What Did the Northeast Learn From Sandy? Apparently, Not Much

by | Feb 8, 2013 | Emergency Preparedness | 292 comments

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    Just over 3 months ago, the Northeast was paralyzed after Superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast. Within a matter of days, despite a week of warnings about the impending storm, people in New York City were dumpster diving and begging FEMA to help them. They were pleading with the cameras for food and water because they were starving. Some people still have not recovered – there are still nearly 2000 homes in which people are crouching in the dark, without heat, electricity or running water.

    Fast forward to the current nor’easter bearing down on the region, Nemo.

    The Northeastern US is bracing itself for snow measured in feet, not inches. Nemo is predicted to be one of the top ten worst blizzards in history. Blizzard warnings are in effect for New Jersey, and New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine.

    Does anything sound familiar about that list of states? Oh yeah – many of them were among the hardest hit back in October, when the last “storm of the century” hit.

    One might think that people would have learned a lesson from Sandy and prepared ahead of time for the possibility of an ice- induced power outage and the likelihood of being snowed in for a few days.

    Apparently not.

    Residents of the Northeast are storming the grocery stores like a horde of locusts, grabbing anything and everything, filling their carts in a panic, even as the first snowflakes were drifting to the ground.

    These aren’t well-thought-out shopping trips – they are laying siege to the stores like Huns pillaging a village in Eastern Europe, leaving only destruction and barren shelves in their wake.

    Photographs speak a thousand words. Store shelves have been emptied by those who don’t already have enough of a stockpile to get their families through a blizzard.

    View image on Twitter

    The last multi-state power outage, just about 100 days ago, is clearly a vague memory. It was an event that somehow, did not make enough of an impression on people. For most, it seems that the fervent vows of being better prepared disappeared with the darkness as soon as the lights came back on.

    Here are some of the preparedness measures being undertaken across the region.

    In Maine

    Bryan McDonald pushed a shopping cart heaped with goods while his wife pushed a baby carriage. They have a 7-week-old child to consider. They don’t want to be left unprepared when the storm named Nemo comes to do its thing.

    “Water, canned goods, and snacks in case we lose power,” Bryan said. “Those are the main things.”

    In Massachusetts

    Judy Nielsen of Sturbridge was buying for herself and her husband — both are on a vegan diet. Ms. Nielsen stocked up on vegetables, fruits and water.

    “You don’t buy much when you’re eating a lot of vegetables and fruits,” she said. “I don’t buy them for a week, two weeks at a time. I buy them for a couple days at a time, just enough to get through the weekend.”


    While people are to be commended for at least going to the store before the storm hits this time, why on earth do they need to, so soon after Sandy? Why do they feel that one trip to the grocery store equals preparedness?

    One common statement among the prepping community after Hurricane Sandy was that hopefully, people would begin to see the light and understand the need for preparedness. As a group, many of us expressed the fact that the aftermath of the storm should prove, once and for all, that you truly are on your own after such an event.

    We read reports of people standing in line for up to 5 hours for a single MRE and a bottle of water. We heard about apartment dwellers defecating in the hallways. There were photos of people eating from dumpsters. We felt sympathy for the elderly, trapped cold, thirsty and alone at the top of highrises.

    Through it all, many had hope that this would be a turning point for the preparedness movement, while others were skeptical that people would accept the event as anything other than an unpleasant blip on their radar of football games, American Idol and weekly manicures.

    Judging by the look of the grocery stores in the Northeast, the skeptics were right. The psychological inability to accept that bad things happen, the battle of cognitive dissonance against thinking about a change of reality, and the cultural bias against perceived negativity, have overruled common sense and learning from experience, once again.

    Once again, preppers are left, shaking our heads, asking what it will take to wake people up.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at[email protected]


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      1. Daisy: Thank you for your post.
        You know the old saying you can lead a horse to water, but you cann’t make him drink.
        THX again

        • I hear you on that one. My neighborhood was out of power for 4 days during Sandy. I was the only one on my block with a generator. The neighbors with a 3 year old had no food and supplies. They had no way to heat the house and no brains to ask. They were amazed to see that i had electricity and boiled water on my gas stove to warm the house. I even offered to run an extension cord over to help keep there freezer going. They said the freezer was no problem because they don’t have any food in it. And this is my Horse that will not drink.
          After this event if found that they have no clue what they are doing. I know they will be SOL through this storm.
          A good thing that came out of Sandy was that me and my other neighbor are more on the same page and even talked about preparing for the storm a couple of days ago. Basically just checking in with each other if the other needed anything to weather out the storm.
          I wont have to worry about the trees landing on my house this time because after the one fell during Sandy i have had them all cut down.
          Well good luck to all this time around.

          • It ain’t a snow storm until you have to eat your dead!

        • You’re very welcome. 🙂

          I just filled the bathtub with water for flushing, since we are likely to lose power (electric grid here is sporadic). We are at a foot and a half of snow and counting!


          • As for New Hampshire, we are not like the rest of the north east, at least the mid to upper quadrant of the State. Here they do not clear out the grocery stores, only the mass holes do when they come here to ski every weekend. A couple of feet of snow in New Hampshire is a good thing and many are prepared, it’s a way of life.

            • Here in coastal Maine;
              I was in total panic mode until I changed the AAA’s in one of my LED worklights…whew…that was close. If this lasts for more than 2 years…I’m done for…

            • I’m originally from LI & recently made the move to mid-NH and the difference in people is astonishing. Every single home is prepared with wood for their fireplaces- On LI, people rely on the nearest Home Depot or Loew’s to supply those type of things. NH is a completely different type of life! Brings you back to a different time.

            • Seacoast NH here – wow, woke up to a foot and maybe a food and a half of snow. Holy Louise! It felt good to not have to make a mad dash to the grocery store yesterday with the hordes, with the exception of milk – Apparently the lines were all the way to the milk (back of the store). Pleased to wake up to electricity (& coffee) – hope it stays that way!

              • Flexmom – I’m very close to you, southern Maine/NH border.

                • I was all set for the storm, plenty of food, water, firewood, gas for the generator. All I needed was some good beer & wine! We never even lost power despite just about 3 feet of snow and 60 mph winds!!

            • I think I need to move to NH. I’m having Blizzard Envy right now.

          • Daisy,
            A trick I picked up: After Sandy left us without power (and without a bath or a shower) for almost a week I’ve decided to keep the bathtub for bathing. For flushing I’ve been collecting used 5 gallon plastic fryer oil jugs from local restaurants, cleaned them out, filled them up with water, and moved them into the bathroom when there’s a chance for power outages.

            Plus those 5 gallon jugs are heavy duty food grade plastic and I’ve filled up dozens of them for my water storage and they are also great for keeping rice and grains in. Every restaurant with a fryer use them and they usually just toss them away or recycle them when they are empty and I’ve found that restaurants give them away willingly if you ask. Restaurants usually change their fryer oil once or twice a week and the typical “fryerlator” uses two 5 gallon jugs, so that’s over 100 jugs a year you can collect from just one restaurant and use for food and water storage!!! I live outside of a small touristy village with 12 restaurants in a one square mile area and I’ve gotten these 5 gallon jugs from almost every one of them….so I’ve already got hundreds of them!!! All for free!!!
            They are a great upcycled prepping item that can be had for free (which beats paying $5-$15 retail for something comparable)!!

            • Afterthefallpa ~

              That is a GREAT idea. I have some white vinegar jugs of flushing water if we are caught by surprise but these would be MUCH better! Best of all, free is my favorite price!

              Live Free or Die ~

              People here are probably much like they are in New Hampshire. No one really thinks twice about snow or power outages. They might not have a few months’ worth of food, but they definitely have a couple of weeks’ worth. Most houses in this climate also have a secondary heat source that is not grid-dependent. It’s very different from when we lived in the city, previous to this. The frequent heavy storms and outages have definitely made me more prepared – it would take a lot more than a couple of feet of snow to phase me now!


              • Daisy.

                You’re right, we are used to this like you. If you live in central or northern New Hampshire then you are prepared more than say, Boston.

                • Howdy neighbor, I figured you were from NH from your handle.

              • @Daisy..Glad to hear you are safe and cozy up North! Thought I might lose power here, but it’s still on…

                can’t get out the back door though as the wind blew the snow halfway up my door…(my wood is piled under a tarp on the back deck) I will go around the front, then start shoveling …..

                Sure glad I didn’t have to line up at the grocery store,(Don’t need a Darn thing!!} I am so glad I found this site over a year ago, or I would probably be in a big fix now! take care all….CC

                • I made sure I have one door that opens inward just because of that. Otherwise I would have had to go out a window!

            • I do the exact same thing and have at least 10-12 they are great and useful jugs and at the cost of free o’zero you can’t complain 🙂

            • Holy cow you just gave me a really great idea there. Thank you!

            • How do you clean the veg oil out of those five-gal frying oil jugs? I use ’em for waste oil but not for water. I would LIKE to!

          • Damn- got up this morning and went out to do the snow. Daisy, you were RIGHT! CARNAGE everywhere. I passed three people with a small child that were skeleton like….they were starving and begging me for food. Told me last time they ate was 2 1/2 hrs ago. Then the guy down the block who hadnt bought a generator went without power for TWO HOURS. 911 just took them out of there in an ambulance.
            When will they ever learn…

            and as if THATS not bad enough, I head rain on Monday….

            Damn these NON preppers! When will they ever learn. I am prpeeped on umbrellas so guess I am ok. The rest will just have to get wet…

            Snow in the Northeast. Who would have thought. First tie in my 60 years here.

        • Even worse, it’s the other end of the horse you will see when desperation sets in.

          They want to take it out on you while you are trying to lead them to the water, and it will be your fault they didn’t drink it when there is no more left.

