Why Are Preppers Hated So Much?

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 230 comments

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    Have you noticed that it has become trendy to bash preppers?  For a long time the prepper movement was ignored, but now it has become so large that it is getting very difficult for the mainstream media to pretend that it is not there.  In fact, it has been estimated that there are now approximately 3 million preppers in the United States alone.  So now the mainstream media has decided that mocking the movement is the best strategy, and lots of “critics” and “skeptics” out there have picked up on this trend.  Instead of addressing the very real issues that have caused millions of Americans to prepare for the worst, those criticizing the prepper movement attempt to put the focus on individual personalities.  They try to find the strangest nutjobs they possibly can and then hold them up as “typical preppers”.  The goal is to portray preppers as tinfoil hat wearing freaks that need to be locked up in the loony bin for their own personal safety and for the good of society.  The criticism of preppers has really ramped up in recent months, and it will likely get even worse in 2013.  The establishment does not like any movement that is outside of their control, and the prepper movement is definitely not under their control.

    Often, hit pieces on the prepper movement are disguised as articles or shows that are supposed to be “balanced” looks at the movement.  This is especially true of shows such as “Doomsday Preppers“.  That show is the highest rated show that the National Geographic channel has ever had, and it can be a lot of fun to watch.  But if you notice carefully, they almost always try to feature people that they consider to be “freaks” or that are “on the fringe of society”.  Many other “reality shows” follow the exact same recipe.  The goal is to draw high ratings by running a “freak show” that people can’t help but watch.

    Even if you go on such a show and try to do your best to explain your prepping in a rational and coherent manner, they will still edit the footage so that it makes you look like a freak.  It really is a no-win proposition.  These shows are trying to make it clear that preppers should be mocked.  The underlying implication is that these people are crazy and that what they are doing is stupid.

    And at the end of each segment, the producers of the show are careful to include reasons why the prepper that was just featured is being irrational and why the things they are preparing for are extremely unlikely to happen.  Just in case you missed the message they have been trying to communicate the entire time, they come right out and tell you the conclusion that you are supposed to come to.

    And of course we see the same attitudes reflected in reviews of the show.  For example, the following is from a recent Los Angeles Times review of the new season of Doomsday Preppers…

    Still, it’s hard not to feel for young Jason from tiny Plato, Mo. (pop. 109), who is awaiting worldwide financial collapse with his homemade, nail-studded “mace-ball bat,” and that his is a life on the verge of going completely wrong. “I’m not afraid to have to kill,” Jason says, in his camouflage pants and dog tag, and there seems to be no question in his mind that it will come to that. (“Jason has always been a worrywart,” says his mother.)

    Or for Big Al, from Nashville, who is getting ready for old-school nuclear war by digging down into the earth and surrounding himself with steel. (“I prefer not to use the term ‘bunker’ — to me, it’s an underground house.”) He spends months at a time by himself down there, training for the inevitable — which he expects to weather alone — cooking different combinations of canned goods and, you know, spending too much time alone. One leg pumps constantly as he talks.

    The preppers don’t want my pity, of course — quite the opposite, I’m sure. The joke will be on me, they would say, when I am expiring from fallout or smallpox, being carried away in a tornado or torn apart by the hungry ravaging hordes. (I am not even prepared for the Big Earthquake that might more probably get me.)

    Would this Los Angeles Times reporter mock other groups of Americans in a similar manner?

    Probably not.

    But the establishment has made it clear that it is open season on preppers, so this particular writer mocks them with no fear.

    Not that any prepper that is thinking clearly would go on a show such as “Doomsday Preppers” anyway.  Sure, it is nice to be on television, but if you are a serious prepper then one of the last things you want to do is to go on television and advertise your preparations to millions of people.

    Others have picked up on the contempt that the establishment has for preppers and have started to issue their own critiques of the movement.  For example, an “emergency manager” named Valerie Lucus-McEwen recently published a blog post entitled “Doomsday Preppers are Socially Selfish” that got a lot of attention…

    You might wonder why someone like me, who has been in the business of encouraging disaster preparedness for a very long time, is so critical of people who are doing just that. It’s because they are being socially selfish – preparing themselves and the hell with everyone else.  Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.

    Emergency Managers can’t afford that kind of attitude.  It is diametrically opposed to everything we do. Our job is to prepare individuals and communities and jurisdictions and regions and – ultimately – the globe for disasters, knowing we won’t always succeed.

    She followed up that venomous attack with another blog post in which she declared the following…

    Selfish is defined as concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself, seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage or well being without regard for others. By that definition, DoomsdayPreppers are socially selfish – Disaster Preppers are not.

    Subsequently, she has issued a very brief apology, but what she wrote is very typical of the type of thinking that is out there these days.  Anyone that does not “trust the government” and attempts to become “self-sufficient” is actually very “selfish” and is not “being a good citizen”.

    And sadly, it appears that being a “prepper” is now enough to get special attention from the authorities.  For example, a 46-year-old prepper in rural Maryland named Terry Porter recently had his home raided by 150 armed law enforcement officers.  The details of this incident were described in a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson

    According to a charging document filed in Washington County District Court, Porter “openly admitted to being a prepper” (as if this was an illegal act in and of itself) and said that he was “very irritated” about the recent presidential election. Porter had also invested in an underground bomb shelter and had installed surveillance cameras on his property.

    Once the investigation into Porter began, police discovered that he had a 1992 felony drug conviction and was therefore barred from owning firearms. On Thursday last week, no less than 150 armed and militarized police and FBI agents in the guise of tactical assault teams descended on Porter’s house as if they were confronting a terrorist cell. The raid also included helicopters, SWAT crews, armored vehicles and even excavation equipment.

    Porter was absent at the time of the raid but turned himself in the next morning at Hagerstown Barrack.

    After the raid, the claim that Porter was stockpiling “10-15 machine gun-style firearms” was demolished when police uncovered “four shotguns, a .30-30-caliber rifle and two .22-caliber rifles,” hardly a deadly mass arsenal.

    Would 150 officers have shown up at his home if he had not been identified as a “prepper”?

    Of course not.

    But “preppers” have been labeled as “dangerous” and “crazy” and that is the way that law enforcement authorities now treat them.

    So why are preppers hated so much?

    It is because they are a direct challenge to the status quo.  Just by prepping, preppers are proclaiming that they do not have faith in the system.  But most people have complete and total faith in the system, and many of them do not like to have that faith questioned.  As I have written about in other articles, polling has found that most Americans expect that the government will take care of them if disaster strikes.  Most people have been trained to “trust the experts” and to “trust the government” all of their lives, and that conditioning can be very difficult to overcome.

    This blind faith in the system is a big reason why so many Americans have not made any preparations at all.  In fact, one recent poll discovered that most Americans do not even have three days worth of food in their homes…

    A recent survey found that 55 percent of Americans have less than three days supply of food in their homes. Many people have no emergency supplies, or even a first aid kit.

    That absolutely astounds me.

    Another poll discovered that 64 percent of all Americans are “unprepared for a major natural disaster”.

    So what is going to happen to them if something even worse than a major natural disaster hits?

    For example, what if the electrical grid went down and we had no more power for an extended period of time?

    Well, one survey found that 21 percent of all Americans believe that they would survive for less than a week, and an additional 28 percent of all Americans believe that they would survive for less than two weeks.  Close to 75 percent of all Americans said that they would be dead before the two month mark.

    So I guess we sure had better hope and pray that nothing goes seriously wrong, eh?

    The truth is that it isn’t the preppers that are crazy.

    Rather, it is the people that believe that everything will always be fine and that the government will always take care of them that are crazy.

    Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and now is the time to get prepared.

    You may get mocked a bit for prepping now, but later on you sure will be glad that you prepared for the worst.


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      1. I’m beginning to think “they” are just plain afraid of us. Tiny egos need to pick on someone to make themselves feel revelant.

        • oops, said that wrong. They don’t have tiny egos.

          • I think you meant tiny brains and souls black as hell

            • Let them mock away. I don’t care what they say when they are not mocking anyway.

              • Honestly? Most of the reactions I hear involves nervous laughter, followed by some half-hearted denial. That, or a quick denunciation of the whole group as a tinfoil-wearing crowd.

                Either way, I don’t think it’s hatred per se, but more like a reaction of either mild fear (of a subject that most folks would rather not discuss), or a mild rebuke against what some see as a conspiracy-mongering crowd.

                Out here in the sticks, you don’t get any of that, but rather a vague agreement.

                • The same Media that mocks the Preppers movement is in the pocket of the eugenics movement founders, i.e. owned and operated by the Elite Globalists. For their Agenda to manifest, not thousands, not millions, but billions need to leave the Planet. Those “chosen” to eventually depart need to generate the Globalists with as much money as possible before their “ETD”, so it’s vital that the masses tank up on gmo junk foods, Rx and nonRx drugs, etc., etc., etc., so they keep the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry making record profits. The “masses” pocketbooks will be squeezed through over taxing, and sky rocketing food prices (notice that gas is going down right now but food prices are going up?) and all the various rising utility bills necessary to keep people “alive”. They’ll suck it out from every angle to keep the masses unhealthy and in servitude.

                  Yes, thay want you and I dead, eventually. So they can live in their shangri la, Fascist state while those that have survived, the peasants, do their dirty work.

                  Just so happens, preppers don’t want to follow the elites rules of engagement. Preppers know about GMO junk food. They know about Rx and NonRx drugs. They see how the brainwashing techniques are running rampant through out every strata of society today; the corruption, the greed. They also know how to grow organic, wholesome food; how to put together a small arsenal. They know how to sustain their lives rather than survive through scavenging on others. And they know how to “stick around”. So, because of their resourceful nature, they’re perceived as agitators, eye sores by the elite. So, paint the picture for the masses to see preppers as the “trouble makers”, those whose roots are connected to some form of “terrorism” and mischief, so, over time, when the sleeping “frog” masses are given the subliminal signal to “jump”, they’ll turn on those who were the only ones who could have helped them; the preppers.

                  Hope to be there and to see you all on the other side.

                • @ Odd Questioner

                  I don’t know if it’s mild fear or not. I almost want to attribute it to the masses that have extended their credit to the point that they can’t financially afford to buy that 1 extra thing to put back. I’d lean more toward almost a jealousy of preppers having all their ducks in a row.

                  Uhhhm ducks, I need to put ducks on my list…

                • As a relatively new prepper I am just beginning to get what I need but I couldn’t care less what those in the media think or say about preppers. Their finger pointing and accusations are of no concern to me and should be of no concern to you as long as you keep your silence. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. I don’t prep to be liked. Remember 52% of this nation voted to be cared for from cradle to grave so there is no convincing them, so don’t try. As for the other 48% they have been warned and have been given the opportunity to prepare so what ever happens to them is on them.

