What’s in YOUR Faraday Cage? A Common Sense Guide to Preparing for an EMP

by | Jul 28, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 189 comments

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    An EMP can be caused by the detonation of a large bomb, nuclear or otherwise, in the atmosphere, miles above land. Its pulse wave can easily cover a continent and destroy electronic components in computers, engines, power plants, and solar panels alike. An event like this has never happened on a large scale, and there are differing opinions as to the exact consequences, but one thing is certain: In a matter of moments, life as we know it would be gone forever. Our closest star, the sun, could also do extensive damage in the form of a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). The results would be similar.

    Excerpted from Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios

    Massive solar flares have been in the news recently, along with vague warnings of how a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) might affect us here on earth. The dangers of a man-made Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) was outlined in excruciating detail in One Second Afterby William Forstchen.

    We rely on electronics way too much to ignore the potential of these events, and although even the experts aren’t always in agreement where details are concerned, it makes sense to have a plan to protect important electronics in either event.

    What experts do agree on is that many items with any type of electronic component may become inoperable by either a CME or EMP. From Survival Mom: How to prepare your family for everyday disasters and worst-case scenarios:

    I don’t have a plan to turn my garage into a giant Faraday cage in hopes that our vehicles would be spared, but I have made plans to protect other, smaller items that would make a huge difference in our survival following a CME or EMP. Here is a list of some of those items.

    1. Mp3 players filled with music. Also, every spare set of earphones I can scrape up around here.
    2. An old laptop computer with downloads of ebooks and stored personal information
    3. One or more digital cameras.
    4. A set of walkie-talkies that run on rechargeable batteries
    5. Solar battery chargers
    6. A Kindle containing more than 150 books, many of them reference and survival books but also dozens of classics and a couple version of the Bible
    7. One or more digital watches and clocks
    8. Small DVD player (a backup player would be good also)
    9. Any and all digital photos stored on a DVD and/or a thumb drive
    10. Scanned documents stored on a DVD and/or thumb drive (See Grab-n-Go Binder.)
    11. Computer hard drives
    12. Ham radio equipment
    13. A small generator
    14. LED flashlights
    15. Shortwave radio
    16. Inverters
    17. Electronic medical equipment

    And what should these be stored in? Well, again, most every expert has differing opinions. We have a few Tech Protect Bags and a metal trash can. Here are some other options:

    1. Tech Protect Bags – The owners of this company recommend nesting Faraday containers.
    2. metal garbage can
    3. Ammo cans
    4. An old microwave (mixed reviews on this one)
    5. Heavy duty aluminum foil wrapped around individual items, wrapped in plastic, and then again with aluminum foil.
    6. A tool box
    7. Gun safe
    8. A cardboard box or other container that has been “Faraday-ized”
    9. Holiday popcorn tins

    If/when an EMP or CME occurs, there is no going back for a “re-do”. Whatever works, works. Whatever doesn’t, doesn’t, and there will likely be no way to make repairs. Because of that, I highly recommend taking these precautions.

    First, if you have more than one of an item, 2 digital cameras, for example, don’t store them together in the same container. If the metal trash can proves to be effective but the microwave doesn’t (and you will only know following the EMP/CME), at least you’ll have one item that operates.

    Next, pack small Faraday containers into larger Faraday containers. If you are using a Tech Protect Bag, store it inside a larger Tech Protect Bag, an ammo can, or another (hopefully) EMP-safe container. This layering could include a clothes dry, metal filing cabinet, or metal drum.

    If you have emergency kits that contain electronic items, package them in an EMP-proof box or bag, so you’ll have your most important survival items protected when you may need them most.

    True, we could survive just fine without music, photos, probably most documents that are important today but may not be, “one second after,” but since the exact results of a CME/EMP are so unknown, I would rather protect even just a few of these items than face a future without anything at all containing an electronic component.

    One final thought. No one knows if or when either a CME or EMP will happen, and if it does, what the intensity will be. Whatever you pack in a Faraday container will be safest if it remains there. For example, don’t pack your laptop if you use it several times a week. Instead, pick up an older laptop on Craigslist, store your information, and then pack it away.

    What are your plans for protecting electronics and what is in your Faraday cage?

    © 2012, thesurvivalmom. All rights reserved.

    Lisa Bedford is the author of the book Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios. You can follow her regularly updates prepared tips and news at The Survival Mom Web Site.

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      1. The single most useful item for me if we could only protect a few items would be my 18 volt saws. I have an orchard and use rechargable limb saws, small chain saw and trimmers.

        Protecting solar rechargers and the spare batteries would be my choice.

        These rechargable saws also have a nifty small rototiller that is darn handy too…

        • @ survival chic…yeah, ya definitely wanna protect those trimmers so you can skip around pruning trees after the world ends… do you people have ANY common sense?

          • Bradley, an orchard is a food producing area. The trees must be pruned regularly in order to be their most productive. And the food grown in it may be just what we’d need to survive. For feeding ourselves as well as barter or giving away to help feed others, post- shtf. If a person has only a few trees, sure you could prune them with a hand saw. But an orchard? Any working power equipment could literally be a life saver. Survival chic’s comment actually has merit!

            • The tools still wont work. The chargers will be toast. No way to protect those from either the E1 or the E3 parts of the pulse without either burying them 10ft under or disassembeling them.
              Trash cans wont work either The E1 pulse in gamma radiation and will just pass right thru it even if grounded. The only way to stop that is clip the wave with a grounded mesh and preventing the amplitude from being able to generate the voltage necessary to overload the semiconductors.

            • @Smokin Okie- Your right actually. I just did some googling and found that there were 135,000 Japanese farmers out pruning trees after we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

            • Here we go again—comments delayed in limbo. Trying again.

              Wake up! Senator Schumer had introduced an amendment to the Cyber [In]security Bill, an amendment to OUTLAW _POSSESSION_ AND TRANSFER of MAGAZINES OVER 10 ROUNDS. Why?

              Senator Chuck “Shomer Yisrael” must be Replaced by a Senator who will “Shomer” the U.S.

              Watch the video.

              Why does Schumer want to disarm the goyim? He represents a genocidal Master Race ideology of banksters, financiers, warmongers, and their toadies and talking heads who want to be sure that:
              (1) nobody armed can apprehend them for trial;
              (2) nobody armed can resist their depopulation plans;
              (3) no armed survivors can resist enslavement; and
              (4) nobody armed can resist their Zionist hegemony.

            • yeah back in 1850 those same trees never got pruned just think of that. (noting the same tree refers to production trees not the exact ones in the above comment, for the MOE’s out there )

          • Hey, Brad..maybe she is thinking of sharing that produce, or selling that produce, or even better bartering for supplies?? Prepping; look it up!!!

        • I wonder how well an old fridge or washer/dryer would work as a faraday cage? You could pick those up for free all day long in any city pretty much…

          would it work?

          • If you can Ground the Metal Box it will work. The refrigerator idea will work BUT you have to take out the compressor and any piping that goes through the box. Then seal it up with sheet metal and attach a ground wire to it and to a 4 foot grounding rod pounded into the good earth. You can even do this inside the basement through the floor.

          • Based on range control sncoic of a JRTC MOUT site that trained with emp generating devices…no

        • Makes me wonder what was used to trim trees before the advent of “Electric Trimmers”. Would be ah good thing to lay in Manual Tools as well. You know Pruning Saws and branch cutters of all kinds. Pruning Shears, Hedge Clippers and Tree Saws all used before even Chainsaws came out.