          Screw the sheep and the corp they rode in on.

          It appears that most will never wake up anyway.

        • Any prepper worth his salt has got to ask the following question: Imagine life right now without:

          1. A job
          2. Social security money
          3. Unemployment money
          4. Food card
          5. Gasoline availability
          6. Stocked grocery shelves
          7. Electricity to get heat, fresh water, lighting
          8. Law and order and security

          Do you have a plan for each of these? If something like a storm hits at the same time as something like whats hitting Greece, these are some serious areas to fall short in.

          • sailboat!!!!! Live from SWL dont 4 get the pet food Yall

          • Yes, I have all this covered….If you told me I had to get by for a very long time on what I had… I could do it. It’s ironic..they like to call us folks crazy. Let them. It makes it easier to be prepared as we have less competition for resources.

            Here’s one for ya.. I bet none of you thought it. I have collected many double pane windows off of craigslist. If I had to …I could make cold frames for gardening. Also. have all the garden supplies, survival seeds, light banks.

            The big one are skills.

            If you dropped me in the middle of no where with just a bow, and my survival pack.
            If you returned 6 months later… you’d find a nice little log and mud hut.
            A nice stone and mud fire place…. a crafted bed, table and chair. There would be a xmas tree with forest decorations. I’d have pine sap candles. We’d be having game stew…even if I had to craft a stone pot.

            This is what it truly means to be an American. No matter what…
            We thrive. We live…and I’d make life nice. I’d stay clean, in shape, well fed and I’d make sure those around me were.

            The next time folks bust on preppers…remember them that just about all of us were boy scouts, or cub scouts or brownies.
            That’s why they taught us all this stuff.

            I don’t worry about retirement.
            If anything… I don’t need a big RV and water front house like my folks.
            I’d be just as happy in a one room cabin and spend my days reading and taking nature walks…feeding the chickens and the rabbits.

            We’ve lost what really makes us happy…live a simple life.
            Walk with God. I was never touched by God…but I have a nature view…maybe that is really God to me in my own way.

            Preppers are the type to find a nuclear war a challenge and exciting.
            Funny…folks think we are scared to die…
            If anything…we are more scared that we might not live a full life.

            Folks…just keep living your American life as you see fit.

            I live in NY and the Governor is a traitor to the United States. Yet I’l respect the office.
            So if they limit our arms.. Just remember… we have cutting weapons in every room in the house.

            The way I see it. If someone ever breaks in…
            Then they are locked inside with me. I’d just kill the breaker…and then let the fun begin. A house of horror for anyone trying to mess with my family.

            I have crafted a tactical bow….. Has a light on it.
            Also, I have glow sticks on it. I’d throw some glow sticks..keep the light off.
            The perp. would find himself peppered with arrows. Silent horror.

            So even if martial law hit and the nazis took the guns…
            I’d still have the bow and many other things.

            What is coming… They will nationalize your retirement account.

            The currency will descend into a long slow collapse.

            Now for safety.. I rent my upstairs. In my front yard are 5 cars.
            Each with NRA stickers.
            That says…don’t fuck with us..move on.
            The rent let me prep up.

            We prepped up and we sleep better.
            If we woke up and the store shelves were empty…I would not be concerned.
            If we had a crop failure… I could get by

            BE AMERICAN. MAN UP.

          • only 4 of these are available to me and law, order and security is not one of them.

        • I live in Massachusetts and the big story now is an executive order issued by gov. Patrick banning all vehicle traffic unless your essential personal starting at 4 pm.

          Penalties are up to a year in jail and $500 fine. There are exemptions though and the media is one of them. The news channels have actually advocated abandoning your vehicle in a parking lot opposed to driving home right now!

          What a flagrant violation of our constitutional liberties. Can anyone say a test run of an illegal martial law order to see how many people will obey the almighty orders from the government?

          This is absolutely absurd, as I’m typing the governor spoke and I’m paraphrasing: it is not they’re intention to find violaters and enforce these strict penalties but they have to beacause they are keeping us safe.

          I’m just stunned. GOD help us all.

          • Wolf, I hear you! I broke my TV ban and turned on the news to see what the weather was saying. I couldn’t believe when I heard the MA driving ban. First grab is for Emergency Snow/Disaster planning. Second grab is for Martial Law….

            • Z,

              A self imposed tv ban, I admire that! I’ve limited myself to having the news in the background incase of major event and a few select historical or exploratory shows.

              I just heard on the news they have 6000 national guard troops to enforce the ban yet there’s been not a single violater caught.

              I wonder if it’s just a bluff to scare people considering it’s a blatant overreach onto our rights.

              • ther’s gone na B a lot of babby’s in 9 months

              • They could have done the civilized thing and said it was because no stalled/stuck cars makes it much easier to plow the roads. Most people get the message without the threats which seems to be the first thing these two bit dictators resort to now.

          • Ticketing is absurd! They should just leave people stranded in snowbanks to freeze. You had warning,but common sense is acquired

          • wolf,
            I agree. exactly what my son said too. Time to get the hell out mass. This state sucks!
            I have lived here all my life and this order from patrick is a first. Makes me sick.

            • I’m with ya Pete. I wasn’t yet born in 78 so I don’t have a good measuring stick to compare storms yet this order is just obscene. How can they dictate who has a valid reason to be driving? What if your going to a sick family member to help them? Do they allow you to proceed or detain you? I truly am wondering if this Is all an empty threat.

              As for getting the hell out of here I’ve been ready to go. Electing warren to senate was the final straw and today was the icing on the cake. Just gotta work on the wife now!

            • Born in Boston in 1945, I’ve been a refugee from New England for over 30 years now. It was bad in the ’80s, and has only gotten worse. If you value your immortal soul, take your productivity and your property and leave ASAP. Not to Maine or NH, but to Texas or the American Redoubt, or the Eastern Redoubt (Appalachia). I am sad for what Massachusetts once was, but I would happily raze what it is now to the ground and start over.

            • The state that has a love affair with Fat Ted and the rest of the Kennedy clan, elects the likes of Barney Frank, John Kerry, Mitt Romney and now Pocahotas Warren and you just now realize something is wrong with Ma. Wow.

          • It may not be such a bad idea, when you think of the 99% of idiots on the road in a blizzard and what the result would be. Frankly, I don’t mind my tax dollars not going to rescue some of those morons from god-knows-what predicament they get into.

            It seems like anyone with common sense wouldn’t be out in that anyway, no? I’ve lived in MN and NY and no one I knew would.

          • its quite common to close the roads and highways during a real blizzard and not a violation of the constitution of this country. the const guarantees whats known as States Rights, meaning the state can close the road to protect state workers working to keep the roads clear of snow so people with real emergencies can pass. One road closing and you wanna over-react and overthrow the govt of MASS. ? Settle down boy, down.

            • Closing a highway is one thing but decreeing EVERY road closed throughout the state is an over reach. 4 hours west of Boston in the berkshires some places only got 9 inches of snow yet the people living there were forced to close up shop during business hours and hurry home or be faced with a year in jail or $500 fine if caught driving.

              Does that sound like common sense to you?

        • Daisy, They’re stuck-on-stupid.

          As I’ve said before, you’ve gotta be tough when you’re dumb…..

          • When I was designing machinery for the auto plants, we had a saying: “You can’t ever make it idiot proof, because they’re always breeding better idiots”.

            • Idiots evolve at an astonishing rate.

              • Watch Idiocracy. It will be the newsreel at some point in the future.

          • Z…ya gotta be tough even if your smart!

        • pale rider:

          The saying has been officially changed:

          “You can lead a horse to water….but sheep are idiots.”

        • I had a horse once. Led him to water and he drank. Of course that didn’t help much. He was lame and had bad teeth. But at least he wasn’t thirsty. Finally sold him to some guy in the UK. I think he was renamed Lasagna or TV Dinner or something like that. Hope he had a good life there…

        • Daisy….your so smart you know all this from Canada. I am sitting in an area being pummeled now. We used to go to school on days like this. 50 years…. its a FUCKING SNOWSTORM. Power out. Oh my.
          Write about Canada an you dont even know about that. Your firewood stories are fucking pathetic.
          Go learn…live life a little…then come back and make a blog where you can tell all the world how fucking smart you are… SO smart that you are alone in the ucking wilderness hiding from life..

          Me? I’ll start a fire if the heat goes out. Imagine that!

          I also do not know where oyur store pictures come from cause it was/is not like that where I am. Have about 16 inches so far.

          I think maybe YOU need 16 inches and to stay away from the net for awhile.
          The world is not ending because of a snowstorm, and tomorrow is another day. Gee. IMAGINE…. the northeast and it’s going to snow hard…..wow….

          pickins gettin REAL slim around here.

          • Whome, if you got something to say–just say it. I hate it when people hold back their feelings.

            • ; )

          • Yes you, What is it like being a brain surgeon, busy days and sleepless nights I bet! I want to believe that you are a Govt shill, but even they are not as daft as you!

            I keep reminding people don’t eat trolls after SHTF. They taste nasty and muddy from years of sitting under bridges!

          • To ‘whome’ it may concern,
            Do I detect a note of envy?

            ‘My snowstorm is worse than your snowstorm. We used to walk six miles to school, uphill both ways, in 12 feet of snow, it was 79,000 below zero!! Had no axe and had to chew through the trees with our teeth. Then rub sticks together to start a fire! We ate dirt! And were lucky to have that! Then the dirt ran out and we starved!!! AAAAUUUGGGHHH!’

            By the way, you said she needed 16 inches. Would that be you…four times?
            You mother smelled of elderberries. Now, skeedaddle or I shall taunt you a second time!

