Why Most Of The Western Half Of The U.S. Is Completely Unsuitable For Strategic Relocation

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    This article has been contributed by Michael Snyder at End of the American Dream

    western-half-of-us2If there is one thing that you cannot live without, it is fresh water.  Just try it some time.  Seriously – try to live for 24 hours without using a single drop of fresh water.  You will quickly learn how indispensable it is.  Unfortunately, a lot of people that are “strategically relocating” to another part of the United States are not taking the availability of fresh water seriously when making the decision about where to move.  If you live in an area that receives very little precipitation and that is not close to a consistent source of fresh water, what would you do if something happened and the water got shut off?  Without water, you cannot grow food, you cannot cook, you cannot wash your clothes, you cannot take a bath and you cannot even use the toilet.  The most basic things that we do in life are totally dependent on the availability of fresh water.  So why are so many “preppers” considering moving to some of the driest areas of the entire country?

    Thanks to the drought that never seems to end, there are some southwestern cities that are now rapidly running out of water.  Just check out what is happening right now in one city in Arizona

    In the northern Arizona city of Williams, restaurant patrons don’t automatically get a glass of water anymore. Residents caught watering lawns or washing cars with potable water can be fined. Businesses are hauling water from outside town to fill swimming pools, and building permits have been put on hold because there isn’t enough water to accommodate development.

    And in some areas of southern Nevada, the authorities are actually paying people to remove their lawns because there is so little water.

    So why would anyone that wants to become independent of the system actually move to those areas?

    It doesn’t make sense.

    Over in California, the multi-year drought just continues to get even worse.  In fact, the Climate Prediction Center says that the drought in California is likely to intensify throughout this upcoming summer.  As a result, we could soon witness an unprecedented water emergency in the state.  In a recent article, I quoted a New York Times piece that discussed how some rural communities in Californiawill soon have no water to drink

    The punishing drought that has swept California is now threatening the state’s drinking water supply.

    With no sign of rain, 17 rural communities providing water to 40,000 people are in danger of running out within 60 to 120 days. State officials said that the number was likely to rise in the months ahead after the State Water Project, the main municipal water distribution system, announced on Friday that it did not have enough water to supplement the dwindling supplies of local agencies that provide water to an additional 25 million people. It is first time the project has turned off its spigot in its 54-year history.

    If you truly are interested in strategic relocation, you should want to avoid such areas like the plague.

    Below, I have posted a map that was produced by the federal government.  It shows average precipitation levels for the lower 48 states.  A lot of preppers are attracted to the western half of the country due to the low population density, but as you can see, most of the western half of the country is extremely dry…


    If you do want to move somewhere in the western half of the country, you need to choose carefully.

    Personally, I would generally avoid the west coast completely.  As the Ring of Fire continues to heat up, it is going to become increasingly likely that we will see major earthquakes and/or significant volcanic activity along the west coast.  For many more reasons why the west coast is a concern, and why I would particularly avoid the state of California, please see my previous article entitled “16 Reasons To Move Away From California“.

    Once you get past the west coast, there are very few areas that are not really dry until you reach the middle part of the country.

    For example, it has been estimated that the state of New Mexico only has a 10 year supply of fresh water left.

    So why would anyone want to “strategically relocate” there?

    Or just take a look at what is happening to Lake Powell.  It is fed by the once mighty Colorado River, but at this point the flow of water into the lake has been reduced to a “trickle”

    After 14 years of drought, Lake Powell is less than half full.

    Water flows into Lake Powell, nestled between Utah and Arizona, from high in the Rocky Mountains via the Colorado River. More than 30 million people in seven states depend on the mighty Colorado for water to grow crops, fuel power plants and keep cities such as Las Vegas alive. But this year, the worst drought in a century has slowed the flow to a trickle.

    In August, the federal Bureau of Reclamation cut, by 9 percent, the amount of water people in the southwestern United States could draw from Lake Powell. As states and counties squabble over their allotment of water in the coming years, hydroelectric plants (including the one on the Hoover Dam) could idle, and farmers are bracing for reduced crop production.

    It is hard to believe, but the Colorado River doesn’t even run all the way to the ocean any longer.  If something is not done fairly soon, even the Hoover Dam could be forced to shut down eventually.  For much more on all of this, please see this article.

    Over in Texas, drought conditions have helped fuel an epidemic of wildfires in recent years.  In fact, a major wildfire in Texas made national news headlines on Monday

    A wildfire that raced through a North Texas community destroyed or damaged 100 homes and forced evacuation of thousands of people, authorities said Monday.

    Wildfires burned an astounding 3.6 million acres in the state of Texas during 2011 alone.

    That is something to consider when choosing a place to live.

    I am not saying that preppers cannot make it in the areas that I just mentioned.  But you have got to do your research, because according to some scientists we could potentially be facing “a century-long megadrought“.

    The truth is that last century was far wetter than usual in the western half of North America.  During that era, we built teeming cities in the desert and we farmed vast areas that are usually bone dry

    Scientists say their research shows the 20th century was one of the wettest centuries in the past 1,300 years. During that time, we built massive dams and rerouted rivers. We used abundant water to build major cities and create a $45 billion agriculture industry in a place that used to be a desert.

    But now things are returning to “normal”, and that is creating a crisis of epic proportions.

    And the goal of most preppers should be to avoid crisis areas.

    Look, I love the western half of the country.  I live there myself.  But if you are going to live in the western half of the country, it is imperative that you choose some place that either gets plenty of precipitation or that has easy access to a supply of fresh water.  Take a look at this map again.  Unfortunately, those areas are fairly rare in the western half of the country…


    Survival expert James Wesley Rawles recommends an area that he calls “the American Redoubt” that includes parts of Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington and eastern Oregon.  As you can see from the map, there is quite a bit of green in those areas.  So if you are seriously considering relocating, perhaps you should take another look at that part of the country.

    For most of our lives, most of us have been able to take water completely for granted.  But that is going to change.  We are entering a time when the entire globe is going to be facing a massive water crisis.

    Right now, an astounding 60 percent of all groundwater in China is already too polluted to drink, and one recent UN report projected that two-thirds of all the people in the world will be dealing with “water stress” and 1.8 billion people will be facing “absolute water scarcity” by the year 2025.

    So if you are interested in “strategic relocation”, the availability of fresh water should be near the top of your list of considerations.

    Without an independent supply of fresh water, it would be foolish to ever think that you are actually “prepared” for much of anything.


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      1. Having had a taste of a brush fire 2 weeks ago, fire mitigation has moved up on my list of things to do. Definitely manageable.

        I would not choose a place based on wild fire, but rather take into account what the cost of fire mitigation measures are and if I’m willing to allocate my meager resources to it. In my case the numbers definitely add up, and it’s just something I have to do.

        • Excellent points… Pretty much anywhere with a dry/hot climate is going to pose a risk… When we were out in Texas a few years back we had family members lose their home in the Bastrop wildfire…

          Rural / Ex-Urban Texas is a great place to be if the SHTF, but even there the risks include more than just tornadoes.

          I think this is the case pretty much all over… Solve one problem, run into another.

          Easy access to water, though, should be first on the list, whether it be for consumption or fire mitigation.

          Insofar as fire mitigation goes, i think taking the pre-emptive step of clearing an area around the house so that you’ve got at least a solid 100 – 150 feet of open land in all directions is a great start…

          Thanks 300 !


          • There really isn’t a drought in California. There are just too many people living in a desert and sucking up all the resources.
            Clearing the vegetation from around your home does some good but not much. Just look at the last Malibu Fire where widely spaced houses with manicured green lawns and plenty of fire protection burned down one after another. If you want a house that wont burn down, don’t build it out of wood.

            • No doubt Ed — there is PLENTY of water in the Sierras. It’s literally everywhere. I can’t drive more than a few miles without hitting a clean water source out where we live. But as you noted, much of it is now being diverted to SoCal… I believe this is one of the reasons that many Northern Californians are pushing for breaking the state into six different states. NorCal residents, many of whom are conservative or libertarian, are sick and tired of shipping their water, food and money to the South and getting nothing in return except for more taxation and regulation.

              • Yes, all resources to the Capitol while those in the districts are left with the scraps. Panem indeed.

                • Bidens’ son is on the board of the Ukraine natural gas company hahahaha this is not dirty at all. I’m sure he got this job on his own Merritt. I’m sure this is on the up and up.

                  • Why is there no blue on the map, on the east coast? According to the legend, that is supposed to be the most plentiful fresh water?

                    I had another thought. If the eastern states all buck up hard on issues like gun control, it drives people out of those states.

                    It just so happens that the more gun-friendly states happen to be the most driest, and going drier soon.

                    It would be a perfect long-term coup, to drive all of us preppers into the doomed areas where life will be difficult, if not impossible, with laws and regulations on our freedoms.

                    So the end is, the only “free” states left, are the dead and dying ones. TPTB know about this water issue and have for some time, yet they still sell our fresh water to China.

                    (I’m so sick of China, I could puke)

                    It sounds to me like a voluntary relocation effort that we missed catching on to.

                  • I thought the air smelled cleaner when I drove over to Rehobeth beach with the wife last week.

