When Prepping Just Isn’t Enough

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    cabin in the woods

    There’s a sense of urgency in the prepping community lately that is at an all time high. Between the global elite warmongers, the impending financial collapse as the government makes plans to attach pension funds, the new viruses, Monsanto’s GMO seeds running amok and threatening the world’s food supply, and  Big Food’s toxic food-like substances in the grocery stores with no regard for actual nutrition, it is clear that we are going downhill fast. The soothing ”everything-is-just-fine” propaganda is so blatant that even the most die-hard zombie is beginning to see that something is amiss and that a massive change is soon to take place.

    Many of us have stocked our homes to the rafters with beans, rice, bullets, and band-aids.  Each trip to the store adds more to our stockpiles as we try to get what we need before time runs out.  Newbie preppers are feeling even more frantic, wondering how to prepare when each week it takes more money to put less in the grocery cart. (If you’re new to preparedness, here’s a little primer with some great links.)

    With the situation looking more grim by the day, it is very clear that stockpiling is not enough.  No matter how many cans of green beans you have stored away, one day they will run out.  We have become so dependent on the “buy it as you need it” lifestyle that despite our food storage, there are still gaps that must be filled.

    And the only way to fill these gaps is through that which is a step beyond prepping….self sufficiency.

    Self sufficiency is  defined as the ability to provide for oneself without the help of others.  No amount of stockpiling gives you true self sufficiency.  It is a combination of skills, supplies, attitudes and habits that mean the difference between a person with a great pantry and a true survivor.

    Self-sufficiency is for…

    • The day the grocery stores close their doors or become so expensive that people cannot afford to shop
    • The day that the FEMA Camp gates open in only one direction
    • The day that the banks go on an indefinite holiday, after draining depositor savings accounts and pension funds
    • The day that electricity and heat on demand become so expensive that only the wealthy can afford them
    • The day that medical care no longer exists for the average person, or is directed by government death panels
    • The day that a natural disaster or false flag locks down the country and completely, irrevocably changes our way of life

    The list could go on and on.  These things are hurtling towards us and we must be ready.  Self sufficiency, unlike prepping, doesn’t cost a lot of money – it’s about planning and acquiring basic skills and tools.  It is about putting your plan into practice before you have no other option but to do so.

    What would you do if you could never go to a store again? If you could never have utilities provided by a supplier again?  What if you were truly on your own, forever?

    For some situations, prepping just isn’t enough.  If you don’t have plans for the following, you cannot consider yourself to be truly prepared.


    Clean drinking water is one of the most important requirements for survival.  Now is the time to figure out how you will get water if your stored water runs out.  Some ideas might be:

    • Rain barrels (which are beginning to be illegal in some states)
    • Less obvious water collection containers like pools and ponds (don’t forget the roof if you live in an apartment building
    • Water purification methods
    • Locate nearby lakes, rivers and streams
    • Wells (including non-electric pumps)

    Food production

    Many people believe that they will just be able to stick some seeds in the ground and feed their families year round.  It isn’t that easy. You can only learn the foibles of your bit of ground through trial and error.  It takes a lot more veggies than most people think to feed a family for a year.  Anything from a blight to bad weather to a horde of hungry bunnies can wipe out all of your hard work and leave you without a bite to store away. Look into some of these methods:

    •  Gardening in your backyard or on a balcony
    • An aquaponics or hydroponics system
    • Raising chickens and other micro-livestock
    • Sprouting
    • Hunting and foraging (a nice supplement to your diet but a risky plan for long term survival when everyone else has the same idea)
    • Full-scale farming
    • Rooftop gardening
    • Greenhouses and cold-frames

    Food preservation

    Not all of us are lucky enough to live in a place where we can grow food outdoors all year long.  For the rest of us, food preservation is a lifeline in the winter.  A few basic supplies and tools are needed.  Just like food production, it’s important to practices food preservation and work out the kinks now, while you still have moderately affordable groceries as a back up.  As well, this allows you to rely on healthy, non-GMO foods instead of the inexpensive, highly processed garbage at the stores.  Learn the following skills:

    • Canning
    • Freezing
    • Dehydrating/drying
    • Pickling
    • Fermentation
    • Salting and curing
    • Root cellaring

    Reduce dependence on utilities

    Whether you live in the country or in a high-rise apartment, you need to take steps to reduce your dependence on electricity at the flip of a switch, water from the tap, heat from the thermostat, and cooking at the turn of a dial.  As the divide between the rich and the poor widen, there could one day be a choice between food and electricity.   Your priorities are:

    • Water
    • Sanitation
    • Heat
    • Electrical power
    • Lights
    • Refrigeration or other method of safe food storage
    • Cooking methods

    Every situation is unique so start now to amass the necessary tools to meet your needs should the lights go out on a long term basis.

    Personal defense

    This is the sticking point for many people. But if you can’t defend your supplies, your home, and your garden, you don’t really have them at all – you are just using them until someone better armed or tougher comes and takes these things away from you.  Look at Argentina’s economic collapse as an example of what could happen – violent crime there increased by 35% in one year.  One study went so far as to call property crime a tool of redistribution: ”Overall, these results suggest that property crime has been used as a redistributive tool for the poorest to compensate for their impoverishment during the last decade and in particular during the ultimate crisis in Argentina.

    Some solutions for personal defense:

    • Arm yourself and learn to use your weapon of choice
    • Stock up on ammo while it is still available
    • Have secondary methods of defense in which you are proficient
    • Learn basic hand-to-hand self-defense skills

    Home security

    Not only should you be prepared to defend your home, but you should try to avoid the fight in the first place by securing your property.

    • Make your property less accessible by fencing it
    • Install heavy doors in reinforced frames
    • Install sturdy brackets to hold a bar in place on either side of the doors
    • Growing thorny inhospitable plants under windows and on fences
    • Place alarms on windows and doors
    • Install security cameras (even if they are fake and just have a blinking light)
    • Keep a low profile – if no one else has lights or power, cover your windows thoroughly so that they cannot see that you have them
    • Don’t be ostentatious – keep your property looking similar to everyone else’s in your neighborhood
    • Keep all windows and doors securely locked
    • Consider the potential necessity of standing  watch in shifts if the situation has thoroughly devolved

    Change your perspective on finances

    Devastating financial changes are coming to a location near you.  Wouldn’t you prefer to make the cuts now and adjust accordingly, instead of having them forced upon you through evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, and other painful methods? Making some difficult changes now can provide a stable standard of living in a world that is going downhill at breakneck speed. By decreasing your monthly output, you can hang on to necessities.

    • Redefine what necessities mean to you
    • Get your money out of the banks
    • Convert fiat currency to tangibles like seeds, ammo, food, medical supplies, real estate, and  precious metals
    • Don’t be in debt
    • Reduce your monthly expenditures to the bare minimum
    • Spend more time at home 
    • Learn to enjoy productive hobbies
    • Prepare for a potential barter-based economy – what skills do you have that could be traded for essential goods and services?

    The economic collapse is not some far-fetched, end-of-the-world fantasy. It is the reality that is occurring all around us, incrementally.  The collapse that has been occurring since 2008 has been one of 1000 small cuts as income goes down and expenses go up.

    No matter how much food you buy, it may not be enough to get you through these difficult times.  You must learn to be self-sufficient in order to remain free from the control of those who would offer you sustenance and shelter in return for your fealty.

    Instead of a huge, life-changing calamity, consider that it may be the culmination of many small events, rising prices and lower incomes, and the deliberate erosion of our self-sufficiency by those who would control us that cause TEOTWAWKI. (The End Of The World As We Know It).

    The lists above aren’t comprehensive – they are  jumping off points to apply to your own situations.  Wherever you are planted, you need to come to grips with the fact that the world as we know it is undergoing massive changes.  Figure out now how to make the best of it and not only survive with your family, but thrive.

    Ask the people in Greece whether they regret not having stocked up on food supplies when those items were abundantly available.  Ask the people in Argentina whether they feel the need to be armed against roving gangs and home invaders.

    Hunger, cold, crime and fear are the daily realities in many countries that once enjoyed a similar standard of living to that of the average North American.  Our debt-based standard of living is unsustainable, and you must be able to connect these trends with what is happening in your own country in order to see the need for preparation.

    Today, you still have stores at every corner, reliable utilities, and social safety nets in place.  These may soon become a thing of the past and if you wait before preparing, your window of opportunity may slam shut.

    I’m not suggesting that you stop prepping – your stockpile is vital insurance that can help to  cushion you when things go downhill. But along with your food storage and your rocket stoves and your medical supplies, begin creating a self-sufficient lifestyle that will carry you far beyond what mere prepping ever could.

    depression garden

    Please feel free to share this information in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Well done, VERY well done, kudos, Daisy.

        Keep up the good work. Thanks for what you contribute to this site.

        • Daisy— good article…. scary though.

          I can’t see one in a thousand being able to pull off
          the scenario you just described, unfortunately.
          The other 999 are going to come looking for us.
          I don’t think we can shoot them all, nor do I think
          we can hide from the starving for very long, either.
          If it came down to them or us, the Golden Horde would
          tear us from limb to limb for what we have.
          Of this I am almost certain.

          • Get a big dog,

            German Shepherd
            The German Shepherd is a world-wide favorite. They are very intelligent (actually the third most intelligent dog breed in the world) with a very strong protective instinct, which probably explains their high level of success as police and search dogs. As long as they are trained properly from puppyhood, they can be excellent with children and make great family pets.

            Another great choice is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, they would fight a lion if necessary but can get in trouble if they are left alone for long periods of time.

            Even a little yapper would be better than an alarm in my opinion.

            • More meat on that big dog too,
              Im just sayin,

              • Hey Kulafarmer, your lucky enough to grow food all year round, eh?

                • You betcha!
                  Just started a 1/3 acre plot with taro, sweet potato, yacon, jerusalem artichokes, papaya and should have my jaboticaba plants this week, also have 1/4 acre of globe artichokes that will regen for about 15 years and 1/2 acre of kale that i will pick for 14 months and been starting sweet corn inter planted with beans and snow peas 3000sqft every 2 weeks and working on carrots and beets in a 1/3 acre plot a couple rows every week till its full,
                  Amazing what you can grow on 8 acres.

                  • alot of people dont like the heat in the deep south ,but i can grow a crop of one thing or another year round ,you are right Daisy it has taken me 5 years of trial and error to get to the point to where i know i can feed my family off my land ,and that was a hard steady 5 years not part time ,so if your going to grow in hard times i suggest you get to it now ,though i believe youve already waited to long ,i have two wells and a hand pump ,when i first moved on my land i lived 7 1/2 years with no power ,dont look forward to going back to it but i could ,and if the hourds try to over run me i have a little tool that places a little pc. of lead right behind there ear (accually i have several of them tools and plenty of family that know how to operate them)

              • Uncool comment, Kulafarmer.

                I would most certainly starve to death before I’d ever eat my dog.

                But, if the dog wasn’t mine…….

                Different ball game entirely.

                • I bet the Dorner party never thought they would have done what they did either.
                  Im sure your dog wont hesitate to eat you after you pass out from starvation.

                  • If I were dead, I’d not mind it one bit if my dog had to eat my remains in order to stay alive.

                    It seems to me like, there is some sort of defective gene floating around somewhere inside your body, Kula.

                    The simple truth is that there is no greater and more loyal friend or companion to any human than a dog that he or she has cared for, fed, watered, and provided a safe and comfortable place to sleep and who that human has shown love and affection and devotion to. In fact, I can say without any hesitation that the best ‘friends’ I’ve ever had in my entire life – and the most loyal and supportive and dependable friends I’ve ever had in my life – have been the 3 dogs that I have shared my life with.

                    Over the last several years, since the advent of youtube and the explosion of the World Wide Web and alternative media – I have been noticing a very pronounced habit of jackbooted thug cockroaches with badges who automatically, and with big grins on their evil faces, will gleefully shoot and kill a family dog whenever they are engaged in one of their infamous ‘raids on the wrong house address’. If such an atrocity were to ever be committed upon my dog, I would spend the rest of my life hunting down the sonofabitch who did it and I would dismember that bastard with a chainsaw.

                    And, the first part of his anatomy that I’d cut off would be his 2 inch long pathetic little dog killing pecker.

                  • Donner party. Dorner was barbequed by LAPD. Good point. Easy to say while your belly’s full. Your feelings about Rover would change if you hadn’t eaten for 3 days.

                • Most likely ideals will have to go right out the window when TSHTF
                  When it comes to life or death we may ALL be faced with VERY unsavory choices.
                  There is an old saying…..
                  Never say never!

                  • There are few among us incapable of pillaging when our butt’s on the line. Sadly, for many it’s plan A.

                • Tucker my friend I can tell you haven’t been hungry and I mean real hungry yet. Eating ones dog is a last resort


                  • i had one of my dogs for over 11 years and considered him part of my family ,probaly put him over some of my extended family ,but one must have there prioritys straight ,i would cut my hand off if i thought it would keep my children from starving ,and even though you may have strong feelings for your dogs ,they are in fact dogs ,they dont have presidence over your familys or your live’s ,i think Kula is just telling it like it is ,and if you think that eating your dog in the SHTF world thats approaching us is the worse thing your going to face ,your living a dream

            • We have a bernise, a great peyranise, and a yapper. Sucks to be anyone who tangles with the two big ones
              …. chom chomp…..

            • @ Swinging on … thank you for the excellent comment.

              I’ve been researching this decision for 6 months. I’m a lifelong cat person. By temperament my favorite breed is the Bernese Mountain Dog. The first dog I considered was a Komondor, the hungarian livestock guard dog.

              A komondor is probably not the best choice for a first time dog owner. If it isn’t trained right it could eviscerate the letter carrier.

              People with a professional knowledge of canines recommend the GSD highly. There’s a reason the .mil and LE select them. They are loyal and intelligent.

              Unlike an alarm they will still function in grid down. My favorite body armor vendor sells vests for such dogs. But not for ten pound ankle biters. Enquiring minds wonder why.

              Like most people I can’t afford NV that isn’t second best compared to what’s out there.
              A trained dog somewhat neutralizes that disadvantage.

          • I agree. Winning a collapse is a lottery. You can buy a lot of tickets by being prepared in various ways, the more preparations you make, the more tickets you have on hand. But only a small percentage of lottery players win anything.

            Of course having ANY tickets by have ANY preparations puts you way ahead of the ones without any tickets aka preparations.

            • My buddies dad is 94. He was in the first wave during D-Day. He was an old man (23-24) Sargent standing in the back of the landing craft with a lieutenant . When the ramp fell, a bullet struck the lieutenant in the neck, and as he fell forward another got the top of his head. ” what did you do dad?”…. Push, and get the hell of that boat. And that’s just the beginning of his horrors.

              When faced with a situation like that, it’s pure luck, good or bad. You can’t train for it. All you can do, is do what you gotta do, and hope you get to tell your grand kids about it someday.

              The most amazing thing seems to be, the guy you think is the bad ass super man, folds up in a fetal position, and the little wimpy type ends up saving the day. (Audie Murphy?)

              Ya just don’t know….

              • One of my relatives survived Pearl Harbor, had to swim under water to get away from the Arizona because the surface of the water was on fire, dead sailors, oil, bullets, explosions, usedt to terrify the crap out of me hearing him talk about it, and then he had to fight in the pacific till it finally ended, those guys were real men, they are also most likely rolling in their resting places with the crap that is going on now.

              • These are the kinds of stories and visual images that always flash through my mind, whenever I hear or read this garbage being spewed by these war mongering slabs of human filth – like John McCain or any of these other neo-con chicken hawk maggots – who are constantly bleating and screaming about how they want to send our military off to fight in ANOTHER WAR FOR THE jews IN ISRAEL, so they can sit on their fat jew asses in the bleachers, sipping on jugs of Mogan-David wine and laughing their evil asses off over how easy it is to get the ‘dumb white gentiles’ to fight, bleed and die in wars that only they benefit from – but which they themselves are too cowardly and chickenshit to fight themselves.

                I am looking forward to the day when I can see McCain’s name in the obituary page and I hope that treasonous bastard screams in agonizing pain, all the way to Hell where he belongs.