                  Ad gloriosam sempiterne Deus

                • People get the angriest when they know they are wrong.

                • If anyone in my workplace started talking about “crazy preppers” or “survivalists” I would denounce prepping as loudly as possible! Why? Because frankly, I’m already IN survival mode. We are ALREADY in collapse. So don’t show your cards. Work friends are not friends. Practice good OPSEC. Other people who are around you should be make to think that you hold the same values that they do. If they talk about the great deal they got on that new BMW or KitchenAide mixer or whatever..just say “hey that’s great!” No reason to covert people to preparedness unless their lack of preps could impact you later in a negative way. So…screw preppers, they’re all crazy government-haters (and keep on prepping!!!).


              • Because they change their minds like they change their underwear, as to what constitutes “status quo”.

                In a nutshell.

                Even if nothing major happens, I do not want to base my future employment or access to .gov handouts or very survival on whether I’m one of the “in” crowd this month.

                Or one of the marginalized.

                If y’all want to marginalize me for this attitude…. pfft I say. Like you weren’t going to anyway just for grins.

                • I think that people who are prepared for whatever comes our way are put “in a box” because most people are ostriches with their heads in the sand….they absolutely cannot imagine that their world (existence) is in jeopardy…..from the books that I have read regarding the Revolution, there were those who could not accept “going against British rule”…..all said and done, better to have what you need rather than need what you do not have….in any disaster situation….

              • GC Sez: “I don’t care what they say when thare are not mocking anyway.”

                ^^^ THIS ^^^

                …is what scares them the most. When we prep we scare the because we make them irrelevant in our lives. The DESPERATELY want us to care about them. If we don’t care, they can’t control us.

                What people don’t realize is that its not the force and its not the authority that drives obedience to a master: its is care. Not necessarily that you “love” them or “care” for them, but you see them as relelvant and a necessity for your continued survival.

                Frankly, preppers see government as a threat to their survival. We know what government does and we know we don’t want anything to do with them. This is what frightens them. This is why the denigrate and defame us.

                Gufaw! Like we care or something. But, they are trying to make a case to the general population to make sure as few as possible wake from their slumber.

                The most dangerous thing has a very tender ego and in prepping and makeing it irrelevant, you scare the living crap out of it! The system spasms and attempts to keep you in check.

                • @netranger….I agree to a certain extent….I believe that the “least amount of gov’t is the best amount of gov
                  ‘t …..What disturbs me the most is that we, as responsible citizens, have not a clue as to when/if/or how severe the situation(s) we will be facing….whether due to weather, or other situations far beyond our control….the NOT KNOWING is disturbing, at best….we are pawns in this chess game….WE are no longer the masters of our own destinies…..SO, my opinion is to have is far better than to “have not”…..

          • Kindle, no need for oops. Well said. They are afraid of people that don’t need the gov’t, can think for themselves and basically preppers can see through their bull.

        • To most, the concept of their lives changing in any drastic way is incomprehensible. They can not and will not entertain the thought of anything catastrophic happening to their daily lives other than figuring out how to get that new flat screen or how to live on credit one month at a time. They count on the government to bail them out and they do nothing to prepare for anything other than rush to the grocery store if a storm is heading their way. What do they buy? They buy perishables without even thinking about losing power.

          I find it very odd when they interview people who have been through a disaster in this country and most will say that this has never happened here before, and where is fema and so what if I didn’t have insurance, who is gonna pay me? No plans for even the immediate future, no desire to make the effort and think ahead more than a day. Now the media is telling all the unprepared that they are the sane ones and we are the nuts. The media are the dear leader’s lap dogs and they are pushing the new message from the big house, PREPARING IS BAD, COUNTING ON THE GOVERNMENT IS GOOD, THINKING FOR YOURSELF IS VERY BAD, WE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU, TRUST US.

          People forget what their ancestors went through, most kids today don’t even know what the great depression was or the dust bowl. Gimme, I want it now and who is gonna pay for my incompetence? That’s it folks, dumb ass society and guess what, they will try to take what you have and they will justify it by saying you horded everything and you have to share or rather, give it all to me. Batten down the hatches because the zombies will be at your door.

          • I honestly think that the word “prepper” doesn’t quite hit upon the concept of what we do. I, for example, am not waiting for the “zombie apocalypse” to happen; to my way of thinking it already HAS happened, and I am working every day to free myself from it. I see how selfish and short sighted and downright un-American this nation has become, and I don’t want any part of it. Every time I learn a skill or acquire a tool or store away more supplies, I see it as a blow struck for my own personal independence. I see the madness all around me, the people who already act like the friggin’ zombies from the movies, and I want no part of that

            I am not a prepper; I am a free American

            • very good.

              me too.

            • Free American!

              Yeah , thats how we roll

            • absolutely…we are the “wildcard” that they cannot control or predict.

              …and they know it.

            • @son….I am not a prepper….I buy what I utilize every day and replenish my stock and rotate….when I find sales of canned goods, I buy more….I do not buy anything prepackaged…I buy what I normally buy but I may have more dried beans, for example, if they are on sale….I do not ever buy pre-packaged stuff…..old gal, I cook from scratch…..however, because I do this, I have a great deal in my pantry…..in case of emergencies 🙂


            • “I honestly think that the word “prepper” doesn’t quite hit upon the concept of what we do”

              Yes. I’ve been self-labling as “survivalist” lately, not prepper. Seems to me that a “prepper” is generally preparing for some kind of finite-period disaster, like the “financial collapse” or the “sun spots” or the “EMP” or whatever..I’m not. For me it’s a full lifestyle…a permanent way I view things and how I live, with the assumption that “normalcy” will not ever return. In other words (in my opinion anyway) “prepping” has a short-term focus, while “survivalism” has a long-term focus. Feel free to disagree, just thinkin’ out loud.



            How’d that work out for ’em in NY and NJ?

        • Thy hate us because we understand what is happening and WHY it’s happening so we chose to prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

          They OTOH don’t want to admit they have been and are being lied to by the government media complex. We can get lie #1 out of the way. It was never a great recession but a depression and it’s what we are in the middle of right now.

          So they accept the lies put out by the gubmint and go on watching American Idol and MNF hoping that the gubmint has their best interest in mind. If they haven’t paid attention to what happened in the NE with Superstorm Sandy and how the awesome gubmint handled things then they deserve what’s coming.

          They hate us because we read, studied and figured it out. We trust no one but ourselves and for that we are their scorn. Sucks to be them when the SHTF. 😉

        • Ignorance is bliss. People don’t want to think about the bad things that could happen. An ostrich is no safer with it’s head in the sand, just an easier target.


          I am going to be relocating to Missouri (SE) in the next month or so for a job. This is looking like a great opportunity for my family to change our lifestyle to one that is more self-reliant. We are interested in getting a place with some acreage and start learning a whole lot more about homesteading, etc.

          Does anyone have any advice for a good location between St. Louis and Cape Girardeau? I understand issues with tornadoes and the New Madrid fault line, but it’s where we are going either way. Thank you.

          Esse Quam Videri

          • Hi Southpaw,

            The question here would be HOW far south along the line from SL to CG? If more to the uppe end then a suitable location for the prep-minded would be in the Potosi area…bearing in mind that the terrain is rugged and may impede your ability to travel during the winter months occasionally. IF it’s more towards the southern end then you have something of a problem inasmuch as roughly 85 miles south of SL the land befins becoming flat, completing this trend after one is roughly 120 miles south of SL. Whereabouts is your employment located (roughly)?

            • JustOneGuy,

              Thanks for the help. We would like to move somewhere toward the mid-point as my job will be taking me to both St. Louis and Cape Girardeau from time to time. We have been looking in the area between Festus, Desoto, Potosi, and Farmington. There seem to be some affordable properties with some acreage.

              Do you have an opinion on the area for the mindset of the people toward independent thinking? Small Government? Conservative, etc.? I appreciate any information you can give me.

              • Evening Southpaw,

                The Festus area has built up quite a bit over the last 15 years, more of a ‘burb than anything else. In general, the more southeast you go the flatter the terain gets and the more agricultural (LARGE AG) things become…that’s an area I would NOT choose personally. As you mentioned Desoto, Potosi, that’s a good area…draw a line from one to the other and look between. Also, the futher east (towards the MIssissipi river) one goes the worse any effects from a ‘Big Shaker’…also the futher South as well, such is I beleive the upshot from the USGS. Obviously, by the time you get into the Memphis area you’re screwed on a variety of levels…all of them in fact. Lotsa Luck Brother, if you need anything else, holler out…we’re here.
                Oh and BTW, we ARE a ‘Castle Doctrine’ state bring all the goodies with you without any worry…unlike the coast’s, people here haven’t lost the basic ‘Common sense’ that the people on the TWO coast’s have. 🙂 Welcome to the State!

                • Thanks again man. I called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office for info, so they may still get back to me. Until then, do you happen to know a resource for CCW info for Missouri?

                  My CCW permit has reciprocity in Missouri, but I need to know how long I have until I have to get a Missouri CCW, etc. etc.

                  Also, any laws about transporting MY firearms across state lines or anything else I need to know?

                • For some reason I can’t reply directly to Southpaw. Can’t tell you firsthand about Missouri, but if you are having to drive through Illinois, your guns have to emptied, inaccessible, and bullets have to stored separately. I live across the river here in Commie Central. Most of the state below I64 isn’t bad, but Chicago ruins all our fun.

                  Also when looking for a place, there is a prison on the Illinois side in Chester, across the river from Perryville, MO, if that matters to you for security.

                • @ Southpaw,

                  Presumably, since you mention already having a CCW via the ‘reciprcity’ comment I’ll conclude that you’re not a resident of Illinois. Missouti generally regards the valid CCW issued by other states to be valid for only a period of 60 days after which an in-state recertification is required. Same consists of the standard, obligatory 1-day training course and it’s attendant certification.
                  As a point of consideration I do advise the following; IF you do get stopped- at any point – by the MSHP be very upfront about any such on or near your person. there’s been a ‘corridor’ of drug traffic passing up from the south-west for some years and our LEO are a bit nervous about the presence of such….can hardly blame them given the nature of THAT trade though. Having two cousins in the Florida SHP and hearing the stories they’ve told I’m not all bothered letting an officer know up front about what’s on or near my person…they’ll appreciate it, beleive me, things will go a lot more smoothly throughout.
                  Here, no one’s trying to take anything away from you…they just like to know what they’re dealing with.
                  Typically, you can look up the relevanyt regulations either through the AG’s office or the SHP.
                  Fianlly, I erred a bit previously. The line from Festus (south of) down to Farmingtonm is a good area altogether. I used to have to drive all down through there over various routes frequently…again, Welcome Brother. 🙂 Final thought, again, no one here is trying to ‘do you in’ over your firearms…I would however be especially cautious with respect to transporting any such over the Missouri/Illinois line….they’re ‘funny’ over there about all kinds of things….

