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Do you LOVE America?


    BackBurnerNews put together a video montage of one way to awaken the masses and get the message out – with a megaphone.

    A crowd of people gather ’round to listen, and it’s obvious that the majority of them are receptive to non-traditional ideas – or rather, those ideas they don’t hear in the mainstream news but know to be true deep down.

    People know what’s going on in terms of the way our lives are being manipulated, even if they have just a hint that things aren’t always as they seem. Those who have lived their lives without being aware may only need a single Eureka moment to make a significant, long lasting impact on their individual well being and the betterment of our world as a whole.

    The goal, of course, is for everyone of us to pick up their own personal megaphone, be that a microphone at a community event, a keyboard and a blog, a ballot on election day, or an awareness of how we spend our hard earned income and which causes and movements we’re funding when we do so.

    Hat tip Silver Bear Cafe


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      1. Creative civil disobedience to authority is one of the most satisfying activities that you can engage in. If you are able to put on a convincing ‘duh-huh’ act you can just drive the representatives of the PTB completely ‘bat-shit-crazy’!!! It isn’t illegal if you can’t understand the information that they are attempting to convey. Make them keep repeating themselves time after time. “But I don’t understand dude ……. what are you saying?” “Why can’t I do that?” If you are able to drool convincingly out of the corner of your mouth; this also really adds to the fun.

        The one to remember about private security guards is that they have absolutely NO MORE  power or authority than you do. They can’t arrest you. They can’t detain you. They can’t put their hands on your person. They can’t really do a damn thing EXCEPT call the real police. And by the time that they manage to get there you’re gone.

        BUT …… the really nice thing that a private security guard can do is that he/she can create a tremendous LIABILITY on the part of the Security Company that they work for and the owner of the property that they are supposedly protecting. And who can’t use a great big cash settlement in return for you dropping your lawsuit against these assholes today???

        Hit your favorite search engine and check out those really neat pen looking ‘thingies’ that are actually a miniture video camera with really great resolution in living color and 180+ degree picture with audio. I think that you can get one with 8 + meg memory for under $150.00; 1 + hour recording time. Uploads directly to your laptop through a USB port.

        If it is just your word against the word of the Security Guard then you are SOL; a case of he said/he said. You won’t be believed or the real cops will tell you that they don’t have sufficient probable cause to take action.

        But if you have the video of the Security Guard shoving you, cussing you out and inviting you to go and f–k your mother; it all becomes a very different story. It isn’t illegal to have an unobtrusive audio/video camera in your pocket that just happens to be on at the time of the incident. If the usually minimal IQed Security Guard doesn’t know that they are on candid camera there is no end to the illegal crap that they will engage in against you.

        Get yourself a really slimey ‘shyster’ attorney on contingency and away you go. You aren’t the moving party, you haven’t engaged in any illegal activity, you have just protected yourself. You can hit me in the nose and break it any day in return for my 66% to 75% share of the 1 million dollar settlement.

        Food for thought boys and girls!

      2. Comments….. LOL! That video was a hoot!  Lots of truth in that montage.

      3. (a comment i sent the buddy who shared this video with me)
        I haven’t spoken out like they have (reminds me of the night we laughed about me being an activist) but all of those ideas have been a part of my understanding of the world since very shortly after 911. I used to cringe at the patriotism I saw around me rising in response to an event I knew to be far more complex than the shit being strategically peddled by the Robocop’s’ overlords. To this day my own son is still heavily programmed around Islam, terrorism etc. This despite being my kid and having a real time counterbalance to the whole process (albeit far from daily).  I cringed because i could see how incredibly effective it all was at the time and how screwed that made us.
        He was 5 when 911 happened, and I was totally conscious of the danger the new mania represented to his world view (getting ‘unfucked’ intellectually takes years as we both know).  The great thing was, xxxx’s animosity towards everything about me and that toxic media climate resulted in my young son asking me if I believed in Osama Bin Laden. Naturally, I assuaged his fear, but I was instantly happy that he associated me with something more ambiguous than the kill em all, anti Muslim deeply ignorant Americana that began to explode back then. I am quite sure I dissembled a bit instead of saying outright Osama=Bad, we=good. I probably planted a seed of doubt that we had any idea who had done the 911 attacks.
        Just a few remembrances after watching that video. Such sweeping global universal narratives are obvious and even predictable sometimes. The Cold War had to be replaced. Rewatch The Power of Nightmares for the definitive documentary masterpiece on that subject. I get worn out and move on from these intellectual battles I have waged predominately in solitude and it sure stirs up a lot to hear them boys get unfucked on a megaphone in malls and shit.
        Back to your original subject…they’ve got the balls I always wish I had when the light bulbs fired off in my idealistic head along the way. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a megaphone someday…or perhaps we go straight to Beretta mode…or maybe what you keep telling me is true and it aint gonna be so lonely anymore to think this way. I’d sure welcome that. Meaning, maybe I wasn’t such a pussy, but if I had grabbed a megaphone in 2002, I’d have been reported to the Un-American Activities hotline set up after 911 (no fooling). Maybe it’s all about timing and we’re gonna be a part of some shit that we can be proud to tell our grandkids about.
        I dunno, but I still believe my ass is ready if the TS would just go ahead and HTF al-fuckin-ready.

      4. I would do some checking on what powers guards have before you end up in jail by one. Some states they have full arrest powers , and they will use them to.

      5. Yo old man –

        Every citizen has the right to effect a “Citizen’s Arrest” on another. The next step in the process is ‘charging’ a REAL police officer with “assisting you in completing that arrest”; which he/she is bound under the law to do. The probable next step in the process at that the city/county/state’s attorney with jurisdiction over the case refuses to prosecute because people that run around asserting their rights to make a citizen’s arrest are usually ‘bat-shit-crazy’ and don’t really know anything about the law in the first place. Then the nitwit who has made the ‘citizen’s arrest’ gets sued for everything that they own.

        Don’t ever attempt to make a so-called ‘citizen’s arrest of another citizen on your own!!! If another individual has broken the law in their dealings with you and you have evidence that a crime has been committed, then you take your evidence to the appropriate prosecuting authority and let them issue an arrest warrant. That way, if the offender is acquited of a crime, it is the prosecutor and the authority that he/she works for that get’s sued and not you.

        I am aware of NO jurisdiction in the United States that has given private security guards the power and authority to arrest people. Private security guards might have 1/100 of the training that a certified police officer has; at best.

        Can you please inform me as to exactly where a private security guard has been given the authority to arrest people …… other than the right that everyone has to make a citizen’s arrest?????

      6. Some private guards do have full police powers, and they go through, the same school as police officers. Guards can also have full police powers on private property, or one mile in any direction on the property they work at. I have seen county officers with ATF and DEA badges full powers to arrest for federal crimes.

      7. ‘Corporate Gang’

        THATS the perfect name for the state and local police forces.

        I was looking for a way to describe them. Thats perfect!

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