‘Very Few People Understand How Great and Imminent the EMP Threat Is’ *Video*

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    The following videos are a brief overview of EMPact America, Inc.‘s September 2009 conference. The conference featured guest speakers and attendees that included EMP experts, scientists, Congressmen, and military personnel from around the country.

    The topic of discussion?

    The very real threat of EMP and it’s consequences:

    Very few people still really understand how great and imminent the EMP threat is, or that there is a readily actionable plan that is inexpensive and at hand, and that it just takes political will at this point to get it done….

    …An electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, is a super energetic radio wave that’s immediately harmless to people, but it’ll burn out all the critical electronic systems that sustain human economic activity and human life across vast areas, including the entire continental United States.

    -Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, President, EMPact America

    The idea that this is some science fiction that has no basis in reality denies and defies what a bipartisan EMP commission agreed that it did represent – and that is a serious threat to the safety and security of every single American.

    -Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas

    It’s not a secret. You can’t do anything about something that’s this broad in impact and still secret. So in order to get anything done you actually have to acknowledge we have a weakness. And, we worried about the fact that if we acknowledged that we had a weakness, how damaging will that be since we will inform our adversaries. We came to the conclusion that our adversaries are really quite well informed already.

    -Robert Hermann, Commissioner, Congressional EMP Commission

    I have believed for a long time that EMP or electromagnetic pulse may be the greatest strategic threat we face, because without adequate preparation its impact would be so horrifying that we would, in fact, basically lose our civilization in a matter of seconds.

    -Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

    The following two-part video is a short 15 minute overview of the conference. You can watch the conference in full by visiting EMPact America.


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      1. Comments…..Our world population has exploded because of the availability of energy and the electronic infastructure that helps our world function as smoothly as it does.

        If that electronic infastructure were destroyed, then the energy (Oil) we rely on, would be useless.  There would be no way to transport that energy without our electronic infastructure.

        Wourld population would fall dramaticly, because of violent unrest, illness/pandemics due to unsanitary conditions, emotional conditions would lead to suicides and the unavailability to have preventive medical treatments on a regular basis.

        The world could loose up to 90% of it’s population.   Are you capable of living without the electronic grid?  That includes solar panneling and wind power (electronic circetry is needed to transport these power sources). 

        If you can survive without electricity, can your neighbor, your neighborhood or your city survive in a total blackout that will last forever?

        What have you done to provide for your family in this event? Can you provide for your neighbor, neighborhood or your city during this crisis?

        How are you going to protect yourself and family from your neighbor, neighborhood or city if they want to confiscate your provisions?

        Any plans you have implemented for your familys preservation will have to take in the exvironment in which you live.

        An EMP event can have a catastrophic impact on our world civilizations.  We either do something to correct our circumstances and live or do nothing and die.

      2. Even though I do not like the neo con war mongers like Gingrich but coming from a constitutionalist,an emp attack is a shtf scenario we should all prepare. For example 15 years from now if we stupidly go to war with China. All china will do is dump the dollar,sink a few aircraft carriers,and fire missiles with emp capability  at us which will be our Adrianople. I seriously doubt an emp strike but like you said Mac prepare for all types of shtf scenarios. And an emp strike is an shtf scenario just as bad as a hyperinflationary depression.

      3. It should be made clear to all that an EMP attack against America is an WMD attack, and will be treated thus.  Millions dying by starvation/riots/disease vs millions dying by nuclear blast/fallout/ is semantics.  We will hit back, and hit back hard.

      4. The technology it takes to develop a EMP weapon is only in the hands of the most advanced technological societies. America, Russia, China, England, France and others. Do not believe for one moment that this technology is readily available to the goat herders in the ME. It would take the miniaturization of complex nuclear weapon platforms and the developement of advanced missile capability for some group of terrorists to even think of trying this.

        All the while they would be under the scrutiny of the spies from the major powers who would stop them because they (the major players) would fear that an attack like this would be construed by our military as being from one of the major players.

        As it only could be. If a nuclear weapon is sold to a terrorist group and used, then the weapon’s fissionable material can be easily analized by the victim government and they can determine the origin of the country that supplied the weapon.

        No one, no nation is going to sell or give a weapon of this magnitude to a group they don’t already control totally.

        I’m not saying it won’t happen. I’m just saying that if it does the retaliation while be swift and in kind. Do you think that China or Russia would want their nations short-circuited? For what gain would they do this? They cannot hide the fact that the supposed terrorists can’t develop a weapon like this today.

        Maybe in twenty years….maybe. A nuclear bomb plant doesn’t stamp these kind of devices out like they were making conventional bombs.

        A bigger threat is a CME that takes out our power grid. If the intention of these gentlemen in those videos is to alarm the public to harden our electrical grid for that eventuality by using scare tactics about “terrorist threats” then more power to them. And Godspeed on their endeavor.

      5. this emp scare is just more crackpot scary stuff promoted by  hollywood and prepper survival companies to sell more movies, phoney gold coins, freeze dried junk food and worthless old korean ammunition. we all need to have more faith, hope and charity in our hearts and have faith in our god-given capitalistic government to help us all through tough times. 

        god and our wonderful government will help us through any problem like BP oil accident. god bless america and washington d.c. remember jesus died for your sins and he will die again to protect you and your families.  