                • Its interesting how for the most part ordinary people like you or i or many many others have no interest in war or fighting, peace is preferable,
                  But government, seems to be bent on a path of destroying all that we hold dear!
                  And for what?
                  There are a lot of violent extremist factions throughout the world,
                  How many are just pushing back and carrying the grudges of their fathers and their grand fathers?
                  There are always going to be evil people,
                  But over all i have to believe that most are good and want the same stuff most of us do.
                  I dont think your average Iranian wants to kill Americans, like i dont believe the average Palestinian wants to kill their Jewish neighbors, this i say from having known and spoken at length with both!
                  Governments are almost always behind the discord that plagues much of the world,
                  People just tend to be too willing to follow and put their faith in people who want to be leaders!
                  What is the motivation of an individual to lead others?
                  Are their motives pure? Or do they have an underlying agenda?
                  Why do we allow these people to continue down this path that kills and maims countless scores of our brothers and sisters, both countrymen and under God?
                  Are we not a constitutional republic with checks and balances? When these arms of government no longer function properly isnt it up to us to stand and say NO?
                  We all have some deep soul searching to do and need to get our brothers and sisters to contemplate these issues as well, we need to do this NOW before its too late,
                  Is it already too late though?
                  Can we tirn the boat around before it hits the reef and sinks?

                  • its simple math ,i heard it told one time the prison wardens pit the white agianst the black against the hispanic ,if not they would not be able to control them ,goverments around the world do it on a larger scale ,liberal ,conserative ,dem ,rep ,ind ,christian ,muslim ,gay ,straight ,pro life ,pro choice ,pro gun ,anti gun ,50% working ,50% on the dole ,sound familiar ,there always the ones fueling this ,stoking it ,when the hell are we going to catch on

        • Yes, your best yet Daisy. I am sharing this one with a few friends.

          • Daisy,

            Excellent article! 🙂

            You provide lots of practical suggestions on how to become more self sufficient.

            Take care. Keep prepping.
            KY Mom

      2. It seems even pro-gunners are becoming anti-gun. Went to the gun show in New Bern, NC, today. They denied me the right to bare arms. I have CCW permit and a legal firearm, but they denied me right to defend myself! I was not allowed to carry my legally concealed weapon into the show. Can you believe the outrageousness of this act. What is just as noteworthy is the sheeple, who claim to not be sheeple but patriots, went placidly along with the obvious attempt to disarm the public. Most of these gun show goers hate Obama and his gun grabbing, but allow this? These morons are in bed with the man!

        • Probably has at least a little something to do with the ND’s that have been going on at gun shows due to so many new gun owners buying things they have no training for.

        • No show that I’ve been to in the last 6-8 years has allowed any carry, open or concealed. To enter every gun must be empty and “tied” with a tiewrap to prevent it’s use. Even so we get 1 or 2 negligent discharges a year, becuase it’s not possible to tiewrap the idiots’ fingers to their belts.

        • “They denied me the right to bare arms.”

          What? Wouldn’t let you wear your wife beater?


        • @ NCJOE- that’s because too many of you morons are discharging weapons at shows, and it is THEIR liability.

          90% of you should not be allowed to own guns. MOre people have been shot at gunshows by idiots.

          I would not want to be around most of you if you had firearms. You don’t know how to handle them.

          • Stupid comment. People should be allowed to own arms whether for the good or bad. It is a right. It may not work out for all (accidental discharges, accidents, domestic disputes, etc.) but it is an American’s right as defined by our forefathers. If you don’t like it, move to England. They would be happy to take your guns and let you have your entrails removed by a Muslim. People should not be allowed to have cars? Glass? Dogs? Knives? Hatchets? Get the point? How many unskilled people own these and cause bodily harm to themselves or others. We still are allowed to have them even to our detriment.

            • I do not recall Any demacRat Lib antigun fools demanding a outright total ban on Power Drills, after jeffery Dhamer used His Black and decker drill to drill into his Victims Heads while playing brain surgeon. Nor any liberals calls for total Kitchen Knife Bans when Dhamer used His knife to sever the Head off of his Victims, so he could store the head as a Frozen trophy to admire while awaiting his next victims house visit.

              Keep pushing, is my answer to libs when they ask for directions to the bridge at concord.

              • Nor knives after Lorena Bobbitt used one!!:-)

                • 🙂

        • Why the outrage? Being a CHP holder in NC you should know that you can’t carry anywhere there is an admission charge, by current state law. The choice to attend was yours. To say that they denied you the right to defend yourself is inflammatory. They only denied you entry if you were armed.

          On a side note, being denied the right to bare arms would have frosted me too as the humidity today was a bit much for long sleeves.

        • New Bern/Craven County has a great show. Sheriff Monette usually attends to speed up the paperwork. He is one of us. He goes to the first church I ever joined. I used to live there years ago.

          ncjoe, why don’t you move up north to a nice safe big city?

        • @ ncjoe,

          The entrepreneur who staged the show rented the space from a big enough private or public hall owner. Who undoubtedly told him the visitors would have to be disarmed if he wanted to stage the event and they wanted to attend.

          Shelving your firearm for two or three hours is in no way disarming you. Because you aren’t forced to attend the show. Neither the promoter nor the landlord has any say in what you do off the property.

          Not to mention the good points several other commenters made about ND.

        • This policy isn’t unusual. Same thing in my home state. No loaded firearms allowed inside the gun show, and also no loose ammunition. Seems like a reasonable safety precaution to me. The vendors inside the show, though, appear to be exempt – because they are usually armed and have their firearms holstered and on their belt.

          Consider how evil and devious the anti-gun crowd is, ncjoe. Do you think a POS as evil as Mike Bloomberg or Dianne Feinstein or Chuck Schumer would be above arranging for a patsy with a clean record to get a CCW permit, take his pistol into a gun show and then commit an act of random gun violence – killing half a dozen or so innocent people, and then using that staged incident to demonize CCW holders and try to use it to repeal and revoke CCW permit laws?

          I believe that every one of these rats are perfectly willing to pull something like that, if they thought it would help advance their lust to disarm America.

          Thus, we need to anticipate the evil shenanigans that our enemy might try to pull and take precautions that will help thwart them.

        • If you were CC’ing how did they know you were armed? Did they pat you down? I never divulge. Even walked past the gun grabber guys at Cabelas one day and heard them discussing what to do about CC’ers. They said ‘what can they do?’ if it’s concealed, no one knows. That was the gist of the conversation that I overheard as I walked back to the ammo section to pick up some .40 S&W with my concealed Glock.

        • I’m from NC. You have NEVER been permitted to bring a loaded firearm or concealed firearm into the gunshow. The police always check and provide zipties to show bolt/chamber clear. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s common sense, especially with the idiots who also attend gunshows.

        • Nina
          you freak give it a rest its sunday for gods sake

          getting sick of your BS and all your hate filled posts

          Just give a rest for once and go hang out on your Nazi lovers pages

          • troll killer:

            very well spoken “GOD BLESS YOU AN YOURS”

            ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

            • This is a prepping post not “HATE YOU EVER YOU DON’T LIKE POST”

          • i see dead jews …


            • Something is wrong with you.

            • @Enemy of the state,
              You are just pissed off you didn’t get molested by Hitler at the Eagles nest when you in the youth.

              • Is a frog’s rear end water tight?

            • Nina

              as a jew i take this as a threat if i was ever to find you you would not like the out come

              Troll killer

      3. Same here Daisy thank you for your hard work. THX!

        Keep the FAITH

      4. Daisy

        I am glad to see you are not adding all your comments of When you can afford. I know we all cant afford. Maybe you can find another way to afford.

        Just as like at your own site you have discover that the real preppers have money and can afford to prep. Go to see you going from used canning lids to new fancy idea and recommendation. Such as the like you use to belittle here and say it wasn’t about the money.

        Well it looks like you can to your senses or the true lady that was has surface and wants here piece of the pie.

        Because with paying for heath care again you will need a income.

        • nutbag

          • No one is disagreeing. How strange.

            I am called an asshole for pointing out the true.

            And glad to see the other Oracle of SHIF came up for Sunlight. How was the Middle eastern trip.

            Opps I disagreed so now I will be slapped around some..

            This should get many more other the site. Good Idea.

            • FBP

              What the hell are you talking about for crissakes?

            • No point in answering your stupidity.

        • FBP

          Any chance of you saying that again when you are sober? We might understand it then.

        • What a dumbass you are!

        • Idiot

        • @Facebook page- EXACTLY. She is a fraud and loking for her “share”…. instead of being on the dole…she is stealing based on fear.
          She’ll not prosper in the end. Watch. None of them will.

          • Nice try FBP—Get Bent

            • That is not me. I never hide my name.

              • Facebook Page

                My mistake, Sir.

                jellie—Screw you

          • jellie:

            She is a fraud and looking for her “share”

            Daisey works hard trying to make sense of information that may help others. Shit I have trouble typing out a response let alone put out a PUBLICATION w/ links. The key word is “MAY” Who knows. Doesn’t affect you. GOOD GOD

      5. That is my ultimate goal , to be totally off grid and able to produce all the goods I need for survival. Now to get there I need to sell my current property and need a better job, laid off my good job in 2007 and only been able to peice together part time ones.

        Sure freakin hope I can get there other wise looks like I may just become another apocalypse statistic. Let’s sure hope time does not run out.

        • Bob,

          You and me both, that’s the dream plan for many of us I think.

          Take care x

          • Has anybody else noticed prices at the store taking a steep dive in their area?

            I pulled out some cash I had stashed, as prices took a dive this week. For example, “suddenly salad” something I love to eat, went from $1.89 a box back down to $.88. I could afford meat, for once. Eggs–also about half what they were, even a loaf of house-brand bread was 6 cents cheaper than it normally has been. I spent more than I normally would have, stocking up while it is cheaper.

            Anybody care to venture a guess as to why food prices dipped?

            • Sixpack…I wish I had your good fortune. In west central Illinois the prices continue to rise. And especially on items I stock up on.

            • I wish Sixpack. Everything is skyrocketing here.

              Take care x

            • sixpack,

              Not so here in the golden corner. I was able to get the whole pork loin for $1.98 lb. We canned up 16 pint and a half jars. had 3 nice loins that were vacuum packed for later and some nice chops on the grill. Prices keep going up. Used to be that boneless chicken breast were $1.98 lb. on sale. This week they are $2.28 lb. We wait till there is a BOGO sale or till we get some coupons.

              I just thought that NASA was setting the prices. 🙂

              Really sucks when a dollar is not worth a dollar. 🙁

              Y’all play nice.

              hillbilly SC

            • Ah sixpack, boil a cup of shell pasta, add Italian Dressing (any brand), chopped onions-green peppers-cucumbers and black and green olives(sliced)and you will NEVER eat that boxed pasta salad again.
              I tried it and it just can’t compare to homemade. 🙂

              • I love Suddenly Salad but noticed it was high on Frutose Corn Syrup 🙁

                • I don’t eat a steady diet of it, but it’s hard to escape HFCS in most everything but home grown, which I can’t get much of around here.

              • It looks like I lucked out. Suddenly Salad was just one point of reference to find a commonality between us. Chicken was also down here, as was many other ‘normal’ food prices. I don’t drive so gas prices escape me. I can’t can anything here, so I depend on stores for almost everything but milk and eggs (which I get fresh). I can’t have any kind of a garden unless I shoot the neighbor’s brats first.

                I just noticed a substantial decline in food prices from what they were, about 6 weeks earlier. I expect them to go back up just as suddenly.

        • Bob it can be done you just got to keep on keepin on you will prevail. Now to what to look for is a stream thats runs all year above the house this will provide water pressure to the house by laying a tank in and piping off the bottom of the tank. also you can hide the entry to the pipe from prying eyes. water filters are not needed for washing dishes or clothes just drinking water, we have a 6000 gal filter so it can be done. FOR MORE HINTS WATCH HOW THE AMISH DO IT! they live pretty much off grid. also where i live property has become very reasonable. so good luck and get it done you will breath easier when half way there

      6. . Because we won’t know what’s going on, there is only the best you can. Very few of us can find 1000 Ac in Montana with a dry cave and a stream. Do what you can and relax, you will be better off then 95%; that’s all you need.

        • Not living in a large city will be your best advantage. If anything, get out of the city.

        • There will be no Golden Horde. They will prey upon each other and most will become prey. 80% will never make it outside the city limits. The batteries on their hoverounds won’t last long enough for them to get to you. Most people will sit around waiting for FEMA food trucks or drops that never come, or FEMA will hand out just enough for people to fight over.
          Large cities are deathtraps, but villages sprang up for a reason. It was not because everybody was besties with everybody else. Isolation can work against you.
          Diane Frankenstein & the gang are all saying It’s no big deal. We’ve been spying on you for years. It’s legal. we gave ourselves permission. We’d really like to crucify the guy who told you we were spying on all of you.

      7. Dutch oven Camp Bread

        Works great on the grill too.

        Dissolve 1 pk. yeast in 1 1/4 c. warm water.
        Add 2 TBS. sugar, 2 TBS. oil, 1 1/2 tsp. salt.
        Mix well then add 2 C. flour.
        Mix this till smooth, add about 1 1/2 C. flour and knead till smooth.
        Cover and let rise 1 hour.
        Punch down dough and place in greased Dutch oven.
        Let rise another hour-then bake on grill or on the camp fire with coals on the lid and around the sides.

        Takes about 30 min.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thank you Watchman!

          Watched an old Western series the other day and I was looking for a recipe just like this for my newly acquired cast-iron dutch oven.

          And thank you, Daisy, excellent article.

        • Watchman…I saw your dandelion wine recipie a couple posts ago. I have 3 gallons working from this spring’s dandelions. I realize that we all have different brews. I have never added egg white to mine. What does this do?

          • @JRS: I understand that it adds to the taste a little and also adds to the speed some, but like you said its all in the taste. I don’t think it will matter that much. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. (lol)

            Keep the FAITH

            • Watchman.

              Could you please post that dandelion-wine recipe again. I know I saw it, but forgot to write it down.

        • Thanks. I’m going to try this when we go camping.

        • WATCHMAN:

          Thanks for the recipes, I copied them down. Like dutch oven cooking. I really like this one. EASY AN GOOD


          12 oz ketchup….12 oz coke….2T worcestershire sauce.. !/2 c brown sugar….garlic flakes to taste…. tabasco sauce an cayanne if you like it hotter.
          mix together an boil for 5 min. let cool an put back in ketchup bottles

          • High Noon
            next time try root beer. I used to use coke until I tried root beer,,


        • How about some good recipes that can be cooked inside on the gas range so that neighbors and passersby cannot smell the aroma and kill you or steal the food before you can eat it.

          I for one will not be cooking outside when things start to go south although I have a gas grill and cast iron dutch oven.

          I am an experienced cook so I can convert most of your recipes for stovetop or oven.

          These are real good recipes so keep up the good work for those that have no other choice of cooking.


          • Chances are if it’s that bad, gas and electric will no longer be delivered to your home. When I consider food preps, I think long term, low energy. Dried goods that just need water, dried foods that do not need rehydrating, nuts fruits, jerky, etc.

            And that goes for what I produce as well which is why I have about 15 fruit and nut trees, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, Goji berries, and Honey Berries. All of which can be dried with only solar energy and eaten without needing to rehydrate them.

      8. Howdy, Daisy, and another excellent article. I’m still prepping and now working on the self-sufficiency part. Something is coming sooner than any of us realize so everyone get everything you need now before it’s too late. BTW any word on Manos or Burt the Brit? braveheart

        • Brave heart


          I have moved house, escaping from the city takes a good deal of time, especially when you buy a run down dump and have to do it up. Thanks for enquiring after me. Hope you and yours are well.
          Take care x

          • Burt the Brit.

            That statement is very true. It takes time to get a BOL and then get the supplies for it.

            A BOL is not something you pick when SHTF, it is an area that you need to know before SHTF.

            A persons needs to know their BOL thru whom the neighbors are, walking around it and being comfortable, and even go camping at those sites to see what it is like.

            Good luck with your new locale in Britain.

            PS. I still listen to the Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, and the Beatles. I think the days of ‘Street Fighting Man’ and ‘Revolution’ are coming.

            • Ugly,

              I agree. I am on a small island no, no fast food, no supermarkets, a school a church a local shop a cafe and a beach. Dropped from a population density of 9000 per square mile to a couple of hundred per square mile. One road onto/off the island. Oh, there a petrol station as well lol. The plot is big, good growing space but neither house or garden has been touch for fifty years so lots of hard graft going on here. We are making progress but I have to say its the hardest physical work I have ever done. It makes accident and emergency on a Saturday night seem effortless lol.

