Battlefield USA: The Gray State Is Coming – By Consent or By Conquest (*Video*)

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Entertainment | 190 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    You’re about to experience one of the most frightening conceptual film trailers you’ve ever seen; what makes it so scary is that it could very well become reality in the not too distant future.

    The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order.

    Americans, quarantined to militarized districts, become a population ripe for tyrannical control.

    Fearmongering, terrorism, police state, martial law, war, arrest, internment, hunger, oppression, violence, resistance – these are the new terms by which Americans define their existence. Neighbor is turned against neighbor as the value of the dollar plunges to zero, food supplies are depleted, and everyone is a terror suspect. There are arrests. Disappearances. Bio attacks. Public executions of those even suspected of dissent. Even rumors of concentration camps on American soil.

    This is the backdrop to an unfolding story of resistance. American militias prepare for guerilla warfare. There are mass defections from the military as true Patriots attempt to rally around the Constitution and defend liberty, preparing a national insurgency against federal forces, knowing full well this will be the last time in history the oppressed will be capable of organized resistance.

    It is a time of transition, of shifting alliance, of mass awakening and mass execution. It is an impending storm, an iron-gray morning that puts into effect decades of over-comfort and complacency, and Americans wake up to an occupied homeland. It is a time of lists – black list, white list, and those still caught in the middle, those who risk physical death for their free will and those who sell their souls to maintain their idle thoughts and easy comforts. It is in this Gray State that the perpetuation of human freedom will be contested, or crushed.

    Is it the near future, or is it the present? The Gray State is coming – by consent or conquest. This is battlefield USA.

    What you’ve just seen is a conceptual trailer that has been funded by donations. To learn more about how you can help make this a full blown motion picture, learn more about the film effort:

    GRAY STATE has been a two-year effort of David Crowley, Mitch Heil, and Danny Mason. The concept package has been produced by this core trio while utilizing the generous contributions of the finest in Minnesota’s film and acting community.

    We know this is a story that must not be contaminated by big-dollar corporate interests, so it is our intention to keep it an independent project. However, we likewise will not compromise the necessary scope of the story by restricting it to a minimal budget. This is why we need your help to tell the GRAY STATE story on a level that meets and exceeds all Hollywood standards.

    You can visit this web site for more information about how you can help. Also check out the Gray State Youtube channel.

    Hattip Iowa, NinaO


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      1. QE-4.

        • Why make a motion picture you will experience the real thing within the next couple of years?

          • And it probably wont end up being anything like a scripped movie..reality has a way of blowing peoples minds when they think it will be “like they seen it on the silver screen”

            • It would be more epic, on point and entertaining than Red Dawn. Maybe. The original Red Dawn is the bomb.
              However, it would awake and anesthetize art the same time. Some would wake up, but many others would lose touch with the gravity. We would find ourselves clamoring for the xbox 360 release instead of training and practicing our knot tying. Lets forego the movie and go can some squash.

            • Ooo an Xbox 360 version?

              Drools and watches American Idol while waiting for that to come out ^^


              *cough* ah maybe I’m not gonna be living in the mountains after all… *passes out on the couch*

          • COMIng to a NEihborehood nEAR! YOU! i hope not keep on praying aND PREPING =)

          • @Gods Creation….

            Took the words right out of my mouth.

          • Agreed

            This is not going to end well

            for anyone..

            prepare as best you can..


            • I hope everyone accepts the fact that prepping does not consist entirely of stockpiling consumer goods. It also requires mental prepping. There is a lot of difference between owning a gun and actually taking aim and making someone dead. If survival is your goal, you must be mentally prepared. Not easy, but it must be done. Veterans know this.

          • ’cause possibly this movie will wake up more people. Maybe, just maybe, this movie with the seeds many of here have planted will wake up even some of our family members.

          • they are conditioning humans

          • Because if we’re lucky we can postpone it for a few more years, and that will buy more time to wake more people up. With enough Patriots getting into congress and local state governments. Even after it happens, many people will still be asleep watching it in real life, thinking it’s normal.

          • Reason to make this movie is to wake up those who are blind to what is really going on.

        • Read this morning a comment by Peter Schiff over on Kings World News that “we’ll see more QE’s than Rocky movies”. Until…..countries stop buying our debt or the dollar loses its postion as the world currency. Then you’ll see implosion. That may take quite awhile but I’m going to keep preppin like its going to be tomorrow.

          • @PO’d Patriot….

            If I were a betting man, I’d bet on tomorrow before I’d bet on quite a while.

            One of the properties of an exponential function is that the process appears to speed up as you reach the bend in the hockey stick.

            We are seeing an acceleration of events…economically, politically, culturally and even with nature. Increased number of events and intensity…like birth pangs.

            At some point, there will be a breaking point. It may have already come and we simply do not realize it yet. But we will soon.

          • With respect to Schiff, it will take more QE’s than Rocky films for investors to stop buying US securities.

            QE is only intended to replace the losses of the GB’s and support their balance sheet liquidity ratios.

            When are big time economists going to grasp that SIMPLE fact?

            • “When are big time economists going to grasp that SIMPLE fact?” dk

              because they ARE economists, unlike you who just plays one on website comment sections

        • Crowley, Heil and Mason?…umm

          • i totally agree with you buddy

      2. I don’t think we’ll need to wait for the movie!

      3. Resistance is Futile….doesn’t mean I won’t try!

        • The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.