      6. There is no question that this phenomenon is real, and its effects would be devastating to civilization.  However, there’s no money in collapsing society back to the pre-industrial age.  Therefore, the globalist bankster scumbags that run this planet have no intention of making it happen or ever allowing it to happen.  Please move expeditiously to your next shopping & consumerism experience!

      7. It sounds like each community needs to get togeather and educate the population on what an EMP is and what to do if it happens. After is comes there will be no mass media or communicaton. So protecting the infrastructure is important but educating the masses so they don’t panic and can take local action would be very helpful.

      8. Comments…..bullshit

      9. @Patrick Your theory is good but money is one thing, an impossibly overpopulated planet quite another.

        I tried to put myself in an elites shoes once, imagined myself sipping drinks on my private island, enjoying the ocean view. All of a sudden 6 American rich kids appeared on their jetskis, plowing up the ocean, making a racket. They were from a nearby island resort, new money, riff raff.

        Social collapses, wars and starvation are all a natural part of human history. But no electricity? I dread to think of that. Lets all be wise little monkeys and lay up 4 120 watt solar panels along with 2 inverters and 2 regulators in and EMP proof cage. Just in case.

      10. First off, a real EMP would be a problem for the power grid and most anything that has “lines” that run great distances.

        The immediate area around the EMP origination point would also experience electronic disruption or even destruction.

        The picture painted by Hollywood and the doomers is that the EMP hits and anything with a wire in it is dead for thousands of miles. WRONG! Take cars for instance: Everything is enclosed in a metal box called the “body”. Nearly perfect RF and electrical shielding.

        If an EMP device were detonated above the USA, the electrical grid would most likely fry. Some things connected to the electrical grid, would be fried. More likely if the device was on when the EMP hit. This is because of the amount of exposure. Miles and miles of wires act like antennas and “attract” the pulse, funneling it, then down the lines to the ground, eventually, after jumping the windings of the line transformers and, presumably, some of your household electrical circuits. However, your laptop, unplugged in the, even if it were unshielded (it is), has no “EMP antenna” to attract the pulse so that it dissipates.

        An EMP to blow your laptop and your transistor radio would have to be so increadibly strong that you would have to be so close to the device that the physical blast would be more of a worry. The fact is the EMP weakens based on the inverse square proportion. So, for instance, if you had an EMP device that produce a strength of 1 million of an imaginary unit at 1 mile, at 2 miles the strength would be 250,000. At 4 miles is would be 62,500. At 8 miles it would be 16,000. At 16 miles it would be 4,000. At 32 miles it would be 1,000. at 64 miles it would be 250. At 128 miles it would be 62.

        Get it? The strength decreases RAPIDLY. …and it takes a large antenna to capture the surge. EMP might fry the grid. It won’t fry your electronics unless you are close by.

      11. Mona:  I totally agree.  Patrick: I also agree with you.  My point is the “solar storms” could cause the disaster, not a foreign country.   So, live for yourself and family and prep. moderately…yes, keep on shopping, dining out,  going on trips.  A so called plague could also trash the population.  I believe the Elite will release some form of bio/chem weapons to  complete their “end game” of total control.  The pop. has to be reduced for complete control.  Maybe the solar storms will wipe out the global elite!

      12. This sight has really gone off the deep end.
        Burying your heads in the sand isn’t going to
        make the problems go away.
        Americans aren’t going to do anything because
        we are all fat,
        lazy and stupid.
        You’re all going to die because
        Your a bunch of pussies with nothing
        Better to do than search the web
        Waiting for the world to end,
        Instead of getting off your fat ass
        And doing something about it.
        The only biblical prophecy I see happening
        Is the one about a whimper…
        You should call this site BSHTF.
        Wake up

      13. Thank you  Net Ranger. That was very helpful. So emergency radio and flashlights might be just fine as long as they were not plugged in or far enough away from the epicenter of the EMP?

      14. NR: I am not worried about a “device”. I am concerned about the Sun generating a pulse powerful enough to destroy much but maybe not all of the grid on the side of the planet facing the Sun when the EMP reaches US.

        Civilization there would be set back a hundred years. EMP’s/CME’s capable of that occur on average every hundred years. The Bible codes predict “solar flares” for 2012. Solar flares occur all the time. These might be different.  

        Just saying ….

      15. Have to agree, the sun is capable of far more than our (human) puny efforts.  I wonder if steel stud framed houses might provide some protection from EMP’s?

        Sheeit.   As if there’s not enuff to worry about.   So an EMP goes off.   So then you build new generators.  Build new solar panels. Etc. Etc. Etc.    Tear the damn alternator off your now dead car and rebuild it with new diodes.    Hey, then go nuts with geothermal and nuclear power plants too.

        While we’re at it let’s prepare against an outerspace invasion too.

        You see where all this ‘prep’ stuff ends?   It never ends.

        Just prep enough to be prepped enuff but not for every friggin possible catastrophe out there, ok?


        Ok, at least prep with 4 tons of Tums to cover all the ulcers getting generated by this doom and gloom over the top BS.

