Urban Camouflage: Dressing For Success – The Success Of Going Unnoticed

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    Editor’s Note: TJ Miller is the author of the incredibly informative book Beyond Collapse: Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch and is a long-time contributor of survival related articles and insights in our community areas (under the moniker of Odd Questioner). You can keep up with TJ’s musings at the Beyond Collapse Website.

    What follows is yet another of his unique perspectives on survival. Should an emergency or disaster strike, there is a real possibility that you may be out and about in the city, or travelling, leaving you far from home with only your skills and ‘get home bag’ as your available tools. Being stuck in an unfamiliar urban environment during times of stability is challenging enough. Imagine what it would be like should law and order break down. In such a scenario, your survival will depend on your ability to camouflage yourself in urban environments, something TJ provides detailed instruction and strategy  for in the article below.

    Don’t Be Seen When You Cannot Hide -wait, what?

    Picture this: You’re in a big city. Excrement has struck the fan, and it’s beginning to splatter. No, wait. Picture that you’re trying to walk to work in a big city after your car broke down, a city large enough to have a huge and ongoing problem with crime (muggings, pickpockets or even excessive panhandling.) Or, picture both, or pick one. Makes no diff, because this little system I’ve figured down will work either way.

    When most folks think of wearing camouflage, they think of some guy wearing some green splotchy thing as he creeps about the woods. Add the word urban to that, and you think of some guy wearing some gray and black splotchy thing as he creeps around the city. Well, toss those thoughts out, because what we’re gonna do is teach you how to get about town without becoming a target, yet blend in perfectly. Perfect example? Let’s pick on San Francisco. Why? Because, well, I’m currently typing this in SanFran, and it has all the elements we need for our discussion, so…

    How To Be An Environmentalist Without Eating Granola

    That’s right – we’re gonna study our urban environment. It pays to know what you’re going to be walking around in, after all.

    First up, what do we have here, people-wise? We have tourists, homeless folk by the metric ton, wealthy folks wearing incredibly expensive clothing, normal working schmoes wearing everything from dirty clothes (manual labor) to 3-piece suits (executives) to funky/off-beat crap (programmers and artists). If you’re a guy, the short skirts and revealing clothing on the ladies also rank way up there (especially in summer…) A wide variety of people about, no? Now – who do you notice first? The flashy dressers and executive types, right? Well, if you’re desperately trying to get out of a city mid-disaster, or just trying to walk through one at night without getting mugged, you probably don’t want to be one of them.  Take notes of that kind of stuff, because we’re not done studying things just yet.

    Next up, what do the streets look like? Are there a lot of narrow streets, or is there enough room to walk near the curb without getting too close to a building corner or blind alley?  Where do the homeless folks curl up at night? Believe it or not, this is actually easy enough to tell if you know where to look (and, let’s face it, smell). Building facades with a lot of nooks and crannies that are perfect for blocking wind are also perfect hidey-holes and sleeping-perches. Same with small blind alleys and parking/loading-dock entrances. They also happen to be perfect places for some unkind soul to lurk in wait for an unsuspecting victim, so learn to recognize where those potential spots are before you stroll up to them. If you walk certain routes frequently, get to know those spots intimately so that you’ll know when to get your butt out towards the curb or –if necessary– across the street. Also, while you’re peeking around, do you notice that some streets are natural for places like trucks and delivery vehicles to drive down, where loading docks and service entrances normally face? Yeah – may want to avoid those initially, but if you’re dressed and behaved right, you can put them to good use if needed. Be sure to keep tabs on buildings which are unoccupied, dilapidated, or worse – squatters (and folks with ill intent) like to put such places to use if they think they can do so without getting caught. Vacant lots are also places to keep a good, hard watch for.

    Now, go back and check these places and routes out at different times of day and night (the latter only if you’re certain that you can safely do so). Notice that after a certain hour, the only tourists out on the street are either drunk , sniffing around for prostitutes, or sniffing around for some illicit substance (and yes all three types are idiots, but notice them anyway). During midday, you’ll likely notice a lot of working stiffs out there on lunch break. In-between, and depending on where in town you are, you’ll notice a mixture of just about everyone. Be sure to take notes on all of these and elsewise. You’ll get to know when the 5am deliveries start rolling in to the stores. You’ll get to know when the janitors finally call it a night. You’ll get to know all of this and more. Again, start taking notes, eh?

    One other thing to note – obviously if you’re visiting on business, or vacation, you won’t have (or want to waste) time to do all this homework beforehand. Good news is, you don’t have to do it while you’re there. If there is another big city nearby you can take a few exploratory trips to (or you live in one), you can at least get a feel as to what to look out for, and catch up quickly.

    Dressing For Success – The Success Of Going Unnoticed

    Now – remember all that talk about clothing earlier? Well, let’s revisit that.

    When you go to packing for a trip (or want to flesh out your get-home bag for those commutes downtown), that would be a very good time to look into what you intend to wear while you’re there. I have a few ideas you may want need to consider…

    1. Muted colors are your best friends. Avoid stuff that burns the retinas, and stick with grays, blacks, faded colors, or the like.
    2. Get comfy – unless there is something dressy that you absolutely have to wear (like at some kind of ceremony or sales presentation), stick to well-worn and comfy clothing. If you have to wear a suit okay, but stick with clothing that you would wear if you were mowing the yard, or working on your car. Keep it clean and serviceable, but make sure it’s not new or crisp. The nearest thrift store is a goldmine of clothes like this – I strongly suggest availing yourself of one.
    3. Logos and controversial sayings are bad, so don’t wear any. This goes for your jackets, shoes and outerwear too. Aside from the whole gang-sign thing (which can be an issue), a logo often betrays a lot more about you than you would like, and a logo unfamiliar to the area will advertise that you’re not from around here. If you otherwise think you must, stick with neutral and non-specific stuff, preferably faded.
    4. Speaking of shoes, always include a pair of worn, comfy but dirty shoes or boots. Something that you can (literally) walk for miles in. Be sure that you can walk for miles in them, because you just may have to, you know? By the way – this means that unless you’re going to be on a beach, open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops are also out.
    5. Ladies? I know you like to look sexy (and Lord knows I like the sight of sexy women!) but… skip the revealing and “cute” crap if you can. Stick with “sensible” wherever possible. Let’s talk about why for a moment: The idea in a potentially dangerous situation is to be ignored, not to wear clothing that screams “rape me!” to the wrong people. It doesn’t matter how big and strong your spouse/boyfriend/whatever is; it only takes seconds to slit his throat from behind, leaving you rather defenseless. Suffice it to say that revealing clothing in a bad place (and/or bad time) puts you and your man-friend in potential mortal danger, so, well… don’t.

    Next up, let’s talk about your grooming habits.

    1.  leave the hair spray at home, or keep it to a minimum. Your hair will thank you, and fly-away hairs leave you slightly unkempt, increasing your odds of being ignored, or being thought of as not a worthy target.
    2. Gents- thinking about shaving? Maybe every other day, or perhaps get a beard going. Again, the unkempt thing.
    3. Certainly keep your teeth brushed and suchlike, but avoid strong-smelling mouthwashes, as they tend to impede your sense of smell of up to an hour or two after brushing.
    4. Don’t do cologne and perfumes. It makes no sense to look like an ordinary impoverished schmuck if you smell like you just stepped out of a ritzy perfume shop from half a block away.
    5. Same with bright or stand-outish makeup, ladies. Keep it muted and light. Let your natural beauty shine through instead, so you can avoid standing out or  looking like a wealthy target.
    6. Yes, shower regularly while you’re traveling… duh. It’s the best way to keep clean and avoid a lot of germs. However, avoid strong-smelling armpit deodorants and such. Same reason as #4, eh?

    How To (Properly) Walk The Streets

    This part is harder than it looks, but if you’ve been following the advice in the book, you’ll find it much easier to do. Here’s a few good, hard rules of etiquette when you’re walking the city streets. There’s a lot of them, so take your time…

    • Unless a cop is giving you an order, never ever answer a voice spoken in your direction, even if you know it’s you being spoken to. From panhandlers to criminals and con-men, all they need is for you to grant them a moment’s attention, then they have you. Ignoring the voice lets you keep walking. Be sure to keep an eye in the speaker’s general direction just in case, but 99 times out of 100 during the day you’ll be able to keep walking without incident. Night carries a different ruleset, but only insofar as you need to start thinking about weapons and escape if you hear that call and it’s not coming from a panhandler. Note that in a pure SHTF situation, if a cop is giving you an order, you may want to start thinking immediately about escape as well, but use your judgement.
    • If you bump into someone gently, just keep walking, muttering an “excuse me” as you pass.
    • If you bump into someone hard or anyone bumps into you at all, immediately (but discreetly!) put a hand over your wallet, grip your purse tight against you, and insure that any luggage (e.g. backpack) you’re carrying is still secure (as you’re still walking!). Inspect of any suddenly opened zippers on that backpack.
    • Keep your wallet in your front pants pocket if possible, otherwise in a jacket or folded over your pants front. You’ll know immediately if someone is reaching for your chest or your crotch long before you’ll notice someone reaching for your back pocket.
    • Ladies – you probably already know about safely carrying a purse, but as a reminder? In the city, it’s not a purse, it’s a football, and you’re the linebacker. Short straps are better than long, and thick better than thin.
    • Backpacks? Wear both straps, like it was built for. use a twist-tie (same color as the backpack material) to keep the zippers tightly closed while walking through dangerous areas – that way you’ll know if someone is trying to get into it from behind while you walk. Wearing the backpack on fully also prevents someone from snatching the thing off your shoulder. As a bonus, it’s more comfortable over long distances. If you insist on wearing it over one shoulder (because everyone else is), keep a very tight grasp on the strap, and use you’re non-dominant hand/shoulder to hold it – this frees your dominant hand to fight back (grab, punch, etc) if someone tries to grab it.
    • Always keep a look out ahead of you, on the sides, and occasionally behind you. Increase those looks back if the situation turns to crap.
    • Walk confidently, always. A confident walk means you’re not a timid target.
    • Never, ever, ever look lost. Go over your route beforehand – in the age of maps-on-a-phone, you have no excuse anymore, and paper maps are still very plentiful.
    • If you do think you’re lost? Duck into a nearby store if one is open, and only then get out your phone or map, checking it while inside. This camouflages the idea that you’re lost, and helps you get your bearings in a relatively safe place. If nothing is open, find a safe indoor place to check (bodega, hotel, gas station, whatever) – be sure to buy something if it’s a small shop, so you don’t arose the suspicion and/or ire of the clerk.
    • Don’t buy anything with a bill larger than a $20, and never keep cash in your wallet (keep the cash in a front pocket or something.)
    • Standing around (let alone sitting) is a really bad idea. If you have to rest, do it in a shop, store, or restaurant.

