When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 639 comments

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    This article has been generously contributed by Matt Bracken of Enemies Foreign and Domestic and was originally published at Western Rifle Shooters.

    In response to recent articles in mainstream military journals discussing the use of the U.S. Army to quell insurrections on American soil, I offer an alternate vision of the future. Instead of a small town in the South as the flash point, picture instead a score of U.S. cities in the thrall of riots greater than those experienced in Los Angeles in 1965 (Watts), multiple cities in 1968 (MLK assassination), and Los Angeles again in 1992 (Rodney King). New Yorkers can imagine the 1977 blackout looting or the 1991 Crown Heights disturbance. In fact, the proximate spark of the next round of major riots in America could be any from a long list cribbed from our history.

    We have seen them all before, and we shall see them all again as history rhymes along regardless of the century or the generation of humankind nominally in control of events. But the next time we are visited by widespread, large-scale urban riots, a dangerous new escalation may be triggered by a fresh vulnerability: It’s estimated that the average American home has less than two weeks of food on hand. In poor minority areas, it may be much less. What if a cascading economic crisis, even a temporary one, leads to millions of EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards flashing nothing but ERROR? This could also be the result of deliberate sabotage by hackers, or other technical system failures. Alternatively, the government might pump endless digits into the cards in a hopeless attempt to outpace future hyperinflation. The government can order the supermarkets to honor the cards, and it can even set price controls, but history’s verdict is clear: If suppliers are paid only with worthless scrip or blinking digits, the food will stop.


    In my scenario, the initial riots begin spontaneously across affected urban areas, as SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) and other government welfare recipients learn that their EBT cards no longer function. This sudden revelation will cause widespread anger, which will quickly lead to the flash-mob looting of local supermarkets and other businesses. The media will initially portray these “food riots” as at least partly justifiable. Sadly, millions of Americans have been made largely, or even entirely, dependent on government wealth transfer payments to put food on their tables.

    A new social contract has been created, where bread and circuses buy a measure of peace in our minority-populated urban zones. In the era of ubiquitous big-screen cable television, the internet and smart phones, the circus part of the equation is never in doubt as long as the electricity flows. But the bread is highly problematic. Food must be delivered the old-fashioned way: physically. Any disruption in the normal functioning of the EBT system will lead to food riots with a speed that is astonishing. This will inevitably happen when our unsustainable, debt-fueled binge party finally stops, and the music is over. Now that the delivery of free or heavily subsidized food is perceived by tens of millions of Americans to be a basic human right, the cutoff of “their” food money will cause an immediate explosion of rage. When the hunger begins to bite, supermarkets, shops and restaurants will be looted, and initially the media will not condemn the looting. Unfortunately, this initial violence will only be the start of a dangerous escalation.

    The ransacked supermarkets, convenience stores, ATMs and gas stations will not be restocked during this period due to the precarious security situation. A single truck loaded with food or gasoline would be perceived to be a Fort Knox on wheels and subject to immediate attack unless heavily protected by powerfully armed security forces, but such forces will not be available during this chaotic period. Under those conditions, resupply to the urban areas cannot and will not take place. The downward spiral of social and economic dysfunction will therefore both accelerate and spread from city to city. These delays, in turn, will lead to more riots with the constant underlying demand that hungry people be fed, one way or another.

    Catch-22, anyone? When these demands do not bring the desired outcome, the participants will ratchet up the violence, hoping to force action by the feckless state and national governments.

    The “food riots” will be a grass-roots movement of the moment born out of hunger and desperation. It will not be dependent upon leaders or an underlying organization, although they could certainly add to the sauce. Existing cell phone technology provides all the organization a flash mob needs. Most of the mobs will consist of minority urban youths, termed MUYs in the rest of this essay. Which minority doesn’t matter; each urban locale will come with its own unique multi-ethnic dynamic.

    Some locales will divide upon religious or political lines, but they will not be the dominant factors contributing to conflict. In the American context, the divisions will primarily have an ethnic or racial context, largely because that makes it easy to sort out the sides at a safe distance. No need to check religious or political affiliation at a hundred yards when The Other is of a different color.

    We Americans are all about doing things the easy way, so, sadly, visible racial and ethnic features will form the predominant lines of division.

    Would that it were not so, but reality is reality, even when it’s is a bitch.

    Especially then.


    In order to highlight their grievances and escalate their demands for an immediate resumption of government benefits, the MUY flash mobs will next move their activities to the borders of their ethnic enclaves. They will concentrate on major intersections and highway interchanges where non-MUY suburban commuters must make daily passage to and from what forms of employment still exist. People making a living will still be using those roads to get to where they earn their daily bread.

    The results of these clashes will frequently resemble the intersection of Florence and Normandie during the Rodney King riots in 1992, where Reginald Denny was pulled out of his truck’s cab and beaten nearly to death with a cinder block. If you don’t remember it, watch it on Youtube. Then imagine that scene with the mob-making accelerant of texting and other social media technology added to stoke the fires. Instead of a few dozen thugs terrorizing the ambushed intersections, in minutes there will be hundreds.

    Rioters will throw debris such as shopping carts and trash cans into the intersection, causing the more timid drivers to pause. The mobs will swarm the lines of trapped cars once they have stopped. Traffic will be forced into gridlock for blocks in all directions. Drivers and passengers of the wrong ethnic persuasions will be pulled from their vehicles to be beaten, robbed, and in some cases raped and/or killed. It will be hyper-violent and overtly racial mob behavior, on a massive and undeniable basis.

    Some of those trapped in their cars will try to drive out of the area, inevitably knocking down MUY pedestrians and being trapped by even more outraged MUYs. The commuters will be dragged out of their cars and kicked or beaten to death. Other suburban commuters will try to shoot their way out of the lines of stopped cars, and they will meet the same grim fate once they run out of bullets and room to escape.

    The mob will be armed with everything from knives, clubs and pistols to AK-47s. A bloodbath will result. These unlucky drivers and their passengers will suffer horribly, and some of their deaths will be captured on traffic web cameras. Later, these terrible scenes will be released or leaked by sympathetic government insiders and shown by the alternative media, which continue to expand as the traditional media become increasingly irrelevant.

    Implausible, you insist?

    This grim tableau is my analysis of age-old human behavior patterns, adding flash mobs and 2012 levels of racial anger to the old recipe. Early-teenage MUYs today are frequently playing “The Knockout Game” on full bellies, just for kicks, and proudly uploading the videos. They and their older peers can be expected to do far worse when hunger and the fear of starvation enter their physical, mental, and emotional equations. The blame for their hunger will be turned outward against the greater society, and will be vented at first hand against any non-MUY who falls into their grasp while they are in the thrall of mob hysteria. These episodes of mass psychology we will refer to as “flash mob riots”, “wilding”, or some other new name.


    To gear up for even a single “Florence and Normandie on steroids” flash mob street riot, city police departments will require an hour or longer to stage their SWAT teams and riot squads in position to react. Ordinary patrol cars in small numbers will not venture anywhere near such roiling masses of hysterical rioters, not even to perform rescues. Those citizens trapped in their cars cannot expect timely assistance from local or state authorities.

    Even in the first days of widespread riots, when the police forces are well rested, it might take several hours to mount a response sufficient to quell the disturbance and restore order to even one major street intersection riot. In the meantime, scores of innocent commuters will have been attacked, with many of them injured or killed and left at the scene. It will be a law enforcement nightmare to quell the disturbance, mop up lingering rioters, restore security, and bring medical attention to the living and get medical examiners to the dead. And each jurisdiction will face potentially dozens of such scenes, thanks to the ability for MUYs to cross-communicate at will using their wireless devices.

    The far more difficult challenge for the police is that by the time they are suited in riot gear, armed and geared up to sweep the intersection, it will probably be empty of rioters. The police, with their major riot squad reaction times measured in hours, will be fighting flash mobs that materialize, cause mayhem, and evaporate in only fractions of hours. This rapid cycle time is a clear lesson taken from massive riots by immigrant French Muslim MUYs in their own religious enclaves and bordering areas.

    The American flash mob riot will exist almost entirely inside the law enforcement OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop. In other words, the rioters will have a much quicker reaction time than the police. Until fairly recently, superior police communications meant that they could use their radio networks as a force multiplier. With their networking advantage and cohesive reactions both within a department and among cooperating local agencies, police could act as shepherds guiding or dispersing a wayward stampeding flock.

    Today, the mob has the greater advantage, immediately spreading word of every police preparation by text and Tweet, even in advance of the police movement. Attempts by the authorities to stop the flash mobs by blocking and jamming wireless transmissions will have limited success.

    It is at this point that the situation spirals out of control.

    The enraged mobs in urban America will soon recognize that their spontaneous street riots cannot be stopped by the police, and then they will grow truly fearsome. For the police, it will be a losing game of Whack-a-Mole, with riots breaking out and dispersing at a speed they cannot hope to match. The violence will spread to previously unaffected cities as an awareness of law enforcement impotence is spread by television and social media. After a few days, the police forces will be exhausted and demoralized. As the violence intensifies and spreads, and in the absence of any viable security arrangements, supermarkets and other stores will not be restocked, leaving the MUYs even more desperate and angry than before. The increasing desperation born of worsening hunger will refuel the escalating spiral of violence.

    Nor will violent conflict be only between the inhabitants of the urban areas and the suburbs. The international record of conflict in tri-ethnic cities is grim, making the old bi-racial dichotomy formerly seen in America seem stable by comparison. In tri-ethnic cities the perceived balance of power is constantly shifting, with each side in turn feeling outnumbered and outmuscled. Temporary truces, betrayals and new alliances follow in rapid succession, removing any lingering sense of social cohesion.

    The former Yugoslavia, with its Catholic, Orthodox and Muslim divisions, comes starkly to mind. The Lebanese Civil War between the Christians, Sunnis, Shiites and Druze raged across Beirut (at one time known as “The Paris of the Middle East”) for fifteen brutal years. Once a city turns on itself and becomes a runaway engine of self-destruction, it can be difficult to impossible to switch off the process and return to normal pre-conflict life. It’s not inconceivable that the United States could produce a dozen Sarajevos or Beiruts, primarily across racial instead of religious divides.

    Vehicle traffic by non-minority suburban commuters through adjoining minority areas will virtually halt, wrecking what is left of the local economy. Businesses will not open because employees will not be able to travel to work safely. Businesses in minority areas, needless to say, will be looted. “Gentrified” enclaves of affluent suburbanites within or near the urban zones will suffer repeated attacks, until their inhabitants flee.

    Radically disaffected minorities will hold critical infrastructure corridors through their areas hostage against the greater society. Highways, railroad tracks, pipe and power lines will all be under constant threat, or may be cut in planned or unplanned acts of raging against “the system.” As long as security in the urban areas cannot be restored, these corridors will be under threat. Even airports will not be immune. Many of them have been absorbed into urban areas, and aircraft will come under sporadic fire while taking off and landing.

    In the absence of fresh targets of value blundering into their areas, and still out of food, MUYs will begin to forage beyond their desolated home neighborhoods and into suburban borderlands. “Safe” supermarkets and other stores will be robbed in brazen commando-like gang attacks. Carjackings and home invasions will proliferate madly. As I have discussed in my essay “The Civil War Two Cube,” so-called “transitional” and mixed-ethnic areas will suffer the worst violence. These neighborhoods will become utterly chaotic killing zones, with little or no help coming from the overstretched police, who will be trying to rest up for their next shift on riot squad duty, if they have not already deserted their posts to take care of their own families.


    In the absence of an effective official police response to the exploding levels of violence, suburbanites will first hastily form self-defense forces to guard their neighborhoods—especially ones located near ethnic borders. These ubiquitous neighborhood armed defense teams will often have a deep and talented bench from which to select members, and they will not lack for volunteers.

    Since 9-11, hundreds of thousands of young men (and more than a few women) have acquired graduate-level educations in various aspects of urban warfare. In the Middle East these troops were frequently tasked with restoring order to urban areas exploding in internecine strife. Today these former military men and women understand better than anyone the life-or-death difference between being armed and organized versus unarmed and disorganized.

    Hundreds of thousands if not millions of veterans currently own rifles strikingly similar to those they carried in the armed forces, lacking only the full-automatic selector switch. Their brothers, sisters, parents, friends, and neighbors who did not serve in the military are often just as familiar with the weapons, if not the tactics. Today the AR-pattern rifle (the semi-automatic civilian version of the familiar full-auto-capable M-16 or M-4) is the most popular model of rifle in America, with millions sold in the past decade. Virtually all of them produced in the past decade have abandoned the old M-16′s signature “carrying handle” rear iron sight for a standardized sight mounting rail, meaning that virtually every AR sold today can be easily equipped with an efficient optical sight. Firing the high-velocity 5.56×45 mm cartridge and mounted with a four-power tactical sight, a typical AR rifle can shoot two-inch groups at one hundred yards when fired from a steady bench rest. That translates to shooting eight- to ten-inch groups at four hundred yards.

    Four hundred yards is a long walk. Pace it off on a straight road, and observe how tiny somebody appears at that distance. Yet a typical AR rifle, like those currently owned by millions of American citizens, can hit a man-sized target at that range very easily, given a stable firing platform and a moderate level of shooting ability.

    And there are a far greater number of scoped bolt-action hunting rifles in private hands in the United States. Keep this number in mind: based on deer stamps sold, approximately twenty million Americans venture into the woods every fall armed with such rifles, fully intending to shoot and kill a two-hundred-pound mammal. Millions of these scoped bolt-action deer rifles are quite capable of hitting a man-sized target at ranges out to and even beyond a thousand yards, or nearly three-fifths of a mile. In that context, the 500-yard effective range of the average semi-auto AR-pattern rifle is not at all remarkable.

    So, we have millions of men and women with military training, owning rifles similar to the ones they used in combat operations overseas from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Many of these Soldiers and Marines have special operations training. They are former warriors with experience at conducting irregular warfare and counter-terrorism operations in dangerous urban environments. They are the opposite of unthinking robots: their greatest military talent is looking outside the box for new solutions. They always seek to “over-match” their enemies, using their own advantages as force multipliers while diminishing or concealing their weaknesses. These military veterans are also ready, willing and able to pass on their experience and training to interested students in their civilian circles.

    Let’s return to our hypothetical Florence and Normandie intersection, but this time with hundreds of rioters per city block, instead of mere dozens. Among the mobs are thugs armed with pistols and perhaps even AK-47s equipped with standard iron sights, and except in rare cases, these rifles have never been “zeroed in” on a target range. In other words, past a medium distance of fifty to a hundred yards, these MUY shooters will have little idea where their fired bullets will strike—nor will they care. Typically, most of the rioters armed with a pistol, shotgun or an iron-sighted rifle could not hit a mailbox at a hundred yards unless by luck. Inside that distance, any non-MUY could be at immediate risk of brutal death at the hands of an enraged mob, but beyond that range, the mob will pose much less danger.

    Taking this imbalance in effective ranges of the firearms most likely to be available to both sides, certain tactical responses are sure to arise, and ranking near the top will be the one described next.


    The sniper ambush will predictably be used as a counter to rampaging mobs armed only with short- to medium-range weapons. This extremely deadly trick was developed by our war fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, taking advantage of the significant effective range and firepower of our scoped 5.56mm rifles. Tactics such as the sniper ambush may not be seen early in the civil disorder, but they will surely arise after a steady progression of atrocities attributed to rampaging MUYs.

    Street intersection flash mob riots will not be the only type of violence exploding during periods of civil disorder. As mentioned earlier, the number and ferocity of home invasions will skyrocket, and they will be very hard to defend against. Neighborhood self-defense forces will be able to protect a group of homes if they are located on cul-de-sacs or in defensible subdivisions with limited entrances, turning them overnight into fortified gated communities. Individual homes and apartment buildings located in open grid-pattern neighborhoods with outside access from many directions will be much more difficult to defend, and the home invasions will continue.

    Carjacking and other forms of armed robbery will proliferate to previously unimagined levels, leading to a total loss of confidence in the government’s ability to provide security across all social lines. Stray bullets striking pedestrians or penetrating houses will take a frightening toll, even in areas previously considered to be safe. The police will be exhausted by constant riot-squad duty, and will not even respond to reports of mere individual acts of violent criminality. They will simply be overwhelmed, and will be forced to triage their responses. The wealthy, powerful and politically well-connected will demand the lion’s share of remaining police resources, further diminishing the safety of average Americans.

    In that context, neighborhood self-defense forces will form the nucleus of the armed vigilante direct action groups which will spring up next in the progression. Suburban anger will continue to build against the MUYs, who are perceived to be the originators of the home invasions and gang-level armed looting raids. Survivors of street ambushes, carjackings and home invasions will tell blood-curdling tales and show horrific scars.

    The neighborhood defense teams will evolve into proactive suburban armed vigilante groups (SAVs) out of a desire to preemptively take the violence to their perceived enemies, instead of passively waiting for the next home invasion or carjacking. The SAV teams will consist of the more aggressive and gung-ho members of the self-defense forces, who met and compared notes. Often they will be young men with recent combat experience in the armed forces, who will apply their military training to the new situation. Major intersections and highway interchanges where ambush riots have previously occurred will be among the SAV targets. The SAV reaction times will be measured in minutes, compared to the hours required by major police department SWAT teams and riot squads.


    When word is received that a flash mob is forming at one of their pre-reconnoitered intersections or highway interchanges, the SAV team will assemble. Sometimes cooperating police will pass tactical intel to their civilian friends on the outside. Some clever individuals will have exploited their technical know-how and military experience to build real-time intel collection tools, such as private UAVs. Police will have access to urban security camera footage showing MUYs moving barricade materials into position—a normal prerequisite to a flash mob riot intended to stop traffic. Tip-offs to the vigilantes will be common, and where the networks are still functioning, citizens may still be able to access some video feeds. Sometimes, police will even join the SAV teams, incognito and off-duty, blurring the teams into so-called “death squads.”

    The operation I will describe (and it’s only one of dozens that will be tried) uses two ordinary pickup trucks and eight fighters. Two riflemen are lying prone in the back of each truck, facing rearward, with removable canvas covers concealing their presence. Their semi-automatic, scoped rifles are supported at their front ends on bipods for very accurate shooting. A row of protective sandbags a foot high is between them and the raised tailgate.

    In the cab are a driver and a spotter in the passenger seat who also serves as the vehicle’s 360-degree security. The two trucks don’t ever appear on the same stretch of road, but coordinate their movements using one-word brevity codes over small FRS walkie-talkie radios. Each truck has a series of predetermined elevated locations where the intersection in question will lie between 200 and 500 yards away. Each truck is totally nondescript and forgettable, the only detail perhaps being the non-MUY ethnicity of the suburbanite driver and spotter driving relatively near to a riot in progress.

    By the time the two SAV pickup trucks arrive at their firing positions on different streets and oriented ninety degrees to one another, the flash mob riot is in full swing. A hundred or more of the rampaging youths are posturing and throwing debris into traffic in order to intimidate some cars into stopping. The riflemen in the backs of the pickups are waiting for this moment and know what to expect, trusting their spotters and drivers to give them a good firing lane. The spotters in each truck issue a code word on their radios when they are in final position. The tailgates are swung down, and the leader among the riflemen initiates the firing. All-around security is provided by the driver and spotter.

    Lying prone and using their bipods for support, the shooters have five to ten degrees of pan or traverse across the entire intersection. Individual rioters are clearly visible in the shooters’ magnified optical scopes. Each of the four snipers has a plan to shoot from the outside of the mob toward the middle, driving participants into a panicked mass. The left-side shooters start on the left side and work to the middle, engaging targets with rapid fire, about one aimed shot per two seconds. Since the two trucks are set at ninety degrees to one another, very complete coverage will be obtained, even among and between the stopped vehicles.

    The result is a turkey shoot. One magazine of thirty aimed shots per rifle is expended in under a minute, a coded cease-fire is called on the walkie-talkies, and the trucks drive away at the speed limit. The canvas covering the truck beds contains the shooters’ spent brass. If the trucks are attacked from medium or close range, the canvas can be thrown back and the two snipers with their semi-automatic rifles or carbines will add their firepower to that of the driver and spotter.

    Back at the intersection, complete panic breaks out among the rioters as a great number of bullets have landed in human flesh. Over a score have been killed outright, and many more scream in pain for medical attention they will not receive in time. The sniper ambush stops the flash mob cold in its tracks as the uninjured flee in terror, leaving their erstwhile comrades back on the ground bleeding. The commuters trapped in their vehicles may have an opportunity to escape.

    This type of sniper ambush and a hundred variations on the theme will finally accomplish what the police could not: put an end to mobs of violent rioters making the cities through-streets and highways impassible killing zones. Would-be rioters will soon understand it to be suicidal to cluster in easily visible groups and engage in mob violence, as the immediate response could come at any time in the form of aimed fire from hundreds of yards away. Even one rifleman with a scoped semi-auto can break up a medium-sized riot.

    Many citizens will take to carrying rifles and carbines in their vehicles, along with their pistols, so that if their cars are trapped in an ambush they will have a chance to fight their way out. If their vehicle is stopped outside the immediate area of the flash mob, they will be able to direct accurate fire at the rioters from a few hundred yards away. Inside the fatal hundred-yard radius, unlucky suburbanite drivers and passengers pulled from their cars will still be brutally violated, but the occurrences of large mob-driven street ambushes will be much less frequent once long-range retaliation becomes a frequent expectation.


    Where they will be unable to respond swiftly or effectively to the outbreaks of street riots by MUY flash mobs, the police and federal agents will respond vigorously to the deadly but smaller vigilante attacks. These sniper ambushes and other SAV attacks will be called acts of domestic terrorism and mass murder by government officials and the mainstream media. A nearly seamless web of urban and suburban street cameras will reveal some of the SAV teams by their vehicles, facial recognition programs, and other technical means. Some early arrests will be made, but the vigilantes will adapt to increasing law enforcement pressure against them by becoming cleverer about their camouflage, most often using stolen cars and false uniforms and masks during their direct-action missions. Observe Mexico today for ideas on how this type of dirty war is fought.

    Eventually, the U.S. Army itself might be called upon to put out all the social firestorms in our cities, restore order and security, pacify the angry masses, feed the starving millions, get vital infrastructure operating again, and do it all at once in a dozen American Beiruts, Sarajevos and Mogadishus.

    Good luck to them, I say.

    A few hundred “Active IRA” tied down thousands of British troops in one corner of a small island for decades. The same ratios have served the Taliban well over the past decade while fighting against the combined might of NATO. Set aside for a moment the angry starving millions trapped in the urban areas, and the dire security issues arising thereof. Just to consider the official reaction to vigilantism separately, it’s unlikely that any conceivable combinations of local and state police, federal law enforcement, National Guard or active-duty Army actions could neutralize or eliminate tens of thousands of former special operations troops intent on providing their own form of security. Millions of Americans are already far better armed and trained than a few hundred IRA or Taliban ever were. And the police and Army would not be operating from secure fire bases, their families living in total safety thousands of miles away in a secure rear area. In this scenario, there is no rear area, and every family member, anywhere, would be at perpetual risk of reprisal actions by any of the warring sides.

    In this hyper-dangerous environment, new laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in vehicles would be ignored as the illegitimate diktat of dictatorship, just when the Second Amendment is needed more than ever. Police or military conducting searches for firearms at checkpoints would themselves become targets of vigilante snipers. Serving on anti-firearms duty would be seen as nothing but pure treason by millions of Americans who took the oath to defend the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. Politicians who did not act in the security interest of their local constituents as a result of political correctness or other reasons would also be targeted.

    A festering race war with police and the military in the middle taking fire from both sides could last for many years, turning many American cities into a living hell. Remember history: when the British Army landed in Northern Ireland in 1969, they were greeted with flowers and applause from the Catholics. The Tommys were welcomed as peacekeepers who would protect them from Protestant violence. That soon changed. Likewise with our tragic misadventure in Lebanon back in 1982 and 1983. Well-intended referees often find themselves taking fire from all sides. It’s as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise. Why would it be any different when the U.S. Army is sent to Los Angeles, Chicago or Philadelphia to break apart warring ethnic factions?

    For a long time after these events, it will be impossible for the warring ethnic groups to live together or even to mingle peacefully. Too much rage and hatred will have been built up on all sides of our many American multi-ethnic fault lines. The new wounds will be raw and painful for many years to come, as they were in the South for long after the Civil War. The fracturing of the urban areas, divided by no-man’s-lands, will also hinder economic redevelopment for many years because the critical infrastructure corridors will remain insecure.

    Eventually, high concrete “Peace Walls” like those in Belfast, Northern Ireland, will be installed where the different ethnic groups live in close proximity. That is, if recovery to sane and civilized norms of behavior are ever regained in our lifetimes and we don’t slide into a new Dark Age, a stern and permanent tyranny, warlordism, anarchy, or any other dire outcome.

    Dark Ages can last for centuries, after sinking civilizations in a vicious, downward vortex. “When the music’s over, turn out the lights,” to quote Jim Morrison of The Doors. Sometimes the lights stay out for a long time. Sometimes civilization itself is lost. Millions of EBT cards flashing zeroes might be the signal event of a terrible transformation.

    It is a frightening thing to crystallize the possible outbreak of mass starvation and racial warfare into words, so that the mind is forced to confront agonizingly painful scenarios. It is much easier to avert one’s eyes and mind from the ugliness with politically correct Kumbaya bromides. In this grim essay, I am describing a brutal situation of ethnic civil war not differing much from the worst scenes from recent history in Rwanda, South Africa, Mexico, Bosnia, Iraq, and many other places that have experienced varying types and degrees of societal collapse. We all deplore the conditions that might drive us toward such a hellish outcome, and we should work unceasingly to return America to the path of true brotherhood, peace and prosperity. Race hustlers of every stripe should be condemned.

    Most of us wish we could turn back the calendar to Norman Rockwell’s America. But we cannot, for that America is water long over the dam and gone from our sight, if not from our memories. John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” If that is true, judging by current and even accelerating cultural shifts, we might already have passed the point of no return.

    The prudent American will trim his sails accordingly.

    Matt Bracken is the author of the Enemies Foreign And Domestic trilogy, along with his latest novel, Castigo Cay.

    Author’s Note: This essay and last week’s “What I Saw At The Coup” were both written in response to the article published on July 25, 2012 in the semi-official Small Wars Journal titled “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A Vision of the Future.”

    My twin essays represent starkly different “visions of the future” that would-be tyrants, their hopeful henchmen and other self-deluded nimrods may want to consider, before ordering the U.S. military or federal agencies to suppress Americans.

    Originally published at Western Rifle Shooters


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      1. I realize that everyone will be effected in one way or another but I just thank God I live is a remote area where there are very few houses.

        OH and did I mention that this weekend I am going target shooting with my new gun…can’t wait to try it out.

        • Locally, yesterday’s news showed a woman set fire to a soda machine that kept her money. Another woman is on trial for allowing her boy friend to batter to death her toddler. Over the past 5 years child abuse has skyrocketed. The children will suffer the most.
          Stay in the shadows and keep your lights low or off, keep your movement to the minimum for the first three to five days, the most critical period of time when the shtf.

          • Hope you all don’t mind me sharing some thoughts for you all. I’ve spent time overseas, both in and out of uniform. I’ve put a lot of thought into what the article is presenting and would like to give you all some tips.

            When you are on foot, avoide eye contact with others you don’t know. Walk with your head up, not looking down without looking side to side, gives the impression you know the area.
            Keep those you are protecting in front of you and get them to instantly react to your command; “Get down” as an example.
            Never engage a possible threat verbally just keep your eyes on him/her.(you’ll be able to keep your emotions under control a lot better)
            Never compromise and if it appears there is no way out, don’t show your weapon to scare them off (at that point you lost your advantage). Be the first to fire and watch them scatter and aim low(stomach).
            Never run nor walk at a brisk pace unless you absolutely have to. Just keep as much distance between you and the potential threat as possible.
            Let the threatening individuals under estimate you and keep them guessing, which lowers their confidence in confronting you.
            And remember; all predators like the chase so don’t run.

            • “”””Millions of EBT cards flashing zeroes might be the signal event of a terrible transformation.””””

              It will DEFINITELY be the signal event to head to your retreat in the country.

              I can hear the zombies say “ready or not, here we come”. When that happens, ready or not, there I go.

            • I like the suggestions, especially the one about not engaging a threat verbally. That’s great advice even in non-shtf scenarios. I’ve verbally sparred with others, and with each insult or threat, have gotten more an more agitated. Appreciate your thoughts.

            • This is my favorite article so far. Loved it. DRD, thanks for your comments.
              Probably shouldn’t say this, but, this article got me excited.

            • DRD5508, exceptional advise!

            • @DRD5508, thx

            • Liked the art me and DRD comments. I’ve found it also helps to project
              Feeling of “I’ll eat you for breakfast” thought waves. Has helped me
              In several situations. Like fear, confidence and don’t screw with me vibes
              Can be picked up by others subconciously. Good fortune to all on the
              Comming days

          • Off Topic…

            90 Million Jobs Lost Under Obama by November, According to ETA Records

            “A lesser-known arm of the Department of Labor, The Employment & Training Administration (ETA), compiles counts of who’s employed and who’s filed claims after job losses directly from payroll data and unemployment claims filed with each of our 50 states nationwide.

            As a result, if one wants to know more about true counts and look at more accurate, fully supported data, ETA counts are far superior to anything posted for similar metrics with the BLS, which offers just statisticians’ versions of survey-based results.”


            • Please don’t tell me you think there is a difference between Romney or Obama… or at the federal level a democrat or a republican… If with all the evidence out there, if one can’t see this is all an illusion and there is only one agenda for this country no matter which party/leader is elected, then I really don’t feel sorry for you. They all work for the federal reserve machine which controls the world. Obama isn’t THE problem, even though he is a big problem. The biggest problem we are in and why we are in the state we are in today, other than the federal reserve elites, is because people can’t wake up and see what is happening or has happened to us. The veil is off the whole thing now, why can’t people see this. It’s over. Don’t even say the word constitution, we have been so far and long removed from that, that most people have been brainwashed to think they can’t even say that word anymore. It doesn’t matter who is elected, nothing will change, we will continue to sink in this cess pool. You had better prepare and quit watching TV and any major news.

            • You Suckski !

            • Jake,

              You give me a small glimmer of hope that all people are not ignorant, and so programmed to respond like “Pavlov’s dog” to the buzz words in the main stream media that they lose all sense of the obvious. Thanks for your post!

            • I’m the furtherest from religious as one can get being an Atheist I do wear the shirt proudly; go go higher learning and physics degree! But a resounding amen to you Jake!

              So many people just talk about how their party or their person will/would fix things. I think besides Ron Paul and even that is questionable, he had a snowballs chance in a volcano of even being nominated, there is no solution other then letting the money run out and things resetting naturally. No need to do anything on anyones part on this site. It will happen on it’s own I suspect. Likely in a few years, maybe longer (anyone saying before the end of this year is clearly out to lunch on how willing the government is to do anything to keep themselves in power).

              I know its wasted but there is no alternative. I’m voting for Tigger! T-i-double grr, er!

          • When it happens, the MUY’s will start to set fires to any non MUY’s homes in the area. Everyone must prep for such things.

            • Invest in lead!

            • Ryback: Before any fires are set, homes will be looted for food, guns, and small items of value (not flat screens or furniture) and some may even take up residence if the owner is gone. This article really has lots of info about scenarios and how will things effect the city/area you live in. Most of us are “trapped” in cities.

            • And that is where it will get really bad and frankly a bit scary. They’ll come at night, and if that’s the case, a 12ga with 00 is probably the best bet. To start out with anyway.

            • A short barrel silenced .22 magnum rifle could be a very handy thing to have as long as you also have a more powerful backup.

            • Laura M: Not just during a melt down. I returned to VT after 3 years back n forth to IL to find my place looted of all valuables and evidence the squatters had vacated recently… which means someone in my extremely rural area gave them a heads up. B & Es and home invasions are through the roof here.

          • I have to agree, DRD5508. The children will suffer the most. I met a young mother-to-be yesterday and my first impression was good about her. Her father-in-law was buying some hay and she was itching to help load it. When I began a conversation with her, I immediately realized she was used to work and her un-planned pregnancy was holding her back. I told her to just take it easy cause with the size of her baby bump she wouldn’t have to wait too many months longer until she would have all the work she could handle. A little later she did the unthinkable and most disturbing scene that is all to often repeated by the ignorant,selfish youth of today; she lit up a 100/long cigarette and burned it down to the filter in less than five minutes.

            Yes, the little ones do suffer; even before they take their first breath.

        • Living outside of the city does not mean you’re out of the woods… No, this ain’t a pun. Follow along for a moment:

          Far too many smaller towns have a population which lives very heavily off of EBT/SNAP, and likely won’t have much more than 2 weeks to a month’s worth of food in their pantries either.

          Unlike the city folk however, they will have guns. They will also have a better idea of where the isolated homes and farms are, preferably with elderly occupants, where they can get together and help themselves to the contents.

          The take-away? Living out in the sticks does not automatically mean you’re safe.

          • I think you are absolutely correct, sir, on pointing out what many have missed. At least for the South, where I have generally lived. These are the folks that show up at Walmart at midnight with their just-refreshed EBT cards. If something went bad with the supply chain there, it could be really bad.


            While the impact could be bad, I’m not sure I would characterize that as high probability. We’ve seen the government has no problem with supplying free money, and I imagine in a national security situation everything would be done to keep EBT/SNAP working. And as long as Walmart keeps their doors open, things are OK.

            In cities, there are a LOT more things that can go wrong, and it doesn’t take long to assemble a mob/gang. I’ve also seen studies where it takes as little as 5% of the “gathering” to influence/incite the majority into action. So that still scares me worse.

            I debate this with myself as I’m still considering a more rural BOL while living in a small university town (but near a larger city). I don’t know that the professors would go feral and hopefully the neighbors I know would be better than nothing. I find it a difficult risk assessment.

          • i’ve heard stories of that exact scenario that played out in argentina in the early 00’s when they had hyperinflation. Rural families slaughtered and pillaged by gangs from urban areas.

            • @rainyday

              I read the guy’s book, every thoughtful. “There ain’t nothing like the real thing”.

              Another book worth reading is “Because They Hate” written about one Family’s survival in Lebanon 1970-80’s.

            • It’s worth remembering that (if i’m not mistaken) Argentinians had already been probibited from firearms ownership and were easy pickings for criminals with illegal weapons.

              The Crips and the Bloods would have a fair bit of difficulty “getting their loot on” in the sticks.

          • @Odd Questioner,
            One advantage of living in rural areas are typical distances between homesteads.
            300-500 yards between organized neighbors makes for a great kill zone.
            It will be very dangerous for typical mob to venture out and try to steal. Well organized and trained groups will be different story.