        Prep enough material stuff only means that sooner or later you’re gonna run out.    Prep your minds, hearts, and souls, more than anything else instead.


      17. I’v been fascinated by EMP for a decade, in fact, most of my survival preps have been based upon this scenario instead of some econo collapse.
        Such as:
        Water well in the back
        Gravity water filter
        History is full of surprises and I believe that China may unleash an EMP (they do have the capability) over our East coast resulting in a Mad Max condition that would make the movie look civilized.

      18. I’ve got GE pv’s, Outback controller with 4 MK 8D gells.  How about you Wooba?

      19. The nuclear material from a weapon detonated 200, 300 miles above the surface of the earth will not be measurable. It will be very hard for us to determine what country the device came from using that method.

      20. @ Snake Pliskin

        Really snake? So, what have YOU done? Tell us all about how we’re lazy and stupid, but, I didn’t hear any helpful information. You’ve not done a thing, have you? The list of what I have done would not fit in one of these comment boxes. I’ve spent 10s of 1000s of dollars in the proper direction to prep for the eventuality of collapse. You’ve spent that much and learned as much as I have, then you can start to be arrogant, but, you won’t be because you’ll realize everyone has to start someplace. Its just that you started by being a jerk.

        @ C

        Yes. Most everything would be safe. Depending of course your distance from the actual EMP device deployment and how the equipment is “wired”. People don’t realize that computers, many radios, auto electrical, etc, are all shielded. They are shielded to keep RF in, however, that shield is more than adequate to keep the EMP out. But, even unshielded, it would take a close proximity EMP to bust stuff.

        An EMP is sort of like a single, super wide ranging lighting strike. I have studied lighting strikes and EMPs in detail. Many misconceptions exists. For people who do not understand DC electrical current theories, its easy to get confused and scared. Wild theories that have no basis in anything resembling credibility are out there cooked up by scare mongers that have lost their grip on reality.

        @ DurangoKid

        All you say is true, however, those flares typically are only strong enough to effect, again, long transmissions lines. However, if the earths magnetosphere would happen to change we could be come exposed. But, I am engaging in wild speculation. If we are to look at what is possible using history as a guide, we could lose the grid for a long duration.

        This is ENOUGH to worry about. Even if we lost the grid for 2 months, how many would die? This society is not used to YOYO conditions and forcing it to take responsibility for ANYTHING will be a disaster. You can bet it would be, what one workmate of mine calls, a turd grinder.

        You may be “just saying” but what you’re just saying happens to be very true. If one of those superflare desides to take a big lick of the earth, well, it will suck. But, its not likely. I think we should at least be thinking about this stuff so people won’t be completely in the dark when something happens (pun intended).

        The biggest preparation you can have is in your mind and emotions. If TSHTF simply accepting the fact that everything has changed and in order to survive, you have to change to survive. The worst problems large populations have is normalcy bias: they try to continue the life they had when it is impossible. You need food (nourishment), firearms (security) and fuel (energy). If you have those three things in a quantity that will sustain you until you can replenish your supplies. In reality, that is all life is about.  Modern society puts all these silly games, diversions and distractions in the way, however, it boils down to three things: Something to eat and drink, defending yourself and keeping yourself warm. All the rest is just window dressing.

        I’m so sick of people getting on here saying, “Oh! You guys talk big but you’re just a bunch of fat, lazy dumbasses that just talk.”

        Well, I’m here to tell you I’ve got lots of food stored. I’ve got lost of guns and ammo stored. I’ve got lots of fuel stored. I can dig coal. Major outcroppings all over my land. I have tons of trees and I’ll have gas to run the chainsaws. …and no, the EMP won’t bust them. The entire ignition systems are encased in an aluminum shell except for the plug wire that funnels a mine EMP to the spark plug.

        Don’t underestimate America. We have a bad case of normalcy bias, but, when the SHTF, we’ll have a plan. Have a little faith in your fellow man. …and if you can find me, come on over. I’ve got 30 acres. We’ll throw together a plywood shack. It will be cold and cramped but consider the alternative!

        If you wish to discuss further EMP technical information, please contact me directly at [email protected]

      21. Actually NR, according to SHTF America, Teotwawki Page, the earth’s magnetoshere is changing even as we uh, speak. Evidently the NMPole is moving toward Russia at 40 miles per year, up from 25 miles per year, and has moved 700 miles in a northwesterly direction since it was first discovered in 1831.

        Dave, why do you and others perceive China as the biggest threat to US? I don’t see any reason to fear a first strike from China or an EMP from them, as strategically we are still far beyond them militarily. Not that they are not catching up, but they are still far behind. Also, we are the market for their goods and will continue to make them rich. Not to mention that there is no strategic advantage in invading a country 12,000 miles away whose population is locked and loaded. Culturally, the Chinese people have embraced all things American and seek to imitate US on every level.

        Mongolia and Russia are the nations that ought to fear China as China will need and want all of the raw materials from Mongolia and Siberia, to continue to pursue their industrialization. That is the natural direction for their advance. Not US.

        By intwining themselves with US as they have, they have assured that the US will remain on the sidelines when the day of their expansion arrives.