              Take care x

              • We’re trying to be more self sufficient but the reality is being a self sufficient homestead like in the old days is very difficult and requires 24/7 effort and many skills. If things ever got really bad having a community of like minded friends and relatives would be crucial to allow for some specialization of skills. Still doing even small things to be more self sufficient is better than doing nothing.

                • Wolfbay

                  I agree, a likeminded group I think would always be better than an individual or small family.

                  take care x

            • Ugly

              Phil Collins needs to be on your list lol

              • Burt the Brit.

                My wife loves Phil, but I never did. I didn’t mind his Genesis stint. Is the Hollies british? I love that tune He Aint Heavy….

                Also cant remember band, but tune went something like this:

                Oh Ferry, across the Mercy is the Land that I Love, and here I’ll stay….,etc.

                I know I destroyed it. I was singing it today. I know they are during the British Invasion.

                But the most important question of all–

                Do they have Oly in Britain?

                And if so, do they consider it an imported delicacy?

                • Ugly- Imported, yes. Delicacy…maybe not! 🙂
                  I remember those old commercials way back when: “Our name is Olympia, but our friends call us Oly”

                  • @Smokin….

                    Yes, it was way back when when Oly was America.

                    It was way back when we Americans–

                    1. Stock cars and Richard Petty were same.
                    2. Families were together–Dad and Mom.
                    3. Loved watching Rifleman disposing the Bad-Guy.
                    4. Felt good watching John Wayne movies.
                    5. Cried when Elvis died.
                    6. Proud in 1969–USA men on the moon.
                    7. Watching the Gipper lead this great USA.
                    8. USA beating Russia in Olympic Hockey.
                    9. Jeffersons, Samford & Son, and Fat Albert were great.
                    10. Nat King Cole sang beautifully.

                    As Archie and Edith sang, ‘Those were the Days’.

                    Now look at us. What is there?

                • ferry cross the mersey – gerry and the pacemakers 1964

                  • Anonymous.

                    Thanks. I’ll listen on YouTube. For whatever reason that song came to mind.

                • @ Ugly,

                  Ferry Across the Mersey …That was contemporary music when I was a kid. Chad & Jeremy, if memory serves.

                • Ugly,
                  Ferry Across the Mersey…Gerry and the Pacemakers…good tune x
                  Oly? not sure lol

      9. I read it at Sheeple yesterday. I hope someone is paying you by the word Daisy. 🙂

        • Because the content won’t make here anything. Copy and paste . Same thing from others just wit a different title.

          • What blogs do you write on? Just curious

            • She living proof that the ones who can’t TEACH.

              • “She living proof that the ones who can’t TEACH.”

                You must have gone to public school.

                • Never made it past the 7th grade.
                  And that is not a joke.

                • FP: wont need worry that anybody will ever copy and paste any of Your articulate intelect.

          • Funny thing….JOG picked the same fight a couple of months ago.

        • Just wake up eh? Start over with the Bible at page 1.

        • You should keep in mind that Jew-haters aren’t going to heaven.

          • jesus talks to me

            nightly in my dreams … and every night asks me to seek revenge for him against his jew murderers .


              • Pope John Paul II is not in hell. He is still in his tomb. Everyone dies and stays dead until the second coming. Jesus said that King David is still in the ground and has not gone to heaven. Acts 2:29&34. That’s the fifth book in the New Testament, so you can find it.

                • If comming out of their graves will announce some major religious event, then you should examine cloning.
                  In theory its possible to clone dead people,thus fullfilling your religious prophecy via science.
                  Leaving the grave and returning to life are now in the realm of science fact. Scary isnt it?!!!

            • Wow.


                THIS IS WHO ATTACKED AMERICA ON 9/11 with help from the AMERIKAN WHITE FREEMASONS MAFIA who control ZOG AMERIKA .


                The Israeli Crime mafia

                is the general term for organized crime groups operating in Israel and also internationally.

                Allegedly there are 16 crime families operating in Israel, five major groups active on the national level, and 11 smaller organizations.

                There are reputed to be six Mizrahi Jewish crime families active and three Arab crime families.Many heads and members of the crime groups have either been killed or are in prison.

                Organized crime in Israel

                The major crime groups are the Abergils, the Abutbuls, the Alperons, the Dumranis, the Shirazis, the Amir Molnar and Zeev Rosenstein syndicates. The illegal activities they are engaged in include:

                Operating casinos and other forms of gambling inside and outside Israel
                Prostitution and trafficking in women
                Money Laundering
                Protection and extortion rackets
                Loan sharking
                Drugs and arms dealing
                Fencing stolen goods
                Diamond smuggling[citation needed]

                According to Israel’s former Police Commissioner David Cohen, Israeli crime organizations had penetrated the formal economic sector and local governments, and “equipped themselves with large quantities of combat means explosives and arms.” In a mob war starting in the early 2000s between the crime families, several crime bosses were killed. It also cost the life of innocent bystanders.

                N.O. ;0p

                • I guess the Jews controll the Colombian cartel, the Irish mob, the Mexican drug lords, the Aryan nation, hells angels, inner city gangs, and the Japanese triads and on and on. Jews are all powerful and if we just get rid of them organized crime will disappear . NOT!

            • JESUS OF NAZARETH

              GOD OF WAR : EYE FOR AN EYE


              Do not think that I came to bring peace on Earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.

              He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.

              He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. (Matthew 10:34–39)

              N.O. ;0p

            • You commit blasphemy. Someday you will begin paying for your sins for all eternity.

          • Hey Barn Cat! Maybe you can help me figure something out. Exactly what should the proper and justified emotion be towards a tribe of satanically evil individuals who’s resume inside White Western nations can be summarized as follows:

            • The never-ending War on Terror.
            • The gradual constrictions on our freedoms.
            • The destruction of America’s Constitution.
            • Diversity and Multiculturism.
            • Non-stop Black hero worship in the media.
            • Miscegenation – they freely brainwash us to mate away.
            • Non-White victimhood, race-baiting and frictions.
            • Gender bending, open Faggotry and Homo “rights.”
            • Immorality and the destruction of Christianity.
            • White guilt propaganda – to keep us at each other’s throats.
            • Holocaust propaganda to protect Jewry and Israel.
            • Non-White immigration to destroy White demographics.
            • Lax borders so non-Whites can get here illegally.
            • Globalisation and turning America into a pisspot like the rest of the planet.
            • The offshoring of our manufacturing and industry.
            • Diversity brainwashing of our young from elementary school to college.
            • Gun control and the obvious wish to disarm White people.
            • Socialistic Big Government, leading to totalitarian communism.

            I apologize to the general community if this list is too short or too abbreviated, and I realize that there are a lot of other issues that could be added. But, back to my original question for Mr. Barn Cat.

            We’re supposed to……LOVE……..the folks who are behind all of these evil things?

            • What did Jesus say?

              (Mat 5:43-44 NIV) “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ {44} But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

            • You’re too filled with hate. You couldn’t possibly know God. I know what’s going in the world but I don’t hate anybody. Not any groups of people or any individuals.

            • Hey, Barn Catstein! Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong about this, but Eric Cantor is a card card carrying member of the ‘Tribe’, right? And, since this latest piece of news:

              NSA – Prism Systems Created By Israeli Company To Spying On World


              Has now gone viral on the Web, maybe you can help all of us lowly and confused gentiles to understand why Eric Cantor seems to be trying to cover the rear ends of his ethnic kinsfolk over in Israel with regards to their role in this Soviet-style scheme to set up & impose a totalitarian, Communism-on-Steroids Police and Surveillance State upon America and on the entire world?


              Eric Cantor ducks on PRISM
              Posted on June 10, 2013 by Admin

              Eric Cantor is pictured. | AP PhotoPolitico – by Tal Kopan

              House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday wouldn’t say whether he knew about the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance system , noting there are a number of classified programs the government uses.

              Asked by “CBS This Morning” host Norah O’Donnell whether he knew about PRISM before the disclosures, the No. 2 Republican in the House said, “There are a variety of classified programs that exist for us to, again, guard against a terrorist threat.”

              Cantor said the courts had upheld the program, but shifted the conversation to the source of the leaks, saying that the question now is, “What exactly has this individual done? Where are these programs in terms of their status now if information has been leaked?”

              Host Charlie Rose asked Cantor if the Obama administration’s surveillance goes further than that of the Bush administration.

              “We again, Charlie, these are questions we don’t know the answer to,” Cantor said.

              “How do you not know the answer? I mean you’re one of the top ranking Republicans on Capitol Hill, you have access and oversight, and you don’t know the answers?” O’Donnell interjected, saying that Americans should be concerned that Congress didn’t have the ability to oversee the executive branch on the issue.

              Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/06/eric-cantor-prism-nsa-92484.html#ixzz2VojpCcbs

              Come on, Barn Catstein! How about doing us all a big favor and providing us with a few answers on these questions and help convince us that the direct ethnic descendants of the jewish Bolshevik Communists who took over Russia in 1917 and then proceeded to mass murder over 66 million White Russian Christians and Ukrainians are not now attempting to repeat their 1917 Communist revolution and this time, trying to impose their evil tyranny upon the entire White Western World?

      10. # of plants per person for a one year supply of food:(minimum #)

        Artichokes 3 plants per person
        Asparagus 10 plants per person
        dried Beans 15-20 plants per person
        lima Beans 10 plants per person
        snap/pole Beans 15-20 plants per person
        Broccoli 8-10 plants per person
        Brussels Sprouts 4-6 plants per person
        Cabbage 3-5 per person
        Carrots 40 plants per person
        Cauliflower 3 per person
        Celery 5 per person
        Sweet Corn 40 plants per person
        Cucumber 4 per person
        Eggplant 2 plants supply 3 people
        Kale 4 plants per person
        Lettuce 10 per person
        Melons 5 per person
        Onion 40 per person
        Peas 30 per person
        Peanuts 20 plants per person
        Peppers 6 per person
        Potato30 plants per person
        Spinach 15 per person
        winter Squash2 plants per person
        summer Squash 2 plants supplies 6 people
        Sweet Potato 5 plants per person
        Tomatoes 5-8 plants per person

        Strawberries 6 established plants per person
        Blackberries 3 established plants per person

        These numbers are if you grow everything yourself and don’t buy anything at the store such as; if you make your own ketchup, make your own peanut butter, dehydrate your own onion flakes, etc.

        Of course, you need to adjust the list to what your family actually eats. This is only meant to be a guideline to get you started.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thank you thank you thank you! Positive help! You are what makes this site great!

        • Watchman

          What calorioe intake are these based on. Thank You

        • Thanks Watchman! I haven’t seen a plants/person guideline before. this is a big help.

        • I have six tomato plants just for my personal tomato sandwiches! Sliced tomatoes and Miracle Whip. I can eat them every day.

          • Cold tomato sandwiches are awesome. Have you ever tried to lightly toast the slices of bread, and then put on the mayo and tomato slices? Makes them 10 times better.

            • Tomato sandwich…… Lightly toasted white bread, loads of mayo, tomato, salt AND A MUST, OREGANO.

          • Archivist–Not without fried bologna!! At least at this house. 🙂

            • jay-jay or some crispy smoked bacon,,,


          • I prefer cucumbers or onions.

        • Best to have already started the asparagus! Two years to first harvest.

        • Every little bit helps, but kinda’ makes balcony gardens seem lame.

      11. Mother Earth News has tons of articles on self-sufficiency, gardening, solar power projects, all kinds of good things. Strongly recommend checking it out and adding to your reading list. It goes right along with a lot of what’s presented above in Daisy’s article and gives good, usable info……

        • Anon:

          I get Backwoods Home now, used to get ASG before it went “Progressive” and turned to poop.

          Love Jackie Clay-Atkinson. Great info for us DYI types.

          Y’all enjoy the day. 🙂

          hillbilly SC

        • Mother Earth News was the bible when they first started out in Hendersonville. What ever happened to their compound? Sad day…. I have about 25 pristine early issues that I guard with my life… lol

      12. “To find yourself, think for yourself”~ Socrates

        “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds”~ Bob Marley

        Chin up Y’all! We are the ones who shall be sowing the seeds of freedom in this land!

        Give blessings this Sunday that noble Men and Women still walk this earth!


        • The Most Important Man in the World, speaks fluent French…..In Russian.

          Famous persons ask for His autograph.

          In previous lives, he was…Himself.

          “Stay Thirsty My Friends”

      13. Strongly recommend Mother Earth News. Excellent resource with many articles on self-sufficiency, gardening, canning, solar projects, energy efficiency, lots of great stuff. Goes hand in hand with the ideas presented in Daisy’s article and is an excellent, low cost, resource to add to your reading list…

        • And they have original articles too.

          • Not sure why so many here are so protective of this Daisy person.

        • Johnny V- Try Backwoods Home magazine too. It’s a bit more political (and very libertarian) but chock full of good homesteader/survival ideas. To me, it seems like a better alternative than MEN. Both have good prepper stuff though.

          Daisy- another one out of the park. You da gurrll!

          • You seriously think Mother Earth News isn’t political??????

            • Old Coach- No! Not at all do I think it isn’t political. In fact the magazine started looking way too liberal for me many years ago. That’s why I cancelled subscription and went to Backwoods Home. I just meant that there’s still lots of self-sufficiency type articles in it that are useful. Maybe I should have said ‘Backwoods Home is more conservative/libertarian versus the liberal left slant in Mother Earth News.’
              Either way, I’ll take the useful stuff in either magazine. As for politics, I go with the one I agree with more. That’s BH.

              • SO, I still get Mother Earth news even though its a liberal rag. BWH too. Another good one is “heirloom gardener” from Baker Creek heirloom seeds. Lots of info there as well.

              • Agree, take the good stuff; ignore the useless political garbage.

            • They weren’t in the early day’s. MEN turned into a gardening mag after the business was sold. A hell of a beautiful piece of property and idea in the beginning.

          • I saw that magazine the other day at our local grocery store I think….Anyway, will do. As far as politics, I just figure that anything I pick up is going to have one slant or another. I just usually ignore the slant. I’m an old-school conservative, and to me, both of our modern political parties are repulsive and appalling, neither one any better than the other, and neither one worth saving. Our nation would be a lot better off if we guillotined every politician and banker and used their remains for fish food….not that I’m bitter or anything….

        • Good recommendation.

          For people living in challenging places, make it easier on yourself by growing what will actually grow where you are. I recommend these organizations which can help you locate plants to grow that are suited to your region:

          Plants for a Future (PFAF.org)

          Echo community: http://www.echocommunity.org/?page=Plant_Info

          If you are in a desert region and have not started growing, try this:


      14. Good article, Daisy.

        “You will find sometime, you just might find, you get what you need”.
        Rolling Stones.

      15. Alot of this is simple to achieve start looking for property A. that is atleast 5 acres B has a stream that runs all year you can place a pipe in the stream to fill tanks that can flow downhill to provide water pressure to the house so you can continue to use bathroom as well a hot water shower. C.always remember you can fertilize using fish for veggies by burying them 6 inches below what you want to grow. D. if you take a look at how the Amish live you get a pretty good idea of how and what you need!

        • And as a bonus, your family can be inbred, just like the Amish.

          • I don’t believe my Amish neighbors would appreciate your remark and I don’t either. Shit For Brains.

      16. Great article, Daisy!! I was especially attracted to the little red line, “Wherever you are planted”… that’s been my dilemna for some time: location! Thanks for all the great advice!! : )

      17. Web ResultsCollapseNet http://www.collapsenet.com/ – Similar to CollapseNet

        Collapsenet Public Access · News Alerts · Member Submitted News · Must See … CollapseNet Marks Third Anniversary! WORLD NEWS STREAM – MEMBERS

      18. The website I just posted (Collapsenet.com) has great articles on the new Surveillance State… really, really bad stuff going down!

        Police states don’t happen all at once and that’s what most Americans don’t realize. It happens little by little as everyone becomes acclimated to more of their civil liberties being squashed.

        Really surprising what someone posted above about not being allowed to carry gun in gun show! The Fed has us ALL under suveillance! And Obama’s got his drones. All it would take is his word and he could spoof anyone of us! The ONLY thing holding him back is the fact that so many of us have guns!

      19. Yawn, old news.

        • Not old news for the newbies on this site.

          • No this is an advance site. There are many places to start.

            This type of story should be required reading before you are allowed to the rest.