    …there’s lots more, but this should be a good start.

    So Far So Good

    So far, I’ve stuck to these rules, and they’ve worked out very well – I’m scruffy-looking enough to be mistaken for a local homeless guy (thus ignored) by tourists and petty thieves, but not enough so as to fool the local constabulary (The cops can see the fact that I bathe daily and am well-nourished, don’t look down-and-out attitude-wise, and don’t hang around in any one spot). With my worn clothes, old shoes, and old, dirty (but solid) dark and nondescript backpack, there’s no hint as to what I’m actually carrying – let alone what I do for a living (nearly half of the people I interact with have the letter “C” in their titles). I can actually wander around a lot of places that a tourist shouldn’t go, and have so far been mistaken for a local by most of the locals working in the shops (well, until I open my mouth and let the Ozarker drawl fly forth, but that’s a different story. icon smile <h2>Urban Camouflage</h2>)


    (Pictured: Your humble author, out where he shouldn’t be.)

    Note in that photo above, your author is sporting the latest in OPSEC fashion. We begin with the used gray hoodie-wear (the hood comes up in cold or rainy weather, or when I really don’t want to be noticed). We continue with a faded old black t-shirt and faded, ratty-cuffed jeans (note that you do not see the layered shirts underneath for warmth, or the – well, I’ll stop there). Completing the ensemble is a pair of dirty old shoes that are still in perfect working order, and are rubber-soled for long-distance walking comfort on concrete (and more importantly for walking silently if need be). The beard and 5 o’clock shadow complete the air of ‘ignore-me-I’m just part of the furniture here’, and the tousled wind-styled hair shouts both sex appeal and (more importantly) non-wealth.  Photo was graciously taken by a kindly hotel concierge who was at first rather amazed at what he thought to be some panhandler wanting his picture taken with a pricey smartphone. After I unlocked the phone, he relaxed a bit and obliged me. Kinda cool how that works out, no?

    TJ Miller is the author of the incredibly informative book Beyond Collapse: Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch and is a long-time contributor of survival related articles and insights in our community areas (under the moniker of Odd Questioner). You can read an excerpt from the book here and you can follow with TJ’s musings at the Beyond Collapse Website.


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      1. Don’t say “Excuse me” if you bump into somebody. It will be treated as a sign of weakness. If you bump into somebody keep walking. Act like nothing happened.

        I’m reading the Jack Reacher novel “One Shot”. In that book a guy in jail does that and a bunch of Mexican thugs try to kill him for showing him disrespect.

        • In urban environments you can probably get away with ‘my bad’ or ‘my b’, its the tone of voice, sound ridiculously apologetic and you’ll be seem as weak, sound like it was no big deal and they may take it for just that, in southern states where etiquette is a little bit more common, apologies may be more friendly, in the bay or detroit per say? Not so much..

          • Nah: Tan shoes with pink shoe laces, a polka dot vest, a Panama hat with a purple hat band. Or am I showing my age?

            • 1959 was a long time ago.

            • Man oh man!

          • I have followed the very same methods he describes when I am out alone on the streets here in Manila. I am 68 and not afraid to go most anywhere during the day and most places at night. I have been walking the streets almost daily for 5 years with no incidents. I dress in worn jeans, tee, sneakers, no jewelry, no wristwatch, no bulging wallet, often with a 2 day beard, carry my id in one pocket, my keys in another and my cash (less than $50) in another. I use a 5 year old cell phone, well worn, and contains only the numbers I would use locally.

            BTW: If you don’t know, Manila has about 15 million people and ‘shanty towns’ are scattered everywhere there is an unused strip of ground, even in the better parts of the city. Here a laborer makes $10 per day. But, I feel safer here than I would walking the streets of a typical US city.


            • “I have been walking the streets almost daily for 5 years ”

              hehehehe. You may wanna rephrase that.

        • I’m guessing you’re not from the South. We have a dead college student here because he DIDN’T say excuse me after bumping into another guy in a bar and spilling his beer. He followed him outside and shot him dead. He overreacted for sure, but it pays to know and abide by local customs. We were recently named one of the top ten states to retire in part because of our relatively low crime rate, but there are some things you just don’t do. Even my two year-old daughter knows to say “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome.”

          • yea really!

          • Also, ’round here, you’d better be holding the door open for the person behind you, male or female. Letting the door slam shut will get you at the very least a nasty look. That might fly in Chicago, but not ’round here.

        • When someone doesn’t say, “excuse me” to me, I get mad… its better NOT to p… someone off! Manners are important!!!!

        • It may depend on who you bump into. If you happen into a gang member, a ‘pardon me’ may go a ways in diffusing his irritation at being bumped.

          • I picked up a shadow once, because I was wearing a leather jacket. I got it at the goodwill, but it was in good condition. I never made that mistake again.

            What allowed me to walk down some pretty dangerous streets without being bothered, is my walk and demeanor. I walk with my head up, watching everything at all times. My stride is long and confident and I usually wear steel-toed work boots and jeans (doc martens) and a ball cap. As a carpenter by trade, I was physically fit.

            I always carry a chrome multi-tool (leatherman) and I pulled it out of my pocket and held it out where it could barely be seen in the dark. My shadow wasn’t sure what I had in my hand, all he could see was an outline and a glint of shiny chrome, but my stare was fixed on him as I stood there in silence, unmoving, as if I might unleash hell itself if he didn’t go away…and he did go away.

            In short, I didn’t look at all like an easy target, and for those of you who don’t know, I am a woman and I was alone in the wee hours of the morning. I don’t wear makeup and my hair was in a ponytail under my cap. My silhouette must have seemed too intimidating for even a man with about 80 pounds and 6 inches in height on me.

            There is a huge difference, but a fine line, between looking too intimidating to attack and being aggressive enough to provoke an attack…you just need to find that balance.

            • @ sixpack, OR you could dress like a WINO !! Hmmmmm….didn’t know you was a GAL!!??…..mm~

              • That WAS part of my camouflage that I feel I no longer need.

            • I’m a grandma who has had to navigate the world after dark all my life. Most people do like a little “hello” with a little grin. Even the gangsta kids I see on my walks in East Oakland. But if I’m in a mood where I want to be left along, I just put on a pucker face. No one wants to mess with a grandma with a pucker face and they move on.

        • Jack Reacher is a delusion of a psycho wanna be named Lee Child. The same Lee Child who has never been in combat but saw fit to bad mouth Marcus Luttrell. Fuck him.

        • This works for homes too. When times get interesting, do you want to have a Home Beautiful curb-appealed look that says “wealthy, fastidious family lives here” or do you want your home to look like the eyesore of the neighborhood? Negative curb appeal has survival value. Raiders will hit the eye candy homes first. Ifn you’re lucky might totally pass on yours.

          • Yeah, all you have to do is kill your local ‘neighborhood association’ members and you can then do what you need to do, without them harping and taking you to court because you left a barrel beside your house and didn’t mow your lawn before it got 5 inches high.

            • sixpack,

              HOA’s are a reality some face. Being the generally contrary cuss I am, it was on my watch list when I went around with the buyer’s broker. “No HOA.” Mine expired null and void six months before I settled. As for grass, checked the county ordinance on that. Does not apply to lots of my size. I don’t know how tall you are but my grass all over, front included, would be waist high on either of us. Have not mowed the lawn in 2 years. And guess where that $2700 a year I haven’t spent on lawn contractors has gone? It paid for a lot of ammo and water filters. With apologies to Eastwood, a man’s gots to know his priorities.


              • my neighbor mows her lawn EVERY 3 days…whether it needs it or not.
                Nine days were between my last two mows and it looks fine.
                I also searched for non-HOA when buying here.

              • I like my yard looking a bit like a meadow, with flowers, and bees and bugs for the baby birds in the spring. Of course to get it like that you have to let it grow up a bit….;)

        • lack of courtesy to others in this or any paradigm is bad karma.

          However, if shtf…all bets are off.

        • My mother is 80+, but would still kick your ass if you were not polite. She would still kick my ass if she knew I said ass. I wish the world was full of mothers like her. Love you Mom!

        • Don’t believe everything you read. Most of the time, cons are the most polite people around, simply because being impolite can result in a shank in the liver.

      2. Another thing: don’t smile or joke. Look serious. Don’t look at the person you’re walking with. Keep looking ahead for possible threats.