          Sooner or later your batteries will crap out on you, then what if there is no way to replace them?

          Would be good to have the Manual Version of every tool you might possibly use. My Grandfather used to build whole houses Monday through Saturday with No Power Tools of any kind. On Sunday you could find him sharpening everything with an edge on it and that included hand saws.

          • like i said in the 1850’s no one was using electric trimmers 🙂

            • Electric trimmers are much faster than hand tools, how much time do you want to spend out in the open, up a ladder in plain sight after the SHTF??? Don’t think you guys will last too long….

        • I am a retired EE and was one of the engineers who defined what EMP is working for the AEC in the 60’s. Best and cheapest “Faraday cage” is a 31 gallon galvanized steel trash can from Home Depot (really). See my Youtube channel w0tm on EMP – the 0 is a zero. The larger the wire the less chance of EMP damage. Thus cahin saws, batteries, large wires – probably OK. Need to keep radios, etc. in trash cans. No need to ground or bury. Be sure to remove battery for storage. More info gyantis at gmail dot com. BTW I built many walk-in all silver Faraday cages using government money. Cost millions.GS trash can w/lid on provides 131 decibel RF attenuation. Enough unless bomb hits your roof.

        • None of the armchair survivalists have mentioned that your faraday cage needs to be grounded. Simply putting crap in a metal garbage can is worthless. Without grounding, a faraday cage is simply an amplifier.
          In Iraq we used 9 foot copper rods to protect against EMP. The microwave myth is just that…a myth…unless its grounded.
          I’ve heard all the crap about aluminum foil, potato chip bags, etc, etc. They might work for RFID signals because RFID is LOW power and SHORT range, A HEMP blast is extrememly high power, low voltage, and is measured in nanoseconds.
          BTW, no need to studd those DVDs in a faraday cage, Einsteen. DVDs and CDs have no electronic components in them. They are 100% HEMP safe.

      2. this is one area where i am lacking even the basics protection for my electronics i really need to do something and NOW.

        • My primary Faraday cage at the retreat is a heavy five-drawer locking filing cabinet that I bought at a surplus auction. It is grounded and secured to the floor and hidden where two walls meet in case of burglary. It has room for my backup electronics like chargers, inverters, laptops, etc. and my power tools which I use continuously.

          At home I adapted a metal shed with a Mylar insulated sub-floor to store my rotor tiller, dual-sport motorcycle (backup bug out vehicle), and other larger items I still use. If we move systematically to the retreat rather than via emergency, I will move all this out there.

          There is a lot of disagreement about EMP, and I expect to see a lot of discussion about what must be done and what is a waste of time, but these are a couple things I decided on for under $100 total cost.

          • For wrapping individual electronics before storage:

            Available at Lowes and other home improvement stores. I picked up some extra CB radios cheap on Craigslist for strategic disbursement outside my community. I want to know when trouble is headed my way.

          • Pastor, you may want to think twice about grounding things that are above ground. Seems that electricity will always find the ground so it could be that your grounded “cages” are invitation for the pulse to do what you don’t want it to do, which is to use your box as a shortcut to the ground.

            I don’t know, but then again nobody does.

            What I do know is that if something like that happens, no matter how many gadgets you may have “protected”, they will break. Since everything is made in China, they will probably not last long anyway, if they are not actually made to fail in even a minor pulse or a Faraday cage.

            Better to do something than nothing, but things are probably best protected by burying them at least a couple of feet deep in something like an old fridge.

            I hope we never find out. There would be very little to survive for except a life of struggle after the preps are gone.

            On the other hand, a pulse would likely fry the majority of the corps weapons and render them unable to compromise our freedoms any further.

            Maybe there is hope after all.

            • Like I said there will be much discussion about what to do and what not to do. After months study and consideration I decided to go with the majority of credible experts and ground the unit in the same way that ‘screen rooms are grounded to protect electronic systems that require an environment free of electromagnetic interference.’

            • Pastor, I am certainly no expert and have done little research. But even for the experts it’s all just theory that may or may not prove to be correct. If it was anything else, there would be agreement by all and supported by proof that could be duplicated in a lab.

              Therefore I say there are no experts. Your postings indicate you are far from being an idiot. Your judgment is as good as theirs or mine.

              Hopefully we will never know.

            • My weather radio is made in USA..I turned down several stores before finding this one at Lowe’s.:-)

            • “…it could be that your grounded “cages” are invitation for the pulse to do what you don’t want it to do, which is to use your box as a shortcut to the ground.

              Actually, that is EXACTLY what we do want a Faraday cage to do… conduct EMP induced electrical currents to ground rather than allowing them to pass through our electronic devices on its way to ground. Remember… nothing inside a Faraday cage is touching the cage. Everything in there is insulated but not grounded. The cage itself is metal and grounded so that these harmful electrical currents are drained away safely to ground.

              I agree that we will never know the strength of any EMP that hits us beforehand. There are too many possible scenarios to make this kind of knowledge possible. All we can do is our best. If that is not good enough, then so be it.

              Oh, yes, one more thing. Anyone who has not read the novel ‘One Second After’ should take the time to do so. It is one of the most fascinating and terrifying books out there. It’s very well researched and written and it really opens a person’s eyes to the potential for disaster from EMP.

            • I would gleefully give up the PS3 my boys left behind if the Corp will give up a Hellfire.

          • PP, how’s your wife? Did they find the heartbeats??

            • The pregnancy is ‘not viable’. The fetus stopped growing a month ago. It’s disappointing, but I’ve lost enough over the last 25 years to make a basketball team. It makes me even more thankful for the one child we do have.

            • PP ~ I’m very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your wife.


            • VERY sorry PP!! I was hoping for a different answer!

            • Prepared Pastor,

              I am so sorry to hear this. I will keep you and your wife in my prayers.

              KY Mom

            • My sincerest condolances.

            • Sorry 🙁

            • A prayer for you and yours.

            • Sorry to hear that PP. Your family will be in my prayers.

            • pp – very sorry about your loss. your family is in our prayers.

            • @41MagMan…Yikes!!! just finished reading yesterday….Scared the @#$% out of me!! (and also brought a tear to my eye a couple times ):

            • @
              Just find some peace in knowing that life begins at conception and that fetus/baby/child of God, had a soul placed there by the Holy Spirit when the egg became fertile. To be absent from the body/flesh is to be present with the Lord. All those souls are alive and doing just fine in Paradise. I prefer to believe that some souls were deemed “just too good for this world” and are taken pre-birth or at a young age so they didn’t have the pain of living a long life in a screwed up society. Just my take, PP. Peace to you and yours!

        • If you are that kooky and feel the need to so this , go out and buy yourself a galvanized trash can. That is all you need. Then when the world ends, you and Survival Chic can still listen to your MP3s and prune trees ……

          • There are four event types for which one can prepare:
            Low Chance/Low Consequence – Lowest Priority
            High Chance/Low Consequence – Middle Priority
            Low Chance/High Consequence – Middle Priority
            High Chance/High Consequence – Highest Priority

            Similar to a lightening strike taking out my television, this is a ‘low chance’ event, but one that has happened in the past (1859 Carrington Event) and would be very ‘high consequence.’ Even though I do not need electronics to survive, consider the advantages in building the next home or coordinating troops that these conveniences provide.

            Once the High Chance/High Consequence risks are addressed, it is only prudent to work on lower priority issues like this in the same way I buy surge protection power strips for my home electronics.