          Sir Edmund Burke

        • More and more are slowly awakening to the facts. Yes Jim it does seem futile, so many have been, through behavior modifications, numbed into thinking that everything is all good. Situational analysis clearly shows this is far from the truth. In order to make our efforts less futile and more effective, we have to double down on those that are becoming aware, those that are on the fence, persuade them to prepare for whats coming. Thats why make a film like this, that is why we come together in this forum and discuss the logistics of what is happening all around us. From observing, we are like minded but we are few in numbers, so that our preperations arent in vain we have to try. Cautiously and systematically. Simply put we won’t be able to convert everyone, ive found it hard to get those close to me to see the strategy. The bottom line is time is getting short and none of us should feel bad when we have to close the gates, we tried. With Godspeed, prep hard, stay alert. Most important of all try to become invisible.

          • Gregory: I communicate with several preppers. We agreed to drop the people completely out of our lives who refuse to see the truth (to incl family members); there is no time for dead beats taking up our time at this point. Only sincere folks matter. The “know it all” types will be a threat later on. Becoming invisible, even changing email address and phone number and dumping deadbeat friends may be a good move now.

            • Interesting concept. I too get frustrated with people close to me that I try and wake up. But my good friends are simply too valuable to me as friends that I could ever cut them out in a time of need. I don’t see the point of living in a world that has lost its humanity. My friends may put a burden on me in times of a crisis by not preparing, but somehow we’ll find a way to survive.

            • @laura m,
              I don’t want to take up your time, sarc., but do you have methods, suggestions or information sites on becoming invisible?
              Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

            • You’re a real pill. Maybe they don’t trust you either and are doing good OPSEC and pretending disinterest when you are around. You probably come across as a loon.

          • Very nice post Arkaden, I enjoyed it very much. I too have friends that might not “fully prepare” but they all have guns and ammo, as well as tools that I dont, and no one wants to survive by themselves. My Food and water preps will be fair trade for what they have. Even if they didnt have any material goods of value, I would still stand by them through what could turn out to be the most trying time in the history of man. I believe the solution will be as you stated, not to lose humanity, and who better to do that with than with friends and family.

            • Noble intents, this ‘come on over buddy’ system but a darty-eyed failure unless you stock up mucho extra food.

              What is a years stash for one is a month’s stash for 12. But if you stashed up 12 years, and TSHTF in such fashion there was a great impact on the availability of food…
              isn’t that what Jesus did once with all that bread? Or something lie [sic] that.

              May hope not become tattered and may QE after QE make us all appear to be fools. Amen but I doubt it!

        • Hell, don’t you know lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for?

        • Jim: Captain Picard said “resistance is not futile”. Insurgents always drive out the invaders, eventually.

          • BS. Once the resident population is absorbed or eliminated that’s it. game over.

        • cant give up, thousands will try

      4. That’s the direction we are headed…..

        The question is can we stop it, or is it already written–?

        Time will tell….

        • IMHO, it has been written, but can we change the outcome?? That is the real question. They are going full speed ahead with thier plans. All we can do now is stay prepared and fly low.

      5. He is trying to wake people up. But so many are stupid and blind, they refuse to get it. Hopefully, it will make people think.

      6. If this does not wake you up, then I guess when they come knocking on your door in the middle of the night will.

        If you are not prepped by now you better soon, the peices are in place and it will be overwhelming when it happens

        • where does one run? where is there a place to hide? how many will flee to the mountains with nothing. And it will be winter night when they come

      7. I visited their site, and they are about $49,300.00 away from their goal. It ends October. I will help them because JL’s right. People need to wake up and think!

      8. Lord let me live long enough to take 10 times my weight with me

        • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      9. Damn.

      10. Tick…tick…tick…Are you ready? Let them throw the first stone, then give ’em hell.

        • It has been my experience that the one who wins the fight, is the first one that knows when it started! Throwing the first stone is usually done bye the one who eventually wins!

      11. What’s all the red thumbs about? Those damn trolls are at it again, or should I say the ones on their knees in that trailer are at it again! WAKE UP idiot red thumbers! You’re time is coming, and which side will you be on?

        • you have liberals on here that hate guns or freedom and just think we are stupid. but think of it as a good thing because everytime one of these people gives a thumbs down they are either think wont ever happen and dont worry and are not self-reliant but dependent on the government if something happens they will the ones that freak out first and will be the ones in shock trying to get their paxil refilled before the pharmacies shut down and businesses shut down. I just take a thumbs down anon666 as people who can’t survive on their own and when this does happen they deserved that thumbs down. see my point.

          • Yup. I concur.

          • Why do you need those high capacity clips? For personal protection? Protection from what?

            • The word is high capacity magazines . Hitler first registered then confiscated the firearms of their people . Within 36 months the final solution began

            • First of all the 2nd amendment doesn’t say anything about “need”,but to answer your question: we “need” high cap MAGAZINES because STFU.

            • Sarcasm….or stupidity?

            • A legitimate questions PO’d, why not answer it? The stupidity was not in salvador’s quesiton BTW.

            • Hey Salvadordaly, HiCap mags mean less down time, fewer mag changes and higher kill rate. That’s why our government switched to them. Good for the goose………

            • Sal, protection from despotic government, making the odds even. It happens in every nation: government confiscates the arms, then proceeds with mass genocide of ALL dissenters.

            • We need hicap magz’s to Protcet us from Whitey-haters such as Tens of Millions of Invader Hispanics kinda like them from Slavadore etc!…After 200 yrs of screwing up Their homelands…They then INVADE usa looking for “Better Lives”!!…..And a vast Majority aint shy of telling everyone how much they Hate “Gringos”(Whiteys=gringos…Its Their N-word for whites)…Trade hi cap mags for 100rnd C-Mags!!!


            • @ JoeinNC – PO’d Patriot’s comment is spot-on, as was knotjammin2’s reply. Hi-cap mags level the playing field when TSHTF.