      20. from collapsenet.com:

        Total Protection Government – HuffingtonPost.com

        “Even now, government aides are most concerned about “the magnitude of the leak.” The question that troubles them is not, How did we come to this? but rather, Shall we prosecute the whistleblower? The pattern is so galling and tedious, and its harms so invisible to all but a few, that we may be tempted to relax and wait for the next election. But remember again the language of the court order. On an ongoing daily basis. All call detail records. Including local telephone calls. The next president will inherit this. No names, no records of words (not yet), no inculpating or exculpating evidence (just “signatures”), but still: these are outlines of the communicative behavior of upward of a million persons, with similarly compelling orders out to the other telecoms. The aim is to capture by index the whole of the U.S. population. The amazing and routine FISA order is a blind command for the opening of a thousand eyes.

        The plainest rebuke to such procedures comes from the language of the fourth amendment itself.

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        By what right are the addressed envelopes of the spoken communications of 280 million citizens plucked from the air by government and filed away? Supported by whose oath and what affirmation? There is a simple force to the words of the fourth amendment after all. It says: we do not live by secret laws, and we will not abide by general warrants. And to the comfort offered by senators Chambliss, Graham, and Feinstein, who ask us to sleep well and sleep long, there is a simple reply. In what country do they think they are living, and under what constitution?”

        President Obama’s Dragnet – NYT
        “Within hours of the disclosure that federal authorities routinely collect data on phone calls Americans make, regardless of whether they have any bearing on a counterterrorism investigation, the Obama administration issued the same platitude it has offered every time President Obama has been caught overreaching in the use of his powers: Terrorists are a real menace and you should just trust us to deal with them because we have internal mechanisms (that we are not going to tell you about) to make sure we do not violate your rights.

        Those reassurances have never been persuasive — whether

        • We are all “potential” terrorists, and now the Gov has simply issued a ” blanket” search warrant.

          It’s for your own safety people. What’s the problem? Besides, Thomas J. & Geo W. could NEVER have imagined the challenges our leaders are faced with, keeping us safe.

          If you can’t trust your president, who can you trust? He seems to want the best for us, doesn’t he?

          And I really don’t think everybody should get their knickers in a wad, just because half or more of this most distastefull work off gathering info ( for our own good) is done by private contractors ( Booz Allen, a subsidiary of the fine, All American, Carlyle Group. They would never, ( I repeat, never!) use any of that information in a manner not consistent with the law and our fine ( but clearly outdated!) Constitution.

          In closing, remember ( chant) the following….. Obama is good.. He loves us… This is for our own safety … Obama is good… He loves us… This is for our own safety … Obama is good…

      21. Daisy…great article and timely info! Thank you!

      22. Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy . . . censorship. When any government, or any Church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects “This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything— you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.
        Robert A. Heinlein, “Revolt in 2100”.

      23. Thanks this is the kind of information that helps everyone! But location is everything it becomes hard to garden in the 102 degrees of Nevada or be around the crazy rulers of California Find a good Gun friendly state in the Midwest usually plenty of water, without that your done. just my opinion

        • My parents live in Tucson and have really great gardens, they plant early and harvest early. They use gray water and collect rain water, they will also use tarps to provide shade.

      24. Good article, Daisy.

        Stockpiles will eventually run out and we need to learn the skills to live. More and more I think that people in the US and other developed countries have become the helpless lumps of flesh depicted in “Wall-E”. This helplesseness is a problem because it is what will make many people gladly walk into the FEMA camps mentioned in the article.

        What keeps me inspired to learn how to live is by looking how people in “Thirld World” countries survive. For country folk in Thailand, for example, it’s no big deal to keep a garden and chickens going. They might even grow their own rice in a small paddy or they grow another grain suited to the local ecology. Speaking of that, they pretty much only grow things suited to the climate and soil conditions. They don’t have to buy bags of triple 16 fertilizer to feed rows of corn or something else that needs more nutrients than the manures on hand are able to provide. Things are probably changing fast in some places with a growing dependence on big agribusiness, but the skill set is still there.

        A challenge I set for myself is to learn how to feed my flock of chickens with a diet of sufficiently high protein. Are there a lot of people on this board that know how they will feed their chickens year round? Please weigh in and share your methods. I found a grain that won’t rot when it sets seed in this rainy locale and I’m trying soybeans and other soil building legumes like cowpeas. My goal is to grow enough of these things to feed my flock within 6 months time. I figure, if I can’t feed some chickens whose combined weight is 100 pounds, how can a I feed myself and one other person?

        Farming is going to be necessary for many of us because game will be depleted real fast when everyone’s hunting the same woods or fishing the same streams. Hunting and fishing themselves might be too risky for anyone that doesn’t want to risk combat.

        I talk to people locally that think if you’re growing tomatoes you are self-sufficient. There is this obsession with tomatoes and vegetables in general. People at large are getting their notion of sustainability from reading lifestyle magazines or watching Martha Stewart. We need calories and we need protein. Vegetables don’t provide that. We need a starch like potatoes or sweet potatoes or cassava for calories, and we need a combination of beans and grains for protein. If we’re lucky or planned well, we have a way of getting meat. Veggies keep us healthy long term, but we can’t survive off them. I know you guys all know all of that. I just repeat it in case anyone just getting started hasn’t thought of it.

        • Augment your diet with USDA Soylent Green. Lots of protein. Available soon in fine retailers near you.

          • “Soylent Green is People… IT’S PEOPLE!!!!!”

        • I’m no vegetarian, and tend to support the old adage that ‘I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables’ idea. However, I would like to point out that beans have protein in them – and while I do NOT believe that beans alone can provide all the right kinds of protein for the human diet, they are a reasonable substitute in a pinch.

          Remember, if the lunatics and psychopaths who run D.C. and who have that Israeli dog collar around their filthy necks manage to get us into some kind of global nuclear war, if any of us survive – there is going to be an extreme scarcity of animals in the wild. They are not going to survive the radioactive consequences of a nuclear nightmare. In fact, and this saddens me to say this because I am a huge fan of animals and nature and the outdoors – the animal life on this planet will have less of a chance for survival than the handful of humans who might have underground survival shelters they can hide inside.

      25. NCJOE You might want to move to Indiana we have the 1500 gun show every few months it’s always packed. People here have not gone crazy over gun control! The most peaceful person I know has 2 Mausers a few thousand rounds [HELLO NSA] a few 22s a 38 and a 25 derringer we kid and laugh at the light weight! Around here there are gun shops every few feet in every little town and shows are packed!!! vote with your feet!!!!

        • Oh my God, man! You people must be dropping like flies. All those evil guns. Aren’t you skeert?

      26. In other news, Government authorities are now legislating new laws to keep firearms out of peoples hands who have “mental issues”.

        This will happen in California as the Santa Monica shooter has already been labeled as having Mental problems. Calls for stopping the mentally unstable from possessing guns will hit unprecedented new levels. The new legislation will go something like this:

        If you meet 2 out of the following criteria, then you are considered high risk for mental problems and therefore cannot be allowed to purchase firearms or ammunition:

        Come from a broken home
        White, Male & Single
        Over $10K in debt
        Unemployed for more than 3 months
        Criticize or have a bad attitude towards Government
        Stockpiling food, ammo etc.
        In possession of a “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag
        Have frequented a Gun Show in the last 5 years
        Don’t believe that the constitution is “living & Breathing”
        Purchased a Bullet Proof Vest
        Visit Economic Collapse websites
        Served in the Military

        • whew, glad Im not part of that group

          • Ditto….

        • Ummmm
          What if a person say meets all but one or two? Does this theoretical person get a prize?

          • I guess a FEMA camp would be in order

        • I don’t live in California but I meet two thirds of those.

          Do we get to define statism as a mental disease and evict them from their employment, homes and child custody? Now why didn’t we think of that?

          I live in a state about as far philosophically from California as it is geographically.

          When the state’s costumed thugs show up to confiscate anything I lawfully own it’s game on.

          Molon Labe means the same thing now that it meant 2500 years ago.

          Would be nice to be in a phalanx of like-minded folk when the time comes but together or alone it will be game on.

      27. I have written a book on CD that shows how to build a 12 volt swamp cooler to cool your home. Also how to install solar panels cheap to charge a bank of batteries to run LED lights, radios, TV, clocks, electric blankets, coffee pot etc. I could loose grid power and all I would loose is my TV programing but not my DVD movies etc. I use wood or propane for heat and to cook. I live in an ALL electric home with a huge chest freezer, electric hot water, electric stove etc. and my smallest electric bill was $67.00 I have my whole house wired for 12 volt and I have 12 volt LED lights in every room. I could loose grid power AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT. It has happened before. I have an inground pool with 26,000 gallons of water plus I have two water storage totes 300 gallons each in my basement that I can refill with rain water from my gutter.
        I have tons on info in my book with info on food, water, heat your home/cabin for free, cool your home/cabin for free, medical/medicine, weapons and more.
        I have two aquaponics tanks in my back yard and I am raising catfish and they are supplying nutrients for the grow beds where my vegtables are growing crazy. And yes my air pump and the two water pumps are 12 volt as well.
        IF SHTFplan wants to distribute my book on CD FREE as a download I will make it available to them for everyone to access for FREE. Thank You

        • The aquaponics are cool, i want to try tilapia in my reservoir, 80k gal so should be able to hold quite a few. Only concern is water temp.

          • You could try koi. They don’t care much about the temperature. A neighbor has a cistern with koi. They have been in the cistern for years with no protection from weather and no feeding. They only get what falls in the cistern or what grows there. The only plants are water lilies in pots sitting on the bottom of the cistern. The cistern can freeze over in the winter and it doesn’t hurt the fish. And they are edible.

            A local nursery has a huge koi pond to show off their plants and landscaping materials. They are fed, but they still live outdoors year round.

      28. Ugly’s Advice to get Neighbors to prep:

        First, nice article.

        Now, the scary thing in future is not so much that we have prepped for the very uncertain times. The scary thing is only 1% are ready and 99% are not. Thus how do we get our neighbors convinced and ready?

        If your neighbors are not ready, they will be at your doorstep.

        Ugly’s 15 Steps to successful prepped neighbors:

        1. Build them a storage unit and explain it to them.
        2. Buy them numerous #10 cans and show them how to store foods.
        3. Buy them a Berkey Water Filter. Put pond scum in and show them how tasty it is.
        4. Roto-till them a spot for garden.
        5. Buy seeds for the garden.
        6. Plant the garden.
        7. Water the garden.
        8. Weed the garden.
        9. Harvest the garden and let them taste how good veggies are from garden.
        10. Show how to start fire with magnesium starter.
        11. Put iron skillet on the firepot that you provide just to show them how it is done.
        12. Filet fish that you caught.
        13. Eat the tasty fish together so they see how it is done.
        14. Buy a tent and set it up.

        15. Next season, start all over and do it again.

        You see, by getting neighbors ready we can show the NWO that we are all in this together and we will not take it anymore.

        • My neighbors will think I’m nuts and then when things get bad come for what I have. Maybe it will be better to be quiet about preperations.

          • My neighbours are well on the way. Went wallaby shooting with one last night, my son hit one on the run at 75m, dog food for the next fortnight, and a couple of feeds of roast wallaby. Yum.

      29. Read this on your site last nite daisy. It is a great article, and one that concerns me as well, in regards to my own preparedness. Hubby finally fully on board. If we moved tomorrow it would take a couple years to have enough land prepped to grow the food we would need. Trees need to be cut, stumps removed and rocks removed. I take a deep breath and tell myself every little bit we do is more than the guy next door. It would be nice if we had at least two more years before the shtf, but I’m not sure how many more rabbits the gov/fed can pull out of their hat.

      30. Wish I had all that help in my garden.

        • JRS

          Me too. I am battling weds 35 ft tall, I thought we had a garden full of trees when we viewed the house….no, they were brambles aged about 40 lol

          Take care

          • A friend of mine bought an old farm in costa rica, started clearing the weeds behind his house and realized the acre of weeds was a naturalized patch of weed!

          • Burt
            put used paper products down in your garden,,i layer mine down in rows poke holes in and plant works pretty to control the weeds also holds moisture in,newspapers I get free from my local collection point….just grease the attendant with a few free veggies


        • It has been so wet in my area, that a garden is out of the question this year. Waiting for a dry day, likely tomorrow, to transplant seedlings into 10 gallon grow bags and assorted other containers. Some fields haven’t been plowed yet. Some haven’t been planted. Some commercial veggie crops will simply not be there this year and the producers are hoping for a chance to get in a fall harvest. People are cutting hay through the night in order to get it in before the next rainstorm.

          We had drought last year and at least one organic veggie and meat producer we know is contemplating pulling the plug on their operation. Pretty certain that another is facing similar choices. Two bad years from two opposite conditions. This can happen over and over.

          If it’s too wet to plow, it is too wet to cut wood, also. Animals and people become ill and less productive in this sort of weather. Tools need more care and it is hard on all infrastructure.

          If hard times strike any one family, they will find themselves using their stores immediately. Gas is pushing $4/gallon, here. Utility rates are already quite high and there is about a 30% add-on for fees and taxes. Gas and electricity are needed for food production and for wood harvesting. A swamp cooler does nothing in 80 degree weather with constant rain and humidity. It is good in an arid climate only. A 12-volt system needs maintenance to prevent terminal corrosion. No sun, little wind equals small alternative energy output and what you can produce may go to preventive pumping if there is flooding with ground saturation.

          While self-sufficiency is worthwhile as both a goal and a present-day reality, it takes one injury or one 2-week illness to put someone or even an entire family, “on the bench” for a time, setting them way back on food production and wood cutting, etc. Add to this that anyone with property has insurance and taxes to pay, which take cash from some sort of labor. Time becomes a precious commodity and few people are young enough, healthy enough, financially secure enough and skilled enough to do even 1/10th of what is advised in this article, even if they didn’t have to also work, do regular maintenance and try to have some sort of life. This becomes even less feasible when you consider the enormous inertia within the system that keeps it going, globally, in the face of any imminent collapse. The situation as it stands can continue indefinitely, believe it or not, or at least until most people are just no longer able to resist.

          As many keep pointing out: you may be prepared and better off than the neighbors and the family, but that just makes you a target. Not only will things run out, but just imagine a survival situation with constant beggars at the door who will not back down because you have 1 or 2 or even a dozen armed defenders. Imagine what perimeter protection for even an acre of land entails in time, manpower and materiel. The defender must make no mistakes and the invaders only need to keep growing their numbers. If your PMs are going down in value, the premiums to buy or sell it are going up. It is a constant treadmill leading to exhaustion and, for some, perhaps a breaking point.

          So, while everyone should and likely is doing all they can to prepare, the real action needed is to join together and oppose these tyrants. Take a page from the opposition and ORGANIZE.

          We hear a constant refrain from the diversity crew about how no one should have to live in a closet or in the shadows or fear being excluded from society by virtue of innate aspects of their being, while, at the same time, all of us are being put into closets, shunted into the shadows and excluded by coercion.

          All the prepping, all the self-sustainability, all the land, PMs, 12-volt systems and firearms in the world will do us no good if the authoritarians are allowed to remain in control.

          Sorry for the ramble. To Daisy: many of us did exactly as you advise back over 40 years ago, when we thought collapse or even a nuke would take place within a couple of years. Instead, the bastards were politically marginalized and we had a 20 year boom.

          That marginalization needs to happen again.

          • No, that marginalization needs to be amped right up to max so that we do not need to do it again in another twenty years.

            We need to remove the cause, not just address its effects.

            Ther, that’s me to the top of the list.

            • @Eagle Eye:

              That would be ideal, but humans are not going to change. We need to marginalize the totalitarians and then keep at it, over and over again, because once they are gone for a time and life improves, people become lazy and forget the past.

              Was it Jefferson who said we needed a revolution every twenty years? I think so and I think that is just the way it is.

          • A little history the Apache indians where an exceptional fighing survivalist group. But the goverment starved them out. All It took was the killing of the horses. Geromino gave up and surrendered. Kit Carson had the army cut down the pinion pines and they killed the buffalo . The crusaders in their castles where starved out. The Moors came and laid siege. they cut all the trees their livestock denuded the land and there isnt a single crusader castle left in the holy land. the same thing will happen to most holdouts they will be starved into the FEMA camps. those folks in your So Called Orgaized group will turn you in. Stab you in the back. They will soon fight and bicker over the littlest thing when times get tough. DTA Dont Trust Anyone! Learn Know How & Self Reliance. Those two things alomge with a lot of luck might allow you to survive.