        • Can’t say I agree with not smiling or joking. Bottom-line, if you look too ill-at-ease, that marks you as being out of place, which is obviously BAD. Body language speaks volumes. Don’t go into a situation with the attitude that you’re going to act in “X” manner- go with the attitude that you’re going to act however you feel you need to blend in, at any given time. While you generally want to keep from being noticed, there are times when eye contact is unavoidable. What do you do? If it’s a guy- you keep eye contact, and instead of the nod of recognition most of us give each other on the street, which is a chin-down nod, you nod chin UP. Seems silly…why do that?! In the hood, nodding your head down is seen as an act of submission, that’s why. Look ahead? Of course! But since that is only one of four sectors your trouble can come in (and the least likely direction trouble will come from), why would you spend more than 25% of your time scanning that sector? That set-back store front with the angled windows? PERFECT for scanning your at least your 6, and probably either your 3 or 9 as well (depending on your direction or travel). And just like any other terrain- use what occurs naturally there to your advantage- cuz “they” are. Know what is behind you- without looking over your shoulder (which should generally be avoided). What use is a newspaper rack or parked car to you if you don’t want a paper or it’s not your car? If it has a reflective enough surface, it can be used to survey your blind spots, and do so in a way that doesn’t make you look uneasy. Bottom line” Remember- the minute you walk in that environment, SOMEONE bad has probably already taken notice of you. How you act from there will determine if you are of more interest to them and should be followed, disregarded completely or perhaps jumped immediately.
          Street smarts isn’t something that you’re gonna pick up from one article, and so much of it is about soft skills that really require “OJT”, but I agree with at least the gist of OQ is saying- bottom line…don’t get noticed! Of course, anyone here is more than welcome do disagree with me, and there’s craploads i didn’t touch on, but after growing up in the middle territory that was contested between the Bloods and Crips (and numerous mexican gangs), less than 100 yds. from “The Stroll” and catching the bus in Watts at midnight to get home 5x a week…yeah- I’m “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”. Don’t get noticed- and if you do, learn to fight to win, and you can be too.

          • CWinOR,

            Very good post. Body language can be seen a block away. And nervousness telegraphs like a siren. Confidence puts everyone on their guard in a good way for you provided it doesn’t come across as cocky. Folks should read your post twice.

        • The advise is good for your appearance and opsec. Problem is that during the decay of society (shtf) everyone you see becomes a potential predator. As with most big cities, carrying a gun is out. Have some small concealed weapon if possible. Advice for walking: keep from looking down and constantly looking from side to side, these are alarms for predators. Walk as though you know where you’re going and focus on the area you’re walking to. Give the appearance that you are not a tourist. If approached and you get nervous, have a few coins in your pocket to toss on the ground,distraction is a great weapon
          to have. Women, keep nothing vauable in your purses and if you have pants with front pockets, keep IDs, CC and cash in them, keep your coins in the purse, makes it a tad heavier with add noise when yanked from you. Let them think they got something.

          • @DRD-
            Yeah- in a SHTF scenario, your operating parameters are going to be totally different. How you move through your environment will be totally different too. However, I don’t totally agree with concealing all your valuables where they are expecting them/easily found. Consider this- you LOOK like an easy and paying mark- but turns out you’re only “easy”. You’ve got your stuff stashed- and they can’t find it- now they’re PISSED, and they’ve already committed the crime- they likely won’t react well to getting “stiffed”, and they may wind up escalating the already bad situation. How to “win-win”? You should ALWAYS carry your valuables in MULTIPLE stashes. Have some “throw-away” goodies for them. Say $20-50 and a watch or the like. An old credit card is great for that too- but just don’t use an old ATM card for your throw-away: this can backfire if they want YOU to take out cash.

        • Long ago in a parking lot in Cleveland, one evening three guys started walking my way, I slowed own, took a deep breath, put my shoulders back, smiled, looked straight at them, and slowly reached into my coat pocket, didn’t have anything in there, but they took a hard right and moved on.
          Now I just carry a concealed .38 or a 9MM Browning in a shoulder holster.

          • One small thing…

            It’s very illegal to do so w/o a current local permit in places like SF, LA, or NYC, so, well, don’t, and don’t pretend to. Most criminals in such areas know full well that law-abiding folk aren’t going to be carrying unless they’re cops, judges, or suchlike. Odds are even better that they are carrying.

            Reaching into your coat after they notice you noticing them can ring alarm bells in their heads, and now you’re the center of their attention. If they’re carrying, they’ll start reaching into their coats/pants/etc too… then what?

            IMHO, the post is not yet complete… I still have notes to plow through, and a lot of hard thinking to do when it comes to a SHTF situation.

            Personally, I’d wear the same drab clothes, but then work on getting my skin and gear dirty/ragged in a hurry. I’d also alter a lot of what I do behavior-wise.

            • Wonderful articel OQ! We have missed you around here!

            • I already had their attention, that was the problem.

            • If you can’t carry a gun because of local laws….
              In SHTF situation, the bad natives will double down on evil if they think there
              is little chance of coming to justice.
              Let talk weapons!
              Pepper spray… Nobody likes it.
              Nothing says don’t F-with me like a tactical tomahawk and a 9″ benchmade knife.
              There is something about the idea of being hacked that is just far more unsettling
              than being stabbed or ran thru.
              2 swords (rapier and dagger).
              Impact weapons (large hammer, mace, tire iron etc…).
              What’s in your wallet?

              • Spoon.

                If there’s anything that would scare me, it’s a serious guy carrying a spoon. If a guy ever pulls out a spoon on me, I’m running, because there’s something he knows that I don’t know and I can only assume he’s so bada$$, all he needs is a spoon.

                Everyone figures a knife is worse than a gun, but a spoon? Whoever carries a spoon must know some apocalyptic stuff.

      3. A woman traveling alone can disguise it with a baseball cap, baggy sweatshirt & loose jeans.

        • I do this! Actuallly, I do a lot of these things suggested, already. IMO, the collapse has already begun… just hasn’t gotten to the really nasty part yet!

        • @Sebastion T: My wife simply cannot don such a disguise. There ain’t a sweatshirt baggy enough to disguise the fact that she looks like shes carrying two midgets 6 inches below her collarbones.

          On the other hand, her Hindenberg sized fun bags ain’t the only thing she’s “packing” these days 🙂 She is absolutely my number one incentive to survive asy and all SHTF scenarios

          And people wonder why I prep 🙂

          • Sam; they make an interesting holster for the endowed that hangs between the twins. Works VERY well

      4. When I go urban, I dress as a work boot and them folks avoid me like I got the plague.

        • Rub dog turds all over your face.

          Chew a couple if the neighborhood looks really bad.

      5. Any of this advice is of little use to the folks
        who are saavy enough to stay as far away from city
        life as possible.

        • Outwest, where I’m from wore out jeans, a well worn Carhart or camo jacket, and boots will blend in just fine(SHTF or not). A good don’t fuck with me I won’t fuck with you attitude works as well. A tacticool vest and bdu’s with an AR dangling will get a bullseye painted on you going around town. My 357 mag revolver and 1892 357 mag carbine won’t turn a head even now.

        • And, if you ever end up getting stuck in a city at the wrong time?

          • The biggest city around me is 25 miles away and has 50,000 people. I don’t go to metropolitan areas if I can help it. If I go to Memphis which is an hour and a half away the shotty and 45 rides with me. My CCW allows me to carry in 38 states. Thugs aren’t apt to mess with backwoods guys with a mean look. In Earle I had two cars blocking the road and we had to stop. I told my bud there’s a 9mm in the glovebox and I pulled my 45 out the window and smiled. It was like moses parting the red sea.

        • Thats what I had crossig my mind right before I saw your post,,,
          my dayly routine doesnt usually involve going anywhere near any sort of population center,,, and then even when I do I blend,,, were a small island with a relatively small population, most of the folks are just going about their business, in my mind if you are in an area that has questionable people you are in the wrong place, I avoid that crap like the plague, yea we got places like that but you wouldnt catch me there EVER!
          If things have degraded to the point that we need to worry no matter where we go, we will be real careful when and where, and I will be packing even though its illegal, Have no intention of getting rolled, if its them or me its going to be them, I have NEVER fought fair!

      6. Hey BI, awesome call with the quakes and S. America. Copahue looks poised to stike according to drudge.

        • Hey BI! I’m not in the same league as you in the quake-watching department- but can you tell me if you’ve noticed anything odd about the high volume (but low magnitude)of quakes we’re seeing in the Pac NW and NorCal the last week? What I’m seeing seems as though they’re mostly focused along the Cascade Range of Volcanoes- including the Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta. I can’t recall seeing this much activity lately that was associated with ares that were primarily know for volcanic activity as opposed to known fault lines. Just wondering your take.

        • @ Satori. This is kind of like saying that there was a category 5 hurricane that gently flew by Houston, Corpus Christi and dumped many inches of rain, and the wind blew for several days in a stationary front at 30 mph, and the sea ran up for equal days at 3-4 feet. So by this assumption the amount of energy released by this was equal to a category 5 hurricane over a brief period. You see how totally deceptive this is?

          A 7.0 earthquake is usually less than a minute of violent sudden shaking, not some type of drawn out gradual movement over weeks or months. In central California they have this amount of energy released each year with the creep that goes on along the San Andreas. There is no such real defintion of a gentle earthquake. They call it creep or crawling along. This was interesting that New Zealand experiences this, but it is not an earthquake in what defines an earthquake. I am glad you linked this because it shows me how people can warp the truth of a matter all around like a pretzel.

      7. Great article. I noticed in your picture that it appears you have a target right over your chest though.

        • Good observation LT…however his demeanor says he’s not worth it…
          “Situational Awareness”…is what is being defined here by TJ and most everyone commenting …
          Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside…

      8. so many people walk looking down at their feet

        Knock it the fuck off!

        heads up people..and walk with purpose and stride like you got a dam pair…ladies too

        • Dark sunglasses are great, too. You can watch for those with expressions and demeanor who may want to do you harm, without them knowing you’re watching.

          • yup.