            • You’re right, but my point was that simply living out here in the boonies doesn’t automatically grant one immunity to the woes that a crowded city will see. It just makes the problem smaller and bigger all at the same time.

          • Look up writings by FERFAL. He seems to be widely respected, as he survived Argentina’s last mess (point of fact, so did millions of others who didn’t write about it). Distance offers security for you, but also an attacker. Neighbors a mile away won’t even hear your screams of agony. This is why villages formed in the first place. Densely populated cities will certainly explode, as they are heavily dependant on outside resupply. Suburbs somewhat resemble villages, although proximity to cities will be a problem, and require previously unheard of security. Scattered minority families living in the ‘burbs will be “encouraged” to leave. The smug yuppies in “gentrified” urban areas will deeply regret it.

            • The deal is my neighbours relocate to my house. Great sight lines, high ground big, snake infested gullies either side. 2 trees down and we eliminate vehicle access.

              The real security is in knowing and trusting your neighbours and being able to work together.

          • Everyone should have a dog. This is trained to be quiet when needed and tell you if some one is near. War dogs of the pacific saved lots of lives. Home made dog food is easy to make too. Even if its a little ankle biter but it has to be quiet when asked.

          • This is so true. I’m white, and live in a small, pop 2500, southern town. We are 70% black and most of the young are sporting dreds and attitude. The black elders here (many good people) are quite fed up with the attitude these youngsters have. So many are on food stamps that they are surprised to find anyone not on food stamps. This is not good.

        • I fully agree with this scenario. Starvation makes “normal” people act goofy. Survival is
          a powerful motivator.

          White unarmed folks in the cities will be dead
          in a short period of time. And then the “minorities”
          will head for the suburbs and the country.

          I, for one, will not hesitate to kill any person who
          intends to do harm to me or my family. Shoot first and
          don’t bother about any questions later. It will be an
          enormous bloodbath.

          Take aim, my friends.

          • This article misses the point. Supposedly, the deadbeats and welfare rats “tolerate” us as long as the bread and circuses hold out. WRONG. WE tolerate THEM leaching off of our wallets…. for now. SHTF means that this fucking nonsense ends, and the useless POS parasites go to the fucking wall.

            Adios deadbeats. Syonara, useless finger pointing welfare queen crybabies. Fuck off, pseudo “tough guy” sawed off wanna be “gangstas”

            • This article has as a starting piont the time when we can no longer afford to bribe the leeches to not riot. A perfect analogy is feeding dangerous wildlife in state parks. It is still wild.

              SoS: You are largely correct. We have put off confronting the problem for decades with well-intentioned “programs”, and the sore has festered. We now have to take out the rotting trash we have ignored for too long. We will end up getting filthy and smelly because of our refusal to take care of a long-ignored unpleasant job.The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

              Like in most of the world, a good neighborhoood will be defined by the security.

          • Give some thought to how to block off ramps and arteries to your area with vehicles, etc. These will not be inpenetrable barriers, but will slow down a mob.

            • Read the book “Hold your Own” by Joe Nobody It has lots of ideas for your cul-t-sac… Plus bugging out situations. Great book..

            • Dumpsters, with their contents on fire, is a good start.
              Stolen cars with their tires flattened, and ALSO set ablaze, will slow amob down to a single-file.

          • ROBIEONE: I like your outlook and I hope that a “real test”never happens because if YOU go down,then your wife and child will have no covering as you cannot count on ANYONE to look out for them like you yourself would and me myself,well I got over using deadly force some time ago,but I’d still rather not and in a SHTF scene,all bets will truly be off and as another prepper(ODD QUESTIONER)stated,one must be careful where you go cause if you are forced to B.O.there will be “watchers&waiters”all around,justeyeing for a chance for YOUR goods,be they in your house or vehicle,but in y case(like many others)i’ll probably hunker down till the last and then-well,don’t know exactly where to go,but will not stay to become a stat. STAY UP,MY FRIEND AND GOD BLESS ALL ON THIS SITE.

        • You’ll shoot your eye out.:)

          • Dang it John! I was enjoying a cold beer when I read your remark and promptly sprayed it all over my monitor from laughter!!!

          • Agreed… love the movie reference. 🙂

        • Amazing timing. I was reading this article last night, right about the time some MUYs were having a flash riot in Portland. Coming soon to a nieghborhood near you…

        • Given this scenario.

          The NDAA

          DHS& others procurement bid of 1.4 billion rounds of 40 cal hollow point 223 and 556
          and appointed weaponry

          and recent HR6556 all make sense

          nough said


          • possee: just a qucik note: 2.23 and 5.56 are the same round unless ap, tracer, hp, jhp, etc.

            • texasrngr

              Just reiterating actual govt procurement stats..

              Noting that most ,not all, platforms will chamber both rounds..



            • All will chamber both rounds but some are not rated to the pressures generated by the other…
              What a pedantic prick I am 🙂

            • Actually the .223 and 5.56 have slightly different case dimensions. You can shoot .223 in a rifle chambered for 5.56. 5.56 rounds should not be fired in a rifle chambered for .223. They will work, but you get lots of jams.

              Make sure your rifle is chambered for 5.56 not .223 so you can shoot both.

            • They are close but not exactly the same round. The same for 308 and 7.62x51nato. have a nice day.

            • Excellent point on the 7.62/.308 issue. You can use 7.62 in a pinch but I’d advise against it. Difficulty getting the bolt open and hangfires are common. BTW, a friend just purchased a $1,400.00 Springfield Armory M1 and had immediate “slamfire” issues. I strongly suggest a Rock River AR platform in .308, or equivalent.

        • I can still afford to higher someone to shoot my MA Deuce.

        • Matt writes pretty good fiction. Good fiction is always based upon plausible, but not likely scenarios to entertain the reader. Think the “Rise of The Machines”.

          Matt is clearly into race baiting, racial division, and racial violence. LMAO! And Matt is a closet Anarchist.

          His description of HIS perception is not the America I know and love and his scenario is not my perception of how Americans will band together to enforce and support the Rule of Law: black, white, yellow, brown, and red united, as always; when challenged and threatened by those who want to destroy the Republic.

          My experience with ALL races throughout Arizona embodies the best of America; friendly, happy (but stressed) people working together to help each other out. I have seen this ALL summer as I have traveled the state, and with every economic class.

          Anarchists and haters of America identify themselves by the propaganda they produce.

          Is inner city rioting likely in a true collapse where supply lines are cut and people are starving from an EMP or Pole Shift? Sure.

          Will there be gangs rioting in the major metro areas? Sure. But violence knows no racial boundaries.

          A check of FBI stats will show that violent crime is primarily a crime of proximity. Victims of Flash Mobs in the inner city are more than likely to be other minorities.

          Flash mobs in the suburbs can be dealt with one way or another.

          My advice to those in the major metro areas is to stay at home if violence breaks out and protect you and yours from inside your house, where the Castle Doctrine supports your self defense.

          For you I suggest lock and load, (meaning lock your doors and load your weapons),organize your family and neighborhood, and sit tight. If a mob comes your way, handle it, but don’t go out looking for trouble. If you do, you will surely find it.

          LEO’s can and will handle those who mass together for destruction; and if necessary, they will be destroyed.

          There is NO calamity that might arise where OUR best bet is to NOT work together with a common goal towards a common vision. There is strength in numbers. There is power in a common vision. United WE are invincible.

          You are what you eat people; mentally, physically, and psychologically. It is not what enters the mouth of a man or woman that corrupts them, but what proceeds from their heart.

          There is a battle raging for your minds, my peeps, and it is raging on the Internet. Think for yourself.

          • Well said… propaganda is right.

            • Funny hoy Americans fail to see the Racial Dif?

              Your Children will suffer! America has become very lazy again. You lot always need the carpet pulled from under your feet before you wake up.
              You just don’t know who your enemy is. You keep feeding them and promoting them and this will be the American Breakdown

              I love all Humans with a similar DNA structure to me. There is only one species on earth that has inferior DNA. This was proven several years ago but squashed by society.

              For those of you who haven’t a clue what I am saying, I truly pity you

          • @ Mr. Kidd

            Very articulate post. Well structured & reasoned to a point. However, please afford me the opportunity to provide you with a reality check, outside your limited area of operations in Arizona. See link below:


            Moderately touching base there from time to time, will fill in the blanks per whose likely to be predatory in nature, when the societal situation takes a nose dive, off the charts.
            Am not baiting you, nor is this reply a set-up. Merely highlighting a non-PC reality.

            • Anton: Thanks for the link. Its an interesting site. Understand that my current location in Arizona isn’t the extent of “my operations”.

              I grew up just outside the “ghetto” aka Gary Indiana and I was the only white face on my grade school basketball team.

              Know for example, that as a lone, young, white man I walked down East 14th Street in Oakland in 1968 during the height of the race riots and the Black Panther Movement, without fear, without a confrontation of any kind, and at 10 pm on a Friday night btw. Lots of locals on the street that night, even in groups. No one even said a harsh word to me.

              I do not doubt that many black men and women in the inner city will not be able to control themselves when the SHTF, but neither will the whites that live there or other minorities. It will be ugly for sure.

              I just don’t believe in labeling groups of people with the same brush as everyone is an individual once you get to know them.

              Expand your horizons and you may not be so bigoted. 🙂

            • @ Mr. Kidd

              Not so subtle tonight now are you? Nice try though, but I’m not taking your bait, as it carries the stench of diversity-cult worship. I judge others on merit, not PC feel good propaganda.

              I will agree with your assessment on an individual, one-on-one basis. The problem with your politically correct analysis has to do with your lack of comprehension of certain racial groups cohesion & its inherent…’I be a bad-ass thug mentality’. See you-tube for numerous examples.

              1968 is a far cry from 2012, we’ve had an additional +44 years of multi-cultural madness & govt enforced racial politics. That said, my link was intended merely to give you & others pause to consider possible threat evaluations…nothing more!
              The proof is in the statistics.

              I’m glad you survived the Gary, In. & Oakland, Ca. episodes.
              Strangely enough, I wasn’t that far removed from your Indiana background. Spent a good portion of my youth just outside Kokomo.

              Perhaps you garnished too much of the data displayed at that site & it rubbed your sensibilities raw. Sorry, that was not my intent.
              But, I’m sure the annual FBI violent crime statistics report, is equally disconcerting to your feelings also.

              Yes, there are good & bad in every race & we’re in agreement that its gonna get real ugly, real fast.
              The flash-point will be your friends in the entitlement communities. Wait & see…..

            • durango kidd

              “as a lone, young, white man I walked down East 14th Street in Oakland in 1968 during the height of the race riots and the Black Panther Movement, without fear, without a confrontation of any kind, and at 10 pm on a Friday night btw.”

              I hope you never get seriously ill because you have already used up your luck. If you were in the dump truck instead of Reginald Denny would the rioters decide to give you a pass?

              No Fear? The US Marines need people like you.

            • Anton: I am glad that we agree that all people should be judged, evaluated, and treated as individuals.

              That is the heart of the American Ideal.

              Understand that I am acquainted with the “I be a bad ass thug” attitude that some young black men project, as I was once accosted by three young black men near Metro Center Mall in Phoenix during broad daylight less than ten years ago.

              I was confident that I could handle at least two of them (at the same time) but the third appeared to be a bit more athletic and that “still small voice” told me that he also had a knife in his pocket. So I declined the temptation to take it to them.

              I just turned around and asked, “What’s your problem, brother?” put my hand into my pocket, and backed away. And that was that. They probably decided that since they hadn’t “spooked” me that they had more than likely bitten off more than they could chew. Pun intended 🙂

              But just because these three posed a threat to me doesn’t make me believe that all young black men are thugs.

              As a white kid in a black school you can bet that I had more than my share of fights with blacks, and it helped that I could pretty much kick everybody’s ass up to the 6th grade by the time I was in the fourth grade.

              I never backed down and they new I could defend myself. So, even if they didn’t like me they respected me and for the most part WE all got along fine. The fact that I excelled athletically and could more than compete with them, just strengthened OUR bonds.

              I have a number of black friends even to this day from that period of time. I have accepted MLK’s axiom to judge a person my the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. You should too. A number of my friends are “beaners” too, but that doesn’t change my position on Illegals.

              The problem with poor black, Latino, and white people is primarily cultural, and that is inherited from generations of poorly educated ancestors as the basis for their perception and demonstration of life which is radically different than the cultural values of WASPS.

              Sterotyping people will not change them. Educating them will. The best education is giving them an example to follow. Be the change that you want.

              Ignorance and poverty is not a character flaw, but becomes so if it is left to fester and continues to manifest. That is why I do encourage everyone to get as much formal education as possible and travel as widely as possible to experience and then learn to savor the flavors of humanity in all of its glory.

              Each of US is embodied with the image and glory of God and it behooves US to try to remember that as WE interact with those who are different from US.

              The FBI stats do not surprise me considering that elements of the government (CIA) has been running drugs into the inner cities for decades in a deliberate attempt to de-civilize these people, hook them on drugs and prostitution, prosecute them, and then put them into prisons for profit.

              America is reaping what the Dual Citizens in DC have sown.

          • Histoy shows that people tend to revert to a tribal mentality during a crisis.

          • I guess the Rodney King verdict and the ensuing riots were the exception to the rule?
            Race riots happen. Maybe not in your neck of the woods, but you’d be a fool to assume that your situation is the same as that of someone living in Compton.

            —“Will there be gangs rioting in the major metro areas? Sure. But violence knows no racial boundaries.”

            This demonstrates the height of ignorance. It ignores history at the reader’s peril. In times of panic and violence your skin colour is your uniform. Sorry. If that doesn’t wash with your politically correct touchy-feely view of the world then time will have to tell.

            • Ausprepper: Suggest you read my post to Anton. I am highly experienced in race relations AND violence.

              Have you ever been in a crowd of 400,000 (primarily all white people) when the wind reverses the clouds of tear gas and the masses get a whiff? I didn’t think so.

              Violence knows no racial boundaries. 🙂

            • By all means, when the games kick off feel free to put your money where your mouth is.

            • durango kidd

              The discussion is about this election specifically a Romney win.

              ”Will there be gangs rioting in the major metro areas? Sure. But violence knows no racial boundaries.”

              Looking at the above would you assume riots if the reverse happens and Obama wins? Being violence has no “racial boundaries” is it probable that white communities will riot in the event of the above?

            • K2: I didn’t perceive the discussion as being specifically about a riots by blacks if Romney wins; or riots by whites if O’bummer wins.

              I perceived the discussion to be about rioting by inner city residents in a SHTF scenario and was responding to comments directed at me based upon the character and characters of riots that will occur in a true SHTF scenario.

              I do not believe that riots will occur based merely upon an election; regardless of who wins.

            • Durango kidd

              There is chance of riot if Obama looses; the probability can be debated but it’s there. On the other hand there is no chance of riot if Obama wins.

              Let the food supply be interrupted for a week and guaranteed there will be riots and every race will have a presence. Those already accustomed to violence are more likely to become violent earlier. With blacks represented in prison with 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies it’s a reasonably safe bet that their communities will be the worse off for it.

            • Ausprepper: When the games begin I will be safely holed up in my FORTRESS and I will pick off anyone that thinks they can safely cross my property line and make it up the hill.

              It will not matter to me whether they are black, white, yellow, red, or brown. If they are invading my space and a threat to me and mine I will take appropriate action against these INDIVIDUALS.

            • If you will recall Rodney King was the victim of excessive police violence that resulted from a high speed chase of his vehicle through LA.
              The riots were the result of the verdicts against those police officers & did indeed trigger racial violence but in at least one incident it was a black man, Bobby Green, who saw TV coverage of the attack of those thugs on a fellow trucker (white Reginald Denny). Green left his home and went down and rescued that trucker. He did not see white or black, he said he saw a fellow trucker in trouble and went to his aid.

          • Love your neighbor as yourself = help others in a time of need just like you would hope someone would help you.

            Not..kill everything that moves….just in case. It’s almost like some of these people want this scenario to play out so they can channel their inner Rambo.

            So sad. The heart is indeed wicked.

          • Multi Ethnic banding together may be possible in AZ. You can forget that in a place like Trenton/Camden, NJ area, where my sheeplistic friends and family live.

        • And if those targets were firing back at you with another gun, would you still be so anxious to try your luck? After all, that’s what you are preparing for isn’t it? To return fire when fired upon by one of more aggressors.

          And do not assume they will be a minority. They could be your neighbors. Starvation changes all of us. It is said that the loss of 3 meals is all it takes for someone to consider murder. ^_^

          • Makati: No, I am not prepping so I can shoot other human beings. While an adequate self defense strategy is an integral part of survival, it is not the reason I prep.

            I am prepping to preserve me and mine when the Poles Shift. I believe that will happen in my lifetime.

            I would like to see humanity survive these Changes and progress toward OUR intended purpose and I want to be part of that progress for as long as I can.

            I enjoy the challenge of living so I do what I can to keep breathing. 🙂

        • here is my thinking, sure some of the flash mobs will have weapons but if those bastards are hurting people and we are stuck in lne, I hope that people stop and backup and drive right over the gang bangers themselves, I think it will be different this time, I got a fordf250 and if a deer is not a match for it im sure a few gang bangers will be ok if they are attacking drivers. if we cant do that, then when they come up they will be shot in the face and that will be the end for the very stupid people, and many will be packing at this point I believe. no rules no laws just plain common sense and protection. I know many are scared but dont be. play alert games with you husband or wife or mature kids if applicable. Next is rushing the stores, I dont think at first any of them really will be targeting people but more the food stores itself, and if you come out with a huge cartfull, im sure some gang bangers are going to sprint over and take a few things out of your pile. make sure you are packing. defend yourselves and many of these trouble makers wont be around any longer after they are removed for good. dont worry about shooting someone, the courts and the police you name it will not be completly not able to investigate all the crimes, there is just no fricken way, make sure to leave no shell casing fingerprints and get out of that area. wear a hat/sunglasses to make it harder for cameras to not make you out. if millions of looters are happening its never going to ever come back to you ever. use common sense, way too many people and too many crimes at this stage are going to be going on. I was a sniper in the navy and dont worry about cleaning a sniper gun, sometimes a dirty barrel will increase accuracy, now in a pistol keep in clean to function and able for the bullets to feed easily in a semi auto. but a sniper gun you dont want to slick, they take a shot and let barrel cool down, a barrel makes a wave like motion just like a ocean wave even with a moly barrel. but thats why you can have way better shots in cooler climate than a hot day. if you are a novice or intermediate then use and practice with the exact ammo grain bullets so that if you have to make a 500 plus shot your going to be much more consistant. clean your barrel but dont think you have to clean the barrel after less than 30 shots with a bolt action gun. this is for supreme accuracy at over 600 yards. spray some oil on a cloth and do a quick swipe down the barrel. this is for headshots at over 600 yards people dont get confused on this. a pistol or shotgun keep clean and practice practice and more. hold the gun up to the tv while watching a show and practice drawing the gun to the target. this does help even though your not shooting all the time. you get used to the feel and weight and sight alignment. Yes troops will be targets if they try and take away our protection. just be safe and use common sense and dont let any of this collapse scare you. prepare and have confidence that you will be ok. know your the better shot if someone is trying to break into your home. there are a lot of dumb people out there that will be eazy targets and that will take another punk off the streets who is a bad person. stick together but dont let your guard down or let people know what you have. I care about all of you and even races on here. we know the difference between a wanna be or a gang banger or a wetback or any. we are all of this world and gods children. help and do the right thing and we will be ok. the idiots and thiefs will not be.

        • We cant keep living our lives in a constant state of anxiety and fear, We are not the ones that know what is to come. The next hundred years could be beautiful for our children, and grandchildren, do we always have to be in this state of chaos in our minds. I am certainly not for this government, and I am aware of how many people struggle, but I seriously dont think anything catastrophic is going to happen anytime soon.

          • Kim: war will come soon enough and other Changes are on the horizon. There is no reason to live in a state of mind filled with fear and anxiety. Peace, be still and know the connection which you have with the Divine.

            When the SHTF madness will engulf many. And they will be their own worse enemy.

            I mean imagine the earth actually moving to and fro in space like a drunk. That is not my description of events. That description of events is biblical and in the Prophets.

            A well grounded spiritual and psychological state of mind is the basis for a good prep. A clear, alert mind cognizant of itself is essential for good judgement and right action in a crisis.

            Go within and discover God within you. Once you make that connection, abide in Him. Christ is not about religion; He is about relationship and he desires OUR companionship.

            Remember the scripture: “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fear.”

            Make that your mantra. Repeat it often and build your spirit up.

        • You forget that he government controls the system and can cut your communications while leaving core systems for themselves in place. You dont have a chance.

      2. This is why it is so important that everyone has a nice supply of what you need within your home. The less time spent outside the better. Those preppers that have everything they need can stay inside and avoid becoming a target. Preparation does not have to be for some massive SHTF, it can also be for localized events such as you hometown or city becoming chaotic. Just look at all those during the LA riots that if they had supplies ready to go, they could have stayed home until it was calmed down. I say EVERYONE should have food, water, and supplies just because of what the weather alone can do.

        • Something to consider: If trash service, sewer service, or water service goes out, you’ll have to step outside to dump your trash, take a dump, or get fresh water. You can hold out for awhile on the water thing if you have enough stashed/stored, but not forever.

          • Yeah, says you. You can make those comments about the general public, but not here.

            People on this board deal with their own trash, have septic systems or composting toilets, and their own water supply. I, for example, have a spring that is gravity fed into my home, and unless someone plans to dig down 3′ and cut the line, the water runs forever.

            • Not everyone lives on a self-sufficient bunker/fortress/doomstead, but it’s nice that you’ve taken so many preparations.

              Thing is, you do have to go outside sometime – for example, I noticed that you forgot to mention fuel to keep the place warm. Unless you store all of your wood in the garage, or have a natural gas well coming up through the basement, you’re going to have to warm the house up sometime. 😉

            • You don’t have to stay inside forver. Just through the first winter while the grasshoppers freeze to death (parable of the grasshopper and the ant).

            • Hardy a “fortress”, and I didn’t mention a whole lot of things. Fuel, for example, is wood, and we move a winter’s worth into the basement each fall, but could easily move 2 winter’s worth in there, as I keep that much cut ahead. Also have 500gal underground propane tank for water heating and cooking that does last a year ( actually, would last over a year, but I fill it every summer when price is lowest )

              I actually don’t have the problem with “going outside” that you do…but then, I don’t have any close neighbors.

          • Yep, but if you’ve organized water collection and trash pits beforehand, you can sneak out at night and do the necessary stuff under cover of darkness with minimal exposure…unless you bump into a skunk and then you’re in bigger trouble!

          • sorry odd ball, but I can hold out longer than the parasites, most of whom will lose their fucking minds when theres no more Kool cigs, malt liquor or KFC

            • This assumption could be suicide. Think about your arrogance and consider how it will keep you alive. Those gangs will survive a long time because people like you will be easy targets. Unless your home is solid concrete and no windows or doors, a Molotov cocktail will bring you out in a few minutes. At least that is what I would do to someone I could not rob. All the neighbors would see that and would open their doors wide and donate all they had. You think too small to survive long, if you think at all.

            • Makati1, you have no idea who I am. Lemme explain it new guy: I’m a schoolteacher. I have worked damned hard to get where I am: I was the first in my family to go to college, to say nothing of the first to get advanced degrees of any kind. You want to know how it will go down when push comes to shove? Go back to the ’92 riots, and recall how all those Korean shop owners reacted to the mobs of punks, pukes and sawed off little “gangstas”: THEY TOOK THE FIGHT TO THEM. Those guys came to this country, worked their asses off, didn’t look for handouts and didn’t want anything from our government except the basic level of protection they deserved being tax paying members of the public. When they didn’t get any protection, they took matters in their own hands, and they won.

              That’s what me and mine and most of the good folks here will do. Because — unless I’m mis reading them — the people I see posting here all the time also worked damned hard to get where they are in life, and they’re not about to have it taken from them by a bunch of useless goddamned parasites.

              You wanna pussy out? Go right ahead ya coward

              stand strong until freedom dawns

              Son Of Sam

            • @SoS:

              Never, ever underestimate the creativity, strength, and willpower of a starving man.


            • @ SonofSam


              The fact that you’re a teacher by profession, connotes a likelihood that you are or have been…in the trenches of America’s social pressure cooker dilemma, that being the classroom.

              I don’t know your locale or the school systems you’ve taught in…but I wonder if you’ve ever felt like a referee, instead of an instructor on occasion?

              Hold fast to your thinking per this subject. You are in the right.
              Best of luck to you and yours when the balloon goes up.

        • During the UK riots people near/above shops lost their homes to fire. Even if you just run a road side farm stall – being in the vicinity of any sort of shop during civil unrest isn’t smart. (Just sayin cos I think several posters on here have mentioned being self employed at various points).

          I personally don’t think actually that it will be the minority youth that trigger food riots. Mothers who can’t feed their small children are truly scary in their ruthlessness and desperation – never underestimate them, especially as the woman is usually the “heart” of the family unit. Mums will be the catalyst for this scenario – how it goes once the first spark is ignited is anyone’s guess. Men traditionally fight to obtain more resources for/protect their kin and the scenario the author refers to is primitive in essence.

          Hunger isn’t a feeling restricted to any specific racial group. It triggers the primitive and people you never expected to turn will find themselves doing bad things they themselves would never have envisaged prior to the onset of a permanent grumble in the belly. There will be betrayals from those you least expect it of.

          • The “yoots” riot much more easily and it usually starts as opportunistic violence, not out of a survival situation. Just look at where your “tolerance” has taken the UK.

            • In the Brixton Riots of my childhood – middle aged female nurses filled the milk bottles full of petrol and sent their sons out at night with them. The “yoot” have mothers. Just sayin’ cos it was a lesson I learned well from the observations I made.

        • 6.7 in Indonesia this morning??? good job, BI

          • @ Rick. This area was hit 2 years ago within a couple of miles after the same area around the Balleny Islands had a 5.3. No coincidence here that the plates do give off warning signals. The 6.4 this week is another big indication of something coming bigger than the 6.7. From the past it is very likely above 7 and more like the original forecast for this precursor earthquake 7.3-8.6. I was looking much at the plates today and it seems to be more of a western hit, nearer to the monster 9.1 eight years ago and mega strike slip of 8.6 this year. I would watch this western Indonesia, even south China, and the line from about 145 degrees east to a little east of the international date line. From the Soloman Islands to Tahiti.

            Calculation of where energy originates from is kind of like the sight on a rifle, the more the sight is imperfect the further you will be off the longer distance the target is away from you. This is why it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly within a few miles where an earthquake will strike. I was almost 100% sure of the earthquake yesterday. I am 90-95% sure that a bigger earthquake will strike within the Oct.24 date, as when the other area of the Balleny Islands has had an earthquake of over 5.0, there has been an earthquake of 6.5+ thereafter 90% of the time. This one was especially large for this region and should indicate something much bigger is coming. I would say that a 9.0+ has a 15-20% chance right now. A 8.0+ maybe 30-35%, and a 7.0+ 80-85% chance

            Other areas to watch for that have a fair to good possibility of having a large earthquake are:

            -Central Japan
            -Eastern Russia
            -New Zealand
            -Aleutian Islands
            -Northern Chile
            -Eastern Caribbean, this area is way overdue

            California had two earthquakes after the Balleny Island earthquakes before, but does not appear like the stress from its south is presently pointing towards it.

            Will watch other areas as they can help indicate where exactly it is coming from before it happens.

      3. John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” If that is true, judging by current and even accelerating cultural shifts, we might already have passed the point of no return.

        The author is right on the money here. My friend always says ” a lock only applies to an honest man, and a thief will always find a way in.”

        • Off topic, but may be of concern if you or family members have recently received steroid shots for back pain.

          CDC: Meningitis outbreak growing, 14 people dead

          “Of the 170 people sickened in the outbreak, all but one have a rare fungal form of meningitis after receiving suspect steroid shots for back pain, the CDC said.”


            • @ KY Mom

              “There’s money in them thar shots.”
              My wife had three rounds of those shots a few years ago, due to debilitating back pain from a vehicle accident. A thousand dollars a pop.

            • My wife was scheduled for one last Monday and we cancelled the appointment. Better safe than sorry.

        • How right you are, Highspeed. It’s what they find waiting on the other side of that lock that separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

      4. I lime Matt’s books but This scenario has many holes in it.
        Violent Riots are always brief. They are events of opportunity. Even in the last LA riots there were few shootings. Mainly grudge shootings. When the police got out in force the people just went home. They have little will for violence. They just want free stuff.
        Ont of the first things that will be cut in response to this sort of event is Text and twitter access to mobile devices. They will leave phone service up by law but there is no law that prevents Text based and wireless Internet access to be cut.

        • I also posted the same. Everyone here want this to go mad max. It just won’t be like that. Slow dragged out misery is what we can expect.

          • Where do you get everyone want it to go mad max. What comments are you reading. Financial collapse and mad max is tw0 whole different things.

            • Sorry, Not everyone. But lately by many of the comments it almost seems like they would prefer a mad mad outcome.

            • I Think most here would just like the economic correction to start so we can get back to living.

          • Yea, I know. But i lived in a few different countries that collapsed. What happens is all of a sudden your money wont buy you a thing and even if you had gold. There is nothing to buy anyways.
            You get stuck in place because you cant venture past where people know you by sight without risk to your life. No one wants to risk their life so no one moves.
            You slowly starve or die of thirst. If you do go out to get something from someone else, you seldom return. Thos who fight, die. If you want to survive. Dig a hole and hide for a year. Then take a peek.

            • @capben
              Found your post most interesting. Do you mind sharing what part of the world that you are from.

              God Bless

            • From Wyoming. 😀
              But I lived in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Argentina and Peru.

            • To live in a hole like a rat is not my idea of surviving. I’ll keep my head up and my spirits up until they take me down with the ship. To slink away and
              hole-up is spineless and weak. I’ll defend the retreat, and the people and animals along with it, until things get better or ’till the bitter end.

            • @ Capben… I suspect you’re pretty much dead on… I read from another site the following article about an guy named Selco who went through the Bosniaian civil war and from my own experiences, I thought his input was highly insightful. http://beforeitsnews.com/survival/2011/10/a-survival-q-a-living-through-shtf-in-the-middle-of-a-war-zone-1280617.html

              Having said that, your comment about ‘gold’ is Biblically ‘spot on’ (man – I hate that phrase) based on Isaiah 2:20, a time is coming that silver and gold will become ‘worthless’ – as in Silco’s experience – bullets were more valuable…

      5. Ahhh! Have already read thru this article. Good for a refresher and the virgins. Stock up stack up!

      6. They are already priming the pump for food riots:


        Federal funding cut hurts S.F. Food Bank
        SOCIAL SERVICES Pantry scrambles as feds cut funds
        Kevin Fagan
        Updated 4:59 a.m., Tuesday, October 9, 2012

        The San Francisco Food Bank has been denied federal funding for its food giveaway program for the second year in a row, leaving its operators struggling to make up the loss.
        The absence of any money from the national Emergency Food and Shelter Program, which is handing out its annual checks this fall, leaves the combined San Francisco and Marin food banks short $161,000 – enough to provide 483,000 meals.
        The national program overseen by the Federal Emergency Management Agency also left the San Francisco Food Bank off the list of recipients last year. But the nonprofit food bank managed to make up much of that funding with federal stimulus money funneled through the state.
        There’s no stimulus money available this year, though, said Paul Ash, executive director of the food bank.
        “This one just has me scratching my head,” Ash said. “There is still such a huge need for food here. It doesn’t make any sense.”
        It means he and his staff will be asking nonprofits, charities and others for donations to make up the shortfall. That’s a tough task given the hard economic times – and the growing need.

        (click the link to read the rest of the article)

        • That makes sense. We (the government)wouldn’t want to give someone a meal that is hungry, we would rather give them a vision card so they can buy name brand junk food and and pop and they can pay for it with a card so they don’t have to feel as bad about themselves. Almost everytime i go to the grocery store or wally world i see at least one person in my checkout line using a vision card and the crap they have in thier baskets indicates they have no intention of being frugal. This country has far too many people with absolutely no shame.

          • Rainyday, I completely agree. I see people using their food stamps to buy steak and shrimp while I’m in line to buy hamburger so I have more money to stash away more long term food storage, bandaids, etc. We got a nice shipment this month from http://www.srmarketplace.com. Someone her posted the link and we really got a great deal. Can’t remember who it was… but thanks! We tried the scrambled egg mix this morning. Wow! That’s some good survival food!

            Thanks Matt for a great article!

            • Why is that people who buy a steak or shrimp that might be on sale are so wrong. When they can not take big vacations or own some great toys. I buy what on sale and sometimes shrimp or steak is one of the items. But it not every month I buy my food with Snap, a whole $62 a month for one old woman. I also get chicken and beef livers as well as hamburger. Is that crime too? I have bean and rice store and other sale items just in case. I make my own yogurt,bread and cheese which means flour and milk and yeast is bought with my snap. What you see at one sale will never tell you how offend they eat shrimp or Steak it could be Holiday party they might be having or taking a dish too.

            • The problem is not steak or shrimp, it’s the pre packaged junk. Also running out of food and money in the middle of the month because they can’t stretch their money. Sometimes we need to have a treat, steak or shrimp is much better then frozen crap.

            • gwyn…
              You are not the problem. I personally know a couple who get $42.00 a month EBT because they are collecting Social Security as their only income after supporting the system for 50 yeras. I have no problem with them either. They don’t waste as you don’t either.

              I own a store and we accept EBT. The waste involved is absurd. I could go on and on about it but we all know what’s happening with the program.

        • I live 75 miles from SF. When I read your post I could not help but think, hmm, honestly, hmm, I think that I’d probably watch that on the news. I really don’t think the SF population has it in them to go over the top violent like the author of the article for this thread illustrates. SF’s liberal population will capitulate, let the thieves take what they want, and bring them more. I know there are a few low income elements in the city and MUY’s as projected by the article but once they start going home to home violent I think they’ll just find some ritzy bankers and have their way with them – probably in prime time.

          • They will make excuses for the MUYs until THEY are victomized by MUYs.

        • But the people administering the thing still get their inflated salaries. In any government-type orginization, administration is the LAST thing to be trimmed.

        • I guess I still struggle to understand that with EBT (food stamps) Food Assistance Programs like those below…


          Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

          WIC – Women, Infants, and Children

          Child & Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

          Head Start

          School Lunch and Breakfast Programs

          Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

          Elderly Nutrition Program

          Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

          Commodity Distribution Program

          Food Distribution on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

          Hunger and Food Insecurity
          And countless other private charities and food bank and churches …….