      22. Now the Ruling Elites want close collaboration between government at all levels and the private sector to design, build and operate the U.S. critical communication infrastructure to prevent EMP threat.

        Basically, more control of communication infrastructure and in addition to “Obama’s Internet Kill Switch”.

      23. The EMP Threat Commission recommended that priority be given to protecting “satellite navigation systems, satellite and airborne intelligence and targeting systems and communications infrastructure.”
        They want an aggressive plan must be made and otherwise prepare for the consequences of an EMP attack.   What’s about our existing defense systems, the Navy’s existing fleet of some, almost 70 Aegis air defense ships [they are loaded with the most sophisticate weapons in the world], they do nothing????? – I don’t think so.

        The sun has generated EMP for billions of years, every micro-second and will continue to do so after mankin is all gone.  Sorry, I am a sheeple, and I don’t trust my present masters.

        However, your laptop, unplugged in the, even if it were unshielded (it is), has no “EMP antenna” to attract the pulse so that it dissipates.

        Maybe… but there will be nothing to receive if an EMP attack takes out all originations of the services?? No??

        September 23rd, 2010 at 8:22 pm
        Yep–I’m coming to your house–I make great chiliand meatloaf!!

        And, I’ll bring my 2 years of food, my 3 oil lamps..and toilet tissue…(insert smiley face here)
        And for those who laugh at us, keep it up.

      26. Fact from Fiction about the EMP threat. It is real. Here is an eye opening summation of the dangers.  It is written as a rebuttal to a “progressive scientist” who didn’t get it.


      27. Wow! The ignorance of some of the responses is very painful. It is very obvious most people not only do not have a clue about electronics, magnetic wave propagation, ionospheric amplification, the Compton Effect, Gamma ray radiation effects, etc,etc. But to hear most on here, you are all self proclaimed physicists or EE’s . Let us clarify a few things:

        The case of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse differs from other kinds of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in being a complex electromagnetic multi-pulse. The complex multi-pulse is usually described in terms of three components, and these three components have been defined as such by the international standards commission called the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
        The three components of nuclear EMP, as defined by the IEC, are called E1, E2 and E3.
        The E1 pulse is the very fast component of nuclear EMP. The E1 component is a very brief but intense electromagnetic field that can quickly induce very high voltages in electrical conductors. The E1 component causes most of its damage by causing electrical breakdown voltages to be exceeded. E1 is the component that can destroy computers and communications equipment and it changes too fast for ordinary lightning protectors to provide effective protection against it.

        The mechanism for a 400 km high altitude burst EMP: gamma rays hit the atmosphere between 20–40 km altitude, ejecting electrons which are then deflected sideways by the Earth’s magnetic field. This makes the electrons radiate EMP over a massive area. Because of the curvature and downward tilt of Earth’s magnetic field over the USA, the maximum EMP occurs south of the detonation and the minimum occurs to the north.

        The E1 component is produced when gamma radiation from the nuclear detonation knocks electrons out of the atoms in the upper atmosphere. The electrons begin to travel in a generally downward direction at relativistic speeds (more than 90 percent of the speed of light). In the absence of a magnetic field, this would produce a large pulse of electric current vertically in the upper atmosphere over the entire affected area. The Earth’s magnetic field acts on these electrons to change the direction of electron flow to a right angle to the geomagnetic field. This interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field and the downward electron flow produces a very large, but very brief, electromagnetic pulse over the affected area.
        Physicist Conrad Longmire has given numerical values for a typical case of the E1 pulse produced by a second generation nuclear weapon such as those used in high altitude tests of Operation Fishbowl in 1962. According to Longmire, the typical gamma rays given off by the weapon have an energy of about 2 MEV (million electron volts). When these gamma rays collide with atoms in the mid-stratosphere, the gamma rays knock out electrons. This is known as the Compton effect, and the resulting electrons produce an electric current that is known as the Compton current. The gamma rays transfer about half of their energy to the electrons, so these initial electrons have an energy of about 1 MEV. This causes the electrons to begin to travel in a generally downward direction at about 94 percent of the speed of light. Relativistic effects cause the mass of these high energy electrons to increase to about 3 times their normal rest mass.
        If there were no geomagnetic field, and no additional atoms in the lower atmosphere for additional collisions, the electrons would continue to travel downward with an average current density in the stratosphere of about 48 amperes per square metre.
        Because of the downward tilt of the Earth’s magnetic field at high latitudes, the area of peak field strength is a U-shaped region to the equatorial side of the nuclear detonation. As shown in the diagram at the right, for nuclear detonations over the continental United States, this U-shaped region is south of the detonation point. Near the equator, where the Earth’s magnetic field is more nearly horizontal, the E1 field strength is more nearly symmetrical around the burst location.
        The Earth’s magnetic field quickly deflects the electrons at right angles to the geomagnetic field, and the extent of the deflection depends upon the strength of the magnetic field. At geomagnetic field strengths typical of the central United States, central Europe or Australia, these initial electrons spiral around the magnetic field lines in a circle with a typical radius of about 85 metres (about 280 feet). These initial electrons are stopped by collisions with other air molecules at a average distance of about 170 metres (a little less than 580 feet). This means that most of the electrons are stopped by collisions with air molecules before they can complete one full circle of its spiral around the Earth’s magnetic field lines.
        This interaction of the very rapidly moving negatively charged electrons with the magnetic field radiates a pulse of electromagnetic energy. The pulse typically rises to its peak value in about 5 nanoseconds. The magnitude of this pulse typically decays to half of its peak value within 200 nanoseconds. (By the IEC definition, this E1 pulse is ended at one microsecond (1000 nanoseconds) after it begins.) This process occurs simultaneously with about 1025 other electrons.
        There are a number of secondary collisions which cause the subsequent electrons to lose energy before they reach ground level. The electrons generated by these subsequent collisions have such reduced energy that they do not contribute significantly to the E1 pulse.
        These 2 MEV gamma rays will normally produce an E1 pulse near ground level at moderately high latitudes that peaks at about 50,000 volts per metre. This is a peak power density of 6.6 megawatts per square metre.
        The process of the gamma rays knocking electrons out of the atoms in the mid-stratosphere causes this region of the atmosphere to become an electrical conductor due to ionization, a process which blocks the production of further electromagnetic signals and causes the field strength to saturate at about 50,000 volts per metre. The strength of the E1 pulse depends upon the number and intensity of the gamma rays produced by the weapon and upon the rapidity of the gamma ray burst from the weapon. The strength of the E1 pulse is also somewhat dependent upon the altitude of the detonation.
        There are reports of “super-EMP” nuclear weapons that are able to overcome the 50,000 volt per metre limit by the very nearly instantaneous release of a burst of gamma radiation of much higher energy levels than are known to be produced by second generation nuclear weapons. The construction details of these weapons are classified, and therefore cannot be confirmed by scientists in the open scientific literature.

