lol…do you drive??? I’m guessing you do. When you go to the gas station and it’s $10 a gallon that won’t phase you at all? When a loaf of bread costs $9 bucks that won’t effect you? do you eat? What about soap, toothpaste,TP, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, after shave, etc, etc…do you use these items? I think you do…they will be double or triple the price. Power for running your dwelling …lights, air conditioner, heater, appliances, etc….do you use these items? I think you do…you fired up to pay double and triple for that? Let’s not leave out the absolutely INSANE earthquake activity that BE INFORMED keeps us up-to-date on. ( thanks BE INFORMED for your very informative posts ) I have never seen anything like these ” earthquake clusters ” that are happening in various places like southern california. I suspect it’s the increased solar activity of the sun but..it could be the PTB using their little toy known as HAARP ( most of you know about haarp..but if you don’t ….look into it ) There are weird giant sinkholes popping up all over the world like the one near New Orleans.
        So rich99, what exactly needs to happen in the world for you to say to yourself..” wow..I better prepare for the shitstorm that is staring me right in the face ” Does an angry armed mob need to run down your street shooting automatic weapons? Does the stock market need to crash? Does there need to be another terror attack on American soil..either false flag or real. Does the dollar need to become completely worthless? Does OBUMMER need to sign any more executive orders that make him dictator? Do they need to order more ammo and Urban Assault vehicles? I’m just curious what your line in the sand is? you act as if everything is fine and the world isn’t going banannas as we speak. I think you better take a good, long, hard look at the state of the world….. then decide if you want any extra bennie wennies and water like people all over the middle east and Africa wish they had right this second. I think you are part of the ” it can’t happen here ” crowd…let me break the news to you…..IT HAS HAPPENED HERE…ever hear of the Civil war? Revolutionary war? French Indian war? any of those ring a bell? Millions died here on American soil before and it will happen again. Anyone arrogant enough to think his or her country is INDESTRUCTABLE is a complete fool. Histoy teaches us that no empire has EVER survived forever….every one of them has fallen..Greeks, Egyptian, Roman, Etc….believe me when i tell you AMERICA is no exception and we won’t last near as long as some of the empires that came before us if we don’t make serious changes RIGHT NOW.
        just a few thoughts

      58. sorry for misspelled word….. * history

      59. In honor of the dumbest monetary move we will ever see I am pasting this post, from an author who’s name I cannot remember…who very eloquently described what we saw today. I once again encourage he/she to come out and take a bow. very strong language warning…….

        “Hope you didn’t put much money on that bet, Dawg. These fuckers are going to print hard enough to wake the dead. They’ll print like mo’fos, print like mad men, print like fly pimps. Print until their eyes bleed.

        They will print via the swaps, via bank bailouts and mergers, via fixed Treasury yields, via real honest-to-God negative interest rates, via loans to banks on no collateral, via payroll tax reductions, and in the end via actual fiat paper instruments which they might very well drop in bails from actual mutherf**king helicopters. They will not give two figs what anyone thinks. Here is why. Because this is the Goddamned end of it my friend. There is no accounting beyond this point. There will be no history of it. No one to take notes of rates of exchange, or of the graft and violence, nobody to worry about the deficit or the GDP or the national debt of any nation large or small under the blazing Godd***ed sun. End. Of. It. Does anyone b**ch about how Rome totally debased their coinage at the end? Hell no. But whoever did it had enough on hand and grabbed some land with a nice vineyard and sat back and waited for the Middle Ages to start 700 years further on. And that’s what a singularity is about. Anything that passes through is striped of all meaning. Nothing we think is important now will remain so beyond the event horizon. Nobody will remember, nobody will write about it, nobody will be held to any standard. Ever for evar. So yeah, they’ll print like the mad crazed terrorists they are. Because they have nothing to lose, and maybe something to gain. Maybe a dollar. Maybe a day. Maybe a slim chance to escape with some of the loot. Whatever the f**k advantage they see in it, for themselves and their elite crap wanking buddies, they will full-on-full-time-f**king do it to advantage. Watch for it, Dawg. It’s totally on this time, on like Donkey Kong. And when the dust is settled in a generation hence it’s going to have become another unbelievable episode among the ages of men.”