                  • The Southern Redoubt, Cajun Country, is looking better and better. We have plenty of fresh water here. Don’t have to deal with icy blizzards. We have plenty of rain and many natural springs. We have a great growing season for farmers and gardeners. It is not called ‘Sportsman’s Paradise’ for nothing! I do miss the mountains but you get use to it. We’ve got some of the most beautiful clouds you will ever see though. Sometimes in the distance, they look like snow mountains (smile).

                  • In case you’ve been in a coma, Bro. Nathanael will wake you up:

                    HOW HAVE THE JEWS destroyed America? Let us count the ways:

                    Jews Are The Main Pushers Of Homosexual Activity.

                    Jews Brought In Multiple Creeds via Their Open Immigration Law of 1965.

                    Jews Offshore US Jobs via Jewish Wall Street.

                    Jews Have Accelerated Inflation via The Federal Reserve.

                    Jews Have Created a Jewish Police State via Homeland Security.

                    Jews Form Public Opinion via TOTAL Ownership of the Main Stream Media.

                    Jews Blackball Christian Groups via Homeland Security.

                    Jews Litigate Against Christian Symbols in the Public Square.

                    Jews Celebrate Passover In The White House But Forbid Easter Services.

                    Jews Control Capitol Hill via AIPAC, ADL, and Sheldon Adelson.

                    Jews Manipulate Elections via Money & Media.

                    Jews Corrupt The Youth via Jew-owned Hollywood and the Music Industry….


                    This pattern, parasite kills host, explains the expulsion of the genocidal Master Race from hundreds of nations and city-states. “Antisemitism” does not arise in a mysterious vacuum, but from cause and effect. Jewish behavior is the cause; “antisemitism” is the effect.

                  • Though more are awakening from their coma, too many people still HATE the truth.

              • It really makes me laugh when people say there is a shortage of water on planet Earth. It is 75% water on the surface. There will NEVER be a shortage of water on this planet.

                Desalination plants could easily be built to supply an endless stream of water for everyone.

                The problems with that are the same as with free energy. The banksters can’t enslave the people if there is abundant water and free energy.

                Thus, the banksters will continue to restrict the supply of water to what falls from the sky and exist underground. That way, they can always profit from it’s use through the myth of “scarcity”.

                Make sure water distillation is a MAJOR part of your preps. If you can distill water the number of water sources increases greatly.

              • Farmers are revealing that some of their water is being sold to CHINA. and Haarp drought is doing the rest. there is plenty of water, if not tampered with

            • I just can’t agree. I live in the Salinas valley, a huge agricultural area. Our farmers get 0% of their water from anywhere else; it’s all from the aquifer and two reservoirs, one of which is at 5% capacity. We sell no water to any other region. Call me stupid, but 5″ of rain in a year’s time, vs the 18″ which is normal, is still a drought.

              • The huge problem with anything east of the Rocky Mountains is nuclear war and massive fallout from the ground impacts of nuclear weapons. There are plenty of areas east of the Rockies that are very suitable for survival IF there is not a nuclear war. This seems less and less likely that there will not be a nuclear war. The U.S. is not only F’ing with Russia, but is now trying to screw with the country that can flattened the U.S. economy but also level the U.S. with nukes, China. This is much more intense than the cold war because the U.S. is taking on much more than they can chew in two countries that encompass 10 million square miles. The U.S. has slightly over 3.5 million square miles of land.

                To people that feel that the U.S. can annihilate BOTH China and Russia with their submarine fleet alone should understand just how many targets need to be hit in tow countries that are so huge. This doesn;t include the other Russian and Chinese alliance countries such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Pakistan, the old ex-Soviet states, and others. This lack of enough nuclear weapons makes WW3 that much more likely because Mutual Assured Destruction M.A.D. is not so Mad anymore.

                Michael is absolutely correct about water, this is something everyone must consider. Underground springs that are very reliable are all over the west. After a nuclear war underground water that has been filtered naturally is something that everyone should also aim for.

                There is something else everyone should realize about fallout. At around 30 degree north or south of the equator the air falls. This is why you get deserts at these latitudes. The U.S. south is only wet because of the high water temperatures of the Gulf waters. IF the temperatures in the Gulf dropped to like off the coast of California or Peru, the entire south would be a desert and look like northern Mexico and southern California. Whereever the air falls, fallout is going to be the highest concentration.

                I said this before, but the best place to relocate to in case of nuclear war is 10 degress north to 10 degress south of the equator, preferably with some altitude. Here the air is constantly rising and spreading out towards the poles. This area and about 50 degrees south of the equator are the best places for the least amount of fallout from WW3. Other areas offer better protection from fallout.

                You can assume that the air is going to travel from west to east. Most harderned targets that ground burst nukes will be used in the central to midwest areas. This makes the west the BETTER choice for avoiding fallout.

                Another consideration for being in the best spots is the 2nd Amendment and being in the areas where the last strongholds for keeping your firearms. I respect the people of Georgia for telling BO and his anti-gunners to shove it, but the state is still not Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. Neither is any state east of the Mississippi. In everyone of these states east of the Miss. river you have high concentrations of libtards that want to get rid of everyone’s guns. AND it is getting worse as these bleeding hearts are moving to these weather friendly states. Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are places that if someone is anti-gun better keep their mouth shut about it. The major metropolitian areas such as Atlanta, Raleigh, New Orleans, Birmingham, and many others draw in these anti-gunner pro government regulate my a$$ to death like magnets. These will be jumping off points for the government and marital law.

                There is much to consider also with the spread of disease. This is next most like mega SHTF event. Major populated areas will be the first to be hit with the worst viruses and bacteria. Unfortunately practically everywhere again east of the Mississippi has a high concentration of people, or an area too close for comfort. The west is one of those areas in which you can get away from those that will make you sick the quickest. As long as you have water, the west seems to have the best opportunity for longer term survival when this world decides to do some wholesale dying.

                • I akways figured if it came to nukes and biological warfare being used then there are very few places in the world that are surviveable. Depending on the biological agent used, the land will for all intents and purposes be uninhabitable for many lifetimes. Fallout and radiation are relatively short term problems with the most harmful radiation decaying to background levels after weeks or months. Granted you will probably die of cancer someday but at least your remaining lifespan will be measured in decades.

                  If biological weapons were used I would most likely make my way into interior Canada or Alaska where population densities are very low or nonexistent, and try to survive. Those kinds of weapons mean the end of society, governments, borders, humanity, etc. Ultimate goal would be to make it to coast and liberate a sailboat and head out to the South Pacific or Australia. Kind of dreary to contemplate though.

                  • This article makes South American rainforests sound good.

                • Underground water in much of the west is not potable without some treatment due to heavy content of dissolved minerals. Getting a well producing more than a few gpm is also an issue. Hitting a good well within the inland west is like winning the lotto. How many tickets can you afford to buy before winning, because drilling is not cheap?

                  Natural springs and ground water are at risk in areas where fracking is present, sometimes impacting points hundreds of miles away. Many people in rural western homes have a cistern and haul water or hire someone to fill it on a regular basis. In some areas you might start out with a producing well only to find it polluted or dry within a few years.

                  Choose your location wisely. Have a major river system close to you and purification equipment. You never know when you may need it.

                • Yes BI, I agree about the nukes but after the first go round some of the choice spots in the South will be void of much of the undesirable population because they are the least prepared. Everywhere will be sparsely populated if the die off is half of what I have been reading it will be.

              • WTF, you are aware that those lakes are filled via, the northern calif canal. The Central Valley water districts are some of the most powerful in the state. Get this they want to dig tunnels under the delta for more water. They want LA to pay the lions share.

                If your read the data, the majority of that water from Southern Oregon and Northern Calif, will be used in the Central Valley. Central Ca farmers pretty much control the Trinity water shed, which is north west above Redding Ca.

                Water wars are already happening in the west. It’s plain to see that population based communities have the voting power, and the legislative power to just take water from other communities. ” inner state”

                As for the article, I’m amused. Your going to see a HUGE push by the EPA to dominate the water usage.

                The UN and private entities such as NESTLE are pushing hard for private ownership of ALL the water in the US. This is nothing more then Agenda 21 crap.

                What our govt doesn’t get is, the water is a semi limited resource. It belongs to We The People, not a water district, or an Indian tribe. As for no water in the arid zone, keep thinking that. I’ve rafted a different river every week since early April. For a water short year it appears they are flushing huge flows down the rivers. I’ll be floating those same rivers in October, with a bit less flow.

                D Williams

              • To John Q Public re: Jews take over of America. Your facts are correct. Wake up America!! Here is another Fact: The US Supreme Court consists of 33% Jews, but the Jewish US population is only 2.2%. So when the Supreme Court recently refused to take up the case of the NDAA’s legality, or campaign finance contributions,….you get the point. The US has already been invaded by the NWO Klan Takeover. People are just too dumbed down to pay attention what has already happened. And it seems anytime someone points these kinds of fact out, the Jewish crowd whines anti-semite.

                Source: Wikipedia: In 2010, the confirmation of President Barack Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan to the Court ensured that three Jewish justices would serve simultaneously. Prior to this confirmation, conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan stated that, “If Kagan is confirmed, Jews, who represent less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, will have 33 percent of the Supreme Court seats”.[82] So who controls the Laws, or the Money Supply, AKA:Central bankers or the Military and what policy or countries to back and finance in the middle east, or who to attack. Or what group sponsors Gun Bans in the US, its the Jewish Influence. Or 95% of the media which is controlled by Jews, the story line and daily propaganda to create hate or demonize others shows its ugly face to what is really going on. I just hope it is not too late for America to wake the hell up!!