        The E2 component is generated by scattered gamma rays and inelastic gammas produced by weapon neutrons. This E2 component is an “intermediate time” pulse that, by the IEC definition, lasts from about 1 microsecond to 1 second after the beginning of the electromagnetic pulse. The E2 component of the pulse has many similarities to the electromagnetic pulses produced by lightning, although the electromagnetic pulse induced by a nearby lightning strike may be considerably larger than the E2 component of a nuclear EMP. Because of the similarities to lightning-caused pulses and the widespread use of lightning protection technology, the E2 pulse is generally considered to be the easiest to protect against.
        According to the United States EMP Commission, the main potential problem with the E2 component is the fact that it immediately follows the E1 component, which may have damaged the devices that would normally protect against E2.
        According to the EMP Commission Executive Report of 2004, “In general, it would not be an issue for critical infrastructure systems since they have existing protective measures for defense against occasional lightning strikes. The most significant risk is synergistic, because the E2 component follows a small fraction of a second after the first component’s insult, which has the ability to impair or destroy many protective and control features. The energy associated with the second component thus may be allowed to pass into and damage systems.”
        The E3 component is very different than the other two major components of nuclear EMP. The E3 component of the pulse is a very slow pulse, lasting tens to hundreds of seconds, that is caused by the nuclear detonation heaving the Earth’s magnetic field out of the way, followed by the restoration of the magnetic field to its natural place. The E3 component has similarities to a geomagnetic storm caused by a very severe solar flare. Like a geomagnetic storm, E3 can produce geomagnetically induced currents in long electrical conductors, which can then damage components such as power line transformers.
        Because of the similarity between solar-induced geomagnetic storms and nuclear E3, it has become common to refer to solar-induced geomagnetic storms as “solar EMP.” At ground level, however, “solar EMP” is not known to produce an E1 or E2 component.

      28. Hey Tom

        I run 6 Sharp 80 watters and the storage is a bank of 4 Exide N200 batteries. They are semi deep cycle but we never let them go below 80% full. This is easy to do if you install a regulator with a low battery disconnect on the load. Plasmatronics makes some good ones. All you have to do is watch the current outflow until 20% of your total amp hours are gone then measure the voltage across the batteries while they are still under load. Set the cutoff to that voltage.

        They use these N200 batteries in earthmoving equipment and trucks. They are a lot cheaper than the boutique ones and will go many years if treated well.

        I just bought another 4 80W panels, chinese monos. They look good, half the price too with a 20year warrenty. They will go into the shipping container [EMP Proof] along with a couple of regulators and an inverter.

        I don’t believe modern cars are emp proof either. Sure their a big metal box but the box is not sealed, it has huge windows. Also every electronic device in it is connected to it, via an earth wire.

        The only emp proof car I can think of is the pre 80’s cars that have points and coils for ignition. And their coils are probably vunerable. So keep some spares!

      29. NetRanger,

        I am with you brother. And I am getting tired of hearing about EMP, Y2K, Nibiru, Cosmic alignment causing CME in 2012, polar shift, Edgar Casey, Space Alien base under the Denver airport, Asteroids, Zombies…. Ok enough already.

        As a prepper, I know I am going to die of something. The only thing I can do, is do what I can do to prepare for 6-12 months of adversity. I will do my best to organize, and thrive, but come on!!! If were not taken out in the first few minutes when SHTF, we are all going to turn on the radio to hear the news, and then were going to stand around an talk about it with our neighbors, then were going to try to get some sleep, without air conditioning. It is what it will be, and we can only do so much, and whatever we choose to do, wont be correct, or enough.

