The Zombie Diet Food Plan (In Four Easy Steps)

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    This article has been contributed by Todd Sepulveda of

    Do you know anyone who is on the Zombie Diet Food Plan?  As you stop to ponder that question, let me assure you that you do.  You just might not realize it at this moment.  But I promise, by the end of this article, you will have that person in mind.  But before I begin, we need to set the ground work.

    Zombie 101 – Zombies are undead.  They are not a functioning human, with mental capacity to think, talk, manipulate fine motor skills or plan.  They are not dead either.  They are undead; living, breathing, walking, gross motor moving with the basic need to feed. And what do Zombies like to eat?  Well the answer to that would be brains!  And that’s where the Zombie Diet Food Plan comes in.

    No one likes to diet.  Come on, yes there are health benefits.  But the idea of going without is too much for many to let that diet last any real length of time.  Now, this goes the same for those pesky zombies.  Although zombies are undead, they still have to eat.  Do you think they really want to diet?  No way!

    The fact is though, that there are many zombies going to have to diet during the apocalypse because there are so many people without brains!

    Have you noticed that lately?  What is it?  Is it the mind numbing video games? The GMO food?  The solar activity?  The lack of good music?  I run into so many people that I just want to slap some sense into them.  But it wouldn’t work, because they couldn’t understand why I was slapping them!

    Thinking seems to be way overrated now.  Maybe it’s the Google effect?  People just want the quick search engine answer and then move on.  There is no true effort put into what we think, and as a result, into our actions.  Don’t even get me started on taking responsibility for our actions!

    No, taking responsibility for our actions is a whole other article.  Now, we need a plan…a critical thinking plan!

    In my second year of teaching, my district introduced a four step process in solving Math word problems (all our Math is taught in word problems).  We hated it because we were supposed to grade the process and not necessarily the answers.  This made Math subjective, when it is black and white.

    We fought through that first year and figured out the grading portion.  But what I learned outside of Math, because of the four step process, was telling.  In one parent conference, I discussed having to use the four step process in Math, but how it was no different than what we should do in life to solve any problem, not only Math.  One parent agreed and said that his daughter seemed to be making better decisions lately.  Was it a little bit of maturing or was it using the four step process everyday to answer Math word problems that seeped into her thinking process?

    If you would like to know what the process consists of…it’s simple:  the main idea, details, strategy and the how.  Here’s how it breaks down.

    The Main Idea – What is the problem asking?  What are you trying to solve for?

    The Details – What are the important facts about this problem?  What do you know?  What is missing?

    The Strategy – This is the part where you try to work out the solution by considering the Main Idea and Details.  You might be adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, measuring, etc…

    The How – It is important to verbalize/write down how you solved your answer.  When you are able to verbalize your answer, you truly understand the problem and know that you didn’t just guess.  The How should link back to the Main Idea.

    Can this process be used for thinking through more complex problems?  Yes!  In fact, we do it everyday, when we critically think through our problems.  We just need to make sure we aren’t too lazy to go through the process….  And that is exactly what happened.  As a Math teacher, the students who didn’t do the four step process easily made silly mistakes.  They left out important information and didn’t consider what the question really wanted.  One of my responses to students when they told me they couldn’t understand a problem was to first do the Main Idea and Details before I helped them.  You see, you shouldn’t go jumping in to every problem without taking the time to find out what you’re really looking for, what you know and what other pieces of information are available.

    What would happen if we looked at the major issues facing our world today with a four step process?  Maybe we can teach our politicians and leaders what elementary students already know how to do!

    Todd Sepulveda is the editor/owner of  He is also an elementary assistant principal and a bio-vocational minister.


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      1. Did the author change topics in the middle of his treatise??
        Critical thought process and zombies?? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
        Be well

        • WTF indeed.

          What do Zombies have to do with Math have to do with …. ?

          • Exactly, precisely and to the point! This reminds me of “Flowcharting” back in Computer School. aka:BASIC=Beginners All-purpose Insctruction Code. The fundamentals and cognitive thinking are so crucial in problem solving.

          • What he is saying in his article is that we need to use this four step process in the near future to handle for what is comimg.

            • I like the ONE step process…Kill anything in your way as you escape from the shithole we used to call a country…AND just look what/who the sheep have left in charge…MONKEYBOY…. God help the USA

            • There’s a big world out there people…No need to stress over this NWO test country…

        • I think there was a good rant hidden deep in there somewhere, but he just wouldn’t quite let it out.

          Basically, I think he’s saying that if zombies did show up, they’d have a hard time finding brains to eat, even if you put said zombies in a coffeeshop full of modern humanity. He then says it’s because modern education sucks.

          That’s what I got out of it anyway, but it was hard reading, and I sort of gave up after awhile.

          • Hell, let’s just do it like “The Donner Party” did it, let’s just eat each other!

            • …why did I hear porn music when I read that last part of that sentence?

          • This article was written by a zombie.

        • I agree Doc….Whiskey Tango Foxtrot…

          I really can’t stand it when people talk/write about the SHTF and refer to Zombies. Like it’s going to be like some kind of video game.

          • Either something was left out or the author didn’t apply his four steps to his lead in: zombies.

      2. First

        • Your in my seat page!

          • Guys! Take this outside! We know Mac is ALWAYS first!


        • Fool.

        • On the story no one understands we stay on subject. We could had a great word war. Wtf wasted opportunities

          • “We could had a great word war.” Was that supposed to mean something? Are people really this stupid? The zombie apocalypse can’t come soon enough….

      3. zombie diet huh? well when they come got thousands of 12 gauge shots for them, they will love it. good for the zombies and all of us. less idiots roaming around. by american if you can

        • I would have thought brains would be first on the list.

          ; )

          • The progressive liberal Obama supporter zombies have no desire for brains.

            • Beefcake, that’s a “green” flag statement if I have ever read one. I am still in awe at the multitudes that “still” support this bumbling idiot of a fraud prez; even after all the “Green Energy” fradulent scams,TARP,crony Czars,O-Dramacare,freedom killing EOs,etc,etc,etc, and the list grows longer every week! Even if you take away the “third” of the supporters that are just following the status quo; the minorities, hand out seekers, which include the majority of the Mexicans,Blacks,Middle-easterners and some Asians,etc. This still leaves Millions that are partying away on the “O-drama for Prez” train. These “supposedly” educated idiots are already “brain-dead.

            • I think it is worse than that. It’s not that they don’t have a desire for brains, it is that they think think that they are absolutely the smartest people on the planet and that they know so much more than everyone else and this makes them far worse than just ignorant, it makes them “aggressively ignorant”

        • What the HELL are you trying to say?