          • I can’t remember the name right now, there is a farm north of Cape by about 10 miles that sells raw milk and other farm goods from their own place and others in the area. If I were locating to SEMO, I’d probably get land in that area, as the area population is very much into sustainability as well as helping others with sustainable farming and animal husbandry. Views on prepping, etc? I have no idea, but making friends with the local “land hippies” isn’t a bad thing, particularly when you’re not too knowledgable yourself. Find them on the local harvest dot org website.

          • if you are relocating to missouri, checck out the great arcadia valley (arcadia, ironton, pilot knob, bismark, fredericktown area (iron and st francis counties). it is mountainous, very rural and some parts quite isolated, very small towns, good schools, good folks) there is good hunting and fishing there too. mark twain national forest, elephant rocks, johnson shutins, taum sauk (highest elevation of the ozark mountains). real estate is fair priced.

          • Try Ozark or Howell County rural, good schools,preppers everywhere. Low taxes a lot of land for sale good down to earth people.

          • I live in Joplin and, depending on the employment you are seeking, this is an amazing community! I moved here many years ago from Colorado….and the people here are genuinely caring individuals…..after our tornado, it was so incredible to me, as an older woman, how rapidly this community came together, within hours, to recover…..and we do owe a great debt to those from other states who put their own lives on hold to immediately come to our aid….these persons were from the private sector and that means far more to us than fema…..

            • I can vouch for Joplin (I used to have a lot of clients there when I lived in the Ozarks back in the ’90s.)

              Pretty excellent group of folks, IMHO.

        • You have to love how the Los Angeles Times reporter justifies his mocking of poeple that plan ahead.

          By announcing he isn’t prepared for a large earthquake ! Really are you serious your not writing for a paper in northern Michigan. You write for a paper in a state assocaited by most wit large frequent earthquakes.

          And you think we’re the idiots.

          Come on really?

          • I wonder what he have to say about a true survivalist?

            • Thankfully, real survivalists are totally off the radar. That Prepping show was both horrible in content as well as unfortunate for the prepping community in my opinion. It would be so much better if the average idiot on the street had no idea about the prepper movement. Hopefully this topic will all blow over after the “end of the world” on 12 21 2012. Then we can call all the preppers idiots and fools, and people can all dance around “gangnam style”..and I can buy more pmags and mre’s nice and quiet-like.


          • …so that explains the massive spike in site traffic to Google Drive last night! It literally doubled from what normally hits daily.

            Good to see folks taking it seriously… 🙂

        • People keep forgetting the first rule of Fight Club; don’t talk about fight club. It’s the same first rule from prep club.

          • Yup! Make the people around you think you hold their values. The way to get along in the world, prepper-style is to use SOCIAL CAMO. People want you to be like them..so do that. Don’t stand out against your background, socially-speaking. And this is something that I’m still working on…I’m certainly not perfect. I look at it as a role-playing game, especially at my corporate job. So if it fits the role you’re playing, make it public. If it clashes with the image you are going for, keep it to yourself. You can also sometimes make things look like something else. For instance, you might be going to the gym in order to get buff for the ladies…or you might be doing it so you can easily carry your SCAR-H…”they” just don’t need to know:-)


        • Academia – Media – Government

          If you thought the military industrial complex was bad just look at these three. They want people dependent and preppers are NOT dependent on them.

        • I think that they are really just in deep denial. They see what is happening, but don’t want to face it. Or, they feel helpless and just pretend it isn’t happening so they can get through the day. After all, most of America is on drugs, either legal or other, just to keep from being depressed about their own situation or to escape their meaningless lives. When the drugs are not available in a disaster, THEN the S— will really hit the fan and the guns will come out. The mentality in the US is “What is yours is mine!” not, “How can I help?”.

          I live in the Philippines, in Makati. I am a retired American citizen living with friends here. I walk the streets dressed down in jeans, tee and sneakers, not a watch or jewelry or other signs of wealth. Just being white is enough to signify money to the poor here. I am perfectly safe because I do this and do not act like a rich American.

          I too prepare but because the government here cannot take care of it’s citizens in a real emergency. It is everyone for themselves, yet there is no rioting or looting when it does happen. These people are more civilized than Americans. They turn out to help, not loot. Nuff said…

        • Exactly, this McEwen woman said “Knowing that they dont always succeed” so why should we follow them for a global agenda. Individual preppers could help their community, but not the world. That why everyone should prep. Unless they have other ideas, like confiscation and redistribuition, sounds fimiliar huh. Socially selfish my ass, if people are warned and refuse to be prepared because so called experts say they will be cared for they are fools as are experts. Little Ms. Valerie Lucas-McEwen; this hyphenated woman, needs to look no futher than the mirror and see all the selfish she wants.

        • I think most of these people are just too cheap to prep. They would rather have the latest cell phone, or flat screen, sports tickets, something to entertain themselves instead of something that requires a little thought and planning and could someday save their life. They are also lazy, stupid and uninformed.

        • People that have the power are not afraid of us. They know that when everyone rolls over that we have no defence to them raiding our homes like the did Porter’s they are patient they will wait us out. I believe the only thing we can do in protest is open varry. To resencitize the population to seeing offencive resonsable gun handeling. The population should thank every gun carrier for the safty they are providing not be scared of it. Its time to open carry. Who is with me?

        • Non-preppers are afraid of preppers because they believe it will be the heavily-armed prepper types that will be the marauding hordes if something bad happened.

          Non-preppers are concerned that if something big and bad happened at a societal level, preppers wouldn’t work together peacefully and more efficiently but would retreat into heavily armed enclaves looking out for only themselves—to everyone’s disadvantage.

          Non-preppers don’t believe preppers’ weapons will be used for defensive purposes only, just they way we all don’t believe Iran will use nuclear weapons for only defensive purposes. It’s human nature to think this way. In fact, preppers arm themselves excessively in large part because they keep hearing about how preppers are arming themselves. So even preppers are afraid of preppers.

          Non-preppers are concerned that some preppers seem intent on actually stirring things up in order to cause a catastrophe, so that they can finally bring down a world system they believe has treated them unfairly.

          Non-preppers worry that heavily armed people who actually think the world is going to hell soon are not rationale. Non-preppers are worried that a prepper that suddenly loses his job or is dumped by his wife will view this as confirmation of his worldview and decide to shoot up his home and old workplace. Non-preppers are worried that even a very tiny percentage of heavily armed preppers who were somehow once able to legally acquire weapons will eventually lose mental competence through age or disease or burst of rage, or that someone in their household who’s mentally ill will get a hold of their weapons and use them with tragic consequences on non-preppers.

          The chances that a prepper will experience a true global and long-term catastophe they dream of where their preps will actually be needed are probably no more than 1 in 500,000. The chances that the time and effort put into excessive food storage and weapons accumulation would have been better spent on education, savings for retirement, and enjoying the real world right now are 1 in 1.

          The chances that any one prepper’s weapons will be used for tragic real-world purposes in no way related to post-apocolyptic defense probably only about to 1 in 20,000. But considering there are “over 4 million” proud and heavily armed preppers, that means the chances of something bad happening to non-preppers because of a prepper right now in the real world are 1 in 1.

          So yes, non-preppers are afraid of preppers. And rightfully so. And fear can lead to hate pretty quickly.

      2. First they laugh at you,

        Then they fight you,

        Then you win.

        • People usually react negatively when you expose a flaw in their thinking. If you attack something that they firmly believe in and they can’t defend their position adequately they get defensive/angry. Its the same thing with political ideologies or religious beliefs etc. When you prod someone and hit a nerve of insecurity, they find a way to dismiss what you are saying or doing and if they can’t do that, then they will find a way to dismiss you by character assassination. Anything to make you some kind of outlier that deviates away from the mainstream.

      3. The truth passes through 3 phases – first, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is seen as being self-evident. We are currently passing from phase 1 into phase 2. When most folks finally arrive at phase 3, it will likely be far too late for them to take any effective action. Know the truth. Speak the truth. Live the truth. Today… Don’t wait for anyone, especially our “leaders” to tell you what the truth is.

      4. So preppers are selfish. But folks that drive expensive cars, have ornate houses and all that goes with an affluent lifestyle, are not selfish even though they don’t share their cars, homes, and goods with others. I guess I’m dumb because I don’t follow the logic.

        • That’s those evil one percent. You know the ones that hire folks like me and maybe you.

          Don’t worry they have a plan to get them too.

          Although i don’t think it is as subtle as what they have planned for us.

          • I know I actually have more money now then when I was “working”. And yes about 200 less people have jobs. But I do have a lot of time on my hands. Being here proves it.

        • “Preppers are selfish”. And note that this is exactly the mentality that many preppers are preparing for: “That guy in that house over there is selfish. He has lots of food hoarded up..we are hungry…lets kill him”. Perhaps what disturbs people so much about preppers is that they are a group of people who are able to look at society from the outside in, and understand it…and that’s scary.


      5. “They try to find the strangest nutjobs they possibly can and then hold them up as “typical preppers”.


        You can change words in this article to show what its like to be a religious person or any other group of any kind. I picked on sentence to show my point.

        They try to find the strangest nutjobs they possibly can and then hold them up as “typical Christians”.

        They try to find the strangest nutjobs they possibly can and then hold them up as “typical Muslims”.

        They try to find the strangest nutjobs they possibly can and then hold them up as “typical Homosexuals”.

        • I was going to say essentially the same thing. Throughout history there are unending examples of a minority being despised. I think the best example is Jane Elliot’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment which proved we’ll rally around any difference, even if it is unimportant, and persecute the other group just because we can. It’s human nature.

          • Get your stinking paws off of me you damn dirty apes.

        • Good point after a tornado they always seem to find the guy married to his first cousin with the three legged dog to ask about the distruction.

          “ya shoulda heard it it sounded like a freight train, Didn’t mah”

          • Or some Canaidian that just moved here saying “It don’t happen like this up north”.

      6. Perhaps I just believe in the role of ‘natural selection’ in the prcess of ‘evolution’ therefore I prep.

        75% of the sheep agree they will be gone in two months! Wow! Toot-a-loo! It’ll be a gas going through the stuff you used to own when you were alive!

        • It’s almost tempting some times to wish that the article was right about 75% of the unpreparing sheeple being gone within the first 2 months.

          Serious as a heart attack for you right here today folks. I really almost hate to say it to you, but;


          Please try to enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a happy, safe and prosperous New Year with your families. God Bless & good luck to all for the coming year ahead. I have a hunch that it could just be unlike any other the world has ever seen. It’s the right time of the year to mend any fences with friends or family that need repair. Best not to leave those kind of things too far ahead in the future.

          • “It’s almost tempting some times to wish that the article was right about 75% of the unpreparing sheeple being gone within the first 2 months.