              It’s all about the control thing for those that hate our ability to store more than 10 cartridges in the magazines of our firearms. TPTB can’t control us when we who will fight back have the same amount of firepower to throw back at them.

            • @knotjammin2,
              yes, yes,NO and HELL NO, it only means spray and pray no guarantee of a higher kill rate, absolutely not, only marksmanship means a higher kill rate

            • For protection from people like you, cowards, who will send the government to take them by force, just to feed your petty little ego.

          • You should know more and more liberals are arming themselves not because they fear the government, but because they fear right winger bible thumping extremists whom they consider the greater threat to thier freeom and well being. Remember that the next time you try to bully someone whom you conisder a liberal, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise and find the second amendment works both ways.

            • @JoeinNC….

              If they are most liberals I know, they’ll just shoot themselves in the foot.

              But the libs are also too stupid to understand that the “right winger bible thumping extremists” aren’t the ones they need to worry about. It’s their own kind who will deprive them of their lives and liberties.

              I’ve found over the years that libs are really good at recognizing a problem, but don’t have a clue as to how to determine the real cause…or the solution.

            • There’s the reason for the high capacity mags, to protect ourselves from libs!!!

            • Joe: You liberals should get nice T-shirts with..”Please do Not Harm me cause I am filled with White Guilt”!

              That may help when ghettoboons decide to Take Your preps!

              Maybe they will allow you to live.

            • “because they fear right winger bible thumping extremists whom they consider the greater threat to thier freeom and well being.”

              Joe, that doesn’t sound very “tolerant.” I thought liberals were all about tolerance. I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!

              Take note, Joe. 70 million guns owners killed nobody today. Count your blessings.

            • Just consider the antics of the OWS left wing morons compared to the quiet demeanor of the Tea party. You know damn well you schmuck that the violence comes from the left. Those guys in robes on horses, burning crosses,lynching white Republicans,Catholics and blacks were Democrats. Republicans were the ones that pushed the 1964 civil right act through. So STFU.

            • Joe, is there some built in switch that makes libs think that someone is inclined to bully them when they find out the person goes to church? While I did read some of the replies you got, I was actually surprised no one seemed to call you out on the right-winger comment. Most of the people I’ve seen commenting here seem to profess thumping their bibles but I seldom see a right-wing extremist commenting. That’s probably because extremists are nutcases and it doesn’t much matter which wing they hang out in. Most of the people I see posting here other than an odd quirk or two, like preparing for hard times not giving 2 shits about TPTB seem to be level headed hard working people. You know, the kind of person you could have been. Personally, I’m a Liberal Anarchist. I believe we should be very liberal and do away with all but two laws. 1. Do no harm to any other person. 2. Do what you say you will do. Now you could call a person like me an extremist, but I’m not. If everyone would obey those two laws, the world would be a wonderful place to live. Of course some asshat would have to push it and see what happens. For that, we have guns and rope.

          • Clint, You are absolutely right!! The libs don’t understand that “Starvation is the ultimate reset button”. As my father used to say. It not as long as it’s been”!!! Lock-N-Load!!

            • As a liberal/consevative/ ontological anarchist /feminist/ peace activist/ gun owner/ mother/ farmer/ HUMAN BEING i find all this crap very disturbing… not the film trailer or the reality of it. but this fighting amongst one another. all american i assume? that is what the “powers that be” want, us against ourselves.right against left, black against white rich against poor… you pick any opposite and they drool over the violence that comes of it. always a scapegoat. the self is more frightening than the nwo. we all have the right to do as we please so long as it’s right. we all know deep in our phyches right from wrong.
              idealologies don’t destoy actions do.

              and i will also venture to say that all our weapons are truly no match to weapons our taxes have paid to create (chemical, sound,bio etc) our weapons( no matter how good a shot you are ) would do no good in the event of nuclear fallout, or bleeding pores of the black plague. all our food stock is useless in our basement when we have to bug out to a cave somewhere, or are wretching every bit eaten from dysentery, or malaria, flu etc. the best weapon one can have is a working brain.

            • Its that Hegelian dialectic again… the smoke and mirrors are working, i see…as long as you argue, you play further into the game. What’s with the labels? Left/right. Liberal/conservative. There are two sides. Us. And Them. When you realize that, then we will be ready to fight. And win. No labels for me. I am mine.

          • “you have liberals on here that hate guns or freedom”

            This kind of politics is WAY too simplistic at this point. Libertarians (such as myself) are liberals(!) when it comes to things like appreciating the value of education, thinking skills, rational thought, etc..things that modern “conservatives” distrust. and this freedom issue…do conservatives REALLY value freedom? Only for themselves apparently. Look at what they SAY they value, vs what they actually DO. The world is more complicated than your mental model of it.

        • lol the trolls will go straight to their best friend-the gov’t

        • The reds are probably feds.

        • @Anon666…..

          The red thumbs are the real “useless eaters”.

          They either think this is not really happening (in which case they are in denial), or they think that they are part of the elite and will escape the bad stuff happening to them (in which case they are still in denial).

          I figure the one bit of entertainment I’ll get when TSHTF is watching these dimwits biting the dust along with everyone else. I just hope I have the opportunity to encounter them personally and laugh in their face for their stupidity.

      12. I hear the military has a “sleep and kill” chemical weapon which kills all living things within the blast area. I hope it’s fantasy….

        • Well, here’s the links. Make your own determination. I hope too that it’s hyperbole.

          infowars. — com/dhs-and-us-military-make-final-preparations-before-announcing-martial-law/

          pragmaticwitness. — com/tag/sleep-and-kill-chemical-weapon/

        • I heard of this too. It acts like a cluster bomb.