                • We need to quit calling the people we call Jews, Jews! they are not descended fron Abraham, Issac and Jacob, they are descended from Esau Edom. They are Edomite khazars.
                  Also there are several Catholics on the court, Prtestants are grossly under represented.

                  • Yeah? And how are the athiests represented? What about the Buddhists and the Hindus living in the US? Poor, poor Christians with only 70% of the power. I feel so sorry for you.

                • Jews are 0.2% of population but have won 22% of Nobel prizes. Obviously the Jews now control Sweden also. They are taking over everywhere.

                • Jews are 0.2% of population but have been awarded 22% of Nobel prizes. Obviously they control Sweden . They have taken over everywhere.

            • The central valley of California fed a huge part of the U.S.
              That’s past tense. Now they are cutting the irrigation water off and food prices are going up up and away. Anybody checked the price of beef lately?

              Everybody plant those fields and gardens. Go full-on for food independence. This could be the most important growing season of our lives.

              • I agree.

                Any produce production that replaces Cali will be in an area where bugs of every kind are more prevalent, or have a greatly reduced growing season.

                Either way, produce will be more expensive and less available.

                • Finally we know why places like Cali and AZ have, until recently, been sparsely populated.

                  • Check out a movie called “Cadilac Desert”. It is about how water from NorCal, Ore, Nevada and Arizona have all been pulled into SoCal since the 1930s. This is not a new story. Power and money and votes have literally sucked dry and decimated entire lakes, valleys and communities so that SoCal could have the water they need and to hell with anyone else.

              • ^+1 NO!

              • New Ordnance, neither one of those things would be happening if they had simply disobeyed a certain federal judge’s order to cut off the water for those farmers. but that’s commiefornia for you.

            • I suspect that Ed is closer to the truth than most people are wiling to admit.

              The fate that Mexifornia now finds itself in is a fate that is of their own making. Meaning, of course, the liberals and the virulently hate filled jews who have been orchestrating the massive flood of ravenous, thirsty mestizos across our Southern border ever since Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits got that 1965 White Genocide Immigration legislation passed – with the ultimate jewish goal of reducing Whites to a minority inside what was once their own native homelands, and then subjugating them to being permanently ruled by a motley collection of hostile non-Whites who the jews who own and control our media have taught to hate and despise the White man. Anybody bother to go see the movie ‘Machete’ or ‘Machete 2’? See my point?

              I’d like to back up what Ed said in another way. Whites are very conscientious and self-disciplined in the area of reproduction and as a rule, more so than any other race, tend to limit the size of their families to a level that they deem to be affordable and reasonable. Non-whites are not wired this way; they are irresponsible and tend to breed like rabbits – since, according to the welfare and social entitlement system that the left has imposed on America and other European dominant societies – the more kids non-whites have, the more welfare and freebies they become eligible to receive.

              Whites are penalized for having big families because they can’t afford to and still be able to afford to pay their ever increasing level of taxes. Taxes which are then used to provide incentives for non-Whites to breed like rabbits, in order to boost the amount of social entitlements they can qualify for – its an endless and vicious circle, folks. And, sooner or later the parasites are going to suck the producers completely dry.

              Thus, if we were to erase that 1965 White Genocide Legislation and deport every last mestizo who’s arrived here since 1965 – the population of the Southwest would stabilize rather quickly and the unsustainable drain on the natural resources for the Western states would end in fairly short order. This is what the left and the jews want to avoid discussing; they want to instead shift the blame that belongs to them and to their diabolically criminal agenda to genocide White European Americans over to Mother Nature. Yea, right.

              Mother Nature is a mean old bitch and she’s probably a hard core White ‘racist’, too. Or, else she wouldn’t be causing all these droughts and waving her ‘White racist magic wand’ over the Colorado River and Lake Powell and Lake Mead and making all that fresh water evaporate just so she can cheat 100 or 200 million illegal thirsty mestizos out of a cool sip of water that really belongs to the evil Gringos and Gringas.

              Can someone cite for me even one idea that any liberal ever came up with that wasn’t catastrophically destructive and a complete and utter failure?

              • Are you kidding me?! I personally know Catholics with huge families! All the Mexicans coming across the border are Christian Catholics! Americans are having fewer children now because women earn their own money, have equal rights, and won’t put up with spending their lives as slaves. And that came about because women’s rights and birth control were liberal agendas! Conscientious and self disciplined my ass. When women think of birth control they think Hallelujah! I’m free!

          • Think NE of Washington, N of Idaho and NW of Montana (last one only if you do not fear Yellowstone).
            Most of the water is coming from glaciers of Canadian Rockies. It is best water in the world, because it is not contaminated by human race.
            But you have to be native american or white (more than 93% white population) and be ready for low income jobs unless you are teleworker.

            • noname

              No jobs up here. Pine Bark Beetles have eaten most of the trees. Fires have burned the rest. When the snowpack goes out this year we will have massive mudslides down the burned areas choking all the pristine rivers with silt.
              Yellowstone is acting up. In some geyser basins, the asphalt roads are melting. The Minuteman Missile bases are on alert due to the Ukrainian crisis. Yuppies are flooding in from California and driving up all the land prices. A new ice age started up here this past winter. It looks like the growing season is going down to 45 days.I don’t know what I am going to do. I might have to relocate to the Ozarks if SHTF doesn’t catch me first.

              • P.S. Anybody that moves up here will have to live like Jeremiah Johnson.


                • Yes, there is drought in the Southwest and a limit to good water in Arizona. Some people may go thirsty. That said, an enterprising individual can find good land, cheap land, and good water. But ya gotta do that before SHTF, not afterwards.

                  Arizona cannot support the masses of Sheeple from California who will try to migrate here when the BIG ONE hits SoCal. So WE built FEMA Camps and Tent City to give them a place to die. 🙁

                  • There is no water in my neck of the woods

                    nope not a drop all the fresh water in the US is out west

                    pass me by

                    Ba hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

            • I agree actually western washington as some bright spots.
              The port Angeles area gets ample water, geographic isolation, not to populated.
              It is not easy trip by car one bridge out & it’s an island.

              I grow enough food to feed about 18 family members and have a surplus from a 5000 sqr foot garden. And you will have plenty of like minded neighbors.
              Just my personal experience.


              • There are Ferries that goes from Mukilteo on Whidbey Island, to Seattle or Port Townsend. PA is NOT an island by any means. It is on the north east side of the Olympic peninsula, on hwy 101. You must be thinking of Whidbey Island, there is only one bridge, the Deception Pass bridge, which is on the northern end on Hwy 20.

                • …and 3 people thumbed me down, just for knowing the geography of where I used to live?

                  This is getting ridiculous.

            • noname,

              NW Montana is pretty far from Yellowstone and the wind usually blows from the north or west, so you would probably be safer there than in Colorado, Missouri, etc.

              Look at the maps where they show the ash fallout in the last three eruptions. I won’t include a link here or I will get moderated, but you can Google it.

            • The Flathead has been infiltrated by the Californicators. Bozeman has been captured too. Nice places to visit, but I will stay in the Red Lodge-Absarokee area. Yellowstone Caldera is not a concern in my lifetime, but there are plenty of immediate threats that exist and I’m in the last best place with a wild and rugged backyard to escape to when needed.

              My standard is anywhere griz lives is a good ecosystem.

          • I live near Lake Powell. Although low it is not the lowest it has ever been. It is still over 150 miles long even at 110ft below full pool. As I write this the lake is rising at 3 inches per day right now. Is there a drought, you bet there is but things are not as dire as the writer makes them out to be, at least not here. One big problem is places like Las Vegas and Phoenix have allowed people to plant grass instead of natural landscaping. It doesn’e make much sense to use water in the desert to grow a nice lawn. There is plenty of water in the desert if you know where to look. Plenty of natural springs out there. We just don’t tell anyone where they are!

          • Hey Mac

            We here in Aussie have learned to deal with living in low rainfall areas. About 70% of Aussie is “officially” a desert with less than 10 inches of rain a year. Yet those who live in the smaller rural towns and on farms get by quite well. We use every square inch of roof space – houses, sheds, in fact any building with a iron roof – to collect and store rainwater. And we are frugal with it.

            Half of Australia is only a few years out of a near 10 year drought – but even during the worst of it there was the occasional shower and every drop on the roof went into tanks. The cities suffered because the vast majority of the population have no idea water is a finite resource. A family of 4 can get by quite well with 20,000 gallons (4.54 litres to one of our “gallons”, 3.8 to one of yours) of tank capacity. City people moving to the country would run out in a few months though. I grew up on a place with 3,000 gallons only (28″ annual rainfall) and when the tanks got down to half we practiced conservation.

            I read recently that the Western half of the US has undergone 2 megadroughts in the last 1300 years (google it, easy to find) – one of nearly 200 years and one of over 400 ending in the 1300’s. Then it didn’t really matter – another one now would be catastrophic because of the population. A mega drought here would be just as catastrophic.