          • You can see through dark sunglasses. Mirrored shades are what you want. Cops use ’em.

            • I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as “ninja” … Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.”
              Marine Col. Jeff Cooper (deceased)

        • Someone once pointed out to me, years ago:

          “People don’t look up”…

          And, he went on to explain all the reasons you should be aware of not just your street level environment, but above as well.

        • When in the Hood, smoke the stick with a kick that puts Glide in Yo Stride!

      9. Makes sense. I keep a get-home bag in my car and it contains some comfortable, well-worn and practical civvies along with enough food for 3 days, some water and a filter bottle, shelter, a lightweight sleeping bag and a few other essentials. And it’s in a plain backpack I left in the sunlight to fade it some. Discreet and effective.

        • Great Idea. Regardless of what all of us on this site thing will happen, having a little bag if you break down, etc should be maditory!!!! And you don’t even need that much in your car, shoes, socks, snacks, water bottle and filter, blanket, etc.

          If you don’t have one GET ONE!

      10. And if ya see me in th CITY ,you’ll know it’s me ,by the way I’m being dragged down th street by two THUG’s !! I’ll be Screamin & Cussin !! No thanks ,I’ll stay OUT of th City !! mm~

        • I’m with ya 6-1, with the way there killing each other in the cities I don’t think a change of clothes will help you a lot. If your gonna dance to that music better be willing to pay the band? C/C

          • I have to wear a uniform. So in my case, a change of clothes is pretty much mandatory if I want to go around unnoticed. And being Canadian, tucking a pistol in there isn’t a legal option either.

            And depending on where I am in my usual travel radius, I can be anywhere from 50 to 70 km from home and largely across some rural real estate and the edge of suburbs, so my plan is to travel only in daylight at a steady pace that will allow me to keep enough “oomph” in reserve in case I need to book it for a few miles or get into a scrap. Hoofing it home all out is omething I could theoretically accomplish in 24-30 hours but I’d be completely useless if I run into trouble around the halfway mark.

            Mind you, hoofing home is the last resort; of course I would still drive or ride until I get as far as I can before abandoning my vehicle, preferably somewhere I can get to it later.

            • You live in Canada? If your a legal US resident and not just a visitor in Pennsylvania you can get a CCW. Its possible I assume in other “Shall Issue” States.

      11. I observed Memorial Day by sitting on a swing in a public park listening to my ipod. As I listened to Metallica’s “One” and “Disposable Heros” and Alabama’s “Song of the South” I reflected on my grandfather, who lived through the depression dirt poor in a family of seven brothers and one sister. Two of the brothers died. Halfway through his senior year of high school, he was drafted, shot three times, leg badly burned by a morter, and a grenade bounced off his helmet and shell shocked him. When he got back they made him take the whole last year of high school again. He never had the chance to go to college. He never complained about anything ever, even when he was dying of bone cancer. He prayed for the people that he had killed in the war. He spent my childhood teaching me about God, farming, and what it means to be an American. He got me my first bolt action .22 rifle. His prayer for me was that I never should have to fight or go hungry or without clothes. My prayer for him is that he should dwell with the Lord. The best damn grandpa there ever was.

        • I forgot to mention that he sent every Army paycheck he ever got back home to the farm so that his family could have just a little more.

          • Eisen,
            it sounds like your grandfather was one hell of a good man, That generation will sorely be missed
            They were one of a kind.

            Semper Fi 8541

          • It is a shame how our society has degraded,, folks like your Grand were the norm back in their day, everyone knew respect and gave it naturally, as well as respecting themselves, they had a whole different type of ethic about them, today, most of our world is filled with human garbage.
            Good post bud,,

            • In the great depression people helped each other. That’s why I’m not practicing opsec or censoring my speech or anything. I just want to try to be that kind of person. Why even survive the collapse if America isn’t going to be America anymore?

        • Just mentioning…..

          You might note that your grandpa was also an old man.

          Get my drift…?


            • LIESANDKRAP- The greatest generation rasised the boomers who in turn raised your sorry ass. Did the greatest generation act like you? Whine and bitch little bitch. Speaking like a puke and making fun of old people. Bad mouthing the military, constant lying etc. Other than that, you are just like the heros of yesteryear.

            • I know a little kid who has a habit of when he isn’t getting his way or thinks he’s not being paid enough attention tends to raise his voice when speaking, often to the point of shouting and occasionally stamping his feet.

              His logic appears to be that screaming somehow makes him more correct and that grownups will give in and agree with whatever he says if he can just be annoying enough.

              Your caps lock rants always remind me of that little man. Likely you’re just taller than him – but that’s only speculation on my part.

      12. This could be the No. 1 reason to expect a stock market correction

        “The market is now stretched further than any other time in the last three decades…”

        “We are obviously in the final euphoric parabolic phase of a third stock market bubble. … As history has shown, anytime the market stretches too far above the mean the forces of gravity eventually collapse price back to and often considerably below the mean.”

        “This I can say with 100% certainty, this parabolic move in stocks is going to crash, just like every other parabolic move in history.”


        • Also “continued sell off on US ten year treasury bonds….4th biggest bounce in treasury yield ever” if I understood the business news correctly. Interest rates will be rising soon. Japan and ECN will continue throwing money into the economy along with the fed. At least we won’t be gong down alone.

        • What about the other 100 reasons? Just pulling your chain about the 3 I made up. It will crash, hard. Time is close. Hang onto thy hat. Thanks

        • Yeah, but all that money in Euroland will be looking outside of the EU for a ‘safe’ parking place. Most likely the safe place will be the US markets. Martin Armstron says we’re set up like the beginning of the ‘Roaring 20’s’!

          Of course, if the whole machine comes off the tracks the cycles don’t return for a while, 600 years of non-titled forceful ownership of assets.

      13. The Real (privately owned controlled illegal unconstitutional non-ratified voluntary-pay) IRS zionist Scandal , Cover Up and Scape Goat’s …



        N.O. ;0p

        • The all encompassing IRS SCANDAL is the fact such an “agency” even exists. Before the 1913 “Wilson betrayal”, a Federal Income tax and NAZI enforcement ARM of the nonFederal Reserve PRIVATE BANKSTER CARTEL did not exist.

          Until all illegal taxpaying debt slaves unite…the “patriotic fairy tale” that OUR BENEVOLENT GOOBERMENT CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT YOUR “PROTECTION MONEY” aka ILLEGAL INCOME TAX will continue to thrive/survive.

          I am continually disgusted/depressed by “THOSE IDIOTS” that still believe “it is your patriotic duty to pay the nonFederal Income Tax.” Check the F-N FACTS!!!! Not ONE PENNY of this ILLEGAL “protection insurance” (IRSS says “pay or WE will burn you to the ground”) goes ANYWHERE except to pay the “imaginary debt” of the counterfeiters (nonFederal Reserve Criminal Cabal) that create YOUR/OUR “DEBT” out of THIN AIR.

          TIME TO END THE ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL, MURDEROUS FEDERAL RESERVE AND AND THE IRSS STASI “ENFORCERS” while some remnant of the middle-class still exist and CAN FIGHT!

          I’m not “holding my breath”…the IDIOCRACY that is representative of “remaining taxpayers” is astounding.

        • Anything in the states yet Satori? I LOVE the extinction site!

          Have you read anything about those cases in Alabama?

      14. I don’t live in the city and don’t intend to, but just a thought. Many people do commute to work in the city and many have to dress rather nicely, and on a day to day basis they are not going to go to work looking scruffy, so just as you may have a BOB in the trunk of your car, I think it would be a good idea to carry a change of well worn clothing and a good pair of broke-in hiking boots and maybe a baseball cap, even if you don’t normaly wear one, as described in this article.And also a nice small concealable hand gun would be nice, even in Queer town you can keep them locked away until needed in an emergency. So if the Schumer Hits The Fan, or you have some kind of natural disaster,you can change into them if you have to walk, so you can get home or somewhere safer.Trekker Out.

        • Trekk

          When I do have to go into town, I’ve got my straw
          hat on, my bib overalls and cow- shit on my shoes.

          Believe me, Everyone gives me a wide berth.

          • Same here west. Except I got on wranglers and a straw cowboy hat with cowboy boots and a snubbie stuck in my ankle holster and 9 or 45 in my waist

          • OutWest your the first person I’m gonna get, what’s a cow worth now, about $1500 a head, maybe more if she’s in the third period. Don’t know, I haven’t had any since I left Missouri. Trekker Out

            • Trekker I can answer that for ya. Cow in her third trimester is going for between 90 cents to a dollar a pound. Sold some 500 pound steers last week for $1.70 a pound. Hope it helps.

              • Wow I am gettin old, seems like just yesterday when I thought I was doing good when I got .90 for steers, but then again corn was 2.50 a bushel. Guess we don’t have any inflation! Trekker Out.

        • What part of the city. Downtown is completely different to the industrial burbs,

      15. Anyone want to talk about what’s happening in Japan? I don’t proclaim to know ANYTHING about finances, but I read an article about how Japan is the third largest financial country and they are going down fast.

        Will Japan go down like Greece? How does it affect us?


        • IDK. Japanese nationals have had mortgage rates where ours are now. AFAICT, they are basically partying this one out. Print it while you got it. I think TPTB aren’t worried about what will happen because they are making so much fiating money right now for themselves and their buddies.

        • you don’t need to know

          I agree the financial situation is not good in Japan. I guess the official policy is ‘denial of any problem’.

          Japan’s Words Of Advice To Doomsayers: “Please Do Not Worry” And “Maintain Fiscal Discipline”

          Zero Hedge dot com

        • WOW! Are you sure about this, “youdontneedtoknow”?? This is bad! According to economists, after Great Britain, China, and Japan, its our turn! Also, bonds– Japan has a lot of bonds. If they go, ours go… then the whole floor of the financial market drops out..