          • they have been testing these chemicals since the 80’s. In E.O.D. training they trained us to disarm them if they do not detonate.

          • Hey Wyoming. You have the right idea being in that state. I’m thinking I should head there.

            • Wyoming? That’s the state who scumbag Senator sold us out for Obama care. Great place.

      13. Sometimes I miss. My appoligies copperhead, a few articles back, got you twice in the same thread!

      14. all I can say is wow. to see what is coming is very different than the minds eye. men going to war to fight tptb and woman being left to fend for themsleves alone in a different world. I know alot of people are saying bring it on but i am afraid. I know I work well under pressure and that is a p;us but I am really afraid for many reasons. i wish there was a suport group fpr the mental preps. I never hear any other preppers talking about the fear of this.I feel so small in this, it is just hard to believe 5 years sgo i slet tight and now well need no more be said i guess

        • Survival sites like this one are the support groups for the mental preps.

          • I look forward to when Mac can bring a chat room online. It would good to talk to some of these folks in real time.

            • The forum is coming — I’ve considered a Live chat room feature as well — I suppose that could be a lot of fun. Real-time prepper convos 🙂

        • Hey justin,

          Try survivalblog DOT com

          Rawles has a lot of different items that would help you as well as contributors that have written about that exact thing. His archive is huge! Hope that helps.

        • Justincase,

          Fear is a fact of life. Only fools and liers don’t fear. You are not alone in this. Yes, the enormity of the mess makes one feel insignificant. But, this will either unify people, as it will be thier last chance. or it will crush everyone.

          “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”-Benjamin Franklin

        • just in case,
          go to the range alot!! It does wonders for fear. Shoot, shoot, shoot, then shoot some more. Wargame in your head what you think will be reality and then go back to the range. When the time comes you will only react. Fear is good unless you let it own your movements.

        • The only support group you need is Jesus. Find him now while you can ! It helps allot.

        • buddhist say that LOVE (not courage) is the opposite of fear. that has rang true in my life. I fear this shit, not for myself and hubby, but our kids. then i realise they are more adaptable than we are…i hear the marines train with water boarding our own troops. ironic huh? i’m not saying water board yourself, but there are things that one can do to prepare mentally.i like to take weekly hikes with backpack loaded, playing the quiet game with the kids “shh, what kind of bird is that” making it fun makes it less stressful. read, listen to stories of vets, depression and concentration camp surviors, smuggled illegals. a legal coworker has shared much useful terrifying info from his experience growing up in cia revolutionary nicuagra, and how even after he lost his parents and the “wars” were over there was no wild beast to hunt and eat and no seeds to buy. still 20 yrs later basic staples are erroniuosly expensive. learn to live simply. even if you see through the green agenda, don’t waste gas driving to the store around the corner, don’t leave your tv and lights on to “stick it to the man” rather get used to doing without, learn what local wild edibles are in your area. don’t just identify, but try. the more you do this, the more you will come to value LIFE. the more mentally prepared you are when something threatens it. know what to expect, prepare your emotions and sanity for the worst. accept reality. in the words of douglas adams- “don’t panic”

      15. oh god, this is all of your preppers dreams. I bet most of you sit around and watch red dawn and get off to it. This will never happen. you people are as nuts as republicans and libertarians.

        • 100,000 Americans are on welfare and rising.

          3,000 CCTV cameras in New York City are now tied into a police surveillance hub that rivals the CIA.

          Roving “Visible Intermodal Protection and Response” (VIPR) squads and mandatory searches on trains and buses.

          Highway checkpoints.

          Unconstitutional gun confiscations by police.

          No knock warrants.

          US government actively assisting Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria.

          Fast and Furious.

          Rapidly expanding use of unmanned aircraft over the U.S. for spying on Americans.

          That’s just a very small sampling of what is in the public domain. Yes Finx, I guess all that would be in my imagination, if wasn’t already happening! Only a puppet and a willing slave of the state would sleep easy knowing this is taking place here and now in the US.

          • YH,

            Finx is a paid troll who also uses the name clint hospo and facebook page.

            You don’t need to waste your time with him.

            • You are 100% correct on that Gods Creation. There is nothing lower in this world than a willing slave, and Finx is the poster child.

            • Facebook page is not finx and i am not a troll i am an extreme prepper with many years under my belt of practice. So becareful! who you call a troll many are able to see you are infact the real troll

            • gods creation, what did i say?


            Yes I know some of the ppl in this video are left wingers
            but it also contains alot of infowars info and shows what YH was saying abotu the cctv and the newer types that are out and ordered by our cities.

          • 100,000 Americans are on welfare and rising.

            100,000,000–100 million–, not 100 thousand, are on welfare or govt assistance program of some type.

            • I stand corrected JayJay, you are correct.

            • Correct JayJay. And guess who those 100 million are going to vote for? The same asswipe that’s in power now, and will promise to print more money for the “entitled” (with strong support from Benny and Timmy to keep the presses at high capacity).

          • your number on welfare is way off, there’s that many in one federal housing project in DC alone

        • Not a dream, but a nightmare! (Mostly caused by libtards like yourself).

          And a hearty “Wolverines!!!” to you…


          • “Mostly caused by libtards like yourself”

            WRONG. Here’s the way things work now. BOTH of the major parties want to steal your money. The only thing they are arguing about is what to spend it on. The democrats want to give your money to people who are too useless to earn it themselves, and the republicans want to give it to military contractors (who provide absolutely nothing in terms of net economic value). The first step to get out of The Matrix is to properly define the world you are living in, instead of merely seeing things as framed by your personal biases. Before anything else, we are living in a world of INFORMATION warfare.