          • I think too many people are looking at the big picture, looking for land at 20000 feet is not realistic. get on the ground, there are many pockets of good land in the western states. Follow the mountains, there is water available.
            I have 60 acres of land on a high mountain plateau in southern NM, 21 miles to the nearest paved road. The land is at 7000 feet and being far south has a long growing season. There is a year round creek running beside the road and has a well on the property. The well has really good water at 500 feet, easily pumped with 6 solar panels.
            There is large swaths of the western states are mountainous, to find these areas get out the old fashion topo maps, as you go south go up in elevation.
            I have my retirement property (5000 sq ft cabin)on 3 acres also at 7000 feet in southern NM. It has 3 creeks within 200 yards. there are 11 full time residents on 60 acres serviced by 3 wells pumping from 40 feet into a 55000 tank. there are lots of places throughout virtually every state suitable for bugging out or what ever needs one has.
            In response to this article yes there is a drought, the Rio Grande River has not run south of T or C NM for a year, The underground aquifer has gone down some but is still there, water is about 42’down. Keep looking but look at ground level, not at 20000 feet.

            Pump Guy Out

          • Some of the places without water could be a good place to hide out. It’s not easy but if you link up some air conditioning systems with wind energy, you can pull water out of the air. Also solar stills can use the sun to clean toxic mineral laden water.

            In a total SHTF situation it will be time to think outside the box.

          • Providing you are allowed to. Many times the enviro nuts prevent any brush removal. After the big 2003 Cedar Fire in San Diego County a owner in the town of Ramona attempted to do some brush removal and found some enviro nut from the Bay Area in his face telling him he would be arrested. This was in town on a lot next to buildings just after a devastating fire had burned tens of thousands of acres, hundreds of homes and killed many people.

        • Pacific Northwest!!!!!!! plenty of water, food, and libtards to shoot at when it all falls apart.

      2. Texas is fine by me and always will be.

        • Not me. Texas seems several steps to close to Hell and on the wrong side of it. On the other hand I tend to disagree with this article. Very long term, for large numbers, he is right, but for the big issue; People are the biggest problem for survival. If the SHTF a huge number of people must die, Will be a far bigger problem than water. Someone with 1000 gals of water and some food 100 miles north of death valley will make it till it’s over. Someone on the bank of the Old Miss near St Louis won’t. Issue is; are you starting a whole new culture or trying to survive the crunch. Survive the crunch then worry about long term. There will be lots of empty river front property afer it’s over.

        • Unless you get your water from one of the rapidly depleting aquafiers then you’ll eventually be living in a barren wasteland. Personally, I wouldn’t live anywhere crops have to be irrigated. I like living between a river and lake where water literally spring up out of the ground yet high enough to stay dray even in the New Madrid splits America in half.

          Now is a great time to check out the United States Drought Monitor. http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/

      3. I said before I’m going to east central Tenn. If I have time if not I have plan 2! Can anyone say Ozarks.

        • The water supply here in the Ozarks seems to be quite good even in the times of little rain, there are lots of lakes and rivers to draw on for potable water even if you have to filter it for drinking and cooking it’s there. Sgt. come on down and join us.

          • M H;
            Would you believe I already have 100 acres near Poplar Bluff (west)
            I would go there 1St., but my wife has a good size family in east central Tenn.

        • Good evening, Sarge. My Dad has been retired in the Ozarks since ’94. I tried to get a 10-acre spread I found over there back in ’97, but was turned down for a mortgage. I’m checking some tax auctions in Middle and East TN. now for something. If that falls through, I still have my plan for bugout to the north GA relatives. I’m taking some more supplies over there in July. Ozarks is an alternative if you don’t find what you want in TN. I plan on remaining east of Ol’ Man River.

        • There are a few states that are overlooked and may be some of the best places to live. They have small populations, good soil, and plenty of water in most locations. The only drawback can be winter. Think south of ND and north of KS. This time of year our main entertainment is turkey hunting and watching Tornado’s. Moved to my neck of the woods from Chicago 25 years ago. Best kept secret.

        • You got it right, Sgt. Dale. Go where people were successfully subsistence farming in 1900 or before. My little farmhouse’s original foundation is 1850 or earlier. Water here is something we consider a damned nuisance, and spend money engineering drainage to get rid of it.

          You also want to be within a reasonable distance of a navigable river, IMHO. Once again, look at where people lived before steam, oil, and electricity.

      4. I wish people would quit referring Idaho. Are you sure the article didn’t mean Iowa?

        • I’ve been to Iowa.

          The article is definitely talking about Idaho. 🙂

          • Shit.
            The No Trespassing signs go out tonite….

            • Too late. Liberals already own and run the state. The natives are just the hired help.

          • Those lily White sodbusters from Iowa played a significant role in, and are to blame, for foisting the illegal, anti-White, Communist gun-grabbing alien from Kenya upon this nation.

            I’ve got zero respect for White people in Iowa.

            • Funny, fifteen years ago when I was really beginning to think about a BOL, I was working in Minneapolis. I looked hard at Iowa, but came to the same conclusion. Ditto Minniesoter, ditto South Dakota, ditto Wisconsin. It’s a hangover from the late 19th century agrarian populist movements, which in turn were a reaction against the monumental corruption of the Reconstruction era, which was run by Eastern manufacturing and railroad barons, Republicans to a man. In MN the left wing party today is still known officially and the DFL, the Democratic Farm and Labor party. And it hasn’t yet dawned on them that their oppressors have swapped parties.

      5. Highly recommend listening to this very recent interview with JWR at: http://thedailycoin.org/?p=819

        He goes over all aspects of strategic location. Great interview!

        • Thank MtBiker — I planned on posting this in the next 24 hours.

        • My strategy is to move 180 degrees in the opposite direction of where everyone is heading to if shtfplan….I’d rather drink desert water with a few than fighting with millions over river water.

          • Well, that is a good plan if you have the means to drill a 500 ft well and a way to pump the water out (even without electricity).

            • Two words: solar and wind. Due to temperature changes in the desert between day and night, the wind is always moving in the foothills, up and down the washes.

              A single Southwest Wind Power turbine can be modified to turn a 3 mph breeze into a 9 mph wind when the sun isn’t shining. Both will generate power for your electric pump. 🙂

            • Texas,
              Good thoughts, but water can be found in the desert. It cannot support millions, but a few thousand could work together and utilize it efficiently. It is surprising sometimes where an artesian well may spring up. Windmills were built for a reason….

      6. Now this one makes a little more sense…. That is one reason I chose Florida.. yep, I know.. big old Tsunami, Hurricanes !! Hurricanes !! You just can’t completely eliminate threats in the real world.. so you eliminate what you can. Got all the water I could ever need here.. can grow a garden year round.. don’t much have to worry about freezing to death.. ‘cept for my mother in laws icy stare..

        • Yes ….and in my neck of the lagoon,there is plenty of naturally occurring fresh water springs.

          All we have to do is stop the pesticides and fertilizer runoff into said lagoon, we would have a great place to fish … again…couple that with small farming operations… lots of protein and fresh veggies….what could be better….

          Maybe a light air beamer cruise up and down the beach….and a cold crisp one from HOLLAND…. life would be good …again…

        • oh don’t tell the world! Forget what he just said. Florida sucks! Go west young man! LOL

          • Don’t worry AP,
            Only a select few can handle the heat & humidity.without AC…
            AND,the bugs ,oh yea, can’t forget the bugs…
            mosquitos as big as birds…. right….. 😉

          • You’ll sweat your ass off!

          • Florida sucks because it’s been over-run with New Yorkers.

          • One hundred degrees with ninety percent humidity, plus all kinds of dangerous exotic snakes, komodo dragons, monitor lizards and illegal aliens up the wazoo. Great lap dance bars though and fishing. I want to live like Doc Ford in his marina.

        • Ouch, I lived in south FL from 1975 to 1982 and I loved it. But when my wife was killed, there was nothing left for me there. Losing a loved one can really change a person. I speak from hard-core experience.

          • Yes it does Brave Heart.. yes it does. I am sorry for your loss.

        • Florida is a huge sandbar. A shallow spot in the ocean.

      7. @ Sgt. Dale ” plan 2! Can anyone say Ozarks.”

        I can say Ozarks. The north side of “Lake of the Ozarks” in Missouri. We are surrounded by, water,fish,deer,wild turkeys, Morel Mushrooms, blackberries, firewood and a lot of rednecks with guns and anti gov’t attitudes.

        • Ghost:
          That sounds like my kind of a place. How do they feel about Cops?

          Believe me If Tenn. doesn’t work out. I’m going to Mo.
          I have 100 acres two small ponds a small creek on a dead end road.

          This would be the best place for me, but my wife has numbers in Tenn. That are like minded.