          • The greatest threat to us is their bond holdings…There is no particular order in which the domino (other countries) chain collapses…One would be surprised just how deep reaching into simple country life some of those bonds reach (counties etc…) My PhD is in Economics, Global Economics, I work in the field of “failure of state” Personally I wouldn’t look for a Japan=Greece situation…I would fear their bond holding tho…But that’s just me…Keep buying those silver dimes like you have been…It’s a good thing….

            Fed Guy 20002

            • SO, those of you who think it’ll be an economic collapse, what exactly are you looking for? I’m learning more about bonds and how much of an idicator they are…

              What are you watching for?

          • Last month Japan started their own QE to devalue heir currency against other currencies in the world. The Yen took a big hit last month. I will see off I can find links for you.

            • “What’s Next?”: Simon Johnson Explains The Doomsday Cycle

              “The lesson from all these troubles is clear: the relatively recent rise of the institutions of complex financial markets, around the world, has permitted the growth of large, unsustainable finance. We rely on our political systems to check these dangers, but instead the politicians naturally develop symbiotic relationships that encourage irresponsible growth.”

              “The nature of ‘irresponsible growth’ is different in each country and region – but it is similarly unsustainable and it is still growing. There are more crises to come and they are likely to be worse than the last one.”

              Zero Hedge dot com

        • ydntn and others,
          Here’s a speech given by Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital. He’s talking about Japanese insolvency, the impossibility of inflating their way out, the inevitability of their debt service alone exceeding tax revenue, the aging population, an other topics. It’s 48 minutes, but worth listening to, as are his other speeches like the keynote address at AmeriCatalyst 2012 in Austin. Here’s the link to the Japan speech:


      16. how about defeating thermal imaging? all else is trivial.

        • When your body temperature matches ambient temperature… but that is a problem 🙁

          • or when your body temp appears to match the ambient temp, because of sufficient shielding.

            • How does one shield against thermal imaging? We’ve seen the videos from Apache gunships in Iraq- there is nowhere to hide. I haven’t seen one blog offering advice on defeating this technology. Who cares if you are adequately prepared to bug out? If you can’t hide, it doesn’t matter.

              • Watch predator one. Arnold covered his self in mud to decrease body temp. LOL

        • There are various shirts and covers for this. I think some may have been advertise on here even. BTW, digital cameras cannot pick up all visible spectrum. I believe the missing colors would appear black?

      17. When I have to go to the big city, I try to look as much as I can like a biker. The Thug Life types are afraid of bikers.



        If someone harasses you just KICK EM’ IN THE DING DONG and BELLS !



        dressing down is what i do muted black and dark browns at night and muted greens light brown kacki days , i also wear a size to big in my clothes to better hide my protection gear wear multiple layers and vests .

        Just remember humans are just BIG Ballons filled with water 90% water – POKE ENOUGH HOLES IN THEM AND THEY DEFLATE !

        a sharpened screw driver is a solid street fighting weapon keep in card board sheath in front pocket .

        N.O. ;0p

        • That reminds me of a funny line in a Star Trek Next Gen episode in which a planet-wide semiconductor life form refers to humans as “bags of mostly water.”

      19. Also, think about the demaenor of the folks you pass in the bad neighborhoods. They act that way for a reason folks. Don’t look people in the eye. Always be ready to slip out … the twist tie backpack is a good example: a few blokes block the exit/pathway while others work the crowd going through their packs from behind. Don’t ever go “around the corner” where there are no people. There are no people in that area for a reason folks. If you look downtrodden and worthless then you don’t draw as much attention. If you’re the wrong race/color/whatever, you’re screwed though. Might be ok at 10AM if they think you work for the city.

        • In Baghdad if there wasn’t people walking down the streets or kids playing we made sure our weapons were ready to rock. Even in the worst conditions if kids are about with a calm demeanor your in good shape.

      20. If you work in a city there is a certain attire thats acceptable depending on your position. If you don’t work there avoid the place like the plague if possible. If you must go to a city plan your route through the best and safest areas.

      21. Fear is one of the great motivators for irrational behavior and fatal errors. What you see with the Government now; is they are realizing that they have now come upon those who will not bow down in subjugation and be ridiculed into submission. The Government has found out that there are those who will stand up and say, “No more, no more will I allow myself to be trampled upon by the criminal element of the this Government.

        Now, I will stand and defy their threats and intimidation. I will stand as a FREE MAN!” Government fears this more than anything. They have shown in the past that they know no bounds to crush this thinking (Waco, Ruby Ridge) beneath their boot heel.
        Yet they (Government) stand upon the brink … and have no clue. They can end this at any time, by simply backing off … but they won’t. We beg them not to follow this course … but they insist there is no cliff before them, and threaten to punish us for trying to warn them.

        Revolutions are started by servants of the State, every time, without exception.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman:

          + 100 ^^^

          There is a point beyond which free men and women will not be pushed. As individuals, the most we can hope for is to die free men or women. Along the way a lot of them die. But sooner or later embattled farmers prevail. Molon Labe

      22. I would add to this that the tiny zip ties of the same color work well to secure the zippers to each other…Carry extra ones inside to re-apply…Carry fingernail clippers in your pocket to break them open should you need to get into your bag…Looks a lot more normal than a pair of wire snips in your hand at a Starbucks…Just sayin’…

        Also remember that many of the buildings you enter now have walk thru scanners much like an airport although they are not pronounced…Pack accordingly…Thus back to the nail clippers to break zip ties…Word to the wise…If they see it on a scanner they DO NOT need to make you aware of that fact…They will follow you and watch you without you seeing them…”The Grey Man” works BOTH ways…Be aware…Large back packs regardless of content are lens catchers more so than eyes and faces to a camera…Don’t accidentally make yourself out to be a person of interest when you are not breaking the law…Finally…Remember cameras have no thought pattern ability, nor do they have judgement…Nor are most of them “manned”…They are given a set of finite parameters to follow and they do so very well…Many innocent and normal things set off bells whistles and instantly retain and permanently capture and hold a frame…And if the subject of that frame pops up again and again you will be having afternoon tea with Mother Justice…She’s not a very nice hostess…

        Fed Guy 20002

        • Yeah, that Boston bombing really targeted our BOBs, huh. Now we stand out to the authorities even more, just for being prepared.

        • Excellent article, Satori, thanks for the link. BTW, it was written 8 months ago, and is calling for August 2013 for the crap to begin. So…just a few months.

      23. Excellent article. Since I’ve already lived in urban areas for my whole life, I already practice all of the things he mentioned in the article. Hell, I know the routine so well I can do it in my sleep. I just hope I’m not too far from home whenever TSHTF, but I do keep a get-home bag in the truck 24/7. braveheart

      24. Eisen, that was a touching story about your grandpa. Sounds very much like my own grandpa. I miss mine just like you miss yours. Both of them were truly from a great generation. braveheart

        • I don’t go to parades, talk about supporting our troops, or have a ribbon on my car. I hate war and violence, and anyone who joined the military just so they could kill people and not go to jail. And yet, real tears came out of my eyes yesterday on Memorial Day. I care deeply about the sacrifice honest people have made for me. War should always be as a last resort, with a heavy heart, and after much time in prayer.

          I do not practice opsec. I talk to everyone I can about prepping. My reason is that in the depression people helped each other, and I want to be part of that America, even if it’s stupid to do so.

          • Eisenkraut you have touched me so deeply, that maybe you should moved to my town, the kids here do skateboard on the sidewalk, so you would feel right at home. On second thought maybe not, don’t think I was that touched. Trekker Out.

          • blessings

      25. Howdy, Watchman, and I couldn’t agree more. The gov knows exactly what’s coming and know what can and will happen to them if they don’t at least try to counteract it. I’ll be out there standing with you and I hope millions of other like-minded people. braveheart

        • @brave heart: I truly hope so to. A contact informed me the sake is fighting in another dimension now.

          Keep the FAITH

      26. if you care about your money read this …

        An immensely powerful international organization that most people have never even heard of secretly controls the money supply of the entire globe. It is called the Bank for International Settlements, and it is the central bank of central banks. It is located in Basel, Switzerland, but it also has branches in Hong Kong and Mexico City. It is essentially an unelected, unaccountable central bank of the world that has complete immunity from taxation and from national laws. Even Wikipedia admits that “it is not accountable to any single national government.“ The Bank for International Settlements was used to launder money for the Nazis during World War II, but these days the main purpose of the BIS is to guide and direct the centrally-planned global financial system. Today, 58 global central banks belong to the BIS, and it has far more power over how the U.S. economy (or any other economy for that matter) will perform over the course of the next year than any politician does. Every two months, the central bankers of the world gather in Basel for another “Global Economy Meeting”. During those meetings, decisions are made which affect every man, woman and child on the planet, and yet none of us have any say in what goes on. The Bank for International Settlements is an organization that was founded by the global elite and it operates for the benefit of the global elite, and it is intended to be one of the key cornerstones of the emerging one world economic system.

        makes one go hmmmm … GOT PHYZZ !

        N.O. ;0p

      27. I got this from another website.

        Situational Awareness & Combat Mindset – The Cooper Color Code

        One of my situational awareness tools is to consider what people might actually be doing. Regular people in public places typically move with purpose and a certain economy. They’re trying to accomplish a task, and it’s usually easy to figure out what that might be, e.g. paying for gas, picking up a take out order, etc. When you can’t figure out what a person is doing, and they seem to have no reason to be where they are, that’s time to go into yellow alert. I always ask myself “what’s this person trying to accomplish?” If the answer doesn’t come easy, I proceed with caution

        WHITE – Unaware and unprepared. If attacked in Condition White, the only thing that may save you is the inadequacy or ineptitude of your attacker. When confronted by something nasty, your reaction will probably be “Oh my God! This can’t be happening to me.”