            • Gotta love Monty Python! But so much of modern life reminds of that level of civilization!

            • One year we got 4 feet one year in one day. I went to work that day…no worried. 4×4, snow blower, boots hat. Later… for kicks…we went out in the driving ban…beer run. The cops chased us and we blasted down a snowed in street. The plow left a four foot drift…was like a Ford truck movie….us blasting over the large drift…snow flying everywhere..the cop could not follow. ha.. A glory moment of my life.

              It’s nice to break a few laws now and then…
              Looking at my dog….never registered him…saved over $300 in fees.
              Screw all these little laws.

              Yeah…snow… we love it….

              Life….it’s an adventure.

          • whome, how long has it been since your old lady cut you off? I hope you get some soon.

            • Gotta read between the lines

              That clown sat on a snow shovel handle…..and, liked it.

          • Wow whome, tell us how you really feel. I do see your point and get a chuckle reading “between the lines”.

            Give Daisy a break though, she’s tryin’ and that is better than a lot of women (and men) are doing. maybe somebody will read her comments and get the message.

            I won’t give you the finger, either way.

            • @DON’T TREAD—-
              I’m glad ONE person saw my point.
              As the man above from New Hampshire said, we get snow. Period. I have been through many snowstorms. It’s a freakin huge rain storm with snow instead.
              People get all wacked out like the world is ending. If power is lost in my area tonight and people can’t start a fire they still are not going to DIE. Talk about blowing things out of proportion for ad revenue or some shit.
              And speaking about blowing…. well Daisy….. you may wanna think about it. You need ot get out more.

              You need to learn a lot too before you spout off to others.

              SMOKIN OKIE—— yeah 16 inches me four times. I wouldn’t stick that with YOUR 4 inches.

              Someone needs to though. And teach her about firewood too. Talk about learning how to walk before you run… she cant keep the ice off her wood. Geez.
              Lastly, go back on this site and read posts and look at how people tend to be here …. oh about 6 months to a year tops and seem to fade away…
              yeah…. hang on. Its snowing! The world is ending! The world is ending! This is the big one! It’s a Black Swan! This storm was engineered by the Govt! Quick! Lock and load…
              Over and out. Roger that. Semper Fi. Molon Labia….

              • Whome, your opinion is very important. Please say something.

                • He cracks me up!!! ha, ha, ha, ha,

              • whome, you said “SmokinOkie…I wouldn’t stick that with YOUR 4 inches.” Stop! You’re making me blush!
                Honestly, I just thought you came off a bit harsh in your criticism. But what the hell, it’s free speech, right? And I liked the Molon Labia line. Proves you have a sense of humor!

              • I can’t figure out why I keep reading your crap. I think its’s like a bad car wreck. You just can’t help looking at the carnage. But it turns out that not all people were born perfect with holes in their wrists and feet. I think the point that Daisy is trying to make is lets from history and stop taking things for granted. And yes I agree with previous posts that you need to get some you grouchy ass TROLL. Have a wonderful day breaking your arm patting your self on the back.

          • whome.. you missed the whole point. Lighten up.

            • Whome is entertaining! Funny little troll! ; )

            • @ Who me

              YES. YOU!

          • Now that was funny!

          • Why don’t you dig some soap out of your supplies and wash out your filthy mouth.
            Just what kind of articles are you expecting to find on a prepping site? Doofus.

        • i thought it was you can lead a whore to culture but you cant make her think ……….forgive me ,you just dont get many chances in life to use that line

        • Why in the world would any of these people bother to prepare?

          We can just have Congress pass another Emergency Relief Bill to the tune of many billions of (your) dollars (again) and we can all pay to bail them out.

          You silly preppers.

          • If it warms up in two days most of the snow will be gone. I remember a couple of big snow storms in NY when I was a kid and they were gone in a day or two. People act like this is the end of the world. Like rain here in san Diego, they go nuts.

            • @JOHN W— yeah tell that to Lazy Daisy the Canuck that is loking to profit off yet ANOTHER prepper website! Notice how she “works out of home”… work being sukcing in any moron that will read her blog and click links so she gets paid….
              I think she more needs to get LAID…
              Today is already like just another day… however there was that family down the street that didnt prep up… I heard they ate the dog.

              And little johnny was hungey so I heard he ate Little JENNY…. wink wink,,,,, last we heard Jenny was all smiles!

              someone who cannot store firewood proper telling you how to “prep for the end”…..

              Yeah ok. Shes about as broight as a burnt out light bulb.

              You can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make her think”

              (stolen from funny guy above….GREAT line!)

        • Hell you can show a lake to some and its just like talking to a stuffed animal

        • apparently you can’t make a sheeple drink, even if you drowned the stupid sucker…

        • Daisy! How dare you embarrass New Englanders by pointing out that their stupidity is showing? The water thing always cracks me up. That’s why I’m not rich; I wouldn’t have thought you could sell bottles of water in a nation where drinkable water is free everywhere.

          • unfortunately, water here is seldom free and often not drinkable (unless you like fluoride, etc)

          • Just look at who they elect time after time. They should be embarassed. Of course being in Cali. I should maybe not poke fun as our elected morons are just as noxious as theirs.

        • this mentality is the direct result of 2 generations of nanny state coddling.

        • You should not be surprised at what was written about here.

          Don’t forget that half the country (by definition) has a below average I.Q..

      2. Some people will never learn…

        • Say it ain’t so. People didn’t learn from a disaster that disasters happen.

          I think what a lot of people learned from Sandy is that it happens to other people. Those are the ones you are seeing doing the last minute shopping. You will see the ones that didn’t do the last minute shopping on the news tomorrow blaming Bush.

        • Tell me about it eppe, I unfortunately am surrounded by the type living in CA, not looking forward to what’s gonna happen when we get hit by a big quake that we are well over due for here. Least with the storms they get a heads up, but the sheep over here never see it coming. On another wonderfully positive note this marvelous state of mine in now introducing new gun and ammo legislation that unbelievably surpasses NY’s latest shenanigans even. Please keep the few remaining patriots over here in your prayers and may God help us all.

          • CA is a jacked up state. They are so busy worrying about taking guns out of the hands of honest citizens when they have massive drug violence, rampant corruption, and even a couple of idiot LAPD officers who used THEIR legal high capacity magazines to fire over 50 rounds into a truck matching the description of Cristopher Dorner the guy who is shooting dirty cops in LA right now. Amazingly the occupants of the vehicle were two tiny asian ladies in their 70s delivering newspapers, not a 33 year old, 270 pound black Rambo… Maybe it’s just me, but maybe it’s the authorities are what is wrong with this country. If firing on two old Asian ladies delivering newspapers wasn’t enough they decided to really show that the LAPD was really colorblind (pun intended) by shooting through the windshield of a poor WHITE dude whose vehicle wasn’t even the same make as Dorner’s… JACKWAGONS!!!

            • they do want that guy DEAD for some reason, don’t they??

            • They feared for their safety poor babies. Screw the ladies safety. Not even the same color or make of truck. These morons are a bigger risk than the criminals.

      3. you cannot fix stupid.

        • i think Forest Gump said it correctly when he said ( stupid is as stupid does ) and there seems to be lots of them !

        • Yes you can. All you need is an Industrial Wood Chipper. Works every time.

            • One of my more hostile acquaintances used to say: “There’s a use for people like that: Fertilizer.”

              • Elimination is fine, but stupid is gone, not fixed. QED

                I did like the chipper idea, though.

          • Some hungry HOGS work too, just say’in

            a long time lurker, dasiy

      4. I need more long term food storage!! A week or two ago someone on here mentioned their favorite internet site for ordering food supplies, might have been Daisy or KYmom, I can’t remember, but I didnt mark it down – and they had #10 cans of cake mix that I need!! Anyone have any suggestions?

        • I don’t know about the cake mix
          but I order from THE READY STORE
          on a regular basis
          look for their adverts on this site
          they have great daily deals

          • PuppyPrepper,

            The LDS (Mormon) church has limited selection but low prices. I don’t know about #10 cans of cake mix, but several long term food storage sites sell pancake mix. Emergency Essentials and Shelf Reliance have a wide variety of baking supplies.

            Good luck! Hope you find what you are looking for.


            Unfortunately, some people will never learn, despite our best efforts to warn them. Hope your power stays on.

            KY Mom

            • Daisy,

              Great article! Thank you for your continued efforts and articles to educate, encourage and challenge people to prepare and be healthy.

              KY Mom

            • the butter flavored potato pearls are the bomb! I get them to eat regularly, in addition to storage.

        • http://www.theepicenter.com is my favorite. good pricing and shipping. decent selection. awesome customer service. I always ask them to put cases in another box so my neighbors dont know what Im getting all the time, they are always happy to comply!

        • Mail order I deal with “Emergency Essentals” seem to be fine, no problems.

        • Cake mix? I just buy when on sale for a dollar.

          I am using cake mixes 4 years old–nothing wrong and they are great.
          I have cake mix recipes from scratch, but only when I have to.
          Also, my vacuum sealer would best be used for those cake mixes, but I aint preparing for a 25 year shelf life of much of anything. Ain’t gonna happen.

          • JayJay,

            You are my favorite!

            • Well, seriously..I mean, folks, I am 62 and I can’t see focusing a lot on long term foods.
              Now, saying that, I am not into suicidal tendencies either, so I have storage for a few years.
              I was NOT kidding when I said I hadn’t left the house for 6 weeks until yesterday’s prepping spree.
              And my dementia-brained(not joking) sweetie points out–anything longer than what we are planned for and we are $#@$%^ed (screwed) anyhow!!

              • And Anon–I do take that as the best thing said about me in months.