        • Laurie: Please see my other posts regarding QE3.
          Folks, the sooner the FED buys all of the bad mortgages from the banks, the sooner the banks can get back to normal banking operations.

          If the banks are not lending money the economy is not growing, and jobs are not being created.

          That’s the way it is suppose to work.

      60. “The Fed said it would buy $40 billion of mortgage securities a month until the economy improves.”

        QE to infinity has just been released.

      61. USD/CAD = 1.02955

        Looks like the US dollar has an owwwwwwwie.

        9-14-2012 9:26AM PST

      62. *Be Informed*

        Can I ask a favor of you?

        If you feel, or have information that leads you to think there would be a significant Earthquake in the South American Fault line that runs along the City of Lima Peru, and seperately, Arequipa Peru..would you give me a heads up?(anytime you get this feeling that one or both would ever be in a possible danger zone)
        I have important ties down there, and giving them a heads up would be greatly appreciated.
        I need to look out for family, they have had other sizeable earthquakes there in the past..this would just be in an effort to keep them informed early.

        I do not completely understand all the movements or plate designations(or names of the fault lines or plates)..so if you made it well understood that ever these areas became a “feel bad” threat, that you would name out those cities, as potential areas


        • @ VRF. I will certainly try to see something coming in Peru. I will try to warn others also in the world of something coming to their area. Unfortunately I have been a little off each time on the location and will attempt to correct this. I am going to go over some data over the weekend and see if I can pick anything out that shows what happened to the South American area before a large earthquake. There are signatures to look for, and if I see anything I will comment on it. Just look for any of my comments over the next couple of days or so. I wish I could narrow it down soon and save many people, that would be wonderful.

          • Thanks
            I always watch your posts, so no matter when you find a sign or how far out it comes, Ill keep my eye on what you post.
            I hope I watch forever and not see anything from that area, but I know it is a dynamic area when it comes to quakes..they have had a few doozies in the past

            thanks for your research

        • Naw, but I can tell you when I’m about to fart !

      63. I have never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A little bird will fall dead, frozen from a bough, without ever having felt sorry for itself.
        D. H. Lawrence

      64. Up Date for the panhandle of TX, This morning we have had f-16’s flying all around the skies, one every 2 or 3 minutes this has been going on since around 4 am. Also you might want to catch the news folks U.T in austin have a bomb threat and in dakota as well.. Not sure whats going on but it doesn’t sound good..


        • Austin isn’t in the panhandle. Could you let ’em know they’re off course?

          • I am aware of where Austin is… Are you aware of what is in the Tx panhandle???????? You might want to do a search for D.O.D in the panhandle, then you might just understand my concern..


        • More news from Texas

          Hunt for Missing Radioactive Materials in TX


      65. Be careful not to have a rising stock market
        fool you, Zimbabwe and Weimar Germany both had
        the fastest rising stock markets in the world,
        in their day, as they inflated before collapse.

        – Shane

        • I noticed years ago that when the stock market does well it seems the nation isnt and visa-versa…youre right though lots of people watch the markets as an indicator of prosperity…kinda like watching the tables at Vegas and deciding if things are well in Alaska,not really connected.

      66. The more I see the Dow climb, the harder I can see it falling.

        Still prepping here. Keep those #10 cans coming in. Keep the third precious metal coming in – lead.

      67. ~N.O.

        Are you using 350 grain or 500 in that big puppy?

        Y’all Beware!

        • @Ya’ll Beware ;0) … ” They Make em’ .45-70 ROUNDS in 500’s ??? REALLY ??? ”

          ;0p pssszzt

          ” sheeeeeeeeiiit prepper man … GOTTA GO !!! ”

          * jumps up … knocks key board off craddle … drops mouse

          * sounds of running booted feet (n.o.’s mangy mean scarred moose Rottweiller mutt named “Twinkles” starts growling barking biting at his running boots) … front steel door slamming shut … ROOOOAAAAAAR of old truck starting … tires squeeling kicking up loose stones pelting side of house and mangy mutt “Twinkles” chasing truck … beat up truck Roaaaaars down county road heading for the “Montana BigBoy Huntin’ Ammo Store” in town .