      30. typical fairweather survivalist mentality.

        Keep well clear of these people, when their preps runout they will be hounding your door for a feed.

      31. How many of you have herd of a ” Faraday Cage ” ? (Not sure if its spelled right )  anyway its a way to store electronics so that an EMP will not destroy them .  I first learned of them when I was in the military over 30years ago.  Next to my unit was a radio repair unit and they made one so that they could test radio transmissions .  All they did was took a roll of copper screening built a wood frame stapled the copper screening to it and fastened a ground cable to it and drove a copper stake into the ground and attached the ground strap to it and that stopped any interference from coming in or going out .  I have also learned that any old or worn out Microwave oven can also do the same thing , place your electronics in side the oven and simply close the door until you need them. Good for hand held radios , Ham or CB radios . small computers or electronic parts. A small sized storage shed would work too  Line it with the copper screening  ,  use your imagination .   Good luck .

      32. Tom, Wooba:

        My system is 18 Solarworld 175’s mounted on two homemade single axis trackers, two Outback MX60 controllers, two Outback 2524 inverters, and a set of AGM 1200 amp/hr batteries ( came out of cell provider service ).

      33. I’d have figured you’d have something elaborate like that Andy, I remember the pics of your farm from GIM, I think I saved the one of a snake on a woodpile with its head blow open, lol. Shot it on the fly with your auto didn’t ya? Hows the half buried greenhouse doin these days?

        All is well down here in the land of the kangaroo. Still riding on the edge though, don’t want to be caught in any one camp when TSHTF. Many plans, many options. I don’t want to be caught like a Jew in Krakow, protesting my Germanic roots as I’m led into a concentration camp. lol

      34. Anyway, time to slip back over to the Gold thread.
        I wish Panda was here. lol lol lol

      35. The most important prep for EMP is tin foil hats.

      36. Ya, I caught a load of crap on another forum for that “only good copper head is a dead copperhead” pic….I offered to send them a box of ’em if they love them so much….no takers……ahahahaaaaa

        Greenhouse is good….wife has this winter’s tomatoes started.

      37. Purchased the GE 110 pv’s for close out price when GE stopped production on models,  (4) 160 lbs gells were @ cost for $250 each.  TA, SWEET, wish I would have purchased Solorworld IPO.  2 strings?  Just pushing 12v right now.  Square invert off to side for backup.  Pv’s driving Sundanzer 12/24v freezer(s) & TV & separate outlets for 12v cfr’s.  Sundanzer’s are upgraded with 110v & 12/24v auto back up.  These freezers are amazing on small amp hr draws.  Trifuel Honda gen. (3).  2 are with inverts.  I see Au busted 1300 spot this morning…..

      38. Tom:
        “I see Au busted 1300 spot this morning”….. It’s a BUBBLE, I tell ya……Dave Ramsey told me so….ahahahaaaa…ok…don’t start it up again….

        Got two arrays, 10 panels in one, 8 in the other.  I’m testing the theory that an Outback MX-60 will handle more than the 1600 watts ( 10x175w) the manual says…..I figure they got some fudge fact built in….ahahaaaa….and so far, so good.  I’ll finish out the other array with two more panels soon.  With the trackers, we do 17-18kwhrs/day on a decent day.

        Battery I got from a buddy in a cell phone company….they were selling out, and he runs the warehouse, was told to “sell everything, even just for scrap”……so I got these wonderful GNB Absolyte batteries for just scrap price….they were brand new, never been put in service…….1200amp/hr per 2v cell…each cell is about 250lbs….heavy sucker……   Sold off my Deka L-16s I started with.

      39. How low does temp get your way to push max?

      40. Record is like -25…saw that in 1985, but typical is about zero, or a shade below, for the winter low.  Only time I’ve seen it exceed 1600 watts on the 10 panel array was last winter, snow cover, cold, and the sun popped out real bright….one of those incredible blue sky days….and the wattage went 1650’ish for brief period….but, the equipment room was also fairly cool, so heat dissipated pretty quick.  Like I said, I figure Outback has a 10%  fudge factor built in, minimum.

      41. SNAKE!…..Snake Pliskin?  Is that you?!  I thought you were dead!

      42. I use the Outback 60 also.  No mate.  Will fit in next sailboat w gells.  Do you have temp sensor hooked in?  Those are some large batteries!  Wet cell?  Any problems keeping them happy?   Micro wind gen on my short list but most blue water sailboats already have them.  Looking to purchase 41 Hans Christian when Au peaks for my time period.  What precautions have you read on pv’s concerning EMP?  Have not seen any info in HomePower mag.

      43. Some more info on EMP.  EMP has been known about as a threat to the electronic infrastructure for a long time.  Most communications and military assets are hardened to a degree, the degree being a cost/benefit analysis.  A lot of work was done in prepping for EMP attacks during the cold war.

        After 9/11 an new awareness about EMP emerged, and re-analysis took place that shocked people (from what I understand) because some holes previously unknown were found.  Armor is only as good as its weakest link sometimes, and some potentially bad weakest links have been identified.