          How the PHUCK can we have one hungry person in America! With all the money poured into these programs nobody should be hungry. I guess the only thing left to do is go to the home of a hungry person and shove the god dam meal down their throat.

          • @ disector284

            Around here, its very common for the freeloading parasitic types to sell or trade ‘dignity card’ freebies for drugs.

            I have no problem with the elderly poor & the truly disabled receiving taxpayer funded support. But I resent those who are healthy but lazy, gaming the system.
            Methinks their bitching is akin to a tick cursing the flea collar.

            • @Anton,

              Same here. Some people just need a bit of help sometimes. I think what get’s us all a bit in a bunch is when it becomes a lifestyle. When it is expected. No when it is demanded. No when people feel it is their right to get free, free and more free. Ah there I go again.
              Thanks for the thumbs Anton!

        • SS: Food banks should be for the elderly and handicapped; all able body people need to go out and work, even two jobs like my generation did. These able bodied slackers want gov handouts and food pantry handouts. Take your food donations to low income elderly housing or children’s group homes supported by local community and churches.

      7. Imagine its 15 days after the election. A “court” rules obama loses and of course the left can’t stand it. Only at the same time another court says Zimmerman’s case is dismissed due to a lack of evidence or because of the stand your ground law. Just imagine the results….SHTF

        • Yes Jim….just the election results alone would trigger some if Obama looses, especially inour neighboring town. I could definately see this happening. My husband and I already discussed this.

          Although we live remotely we both work in town and would have to travel into town daily. Just wondering how long we would be willing to travel for the job. At what point to you call it quits? That is the questions we are asking ourselves right now.

          • Plan on rioting Tina. There will be rioting in the US regardless of whether Obama loses or gets a corrupted-win. I also believe there may be small mob intimidation problems on Election Day in some cities that may escalate depending upon who is guarding/patrolling the voting areas.

            • Do you support the shoot out window in Denver at Obama office? I say Republic supports are more of worry.

            • (Did St. Elizabeth’s let the white-gown residents loose on computers last night? ROFLBAO!)

          • Dear Tina,

            Be sure to study alternative routes out of town. Sometimes driving a few extra miles even in the wrong direction and save your life.

            • In my van is an old (not thief-bait) laptop loaded with DeLorme Topo, and a USB-connected GPS. Unlike those ubiquitous Magellan devices, this thing allows me to analyze where I am and ALL of the alternate routes, real time. It has already let me bypass major backups due to wrecks on and off the Interstate.

          • Tina,

            The answer to your question you and your husband are asking yourselves is…

            You call it quits when your instincts tell you to…trust them, they won’t lead you astray.

          • The election may be used as an EXCUSE if Obama loses.

      8. I just found this site last night from a link at Dailysheeple . I’m glad to see I’m not the only one worried and prepping . I’m really worked up over HR 6566 , introduce September 28 ,2012 by a Democrat . It is a bill for dealing with massive deaths , anyway I brought this up at my local newspaper site online . I threw in the NDAA and the ammunition purchases . A couple of Obamabots responding by joking they should see if they could report me for a reward to the FBI for accusing my government of some conspiracy . HELLO , the very thought that they suggest tattling on me as if this is the USSR , is TERRIFYING . Sorry to blab , I’m just bothered by their mentality . Didn’t Germans basically think like this as millions of Jews were exterminated ? I think Obama has so divided this country , that these Obamabots would stand by and cheer as their fellow American were marched off to FEMA camps or worse.

        • Welcome Julie and NO you are not alone. Lots of interesting articles on here. Hope you stick around.

        • Welcome!

        • Obama could be found naked in bed with two teen-aged boys, and it would not alter the support of the obamazombies. They are truly mindless moral idiots.

          Perhaps, if we are successful in winning out over these morons, we’ll have a legitimate use for the FEMA re-education camps. Maybe we can keep them from being a danger to themselves and others.

          • Right again, Walt. Those “Obamabots” (like this term), will stick by their “annointed one”, no matter what he does, till he takes them down in the pit with him.

            The breakdown of modern society has come full circle. The idiots; black,brown, and white, that raised more idiots, will get what they have coming.

            • don’t tread,
              You sure are right there! It reminds me of how the right wing, religious knuckleheads would stick by G. W. Bush and his cronies, no matter how much they lied, stole, or violated the ethics of their office. It’s difficult to grasp their thinking.

        • Morning Julie… you might find the MTV commercials insightful – personally, I think they speak ‘volumes’… the shrills who ‘threatened’ to turn you in for a reward will fall right into the same situation portrayed in these commercials… what happened ‘then’ will happen ‘again’ and they’ll never see it coming… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GeMKErqjZc

          Stick around… things do get interesting around here…

        • I have not hear Romney say anything about changing any of those things in his speech. Since they are all bought by the Wall Streets or Rich. Why do you?

        • Dear Julie,

          If you are going to make any progress in your understanding of the current mess the US, and indeed all of the European tribal lands, are in, you’ve got to get past the naziswhokilledsixmillionjews meme. The first, biggest and most vicious of the ratting-out-one’s-fellow-citizen societies was created by the SOVIET BOLSHEVIKS, not the naziswhokilledsixmillionjews. It was the same tribe of those “Russian” Bolshie bastards who brought their fetid psychotic mindset to the US at the end of the 1800’s and promptly set about the destruction of their latest host society; a job now nearly complete.
          It is they, not naziswhokilledsixmillionjews, who are your real enemy, and whose presence and tactics you should learn about while you still have time…

      9. In reading this essay I agree that a breakdown in society by
        MUY’s will definitely happen sooner than soon. All that is described above is reality. Those citizens who are elderly would not believe this could happen but they are the ones who will suffer the most & die first. A large % of Americans DO have their heads in the sand and do not read or watch anything other than the MSM broadcasting of how our economy is climbing back to better days. Fairytales!!
        The Biden/Ryan debate was very telling. I still cannot figure out the dozens of inappropriate smiles that our VP gave the cameras. Perhaps, he needs to be put out to pasture. Rude & ill-mannered behavior. He was embarrassing!
        We all think he is overdue for a mental, physical & emotional assessment. One wonders if he feels the same way after watching the 90 minute video???

        In closing, all Americans should read this essay. Those who cannot read or comprehend should have somebody read it to them (of which there are many illiterate). Amen!

        • You are so right, Biden shows his true colors, the man is an ASSCLOWN, a race baiter, race husler. HE might know alot of politics, but its how he uses it. I found that his arogant laffing, to be very disturbing on serious matters. Very unfortunate to say the least.

      10. Great read. This why I live far away from any major centre but in a town that has people that has for lack of better words, redneck minded folks. My military training also would be put to good use if needed and I have had some people in the town I live in ask me for advice. Most people don’t understand the more technical side of recon, but some do.

      11. There WILL be incredibly violent and savage riots in the cities. It’ll be triggered by a bank holiday or the failure of food stamp cards or some staged financial collapse. It will be Obama’s excuse for martial law and canceling the elections.

        • Barn Cat. You have hit the nail on the head. Of all the SHTF scenarios your ideas are the most likely.

          • They are already setting the stage for this by claiming that our financial institutions are under cyber attack by the Iranians…or the Chinese (Pick a bad guy, it doesn’t really matter).

            A cyber-attack, false-flag would not surprise me in the least.

            Who knows? They might bring down the Internet….or the power grid…anything to disrupt communications for the majority of the population, so that we have a total news blackout for anything except for what they want us to believe.

            Blame the Iranians or some other “enemy”…which would give them the excuse to go to war with said enemy…declare martial law as well and of course, suspend the elections.

            I put nothing past these people. Nothing.

          • If Romney is “not” in on the whole Illuminati/TPTB/NWO thing, this scenario might play out. Otherwise; the election will go on without a hitch and all will slowly crumble into place as planned and prophesied.

        • This is my prediction also. There will be no election! Obama will trump up some reason to impose martial law, therefore leaving the election process “on hold”. War with Iran maybe? Who knows, but once martial law is imposed, they will confiscate all guns, revoke the 2nd, and all bets are off. THAT is when there will be mass riots – no self-respecting american will stand by and let that happen!

          • He cannot put the election on hold. If he does he will be removed from office.

        • Barn Cat: You said: “There WILL be incredibly violent and savage riots in the cities. It’ll be triggered by a bank holiday or the failure of food stamp cards or some staged financial collapse. It will be Obama’s excuse for martial law and canceling the elections.”

          I have a Franklin that says you are out of your fucking mind. Mac can hold the money. Bet? 🙂

          • I think he would looooove to do just that, but knows he can’t get the military musle behind him. Maybe some or most of the upper brass, but not the gus who actually drive the tanks and planes.

          • DK,

            I will take that bet. If you want I will send Mac my address. That is how sure I am that BCat’s scenario is the most probalble. :>)

          • You’d have to be alive to pay me. I doubt you’ll be alive a year from now. You don’t even believe we have an economic collapse coming. I see the signs and I’m prepared. It’s pretty pathetic that you don’t believe it so you waste our time being a troll.

            • BC – your scenarios are “On Target” and parallel with a many other individuals at this location.

              You are quite correct on the trolls. Just in noticing the errors and unique syntax in troll msg postings, I suspect the trolls are a small group of Emir Obama worshippers. No doubt paid from the public treasury.

              Keep prepping everyone as the election is but weeks away, but the threat spiral is gaining altitude.

      12. What if they’ve ALREADY exploded in violence?

      13. Wow! Vivid imagination!

        The gobberment will turn off cell phones and the only text’s that will go through will be from the gobberment. These texts will inform you were to go to get food and will have a large police presance. Trust me. In the begining there will be no groups. People will be in shock and waiting for instructions form their elected officials. Heck, if the problem starts near the begining of the month all the SNAP users will have to pantry full! Those EBT users will be the targets because, everyone know bama give dem dare food.

        • I also think telecoms will be taken down by the gubbermint at the first sign of trouble. Lessons have been learned about the power of social media from the Arab spring by all gubbermints around the globe. Mobiles were useless on 7/7 (I was there, as was my sister)in the UK. For this reason an emergency radio of some sort could be a lifesaver (possibly the only way you’ll know trouble is on it’s way)for all preppers.

          It’s been an open secret for some years that several major gangs have had a deliberate policy of sending members into the military.

          A power vaccuum will be created and in time-tested traditional Warlord tradition some members of the gang leadership will have the resources and military organisation behind them to step into the breach.

          It would be interesting to hear the views of others on this link between urban gangs and the military?

          • This weeks weekly documentary on RT tv news(russian tv news on Dish satalite tv). Is all about Arizonas(think its az?)Desert areas where US air force and army etc train and drop bombs.

            RT news highlited a few seprate folks who live out there in the boonies and collect scrap alum for a living etc.

            But the Good parts was when they showed all the Un-exploded stuf dropped and them same scavenger guys scarfed that stuf up also!

            They got all types of plastic and powder-types-large cal ammoo(50bmg cal!) Mortars-Rockets! alot of potential go bang stuf.

            The fbi basically refered rt tv to Local cops or sherrifs…Who in turn said its the Feds fbi/atf or Armys problem!

            I never yet travled to that area. But it sure sounded very “interesting” for any folks who must prepare for bugout protections eh.

            CAUTION!! Must be Stated as waas done on that tv documentary to be Very carefull when aproaching OFF limit gov areas, and especially un-exploded or unfired stuf like found There….Did I mention some folks ae Finding alot of stuf There?

            ALSO: I myself would never advocate such behaviour…I am meerely Re-reporting an interesting TV doc news broadcasting from Yesterday.

            Very informative tv show though.

      14. Exactly right. If the election is close the Democrats will force it into the courts and if the courts decide Obama lost there will be riots. Not spontaneous riots but riots that the far left wants and has set up the conditions for ahead of time.

        • Excuses for a riot, that’s what Acorn and sister orgs are there for.

          • @ DRD5508

            Exactly right!

        • I think people are fed up. If they riot the response this time will not be nice especially if they try and head into suburban areas.

      15. The Food Rioters won’t be able to organize via social network. Their obammy phones & obama internet won’t work either.

        • @ Mr. B

          Perhaps they’ll employ alternative communications.
          Think of the old Tarzan movies with Johnny W. in the lead role.
          thumpa-thumpa-thumpa…beating of war drums.
          Thomas Chittum, author of Civil War-II, coined the phrase…bongo parties.
          He was almost a prophet as much of what he predicted has come to pass, of late.

      16. I’m an old guy and saw riots/bombings of the New Left of the 1960’s onward to today.

        Yesterday I saw the V.P. or the United States get emotional and angry, which is typical for most of the Left. He couldn’t defend the past 4 years in a debate, so he acted like some drunk in a blue collar bar and argued instead. I’m surprised old “Hair plugs” Biden didn’t take a swing at Ryan.

        When they can’t shout you down, they’ll beat you down.

        I read that most countries are 3 missed meals away from riots. Add that to the savages roaming America today and WATCH OUT!

        • This country is 90 meals away if its near the begining of the month. All the EBT crowd go shopping on the 1st or 2nd when the EBT is re-charged. If it’s near the begining of the month the pantry will be full. This is why the elections are held on the 4th. LOL just kidding.

          • Oh so very wrong first true SNAPers are out by the 15th and looking for the food banks. Plus they will be trading it out to get thing they should of had. That won’t last long either. Remember the SNAPer ladies can only put out so much before that doesn’t have value either.

            • Gee facebook, you sure are a negative nanny today. I normally agree with you but on this point I seriously think if the SHTF it won’t be all out civil unrest. These things take time to get the sheep truley scared. They all think the gobberment will still be there. All of us who have been putting things back will know it is just a matter of time but the sheeple don’t. I hope you at least see my point here.

            • I agree we wont just wake up and it will be wall to wall riots. It will build and I think the true Riots will be confined to the largest of cities. Rest of us will have to deal with an extreme increase in street crime and lack of easy supplies. This is base just on an economic collapse. Now add the other crap people worry about then that’s a hole other story.

          • If as I did you were raised in a city like Detroit, you would know already that They do Not require any such food lack or starving scenarios in order to begin Massive Rioting!

            You are thinking more like Our side does. You Must think from Their way or mind. They already come Pre-equiped kinda as if it were a dna thing to Riot or Loot or even Mass killings.

            Heres a swell guideline for any who weren’t raised In or Near large ghetto areas.

            As my Uncle joey always told me…”You can remove the monkys from Africa….But cant never remove the africa from them monkys” As goes africa(for thousands of yrs as proof) so goes ANY areas with alot of multicult mobs of masses. AGAIN! They do NOT require ANY other reason to lose it and go Bezerk. Except just simply be there and still alive.

          • No, they piss most of the SNAP away and go to the food banks begging for more.

        • In most parts of the US it is three hits of crack away from violence. Half the people in this country are medicated in some way or another, withdrawal is going to be painful.

        • Biden engaged in a classic Saul Alinksky tactic, straight out of “Rules For Radicals”…

          Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

          Fortunately, Ryan didn’t take the bait.

          Biden was patronizing, snarky and a sneering idiot.

          I am not a Romney/Ryan supporter, but it is obvious that they are cleaning Obama and Biden’s clock when it comes to the debates.

      17. @ Be Informed – You nailed it. Prep so you don’t have to participate outside during this time and be prepared to protect your home.

      18. It truly bothers me that people intelligent and seemingly civil enough to recognize such threats and coordinate rational and effective responses would still use something as benign and archaic as religious faith as some sort of measuring stick.

        In case you had any doubts, the MUY cited in this post are some of the most religious people you can find, African-Americans are enthralled in the Baptist and Christian faiths while the Hispanics find the same in Catholicism. This article spells it out plainly that religion serves only to divode man against man time and again yet somehow it is still assinged credit for creating a civil society. This is blind ignorance at it’s best.

        I do not mind fighting to protect my property along side my neighbors, but as soon as I hear talk about god, gods will, or savages, I’m out. Times like these are when we need to come together and be strong not quibble about imaginary friends.

        Unfortunately I am a minority in this regard, but sometimes that is the risk you take in being a voice of reason.

        I think the premise of this article is a bit unrealistic as most would be smart enough to abandone the cities while for the rest, power would be cut and resources would be squandered in a matter of days.

        Your only viable option is to retreat to a small town with plently of options for agriculture and set up a defense perimeter. Offensive action in this scenario would be a never ending waste of energy just like our current over seas military actions.

        This is what we should have done in the first place, but corporations have bought our government and military and they now server their corporate masters so our jobs go over seas and our agriculture has been turned into an industrial process that serves the profited interests rather than the interests of the people and their ability to provide for themselves.

        • @Timothy

          Do you believe in Radio waves? How about germs? Do you think that the insects in your lawn understand your lawn mower when it passes over them?


          According to the “String Theroy” of physics, there could be countless worlds that we can not sense.

          People have been reporting brushes with a higher power for over 2,000 years. Are they all lying?

          Countless people who knew Christ after He was risen, died at the Hands of the Romans, and not ONE of them recanted> NOT ONE!

          So Tim old buddy, old Pal, the ball is in your court, GIVE ME ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT THERE IS NO GOD!

          • You are the one making a positive claim therefore the burden of proof is on you.

            • Jesus Christ, He lived, He died, and He rose again. The God Man. We measure time by His life and Death. Books about Him have far out sold any other subject. God is even afirmed in our Coutries motto, “In God we trust”.

              Jesus Christ, there is your proof. Too bad, you lose again! Thanks for playing.

              Now it’s your turn, you’ve stated your set of non-beliefs, give absolute proof that there is no God.

            • There is no absolute definition of cold;it is merely the absence of heat..therefore it doesn’t exist??
              There is no absolute definition of dark; it is merely the absence of light…therefore it doesn’t exist??

            • Seems to me that you are trying to make a point out of the fact that you are a non-believing asshole! And think that anyone would listen to a moron like you Timmy!
              Don’t bother. Just shoot yourself and get it over with!

          • One other note Tim, according to the History books in my study, non-believers, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Ho Chi Min, Pol Pat, the Kim’s in Korea, you know, guys like you. Have been the biggest mass killers in all history…….too bad, so sad, you are wrong.

            • We are all waiting for your proof Tim. I don’t mean to be rude, but either nut up or shut up.

            • You are correct that humans can be violent especially when they have power. This however is not limited to those without faith. I can see that you are positing information in a way that supports your position instead of being balanced and honest about history and religion. In that case it would be a pointless waste of time to continue this debate. You are free to believe whatever fairy tale your religious heart desires. I am trying to reach out to those who do not make assumptions about the unknowable and instead would prefer to unite around things that have undeniable meaning and substance in their everyday lives.

            • This is not an argument that can be won either way. Those who want to believe, will.

              However, your historical facts are not all accurate. I’ll take your first example: Hitler. He detailed his religious beliefs in Mein Kampf and in speeches that affirmed his belief in Christianity. In fact, that was a very important tenet of the Nazi platform.

              There are plenty of examples of others in the papacy, early America, the crusades to draw from to prove Tim’s point as well.

              My personal experience is some of the meanest people I have ever met have been Christians. I think there are some like that on this board. The idea that after they put a bullet in someone’s head they can justify it with scripture and tell God they were just kidding and be absolved enables them to act with abandon.

              On the other hand, some of the nicest most amazing people I have met have been Christians. It’s not religion that separates them — they all sat just a few pews from each other on Sunday.

            • Maybe we all get exactly what we believe. I get to be in Paradise and see my loved ones again; Timmy gets to lay in the ground and rot.

              Sound like a deal Timmy?

            • Rev: Never argue with an idiot. You will never convince them they’re wrong, and if anybody’s watching, they will be unable to tell which of you is an idiot.

              Idiot’s M.O.–Drag you down to their level and beat you through experience.

          • So in the same post you have gone from String theory to Jesus Christ. In you first argument you stated that it cannot be certain that god does not exist because even string theory posits that there could be infinite space-times folded upon one another.

            So we go from an arbitrary possible higher power to Jesus Christ. How did that happen? Who here is making the more ridiculous claim?

            Your cult is dated and misinformed. I probably know more about Christianity than most of you. There isn’t even written evidence that Jesus was a real person from during his life time. The scriptures are written 300 years after his supposed death.

            They are all copies and translations with slight variations from other written works.

            In God We Trust? Under God in the pledge? These things were put in place in the 50’s so that the nation would be scared into a cold war with Russia to feed the emerging military industrial complex. It worked.

            • Gee, the Seminary that I got my degree would say that you are full of “stuff” as Biden said.

              If you are having a hard time following my post read them over several times, O.K. Anonymous.

              If your great big brain say’s that man can’t fly, but one day two guys from Ohio and do, who is wrong?

              Now, try the same exercise with Christ. It was foretold that He would come, He came, He was put to death, and He has risen. This fact of history has been accepted for 2,000 years. All that liberal clap-trap about the Bible being written 300 years ect, is just that, “stuff”.

            • One thing you can believe in is that if Islam ever is ascendant in the US of A all you non believers will have your asses in the air five times a day while you head faces MECCA. There will be no discussion on this with your new masters. Enjoy the Christ based rules while you can because you ain’t going to like the Allah based ones which are not open to discussion.

            • Adolf Hitler was NOT a Christian. While he was brought up a Catholic, he rejected Christ long before he became
              head of state.

              Why do you think that so many pastors, Catholic and Protestant, were killed in concentration camps??

              Get your facts straight!

            • Ike,
              Because something is accepted as fact by the masses, does not make it factual. If you wish to believe something is factual, knock yourself out. If Tim chooses to believe the opposite of you, that’s his choice. This is what Freedom and Liberty are all about. If you don’t believe in Freedom and Liberty, that’s your choice. Good Luck.

          • So in the same post you have gone from String theory to Jesus Christ. In you first argument you stated that it cannot be certain that god does not exist because even string theory posits that there could be infinite space-times folded upon one another.

            So we go from an arbitrary possible higher power to Jesus Christ. How did that happen? Who here is making the more ridiculous claim?

            Your cult is dated and misinformed. I probably know more about Christianity than most of you. There isn’t even written evidence that Jesus was a real person from during his life time. The scriptures are written 300 years after his supposed death.

            They are all copies and translations with slight variations from other written works.

            In God We Trust? Under God in the pledge? These things were put in place in the 50’s so that the nation would be scared into a cold war with Russia to feed the emerging military industrial complex. It worked.

            • So if there is no document in 2000 years that you were alive it must mean you never existed?

            • Gee Tim, you posting under two seperate names? Just answer the question. Prove that their is no God.

              But you can’t, as there is all sort of evidence that there is, but none that there is not.

              You based your whole belief system/life on nothing Tim, nada, ziltch, zip!

              A wise man once said, “If you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for anything”.

            • Or maybe our country was founded based on the Freedom OF religion, not FROM religion.

            • The Anonymous post was an accident. I went from my tablet to my PC and didn’t realize I wasn’t ‘signed in’. I don’t need to read your posts to know where you are coming from. You are positing the same worn out disproved arguments about the historical validity of Jesus that I’ve hear a thousand times. All it takes is an hour in a library reading anything other than the bible to know that it is nothing more than another Sun cult.

            • Tim you make all sorts of claims, but never seem to back any of your “mouth” up. Just saying that a point is invalid does not make it so, ….UNLESS YOU ARE GOD, or think that you are?

            • At Tim
              Jesus Christ does give us undeniable meaning and substance in our everyday lives. It sounds like you are the empty one with no meaning in your life.

            • You cannot get spiritual awakening from a book. A book is just a history and a guide. A personal experience with your maker that awakens you to something more powerful than a mere human is needed. Until you have this experience you will not believe.

          • Atheists are too smart to consider that if their side wins out. AKA= Vast majority agree and zero God exists etc…The Very next to go away is EVERY right we all posses.(same as Russia 1918 Kommie Atheists did) The Founders of america made it clear as a bell.

            Every right we have was Granted to us all by the Creator God. You cannot argue nor deney that as it Is written in the declaration of indep. And in more they wrote with such mentions you cant count them all.

            SO…If Zero God exists?…What else is left which CAN grant “rights”(but would really be Only Privilidges and not actual rights)?

            I will tell you what…The Fuckin STATE!….Are atheists so stupid as to think the,, or ANY, “state” will allow stuf such as the 1st or 2nd amendt’s ?…

            Even “If” state gave privilidges and called it rights. How long before the State changes mind and Recinds it all?

            Then we end in atheistic heaven. No base for morals or ethics and Zero rights. More like SERFS as in Mel Gibson’s movie of scotland 1100 ad era!…Believe it was called “Braveheart”.

            That did have “religion” but based on ONE man a King and His will was it. America has zero kings. We intend to Keep it so(at least untill the Only true King of King arrives),

            100% Atheist would be as bad or Worse than Bravehearts king scenario.

            We Have GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!…We do NOT want “STATE” to decide this issue. Without God what do atheists have left?…The “STATE” is all.

            There are zero other options like it or not. Two Highest Powers exist. Two Only. Either “GOD” or “STATE GOVNT”…Choose wisely weedhopper.

            ps. Instead of trying to switch the ONLY nation ever founded as america was into a goodless atheistic nation?…Why not just MOVE OUT to North Korea or China or Cuba since they already Has athieizim and communisim.

            (which is certain to Fllow athieism)

            pss…If you do leave?…Take that 95% troublsome monky crowd with you ok…Thanks!

            • Are you so stupid as to think people cannot agree on rights without divine intervention or the state?

              Would you have more assurance of your rights if their only protection was by a god who never manages to appear or to affect anything?

              In the end, the rights you have are the rights you defend and fight for.

            • Timothy, you really get off on calling people stupid don’t you? This coming from a guy who has yet to give any hard facts, but seems to believe that “His” opinion is 100% correct and should not be questioned.

            • Timothy..ask the survivor that lived through a saline-induced abortion of a woman in her 5th month if God never appears or affects anything?
              She lived and doctors cannot explain why she had no burns!!
              Miracles happen each and every day. We are not to know His plans…only in His time do things happen.

        • Wait, what? 2 people disagreeing about religon. This has got to be the first time this has ever happened. Don’t worry, I bet we can figure this out quickly, with one party completly changing their mind….Right?

        • Timothy….”religion” and christianity are two different things…Jesus taught us the difference.

          • The whole problem with organized religion is that every faith seems to think they are right. They also love to use the prove I’m wrong arguement the same way those who do not believe in a particular faith like to use the argument of “prove it”. It has been hashed over for a very long time now. One of the reasons we have freedom of religion was to allow those to believe what they want, rather than impose their beliefs upon those around them.

            • @disector 284

              You are correct to a point, this arguement has been going on for 2,000 years and will continue until Christ comes again.

              History tells us that a number of court cases to decide this question have been sent to trial and in each case The Christian view has won.

              The fact is, if it’s an honest court,all of the evidence is on our side.

              What does it for me is that 10 out of the 12 followers of Jesus received violent deaths and not one denied Christ. St. John is believed to have died in exile.

              It really comes down to this, Faith.

            • Personally, I think Pascal’s Wager says it best. But on a more intimate level, the thought that I have a heavenly father who loves me…who thinks of me as his child…who has my best interest at heart…who graces me with the blessings that I have … it’s the best feeling in the world.

        • @Timothy:

          I understand your quandry. Learn the difference from lip service “religion” and true faith, and all this will make sense to you:

          “But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him.”
          John 4:23

        • Timothy,

          The world’s hatred for the Word of God. John 3:20 reads, “For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” This is why the unsaved world hates Jesus Christ and His Word so intensely, because They expose sin! NO book on this planet is hated anywhere near as much as the Bible. Most people hate the Truth. Speaking the Truth is a fast way to make enemies, “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?.” The world hated Jesus without a cause because He spoke the Truth (John 15:25).

          The world’s hatred for Christians. Jesus said, “I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world” -John 17:14. I’ve been despised and hated my whole life because of my Christian testimony. I know what it’s like to be ostracized by others, to be lied about, to be called a hypocrite, to be laughed at and ridiculed, to be the black sheep of the family. But I know God will make everything right in Heaven.

          Jesus told us that we’d be hated. It’s really Jesus and the Bible that they hate, not us. I’m not going to feel bad about something that God said would happen. I don’t like to be hated, but I love the Truth and want to please God by proclaiming It far and wide.

          How could you possibly question the existance of God, were you not born from the womb of a woman, do you not go outside and breath the air, look at the sky and it’s depth and wonder, notice the trees, the plants, the life forms all around you? These things did not simply show up with no direction, you can not possibly believe that one greater than us did not create all of these things, as well as yourself. If you appreciate what is all around you then you must be thankful for them, who do you thank? Who should get credit? How do you think this all happened?

          • You can red thumb all you want people but it won’t make it go away. How long do you think you will be on this earth, have you ever thought of eternity? This is simply a pit stop on the way to another place where eternity exists. My kids believe in God and have great comfort from the knowledge that he is always by their side. They think twice before they say or do something that is cruel or hurtful, not because they fear me but because they do not want to disappoint their maker. In this day and age, it is so important to raise your kids with a conscience and love in their heart for God and Man. I have put no fear in my children regarding God, they think of him as their maker, protector, and moral compass. It makes it easier to say no to the many temptations that kids face daily.

        • The best question of all is: When people have a near-death experience, why do they never talk about actually seeing people who are currently living? Why is it always people who have preceded them in death the ones they see?

          Personally, I could care less what “god” anybody worships or whether it is none at all…it’s none of my business…UNLESS they refuse to allow me to worship the heavenly father that I believe in and/or include violence or mockery in their desire to control me.

          If a Muslim can kneel on his prayer rug multiple times a day without fear, then as a Christian, I should be allowed to utter my prayer in any way I see fit.

          My freedom is that I should be allowed to express that I believe in God, a heavenly father, without fear of reprisal…your freedom should be the choosing of your own path.

        • With all due respect Timmy…

          I don’t think I care to entrust my personal security to anyone whose only governing principles is their own moral compass, based solely on their own subjective reasoning.

          When TSHTF, I want to have people around me who have morals based upon an objective standard….not personal whim.

          And whether you want to admit it or not, if a person feels no accountability to a higher power or authority than themselves, when push comes to shove, they’ll gladly sacrifice the person next to them to save their own skin.

          A denial of God is the very essence of moral relativism.

          • @ Walt

            Bravo & salute to you!

          • Well said Walt!

            I’ll give my two cents and shut up. You can never win a debate over God and religion with an atheist, because they never see themselves “in the wrong”. Without a higher power to answer to, they just make the rules and laws as they go on day-to-day. They see their authority as themselves and themselves as mini-gods.

            There is a statment that holds very true when it comes to believing in God,and fighting a battle against an enemy. “In the heat of battle, and facing death; you won’t find an atheist in a fox hole.”

            • “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything.” –G.K. Chesterton–

          • Walt Kowalski,

            What an odd statement, don’t worry, I won’t be anywhere near you because I wouldn’t want to even share the same air as you. Personal whim? How about personal belief and strength of character as well as having God on my side, now tell me how you’re going to beat God at anything.

            • Walt Kowalski,

              I just screwed up big time, sorry about the post I addressed to you. If I could erase it I would, you are a good person and I was a jerk. This was meant for Timmy. Sorry again.

            • LOL! saw your apology. No problemo!

        • @ Timothy

          You been reading to much Nietzsche & Sigmund Freud lately, haven’t you?

        • You’re right. One NEVER sees “African-Americans” riot.

      19. Excellent article — undoubtedly the best piece I’ve read recently about contemporary urban violence and expectations.

      20. When U deindustrialize the country & ship all the jobs (& money) to foreign lands, this is the result. It starts as the lowest socioeconomic run & spreads upward. A Trickle Up Depression.

        It’s all the fault of the fascist government & the bankers.

        • I would expect that the numb nuts voters who keep sending the same crooks back to office year after year bear some blame too. If we had term limits so some of these a-holes did not gain so much power alot of this would not happen.

      21. This guy is full of BS. His religion is worshiping his .22 poodle popper while forting up in the back of a pickup picking off bad guys at 500 yards. The .223 thing isn’t legal to use to hunt deer in most states.
        Stay away from this guy’s fiction.

        • Vet3006; Be careful about making fun of the .22 . I just love how BIG guys, in their BIG RAM PICK-UPS talk about their BIG GUNS! I’m A seasond VET I’ve worked with guys like that, then what happens, they get shot in the neck with a LITTLE BITY .22 and bleed out. So watch what you make fun of. All this guy is saying is study the past it will repeat itself in SPADES.

          • Rybar; I wasn’t talking about the .22 rimfire. The .22 rimfire is a good cartridge. It went to war after being made in 1857. I was talking about the fantasy the guy spewed about the .223 poodle popper (known by POS worshipers as the current (platform) of our mercenaries).

            Writer had his goons use the .223 poodle popper from the back of a pickup, killing unidentified guys at 500 yards. The guy’s a wacko.

            • What the fuck is a poodle pooper, are u talking bout the AR 15 in 5.56 which is a damn good gun in todays standards. Sounds like ur stuck in the 60’s NAM I’m not that old. AR’s can reach way out today with right barrel and MOD 0 ammo great for that extra range. What u thought I did’nt know bout that? Mercenaries? Who Blackwater, Triple Canopy, RBK, and other rejects from various militaries around the world. Those are some that our own DHS would hire to use against its own people. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP OLD MAN. Why is it when you get older you tend to get more liberal.

      22. I guess my question to people who post on this site would be thus:

        Are there any atheist preppers out there or is this just becoming another right-wing Christian Apocalypse cult?

        • Yes sir, we’re in the minority but you’re not alone. My religion is Science. 100% atheist.

          • Good to know. My biggest concern is that when the SHTF we’ll end up facing another inquisition or crusades, only this time with rogue nukes and who knows what other kinds of weapons will be detonated in the name of god.

            • You have your rights because men who recognized that God gives rights formed a republican govt. inspired by their Christian principles.

            • Atheism is a fanatical religion.

        • Timothy, just Americans, who believe you have the right to worship whoever you want or no one at all. Good Luck.

          • I wish I could believe that. Unfortunately, I have no faith in religious peoples ability to remain civil and to respect the rights of non-believers. There is no reason not to think that with the breakdown of law enforcement here in the ‘free world’ that we would not see the same behavior that occurs in the middle east or has occurred in the past such as the inquisition.

            • Tim,

              I think true people of faith don’t think that. I really, truly want to think that all men are created equal. If someone tries to impose faith upon you they are truly lost and have a follow the crowd attitude. They believe what they were told rather than studying their faith and being truly exceptive of all men.

            • Inquisition? You are such a moron. That was in the fifteenth century. The problem you have Timmy Boy is that you you yourself are an intolerant asshole and project that personality trait on everyone else. You prove that point by attacking everyone else for having a belief. You cannot stand that others believe differntly than you.