        • Ghost:
          Where I live right now. I have deer turkey doves rabbits squirrel coon , Loads of water, woods and the blackest soil in the world.
          One big problem around 75 miles south west of Shitcago!
          That’s right the northern half of Illinois.
          That is one problem the other is it has too DAMN long of a winters and I hate cold weather.
          This one of the reasons I’m getting the Hell out. as soon as I can.
          Now if it goes to S#$T before I can get to Tenn. I already have a cabin and things set up in Mo.
          Let us Pray that we are prepping for nothing!
          Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

          • Sgt dale Ive always heard that property taxes in Illinois are extremely high. I heard ill has a huge problem with unfunded liabilities from all the pensions the state pays to teachers and other public employees. Some state ill id as insolvent as calif? Arkansas has very low property tax. and you get a $300 homestead exemption. And the state government is fiscally responsible. Its state law that the Budget must be balanced every year. The state government cannot spend more then it receives in revenue. Plenty of good clean water in the Ozarks. The bad thing is we are still fighting the civil war. We hate Yankees. Its a common known fact their is no bad KARMA if you cheat a Yankee. Yankees are fair game! Yankees come here and are fleeced and go back to where they came from broke and dismayed. You gotta be kinfolk to live in the region I reside. Outsiders are not welcome. the outsiders money is welcome but them and their yankee ways & thoughts are never accepted. By and large for the most part we are proud to proclaim we are Racist. Harrison Ar is the National Headquarters for the KKK.

            • O.G.
              Half Confederate. Mother was born in Thayer Mo. and raised in Doniphan Mo. until she was in her late teens when her family moved to Streator Ill. to work at the glass factories.
              Still have family in Doniphan.
              I live in the north but my heart belongs to Dixie.
              I’m not a racist. I have found there is good and bad in all races.
              The Civil war was over States Rights not slavery. Slavery would have been over by 1885 or 1900. with out a fight. If there was no need for slaves why keep them. They would have been turned loose to fend for themselves, and they would have made it. The Civil war made it harder on the slaves not easier.

              • Your pretty much correct about the civil war. In fact I live in searcy county. During the civil war the folks in Searcy & newton counties formed the Peace Society there wherent hardly any slaves in those two counties. The men refused to participate in the war. so the confederate army rounded up all the able bodied men and marched them in chains to little rock ar. and forced them to join the confederate army. Most deserted the first chance they got and promptly joined the union army. Ever since reconstruction those two counties have been ostricized by the state legislature. They are very low wage low income places. I love it here no big political problems. A lot of what I posted before was scarcasim but its partly true. Less than .05% of the population is a race other than white. Mostly older folks because there is nothing for a young family to make a decent living. My surname is one of the ten most common in the county so im accepted someone from ill with a northern accent would meet resentment in most of the Ark Ozarks. IM very familiar with the Thayer & Doniphan Mo. area. I buy feed from Hirsch feed in Thayer about once a month when I go to the Jim Scott small chaged animal & Goat Auction at Koshkonog MO. my advice is to Rent and stay in a place until you really know that is where you want to put down roots.

              • Sarge, are you married to a black woman? Would you want your children and grandchildren to marry blacks? Do you follow the biblical practice of kind after kind?
                If you won’t marry them or want your children and grandchildren to marry them and you believe the biblical admonition of kind after kind then you are a racist.
                The problem is people have been brainwashed by the propaganda of the government and the media into thinking racist is evil and wrong when it is just following Gods laws. Don’t forget, God told Israel to get rid of their “strange” wives and children. Strange in the concordance means racial alien.

                • Mark:
                  The law that was given to Israel,(The Jews I’m not a Jew) was done away with when Christ die for us. The New Testament said nothing about mix marriages. It only states between a Man and a Woman.

                  My wife is White, But if she was a good Christian Black woman I would love her just the same.

                  My grand daughter is dating a black kid. I have met his family and they are very good people. From what I have seen and heard is that they are also good Christians.

                  There is an old song that I learned when I was in Bible school. RED Yellow, Black and White they are precious in his sight Jesus loves the little children of the world. Now If Jesus can love them why can’t we!

                  You live your life the way you want to and I will do the same. When we get to Heaven we can see who was right.

                  My God watch over you and yours.

                  • Yes, He loves them all. He loves Ali Baba, Kwantavious Jackson, Pedro Bandito, Alvin Silverwitz, Kim Wong Tong and even Coal-burning grandkids. The problem is they don’t love Him, nor do they love you. So when the SHTF and your possessions have been stolen & your family has been raped & slaughtered, what a marvelous feeling of moral superiority you will most certainly have, knowing you offered both yourself and your loved ones up on the altar of diversity.

        • That would be a primo place. There are also places in calif. and Nevada with quite a bit of water and a good water table. The outwash slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mts. are somewhere to consider.

      8. Golly Gee! Just a few days ago, we were treated to an article by Joel Skousen touting the APPEAL, of relocating to the western half of the United States… seems like both Skousen and this author have their own predetermined set of bias’ that they will not consider anything else.
        Most people who read this blog are (hopefully) SMART enough to see through this kind of self-serving hyperbole and realize that water, and fire mitigation are critical to one’s survival and thriving in a world where there is no organized fire suppression organization at all.
        In the matter of the very real political chicanery that has been brought upon the West by the LIBERALProgressive members of Congress/Senate who pander and pimp for the “environmentalists”, those same politicians have steadfastly refused to support/back or even consider any additional funding for water storage in the Western United States. In addition, California’s water “issues” at present, have been severely and negatively impacted by the two lowlife selfish US senators from California, Boxer and Feinstein who adamantly prefer imposing severe poverty upon their hard-working constituents over a small allegedly “endangered” fish, the Delta Smelt and refuse to allow the California Water Project to re-route water from the Sacramento River Delta to the Central Valley Project.
        This is the finest example of these loathsome slugs that profess to be “for the people” they are intentionally enslaving further into poverty by denying them work, water in the agricultural heavy Central Valley. Without water, there is no food, even for the Czarinas Boxer and Fienstein.
        Let’s talk specifically about the real causes of water shortages and yes, drought can be managed effectively without the interference of despicable politicians.
        Mssrs. Skousen and Snyder both have “some” good points, but their personal bias comes shining through as does their lack of geography.

        • Kalifornia is and has been a social science experiment for many years. It’s the test place of all thing socialist, primarily to see how long it takes to socially train and enginery the populace along with how long it will take before they revolt.

          It should be obvious to most the training has gone well because the citizens of kalifornia have willingly become docile and well behaved.

          As America goes I think of kalifornians as the canary in the coalmine.

          • Commiefornia is experiencing God’s judgment. the drought is only the beginning.

            • It sounds to me like the mexicans could make more money, by sneaking WATER across the border…instead of meth.

            • Well, if God brought the drought it’s the rest of America that will suffer from lack of food, not California.

            • There is not a state in the country that does not fit that description. If this next rainy season coming up is not way wetter than normal many of you people in other parts of the country may get to enjoy the refugees from Calif. that will result from no water.

          • I’ve always thought of the cities of the Northeast as the canaries in the coal mine. Talk about feeling trapped.

      9. Man these articles are coming faster than Obamas Presidential Directives. I can’t keep up. Trekker Out.

        • Yeh MT ,
          I step away and there is three articles next !
          Left you a post in one three articles back ( ID 3073850 )
          Lots of water where I live , seems like we know the same kin folk in the barrens .
          JD won’t get me he’s too afraid of what hunts in the night.
          Can’t see me in my Multicam LOL!

          Cannot vouch for your friend , have lost a lot of relatives lately. 🙁



          Semper Fi 8541


      10. A redneck with a gun and a anti-gov’t attitude isn’t all bad you know. You will like the deer, fish and firewood, fill your freezer and warm yourself all off the land what more could you ask for.

        • Mallardhen, my family in the north GA mountains are rednecks with guns and SUPREME anti-govt. attitudes. There’s plenty of water, game, fish, firewood, etc. They all grew up in the “prepper” lifestyle. they all grew up on farms and have their own gardens on their homesteads, so they can grow food in their sleep. they all learned how to shoot, hunt, fish, forage, etc. at the earliest possible ages and pass on those skills to their own kids. I’ve got an arrangement to go to one cousin’s BOL when it’s time and I already have half of my supplies stored in her barn. I’m taking some more supplies over in July so that will reduce my load significantly when I make my final trip aka bugout. NOBODY wants to tangle with any of my relatives. Any one of them is a better shot than I am, even the women.

          • Cuz wish you would make up your mind, the other day you said you was coming in June. And you know we ain’t got no supplies, thats why we have to live offn yours. And when it comes to shootin, we can’t hit the side of a barn, thats the reason we all have to use shotguns, you know that. And what would we do without the Govmint, if it werent for them EBT cards we would starve to death, so quit bad mouthin Mr Obama atleast as long as we keep gettin our checks. But we love you man.

            • NGIC, you’re just an idiot. I know my family, MUCH, MUCH BETTER than that!

          • You and your family are awesome renegade!

            • Thanks Nick-Dog! We Love you too man.

          • Just wait until a couple of million Atlanta natives start scouring the countryside for booty. You will be just as hosed as the rest of us.

      11. I think im going to stay put, the grass may appear greener elsewhere but from past experience its just the color of your glasses.

        • Kula,
          I believe it was Erma Bombeck who said “The grass is only greener over the septic tank”.

          • So true,,,
            Think theres a book by that name too,

      12. No offence to those that live in these areas, but I wouldn’t live in them if they were lush. Most not all are filled with dirty liberals, I know I was raised in Kalifornia a place I wouldn’t piss on if it was on fire.

        The great northwest still has redeeming qualities and even more so if Mt Rainer would take out Seattle. Bottom line lots of gun owners, still have good gun laws and we outnumber the vermin, and it rains 7 months out of the year.