            • I couldn’t leave a reply above.

              Prepared Pastor:

              My prayers are with you and your wife.

        • There is one big problem about an EMP weather it comes from the sun or a bomb, in America a certain percentage of the nuclear weapons are still on auto launch when they detect a EMP this is because they were set up to detect a nuclear strike, also the nuclear power plant would go into immediate “melt down” as there electrics would be shot . So if the power plants did not get you the global nuclear war will, so unless your electrics are in a nuclear bomb shelter you are pissing into wind, sorry.

          • @abiydidgie- notice the thumbs down when someone with a brain tells them what they dont want to hear.

            • You have a brain Bradley?

              Seems like you are kind of a dick-in-the-mouth…

            • @Bradley…


      3. 4 marine batteries, 45w solar kit, electronics for my explorer, rechargeable batteries for kid devices, cheap 7 ” tablet and USB drives with movies. Shortwave, scanner, car radio, 6×9 speakers

      4. The best items that you can put into a Faraday Cage are items that you can power with batteries afterward because the power is not going to come on for a long time. Shortwave radios are an absolutely must, as well as the common radios. Inventers are a must. An electric generator is also wonderful to have that is portected.

        One thing that is seldom mentioned is that even if you have protected your items from the EMP, more could be coming afterwards. Much precaution MUST be taken before you take what you are trying to protect out of its protection until you know that another EMP is not coming again as flares can go in waves. If the sky is lighting up like a Christmas tree I would personally wait before taken what I had safe out to use it. At least take it out for a limited time and then put it back in where it is safe again. Like maybe listen to a shortwave for awhile then put it back, that is to the areas on the planet not affected by the EMP. Something to think about, you may have more than one EMP.

        • Just saw a 6.6 in the south east asia area again… Your predictions with earthquakes, does it matter how big the earthquake is close to the Artic or Antarctica? Is 5.0 big for that area? I really enjoy learning from you and I hope you don’t mind all the questions! Thanks again!

          • @ you don’t need to know. Please check out my comment on the article Video USA, USA, USA as I said there would be a 6.4-6.6 earthquake in one of the areas, Tonga and 2 other areas within 5 days. This prediction was off a little to the west but it was made a little more than a hour before it happened. Earthquakes can be predicted, this proves it like the other times. Got the right magnitude and almost the right place and the right time. The energy from the previous earthquakes, especially the north magnetic pole was pointing towards one the 3 areas I mentioned as probably the area to be hit. I just wish I had more for sure ways of predicting earthquakes when the polar regions were not hit before the main shocks occur.

            It is very difficult to narrow it down to a bull’s eye hit, like hurricanes, energy sometimes varies a bit in the direction that it focused on.

          • @ you don’t need to know. Sorry for not answering that question, a 5.0 is big for that area, a 4.7 is getting up there. These are still symptoms of what is happening rather than the cause. Usually earthquakes in this area are under 4.5. Earthquakes in the Antarctica region are almost unheard of and when there are earthquake here, look out. There was 2 earthquakes deep in the Antarctica region a couple of months ago and this was a harbinger of action to occur in the world within 4 days. Just remember south of 60 degrees south, or north of 70 degrees north, and over 4.6 means something is brewing. The more earthquakes in these locations, the more chance of an earthquake of 6+ in the world soon after. Bigger earthquakes in these regions and this mean bigger earthquakes to come, perhaps 7+.

        • @ be informed … if “the sky is lighting up like a Christmas tree”..you may wanna crawl into your faraday box and kiss your ass goodbye.

          • @ Bradley. I mean if the auroras of the sky are much far to the south and very bright in the night sky, it might be a good idea to still guard your shortwave and leave it in its protection until the situation dies down rather than risk frying your only way of getting information from the outside world that has not been hit by the EMP. EMP’s I imagine can occur even on the night side of the planet, but this I am not sure of. I just would hate to see someone go to all this trouble of protecting their radios and then take them out and end up having them fried anyway.

          • @ Bradley. If there is one item you can store in a Faraday cage I would think it would be communications of some sort, shortwave being the best. One of the worst things someone can go through after a SHFT event of an EMP or other event is to be blinded and deaf, and without outside communications this is something that can be frightening to some and dangerous for many.

            A protective electric generator is another option as it is not that difficult to protect an electric generator and other items. A metal shed that has a metal floor and made sure any openings are sealed with aluminum foil or other metal. Sears sells these and you can keep much safe from any possible EMP and keep your items dry and safer from the outside elements if an EMP never happens. A Faraday cage doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming, it just should be one of those items in a survival planning kit for everyone. A little shortwave you can put into a holiday tin like mentioned above that protects it but also keeps it from becoming dusty when you are not using it. EMP protection is not as hard as it sounds.

      5. From what I have learned faraday cages are very frequency specific. I saw a demonstration where the cage blocked certain frequencies but let others through. The only 100% effective block to EMF is lead sheeting, like they use for X-ray shields.

        • i built an MRI and that is a wierd place to stand in.. no frequencys what so ever… these are double galvanised panelswhich have chipboard between , dont know if you can find the proceedure of construction,4×8 sheet is about 80 lbs.

      6. Small shortwave radio,a police scanner, and a pair of walkie talkies. Hoping for a steel garbage can in the near future.

      7. I am using the layered aluminum foil and plastic approach. That way I can reopen and update hard drives without putting everything else at risk. I wrap each item in heavy plastic, then foil, then plastic, then foil. Then I store most of them in a metal filing cabinet. I have stored a netbook computer, 2TB hard drives, small AM/FM radio, Baygen windup AM/FM/shortwave radio, and a digital camera. Other things would be nice to have, but I use them constantly. If there is an X40 or bigger solar flare, I’ll have a few hours to wrap everything else up and unplug everything from the grid. I might get some metal trash cans to store the larger items, but they will still be double wrapped.

        On the hard drives I have every document I have ever created since the 1980s (letters, articles, and entire books that I have written), every email, log files of every online session from the 1980s up to the mid 1990s when internet became available, thousands of MP3 files of music and old time radio shows, complete photo collection including scans of old photos of mine and those belonging to family, video files of movies and TV shows, thousands of books and repair manuals, entire website grabs, backup copy of Wikipedia (yes you can download the monthly backup in one compressed really huge file, text only or with graphics), genealogy files, and copies of all the software I might need later. The software backups include all the old DOS and early Windows software because there might be more really old computers surviving than newer ones. Solid state drives might last longer, but I can’t afford them yet.

        I have read a lot about EMP, and it seems that the most damaging EMP would be from a bomb. The solar EMP would affect long electrical and telephone lines along with everything plugged into them. Plus I believe it would be worldwide. A nuclear EMP can affect any electrical device, whether plugged into the grid or not. And the narrow gaps between circuits in modern devices would not prevent the surges from burning up all the electronics. The good part of nuclear EMP is that it will only affect the area within line of site of the blast and the adjacent grid. It wouldn’t be world wide.

        I think a solar EMP would be most likely, but it would be wise to prepare for both types. You can get solar flare alerts in your email by signing up at http://www.ips.gov.au. We WILL have a solar EMP at some point, so at least prepare for that.

        • That’s an awesome collection! How much storage does a WIKI download take?