        • Religion is not a requirement. However, it does help, given the massive stress and moral coda that will be required to survive and rebuild after it all crashes.

          A strictly objective/atheist coda would IMHO preclude charity towards others. It would also remove all objections to cannibalism, murder for sport, theft, or a whole host of other things that are hallmarks of raiders/criminals/etc.

          After all, without a society to serve, police to enforce, or a religious moral coda, where are the higher goals of restraint, mercy, or kindness? Where is your justification for charity unless it meets a selfish goal?

          Example? No problem: What would hold you back from taking the supplies of an unarmed elderly couple? After all, they’re old and childless, wasting that food – while you’re young and strong with kids to feed! Without a religious basis of morality, you can easily talk yourself into doing any despicable act with enough justification, no?

          • This is such a played out argument. It does not take religion, Jesus, or a moral code to know the difference between right and wrong. Children understand this concept before they are even capable of understating a concept like god.

            • If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

              Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and beyond cure, who can understand it?”

            • Yup, the religious predators are here in number swarming the scared people with their propaganda. They come here because they think you are vulnerable, they are always looking for fresh meat to join the ranks of their cult and reinforce their own misguided beliefs.

              I do not normally ‘attack’ religion. And I apologize to those who have faith but keep it to themselves. But for those that want to propagandize us who are trying to make sense of a failing and difficult situation, I have no mercy.

            • Tim you keep making the claim that our “Cult” is played out. This is not true! If you lump together all the people of the Christian Faith, we out number non-believers by a huge amount in America.

              Do the same with Christians and Muslims and we do the same world wide.

              There are more people who attend church on any given Sunday, than attend all sporting events in America on the same day.

              Plus, do you really wish to discount all of the Christian Hospitals and schools?

              Just point me to Ayn Rand Memorial Hospital, or the Adolf Hitler school of Nursing. I can’t even find a Pol Pot 7-11.

              Your view is small, not well thought out, and based on no facts.

            • If it’s so played-out, then kindly prove it wrong. Nobody else has.

              Tell me what stops you from modifying your concepts of “right” and “wrong” to suit your circumstances.

              Certainly children are taught the differences, but they only absorb enough to know that “wrong” hurts them directly and/or always bears consequences. Without those consequences, there is no longer any “wrong”. If you can kill that elderly well-stocked couple to feed your kids, and see no repercussions from it, what stops you from doing it? After all, everyone else will either be minding their own business or won’t have the skills or the tools to know it was you. There’s no cops around to enforce the laws anymore. As a bonus, your justification is served: you, your wife, and your kids can now avoid starvation for awhile longer.

              History says (with far too many examples) that a purely atheist or self-made moral coda can be all too easily modified to suit the desires of the individual and/or the state. Nothing stopped soviet citizens from ratting out their neighbors as “counter-revolutionaries”, dooming said neighbors to death or hard Siberian labor. Nothing stopped the state from killing off all of those people for, even if true, what is essentially a thought-crime.

              So at a state or at an individual level, I have mountains of rather bloody evidence for my claims, and I have yet to see a counter-example: Show me where, under a perfectly atheist environment, people (or an average person) would have a sense of restraint or mercy without a religious moral coda or training.

              I’ll save you the trouble – you cannot, because outside of philosophical dreamings and wishful thinking, it has never existed.

            • My view is based on science, verifiable evidence and historical events. Cults like Christianity have been around since man first started trying to make sense of his world. Tradition is hard to break and that is why so many people hold religious beliefs.

              Because at first, mankind could not rationally explain much of the phenomenon of its environment, myths and explanations were created that seemed to make sense to less enlightened minds.

              But we have figured out 99 percent of the mysteries of life. We know why the world works the way it does. We have disproved that the world is the center of the universe, we have disproved that the world is flat. I could go on and on. It is only a matter of time before people put these traditions of ignorance behind them and embrace the understanding of our world that rational thought and empirical science have provided.

              We have developed more and more highly sophisticated devices for observing our reality and the more we look out into the universe, the more we see science at work, physics etc. But we do not see god.

              I am willing to give you this, there may be a force out there, a higher power that led to the creation of our universe. But that was 13.5 billion years ago and there has been no sign of this higher power since.

              Chances are, this higher power has moved on and is not interested in the squabblings of some barely conscious race on some back end planet in some forgotten galaxy.

              What you attribute to god is a matter of preference and past experience based on up bringing and culture. It has nothing to do with actual physical properties of an ‘observed’ higher power.

            • Tim, Can you “PROVE” ANYTHING which you say at all?

            • Without God, there is no right or wrong.

            • But, Tim, for those with no moral fortitude, the outcome and conclusion of that elderly couple is not guaranteed.
              With a christian background, I can guarantee they will be safe..because a christian knows there are penalties.

            • @ Odd ?er

              You bring up a very interesting point, per life in the old Soviet Union & it echos here now.
              See the DHS recent mandate…”see something – say something”…for details.

            • jayjay,
              I wonder how those poor Iraqi bastards feel about that statement? When will the penalties for that nine year debacle be distributed? What penalties will the orphaned children require of the Christians (G. W. Bush was a Christian, remember?) who bombed their country, who killed their parents, who killed their brothers, or sisters, or grandparents? Christians sure have a lot of blood on their hands for a group claiming a moral compass. I would prefer Christians lived a Christ-like life instead of just talking about it. The proof of your moral compass is always in your actions, not your words.

            • @ Timothy

              Christianity is a way of life. It isn’t a “religion”. Catholicism,Islam,and Mormon, are religions. Christianity is definitely not a “cult”. Christianity does mean that you must accept that Jesus Christ is the “only begotten Son of the Creator” and that He lived in the flesh for a short while,was crucified for the redemption of sin, and He arose from death on the third day. Other than that, You have “free will” to live how you see fit. How you live that life will determine your rewards/blessings/judgements or lack thereof.

              It is pretty simple; you either accept Jesus and live “eternally” with believers, and with Jesus along with the Father, or you deny Jesus and the Father and follow the path of Satan to eternal destruction. That “eternal destruction” is not an eternity of suffering in a place called Hell, as taught by most of the ignorant preachers/teachers. It is a “snuffing out or blotting out” of the soul for eternity. There is no remembrance of one’s life by anyone, after they have been “snuffed out of existence” by the Creator, at the final judgement.

              Want to live your life in vain, have at it. No one will be crying over your carcass when the final curtain is drawn.

            • @jayjay:

              Warfare is a vastly different context, unless you’re claiming that children were specifically targeted, etc.

              Also, no one can credibly claim that religion provides a perfect and unassailable moral compass. On my part, I merely state it’s the best we have. Why? Because every person has free will to do right or wrong as they see fit.

              Each person will have to account for the harm they’ve done to others – if not in this life, then the next.

              Incidentally, forgiveness is not automatic, nor is the acceptance of Christ a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card. You still have to strive to do better. You will still fail from time to time. You still have to compensate the ones you may have harmed. If you happen to be Catholic, you still have to confess the sins before you can hope to be forgiven of them (and trust me – I wish all religious denominations had that requirement… the hardest thing of all for anyone to do? State categorically before man and God those things you’ve done wrong, and to ask for forgiveness. It gives you a strong motivation to not want to do them again.)

              Long story short, the whole sin and forgiveness thing is not as easy or as black/white as anyone tries to make it out to be. The moral compass given by religion is not perfect, but it’s the best we as a species can come up with.

            • if god (good) does not exist, then the devil (evil) must not either…if that is the case, then why are humans so inherently evil? They don’t tend to do good if left on their own…why is that? What is fundamentally wrong with that picture?

            • Err, that study is a bit faulty. First, it assumes that the top-ranking nation – Japan – is supposed to be monotheistic. Japan is primarily Shinto in tradition, with a strong Buddhist component (neither of which would recognize God as a Jew/Christian/Muslim would recognize Him).

              It also conflates atheism with agnosticism (“Over eighty percent accept evolution and fewer than ten percent are certain that God exists.”), which is like saying that all the undecided folks in this upcoming election are automatically Obama voters. Finally, the survey accepts the false premise that evolution is incompatible with religious belief. This would come as a surprise to Charles Darwin, who himself was a Christian for his entire life. It would also come as a surprise to the Vatican, who actively states that evolution is completely compatible with Catholic doctrine (…what, just Catholic? Well, there’s 1.4 billion of us, so it makes for a good representative sample. 😉 )

              There is one other nitpick, but it’s uniquely Japanese (culture), so I won’t belabor it. 🙂

          • “My view is based on science, verifiable evidence and historical events.”

            Therein lies the problem – basing logic and reason on them is fine. Basing faith or morals on any of those three is going to be faulty by design, and will be far too plastic to serve as a moral basis, especially when they are the most needed.

            “Christianity have been around since man first started trying to make sense of his world.”

            That is incorrect – Christianity is almost 2000 years old. Judaism, on which it is based, is roughly 6,000 years old. Mankind has been capable of exploring and explaining his world for at least ~40,000 years w/ proofs of religious ritual (Cro-Magnon/Neanderthal), and probably earlier… far earlier.

            This is a good example of what I’m talking about, by the way: basing one’s morality on scientific fact or history only holds up until new facts are discovered which invalidate the old.

            “But we have figured out 99 percent of the mysteries of life.”

            I’m sorry, but we haven’t even scratched the surface of that one. Tentative evidence of life is being teased out of such fields as Astronomy, Physics, Medicine, and various other fields. Problem is, most of what is found only brings to light more questions than answers.

            Don’t feel bad, though – humans figured they had 99% of it all sorted since Physicians thought the human body consisted of four “Humours”, let alone before DNA was discovered.

            Then again, this doesn’t touch on the role of religion, which has little to do with explaining the physical world.

            “We have developed more and more highly sophisticated devices for observing our reality and the more we look out into the universe, the more we see science at work, physics etc. But we do not see god.”

            If you’re looking for a house in the cosmos with a mailbox that says “God” on it, you’re liable to be in for a disappointment. 😉

            All joking aside, evidence for God’s actions and presence have a nasty habit of popping up in the most un-looked-for places, from Cosmology to String Theory. Even you admit this, which is refreshing to see.

            As you can probably tell by now, I love science. I love the idea that a given hypothesis and proof is open to all challenges, which in turn makes the whole thing stronger. OTOH, I love it because I love seeing *how* God works, and to get a peek into His toolkit, so to speak. Religion and Science are certainly not incompatible, though given the ignorance on all sides pre-Renaissance (and the laughable over-the-top literal interpretation of creationism), too many people cling to the idea that they are. However, I see that as a human fault more than anything else.

            “I am willing to give you this, there may be a force out there, a higher power that led to the creation of our universe. But that was 13.5 billion years ago and there has been no sign of this higher power since.”

            When I build things, I put them together, test them out, then give them to a client. I only step in when I see the need for a performance or corrective tweak, or when the client decides that they want or need something added or removed.

            I figure God works similarly – He built and ran the thing, but only steps in when He feels the need to tweak something, be it on a macro or micro scale.

            I honestly have no need or desire for direct observable evidence of God. It would be extremely cool to see it, but I figure that I’ll get to see all that I want after I’ve passed on from this plane of existence (or, if you will indulge the String Theory version, this particular membrane).

        • Timothy, I’m sure there are. Any time someone posts anything religious there are red thumbs to follow. Disclaimer: I am a Christian with Christ as my savior. I get peace knowing that I have eternal life through Him and that regardless of what happens when the SHTF it is only temporary.

          My question for athiests is simply this. What if you are wrong?

          If I’m wrong, oh well, all that is left of me is a decomposing body. If I am right, there is an eternity of being burned in a lake of fire in a place completely devoid of love.

          The consequences of being wrong are immense for an athiest.

          I respect your opinions regardless and welcome your input on the site.
          God bless.

          • Ah, yes, I’d rather live my life believing in God and die to discover He is not, than live my life not believing in God and die to discover that He is.

        • I’m part of a Xtian family that has teamed up with an Islamic family to prep. Together I honestly think we are in with a chance of coming through this and our children thriving on the other side OK.

          True freedom must mean the freedom to worship according to an individuals conscience or it has no meaning at all. The individual’s I prep with have good hearts and I would entrust them with my son’s welfare if I don’t make it. I would also guard their kids to the best of my ability. You can’t trust another human being on a deeper level than that. (Or at least I can’t as my child is my world).

          We are seeing the fruits of the authoritarian mindset flowering globally as this crisis unfolds.

          • ‘zackly, and well put. 🙂

        • ~~~Are there any atheist preppers out there~~~

          I frequent 2 very popular prepper sites…APN and Prepared Homesteading & Survival.
          They are out there and they are prepping.
          They’re atheists, not idiots!!

          • Oh thank goodness. I will check them out for sure.

            • Don’t let the door hit you on hte butt on your way out.

          • Jayjay, great post up top, very best answer I have ever gotten to my question. Thus, if you can’t prove a negative, SO THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT THERE IS NO GOD….RIGHT?

            Good to know that you all who share the same delusion have a home. Have you and Timbo ever considered that God thinks that you’re both Dorks, and thus does not show Himself to people like you?….just say’n.

            Oh, one other thing, Atheists=Idiots (just so you know)

            • Timothy said he does not “like” to attack Christians, but he cannot let this argument go. Much like the Energizer Bunny, he keeps “going and going”.

              If you don’t like the company here Tim, you know there are thousands of other sites you may visit. There are many Christians on here – if you don’t like it, too bad. I am sure there has to be an atheist prepper site for you.

            • I uh, am confused..I am being placed in the non-believer category?
              Someone misinterpreted my post..
              It was a supportive post for His existence.

            • jayjay says: October 12, 2012 at 3:21 pm
              There is no absolute definition of cold;it is merely the absence of heat..therefore it doesn’t exist?? Oh, but heat is a constant; just one not seen.
              There is no absolute definition of dark; it is merely the absence of light…therefore it doesn’t exist?? Oh, but dark is a thing; just one not seen.

              Clarification for those misconstruing my post.

            • JJ
              My mistake, your post went over my head. “Pride goes before a fall”.

            • @rev ike:

              You stated, “God thinks that you’re both Dorks”

              Wow,God told you that.Are you sure it was God?

              PROVE IT !!!…lololololololololololol

              How long have you been worshipping the Lord, Creator of evil?

              Are you a man of faith or have you just found a new addiction to replace the last one that did not work out so well. Do you really need to defend God? Do you think He will notice?

              Faith is not a big stick…it is an anointing of oil and a washing of the feet.

              “Blessed are the children”, does not mean for you to act like one.

              Get a grip man!!!

              You are better than that.

              “Jesus H. Christ” !!!!!


              really???…just had to poke the bear, didn’t ya.

              Filter out what you don’t like or agree with, like the rest of us.


              What you believe is your choice.

              Good for you.

              I will watch your six.

              “There is no spoon”.

              …be safe…stay the course…Hi Burt…Hi Daisy…BA.

            • @
              Bad American

              Don’t bother “watching my six”. Anyone that says, the Lord is the Creator of Evil, is not the kind of person I want anywhere near me, anytime.

              The Lord did not create evil. The Lord/God did create pride, but it was Satan that took it to the next level of “he was so full of himself,he wanted to be God”, and therefore saw murder and rebellion as a way to achieve revenge for God sentencing him to eternal death for his wickedness.

            • @dont tread:

              Sir, God is the only Creator, therefore He created evil.

              Isaiah 45:7

              King James Version (KJV)

              7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

              FISH ON !!!! I love when people take the bait.

              Apology accepted.

              Play nice with others.

              …ignorance is a bitch,huh?…..

              …be safe…stay the course…..play nice,lol…BA.

            • When taken back to the original manuscripts, the Hebrew; it is evident here that the translation (into the english) was mis-used.

              Create- Hebrew. The Poel Participle of the verb – bara’ (create) which with “evil”, requires the rendering “bring about”. Not the same form as used in verses 8,12, or 18, in connection with the earth. In Jeremiah 18:11 the verb is “yazar” = to frame or mould. In Amos 3:6 it is ‘ashah = to bring about. A word of wide meaning; it’s sense has to be determined by it’s context. Here ‘disturbance’ in contrast with “peace”. Evil: never rendered “sin”. God brings “calamity” in consequence of sin. It is rendered “calamity” in Psalms 141:5 and “adversity” in 1 Samuel 10:19,Psalms94:13 and Eccl. 7:14. “grief” in Neh. 2:10,Prov.15:10 etc. and “affliction” in Numbers 11:11, and etc.,etc.,etc.

              I therefore accept the work of the scholar, Dr. E W Bullinger as the better translation to read as: Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and bring about calamity and affliction: I the Lord do all these things.

              So therefore the bible does “not” say God directly created “evil” but, it was/is a direct result of sin associated with Satan’s sin, the first sinner and murderer, so therefore created by Satan.

              Ignorance is a bitch.

            • One more note. Through out the bible, God is referred to as “love”. If God is a loving God then why would He want to create evil to disrupt that love? That my friend doesn’t make sense. As a result of some of the emotions along with “freewill”, created by God, evil did come to existence; but, God didn’t create it, directly.

              We can agree to disagree and we will find out who had the better understanding shortly. Peace.

            • dont tread. i have come to the conclusion that you are a shill. expose your real reasons for being here now.

            • @ Bad American,
              Your lack of knowlege is as poor as you understanding the written word.

              How does “Maybe God thinks that you are both Dorks” become, “God thinks that you are both Dorks”? Try telling the truth the next time, huh?

              Theology: The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is not the author of evil. Evil happens when one of His creatures goes against God’s laws, which is called sin. Only God can judge what is evil, which you might understand better if you were to read the story of Josseph.

              You can insult me all you want, I don’t give a flying shit, just don’t try to chip away at the foundation of the United States, The Christian faith. Now run along and try not to hurt yourself, because you ain’t so bad after all, bye-bye.

            • @dont tread:

              Original manuscript????

              What original manuscript???

              There is no original, just copies of copies of copies of oral recollections not converted to written text for hundreds of years. There are no complete copies to even translate from, plus factor in human error for thousands of years, oral and written. A scholar of a copy is just a best guess with incomplete data. Not very accurate, not very scholarly.

              Satan created something? He has the same power as God?
              Maybe Satan created God,hmmm. Sounds like something was lost in translation. And, since God likes to use evil to His own ends, doesn’t leave much separation between Him and Satan anyway,hmmm. Who to trust, who to believe. I guess we should look to the original manuscript, oh yeah–can’t.

              Ignorance is Your bitch.

            • rev-ike said: ” Good to know that you all who share the same delusion have a home. Have you and Timbo ever considered that God thinks that you’re both Dorks, and thus does not show Himself to people like you?….just say’n. ”

              I don’t see the word “maybe” anywhere.

              “The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is not the author of evil”—-sources please, skip the horseshit.

              I don’t insult you,sir, your pride is the only insult.

              …and wipe that dribble off your chin….BA.

            • Gee, dumb, er Bad American, how do you know what is original and what is not? You got a time machine?

              I’m soooo sorry that we poor Christians haven’t pissed in our paints when one of you non-believers shows up.

              Do you believe that Alexander the Great lived ? How do you know that he did? From the writings of his time,eyewitness accounts and the evidence he left behind.

              So, now think real-real hard, How do we know that Christ lived? The writings of His time, eye witness accounts and what He left behind…millions of Christians!

            • “God is not the Author of evil” Dr. R.C. Sproul, Reformed seminary, 1995.
              Basic logic sir, God can not be God if he is evil. Light can not be dark, fire can not be ice, hot can not be cold.

              What you are failing to understand Blind American, is that you want proof of what is self evident. If you close your eyes, then ask me what color the grass is, and I say green…you atheists answer prove it and I want sources!

              How can we, unless YOU OPEN YOUR OWN EYES”. Which is the basis of Reformed Theology, unless the Holy Spirit opens then for you, you will swim in your smug little world, where you are sooo much smarter than everyone else, until your death and judgement…..chow

            • @ Bad-Blind-Dumb American,


            • @rev ike:

              piss in your paints…lol classic.

              never said I was a non believer.

              never said God didn’t exist.

              same ole rev…can only sing one tune..”prove it”

              Isaiah 44:24

              Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and the one who formed you from the womb, “I, the Lord, am the maker of all things, stretching out the heavens by Myself, and spreading out the earth all alone

              Colossians 1:16

              For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:

              John 1:3

              Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made

              1 Corinthians 8:6

              yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live

              Judges 9:23

              Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech:

              You quote another man to defend God, maybe you should stop reading Sproul, and read your bible.

              Rev,you’re just a little school yard bully that wields your religion like a club. How morose your addiction has become. You are a cancer to Jesus.

              can anyone say grape kool-aid.

              more pride–more dribble old man
              dribble dribble dribble

              Alzheimer’s is a bitch.

      23. I personally find this article to be a little out there. I can see some of the flash mobs and even the type of intersection ambushes described. But after the first time normal commuting people are dragged out of their cars and beaten, raped and killed there would be an almost immediate military response. This article seems to follow a line of logic that this situation would be allowed to last for weeks or months before the military would get involved and then to follow the people that are actually doing something to solve the problems or defend their homes. I think that if this senario was to take place that the military crackdown would be swift and brutal. That’s why they put things like the NDAA in place. They would call it mass domestic terrorism and drop the hammer. Then they would start to expend some of those hudreds of millions of hollow points the DHS has stockpiled. I just don’t see it getting that far as to have sniper squads without a massive military and federal response. The best thing to do in this situation is to have preps, hunker down and burn some vacation days if you are lucky enough to have a job that gives you those. Still the article gives some interesting scenarios to take note of.
        Just my $0.02

        • Another thought would be that a scenario like this is exactly what those calling the shots want so that they can institute martial law once and for all and the general populace would be thankful for it. I still find this article to be an extreme case but it definately makes you think.

        • Poor Boy: I dissagree with you. Flash Mobs are still happening. They have become so common that the media won’t even report on them. The police won’t even rush to defend innocent victoms of a Flash Mob because the mob is gone by the time they get there. Re-read this artical.

          As of this date I am surprised that normal citizens haven’t taken up arms to shoot these Flash Mob participants. Mark my word, it will happen and probablly in the very near future.

          The military have not come in to take control. No! No! No!. They practice night raides in middle class neighborhoods where they will not recieve return fire. Ha! Ha! However I would like to read a story on the military practicing a night raid in a gang controlled area of any metropolitan city.

          I will be printing out this article and handing it out to several friends and neighbors.

          God bless and keep on prepping.

          • Mona

            I am not saying that flash mobs would not happen and I have read the reports of the mobs currently happening in places like detroit. All I am saying is that I don’t think it would be allowed to ge as far gone as is portrayed in the article before we saw a massive military and federal response. The mobs happening that I have read about right now are 30 or 40 people, usually MUY’s, raiding a convenience store or the like. The police in these areas are already undermanned and as sad as it is to say probably just don’t care about those affected by this. The flash mobs described in this article are much larger and attacking large groups of people en mass. The response we would see would look more like what was stated later in the article of checkpoints and an active military and federal presence to try and prevent them from happening in the first place. This response would be almost demanded by the sheeple after a few times of seeing mass carnage like what is decribed on the news. Can’t say which way it would go at that point, most likely downhill for all involved very quickly. Another point is that the article describes how text and twitter would be used to organize these mobs faster than the police and/or military could properly respond. How long do you think it would take for the military to just take out the celltowers all together and cut off that line of communication. People would complain and say they can’t do that and the miltary would most likely respond it’s done, shut up and then something to the like of the curfew they would be trying to impose. I’m not trying to say that these things wouldn’t happen, I’m just saying that this article portrays, what seems to me, a significant amount of time before an organized response to try and counteract the situation would be implemented by anyone other than local police and local residents allowing the situation to be as bad as the article states. I personally think it would be much worse for alot of people once the military got involved. But that is a whole other set of issues.

            • The mobs will attack wherever they think they can and grow as large as the prey permits.

        • Poor Boy, your comment makes the most sence of all to me.

        • I agree with you poor boy. I think that initially the govt. would let some chaos happen to get the population to cry “uncle” at which point they would swoop in with military strength and some new law/regulation which would strip away even more of our rights. It goes along with the false flag/manufactured crises business that is talked about on here. The scenario in which this article becomes possible is the complete collapse of govt. which TPTB will not allow to happen. As Gods Creation so often points out, people would try to find those bastards that have done this to us and lynch their sorry butts. They will not risk this and will cling to control at all costs. It could more likely turn into an insurgency war between TPTB and freedom loving americans which will be very ugly. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I would say that tree is pretty withered right now and we’ll have to go through some horrific times to revive it.

          • What is happening in Greece or Spain? Riots! Riots that are not being controlled by the police in any way shape or form.

            Look at the Islamic World. It is on fire right now! The police do not have a handle on that either.

            This can happen in America!

            God bless all, and keep on prepping.

      24. This article’s contentions seem possible. At the onset of trouble the federals would declare martial law. Anyone outside after hours would be shot if SHTF was severe enough. The potential rioters would just be offering themselves up to die. This is most likely planned action by the feds. Those protesting not using lethal force would be rounded up for delivery to FEMA camps, their intended use. TPTB are two steps ahead of any unrest scenario. They have weapons to control any possibility that emerges, such as heat and sound technology that repel crowds. If the situation is dire, threatening the feds, nuclear options would be used. They don’t care about the average law abiding people either, just collateral damage to defend their agenda.

      25. Can someone explain this to me?
        (maybe im making more of this than it is?)

        In my area there are two radio stations that come up on a channel search that dont play anything ..quiet as a church mouse pissing on cotton

        yet the radio search when scanning picks up on them every time.
        Now these two radio stations have not ever been a frequency that was used as a radio station (in my area)

        yet they sit there recieved by the radio as “ON” but nothing comes out of them but white noise..

        could these be set up as the only radio stations that work when the S hits?

        just thought it to be strange

        • Maybe it’s some of the best rap music you never heard.

          • hahah, no doubt

            why is music a lot like candy?

            because you have to remove the wrapper for it to be any good

        • AM or FM? Could be some malfunctioning electronic equipment is generating an unmodulated carrier and no one has complained to the FCC. (Believe me, they don’t lift a finger for hams but they come down like a ton of bricks on anybody playing around in the broadcast bands.)

          “quiet as a church mouse pissing on cotton”
          — Brilliant! I’m gonna use that one.

          • FM..about 3 freaquencies apart, so its two distinct frequencies with a range in between,, I think I found 3 and not just 2.

            and there is absolutly no sound..but if you let your radio do the scaning it stops on each one every time..same one everytime, been this way for a few months

          • I always heard it as a mouse peeing on an ink blotter. Of course people don’t use ink blotters anymore.

        • VRF, could be. But most likely there is something in your area creating a freq.i.e. generator, power station,
          a radio station transmitting an open area of freq. without transmitting anything but a solid freq.
          Determine how far out the signal reaches or becomes weak. Do this by taking an hour drive in any direction.

          • seems to be always there no matter how far I get, or i should say at least 50 to 100 miles one way so far at this point.

            I find it at home, and over an hour away ..

            I dont get way 2 or 3 radio stations would transmit absolutlly nothing for over a month or more, transmitting takes power and power costs money

            its just strange i guess..

            anyone else have this in thier area?

            • I’ve noticed the same on my home stereo. It will lock on the frequency and the stereo light will come on but no transmission. But this has been this way for at least a couple of years if not longer. But “I don’t know…I was very drunk at the time.”

        • @ VRF

          Funny you should mention, that as I’ve noticed the exact same thing in my locale!
          I assume a carrier wave is transmitted since the tuner locks in, yet it apparently lacks any modulation for the ‘IF’ circuitry to strip out…very odd indeed!

          • I agree its odd, How many of these “channels” do you have in your area?
            I think I have 3

            I should go out and find the frequencies, and list them to see if yours are the same or close..
            think I will

            • Ok they are


            • They are rap stations playing their “best of”. Nothing to see here folks! 🙂

        • These are probably a function of your receiver and are called “birdie frequencies”. They are generated by the (technical term) interelectrodemodulationframis control. I’m no engineer, this is just something I’ve read about on the back of one of my shortwave radios explaining this problem.

          • Ah, ok..im not even going to pretend i understand that..lol

            thanks old radio nut

            • The interelectrode thing was a joke! Shoulda putta smiley on it. The birdie frequency thing is real, it’s a facet (problem) of modern receivers.

              I’m gonna crawl back into my crystal set.

              Ya know. Crystal and Germanium diode radio sets with a crystal earpiece can recieve AM broadcast stations without any external power source. Google it. Might not be bad a bad idea to have one of these and some antenna wire on hand in a situation. Hopefully there would be a big 50KW station on the air somewhere.

          • Could be a problem with your flux capacitor.

      26. The article is spot on except for what he says about it not mattering which minority group perpetrates the violence. I know I’ll get thumbs down for this, but it’s true and anyone can research it for themselves. According to a certain study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice every year, black people, especially black males, are more likely to commit serious and violent crimes than any other group of people in the US. The FBI publishes the same conclusions in their Uniform Crime Report every year. It’s possible other groups might join in the violence after the initial outbreak, but it’s guaranteed that blacks will start it. I’m going shopping again this weekend; hope everyone else is still prepping. Best wishes to all. braveheart

        • Braveheart…do you live in the NW of the US? Your post is exactly why we do! What you are saying is true, and I can back that up after living in KC for a very long time. Life is much simpler here, although in the past year I have seen 3 faces of other races. Highly unusual, and they don’t seem to stay long.
          Be Safe.

        • In the Uniform Crime Reports It’s shown that while blacks are 12% of the US they are in prison for 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies. Those are facts. I assume the majority of those crimes are committed upon other black people.

          It’s a vicious cycle of too little job opportunities (many of the high crime communities were relatively low crime 50 years ago when jobs were present) coupled with a justified fear of police and therefore street retribution in lieu of using the justice system thereby solving a crime with a crime.

          Using violence as a tool of settling disputes is often the acceptable standard within the black community.

          • @Kevin2
            So very sad that Johnson’s “Great Socity” has done to many American’s of all colors.

            As President Reagan used to say, “The most frightening words in America are,{I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you}”.

      27. Do you all think it was a coincidence that SOPA, PIPA and ACTA popped up right around the time Occupy started? Social networking will be used to coordinate riots and protests, the government will hit that first and take it down. Is it a coincidence that Homeland Security warned the American public to prep for a “Zombie apocalypse” as if it were a joke? No. They know something is coming.

        • DNS not only Knows what or when…They also will probobly have their Kommie Pals at SPLC draw up the terms or plans etc. Then of course as the article says Blame it ALL on WHITE Patriots….Even african blacks aint that stupid to believe whites do it.

          Liberal Kommies leftists are now totally in Kontrol of the usa. have been awhile now(decades). They are Desperate to hang on to their failed false Dreams of a “Multicultic Diversity” type Forced by Wrong laws society.

          Humans are much the same as animals when it comes to Prefereing their OWN kind. And like in the woods or jungles most cannot be Multimixed without problems. Its just the way its always been and will remain.

          Liberals try to play God when devising every alternative to Creation and normal standards of old. Like Oil and water never can mix….So it goes with various races etc.

          Whites didnt invent this it just is/was. But Whiteys Always gets the whole blames. Thats changeing lately(am glad too!).

          All these minorities best learn that whiteys still a huge well armed Majority here and are Totally Fed Up with 50 yrs of being blamed for every malfunction or mishap or Short comings of Others has.

          I also predict if it aint halted soon…Most whites will figure if always get blamed?….Perhaps whiteys need to actually Go all Nazi or KKK on these assholes. At least then whites will get satisfaction for False blameing.

          While blacks and mexicans and jews whine, whiteys wakeing Up pal! Arming up also!

          Basically Whiteys Had it and aint going to do no more white “flight” as there nowheres left to go to. Leave whiteys alone or face consequences. That goes Double for White Guilt Libs who Enable the others!

          Wait till guilt ridden liberal whiteys are stranded in middle of war zones with rnds comming from Both directions!!!!! Ya shoulda listened asshole liberals. Now you really did it!…..Thats what libs will likely get for assistance from fellow whites then.

          • Why do you hate liberals so much? Why does society feel the need to classify everything and everyone? Why must we be sorted into degrees of wealth, class and political views? All that does is create hate and forms of racism. We should be better than that. NO ONE is entirely liberal, or entirely conservative or libertarian. We are ALL a little bit of everything. Lets start acting like it, shall we?

            • Hey David, shut up!

            • Obama started it.

      28. Timothy, I believe you really mean well, but as far as leaving the cities is concerned, most people cannot realistically leave. Even if they could, where will they go? They’ll end up as refugees and nobody wants refugees in their area. If you have a problem with anyone being called a savage, well that’s just part of life. If you come face-to-face with any rioters, etc., you’re not exactly going to be facing angels and they won’t listen to any voice of reason. You’re probably going to be faced with a situation where you’ll have to take a human life to protect yourself and your family. SHTF won’t be nice or pretty. I believe we’re all going to have to do things we never imagined we’d have to do in order to survive. Hope you’ve at least been prepping and I sincerely give you my best wishes.

        • I have been prepping. http://futurereferencefarm.blogspot.com

          And I agree that things will get rough and we may be forced to do things we would not otherwise consider. This is exactly why religion cannot be a source of morality or law. The rule of law is based on culturally accepted norms in the most ideal situations. In less ideal situations the law is survival of the smartest.

          Thanks for remaining civil. Some people on this site sound like they haven’t even graduated from high school. It is a bit disappointing.

          • You are surely doomed then. I would pray for you but I’m sure you would object. I’m not sure what part of the country you come from, but here in the south Christianity is still the accepted norm. Atheism is considered abnormal. Many of our courthouses still post the 10 commandments.

            Tomothy, you are in the minority whether you like it or not. It is because of our christian based laws that you are able to spew your hatred of anything christian. I would be afraid to live in your America.

          • Tim, may I call you Tim, I hope I can. Looking at your Blog let me say that I am always impressed when someone comes forward to share a little of their life with others. It proves that you are a real person not hiding behind a false avatar or handle. That being said, I would like to share with you what happened to a friend of mine who posts here. This person had their own Blog where they espoused their political views , reached out to help those prepping and trying to awake the masses to tyranny facing each of us. For this persons trouble they and their family were threatened, bullied and ridiculed through Email, phone calls etc…Our community and preppers in general are still considered outside the mainstream, and thus we can and will continue to be ridiculed. I will follow you and you should expect an email from me if you agree to correspond. You should know though that I am a Christian, but respect your right to believe what you will. Peace Clay

      29. GET OUT OF THE CITY….that being said, I lived 30 miles from York, Pa. during the riot of 1969. These riots only took a small spark to set off as tensions were already high for a long time. I believe what started it was a black kid burned himself with lighter fluid and blamed it on a white gang.Fighting started between white and black gangs. A black lady who was visiting from out of state tried to turn her car around at an intersection and a bunch of armed whites appeared on the porches and rooftops. She yelled “Don’t shoot”, but they gunned her down. If I remember they said there were about a hundred bullet holes in her car.The next day a white police officer was killed. Rioting went on for a week and whole city blocks were torched. I believe the governor called the National Guard into to stop it. It was a hell of a mess. I’m glad I didn’t live in the city.