            • Did you see the 40 year part of the statement. There are many long term groups out here that were started in the early 60s.

              Now its time for you newbies to start growing and making communities.

            • @ sheptical

              Many Native American tribes made the fatal mistake of believing the USG was as honorable as they were. Their naivete got them killed.

              The government’s near monopoly on mechanized violence depends on large quantities of water, food and petrol. Suppose the KSA petro-princes repudiate the USD as reserve currency. Venezuela and Mexico aren’t exactly our pals. Venezuela at all and Mexico not below the level of the presidential palace. How are the thugs going to fuel those APC’s and attack helicopters after local supplies are gone?

              The troops have the same requirements for drinkable water and food that we have. Those sources / storage areas can be hit. Their logistics expire over time just as ours do. As Gerald Celente observes, “when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

              Do you think the reduced number of government shooters then will remain ever loyal to the Power Elite? Their supply bases can be/will be hit. No matter how many techno toys they have they will have no safe rear area.

              When the going gets tough, a lot of pansies will die. Given the necessity to, some people will discover a core of toughness within that they hitherto had no reason to go looking for.

              Luck is nice to have in one’s favor. Planning, forethought, lessons learned from life and the capacity to be ruthless when necessary will see us prevail.

              There are more of us than there are of them. We win when we explode the myth that they are ten feet tall and we have no chance. Dare to struggle, dare to win.

              • The myth of the noble savage.

            • @SC
              Going it alone? Hard to anticipate who is going to make trouble in the group and for what reason. Wouldn’t we all like to be some sort of Mountain Man or Swamp Hermit able to face all sorts of difficulties that come our way. How does one determine the benefits of going it alone as compared to a group? A education on living together under stress with the same social problems are the YouTube vids on the homeless. Living in vans, tents and fabricated shelters. Little money and at time hungry with small children. Who is to say we will not end up that way. I admire their resiliency in the face of adversity. Many living this way for years. One older gentleman played a piano. Another a harmonica. Some had gardens and even decorated their area with odds and ends. Chickens and small pets. All the items they need and cherish is open to theft. I sense the respect they have for each ones property and space. They have camp rules and indeed do receive help from organizations but they are living it. That has to account for something. I am sure they have trouble at times. How do they decide who they accept into the group. Could you or I fit in the group? Appearances can be deceiving and is good that we can build trust and relationships at this time. As sure as God Made Little Green Apple’s there will be I time when we have to trust someone we don’t know if we believe it going to get as bad as we say.

          • BlueH2O: sorry about your problems. Here in Iowa it is very wet this spring. We have a saying “RAIN MAKES GRAIN’ guess we figured it out. Good Luck

            • @High Noon:

              Rain makes grain if it comes in the right amount at the right time. We also had a cold Spring, so the soil wasn’t warm enough for germination until nearly the 1st of June, which is cutting it close if we have an early frost. Too thick to drink, too thin to plow sort of thing at the same time and continuing on.

              You have great soil over there in Iowa. But it retains that moisture. I hope it dries out some, now. I see only about 50% of fields plowed and of those maybe 1/4 aren’t showing any green. Hard to make hay when it stays wet, too. Standing water in the furrows in many places.

              Worst is the tender vegetables. I just gave up on the garden plot this year. I did containers last year, too because we had early drought. Right now, if tomatoes are in the ground, the set up for early blight is high. As for sweet corn, the last year it was this wet this early, we got smut.

              Anyway, we will all survive, luckily the conditions aren’t uniform because this is hill country, so the rain spares some areas. Some fields will produce, barring more bad weather of all sorts.

              My point was that gardening or farming is subject to weather and cannot be relied upon if you are your only source of food. It is wise to preserve everything possible in good years, to offset the bad ones. We are still using the last of the dried tomatoes and frozen sauce from 2011. If we didn’t still have sources other than local, it would be a hungry year.

              All this rain will be great for the blackberries, too.

      31. I was thinking the other day and thought I share and see what you all think.
        With all the extra money spent on prepping that we have done.
        No matter how small or large that would be. If it had not been done, do you the government could have hiden what was happening, as well as they have?
        We bought and kept people working. We sold item to each other and kept each other going. Because of our action even a TV show was created which made someone money.

        Have we by our action kept for a short period time held off, the moment when SHTF?

        • Sorta like all the gun and ammo sales, i would bet that accounts for about 10-15% of the retail sales activity.

          • It is 6% but that is a huge number when looking a national numbers.

      32. Daisy, good article. You are trying to point people toward the reality of being self reliant. You have to realize that this is totaly impossible and still be civilized. I repair or install everything I can, but I must rely on others for parts for chain saws, rototillers, tractors, household appliances ect. We raise everything we can to eat which includes vegetables, beef and pork. We can and freeze and dry all we are able to plus make lard and cure pork and grind our own corn meal and make 2-3 deer up in jerky. You have to have a source of salt sugar vinegar spices canning jars and freezer bags. Sounds great, but we go to the grocery store every week. If we lost our freezers it would be a big blow, but we store a lot of canned goods and dry goods. My one big deficit is milking a cow or a goat. Been there done that. As much as I love milk, I guess I will have to pass.

        Could we live without any dependence on some outside source? Not long, maybe a few months. In my early years we had no electricity or inside plumbing and cooked on a wood stove and it was no problem because everyone we knew was in the same shape. I guess I could go to the local Menonites for a refresher course, but I see them at the grocery store every week too.

        People today spend way too much time with electronic media. Without it they might have time to work on their survival. I can remember when there was no TV and we didn’t have a phone and had never heard of anything like a cell phone. Gave up on TV about a year ago because of the in your face propaganda being blared at me. Now I choose my own propaganda on the internet. Hey, I can remember going on vacation with the wife and kids, and if anyone asked where we were going we said to the beach. If they asked where on the beach we said we don’t know because we aren’t there yet. We didn’t even call home. We were responsible adults and we took care of ourselves and our children. Most people today are so busy on social media telling everyone what a good time they are having they miss the whole point of a vacation.

        I sure would hate to give up air conditioning and hot water, but believe it or not you can make it without either one. Clean water for drinking and cooking and soap for cleaning will be critical issues with most folks. If your prepping consist of storing extra toilet paper, forget it. After 3-4 days of not eating, you won’t need any paper. After 3-4 days of no water or dirty water, you won’t need anything else ever.

        I will defend what I have from rogues which includes FEMA, but I could never shoot my neighbor or his hungry child. We will share until it’s all gone and go out together. At that point, it will be a blessing to leave the torment.

        • Thats a good point about your neighbor, things could get good again and they are still your neighbor, sometimes a good ally could come from an unlikely place.

        • Cowdoc, re storing toilet paper. I have come to the conclusion that toilet paper is too expensive to stock up much on. We have stored old phone books, also I cut up lots of old clothing into small sized rags and put them all in plastic grocery bags – label the outside butt wipe. I had three babies in cloth diapers and plan to rewash butt rags. Would rather put prep money into other things.

          • Mexi-mart has bundles of cheap wash cloths, about 12 per bundle for about $4 bucks. I bought a big quantity of them, and stashed them away. Also, get as many 5 gal plastic buckets as you can – plus either a regular toilet plunger, or one of the plungers from Lehman’s that is specifically designed for old-fashioned clothes washing.

            Also, be sure to get lids for your 5 gal buckets. Cut a role hole in the center of the top, put your water and soap and clothes or wash cloths inside and use the plunger through the hole to wash them. A couple of good scrub brushes are also a requirement – to work on the stubborn stains. Oh, and don’t forget nylon or latex disposable gloves. You don’t want to be getting any bacteria on your hands from cleaning those wash cloths after you’ve used them for your ‘bidness’.

            A clothespin for you nose might also be a smart thing to have.

            • Tucker–I’ve been getting the 18 washcloths for $4 at Dollar General for 4 years.
              I kept waiting for a price increase; but not so far.

              • Do the wash cloths at Dollar General have those little bumps on them? The Meximart one’s do, and I’m thinking that those bumps are not going to be much fun when the time comes to use them.

                As for those ideas that other posters mentioned about Sears and Roebuck catalogs, I shudder at the visual that passes through my head when I think about how many Southerners were forced to go that route back in the days before indoor plumbing and regular TP.

                • No bumps that I’ve noticed but have only used one bundle.
                  And this bunch seems to hold up really well for .22 cents each..:-)

                  • I’m one southerner that DID use paper in grandmother’s outhouse!!
                    However, I was 5 before we had a tub, toilet, and sink installed–had the room, just empty.
                    In those days, no loans, save and build as ya go!! 😉
                    I still remember bathing in the kitchen sink–I was a small little girl.

      33. Dear Dad,

        The holiday is only a week away, and I don’t know how the mail service works where you are, but I hope this gets to you. June 16th is Father’s Day, and this week millions of people are scrambling to buy a neck tie or barbecue grill or such. All in an effort to show their love for Dad. Rather than go the materialistic consumer route, I thought I’d express my feelings in these simple words. I hope you like them.
        First of all, Thanks Dad! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being my Dad. Only God knows how lucky I am to have been born your son. If I had to sum it up in one phrase, I’d say you were steel on the inside and velvet on the outside. Just like a man is supposed to be.
        Thanks for buying my first tricycle when I was three. Thanks for showing me how to fix the chain on my bike when I was ten. And thanks for teaching me how to tune up my first car. Remember that old relic? I look back now and laugh, but at the time, I was so proud of it! And, while I never became the auto mechanic you were, I did learn a lot. And, with your help (and mostly your tools) we kept the old thing running, didn’t we?
        And Dad, Thanks for bailing me out of that trouble when I was 19. It’s still embarrassing to think of it, but the way you treated me when it happened made me understand so many important things of life.
        As we drove home from the city jail, where I’d spent the night laying on a nasty, sticky floor in the drunk tank, you talked to me. Calmly (I realize now, lovingly). You didn’t yell or cuss or anything. I was so ashamed I couldn’t even look you in the eyes. And you said, ‘Son, the worst thing a man does in his life should not be the thing that defines him. If this becomes a pattern in your life, then yes, it defines you… as a drunk. A bum. Or a riff-raff criminal. But if this is only a learning experience… a painful lesson you have to learn, then it will make you a better man in the long run.’
        Maybe those weren’t your exact words, but I know that’s what you meant. Then you said, ‘ I hate what you’ve done. And I hate the dishonor that you’ve brought on yourself, on our family, on your mother, and me. But I do not hate you. I love you. Because you’re my son. And because I want to. And I forgive you. Now, it’s up to you whether this is a hard lesson learned, or the start of a self-destructive pattern in your life. You make that choice.’
        I guess that’s the only thing you ever said about the matter. I always liked that about you. Once something was settled, you never brought it back up in a way that questioned the character of a person, or demeaned them. You’d truly forgiven and put it out of your mind. I wish I was more like that.
        Dad, thanks for teaching me by your actions, even more than your words. Remember that time you were talking to my brother and you got angry and hung up the phone on him? A few minutes later, you realized you’d been wrong. But he’d been on a pay phone and you couldn’t call him back. So you went to Mom and said, ‘I’ve got to go apologize to our son.’ She just smiled and said, “Ok. See you in a couple days.” I guess she knew what was in your heart. Half an hour later you were on the road.
        You drove 600 miles to Albuquerque, just to put your arm around him and reconcile. He told me about it later. And Dad, he still gets a little chocked up talking about it. But that’s just the kind of man you were.
        James Dobson says the best thing a father can do for his kids is to love their mother. He’s right. But you knew that long before most people had heard of Dr. Dobson, didn’t you?
        I’ll never forget the time, I think it was the second year of my marriage, you took me aside and told me I should stop spending every weekend with my buddies, and spend more time at home with my young bride and our baby.
        The way you said it, something like: ‘You think it’s more fun to be riding dirt bikes with your friends at Red River but, son, you’re missing out on the best part of life! That precious wife of yours needs you. She needs your companionship… your presence, with her and the baby. And, believe me, you won’t regret the lost time with your buddies. But you will regret losing that time with her. Son, she’s the best thing that ever came into your life. But she can’t wait forever for you to grow up. Don’t risk losing that.’
        When you told me that, I was offended. And hurt. But I knew you weren’t trying to meddle in my life. You never did. But you also never abandoned your responsibility as a Dad, even when your kids were grown. You’d encourage us. And, whenever we’d listen, you would gently guide us. You seemed to have the perfect balance in that way.
        And you were right. It took me a few months to put it into practice, but I learned it really was better to spend that time with her. Later, when we were talking about it, she said almost exactly the same thing you did! She needed my ‘presence’ in her life. I know now, how wonderful it is to have a woman that loves you and wants you in that way. Kind of like you and Mom, huh? Oh, and we’ve been going strong for 31 years now! Thanks again, Dad.
        Thanks for teaching us boys to never be intimidated by a tool or a piece of machinery. You said, ‘Whether it’s a .22 rifle or a 22 ton excavator, don’t be afraid of it. If one man can design and build it, you can learn to use it. And if necessary, to fix it.’
        That attitude of confidence has served me well throughout life. I’ve run machinery half the size of a house, and fired weapons, and used all sorts of tools. And, because of you, I’ve done it safely. Maybe even pretty efficiently. Dad, you’re awesome!
        You didn’t make many mistakes, but when you did, you handled it in exactly the right way. You repented. You reconciled. You made things right because that was more important than your pride. Dad, you weren’t perfect. But you were the perfect Dad for me.
        You taught your children the meaning of integrity. And you did it with your life. The way your quietly lived it out each day. Nobody ever gave you an award, or public recognition. And you wouldn’t have wanted that anyway. You lived the way you did, and taught us all those wonderful lessons, just because it was the right thing to do. And because you loved us. Thank you.
        I know I’ll see you again soon. And we have so much to talk over! I can hardly wait to see you. But, Dad, I have to end this letter now. There’s something in my eye and it’s getting hard to see. Tell Jesus and Uncle Danny I said Hi…

        • Smokin

          I think that is so beautiful.

          Take care x

          • Thanks, Burt! It’s great to hear from you. Hope all is well on your side of the water.
            Dad truly was a gentle giant of a man. I benefitted from his love and wisdom for 25 years of my life. A swift kick in the backside, or a pat on the back- he always knew what I needed. Not everyone gets a Dad like that. But I can tell from many of the men here at Mac’s place, they can BE that kind of Dad even if they didn’t have one like that.
            Keep in touch, Burt. Don’t let Europe sink into the Atlantic without letting us know. We’ll send you a floatie!

            • The heck with the floatie. We will just get canoe and get Burt and family out.

              But we’ll drop them off at safer place in Greenland and then head back to USA to ward off folks going to FEMA camps for soup.

              • Sounds like a plan to me, Ug!

                • Smokin and Ugly

                  Thank you gentlemen. Just a thought if its that easy to get me out of here maybe we could do a little detour and end up back in the States, you have to go back there anyway lol.

                  Likeminded individuals and learning to shoot makes it seem like a good place for me.

                  Take care x

        • This is exactly how my wife and me raised our kids. It was hystarical watching my 16 old daughter a few years ago show her 24 year old male (by gynetics not by manhood) music director how to change a tire. Priceless.
          All of our children are now leaders in there comumities and self suficiant. When TSHTF they can survive or come home and be a part of my team of survivers. Mentor and train your own and any other yungins that what it. They will be a valuable resource to you and thier community when the time comes.

          • And, dads and moms–teach your child to use a stick shift.
            May save a life one day..or yours!!

        • Thanks for sharing Okie, explains a lot.

        • Hell of an instruction manual for those of us without that blessing of great parents, Okie.

          Your dad sounds a lot like mine, may he rest in peace.

        • Smokin…

          Awww…. now you went and done it…. that thing in your eye is contagious…

          Sniff, sniff… yeah, wonderful story. Its so wonderful to HAVE a dad, but you reminded me how bad it is to not have one… at least one that you can remember.

          How you have to learn many things on your own, the hard way. And that’s assuming you pay attention to life.
          Vietnam was so long ago, and so far away… but it went on for so long, that two generations were able to fight in it. My father came home in a box, when I was 12. When I was 18, I wanted to ‘get some payback’, it was the worst and best decision of my life.