        • finx,
          why are you even here?

          • For the pay per post. No matter how stupid it is they still get paid, so they just get as dumb as they can with their words.

            • I wonder if we could start getting paid to go to msnbc, AP, etc. and do the same???

          • @ Bulldog. Finx is here like many cockroaches, they turn up everywhere. All you have to do is turn on the light and they scurry away. They have no way of backing up what they say with any intelligent debatable material that has anything to stand on. All they can do is simply take the exact opposite of what most everyone else believes and or the opposite of any sound good reasoning and then irritate everyone. Notice how when people confront someone like finx they run away and pop up later when no one is expecting them, JUST LIKE A COCKROACH.

        • finx that comment was my first red thumb lol. also the video I posted a few posts down contained left wingers from TyT. Been saying left wing right wing rep. dem. Its all gov.

          United by one cause, we all with different views, (which we all know we do have on somethings ), will stand strong and face this up coming shit storm. Our enemies will be coordinated, well prepared, well geared, our 30 round clips will pale to thier tanks, But we will stand fight and win.

          also on that note start coordinating and preparing not just self defenses but ALL defenses. 1 man 1 family vs an army will not win. 1 nation vs an army will.

        • Finx, your partisan stance betrays you. I hope you wake up before it’s too late for you. There is not much time left, and it will be a sad day when you realize all of your friends have forsaken you for their own survival.

        • finx= first to die when shtf….what a dumbass!

        • You are as dumb as a box of exceptionally stupid rocks.

        • “This will never happen. ”

          THIS…is ALREADY HAPPENING! The discussions on this blog are not about some fantasy future. This is a dystopian NOW.

      16. My mother died in 2011 at the age of 85 she warned me that i will see all of this coming and to stock up on everything. you know what? she was absolutly right,she lived thru the depression and worked the war plants during WWII,and was so sad to see this was coming,all because of GREED.

      17. I know many cops and federal agents who still respect and defend the US Constitution and won’t stand for this.

        • I hear you. There are tons of great cops that some to the restaurant almost daily and they are some great, stand up guys who I would be proud to help out in a situation if I could.

          • COPS have to FLIP. They KNOW this. Letter of the LAW does not apply. FLIP, FLIP, FLIP, not to CORRUPTION but to the TRUTH!!! BAIL OUT!!! The NEW WORLD (DIS) ORDER SUCKS!!! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!BAIL OUT!!! BAIL OUT!!! BAIL OUT!!!

        • Then they WILL sabotage and do their PART to STOP the MACHINE (cybers please feel free to clue the masses in) OH, you didn’t know that the world is now COMPUTERIZED and THE ELITE have LEFT the BUILDING!!!
          Oh SNAP!!!

        • If they respected the Constitution, they would be EX cops and federal agents and would be defending it now.

          I think what you know is probably corporate hypocrites who want to eat their cake and have it too. They will respect and defend the highest bidder.

          • no they should stay in it is basic strat. ppl inflitration. Also as they said Militias prepare for guerrilla warfare. Prepare for non conventional warfare much like the vietcong did. Only a few military troops are trained in these tactics, and they work well.

            Prepare for lowtech warfare also.

            we may not liek it but this is how it is going to need to be.

            • Good point Legion. However, if they all quit and spoke out today the problems may never start. I suspect there are enough to make a difference and convince the People there is a problem.

            • ha ha ha! I like it!

              Sharpen your shovel blades boys!

          • The highest bidder don’t pay much because cops make awful money, especially down south

            • Yeah, but they get to bully and harass people. That is not reflected on the paycheck, but is the MAIN benefit for many worth more than cash.

            • Just killing it as usual GC. Very true, most LEO’s these days are recruited for their hot heads and dull wits, many a story out there about how high IQ men and women are rejected all the time. The new LEO motto for most is “dont think, just shoot” (“you’ll get away with it, and a paid vacation”)

        • I hope there is enough of them on the winning side. The bankers have most of these government employees in their pocket.

      18. “The Gray State” was already here for just over four years (1860-1865). Unfortunately Yankee Imperialists, fascists, collectivists, et. al. outnumbered us. Now the whole country is going to enjoy what the South enjoyed during “reconstruction.”

        I guess it’s true what the say: “what comes round goes round.”

        • That’s a great point. The south should have freed the slaves and then fired on Ft. Sumter. Recognition (and aid) from Britain and/or France could have tipped the scales in the CSA’s favor.

          The south may very well secede again. Texas will lead the way.


          • FYI:

            The Brits were set up in Canada, and the French were set up in Mexico. They were preparing to come in and carve up the remains, after the American Civil War. Only a courtesy call, by the Russian Fleet, to the US East Coast, prevented what would have been World War 1.

            Little known trivia from our past.

        • Si’

        • @Unre-Southron-Or maybe you could say ‘The South’ WILL rise AGAIN!!!

      19. just bring it! not everybody will be on their knees

      20. damn, every day i see the info comming in, here and else where, and begin to realize how much more i need to do, with no extra cash to do it. keep trying is all i can do, been doing it for a while, and will keep doing it till the end. and i wont go down without a fight. time for a realy big ass yard sale, it all goes that is not needed.

        • You can do it! God is on our side brother!

          Me and mine downsized almost 2 years ago. Now is the time. Later will be too late. Sell while people are still buying. Don’t think about it too hard, or you won’t do it. If you’re anything like me, I was addicted to the “stuff” and didn’t even know it!

          God bless!

          • God is on our side? That is what the 911 terrorists thought.