        • Remember Kent State? I always thought something like that could never happen here again…. hmmmm

      30. While flash mobs are prevelant today, that won’t work under these conditions. The government has plans in place to have all cell phones disconnected by the providers. Just like in WW2, everytime someone in America had a radio with shortwave capability serviced, by order of the government the shortwave capability was disconnected. They did not want people to receive unofficial information about what was happening in Europe. You can still find old radios with these wires cut.

        • Monkys had zero cell phones in 1968 riots and still did it. Its not co dependemt on ANYTHING else but being Them and being wherever. Kinda like monky SEE and monky DO,,,Loot it up- shoot it up- BURN it Down!

          Its how it was done for 1/2 century in usa alone. Why should they require anything different now?

          I guess alot of folks here never grew up around any other races eh?….If true? Learn Fast! Just cause You think nobody is capable of this or that actions?…They not only Are but have Proved it Countless times in last 50 yrs.

          Alot Longer in other nations too.

      31. I think I need to buy more ammunition.

        • @Lena
          I would except I lost all of my guns to a tragic “Steam roller” mishap.

      32. No that will never happen in America! And that is what the majority of my friends and family think.In America we won’t be throwing rocks at Tanks and Troops, and while those 20 million deer hunters could be considered the largest army in the world; most don’t keep more then a few hundred rounds around the house, if that!!!

        The part about the police response and commuters going to work through the mob is doubtful. I mean if this scenario started anywhere in the country I’d grab my computers out of my business and close down till it was safe. Even if I couldn’t get my systems I’d pull the hard drives and backup drives.

        My thoughts are that at the onset of this type of civil unrest you will have 24 to 96 hours move and get to a safe location after that you are pretty much stuck. I can only hope my children, family and friends will listen when I tell them to move.

        Its going to be brutal and the most savage animal on earth is Man… Lets pray we don’t go there.

        • @ Patriot #1

          Enjoyed reading your post. I think that I have some hope for you. Look at the huge number of guns sold and ammo sales.

          • While many are buying, our government is doing its best to buy up inventory and raise the price for us. The government is placing orders for hundreds of millions of rounds.

            Thanks for your kind words Rev. Ike. Let us all pray we can laugh about this period in a few years.

        • Pat One,
          Good common sense post. I also hope we do not go there. Some seem to think chaos will be fun, don’t want to find out.

          • Only because they have never felt, seen or smelt chaos. It isn’t going to be bacon and eggs cooking on an open fire. It’s going to look and smell like hell on earth!

      33. Braveheart..+1000..I have thought this for Years, every time the riots Start, and I go Back to the Detroit riots, its always the Minorities starting the Shyte, just to go” Shopping ” The King riots etc. I don”t know about Vigilantes But I know the Militias, won”t let this Crap spread to Local Communities without Reprisals. No sane city”s are going to let the Mutts have free Reign, trust me we are ready!
        Semper Fi

        • Stay tough Marine !

          • eat an ass jarhead !

            • @ Ivan inDrag

              F*ck-off, you imbecile…goto some liberal fag site & deposit your detritus there. Scum like you are not welcome here!

            • You are really Ivan Durok.

      34. I can see how a scenario such as this could accelerate global actions that could lead to extreme violence on a worldwide scale. Once the US’s attention is focussed inward, our enemies will take advantage of the situation and act out regionally or globally depending on who is taking the actions. For this to be more than a month long scenario, actually more like a couple of weeks, a cascade affect will have to take place that will lead to multiple societal failures.

        • True, RND

          People like to squawk about the Socialist Scandanavian countries and how well it works. They can live like this and spend almost nothing on defense because of the implied threat of the 800# American gorilla. Neuter that gorilla and watch how the likes of Russia and China act.

          When the cat is away, the mice will play.

      35. Best article I’ve read in a while, dont forget though when the ebt cards quit working so will the obama Iphones. Might not be as coordinated as stated

      36. Tina,

        Great to hear that you are going to shoot your new piece.

        What did you get?

        Canadian Freedom,

        I’m looking for a nice remote location – what town are you near? I have a sister in King City, Ont.

        Y’all Beware!

      37. You’ld have to be Ray Charles not to see whats on the way. Could be very bad for a while till people come to their senses or last for years. Keep your head down and your powder dry. I’m ready……….

        • Wrong, MM..they are just wearing glasses..rose colored.

          • @ jayjay

            …& the lenses are thick as old coke bottle bottoms!

      38. Sad really seeing all the views on this blog. Atheists taunting Religious peeps into a frenzy. And it shows that the Rev isn’t to kind to those that don’t believe like he thinks they should.

        2nd We have comments about blacks and whites best and worst.

        Stop and ponder a second.

        If you all expect to continue on then work together not against one another.

        If you Blame, Blame your actions first b4 you go after another. You will find that you are the one at fault most times.

        Divisions have been made in this society. Don’t make it more prevalent.

        Religion is a personal thing keep it that way. And yes Athiesem is a religion the belief is that there is no higher force.

        Now that you have pondered the moment. Think about this. Hitler made his followers believe a certain train of thought. This was done through punishment and force in most cases. Look at your self and think about what you want others to do to make it better for you.

        Are you doing the same thing?

        Do you need to make a change?

      39. I am probably too late for Timothy to read this but, science cannot and has not disproved the presence of GOD or a creator if you will. Nor has science managed to come up with a stratamorphic intermediate (a transition being from newt to anything bird, man etc). Evolution cannot and does not occur, according to whatever theory of thermodynamics 2 I think, the chance of something becoming orderly is a lot smaller than the chance of something becoming disorderly, entropy does not decrease. Try reading Scientific Creationism, the math tells all.

        • The problem is the confusion between evolution and adaptation. Humans are basically the same since God created us, but we adapt to what environment we live in. Adapt or you are dead.

        • Well said TX.

        • you religious tards need to prove the positive-you can not.

          • @ knowit
            For 2,000 years Western man has accepted Jesus as “The God Man”. Kings, great minds, men simple and grand. God in the flesh. It’s as simple a fact as your Grandfather having lived, or the grass being green.

            God will open the eyes of those who He wants opened, the rest are called “Non-elect”.

            Our side has eyewitness accounts and death bed confessions, accept them, or not, it’s your soul. Your side can’t prove that there is no God and has no supporting evidence, so bye-bye!

        • Bravo, TXHillbilly !

          And a question for the atheists (Timothy):

          Presumably you believe in the scientific “laws” of physics,thermodynamics, etc. and you would agree with the law of entropy.

          Why, then, does entropy not throroughly occur here on earth? If you say that things on earth “evolve”, that is the opposite of entropy and by definition you believe in entropy.

          So,Timothy, which is it? SOMETHING offsets entropy: for $25, what do you think it is that prevents entropy from reigning supreme????

          • The earth is not a closed system due to it receiving energy from the sun. When the sun is included within the system, entropy does increase.

      40. I say bring on the violent idiots so the people will show this administration that we arent taking any of their or their zombies Crap… suppose i should of started the cheap pine box business in 07 when i saw the advantage

      41. The scenario presented in the above article will probably only happen in the cities if at all, but it is best to be prepared by having your home stocked with things that will provide you and your family for at least 4 to 6 weeks or longer. A few suggestions if violence comes to your city, town or neighborhood:

        (1) Stay in home or in its immediate vicinity. Jumping in your car and bugging out to the woods and elements is not wise. Leaving your home is the LAST option to survive.

        (2) Stay out of the way of the police and law enforcement. They will talk to you if they need to communicate. When speaking to the police, be civil and answer their questions.

        (3) Prepare for possible electrical power outages: Prepare for cooking in your home and lighting in you home if the power goes off for a few days or week more.

        (4) Prepare the best you can for possible confrontations on your property, but don’t going looking for trouble.

        (5) If a crisis gets bad enough, cell phones and computer internet might not work. Understand this and prepare accordingly.

        (6) Have at least six weeks of non-perishable food and sealed water in your house. I buy distilled water in gallon bottles. Although tasteless, it is purest water you can buy and it can be easily flavored with a powdered mix like Tang or Tea mix.

        (7) Water is very important for drinking, cooking, washing and bathing/showering. This is important. If things get bad for a few weeks, understand that dehydration, sickness and disease from contaminated water can make you and you family sick VERY QUICKLY. Body hygiene is also important especially for children.

        (8) Prepare now while necessary items are in the stores and are cheap/available to buy.

        (9) Help other Americans especially children. They will need your help if things get bad.

        (10) One more thing. Soldiers in uniform are citizens just like you. They will not fire at you unless you fire on them or approach them in a hostile manner. They did not join the miliary to kill Americans on American soil. Did the US miliary help their citizens during Hurricane Katrina?

        Be safe. Be prepared.

        Retired Soldier

        • Christ said, “Blessed are the Peace Makers” and in my book every Cop and Soldier are “keeping the peace”.

          Pray for those who stand guard over this country.

        • Read up on Distilled water, its not good to just drink distilled water as your only source of hydration..as a retired soldier i would think you would know this

          using distilled water can be dangerous because of the rapid loss of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride) and trace minerals like magnesium, deficiencies of which can cause heart beat irregularities and high blood pressure. Cooking foods in distilled water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value.

          Distilled water is an active absorber and when it comes into contact with air, it absorbs carbon dioxide, making it acidic. The more distilled water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes.

          • It is NOT the function of bottled water (distilled, spring or mineral) to create electrolytes in the human body. Eating fruits, vegetables, meats and nuts create organic minerals in our systems to generate electrolytes that the body needs to function and stay healthy.

            Drinking water containing inorganic minerals is the primary cause of a variety of diseases: Arthritis, Harding of the Arteries, Kidney Stones, Gall Stones, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Loss of Hearing, Obesity, Diabetes and Emphysema.

            The Shocking Truth About Water:
            (Presented by the Water Wellness Center) http://www.waterwellnesscenter.com


            Why Choose Distilled Water by Dr. Brian Clement:
            (Dr. Clement is an athlete who has been drinking distilled water for 35 years)


            The Benefits of Drinking Distilled Water:


          • Also note..a lot if not all pop, or soda drinks use Distilled water, and thats another reason why you shouldnt drink it

            • I call BS on that statement VRF. Most bottlers of soft drinks and juices are all about maximizing profits; therefore they use directly from municipal sources and sometimes filter it for juices to eliminate some of the “chemical” tastes. It takes a lot of energy to distill thousands of gallons of water on a daily basis, so companies aren’t gonna spend that kind of money if it isn’t required by law.

              Most alcoholic beverage distillers/brewers, use water directly from municipal sources. The only brewer that I know of that pumps water directly from the aquifer is Coors. They have two breweries, one in Golden,CO and the other in the Shennandoah Valley of Virginia. If any of their product lines other than Coors brands are brewed using untreated water sources, I couldn’t tell you. One distiller, that I know of, uses pure spring water for distilling and that is Jack Daniels in Tennessee. I saw that one in person. Black Jack filtered thru charcoal makes for some smooth sipping, especially on a cold winters night sitting by the fire.

        • True, if you go looking for trouble, it is easily found. Sucks to be Rambo with your tacticool gear and accorized to the hilt rifle and then get popped in the back of the head by some teenager with a .22

      42. Yikes, I live in Memphis and I cannot relocate due to my credit situation. Plus I make $45,000 per year where I work, I’m debt-free, so I can get more supplies at one time. Kevin2 and Cameraman, both of you are absolutely correct. On April 4, 1968, I was downtown with my Dad only five blocks from where MLK was shot. WE were in a 1964 Ford Galaxy heading home when TSHTF. We heard on the car radio that King had been shot and all of a sudden we see blacks rioting. We were stopped at a red light trying to go home when out of nowhere a black male, in his 30s I think, attacked our car with a baseball bat from the front. Dad simply hit the gas pedal and ran over him to get us out of there. We don’t know if the black male survived or not. We never heard anything from anyone about it. To this day, Dad and I don’t even talk about it. While his action may have been illegal, he saved my life with what he did. Things like that you can never forget. When the balloon goes up, it’s going to make the 1960s riots pale in comparison. These young blacks today will be worse than their predecessors, I’m afraid. Best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • This civil war is long over due! They are only 13% of the population and most of the violent ones are already in prison! I say “Bring It” boys!

          • What, you didn’t smell enough dead bodies, or hear the cries of dying people in The Republic of South Viet Nam?

            I am also a Vet from that war and another one after that and I don’t ever want to be in the middle of hell again.

            • Then YOU my friend are on the wrong planet! It’s all for told in “Revelation”, as you know ! Christ is the ONLY answer!

          • A large majority of blacks will not riot. Most of the rioters in 1992 after the first Rodney King verdict were white trash and illegal aliens. The incident at Florence and Normandy however got the most attention and while blacks were the offenders other blacks risked their lives to save people. Most of the rioters were just thugs and believe it or not most blacks are not.

        • Nothing like a 1964 Ford Galaxy with a cold ac to get you out of a hot place.

          • Marines through out history REACT before they think! Try thinkin before you react scumbag !Or supply clerk !!!!!

            • Ivanovich

              Marines are one of the few reasons you can freely spew your vitriolic invective, you ungrateful bastard. You owe every servicemenber on this blog an apology.

              (I am guessing you got turned down by ALL the service branches because you’re a puny assclown with asthma and coke bottle glasses………..)

            • That was me 5.1 & 115 wet Birth control glasses and my inhaler to walk up the stairs.

            • I used to work with the Marines on a regular basis. Great bunch of guys and I doubt if any of them are going to just start shooting people.

          • I can go further on a tank of gas in my old beetle, screw the A/C..lol
            no electronic bullcrap in this car , points only

            • Where was the bug made?

            • Get a no points distributor cap. makes life so much easier when you timing dioes not change due to the point cam block wearing.

            • @vrf:

              +1 on the vw.

              Got a ’70’s meyers manx dune buggy on a shortened ’65 pan.

              24/7 open air ac, lol.

              it will eat 4×4’s all day long.

              “We’re goin’ vertical !”,lol


        • Dr King being murdered is about as high a motivator for a riot in the black community as there could possibly be. Loosing an election by itself is far less.

          The hours directly after civil disobedience starts will be critical. It will determine the scope and depth of what is coming. If there is something that is a rallying action that adds fuel to the fire look out. The tit for tat can easy become rat a tat tat.

          We have enough problem without more being added.

      43. Is this some kind of white national wet dream? You really think it is going to go down like this? All nice and neat with all of the so called glorious fire teams all? Do you have air support? The government sure does and lots of it!

      44. Revolution is coming to America. If history can be read then we see that any democratic form of govt. eventually forms into a tyranny.

        Here is a book on avg. Americans finally taking a stand against federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s a must read as the times are now showing so I recommend it.


        “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

        The founding Americans ended up fighting the same issue as we are now facing.

        • Well said ! Freedom Isn’t Free!

      45. I don’t see it happening that fast. The fed has alot of other things to cut first. They surely know what stopping the SNAP cards would cause. IMHO retirees, Both military and civilian, would be the first to be cut. Causing more economic stress to the country. Think of all the IRA’s out there for them to freeze and then take, just to keep others happy.. In time yes, this will happen.. Heck it might be the so called “middle class” doing the rioting, after they take enough from them.

        Go take some of them snap cards… lol

        • Snip the snapers, and the snapers will snap!

          Snip snap Bitch Slap!

        • You were never in the military.

      46. WHEW!!!
        Ftying Pan or Fire…Which one this week…
        Both I guess, Here we go.

        There is much here with which to be concerned, and much to be mindful of. Rev, Tim without meaning to offend anyone consider; For multiple centuries the pattern that the Forefathers graved pon this nation guided things along a path that resulted in the greatest explosion of human improvement EVER seen in human history…bar none.
        Maybe there’s something in that, Hmm?
        I beleive that Tim’s relauctance to “bow the knee” stems from a perception of those here who are God-Fearing effectively coming to exercise a ‘mandate’ in the future. There is precedence to be worried about such things…Timothy is NOT wrong to raise such a question. Rev, would you agree or disagree that the great error commited by “The One Below” against “The One Above” was, or lay in the presumption that He knew better than his own Creator? Mayhaps, it is here that we see into “The One Above”‘s choice to utterly forbid himself to suborn or countermand the Chldren’s Free Will? Think on it for a bit, just a little before you dash off a response. Having an intrinsically ethical character MIGHT, just might be a part of what this whole “Exercise” is leading up to. Be at peace with one another, Please…there is much to be considered in time to come. Strangely, at this juncture I am suddenly caught with the memory of Rodney King, “…Can’t we all just get along?”
        For my part,
        “May the Lord Bless and Keep us, His Chidren, everyone of us…Amen.”

        • I was trained in, and believe with all of my heart in “Reformed Theology”. Also known as “Calvinism”. Thus there are some things which I can not agree with you on.

          I would make two points in response. 1 Our form of Government is based on that of the Presbyterian Church’s. 2. Jesus Christ is a historical figure who has been accepted by the Western World for 2,000 years as Savior and Lord.

          In legal terms, a person’d dying confession is considered evidence in a trial. Thus, the 10 Apostles who died violent deaths while not recanting the truth about Jesus is rock hard evidence, and atests to who Christ is.

          As the big fisherman, St. Peter wrote: “For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were EYEWITNESSES to His majesty. 2Peter 1:16 NKJ

      47. The sooner…..the better! This all has to happen before
        Christ returns in Glory!

        • Exactly, Nam Marine.
          Which is why we can’t change much.
          Do I prep?? Of course.
          Do I vote? Not this year.
          Do I try to make sheeple see what’s coming? Of course(only those not near my home)
          Do I read this site and others? Of course, but to guage the ‘state of the union’, so to speak, so I know when ‘it’s here or near.
          I’m still learning what I can change…but God’s will ain’t one of ’em!!
          Say Amen.

          • Unlike most of todays pastors who preach that all written of in Revelation is to occure because God wills it etc.

            They need to believe such to confirm alot f Other stuf they falsely teach.

            I believe rather that Only Good is from God. ALL evil is from Satan. I think perhaps God allowed us an insight to the future in rev. and other verses so we can Try to awaken others worldwide.

            And while I do not see it happening so far, I think “If” the worlds populations would turn away from evil and repent, then God would NOT let all the bad stuf of revelation occure.

            It would not be longer necessary, and All that would be, is the Return of Christ and all wrote to occure After His return.

            Pastors today basically tell folks theres zero we can do because God Wants it to happen as written etc.

            But it is really They the pastors who has wrong interpretations and agendas who NEED it to occure.

            Nowheres does the Bible state anything regarding any God mandate to Rebuild any 3rd. jew temple. Pastors say it has to happen…WHERE in the bible backs it up?

            Dont parot their take off from One Out of context 1/2 sentence from book of Danial…IE: In Danial in middle of a sentence it mentions “He will Stop the Daily Sacrafice”.

            Suposedly “He” being the antichrist guy. Then they Invent a whole long mandate like “In order for the antichrist guy to Halt sacrafices, the jews Must rebuild a new third temple, because without a temple jews cant do any
            animal sacrafices etc”

            WRONG!!…Many examples of exact same sacrafices exist all throughout old testement. AND NONE used any Temple!

            Abrham-Moses-and alot more had zero temples yet made plenty of animal sacrafices to the Lord. So after 4000 yrs all a sudden jews must rebuild a temple or antichrist cant do his thing etc?…Hmmm..

            Todays pastors also seem to believe that God cant never Change His mind after He said this or that. WRONG, God Can do whatever He desires.(or hes not God right).

            They also cliam isreal(modern todays) Must get surrounded by her enemys so 1/2 can Flee to the wilderness to escape etc. But That has occured back in 70 ad when the second jew temple was destroyed AS JESUS Predicted it will be!

            It was the Converted jews that became Christian folowers of Christ, and them what came after as christians who were the ONLY ones which Believed Jesus’s prediction and it is THEY who FLED to Safty in Mountains.

            While history records in several locations that the Romans attacked and killed off aprox 1.1+ Million jews and destroyed the second temple as was Written after Christ said it will happen…70 ad it Did. Jews failed to heed Jesus’s warning(like they refused All He said or did! and still do today!)

            To take a few out of context words such as “He will Stop the daily sacrafices” from the Middle of a sentence, then Invent all such conjecture, Then promote it as Bible Facts etc!!!!!….WRONG!….But todays pastors(for at least last 100 yrs or so now).

            Have somehow become so enamored with, and fixated upon, and actually Worship jews and every word written of isreal or jews, along with decades of wrong teachings has gotten 10’s of millions of christians to believe in a GREAT DECEPTION! just as written will occure prior to the end game. Only the “Elect” will not be decieved and Only due to alot of help from the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.

            The Holy Spirit dwelling In Us christians IS Gods New Temple of the NEW Testement. What cant pastors or fooled flocks grasp of this simple thing?!

            God said with His new Testement plans He will NO Longer need ANY buildings or Temples to dwell in!….Rather God will NOW dwell IN and Amoung His own people. He did Fulfill that promice when at Pentacost(40 days after christ reserected) The Father Sent the Holy Spirit!

            All pastors today who keep saying “Again God will pour out His spirit over the earth” etc etc…WRONG! IT Already Happened 2000 yrs ago at Pentacost!

            Does any real christians here think that First outpouring of spirit, ran dry? or somehow got Used up?! so we need another Dose?…No. Holy Spirit is Eternal! never wears off or runs out etc!

            While todays tv preachers crowd keeps awaiting some type “great awakening”?..Its already happening Now!

            But They are the Blind Leading the Blind, into a Ditch! a jew ditch! and swindleing alot of LOOT$$$Cash-Money outta too many good but Fooled folks today!

            Then handing much of that scammed Loot to jews to rebuild temples etc! and Build the ROPE to Hang christians with when Their jew antichrist takes over! Wake Up!

            And sorry to burst any bubbles but His own AINT any Jews any longer. God Has gave all persons AND jews also, exact same opertunity and free will to CHOOSE Christ.

            Real easy to get it. Choose Jesus=LIFE! Choose anything else=Death eternal. That goes for EVERYBODY Includeing jews. Why is that so difficult for todays “jewdeo christos” and Zios to comprehend?

            Well, its probobly due to a refusal to even consider perhaps maybe, posibly, THEIR pastors are WRONG!

            But that takes Work to Read the bibles most carry everywheres they go to…Try to Read with a clear head. See where so many pastros make it up as they go to acomodate todays zios and jews.

            Yes God can change His mind. And maybe it is true He dont want any to perish(he says so) and maybe if enough folks in world Repent/change that stuf Wont need occure as wrote of in book of Rev. It depends only on PEOPLE doing whats required by God based upon New Test. Christianity and acceptance of Jesus.

            But God aint going to reside in no more temples in isreal or anywheres else acording to Gods words.

            ps. God wonr ever again accept any animal sacrafices fron jews or any others as some form of ‘counter” offer for sins. CHRIST did it ALL…IT IS FINISHED! means NO other sacrafices are aceptable Period.

            Why do pastors such as TV ones like Haggee et al Insist christians must help Fund and Build any jew temples for such animal sacrafices?…Thats Blasphemous! IF Haggee truely believe Christs death got the job done?…Why does he want animals sacraficed so badly?…Cause hes Sacraligious and Blasphemous I think is why!

            And a flameig jew zio lover and Worshipper of them.

            • And I quote……”To fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Psalm 11:10

            • Angelo, God is angry for we have forsaken him!

          • AMEN jayjay………AMEN !

            • Thumbs up to you Nam Marine! My uncle was a Nam Marine and I lived it thru him from boot camp (Lejune and Pendleton) thru the front lines and up to his discharge after stepping on a booby trap. All the books ,pictures and letters to granny had me captivated. I wanted to be a jar head and defend my country but the draft ended before I got out of school and I had to work to help support the family.

              The quote in Psalm 11:10, is better translated “to revere” instead of fear. The “old english” translators did a good job but, they used some words that are misleading to the general and literal thinking readers. Another example of this is where the word “ghost” is used intead of “spirit”. Too many people get trapped by words. I take my understanding more serious and use the translations from the original tanscripts via the Strong’s Concordance and the Companion Bible. Just a thought.

      48. Here’s my question:

        It seems like there would be a ton of advanced warning on this. The crazed phases of these violent riots could be reasonably predicted by a typical prepper with decent spidey senses.

        So, why would you put yourself in these places if this were the case? I work in a rough neighborhood but live in a good one. I would certainly not be reporting for work if there were any hints out this at the outset (i.e., major increase in robberies + government stops giving out benefits).

        Responses to this?

      49. I applaud the writer and thoroughly enjoyed the essay as I found it very informative but I have to disagree with most of it not on the basis that it is wrong, but on the basis that it would never get that far.
        As most people in major cities know, the police forces are more like a army. With the massive federal aid given by DHS, they are armed to the teeth and very capable of deploying to any part of a given city en mass. Just think of the last time a officer is in distress, 70% of the force arrives within minutes. Also, most MUYs dont have enough ammo for the arms they do have to fight off even a small squad of officers armed with AR-15s and riot gear.
        Like I replied in a post to a earlier topic, most people in the cities will do what they are told and if they don’t….Gore-Tex boots to the neck hurt, alot. It would be over far quicker than the writer explained. What I would worry about more is the large amounts of suburbs with people who aren’t prepping and will be less obvious than roving hordes of MUYs. Imagine whole cities of half million dollar homes with acreage and nothing being planted on them where the man commutes to a large city for work and the wife stays home. Their kids are spoiled with whatever they want and don’t know what it is to go without. Now imagine he can’t go to work to provide and his neighbors are all in the same boat. These people don’t know what manual labor is as they’ve been brought up to go to college and work on Wall Street. They are mostly non-MUYs and they know they want to avoid cities but hear of a area not far where the people are living a sustainable existence. What do you think these people are going to do?
        I just don’t think that SHTF will go down the way anyone thinks it will but I do think it will be as bad as everyone thinks.

        • In the wind:..If what you said is correct?..Tell us why just aprox.6 mo ago in Chicago Ill. Rham the mayor and his head of state cops asked DHS(or whoever?) to send in National Gaurd troops to assist Helpless cops quell the Daily Voilence and mass Murder rates there?

          Mayor and state cop head were turned Down!…And violence continues unabated daily Now today. AND this is with OUT any formal “Riots” as yet!

          Chicago cops are bow outnumbered at least 200 to One! Imagiane if any Real Riots errupted!

          I believe this just one single violent city out of Thousands nationwide refutes your surmises fully.

          Just as in LA rodney king riots were, cops will head in Opposite direction. While antigun libs will rush to buy them evil hated guns they so despise. Only to find they need wait as in Calif. for the mandatroy “cooling down” period. In Calif that was Two weeks of buisness days!

          I bet when smoke cleared alot of formally antigun fool libs in calif changed to Proguners eh.

          • @Angelo Mysteriouso For the most part they still have to follow the letter of the law but in a SHTF situation, all rights go out the window. They can then fire on anyone they feel like without worry of civil or criminal charges. Chicago also is much larger than you think it is and I can assure you that the gangs are relegated to a certain part of the slums and not the more affluent sections or even the more metropolitan areas like downtown. The violence is also being directed at rival gangs so it isn’t out of the norm but let a officer or affluent citizen get killed. I can see martial law being implemented without hesitation and that is when the gloves come off.
            Don’t believe me? All you have to do is remember the NATO protests earlier this year to be reminded that the Chicago PD aren’t “outnumbered”. They didn’t even deploy their advanced sound crowd suppression systems or use firearms so imagine if they did. People tend to forget that this is chess NOT checkers. You don’t show your hand until the very last possible moment. They have the technology to suppress large concentrations of people such as this… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Denial_System and they will use it.

      50. @Poor Boy, InTheWind, et al,
        In the last 50 years the total number of uniformed military personel has shrunk to incredibly low levels. I;m not perfectly sure about this but the last time I read a figure (from Stars and Stripes, I think) I think they quoted a figure of just over 400,000 as the number of regular Army…that was several years ago. We’ve come over time to supplant the need for warm bodies with “Force Multipliers”, ie Technology. The same applies to the other branches o service. At a guess given the distributions that have existed in previous years that would rquate to something on the order of less than 800,000 uniformed service Personel Total. IF, we posit that the National Guard and the police force’s of the country amount to even three times that then you’d only have – at most – 4,000,000. There are 310,000,00 roughly in this country as of the last census…which PROBABLY undercounts the actual figure – by how much I;m not going to speculate here – but then you have 4 minus vs. 310+….do the math. This is what Rawles was recently alluding to when he stated that “There simply wasn’t ANY way the Federal government could ever do…” as they did in Germany Pre-WWII. Again, it’s the numbers. THAT is why, IMHO, this article is as chilling as it is. To be sure, since Apple recently filed and executed a patent which allows them to effectively turn off the camera on any i-device in or around a specified geographic location I’m reasonably sure they could also use same to fully disable, or worse, selectively disable any such arbitrarily. Gee, is all this i-fascination beginning to seem like a bad idea…or is it just me? JustOneGuy?

        • @JustOneGuy I understand what you are saying but you misunderstand the whole premise of the story. This mostly deals with what would happen near large cities, not in the rural areas of the country which I can guarantee most city dwellers wouldn’t venture. I base my conclusions on the metropolis which I am nearest which is NYC. The NYPD operate more like a private army than a public servant force. Add the local military units from NY state, NJ and Ct and what you have is a lockdown zone. Lets not forget the drones which are remote operated from upstate NY and southeastern NJ and you can see how useless a resistance would be. Most of the citizens in this area are unarmed and wouldn’t be much of a opposition.

      51. The religion sidebar in these discussions is probably the best evidence of why synthesis through the Hegelian Dialectic is so effective. The powers that be provide us with very convincing, yet diametrically opposed arguments, each containing only fragments of the actual truth. The best place to hide the truth is in a lie. Our egos compell us to choose sides and the deal is sealed. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc. are too infatuated with their paradigms to really want to know the real truth. The sensation of thinking we are right, no matter how wrong, is the ultimate weakness of the human race. We will continue to damage each other and ourselves until we rediscover who we really are.

        • The religion side bar is interesting, especially since a significant amount of ink is spilled here on how to efficiently to kill your fellow man. I gues “Love they enemy” is not really a command, but a suggestion to follow only if it is convenient.

          • Christ said that He did not come to bring peace, but the sword.

          • Joenc Do you think Love your brothers means become a flameing Faggot too?!

            As for your other post going way back 500 -1000 yrs in histroy to find bad stuf s few whites did?…I guess you can also find pictures drawn on some cave walls too. Perhaps a few will show some guy smacking another.

            So whats that got to do with Today and recent times as in Our lifetimes?…Nothing thats what Joey.

            You sound like a youth type who aint got alot of life lived as yet, or just arogant.

      52. crude, but to the point. Problem is that there are more Whites on welfare than non-whites.

        • I just checked way back since great depresion era and found Zero times where White folks acted like wild animals….But I do recall from last 50 yrs memory when african blacks Did go all apeshit crazed violent, too many times to count!

          I realize if folks are hungry etc they all can get violent includeing whites too. But if we look at history as guide as thats basically all we got so far, whites is far Less likely to act like african blacks does.

          I rekon its all weather or not you believe all the, we are all the Same except in color stuff?…Personally I do Not.

          I believe nothing in entire world or univrse is exactly same. Even identical twins aint 100% same.

          And it sure seems to me that every race has its Own various traits that other races dont have.

          There are exceptions to most every rule no doubt. I guess a few white folks may have that Bluegum Bootlip look about themselves. Just as a few africans looks alot closer to whites in facial features etc.

          But looks as compared to Acts or actions is a whole different game. Far too many non whites acts far too violent for my likeing. Not sure why its that way?…I know I didnt make it so…Yet I also know I will get blamed by blacks.

          Ok blame away as I do Not give a rats ass. I never in my life harrmed a black or mexican or jew or arab. Best bet then is to Leave Me alone. Nobody need get hurt that way.

          • Check your history again. The trail of tears, the way “whites” treated the native peoples, the Inquisition, the various European Imperial powers, who were white, and their treatment of thier colonials. Whites are just as capable as any other race, it may be just another form of violence, but it has proven to be just as deadly.

      53. Thank you for your honesty. First let me say that you should put all people in the same boat. Especially since there are more whites on public assistance thatn Blacks. Just so you know. I’ve been working since age 15. Before that, collected and sold returned soda bottles, cut yards, washed cars, and picked up trash from about 9 to EARN money they way my parents, (That’s two people), taught me that a MAN should. Entered the service at 19. Gave twenty years to a country that still looks at me sideways when I walk in a store; even though most of the time I can buy more in the store than most of the people that work there. Never asked “whitey” for a damm thing free in my life. A greater part of my military career was spent “TRAINING WHITES”. So you need to think again about what you say. I, like most of my race, am a hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizen. But you would’nt know that by watching the “HONEST” media we have. You only see Blacks selling crack, not whites selling crystal meth. Why, bias I guess. Learned many of the same skills that the author of this article has. Still proficient. If and when the SHTF, I just want to be left alone, An if anybody wants to judge me then by the color of my skin, I can guarantee it’s not going to work out to well for them. It’s amazing how so many people are followers of Jesus but are equally as quick to put down someone or exercise prejudice. When all they have to do is read their Bible and know that a divided house cannot stand. I do know that you reap what you sow. If you force a group of people in to labor because you are to weak to to it yourself, if you use the Bible to swindle people out of their land, if you give people diseased blankets to make a journey with, you have a gift coming.


        • Drifter – thank you.

          I was taught as a very young child that in the eyes of God all are created equally. It is therefore completely impossbible for me to believe that an individual can be a Xtian, while spouting some of the racist bile I’ve seen on this thread. Rather I see people like that as tricksters, trying to lead me away from the true path my faith dictates I follow.

          United we stand or divided we WILL fall.

        • DRIFTER….I don’t care about all the statistics. All I have to say is what I have stated in the past. I’m white and served with many different races. My life was in their hands as well as their life was in mine. When you’ve experienced that trust…only color I seen was Olive Drab. Don’t let them pull you into their bullshit troop!

        • Percentages my friend, it is all about percentages and the black man don’t look so good when stacked up against any other ethinticity. ANY OTHER!!!!

          What does the Black man exist for?

          In Jail…………..Yep
          On drugs………….Yep
          Need to go on……..Nope

          “Sure some people, very few, have a pet rat. Most people call an exterminator to get rid of the rodent.”