          The PTSD, the ghosts and nightmares, the sudden impulse to dive for the ditch when cars backfire, the desire to avoid crowds, are almost all gone now, except for the avoidance of crowds and cities. That is one I probably will never get over, in fact, with time, it gets worse. It gets worse because what I see in America, is what my father talked about when I was real young, but I still remember those few lessons… the main one, the primary memory of an E8 master sergeant was; “Never trust the banks or the government…you’ll live to regret it.”

          Ole Dad was right, as usual, just like yours. The other day I was talking to the BIL, his father, was a democrat. Filled his head with all sorts of crap…

          My brother in law, didn’t think it was a ‘bad thing’ for the Democratic party to be pulling this illegal internet monitoring shit, and, what we term ‘Chicago style’ politics. He thought it was righteous because the Democrats were the righteous ones. But, if Republican’s pulled the same stunts, it would be an act worthy of the death penalty.

          I asked him if he thought that was somewhat unfair… “No, because, we’re ‘RIGHT’ and they’re ‘WRONG’….

          I asked if it mattered whether it was a right boot or a left boot on our necks… No Response… But, his eyes went wide open, and I think, for the first time, I got through to him…

          “Don’t you understand the ideologies of both parties end up the same way? With a few guys owning everything and proclaiming themselves BOSS?”

          “But this is America… ” Jim said… “That’s what the Jews said about Germany” I said….

          “National Socialism, was a combined ideology… it was neither communist nor fascist, it was both, in one. The ideologies are the illusion, to keep you and me arguing, divided, and not united, there are good and bad things about both of them. But, it was the ideology of practical rich and powerful people who wanted total mind control… that is what money is Jim, power and control. That’s what its all about. Its not a game of left versus right, its a game of haves versus have nots. They have it, and they don’t want you to get it. The problem is, there are too many of us, and that destroys ‘their’ resources… you see, they, think they own planet Earth. In order for them and their children to live in luxury, they will have to reduce the rest of us to poverty, that’s called the Zero Sum Game. Earth is a Zero Sum game, you can’t burn that oil in your engine twice, mother nature sets the rules, and she is a bitch.”

          “So what do you think has to happen, in order for the rich people to remain ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’, into the future?”

          He thought about it… and eventually his eyes went wide… “You mean?” I smiled… “Do you get it now? How many people do you think they’re gonna have to kill so that their children inherit the Earth?”

          “Oh my God… you mean like… Revelations?”
          “Call it what it is Jim… the NAZI’s are here.”

          I smiled, another sleeper has awakened. I thank ole dad too, for that one lesson I have never forgotten… (the other is to always, ALWAYS keep the weapon on SAFE, until you get ready to shoot…but, that’s another story.)

          Thanks Smokin, for the reminder… why we do what we do.

      34. Over 4 scandals in the presidency, and do you hear anything about it in the main stream media?, anything of substance?

        • VRF….

          That is because he is a democrat, not a republican.

          Maybe we should all join the Democrat Party. Then vote.

          Skip the Republicans. We will just join the Dems and raise alittle voting havoc?

          • … it doesn’t matter who you vote for the 2 party system is really just 1 … they all greedily SUCK on THE SAME Circumcised AIPAC ISRAELI ZIO-JEW WORM .


          • Yeah all 27 of you are going to make a huge difference. Gee, no one has thought of this before. No one changes parties during primary elections. You ugly are a original thinker. Hahahahaha. Hyper prepping, double down on loserdom. Why are you all so worried about people “not getting” the cause? If you are right, who cares? I know why…. If other people join the preppers, it will validate your goofy thinking.
            This person Daisy has bought prepper crap stock and is selling her junk to morons. This site is great entertainment and I look forward to my contributions. Cognitive dissidence at its best. Nothing is happening and it’s driving you nuts… Nuts. Not one more inch. For the last thousand inches. Not on more, regardless of saying nomi a thousand inches ago.
            2006, 7,8,9,10,11,12,13 but for sure 2014.
            Lets hear from the gun crowd. Please defend the guy who just got killed by his 4 year old. At least the right person died and not a kid. Oh yeah, it was the gubberment who killed him for a distraction and to make a case for taking your guns. Hahahahaha.
            You all need to store up on lithium or a anti psychotic of your choice.

            • You had a argument for the beginning of a good debate until you had to bring the kid into it.

              • Why is that Facebook? A kid killed his dad today. All the gun nuts on this site can’t comment? As far as the other comments, I am not looking to debate. I am stating facts. None of the wacko fears have been realized. Yes you still and always will have the right to a gun. Where are the comments about how the kid could have used anything to off his dad?

            • You ARE insane. Just keep stock piling your meds in your home under the bridge.

              • Simply pointing out none of the shit here is based in reality. Guess that makes me crazy? 2006, 7,8,9,10,11,12,13…….

                • Crazier than a bedbug in a Louisiana Whorehouse. ;0)

                  • Crazier than a perkerwood in a job interview.

                • See Sanity,

                  Never you mind when it’s a gonna happen. It ain’t.

                  See, Mac here has got this Delorean. I’m a gonna put together a flux-capacitor and cover him with the spud launcher in case the Libyans figure out he’s trading them pinball machine parts for their plutonium.

                  We’ve been figuring the only way to stop this whole mess is before it ever started by trans-temporal-trolfluxoff-dimensional-shift by doin 88 mph backwards through a school zone.

                  By the time Mac gets done and back you won’t even know what SHTFPLAN.COM IS let alone the fact YOU CAME LOOKIN FOR IT!

            • Sanity.

              Not crazy at all. In past times, it was considered wise to save food and seeds, and some monies. It was where the expression ‘save for a rainy day’ came from. You never know what life may bring, thus you saved stuff. In past, it was commonsense.

              Today, we have been dumbed-down and take our food, money, and lifestyle for granted. In reality, we USA folks have been extremely spoiled as compared to anyone pre-1960s. We are spoiled compared to others around the world. Basically, we have become spoiled brats that expect something for nothing.

              Well those days are ending.

              You are correct. Doomsdayers have been around since the 1929 stock crash, the initiation of Federal Reserve, WWI, WWII, and so forth. Preachers have been doomsdayers for years. I basically ignored most of that until 2009.

              Why 2009? In 2009, for the first time in USA history its debt was ahead of its economy and its currency rating. For the first time, our annual spending deficits have exceeded $Trillions. To compensate and buy time, now comes the money printings. Basically, dollars will get printed until it collapses. It won’t be too long from now. I am guessing 6 months to 3 years.

              Also, there are real indicators our dollar is collapsing. For the past 6 years, monies in either savings, T-bills, bonds, or CDs, have basically earned zero interest. That is not a good sign. If you earn zero interest for 6 years on a currency, that means that currency is becoming worthless.

              You can do what you want to do. I just choose to do what our fellow Americans of the past always did–they took their food seriously. They knew what starving was like–you and I don’t. But we will.

              Whatever your choices are, I wish you good luck. I also hope you are right. If the collapse never happens, you can laugh at me and I will laugh with you. The Oly is on me!

            • @Sanity— NO ONE here but a VERY few, have any. You are one of the ones that DOES…

              yup…NOMI… DONT TREAD ON ME… or else Ill say DONT TREAD ON ME AGAIN!

      35. Dutch Oven Lasagna

        1 1/2 lb. lean ground beef
        23 oz. spaghetti sauce
        9 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese
        3 eggs
        2 1/4 c cottage cheese
        1/4 c parmesan cheese
        13 lasagna noodles
        1 1/2 tsp. oregano
        3/4 c hot water

        brown the beef in the oven, drain an put into a bowl then add the spaghetti sauce. In another bowl mix cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, eggs and oregano. Add bit of Mozzarella for the top if you like.

        Break and place 4 lasagna noodles in the bottom of the oven, spread about 1/2 of the mixture over the top. Spread 1/2 of the cheese over this. Break 5 lasagna noodles and, place on top, add half the remaining meat over this and then the last of the cheese mixture. Break the remaining noodles and place over the top. Spread the last of the meat mixture over the top. Pour hot water all-round the edges of the oven.

        Put on lid and cook about an hour or till done. Seems to work well by using 12 pieces of charcoal, on top and bottom. Check frequently.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman,
          Your recipie post are making me hungry!
          Printed out in hard copy keep ’em coming!

          Semper Fi 8541

        • I am getting a dutch oven tomorrow, we have cast iron skillets but we can do more with a dutch oven. I don’t want to use my other pots over a fire. American made only!!!

          • JL, look for the older Wagner or Griswold type cast iron cookware. These were made years ago and there’s still a lot of them out there on line, albeit pricey. Check yard sales as well for them. I’ve picked up four of the different sized skillets cheap at yard sales. Currently I believe the only manufacturer in the states for cast iron cookware is Lodge. You have to do a lot of work on their products to get them seasoned properly as they are course. Lodge does sell some of their products as “seasoned” but that is a joke.

            • +100…Griswold + lard + chicken + Creole seasoning = Sunday dinner around here.

            • TSC has skillets..several sizes.

      36. VRF—Of course not, Friend….Status Quo.

        Know the difference between a Hoover vacuum cleaner
        and the sitting President of the United States?
        The position of the Dirt bag.

        • Lol, love it

      37. The biggest and most difficult task will be, trust and cooperation with others along the way. Paranoia will be at a all time high and there might be alot of itchy trigger fingers. Something to think about. People will need to overcome some fears and remember not all are bad and there can be strength in numbers. Now is the time to assemble trust worthy relations with others feel out who’s going to be a rat or trouble. There’s no room for s*** when in the s***!

        • The coming together will be after the systems death.

          We as individuals must first survive Its death.

          • @Facebook,

            Just remember if we’re getting ready to see Biblical Prophecy unfold here there’s no surviving it physically only spiritually. No bunker, no farming and, no prepping will save anybody from the wrath of God. Again its hard to say what’s ahead exactly and when. Be prepared spiritually for Biblical purposes and be ready physically in case it’s not but just rough times ahead. The facts and signs though do point to this being Biblical Prophecy. The world is falling into chaos and confusion and a one world government and leader will rise to bring order and security back and everyone has to get chipped for security and commerce purposes. If this humanity just moving along and making history then yeah we gotta make it first initially then organize and move forward and go from there. Keep prepping by all means but prep to see God one day too.

      38. Howdy, Burt, glad to hear from you and that you managed to get out of an urban area. In the past 2 months I have developed an arrangement with a relative for a BOL and have moved half of my supplies to it already. I now have a Plan B for whenever TSHTF. Still like to hear from Manos, though. I know he’s going through difficult times in Greece just like to know that he’s still among the living. Oh, also Copperhead; haven’t heard from him in so long. Take care. braveheart

        • Braveheart,


          I have sent a few emails to Manos over the last couple of months. He was gathering olives like crazy and he did say that he was looking at moving to a house on his cousins (I think it was cousin) in the olive area. I know it’s more rural there and I am hoping the lack of contact is due to lack of internet. I’ll try again today and let you all know if I get an answer. I have no contact for Copperhead. Guirza is okay but the internet is now costing so much money he only comes on and sends his “i’m alive” messages every couple of months.

          Glad to hear you are planning and sorting. I have realized that if shit happens I am better placed, if shit doesn’t happen well, I’m still better placed.

          Take care x

      39. Hi Daisy,

        Thank you for a thought provoking and great article.

        I am going to put it into hard copy.

        I hope you are safe and well, esp. with your move.

        To Smokin Oakie ~ What you just wrote for Fathers Day,

        I did the same thing. I wrote down my thanks to him

        for being there and his help as I was growing up.

        Only I wrote this on his B-Day card 2 months ago, as

        his b-day was in April. You are a thoughtful and

        sensitive person, also funnier than hell.

      40. Daisy sure can write well can’t she? I would like to bring up the ultimate police state, and that is ANY state that would make rain barrels illegal on your own property. The amount of water someone can capture from a roof is not only tiny, it is nothing in the scheme of the water shed of the land. IF EVERY single person captured water on their roof, including commercial buildings it would not even amount to 1/100 of 1% of the total water that falls from the sky. I did aerial photography and there is absolutely no excuse for telling people that they are taking any amount of water from the system.

        In my opinion ANY state that makes water collection from rainwater illegal is an extremely dangerous police state, and if they have not already made massive gun restrictions, THEY WILL. They will also go after EVERYONE of your personal freedoms eventually also. It is far different to divery water on the ground or within it. This is call riparian water laws, and they are necessary. You don’t want your neighbor drawing down your well which means you have to spend a lot of money to have a deeper well. To make it illegal for someone to collect water from your roof is the same as making it illegal to carry anything that would constitute a weapon. It is that freakening stupid and is worse than any sensible law every made. GET OUT of any state that is like this, they will go after other freedoms later, hard core.

        Anyone that would not believe me about the water shed of ANY area, go to the library and pull up an aerial photo or go to Google and look at the size comparison of all residents’ homes in comprison to the full landscape. You will easily see that it is total government trying to screw everybody’s backside. It is beyond junk science, it is pure sticken sun baked piles of fly covered horse manure. Well most of the government has now become this, so should we be surprised.

        By the way in my last comment of WW3, I refer to the Middle East as a very complex piece in the whole foundation of what will bring about the third world war. I am not saying that Iran is the only key piece. Iran or a magnitude of other countries and reasons could be the ultimate trigger or flashpoint to what will bring about world war. Could even be North Korea and Japan. I wanted to point out that things are massively heating up over there, nothing like has been seen in decades.

        I saw one comment about everyone has been talking about WW3, even after WW2. This is true, but several times the world has been saved from the brink of destruction. Right now there are more people on the planet than ever, and they are vying for resoruces that were considerably more decades ago. There is a ceiling in how much one can take cheaply from a resource. Think of this as picking fruit on a tree. The tree at first is easy and plentiful to pick fruit. Then the ladder comes out, takes longer and is not as cost efficient as when the picking first started. Eventually the fruit is in very difficult spots to obtain, and become more costly to get at. Countries have fought wars over far easier to obtain resources cheaply than the present day.

        There is also something called statistical chance. The longer an event goes without occurring the more likely it becomes of happening sooner and sooner. The ONLY variant to this is if people have been less likely to fight a world war. If this was the case, the amount of money spent on military hardware would subside. This has balloned if anything per capita average, inflation taken into account, rather than a skewed raw number of dollars spent. One super power building up is all it takes to increase spending to drive up the chance of WW3. China has gone through the roof, Russia has gone back to its Soviet level of spending, and even though BO has likely purposely cut nuclear weapons, the military spending is still massive. That shows it is getting much closer.

        Another issue is that more and more countries are obtaining nuclear technology and adding to their nuke arsenals. Where in the 1970’s and 80’s basically 5 countries were declared nuclear powers, Israel the sixth non. Now countries of North Korea, India, Pakistan, likely Iran, soon many more than 1-5, have nukes. The real issue is now the ability to delivery them. In the 80’s China basically had these huge ICBM’s that carried massive H-bombs on them, 5-20 megatons, and maybe had 30 of these ICBM’s. Now China has submarine based missiles, mobile based ICBM’s and regular ICBM’s. Hundreds of missiles that can reach the U.S. and other places, and thousands of nukes. You now have three countries that can end civilization instaed of two.

        The real issue here with regards to nuclear war is the development of much better missile technology that has spread throughout the world. Far easier to push the button from mutiple sources than decades ago. Two countries can contain a third world war much easier than a whole bunch of them.

        It doesn’t have to be mushroom clouds either than end humans rein on the planet. I have longed feared much more so the nearly invisible germ. Biological wepaons are so much easier to design than a generation ago because of the advancement of computers. Now testing can be done via in the cyber world with scenario after scenario, billions of them to see what virus and what type of mutation will kill the most number of people that fastest possible way. I bet they could now turn a benign virus such as warts into some flesh eating killer bug with tweaking after tweaking of the structure of the virus. Poor man’s nuke, the germ that only needs more hosts for its fuel.

        I have seen people’s reaction to WW3, and some people just can’t talk about it or even hear anything about the growing rapidly the possiblilty of all out war. It is still there, the same as living near Mt. St. Helens before it blew. It is happening and either a person can try to prepare for it the best they can and increase dramatically their chance of surviving it. OR they can go into the comfort of burying their head in the sand and forget about it until it is too late.

        Prepping for even the unthinkable is something that people that want to survive must do. The odds of WW3 happening grow each week the same as an area that has been drought stricken for decades will get a tremendous flooding event. Unless another event that basically ends human civilization beats it to the punch, it will happen, statistics show it will. Why not be as ready for it as possible when it does happen?