          • They now have just a text-only dump, which for 7-4-2012 was 8.2 GB compressed, 36 GB uncompressed. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download to read about it and find out how to get the file you need. They have files in various languages. I think they still archive the old Wikipedia backups with images from back when they still did that, but those would be huge files. They say to get all the images you will have to “scrape” the site. I’m not sure if that would allow you to connect the images back to the articles. You could just use a website capture software, but I have no idea how long that would take, as a site capture would amount to many terabytes of data. I just have the text-only dump.

            My collection is big because of the many years I have spent. I started collecting information when I was little. I still have a page from the Weekly Reader listing state census totals from the just-completed 1960 census. That’s over 50 years of collecting information.

            • Awesome! Thank you very much! I’ve collected selected articles over the years, too.

      8. Buy an old truck with points and condenser instead of electronic ignition. It’ll survive an EMP. I have a short wave radio, but have to believe it would be useless due to the fact that radio stations would be knocked out. Maybe a FEMA station would survive, but who’d want to hear their propaganda anyway? If you have night vision devices, you’d want to protect them. I have an old diesel tractor that would not be effected and could be rigged to provide power. All the other stuff, I can live without.

        • You want a short wave to hear other survives with radios… Someone will be broadcasting underground sitreps

          • @Sideshow,,I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but here in NW Pa, we have a “pirate” radio station that broadcasts alternative news. Unfortunately, they are even less prepared to survive an EMP than I am. All that expensive equipment will be gone in a flash.

            I have noticed over the last couple of years that the County Emergency Radio system, located at our County Fairgrounds, has been hardened. But only on sight. All power to the sight in vulnerable. Just another white elephant,in a long list of poor planning, by leadership without a clue. I can’t understand why anthropologists keep looking for the “missing link” when they can be viewed in our County Courthouse.

            • Im not talking about pro stations, I’m talking about other broadcasters with vintage non digital safe gear. Here in Philly burbs, old tube amp ham and shortwave broadcasting rigs are still around, in case the grid falls.

              Who cares about mainstream broadcasting, we know the govt will control it, I mean, the joe six pack broadcasting sit reps from his station in his basement or on a mountain top in valley forge.

        • There is something to this. Plus automobiles are actually built to shield RF already, otherwise you couldn’t listen to your car radio in traffic because of RF interference. While I don’t think everyone’s car will survive a radiation event I do believe we might be surprised by how many DO survive.


          • Cars parked in underground garages would seem to have a pretty good chance. Modern commercial buildings often have an extensive grounding ring.

        • You would still be able to get info from other areas of the world that were unaffected by the emp. I frequently listen to Australia, japan,Europe on my short wave at night.They would be broadcasting news for our area after a disaster, knowing that our own stations would be out.

          • At least thier propaganda is different.

      9. I have a metal trashcan Faraday cage. I’m looking for a large metal cabinet to convert as well. I really appreciate your suggestions. I think an MP3 player loaded with music and ebooks would be a monumental luxury – a worthwhile luxury after a radiation event. I keep a hand held ham radio with a wide range receiver in my cage as well as a number of hand crank, solar cell radios with weather channels built in. Mass storage devices, a netbook, led lights (I recommend hybrid lights with a solar cell), among other things. Wonderful article. Thank you.


        • For those MP3s, should we cover and store all our batteries in the plastic & foil in file cabinet??

          • Mine has a built in battery. I suggest a solar recharger the likes of which others have mentioned.


          • Also with a file cabinet consider that metal tape should be used to seal the “cracks.”

            • Wrap tape around a corner on all sides and it be a conductive metal…yes

      10. Ask an electrician how to make a really good ground (the same way grounds are done for a service panel). Your cage should be grounded as well as possible, and stored underground or in a basement if possible.

      11. If you have survival electronics you wish to protect from EMP, you MUST do the FM radio test, to ensure that your EMP protection is real. Use a VERY STRONG FM station and the info on this page: http://www.futurescience.com/emp/emp-protection.html

        Many people have EMP protection that DOES NOT WORK. There is a popular “bag” product that DOES NOT WORK. Many people use ammo cans, garbage cans, file cabinets, etc. that DO NOT PROTECT FROM EMP. You do not have to take my word for this–just test for yourself.

        The best way I’ve found to protect any electronic device from EMP:

        1) Wrap the device in HEAVY DUTY aluminum foil.
        2) Then, wrap it in a thick layer of protective plastic (e.g. a heavy duty freezer bag).
        3) Then wrap it in a second layer of heavy duty aluminum foil).
        4) DO NOT GROUND.

        Again, you do not have to take my word for this. Test everything for yourself. You will find that the above procedure is far superior to bags and cans. If you are a real survivalist, you’re experimenting, finding what REALLY works and not just taking people’s word for things or accepting everything you see on the ‘net as true, right?

        • 100% spot on.

        • Hi Steve,

          Thanks for you good advice. May I say that I performed the radio test on my can. Using my strongest FM station in the area when I sealed it all up – static. If I did it wrong I’m glad to know so I can make my system better but I have tested it.

          Kind Regards,

          • Hi Earl,

            You did it right. If you do the test and all you get is static–even with the radio tuned to a very strong FM station–you’ve got a viable EMP protector. I’ve done this test with various types of cans, file cabinets, etc. and some work and some don’t. That’s why you’ve always got to test for yourself. Regards, Steve.

        • Steve, you’re right about testing to make sure that something really. Also, I believe you’re right about the ‘DO NOT GROUND’ part too. There was a report I recently read that said most of the damage done when a CME occurs is due to the fact that the ‘ground’ potential is raised significantly and that this is one of the things we must watch out for. I wish I could include a link for reference, but I’ve read so much in the last few weeks I can’t remember where I found it.

          • You’re right, desert rat. It is best not to ground (despite what a lot of people have heard, and often repeat). The ground actually attracts and allows a higher level of current flow, through the EMP protection device, to ground. This can induce EMF’s inside the box, and even cause arcing between insulating layers, or between layers and your device. Don’t ground!

      12. Not sure but I did read one study that indicated the best of cages would do no good if not grounded properly-something to look into. And if this is accurate one must make sure when opening a Faraday cage to ground themselves first so as to not accidently destroy all of the good done with the cage with static electricity!

      13. my AK will not be affected.

        • Obummer says that does’nt belong to you…

      14. We had a big faraday cage when I worked for the phone company. This was a long time ago. It was a room lined with a copper screen to keep out any RFs to test equipment. It would cost a fortune to build one of those today.

      15. Hi all new to the post’s been reading for a year + gathering good info thanks
        A little about myself : jack of all trades 34 years old living in Canada on the border of Maine
        Not a hard core prepper but got most essentials for hunting/ fishing /protection
        Just want to keep the family safe and fead when. SHTF.
        About the faraday cage. Laptop , 250 gig wd passport. With music/ pics/videos
        Dvd player , solar panels /chargers ,inverter, Sony receiver and some speakers.
        Tv ? A projection tv would be nice and small. But. $$$. Going to see if I can purchase
        Some 12v batteries without the acid. Longer storage life.
        Other than that. Going to keep prepping food ,and get some dry wood in
        Peace everyone.

        • Welcome Daniel..as asked above, if I choose the wrap in plastic, then foil, then inside file cabinet method, do I place batteries for MP3 in there also?? Will it protect–because MP3 no good without batteries.

        • Welcome fellow Mainer, from the Boston suburb of southern ME!

          • Oops, just saw you are actually in Canada – sorry!!!