        • Y99, I went thru the Pacific Northwest on vacation back in 2000. Beautiful country, great, liberty-minded people, and yes other redeeming qualities. But as you rightfully pointed out, you don’t tan in that region, you RUST, and let me add you have to FREEZE your buns off for 6 months out of the whole year. I have some arthritis in my right knee that acts up when it rains and when it’s cold, so that’s definitely not the place for me. Mr. Rawles and Mr. Skousen, I’m sorry but I have to forego the “American Redoubt” as you call it. I’m going to the Appalachians which have the same kind of people but no-so-severe winters.

          • Understood my friend, although one of the coldest winters I ever survived was in the TVD, Dahlonega GA, Ranger camp. Had maybe a week of freeze this year in my NW local.

            • Yup, live North of Seattle. I can wear a tshirt most of the winter under a light water resistant jacket (thin). Only when outflow winds go crazy do I need a long sleeved shirt.

              I’m also a skinny guy, 6′ and 165 lbs so its not like I’m packing the insulation on in other places…

              For most people arthritis is just a joint infection that your body doesn’t detect and therefore does not attack. Bee stings in the area are typically, if you’re not allergic, quite effective. Though need to be done on a regular basis (several times a year). Or strong antibiotics for like a year works too I heard, but can mess up your stomach for a while during and after.

              But I’m not a doctor and can only speak of personal experience of my father who had knee issues such as yourself and his solution to it. Extensive research of credible sources is highly recommended always before undergoing any sort of alternative treatment as often the treatment is worse then the problem.

        • Nothing like the NW. Two weeks of winter, two weeks of summer, the rest of the year is spring and fall. We get less rain than New York City.

          The farmers got three or four hay crops last year, potatoes are in, corn next, life is good.

          Earthquakes and volcanoes don’t really concern us too much up here, although the big earthquake every 300 years is due. That’s going to be bad, but the volcanoes could all do a St. Helens at the same time and the damage would be confined to the river channels, most of it. We’d have some big, gaping holes about 50 square miles in the wilderness, though.

          • Never underestimate Mother Nature. It will be a fatal mistake. Earth Changes are coming that will take America down. WE will be too consumed with events in North America to interfere in everyone elses business. The NW is “a” ground zero. There are others.

            When the Lord brings Judgement HE will start at the top and work his way down. First the Church, then US. 🙁

          • Port Angeles gets less rain than Lost Angeles. Rain shadow from the Olympic Mts. Used to enjoy going to hurricane ridge.

      13. Wasn’t there an earlier article touting relocation zones in the west a few days earlier?

        • Hi Richard – Yes, in the interest of getting as much info on this out there I found it critical to repost Michael’s article on this.

          The one you reference is by Joel Skousen here – “The Safest Areas in America: An Expanded Western Relocation Zone” : https://www.shtfplan.com/strategic-relocation/skousen-on-strategic-relocation-an-expanded-western-relocation-zone_05092014

          I believe Michael Snyder’s intention in the article posted here is to expand on Joel Skousen’s previous information on Western Relocation zones… The Western half of the U.S. has a much lower population and lots of land, but water is most certainly a PRIMARY concern, something I believe Joel Skousen would agree with.

          So, I’d say these articles should be read and considered in tandem, not necessarily as opposing views.

          • Mac, you say you live in commiefornia? You have my deepest sympathy and I think you earned the title of “Superman.” While I can appreciate what Rawles and Skousen are trying to do, everyone needs to do their own research on all of the various areas they recommend before doing anything. I already knew what north GA was like when I started spending a few summers over there as a kid. Unless I get lucky and find my own place, north GA is where I’m going when the time comes. great place for survival.

          • Go West, young man.
            Go West.

            • Thank you, Horace Greeley.

      14. We live in a high desert plains area – about 12-15″ per year or rain. If people would prep by setting up cisterns to reclaim run off water they could secure plenty of potable water – even in a drought.

        We collect our run off from our roof and just 1″ of rain gathers us hundreds of gallons of fresh water for our Big Berkey. That’s on a roof about 1092 sq. ft.

        But a person NEEDS cisterns or another collection system to take advantage of the rain they DO get.

        • A water collection from roofing systems of just 40×40 (1600ft2) can collect nearly 1000 gallons per acre inch of rain.

        • In New Mexico, it is a crime to capture rain water…

          • apparently, it is in Oregon too.

            • granny, is that about enough?

            • Source? Its done all the time and encouraged by the gov even. You are incorrect.

            • Source? Its done all the time and encouraged by the gov even. You are incorrect.

            • Actually, in Portland, OR you get tax rebates for setting up a rain water collection system, otherwise too much water goes into the gutters and the city has to deal with it.

              • What you are talking about is something different. You are not expected to COLLECT the water from your gutters, just reroute it from your gutters to your property, instead of into the storm drains to the street.

                It caused my foundation to crack and flood, seeping water into my basement about 7 yrs after the unhooking took place. Devalued my property by at least $100,000.

            • And in Colorado. Surprisingly it is not in calif.

        • Jerry,

          Before the power grid spread through the western states, many far-flung farms and ranches depended on ingenious water catchment systems. There is a substantial body of literature on the subject – usually found in the archives of various state agriculture agencies. I have used some of this material in designing alternative water systems over the past 40 years up and down the Rockies from New Mexico to Montana.

          Tragically, the water wars fought in the old west continue to the present day even amongst friends and neighbors. The single most contentious issue is water. Western water rights and water law are complex beyond normal understanding.

          I always encourage rural clients when homesteading to develop their own wells and water sources. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen neighbors and communities come to grief over shared water systems.

          Gravity fed water and irrigation systems that don’t depend on the power grid are the gold standard. That’s the way the old systems were engineered. I also have had good success irrigating small garden plots with solar and wind – enough to feed a family and develop Painted Mountain Corn.

          One of the most useful books in my technical library is
          “Using Water Resources” which is a do-it-yourself manual for developing water systems in third world countries. It is available from RockyMountainCornDOTcom with the purchase of corn seed:

          Anyone who can’t afford the seed but needs the book can
          email manager@rockymountaincornDOTcom with a request and receive the promo code for a free download.

      15. Why do you think the put the Georgia Guidestones here??? water….

        • I think it had more to do with the Elberton granite.

          • Actually the Cherokee Indians said the location was the center of the Earth, but who really knows??? Why would they place it here if it was to NOT be see in the future???

      16. Water, the most important element on Earth, and anywhere else for that matter.

        Currently we are in the throw’s of a Water War with corporations dashing about acquiring water rights anywhere they can. The situation in Nevada with Cliven Bundy could quite conceivably be more over water rights than solar power arrays. The situation in Ukraine may be for control of the Dnieper water shed and river. Everywhere that the corporation’s want a war, there seems to be some water rights at stake.

        I recommend a video on you tube titled ‘Blue Gold, the water war.’ Something to consider.
        God Bless

      17. There will be plenty of water once all those who failed to prepare for what is coming are done dying off. At the root of every other problem facing humanity is an excess of reproducing with no natural predators to keep our population in check.

        Water resources disappearing everywhere, loss of privacy, restrictions of freedom everywhere, resources of every type being exhausted, the list goes on and on. All of these issues are effects and not causes in themselves. We are breeding ourselves into oblivion. There are finite resources available in this planet and the tragedy of humanity is that there was a short window of availability of energy and surplus of productivity along with the technology available to spread across the solar system while opening new frontiers for those individuals who yearn for freedom and are increasingly constrained by the surveillance and nanny state. Yet this window has passed; we pissed away the one opportunity our species had to colonize the stars, and squandered the dowry of resources built up over millenia. Our heirs, if their are any, will curse us for our stupidity and shortsightedness.

        • Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, I have to agree. the whole world will go to war over all natural resources, including water. WATER IS LIFE! I’ve heard it said many times that 90% of the population in the US will be dead following a takedown of the grid [EMP, solar flare, cyberattack]. I could never emphasize enough to have some reliable means of purifying water, especially in rural areas. I have a Katadyn water filter that really works well. I may go ahead wth buying a Big Berkey if they’ve resolved the filter issues they had previously. I have a Sawyer and a Lifestraw I’m going to test when I go to GA in July. I also keep stockpiled some of the good old-fashioned water purification tablets that I used before getting the Katadyn.

          • I just got a sawyer for my BOB, I like it. It fits a 2 liter pop bottle if you want, as well as it’s own reservoir. I like the flexibility.

        • @the moon
          first off, I like your posts.
          what we are looking into is the eye of this, too many people. those guide stones mentioned above, were correct. too many, with too little to compensate is the true problem. we actually had oil bubbling out of the ground, now we dig horizontally for thousands of feet in remote locations. the free ride is over and we just have to figure out a better (harder) way.
          you can figure in any amount of fake dollars you want into this world, and it has worked for awhile, destroyed much along the way, but eventually it has to come to the realization of truth. and here we are.
          we are so wrapped up in our own problems that we fail to see the world as it is. it isn’t fair, it isn’t forgiving, or nice in any way. but what do our children hear in school? rewards and recognition for the least of accomplishments. its sad really, for the base that we had in place from our forefathers, to what we offer now is just a joke with walmart for the icing on the cake.
          all of this really: water, food, money of some sort is really an illusion of a sort. without good elected leadership, we will end up like all third world countries.
          I am not scared, I am concerned. I want something better, and I’ve been shown a charade.
          17 trillion in debt to me, is like saying 7 billion people on the planet. it truly is unmanageable. we are headed for a reset, and it will be sooner than we all would wish for. ugly, to say the least, don’t wish for this shit, cause it’s coming, and it will be more than difficult to deal with, it will be unimaginable.