      4. in all seriousness I dont know how people that make 10 bucks an hour can afford to buy anything now. have you seen the prices at walmart for food? it costs way over 60 bucks for just a few things. I dont know how people are doing it, and paying their apple bills, gas etc.thank god i dont drink like i did in my 20’s every thru fri and sat. we used to blow 50 bucks a night eazy, dont know how people are doing it and credit runs out sooner or later.

        • I guess you’ve never heard of welfare checks?

          • Some of us make it fine on about $25 a day (if we work hard) and no gov’t handouts involved. It’s not the Dick And Jane American Dream though.

        • As for the prices of food, your right. It is getting harder & harder to find a “deal” and if you do you hope you have the extra $ to buy it up let alone keep adding to your preps. We went this weekend grocery shopping I thought I was going to have a heart attack in the store isle.. some stuff was up over a buck from the week before! Another example Sams has the 50 # bags of pintos 37 bucks 2 months ago they were still 22, I checked the cost of a 50# bag of plain white rice 16.99 went to the store in the morning and it had gone up 2.00 overnight!!!
          By all accounts it will be a rough ride by the later part of the year…

        • Tell me about it Eric. I’m an older man who only made seven fifty an hour at wally world then got a much better job for seven fifty an hour test driving cars, That sure doesn’t leave much left for SHTF type preperations. I just do the best I can

          • Pretty Good

            You have come to the right place, the ideas on here have helped me so much, I actually feel I am starting to get there now. Stick with it, anything you do is better than nothing.

            Take care

        • I’m getting stronger in my old age. I can now carry $100 in groceries in one load.

          • This time next year and it will be $100 worth of groceries in each arm.

      5. I had a hard time with math myself. got a bachlors degree in science but math was hard for me. some people can pick it up fast but I do understand with calculators with formulas to solve equations and video games google etc, I understand people and not thinking like we used to and the biggest thing I see this younger generation is laziness. Not all just some, but hard work is so important when you get older it does really help you keep those values and not giving up when things get tough. If i could give some advise would be for the younger people if you dont get it right away walk away from it just for a bit and then try it again but never quit and dont give up

        • Actually it’s not that bad, all you have to understand is the various relationships. X is a direct relationship to Y, or X is a multiple of Y, or X is a power of Y, or an inverse of Y, stuff like that.

      6. Uh, zombies? Really? Sounds like the general population to me. Every drive in the suburbs of St. Louis or Indianpolis? Been to a Wal-Mart lately?

        They won’t attack you (well, mostly, ask George Zimmerman) but they certainly lack the capacity to think and decide in many cases.

        Its really hard to not agree with Henry Kissinger sometimes.

        • Henry Kissinger is a piece of trash!! I just see that name, and I feel like vomiting on my computer screen!! Would ANYONE reading this, let that peice of trash babysit YOUR children???(I am pretty confident, little girls would be safe, but little boys, uh-uh)

          • Well, I agree with you on those points, however, I was particularly referring to his “useless eater” classification he put most people in. Of course, I would consider him far worse than any “worthless eater” on the planet.

            No, I doubt little girls would be safe, either. He’d figure something evil to put them to doing.

            • Yeah, I knew what you meant net. THAT name just upsets my stomach for some reason. (to many to list)You are correct, little girls would not be safe either.

              I have a funny music video waiting to clear spam called “people of wallmart”. Some chic sing it!

          • I think I saw some of your neighbors in that video. Too funny.

          • Kev, I was going to go to Walmart yesterday but I couldn’t. My pajamas were in the laundry, so I had nothing appropriate to wear.

            If you’re really bored one day there’s a website, peopleofwalmart dot com, with some horrifying actual pictures taken at Wal Mart’s around the country.

            • a couple of years ago there was a article in the local paper where they were interviewing a woman at a dollar store and she said she like going to the dollar store because you “didn’t have to get dressed up like you were going to walmart”. the whole family was laughing so hard we had tears coming out of our eyes

            • Yeah Daisy, I went to that website once. It shows us the decline of our civilization BIG TIME.

              Durring the great depression(until the war), my grandfather had to stand in a room twirling pig intestines, to get the pig $hit out of them, but when he left for work he was wearing a suit, and when he came home, he was wearing a suit.

            • If you’re at least 100# overweight, you can wear spandex. Scary photos. Looks like Stephen King is at again.

          • One look at these “people of Walmart” pictures/videos and it is evident that common decency and common sense has been thrown out the window with the “vehicle trash”, by the masses. It also confirms what my mentor/preacher/teacher has been saying for years; God saved, the “third” of his children that sided with Satan in the first, “Heaven and Earth Age”, to wait to be borned into the flesh, till the last days. Satan/Antichrist, their leader, has to be coming soon; for people can’t get much more stupid. The lengths that people go to, to try and get attention, is a downright sin and shame. Just look at major sports venues around the world., much less Wally-World.

            • Believe it or not, I like seeing the thumbs down when I speak of the devil or God. It means I have stepped on some toes or rattled some cages. If a person doesn’t have a biblical or spiritual sense about all that’s happening, then they are either not saved or just hoping they have more time to figure it all out. In my mind it’s the most important element of “being prepped”. Everyone has to sail their own ship. Mine is sailing towards a better place and time; where are you and your’s sailing to?

      7. We can’t teach our politicians and “leaders” $HIT. Until they are SCARED of US, and they FEAR the consequences of their actions.

        That isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Our “leaders” travel with personel armies, have local leo’s licking their boots, and have nuclear weapons.

        Worlds oldest occupation= Prostitution
        2nd oldest occupation= politicians

        • No. They’re both prostitution. One is physical and one is moral and intellectual, but, prostitution just the same.

          • One is an honourable trade, where what you get is what you pay for. The other, well that is why taxes were invented, nobody willingly pays liars.

            • True!…..but neither is the oldest…farming/gardening was before either…just sayin…

          • Took the words right out of my mouth.

            • I thought procrastination was the oldest.

      8. “He is also an elementary assistant principal….”

        After reading the article I am betting a public school.

        • Bookie

          Genuine question.

          Here public school is private, as in fee paying. Regular school is state. Which do you mean? Here he would be well equipped to teach in either, both leave a great deal to be desired.

          Take care

      9. I like when a Wnat ad for a job requests this” Must posses problem solving skill” When did we need to ask for a person that can think? I see so many people that have been dummied down/ I have a friend that talks of her mother and the things she taught and told her to do, somebody that could think for themselves, do you think she does any of it? this womans life is a mess and she is almost 40 years old. She is led around by her nose hairs by her live in coyfriend. It makes me sick. Always infront of American Idol but bot a clue of a current event. They live next to me and I am really worried about shtf with them. They see my groceries coming in etc (NO WAY TO HIDE IT) they have Nooo clue how to think nor so they care to. It is scary when you think that that is the mass population anymore. I pray I can continue to think for myself and have God give me wisdom.