          • You know, I really thought this was a site about “prepping” and helping each other…..not spouting this kind of vile comments about others……I thought we all had the same color blood!! we all breathe the same kind of air….eat the same kind of food…..

            I notice too, that when there are so many “nasty things” said of others, that some of the regular people that visit here…..just seem to leave or will not post!!! can we just get back to helping each other the way we have in the past with more “intelligent conversations???”

            Sorry for “spouting off” in such a manner…..and don’t even care if I get your “thumbs down” or not!!

            A bit off topic…..but Manos, we have not heard from you ….love your wisdom, and hope to hear from you soon….hope you and your family are safe!! take care, CC.

          • CC ~ well said.

          • It is prepping to look at the truth.

          • you forgot pussy…..they all live for pussy

        • Drifter. Thumbs up. Good on you for expressing this opinion here. I have learned to judge people as individuals. I’ve trusted Black men to have my back before, and have never been let down. My drill instructor was a tough-as-nails Black man, and that was an eye opener for a Texas boy.

          As a group, though, Blacks in the US aren’t doing so well. The “forcing a group into labor” business is ancient history in this country. My family wasn’t even on this continent during the slavery days. Personally, I think the problems Blacks are having these days have a lot to do with government policies that the Black community overwhelmingly perpetuates with their votes, but that’s a whole other story.

          Best to you, and thank you for your service to this country.

          • Dont thank the AZ national guard , they are shit deep in dirty , criminal crap .

        • @drifter:

          Brother from another mother !

          Well said !

          “Content of Character”.

          Always a place ‘side the fire, Amigo.

          …be safe….I’ll see you on the beach….BA.

      54. Ted Kennedy, that 64 Galaxy had the old 390 CI engine in it and ran like a scalded dog. Wish I had that same car now, fully restored of course. Matthew, any advance warning will come through the alternative media on sites like this one. Forget the MSM; they have made themselves so irrelevant by continuing on their same course and will do so to their last dying breath. If we lose the internet, hopefully we’ll still have shortwave to keep up with what’s going on. I’ve got 2 Grundig radios with SSB for backup just in case. I test both of those radios once every 2 weeks just to make sure they’re still up to the job. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

      55. TK, that 64 Galaxy had the old 390 CI engine and ran like a scalded ape. I wish I had that same car now, fully restored of course. Matthew, I believe we’ll get advance warning through sites like this one. Forget the MSM; they’ve made themselves totally irrelevant. If we lose the internet,I’ve got 2 Grundig shortwave radios with SSB for backup just in case. Best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

      56. Ah yes, the “I just bought a gun and am going out this weekend to shoot some targets…lol. And if those targets were firing back? Hunting deer is shooting targets. If deer carried AK 47s and knew how to use them, how many fearless deer hunters would venture into the woods? Few if any. And that goes for the macho types who think they would be safe because they might have an edge.

        Today’s fat American will not even get off his/her couch to change channels let alone squat in a ditch and fight to protect themselves. Many millions will die in their homes or on the way to the market in their SUVs.

        As for armed gangs not being equal to ex-military? You assume too much. Many will also be ex-military and armed similarly if not better than most. Not only that, but they will be motivated to take more than just food, as that was always their plan. They do killings today for money and sport. Similar to our own military.

        Yes, the next few decades are going to be interesting when the land of the free becomes the home of the less brave.

      57. easy for the cops and tptb, a few days of that shit and you got your police state with road blocks and stop checks and every thing that goes with it, this scenario will not last long, but the pile of dead will be larg, stay home, they win again.

      58. Good read. Some of it will happen. But IMHO, the whole of society will come crashing down very rapidly once the food and fuel stops. And it WON’T be restarted.

        JIT will be the death of most of the city dwellers. Blizzards and hurricanes show how quickly food distribution centers will be emptied. Add to that the whole of America’s trucking industry is frozen in place due to no fuel. Truckers will be stranded everywhere.

        Not enough military exist to get fuel and fuel delivered to restart America.

        Any trucks trying to make deliveries will be hijacked. Current Mexico has about 10K hijackings a year. We are blessed to be living in a law and order society. But when hunger hits, the trucks will be hit too.

        If it has a long shelf life, buy it in bulk!

        • “Fuel and fuel delivered.” Doh!

          “Food and fuel delivered.” So sorry! I do proof read, but sometimes make a last second edit.

      59. i have a toddler that isn’t potty trained yet. i wrap her dirty diaper in a plastic bag and put it in a trash can right outside our room. that thing is all knotted up but the stench still manages to find it’s way out of the bag. i thought of that and asked myself, wtf am i gonna do when we’re all locked in the house for a few days and are all going number 2 in bags. even when it’s calmed down a bit and we’re finally able to at least go outside for short periods of time, where does all this bags of waste go? and for all the surviving neighbors leaving bags of their waste around their back yard. what about the people that are in their homes. the old, the sick that are dead. there will be rats and flies and it will be a cesspool for disease….. thinking about that, shooting at a stranger knocking on my door seems like a picnic compared to how that all will unravel….

        • asian prep have you considered to Bury that waste? Better invest in shovel soon eh. or do like in the ghettos and toss it into neighbors yards.

          • Why do you save that stuf? The dirty diapers I mean. If they are throw aways?…Well then?….If old type cloth why not dump crap and wash or soak in bleach or whatever?

            I got no kids, never did. But I also never yet heard of anyone saveing dirty diapers in any can by their bed rm door?…..Just glad I got indoor toilet. That works swell.

            ps got shovel too just incase.

            • Angelo,

              Most of the families I know have special garbage can in the nursery or somwhere in the house where the soiled pampers are put. This trash can for diapers has a plastic liner and a secure lid, so keep the oder under control. When you open that can…yeah you can smell the ‘aroma’.

              When you change the baby’s diaper at night, you don’t want to have to be going outside to dispose of a soiled diaper. In the morning, I would empty that dirty diapers in the big outside trash can and put in a new liner.

        • @ Asian Prep,

          Angelo is correct when he says invest in a shovel, also a couple bags of lime. A cup of lime on top of any biological waste will usually bring the smell down. I would also recommend Hepa Surgical Masks if you can afford them. You will not need the sterilized ones, so this will save you a little. Follow the direction that come with them to a T. These masks keep out small airborne bacteria like those that cause TB, so they should do for any poop particles in the air. They can also be worn when going out is necessary, and work better then the plain and simple surgical masks.I recommend the 3M N95 dust/small particle mask usually available for about 6 bucks a person on amazon or eBay. These masks can usually be used multiple times if needed. Just store them in a Ziploc and handle the exterior with vinyl gloves. If anything gets splashed on them, they are no good. Good hygiene can not be stressed enough. There are a lot of discussions here at this site and others on the subject. I know these things cost money, and I am sorry that I don’t have a cheaper solution for them. Peace and please don’t be discouraged.

          • @ Clay…

            Thanks much dude, you’ve highlighted a necessity I’ve overlooked completely, per my preps.

            • You are welcome Anton.

          • Ok as I said I never had any kids so its news to me.

            I always thought them modern type diapers were Flushabys?…Or some catchy sounding name like that?

            I always assumed you do simply Flush entire dirty diapers in toilet. Didnt know since never in my life have I changed any kids diapers. Dont plan to neither!

            Best thing with others kids is they aint mine!

            I did have two wondefull Siberian Husky dogs…Both dead now. Good pals while it lasted though.

            Now though zero responsibilities is way better. No wife-kids or pets!!!……Jump on Harley and go!

            Or sit home with sore bad back alot!!!…..Thanks for the info anyways.

        • Like I do with tuna, salmon, fresh beef and chicken…always.
          Double and triple bag it…in ziplok FIRST, then in a grocery bag, TWISTED AND TIED, then in another grocery bag, TWISTED AND TIED.
          I do not have odor when triple bag these meats.

          • And get to Dollar Tree….kitty litter is $1 a bag; every time I go there I buy kitty litter.

        • asian prep:you’re going to have to include cat litter,bleach,insect repellentin your preps;start saving all plastic bags,find a “dump spot”away from your house and take there when conditions allow and hope neighbors do the same,but when you go out,PLEASE BE ARMED,so that you’ll come back to your children.

      60. “Believe in what gods you may…but Trust in cold hard steel!”

        This is basically how I feel.

        If I die and open my eyes somewhere else I’m good to go and will deal with all that comes with it. Till then I’m done trying to “figure it all out” and the whole my way is better than your way aka my god is true, yours is not crap that does nothing but divide and create instilled/taught hatred of any that think or believe differently.

        If you’re a decent, honest and ethical person who can choose between common sense and folly you can stand next to me against the horde regardless of what faith or no none at all!

        Why can we all judge each other by what we do and how we treat others…instead of some damn label that for most of us was slapped onto out forehead at birth?

        Doesn’t make sense.

        Prepare as best you can, hope for the best but try and plan for the worst.

        Be practical, love and help those around you that you can and let the chips fall where they may.

        Best of luck in the times to come for us all!


      61. This article is not as far fetched as it may seem: http://www.examiner.com/article/la-sinkhole-was-predicted-grows-500-square-feet-larger-after-seismic-activity

        Anyone living towards this area could be in danger. Seismologists have longed thought that the 1933 long beach earthquake was caused by the excessive oil drilling done on top of signal hill during the the 1920’s. When you remove a fluid such as oil from the ground, an empty cavity develops or something else fills it back in. Methane gas is very explosive and this gas is filling in the cavities around the Gulf. Fuel air bombs are basically ignition of gas and are the most powerful non-nuclear weapons the U.S. military has. A methane explosion could be near a mega ton like there are saying within a link in this article.

        While 500 square feet is about 1/3 the size of a typical house and tiny, it is showing that something is wrong here. Most of the coastline of Louisana is really much like sand dunes at a beach, not very stable. The rapid release of all that oil could have done something serious to the stability of the crust around the british petroleum site that was leaking so much, the worst oil disaster ever.

        There is a related article about this being connected somehow to the New Madrid Fault, which is a bit of an exaggeration. However the faults in the area could cause a breach of all that gas and it could ignite. This might not be a type of super disaster, but it sure could be an environmental calamity AND a severe economical disaster. Something to watch, as it is at least interesting to see what is happening here.

        • Without oxygen there is no explosion regardless if there is a source of ignition. That ratio is roughly 2 x 1 O2 to C1. There isn’t that much O2 down there.

          A Fuel Air Munition is so deadly because it contains it’s own source of oxygen as an oxygen molecule within it’s component ethylene oxide.

          I worked my entire adult life in both the Chemical and Oil Refining Industry. You never ever allow the triangle (Oxygen, Fuel & Ignition) to come together and the safest two to keep separated are fuel and oxygen because ignition can come from too many unseen and unpredicted sources.

          • @ Kevin2. I am not familiar with the ocean around the Gulf, but wouldn’t there be a lot of oxygen from the algae that grows all over the place there? If a breach reached the surface and was not underwater or under the ground, wouldn’t this supply it the necessary oxygen for an explosion? I have never been to the Gulf, so I don’t know much what is happening. I know that volcanic gases can build up and explode, I don’t see why an extreme level of methane couldn’t cause a similar situation. Would appreciate it if you could explain to me and others why everyone is so worried about this pocket of gases off the Gulf. Thanks.

            • If gas is under any positive pressure even 1″ water = .036 PSI then air does not get in the void. If gasses are under pressure and a fissure opens the expansion of the gas may be a cause of concern as it drops in pressure. Without a 2 oxygen to 1 methane ratio and ignition there is no explosion. If a pocket of methane gas rises to the surface over the ocean I would not want to be in a ship above it however shortly after it’s rising it’s dispersed into the atmosphere. Methane is half as dense as air and will rise quickly.

              “volcanic gases can build up and explode”

              Throw 3000 degrees into the mix and the variables change dramatically. O or O2 breaks chemical bond and even water at some point given enough temperature separates from oxygen from hydrogen. Volcanic gasses are a chemical soup.

            • @ Kevin2. Thank you, it is always interesting to learn something. I heard about the dangers to ships should that methane rise suddenly. I have read about how those interested in hydrogen running automobiles have thought about using regular water to obtain the Hydrogen they need by separating it under heat and/or pressure. I know that hydrogen gases in Fukushima have been a real problem because of the heat from the melted down nuclear reactors.

              In own opinion what could cause a tsunami type disaster that they have been talking about all over the internet? Could enough methane rise suddenly from a massive breach in the ocean floor to cause an upheaval of the water in the Gulf. Or is this overblown hype? I know that many people are overconcerned about the Canary Islands and a 30 mile chunk of island falling into the ocean causing a 30 foot tsunami on the east coast. Yet they don’t take into account the kinetic law of e=1/2mass(velocity) squared. The volcanic collapse of this island would be too slow for enough energy to be released to cause a tsunami of this sort. Plus distance plays much into the size of a tsunami, which the east coast is 3500 miles away.

              I have even heard people talking about the last time the section of the Canary Islands collapsed there is tsunami evidence along Florida up to North Carolina. I thin this is because of the Puerto Rico Trench area and the Caribbean fault unleashing a mega undersea earthquake where a tsunami hit the east coast centuries ago. Could have even been an asteroid impact. In other words, do you think people are blowing this thing about the Gulf way out of proportion?

            • Be informed

              I hope so because as a crow flies I’m no more than 4 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

              The problem so far W/O a solution regarding separating the oxygen from hydrogen in water to be used as a fuel is the chemical bond is too strong requiring more energy input to break the bond than the recoverable energy.

        • That’s


          hard to take toddler rantings seriously……

        • I thought the last tsunami was from someone got fed up with michael moore, and tossed him off a twenty story hotel into the ocean waters.

      62. When this happens the internet and mobile phones will most likely Stop ,Police will be told to basically sit back and do nothing, under the excuse they are ”overwhelmed ”,[vigilanteism will be discouraged as ”Terrorism”]and are unable to help anyone[this will also help with the U.N Policy of Culling the population] ,U.N policy in the past being to ”let it burn itself out ”then move in” .After that they will bring in the foreign troops etc to ”finish it off” put the survivors in the FEMA camps and re educate or cull them

      63. We also have to deal with the mentality of people these days, Narcissic ,selfish,lazy ,thinking the whole world owes them a favor and living .Pleasure seeking, obsessed with sport, alcohol, a plethora of drug taking legal and illegal ,hedonistic ,me, me ,i, i,self appointed God mentality ,”i make my own laws and Rules for my life everyone serves me” ! and then are discarded ! bent on any perverted sexual pleasure with no shame or conscience ,the Epilogue is not going to be good when this Age Ends,Prepare for the Worst NOW !!!!!!!

        • I saw it this weekend, OU and Texas football college. Thousands of people walking around drunk and in a daze to begin with. Not knowing what awaits them, some do, but prefer to drink it away and ignore the warning signs. I for one watch and learn as much as I can about people and what they are doing and the way they react to things and I see them go deeper into blindness mode and choose to live in darkness. I for one choose the light, and I love wisdom and hope in God only and not in a man or a method. I hope that most of us are getting closer to the eternal light of Gods love, his knowledge and wisdom. This is the only real thing that will save us from this world that is getting darker every day. Cannibalism is a symptom of this, we are headed into dark and uncharted waters that none of us has ever gone into. I saw a video clip of a man eating another man alive in broad daylight with people standing around just watching. Most no doubt in schock. I have seen these scenarios as visions only before, but now they are being recorded in real life. Darkness is descending on us and the majority of people are ignoring it. We must be ready to act to save ourselves and the lives of others that will be in schock and won’t know what to do. You must be ready.

        • pk

          With the promiscuous nature of modern society very quickly prostitution will become very common once TSHTF. The transition to that normally would take significant desperation but I believe it wouldn’t take too much.

      64. ** OFF TOPIC**
        RESPECT FOR:

        Basil Plumley, veteran of 3 wars, featured in ‘We Were Soldiers’ movie, dies in Georgia. A native of Shady Spring, W.Va., Plumley enlisted in the Army in 1942 and ended up serving 32 years in uniform. In World War II, he fought in the Allied invasion of Italy at Salerno and the D-Day invasion at Normandy. He later fought with the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment in Korea. In Vietnam, Plumley served as sergeant major — the highest enlisted rank — in the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment.


      65. Excellent read!

        I’ve written on the same topic due to what I’d seen happen in Yugoslavia when it all came crashing down and, THIS essay hits pretty close to the mark and leaves little out.
        Even some of the most thorough prepper types I’ve known have never considered what really goes on when civility breaks down, the toilet stops flushing, the lights don’t come on, the garbage stacks up and that bucket that is now your toilet becomes full and you have no place to dump it…or, a carry-out to run to for a few rolls of paper that quickly run out.

        Also, I’ve listened to and have read about 1000 different guys who seem to think their house in the city is some kind of Alamo where they’ll be firing from every window defending their property…I kind of doubt it.

      66. Matt Bracken, you’re just as bad as Mitt Robme! Only you’ve expressed your hatred for virtually EVERYBODY else BUT you and YOUR KIND. You sound like just another rich white guy, worried about yourself. Every contingent you envision SHOULD happen, but NOT quite like you envision in such detail.

        Your anger Sir, frankly, is misplaced. WHAT YOU SHOULD’VE ENVISIONED, is all that anger playing out, NOT on each other, but against the globalist banksters and their government ilk who intentionally did this to US…one step at a time.

        WE— the preppers, the young, the old and frail, the poor and ethnic ARE ALL VICTIMS OF AN ELITIST CONTROL SCHEME, perpetrated against us for PROFIT!

        Do you think the welfare mommas are watching you on those cameras on every street? Is a welfare momma reaching down your pants at the airport? Is it a poor black gang-banger writing new legislation to take your guns away? How many welfare mommas vote in CONGRESS? Is it a welfare recipient who forces you to pay for owning land and claims ownership of the water beneath it? Is it poor people flying drones in your back yard?

        GET A CLUE!

        Your long-winded glorification of the idea that ex-military people will eradicate everything that is appalling to your utopian views, is ridiculous.

        What you envision is simply PREMEDITATED MURDER and nothing more.

        Rather than worrying about how to “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out”, you SHOULD be thinking about what it is going to take to UNITE US ALL in a mammoth effort to overthrow this corrupt government that has enslaved us and hopes that we’ll ALL DIE. What makes you think that rich white guys are somehow above the destructive behaviors you envision? Is that only in your little utopia? Let me tell you, ANY MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD CAN BE TREACHEROUS, not just the poor blacks. ANY Viet Nam vet knows that, painfully so.

        IT IS GONNA TAKE ALL HANDS ON DECK to to earn our freedom back. That means WE NEED some of those angry flash mobs that you hate so much, to be focused on the RIGHT targets. Frankly, your divisive vision will only play into the hands of our TRUE captors and bring suffering and defeat to us all.

        If a flash mob can overtake a heavily armed police/army group with a green light from the government to kill at will, what the hell makes you think a group of ex-has-beens with limited ammo is going to fare any better? Do you really think you can take out the U.N.? REALLY? With what little (by comparison) that you have?

        You need to start daydreaming about a way to get around your hatred of the poor and find some common ground…without a whole lot of help, we’re ALL DOOMED…ALL are doomed.

        I don’t give a shit how many elitists on here thumb down at me, I’ve been working to gain ALLIES, NOT ENEMIES.

        I’ve been coming back here in hopes of gaining important information to help me in the days ahead, but all I’m finding is elitist crap spewing out at the seams.

        Okay, enough ranting. Now I feel better.

        • That was exactly my point, sir.

          I was being sarcastic. I suppose I phrased it badly, but that’s what I was getting at.

          This partly read like a likely scenario, there were elements of that, but it also partly read like a “wish list” or “fantasy wish fulfillment”.

          He goes on about “ethnic minorities” and then never comes right out and says it, dancing all around it and listing every other minority in history, in an attempt to look fair minded… but really… I mean… really now.

          Like I said… just say it, man. You know you want to.

          So I don’t agree with it. Early on could something like that happen? I don’t know, maybe. From a small sub-percentage of poor people, sure.

          It turning into a sniper turkey shoot that lasts indefinitely? Come on now, really? You’re picking on the wrong people here.

        • The docile,metro-sexual males will be sitting on their couches awaiting the next broadcast of sports-center.

          The equally docile females hopped up on a myriad of psychotropics will be sitting on the couches awaiting the next dancing with the stars episode.

          Only when their cable shuts off or the booze and meds are no longer available..then those over weight couch monsters will get real ugly..and fast..

          Problem is..most are not armed nor prepared for anything!

          These are the ones who panic when the water is tainted or sit for 24 hours over night for black friday extravaganzas..and raid the markets in panic when an oncoming storm is predicted..

          It will be an assault from all demographics..all races..and all economic backgrounds..

          and exactly what is planned..

          that is my scenario..


          • 10-4 Possee.Had to smile on your comments.

          • @ Possee


            I think when times get nasty, most men here will become “equal opportunity shooters”…
            Won’t matter if its ‘Sniff-mutt’ & his tribe of hoodies, Pablo & his gang of beaner-bangers or white trash meth-heads.

            All will be subject to poisoning via element #82 on the periodic table, that being Pb…lead.

            • Au and Ag are fine pms for the well heeled and investors.


              I find Pb the most valuable pm in the world..

              Easy to conceal and carry

              Never loses value

              Inexpensive to procure

              and when used effectively

              the best insurance money and practice can buy


        • While in agreement with most of your post. As for me I harbor no hatred for the poor. But please explain how to open the eyes of the masses, And unite everyone against ” AN ELITIST CONTROL SCHEME”. I’m in!! But first and foremost I will protect myself and family.
          If things reach the point showned in the article it will be to late to convince others you are not the bad guys.

        • Where was there any mention of “hating the poor” in the piece?

          And, how in the hell do you fit Romney into ANY part of the it?

          Or, do you mean OBAMA?
          …You know, the guy who extended the patriot act and added more teeth to it then, signing the defense authorization act that allows drones to fly overhead and take out Americans who have landed on his “kill list” without a judge, jury, trial or, even criminal charges needed?
          You may not like “Mitt Robme” but, HE hasn’t made ANY law while the man you’ve obviously omitted for blame has signed those laws and, executed them.

          And, if you’re looking for allies, you might want to walk back your obvious disdain for MilVets since many of us “ex-has-beens” as you call us would be much better allies than your “poor black gangmembers” and “flashmobs” who are flat out criminals in most cases and may well see YOU as an easy opportunity instead of some kind of “ally”.

          Let us know how that works out for ya.

          • I don’t have a disdain for milvets—I AM ONE. But I do have disdain for anyone who thinks it should be open season on such a wide variety of “others”. I guess the ‘innuendo’ in the article was lost on me, I’m more of a SAY WHAT THE HELL YOU MEAN and MEAN WHAT THE HELL YOU SAY kind of person.

            I guess the first step in making an ally instead of an enemy is to not act like you want to cut their throats at the drop of a hat. I’ve been told that I carry that “potential murderer” look on my face all the time, but I’m working on looking more friendly…really, I am.

            The only thing one can do with sheep is to lead them where you want them to go. Personally, I try to plant suggestions every chance I get. (You know, if they seize the internet, you won’t be able to play games on facebook anymore—yeah, that’s right, they wanna get rid of Monday night football too.) Whatever, brainwashed is brainwashed.

            I don’t have all the answers, but there has to be a better way than killing them all and letting God sort them out. You know, the Nazis used to use little gifts of food to get intel, and the same to get hungry people to do all kinds of heinous stuff for them.

            …don’t to it for Honor—don’t to it for Glory—do it for a potato roll! That damn obama phone must come in handy for something useful! And no, I meant Mitt and his 47 percent remark.

            • Well, you left the impression that you had an axe to grind with vets.
              I also didn’t read where anyone advocated slitting throats and “killin’ em’ all” anywhere either.

              In fact, much of the story is absolutely true and has replayed itsself many times over be it in Detroit, Los angeles, Newark, New Orleans or, Yugoslavia.

              You seem to be under the impression that since the writer made mention of different races fighting each other automatically means “racism”…no, it’s just the truth as he judged it from past scenarios.

              As for Romney’s 47% remark, I agree that probably 47% of Obama’s base ARE leaches looking for a free ride.
              NOT people who paid into social security and are getting it or, milvets who have earned their benefits or, people who are incapable of taking care of themselves…I mean those able-bodied types who refuse to work while voting to get even more from a system and society they’ve never contributed toward.
              Romney stated the obvious, he’ll never get a vote for promising to lower the taxes of those who aren’t paying them and offering jobs to those who won’t work in the first place.
              However, Obama offers free phones and waves the welfare work requirement…so who can HE count on for 100% support?
              I don’t proclaim to have all the answers either but, living in an area where a civil war DID happen and, seeing what happened has taught me a lot.

              And living in a city thats full of gangs has taught me that they don’t care what anyone outside their set has to say.
              I’d say that if things go down the crapper, you’d be a fool to associate with criminals or, hope to find common ground with them because the worse things are, the freer they are to operate.
              They aren’t interested in the restoration of order and civility because for them, it’s bad for business.

            • Six-pac..Thanks for your Service, Please be advised WE Vets are not LOOKING to Cap, the Less Fortunate, We dispise Hate and War and Killing OK, we have had our bellies full of IT.But we Will not Shirk our Duties to Defend the Constitution..We defend the Weak and Overwhelmed, If you Bear Arms against us we will respond in Kind! Nothing Personal..If these urban Youts, go into the Fray so be It! They will learn the Hardway, what real Combat is Like, not reprisal Drive by”s..I would Rather Die On my feet than Live on My Knees!
              Semper Fi

        • Poor Black Gang bangers?!! Ok I vote six pak recieve the top acadamy award for Best Bleeding Heart Liberal I heard in a long time!….Oh Oh Oh!! Why cant we all get along?

          Good question. Go ask the crazy wild animals you so defend. Wait I get it now!!

          Everybody Line up across america, and across the Ocean too! Then lets all hold hands and sing “We are the..WORLD!!”…..Tomorrow same stations all, to sing Kumbyah!!

          Life in BRA(Black Run America) Just as I pictured it!

          Why cant we all just Wish it different?….Why=Because. Spend time in ghettos and see how it goes then report back. That only works if You are white though. Leave your weapons elswheres too since you can get along so swell with so many that Hate You, due to so many whites falls for PC and caves in to BRA demands.

          I vividly recall when 10yrs old and africans first swooped in to destroy detroit. Back then most liberal bleeding hearts sounded exactly the same as six pak.

          “Oh jusat give them colored folks what they want….And then maybe they will Leave Us alone afterwards”!!!

          GEE 50 yrs Later and hows that working out so far?!!

          Kinda like give kidnapers the loot and maybe they wont murder our littel suzzie creamcheese babycakes!

          If we give you all you demand?…Promice to just get along?….Okay!! we can be palsywalsys now Oh Boy!

          All you Other meeanies! shame shame on all youse!

          If six pak is a white female? I bet shes a Coal Burner!

        • Its good to let it out .

      67. Many on here have decried what they perceive os the looming police state and the draconian measures said stae will resort to to restore order. However, are those draconian measures any worse than what is advocated here? Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. And, given the obvious psychopathic mind of the author, should these events occurs, do not be surprised it this author and his ilk braoden their targets to not just mobs and rioters, but to basically anyone that comes into their since their is an obvious bloodlust at work here.

        • Frankly the thought occurred to me as well.

          If you were in the shoes of a politician, if that was you doing the law making… I mean… yeah you’d do police state rather than let this go down.

          That’s the nature of conflict, every party wants to be in control.

        • Oh no Joe!
          This is the situation the founding fathers perceived when they wrote the 2nd Amendment.
          If we started over… hey, I just got and idea!!

          Every 200 years, the slate gets wiped clean except for the original Constitution and Amendments. And we start from there, writng some new laws, factoring in modern times.
          That might just be what happens anyhow.Who knows?

        • What is advocated in the article is preparation, protections, and possible likelyhood. Most here recognize that the financial system is heading towards collapse.

          Using force when others act like savages is NOT unreasonable or the other end of the spectrum to government tyranny. The whole article is based on historical evidence.

          Search youtube for 1977 New York power outage. Or this…

          Now imagine if nationwide, people are unable to buy food. Plus the people who are looking for an opportunity for profit or payback.

          As to the author and his ilk. You make a lot of assumptions about their mental health and murder frenzy after a collapse.

          I think he’s mostly right. Just think the system will collapse faster.

      68. I find it highly unlikely that this tyrannical police state government will continue to allow wireless devices or electronic communication of any kind to still be operational. They will “CUT” any and all communications in order to institute COMPLETE CONTROL over the populace. Something they have been chomping at the bit over!

        Welcome to the birthing pains of the New World Order!

        • Which is why people need to get on board with shortwave radios, as recommended on previous posts by one astute individual. True, if you broadcast, your signal source can be traced, especially if enough wattage and duration of signal…but not by listening. That is why my next purchase will be shortwave, not a cell phone or computer. Shortwave not trendy or sexy I have to admit, but I would not want to be without one if the SHTF.

          Time to learn about antennas, and tuning of antennas to improve reception (and possibly transmission.) Portable is the way to go, which also means battery/solar power back up.

          Do any readers have any sources on how the resistance in WWII, or in other conflicts, maintained their radio communications? How vulnerable are frequencies to being identified and sources scanned and located these days especially with high tech computers? (This is why I think portability is critical.)

          In a SHTF scenario, information will be controlled by the government. Sure, they may allow broadcasting of Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and other shows to give the impression that things are still “normal”, but critical information (pertaining to critical thinking and planning) will be severely curtailed by seriously selective internet and cellular phone kill switches which are no doubt already in place.

      69. This scinerio won’t cover the whole country at once people.. It’s will most likely happen in the major city’s “cesspools” I call them.. And be squashed right there..

        If you live in the boonies.. If you have food, water, Gun /ammo, shelter and can stay put for 30-60 days – self sustaining – you will be fine.. Don’t worry about it.. Call it a brief pause in life..

        We are all the busy bees- worker Ants of this govt – without Us life would end for the Machine.. In no way do the elite want a permeant disruption of their money pump to happen.

        Call it ethnic cleansing when it does happen.. The strong will survive and the weak will perish.. It’s happened many times in history.. It will happen many more times again.

        Just Live your lives in Gods grace and it will all be ok..

      70. The key knowledge EVERYONE should gleam from this incredibly well researched referenced written report is …

        * just as now TODAY it takes your local law dawgs 15 minutes to a few hours on average to respond to a crime in progress and a whole 5 hours or more to organize a proper posse of neighboring law dawgs …

        * during a FUTURE AND COMING SOON martial law shtf crisis expect it to take a day for occupation police military response and days to weeks for a proper law authority response … and when the ZOG GESTAPO DHS FORCES do respond to your home it will probly not be good for you and your family …

        You All must now become your own BACK UP force multipliers … by using anti theft technology , semi-auto rifles / shot-guns / pistols , bullet-proof body armor , ballistic shields , safe rooms , shielded walls , recruiting family friends neighbors to your neighborhood shooting sport club and family animal friends to your home defense screen .

        Fire will be your greatest threat … then your fellow man WHO IS PREDATORY DESPERATE … then hunger thirst disease !

        Plan Accordingly … its all downhill if your living in AmeriKa from here … INFLATION will only get worse in 2013 and beyond !

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare – Predator or Prey of the ZOG NWO UN !

        The Choice is Yours !



        • @NinaO my friend:

          predator and pray, lol

          RSVP in 230 grain


          • @BA ;0) Whaddup Dawg ??? SHALL WE PRAY ;0) ???

            Buy PM’s (silver) – Stack it High Bury it Deep @BA !

            $50 Silver Round Ounce by Dec 31, 2012 is the new forecast by those in the pm industry know .

            See you on the Line @BA ;0)


            • NinaO—-


              Brass and lead…….bang-bang-bang…..Check

              See you on the beach…….Priceless.

      71. Perhaps I am a bit late with my comment, but here it is nonetheless:

        This article is a pure madman’s fantasy writing at it’s best. The only realistic scenario is gangs of criminals in the cities, which will be dealt with by SOF and Army units.

        EROL (Extended Rule of Law) or Plain Old Dictatorship is what is likely to transpire, not this nonsense.

        Look at Russia at her darkest times: Full WROL never happened throughout it’s tribulations. Oppression, repressions, persecution and iron fist on the other hand did.

        All it takes for Government is to release Agent Orange, Mustard Gas or something else over cities and the game is over.

        No shooting required. Simple and economical. Millions of dead.

        Don’t think for a moment the Government will let the power sag from its hands and let situation degrade into this described chaos.

        Only a loon would.

        • you are a loon Mr. G….too bad nobody has told you until now

      72. Six,
        You claim to be a prepper and that in itself is a selfish act. As a prepper myself, I accept that. I am selfish in that I will attempt to protect my family from any all dangers that present itself, period. May it be a mob, starvation, death or disease. When a mob of your neighbors or interlopers shows up on your doorstep demanding what you have will you say? Perhaps “pretty, pretty please do not take what I have worked hard to store for my family.” will do. If connected with your neighbors, What will you and they do if a hungry group of people come through your neighborhood looking for food. If they move along peaceably then great, right? What do you think the odds of that are? Ask yourself a question, one that I am sure you have if you are a prepper. What would I do to protect my children, to ensure there well being? Personally, I want the fight as far away from my family as possible.

        No, it may not be the welfare momma who has done this to us, but it will be her and possibly the hoard behind her that still wants what you have, with her entitlement minded mentality, unable to grasp the new realities that surround them. I ask you, then what?

        Personally I will attempt to use distraction first. Sheep tend to be easy to lead. A sign here and there pointing any moving hoard toward food / shelter will surely be of great benefit in keeping them moving along. A quarantine sign and the sight of a sick “looking” family coupled with a few out of sight but not out of smell dead animals, may help to scare a few more. An impassable road or bridge out sign, since mobs or groups will take the route of less resistance. I know enough young adults from our local church (that I trust) to recruit a little help for food shelter if needed. Some even have military training being reservists and returning vets. I am not sure I would call these people has-beens. There may be options for not needing to fight, but there may not be. And yes, the fight may be taken to these mobs. If all else fails.

        As far as bankers go, where do you suppose they will be, if the SHTF. Do you really believe you will have access to them to carry out your “premeditated” retribution. They will be holed up better then you or I.

        You also mention you keep coming back here to get info, if you are not finding what you need here then for goodness sake and that of those you love, move along and find what you think you need to be safe.

        • @Buffalo Hunter; I don’t see prepping as a selfish act. If it were, I wouldn’t care anyway… is buying auto,home or life insurance selfish? Of course not. I’m not ripping you, we’re not that far apart in our thinking.
          TPTB have condtioned us to feel bad if we have more than our neighbor, and pit us against one another and use the chaos to garner votes. Along with this strategy is 40-50 years of conditioning a subset of society to be beholden to politicians for their wants, needs and desires.
          I know it’s hard out there. The simple(ton) jobs have moved to lands of cheap labor. I don’t have the answer to our problems. But I’m sure they don’t include 12th graders that can’t read, railroad spikes in your eyebrow, funny papers on your body, and 150lb 12 year olds.
          Anything goes. And look what we got.