              • Too bad you feel half dead at only 62

          • i concur a 6-12month shelf will suffice, unless you’re storing 25 years worth JMO. The FAN will have been hit before it goes bad. 1 yr of food lots of seed & ammo.

          • Just used a cake mix last week that had expired 4 years ago, lost track of it. It was fine

            • If you get Basmatti rice from India make sure you freeze it for a couple of days as you may otherwise discover some disgusting larvae in the rice.

        • @Puppy..
          Try beprepared.com (Emergency Essentials). Maybe they have the cake mix. I’ve ordered from them several times – water storage, first aid, MREs – with no complaints!

          I lived in Houston for 40 years and 28 in Ohio. I’ve been through hurricanes and snow storms. I remember rushing out for candles, food, water, and masking tape. It’s wonderful not to have to rush out for anything before a storm.

          Being retired, prepping is a hedge against inflation in addition to getting ready for the unexpected.

          • Now that’s positive thinking–see?? OhioReader(unless has 2 homes at same time) is 68 and stocking long term.
            It’s like my aunt who HAS to be 85 years old.
            I ran into her at Aldis; she was buying this little Japanese cherry tree; it had to be 6 inches tall!!!
            I kid you not.

            Now, that’s faith AND positive thinking all rolled into one.
            Shoot, when my mom reached 70, she quit dusting!!!

            • JayJay,
              I quit dusting when I moved out of my parents house to go to college. I use the canned air that you use to clean your computer with….or my cat’s fluffy tails…they gotta earn their keep some how.

            • I quit dusting a long time ago. Its overrated out here in the sticks.

            • @JayJay
              Thanks! I have one home, and since I retired in’10, I’ve turned my large yard into an edible landscape (berries, veggies, fruit trees,etc) and my basement into storage. I have credit my “friend” (my 8th grade flame) for waking me up to what’s going on in the world. I was oblivious when working full-time. He wants us to get 5-10 acres in Texas (my home) so he can have chickens and bees, but I hesitate to start over, and don’t know if we have enough time before SHTF to get established anyway.

              I just became a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and have taken EVERY class offered at my range (tactical rifle included) and participate in the tactical league (the only way to practice). I love shooting!

              When I turned 65 and retired, my new life began! Full steam ahead…..

              • OhioReader, What a great attitude–you’d be a great friend for anyone to have–ever move to Ky, give us a holler.
                That means yell for ya’ll New Yorkers or scholars.

        • Puppy Prepper, Beprepared dot com is one of my fav online sites for #10 cans. The site is very easy to navigate through. I was just looking through their mailed catalog a bit ago and saw baking mixes. I don’t order the mixesm and didn’t pay much attention but they sell stuff like pancake mixes. But they have a large variety of DH and FD foods, including mixes, meals, and the plain veggies or fruits.

        • Vacuum seal your own cake mixes in quart jars!

          • I have one of the older tilia food saver’s that came with the mason jar attachments for wide mouthed or regular jars works great put away a lot of food with this.

        • beprepared.com

        • Healthy Harvest is going out of business.
          40% off all orders over $75.

          Keep preppin’

        • beprepared.com go for the super pails

        • Check out Sam’s Club or even Amazon.

      5. well at least they are out buying
        food and gas BEFORE the storm this time

      6. People never learn. Maybe this is a way for the sheeple to weed themselves out before the SHTF in a major way.

      7. Who gives a shit about other people waking up?!

        • Yes yes yes I said it before, im done talkin.If people dont get it now or after sandy they never will.

        • One more person who is awake and aware is one less adversary when the SHTF.

          • PS: Chamber of Commerce weather here. Where did I put my sunglasses? 🙂

            • It’s 30 degrees at this truck stop in Idaho, but at least is’s quit snowing. You just like to rub it in, don’t you dk?

              • Smokin….you heading up I-15? or going thru Boise?

                • Went through Boise a while back. Rolling out of Burley in a few minutes. Roads were actually pretty good most of the afternoon, Get’s worse going east, so this ought to be fun by the time I hit Utah!

                  • Safe travels. Sounds like you’re heading to Ogden, thus missing Pocatello. If in Pocatello, I was going to buy cup of coffee.

                • why? you need a ride?

              • Damn SO, the sun has gone down and the temps are dropping a bit and I can’t find any long pants!

                Guess I’ll check the dirty laundry … 🙂

                • Where’s Pocatello?

                • Rub it in a little why doncha?

      8. Can’t fix stupid.

      9. Great update Daisy!! I can’t help but to laugh. Guess you can’t fix stupid!

        • You can’t even fix stupid with duct tape…especially for so many people in the NE region. The NY Times (I know, I know) recently ran a pretty good article on preppers in Manhattan. People in the comments section were FREAKING OUT like the preppers had killed their grandpas or something. There were numerous comments on, “woe is me, if society collapses, I don’t want to survive” to the usual screeds heaped on preppers, gun owners, Southerners, Christians and other untouchables.

          These people who say they plan to just die are the same ones who would shank a six year old over a tootsie roll in a desperate attempt to survive, come the zombie apocalypse.

          We can dismiss it as foolish, but after they were dancing around with rage over Sandy, it is inexcusable and borders on evil. That is probably too strong a word, but you know what I mean. Not just a failure to prepare, but the absolute hatred and poison spewed on those who would. It is troubling.

          Great article, Daisy.

          • Mama Bear:

            The problem with the “I’d rather die.” meme is that most people will survive, at least for awhile.

            I knew a woman, now in her late 90’s, who has been convinced she was on her last legs for over 30 years. Every time someone told her that she stood a likely chance of living til 100, she responded: “I don’t _want_ to live to be 100.” So there, I guess. She has less than 4 years to go.

            Others will stick their noses in the air and pontificate on how _they_ have *plans* to commit suicide. Well, folks, it is easier said than done and most people have no idea how to do so quickly, efficiently and with finality.

            Those same posts you reference usually have someone stating how they will not continue on in a world dominated by gun-toting conservatives, they will die before every setting one foot in Texas and if Christians are the majority, woe is them, the end is nigh and there is no reason to go on.

            Too bad, most lack the will and the way to effect their own desires. They pay no attention to the myriad who are quoted after a disaster, amazed that they were in a situation they had never envisioned. They aren’t evil, IMO, just frightened of anything that might be difficult and uncomfortable, so they lash out at the messenger.

            To be sure, I personally do not want to survive an Apocalypse, especially at my advanced age, but I at least have taken measures just in case the Universe once again ignores my own wishes. It may be exhausting to lug those sandbags when the creek’s about to rise, but experience says it is better to prepare than not. I have learned that humans are much hardier than we believe ourselves to be, so I’d rather survive in some degree of comfort than in misery.

            I cut the deniers some slack, these days, commiserate with them about how unfair it all is and continue on my own way. One day they will all be bragging about what survivors they are, against the odds. Perhaps it will leave them with some deserved self esteem, for a change.

            • Blue Water and Mama Bear – When I hear the “I’d rather die” excuse, I point out that their ancestors faced considtions far harsher than we can even imagine. They got through wars, ice ages, famines, brutal conquests, and the Black Death. Why did they struggle to endure? So that future generations (that would be YOU) might be able to have a better life. We have become soft, lazy, and incapable of even the simplest things. Holes in socks used to be fixed with a needle and thread but no more. Electronic devices used to be fixed by removing the vacuum tube, taking it to the hardware store, testing it, and replacing it. The list goes on and on and on. And now faced with a little adversity where you actually have to DO STUFF makes you want to die? You are a disgrace to your ancestors and the extreme hardships they put up with for your beneift.

              Hard to say how many people got the message and vowed to toughen up but my guess is none.

          • Seems peppers have been demonized for awhile I’ve heard some people say that preppers are terrorists. So stupid.

          • Seems preppers are demonized as terrorists. So stupid.

        • Ahhh,

          Quoting from the Book of White (Ron) I see..Ch 2 vs 7?? 🙂

      10. Daisy,

        I am ashamed…we come to a total standstill in snow…all three inches of it.

        Nice article.

        Take care

        • Burt,
          Texas can come to a standstill in one inch. Kinda funny story…years back our company merged with a company from Houston. Most of the Houstonites moved up to Colorado to continue with the company.

          First good snow storm after the merge no Houstonites showed up at work. We started calling them and they kept saying “it’s snowing outside, surely work is called off for the day”. To which we said “uhmmm no, get your butt to work, there’s no snow days in Colorado until there’s 12 inches on the ground.”

          Needless-to-say, they started switching out their flat lander vehicles for 4 wheel drives….problem solved.

          • Kindle

            Thank you…it’s not just us. Actually it’s the government. A grit truck with a plough front is moving slowly up the road, plough raised, lights flashing no grit dropping.

            “What the hell”said several people.

            “No grit” Said the driver, “not allowed to drop the grit if it ain’t ploughed” and off he went, going through the motions. Also pavements are not cleared so walking is lethal. The government said if we clear in front if home and someone lips they can sue the homeowner, so people don’t clear anymore. It’s total crap.

            Take care

            • Howdy Burt,

              “The government said if we clear in front of home and someone (s)lips they can sue the homeowner, so people don’t clear anymore. It’s total crap.”

              Truly? I guess the epidemic of government stupidity is truly global…I’d never have guessed that one (with you all) though…Boggles the mind!?

            • About 15 years ago, eight inches of snow shut down northern KY. I remember stories of truckers camped out in Florence mall for two weeks, and 50% of state/county snow removal equipment wouldn’t even start. Your tax dollars at work.

              County work crew calls their office and tells the supervisor “You sent eight of us and only one shovel!” the supervisor thinks quickly and replies ” all of you take turns leaning on that one till I get there with more!”

        • Lol.