            • Hey it’s ok. I’ve seen more of Maine. Then I have N.B. lol. Heading to Old Orchard and funtown splash town with the family this summer. Then taking Amtrak to Boston check out museum and market. Take care.

      16. The only things I would protect would be geiger counters and a couple charge controllers. If there is an emp, the nuke plants would shut down then melt down.

        Bye bye america.

        I hate to rain on a parade, but realisticly NOTHING ELSE would matter.


        • Correct kevin, no grid means no cooling for nuke plants means end of complex life on this planet. Prepping for a massive emp is simply prepping for your own horrible death. My EMP prep would include some bottle of booze, a big bag of some good weed and a quick easy method of suicide for when the radiation sickness gets unbearable. Everything else is dust in the breeze.

        • You’re right kevin. There are over 100 nuclear reactors in the United States. Honestly even with a Geiger counter – you may be hard pressed to find an above ground place that is habitable.


      17. This is easier said than done, but when you prep, try to prep as if you won’t have to depend on electricity. Get fish hooks and line, plenty of seeds, learn to compost, learn to can, getting canning supplies, buy all the soap you can,candles, solar anything, cars you know will be ok, medicine, solar oven, propane,plunger for laundry,hand pump well, learn to dehydrate meat.

        I could keep going, but you get the idea. There are soooo many things that could happen where we wouldn’t have electricity or fuel, if you’re going to prep, you might as well start with the hardest and be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t get that bad.

      18. Folks, what about test items to ensure your not acing a second…third…fourth emp?

        Simple things like cheap digital clocks, etc..

        Just because you survived one emp….. Doesn’t mean thee wont be subsequent.

        Keep everything in your cage except as you use it, then replace it when no in use.

        I wouldn’t go cage free till month three

      19. Can someone tell me why a car, with those graphite/rubber earthing tail things that drag on the road, is not a great Faraday cage? It’s a grounded metal box!

        • Because it is not a complete metal box, it has to be a complete circuit.

          Windshields to not stop an emp….so anything inside is still fried… If glass was effective, it would be a shield in its own, but try using a bottle only to protect your electronics…see how well it works.

          • @Sideshow
            Thanks. Makes sense. However, I have heard many times that it is safe inside a car if it is hit by lightening, as it is a ‘Faraday cage’. (As shown on Top Gear) But I guess it’s enough of a cage for lightening, but not to protect electronics from a strong EMP. (?)

            • Lightning is not an electromagnetic pulse, as most people fail to remember its not just an electrical spike, it’s an omni directional electromagnetic pulse…. Think of the power of electromagnets when directed like in wrecking cranes…. Now imagine a pulse much much stronger… Imagine that power.

          • would a closed conex box with over-the-top tie-down straps grounding it work as a Faraday cage?

        • Jason, it is NOT a “grounded” box. It floats(so to speak) on the tires.

          Thats why they say it is the safest place during a servere thunder storm(NO path to ground).(and should be(“should”) be safe during a solar storm, unless parked close to power lines).

          The integrated circuits in the car would get fried with an emp.

      20. Commo equipment, SW radio’s, etc. But for me to protect is my NIGHT VISION with out that you are blind after dark, thats when the zombies come out(lol). We all know that we can prep to the max, but there is still something we will forget. Just do your best and live with that. Thats just me

      21. The only thing I would keep in a faraday cage, if I had one is Faraday himself. Hope everyone here has a fair-a’day.

        • I wrapped my survival cuckoo clock in aluminum foil to protect it. It must work because it wouldn’t pick up any FM stations

        • Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

      22. My oldest mama cow is named “Faraday’. She’s a gentle old cow, good to her calves, and a regular calf producer. When they’re not out in the pasture, we keep all the cows in a pen by the barn. It’s just a few old homemade wood fence posts and a couple strands of rusty barbed wire. Not much, but it keeps them in. We call it the Faraday cage.
        Our cow/calf operation, though small, provodes a bit of income as well as meat for the home freezer. Since we’re too poor to consider ourselves ‘Ranchers’ in the traditional sense, we simply refer to our cow raising as level 1 Everyday Meat Production (EMP-1).
        By constast, my rich neighbor, Mr Carrington, raises hundreds of cows. He’s got remote electric gate openers in his fancy new pick-up so he doesn’t even have to get out to open the gates. Plus all the latest automated feeding equipment and such. He callS his operation a level 5 Extensive Meat Production (EMP-5) ranch.
        A while back, he was almost wiped out by an emergency. Seems that a couple of the town’s juvenile delinquents, otherwise know as the mayor’s boys, went on a joy ride. They hot-wired the city tractor, which was hooked to the big brush hog mower, and took it for a spin one Saturday night. I guess liquor will do that to teenage boys.
        They drove the tractor down our road and right over into Mr Carrington’s ranch. Took out nearly a half mile of his fences. Not that they were after him in particular, these boys are equal opportunity vandals (that’s why I put the pungy stakes and concertina wire around my mailbox).
        Carrington’s cows all got out and stampeded into town. Led by his 2000 lb prize bull, they trampled right into our local radio station, smashing the studio and wrecking the broadcast transmitter. Not to mention the mess they left on the sidewalks downtown. It was a genuine Disaster! For two Sundays in a row, we had to carry our clean shoes to church and put them on there, rather than risk tracking that stuff into the sanctuary.
        The morning after it happened, a semi was rolling through town, hit a huge patch of manure in the intersection and turned over. A whole truckload of air conditioners spilled out into the street. It was a real mess!
        The next day, our newspaper ran a banner headline:
        A smaller sub story read: Other Resources, Though Limited, Were Protected In Faraday Cage At Okie Compound. No Loss Reported.

        • I feel as if I should comment, but what does a person say about such a story?


          • One could say that that 2000 pound prize bull just took a dump on Okie’s Keyboard.

            But hey! **it happens!


      23. Mac,

        Chat forum…please.

        • Man, I know…so on it….

          • Mac: I hope you are not intending to change the current program.Personally I like this forum like it is. Thank you.

            • Dk, thanks for the feedback… the additional forum would be an enhancement to the existing site and will make it possible for the community to drive discussions in addition to the daily articles. Hopefully soon!

      24. I have run accross plans that call for insulating a basement walls and ceiling and then lining the ceiling, door and exposed wall to the outside with sheet metal. Does anyone have any comment on doing this? Will it work, wont work and why?

      25. P Pastor, my condolences. Has anyone heard from Manos? I know some of you email directly, why doesn’t he post here anymore? I realize his current conditions might be the reason, is that it? I’ ve always read to use a GALVANIZED trashcan with individual items wrapped in multiple layers of foil placed inside.

        • Peter ~

          I heard from Manos a bit over week ago. Things are very very grim there and getting worse every day. He did, at that time, of course, still have internet access.

          I suspect it is hard for him to participate in the conversations when he is watching his country crumble around him and seeing the utter destitution of his friends and neighbors.

          I know that he reads the comments here from time to time and I’m sure the good wishes lift his spirits. 🙂


          • Every time I read a joke here, imalways think of him. He was the king of the cheeky joke. But then he stopped joking, and eventually disappeared. We miss you Manos, with or without that mischievious twinkle in your eyes.

          • Thanks Daisy, I often wonder how he and his family are faring. I do wish him and his family well.

          • Daisy- I saw an article and thought of you(isnt it nice being thouht of 🙂 ) Google- four simple steps to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in a barrel by Timothy Hurst.

            • Oh, dont know how well it would work, but food for thought if anything.