        Don’t worry about your ageis guided missile cruiser going offline or the President not being able to call out.  That stuff will be up and running.  Other things that seem simple, but the implications of them being offline, will be down, and the long term affects though not immediately obvious are HUGE.

        There is effort again now that weak links have been identified to plug the holes, but plugs will take time and are expensive.



        EMPact America, the foremost electromagnetic pulse (EMP) education and advocacy organization in the world, has an entire website and radio network dedicated to EMP and national security – http://www.empactamerica.org.  If you read nothing else on EMP, at least read the Abstract, Overview, and summary information in the 2008 Congressional EMP Commission Report (http://www.empactamerica.org/featuredreports.php). 
        On EMPact America’s website, you can read reliable source materials and watch exclusive videos about nuclear and solar EMP.  There’s also a forum with blogs, comments, and discussion on this critical topic.
        Also, check EMPact Radio every Wed. at noon (go go http://www.blogtalkradio.com/empact-radio/) for a live broadcast on these issues.  Recent guests on EMP include: Lord Kelvin Winner, Dr. William Radasky – who helped the EMP Commission discover and better understand the serious nature solar issues(on the show yesterday, 9/22, at noon – all shows are archived, so check out the player and ‘on-demand’ episodes); Bronius Cikotas (father of GWEN); Best Selling Author Dr. William R. Forstchen; Vice Admiral Robert Monroe; Congressman Roscoe Bartlett; former CIA Director Ambassador James Woolsey; former Chairman of National Intelligence Council, Fritz Ermarth; Dr. William Graham (Chair of the US Congressional EMP Commission for eight years and widely considered to be the free world’s foremost expert on electromagnetic pulse – also a member of the Rumsfeld Commission on Space and served as Science Advisor to President Reagan and Chairman of the General Advisory Committee on Arms Control and Disarmament, and Chairman of the SDI Advisory Committee and Deputy Administrator of NASA); and many others. 
        Based in NY (USA), EMPact America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization for citizens dedicated to protecting America from a man-made or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe.
        For more information, visit: http://www.empactamerica.org.

        By way of background, the U.S. House unanimously passed legislation that would be a huge step toward protecting America’s electric grids on an ‘all hazards’ basis, including from man-made and nuclear EMP.  Unfortunately, prior to going on summer break, the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources ignored the unanimous bipartisan* endorsement of the U.S. House, two Congressional Commissions and the National Academy of Sciences, and threw out the House’s protection from electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in HR 5026 for the Senate version of the bill (S.1462). BTW – When is the last time you saw the words “unanimous” and “bipartisan” when referring to a bill like this?
        The House’s bill expressly protects the grid from nuclear and other physical attacks and great geomagnetic storms. The Senate committee deleted provisions re: EMP and those protecting the grid’s large transformers and requiring adequate backup inventory.

        The grid is most vulnerable to an EMP attack due to its age, a growing reliance on computer control systems (SCADA), and various methods of attack/damage, including from EMPs generated from hand-held weapons, high-altitude denotation of a nuclear bomb, and the sun.
        Please use EMPact America’s automated e-campaign to contact your Senators now using the following link, and ask them to adopt in S.1462 (or in a stand alone bill) the House’s protection from EMP:
        To learn more about EMP, and what you can do about it, please visit http://www.empactamerica.org.

      46. I use a Mate, and Hub, because of multiple inverters ( 120/240 output), also the temperature sensor.

        These batteries are AGM….Absorbed Glass Mat….the electrolyte is absorbed in a mat around the lead….no watering, in fact, the are mounted on their sides in normal config.

        You can read about them:

        and here:


        That last one is priced per 2v cell, but the photo they have is a 6volt setup…..the come 3 cells per ‘case’ ( steel jacket ) but the individual cells can be removed.  Each 2v cell has 4 terminals rather than the typical 2 of a wet cell type battery……two black, two red…..the “button” in the center is the fill valve.  You can add water to them down the road, but there is no typical requirement to do so.

        20 year life rating.  Most cell companies pull them out of service after about 5 years regardless of condition…..many of them at THAT point have a lot of life left in them.  I got two brand new sets from my buddy, plus a used set ( it was a real trip getting them home in a 3/4 ton truck +single axle trailer…9,000lbs of batteries )…the voltage on the used set ( it was 4 years old ) was very close to new.

      47. What size of backup gen set?

      48. No electricity = one less bill
        No TV = piece of mind
        No booming ghetto music = praise the lord
        No loud cars and trucks = quiet time

        Seems like it would be camping all the time.

        So whats the problem with EMP

      49. Wow! Money is the most powerful weapon in existing.

        It’s called MF (Money Force) aka EMF aka EMP.


      50. Well, this is a political forum, and it’s not a classroom or a lab. No one said he/she was a physicist or an EE either, it’s a foolish statement.

        There are many books about EMP, electronics, etc…. Any one can cut and past any selective amount that they want or change content to fit their agenda.  On the internet any one can portray himself as a scientist or anything they want, it’s fruitless, irrelevant unless that person has personal insecurity or just escape from a mental ward.……….