          ” GOT ENOUGH .45-70 500 grain ??? ”

          ~N.O. ;0)

          *** this is just a “story” prepper peeples . not real life . use weapons properly under legal lawful “use of force” policy for your own individual states please ~ thank you .

          • Nina, thanks for the laugh!

      68. Folks…a few Universities including Ut Austin have been evacuated due to multiple bomb threats from al-cia-da…um..I mean Al Quada ( at least 4 I know of ) Due to multiple bomb threats….keep your eyes open friends…it’s coming…actually..it’s already begun….I expect this is only the start of world wide chaos.

      69. We are helping China become energy independent of the entire globe at the same time that we are printing money irresponsibly and just begging them to dump our treasuries.

        As soon as they don’t need petroleum, and hence the petro-dollar anymore… they are going to be very happy to oblige us.

        We are helping them build thorium reactors, courtesy of the DOE.

        This big reset you are speaking of either involves you moving to China or else working an assembly line to make plastic pumpkins for THEIR middle class. I’m very sorry to say it but I can come to no other conclusion.

      70. William S: You are spot on; our country has been turned into the exact opposite of what it should be. From all indications, we have an “October Surprise” coming and it’s not going to be nice or pretty. Our economy is on life support and when that is turned off, everyone will take to the streets, looting, rioting, etc. Everyone continue getting what you need while these FRNs will still get you anything at all. I’m going shopping again this weekend. Manos, great to hear from you again.I’m braveheart and began posting here while you were away; I wish you and yours the best. Everyone take care and keep prepping.

      71. I’m ready to file for bankruptcy. I need money to prep more than I need money to pay my bills. I took great pride in honoring my obligations and believe people should pay their bills if they incur debt.

        We’ve been playing the game honestly and honorably but we are living in a different world where we can no longer operate by the same rules as before.

        • I just filed 2 weeks ago, I have my creditor meeting in 2 more weeks. I tried so hard to keep my head above water, but just couldn’t do it anymore. When the banks quadrupled my minimum payments and interest rate, I started missing payments. Because of what they did to me I have no feelings of remorse in not paying back the balances.

      72. Good luck and blessings to all who post on here, and their families and friends.

        We’re going to need it as time progresses. I can’t help but feel our time is almost up.

      73. THe stock market ………the ultimate in fiat currency .

      74. Cocopuff C. I read a lot special opps.books & action & adventure. Your shortie had me on the edge of my seat!!And it had a comedian twist to it!! Real funny if not so true!! M.M.6-1

        • @ mountain man 6-1 ;0) … thank you for the nice compliment … it just pops into my head and i write it off the cuff usually . one of these days very very very soon – this winter … i’ll attempt to write a 100 – 150 page adult rated-R fiction story for web publishing on all thats going on here in “Post 2008 Collapse” ZOG Occupied AmeriKa . i’m still building my characters and research on the geographic areas of the story . ;0)

          take care .


      75. onw word…….POP

        • the bubble that is

      76. *** this is just a “story” prepper peeples . not real life . use weapons properly under legal lawful “use of force” policy for your own individual states please ~ thank you .

      77. BTW……welcome back Manos….I enjoy reading your posts and am glad you are ok.

      78. Stocks are way up, life is good. Think I’ll have dinner at a nice restaurant, take that vacation finally. Life is good.

      79. Slick: You made the best choice anyone can make by getting a .22LR. You’ll love it. i just bought an S&W MP .22LR pistol last month; best .22 pistol I’ve ever owned. Also have a Ruger 10/22 rifle; best .22 rifle around. You can stockpile an unbelieveable amount of .22LR ammunition much cheaper than any other caliber around. It can also be used for self-defense if need be. It’s not just for target practice and hunting small game. Rich99, if you’re not going to wake up and smell the coffee, go back to your MSM-induced fantasy world and stay off this site; this place is for intelligent people. Cocopuff Crackhead, if you can’t or won’t stop you antisemitic ranting, you need to go somewhere else too. Everyone take care and keep prepping.

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