      11. Hey guys. I live in New Hampshire and we’re predicted at 24″+…..I was stationed in Alaska so that really isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things. However, today happened to be my normal grocery day for the month and I can echo that the shelves are a bit bare…..of beer and chips!! Real preppers have already ensured their stocks and the idiots who are at the stores lately are buying the normal short term items….alcohol, fatty short-term foods and batteries!! I was able to pick up the normal things I buy each month and even top off some items that I was able to find on the cheap….things that the sheeple overlook in the mad rush for their staples!!

      12. It blows MY mind, as a person living in MA, because most people here have been through multiple storms like Nemo in the past. They remember the exciting parts, but seem to forget the panic that so many people experienced through lack of preparedness. I keep 3-4 weeks of supplies in my home at all times, so I marvel at how many people rush the stores at the last minute.

        • @AveJoe
          Since when have they begun naming snow storms? It’s just so dam silly. Nemo, just another gimick to convince you the weather is getting worse due to the b.s. of “Climate Change”.

          Next thing the Libtards will be naming farts!
          A(Alex Baldwin) B( Barry) C. (Clintons) ect.

          • Good point, Last American. Just because most of the world’s most prominent scientists are all saying climate hell is coming, it doesn’t mean its true…probably all got together and said, “I got a good idea, let’s all trick the public!”. And just because the fossil fuel industry–you know, the most profitable industry in the world (oil,coal and gas industries) all make billions of dollars from us burning fossil fuels and just because they pay millions of dollars each year to pseudoscientists to say its all a hoax (so we will keep burning fossil fuels), it doesn’t mean they’re lieing does it? Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably all pretend–even tho the US has one catastrophic weather event after the other in the last few years… even tho its been in the 100 degree for months at a time in the NORTH… yeah, its probably just a joke scientists played on us

          • I’m sure the fossil fuel industry wouldn’t lie to us about climate change when they say its all a hoax–even though they would lose billions of dollars if we switched to renewable energy. And just because most Congressmen have been paid off by the fossil fuel industry, doens’t mean they’re dishonest… like that retard, Inofe or whatever, when he says its a hoax. He should know–of course, he’s not a scientist or anything. But if the fossil fuel industry says its so, it must be. Right?

          • Good point, Last American. Just because most of the world’s most prominent scientists are all saying climate hell is coming, it doesn’t mean its true…probably all got together and said, “I got a good idea, let’s all trick the public!”. And just because the fossil fuel industry–you know, the most profitable industry in the world (oil,coal and gas industries) all make billions of dollars from us burning fossil fuels and just because they pay millions of dollars each year to pseudoscientists to say its all a hoax (so we will keep burning fossil fuels), it doesn’t mean they’re lieing does it? Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably all pretend–even tho the US has one catastrophic weather event after the other in the last few years… even tho its been in the 100 degree for months at a time in the NORTH… yeah, its probably just a joke scientists played on us

          • @ LAST AMERICAN—

            I know! name a snowstorm. Maybe shoulda named it DAISY… a lot of fuckin wind. Blows hard.

            • Your comments are incredibly rude and uncalled for. Leave Daisy alone.

              Try adding something helpful or useful to the conversation.

          • I guess Nemo has been found at last!

      13. People won’t learn until their child’s belly is distended, the looters have taken everything, and there last breath was heard uttering the words I should have paid attention. This isn’t a negative or extreme statement this is the cold hard truth. I grew up in Mass. and this crazed panic buying seems to be a lot worse now then when I left 15 years ago. People are way less prepared than ever before.

        • These are the same people who want More government. They don’t worry Obama will take good care of them.

      14. The old saying here in the NE is “gotta get your bread and milk”. Seriously, I don’t know why the MSM keeps pounding “Storm of the century”. We get big storms here every 10 years or so. Big blizzard in 2003…3 feet of snow in 1993…snowed in for days. Most of us roll with the flow. Flatlanders…maybe not so much.

        • @JRS- Two eyars ago we had back to backs at almost 4 feet total… wow! And the world didnt end!
          I do wsh we had Daisy to write about it though and tell us all how to live thru a snowstorm! )ver 50 years of experience and no one told me I should be shaking..
          and then to be so crude as to knock the poor people that suffered in Sandy…
          They will never learn… stupid…. I hpe someday Daisy, you find yourself in the mddle of the shit… BAD… and think you were prepared for it…
          Roger. 10-4. Lock and load. Over and out Semper Fi do or die!
          MOLON LABIA!

          • Another hasbara idiot this one stalks Daisy eh.

            • That’s simple…she’s over the target…

          • Whome,
            I would apologize to ms Daisy if I were you.
            She was speaking to the massive disease of cognitive dissonance that infects this country.
            You are typical of the reason why I didn’t know until I was 12 years old that the word damnyankee was two words.

      15. For most people watching people fail is not enough. You can tell people the stove is hot but most folks still have to touch it, many more than once. I must admit i had to be convinced that i was not ready by failure. This site along with others made it possible to learn from others triumphs and failures. I have quit trying to convince others they are not ready. It is not my responsibility. I appreciate all the insight i get from all of you and keep up the good work.

        Come and Take It.

        • The hot stove touchers also keep hitting themselves with a board. If you ask them why, they answer “It feels good when I stop!”

      16. Stupid is … as Stupid does .

        ~Forest Gump

      17. Daisy, thank you for another excellent article. I know you’re prepped and will survive with flying colors. This is only one of many reasons why we prep. In another article some time ago you wrote that preppers are the last group of independent thinkers in this country. Never was a more true statement made by anyone. I shake my head just like other preppers do; there is no known cure for stupidity. I think back to BI’s article of 5-12-12, “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper”? every time I see images like this. That article spells it out perfectly. I went to Sam’s Club last night and bought $300.00 worth of supplies and doing some more shopping over the weekend. Braveheart

      18. It is truly sad, these same folks will turn on us in a second selling us out to the powers that be as anti-social hoarders. Then they will merrily skip down the lane to the showers and crematorium with a smug, superior, self righteous look on their faces.

        DEFCON1 out

        LOCK and Load and Check your Six

      19. Come on now these are the smartest people in the world so quit making fun of them. Besides our fearless leader will be there in a few days for a photo op.

        Its Friday relax!! Go play in the snow have a good time!! Just a few years back a snow storm was something to be enjoyed, today its a regional disaster.

      20. I DON’T WANT THE SHEEPPLE TO WAKE UP! A few people decide to buy guns and there are no guns, ammo same , bread milk, you name it. They wake up it’s all over but the riots. When the mob wakes up the riots start. Get it in your head preppers; we have a just in time supply system. There is no big supply of anything. The collapse hits 3-4 HOURS not days,weeks, or months, after the mob finds out they cannot buy what they want. Whatever the reason, no money, credit, food stamps, whatever.
        Have what you need before you need it or you won’t have it. Prioritize and GET WHAT YOU NEED NOW!! OR don’t whine later.

        • Paranid: I couldn’t agree more. What’s coming has been building like magma under a volcanoe; when it blows, it’ll be huge. Millions will be crushed in the panic but folks like us will just shut our doors and wait for ‘die-off’. I’m not looking forward to any of this but it’s too late to stop the momentum. Too many people just live from day to day and think that those of us who think about tomorrow are the crazy ones. I stopped telling folks a few years ago because WTSHTF I don’t want any of them to remember me and my warnings and coming looking for a handout. By the way, that’s one of the reasons that I moved to a small town after retirement. Folks like us, on this and other sites, are the Ants and everybody else in the world are the Grasshoppers in that famous little fable by Aesop. Time is getting very short.

          • Prescot: they are more like Cockroaches. Thats reason you need very Pointy cowboy boot toes. So when late nite they come out from hidy holes to feast, and when you turn on a light all them roaches run for cover.

            The smarter roaches heads for a corner so your rounded toe shoe can’t get em…Thats where pointy toe cowboy boots works so swell!…The toe point fits into a kitchen wall corner perfectly and zero cockroaches can escape it.

            • They are getting ready to bring in tens of millions more of them. They just keep piling the crap on for the final Cloward-Piven moment. If this country survives ten more years it will be a miracle.

      21. Daisy,
        Great article…again. I’m blown away by people not having extras…it’s something I just can’t wrap my head around.

        I have a good friend of 29 years and her parents grew up in Holland. Her father tells stories of standing in long lines in Delft to get the basics during the war. Her mom had it easier because she grew up on a farm. Problem was that the farm was near the border of Germany.

        Now, you would think she would learn from her parents stories but no…. she only buys one week of food at a time. Sad part is they will eat it down to the last can of veges or bag of rice before getting more. It’s not a money thing for them it’s a lack of planning and foresight.

        I have another friend of 25 years who only likes fresh food. He enjoys going shopping every other day and only wants the freshest most expensive “quality” food. Yes, he is a starbuck’s daily addict. Sad thing is he has to run a card to buy a cup of coffee. Doesn’t believe in having extra cash on him because he would just spend it.

        I’ve spent years trying to turn these friends around but they are set in their ways. I’ve already told them to not come a knockin’ in things go sideways.

        Some people just won’t learn or don’t want to learn. For my Dutch friend I think it just scares her too much to think of a SHTF type of event. Some people tend to shield themselves in ignorance in order to make them feel safe in the world but in reality they are doing the opposite.

        • Kindle,
          You hit the nail on the head.
          Self imposed Ignorance is a form of safety blanket, I have determined it is the way of the world, the manifestation of fear. Some call it Normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance, many names, one disease of the mind.

          • Amen to that, Piper! Hardest thing for humans to do is not finding truth, or even acknowledging truth. It’s embracing it that’s most difficult.
            I think the whole race suffers from tinnitus, so we keep the white noise turned up…

            • I got tinnitus but it came from listening to good rock music way too loud in the 70’s.

