GM’s New Commercial and What It Should Have Been

by | May 20, 2010 | Entertainment | 5 comments

If you haven’t yet seen GM’s new commercial, check it out below. According to GM, they’ve paid back the money they borrowed from the government/American taxpayer. It sounds like they’re well on their way to  repairing their malfunctioning business model and are hitting the ground running:

You can take GM’s word for it, or, perhaps there’s another part of the story they didn’t share with us. Here’s a little spoof of what the commercial should have included, but would likely have been rejected by the White House’s PR team:


Hat tip Patriot One

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    1. Patriot One

      I thought you could make that work. These days we all need a good laugh!!! Sad part is he really is bald face lieing in the real commercial.
      Propaganda, people we had better start looking at what is really going on.

    2. Paul Revere

      Ever since GM had to kiss Obama’s ass for taxpayer money I’ll never buy another GM product.

      And since our corrupt president bailed out GM I’ve bought two BMW’s.  I’d rather support German industry than the GM boot lickers.  Screw GM.

      I gave my Chevrolet truck away.  My next truck purchase will be a Ford.



    3. sanityjones

      Hilarious. If I remember correctly, GM did announce that they “may have elasticized the truth” in the commercial. LOL There’s a lot of that going around these days……………….

    4. Morelies

      Gm would have been out of business because it didnt keep up with the times .The Government used our money without us voteing on it to save there ass ! They always had a flawed business model and the wages and retire benefits continue to be a serious problem they will deal with later on (Probably bail them out again when its discovered ther paying more in retirement benefits taht what labor supports). I was a chevy guy for many years  but have since bought a new ford truck several years ago and have been well pleased in knowing they didnt take the handout  and knew how to run their business a whole lot better than GM. I hope GM doesnt turn into another fannie/freddy  were they constantly need billion’s of dollar infusions of tax payers money. Once again its a prime example that CORPORATIONS are in bed with the Government. 

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