            • Hell, Nancy Pelosi hears the voices of Susan B Anthony and Sojourner Truth, and quotes from the New Testament to support her attack on the Constitution. The lefties also like to appeal to religion when it suits their purpose! Speaking of the religious left, the Sojourners’ Jim Wallis was a big fan of Mao’s cultural revolution. Only 30-60 million dead people.


      21. I had some people come into my little take out bbq restaurant the other day that’s not far from dobbins and lockheed in smyrna, ga that were wearing “fema fire dept” uniforms. I was working the register and treated them nice with some small talk, gave them the usual military discount of 10% off and a free drink. As they were leaving I asked them “so how is the fema camp coming along these days?”. They stopped REAL quick and turned around and said “wouldn’t you like to know?” And sort of smiled and left.

        • Seriously? You were being facetious (kinda) and they responded that way? Bet you weren’t expecting that answer were you?

          • I don’t know if I was being facetious. I guess I was expecting them to say something like “oh its nothing really” or “don’t listen to the hype” however I have talked to their commanding officer in great detail about the fema camps there and he said whole heartedly that its true and that they have the biggest fema camp in the south east. He even gave me his bussiness card with his contact info. Its interesting to me how people open up to me at times at the restaurant. Almost unbelievable what some tell me. I guess being a chubby chef and small restaurant owner helps people to drop their gloves.

            • Get some poop and share it. Maybe it will help the rest of us know what to say, look for, prep for better, etc. This is exactly the type of intel that is needed. Thanks for your patriotism and letting us know. Hopefully we hear more and soon.

            • CN, don’t be surprised if they return with an employment application.

        • Chef: you got some balls to say that. What’s the restraunt’s name? I’d come by and try it out.

      22. I Pray that it doesnt come to this, but with our present government, All things look like a die or survive is heading our way. MGHU !

      23. God is about to kick the crap out of mankind and this old world. It can’t be stopped, or avoided. We deserve it. We kill each other like flys, rape, lie, cheat, steal and hate. Men to unspeakable things to each other in the name of this idea or that cause. Worst of all, some reject His son. I am afraid that the end has really come.

        But take heart, for in the end, His Kingdom will replace what now is.

      24. Here’s another interesting story I learned at the restaurant recently. We have a super nice raptor pilot who comes by to eat when he’s on base near by. Remember a few weeks ago hilary clinton gave 1 billion dollars to pakistan because us troops “accidently” killed ten pakistani civilians? The pilot was airborn there at the time and he said that the border of pakistan is pretty unclear and ceratin prominent families abide by different perceptions of the border. He dsaid u s. Troops were taking fire from a farm along the pakistan border. They called hq and asked if they can return fire. Hq called pakistan hq and asked if they had any troops shooting at u s soldiers who said no. U s hq gave the go ahead to engage and our soldiers destroyed them. Not long after the return fire pakistan hq called u s hq to say that they do in fact have pakistan. Soldiers there and don’t shoot. Taliban gave money to the pakistani farm owner to use his farm to attack from and then pakistan claimed the taliban dead as pakistani civilians and hilary clinton apoligized and gave them one billion dollars.

        • Chef keep reportin’. Discernment and reportin” (to THE innocents)IS the KEY!

          • When I know more ill let you giys know more. Promise. If tptb want to shut me up it would be pretty easy considering the info I have already posted here between my obvious name and location of my little restaurant. We get a lot of lockheed and dobbins workers. That come and eat regularly. One of them even brings me posters of c130s and the new raptor from the production lines. Did you know that there are people in the said companies who’s only job is to scour newspapers and the interweb for any mention of thEm and make a report to their superiors about it? Hey mac salvo, if I ever get silenced can I look to you and yours for support or should I just stop talking from here on out?

            • I may not agree with what you say but I will die for your right to say it – can’t remember name

            • @chef nunzio … ;0) thank you for intel an your risking your biz and balls to bring it too us … be careful though .

              please be aware that the ameriKan cia and israeli jooo mossad have operating in ameriKa multiple very real assassin teams – they are killing known free american patriotic opposition leaders . i know of 14 deaths by the assassins in the last 4 years alone .

              please tone it down some for your own safety – email @mac your intel or other prepper reporters as a anonymous source – or you might end up being breitbarted – death by contact poison – heart attack .

              the air force office of osi is probly now creating a file on you as a intel leak from the base . they don’t take kindly to opsec leaks . especially ones who brag of it !!!

              please be careful – now is not the time to expose ourselves to unnecessary scrutiny from the gestapo feds . i know i’m bad about it too ;0) but i’ve an patriotic freeman agenda and no dependents .

              be patient … your time will come .

              your too valuable to lose to silly rumors from base personnel .

              i advise you to tone it down – please watch your 6 !!!


            • Iowa,

              That would be:

              “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”-Voltaire

        • Hillary makes me sick.

          • Is that a quote from Bill? 🙂

          • “The father is a sick-o,
            the mother is a lezbo,
            the daughter looks like Fido,
            The Clinton Family!”

            (sung to the tune of “The Addams Family”)

            • LOL. Hey, Chelsea doesn’t look NEARLY as bad as she used to! And yes, that’s my idea of a complement.

        • Would be really interesting to know if the U.S. paid big $ to Pakistan to look the other way while we took out Bin Laden. We crashed a helicopter next to the Pakistan version of West Point and nobody noticed? Glad our Seals got Bin Laden but think there is more to the story regarding $ being exchanged.

        • If we are compensating for dead civilians our troops killed, we are really screwed, with our broke country running on empty, huh??
          How far back do we take this?? VietNam??

      25. My first hattip. Honored really. I’d like to thank God…

      26. I hope it doesn’t get that bad. I DO see stuff that could indicate things are leading up to this.

        This message is to anyone in the LEO o rmilitary who knows stuff. Take note of people who are up the ladder and seem to be with a program that will enslave or kill Americans. Take note of where the traitors live. Take notes on tactics and resources like buildings.