        • Be informed

          That old song that Donovan sang, “Universal Soldier”
          still rings as true today as it did in the sixties.
          The way to end war is not by having another war.

          My dad told me the problem was, when he was a young
          man at the start of WW2, there wasn’t a thing to do
          after going through the withering Great Depression
          except to join the service. Apparently 46 bucks a
          month as a seaman was better than no bucks at home.

          He laughed at the irony of the cartoon we saw that
          depicted a hayseed straight off the farm standing
          at the pay phone in front of the recruiters office
          saying, “Hello Ma…! … I got the job!!

          • @ OutWest. As long as there are human beings, at least in this state of spiritual development, there can be no long term peace.

      41. I’m sure I’m like a lot of people. I live in a small town. The soil isn’t fit for growing food. I’m a non-insulin dependent diabetic in my 50s. I have food and water stockpiled but I’m not in any condition to grow my own food without mechanized equipment. I’m convinced that the collapse will only last a year or so anyway before the government regains control of the country.

        • Barn Cat

          Toss in three MIs and you sound like me.

        • i hate to shake you but if things go south The Goerment As we know It will never be th same. Folks in your situation are expendabe . In a survival of the fittest secanario your doomed. You wouldnt last a year.

          • Welcome to the club.

        • @Barn Cat,

          Who so ever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be Saved. It’s hard to say how far we go or long we last. We may not make it. Just be prepared spiritually.

          • (Mat 7:21-23 NIV) “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. {22} Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ {23} Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

        • Barn Cat

          Morning. I have been wrestling with growing problems and solutions. I also am 50+, short, female with arthritis so bad that some days moveing is agony. Raised bed gardening has proved to be my saving grace. Filled with organic material ranging from horse muck to old leaves mixed with the soil, which was poor in the extreme at my last place worked a treat. Comfortable height, no, dig, just weed as they appear. Combined with intensive planting, like the square foot method the yield is excellent. Beware the drainage though if you live in an area prone to rain, i will be dumping rocks and broken pots in the bottom of the ones I do here so the soil at the bottom does not compact over time and retain the water. I will learn from the horrendous mess when all my stuff rotted die to bad drainage.

          I really hope this helps, i have researched square foot, no dig and raised bed and combined them, I have tried it on a small scale to check it out and I think its going to be a good deal easier that struggling to grow a few spindly plants in crap soil and hurting the bones to boot.

          Take care

          • Thanks for the info.

        • Have some raised “flower” beds built about 30 inches high. This will alow you to grow a garden and be alot less physical work.

          • Sorry burt, I missed your post before commenting. But we are on the same page and age.

      42. Been A while since I posted this little tip on here, but here we go! Stock up on some rubbing alcohol when you can. Multiple uses!!! Not just to clean and sanatize, but dump a shot glass full or two into an empty tuna can or soup can. It will burn hot and clean with little odor for about 30 mins or so. There you have light, heat, warmth, boil some water. You should be able to find a 32 ounce bottle on sale for 3 bucks??? Give or take. Perfect for a bug-out bag, car, whatever! Almost forgot It must be 91% rubbing alcohol. You can get 70% or less but it wont burn as hot, clean, or as long as the 91%

        • Are sales down at the premade still site again.

        • Wow that is a really good tip I posted. And you can take it or leave it. Not here to get a thousand thumbs up or anything…but who the hell gave me a thumbs down??? You really do have nothing better to do. Do you?

          • Not really.

          • I put the alcohol on my list for payday. Along with more bottles of hyd peroxide and calcium hypo (clorox)

      43. Folks interested in becoming prepared should start learning how to grow their own food and can what you grow. Growing your own food is not simple and neither is canning. Both require a lot of resolve and hard work. You need tools to grow your own food and you need tools to can. Spend your fiat currency now, on tools and canning equipment before its too late. Stock up on storable foods, guns, ammo, tools, stump remover, organic apple cider vinegar, agriculture sulfur, salt, kerosene, sodium hydroxide, fire wood, water collection apparatus (300 gal barrels on both sides of your house), to collect rain water. Stock up on information on how to accomplish all the things mentioned in this article. Stock up on toilet paper. Learn how to make your own charcoal and how to make your own hominy. Learn what wild herbs are medicinal, collect the seeds and cultivate them. If you are a regular visitor to this site you already know what to do. If you are a first time reader, take this article very seriously. And… by all means, get yourself a good dog. It doesn’t have to be a ferocious attack dog but just any old dog. Australian Shephard’s are loving and awesome. Dogs are territorial and will be your first line of defense when intruders approach. If you accomplish the things mentioned in this article and here you will have a much better chance to survive when SHTF. Having said that, no one really knows what will happen during a SHTF scenario. A worse case scenario will be a total collapse and round up of people to ship them off to gulags or having to live under 18th or 19th century conditions for long periods of time (2 to 5 years). Prepare accordingly. Prepping is not simple and neither is living off the grid. Get used to living without electricity and everything else will fall into place. It’s not easy but it’s that simple. Just saying.

        • All I want is my dog to bark and give me a “heads up” when strangers appear. I’ll do the biting.

      44. To all I don’t surf this site much anymore because you
        people bash each other to much 90% of you will not make it some of you act like your prepping for a weekend camping trip talking about making dutch oven this and dutch oven that making wine and all the other bullshit
        unless you disappear into the mountains and live the old way when the shooting starts they will just blow you away with a drone so enjoy your camping trip

        • @Swamprat:
          You are free to express your ideas on what we need to do to survive in the upcoming struggle. Please share your ideas. Please don’t down grade others.

          Keep the FAITH

        • I think most people on here Already have most of the Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids they want! So Mr. Swampratt people pass on tips about ovens and homemade wine for something to do. A way to help people pass the time. Apparently you know nothing about prepping. I dunno about you, but some homemade Wine or moonshine!!! Would make a great barter item! Personally I prefer batteries, matches, and cigarettes! But to each his own. No need to get all bitchy! If someone wants to pass a tip along, you find it useful or not. Either way you move on!

        • Swampratt–I don’t have a dutch oven. 🙁
          But I have acquired from a flea market and TSC two cast iron skillets.
          Today’s cookware will NOT survive a live fire.
          And most don’t know the importance of an Aladdin/Stanley thermos. When fuel is as priceless as water, a Stanley is worth gold.
          Oh, we all ain’t campers, but many of us are thinkers!!

          Peace..May love be the light that guides us through the darkness; because, yes, it is coming.

      45. @Ugly:

        Comment ID: 1763260

        1. Dandelion Wine
        2. One gallon dandelion flowers
        One gallon boiling water
        Three oranges
        Three lemons
        3 1/2 pounds sugar
        One package yeast
        One egg white, beaten
        3. Pour water over dandelions, and let set for a day.
        4. Slice oranges and lemons and add to above with sugar and yeast. Let all stand for two days.
        5. Strain, and add the egg white. Let stand about two weeks or until it stops working, skimming the top every couple of days.
        6. Strain and bottle (not too tightly), and leave in a cool dark place for six months. Enjoy.

        Keep the FAITH

      46. Ginger Beer

        Servings: 1

        1 ea. Ginger root
        1 ea. Lemon, grated rind of
        2 oz. Cream of tartar
        1 1/2 lb. Sugar
        1 gal Water, boiling
        1 ea. Yeast, envelope
        Grate and thoroughly mash the ginger root in a bowl. Place in a large pot
        and add all ingredients except the yeast. Stir until sugar and cream of
        tartar is dissolved. Allow mixture to cool, and then add yeast which has been started (dissolved) in a little lukewarm water. Cover tightly for 6 hours, then filter first through a tea strainer or similar, then through cloth. Bottle and cap tightly, sealed. Place in dark, cool (60 degree) place for two weeks. Chill fully before opening to drink.

        Keep the FAITH

      47. 1 cup of loser
        2 cups of crazy
        A handful of stupid
        3 gallons of bullshit

        • That’s what little Sanitys are made of.

          • You’re right. But it did make me chuckle.

      48. We’ll need self sufficiency skills for sure, but I think we’ll also need to be able to live together. Include what you’ll need to be part of a community in your preps.

        Can you sew or knit? Do you have hand tools or mechanical skills? Welding equipment? Can you cut and split firewood without a chainsaw? Maybe you are good with bicycles, do you have things like spoke wrenches, spare tubes, metric allen wrenches, a chain breaker?

        Preps will carry us through a rough patch, but I think a real possibility for a large segment of the country will be something like colonial times; each little homestead responsible for itself in may things, but depending on each other for specialized tasks like grinding wheat, building barrels or trapping.

        Think about how you can fit into such a society and prepare for it.

        And prepare to say ‘no’ to your lazy and blind friends, who may be genuinely suffering, but really must learn the hard lessons. This above all else as we rebuild:

        2 Thessalonians 3:10
        For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.

        Forgetting this simple lesson was one of the greatest mistakes our nation has made. Teach a man to fish if he’s hungry, don’t come and take my fish, give it to him, and call it ‘equity’.

      49. Wow is anyone prepped enough to survive 7 years because if the SHTF for real that’s what it would take. You have to get trough years of strangeness and bad weather of all kinds to trust in just farming would probably kill most people, who don’t know how ,when or where Think long term not one month or year mainly if a major pandemic hits the planet experts say a pandemic can come in many waves lasting from 3 to 7 years!!!

        • Some are, I personally am not. I add a little at a time, we garden and are going to get chickens. I try and keep a balance of supplies and skills. My husband took care of the garden until now, but I have taken an active interest in it.
          Moral question : if we get hit with a pandemic is it wrong to take food from the dead? Or ammo? I would suit up first and put it in a black trash bag for a couple weeks depending on how long it takes for the particular virus to die.

        • Exactly Geo–6 years here and counting.
          Never stop collecting foods and such.
          Oh, if I have too much, so what?
          I may be the lifeline for this street of oblivious parents.
          Sad, very sad.
          Not enough fuel for cooking for years? Better have a chain saw, sharpeners, oil, etc.

          • Forget the chain, just get the saw. makes less noise and doesnt use fuel. Keep the chainsaw to use on the zombies.

            • Yep–you are right. Gas will be the problem.

        • The Smoking Gun in Plain Sight

          “Demonize your political enemies, then hire people like these (Eric Holder, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, etc.), and the result is precisely what happened in Germany after 1933 and what’s happening now to us: a kind of bureaucratic coup d’etat in which the legitimately elected government overturns the established relationship between the individual and the State and replaces it with something very different; a relationship that no one voted for, saw coming, or imagined could happen so quickly and so quietly.”

          “Right now, the best use of their time and energy would be to expose the Obama administration’s wrongdoings; to illuminate for Americans just what’s been going on in Washington and to show voters — especially young voters — what sort of country we’d be living in if the president had gotten away with this. Never before have our politicians and our news organizations had a better opportunity to demonstrate just what happens when we vote carelessly, elect a zealot who appoints operatives with no sense of honor or comprehension of right-and-wrong, then parties with rock stars while his coup d’etat unfolds.”

          The American Thinker dot com


        • Lookout!! Brave heart is really pissed now. He is about to bring the wrath of shtf down. Oh dear, he normally makes fun of people with all CAPS. Bh, we are sorry, please don’t pound the keyboard. We are afraid. Very afraid. Hahahahaha. By the way, I tell it like it is. 06,7,8,9,10,11,12,13….. Not happening still.

        • @Bravehart- you arent Brave…you are a PUSSY…

          and Daisy brings nothing but CRAZY to the “prepper community”

          Her info is as worthless as you calling yourself BRAVE.

          Whoopeee!!!! Bravehart who thinks he is Mel Gibson, the anti semite on a white horse.
          I think you need a woman. Or a MAN..


        • Nope. This is way too much fun. 06,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,…. I find you amusing and your anger funny. If I’m so wrong, why get so mad? Why don’t you take your tough talking and. Computer typing skills and get a job? Not one more inch starting riiiggghtt now.

        • Don’t get so darn angry. He ain’t worth it.

      52. You guys are crackin me up tonight! It’s like tag-team wrestling from the old days!

        In the blue corner…jellie, facebook and sanity and a dozen others.
        In the red corner…braveheart, highnoon and burt the brit.
        Ding, there’s the bell and sanity tosses a live grenade at the opposing corner! Wait! Before it explodes, braveheart picks it up and tosses it right back! And burt stands glaring at the other team, giving them the finger!
        Now jellie has a Molotov cocktail and is lighting the fuse. But no, facebook is tossing a folding chair at him…his own team mate. Guess he has a score to settle with more than just the other team!
        And what’s this!? Daisy just drove into the coliseum in a Sherman tank. She’s rolling right toward the ring!
        But wait! There’s Mac at the main entrance, ready to push the plunger on the dynamite! It’s a free-for-all tonight folks! It’s total pandelerium!
        And where’s okie? He was supposed to be on the main card… no wait… there he is, sneaking out the back door while putting on a refs shirt as a disguise. He’s shouting something at the top of his lungs… I can barely hear it over the screaming crowd!…

        “Can’t we all just get alooong…”

        • @ SmokinOkie. First of all, you have so much wit and I truly enjoy your comments so much. Next, I think everybody is feeling the tension in the air, it is so thick you can cut it with a cheese knife. I mean, people around the country are truly in very bad moods. I don’t know if it has something to do with the planet like some hypersonic sound from the crustal plates tensing up, or it has some warning system that has gone up with so many of something ready to break. It is there though, and we all might just be ready to see it first hand soon. What do you think?

          • Somebody in that crowd had to have a pre-ban pressure cooker!

          • My family and I definitely sense a “quickening.” Never felt this before.

        • Hat tip.

        • Smokin

          I like everyone except those I don’t lol but I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag…actually a builder got ‘propelled towards the door” the other day, well thats how the police worded it. You don’t make comments like he did about my 8 year old daughter and get away with it. I didn’t actually use the crow bar but I do so hate the ‘C’ word, winds me up something cruel.


          • Go get em Burt!

            email was down for a week
            ..thanx for the pix..

            Daisy..as always..superb job..


            • Possee,

              gone from baby poo brown to lemon sorbet on the outside of the house…far better lol

              Hope you and yours are well x

      53. The Israeli Crime mafia

        is the general term for organized crime groups operating in Israel and also internationally.

        Allegedly there are 16 crime families operating in Israel, five major groups active on the national level, and 11 smaller organizations.

        There are reputed to be six Mizrahi Jewish crime families active and three Arab crime families.Many heads and members of the crime groups have either been killed or are in prison.

        Organized crime in Israel

        The major crime groups are the Abergils, the Abutbuls, the Alperons, the Dumranis, the Shirazis, the Amir Molnar and Zeev Rosenstein syndicates. The illegal activities they are engaged in include:

        Operating casinos and other forms of gambling inside and outside Israel
        Prostitution and trafficking in women
        Money Laundering
        Protection and extortion rackets
        Loan sharking
        Drugs and arms dealing
        Fencing stolen goods
        Diamond smuggling[citation needed]

        According to Israel’s former Police Commissioner David Cohen, Israeli crime organizations had penetrated the formal economic sector and local governments, and “equipped themselves with large quantities of combat means explosives and arms.” In a mob war starting in the early 2000s between the crime families, several crime bosses were killed. It also cost the life of innocent bystanders.


      54. Great article



        N.O. ;0p

      56. the true enemies of christianity and islam

        is judaism and the luciferian jesuit order of the catholic religion .

        christians and muslims should unit as brothers and sisters as a family to stop the global enslavement greedy usury reach of the jews and jesuits who are slowly strangling the world and its once free people for their own selfish greed and usury .

        your enemy is my enemy making us friends and allies .

        FreeMen FreeWomen Christian and Muslims – Unite as One – FIGHT THE NWO ZOG , FREEMASONS and their LUCIFERIAN BLACK POPE .

        OR PERISH under their jack boot of GLOBAL ZIONISM and FASCISM !!!

        N.O. ;0p

        • Ron Paul: “It’s Going to Get Much, Much Worse”

          “I think we are going to go through the ringer… It is bad enough already, but there is no way that we can step back.”

          “I think monetizing debt and spending and deficit is going to get much, much worse until the world rejects the dollar.”

          “when people become frightened, they look for things of real value, and I don’t think they can repeal the laws of economics that says that for 6,000 years metals have been beneficial. They will go to monetary metals, gold and silver”

          “…if we have an authoritarian government, that is our greatest threat. So, I would like to think that there is no perfect protection, other than shrinking the size and scope and power of government, so that we can be left alone and take care of ourselves.”