        YELLOW – Relaxed alert. No specific threat situation. Your mindset is that “today could be the day I may have to defend myself.” You are simply aware that the world is a potentially unfriendly place and that you are prepared to defend yourself, if necessary. You use your eyes and ears, and realize that “I may have to SHOOT today.” You don’t have to be armed in this state, but if you are armed you should be in Condition Yellow. You should always be in Yellow whenever you are in unfamiliar surroundings or among people you don’t know. You can remain in Yellow for long periods, as long as you are able to “Watch your six.” (In aviation 12 o’clock refers to the direction in front of the aircraft’s nose. Six o’clock is the blind spot behind the pilot.) In Yellow, you are “taking in” surrounding information in a relaxed but alert manner, like a continuous 360 degree radar sweep. As Cooper put it, “I might have to shoot.”

        ORANGE – Specific alert. Something is not quite right and has gotten your attention. Your radar has picked up a specific alert. You shift your primary focus to determine if there is a threat (but you do not drop your six). Your mindset shifts to “I may have to shoot HIM today.” In Condition Orange, you set a mental trigger: “If that goblin does ‘x’, I will need to stop him.” Your pistol usually remains holstered in this state. Staying in Orange can be a bit of a mental strain, but you can stay in it for as long as you need to. If the threat proves to be nothing, you shift back to Condition Yellow. Cooper described this as “I might have to shoot HIM,” referring to the specific target which has caused the escalation in alert status.

        RED – Condition Red is fight. Your mental trigger (established back in Condition Orange) has been tripped. If “X” happens I will shoot that person.

        • Zim$

          I’m glad someone still mentions the wisdom of the
          late great Jeff Cooper.
          To this day, I still adhere to his color code of
          situational awareness.
          Maybe it’s just my paranoia, but I have never been
          able to dip below condition orange for very long.

          • Further back up the comments I made a reference to this…as a response to LT…
            Suppose I should have read more posts…
            The truth is this is PARAMOUNT in getting through any unknown environment…
            I adhere to these tenants religiously .

            • tenets ..damn

              • Ummm…maybe…maybe not NOT

                “I adhere to these tenants religiously.”

                Depends on age, looks , HWP (Height-weight proportionate),
                if so you might want to aghere to those tenants..closely.
                Bad..Bad JOG!!…back in the cage!

                Sorry, couldn’t resist that one…CORERECTION NOTED. 🙂


                • hahahahaha…smart ass… 🙂

                  • 🙂

                    Yup, “Everyone likes a little ass….”


      28. @BI: I’m eating Rol-Aids by the handful now to calm down my gut. It’s telling me that Chemical and/ or Biological weapons will be used in the Mid-East right at the start of the conflict that’s at hand, and that more than likely will start WW 3. To stop the insanity of the use of these weapons a grave thing will happen; yes nukes will be used to put an end to them, but not before they have spread their death across the world. Again NO COUNTRY will be safe, not one. I pray that it is me just being paranoid, but I’m afraid not.
        Your assessment of Russia is correct, in not willing to be encircled at any cost. They need Syria and Lebanon as bases to fight WW 3, one word comes to mind Mediterranean Sea. We can prepare as best we can, but only Devine Intervention will stop the INSANTY that’s FAST APPROCHING! All are in my PRAY’S

        Keep the FAITH

        • 1. Don’t try to be paranoid, I’ve got that covered. 2. Germ warfare is unlikely in the Mideast. It’s to blunt of a weapon, half those people change sides more often than underwear. 3. All we want is the oil, the more they kill each other the better, it recycles the money. If those people weren’t completely stupid with their advantages they would run the world. as it is they are a bunch of sand fleas. 4. I could car less about Israel or Syria or Iran so if they kill each other more oil for us. So Relax.

        • @Watchman,

          I agree with you. To me it’s looking more and more like it’ll be WW3. I”m moving away from economical and more WW3 or natural. I still think we are due for a major quake or volcano shooting off.

          WW3 would take care of the financial problem and the population problem.

          And I think it’ll start in the middle east.

        • Decent people are starting to notice who the real genocidal terrorists are.

          • John Q: Check this out. Its from Michael Hoffmans site.

            A Conservative Republican state senator wants to pass a law making the reading of goddess of greed Ayn Rand’s book mandatory for high school graduation in Idaho.

            What is it about Idaho, which has a reputation as a predominately “Christian conservative” state, yet where greed reigns supreme, in the form of permissible usury at a rate of 400% interest on “Payday” loans, and a 6% sales tax on the food we buy for our children? The latest manifestation of this culture of avarice is the proposal by Idaho State Sen. John Goedde(R),Couer d’Alene to make the reading of a novel by Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged), mandatory for public high school students (cf. Spokane Spokesman-Review, Feb. 6, p. 1).

            Rand taught the concept that “greed is good.” Just as Karl Marx founded Communism, which possessed no moral constraint, Rand founded a super-Shylock, hyper-Capitalism (dubbed “Objectivism”), that also lacked any moral constraint. She viewed charity to the poor with more jaundice than Ebenezer Scrooge. Rand, who was the author of The Virtue of Selfishness, cannot comprehend charity to anyone, except perhaps one’s own inner circle, and then only as a personal choice, not a duty. The Christian virtue of doing for others and for the less fortunate is regarded by Rand as a violation of the will and ego of the ‘Atlas man,’ the money maker supreme. This skinflint, dog-eat-dog barbarism (Isaiah 10: 1-4) is what the goddess of greed and her Republican cheerleaders are all about.

            What happens to the New Testament’s poor man Lazarus, in a land ruled by Ayn Rand’s capitalism? Under Rand, Lazarus would not have a scrap of food off the rich man’s table. He would die, as did the Biblical Lazarus in Luke 16, in privation and agony. Rand can approve of this because in her world, exactly as in the Soviet empire of Lenin and Trotsky, there is no god except the material world itself. Like the Communists, the Capitalist Rand refuses to acknowledge the Scriptural truth that every property-owner is God’s tenant and owes charity to the poor, and thus is impelled by an informed conscience to voluntarily share one’s wealth in some measure (Isaiah 58:7; Nehemiah 5:1-19). Instead, she promotes the option of depraved indifference to the poor.

            I would not be expending five words on this debased loanshark, who was so far gone that she shamelessly trumpeted her “virtue” of selfishness, were it not for the astonishing datum that Rand is a guiding light to many who claim the mantle of the “Christian Right” in the early 21st century. Rand’s ideological perversion is the driving force behind NAFTA, the WTO, “free trade,” many Internet technology capitalists, and many preachers of Churchianity, along with Right wing “Constitutionalists” who don’t know or simply don’t care that Rand is the personification of the terminal usurer — usury taken to its farthest and most degenerate extreme (Exodus 22:25; Ezekiel 18: 12-14).

            This is the plague that a “conservative Republican” legislator wants to unleash on Idaho’s youth, via a mandatory requirement that they all read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and “pass a test on the book in order to graduate.”

            Contrary to Rand, Jesus Christ said that we cannot serve both God and mammon, a fact lost on Senator Goedde and the Republican Money Power that rules Idaho.end of Hoffmans article————-

            Perhaps this Lust for Mammon($$) within the “Religious Right” Churchianity and it’s preachers has helped so many today to also Fall for their Falshood teachings regarding Unquestionable total support for anything/everything done by Israel and Or Jewish bankster kommies. Such as a Total Disregard for fellow Christians in Mid-East lands who are being Killed by U.S and NATO wars for israeli jew intrests.

            I’d wager that a vast Majority of usa christians do not even know there are actually christians in the nations of Iraq-Syria-Iran etc. As long as their pastors say “If it’s good for israel or jews go for it!” That is all they care about. Kill Millions with their tax moneys and God will Bless America! usa,usa,usa!! Idiots.

            • Thanks for this… I have said the same thing for a long time. That Objectivist Capitalism, and Collectivism cum Communism/Socialism/Progressive-ism/Liberalism are the same thing when you strip out all the BS.
              They are both philosophies that espouse a few guys end up owning everything and pronouncing themselves to be BOSS.
              The middle class, buys into it because of their love of money and desire to be BOSS TOO.(thus, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.)
              It doesn’t matter if you are conquered by the gun, or debt, or ‘sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly’. You’re still conquered.

              Commercialism, is not capitalism or communism. It is commerce with a soul, integrity and family. All major corporations should be broken up, and corporations outlawed. In the time of Kings, you had to have a special charter… the Kings knew they would garner too much power… they knew, money = power, well duh.

              I still think, Ayn Rand was a communist plant.

              • Piper, after Rockefellers Standard Oil got so huge he owned nearly every gas station as well as the oil fields the fed gov did make anti-monopoly laws. But it seems at least since Reagan or maybe earlier even, a gradual removal of such regs and laws has occured. It is all you hear msm like hannity cry about. Get rid of govnt regulations etc.

                Now yes I agree much of todays epa type regs are screwing everybody from big buis to small land owners or farmers. But those Other regulating laws to ban monopolies are good and needed. Anybody that thinks so small of fed govnt and near zero laws or regs is somehow a good idea?

                Thats how we end up with todays corps such as Pepsico etc. It is either pepsico or another that now has total owned control of at least 450-products most folks daily use!

                It makes me laugh when I hear or read of another attempted plan to “Boycott” this or that corp! A small few, like 1/2 dozen corps today control 99% of Every product folks daily use or buy. You cannot do a real effective boycott if they control 450+ daily used things.

                Unless we all starve and go homeless etc maybe then it works! I got nothing against wealth and sucess. But I just cant agree with those whos main attitude is like Rands IE: As long as I got Mine…Screw all others.