            THE MORE PEOPLE THAT I ACTUALLY MEET ON A DAILY BASIS ………. THE BETTER THAT I LIKE MY DOG.” I love it! I only wish I could give it more than one thumbs up! 😉

            Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!

        • 75% in two months?

          Not gonna happen.

          It’ll be more like two years.

          • More than one study says 90% in ONE year

          • Sadly, I think the numbers will be quite larger….some due to natural causes (those with medical conditions which require medications), some due to hunger and thirst, some due to home invasions, and some due to complete stupidity…those will be your neighbors if they even think you have food….be aware of your cooking because the smell of food cooking travels far….I truely pray that this scenario does not occur, but….far better to be safe than sorry….

            • FOB- A great and usually overlooked point!
              We’re warned to keep the smoke and light from our fires low, the sounds of gunshots or generators quiet, or anything that can draw attention to ourselves to a minimum in a SHTF survive or die scenario.
              However, one of the most overlooked attention grabbers is definitely the smell of food cooking which can travel a long distance (and is an especially noticeable smell if you’re really hungry).

              This is a key point in our preps that I don’t think alot of us have even considered (I admit that I never thought about this until reading your comment).

              So perhaps it would be smart to start stocking up on odor neutralizers like cans of Ozium or something (you can buy it at Pep Boys- I used it to kill the smell in my house when my dog got sprayed by a skunk and it definitely kills any odor from skunk to smoke and one would assume food being cooked).

              Nice catch FOB! Everytime I think I have all (or most) of my bases covered, something seemingly insignificant but possibly gravely important like this pops up on this site!! Thanks!

              • “So perhaps it would be smart to start stocking up on odor neutralizers like cans of Ozium or something”

                If you are bugout in place, or are pre-positioning, then sure maybe buy that stuff. It also depends on if you are a “prepper” (focus on short-term disaster) or “survivalist” (focus on permanent solutions/lifestyle). Long-term your cans of anti-stink are going to run out..not practical.


        • ~~It’ll be a gas going through the stuff you used to own when you were alive!~~

          Unfortunately, it won’t be food!!! 🙂

      7. I HATE going out in public places, but with 4 kids it’s necessary. And even though it’s the Christmas season, people are just mean, rude and disrespectful.

        15 months til we move out to our BOL, but who’s counting?

        • Without xbox or facebook life just ain’t worth living, seems to the attitude. why prepare?

          • Don’t worry Facebook isn’t going anywhere.

      8. Noah was a prepper!

        • Noah was not a prepper. He was told to do it by a force much beyond him. I think any sane person would follow such instructions. But it is my belief that Noah and his ark is just a bedtime story to make sense of some localized event. Think of it like the game telephone.

        • HAHA that’s funny…I’m not even a christian and I still appreciate that. Not in favor of the “prepper sailboat” strategy tho!


      9. Evening.

        The answer to this is obvious.

        We are right about the need to store food and water.
        We are right about the need to reduce our reliance on electricity.
        We are right to want to leave the cities.

        EVERYONE hates people who are always right lol

        Take care

      10. To take over a Country, Marxism has found that it must take over the Culture. An easy way to get people to form into a mob is give them something to be against. Preppers, Christians, the Tea Party, ect.

        To take over the Culture, they first must control both the schools and the Media.

        To defeat this trend, one must turn the Culture towards something other than the State, like Faith in the Christian God.

        Which is why Marxism is working with Islam, a rigid cult of violence to stop this from ever happening again, as it did at the end of the Cold War.

        • Wow blindspots.

      11. Wow, I’m impressed with all the stuff. I’ve got enough for 2 for 2 years but nothing like this pile. (Wife would kill me for the space.) On the other hand,laugh at me all you want, Heck I laugh at me sometimes. I love the people who think they won’t last a week; I hope they are right. But why do we care what they think? If they are right I’ll die with a lot of rice and beans for someone to give away, If I’m right I will get at least some last laugh. OK by me.

        • Para, I hear ya…. it’s like people who argue with me about GOD and the afterlife. The number of people over the years who have told me that I’m “too smart to believe in that religious stuff’ are beyond counting. My standard reply is as follows:

          “Fine, you don’t believe in it and I do. How’s about we BOTH get what we want? When I die, I get to see my loved ones and dwell forever in paradise. When YOU die, you lay in the ground and rot. It’s a win win!”

          Hey, if people want to rely on “the government” when there’s no such thing as the government, just a pack of assholes who wanna spend your money and run your life, I say, fine, you go with that. I am going to see to my own survival and prosperity. You do it your way, and I do it mine.

          Honestly, I don’t even care which way is “better”; I just know that I am NOT relying on the same government that fucked up “helping” the victims of Katrina and Sandy. I’m not relying on the likes of Anthony “Twitter my junk” Weiner, Sheila “flag on Mars” Jackson-Lee, Helicopter Ben Bernanke or Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner. I wouldn’t rely on any of those idiots to keep a plastic houseplant from dying, so why in hell would I trust their kind with my life?

          • @SonofSam,

            When I hear statements like, I’m “too smart to believe in that religious stuff’, I just think of one of my favorite quotes.

            “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”
            -Albert Einstein

            If these people honestly think they are smarter than Einstein then they are most likely delusional and you should probably avoid them. Just my $0.02

            • @ PB,

              Brilliant statement, I’ve never heard that quote, thanks. ‘Big Al’ is my personal hero! 🙂

            • I, too, greatly admire Einstein….one of my favorite quotes of his is “There are two ways to live your life….one is as if nothing is a miracle, the other is as if everything is a miracle”…..I think science and religion go hand in hand…..


        • Paranoid: Agree, with saved by grace also on marxism/islam agenda; I don’t have near the preps you have because I lack space..but more than a two week storm power outage. I knew three couples who prepped before y2k now are deceased; their heirs donated most of their food to the local food bank; let’s hope enough wake up to stop any meltdown, yet it’s unlikely. People are waking up in France and seeing the Islamic agenda and speaking out; other countries over there will follow I’m hoping. The mainline news is not covering lots of info that can be found online.

        • Look at that pile of cans. So….question. Do you have a use for all that METAL? Have a way to melt that stuff down? Just asking. Something to think about.


      12. After a few days of not eating, they will be angry, hungry, and wanting to lash out against someone. They will be looking for food and water.

        After a week to 10 days of no or insufficient food and water, they will be weak and unable to wage a fight. After 2 weeks or more, they won’t be able to do anything. Beyond that, they will be dead.

        Have enough set aside to come out on top and continue from there. I believe that many people have discovered that they are screwed. They are angry at that, but haven’t yet lost all they have. When that occurs then the fight will be on.

        • Hmmm couple of problems (sadly).

          Add about a week or two for the stuff they got kicking around in thier cupboards.

          After “it’s all over” there would be a major. Major. MAJOR. Sanitation problem. As in likely resulting in too toxic of an environment to live in.

          Everyone knows this so I would think there’s going to me massive attempts at centrailzing and re-distributing. People and food, respectively.

          Pfft it’s not gonna come down to that. This isn’t Stephen King. What it will come down to is job losses, lots of them, and no UE insurance. Aka the worst of Mexico / Nigeria.

      13. They fear what we represent.
        Living within our means – monstrous!
        planning ahead – how dare we!
        Living a moral life – Oh the humanity!

        • I would say ethical rather than moral but agree.

      14. PS, looks like you need more: Ketsup, TP and P-Nut butter. When you run out of TP it’s all over. Got at least a 10 year supply.

        • Maybe it won’t be any major disaster.

          But when you are old and gray and Socail Security collapses, You’ll still out live those folks when the checks stop coming.

        • I figure all over 5 years is barter material!!
          Good stash Paranoid.

        • I was just telling my sis today that I would just make an outhouse way out back, but would rig it so I could just bring my “inhouse seat” out for the comfort factor….don’t know if it will work, but I am old and I sure am gonna try! LOL


          • We had an outhouse for a few months when I was a kid. Darn I hated that thing. Now that the bathroom is the reading room I hate to contemplate the change. Freeze your ass off in the Winter. Then again if there is no food bathroom breaks will not be such a big deal.

      15. It’s a media thing, and most of humanity has been brainwashed. If it is on the “news” or the Internet it HAS to be true, right? Even the websites like this one have commentors who are so radical and downright clockwork orange over the top and deeply troubled that they are verbally castrated and ostracized by supposedly fellow preppers. Survivalism and prepping have become topics like religion and politics.

        Being new to this, I have roamed the Internet and seen so many “predictions” that we’re so off base and outrageous, yet believed and feared. Perhaps if preppers and survivalists kept their radical thinking to themselves, and shared information in a kinder gentler way, promoting helpful and supportive knowledge, it would be seen in a different light? I remember the hellfire and brimstone religion I was brought up in. We had fear shoved down our throats and later, instead of passing it on to our children, we embraced a loving and graceful, forgiving God. Don’t you think the prepper religion would work the same way?

        I choose to not participate in the discussions full of hate, weaponry, racism, derision aimed at non-preppers. There is too much negativity that has infiltrated what could be a positive learning experience. I come to this site because I get great information from members such as Daisy, Be Informed, and others. Get some great laughs too! But honestly, some I scroll right down to the next.

        Hey, to each his own, but still, if you wanna be respected show some respect, valid knowledge, and if not love at least caring for your fellow man!

        • @DtD,

          I mostly keep to myself about what I do. Seems like most of the people here do that as well. I believe that no matter what we do or how present our beliefs, it won’t matter because of two reasons:

          A) We have very powerful loud mouthed bossy assholes as enemies in the media and government. Just as a random example, look at how that smug asshole Bill Maher mouths off about the Tea Party, a movement which only wants our government to live within its means. The way PC Billy acts, you’d think that the Tea Party really wants small children to be molested by coke snorting lesbian vampires from Mars.

          Now go from the Tea Party to us; ie, multiply the bigotry flung our way by about a thousand. And its blaring at people every hour of the day. You really think we’re going to be able to counteract that by being “kinder and gentler”?

          B) Most people don’t wanna make waves. They also have lost the knack of thinking for themselves. Let’s recall, we have the shittiest economy in years, we have soaring poverty and deficits, and that jug eared fucker in the White House hasn’t done squat to make things any better. In fact, he’s made them worse. And yet, people voted for him to get another four years to do MORE OF THE SAME!
          Now tell me, do you really think the problem is with US? Do you really think if we were “kinder and gentler” that these baaaaaaing sheep would somehow rub their eyes, wake the hell up and say “Wow, I never thought of that”?

          I’m wiling to try it your way, but I’m under no illusions as to its effectiveness. Maybe it will work with some people…maybe

          • About those coke snorting, les vampires from Mars. You got any names –contact info?

            • @Paranoid

              Lindsey Lohan

              • Ha Ha Ha HA!!! That was a reply worthy of SmokinOkie – Good one!!!!