        • Maybe you can teach her how to prep and possibly she could teach you how to spell correctly. Sorry, I could barely read your comments, slow down and re-read. Not being critical, but I do try and read all posts.

          • R U picking on his Punk shoe a tion or just being a busy body? Please stick to the topic and cease all personall attacks. All us here are not perfect gee golly.

          • P.S. If you could not figure out what JUSTINCASE was talking about, you need to shaerpen your critical thinking skills. Not being critical, but I do try and read all posts and you have now wasted 2.4 minutes of my life. I normally would not have wasted my time trying to mimmick you but sometimes I just can’t help myself from pointing out the 500lb. elephant in the room.

      10. teaching kids problem solving skills with such a poor vague step by step plan as the above listed four steps is just pathetic. the kids will never grasp that… ever hear of KISS???


        who designed this education program??? helen keller???

        its a joke… no wonder the usa is in last place on the worlds mathematics science engineering global ratings board!

        how much do these people get paid to teach such mindless drivel???
        poor kids never a chance in public schools and the teaches have degrees as well in teaching correct??? WTF???



        waste of $$$ … wasted lives.

        proper steps to constructive problem solving are as follows:

        1.) identify view write the whole problem
        2.) review the active numbers / components / actions of problem
        3.) execute the required solution commands in proper sequence to complete the mathematical problem
        4.) check verify work of finished product / final solution

        1.) identify
        2.) review
        3.) execute
        4.) verify

        it’s simple and it works and can be applied to everything from math problems , fixing a computer , fixing a car , repairing a gun or even building a nuclear bomb!

        this article is a insult to the readers of shtfplan! it never should have made print!!!


        • you really want your mind blown?
          go and sitdown and talk to the teachers in your local school system..take the time to sit down and talk with all of them,
          Talk about many subjects, throw in a little politics too while yer at it, and basic lessons of life.

          Disappointment is all you will leave with, trust me…Ive done it. If these are the prople teaching our future…we are so fucked

          • I had to meet with my daughter’s teacher last year because she was having trouble with math. I discovered that all the kids in the class had yet to grasp this particular concept but it was okay, they had moved on to the next section.

            I asked why they hadn’t stayed on the section that the kids were having trouble with until they “got it” and he replied, “Oh, it’s okay – that’s not on the EQAO test.”

            (EQAO is a standardized test for accredidations)

            And we wonder why publicly educated kids don’t excel?


            So app

            • Its sickning isnt it?

              over a few years of being very active in the local school system, I have seen some, and talked to some very out of touch people that are supposed to be the ones teaching our children, My local schools are supposed to be a Blue Ribbon school system..the teachers I have taken the time to sit down with and just chat on a one on one gab fest, have left me shaking my head.

              Simple common sense has become a thing of the past, critical thinking is non existant, understanding the issues that affect ones life are not comprehended. policies that are pushed down thier throats are not questioned, they are just blindly followed,
              the systems main tool..make the parents look bad if they go against the school systems “way of doing things”..
              or single out your child if you question anything.

              the ol’ “you cant go against Mom and apple pie” kind of talk down when you encounter a situation, that they and their rules have perpetuated into an issue.

              Gutless administrators..I could go on and on

              its all about the pay check, and what the union is going to do for them today, they totally mis the point that its is US they work for, and Im one of the few paying attention to their adgenda

            • Daisy,

              My Son came home and told me about classes they were teaching him about wealth re-distribution! He told me what they did in class….I was angry to the point that I contacted the Principal and asked WTF?????. NOTHING happened. Swept under the rug…..Good thing the boy listens to me. Gets his real education at home…

            • I think what she meant to say was, It’s okay, I got my paycheck for last week already. One word for her. FAIL!!!!!!!

          • @vrf – i have done the same and after talking to them i found most to be what i would consider socialists.

            some times ya just gotta laugh !

          • VRF

            One of the most annoying things about having an ASD kid in a regular mainstream school is the “review meeting”. These are a special kind of hell reserved parents and class teachers with an iota of common sense; where THE most idiotic things are suggested by “caring carrots” who really haven’t got the slightest clue.

            My personal favourite was the shrink who waffled on for 3 x 2 hour meetings before I politely asked her if she’d ever met my son. She hadn’t yet felt she knew everything there was to know about him,without ever having met him. I’ve fought so many battles with the education system for my own kid, I no longer the energy to work in a school environment.

            There are still teachers out there that can inpsire, challenge and foster a love of learning for learning’s sake and critical thinking skills in our young. When you meet one – let them know they are appreciated as they often have an awful tough time with the system.

            Ray’s arithmetic is a good maths primer for home. Or if you like a modern approach, the Singapore Math series is OK.

        • yes nina!ive been saying this for years about our education system.

        • Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall


          • PERFECT!!!!!!

        • FYI, Helen Keller was very well educated, graduated college, wrote several books, traveled the world and was a motivational speaker/advocate for the disabled til the day she died. For her to have been able to do all of this, she was well blessed at birth with a natural curiosity, normal intelligence and common sense.

          And… she was home-schooled as a child…thankfully NOT by you!

          • Temple Grandin is an incredible autistic lady that has also achieved great things in changng how these kids are taught.

            If a kid ain’t learning most times you just ain’t teaching em right! (My Gran I think was right).

      11. I honestly read the article, Could someone tell me what it’s about? Makes no cogent points as far as I can tell. Only Four point process for Zombies I know is: 1. Lock and load; 2. Ready, 3. Aim, 4. Fire. The rest is babble

        • It appears to be attempting to lead people to the conclusion that the type of people who frequent this site have already made – that we are screwed. Zombies here seem to be a metaphor for those several us us discussed in the last post about those content to sit around and collect their pensions and not concern themselves with what is going on around them.

          I was labeled a survivalist by the local authorities in the early eighties, but it was not until I was in graduate school did I write my thesis, Entitlement 2010, whereby the beginning of the first Baby Boomers entering retirement age would usher in an age where we could no longer keep our entitlement promises and would have to inflate our way out of default.

          Having defined the problem, and gotten the details, and arrived at the conclusion that any solution would be a personal one and have learned to live with very little of those dollars and how to hedge those that I will need.

          Maybe this is the kind of critical thinking he is talking about.

          • Hey prepaird p- Why don’t you submit your thesis to mac, he may post it. You never know, could go viral!

          • There are now hundreds of millions of Boomers reaching retirement age Globally. Unlike there parents, many of them are healthier and will probably live longer. Many within the Boomer generation have poured trillions of dollars into retirement funds and schemes …… And of course ……what’s happened to all that money? The Boomer money has gone! Already spent by banks and Governments and what better way to cover this theft up than to have a Global Financial Collapse!!! Watch the retirement age get pushed out to 85 years old, or something stupid in the hope that most Boomers will die off.

          • Ok, if you say so, But I’m afraid if the Zombies eat his brain, as with a lot of people out there, they won’t get much.