        If it comes to a takeover of the country. You ARE serving your country by gathering information. Do you want to live in a Thugacracy where at any moment YOU could become dispensable?

        If nothing happens, no harm done.

      27. I think that one of the most frightening parts of control are the advancements in neurology science in which it is being learned how to control individuals’ thoughts through implants and or through electronic directed waves towards large groups of people. I have always thought that someone could with the right frequency could make most people go insane. Much of this was studied in Russia and it was originally from Nikola Tesla, the father of AC power, electrol-magnetic motors and much more.

        If they can give someone a lobotomy with physical means, they will figure out how to do it with more advanced technology. This is why no matter what, IF and WHEN this occurs someone has to have the means of being self sufficient as long as possible so they won’t have to ever enter one of those camps where when they got you, they got you. It is far easier for those in control to have those come to them rather than to do hurt everyone down. They will wait out those that are not well stocked up and have no knowledge of foraging and be able to live off the land.

        • “I think that one of the most frightening parts of control are the advancements in neurology science in which it is being learned how to control individuals’ thoughts”
          Lightning!!! Give this guy a TICKET!!!
          Put your hands up!!! Shake that!!
          NEXT STEP.
          Every day I’m SHUFFLIN’!!!
          Sometimes I get a FEELING!!!
          Oh, oh, I get a feeling that I never, never, never knew I had before!!!
          And what is THAT?
          “They will wait out those that are not well stocked up and have no knowledge of foraging and be able to live off the land”
          BINGO!!! So Why not Get OFF NERO!!
          Til then why don’t we ALL DANCE!

        • ~~~I think that one of the most frightening parts of control are the advancements in neurology science in which it is being learned how to control individuals’ thoughts through implants and or through electronic directed waves towards large groups of people.~~~

          Chemtrails, anyone???

      28. I am in SW michigan and while driving home through downtown Kalamazoo tonight at around 6pm I saw a P-3 Orion flying low and slow over the Arcadia commons and downtown area from southeast to northwest. This is a big 4 prop plane and was at about 300- 500 feet. I have never seen one of these anywhere around here before. It was not landing or climbing and it was flying level very slowly. There was a biker gathering at Arcadia at the time around 6pm, don’t know if that is significant or not but There was not any markings that I could see(no stars and bars) on the plane and it was shiny silver color.I do know these planes are used for surveillance and sub hunting usually.

        • seen two fly over SE MI as well live near 75 and m59 cross over.

      29. The vid made me ill.

        Here is the link to the paper that was written with crushing the civilian population in mind:

        Here is a link to a 2A site, there are numerous documents here, dealing with disarming America:

        Here is a link to Pete Santilli’s site, who claims to have info, after serving in the USMC. The podcast is a bit long, but interesting:

        There is a lot happening that is not being covered, too much to easily cover in fact. And most of it is bad.

      30. its either you or them prepper peeples … this is where the blade meets the meat !!!


        it now comes down too … who is the one left bleedin’ ???

        you or them ???

        YOU OR THEM !!!

        CHOOSE !!!


      31. The only problem with this is that you don’t take in to account all the guns and former military and active military that will not stand for this.the sleeping giant will awaken,semper fi America .

      32. If you want to see a movie, go see “Obama 2016”. Look up where it’s showing, take a friend or relative and go see it. It is worth the drive wherever you have to go to see it. This has nothing to do with the movie, but why is no one talking about the President signing the executive order over a week ago that created the African American Education Initiative? Aren’t there enough programs like that right now? And why not the AMERICAN Education Initiative to improve education for EVERYBODY if something was needed in education? Another federally funded program created and for what purpose????

      33. A ture sign of things to come. I don’t think the movie will make it to a White House screening though. Things in this movie are only a very short time away now. TPTB are going FULL SPEED AHEAD from now on to have their NWO!I have lived a little over 3 score and the changes I have seen are mind numbing, I know that I have a little time left here on this 3rd rock from the sun, but I have childern and grandchildern, and great-grandchildern that I will defened to my last breath to KNOW FREEDOM PEROID! Get to know GOD and trust in HIM, He will help you prepare for the up coming FIGTHT.

      34. Anyone who thinks this is fiction only needs to check out the video of the martial law that has overtaken Anaheim. The vid was up at The Daily Sheeple yesterday.

        It’s uncanny how much the scene in Anaheim paralleled the scene in this movie trailer.

        Martial law is already here.

        • Good luck, Daisy.

      35. In this United States, there are approximately 95,000 members of the National Guard, there are approximately 1,000,000 police officers, there are approximately 305,000,000 American citizens, and approximately 36,000 cities and towns. I think they are outnumbered. Where I live, this scenario is not even remotely possible. Big cities maybe but it is still a stretch. I believe martial law is possible and the attempt to confiscate our weapons, food riots and many other atrocities, but this movie trailer is an extreme scare tactic and I am not buying it. More than likely, you will be on your own to fight the citizens who were not prepared. The government will not have the man power to accomplish what is shown in the video, they will let the people do eachother in. Add to this mix over 200,000,000 privately owned guns and approximately 50% of the population owning at least one. Only God knows how this will end.

        • Ohcumgache,

          This has been decades in the making, the original map to carve up the US into manageable zones was done in the mid-1930’s, under FDR.

          A UN treaty was signed in the 1960’s, paving the way for the slow reduction of US military capability, and strengthening of UN military forces.

