End Of Liberty [Full Movie]

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The latest full feature documentary from the National Inflation Association (NIA),  The End of Liberty, discusses the reasons for why we are headed into a complete societal collapse in the United States, how it happened, and the obvious warning signs that things are not as they seem.

The End of Liberty [Full Movie]:

Hat tip Mad Markie

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    1. goldfinger

      Nothing much new here. The same stuff that we have seen and also know what is coming.

    2. michelle

      Maybe if Inflation.us would charge money for watching these people might pay more attention? 
      Excellent film, they did a great job and everyone needs to send this out to those who you would like to wake up and prepare before it’s too late (to prepare – it’s already too late to stop the unraveling).

      Great job guys!

    3. Bill

      Comments…..It would be nice if the makers of this video weren’t trying to just get you to buy gold. I would like to see videos like this without the hidden agenda, makes it more believable.

    4. Tom

      Long one, worth every minute.  Down loaded it this morning.  Mac, you’re on top of it!   They didn’t take my input, homeless people living in groups at rental storage bldg.  Did approve where they recommend gold/silver after prepping.  Tick tock, tick tock.  I see the last shuttle ride going up this week.  Waiting for politics on that.  Repubs better be carefull what they ask for……

    5. Anonymous

      Donkey Lips:  Maybe Indiana could pass out day jobs for pay & see which line is longer.  Sneek in birth certificate, drug testing & gardening 101.

    6. mushroom

      this is just more junk journalism  like was presented in 1979-1980. the same old recooked theme -the sky is falling the sky is falling—-and we’re all gonna starve to death if the goons don’t rape us and shoot us to death first while they’re stealing our corn flakes… oh yeah, and by the way don’t forget to buy a lotta gold and silver on your way to the crematory.

      i’m wring a song which i will shortly post on utube when i fiinish it. it starts like this

      “this is an ode to the mighty federal reserve

      and it’s magnificent flower

      the glorious ten dollar bill……”

      it will be sung in A sharp. i’m sure you all can hardly wait.

      your friend.

    7. pca

      Comments….. another good find.  Yes, it is pretty much the same song, but with a few twists that fill in the gaps.  Worth a watch.  Thanks Mac and Mad Markie.

    8. Serenity Now

      Great video.  My favorite part was seeing that guy’s preps and food storage.  I was organizing my own prep room while watching/listening.  LOL.

    9. Morpheus X

      Wake the Hell up America! – Join the Revolution!

      Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( www.revolution2.osixs.org )
      We don’t have to live like this

    10. apache

      gold/silver ratio this morning is down to 54.6 ( 1360/24.90). this is amazing. it’s the best news for silver investors in the last 30 years.

    11. Tom

      I don’t think they will be able to hide QEII, but they will try.  Will start getting excited when Comex has a run for physical.  Ratio was in the high 40’s 5 yrs ago Apache.  It will come again.

    12. Armed and Prepping

      Saw it last night. Not much new info, but it was a good reminder of how absolutely stupid many Americans have become and of how ridiculous and idiotic some laws in place are. A kid punished for drawing a rocket? A child on a terror watch list?

      I was impressed by that NIA member’s stash of foodstuffs. He had hundreds of pounds of coffee, flour, and rice. Man.

    13. JANE

      There has not been a double dip as NIA said, because there is NO recovery from the 1st DIP.

      The fact is it’s really the “Titanic in slow motion”, because the Federal Reserve lends the U.S. more money

      Everyone said gold is the true money, but can America keep their gold or even silver from the Fed, I am not sure about the “junk silver”?  The NIA has never addressed the confiscation issue. 

      The BANKERS NOT USE THEIR GOLD too promote the new money system, but they will use your money to promote their monetary system. 

      Whatever theirs is theirs, but whatever is yours will become theirs as we’ve seen it in the past. 

    14. Anonymous

      AP    He’s a light weight on prepping!

    15. laura m.

      Saw the movie and sent it out to others.  Many will sit the election out Tues.  They won’t play the suckers game.  Three of our state rep and one sen. are recently indicted for conspiracy/bribery, etc.  incl some lobby folks.  Crooks and liar scum abound; few if any are honest.  Oath Keepers is our only hope to take the country back..everything else has failed big time. RBN radio had AC Griffith on Sun  2pm ct.  Alex has him on alot too.   Basically he said it was all over.    This country is  over and done.   When I handed out candy the other night, I looked at the kids in pity…they have no hope, no future.  I’m glad, as a long time “student” of the NWO agenda, I didn’t  raise kids. I pity the parents today.

    16. manos

      Would it be good or bad (relative terms) if the republicans win the midterm elections?
      My question may sound stupid but European systems are a bit different so i really don’t know what is going on .

    17. Tina

      Manos…that depends.

      If the Republican candidate is a fiscal conservative then it will matter but if not then I think it will be the same Ole same Ole….but i must say that we have gone so far “down the road” that it would take several years of fical conservatives in office to make a dent. I do not think that will ever happen. Too many people want their hand outs.

      I am curious how your European system works…please explain. Thankse 

    18. manos

      Tina thanks,

      In Greece we have national elections in which a prime minister is been elected every four years. The president is mostly for decoration puproses and is not elected by the people, but from the parliament.
      Two years after the national, we have the municipality and district elections. We elect local mayors and county representatives.
      The local elections supposedly don’t have anything in common to the parliament parties. In reality, all political parties support the local candidates. So all “saviors” are connected to the same national crap.
      Finally we have the European elections every five years, in which each country member send some representatives to the European parliament. These people come from all political parties and, more or less, represent the ratios of the national parliament.
      That is all i know about the elections. Now, what is really happening to Europe right now is visible to all of you. The system is not working, different mentalities, religions, cultures, and ethics exist, so disintegration is possible.
      South countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece) were spending more than they were producing so they reached to this point.
      From the other hand, Germany and France produced and were selling their products to the South countries, so everybody was happy with this condition.
      Globalization 🙂


    19. Anonymous

      Lame duck with each blaming the other side.  Who ever cuts benefits will be lonely but that’s what being a leader is…..  States rights taken away will be next, all in the name of being helped. 

    20. Tina

      Anonymous….I feel the same way about S510. All in the name of keeping you safe. They keep playing on peoples fears to push their agenda. 

      We all need to crawl out from under the bed and stop being afraid of everything. They can not scare you unless you let them.

      I do not need the elected to be “my parent”
      I need them to do what I hired them to do.  

    21. Tom

      Next time you buy alcohol & they ask you for your rewards card, think again.

    22. Glenn Dixon

      eugend66 – thank you for that link!  I just got so much smarter it hurts!

    23. Ron

      End Of Liberty & Meltup videos are now available on a single DVD Combo for just a dollar or two.
      It is time to let friends and family know what the hell is going on.
      OneDollarDVDProject (com) has the DVD combo, now. Come see

    24. Don Cordell

      As long as citizens vote for RepubliCons and DemocRats this will continue in this nation. I’m 84 and I am an independent candidate for President. If you want to Revolt, ReVote and end this endless treason happening all over America. Have our Veterans given their lives to preserve this nation, for nothing? Do you really want to stop this loss of Freedoms, or are any of you willing to rise up and join with me to ReStore this nation, to ReStore our Constitution AND Bill of Rights. This is happening because you do not fight back. I am here for YOU, and I WILL return our rights, and I will protect our borders, and I will protect us from Imports as Congress is suppose to do. Our leaders do not care, because you do nothing. Ready to Restore not Change America? Then I am here for YOU, and our future.


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