            • So many zombies will go hungry. What a tragedy.

          • We’ve only seen the initial assault of retiring boomers. Wait until their million dollar 401(k) balances evaporate. A new (renewed?) assault on these accounts is underway. I am hearing noises of the need to tax these accounts.

      12. The general way that the majority of the population has solving problems is not to even try, just push it away and the problem will go away. Just look at the United States debt, they just don’t think about and it will fix itself. Just like Fukushima, just let it melt down into the core of the planet and forget about it. People have become excessively lazy physically, but with problem solving why even bother. They can just charge it on their credit card and let someone else solve it for them.

        Talk about zombie, I call it more mentally stagnant blobs. Use to be that the population use to enjoy problem solving solutions. Use to be people actually became stimulated by solving problems, it was rewarding. Not now at all. The leaders that are “suppose to” be leaders that come up with solutions that actually work. What works with the general population is to sound good, then let the imbecile population forget about it and it is solved. Short attention spans have doomed the general population.

        Talk about shovelling problems under the rug. There is no effort. Talk about one of the seven deadly sins that has affected most people like a pestilence, it is sloth or drop dead laziness in mind and body. These people can still think, that is about what pleasures that they can obtain. You see a blob laying around waiting for another blob of food to come within reach and this is a pretty good analogy of what has happened to most people.

        Thank goodness there is still that smart minority of the population that still enjoys using something that others have forgotten they have, brains. Thank goodness there is still sites like this one where the people can still use their minds to communicate new ideas and thoughts. Thank goodness that there are still preppers that put effort and motion into their lives. Thank goodness that I and the good people on this site have not fallen into the dark bottomless void of meaningless liquidified horse manure that the non-prepper (non-thinkers) has fallen into.

      13. ~for RACHEL CORRIE an True American Hero…

        Israeli ZIONISTS controlled American media WON’T LET YOU SEE THE execution of an American Hero by the Israeli GESTAPO Army!!!

        Israeli Defense Forces trooper kills young American women , Hero Rachel Corrie as she attempts to stop a Israeli Bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian Doctors FAMILY AND YOUNG DAUGHTERS home for no cause in the Gaza palestinian Strip the world largest Israeli Jew controlled concentration camp!


      14. Most of the zombies around here don’t eat brains, and seem to no desire to have anything to do with them…

        On the upside, I understand the 4 step process.

      15. ~this is gonna really warp your ZOMBIE noodles… only watch this is you are a TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN VETERAN and HAVE FOUGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY! FOR VETERANS ONLY!!!

        The trouble with history is, we weren’t there when it took place and it can be changed to fit someones belief and/or traditions, or it can be taught in the public schools to favor a political agenda, and withhold many facts. I know you have been taught that we won the Revolutionary War and defeated the British, but the FREEMASONS , GREAT BRITAIN Royalty and the POPE Roman Catholic Vatican swindled us out of Our Real One Chance to be Truly Free!!!

        HOLY CRAPolla Literally , America REALLY is One Big Freaking LIE!!!

        The United States is a Corporation not a Country! WTF???

        • What do you think about the “Black Pope”?

          • @JRS … hello ;0) hope your well and stocked armed prepped up!

            “Black is white and white is black!” ~Jesuit Black
            Pope Ignatius Loyola

            for all who are curious the Black Pope is who secretly control the Vatican Rome Italy and the Roman Catholic Church the world over , its a core group of Jesuit Priests who practice black arts pagan magic , devil worship , human sacrifices , cannibalism , sex orgies , pedophile ring sex slavery parties to Lucifer El Diablo.

            @jrs the black pope??? honestly i think the threat is very real… the Illuminati nwo zionist neo-christians hold three circles of power currently in the world! london england , washington dc america , the vatican in rome italy … london is the banking , washington dc is the military and the vatican in rome italy is the heart and soul!

            now throw in a couple of thousand very narcissistic psychopaths sociopath pedophile devil cabala worshiping global leaders, politicians, bankers, entertainers and generals … WE AS COMMON MEN AND WOMEN are kinda up a creek heading for Niagara Falls without a paddle and there’s a hole in the boat bottom!


            THAT’S WHAT I THINK @jrs!



        • The other “trouble” with history(for me) is that when you read it, time moves so quickly but living it, time is slowly ticking away. We are living history. Have patience people(I have been wondering when “it” will happen for a long, long time). I know it can wear you down but what HAS to happen WILL happen. It just takes time.

        • “History is the lie commonly agreed upon.” – Voltaire

        • Everything that is taught anywhere has a bias. The teacher, be it parent, school or work based is shaped by their own education and background, we all are, each and every one of us.

          The difference between intelligence and academic learning is massive and profound. Academic learning gives you the facts as generally taught. You are exactly right, we were not there, it may be warped, altered or even totally made up. This is true of current events as well as history.

          Intelligence is he ability to question, search and discover for oneself. Some of the most intelligent people I have every met have never passed a formal exam in their lives and have no real academic learning but they could outflank some supposedly great academics with one arm tied behind their back and a blindfold on.

          Sorry, didn’t watch the link.

          Take care

        • Are you for real? Do you even know what the Masons are? I hate to tell you this, but a lot if not most of the Founding Fathers were Masons

      16. This has to be the most useless article to ever appear on this site.

        • I gave you an up, but have to admit, I haven’t read every one ever printed, so you could be wrong.

      17. KNOW YOUR ENEMY: Illegal CIA President Barry Soetoro and the GREAT BRITAIN British Queen Royalty who truly owns ALL of AMERICA and your very BRITISH Royalty corporate owned IRS TAX DEBT ENSLAVED lives!!!

        Illuminati III Murdered by The Monarchs

        • Nina

          They have always been an inbred murderous bunch of bastards., why change the habits of generations eh? Ok, the current lot don’t runn around cutting off heads anymore but you cannot expect anything that great from a family who changed their name from Coburg-Saxe-Gothe so they sounded less German when war broke out, got to keep your control of the family jewels don’t cha know.

          They do all these “chitable” works supposedly. My arse they do, why don’t they stick their hands in their pockets and actually donate,it would be small change to them.

          They are as much benefit scrounges as all the others that do little to keep themselves and live in homes paid for by the taxpayers. I resent every penny of my taxes that go towards keeping a bunch of holier than thou twats in the kind of luxury most could only dream of.

          For those of you who are in doubt…I am not a monarchist…should have got rid of the bloody lot of them decades ago.

          Definition of a parasite…an organism that lives off its host….can cause severe debility or death of the host in some cases. There you have it. Nuff said.

          Take care

          • Ha, got the name the wrong way around…bad treasonous Burt.