      26. An EMP weapon could be in TPTB’s plans. What better way to disable America, and the rest of Western Civilization? If they don’t get thier way, expect something like that…

        They also have a unit that can be mounted on an aircraft to deliver directed EMP energy. It was developed to placed on helicopters with the idea that it can be used to stop a vehicle in a high speed pursuit. So, they could, in theory, just fly over a crowded highway, and stop all traffic in it’s tracks…

        Some years ago, Popular Science had an article about EMP weapons, and said that they need not be very large, to pulse an area the size of a city…

      27. i have not reallly given a “faraday cage” much thought..what i have thought about and put into action is having what i need that will get any job done without using electronics…good old fashioned non electric hand tools, treadle sew. machine, old fashioned in ground food storage etc….these are things that i can depend upon at any time they might be needed. as convenient as electronics are, it is better to be prepared in other ways, just in case a faraday cage a person decides on does not work.

        • Caryn Verell – Sounds like you need to learn about Lehman’s, a catalog of non-electric gear used by Amish and others. You can visit their website by clicking my name.

      28. Wow!
        Solar flares,bunkers,Faraday cages,TEOTWAWKT,SHTF,FHTS,FUBAR,DCF,SAT,BFD,DHS,the list of “look out for” becomes endless.I DO love the extra double thick layer of tin foil I added to my WWI helmet(from the war to end all wars)just in case of any of the above events.It helps shield my brain from excessive sun exposure(and skyward RF radiation as well!).That along with a good long sleeve,close knit cotton shirt from Good Will for 3 bucks.Just remember,no matter what the extent of the prepping we do.Never forget to eat,drink and be MERRY. ’tis a sure as the grave Mr.Death will dance with EVERYONE,sooner or later.
        Do you have your towel yet?No?

      29. A CME / EMP would be a great chastisment from God. As the message of Fatima warned we would be chastised for the sins of abortion etc if we dont turn back. God have mercy on us. Here we elect a president who has even supported infanticide in his voting record.

      30. Inside the metal box you build for a Faraday Cage will be an electrical potential of 0 [zero] volts if you have sealed up all the holes in the box no matter how small they may be and have Grounded the box to a 4 foot steel grounding rod pounded in the good earth.
        Lightening just does not strike inside the grounded box nor does an EMP.

      31. Mac, I can’t wait to see the improvements. Thank you for your hard work.

      32. I did a ton of research on EMP a few months ago. If you read the actual EMP Commission Report, you’ll see that tests have been done on many modern electronics. Most vehicles held up fine.

        You don’t want to ground your faraday cage, I found that in other research. You also don’t want to put earphones or other wires in your faraday cage, that’s asking for trouble. (Attenuation)

        I’ve got comms, folding solar panels, battery chargers and lots of batteries.

        Oh yeah, modern LED tactical flashlights with metal bodies held up fine under testing but I’d still keep a few of the old incandescent lights around.

      33. one of my favorite EMP related posts


        also some doomer porn for those especially interested in solar flares
        The Pulse: A Novel of Surviving the Collapse of the Grid
        by Scott Williams

        and then of course the classic by Terri Blackstock
        LAST LIGHT

      34. I use nested cages inside carboard boxes (just for convenient storage) for smaller items, foil-insulator-foil-insulator. Some items we have that I didn’t see mentioned are: 45-watt solar panel, 10A charge controller, battery chargers (12v auto and AA/AAA ones), digital multimeters, motion alarms, CB radio/lin. amp., solar outdoor lights, and multi-voltage adapters (converts 12vdc to other voltages, for powering/charging ‘wall wart’ items). And, one 1000w Honda generator, it’s rarely used – so why not?

      35. Thousands of empty VIP seats at the Olympic venues…

        is there something these “VIP”s know that we should?..like the so called VIP’s that werent in their offices in the trade centers on 911?


        thousands of people dont pay for tickets(expensive tickets) and reserved seats to a venue like this and than not show up for it..just thought it to be stange

      36. Not to concerned about a nation hitting us with an emp device. That would mean WW3 and a nuclear war at that. As soon as a missle was launch we would track it considering it has to be a high altitude explosion to take a large area out. The US would soon retaliate with NATO following suit. Withen minutes, the Russians and Chinese would be sending thiers as well. Soon after, I will be enjoying my afterlife so oh well. I hope I will see you all there too but that is up to you. However, a CME blast could be a real possiblity. It has happened once in recorded history and an untold number of times before electronics were a concern. A large CME will happen again.
        I know that your car electrical systems has to be sheilded due to electromagnetic interference caused by the spark plugs and coil. How much will this help. Also, I would recommend buying an old deisel especially a manual with a mechanical fuel pump. Even if your starter dies, you may be able to push it off. My farm tractor is like this. At the very least keep and alternator and spare starter on hand. Much easier than pushing it off. If I was going to keep some type of vehicle, it would be a tractor with a front end loader and several attactments. You can always either try to make bio-deisel or a wood-gas generator. A good wood-gas generator would be a life-saver except I would not use it until I was sure it was safe to do so since it would give smoke. A good chainsaw or 2 with several gallons of gas,oil, chains, etc would be great also.

        • Who would we retaliate on, when the missile comes from the Gulf of Mexico?

        • Its a non issue, a non-story. White and police brutality do not fit into the same sentence.

          Everyone knows police brutality only happens to black people.

          I did not see mr leone on cnn 24/7, so it did not happen.

          Lets go to jesse jacksons website to report this.

          Jesse jacka$$es website-


        • @that cop- YOU ARE A CHUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASSHOLE!!!!

          Charged with aussalting a cop by breaking the cops fist with his jaw.(when the cop hit him)

          Our country is a joke. these cops are a joke. the justice system is a joke.

          Sing it with me people-

          Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light
          What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
          Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
          O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
          And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
          Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
          Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
          O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

          • Thanks for the thumb up.

            Can’t wait for the chat forum so I can get to know people like Kevin better and all the other lunes like myself.

            • we are not lunes iowa, the country has gone crazy.

              The sheople are LUNES!!!!!

            • Hey! Kevin may be a lune but at least he knows how to spell sheople!

              Sheople say, “You guys are trying to start a revolution!”

              I say, “No! The revolution has taken place in the last 150 years. Were just trying to reverse it!”

            • Sometimes I spell sheople “sheeple”. It depends on the subject(or my mood) and the size of the lie the flock out there believes.

              The problem I have with this spelling- “sheople” is that there is more of the people word then the sheep word, when actually they are more of the sheep creature then free humans.(in fact the sheep grazing up in the mountains right now just may be more free. I have to get a permit to fish/camp, the sheep can eat/sleep/$hit where he wants without fees or laws/regulations I cannot)

              As for being a loon(lune), we all have a little bit of that “mad scientist” in us. 🙂

          • Almost everybody in D.C. is owned either by the Saudi’s or the Chinese. Only a very few, Paul, Bachman, DeMint, (a few others) are still working for the American people.

            A Faraday cage won’t protect you when mad Vlad is pushed too far on Syria and launches some SS20’s towards Rome. London, Paris, New York, or Chicago. say bye-bye!

            • Bye bye bankers on wall street.

              Bye bye cme and other crooks in chicago.

              Nothin but love for ya!!!.

      37. Does anyone know if steel buildings will afford any protection?

        • Personally, I would stick with Trojans.

          • Good one!!!