        Remember “Environmental or Global Warming HOAX”?
        Taxpayers’ve been paying for these projects for years.  But all they do is cut and paste and embellish the truth.

        You see scientists, politicians, and salesmen lie, because they have their own agenda and something to gain – Ask Al Gore, he will tell you.

      51. Wow!  Money is the most powerful weapon in existing.

        It’s called MF (Money Force) aka EMF aka EMP.


      52. AKA   SHUT THE F**K UP

      53. Interesting responses.  Like a trip back in time…… 

        Where is mushroom when you need to be calmed…….

      54. If it will end Washington’s tyranny over the middle class I’m all for it.  : )    

        That means you Barack, just STFU you piece of shit.

      55. I have to agree w/oneshotonekill, no electricity could mean a blessing for those fortunate enough to live amongst civilised neighbors, but if you’re stuck in the “inner city”?, FORGET IT!
        We did pretty darn well prior to electricity and in my opionin we would be better off without it.
        Here’s why; food growing and distribution of it would be instantly local, no more huge distances involved, nor fuel to keep it all frozen/cool.
        All of us would be involved in farming again and trading our goods which would enhance our communities and expand our base of friends from trading.

        I don’t know about you folks, but when we have hurricanes and lose power for a couple weeks down here in FL, I sleep like a baby with oil lamps and the cooking over a fire lifestyle.
        I’m always relaxed and feel better (maybe there is something to all of the EMP produced by our appliances).

        An EMP would destroy our way of life in the US, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing for those that survived.

      56. Jane.

        This is not a political forum, and most of us here ARE in fact accredited Rocket Scientists, Quantum Engineers and Brain Surgeons ok.

        I myself am a Practicing Nuclear Fusion Sub-Systems Engineer. Presently engaged with the ICC at their ITER Research Platform.

        The nature of my work is of course classified.

      57. I know!  Let’s all go up and watch ’em smash ‘particles’ together in head-on collisions at super-enormous high voltages…..maybe we’ll all get to witness an “EMP” first-hand!  (first the flash, then……….)

      58. Fusion/fission, let’s just harness a few lightning bolts every day.  But, I did stay at the Holiday Inn last night.  I’m a gynecologist.

      59. Wooba,

        Is that so! Good job. Don’t screw up, you could become a sub-particle.

        Who am I? I am an MME (Moon Maintenance Engineer).

        My job is to dust the American flag to keep it clean and to make sure the NOW does not replace it with its own flag or change the history book.


      60. Well if your a MME Jane, all I can say is you have your work cut ou for you these days. In the good times the masses just wanter along, doing what the Persident and the TV tells them to do. In the times were now entering they lose trust and begin to try and think for themselves. That’s when the problems really multiply lol.

        People like to think that, coming to the realization they have been dummed down makes them smart. It does not.

      61. Excuse my poor editing there.

      62. Oh yeah!  me too, but it’s the thought that counts.
        I did not major in English, but I like to say what I feel about the government.

        Btw, I already turned in my resignation, because there will be a new (NWO) flag.  I will be in a soup line like the rest of America ………  looking into the windows of the illegal immigrants (who have Welfare and free housing and eat steak).

      63. when the power goes out, i hope you dont live near any nuclear sites…like these:



        because it takes electricity to stop the reactions so they do not go critical and …well…most of you remember Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

        as for the backup generators and fail safes…there is no way an EMP can knock them out, right?  why worry?  right?

        whatever the govt says, i am sure they’d never put us in harm’s way…

      64. Re: EMP and nuclear power plants – check this out:


        Effects of an EMP Attack or Severe Solar Storm on Nuclear Power Plants, by B.Z.
        By James Wesley, Rawles on September 6, 2010 7:39 PM

        It is with some trepidation that I write this article, since what I write will be controversial and will alarm some members of the public as well as your readers. Some of my colleagues have urged me not to bring this subject into the open or to even discuss it in public. However, I think the topic is important and needs to be brought to the attention of the public. The issue is the effect that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, or for that matter, even a great geomagnetic storm created by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun, would have on a nuclear power plant. Personally, I believe that an EMP attack from a rogue nation such as Iran or North Korea or even a terrorist organization is perhaps the most serious security threat that we face as a nation today….”


        To learn more abour EMP (from the real experts, including members of the EMP Commission) visit: http://www.empactamerica.org

      65. Some informative and some amusing and some really silly comments here.

        I still don’t see anyone refuting my original comment, fourth comment down from the top, about an EMP attack by a goat herder Nation not being a real threat. And my observation that the only thing to worry about is a CME hitting Earth.

        From the sounds of it, some of you are well situated for an event of this type. Good for you.

        But do not lose sleep over Iran or North Korea launching a glorified Scud from a transport ship off America’s coast and that missile go and do any damage. The technology to miniaturize a nuclear device is  so complex  (and remember….it has to fit into the warhead of any existing missile that the “Enemy” can acquire or build), that to worry about that is juvenile.

        Our own Sun will do us in before that happens, I assure you.

      66. Smarter more informed people loose sleep over an EMP attack from a “goat herder” nation Scar. Just an FYI.

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