Celebrating the 80 Year Anniversary of the 1929 Stock Market Crash

by | Oct 1, 2009 | Entertainment

We thought we’d celebrate the 80 year anniversary of the October 1929 crash with a flashback to the roaring 20’s, right before the Titanic of the time sank.

Oh…. Doesn’t the Band Sound Wonderful?
Gerald Celente, March 2009

It looks like this song was originally written by Louis Armstrong in 1930, but for some reason, I remember it being talked about as a hit song in 1929, right before the crash. So many different bands/artists played it, that it is hard to get an accurate time line here. In any case, it’s good entertainment and still has relevancy 80 years later.

I’m in the Market For You Audio with Slideshow (lyrics posted below):

Lyrics to Ben Selvin’s I’m in the Market for You:

I’ll have to see my broker
Find out what he can do.
‘Cause I’m in the market for you.
There won’t be any joker,
With margin I’m all through.
‘Cause I want you outright it’s true.
You’re going up, up, up in my estimation.
I want a thousand shares of your caresses too.
We’ll count the hugs and kisses,
When dividends are due,
‘Cause I’m in the market for you.

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