          GOT AMMO !?
          GOT FOOD !?
          GOT WATER !?
          GOT PHYZZ !?

          N.O. ;0p

      57. my wife and I are already making plans for and working toward a level of self-sufficiency… we have the land, seeds, water access, a stock of food and we’re gathering implements… we’re running a “test garden” in plastic tubs this season… next step is moving a camping trailer to our property and spending 3 days of 7 there to start… i’m branching out in my profession to start up an extension on our property… things can be accomplished if thought through and proper arrangements are made…

        • Of course every round is being bought.

          The fact is the merchants are getting a fraction of what they were getting. According to the sales guy at WallMart their getting 10% of what they were previously. My friend is a Federal Distributor and he is getting two tractor trailer loads when he used to get five. Even if the manufacturer are making the ammo its not getting to retail sale. How this is accomplished is anyones guess. For all I know Uncle sam is buying it through middlemen and dumping it in the ocean. All I know is its not on store shelves.

          • When you go to a store don’t ask if the ammo is being bought up but ask if they’re getting what they used to get in a year ago.

          • My personal belief is that this entire ammo shortage is deliberate…

            Handguns and rifles are starting to be plentiful ..but no ammo..just a mere trickle here and there..at twice the price.

            So now we have millions more of us well armed..and a few rounds to defend ourselves..

            How quaint it all is..

            There’s so much more to this than meets the eye..


            • Hello Possee.
              Please elaborate on your perspective as to why there is an ammo shortage in USA, and why it’s deliberate. There is so much lead in formations in some places that it goes for miles underground.
              Why is there a shortage?

      58. Oh… I forgot to mention. Go get yourself 8 or 10 or more, gallon jugs of Carlo Rossi wine. I’m not promoting Carlo Rossi, but I am promoting recycling the glass gallon jugs the wine comes in. Two benefits, you drink the wine and then have nice glass gallon jugs to use as primary and secondary fermenters to make more wine. Also, the tops from large Clorox containers fit these particular gallon jugs which can be used to store Clorox. You’ll come to know, the first time a plastic Clorox container bio-degrades before you use the Clorox and it eats a hole in your floor. Carlo Rossi makes fairly decent day wine but their glass gallon jugs are almost priceless because they have so many other practical uses that other jars don’t. Just saying.

        • CN, I have also started storing/saving all plastics with lids, like cottage cheese, cool whip.
          There may come a day when we are thankful for something so insignificant now.

      59. Perhaps ‘modest invasion of privacy’ should be met with a ‘modest regime change’

        • VRF

          As long as the beer keeps flowing, and the bread and circuses keep airing…

          all will remain the same I’m afraid..

          we are but a small minority..

          keep on preparing..


          • Yep Im afraid your right Possee

            too many clueless unawake masses that will be ripe for the screwing

        • To what? is the problem. The same issue exists down here in OZ. both sides are puppets and the greens have opted to play along just so they can sit in the leather seats.

          Nature abhors a vacuum, so I am sure something will evolve to fill the role of a real representative, a space currently occupied by snivelling croks and charletans.

      60. The pro-NSA trolls are already coming out of the woodwork demanding to know why Snowden fled to Hong Kong instead of Iceland or Sweden.

        1) I dunno, maybe because he knows NSA/CIA don’t have too many Asian ethnicity black bag teams that can blend in?

        2) Maybe because there would be serious consequences if USA attempted a drone assassination on Chinese soil, as opposed to a strongly worded letter from Iceland or Sweden?

        3) Patriots/gun owners of all stripes — the 3 letter agencies ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. They are not on your side. Even if you personally know patriots inside these agencies their bosses have totally sold out to turning the gigantic intelligence machine/Eye of Sauron on the American people. Just like the upper echelons of DoD. Wake up!

        • Sold out, so has the Republican and Democrat machine. so has Fox News and obviously the MSM. They were calling for the death penalty for this guy on fox this morning. Can’t believe my eyes. Both sides are the same. They feel being spied on is a liberty they should give up. Not looking good folks.

      61. I think maybe the reasoning behind declaring rain barrels illegal mught be to protect revenue? If too many folks start developing less dependence on public water systems the Parasite GOBs would lose tax revenue. In many places things like garbage pickup, mosquito control ect are tacked on to the water bills. I know of places where they declared the region a (Well Head Protection Area) the federal goverment gave grants to drill a well build water towers and run distribution lines all over the countryside. Then they mandated everyone discontinue use of their private well,s and hook up to the rural water system. They actually came and pored concrete in privately owned wells. The now have the rural residents under their taxation thumb. They can attach any fee,s they can dream up to the water bill. They can shut of your water. The system could be very easily poisoned also. Someone could hook to any hydrant and using a pressure washer pump any type of liquid back into the system.

        • hide em..fuck the system

          you wont see any rain barrels on my property.., but that don’t mean they don’t exist.
          we are way smarter than them,, well some of us are anyways

      62. POSSE I believe the boys upstairs have a lot of control over the natural resources and put the stop on what can be sold for what with some arm twisting, the Government must own or have control over copper and lead mining! Taxing and other sneaky ass pressures!!!!!! I told people long ago to get the ammo, if they stop the ammo flow it’s just like gun control after so many years

      63. True Real “Freedom” …

        is Priceless .


        N.O. ;0p

      64. Good morning, everyone. I’m sorry about using all caps in my 2 comment from late last night, but these trolls are really getting to me lately, especially when they attack someone intelligent like Daisy. I’m going to stand up for Daisy and I know plenty of other people here would also. I’ve been coming to this site for almost a year now and within my first 2 months here Daisy really earned my respect with her knowledge and insight in to the world of preparedness. With the one exception of ncjoe, all trolls are fair game and targets of opportunity. When you start attacking members of our community for no good reason, IT’S GAME ON! So for all the trolls out there, just BACK OFF OF SHTFPLAN.COM, JUST BACK THE F#$% OFF! Braveheart

      65. Military told not to read Obama-scandal news

        Verizon phone records story off-limits to airmen
        Published: 12 hours ago

        President Obama has said the outrage over the federal government’s decision to monitor citizens’ phone activity is all “hype.”
        He might want to share his opinion with the U.S. Air Force, which is ordering members of the service not to look at news stories about it.

        WND has received an unclassified NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) that warns airmen not to look at news stories related to the data-mining scandal.

        Want to know how and why America has so rapidly come to resemble the totalitarian society described by novelist George Orwell in “1984,” one characterized by universal surveillance? It’s all exposed in a special issue of Whistleblower magazine – titled “ONE NATION UNDER SURVEILLANCE: Big Brother is watching in ways Orwell never dreamed.”

        The notice applies to users of the Air Force NIPRNET (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network), which is the only way that many troops stationed overseas and on bases in the U.S. are able to access the Internet.

        The last line of the executive summary states:

        “Users are not to use AF NIPRNET systems to access the Verizon phone records collection and other related news stories because the action could constitute a Classified Message Incident.”

        Cindy McGee, the mother of an airman stationed in the UAE, spoke with WND.

        “The fact that our government is attempting to censor our service members from the truth of what is happening here at home is truly frightening and disheartening,” said McGee.

        Her son received the same notice.

        McGee continued, “I am outraged that our government is attempting to censor the information from our military that every citizen in this country is potentially being targeted by our government in a massive overreach of their constitutional powers by unconstitutional surveillance of all Americans and storage of that data.”

        There have been a multitude of reports already on the latest exploding scandal of the Obama administration.

        Last Wednesday, the Guardian broke the news of the top-secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all of its call data on an ongoing basis to the National Security Agency.

        On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the NSA and FBI are gathering data from the servers of nine U.S. Internet companies.

        Then reports came out that there are 50 companies from which the government is collecting data.

        During a press conference, the president dismissed what he called “hype” over the surveillance programs.

        But concern over this broad surveillance is causing legislators to look into what they can do to enable more oversight of these operations.

        The latest news detailing how the government keeps track of this massive amount of data and its origins was posted by the Guardian, for everyone in the world to read, except members of the Air Force.

        See the memo:

        N.O. ;0p

      66. Wait until Congress finds out they’ve been spied on also then all of a sudden these assholes will start giving a fuck.


        Amid the revelations that the National Security Agency has been secretly monitoring the records of millions of phone calls across the country via telephone service provider Verizon, Congress is concerned that the NSA’s actions may have also captured phone calls of lawmakers and their staffers. It should be noted that Verizon is one of the main service providers to government issued Blackberries members and their staff use to communicate with one another.

        A senior hill staffer on the House side told Breitbart News on Sunday, “I have grave concerns over the privacy of communications between staff and their member of Congress. All of our communications go through Verizon or ATT to reach our Blackberries.” The staffer added, “Through a blanket seizing of these communications, the NSA is permanently intercepting and storing privileged material. This rasies further constitutional issues regarding separation of powers.”

        A senior Senate staffer agreed telling Breitbart News, “Senators and staff all use Verizon phones. So the executive branch is monitoring the meta data of the Senate. This seems like a violation of the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution.”


        Now they remember there is a fucking Constitution when they realize they been spied on also. Fucking same assholes who voted to enable all these programs and spending allocated towards.

        N.O. ;0p

        • We the People need to be spying on them…all of them, and quickly exposing everything they do every fuckin moment of their day..

          Hey Pelosi is takin a piss…!

          and Eric is flogging the one eyed snake

          • We just need to put them in a glass fish bowl and forget to change the water.

      67. Too bad there are no accounts of right after the toba eruption. Wonder what the few thousand breeding pairs left alive did for prepping . Maybe we are all descended from a bare handful of preppers . So it is in our blood ).

      68. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence. To some these are little more than historical documents, but to conservatives these are the law of the land. It is clear as one reads them, the foundation of our country was built with limited government and the free market in mind.

        However, Washington is out of touch. Special interests throw money at career politicians. These same politicians fail to lead and simply react to the latest controversy to gain a spot on Sunday morning talk shows.

        With congressional approval at an all time low, it’s easy to understand why some would prefer to appear on television sets rather than face their constituents back at home.

        President Reagan once said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,” that we must fight for it, protect it and hand it down to future generations.

        Yesterday South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham endorsed President Obama’s intrusive arm of big brother regarding the collection of data and phone records:

        so our response to any politician not doing OUR work, should be pushed out of office ASAP..no fan fair, no time line..immediate expulsion from office, until they ALL get the dam message

        • @ VRF,

          The US Constitution wasn’t written with limited government in mind. We already had limited government in the Articles of Confederation. It was limited because unanimity of the 13 states was required to do anything beyond ordering lunch. A cohesiveness that was rarely achieved.

          For example, under the A of C what government existed had a hard time raising revenue to do much of anything. A good example of “that government which governs least.”

          The Con Convention was originally called to [ REVISE ] the A of C. Ha Ha. Strong central gov types like Hamilton wanted a powerful central government. They got one.

          The national level politician doesn’t and NEVER HAS represented the little guy. Do you really think any of the thousand folk who contribute $100 each has as much clout as the special interest weasel who writes a check for $100 K ? Nope. Nada.

          So the VRF Throw the Bums out party succeeds. Whoopee.

          We replace Tweedledum with Tweedledee. And the bum thrown out repairs to his daddy’s law firm where he earns three times as much as he did on Capitol Hill and resumes screwing debutantes out of sight of the press.

          There need to be SANCTIONS that cost the bastards. I will leave to your imagination what I mean by that.

          When there is no cost, when there is no danger, in acting toward us as though we are stupid farm animals to be managed, the tyranny will continue. Until we impose some sanctions on them or until our corpses are rotting underground.

      69. Obama: If you can’t trust us, we’re going to have some problems

        Trust the government?

        Trust the government that lied to us about Pearl Harbor?

        Trust the government that lied to us about Human-caused global warming?

        Trust the government that lied to us about Saddam’s nuclear weapons?

        Trust the government that lied to us about 9-11?

        Trust the government that lied to us about Oklahoma City?

        Trust the government that lied to us about Government-sanctioned drug running?TWA 800

        Trust the government that lied to us about the JFK Assassination?

        Trust the government that lied to us about the Martin Luther King assassination?

        Trust the government that lied to us about the murder of Vince Foster?

        Trust the government that lied to us about why we are in Afghanistan?

        Trust the government that is lying to us about Iran?

        Trust the government that lied to us about Osama Bin Laden?

        Trust the government that lied to us about why there are so many wars?

        Trust the government that lied to us about the economy?

        Trust the government that lied to us about the legality of the income tax?

        Trust cannot be demanded. It must be earned. And this government has given us a great many reasons not to trust it. But the biggest reason of all not to trust the government is that it is the government. The Founding Fathers wrote that Constitution and Bill of Rights because they knew that power attracts the very sort of people who should never be allowed to have it. People like you, for instance. And the government, which has lost the trust of the people long ago, will not start to re-acquire it until they remember that it is the Bill of RIGHTS, not a Bill of Suggestions. There is already a problem, Mr. Obama. The entire US Government, NSA, IRS, DOJ, Congress, and YOU, suffer a massive crisis of credibility of your own making. You lied to us. More lies will not repair the damage.


      70. meet ZOG AMERIKA’S NAZI SS SHOCK TROOPS the American NSA

        US security officials said NSA leaker, journalist should be ‘disappeared’ – report

        The source behind the revelation of the top-secret NSA
        surveillance program, dubbed one of the most significant
        intelligence leaks in US history, was uncovered late last week.
        Snowdon, a former CIA technical contractor and NSA consultant,
        had asked the Guardian to reveal his identity. He has fled to
        Hong Kong in a bid to escape retaliation by the US.

        “The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to
        intercept almost everything. With this capability, the vast
        majority of human communications are automatically ingested
        without targeting. If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s
        phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails,
        passwords, phone records, credit cards,” Snowden told the


        N.O. ;0p

        • ZOG AMERIKA FEDGOV to its Tax Debt Slaves

          DO AS I SAY … NOT AS I DO ;0p

          “ARREST AND PROSECUTE THE NSA … By law, NSA’s intelligence gathering is limited to foreign communications .” ;0p

          The National Security Agency (NSA) is a cryptologic intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the collection and analysis of foreign communications and foreign signals intelligence, as well as protecting U.S. government communications and information systems,[1] which involves information security and cryptanalysis/cryptography.

          The NSA is directed by at least a lieutenant general or vice admiral. NSA is a key component of the U.S. Intelligence Community, which is headed by the Director of National Intelligence. The Central Security Service is a co-located agency created to coordinate intelligence activities and co-operation between NSA and other U.S. military cryptanalysis agencies. The Director of the National Security Agency serves as the Commander of the United States Cyber Command and Chief of the Central Security Service.[2]

          By law, NSA’s intelligence gathering is limited to foreign communications, although domestic incidents such as the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy and PRISM (surveillance program) have occurred.

          N.O. ;0p

      71. Daisy sure did a fine job of covering the basics of prepping. Using her guide one could identify strengths and weaknesses in our own plans. Surely we would all have a PhD. in survival if we could do all that is printed. Prepping is a state of mind. From what one can do now easily, to being forced to do under harsher circumstances. Being able to adapt or do without. Prepping is the bridge between the two. It consists of having the materials/tools and the knowledge how to use them. Most of us can start a regular gas generator but can you start a 10K diesel engine. Not to mention servicing the unit. Knowledge is KING!
        Over the years I have put together an semi extensive library of survival/how to do books. Collected numerous comments and articles from this site. I doubt that I can recall all this info but I do have it for future references. To me it is as important as any survival tool. To reference the movie, ” The Book Of Eli” , how powerful a BIBLE would be for those seeking comfort in a terrible world.


        Outsourcing its Domestic Spying to a foreign government … Israeli Jew controlled “Spy Hive’s” factories in Israel !

        WTF !?

        KNOW YOUR ENEMY once free AmeriKans … ISRAEL !

        N.O. ;0p

      73. Howdy, NinaO, and I totally agree with your comment #1772889. Obama’s statement “If you don’t trust us, we’re going to have some problems” is the first thing he ever said I can agree with and that’s an understatement. There’s no question government is going to force us into a war that none of us want. I’m going to stand up and fight. I’m not submitting to this evil government, period! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

        • @BraveHeart … RESPECT !

          I look forward to Standing by your side Sir .

          N.O. ;0p

      74. “Stock up on ammo while it is still available”

        Now that’s funny!

      75. Another paranoid!! Stop spreading fear and hate.It just makes thing worse. Like attracts like!!

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