            • Also meant to say charitable…I type even worse than usually when ranting. Sorry

          • To be truthful Burt, I think the Monarchy has done a better job than the rest of your Gov. Several times before M Thatcher got the job I hoped the Queen would send the Guard to Parliament and escort the whole bunch to the tower for a beheading party. (Mine Gov also for that matter)

            • Paranoid

              Ideally yes that would have happened but the monarch has no power at all, she is a figurehead of state and nothing more.

              What does my head in that they constantly make the round of charities and such, sprouting how terrible it is that it might have to close….and then walk away, how can you patronise something and then not support it? Hippocracy is what it is…we will support it but all you with hardly any money have to pay for it.

              As for the government….well, what can you say. Here’s an example of British democracy at work.

              If someone starts a partition and gets more that 100 000 signatures then it will get tabled for discussion in parliament. Really? Well the should we bring back capital punishment got up to 250 000 signatures but never got debated as parliament was too busy. The should we get rudolf the monarchy one…ditto. UK democracy is things will be discussed if the government thinks they will get the answer they want, otherwise for get it.

              Belgium had the right idea….pootled along for ages without a government. Okay, nothing ever got done because the joint committee drawn from all parties never agreed on anything but nobody starved, there were no riots, kids still went to school, sun still came up in the morning.

              There’s only one seemingly decent one amongst them Nigel Farage…and they try to keep him quiet as much as they can…now he would be a good president when we finally get rid of royalty.

              Take care

            • “Petition” burt. Love Ya, and I do wish we had a way to edit our own posts.

      18. I think the point is that people forgot how to think for themselves and let the gov’t and BS MSM do all their thinking for them. If Oprah said it then it must be true or Diane Sawyer says blah, blah, blah. I don’t really know what she says because I can’t listen to her (or Oprah) for more than 3 seconds.

        Speaking of the media, I heard a program on the radio awhile back that journalism is dead. They did a study and found that 93% of all the news reported was either sound bites, info from press conferences (you know those can’t be biased) and opinion pieces. Real investigative journalism is dead. So the only news you’ll ever hear is what they want you to hear.

        I saw a story on one channel (political in nature)and later heard the same story on another channel. Only they left out the first ten seconds which totally changed the context of what the person was saying.

        I’ve given up on the media, its good for sports scores and sometimes the weather. I you really want to know whats going in the world you need to get on the web and surf around. Its interesting how stories in or about the US are reported with different facts from different sources around the world.

        • arco, when you mention Oprah,Diane Sawyer; It brings to mind Rosie O’donnel,women of the View, too many to list daytime talk show hosts, and Oh yea, one of the worst “Ellen- I’ll suck a donkey’s ****, in the center of Times Square for attention, -Degenerate”. These people, in my opinion, are what an “old timer” that lived near me growing up,referred to, as “useless as a dog turd”. Anyone spending more than 3 seconds watching these fools rant and rave, are already “Zombies”. Sorry! all you stay at home moms or “homemakers” as it is called. You need to spend your days in the “Word” or prepping or something other than getting tangled up in “thei” web of lies and BS.r

          • Don’t Tread, are you only offended by women in media and entertainment or does your blanket statement and advice cover the men as well? You seem to be forgetting all the “Who’s the Daddy” talk shows hosted by men and the male news anchors in your tirade.

            • Agreed, Maury Povich could use a new topic. OTOH, he seemed to have plenty of willing victims.
              Just look at the zombies who proudly humiliate themselves on the Jerry Springer show. The well never ran dry.

              A lot of the “men” in TV, etc can be called men only in the biological sense.

            • Nope! I didn’t forget all those “greedy” liberal idiots either, but they are too many too list. Even worse than most of the women. These men are not connected to a good woman, or they are faggots. Don’t be offended Daisy, I am not a woman hater. I just hate all the “politically correct” liberals that have helped bring this nation to where we are currently at.

          • Many stay at home moms don’t have the time to watch daytime tv , there is usually something to be done, most often clearing up the mess made by men

            • You are right about that. I have made many a mess and needed a woman to help me get my shit together. There is an old saying, ” A person that listens to a fool is a bigger fool than he.” In so many situations that rings loud and clear. There are just as many dumb-ass men as there are women. When a smart and sensible woman is paired with one of these dumb-ass men, she had better take the reins and wear the britches or their whole world could become a living nightmare. I have (and still am), witnessed it from a pair of our dear friends. The man has total domination over his sweet and sensible wife. He controls every dime like it his/their last. She has hardly any say so and he wants more. She sees the big picture and he keeps his god in his wallet.

        • Rudolf??? RID OF…though Rudolf may be as effective to be fair…at least his nose glows naturally not because he’s had a snifter too many of port.

      19. This comment contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer. Comment should not be read by children, pregnant women or burly transvestites named Chaz.

        The article makes the point that, since zombies eat brains, they must be very hugry because there isn’t much food (intelligence) around today. I only had to read it 4 times to understand it. Maybe that means I’m safe from zombies, too!
        Then I got to thinking, zombies are people too, right? Well, sort of. And they’re Hungry! The little zombified kids are probably going to bed with their blood smeared bellies growling. We can’t let this happen! In the spirit of Sally Struthers, (sniffle)I’ve created Feed The Zombies. It’s a fully recognized 501(c)3-401(k)-200mg-31 flavor-400hp fuel injected charity, so you can all donate with confidence. Your money will be carefully handled (by the race track and the local liquor store). Here at FTZ, we’ve searched the world for the best supplies of zombie food. With that in mind, our new headquarters for Feed The Zombies will be….in Japan! The following table shows our research results for zombie food.

        Location…….Percent of people with brains
        Japan……….93% (fukushima radiation has no ill effects on zombies)
        Chicago……..6.8% (goes to 6.9% when Oprah is in town)
        Detroit……..0.0% (inflation adjusted, real number is negative)

        Please give generously to Feed The Zombies. Precious little hollow-eyed, blood splattered zombie kids are counting on you.(sniff)
        For your convenience, you can now give on line through our New Jersey based collection system- Pay Up Pal. Thank you.

        • Please provide data on WDC. and Cal.

        • Okie
          You have got to be the funniest person I’ve ever read
          I go thru these comments just looking for yours
          Wish you were my neighbor down the road–we could let my wolves out and go huntin
          Those boys like to be called ‘the brothers’ cause they like downtown
          May God continue to bless you

          Dr E

          • Thanks Dr E. You’re too kind. But please be careful not to overfeed an okie’s ego. They get too fat and lazy to keep up with the hounds! 🙂

        • Any other Mums on here want ol’ Smokie to come on down and teach their kids for a month or two?

          The above would certainly be a good elementary intro to statistics and percentages ; )

          (BTW Smokie if you could teach my lad “country boy can survive” by Hank Williams on his guitar he’d be much obliged & would prob get his dog to catch you a couple of rabbits in gratitude for the sheer relief from High School Musical).

        • whomever is buggin’ in with okie is one lucky bug!