        • Colonize the stars? Get real. You have no concept of the distances involved. Just a pipe dream and besides I feel so much better now that NASA has the job of building Muslim self esteem. Much better. Don’t want those Muzzies to have a poor opinion of themselves now do we?

      18. My point exactly !

      19. He who has ears, let him hear
        I have lived in CA and NV for decades and am familiar with most of the western states. What the author states must be considered carefully. Rawles and Skousen are correct! But this author must be heard as well. In an infinite-grid-down situation there will not be many zombies in this region, but without EASILY available water it’s deadlier than South Central LA

      20. You can find links to places around the U.S. and world at The Liberty Lovers Guide to Life (libertyguides.com).

      21. For me; after all is said and done, if you do not have a continuous supply of fresh water it is over, PEROID! WATER has to be your first concern then (equally) defense, food and shelter, but water first.
        On the river bank.

      22. Got water. Northern Wisconsin has lots of water and the vermin type people will freeze or move south.
        Have a nice day. Stu OUT.

        • I have a small farm in the driftless area of SW. Wisconsin. Hills with valley, trout stream and all year spring. Maple trees in producing syrup each spring lush clover and alfalfa in the valley. No major cities nearby. I have water running out my ears. We get rain water when we need it, in the summer. The water resource here is amazing. Local people are mostly Norwegian and German heritage with culturally low probability of violence. Yea everybody keep heading west, nothing to see here.

      23. Yup. You folks all need to stay put. If your spun up worrying about the Yellowstone don’t bother. If she blows its whats known as an ELE. Extinction Level Event! Game over!
        The mountains here load up on winter snow and come spring the runoff keeps the rivers and streams flowing. All the irrigation systems in the west are gravity fed. The driest time of year is winter when all is frozen. the county I live in is about equal in size to 4 or 5 eastern states with a population under 40K. You can grow any kind of vegetable or fruit here. Plenty of game to hunt and more cattle than people x 30. But you folks need to stay put to filter out the waves of riffraff before the get to the great plains or high desert. We’re counting on you. Thanks.

      24. Whether people admit it or not…water shortages are going to affect everyone on the planet soon enough. We humans simply consume, waste or squander far too much of it. Someone here mentioned water barrels or cisterns to collect rain runoff- a great idea but is illegal in MANY areas of the U.S. already.

        July 27, 2012 – Harrington Conviction and Sentence for 11 Years of Illegal Water Use

        On Wednesday July 11, 2012, a Jackson County Circuit Court Jury convicted Eagle Point resident Gary A. Harrington on nine counts, each related to the unauthorized use of water. Under Oregon law, all water is publicly owned, and those who wish to use it for their own purposes must obtain a water right permit issued by the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD). State law grants various exceptions to this requirement, including an exception for collecting precipitation water that gathers on an artificial impervious surface, such as a rooftop or parking lot; in rain barrels, for example.

        Face it- we don’t ‘own’ anything anymore. No mineral or oil rights, no water rights and no basic rights at all.

        Yet Corporations, Oil/fracking companies, and others get a ticket to ride. Nestle is a big, big offender. They have been sucking water out of the great lakes for years and sending it overseas to CHINA and elsewhere.

        Remember that commercial you saw as a child of the Indian paddling his canoe through polluted waterways? At the end of the commercial he turns to the camera with tears running down his face? That’s US now.

        • That “Indian” was an Italian.

          I’m staying in eastern NC. You can’t drive any distance at all without crossing water. I have city water, well-digging equipment, and a swamp out back, plus a huge river just a mile or so away. And then there’s rain collection. I don’t have enough money to buy all the storage containers it would take to catch all the rain that falls on my house.

          I think I’ve got water covered here.

          • @Archivist

            Correct you are: He was a very convincing actor none the less. 2nd Generation American/Italian who went on to do several films including a few with Ronald Reagan.
            (I think my age is showing) 😉

            On Earth Day, 1971, a PSA featuring Native American actor Chief Iron Eyes Cody and the tagline line, “People Start Pollution. People can stop it.” aired for the first time. Iron Eyes Cody became synonymous with environmental concern and achieved lasting fame as, “The Crying Indian.”

            The PSA won two Clio awards and the campaign was named one of the top 100 advertising campaigns of the 20th Century by Ad Age Magazine. In 1982, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored Iron Eyes Cody, whose film repertoire included three Western films with President Ronald Reagan, with a star bearing his name on the Famous Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

            h t tp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OHG7tHrNM

            • John Boner now has the crying job. he will cry over anything. Would be nice if someone gave him something to really cry about. Sadly that will not happen and soon he will enter the world of the multi million dollar lobbyists selling out their country one deal at a time.

      25. What about de-saltination?

        • The enviros will fight desalinization all the way. Happened here in San Diego. For years they yelled to use sea water and when that happened they fought it all the way. It is all about stopping any progress, not the environment.

      26. Can’t go to the west and no one care stand the people in the south…. Might need to go to Hawaii 😛

        • Yeah, if you can’t stand the people in the south who are the friendliest people in the country, maybe you should go to Hawaii! Hell, don’t stop there, North Korea sounds like a great place for you.

      27. If you lived by the coast you can set up a solar evaporator for distilled water? They haven’t criminalized that have they?

      28. I ain’t gonna r-u-n-n-o-f-t. You usually end up dying tired is all.

      29. I’ll just keep moving north, the snow and cold will keep a lot of people out of my hair
        snow melts into water, ground water here is easy to find (when the ground aint froze)
        streams , rivers, lakes etc.

        dense forest , and a low population per Sq Mi and when this crap all Hits the Fan a lot of people wont know how to survive the winters
        I do and will
        I might just end up owning my entire state
        when that happens I’ll succeed from the US-A
        and form my own Republic

        Yeah I know it sounds good on paper
        those that live up here that know how to make it will be the type I will want to be around, those that will run for warmer climate will be the type I want gone anyhow

        Bring it!

      30. The Appalachian chain, from Maine to North Georgia…

        water, water everywhere…and really good to drink! Why would I ever leave the Blue Ridge for a desert!

        • Water, water everywhere
          and or the boards did shrink.
          Water, water, everywhere
          and not a drop to drink.


        • the way Appalachia has been overlooked as a potential redoubt is mind blowing. Joel Skousen and Rawles make some excellent points, but much of Western VA and West VA are incredibly rural, rich in resources, have plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in, and have old school country folk. Same for Western NC and East/Central TN. Springs and water resources abound. Love it here and ain’t leavin’.

          • Nick, I’m with you on the beauty of Appalachia been there. The problem that I see and maybe why it is ‘overlooked’ is that it is already populated. It is populated with good people that for what ever reason are not all that fond of strangers. When the SHTF hits they will be invaded with millions of refugees trying to escape. You will wind up fighting for what you have against people who will be desperate for what they need and both of you will be fighting for your lives. It will not be pretty. But what the heck, its going to be like that pretty much everywhere.
            Stay frosty and pray feverishly. Bless ya

      31. The Lake Superior shoreline is a good area. The water is clean and the population is low.

      32. Alaska isn’t showing. Plenty of land and water and freedom. i like the area around Juneau.

      33. Alaska isn’t showing. Plenty of land and water and freedom. i like the area around Juneau.

        • Ever been there? You would change your mind. Ketchikan or the Seward/Homer area are better. Either one you are cut off from the world except by boat or plane unless you have years and a lot of gas. Skagway has the trans Canada highway close by in BC.

      34. Everyone should pick up the Sawyer Mini Water Filter. $20 on Amazon. Super light weight. Good for 100,000 gallons. Best single piece of gear you can have. Also great gifts for friends to get them into prepping.

      35. backdoorsurvival.com/5-myths-of-water-storage/

        Moderation suX!

      36. This whole article goes out the window if you have drilling equipement. You can tap water anywhere if you dig deep enough. Only 10 percent of the land on earth is undrillable. Think about that.as long as the water table isnt polluted by fraking or something else you can travel out west and find water.

        • Mister lane, good advice. However the water table in the Rockies can be daunting. Example, Wyoming in the Red Desert the water table is 1200 ft. Lots of work for a driller. Montana is not much better.
          Question, and this is for all of you that frequent this site, when you see this swarm of desperate refugee’s entering your territory will you greet them with love and charity or will you shoot first and ask questions later? I ask myself this question daily. I cannot answer it yet. I have empathy for the non-prepped. After all the brainwashed do not know they are brainwashed I pray that we will all know when the time comes to do the right thing, and yes I know what’s right for one is not necessarily right for the other.
          Let the Spirit guide you and me and us in this matter.
          Stay Frosty

      37. “To live and Die in LA” 🙂

        ….”To move or not to move” …that is the question

        Just messin, born there but my dad moved us out of the immediate area when things started getting a lil too crazy

        …..Only a jump, hop, and a skip away though in the OC, hot already should be about 102 Today (weird for May)…And we are getting the amber alerts (electronic bill boards on the Freeways) showing “Serious Drought, please conserve water”.