        • From what? This EMP/CME myth? No. It will be part of the electron rush just the same as all the rest of everything connected to the earth, however, I wouldn’t worry too much. Most everything talked about in here is a myth. The only true danger is long line communications (copper telephone), large antenna arrays (TV/Radio broadcast systems) and power distribution lines (The Grid). Everything else will be fine. Thats bad enough.

          An EMP/CME will not break your mp3 player. Its already shielded against RF and, unless you have it connected to an antenna 500ft long, it won’t matter anyway.

      38. I have researched this a little bit and the best I can figure out any jack leg set ups like refrigerators or microwaves are hit or miss when it comes to protection from emp. The best way (in my opinion) is cave or old coal mine. The deeper the better or an expensive faraday cage specifically made for EMPs. If a Carrington event occurs again it might possibly be TEOTWAWKI.

        • KK,

          The EMP has the possibility of busting anything “plugged in”. The induced DC voltage might get it if the lines from the line transformer are not buried and are very long (>100ft???) but it would have to be one heck of an EMP. It could also blow some equipment because the EMP will cause transformers to melt down and in the process there could be a cross connect.

          The big thing with EMPs is that it will wreck line transformers. It will bust the grid to varying degrees. Taking down the grid is bad enough, however, it won’t just “take it down”. It will damage substations, mainstations, longline transmission equipment. Busting even 1 percent of the line transmission equipment is a BIG DEAL!

          Forget about your cars and electronics. Your electronics are fine, maybe if they’re running, probably if they off and for sure if they’re unplugged.

          Think about what you’re going to do during the 3 months without power.

        • cave works well. some lead sheeting is a good measure.

        • take your tinfoil hat off !!!

      39. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This truly was a LMFAO event for me! It took me a while to stop laughing, start breathing and wipe away the tears so I could see to type!

        OMG! People, look, I don’t mean to be condescending, but if you only knew host stupid this is. …and the way some swallow this up is just so sheople like. This is doom porn at its finest and some appear to be either addicted to it or completely Electron Challenged.

        For real, practical information on EMPs (and lighting strikes), contact me at NetRanger(at)techie.com

      40. pp, my condolences on the loss of your unborn child and you other losses you mentioned. i lost my wife to a drunk driver before we could have any children; we were going to try to have both a boy and a girl. i never found anyone else worth having for a second wife. i wish john q. public would stop his antijewish rants before i do something to him. now to get back on topic, can anyone tell me if alkaline and lithium batteries would be safe from emp/cme? most of my electronics use alkaline batteries except for my night vision scope which uses lithium.

      41. It would be a good idea to have a Faraday cage. I don’t. I see an economic collapse happening very soon. By fall.

      42. @net ranger- I agree, doom “porn”. Here are some “romantic novels” so to speak.

        MIL-STD-2169 – High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Environment (U)
        (document is classified Secret)
        MIL-HDBK-423 – High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)
        Protection for Fixed and Transportable
        Ground-Based Facilities, Volume I: Fixed Facilities
        DI-NUOR-80928 – Nuclear Survivability Test Plan
        DI-NUOR-80929A – Nuclear Survivability Test Report
        DNA-EMP-1 – Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Security Classification Guide (U)
        (document is classified S-R

        • Just change some numbers, add or subtract an alpha and you/us/we can research many studies by the government(I meant companies hired to do the studies, and then the upgrades maybe?)

      43. Great short(easy to understand) theory on the effect on integrated circuits-

        “Varying EM field produces current in a nearby conductor. The metals in the IC will act like small antenna and receive the signal from the field.
        Let’s see what can possibly go wrong in an modern IC.
        The gate oxide dielectric may breakdown, The metallic interconnects may form discontinuity due to high current, even the field and isolation oxides may breakdown creating high parasitic. So I think all of these will occur together to bring down the IC.”- A wizard

        • …but the problem is the metals in the IC all all inside a metal box. Now, that metal box does have a few holes in it, but, essentially, it will shield it from 99.9% of the field.

          As I am fond of saying: “If you have to worry about the EMP blowing your MP3, then you’re not going to care because it will be the blast that kills you.”

          The fact is, the effects dissipate as the inverse square proportioni dictates: Double the distance, one forth the power. In other words is you measure an EMP with some arbitrary number of 100 at 1 mile from the blast, it will only measure 25 at 2 miles. 12.5 at 4 miles, 6.25 at 8 miles. By the time you reach 10 miles, you’ll have 5% of what you had at 1 mile.

          • Completely wrong. They’re talking about an EMP, not an EM Wave.

          • Yeah, I have wread the dissipation deal.

            There are (in my view) 2 things to worry about.

            1.- A weapon the size of big Ivan going off over the center of the nation(the strength of that HEMP from a weapon of that size(magnetic pulse strength relative to the kiliton) is WAY beyond my pay rate).

            2.-The grid.(What you pointed out).

            The only math that can be understood by everyone is-

            Grid down for 2 weeks+nuclear power plants= Deep doo doo!!!!!

          • THIS is scary- A PRIVATE company.

            From the telegraph-

            The MoD has signed a 15-year contract with ABL Alliance to provide support for the Trident weapons system at HM Naval Base Clyde.

            Under the new contract 149 MoD civilian posts will transfer to the alliance.

            The jobs are in industrial and technical grades, warehousing and logistic support services, while supervisors and managers are also transferring.

      44. Sorry but; thanks, but no thanks. First, I don’t care what the gov has to say, and since there aren’t any hardened radio stations anymore, I don’t need a radio. my watch still works. You say “thumb drive, I say handbook” Gov says in event of major EMP approx 90% casualties in 2 years”. People who cannot learn to live without “Packman” will be in the 90%. Forget dead TECH. Learn to live without it now. You won’t have time to read your thousands of EBooks. Fill your garbage can full of rice, Will hold enough to last a person for 3-6 months. If this does happen crawl into a hole and don’t come out for a year, forget your Faraday cage

      45. Ok, I love this site but this particular post seems to be missing valuable content. There’s a lot of research done on EMP and it doesn’t appear that much research was done prior to writing this article. I look forward to quality content again.

        Although I didn’t like this article, I do have to commend you. Thank you for helping people realize the greater threats out there. I hope it helps wake more people up.

      46. Man, russia is starting to sound like me when I get pulled over.

        Press TV – “We do not plan to take any part in measures carrying out European Union decisions directed against Syria,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement issued on Saturday.

        “Among other things we will not consider requests and give consent to the search of ships sailing under the Russian flag, nor to the use of other restrictive measures,” the statement added.

      47. you people really are nuts ……i never thought i would say this but after all these crazy articles and the stupid comments…..your nuts !!!!
        all this talk on this site and nothing ever happens….i hear about false flag attacks at the olympics….didnt happen …..economic collapse…didnt happen ……market collapse ….didnt happen …..and on and on and on and on !!!

        • RICH99: Go back to the west wing and chill out dude, Mrs. Big O needs a back rub.

      48. Okay-this is about EMP’s-right? Somehow, we got off into white driving territory….
        Has anyone heard of the Dome Houses? Made from concrete and rebar. How would building a mini DH work? I would think that a mini-shed, about 8 x 10 would hold a lotta stuff, and it would be rather safe from electronic disruption. Any thoughts on this idea?
        I read “One Second After”: thoroughly enjoyed the book, but had nightmares for a week. The scenario surrounding his youngest daughter was horrible. However, the author did make me aware of one thing that I had not thought of-good, sturdy shoes with un- penetrable soles. I have made it a priority to buy at least 2 pairs.