      73. I have a question for anyone who wants to answer it … what do you think will happen when TSHTF to people who live in subsidized housing, or “the projects?” Do you think they will rob each other, or go out to the wealthier neighborhoods? Will the gobbnet keep paying for their housing, or will they be kicked out? Have been wondering this lately ….

        • Dusty,
          I think they will kill and rob each other first, but soon thereafter, metastasize to the burbs. The gubmint will fully pay all the SNAPers stuff, but it is in the nature of SNAPer to capitalize on the mayhem to loot, kill, destroy.

        • Dusty we cant yet know for a shtf type scenario what will occure. However when Detroit riots happened, I was aprox age 15yrs old then and lived in Detroit Gov Housing projects.

          Martial Law was declared and we were told by tv news national gaurd and cops had orders to Shoot on sight anyone out after dark cerfew.

          In reality while N. Gaurd came and even had Tanks, and Used tank fire on snipers on 12th. street areas when necessary, detroit cops were told to ONLY observe and Not arrest any riot perps. They told us it was so it dont get worse!( one million african blacks running wild & 1/2 detroit burning down and it can get worse?!).
          (PS recall back then detroit had Over Two million folks and was fifth largest city in nation)

          Anyways in my projects we had ZERO troubles. It was back then aprox 1/2 white & the rest was a mix of blacks-peurto rican-mexicans-asians. Mostly blacks and white though.

          Every aprox 4-6 buildg’s shared the Same parking lot. Mine had 5 two story apt type buildings for one parking lot area.

          Soon as we heard of riots on tv and radio etc EVERY grown Man, got their easy chairs and couches Outside in backyards, the women got BBQ’s started, and Every man was armed to the fuckin teeth!.

          I lived with a sis and mom and grandma and me. A few men white and black came over to assure my worried mom all will be cool.

          Every man there vowed to defend Our mutual parking lot and cribs regardless what riff raff tried to do anything to any of us all.

          A few times cops came to check as most feared projects would be a powder keg and xplode. It was exact Oppoiste. Not a single person in our area was harmed or robbed etc.

          I believe even wild rioters was afraid to enter the projects same as cops always were.

          Basically riots lasted aprox one week or so. us kids seen it as kinda like a huge comunity party and bbq event!

          I also went for a drive to the ground zero riots while ongoing! Buddys older brother had a convertible 57 ford car. Took three of us teens to see detroit riots first hand.

          Man what a sight!…All stores-factorys-tall buidg’s(tall=up to 5-7 stories) and the street itself was totalled!…Up in Flames! Africans running wild with torches and pipes or sticks etc going nuts.

          While several cop cars I saw had Two cops inside with feet up on dash “Takeing Notes”!…..They tossed dead riot bodies down sewers to hide it from media.

          We was always told Only like 9 persons got killed or died!

          More like a few hundred from so many dead bodies found even yrs after when various sewer work needed be done.

          Our ford car had to stop right in middle of a very wide street…Grand River ave. Like 8-10 lanes across total wide!….We sat there waiting for two african men to move across our path while they hauled a stolen fridge across street…A Very huge size heavey fridge! They kept stopping eqach few feet for a breath. Then move a few ft more.

          Then all a sudden as we watched in amaze of it all, both fridge thiefs got a real scared look and took off running very fast.

          Right then we heard a male deep voice Yelling at us. Was cops and a couple N.Gaurd in battle dress and rifles asking “What the fuck are you assholes think ya doing here”?…We got scared and stammered back “its Ok! we just wanted to See it all up close etc”!

          That answer didn’t fly to swell for them pissed, tired cops or N gaurd guys. They said “You got Two seconds to turn around and get Out now! Before some crazy rioter shoots you guys dead!”

          My older car owner pal didnt argue at all. Just spun wheel around and hit the gas and burned rubber 30 ft to get away before we got arested.

          When we got back home all our moms and most neighbors got mad and yelled since none of us bothered to alert anyone we was going Downtown to see riots!!

          We Knew if we told them they wont allow it…We Had to see it for real is all it was. Stupid teens and one driver 17 yrs old. Lucky we never got killed I rekon.

          All in all though far as racist attitudes we never had any in our immidiate cribs area. Rest of projects was whole different story though!

          I’d say in honesty the aprox 10 yrs I resided there I lost at Minimum 25+ friends who got killed by murder in that One square mile area we called home!

          I will tell you. Never cared for life that way, had zero choise as a kid, but Now to look back at it all?…What I learned of in So Many different ways nobody can teach it to you. I learned to really live low income, begin full time work at age 14yrs. Hard labor work too. Landscaper- Painter-Window cleaner(my eventual trade).

          I Know what it means to have all the Jr high school kids Laugh at you cause your clothes are two or three sizes too big handmedowns. Jeans with huge knee patches etc!

          That got me to walk away from school and go to Work. I left school in sept after three weeks fall session.

          I was tired of no pals and most all laughing at my old clothes etc. I left school and in couple days went to work. Worked three weeks, then quit and went Shopping!!

          Got brand new shirt-pants-shoes-and a real cool stick pin for shirt! Plus still had aprox. $40 Cash left in my front pant pocket!

          I returned to school to try again. This time Everybody wanted to be my friend!…Even the girls smiled alot(I never had any trouble to get good looking babes so I werent ugly or anything).

          Then I casually pulled that $40 from my pocket at lunch counter to pay. Them others eyes got real large!(back 45 yrs ago $40 was alot of cash! alot specially for kid age 14) I knew instantly they now liked me for my new clothes and all that cash. Asked where did ya get so much cash?

          I Fuckin Worked for it assholes! I told them clowns its where I disapered to last few weeks.

          I made up my mind there and then. Soon as I was age 16yrs I will quit the stupid school system to go learn life elswhers. I wasnt able to wait so long so I quit at age 15!

          Best move I ever made. Just when liberal kommies was setting up new training systems to brainwash us all…I split!..They never got their Evil kommie hooks into My head or mind….After that I left the govnt projects for good by age 19 when Mom re-married etc.

          Schools cant teach what I learned in liveing it there.

          lets hope his time around we see alot more Non race troubles amoung folks or prepers at least eh.

          • AM, good post. The school of hard knocks…..an education that can’t be beat.

          • Thanks for your answer 🙂 I live in subsidized housing (yes, I have a full time job) I’m a single mom and a prepper to the best of my abilities. There is high racial tension here – I’m the only white woman here that I’ve seen, and my 2 kids are the only white kids. NO ONE will talk to me, especially if they’re talking to other people when I walk by and say hello. My biggest fear is having a gang kick their way into my apartment and steal all of my preps. It’s also in my lease that if I own a gun, I’m immediately evicted. I’m not going to say whether I’m armed or not, but let’s just say I’ll not ever give up my constitutional rights to receive government benefits, nor will the gang be leaving my home alive when I defend my food 😉 I’m not worried about my “benefits” because I still work and can see the system coming to a fall VERY soon. but I’m worried about my neighbors. They’re f-ing idiots – sorry; there’s no other way to describe them. At the bus stop in the morning, they’re smoking and cussing and complaining about how the complex owes them this or that, and then announcing how they’re going inside to sleep all day. It’s really sad. I didn’t understand how welfare is actually a lifestyle to these people until I moved here.

          • AM I recall the Detroit Riots very well, I was Home on Leave From the Marines, and we were 60 Miles North of the City, we got Home that night. and the National Guard had all the Streets Blocked Off 12m to 6Pm Curfew…What a Way to start a 30 day Boot Leave…I left for ITR with a smouldering Detroit In the Rear View Mirror,I remember calling a Female Friend In Detroit, they were hunkered down and NG Machine Guns were Popping at Snipers.damn what a Memory to go to SouthEast Asia with! Let the Good Time roll!!! Semper Fi

        • If it is a finacial collapse, our debt being recognized as unsustainable finally, there will be no govt assistance for those in housing. But, the housing isn’t what question I have for this scenario—the govt would rather have those houses occupied than vagrants pooping in their floors??
          But, where will the funds come from for heat, electricity, food, water?? because those things aren’t govt controlled.
          When the collapse gets here, acquiring utilities and food is not a given.


        • Gruel for the paranoid prepper.

      75. Anyone familiar with Alex Jones? Would you say he is a crackpot or a visionary or a bit of both?

        • Both…has a HUGE ego.

          The whole “they’re soft-killing us with…” eugenics scenario is a bit much.

        • Alex Jones is a pompous idiot.

          • This late in the game, its high time alex and alot of others who bill themselves as “truth Tellers” etc. begin to also Name the culprits. Name orgs and Individuals, and when related also name Race or religious affiliation etc.

            Alex and many others seem have zero problems to label all enemys of traitors as…nazis! or the usual worn stuf such as eliets-globalists-banksters-Hidden hand- Cabal-& much more.

            And they all got no troubles to name Islamics or muslims. Christains gets alot of bad rap also.

            Its Way Past time to Name the real culprits when it fits…jews is who fits way More often than any other Phantom nazis etc.

            Connect dots & follow $$$ trails…99%+ leads to the Tribe aka jews. They are at Enmity with the Off spring(seed) of the Woman(genisis)…Do the Lust of their Father…the Devil aka satan…John ch 8 vs 44 and many more verses of Truth.

            I stopped tuning into anyone who still refuses to name them out loud. Fear of name calling such as racist or antisemite IS the main reason.

            Its also the reason we still must put up with all their(tribes) crap. Tic-Tok…..Wakeup time aproaches. All whos guilty is only ones need worry. Even if it ends up to be 95-98%…

            • Angelo, have you seen the trailers for the movie “Shade”? Lots of names are named in that, loads of documentation too.

              If you haven’t seen the previews the website is shadethemotionpicture dot com – worth the watch!

      76. Maudy will eat her dead, just like rugby players do.

        • J. Winters was one of my fav’s. Do you remember George Gobel and Jack Benny?

      77. I sadly suspect that when there are riots most of the LEO will avoid them and be content going door to door disarming the rest of the populace.

        • You Don’t disarm 250 million people!

          • Dis arming will never happen, its a scare tactic used to make people buy shit they should already have

            there are so many undocumented guns in this country they couldnt possibly ever get them all..

            and it would be suicide for any government to even try and they know it.

            chip away at the right? yes..sure..but an all out confiscation would lead to all out blood shed of their numbers and they know that too.

            I know I would never give up any of mine..besides the point, I paid for each and every one of them, they have value, so no ones getting them for free if you catch my drift?

            • Just look at what happened with Katrina. I am not saying they will disarm everyone. What I am pointing out is that LEO will focus on the least threatening people. Minimize actions against rioters, which is more dangerous, and focus on actions that are less dangerous but can be claimed to be “doing their job”. Disarm the elderly women with guns to protect their household, stop people out in public who might have guns to protect themselves. The law abiding citizens end up handing over their weapons.

      78. Sixpack…. YOU need to get back into reality. Allies? Keep dreaming…. when it really falls apart, and your “allies” have hungry bellies, YOU may be grabbed and stuffed into a meat grinder… I wonder if you would make a decent pile of hamburger… uh oh, I am getting hungry….

        • There was this blonde once who went to buy a pair of alligator shoes. They we so expensive she told the clerk she’d get them somewhere else.

          On his way home, the clerk drove by and saw the blonde up to her waist in the river and he stopped. There were three alligators unconscious on the bank around her.

          The clerk asked her what the hell she was doing.

          She replied—“that’s the third alligator I caught, and it WASN’T WEARING SHOES EITHER!”

          • Wow, that was one lousy joke. I hate you more than ever now.

      79. On the 15th this month, or this coming Monday, something will happen, big explosion or fire or something of that nature. This comes to me from a friend that told me about seeing a Russian sub in the Gulf of Mexico, back in the 90’s. Everyone thought he was crazy back then, he had a lot of weird ideas and he was prepping for something to come. I thought he was crazy back then too! Now I know that he was more in tune with what was to come than any one I know. It might be as soon as this coming Monday according to him, I hope he’s wrong, we’ll see.

        • Thanks for the info Indio, but remember people on this site have a long memory, trust me!

      80. beep… beep… beep… beep… breaking news!

        Fox News, Neil Cavuto this morning used the term SHTF. They then discussed the likelihood of rioting in the streets in the US as a result of the forthcoming financial crisis.

        Those with buckets of money are are pulling money from the market and other investments and squirreling away millions in cash to help cover them through the upcoming financial storm.

        We are officially no longer a fringe element, we are now mainstream. Dang, we went from weirdos to being in vogue overnight.

        Grab the reins, get a deep seat in the saddle and pull down your hat. A stampede is coming that we cant stop, we can only hope to ride it out.

        Via Con Dios!

        • a year ago or more I typed in my search bar.. SHTF..and it sent me here. the term is not new, and neither is the possibility.

          In some cases for some people the S has hit the fan way before any of this all went down or this site came to being.

          but if the sleeping MSM is waking up to the reality , thats a good sign for waking up more people to WTF is going on in this country and thats a good thing

          Vaya Con Dios Mi Amigo

      81. Hey guys, take it easy, this violent rhetoric is unnesessary. If u pay your fair share and let me distribute it wisely, u will still have a place in this country. Just try to envision a better America for all.

        • Take your turban off your head, go shit in it and put it back on.

      82. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more disturbing article on this site. People there is way to much name calling , religous retoric and just down right meanness here. Some are devout christians , some are not . Don’t you realize that TPTB are laughing at you when they read this ? Hell they’ve already won. This kind of shit is what gives us a bad name. The reality of the coming shit storm is probably half of you won’t survive it. I for one , will. My advice to you is Mind Your Own Fucking Business. Stay the hell away from me when it comes and we will get on just fine.

        • @Chris45

          I guess it’s time for all of us “Christian nuts” to come clean.
          You know all of those churches we see in all of the small towns in America,fake. All of the radio and TV preachers, fake. All of the little Church Ladies with their tuna noodle surprise and bake sales, fake. Sunday School, fake. Catholic and Baptist hospitals, empty buildings all. Christmas, Easter, Thankgiving, fake.

          You see it’s all a huge plot/conspiricy by the zionist bankers to sell more greeting cards.

          You sheeple, while you sit in front of a Thanksgiving football game and pound down the Turkey and stuffing, some slime-ball jew boy is counting the money he made off of you! Same with Christmas too. Do you what the profit margin is on a Christmas tree?


          Jesus Christ is just an actor played by some some guy from New Jersey. The Pope, is played by a shoe salesman from St. Paul Minnesota! IT’S ALL TRUE, I SWEAR.

          • Oh, I almost forgot, the Commies are in on it too. Want proof, just look and see where all of your christmas lights are made-RED CHINA!

            • So its the Zionists fault? Got news for ya rev, you, me all of us here have allowed it to happen over the past generation or 2. Now what? What pisses me off is these bilious bastards, like yourself, have all the answers to our problems. Well smart guy where the hell were you when all this bs started ? In a church somewhere praying for salvation that will never come? Go ahead and keep on doing what you are doing and you’ll be the first to die on your knees begging for life in some rathole town in the middle of a food riot. Where’s your god then bible thumper ?

            • Nice response! Bible Thumper?, cool.

              You asked where I was when this all started, gee, where do I start? After myself and my family fled Communist Cuba, we moved to Miami. In High School I was recruited into Alpha 66 an anti-Castro group out of Miami. We trained on a weekly basis in the Everglades with M-1 carbines.
              When I was old enough, I joined the U.S. military to fight Marxism in S.E. Asia.
              After that I studied to be an O.R. tech and worked in one of the worst “crime zone Hospitals” in Miami, until I was recruited to work for a “Company” fighting Communism in Central America in the mid-1980’s.
              There I taught field medical skills to Central America patriots.
              Returning to the U.S. I finnished Seminary and returned to Central America as a medical missionary, until I retired.
              I know that I’ve only given 40+ years to my Country and fellow man, but I tried. FYI, John Knoxx preached with a large sword in the pulpit and He and Barry Goldwater are my heros. Goldwater, the guy who chose Gen. Curtis (bomb’m back to the stoneage) Lemay to run with him as V.P.

              (I was making a joke, don’t let you jock strap ride up your crack, O.K.?)

        • We’re just babbling now, debating so to speak, not fighting Chris; we all know that when the ship sinks, and there are only a few lifeboats, help is on its way..it’s in our genes…Americans defend Americans.

          • I know, I just get fed up with the self righteous condecention of some “preppers”. If I recall my history, the Cuban rebels got thier asses kicked by castro and his commies.
            Now back on point of this article, Matt Bracken is by far a better author than Rawles could dream of . Having read Bracken’s trilogy and all of Rawles’ scribblings , I would put my money on Matt as a go to guy when the shit hits the fan. Never the less, there are a few people I would rescue. With all the warning signs out there and such, if one doesn’t prep or at least have a plan to get to safety, I really am retiscent about letting people in my small but able group. I don’t think I should pick up the slack for another’s ingorance and stupidity.
            Can’t wait for the replies to this one .

      83. I enjoyed the article, but I truly think that if things get out of had that badly the goverment will have the army out in no time. I have no boubt the goverment is fully willing and capable to use full force against it’s people to keep control…

      84. We may be in a deepening depression here and things certainly don’t look good but with all the paranoia here a lot of you will be soiling your shorts this Halloween if somebody yells “BOO”. The whole world ain’t out to get your “stuff”.

        • Oh yes they are!

      85. Whitey gots to get the lead out otterwise da Negroes is gonna turn Hamerika into Botswana.

        • That is the stupidest crap ever posted on this site. In fact I think you are a white guy trying to stir the sh*t. I posted earlier on the value of a black man and even I think I went too far. I do know several black guys who I respect and should have not lumped them in the same bucket. It is just a percentage thing and for most black guys I stereotyped it is just a cultural thing.

          • I liked his comment. Does BigB stand for Big Baboon?

      86. Don’t forget the dogs. The dogs that are already wild, and those pets who have been abandoned, will eat the bodies of the dead. Don’t forget the animal shelters. People who are starving won’t stop at killing and eating the animals in the shelters.

        • That’s why I keep mine inside with me.

      87. Retired cop (DC suburbs), ex-FF(Volunteer), MP (’69-’71). Was involved in the King Riots plus 4 as an MP in DC, (Mayday, Earthday, etc.) and countless mob/3-500 person donnybrooks’ over a 20 yr PD career. BEST & MOST CONCISE advise yet. We in S.C. are prepared..we are trapped between Augusta, GA & Columbia SC off I-20….But have a rural plan “B” site, high ground, 1K yd. kill zone.

        That being said WE would not hesitate to take the fight to them, hit & run style, THINK Viet-Cong tactics. Spot on, but everyone needs to be able to turn down the folks who haven’t prepared unless they TRULY have something to add: Doctor, Fuel Dump, Farmer w/livestock, etc.

        • Sounds like somebody got’s got his 6 covered. Thanks for your all of your years of service, stay low and take the high ground.

      88. @angelo and claymation

        i guess i was just bringing up another stark reality when shtf. i figure everyone would be tossing bags of poo at each other’s backyards. yes burying them would be a solution. tough though because i have vegetables planted all around. you guys will have to forgive me. i’m trying to imagine how it would all play out. after the riots i suppose. when those that didn’t prep have perished and we have slowly started to take the boards off the windows and doors. to make matters worse i live in the suburbs. about 20 miles from downtown LA. anyway, forgive me. just thinking out loud. tough to cover all bases but still, light years ahead of the typical drones living around here…

        • 20 Miles from LA. Wow! As far as the boards coming off the window goes, I sat down a few days ago and figured out the amount of wood it would take to cover the windows on the ground floor in my home. It was a pretty big number to just partially obscure the windows, making it so someone could not crawl between them. My question to you is, have you considered this? This was a glaring hole in my preps that my wife brought up. I cut enough boards to size this weekend for about half our windows,and stored them in my attic. Also you may want to ask around here about human waste composting, my plan is to dig an outhouse if needed, but live a little more rural than you. But the imprtant part is to have a plan, and it sounds like you are really working on one, good luck.

          • Claymation – It may not be ideal, but I have pieces of crappy old furniture that were discarded by the owners – you know the pressed laminate stuff? Anyway – I have those cut to lengths to go over my windows. I’d rather have a sturdy hardwood or even plywood, but this is, in most areas, free for the taking, and better than nothing.

            The ends are predrilled and ready to screw into place if they are needed. I have them bundled in the appropriate room, with long screws in baggies taped to the bundle. I was thinking I should probably tap in some screw anchors as the day draws nearer that these might be needed.

            • Daisy, Whats up and how are ya? My neighbor put up a barn this last summer and had a pile of wood from the old barn he was going to just burn. I picked out about enough to cover half of my windows. I am sure he thinks I am crazy anyhow, and I hate to lie to people, I told him it was a project my wife wanted them for (so not to much of a lie I guess), since she was the one to notice the pile of wood, since he had it kinda out of site. Glad to hear your are thinking outside of the box Daisy.

        • NYC a garbage collector’s strike decades ago.
          One person got rid of waste by wrapping garbage in gift wrap and leaving it on the front seat of an unlocked car.

          • LMAO!!! 🙂

      89. No one has mentioned the FEMA Camps. Do you think that the hungry folks will be lured into them with food and safety from the mobs?

      90. I am so dicouraged. I live in a big city because of my job. The best I can do now is prepare to shelter in place. The city is controlled chaos now while everything is “normal”. The choice is shelter in place or bug out….but where? I’m afraid we just dont have much time left……maybe only weeks. I just dont want to die in this damn city!

        • stuckinsa,get outta town, get outta town. go north to alaska, or south to rio, get outta town, get outta town, go north to alaska , or south to rio, or west to l.a. or east as far as you can go!

        • Hello ‘stuck’ I can understand your ‘discouraged’ feeling. I also feel as though ‘something’ will happen in the next three weeks May I offer some thoughts to you??

          First: Prepping is not just for TEOTWAWKI,think power outage, natural disaster, financial crisis,even losing your job.

          Next: Yes be as prepared as possible to deal with multiple scenarios. Putting you mind to work taking action on the following may give you some piece of mind!

          Then: A well thought out and ready to go ‘BugoutBag’ is must. If you have family or friends outside the city, talk to them now. Is your car prepped with supplies,gassed up all the time? Get some maps and plan out routes out of the city. Test out the plan by using the routes on a Friday at ‘rush hour’. This will allow you to find the fastest least traveled route out.

          Then: If you must shelter in place,is it a home or apartment?,if a renter consider moving to a ‘better’ location. Is there Food and Water stocked for you to hole up for three weeks? Prep it now. Do not forget medical supplies.

          Then: do you have a firearm you are skilled in using? Or some other weapon to protect yourself with? Get something!

          Then: do you have a quantity of cash on hand in small bills? how about some pre-64 silver coins? Checks and credit cards for sure will not work!

          Finally, Prepping is not just for TEOTWAWKI, think power outage, natural disaster, financial crisis,even losing your job.

          Good Luck! I hope you will post questions and just followup on your situation!


      91. FREE ELECTRICITY AND CLEAN WATER USING SEA WATERhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzdqPPnrN6g&NR=1&feature=endscreen

      92. The concert is over and the band is taking their bows now. The music has stopped. Be ready for the party.

      93. I used to enjoy this site, but of late it has become rife with nonsense. This long winded article is a prime expample of stupid speculation. Compounding this tripe is the huge number of goofy responses. I guess I’ll keep on checking in once a month and getting a laugh from the articles and the comments by the worlds toughest gang of readers.

        • @Viet Nam MP…..Article says “I offer an alternate vision of the future.” That first paragraph sounds like something from the ramblings of Jim Jones in the 70’s doesn’t it? You can honestly start at the beginning comments and see the frenzy grow as you go down. I came here several months ago from a link given to me by another vet. I am really unsure why because my thoughts are much different than most here. Being a Viet Nam Veteran you’re definitely older than I am and still the wiser as I didn’t enlist until 9 yrs after VN. I know you surely can see how things have changed in Americans! My Brother was a VNVet USMC 70-72,My other brother US Army VN Era Veteran, Dad USMC 49-52-Korea,Both Paps USMC Pacific-WW2, G Grandfathers were infantry also way back. Being raised by those fellas wasn’t easy. Taught to shoot at 8-9yrs old wasn’t too bad & but I was probably the only 10 yr old at that time that knew USMC/Army fighting tactics,take downs etc. I was rough and they wanted me that way,was in trouble a lot growing up from standing my ground mainly. Early 1970’s at home I can still see the family bible that stayed on our coffee table, Last Supper above the couch on the wall, Military pics on another wall, a book shelf with books on the Constitution/ Declaration of Independence, US History, My brothers USMC Training/Boot Camp Log Book,Encyclopedias and my great Uncle’s antique,push button, large dial radio by the window.NO TV. Out of those books on the shelf I was fascinated by the one on the US Constitution, was a fancy, hard covered book with gold inlay and lots of small illustrations that my oldest brother sat me down and showed me, told me that it was a very important thing. I couldn’t understand the words or what he meant until later. Now I sit here and read some of the comments on this site and wonder what the hell happened between the time I was 10 yrs old in the 70’s saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” till now that changed everyone’s attitude toward defending this country and Constitution from all enemies foreign & “DOMESTIC” such as we have now. The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer said. Prayers are not allowed in schools because of just a few opposing it. All I see now are just unrecognizable people (not Americans) that have a selfish attitude and will refuse to defend this Constitution and Country, mainly I believe, out of fear for their own lives and well being and hoping the US still stands when they recover from their protections. What I see is people being led by their noses by simple ghost stories, large tales that may never come to fruition but people here feed off the anxiety and rush of fear like it’s a damn drug. Rabid actions toward other races of people. I don’t see proud American people here banding together and promising the bastards that try to take everything away that they will pay a dearly price for their evil efforts. NO I see many scared individuals like I’ve said in my other comments. Even if it does happen, many here will be so used to the over-fantasizing that the shock of the real thing will be nothing but devastating to their hearts and minds. This is why I won’t come back to this site again. There’s way too much individualism to have any sort of good outcome. Please remember I told you this. If by chance SHTF and you stand idle or hidden when you’re help is needed, your Country may be gone for good. There may be NO return. I hope and pray to God I don’t survive to see that. That is worse than death.

          • Paragraphs please. I see a wall of text and I just bypass it.

          • Gator Navy…Semper Fi…I am from a Family of Marines, and Army, now the Air Force..I am disheartened by what this Country Has Become, I am far from Paranoid but nonetheless very Cautious! I see the Crap Storm Coming, and It won”t be Nice, but its a reset long overdue,we will survive or Die as its Ordained, keep the faith Brother, and Pray for a Remnant of Patriots to rebuild this Once Great Nation!
            Knights Templar!

      94. Beinformed: USGS is back checking the ground rods in ILL. A relative called and told me. He asked the the guy what was going on and was told that he was not at liberity to say anything. So my guy said stop the BULL SH-t and talk. Was then told that activity in the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Central, South America, have them looking at the New Madrid more closely. The guy then left.

        • Copperhead, I took my home-canned jars from the shelfs; they are now on the floor side by side.
          I’m in central southern Ky.

        • @ copperhead. The plates to the south affect the New Madrid, back in 1812 Venezuela got absolutely wacked after the New Madrid broke. In this world the crust is almost all connected. Notice today the increased activity along the area that should get hit within 11 days. New Guinea, Tonga, Soloman Islands, Loyalty Islands, Indonesia, and Chile all had moderate earthquakes today. I knew that those guys at the USGS was going back to checking those rods after the three 5.5’s and 4.9 on the Mid Atlantic Ridge last week. They KNOW what I know, that this area shows stress building in the New Madrid area.

          I am trying to get out this information and trying to show EVERYBODY that reads this site that it is really not that complicated to predict earthquakes. We are all almost taught to look at a flat world or regional map and never really appreciate the three dimensions of a globe. One would think that the New Madrid on a flat globe that stress points on the Mid Atlantic Ridge would be the same latitude, about 38 degrees north. In reality it is at 18 degrees north or so AND about 57 degrees north, this is south of Iceland. TWO SPOTS because the planet is not flat it is curved, that focus energy in this direction.

          Copperhead and others concerned about the New Madrid fault, watch these two areas along the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the Caribbean for activity as this indicates strees energy from the plates directed towards the New Madrid. A whopper of an earthquake on the eastern Caribbean could trigger the New Madrid. Even if the middle section of the San Andreas broke it could release the stress to the west of the New Madrid like it probably did around 1812.

          You know what else could trigger it, a very large earthquake off the west coast of Columbia, about 5-10 degrees north of the Equator. If you look at this little “pocket”, it is a huge junction point of four plates; the Caribbean, Cocos, Nazca, and South American. This could cause a type of fracturing “pinpoint” wave directed towards the North American plate and the New Madrid. Much the way buildings are brought down by planting explosives at key locations.

          It is more likely that the recent polar activity was directed at these south seas locations than the New Madrid Fault. I would watch the Atlantic especially, this should be where the New Madrid breaking should begin. By the way JayJay, smart move about placing those jars on the floors. Good to in case of tornadoes as they have a better chance lower down.

          • BI- what do you make of all
            the 4.5-quakes all along the
            (?)Pacific Plate?
            Oregon, Washington State have
            been quite active lately, Sooo’
            I’m asking- ……..

            Thanx for all you do 🙂

            • @ Huh? What I have found is that foreshocks are much more likely to occur AWAY from the point of a future earthquake. They say that ONLY 5% of the time foreshocks occur before a bigger earthquake. Foreshocks or stress indicators very often happen away from the main shock, especially in the polar regions that intersect most of the major plates. In other words it is much more likely to have earthquake activity much away from the point at which a major earthquake will occur. Believe it or not, activity around the Oregon and Washington area could indicate a big earthquake coming to the Philippines or Taiwan area. Actually some concern about the Pacific Northwest comes from activity in the South Sandwich Islands

              I have found that activity usually has to be at least a 4.8, but more likely a 5.0 or more to indicate something is coming. Plates are colliding and spreading away from each and sliding across each other. When you have a lot of pressure built up in an area it is far more likely you will have a large cluster of microquakes or 3’s than you will have 4’s. It does happen, but usually faults break without the foreshocks of 4’s and up. The tension is going to show up where the stress is NOT so locked.

              Say a fault in Washington is ready break at a 7.5 magnitude. That fault as reached near the critical point and for it to start to have a few 5’s or 4’s, it is releasing some of that tension that is so locked that would kind of go against the premise of it being so locked that it has to release all that energy at once. For something to be that locked and reach critical mass it has to be that locked and unable to move much. It does have to move before it breaks, not much but some. This is why when seismographs pick up a lot of tiny earthquakes under 1.0 something is going on. Seldom does the locked up stress allow for good sized foreshocks.

              Sometimes the large foreshock is kind of a fault that breaks partially and temporarily relocks itself. Case in point the 9.0 Japanese earthquake that had a 7.3 foreshock 2 days before it totally broke. This is why someone worried about a major fault breaking it is important to look for a good sized foreshock to possibly indicate a mega quake coming. Look for at least a 6.6 along the Cascadia Fault to indicate a mega earthquake possibly coming.

              A couple of months ago the southern San Andreas at numberous earthquakes that kept growing in size, climbing the ladder in intensity. It ONLY got up to a 5.6 and then stopped. The fault was in the process of repositioning itself but was not quite ready to go. IF that sequence had continued to grow above 6 and 1/2 in size, the San Andreas would likely had broken. The San Andreas can of course break without any good sized foreshocks. For a severely locked fault such as the San Andreas to have a lot of 4’s and 5’s would indicate that a portion of it is has moved, but a very small portion of it. What would really be bizarre to happen is hundreds of 4’s and 5’s along most of the fault as this would almost go against the law of physics.

              The entire plate system is not entirely locked with massive stress at practical every point along the plate. If this was the case, instead of having 7’s and 8’s and even 9’s, the plates would have near 10 pointers. Therefore when a section of a plate is undergoing terrible stress, it sends off energy and that stress to other points of the plate and other plates. The polar regions not only connect to the plates but are pivot points for the rotation of the planet, and will pick up these increased tension with earthquakes of their own. It is weird that between 55-57 degrees south when this tiny 140 mile ring has a 5.0+ earthquake that within 15 days, 78.2% of the time, a 6.5+ follows.

              When looking for big earthquakes, look away from the source for foreshocks. The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico extreme activity indicates that the eastern section of the Caribbean plate is ready to break. The eastern section can break and continue right to Puetro Rico, but it will most likely not start here, but more likely towards Trinidad or the Barbados area. The Cascadia fault could snap after the San Andreas breaks as in 1700 this is what happened. Or a large southern Alaskan earthquake could move enough of that secion of the Cascadia fault to move into. The same holds true for the San Andreas as the Cascadia fault breaking would unlock a portion of the Pacific plate that is the San Andreas to lurch into. The San Andreas is like a bottle cap with a piece of debris blocking it from moving, the Cascadia fault moving might give it that space to move into and finally break.

              Long explanations I know, but the conventional way of thinking doesn’t work too well with what we have been taught in school.

      95. In a few days or weeks, everyone who has not prepared for disaster will panic. You need to realize that you may have already waited too long to properly prepare, and if you wait much longer, it will be too late to buy gold, guns, and food, etc. The name of the game will be survival, only survival. Forget the job since it will be gone. Your Social Security or pension check? Don’t count on it. Protection from local authorities? Probably not. You will be on your own.

        Copperhead out

      96. This article is racist. What a loon this guy is acting like he can see the future, and that all the darkies are going wage war against the whiteys. It is sad that some guys sick fantasy was posted to this website.

        • Guess what the truth is also racist.

      97. TSK: Don’t forget that the NAACP(national asoc. for advancement of colored people) has the Last 101 yrs now, had Alot to do with training african blacks to hate whites and live in past 200 yrs ago slavery days.

        And the NAACP was actually invented-funded by-Ran by-since inception in aprox.1909….5 or 6 men who came to america back then from Kommie Russia. Them men were ALL soviets, sent from moscow kgb types.

        And all were russian Jews. Only ONE man involved in start-up of naacp was a african black man. And he too belonged to the USA kommie party.

        Todays racial troubles has alot to do with last 100 yrs of non stop brainwashing by that org on blacks so they hate whity and keep demanding more more more due to slavery.

        Many whites today, me included had zero ancestors invloved in any form of slavery. Both my grand parents came to america After the civil war era.

        Karl Marx(jewish kommie) wrote his kommie manifesto in 1848 era. That same year, geerman jews(kommies also) IN germany tried to jump start a revolution.