        Man sometimes it sucks and frustrating to be wide awake (But that is what I asked my Lord, to know the Truth ….and that is what he has shown me), just a couple of thoughts on serious situations/threats in our area, hard to stay positive but that is the daily objectve/struggle I guess (I know I know, some people probably think …Dumbass Californians they deserve it, should have moved already….BUT not as easy as some people think). Oh by the way BI, some of these thoughts below became all too real with that recent 5.X in the La Habra area last month, and the hundreds of aftershocks at “ground zero” really “shakes” you up (no pun intended). 🙂

        -Water shortage/drought

        -I See more and more people down and out financially and homeless population seems to be increasing

        -Earthquake threats (which could easily turn in to an urban fire threat)

        -Constant gun grabbing/gun control attempts by the super duper High IQ “Government Mommy knows best” crowd we elect to state office

        -Further Gov. encroachment on privacy and rights and “Police state” mentality ….which could very easily turn into Thug central

        -Cartels and Gangs anyone ? (All flavors and colors, and they are into all sorts of rackets… take your pick)

        -Drive by’s ….OOps sorry, meant to say Fly by’s and Sail by’s by our Russian and Chinese friends over the Pacific coast

        -Freakin video cameras on every dang corner of everything, privacy is dead

        -Many Ostriches that are too busy to worry (contrary to popular belief, there are many good people here in the area but we just don’t get it)

        -Commies, traitors, thugs, tyrants, Greedy bastards in our midst in all levels of government, banking and commerce …Oh well, might be a good reason to start watering with blood if we are cornered and pushed to it …Since we have a drought and all!!!

        -Incurring the wrath of God (Abortion, rampant aggressive in your face Homosexuality, luv of $$$ at all costs, not respecting basic human dignity and a disregard “for the least among us”, etc, etc)

        -Many different people from all parts of the world here, and I am sure many with special training (including miliary) they bring from their own SHTF scenarios from their own countries…..Hopefully everyone plays nice in a Disaster/big event in my area …It may turn into a jungle out there at some point…hope not

        What me worry? ….Naw, …”!#$!!HOLY SHEET LOCOS!!!” we gots our work cut out for us

        Dang, glad I got that off my chest!!!! feel better already

        Oh wait ….there is a knock at my door, men in black suits! 🙂 j/k

        Peace out, God Bless “Fight the good Fight”

      38. My take is the political climate, taxes,laws, Mindset of the people who reside in the area are just a importaint as the land and its resources. You could have the best soil, climate, weather, water ect. and be miserable because of the neighbors. I relocated because the local politicians had big city ideas. they kept raising the sales tax and creating jobs for their friends & cronies. The drug trade was encouraged & endorsed. The chief of police wife was arrested by the FBI for dealing drugs out of the Circuit judges office. The locals there use the police & sheriff office to generate revenue. They want crime. The more crime the better It behooves them to have a good supply of criminals to catch and fine. Very corrupt bunch of GOB,s. I grew up there and am glad I left. Randolph County In NE Ark is a horrible place to try and be a honest productive citizen. Now in order to try to keep a dying town alive since all the good folks are leaving. They are Building with public bond money a multi million dollar poultry processing plant. A 1000 Mexicans will be brought in to work there. those workers children will overwhelm the Pocahontas schools. The sales tax is already higher than the surrounding countys. Sothe only choice will be to raise property tax to fund the school expansion.

        • I once took a job driving a semi truck that was equipped with a compueter that was satellite tracked. It told everything, how fast when & where. I got called in to the office because my written log book didn’t exactly mirrored what the compueter showed. It made me mad and I told them to shove it. The job payed very good. But money isn’t everything. Im my own person and wont tolerate a ass eating from some puffed up college educated dumbass over something that don’t really matter. Back in the day I would of drug him out of that chair and taught him some respect. That company went bankrupt and that tickled me.

      39. I live in California’s Kern River Valley. As of Monday, inflow into Lake Isabella was 414cfs. During an El Nino year, I kayaked the stretch above the lake at ( Johnsondale bridge to Edison Fairvire dam)13,800 cfs in mid-May. Climate changes, and so does water flow. Look at Colorado’s floods the past winter. I am more concerned with the meth-head infestation than lack of water here. A good drought affecting the pumps that provide local water would be a bounty, since most of these scum would simply die from inability to use their brain and find water. Any hunter could track game to a watering hole. The meths heads would die in the gutters.

        • In 1976/77 the old roads and towns in the bottom of Shasta became visible because of the drought. The experts claimed that it would take years to refill. The Winter of 77/78 saw rains that filled the Lake to overflow in two weeks. No one can say what will happen. That is what is needed.

        • Satori!
          If this is airborne we could be looking at an epidemic. 3 flights international with 100’s exposed going to their own areas .
          The past training / tabletop scenarios in the last 4 months .
          No one in the CDC or WHO knows the origin or method of transmission ,
          Geographic locations of the incidents in the US it’s in heavy populated quadrants , midwest, southeast , could SW or NW be next ? Could be an indicator of a deliberate act.

          Could this be something that was secreted from Vozrozhdeniya island ( Araisk-7 ,VECTOR Biopreparat) in the Aral sea in the 1990’s?

          Scary stuff seems like to much of a coincidence with what is going on in the world .


          Semper Fi 8541

      40. also, electricity production can require massive amounts of water. So, ship water or electricity? I.e. price of electricity will rise in low-water states. Yes, water needs to be really clean when used in generator turbines etc.

      41. ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

        1st MERS case reported in the Netherlands


        Doctor exposed to MERS is in Canada


        a couple of suggestions

        if you haven’t already seen the movie CONTAGION
        I would strongly advise you to watch it

        if you haven’t already put in a supply of N95 or N100 masks
        and a healthy supply of hand sanitizer you may want to do that
        (get SANITIZER not the anti bacterial stuff,sanitizer will have an alcohol content of at least 60% )

        items like this will disappear quickly if this thing really starts to spread

      42. I guess I’m just lucky, I felt it years ago and knew something wasn’t right and started looking for a place…it’s not like I lived in town before ..I had a farm but they were already starting to restrict you on how much water you could use and what is typical the big farms were getting all the water and squeezing the little guys out…now it is real bad with tx taking our state to court for water….we have river water and irrigation wells ….the lakes have been way down and th e farmers are only getting about a third of the service water they are use too…everyone is pumping so the aquifer is going down so they have to lower there wells …so one farmer lowers his well and the neighbors well goes dry so he has to lower his….now the state has required everyone to put meters on their wells and they have to “voluntarily ” turn in a report on their usage. It” won’t be long and they will restrict how much you can pump…

        I don’t worry about it much now I have 7 springs on my place and a creek and a solar well that the guy that had it before me had punched down to 100′ but had water at 12′ …oh and if I said the guys name that had this place before a lot of you would know him …..real rich guy and it was his bug out location for y2k lol. .. So there are places in the SW that have water but not many ..


      43. I thought I wouldn’t be surprised any more at how stupid most Americans are. If it’s on TV it must be true. I talk to people every day that are absolutely enraged with Russia. Not angry. Enraged. The propaganda machine is working real good these days. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all if the power grid went down, permanently.

        • This article relates to Poon Tang’s comment…
          Uncle Sam wants YOU to believe his BS!


          And on the topic of water,
          I agree with Mountain Trekker…
          Would Not live where I could not catch water off my roof.

          You all just relax and stay put.
          You wouldn’t like our Northern winters any way…

      44. ***** MERS CoV UPDATE *****

        Saudi Arabia: 16 new MERS cases as of noon May 14


        WHO: MERS is not yet a PHEIC


        “That last paragraph, in its quiet way, is a devastating indictment of the Gulf monarchies in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.
        Very tactfully, WHO is telling them: You don’t have MERS under control, your hospitals are dirty and your staff don’t know or care about cleaning them, you’re not telling WHO or your own people enough, and you’re letting people leave your countries when they’re carrying the disease.”

      45. Funny we’ve had all these articles about buggin out, and now it seems like everyone is pretty well decided to just stay where their at, until the next article. What goes around comes around. But I’ll tell you for sure, I ain’t livin where I can’t even keep the water that runs off my own roof, and I ain’t livin where I can’t carry my own gun. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • Where I am in eastern NC nobody seems to care what you do. Most of the people around me have guns. I know because of all the practicing. A neighbor across the road manufactures crab pots in his front yard, and everybody says “good for him.” A neighbor down the road has allowed most of his front yard to become a meadow. Another neighbor has really good fireworks for all the holidays and some crazy big bonfires.

          I never made plans to bug out because I like it here, and I don’t think I could make it in the boonies long because of my age. Around here there are friends and relatives to help take care of me if I have problems.

          If I lived in a big city, I would have to move out, no matter what.

      46. Remember what they say in the middle of the Ocean “in a life raft” – “WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE BUT NOT A DROP TO DRINK”.
        You need rain, you need lakes or streams plus you need well water or a natural spring that is safe to drink from. Not many of those around anymore thanks to agriculture putting all those poisons in our soil.
        Better get a huge supply of GOOD water filters to be safe.

      47. One thing coastal states like california could do is install desalination plants and the cost is definitely justified. The middle east uses them regularly and Israel i believe is the best in the world at making the best ones.

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