        • I think that our country is full of derision and poor behavior, but I brisk at the thought of people censoring their ideas because they will come across as brash. Rarely are we able to tell the truth anymore because it will “hurt someone’s feelings.” I guess that I’m tired of being pc all of the time, and a Black woman… I can’t tell the truth about the “feeders” in the community that I teach because it’s not politically correct to call them out. The “woe is me” thing is old, but noone can tell the truth about anything… We have to be quiet, shut up, take it… Well, I’m kind of tired of it. Let everyone say whatever the heck they want to. We’re lied to all of the time– the govt. lies and obviscates the truth. We beat around the bush with EVERYTHING, pussyfooting around the facts because they are inconvenient. The truth doesn’t hurt my feelings. If someone is a stark raving racist but has a POINT and I can learn something from them (and they can manage to get over skin color long enough to teach me), then fine. We don’t have to agree with each other all of the time. I love SHTF plan because I learn something from a very diverse group of people, most of which would pass by me on the street without ever believing that I think the way that I do. This is one of the few places one can go and say whatever they want. 😉

          • Blacks should be mad as hell about what the white dogooders have done to the black family while posing as their friends.

            • Those of us who pay attention are. “Well intentioned” people have created a generation (or 3) of utterly dependent people who benefit from sloth, ignorance, and stupidity. Although it’s not just Black people who suffer this fate, it has really devestated the Black community. Any real chance that we have to survive as a people will mean a MAJOR shift in mentality. I fear that will mean that an awful lot of Black folks won’t make it…

              • Wow, interesting. What % of the black population would you guess thinks this way? As I recall, didn’t Bill Cosby get in some trouble awhile back for saying similar things?


      16. These people who may hate and demonize preppers are the same people who would help themselves to everything a prepper has if given the chance. They laugh at the prepper for having their boat ready, and when the flood comes they all want to climb in and be saved, til the board capsizes.

        • I mean til the BOAT capsizes. I can’t work and post at the same time, apparently.

        • During Sandy whos generators were targets,

          not the un prepared

          During Sandy who was digging in dumpsters on day two (Really Day Two? can’t survive past day two ! )

          Certainly wasn’t the prepared

          • in the areas damaged by hurricane Sandy, They will rebuild everything right where it was. Smart move.

            I don ‘t hear anyone talking about how much will be covered by flood insurance. I’m sure few had it. But then, I’m tired of paying for mansions built right on the beach.n

          • Are there any prepping analysis articles out yet about Sandy? I haven’t seen any. I’m asking because I’ve been outside the US for 4 months now, so I’m not exactly in touch with the goings-on in the states at the moment. I’m hoping Sandy will have some lessons for us.


      17. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

        – Jiddu Krishnamurti

      18. Who give a crap what they say? It makes no difference at all. No one should know what you have anyway.

        • Great how they think we are nutjobs, crazy and parnoid.

          Then are upset that we are only planning to do the the best for our family and call us selfish Preppers.

          In the future it that might considered biting the hand that feeds you.

          • paranoid- puggy fingers get me everytime

      19. Because we knew something they didnt.
        and now they are pissed because its one more thing they need to do to catch up

      20. Most people only like those that make them feel secure, not those that make them feel ill-prepared.
        Most want to have their “ears tickled,” not their brains stimulated.
        I don’t recall a single time in my life where I witnessed a group of people who actually liked or even appreciated a man or woman that warned them about an impending problem.

        • The problem is that “groupthink” which sets in whenever there gathers a crowd of people. Like Tommy Lee Jones said in “Men In Black”, “A person is smart; PEOPLE are dumb, dangerous, panicky animals, and you know it.”

          Personally, tell me the shitty stuff first; I hate having it hang over my head like the vulture of impending doom

        • My take on this: I like knowing what’s coming.
          I can not change 99% of it, but I can be more ready by knowing than not.
          It’s just that simple for me. Each day I read many blogs, learning things and acquiring more ‘to get’ items for my list.
          God will sort it out anyhow–oops, I said the ‘God’ word.

      21. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
        ― Mahatma Gandhi

      22. Mostly true, BUT those guys on Doomsday Preppers are most often pretty nutty. They seem to need help and to have issues.

        They have “pet” doomsday scenarios they are obsessed with. That’s not rational.

        I prep, and prep well — but it’s a logical, smart thing to do. I don’t sit and nervously tap my foot and discuss my weapons to no end like the guys on the show do — and the LA Times reporter was right to point out.

        • They have “pet senarios” because thats how the producers want it. Saw interveiw that stated the show wanted them locked into a specific topic and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

          I believe it was the guy in the bug out to the L.A. aquaduct episode but i might be wrong

      23. “A recent survey found that 55 percent of Americans have less than three days supply of food in their homes. Many people have no emergency supplies, or even a first aid kit.”

        Some preppers could be in that lot. Not wanting to be highlighted.

        • Forty nine percent of the American public does not have even a thousand bucks in the bank. Makes dependency almost a need in order to survive. Not much spare cash for prepping.

      24. The unions or the chinafication of american industry is going to attempt to devour 90 % of all small business. we need to spend all our money with local craftsman and farmers.. some things are worth the wait

      25. JUST OPENING MY PREP VAULT occasionally … seeing my preps stacked high , knowing I can safely “bug out” to the woods in any weather with my truck and gear for 6 months and be protected warm comfortable , eating good in my lil’ camp … leaves me feeling … ;0) Warm Fuzzy Safe and Secure inside .

        If it’s Wrong or Crazy to feel prepared and secure living in a fascist commie socialist private foreign banker owned controlled country (ameriKa) owned by very real secret society NWO UN ZOG Freemason Bilderboybugger TRAITOR corrupt criminal gangster banker and politician wanna be Nazi DickTators of the World … then I’m a very very bad man and crazy as a loon !

        I present to you the FREEEMAN PATRIOT Salute

        ” ;0p pssszzt !”

        ~N.O. ;0P

      26. My friends,
        This ridicule has frankly always plagued those of us that prepp.
        I offer a suggestion.
        Wear a fascad, it worked for every superhero, as well as the villains.
        I am quite comfortable with my metrosexual fascad, as it suits me well in suburbia.
        If others are aware of the lifestyle, present it as kind of a hobby.
        And for gods sake, don’t get all f-ing serious every time the opportunity presents
        Itself to talk about it. Some of you have personalities that are naturally very intense
        and you may find it hard trying to be something that you feel you are not. View it as a just
        another skillset and have fun with it.
        If someone starts talking about how bad things are, this is an opportunity to discuss
        Some aspects of the “hobby” with them. I find that asking them questions as to what
        they think might happen short term then long term. I complement them on their
        Ability to recognize these things going on around them that most do not see.
        And I ask them if they have done anything to plan for what they think might happen.
        If they become honestly interested they will start asking YOU questions.
        At this point DON’T overwhelm them. Give them only as much as you think is right
        For them. Keep it light and don’t let yourself get over serious about it even if they do.
        They may not be ready yet, or ever (think catch and release program).
        But… They just might be ready to take their first steps into self reliance.

      27. Why are preppers hated so much?

        I have another question for you,

        Why does a dog lick his balls?

        answer: because he can.

        When you start to feel the hate, just visualize a dog licking his balls and that’s the hater.

      28. They’re just jealous…

        • I know i am

      29. Well heck, now the The American Messiah, Barry Hussein Obama has been reelected we really don’t have to worry about paying our mortgages, paying for food or filling up our cars with gas. Of course that is because there will be no money, the banks will be burned to the ground, UN troops will be scavenging thru the radio-active remnants of the cities looking for scraps to eat or live women to rape and any gas that was withing 5 miles of the blast will have been burned up.

        There will be a few folks out in the countryside waiting to drill wells and plant gardens once all the zombies have been double tapped and the elites have moved to Argentina or Peru.

        The bright side is that we will never have to hear rap music ever again.

        • They should all decline.

          • Or tell ’em: I’m not a prepper; I’m a self reliant citizen not looking for handouts. In other words, an AMERICAN

        • Actually Jayjay, I would relish the opportunity to answer their question.
          My response would be:

          “…Ummmm NO! I’m not what you’re looking for. But you could really boost your ratings & gain untold advertisement riches, were you to investigate the fed/govt’s preps…”

          1.> Why are many of the alphabet-soup agencies involved in an apparent arms-race?

          2.> Against whom?

          3.> What about FEMA & DHS purchasing tens of millions of MREs & storing them in sinister underground bunkers?

          4.> What of the feds buying scores of tons of vacuum packed, freeze dried #10can products, this past summer? Creating a shortage of such, lasting months.

          5.> What of the alleged shortage of certain powerful, first-line of defense antibiotics, earlier this past year…being caused by govt stockpiling?

          6.> Again, for whom?

          You know, seems to me you Nat-Geo guys have dropped the ball. Methinks your viewing audience would skyrocket exponentially, if you looked into the shenanigans of the ultimate prepper…the US govt.

          Oh…by the way, they’re doing this on the TAXPAYER’S DIME!

      30. It’s easier to discredit the messenger than it is the message. Call someone any number of names equating to crazy, then what they say no longer has merit, but actually try to pick apart the actual message takes thought, time, and the risk of having to argue an alternate position. Plus the cold hard truth is called that for a reason, if you kid yourself into believing that “preppers” are a bunch of wackjobs, then you can continue about your life standing in lines for iphones and watching reruns of jersey shore.

        • Alinsky tactic – if you can’t win an argument on a topic, demonize or ridicule it.

      31. Three million? A low ball figure if I ever heard of one. We all know what it feels like to admit to being a prepper and the looks you get and comments that are made about how implausabile that an event would occur. But then you have at least one person admit in private that they too have been prepping. I don’t advertize much anymore. Let the fools think I abandoned the idea.

        But! I recently traveled through N. California and saw a couple of things I will share:

        Traveling up Hwy 70 I found a bunch of individuals with about 35 RV’s gathered in a field with only a few cars around. I stopped and asked one of the guys who apparently was an acting security guard. These RV’s have been staged there as a bug out location for people who live in the Sacramento area. The guy was pretty nice but wouldn’t give out much else.

        Stopped in a town between Chico Ca. and Susanville in the foothills. Stopped in at a Army surplus store because I am a junk whore. Good selection and reasonable prices. Plus they sold guns and ammo which was not advertized out front. Army sleeping bags for $29.00. Anyway I heard the clerk tell a customer that he had sold out of a certaing caliber of ammo the day before to a guy who bought up like 3,500 rounds that wiped them out. No delivery again for about 10 days.