          REX 84, a document exposed in the 1980’s called for suspension of the US Constitution, camps, etc. It was exepcted then they would call on NATO troops to reinforce the US military, and they even had no qualms about killing civilians back then. The treaties have been advanced so that now, even UN troops can be called into the US.

          I used to roll my eyes when people talked about “blue helmets”, but once I started researching the documents, I quit rolling my eyes. We are facing a vicious marxist monster…

          • With you, JustMe. I told people in 2008 that we would have blue helmets in the streets and maybe out here in the rural areas, too and even militia-oriented guys said I was nuts. I really wanted all the Rex 84 stuff to be conspiracy *theory*, too.

            Vicious, yes. Not the old sort of Marxist, though. Worse: technocratic fascists in nice suits with sophisticated surveillance and the promise of benefit entitlements, on one hand, and revenge against the producers, on the other.

            And they are globalists working together. No telling how many newer treaties, memorandums of understanding and just plain deals have been made in private over the past 4 years or more.

            BTW, I find this forum format frustrating. In order to answer someone on an older thread or see a response, you have to tediously go back and search through all the older comments. It keeps threads from developing. Hope you get to see this one.

            • Good post! People tend to move to new threads pretty quick. I know a couple of the marxists, believe me, they are very hardened, but I agree with your techno-fasci concept too. Good luck.

      36. Sorry I cannot help you fund the movie…I’m getting it for free already!My guess is we win in the end. Our day is coming soon – keep prepping and stay low. Peace

      37. if they do this to us, then we will burn them alive when they least expect it.

      38. Considering all my relatives fought for the Confederacy in the 2nd war of independence , I look forward to ” grey ” states . C’mon Texas , get the ball rolling and secede , others will follow …….either way there are many that wont just roll over ………better to die free than die a serf .

        • “C’mon Texas , get the ball rolling and secede , others will follow”

          I really don’t know why we haven’t done it ALREADY. We always considered the US to be a temporary alliance with inferior states:-)

      39. I would like to see the movie, before I live it.
        Having not seen the movie, it seems as if we are already living the prologue. As we all know, the main scene comes shortly thereafter…

        any idea on a release date?

      40. In the land of the blind
        the one eyed man is king….

        I’ve got my eye open

      41. To everyone: I’m not waiting on any movie; unfortunately, we’re going to experience the REAL DEAL before we even know it. I’m still prepping and getting everything i can in the meantime before Act 1. I’m not going into the dark night without a fight. Who is with me? Take care and keep prepping. LIVE FREE OR DIE.

      42. It is starting. I can hear it now . Election is rigged for obummer to lose. Or voter fraud copped with dream act residents.. Martial law declared. And the end of all that we know…
        Get your soup bowl ready the lines will be forming soon. Or band togther and live in the country and demand that the constitution shall be used as it was intended… 3 b’s people
        Beans band aides and bullets.

        • ” Election is rigged for obummer to lose. ”

          Look deeper my friend! The election is rigged so it doesn’t MATTER who wins.

      43. In reference to those that are “stockpiling” their survival gear, I would reconsider. You are not going to survive by “planting” yourself where you currently live, you will not be loading all of your gear in a truck and drive somewhere else. Take to mind that during such a SHTF scenario, all roads will be closed, all transportation will be shut down, as it looks now communication will be shut down as well. I

        My former green beret, 3 tour vietnam vet father taught my brothers and I a very long time ago to be self reliant, because one day this country will be turned upside down and government controlled. This was back in the 1970’s. I have had bugout bags prepared since then, although they have changed over the years.

        Better to learn where the best natural resources are hundreds of miles from civilization and how to use them. If you are more worried about how much soup & toilet paper to haul, you are not going to live very long. You had better learn how to make, use & repair a bow, bullets do not last forever. Learn how to hunt, trap, skin & stock your hunted foods, learn how to make clothing with animal skins.

        Know what plants & vegetation to eat and to use as medicines. You are better off with a duffel bag to each person, loaded with life saving essentials and the proper tools to build a sturdy shelter once destination is met.

        Number 1…you had better start working on increasing your endurance level now.

        • “You are not going to survive by “planting” yourself where you currently live ”

          This is one of those problems that drives me CRAZY. Somewhere there’s a balance between proper prepping and mobility. And then there’s supply caching, multiple BOL’s, etc. I’ll likely never get that balance right, but I figure it’s all about diversification.

      44. The people that made this movie likely already have the video game ready to market. Pathetic!
        Why would we want to save something that God’s Word has stated ……. ‘will be burned up!’ It’s all in the final letters recorded by Peter and John just before Revelation.
        Forget guns and food storge. They will only buy you a few more days, weeks maybe a year or two….. then what?

        Eternity is forever, this world is temorary.

        Where will you be in eternity?

        Sheep or goats?

        • Forget food *storage*?

          May 21, 2011 came and went, and the rapture predictions of your radio prophet came to nought!! What is the latest prediction for TEOTWAWKI??

          Proverbs condemns the sluggards and the fools that do not prepare for hard times. As a member of the government, Joseph stored up large amounts of grain in advance of the terrible famine.

          Would you defend your family from thugs and predators? Or would you cower behind your bible studies?

          Aren’t those who fail to provide for their own families worse than unbelievers?

      45. This ‘trailer’ smacks of the elites. This is straight from their playbook. It is well established that they are in the habit of giving advance notice of major events. There is copious documentation attesting to this fact. This was a (relatively cheap) method of accomplishing two objectives. 1. the ongoing campaign of fear and panic promulgated via controlled media sources and outlets, and 2. Advance notice of what is to come.
        One thing with them- They can always say “We told you it was coming!” Remember, this a piece of cake for people that own the media, food supply, water supply, military and almost all governments of the world.

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