                They fast change their tune when some tragedy strikes Them badly. Alot like antigun libs who change their tune when They need help and Then want a Cop WITH a GUN to come deal with that trouble for them.

                If union pensions be they private like GM/fords factory worker plans, or Govnt retirement plans go bust, just watch how many Libertarians who are against soc sec hurry to sign up for some! Nobody knows the future and no matter how well planned you do it. That too can go haywire. Them greedy I got mine screw others crowd dont think that way…..Yet.

                PS I agree I too had same thoughts that she was a kommie infiltrator or plant as you stated.

                pss: I wonder if one day we may see fed up folks who got screwed by Wall Street type “I got mine screw Youse” decide with zero left to lose they may as well go there and begin Tossing a few wall street gurus Out of their 67th floor Corner Windows! Then Take it all Back!

                • Amen…
                  This to me, is part of what’s wrong with Christianity today. Too many think its ok to worship both God and Mammon, the lesson of the rich man doesn’t sink in, the lesson of the battle of the temple is lost.
                  The Lord’s final battle with the money changers, was probably the main thing that got him crucified, but, He knew that.

                  Most people don’t know, or care, that 95% of His teachings were declared ‘heretical’ and forbidden from the Bible. Most people don’t know or care that the words of the Lord, and the words of Paul are in conflict, and that represents what I call; The Sword of Division. Which has left His people divided, and in denominations, arguing over ‘dots and tittles’. Today, is very similar to the time of Christ. Daniels statue of Nebudchadnezzar, is a perfect metaphor for our world, cycles of civilizations, rising and falling, and rising out of their own ashes again, as the head of gold never changes, it only gets more powerful… standing on the two legs, left and right, and the ten toes(tribes)of confusion, divided by iron and clay, mind vs emotion.

                  The Pope recently spoke a sermon, where he said that good works alone were sufficient to gain access to the heavenlies…faith in God was not required, atheists are welcome. Naturally he is being attacked, but I think he got it right. In this regard however, he is ‘anti Christ’ in his teachings, and I shudder to think how this will be implemented in the coming years. He has access to books, most of us have never heard of, ancient books, ‘forbidden’ books, books I have yet to scratch the surface of. But, they all lead to the same place, good works is the key to The Light of God, otherwise, you remain on the ‘Wheel of Life’, and must be ‘born again’ of the spirit.

                  Here we go again, something that I ‘preach’ being leading edge, the theory of Spiritual Relativity. I have known some atheists, who are better ‘christians’ than many Christians themselves… many, I hesitate to call ‘brother’… why? Because mostly, they also worship Ayn Rand. They think they can screw people 6 days a week and then ask for forgiveness on Sunday… in this regard, Christianity has become an enabler for sinful behavior… they are the Mother of Harlots that rides the Beast of Ten horns, the ten Shofars of the lost ten tribes. White men run the world… Few Preachers will preach this, because they are beholden to their 30 pieces of tax free silver…

                  Think about it… war, division, confusion, destroying the Earth for profit’s sake, all in the Name of God? Even what we did to the natives of this land was done in the name of Christ, it was our ‘manifest destiny’… I think we were the barbarians, and in many ways, still are. Most of our problems begin and end, with our personal religious/moral philosophy, which is a relative thing. The only way to tear down the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, is with the Absolute Knowledge of God hidden in the rocks, the only thing that will tear down the Mystery of God imposed by the Roman Church, and copied by her ‘daughters’. So if we think we are not catholic and that makes us ‘better’, think again. If we are Catholic, and that makes us superior, think real hard… Is God a Catholic, or a protestant, or just maybe, that religions themselves are of Man, and not God?

                  This is why I no longer am a protestant, but have become a Mage, of the New Gnostic, the God Science of the Holy Grail that joins science and religion at the Nexus of Einstein; The Unified Field of God that delivered Spiritual Relativity, written in the language of the Universe, the Einstein-Enoch Equation, seen in the Vision of the Piper, as a Witness to The Light of God. The Revelation of the Knowledge of God, that overcomes the Mystery of God of the Romans, the truth of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that we are all, the Son’s of God, fallen, into a dark universe. A new epiphany, that is the oldest of them all, empathy for all living things, love thy neighbor as thyself, as your good works will release you from the Medicine wheel, the Wheel of Life.

                  Beware the Pope, coming into agreement with the Dark religion of Islam. There are good people in Islam, of course, but their precepts, are opposite, and their dogma is perdition, impersonating an angel of light. They are the Pale Green horse.

                  The way to tear down the Rule of Gold(the Head), is the Golden rule(the hidden knowledge in the rock), so we can all agree to pound our swords into plowshares, and neither learn war, anymore. So that the ideologies and doctrines of the rich men and the lukewarm, are destroyed with them when their time comes.

                  Let the ridicule begin.

                  • (Must…resist…comment…about…trading…the…Mage…100…elixir…for…Night-Elf…army…)

              • Ah, we have some Rand worshipers, the red thumbs, I assume?
                Then consider; Godly commercialism, through distributed family enterprises, is also the only way of responsibility and accountability for behavior. Reputation is paramount under this system of business. Corporations have no accountability to moral behavior, because they have no soul. They buy justice for themselves.
                Like a central bank, whenever money is concentrated, power is the result, which corrupts, and absolute power becomes the goal, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

                Look, and what do you see?
                Listen, and what do you hear?
                Do you have eyes that see, or ears that hear?
                No? Then prepare yourselves, to be spit out as lukewarm.
                Back on the Wheel with you, the dark thing you love, and maybe you’ll get another chance.
                Understand brethren, there are those ‘of’ the world, and those ‘in’ the world.

                The Spirituality of Prepping is a the Godliest of endeavors, for you look out for your own, and see the evil in the world. To separate yourself from it, and go ‘into the wilderness’ which is to leave The System of Babylon. To trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide in a back room, for you see, that something wicked this way comes.

                But your Fear, is what will destroy you in the end. If you cannot build trust with other brothers and sisters in the name of Christ, how can you survive a maelstrom of an eldritch storm? How can brothers and sisters come together with trust, when the agents of darkness are everywhere, and, they are divided by the doctrines of those same men? Doctrines of Division, that keep you in apathy and complacency, in hope of change and instant redemption to come, when your eyes see, and your ears hear, and even your scriptures tells you; the darkness is approaching, the Blessing was withdrawn and Jacobs Trouble is nigh?

                The Spiritual Relativity, is the doctrine of unselfishness, goodness, and Christ’s Light of the World as The Way out of darkness. Nothing else is necessary, no other doctrines or dogma’s, no rules or churches, no hierarchies or leaders, only you, together, in community, can become greater than the sum of your parts. Alone, you will wither and die, as Murphy, the demon of the world, takes you one by one. The only way to survive the coming money failure, is to bypass their money. To become producers again, but you need to form villages or communities, both virtual and real, in order to thrive in, and defend yourselves from, the darkness. The only way you can do this, is to agree on one simple thing, and let the rest go.

                Spiritual warfare is The Way through the darkness. To become lights in the darkness of Babylon, lamps lit, and visible by others who also hold lamps. All you need is the answer to a simple question; Who is the Son of God? Build trust upon the Answer.

            • “What is it about Idaho, which has a reputation as a predominately “Christian conservative” state, yet where greed reigns supreme”

              There really is no point in reading past this leftist tripe. Nothing will be truth for Hoffman is a leftwit.

              • Right just except everything you need to know only if its presented in a single Short sentence 5 sec sound byte right. Your replies are a constant reminder of what a splendid choice you made in your screen name. Not…so..Much. Indeed.

                • Awwwwww, ya got me!

                  I’m sorry, apparently you thought that ‘where greed reigns supreme’ statement was a rational, valid point. Carry on dolt.

      29. I have a good idea, it is called staying away from urban anything if at all possible. This is a kick butt fine article for having to deal with urban hell, and hiding yourself, but it will not mean anything with the unseen killers after SHTF, GERMS. The rampant bacteria in these urban setting is going to be the number one killer of people, even without a virus loose. When you see the chemical releases (sewage, oils, pesticides, etc.), like during Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, for the real enemy is something you need more of a bio-suit to wear for than camouflage clothing. DON’T be caught in an urban setting after hell breaks loose, try your very best to be as far away as possible from population densities.

      30. Good article. I’ve been saving my old worn and faded clothes for just such an occasion.

      31. When in the hood, fly a Gadsden like me and be willing to die for it.

        • Iowa, when I’m in the hood,I always wear my white camo and my white hoody so they can’t see my face.WASP.

      32. just more proof that the US is a soft totalitarian society

        Confirmed: US government records ALL private telephone calls


        and the Constitution and our laws
        mean absolutely NOTHING to the government or to those who work for it

        ” it explains one thing: The U.S. intelligence network is vast, expensive and pervasive. And nothing is sacred – not even the Constitution.”

        there is clearly no lack of “the good Germans”

        • Satori: Get a couple of disposable phones paid with cash along with some cards and talk away. They can tap in but don’t know who’s talking. it’s even more fun if you and a couple of friends start using codes and change them at different intervals. If enough folks start doing this the NSA/FBI and whoever else is going to waste time tracking codes, especially when they can also be just plain nonsense from time to time as well as real conversations. This is called gaslighting and this low- tech gag can be a lot of fun.

        • That’s a picture of a disease. It has been festering for a couple thousand years now and the pimple is just about ready to pop. Better have your preps in order.

        • Your racism/anti-semitism? What do I win?

          • It’s neither racism nor anti-semitism. It’s an historical fact. The winners are yet to be counted and that will happen only after the fall. Make sure your preps are in order.

            • I saw a backdrop of a bunch of Israeli and American flags in an auditorium and replied to his question of ‘what’s wrong’. What are you talking about?