        Customer left and I was alone with the clerk. I noticed he has Mountain House foods for sale and I mentioned that the town seemed to be a prepper orientated group. The clerk looked at me strange and I just told him that I was from down South and had no problem with admitting I was a prepper as he didn’t know me from Adam. With that he opened up and said that almost everyone in the town was a prepper and that was why he opened his shop as it alowed him to prep and make a living. Another customer came in and heard me telling the clerk about making fire starters with egg cartons, lint and wax. From there on I might as well have been on this board as we all talked for over 45 minutes until I had to go.

        The short story here is that there are a bunch of us that just keep it on the low down and you can never tell for real how many are around you. Like buying from Wise foods they ask you if you want it delivered in an unmarked box so your neighbors and Postman have no idea.

        • Why are all of us hated so much? Not just preppers! Seems like the entire infrastructure is imploding. Neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member, it’s almost getting unsafe to say “Hi” these days.


        • Hwy 89 between Weed and Susanville goes through some nice country. Susanville is very nice, too bad it is in California with all it’s problems.

      32. I watched an episode of Doomsday Preppers that had Jason the kid in it. It was completely ridiculous. It was like watching a 5 year old play cops and robbers. He was very naive. Him and his little militia prepper group attempted to stay alive in the “wilderness” by lighting a fire indoors…when the fire inevitably got out of control, and lit the ceiling on fire, the smoke began to fill the room. To combat the smoke, they broke open a window next to the fire…they quickly learned it was a bad idea. When the window broke, the fire was fed oxygen causing it to become much bigger. I never laughed so hard. Jason and his group wouldn’t last a week on their own. The article is certainly right, they go after the freaks, the people on the fringe of society.

        • I still give the credit for trying most kids are stuck in video gameland he atleast knows something his name is john connor

      33. I think it was Ghandi who said…

        First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

      34. Nobody likes being poked when their head is in the sand

      35. Damn it women…(talking to my wife)

        How many times do I have to tell ya to quit sending pictures of our pantry to your cousin in the city.

        Dat picture looks very fimilar. 🙂

        y’all enjoy the day.

        hillbilly SC

      36. Very simple answer. There is a mental conflict to those who criticize. I think this may be described as an issue of cognitive dissonance?

        Non preppers don’t want to sacrifice the luxuries/indulgences enjoyed in their current life style for prepping, and need to rationalize their shortcomings, i.e. denial, to align with their inherent laziness and refusal to give up an “easy” lifestyle.

        This spills into feelings of a secret jealousy, I believe, because not only may preppers have physically prepped, but also have a firm conviction, and I dare say it, satisfaction with their prepping lifestyle.

        In contrast, those who criticize preppers must actually have a concern that preppers may be right, otherwise they would not be so paranoid about the preppers in the first place. They don’t criticize anyone who believes in scientology do they?

        (Me? I am more interested in being self sufficient, living off the grid, even if THSneverHTF and not having to deal with anybody, including the government, but my friends will always interpret this as my being a “prepper”. So I don’t even want to go there.

        It is a premonition of how preppers will be treated if TSHTF, and these non preppers need to justify their future actions. You can’t justify slaughtering a lamb who has prepped. You can justify slaughtering a jackal who has prepped.

      37. Have you noticed how the media likes to poke fun at “white” preppers? Have they even gone after any black preppers? Maybe my tinfoil hat is too tight, but I am beginning to see a pattern here. Don’t forget that when a particular group of people is feared or refuses to get into lock step with the rest of the sheeple the ptp will resort to ridicule, and ridicule begets hatred and violence. Preppers are understood to be independent minded people and let’s face it, the libtards don’t like that, they want to see you walk right off the cliff with every other lemming!!! I think one thing we as preppers need to do is stop telling so many people what we are doing, it’s the very people we tell who are turning on us!

      38. I noticed today that Canadian Tire is selling firearms again. Since the gun registry had come in the 90s they stopped selling them. They sold ammo but not all the same kinds you could get before the f-ing registry. I am assuming because the registry was rescinded earlier this year ( federal bill C-19 ) that Canadian Tire decided to start selling firearms again! they had .223 , .308, 12 guage, not a great selection but they are actually selling them again. didnt see any 30-06 though , but they do have lots of ammo for 30-06. Interesting how Canada is becoming more lenient with gun laws while America is trashing the 2nd ammend. and the first. actually the whole constitution. word is a big round up of all firearms in california is in the offing. the cops have already been briefed. door to door stuff they are talking. i would say good luck to them but its not what i really think. what cop would be stupid enough to actually try to take everyones firearms? you might collect a few, but eventually something bad will happen.

        • I`m going to have to check this weeks Canadian tire flyer for some Christmas gun deals .Maybe santa will bring me a new .308
          My first shot gun was purchased at Canadian tire many years ago .

          Things are heating up in Michigan ( not good)


      39. Silly Preppers it can never happen in America the government says so. Yes the same government that said asbestos, agent orange, artififial sweetners would not harm us! Yeah that government and Anna Nicole married for love!!! How could anyone with an once of common sense not perpare for a Earth quake, Hurricane, Tornados or Volcanos if you live in and area at risk???

        But then again look at the grocery stores around our national leaders (DC Metro Area) when 4 inches of snow heads there way. When bad things happen, who is the first to close down, run away and take care of themselves?? Thats right its government!!

        During Katrina over 250 sworn officers deserted. Do you really think they are coming to help you?? Under the continuity of government plans they are all going to be hiding in a hole somewhere waiting to come out and claim power after we save the world. Well that’s their plan anyways.

        So who’s the greedy one preppers or the government that gave the masses a false sense of security and gave themselves a superior bunker paid for by the masses??????

      40. They hate us so much they dont want to face reality
        That it could come crashing down, who cares anyway they will be of no use anyway
        Time to thin the herd push the reset button already to many useless
        People destroying the world . Who do you think the gubermint bought the
        Bullets for not the preppers they will be off radar the sheeple will be trying to
        Storm the bunkers they will be for VIPs not sheep they get a last meal lead

        Sorry for being harsh but its the truth

      41. People laugh at ” Doomsday Preppers ” even though it is a popular show. Nobody (that I know of) laughs at the History channels ” Life after people or Armageddon week “. These are popular shows that are sometimes along similar lines. Maybe the sheeple who are laughing are the same dumbf*cks who do what the TV tells them to do all of the rest of the time. (I know Duh). People who do not truly think for themselves are their own worst enemy.

        • It’s the type of prepper they have on the shows. People don’t want to watch normal folk. They want to watch freaks and these shows have them. If Honey Boo Boo and her family looked and acted normal, no one would give a shit.

      42. some people just stormed the legislature in lansing michigan, because of a new labour law.

        • yes they are fighting the right to work legislation that looks like its going to pass in that state, the unions are pissed

          • 10K workers all have Tuesday off, what are the odds?

          • The Michigan House of Representatives voted 58-52 to approve a measure that would make payment of union dues VOLUNTARY in the private sector, after DEMOCRATS WALKED OUT IN PROTEST at the public being kept out of the Capitol.

        • December 11, 2012

          “There Will Be Blood:” Michigan Legislator Threatens “No Peace” if Right-To-Work Law Passed; “Demonstrators” Occupy Government Building

          And here we go.

          On Twitter, @stranahan is reporting some harrowing things. Americans For Prosperity had a tent up, which was torn down by union protestors; worse yet, he said there were people inside the tent when they took it down, and the “protesters” were armed with knives.

          He says the “protesters” have also occupied the George Romney building, which is the Governor’s main office.

          Update: @scrowder (comedian Steve Crowder, who did the Bowie parody, and the “redistribution of Halloween candy” clip) was punched four times in the face during the fracas. See end of update.

          Update: They broke his tooth in the beating.

          Or, as the media calls it, “a mostly peaceful demonstration.” That of course is JammieWF’s joke.

          Except it’s not a joke. It’s real.

          Video:of the mob taking down the tent.

          Gee, I wonder if Obama will caution the mob against violence. (Answer: No, he won’t.)

        • The right to work for person “A” without having to pay person “B” for the oppurtunity. Why is that even an issue.

          if the union is doing such a great job people will line up to be members.

          If not then people won’t

          why is that so tough.

      43. Micheal Snyder, thank you for another excellent article. To everyone: When the nonpreppers, including the “experts” and “critics”, finally receive their dose of reality from SHTF, they’ll wish they had listened to us. When they start dying off, they’ll really regret the position they took toward us. It will be just like BI described in his article back on 5-12-12 titled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?”. That article really said it all. Everyone else, go get your supplies now while you still can. I’m still shopping myself. I have peace of mind knowing I’m spoending my money on things that will keep me alive in post-SHTF instead of useless junk. What am I getting for Christmas? Preps, preps, and more preps; same things I get all year round. Best wishes to all. Braveheart

      44. Illinois ban on carrying weapons is unconstitutional, according to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in,.. Moore VS Madigan

        i’ll try to find the link again

      45. I think this whole “right to work” stuff is a bunch of crap

        I live in a “right to work state”
        union membership is close to nonexistent

        and we have a very high rate of unemployment

        this isn’t about creating jobs
        its politics pure and simple

        • very true

        • Making a state “right-to-work” doesn’t create jobs, it eliminates the good paying union jobs…and replaces them with $7.25 an hour jobs. I know, I live in one too.

      46. they’re going after the unions first
        then they’re coming for the rest of us

        they want us all working for minimum wage

        they’ve already done a great job destroying pension benefits
        for the average middle class person

        we shall soon be a nation of have and have nots
        there will be the top 1%
        and then there will be the rest of us

        debt slaves,the working poor,living paycheck to paycheck

        enjoy the “middle class lifestyle” while you can

        the agenda is quite clear

        • Unions and govt very much the same and alike….both big thieves and corrupt.

          Wow are things totally twilight zone and upside down or what??

          Praise God, He is in control, get on His side and hide there, cause the rest of the world has seriously gone psycho and is on fire

      47. My standard reply to any that mock or criticize preppers is…

        You should be very grateful for any preppers near you, whether you know them or not, as each will be one less family standing in the long line in front of you anxiously awaiting the desperately needed, long overdue, rumored FEMA truck of food & water maybe coming near your neighborhood in the next disaster to hit your area.

        To those that say; “Well, I’ll just come to your place if anything bad happens!” I tell them they won’t get anywhere near the property without the password. They ask what it is and I respond, holding my hands up to my mouth like I’m yelling from afar; “I brought all my own food!”

        It’ll be much harder than that to find me then, but they get the message, we aren’t here prepping so they don’t need to.

        – Shane

      48. My standard reply to any that mock or criticize preppers is…

        You should be very grateful for any preppers near you, whether you know them or not, as each will be one less family standing in the long line in front of you anxiously awaiting the desperately needed, long overdue, rumored FEMA truck of food & water maybe coming near your neighborhood in the next disaster to hit your area.

        To those that say; “Well, I’ll just come to your place if anything bad happens!” I tell them they won’t get anywhere near the property without the password. They ask what it is and I respond, holding my hands up to my mouth like I’m yelling from afar; “I brought all my own food!”