        • Dome Homes are awesome. I knew a guy whose father built them as a contractor years ago. They are very stable, and energy efficient when built correctly.

          You can probably still find hardware kits that consist of the welded joint pieces, that you use to connect 2x4s to build the frame; then you would cut plywood to fit, and fiberglass the outside.

          You may be able to get molds, or plans for them, to make the concrete/rebar sections if you go that route.

          The only problem I saw with the domes is the interior space can be difficult to efficiently utilize.

        • Shoes always seem to be in demand and unaffordable during a long-term crisis. Ask people in the former USSR.

      49. I currently have my old Game Boy and some games/AA batteries sitting in an old microwave. I’m good.

      50. boy I wonder who said this before?
        are they finally waking up?

        time will tell

        U.S. loves cops and firefighters – but not their pensions
        By Steven C. Johnson and Chris Francescani | Reuters – 23 hrs ago.

      51. After reading a few of the links here on Faraday Cages, it occurred to me that those used military surplus ammo cans from cheaper than dirt dot com would make a good cage for small electronics and batteries if wrapped in foil and plastic. Mostly Michael said not to put in wires or earphones; wondering why.

      52. India’s power grid crashes; 370 million without electricity…

        Direct link on Drude Report

        Something to think about. Most of the power grid here in the US is 50+ years old.

        • Thanks mom.

          I am glad they are getting power restored


          It sure would be nice to see how a great mass of 300 million people react to a distruption of a month or 2.(I am not wishing miss fortune on anyone, just sayin)

          I imagine we will enventually see it somewhere else BEFORE we see it here.

          • I think it would be particularly constructive to see how Americans react in that situation. When I was boy on the farm in rural East Texas we had REA electricity – it went off like clock work on a cloudy day. Here in Maryland, on the edge of D.C. we have PEPCO – it goes out like clockwork without even waiting for the clouds. People lose their minds! Here is an article I wrote about this very thing:


            I cannot imagine what would happen if we lost the grid for 2 or 3 months. Although I anticipate that if it were going to be down that long it might be down at least in places, a whole lot longer.


          • Mass power grid failure “lights out” on Election Day would transfer all power over to The Dark Lord. Now that’s a real dark thought!

      53. Mac

        I was always skeptical about emp’s ,and such, as a far fetched scenario at best until this morning..

        On my way out I heard our local fmtalk radio station host (former military)discussing her conversation with a retiring military officer who stated the following..

        “We’ve been training for this for the last 2 years or so..civil unrest due to a massive solar flare predicted by top military sources..and yes..they will follow orders to preserve the state..including rounding up/detaining/and or shooting civilians if ordered..”

        Anyone have any clue..sources to substantiate?


        • Predicting a solar flare that would hit the earth would be very very difficult.

          First someone would have to predict one would happen on a certain part of the sun, and at what angle it would explode out at.

          Then someone would have to calculate IF the earth would be in the right spot.

          Nope, I call bull$hit on that.

          It is very possible that that is what they are telling him and others.

          Predicting it(hiyying us)? I dont think so.

      54. VA farmers plan pitchfork protest over fines — for selling farm products!


      55. One generator, multiple bibles… and I’m supposed to take this seriously?

        • Nope, nothing to see here, just move along. Baaaaaahhh!

      56. Off topic but this is too funny not to share , I read an amusing article about a prepper digging ” decoy ” caches . The guy put together several decoy guns made out of wood and scrap metal , then buried them in tubes to keep ground penetrating radar and metal detector operators busy wasting their time digging up the bogus firearms . His real stash was nowhere near the area of the decoys .

      57. Regarding cme’s

        This on the wires today 7 am..

        Solar Storm Expected to Hit Earth Tuesday
        Powerful, fast-moving CMEs that hit Earth directly can trigger strong geomagnetic storms that cause radio blackouts and disrupt power grids and other communications infrastructure.

        The sun’s current cycle, called Solar Cycle 24, began in 2008. The sun’s activity is expected to ramp up toward a solar maximum in 2013.

        Second blackout in India in two days leaves 670 million without power..Rueters

      58. There are two issues and countless repercussions.

        Whether the EMP comes from a coronal mass ejection (like the Carrington Event)or from a thermo-nuclear device(a nearby man-made version of a Solar CME)ther is an issue of both electromagnetic pulse(s) and extra-visible frequency light waves or radiation(alpha-rays,beta-rays, gamma-rays, x-rays, etc.)
        As for radiation… the best protection is mass. Denser metals (like lead) may stop much better than the same thickness of wood or dirt, but lead is far more expensive than sand bags and rocks. A basement or cellar, especially with a concrete slab ceiling, an underground storm shelter, etc. are good for protecting against the radiation rays. (Actually the Alpha and Beta rays can be stopped with far less.)
        Now regarding the electro-magnetic waves is is a little more complicated. The key here is to avoid or shield against a flow of electrons through a conductor. The circuits in a car MAY be okay if the electrical system is turned off. It will be even better if the battery is disconnected. (A strong pulse may arc across a small gap in a circuit like an ignition switch that is merely turned off. A metal file cabinet or galvanized trash can may also do a good job of shielding delicate circuits(where the gaps used to turn the circuits off are tiny), but they will be even more effective if these shielding containers are INSULATED from grounding. (i.e. a trash can sitting on the ground is not so good; a trash can sitting on a rubber mat is very good.) During the Carrington Event (series of EMPs caused by a CME) telegraph equipment connected to the telegraph lines sparked enough top start fires. Telegraph keys connected to wire that was not connected to the line circuits sometimes chattered as if there was a charge coming through the line from a phantom station.

        Here is what happens. A moving magnetic field near a wire creates an electrical flow within the wire(or within an electronic circuit.) Conversely an electrical flow within a wire (or some other grounded conductor like a metal container) creates a magnetic field. So if you put a laptop directly inside a trash can which is grounded, the EMPs can create a flow through the can to the ground. This electrical flow can generate an electromagnetic field which in turn creates another electrical flow through the circuits within the laptop. By adequately insulating the trash can from the ground the electromagnetic energy may be “stopped” by the can prevented from affecting the laptop. This concept works by degrees related to the strength of the energy. For example a lighting bolt hitting a heavy trash can may arc through or around the insulator used under the trash can and indirectly fry the laptop.

        Unfortunately, we do not have accurate data on the electromagnetic strength of the EMPs that might happen. Furthermore, the “Grid” and anything plugged into it would almost certainly be adversely affected because the Grid is designed to provide excellent conductivity. If the Grid goes down you will not get much benefit from any devices that depend on it or on information sources formerly connected to it.

      59. Survival Mom gets two thumbs down and a kick in the pants for her non-sense this time. I’ve been researching this subject for some time now and only a few get it – and Survival Mom IS NOT one of them. IF any of these events occur, what do you think will happen with the grid? Transformers, controllers, computers, etc. – fried. Not a good scene. The grid WILL go down as well if your MP3 players (sarcasm) go down. And as mentioned above, the nuclear plants will be going down with everything else as well. It’s one thing to prep, it’s another thing to detach from common sense.

      60. Can you make you whole house a Faraday cage?

      61. I do the same thing. I have thousands of e books and videos on disc, e readers, sd & flash drives. Two pc’s, two laptops and a netbook to access info with. An old refrigerator or freezer wrapped in foil and copper mesh wire and buried is a good faraday cage (should be grounded). These can be used as worm composters later on.

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