        It only lasted a little under one year(germanys kommie revolt) and them german jew kommies had to split from germany fast or get busted or killed for treason.

        Well they most All came Here to usa. Thems the main group Abe Lincoln used for his Blue-Bellies, union army for abes war of agression against white southern folks.

        I mean lincoln hired most of them kommie german jews as abes TOP generals staff and most all lower colonels etc. Even a few captains and majors staff was from that kommie group.

        In a way you could say Abe Lincoln was americas First Kommie Tyrant Prez!

        Same type kommie jews(russian ones) did that NAACP org.

        Now you know why the Souths reconstruction and war itself got so brutal for whites against their own kind eh. Becasuse at least 90+ % of Officers in Union army was really german jew kommies and with already at least a full years worth of kommie subversive revolutionairy experience to rely on.

        The same type used the NAACP as a Front org touted as assistance for “Blacks”..BULLSHIT! naacp is-was-always will be 100% Pure kgb moscow kommie.

        Then later on moscow kgb kommies Used MLK as a hero for africans, while in secret he too was in up to his Neck surrounded by Kommie jew handlers.

        It was ALL Pre-Planned from the start. Brit and euro jew banksters also Owned or funded slaver ships and opium trade ships.

        Brought africans to every white country as slaves. Instant cash trade for Then…But Kommies always plan way ahead even 200+ yrs in advanvce!

        Once millions of blacks brought here, then naacp and many more kommie orgs went to work training and subverting blacks to cause todays troubles…Divide and concour its called.

        While same last 100 yrs whites was brainwashed to have extreme white guilt for blacks and jews(holyhox) and any other blame they can add on.

        PC=Kommie plot too. Combined all together is why todays usa is so fucked up as is every white nation worldwide.

        Kommies is-Was-will be the MAIN problem untill we awaken to Stop kommies. And just One method will work on them.

        MSM is theirs totally so nobody, especially blacks dont find the truth and blame them kommies. Very dificult for us whites to wake up a black on this stuf. Its all we can do though for now.

        By the way…EVERYTHING I said here is Fully Documented includeing Union Army officers corps, and NAACP stuf. Go read it all…I will provide links if necessary. But most here can do own homework I rekon eh.

        So yes you are correct most they touch gets fucked up beyond repair…..But its due to kommie jew brainwashing 100 yrs worth now. Blacks AND whites Must awaken to ALL these issues or we never will get it right.

        There a very small group whos behind litterally All americas and the entire worlds woes. But with total control of Banks-money-govnt’s-MSM-Hundreds of kommie org false fronts etc…It hands alot of control and Power to so small a group of pure Evil type persons.

        It will sure be interesting when SHTF to see just what percentages are patriots and how many side as usual with the rest of their…”Tribe” kommies?(aint talikng of blacks here neither!)

        HERE Go HERE! www codoh dot com website look for article on lincolns army officers etc!….Site has Over a Billion pages of solid documented facts and info!

        Search for: “Lincolns Putsch americas Bolshevik revolution”

      98. I think what needs to be discussed is that the ptb have placed a majority of our fighting men and women overseas and left our country unprotected. Not only are we vulnerable to roving gangs in a shtf scenario, but what about a possible infiltration by our Russian spetsnaz friends or Chinese military from Mexico? Call me a loon, I can take it.

      99. Stuckinsa, I feel the same way living in Memphis. I can’t leave because I’m one of the fortunate handful that still has a good-paying job, debt-free, so i can prep faster than a lot of other people. Since I can’t get a mortgage on a retreat, I have to rent. It’s hard enough worrying about SHTF; the southern end of the New Madrid Fault is only a 1-hour drive from my front door. If that goes, I maybe screwed. I’d rather face SHTF; I’ve got a much better chance of surviving that. The scenario outlined in the articleis very plausible. It’s just hard to say how long it would last before ANYBODY comes in to restore order. Even then, who exactly can we expect? I highly suspect foreign troops to enter the cities to take care of business. I just don’t see any of our troops being involved since 80-90% of them are overseas so who else does that leave? If I see foreign troops in Memphis, it’s game on. braveheart

      100. The comments for this article prove beyond any doubt that the shiftplan is totally worthless. Your lives are rules by fear and you are too stupid to realize it. None of the shit in this “article” is ever going to happen. Ever. But it gives you scared dumbasses an excuse to spout your barely concealed racist views and act out your ridiculous persecution fantasies. Christ you people are worthless human beings.

      101. Off topic just a bit here. I purchased 40 silver rounds yesterday and they were called “Stagecoach Silver” and they even say on the front of the coin “for when you need to get out of dodge”. That’s cute and all, but what is really cool about them is that the back sides of them are etched in a crosshair and each 1/4 of the coin is labeled 1/4 ounce .999 silver.

        These would be great because if you are going to barter you can divide the coin up by cutting them along the etched line and each 1/4 ounce is labeled so it will be easily recognizeable as 1/4 ounce of .999 silver.

        Google search it. Thought it was very handy and will be useful for bartering purposes.

        God Bless,

        • I’ve got several of those. Yea, you can split them into quarters in a barter scenario but don’t expect any assayer to accept partials of a silver round.

      102. Primarily @ Copperhead $ BI,
        Thanks for the 411 on USGS. Been watching things closely ever since all that activity down around Brawley, CA. If you look at the entire Ring-of-Fire the two current “odd spots” conspicuous for a near total lack of activity are SoCal centered on LA and that stretch of coastline from Seattle to Skagway. Virtuually every other point of contact between plates has been shfting and shedding stress/strain…but not those two stretches. Gettin’ a bit nervous about that lately.


        1. Using a large skillet (cast iron is great), brown and fry 5 pounds of ground beef. When thoroughly cooked, transfer the meat to a colander. Rinse under hot running water to remove the fat. Then clean the skillet with paper towels to remove excess fat from the first cooking.

        2. Place the washed meat back into the wiped skillet and fry it again over medium/low heat, stirring often until you see no more steam. Keep the heat/flame low once the rocks are browning up nicely.

        3. Place the “twice cooked” rocks into an oven roasting pan. Turn the oven to 200 degrees F, stirring and turning occasionally as the meat continues to dry. One to two hours should finish the job. Remove from the oven and check for dryness. When cool, pack into zip lock bags or mason jars. Pack tightly, expelling as much air as possible. Store in pantry drawers or shelves.

        4. To “can” the hamburger rocks for long term storage, preheat canning jars in the over at 250 F, simmer the lids as usual, put the “rocks” into the jars while still hot, then seal the jars. After 15 minutes or so the jars will cool and you will hear the jar lids “pop” as they seal in place.

        • Copperhead,
          Thanks for this info, do you know the shelf live if canned?

          • Rev: 3-5 yrs

            • REV: Forgot it should take a 1 to 1 on rehydration,around a cup of water pre cup of rocks.



        1 large can (24 oz) of apple sauce, or 3 cups of peeled, chopped apples.
        3 eggs
        3 cups flour (all purpose)
        1 cup corn oil
        1 1/2 cups chopped walnuts or hazelnuts, pecans, etc
        2 teaspoons vanilla
        1 teaspoon baking soda
        1 teaspoon cinnamon
        1 teaspoon allspice
        1/2 teaspoon salt
        1/2 cup raisins, currants, or chopped dates

        Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees F.

        Grease and flour 6 or 8 wide mouth PINT jars. Fill the jars about HALF full with cake batter. Bake at 325 for about 30 minutes, or until a tooth pick comes out dry. Remove the jars from the oven ONE at a time, wipe the rim, then cap with simmered canning lid and secure the ring. Cool the jars on a towel until they “ping” and seal. Store on a dark, cool shelf.

        • Hello CH. Couple of questions. I see you grease and flour the jar anything special to get it out of the jar? It it light like a cake or like a dense bread? Also do the jars go into the oven at room temperture? Thank you.


          • MM: Just like a regular cake in a pan as for getting out, or just eat out of the jars. As for the jars yes room temp just like you would a regular cake pan also. What I had was just like a cake you bake now.

      105. Excellent. Enormously entertaining and informative. If there’s a book out there I’ll be looking for it.

        • JB: No book that I know of.


        1. Use any butter that is on sale. Lesser quality butter requires more shaking (see #5 below), but the results are the same as with the expensive brands.

        2. Heat pint jars in a 250 degree oven for 20 minutes, without rings or seals. One pound of butter slightly more than fills one pint jar, so if you melt 11 pounds of butter, heat 12 pint jars. A roasting pan works well for holding the pint jars while in the oven.

        3. While the jars are heating, melt butter slowly until it comes to a slow boil. Using a large spatula, stir the bottom of the pot often to keep the butter from scorching. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes at least: a good simmer time will lessen the amount of shaking required (see #5 below). Place the lids in a small pot and bring to a boil, leaving the lids in simmering water until needed.

        4. Stirring the melted butter from the bottom to the top with a soup ladle or small pot with a handle, pour the melted butter carefully into heated jars through a canning jar funnel. Leave 3/4″ of head space in the jar, which allows room for the shaking process.

        5. Carefully wipe off the top of the jars, then get a hot lid from the simmering water, add the lid and ring and tighten securely. Lids will seal as they cool. Once a few lids “ping,” shake while the jars are still warm, but cool enough to handle easily, because the butter will separate and become foamy on top and white on the bottom. In a few minutes, shake again, and repeat until the butter retains the same consistency throughout the jar.

        6. At this point, while still slightly warm, put the jars into a refrigerator. While cooling and hardening, shake again, and the melted butter will then look like butter and become firm. This final shaking is very important! Check every 5 minutes and give the jars a little shake until they are hardened in the jar! Leave in the refrigerator for an hour.

        7. Canned butter should store for 3 years or longer on a cool, dark shelf. Canned butter does not “melt” again when opened, so it does not need to be refrigerated upon opening, provided it is used within a reasonable length of time.

        • interesting as I am an avid canner…where did you get this recipe?

          • tmedlin: I’ll ask the friend that gave it to me, I don’t know. Have you tried oven canning of dry stuff, beans, rice, oat meal etc. yet.

            • I would like to know, as I am sure others here would like to know about dry goods oven canning. This make sense if one doesn’t want to go the five gallon route. Thank you


            • you can oven can dry goods, but theres also a thing you can buy to seal the jars without the heat – seems easy

          • temedlin: My friend said he got back before Y2K on a site he donsen’t remember.

        • That’s eactly how I canned mine-but many on the prepper sites give a longer shelf life.

          • JJ: this what my friend said if you can give the longer shelf life do so. THX


        Home canned “soft cheese” has better cooking properties than store bought bottled cheese meant for snack food. It contains no preservatives and is more economical than commercial products for cooking purposes. These instructions yield a product that is similar to “Cheese Whiz”, yet better tasting for a recipe of macaroni and cheese. This simple to do recipe for home canned cheese will keep for 2 years plus.


        1 (5 oz.) can evaporated milk
        1 T. vinegar
        tsp. salt 1 lb. Velveeta cheese or any processed cheese
        tsp. dry mustard

        Melt milk and cheese in double boiler. Add rest of ingredients and mix well. Fill pint jars about 3/4 full and seal. Place in Boiling Water bath for 10 minutes.

        • Copperhead – Thank you very much for that recipe – approximately how many pints does this yield?

          • Daisy: A friend gave me the recipe’s and a jar of each(pints all, but the rocks 1/2 pints or jelly jars on them). Said they were all 2yrs old and they tasted great. I waited for ill effects to happen before I posted these.(If you know what I mean lol). everthing is A OK. So the yield I do not know. I wish I had these recipe’s sooner though, but better late than never.

            • Thanks, copperhead! I’m going to give it a shot later this week – I’ll let you know how much I end up with!


        China ???

        Russia ???

        Spain ???

        England ???

        Switzerland ???

        ameriKan home mortgages are being bundled together in the billions $$$ … good and bad loans ALL together … And sold behind wallstreet traders closed doors to secure foreign loans monies for the mafia ZOG FEDGOV federal government … your homes are NOT your homes !!!

        re-read your home loan paperwork and home purchase bill of sale deeds … YOU are A “TENANT” !!! GET IT ??? YOU “DO NOT” OWN YOUR OWN HOMES or land !!!


        LOOK IT UP !!!



        • If we hold the property deed to our real property (in this case, our residence), free from encumbrances, we own the home. We are not a ‘tenant’ but the rightful owner. Only homes that are mortgaged can have those mortgages/liens bundled and sold off to a different financial institute (besides the original mortgagor). Deeds cannot be bundled and sold when the properties are owned outright. Rebundled outstanding mortgages, though, can be resold (and this has happened for a long time) — even if they are sold, the original terms and the contract remains valid.

          Individuals who are indebted to a mortgage are the ‘mortgagee’, implying the ‘owner’, but still not a ‘tenant’. That’s an incorrectly used legal term in your instance. The contract between the mortgagee and the mortgagor assumes the mortgagee is the ‘owner’.

          • deed, whats a deed. its only the fact that you guys reckognize these illegitimate documents , that the documents mean anything.

            • Eeder, it’s the closest legal instrument that most land owners have to work with. In reality, I don’t recognize that I/we are the actual ‘owners’ of the land but more the caretakers of our land that has been provided by God. But if there were legal actions taken against our land, it would be through the State or Federal government (eminent domain, tax lien) and our only legal recourse would necessitate said deed, right?

              In our modern lawless and reckless society, does any “legal” document mean anything anyway? Does any law actually mean much of anything? TPTB have tweeked and regulated the people so much that we are either sheep, cynics, or rebels. Which begs those questions….How far do we want to go here? We can go all-out Anarchist. Or would that be all-out Constitutionalist?

        • “Real property” is a scam foisted on buyers. Unless you hold allodial title to your property you probably have just a copy of the deed. The original deed is held at your courthouse. If they can evict you for unpaid property taxes do you really own it?

          • Have you tried to refuse to pay property taxes?

          • Ownership of Real Property is no scam. At the end of the month I pay no mortgage. Of course I pay property taxes. Kids go to school, teachers must be paid, police, fire and all the rest must be financed.

            Yes I really do own it.

          • JRS, I don’t know anyone who has an allodial title they’re so rare. And are they even available anymore? More realistic would be a land patent which could protect a landowner against eminent domain or taxation. But now that the US is pushing the UN’s Agenda 21 down our throats, even those titular deeds might be rendered obsolete. (And to those who still believe Agenda 21 is not around, let me say it is in my County and is part of our “comprehensive zoning” plan for the next 20 years, complete with the payoffs to local farmers for the future development rights of their land).

            I’m pretty sure that a tax lien does not lead to eviction — it’s simply a financial lien that will increase the owner’s indebtedness in time until said property is sold.

            • zoltanne…I know that only certain states had land patents or allodial titles. I believe you are right that they are no longer available. I know that Agenda 21 is being implemented around the country but not sure if our local zoning has it.We didn’t even have a zoning plan until 5 years ago in this township. Not sure where you are located but here in Pa.if you get behind 2 years in property taxes the Sheriff will post a “notice” on your door.You have a certain amount of time to pay or they will sell your property on “the courthouse steps”. They will also put a lein on the property that the next buyer will have to pay those taxes when he buys it.

      109. oh facdebookpage/ southern boy, come on out you fucken little zionist homo. fucken faggot.

        • I was missed. Feels Good.

          • id like it if your family missed you. forever.

            • Now that is a new tone.

      110. Washing Dishes with Coldwater: A MUST READ!

        Can Cold Water Clean Dishes? This is for all the germ conscious folks that worry about using cold water to clean.

        John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area of Saskatchewan .

        After spending a great evening chatting the night away, the next morning John’s grandfather prepared breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast.

        However, John noticed a film like substance on his plate, and questioned his grandfather asking,

        ‘Are these plates clean?’

        His grandfather replied,

        ‘They’re as clean as cold water can get em.
        Just you go ahead and finish your meal, Sonny!’

        For lunch the old man made hamburgers.

        Again, John was concerned about the plates,
        as his appeared to have tiny specks around
        the edge that looked like dried egg and asked,

        ‘Are you sure these plates are clean?’

        Without looking up the old man said,

        ‘I told you before, Sonny, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them. Now don’t you fret, I don’t want to hear another word about it!’

        Later that afternoon, John was on his way to a nearby town and as he was leaving, his grandfather’s dogstarted to growl, and wouldn’t let him pass.

        John yelled and said, ‘Grandfather, your dog won’t let me get to my car’.

        Without diverting his attention from the football game he was watching on TV, the old man shouted!

        ‘Coldwater, go lay down now, yah hear me!’

      111. Being a Prepper in a Non-Prepping World

        As the world changes around us, sometimes it seems like things are just going from bad to worse. Floods, war, famine, gas prices… more and more items seem to fill the evening news and the Net with dire predictions of what is to come. And yet, in the face of all that, I continue to see articles in the media and online that poke fun at people who are trying to prepare in case of disaster. People who grow their own food, or keep more than the average 1-2 days of canned food in their pantry. City dwellers who are planting gardens of food instead of flowers, and people getting back into canning. People who choose to “Prep” as a form of “Lifestyle Insurance” in case of sudden unemployment, natural disaster or other unforeseen situations that would otherwise have a dramatic negative impact on their families. Since when did preparing for likely personal and natural disasters qualify us as “Kooks” or “Survivalists”?

        In the face of all that, when it gets on my nerves or it seems like I am swimming upstream as I pay the premium on our lifestyle insurance, I try to remind myself of the things I can and cannot do. I share that list with you in hopes that it might give you some solace that, if you are taking steps to care for your family… you are not alone.

        What I can do:

        I can do what my heart and my head tell me are the right things to do.
        I can listen to my inner voice, because that is the one I need to listen to, and not be susceptible to the NIOPs (Negative Influence of Other People).
        I can choose a path and continue down that path no matter what; no matter if I have to travel that path ALONE; as long as it is legal, ethical, and moral.
        I can let go of that nagging voice in my head that society has trained my subconscious to listen to in EVERY situation: that voice that compares my INSIDES to everyone else’s OUTSIDES… and always finds me lacking.
        I can take care of myself first, my household second and THEN anyone I choose to care for; but only after the first two are cared for.
        What I cannot do:

        I cannot change another person’s thoughts, beliefs or actions, no matter how right I am or think I am.
        I cannot make the horse drink, I can only lead him to the water.
        I cannot get someone to see the need for proactive preparations if they have never experienced REAL want: real cold, real hunger, real poverty, real pain. The farther from one or more of these experiences someone in my life is, the harder they will fight to stay a grasshopper.
        I cannot prep for my family expecting ANYTHING in return: not thanks, not understanding, not appreciation, not respect. The fact that it is the right thing to do must be reward enough – anything above and beyond that is a bonus.
        I cannot afford to set parameters and then not support them with action. When I say, “This I will do and no more,” and then I do more when confronted with a sheeple I care for, I am letting myself down more than I am helping them.
        I cannot,CANNOT want something more for someone else than they want it for themselves; no matter how much I love them. That way madness lies.

        • You know who closed the door on Noah’s Ark? I believe it was GOD. Noah warned and warned people and prepped and prepped. You do the best you can and take some solace. God bless the USA and you and yours.

      112. For me, transition to “prepping” was a natural progression. Always owning tools,being inquisitive, and earning a living in some form of trade, I hate to pay to have services performed. It is funny though, I pay to have grass cut and other menial tasks, because my time is too valuable. (but still own a maintained mower, JIC!).
        From my perspective, it amazes me how little “the modern man” knows about the machines and tools in this world.
        Society is so dependant on power and just-in-time delivery. If they go down, even for a short time, there will be pain.

        • It’s interesting how a lot of us came to this path, Rick:) – good topic!

          As for me, I began prepping when we had a death in the family, a custody hearing, a job loss and a foreclosure all in the same 12 month period. I saw then how my habit of stockpiling things when they went on sale paid off for my family. Our personal “SHTF” event occurred then but we had a little cushion stored away in the pantry and basement.

          It was then that I began studying in earnest what it meant to be a prepper. It was that little stockpile that allowed us to regain our footing and while we’re not rich, we are okay and we are getting more self-sufficient all the time.

          When our SHTF, there was nobody to come to our rescue, and that was in fairly decent economic times. I know that when the big “event” occurs, it will be even more desperate. Given that, my goal is to be even better prepared than I was the last time our family had an “economic collapse.” I also have learned a lot about the reasons behind the things going on in the world and knowledge is power.

          I hope more will share what brought them to this path.

          • Daisy

            Well stated…

            We each have had our moment, or events, that open our minds to the reality of the geo political situation at hand..and not the force fed propaganda we all grew up with and accepted til we discovered the truth.

            I, as you, discovered preparing by reading,listening, and watching videos etc..one thing leads to another..

            and here we are..today.

            The vast scenarios offered here are all meant to open eyes to all possibilities as many ,or all, might come into play as we forge ahead..the scenario posted here could very well come true..and hopefully not!

            Until then, the sharing of pertinent info is the key..and discern what each opinion has to offer and make sense to our respective circumstances overall.

            That being said..

            Take good care..

            Time for more preps..mylar and such..



          • @Daisy….was just trying to remember how this all started for me…..I used to stockpile approx. 30 yrs ago after reading one of Howard Ruffs books, then got away from it as lifestyle changed, kids grew up etc….

            Approx. about a year ago, I was looking into the Myan Calendar and Dec 21st…..somehow in all that research, I found this website, along with survivalblog, and others…….I really have learned so much about surviving hard times from these sites….but never went back to researching the Myan calendar(:

            Take care all, CC.

      113. Off-topic: This is a must-read article about paid disinformation shills that post on popular forums and websites. The author of this was paid by a pro-Israeli group to discredit anti-Israeli sentiment, but no matter what your thoughts on Israel/Palestine,et al, it bears reading.

        One section in particular made me think of some long-time posters here who have faced a lot of recent hostility from new-comers.


        ” “Focus on the popular posters,” my trainer told me. “These are the influential ones. Each of these is worth 50 to 100 of the lesser known names.” Each popular poster was classified as “hostile,” “friendly,” or “indifferent” to my goal. We were supposed to cultivate friendship with the friendly posters as well as the mods (basically, by brown nosing and sucking up), and there were even notes on strategies for dealing with specific hostile posters. The info was pretty detailed, but not perfect in every case. “If you can convert one of the hostile posters from the enemy side to our side, you get a nice bonus. But this doesn’t happen too often, sadly. So mostly you’ll be attacking them and trying to smear them.””

        end quote

        Don’t allow yourselves to be manipulated by anti-Patriots – the rabbit hole is deeper than many imagine. Are we really paranoid if someone truly is out to get us?

        remove spaces, real link to follow

        www. thedailysheeple. com/pay-for-comments-confessions-of-a-paid-disinformation-internet-shill_102012

        • we all know , that this is true. this is the proof. any comments facebookpage? what are your thoughts on this?do tell.

          • I truly did not know I awoke so much emotion in you. It warms my heart.

            • go to hell you fucken faggot.

        • any thoughts on this fgacebook page.do tell.

          • I am here and I guess you and I will be meeting in the internet ring a little more than I though.

            Oh let me check in my file on you. Let see ah nothing interesting.

          • mac, can you get rid of this pos?

        • Another quote from the article, lest you think we are not being watched when we visit these sites:


          “The site-specific info in the second binder included a brief history each site, including recent flame-wars, as well as info on what to avoid on each site so as not to get banned. It also had quite detailed info on the moderators and the most popular regged posters on each site: location (if known), personality type, topics of interest, background sketch, and even some notes on how to “push the psychological buttons” of different posters. ”

          end quote

        • How do you know if what you just linked/posted is “real”?

          • Rev Ike ~

            I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction, really. I can’t prove this any more than we can prove a lot of what we read. However, I feel that the theory behind it has merit and it makes a lot of sense based on the things we see on sites like this.

            The guy that wrote this could be exercising his creative writing skills for all I know and can prove positively, but I feel like it’s definitely worth some thought and discussion.

            What’s your opinion of the piece?

            ~ D

          • rev ike is a paid shill.

        • Daisy. I also read that prior to returning here a few hrs ago. First thing I thought when the writer said hes paid to be so Pro-isreal. Is…Why does isreal or jews feel any need to use Pure Propaganda crap like that if all we were told or taught on the subjects are already so factual and truthfull?

          From my experiences its usually only the major LIES or fake stuf which requires propaganda. Especially 24/7 Ongoing propaganda.

          To me this Proves more so that we been lied to and Alot and Often whenever the issues are isreal or jews.

          They seem to also use alot of whats called “Projection” like liberal alinsky types do alot of. Project Own guilt or evils on your Opponent as if it were Them whos the badguy.

          Just dont see how with so much truth info the last 10 yrs now avail, how so many yet refuse to accept these Vital Truths.

          Its very important to Know who or what your true enemys are. Elsewise how can you fight a Phantom, nameless entity?…..How can anyone truely fight against a nameless “Cabal”? or “Hidden Hand” etc.?

          Aint this way cops always ask for a Description of the Perps?!!…..COP: describe the rapist…Victim…A cabal member!…COP: a what mam?! a man from the Hidden Hand!

          Ok hes certain to get caught!..

          This is way better…COP: describe Swindlers…Victim: Ok well they both had Very Beady Dark souless eyes. And Huge Hook shnozes!…And both ran into that sinagog over there across the street officer!

          • Rev Ike..That info was all over credible websites a few months ago, 6mo or so. Said Isreal mosad or some intel agency hired about 1/4 of a Million cyber shills.

            Most all the guy claimed he did is exactly what them articles said back then. All designed to counter All/any negative israli or jew stuf regardless where its found.

            This sounds so like them to do it too. Same as usa CIA.

            Unless you think the cia is square buiz and straight shooters. If you do?…You may need alot of awkeining stil.

        • I think the most involved USA should get in the Iran-Israel mess is to give Israel a bunch of hardware and tell them to go to it. American boys and girls shouldn’t die or be maimed over Israel.

          • i think we should hand benji netanyahoo a bomb with the fuse already lit.. kinda like a hot potatoe.

      114. SHTF is a bit behind the ball. Dailysheeple and other websites are posting this stuff 4 days prior. The writer is a bit behind the ball.

        • Dailysheeple is a liberal rag imo. I’ve read too many pro-obama stories there. No Thanks!

      115. @ CopperHead,
        Hat’s Off To You Copperhead.
        In time to come people will realize that a new world requires new thinking, your post above, “What I can do…” is a spotlight focused exactly upon same….Good Job. Thank’s for a window of clarity for everyone.

      116. Thanks for the kudo’s Rev. Ike.

        Anyone else had your “sites” blocked from your e-mail over the last 3 wks.+/-? IE: NRA-ILA daily alerts, This site, other prepper/patriot sites? SPAM settings not changed, bulk mail addy’s added to contact lists. Appears not to be the ISP, had momma-bear sign-up on her e-mail…she’s rec’ng w/o problems.

        Seems coincidental w/election to me AND this involves SCORES of folks, per 2 computer guys we know….who say, “…R, you are now ID’d as an ANARCHIST by the sites you visit under “OUR” 1st Amendment..”.

      117. Where does everyone go to get their news? I like this site, The American Dream, Steve Quayle, and the Economic Collapse but I’m looking for more. These seem to be passing the same stories around.

        • Dusty.
          I like old Remus’ Woodpile Report, Lew Rockwell, Survival Blog, Wide Awake News, Jeff Rense, dprogram.net, Greg Hunter and Silver Bear..to list a few.

        • heres a couple for ya



      118. @MM: As for oven canning of dry goods. You can use any dry goods, like beans, rice, wheat, flour, corn-meal, quick oats,(pasta) elbow, spagetti etc. you get the picture. To start, lets say, flour- Fill your(QT JAR) to the neck, shake to remove all the air out as you can, (refill to the neck), I place the jars on a big cookie sheet, then into the oven(preheated to 250 deg.s) for 45min.-1hr. Remove one at a time, and with a damp napkin wipe the rims, place on lids and ring (tighten rings), and let seal with the ping. Shelf life I’m told is 20-25 yrs. The heat kills all the bad stuff and bugs you know. The only trouble I have had with this method is with instant potato’s(they burn a little). I hope this will help you.

      119. You my friend have to believe a USA collapse is coming and it will be pretty bad. It will be a combo of all the horrible scenarios you have read and heard about. Then after 3 months or so, the silence the survivors hear and the calmness they feel will be like being in the eye of a CATEGORY FIVE HURRICANE. The name of this storm will be named either SAM or IVAN or CHAN or ABDUL. Then the second half/back half of the storm will start coming and it will be much,much worse. Because you see,during the 1st half of the storm you battled hungry,homeless and criminal elements of a crumbling USA society. But now in the 2nd half of this storm one of these four are coming to conquer you,bend you to their will or destroy you. They will think you are weak, broken and helpless. A perfect time and opportunity for their picking. But my friends they are wrong. The survivors will be HARD + WISE. Freedom is in your DNA. They under estimate us.

      120. “Early-teenage MUYs today are frequently playing “The Knockout Game” on full bellies, just for kicks,…”

        And didn’t this just happen to a elderly bus driver? It’s all over the news.

        • fkin savages

      121. the real question is , who here ISNT a paid shill?

      122. “Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse” Over Next 3 to 4 Weeks
        Mac Slavo
        – September 18th, 2012………..R E A L L Y MAC ?

      123. Wow! I just spent the last hour reading the comments…I read the last part of the article, but the comments say much more than the article ever could about how people will react, nothing has even happened yet and you see where people’s minds go!

        Durango Kid, I always enjoy your posts!

        People, here is the complete truth!

        Aliens (people from other planets) want our resources, they are not allowed to just take over, we have to go along with them…..they have made deals with our leaders, political, religious and corporate…

        Can you not see what is happening even yet……after reading the posts here, I see how perfect their plan is working, it is a total divide and conquer!!! It is working perfectly….by weakening the stronger nations of the earth, they can then cause our needing to be “rescued” the game is dependence, why do you think our government is trying so hard to make people dependent? Because it is POWER!

        The Poor People are already dependent, is it their fault…..??? some, but many would choose NOT to be dependent and live in inner cities!

        I am amazed at so called Christians on this site, who talk about KILLING people, they are obviously CLUELESS to the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth!!!

        Here is the MOST IMPORTANT link you will EVER see on this site!!! Yes, positive it is…….can you handle the truth is the question?


      124. @InTheWind,
        Sorry, I’d have reponded sooner but I’m thinking the updates to the postings are , ummm, ‘erratic’ here lately…No Offense to the LOCAL PTB here:) It might well be the case that with sufficient force concentrations in otherwise relatively dense urban locales that a modicum of order might be enforceable. However, IF the local populace is armed – even marginally so – the relative level of involvement and corresponding difficulty faced by those forces literally rises exponentially. Additionally, it is the case that given any finite force (manpower) placing a concentration in a specific locale automatically implies that a force reduction, a ‘thinning’ has to occur elsewhere.
        That all said, the two most awesome motivators of the human animal are the urge to breathe and the urge to eat when hungry. In the first case consider any person in jeopardy of drowning…they will literally climb over the backs of any in thier way, even rescue personel, to get that next breath of air. To a lesser, but still utterly formidable extent, the urge to obtain food when one is starving is irresistible; Abasic in-built mechanism whithin us rendering ALL othe rconsiderations meaningless until such time as the imperative has been satisfied. Even in the face of overwhelming force superiority a group of starving people will proceed forward into the ‘jaws of Death’ as it were if they beleive that doing so will obtain for them sustenance. The great fear would be that in the metropolitan areas – once the supply chains are disprupted, for any reason – that the availabilty of edible food for persons local to any such area would effectively drop to zero in less than a week’s time. At that stage the imperative to exit the local region in search of sustenance would be just that…Imperative. Those who have lived thier lives within the confines of the metropolitan area’s would simply be compelled to exit those in order to sustain thier live’s. To be sure, a percentage wouldn’t immediately understand the enormity, the gravity of the situation facing them, “Surely, FEMA, of the HG or the Army will do something?…” Thus, my comment above, again, it’s the numbers that are terrifying to any who sit and seriously consider the potentialities invovled. Simply imagine something 1000 times worse than Katrina. I have and it makes me want to hold my head in my hands and weep for all of those who cannot percieve that “what is now..” may not be the basis for tomorrow, or the next day or the day after ad infinitum.
        “May the Lord Bless and Keep us, His Children, everyone of us. AMEN.”

      125. If you’re not armed, buy a weapon and learn how to use it. If you have a weapon, whether you have spent time in the military or not, read and heed The Art of War (written by Sun Tzu 2400 years ago.) As he states, “Know yourself and know the enemy and you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” His principles are still extremely valuable today and continue to be taught at West Point. Make no mistake: Water, food, weapons and ammo will be the new currency when SHTF. Prepare now!

      126. This article has generated the most responses of any that I’ve ever seen on SHTF…
        This is probably due to it tapping into the primary concern of most of us cautious Americans; “kneegrow” savagery against white Americans.
        A blind man can see that Blacks are at this moment engaged in a slow motion genocide against whites & that it will get much worse when their freebies & welfare payments (which are basically bribes by the government to not riot) come to an end.

      127. Gee, racist fearmonger much?
        And you just love to denigrate the poor, dontcha. How Christian of you.

        Matt Bracken, there will not be an “explosion of anger” when/if EBT cards stop working. No, but there WILL be an explosion of DESPERATION, since fully 1/2 of those people on SNAP are children. Most of the other half are their desperately poor, single, WORKING mothers. As far as I am concerned, it IS their human right to be fed, just like it is for your sorry ass.

        For the love of Jesus, please stop talking about poor people as though they are less than human, somehow sitting around “enjoying” their government benefits, ready to beat Whitey’s ass just because they can’t order a pizza. Anyone who thinks that’s what it’s really like out there is delusional, profoundly ignorant, and a bully. Personally, I would rather live in a neighborhood of poor people when TSHTF, because they are already used to helping each other, already used to doing without, and already used to living without hope of things ever getting any better. Those of you who think you have it all figured out will have a much harder time psychologically.

        And for those of you (inevitably) who want to make this into a competition by saying “American poor people aren’t REALLY poor like those people in Bangladesh ” – does it never occur to anyone why poor people here don’t want to appear poor? Well let me clue you in. It is BECAUSE smug, more-fortunate people will kick them even harder when they are down. Poor people (and I was one for 39 unlucky years) will do almost anything to appear more fortunate than they are, just so they don’t have to endure these endless smug lectures from bastards like you.

        • @ Sandra…This article is a re-post from Matt Bracken’s site. Unfortunately Bracken is spot on whether we want to hear it or not. The EBT cards can be shut down at a moments notice.

      128. Hrm, what did Jesus say about poor people? Oh yeah, “poor people suck.”

        You are an coward Matt and you know it, or you would have posted my previous comment. 🙂

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