Apocalypse Wear: Look Good When the World Ends!

by | Jan 22, 2010 | Entertainment | 14 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    If you haven’t yet picked up your end of the world apocalypse wear, check out the fashions from Paris for the Winter 2010 season.

    If the world is going to end, you might as well look good!

    From world renowned designer Rick Owens:

    (Sorry ladies, only mens’ styles this year….)




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      1. Rick Blaine

        Looks like a lineup of Jedi knights and Sith Lords…
        …well, at least the outfits do.

      2. Bheithir

        Some of that stuff looks pretty cool. Thuggishly so. (New word?) You come bebopping up to someone looking like that after TEOTWAWKI, you’ll probably get shot on site. LOL

      3. Paul McDonald

        it’s the leftovers from the last Matrix Episode..

      4. Ormazd

        What a joke. We plebes, cannot hope to comprehend the high and “civilized” and other such Urban Sophisticates. It’s just one more sign of the times. Delusion is in abundance. The second one looks like a cross between Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.  It seems like at least one of these models always have to look desperate and almost like they’re in captivity or servitude.
        Great site Mac.

      5. BleakoEcobamics

        Are you sure a couple of them aren’t women?

      6. Rick Blaine


        Now that you say that Bleak, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention before…I thought a couple of them were women.

      7. admin

        I pulled this from the men’s catalog…..

        It’s France… what else can I say….



      8. Rick Blaine


        Beauty, eh.

      9. zukadu

        Eli ‘s coming! And going quickly …….

      10. azurevirus

        Comments….. they dont have any elbow or knee pads…and by the looks of these “guys”..elbow and knee pads wouldnt be a stranger to them ..bet they are big hits a the gay bar..I mean what gay wouldnt want to date a David Bowie cast-off

      11. NetRanger

        Hey! I resemble those comments! See that guy in #6? OK, Add about 50 lbs, cut his hair fairly short, give him a pair of black western boots and a black cowboy hat. Yeah, thats me. Not kidding.

        In the winter, thats pretty much how I dress. Mostly black. Its warmer! …and stain resistant. I know you’re laughing but I’m not kidding!

        Actually, I kinda like some of the getups. Not to spread any wierdness, but I think 4 and 7 could be women.

      12. Patrick

        Say in your best Austin Powers voice:

        “it’s a man, maaan!”

      13. Rick Blaine

        NetRanger – #6 is clearly the most “normal” outfit there.  He’s basically just wearing all black.  I’m going to assume that you don’t roll your pants up like that…and you probably don’t wear that skirt kind of thing.  Minus those two items, that particular outfit isn’t that weird at all.

        #1 and #10 – not so much…the thing that always gets me about fashion shows like this is that I have NEVER seen people actually wearing this kind of crap out in the real world (maybe they do in Paris?)…unless you include the set of the Logan’s Run remake or something “the real world.”

      14. anon

        They all look so cute in their “teotwawki wear”…….

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