        It’ll be much harder than that to find me then, but they get the message, we aren’t here prepping so they don’t need to.

        – Shane

      49. To me, I think everyone on this site has it pegged. Many do not like preppers due to jealousy and fear. Fear, as many do not understand the core concept of what someone who prepares for believes in. Jealousy, ‘what do the preppers know that I do not know?’ Should I jump on the bandwagon, or make fun of them, as everything is peachy fine in my life.

        @ Son Of Sam ~~ I agree with you, esp. regarding Bill Maher. He called Conservatives/Republicans Nazi’s. I am deeply offended by this jerk. I know I should consider the source. I would love to fill his mouth full of concrete and drop him in the nearest river. He would not be missed.

        I plan on keeping quiet regarding what I am doing regarding prepping, how much I have stored, what I have, ect. 3 million people must have something figured out.

      50. Pretty easy to figure out, you are a bunch of damn fools.

        • And yet you keep coming back here.

          How stupid is that?

      51. “But “preppers” have been labeled as “dangerous” and “crazy” and that is the way that law enforcement authorities now treat them.”

        Never forget this, folks. Mr. Gestapo is not your friend.

      52. Please indicate in the following posts the main reason you prep.


        Dollar all the way here.

        Mankind seems much more evil, selfish, and ugly than mother nature. She’s beautiful and giving most of the time.

      53. I have thought about this quite a bit and going back to my definition of a prepper being “One who prepares”. This definition can be used for many different people who don’t even stock food in thier homes. Anybody with life, auto and home insurance is also a prepper, just of a different kind. They are prepping for an eventual auto accident, or house fire or death.

        When I first chose my handle of Norse Prepper I was brand new to the site and was in my infancy of researching what could possibly come. I was intrigued by the prepper movement and I am of Norse heritage of which I am very proud. The Norse part came easy and the “Prepper” part was just to describe me that I am preparing for something.

        Truthfully I didn’t even know what I was preparing for other than I came across Porter Stansberry’s End of America video and it scared the hell out of me. After having my eyes opened to the financial calamity that our country is in, there was really no other choice for me than to do something to get past potentially troubling times ahead.

        Now do I consider myself a prepper still? Absolutely. I don’t have an armory and have a long ways to go before I will feel comfortable that my family will be safe, warm and fed. My goal is to go to bed every night and feel that I did something to help get me to my modest budget minded goals. Being prepared is not a destination for me, but a journey. I’ve been considering writing an article about lifestyle choices that people can make. In fact, I think I just talked myself in to it.

        With every decision comes a consequence, both good and bad. If you decide to prepare, the consequences are that you are opening yourself up to persecution and ridicule by the ostrich’s of the world. You are also facing a consequence of having a full stomach if supplies are cut off from the stores such as what we saw with hurricane Sandy.

        There is nothing that my government should fear from me. I’ve got some food and firewood stored up and a couple hunting rifles that I use to take a deer each season. If somthing happened in my neighborhood I would be a contributor to a solution and not part of a problem. I abide by the laws of the land and pay my taxes.

        I think this describes many of us here. We aren’t looking to light our torches and take to the streets. We for the most part would want to just be left alone to tend to our families and friends.

        OK, started rambling…..

        God Bless,

        • “Being prepared is not a destination for me, but a journey.”

          Well said, N.P. One might even invoke the Boy Scout Motto in agreement.

      54. 3 million?

        it’s nice to know more people are waking up and taking control for themselves.

      55. Boehner: ‘Let’s be honest. We’re broke’

      56. “Why are preppers hated so much?”

        I thought about this for quite a bit this afternoon and decided I… just… don’t… care. Go ahead and hate me. It won’t change who or what I am.

        For those of us following the ‘fiscal cliff’, I think it was NR that had an article today stating that 75% of Obama’s tax hikes would go toward… ready for it… NEW SPENDING!!! Yay!!! How predictable was that?

        Take care,

      57. http://youtu.be/InRDF_0lfHk

        Paint It Black. Rolling stones. Nam. footage.

        Don’t care what they say. Bring it on.

        • No one is coming. Relax and take another Valium

      58. Norse Prepper just had a nice description of his journey, I’ve been reading this site and others for several years but rarely comment. We’re a rural, working-on- homesteading family on 20 acres, hunt, fish, garden, food preservation, woodstove, water from a spring and several wells, livestock, horses…trying to pay off debt and live on less, trying to be more self-reliant and ready to live without reliable electricity or affordable fuel. Long, slow journey. Finally both got local jobs, not much in savings (it’s all spent on the house, out in the pasture, stored in the barn or stacked in the basement!)

        Husband likes the idea of 1800s style pioneer living, he pictures himself a Jeremiah Johnson type when he’s up in the mountains elk hunting. I’m more like Joseph in the Bible, been warned by the Lord to be ready for hard, dark times…to put up food, water, lights…to lay low and be discreet…to not draw attention to our lifestyle or how we’re changing to be more self-reliant.

        On that note, our middle son now works for UPS. He has been coming home recently with stories of how the other drivers joke about “that prepper lady” who gets all the big shipments of survival stuff…and recently, one of the loader crew joked he’s just going to her house if things got back. Literally, the exact same things I’ve read on other sites, my son is hearing at work. So definitely be discreet and careful with your purchases.

        Thanks especially to OQ, I am reading through his book on collapse, it is amazing and detailed. Pretty mind-blowing in the later chapters, I’m a “nice Christian lady” and some of the survival strategies will take a lot of deep prayer and time with the Lord to determine which way we will go. You’ve definitely put in a great amount of work on this, and I encourage folks to buy or print out a copy. You’ll be pleased to know you’ve motivated me to keep working on our medical supplies with your extensive lists!

        Best wishes to all, keep your heads down and get your work done.

        • I’m a Proverbs 31:10-31 kinda girl myself. It’s a concise explaination to what I’m supposed to be doing for my family in my opinion. As the Women of the house, I am to set an EXAMPLE for my children and other women around me. I do not view this as sexist, in fact, it is empowering. I do not fear the “Snow” , because I’m ready for it.

      59. Preppers are hated because the Powers that Be want as many Americans to die after the collapse as possible. It all fits in with their UN Agenda 21 thinking. And because Satan wants to kill and destroy.

        The prepper who was a convicted felon and showed the guns that he owned on TV was being stupid. If I wasn’t allowed to legally own guns I wouldn’t show guns. I’d show sling shots and ball bearings as my defense weaponry. Along with bug spray that I could shoot from a distance.

      60. @ European American.

        Yes. They want us all dead. They do not even want us for servitude for we would still be a threat.

        • Just like war of the worlds

        • Really?

      61. I overheard a man recently talking about prepper a like they were just wasting money on stupid investments. So I asked him,”Do you have home owners insurance?” He said,”Yes.”
        I asked him,”Did your house burn down last year?”
        He said,”No.”
        I asked him,”Did you call the insurance company to demand a refund, since you didn’t need it?”
        He said,”No.”
        I asked him, “Who is just wasting their money again?”

        • He probably only has it because the mortgage holder required him to.

      62. I am still waiting for the answer to my last question.

        • Fire insurance for your house is a good idea even if there’s less than a 1% chance your house will burn down. We need to prepare because hyperinflation is a 100% certainty.

      63. Very simple answer: Those who are prepared to live without the Almighty State are a threat to its’ existence.

        Put another way, those who hate preppers are those who desire to control everyone around them to the benefit of themselves. Daughter #1’s mother-in-law is like that. Thankfully she limits herself to the immediate family. Glad to know that her son does not take after her, too.

      64. OK I get the message. First stop talking about my foil hat it works and second if they want me dependent then I will submit. By the way does anyone know can I use one of those food stamp cards to order wise food over the internet?

      65. I’m sure this administration will find some way to tax us preppers. We will need a special license and give the goverment a list of all our (preping) supplies. Then we will be required to undergo a mental examination and be on a watch list. Hang on gang the near future will be exciting. Finally, the government will take care of us in their special canps.

      66. In my view, it’s easy to take anything to unhealthy extremes. The typical prepper isn’t a member of any protected group, so the entire group is fair game for ridicule by the media. However, to me preparation makes economic sense. My bank is paying something like .5% interest on a certificate of deposit. Since I started buying metals (gold and silver) their values have more than doubled. The firearms I purchased have increased in value quite a bit, as well. The food, purchased in bulk, is consumed. It’s been years since I had to make a special run to the store to buy long shelflife items like toilet paper. The garden allows us to purchase very few vegetables, assuming I don’t do something stupid like plant 24 zucchini plants again. You see? Most of the purchases that fall in the “prepper” catagory involve no additional spending, save us money, or increase in value. I shy away from major purchases that don’t meet one of those criteria. If that’s nuts, count me in. No underground bunkers, gas masks, or ninja gear though. No offense to those of you who may be ninjas.

        Before someone chimes in with “you can’t eat gold and silver” let me point out to them that they can’t eat the cash in their pockets, either. However, my metal is worth twice as much cash as it was when I bought it. Is your cash worth twice as much as it was about five years ago?

      67. Who the hell cares what the chattering classes and unprepared think about prepping? Seriously?

        If you are out there shouting from the rooftops about your prepping, you are violating one of the cardinal rules of OPSEC.

        Just smile and nod when the naysayers bash prepping, keep a careful track of these people so you can avoid them when TSHTF, and keep prepping!!!

        After all, everybody also bashed Noah and that didn’t work out so well for them, heh.

      68. A mall in Portland, Oregon – 2 people killed by guy with a rifle. NYCity- Manhattan- Man executed in the back of the head by man with a pistol, the man calmly climbed into the get away car and away he went. Police say the do have the license plate of the car, but won’t give the reporters any further details at this time.

      69. What’s funny to me, is that when I write in the SHTF comment box, the next day or so there’s an article about it a few days later. I made a crude sarcastic comment recently under the guise of “Preppy Trendy.” Mainly aimed at the comment section. Which I never read because the way I see it, is its more of a sewing circle than people with something to say.

        If you look at other sites, like anyone to the left. You’ll find that most of those comment boxes are empty. 1 or 2 at most. Here, Hundreds. on every article.

        All I’m Saying is, DON’T YOU PEOPLE HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO? I mean, sitting around watching Mac’s site waiting for him to do all the research, then hit send so you can be the “first” to comment on how great his article is, BullSHTF! Its like reading the pigs preach in Animal Farm.

        I only say what I say here to break up the monotony of this site. Its like facebook for preppers. complete with likes and dislike. Also to remove someones comment because people don’t like it is CENSORSHIP!

        Most of us in this world don’t have a pot to piss in. How can you chastise people for being on welfare when then unemployment rate is so high? People gotta feed their families somehow, and when there’s no work, what choice do you have? Let me tell you it sure is nice being able to afford to prep, then brag about it on some preppy website so you can appear cool to all your other preppy friends.