      20. bait and switch. lured me in with zombies, left disappointed with math

      21. I hate Zombies…and Commies!

      22. Well, well… THE IMF NWO.CFR ANTI-CHRIST speaks of Rachel Corrie. This makes me hungry for pancakes right now.

        And to all of you whiners whining about the crappy article posted today – 98% of the articles that Mac puts up are pretty darn good. Give Mac a break. If you want perfection do it yourself -eye roll-.

        • Mac does a great job: That’s why we are ragging on this one. There HAD to be a reason and we don’t get it. Mac’s sneaky sometimes

        • @soldierpa – rachel corrie gave her very young life for others suffering under zionist tyrannies hard murderous jack-boot ; to protect them from israeli zionist jew tyranny genocide ; for a belief in the basic human law “right to exist unmolested”!

          and you make crude tasteless jokes about a young girls sacrifice and death… “Not much of a man are you!”

          • IMF, Rachel Corrie was a terrorist. A smuggler of bombs to kill innocent children. And you sir are a POS so go move to Gaza and live with the muslims and their pedophile prophet and false cult moon god. The palestinians are a forgery of history.

            • i tire of hearing everything being blamed on the joos. Maybe you don’t like the joos, but it’s hard to call muslims victims, unless it’s at the hands of other Muslims. I don’t see anyone (even muslim) who flees to any islamic country.

            • @CFRT -N- BBW …

              thats the beauty of the FREEDOM OF CHOICE! ;0)

              YOU TWO CAN CHOOSE , TO SIMPLY NOT READ MY POSTS as I now intent to not ever read yours nor @soldierpa’s posts!

              FREEDOM OF CHOICE! see its a good thing!

              ;0P pssszzt jog on… ya zionist aipac splc luvin retrobates!!!


            • CFT, nearly 1500 innocent Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis in the past 10 years. Perhaps that doesn’t matter to you, since they are Palestinian and therefore unworthy of your notice. Does religion really matter in the murder of a child?

              Furthermore, anyone who dies protecting homes and families is a hero in my book. Corrie was acting as a human shield and protesting NON-VIOLENTLY. Perhaps, like the de facto government of the US, you define a terrorist as someone who differs in philosophy from you.

            • CFT, I disagree. Not all ” palestinians are a forgery of history”. God has said that “whom so ever will, accept Christ shall be saved.” That includes anyone and everyone, even Satan worshippers, faggots, and O-Drama himself; “IF”, they have a change of heart, repent, and accept Christ. There are many Palestinian Christians! They have made that change in their heads and their hearts. Their children have a chance of blessings instead of cursings and killings. God is not a respecter of persons. All are his children and are accepted unto the kingdom, “IF”; (by this condition) make a change, accept, and believe. Don’t pass the plate this way. Just send your charirable gifts to SHTF Plan to keep this site alive!

        • @soldierpa – rachel corrie gave her very young life TO STOP others suffering under zionist tyrannies hard murderous jack-boot ; to protect them from israeli zionist jew tyranny genocide ; for a belief in the basic human law “right to exist unmolested”!

          and you make crude tasteless jokes about a young girls sacrifice and death… “Not much of a man are you!”

      23. I’m thinking his point is that the brain eating zombies will starve for lack of brains.

        This guy is a new teacher talking about the discovery based mathematics curriculum being pushed by the feds. The new standards are being implemented by states in order to keep the money flowing from the Department of Education. It is crap.

        I was a math teacher long enough to earn a second retirement. Still have my secondary math certification. In the beginning we were able to hold kids to a high standard, assign homework, and push hard enough that most kids got a strong foundation in mathematics. No calculators. ALL computations, including compound interest problems, had to be done by hand and accurate to two decimal places. Lots of my students went on to get engineering degrees. That changed over time. We couldn’t assign much homework as most kids would not do it and our failure rates would be too high. Because kids lacked basic computation skills we relied more and more on calculators. As time passed we lowered the bar to keep passing rates at an acceptable level to keep heat off the administration and, by so doing, keep our jobs.

        My last year I was at a district that was committed to implementing this new math that emphasized process over outcomes. The teacher’s edition actually sometimes said that a problem had no wrong answer, that we were to analyze the process used. I was told by the people I worked for that they had better not catch me wasting time trying to develop computation skills, that students would pick these things up on their own. I was supposed to facilitate learning, not to teach.

        For some students this style was ok. They were self motivated and would thrive no matter what. For most kids it was a complete train wreck. I decided it was time to retire.

        Teachers cannot be tough anymore for political reasons. Administrators do not want any upset parents. Everyone gets a trophy (a passing grade) for participating. This new math being implemented across the country is a poor substitute for hard work by teachers and students. It is doing much harm.

        Yes, a lot of people lack basic analytical skills. Liberals tend to make decisions based on feelings rather than logic. When confronted with logic that refutes their positions, they respond with emotion and tend to either lash out or to portray themselves as victims. President Zero is a master at manipulating these folks. He doesn’t have to make any sense, or tell the truth, so long as he can con these people with tales of “fairness” (socialist redistribution) and fabricated economic data. Neither he, nor they, understand that there is a difference between creating liquidity and creating capital. We have enough of these zombies that there is a very real chance Zero will be re-elected.

        • Exactly, we have no journalists, no teachers, no justice, no honour, no truth and therefore no hope. POlitical correctness: advancing the proposition it is possible to pick a turd up by the clean end.

          It is the same the world over, wherever the public service have been allowed to follow the rules of Rothschild.

      24. Mac, why don’t you take a few days off and rest for a bit? Is it possible things may be getting to you a bit? Posting this article may be Natures Warning Sign for you to take a break.

        My guess is most of the folks reading this website regularly already have come to the conclusion that the world as we know it is in for impending, sudden, massive, and inescapable decline into poverty, hunger, absolute self reliance, anarchy, and hopefully moral rebirth.

        But we look around and see our friends and coworkers going along as if nothing is wrong. We find it tough at times as these folks seem like zombies, unable to mentally process the information readily available to us all. Is it possible we are wrong here? No. Facts are facts and they all point the same way. Collapse. And those facts get worse daily.

        Do not despair. Millions are joining our ranks daily. All you have to do is look at the free catalogs on the airlines. They now all have sections for ‘preppers’. We have our own show, ‘Doomsday Preppers’, a series stupidly designed to make us look like freaky nerdish tinhatters. But all it does is raise awareness. For every ‘character’ prepping, there are thousands quietly laying back reserves and preparing for a return to the pioneer days. The prices for prepper merchandise are rising like a rocket because of increasing demand, limited supply, and background commodity price increases. We don’t do this for fun.