              • Know what you mean, Kindle. The most common phrase between my buddies back then was “Huh?” We couldn’t hear anything over those rattling Pioneer speakers! Ahh, the good old days!

              • j-79’s caused mine…:)

            • Hi Smokin..!
              Hope you’re doing ok, haven’t seen ya around…

      22. Earlier today I watched the news as people were shown getting things bought at grocery stores for the storm, one lady had a cart full of crap and below it a rack of wood to burn in their fireplace so they could keep warm if the power went out,( yea like the power would only be out for the length of their little pile of wood she bought from the grocery store) I agree with everyone, no they will never learn

        • Shrink wrapped firewood. You can’t make up this stuff!

      23. Gods Creation, you’re absolutely right. If natural disasters like hurricanes and blizzards don’t wake these people up, then nothing will. I spent 7 years in Florida and survived numerous hurricanes. I had food, water, and everything else I needed stockpiled 24/7/365, even after hurricane season ended. The state of Florida is a disaster-prone region. I was a prepper before the word was even invented. There is nothing wrong with prepping. It makes all the sense in the world. It seems as if we preppers are the only group of people out here with any sense. The nonpreppers will pay dearly for their ignorance when TSHTF. Braveheart

      24. Good read, Daisy;

        The “normalcy bias” is alive and well, unfortunately.

        We can’t help those who refuse it. Take care.

      25. I agree most people have short memories, but here where winter storms are common even those of us who could hunker down for a couple years stop off at the grocery store on the way home when one is predicted. A quick stop can mean the difference between having to crack open and mix nitro packed powdered milk and simply pouring a glass.

        That reminds me. I’m out of Twinkies. It looks like I’m going to stay out of them.

        • Prepared Pastor,

          I have twinkies in my freezer, might be worth their weight in gold one day!

          • Twinkies and Jim Beam Black! Jack, Jim, George, and Jesus!

        • I still have 4 boxes of twinkies left that I bought before they disappeared.

          It has taken every ounce of my being to not break open those boxes and binge on them. I think it’s time to lock them up in a safe to keep me from them.

          However, on the upside- I read that bids are in from other bakery companies so a deal will be going through soon and they expect that twinkies will be back on store shelves come fall!!

      26. Oh they woke up alright , they caused unnecessary gas lines …thanks

      27. Another great post Daisy, thanks for sharing.

        Is that second photo of a loaf of marble rye? Careful, cuz Seinfeld will steal it from your bare hands.

      28. Just let natural selection run it’s course. When a big disaster happens the dumb people will pay the price and the smart ones go on. Sorry to sound so mean but how many people can you carry? I have one neighbor I told flat out that he and His family are on their own because I have warned him time and time again to prepare for the unexpected. Last storm I let him use one of my generators but I told him that was the last time. He doesn’t even own a gun. He has plenty of money by the way.

      29. Don’t we see this in our lives again and again. After every Stock Crash there are always fools who tell themselves that this time it will be better.

        Or women who marry and divorce drunks, then find another one to marry. How many dumb woman married Larry King, like Nine!

        We guys aren’t much better, raised by screaming witches as Mothers, only to find another one and marry her.

        Don’t get me started on the evil bastards we elect, or how our once free Country is turning into the Soviet United States.

        There is nothing new under the sun, yet everything keeps changing.

        • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. A big snow storm in the northeast; imagine that.

          People get complacent when they don’t have adversity in their lives. In March of 1960, when i was a wee lad, we had an unusual string of snow storms for three weeks in a row. It snowed every wednesday and the inches turned into feet. We are talkin about the Carolina mountains. I heard the stories about how the National Guard made drops of hay and such just to keep farm animals alive. The two things i remember was that my brother was two months old and Dad crawled out of a window and walked/cawled to the local country store to get milk to feed the newborn. Mom had refused to breast feed again after I was too tuff on the titty, I guess. Dad brought back canned condensed milk. For what seemed like a year, all I saw was snow banks and tree tops. Dad should have been a prepper. The next summer we moved to town but only for a few years.

          The point is, you can’t control nature, so you had better prepare for the worst, just in case. Some people are living by the same motto I accuse the little woman of; “out of sight,out of mind”. Some never learn. Give them books and send them to school and all they do is chew the covers off them.

          I now stock up on more firewood than I can burn through a season and more food than we can eat in a year. Not all that hard to do if you “remember” what it is like to do without. Just sayin’

          • Yeah, to me a blizzard is 6 feet of snow. I don’t know what the big deal is…2 feet of snow? Doesn’t that usually occur in the winter? It used to. On AOL they were talking about a blizzard. Two feet of snow? I remeber just 10 years ago, I guess, we had 6 feet. That was a blizzard. And as a child, we experienced it rather frequently in the winter time– went snow riding, built snowmen. The fact that they seldom have that weather anymore–THAT’s what’s strange!

            • @Grasshopper- No no no! It all needs to be blown out of proportion these days! Everything is an “event”!

      30. Simple things like filling up any spaces in the freezer with water bottles will help keep frozen stuff longer… Then you can move some to the fridge or cooler for other food.

        • @Chicken little… it nver did occur to you that you could put it outside… ya know…in the blizzard. Im thinkin it MAY stay cold THAT way…
          But you can freeeze water bottle in freezing weather instead…whatever works for ya.
          Roger. Over and out.

          • Whom,

            You’re a ding dong! The advice was good. Where I live there are bears, cougars, and now frickin wolves because the bleeding heart liberals wanted it that way. I use frozen water bottles in my freezer to space out the effective freezing time because if I set my frozen food out in the freezing weather the cougars and wolves would be down here after it. Bears are hibernating right now.

            By the way, if you find all the people and their comments on this site repugnant and beneath your fantastic intelligence quotient, why do you keep coming here. Grow up man! Or woman! Get a life!!!

            • Wow…another simple answer i can provide…
              “cyber worrior” hahaha 😉

      31. And they call people in the south IGNORANT,,,,i would much rather be ignorant and eating then one of them and starving,,,,,,


      32. Prepper comedy.

      33. More 411 from Cali.

        A Taliban sympathizer plotted to bomb a bank in California. FBI foiled his plans. The man hoped that the incident be blamed on Anti- Gov’t Activists and spark a civil war.

        These are the kinds of people we have to deal with on top of the obvious enemy.

        Link below:


        • I wish he’d plot to blow up that Frankenstein lady who lives in California instead!

        • have no fear, the drones are here.

          We have confirmation they will only use after sufficient intel. Now that should make everyone feel a whole hell of a lot better. Right.(while the eyes roll)

        • You only have half of the story. The FBI put him up to it and gave him the fake bomb. Not enough real terrorists so they make them, job security, overtime, etc. This is the same thing Obamas pals Ayers and Dohrn used to do back in their Weathermen days and now they have access to the White House. They even were involved in a murder during a bank robbery. As Ayers said,”Guilty as hell free as a bird”, after the cops lost the evidence. Is this a great country or what, truly the land of opportunity.

      34. The last-minute rush to clean out the stores never ceases to amaze me. I am also vegan, but I keep water and canned food around for emergencies, I don’t understand how difficult that is. I fear common sense will never return. These helpless wusses make their hardy pioneer ancestors look like people from other planets.

      35. I live in NJ and Sandy and Irene were just minor disruption for me, just like the current snowstorm. Most of the people in the northeast are only alive because of modern civilization. Any serious disruption and natural selection will make the die off spectacular.Maybe thats a good thing as the clueless get deselected out of the gene pool.

        • Loki,

          There are a lot of old tough birds in Maine and New Hampshire, I wouldn’t write them off so easily.

          • Exactly.

      36. Some people never learn no matter how many times you hit them over the head. Like some one else said you can’t fix stupid. Nor can you weed them out.

      37. Wonderful work, as usual, Daisy. Well done.
        By the way, you have plenty of hot chocolate on hand, right? Marshmallows too? Good! Fire up the popcorn popper, put on some classic rock and… enjoy!
        (I’d suggest REO Speedwagon ‘Riding The Storm Out’)

        • Now you’re talkin’ Oak. And, a bottle or three, of homemade wine for when the kids are off to bed.

          • Count me in…. I’m sure I can come up with something to merit an invite.

            BTW, Ms.D… always right as rain with your articles. Even if some don’t have a knack to ‘get it’. Thank you, sincerely, for holding the line.

            ~..~ TG

      38. I would like to protest the comments pertaining to ‘can’t fix stupid’. As a well documented subject, I have been very stupid. I could write a book on stupid things not to do.

        I continue to this day to do stupid things…. I’m too proud to air my dingy laundry, so I’ll leave it at that.

        The difference is I do something incredible dumb and then think ‘Well, that was dumb’ and I learn from it… evolve. It might not necessarily keep me from doing something similarly dumb, but I can say emphatically I don’t do dumb things twice.

        So, peeps that didn’t learn from past events aren’t stupid they are… well, they are unteachable. I had an unteachable dog once that continue to bite moving automobile tires until he didn’t win. I sighed after I got through crying.

        I’m sighing again… the difference is the dog really was quite unteachable.

        Dear son ask why do you hoard, ahem, prep so hard Mom?
        Best answer – “Because I can!”

        ~..~TG: to my NE not-unteachable friends – stay toasty tonight… as I know you will.

        • For now!!

        • Trail giude
          i`m not buying it,,,,you`ve done to many good post,,,but i never did get any cookies


      39. someone needs to let these vegetarians know that veggies and fruit can be home canned, frozen, or dehydrated saving them shopping for fresh every two to three days..people make such feeble excuses for not being prepared.