        I’m angry, not hateful. however if you got a problem, with what I say then here’s my middle finger and you know what you can do with it. Because in my country, I’m alive, free, and ready!

        • ~~I mean, sitting around watching Mac’s site waiting for him to do all the research~~
          I have several blogs/sites I visit each day..and email contacts that keep me alerted to most happenings and events.
          Very seldom, unless Mac authored the article, do I read anything here new to me.

          ~~How can you chastise people for being on welfare~~
          I have a sister, her daughter, and her daughter–a generation +, on welfare. They are broke the second week of the month and are WALMART addicts.
          $1700 a month– live in a rental that looks like pig pen, broke car in the drive due to lack of funds for a part, but she changes curtains, placemats, and canisters quite often..:-)
          Chill, dude!

        • Nope. Nothing better to do. All I know is the Fat paper comes on Sunday.

        • Alive, free, and ready?

          Why should I give the children’s food to zombies? Love is a 2 way street. God Bless You.

      70. Everyone read what I wrote last week about how preppers are regarded very unfairly as selfish, sinister, and morally depraved. This article shows the shear ignorance of the general public. Let’s face it, the masses don’t like people that have convictions and stand by what they do and mean. Do you know why? It is because they can’t change you into a mindless sheep like the rest of them. You all know the absolute benefits of preparaing and sacrifice it takes so you have something when the fools have nothing because of their sole choice to do nothing.

        There are homeless people that have stashes of goods for when there are no hand outs. There is absolutely no excuse when someone has the money to prepare, that they choose not to. These individuals can put away something each trip to the crocery store, and it adds up a lot. They don’t because they are incredibly stupid and lazy, and they resent people that do because they know it is the right course of action and they actually deep down HATE themselves for having such inadequacies in their own lives.

        Yes, people that hate preppers hate themselves for being too f’en lazy, too consumed by Chinese Junk, total mindless conformists, too cheap, too brain dead. They innerwardly HATE themselves more than the wise and humble prepper/survivalist. This is why you get these contemptuous asinine articles about someone being socially selfish and many others, because these individuals not only don’t like themselves inside, they hate themselves inside. I am so glad I spent the time to write that article last week, I defend freedom, preppers/survivalists, the 2nd amendment and gun rights to the fullest, and every other common sense approach of what makes a prepper.

      71. A thought on 401k and IRA plans..
        Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Somebody else has possession of your money and can TELL you when, and under what conditions you can get reimbursed.
        If the inflation rate is 10% per year, and the interest rate is 5% per year, aren’t you losing money?

      72. The only thing I have to say to them is…..

        “Get off my lawn.”

      73. Been doing this along time…been mocked by better morons than the current crop of losers…will still be living this way when I die and dont give a rats backside what some govt/hollywierd type thinks of me or my lifestyle!
        Also think if they know what Im doing in my own world …then Im doing it all wrong…done properly you should be able to deny having much of anything and them struggle to prove otherwise…certainly youre not too bright if you advertise your resources and abilitys and for sure youre goofy if you go on tv and talk to the world about it…one thing to try to educate and help people to learn…another entirely to take them on a grand tour of your preps,how dumb can people be?

      74. Mcgyver would be on the kill list. This world is evil.

      75. I think that they are really just in deep denial. They see what is happening, but don’t want to face it. Or, they feel helpless and just pretend it isn’t happening so they can get through the day. After all, most of America is on drugs, either legal or other, just to keep from being depressed about their own situation or to escape their meaningless lives. When the drugs are not available in a disaster, THEN the S— will really hit the fan and the guns will come out. The mentality in the US is “What is yours is mine!” not, “How can I help?”.

        I live in the Philippines, in Makati. I am a retired American citizen living with friends here. I walk the streets dressed down in jeans, tee and sneakers, not a watch or jewelry or other signs of wealth. Just being white is enough to signify money to the poor here. I am perfectly safe because I do this and do not act like a rich American.

        I too prepare but because the government here cannot take care of it’s citizens in a real emergency. It is everyone for themselves, yet there is no rioting or looting when it does happen. These people are more civilized than Americans. They turn out to help, not loot. Nuff said…

      76. Never stopped to really think about being hated as a prepper. Hell I was country when country wasn’t cool. Love you Barbara!

      77. Good post.

      78. Prepping is not really the issue, it’s more of a matter who/whom thing, as writer Steve Sailer would posit. If preparedness was a fad for DWL urban types or NAMS, it would be presented as the most logical and smartest thing in the world to do (it’s really just a savings account in the form of commodities and tools) and as trendy and cool.

        But since this most of the people prepping tend to be conservative, white and male (just like the Tea Party movement), it’s open season on the bashing and presenting everyone who does it seem like a loo loo. The establishment has for years purposely marginalized anybody on the left (but mostly those on the right) who was concerned about the encroaching Globalism and police state as dysfunctional paranoiacs for the purpose to discrediting their ideas without ever discussing them, hence the term “Bircher” being used as a catch all insult to sway other status conscious “reasonable people” from entertaining such uncool thoughts.

      79. 3 million preppers in america, does that mean WE are now the One Percent?
        Are the 99% going to protest us now?
        Oh Boy
        I have always wanted to be part of the one percent
        I have achieved my dream
        I guess I can die happy now
        Bla Bla Blah
        Scold us and revile us
        we are the one percent that can be free and survive

        the Watcher

      80. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/watch-glenn-becks-emotional-tribute-to-his-dog-victor/

        It’s ok Glenn. I’d rather spend a day with my dog than most people I know.

        We never talk about our pets as a member of the prepper house.
        A faithful dog…the first line of defense.
        When I had to rotate some goods….my dog was real happy to be on the spam diet for a day or two.

        It’s OK Glenn.
        We understand.

      81. Because we’re pretty?

      82. Let’s be honest. I have made this point numerous times. There are a lot of reasons people dislike the movement. The main issue is some posts that rail about politics, are threatening, have angry language, are anti pretty much everyone. The few vile posts are the ones people remember and additionally cite when lumping us all together as wackos. Several posts are off track and talk about politicians like the R and D’s are any different. This is a waste of time and people sometimes sound nuts when they begin to rant. There is no need to make threats about what you are going to do with your gun when the feds come. (they aren’t). There is no need to talk tough, and it sounds crazy. If we want to be taken seriously and influence people to see the light, we need to quit sounding like lunatics. Get serious, stay on topic. Let’s share ideas about prepping rather than talk about things we have no influence over. Now for the thumbs down from the crazies. Thanks.

      83. Quick picking on the preppers. Most people that make fun of people or cut them down is because they are jealous. The truth of the matter is those preppers know more than you. Maybe if you learned why people are taking preparation serious you just might agree with them. You don’t have to be an extremist. Just make some type of preparations. Natural disasters are happening all of the time. A financial collapse is well on it’s way. Get prepared. Preparation is starts with you, not the government. Everyone relies on the government a little too much. That’s why this country is in so much trouble.

      84. I’ve been prepping for over a year now. I tried talking to friends and family… even co-workers a couple of years ago about how there is no recovery. How we should not rely on others to support us, how we should expect the unexpected. They started to think of me as a nut.

        They thought I was loony or a downer for thinking anything other than good thought about how the economy is if full recovery mode. Talk negative and they think your a nut. Go buy that new iPhone, I say I’d rather keep paper cash on hand in case of an emergency… they say your nuts, credit cards will save you if you run out of cash.

        BOTTOM LINE: I don’t know what’s going to happen… Economic collapse, EMT, earthquake… anyone that says this or that will happen doesn’t know… but what all preppers know is that something will happen and it’s best to be prepared for it.

        As for anyone who thinks your nuts, as one comment above said, Preppers are nuts, their idiots…. keep that image up to the world because we’re already in survival mode… bad preppers, bad…. let’s talk BMWs and Hawaiian vacations.

      85. Those shelves really should have something to keep the stored items secure in case of earthquakes and whatnot.

      86. This has probably been discussed already but basically it’s a common lame stream media tactic to put a label on a group. This then allows them to ridicule,hate, and eventually call for their blood, all with a clear conscience. “They’re not human, they’re Jews, or Blacks, or Preppers, or fill in the blank.” The fact that a bunch of liberal, marxist, slobs doesn’t like me upsets me so much that I may have to go home and take a baby aspirin(from my carefully hoarded supplies! lol).

      87. Of course the media hates preppers.
        They live on advertising,the stores buying this advertising have millions invested in just in time systems, and marketing plans that rely on you going to their stores often, with things like the weekly deals to get you in the door. Impulse buying increases profits.
        Preppers plan their purchases, shop the best prices in quantity, and buy much less often. It blows the whole maketing plan. How can they get you to buy that little gizmo hanging on the end cap if you only go in the store a few times a year?
        It is not suprising to see the media demonizing anyone who interfears with the business of marketing.

        It amazes me that people are so far removed from thier food that they think having a pantry and a root cellar and extra toilet paper is reason to be considered part of a radical group. Really? My granny was a radical I guess, but I sure love to use her canning jars.

      88. I would like to answer the name of the article. As a guy born overseas in eastern Europe, the pepper movement disgusts me simply because of the anti social mentality of a lot of these people. I admit I love the outdoors, and some techniques you can learn is interesting. However, instead of building a community with their neighbours, they are essentially threating their lives with weapons, and teaching their children this anti social behaviour. This contributes to a degenerate anti social culture, which (GUESS WHAT) has nothing to do with the government. It sicken me of how SURE they are EVERYONE will turn again them, which is absolutely ridiculous. How can you have a friendship which a person who smiles and BBQs with you while plotting to outsmart you in their basement, likely based on watching too many Hollywood movies.

      89. If you think about it, your girlfriend is a stranger, so is your wife, and your dog. The idea of locking your family unit in a box is illogical, and counter productive.

      90. If you STILL watch T.V,then you are not really a very good prepper anyway!Time is way too valuable to waste it soaking-up the crap they spew out!What did you expect!?The ‘system’ wants you helpless,so of course they try to demonize anyone seeking real independence.Get passed the need to hear what ‘THEY’say,and just go on with your life!Make your preparations,and quit worrying what the ignorant ‘others’might say/think.If you are true to the spirit of ‘prepping’,it will slowly dawn on you that our pioneer ancestors were ALL preppers in everyday life!Gardening,hunting,fishing,rootcellering,and all kinds of home/hand-crafting.It should also go without need to say it,that the more people that ‘prep’,the less damage a ‘collapse’can do to the quality of life of the average person,since more people would be ready to deal with a wide range of problems as they happen,rather than being helpless victims.

      91. Cause alla y’alls are paranoid shit-kickers, hillbillies and xenophobes. Really. Look at yourself in the mirror.

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