      25. In a round about way the article…I think was trying to get somewhere between zombies and public education or something similar. There are parallels though… I went through college and graduated in December2010 at 38.
        Most of the classes that I took were reruns of what I had in high school and those were easy then. If what I learned in high school is now a “HARD (WTF)” class for these kids in college its no wonder they can’t find a job anywhere.
        They don’t teach initiative, responsibility, work ethics, math, english,history was a frickin joke (more spent on socialism/environmentalism/green/go obummer than anything else that should really matter. I basically put myself in some debt to get a piece of paper that you have to have to get a job anymore just to manage a warehouse at night, or pump gas.
        The article is right about one thing…
        the zombies are going to starve….

        at least until they get to a preppers house then they get used as target practice

        should we call them zombies or “obama voters”? both are wastes of flesh that eat everything in sight and are dangerous to everything around them, just asking

        • I hear you. When I went, the recent HS grads had the most trouble.

      26. Great Idea for a Utube video—
        get someone to dress up like zombies wandering around saying “brains”… eat a couple of people, etc
        then have them walk down the line of Obama’s cabinet people (halloween masks like obummer, moochelle, naaa-pitano, etc) and none of them get eaten… no brains

        do vegetarian zombies want…”GRAINS?”

        • Or let the zombies eat them and then blow chunks (count buicks, etc).

        • They call it dancing with the stars and it’s already on

      27. The author does have a good website with many useful resources and relevant information and links. Definitely worth a look.

        Matt Drudge isn’t much of a writer either.

      28. most of the comments here are far better than the poorly written story , was this story an excerp from a larger article? disjointed at best.

      29. I will just aim for their Head!!

        > my pigs love to eat red meat!

      30. A lot of people are too buy working two or three part time jobs and raising a family. They know the economy stinks but the government and the media tell them things are getting better.

        A lot of people prep for the wrong reasons–Yellowstone Park super volcano, sudden shift of the earth axis, because the Mayans predicted it, the next global pandemic, radiation from Japan poisoning all of America’s crops. Frankly, there’s a lot of stupidity on the prepper’s side too. But they’re doing the right things even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

        • The guard around the gun looks like it came off an AR 15. Another threat, but at 30mph or less, not invincable. Lookes like he used up about half his 100 rd mag right there, and these targets were in the open, stood still, and didn’t shoot back.

      31. to date, this has been the most useless article printed here.

        • I THINK …. the author started out to say that most people don’t think of the future at all and after a week or so, they’re going to be pretty useless. Most Americans have not dealt with the listlessness of chronic hunger, the brain-deadness, the loss of weight. It’ll freak ’em out. I think the author started to recommend to work out the math of it, that the masses will be largely useless zombies in a week or two.

          Instead the author got bogged down in explaining problem-solving techniques and talking about how important they are.

          I don’t think it’s Slavo’s fault the article isn’t too good. It might be all that was in the “hopper” at the time.

          • DT

            I knew it would happen eventually…we agree.

            Take care

      32. MM2

        British zombies don’t give a shit what they eat as long as social security pays for it.

        Take care

      33. Mr.Sepulveda was perhaps putting forth the idea that most people act like zombies instead of using a critical thinking process ( four step) to comprehend the problems in the world today and perhaps come up with some workable solutions.If you follow the link to his site it is very good. There is a lot of info there for newbies and hard core preppers alike. Mr. Sepulveda is a school teacher and minister as well as a prepper. He has a very good platform to spread the word to the kids and adults alike.However I still haven’t figured out what exactly a bio vocational minister is.

      34. I was kinda disappointed I could not link to any zombie masks or posters thru his zombie blog

      35. I hope those russian troops were training with on OUR soil arent after brains I’d hate for bamers friends to go home hungry!

      36. The article was supposed to be a fun one that implied that zombies would die of starvation because there wasn’t enough brains out there.

        I guess it was one of those things where it was clear to the writer but not the reader. I should have been more clear.

        On public education… Remember that public education is a product of federal, state and local mandates. Public education can look different in different districts.

        Yes, there are some teachers who are in it for the paycheck, but that can be found in every profession. The sad part is that the laws make it difficult to get rid of the bad teachers.

        I’m blessed because I have good teachers in my school. They get to school early, leave late and come on Saturday’s to tutor students. Thankfully, the teacher unions don’t have a foothold in Texas…but they are trying.

        The real problem lies with the politicians, whos kids go to private school. If they would get out of the way and let teacher’s teach, public education would look different.

        In graduate school, three different professors alluded to the fact that there was a conspiracy to dumb down public education so that the Walmart’s of the world would have their worker bees! Maybe that is true and worth a look…one that would be edited for clarity.

        Thanks for your feedback on the article.


        • How many public school teachers start out full of piss and vinegar, but end up just slogging through until retirement because they get kneecapped? I can see how it can be a really depressing line of work.

        • Todd…What exactly is a bio vocational minister? BTW excellent site you have.

          • JRS,

            I see that there is a typo in the article above. It should say bi-vocational. A bi-vocational minister is a minister who is active in ministry, but it is not his/her full-time job. Besides the website and being an AP, I pastor a home church.

            Thanks for the kind words about the site.

      37. Have you had your daily intake of brain’s today?I think some one been smoking something.This is funny vern!

      38. I’m very dissapointed that this article didn’t come with a recipe involving garlic and mushrooms

      39. I Was Zombie When Zombie Wasn’t Cool

        So there I stood, in the checkout lane at WalMart. I counted the 49 items in my basket. Mentally rounded it down to 20, close enough for express checkout. When, suddenly, I’m accosted by a zombie.
        He eyed my overflowing cart, “Hey, buddy, you gots too much stuff for the express line”
        ‘That’s okay,’ I said, ‘everyone does it. Even you.’
        He was indignant, “I ain’t gots but leventeen items.”
        ‘Let me explain,’ I said, and began to rummage through his cart. ‘Take this box of cocoapuffs, for example. There’s over 900 chocolate morsels in every box. So you’d have to check out 45 times if the limit was 20 items.’
        He looked confused.
        ‘Or your 6-paks of beer. Seven of them is…42 items. You’d need to check out TWICE for the beer alone! See the math?’
        He nodded dumbly and scratched his head.
        ‘Or this can of Cow Squeezins cheese sauce. See, right here on the label? It says 64 ounces. At 20 items per, that’s THREE trips through checkout.’
        “But they’s only one can? Don’t they count it that way?”
        ‘Oh no, my friend. They count EACH item, and an ounce is an item, right? Now take, for example, your mega-pack of sliced baloney. 120 slices! There’s another SIX times in the express lane! Not to mention a couple more trips for the white bread you got there. If we had to stick with the 20 item rule, you’d have to check out over a hundred times! Why, you’d be here all day!’
        He looked worried. “You think they’ll let us through with all this?”
        I winked at him, as if we both shared a national security level secret, ‘I won’t tell them, if you won’t.’
        “Thanks, buddy. I was gettin’ worried for a minute. See, I gots to renew my drivers license on the way home, and I aint got time to go through checkout more than once.’
        ‘No problem,’ I said. Then I couldn’t help but play with him a bit more. ‘Did you say drivers license? You know they require a 4 page medical certificate now, right? The doctor has to measure your heart rate, toenail length, brain wave conundrums and a dozen other things. And the motor vehicle dept won’t renew your license without the long form. Don’t forget to take it with you.’
        He abandoned his cart and ran for the door. “No time to shop! I gots to git to the doctors office…”

        • Careful Okie…at this point youve attracted at least three zombies who have no sense of humor…probably work for DHS or some redundent govt agentcy….