      40. It seems like storms in ‘Blue’ states are always ‘Storms of the Century’.

      41. Daisy, Do have a compost bin? If so look into the lovely loo for your waste its a great alterntive to the outdated wasteful water toliet. We had an ice storm in 09 I have a well no elec no potty unless I hulled water in from the creek. The loo worked out great and my compost is wonderful. I let it cook about 9mts and then I have black gold.

      42. This just in:

        NY Governor Cuomo just passed a law which states that children can only throw 7 snowballs each during a snowball fight.


        • @ Afterthefallpa,

          Oooohhh, that’s RICH….GOOD ONE!!!

      43. 🙂

      44. Greeting!
        What about Mo?
        What about Captain Kangaroo?
        What about Zorro?
        What about just calling it a “large snow storm heading your way”?
        I’ve given up on the “Weather or not channel” because of so many “non-weather related stories of intrest” on lifeguards,’copter runners and old news on storms in the past.
        Just a side note,Venezuela just devalued THEIR currency by 46%!!!
        Isn’t that how the last GREAT DEPRESSION got it’s start?
        I have a bad feeling that Mr.O will declare a “national bank holiday” and do basically the same thing in the next 6-12 months.All to protect “our national interests”.Of course the Wall Street wankers will get advance notice ahead of the rest of us.
        We either lived thru,or read about how the last G.D. turned out…..

      45. @ Daisy. Thank you for contributing again. It is incredible how extremely short attention span that most individuals have. There are tornado ravaged areas in which the people still will not invest in a safe room, storm cellar, or something to save their lives, even when they have the money to do so. I need some people are just destined to be statistics after a disaster, much the same way they live their lives right now, as nothing but a statisitic. The perfect words I can think of for most people that don’t prepare is obscurity and bleakness in mind, body, and spirit. These people have no substance to them, because they choose to be nothing but part of the flock. Pathetic isn’t it?

        One thing I have noticed is there have sure been a lot of 100, 500, and 1000 year weather events the past few years. I guess what we can look forward to in the future is 5000 and 10000 year events. While I don’t believe that man is the sole contributing factor to what is happening, I think the Sun has a huge factor in this, man has done something to add to the problem. In physical law you cannot add something to the environment without having some sort of reaction to it. The CO2 levels are much higher now than in tens of thousands of years as the result of humans dumping carbons. The planet has a way of trying to adapt to this, and it is probably part of what we are seeing right now, this attempted rebalancing.

        As the durango kidd has mentioned before the planet goes through cycles, and IF man had not added any carbons we could very well be going through the same cycles that we are now. However those cycles would likely be a lot more gentle, and it is probable that humans have just intensified what already would be happening anyway. It is going to get a lot worse as China and India continue to throw carbons at an extreme rate into the air. There is what is called a lag time, as what we are seeing is the carbon from years ago that have built up in the atmosphere. Even if everyone stopped right now polluting, it would be 15-20 years before the atmosphere showed any type of improvement.

        Again, Daisy, it is so nice to see the people adding their own articles like you do, this is some real talented writers out there.

        • In actuality the carbon level in the air is quite low by past planetary levels. Plants will absorb the excess and grow faster. Just ten thousand years ago all of New England and even Long Island which did not exist until the glaciers retreated leaving behind moraines were under several thousand feet of ice which was long gone before the first SUV or smokestack ever appeared.

      46. They fell for the Corp./Gov./Egore propaganda ~ Global Warming. I would like to interview a few of the believers next week.

        When will the masses realize that God controls the weather.

        He built the place.

        Get used to it.

      47. TPTB have gone all out to adopt stuff from “1984” and use it to their advantage. Basically, to them, black is white and white is black. On Alex Jones show (Feb. 7) they tell how Tony Bennett (on Rockerfeller channel) is saying that people who have guns are nothing but Hitler people, we want to use guns for the same reason Hitler did. Yep– believe it or not, he is saying this bull s__! (didn’t say how much he’s getting paid for it). They’re using the old bait and switch tactics. Bunch of idiots!!

      48. I like it when people have a pair and tell it like it is. It’s snowing, big deal.

        • Hey there, Ted! I’m actually of the same mindset. Which, strangely, puts me in agreement with the basic idea expressed by whome, above. Let’s not panic over the stuff that aint worth panicing for. Guess I just saw his way of saying it as a little too rude. So, of course, I had to chime in.
          Probably I should mind my own business and let Daisy defend herself. She doesn’t need me to do it. Like when I used to stick up for the little kids on the playground. The bullies would be fighting them and I’d intervene. Then the bullies would beat me up and take my lunch money. It never really did any good. That was the worst year of my life as a school bus driver! Glad I quit and started hauling freight!
          stay frosty 🙂 whatever that means…

        • Hey Ted, I’LL DRINK TO THAT!

      49. Sorry I’m late for this, but I just got home and just now catching the derogatory remarks about Daisy from whome. Whome, you sound like JoeinNC and finx. You back off Daisy, PERIOD! I’ve been to her blog, and although I’m not an organic fan, her blog is very interesting. She hasn’t been living in a rural area for too long, but she’s still learning, and by all accounts, she’s doing very well. She’s also one of the most intelligent people in our community, more than I can say for you. So, unless you have some survival info to share with us, you need to hit the road, jackass! braveheart

        • @braveheart, Why is it every time someone decides to disagree with {EXPAT}, I think Daisy….YOU come along and play “CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE” ????? First and for most America is just like any other disfunctional family anywhere on earth. My big brother always ate most of the cereal before my stupid ass got up….But I got him back by putting Elmers glue in his shoe right before he walked out the door to catch the bus. The people in New England are not all stupid and ignorant to the fact that a storm is there and some will perish and most wont. I would say we are “AMERICANS JACK” , but THATS JUST A ONE LINER, we have an instinct as HUMANS to survive. Further more, maybe U brveheart, and spinster Daisy should set up shop and develop a CANUKS”R”US website so you can be the saviour of over weight hermit Damsels of the north. Now that thats out I feel better…..MOVIN ON!

          to survive …right. And as for Daisy is cocerned, although some of your post are good info but it takes a real asshole of a person to continuosley write about American stupidity from a person who supposedly left her country as as a mad hermit of a woman that speaks

      50. The snowstorm should’ve been named ‘whome’; blowing wind hard just like some politician.

      51. Good writeup Daisy. Lessons have to be repeated over and over, however boring they may be to those who have heard them before, because there are always newbies in the crowd that have not heard them. Didja get that “whome”? Or has the torpedo juice killed your last three brain cells. . . .?

      52. Its scary how quickly MA turned to closing the roads, threatening even prison to those who deny our masters edict, which is of course for our own benefit!!! Just a reminder to bug out early if you plan to.

        • DHS now has a 30 YEAR SUPPLY of WAR TIME use AMMO and is buying more . 10’s of Billions of Rounds of Ammo .

          The ZOG FEDGOV DHS now has 30 year supply of “War Ammo” , stockpiled in their martial law civil war chest across AmeriKa .

          If that doesn’t make you take pause , your ball sack shrivel up a bit , a lil’ tingle of electricity appear in the back of your brain from a slight case of anxiety over the future of AmeriKa … nothing will .

          Got Enough Ammo prepper patriots ?

          Buy a decent long gun / rifle first , then all the ammo you can afford after life necessary food water and other necessary preps .

          Plan Prepare for it … A Civil War is Coming to AmeriKa , land of the Central Banker fiat dollar Tax Debt Enslaved !


          • A handgun is most important. This isnt going to be a combat zone.

          • You can NEVER have enough ammo!

      53. I’m ready to get my Ritz crackers and baby marshmallows and retire to read…but did anyone notice all posters today took drugs or happy pills??
        Nice bunch.
        I told ya’ll; I’m a simple woman. Can’t beat Ritz and marshmallows.

        • Bwahahahahaha

          Got my popcorn and nachos, watching the sheeple contend with another catastrophe they arent prepared to deal with.

      54. InterNational Central Bankers War Is About To Break Out:

        Americans Helpless ” As Deer caught in the Headlights ” in Face of ‘Financial Pearl Harbor’ While Phony Inflation Numbers Mask Recession.

        David Stockman: You’re Now In the ‘Bernanke Bear Trap’!!!


        You all have been ” Properly $ucked ” by your own criminal fraudulent banks and modern wallstreet robber barons who control own ameriKa , own you .

        whatcha gonna do now preppers ?

        GOT PHYZZ ?


        Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/battle-is-about-to-break-americans-helpless-in-face-of-financial-pearl-harbor-while-phony-inflation-numbers-mask-recession-david-stockman-youre-now-in-the-bernanke-bear-trap/#MVtJpIuOs30LbQO2.99

        • all wars are banker wars.

      55. It ain’t a snow storm until you have to eat your dead.

      56. When I was young and newly married wr lived in DC it always made me wonder why it started to snow and before the first in ch was on the ground all the goverment offices closed, folks it’s only snow enjoy it. Living in the mid west is a totally new experience from upstate NY I pray for snow each winter and very seldom are my prayers answered. As far as binng prepared for bad weather I learned long ago that snow, hurricanes and now tornadoes come and go having at least 2 to 3 weeks of food in your home is the best insurance ever. I laugh at the people in the small town I live even a bad rain storm drives them to the grocery store to stock up; my question if the rain, snow or whatever never came and they didn’t
        go to the store to “stock” up what would they eat then?

        I intend to liv to 108 so there deal with it

      57. Daisy, thanks for article. Need to let us know how tomorrow looks. Hopefully these folks will start seeing that prepping is not a sin, but just a good investment in the future of unknowns.

        I do not understand why so many folks feel that having a food storage is similar to hoarding. We all eat, so why not be prepared for at least 3 months.