          • I noticed that Reb. Those would be the communist hitchhikers, also known as the loyal red-thumb brigade!

      40. Zombies ? Really dude ? Someone’s been watching too many late night monster movies.

      41. Just had a discussion with a liberal/Obozo supporter (as if there’s a difference). No facts, just their opinion and falsehoods that they’ve been trained to believe. No matter how much proof I showed him. So if zombies only eat brains, then the libs/obozo supporters are safe.

      42. More “Zombie” crap. Only “Zombies” I know are the friggin’ meth & crack heads roaming the streets, while LEO lets the labs run full bore. A ignorant public is another matter. Most of the public won’t ever dare to go outside their “comfort zone” to see how the evil bustards are robbing them of everything in this world. They would rather remain in a stupefied state than face reality. Ron White put it best; “You can’t fix stupid”.

        The most posters here (IMO), KNOW something is wrong & are taking steps to make a stand for yours & theirs. You can tell by certain comments that there are those who wish to remain either blissfully ignorant or or are agent provocateurs wanting to cause strife among posters. Good luck to them, it’s hard to dissuade those who know the truth.

        • Gummer you’ve not been to Phoenix, have you?

          People there live in a state of chronic sub-clinical dehydration. They do stupid, zomebielike shit all the time. I lived there for a bit and *I* did stupid zombielike shit too.

          I sold a TV to a pawn shop, and blithely walked out and was getting into my car when a guy from the pawn shop came out and handed me my money. I’d do shit like drive around the black in a circle or two trying to decide whether to go to the library or a restaurant first. I’ve seen a guy come into a 7-11 late at night, complain about the high price of cigarettes while buying a pack, light up one and smoke it, and drive off leaving the rest of the pack sitting on top of the gas pump. All kinds of crazy zombie shit.

          I learned to *always* have some water with me, use that cup holder and drink and drive. I also got out of there, that place was nutz when the economy was good.

          Now imagine the average person now, getting hungry, stressed, feeling all weird because for the first time in their lives they’re without soda and their accustomed foods. Imagine ’em after a week or two, losing 1-2 lbs a day (if they’re not eating at all) and looking in a mirror and seeing their cheek bones for the first time, a single chin. They’re going to freak the fuck out. And the vast majority of ’em are just going to flat-out give up.

          • Haha “drive around the black” nope I tried my best to run those over! I meant block.

          • Yes, been there & seen that kind of dehydration. People working in heat do stupid sh*t, even with fatal results. Even after a 6 pack of Red Bull & 7 shots of 5 Hour Energy Drink, still doesn’t qualify a dunbazz as a SciFi “Zombie”. Nor does a mental disability. Pasting a non-discript “Zombie” label on a crappy educational system (as the author of the article did) doesn’t enhance the description of errors in the system. I expected more from a Asst Principal & a Minster. But, Oh Well, he got his Prepper Site advertised and a Soap Box to stand on. Just my 2 copper clad zinc pennies worth.

            • The rules: If they’re Not My Tribe and acting foolishly I get to call ’em a “zombie” and shoot ’em.

              It makes Mother Earth happy

              Joke’s on those who think I am joking, wait’n’see.

        • Don’t forget about the Zombie Truckers. They are out there, despite the Fed.Motor Carriers Regs. and driving laws. I have lived it,seen it,done it. Not proud of doing it either, but was being hard headed and stupid while being prod-rodded by a trucking co. dispatcher or a company owner. Many stories,too many. I’ll share one. I made my usually favorite run to Dallas and back from NC mtns. in 2009. Monday am delivery in Dallas, pu backhaul in Broken Bow,OK; ran like hell so I could get back home and cut hay wed. and work hay remainder of week. Pulled in drive,Tues. noon and collapsed on the bed,hour later phone rang,co.owner has “Hot Load” needs me desperately and will make it up to me for this one big favor. Dumb-ass me accepts and rushes like hell to make pu before closing. Already closed for the day. Make call to office,Jump thru hoops and beg, get loaded. Drive like hell, drink water from home,and eat nabs and oatmeal cakes and handfuls of vitamins and supplements. Only stop for fuel. No drugs, never. No sleep. 15 min. from destination and sitting in traffic jam outside Boston. Pissed as a big Bull tangled in barbwire with 20 cows in heat nearby getting serviced by young bull. Make calls, beg & plead, finally get unloaded and cussed out. OK must drive like hell to make pu/backhaul before closing, in R. Island, barely make, Load must be deliverd in S.Carolina by 10:00 pm Fri. or have to wait until Mon. am. Run like hell. Pissed again. Night time early am, take wrong exit ramp heading towards NY CITY? WTF! drive 20 min. in “the hood” trying to find place to turn 53’ trailer and long nosed Pete around. Really pissed. Get out and drive all the way to VA state line and collapse. Hour later, phone rings, owner wants to know ETA at destination. Explain zombiefied state and request relay driver at a point en-route within 20 miles of terminal. No compassion from owner and replies “ if you didn’t have hours to make the run, you shouldn’t have accepted it!” Now pissed as two bulls tangled in barbwire, “together”! Seeing blood, seeing face full of blood with two hands wrapped around throat of owner. Two hands controlled by mad man behind steering wheel flying like bat from hell. Make it to delivery point with 15 minutes to spare. Find out our company drops trailers there all the time, could have dropped in at any hour over the weekend and didn’t need materials till mon. anyhow. Now really pissed. Walking Zombie. Been going for 79 hours with only six hours sleep. No dope. Zombiefied to the point of very little rational thinking. Had a vision of crashing and killing innocent people. Drove about 1 mile to a Dunkin Dognut Shop and pulled around back and collapsed for five hours before driving the 100 miles back home Sat. am………..Beware people, they are out there and sitting on top of 75,000 lbs. of steel and fiberglass barreling towards you at 70 mph!

      43. Well look at it this way…IF the average person is really this stupid then youre safe because even if they accidently stumble on you and you preps after TSHTF they wont have enough cognitive function to know it…then you can run away,run away…

      44. This article reminds me of a joke: Why did the kid with ADD cross the road?………….Wanna go ride bikes?

      45. The author forgot to mention the “documented” effect that the sound of racking a 12 gauge has on the bad guys.

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