        • I guess that they think that the can eat Federal Reserve Notes, gold, or silver. They may have a rude awakening when the have to eat MRE’s. I hope that they know how to get their hands dirty and grow their own food. It will cost them their perceived fortune for me to teach them.

      58. I don’t get it, I really don’t. I don’t even shake my head anymore, these people are beyond saving and educating…

      59. The one lesson to take from Sandy is that humans do influence climate.

        Burning fossil fuels does raise global temperature.

        To deny that is pure fantasy fueled by either hatred, ignorance or both.

        • The concept of manmade global warming is a deliberate fraud using lies, half-truths, and fear mongering. They want to convince people to make radical changes in the way they work and live. It’s all part of the UN’s Agenda 21 plans to murder billions of people.

          • The denial of global warming is a deliberate fraud using lies, half-truths, and fear mongering. They want to convince people to that the way they work and live are ok. It’s all part of the elite’s plans to murder billions of people.

      60. ” Ahh-Ooh !” ;0P

        ” Heads Up Eye’s Front EVERYONE !”

        Obummer ,

        ” Barry the Gay Druggy Kenyan Blade ” ,

        ” Illegal Alien Red Commie Freemason Muslim Zion wanna be Dicktator ” ,

        is Declaring War against All you Evil Freedom loving American Terrorist Preppers and Patriots …


        ” Muaah ?” ;0P pssszzt you Mr. ZOG CIA Puppet Prez !



        barry’s becoming a scared lil’ baby …


      61. I had a prophetic dream that I need to share. The dream had characteristics of prophetic symbols that I had prior to 9/11 and Iraq war. There is going to be 2 events which will affect retail businesses and travel. The first event will not look that bad and it will subside, but the 2nd event (I do not know what the event will be) but it will come up very fast and affect transportation (cars, ect.) Out of these events two technologies will be re-developed, Steam and Electric but they will be very slow going and some people will be injured in the development. I’m assuming whatever is gonna happen will affect gas supplies or prices in the USA along with major retail. The time frame I got was in 3 months on the 23 day.

      62. Some people are beyond help. I really hate to sound cruel, but if they continue to play the odds, which are stacked against them, and will not heed good advice and show some common sense, then fuck ’em.

        I’ve tried and tried to talk to people, but all I get are blank stares and head shakes, and smirks. Fuck ’em. I’m done with them. I’ll keep prepping.

        Lastly, where do certain people get off bad-mouthing anyone who is smart enough to prepare for any event, whether natural or man-made? Is it any of their business what people buy? Is it any of their business if I have 3 months or 3 years worth of food and other necessary items sitting in my home? Last I knew, if I went out and worked my ass off and brought home a paycheck, it was mine to spend on whatever the hell I wanted to, food, guns, ammo . . . whatever.

        It would be similar to me bad-mouthing someone with a certain sexual preference. I don’t care what someone does with someone else. Lick or suck whatever you want, doesn’t matter to me, and none of my business.

        Whew. And just to clarify, none of the above was directed at any of the good folks here at SHTFplan. Just for the trolls and any government-funded asswipes who might be lurking about.

        “Not One More Inch!”

        KySSG . . . out.

        • At EASE ! KYSSg, hows that dishonorable discharge workin out for ya latley……ooops ?

          • Awwwwwww . . . how cute! My very own little troll!

            KySSG . . . out.

          • First shit

            at least he was there to get one,,,what is your excuse?????


            • snake:

              I have a copy of my DD-214, so I ain’t even playing this game with the little bastard. Maybe my remark about sucking and licking things hit a nerve?

              95B10 was my primary MOS. Secondary MOS was 31K10.

              Honorably Discharged on 19 January 2000.

              KySSG . . . out.

      63. We didnt have to do anything.We have been prepping for about 3 years.I literally topped of my gas tank on the way home from work,and grabbed a gallon of milk to go with the 3 or 4 we already had in the fridge.
        We didnt have any worries about any of this.I think sometimes I prep just to have a stress level of zero when these things hit….

      64. I live near a city of 70,000. I doubt that there are more than 25 kerosene heaters for sale in all the stores combined. By now there should be a sizable percentage of the population prepared.

      65. Stay warm. Those no-electricity 23k BTU kerosene heaters are always available on Craigslist for 1/3 to 1/2 the price of new. Most are barely used, some require cleaning, and the rare one might require a new wick. Kerosene stores FOREVER in a clean, sealed plastic container. I also get close to 48 hours of bright light from those cheap adjustable glass oil lamps burning kerosene.

        • I have four or five of those hurricane oil hurricane lamps, the kids broke the glass chimneys on all of them!! Try finding them around my area, not a single store stocks them guess I have to order on line.

      66. Vegan is a Native American word that means “POOR HUNTER”

        • Now, you all have to say that’s funny!!
          Thanks (with smile on face)

      67. 5 people killed. obama best outlaw snowstorms.

        • okay–snowstorm kills..outlaw snowstorm.
          okay–supposedly, shooter kills..outlaw guns.
          okay–abortion killed a late-term woman last week..outlaw abortion.

      68. Why should they learn anything when the repub gov of NJ goes to D.C. not begging, but demanding, aid from the federal government. The fed government so many, including that same gov, claim to loathe. And guess, what, the fed coughed up some bucks for the fat cry baby, money it had to borrow.

        • joeinNc
          i hope when you go home your mama runs out from under the front porch and bites you in the ass,,,


      69. Another storm, more problems. Kind of like watching Groundhog Day.

      70. You are talking about the same silent people who are complicit in the Humanitarian Crimes of 9/11. You are talking about the same people that re-elected O. You are talking about the same people that went berzerk after Sandyhook over the 2nd Amendment but forgot about Hitler’s Holocaust and the millions of dead children littered over the mid~east. You are talking about the same people that did not bat an eye-lip when the current admin said it was “wise to kill American” without due process………well…..my question is…… YOU THINK?? This nation , this World in fact is one giant suicide cult…..lemmings about to jump…..me as well…….so sick of it !:)

      71. I don’t understand this being unprepared for a storm of this level. I grew up in Kentucky, and there would be times when winter storms knocked out power out for a week, We did not have a generator because we could not afford one however we were always prepared. When warned about one snow that was going to come my dad who always kept two closets full of canned goods went and bought more, and bought bags of ice, and packed our large deep freezer down. He did not have to buy the food but he did for extra measures, and he pulled out it his camping gear which included a propane stove considering we had an electric stove for cooking. We all worked together, and got enough coal, and wood in the house to last several weeks. He also filled five gallon buckets to flush the toilet with, and already had a storage area full of bottled water for such things. The next morning in April a big snow hit that was over three feet, and the power was out. When the ice melted from the deep freeze we got the extra buckets that he has put aside and got snow, and packed the freezer with the snow keeping it closed unless we needed something we removed the butter, milk, and other items from the fridge out into the snow were it kept cold, and did not spoil. People if this was a summer storm I would say Okay you are going to lose some shit but it is cold outside submerge your food in the snow it won’t thaw unless the snow is melting! Don’t got a generator get buckets and carry snow, and pack it down don’t be a dummy. I live in Chicago now and you still would never come into my house and see less than a month worth of can food to feed a family of eight, and only four people live here. In 2011 Chicago had the same ordeal people went hungry because a blizzard hit however we had no warning the true secret is to be prepared all of the time not just when crap is about to go down. Common sense is a powerful tool a great deal many people need to get some.

      72. Daisy, well done! A great article. I reminds me of a couple of my favorite sayings by a Depression era philosopher whose name is believe was Elmore Millar:

        1. “Stupidity is rampant in the land.”

        and the corollary

        2. “You can’t legislate against stupidity.”

        I think old Elmore pretty much hit the nail on the head. Kind of explains why over 90% of the population wouldn’t make it though a 72 hour disaster, let alone something prolonged.

      73. Once again, preppers are left, shaking our heads, asking what it will take to wake people up.

        Nothing will wake them up. No amount of logic, reason, debate, or facts will get most people to admit that the way they have been living their life is wrong because you are asking people to make a complete and total lifestyle adjustment. I think that preppers need to come to this realization.

      74. These are the same people that will ridicule their neighbor for preparing ahead of time for disasters! I have no sympathy for them.

      75. I don’t understand.

      76. I ought to be apparent, but it appears that to many commenters here it is not: There are many people who might have been ready for Sandy but were wiped out financially by that storm and simply haven’t had time to ‘reload’, as it were.

        All I can say is that I’m glad that all you hypocritical know it alls are not my neighbors.


      77. We saw people in our area taking it a bit more serious this time. We were filling our tank and saw a few people with gas cans for generators. I was doing my normal monthly grocery shopping it just happen to fall on that date. I always buy by the case with five kids I get a discount. I don’t think enough people have realized just yet. The hurricane made a few more preppers. Some people are still rebuilding. let alone ready to prep.

      78. As usual a part of the country is going to shit and no one does anything about it.


      79. 4 days before Irene, I had my hubby boiling water, and ordering a generator. My pantry is stocked, but I was due to grocery shop the Thursday before the storm for perishables. I was astonished when I went into the store and all the tuna, peanut butter and bread was gone! Well I increased my stores a little even though we did not lose power with Irene. In October we got the Halloween Snow Storm, we were w/o power 4 days. Don’t suffer a bit. People at work were whining, etc, etc, after both storms. I asked them hat they did to prepare. “what do you mean?” they said. Ha. I told them if they did not prepare, they had not earned the right to bitch. Pissed them off. So needless to say, I keep my mouth shut about what I have, and sit back and watch with wonder at the stupidity around me. During the blizzard I enjoyed a glass of wine and got a good nights sleep worry free before I had to dig out. My husband is now fully on board with prepping. Sandy and Nemo….thanks for your help. This southern girl has converted her Yankee husband!

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