          • i’m a Natural Born AmeriCan FreeMan Patriot U.S. Constitutionalist

            the Real Racist’s of the last 2000 years are the Jews themselves , just ask Jesus (a jew murdered by jews who preached a better way to view , learn , live , love and exist upon the earth) which directly threatened the jewish faith and control of the known world .

            Dr David Duke Jewish Racism Against Gentiles Goyim YouTube


            • *snore* you sound just like all the ‘real racists’.

              • And You “not much” sound like a typical liberal who wastes folks time by asking for answers, which they actually have zero intentions of even Considering. Regradless of the answer or facts presented to Back up what the person states, You not so Much(good screen name not much!) like liberals just try to foment trouble.

                Any sincere person can present You with a litteral semi truck load packed with tons of proof-factual evidence etc of the subject or issue at question. Yet You refuse to even look at or read any of it. Because “IF” you did actually study that load of proof or facts, you would no longer act as you do. Neither would continue to ask these same Insincere questions so as to be nothing more than a typical liberal type Pest.

                Go ahead, Admit it, You like to be a pesterer and waste Good folks time by seeming to ask questions as if you were actually desireing of an Honest answer.

                Yet in every instance now you Always Reject such good factual answers, and revert Back to your original intent. That being You like to Pester good honest sincere folks so no matter the answer they provide to you, you again resort to stupid childish tactics liberals so love to spew. You use lables and call folks racists and antisemites yet do not even have any answer yourself to What exactly that means.

                Liberals do that to Stiffle and Halt all speech detremental to their BS. Admit it You cannot Handle Truth.

                And You will Never bother to Learn more as You know it all already. Whoever speaks Truth about several groups You agree should be a “protected Class” not subject to review of whatever That group says, your reply is ALWAYS the same. Call childish names to stiffle debate.

                Folks who act that way are Pathetic and are the Main reason america is so screwed up and with little to no hope of fixing it. Wait for That groups Noahide laws to deal with You soon. You won’t be so supportive of Them then fool.

                Time waster questioner would be a more appropriate screen name perhaps.

                • LMAO!

      33. Oh, you mean dress like it’s thursday!

        • Meanwhile AIPAC continues in its criminal evasion of reporting requirements for political activities and agents of foreign nations.

          One standard for the gentiles, another standard for the humans—just like halacha (the Jewish version of sharia) in their Torah.

        • i don’t remember any posts against “Muslims” Always “ZOG” {I COULD BE WRONG}

          • Perhaps thats due to the Fact that it aint “Moooslims” who have Hyjacked the ENTIRE usa aperatus of MSM-FED GOVNT-Fed Courts-Wall Street/Fed Banks-DOJ-FBI-DHS-Most every University-Most of Med fields-Hollywood-ALL Major Publishers-Newspapers-Magazines-BOTH Political partys, and especially the Dems!

            As well as the persons who have Pushed for every immoral antigun-pro abortion-Pro homos/lezbos-Anti family-issues in america…And who are the Originators of Communisim which They used to Kill 1/3 billion innocent “Goyim” Gentiles(mostly whites and christians) just in the 20th century alone!

            And soon You will become fully aware that the much mentioned comming “Antichrist” will arive From Their evil brood of Vipers. As already has most of their antichrist monetary and religious system which has been in the making for the last 2000 yrs now.

            Now if it was muslims instead of zionists and israel doing all that stuff?…Do You Get it Yet?!!

          • HighNoon, ain’t you ever noticed how the Jews run all over the world blowing people up, and murdering people when they won’t convert to Judaism. And how the two sects of the jews, the sunni and the shia keep using car bombs to kill and maim children or any other person that happens to be in the way. And they put Christian Preachers in prison and give them the death sentence for trying to convert jews to Christanity. That’s the reason were always on ZOG. As for the Muslims, What in the world could we say bad about them. allah allah achbar, or something like that.WASP

            • Jews dont use car bombs when they can murder Hundreds of Millions under the banner of the jewish invention of COMMUNISIM Idiot! Wasp you are useing the same sal alonsky tactics liberals use.

              You cannot deny the Facts and Truth about what several posts reveal about all the evils perpetrated by zionists and bolshevik kommiw jews. So you twist it around to try and make it sound as if whoever exposes such Facts and Truths is somehow a supporter of Islamic evils.

              Perhaps Wasp you should consider that maybe BOTH are Our(goyims gentiles/infidels) Mortal Enemys whos true desires are to exterminate us all.

              Or have you too been brainwashed by todays pastors such as John Hagee or Pat robertson, or Jerry Falwell, into belief of all their “Jewdeo-Christian-Zionists” spew.

              Why is it Always A-OK to question ANYTHING about Christianity-the bible-muslims-politics and all parts of All Historic events…EXCEPT! NO questions or complaints are EVER allowed is the subject is “israel” or “Jews”?

              Currently in aprox 56 countires includeing Canada! it is a Prison offence “Thought” crime for any person to question anything jews claim regarding Holocaustianity.

              Yet all of those same countries have NO such laws regarding ANY other religious events or historic events etc. Wasp does That not strike You as odd?

              What do we call it, when any group punishes folks with Prison time for any questions or refusals to automatically believe whatever That group says You Must believe?….Communisim. Thats what we call that wasp.

              So why do You so support the originators of communisim wasp? You must be a Hater of christians and all innocent folks kommies love to murder eh…No wait! that would be copying Your tactics if I said that about you!

              • You’re stable.


          • The Muslims ain’t the problem. It’s the assholes that are running around antagonizing the Muslims and Christians to kill each other off, all the while raking in trillions of dollars at everybody’s expense.

            • BINGO! Correct as can be CrabbeNebulae. The zios/bolsheviks kommies desire a NWO where not only are They the Only rulers, but also the Only Owners of all property/wealth/rights/etc.

              That is the REAL reason behind this madness of PC and Multicultic Diversity plan by Their designs. Once They accomplish what they hope to with NWO-Minus All whites and muslims, the Only white appearing (really they are a khazer Mixture of Turkic/edomite/esau with Mongrel asian and some Hunn mixed in with Caucasian, 3 of the 4 being Barbarians from Way back!). Left will be Them.

              Once They are the Only few remaining “white” appearing folks in the NWO they believe it will be very easy to Rule over what is left. That being a mixed Brown Race which the khazers religious belifs tell them will be easy to Rule over as Goyim=herd animals like cattle.

              That in a nut shell IS the grand scheme design of Theirs(khazers) to force all whites to Mulitcult-Mix(be a coal burner) or DIE OFF!(be Killed by khazers or their well Trained goyim monky herds).

              It truly Is too bad so many good fine folks so aware and some not aware seem to have a single common thread. That being abject rejection of every oppertunity while it exists(Now) to take a few hrs to study those khazers religious books and beliefs etc. Today there is No excuse like our elders gone now had. They had not many ways to find such factual truths. We do. So Boomers as well as Younger folks today have zero excuses for rejecting these facts. The internet alone abounds with more sites than one person can live long enough to view/read.

              I think many of such otherwise good folks shall be the ones called “Lukewarm”. If the biblical words of the Lord are right, Thats the group he said He will Spew thee from His mouth. Fence sitters is also a common term used today to describe them.

              All suffer from a True instilled Mental Blockage, which halts them from learning a few things. Yet that few things Are the Main Keys or Missing links that reveal the Rest of the puzzle. You can teach those folks 99% of all the worlds known knowledges. Yet that remaining part? Forget it. Their minds made up do Not confuse it with Facts or Truth if it is about a “certain” group, that folks been brainwashed to Never question no matter what.

              See for yourself. watch a TV mega church pastor, listen when he tells his membership something akin to this.

              “Folks remember God Loves EVERYBODY the Same! God is NOT a Respecter of persons, as the Bible says so!”

              THEN in Very Next Breath he will tell them folks this.”The Jews get a Key to heavens secret back door entrance becuase They are Gods “Chozens”!

              Look at the audience in his church. 100% wave hands in air and all agree without question. Not a damn one is able to Dicern how absurd such a statement is.

              Its akin to saying God made Gravity as a law of nature that never changes. Everybody Falls DOWN.(except of course them Chozens! They will ALL fall UP!)

              And to be a good curchianity member You Must believe Both exact Oppoistes at the same time!

              On animal farm all animals are EQUAL! but them Piggie Swine(khazers) are MORE Equal! Now Pay the 10% Before taxes, Church Tax! and go tell a stranger God loves You and so do We! See ya all Next week. Work lots overtime so that 10% church tax Grows!

      34. Things I learned in my personal defense class. These could be grouped a little better, but I don’t feel like renumbering.

        1. NEVER talk on your cell phone when walking around. Do your talking/texting before you step out, and put the phone away until you are in a safe place. The phone may be a target for theft, and using it takes your attention off your surroundings. This is especially true in parking lots.
        2. If you are going to your car, don’t go near it if someone is sitting in an adjacent car, especially if on “your” side of the car. The delay in driving away might save your life.
        3. If you pull through when parking, be especially careful if someone in an adjacent car can open his/her door when you open yours, and trap you between the doors.
        4. Carry a throw-away wallet with a little money in it.
        5. Have your keys in your hand before you head out to your car. I have a kubaton on my key ring and know how to use it and can also use it to swing my keys. I also keep a finger on/near the panic button on the key fob.
        6. When driving in traffic and stopped at lights, leave space between you and the car in front so that you can see the road under the car in front. This gives you room to maneuver if you need to escape quickly, eg if you are rear-ended (a possible trap).
        7. Immediately lock your car doors when entering – don’t wait for them to lock automatically.
        8. Carry a small, bright flashlight. One with a jagged front edge can double as a weapon, like a kubaton.
        9. If traveling, stay at places with doors opening into a hallway. Park your car under bright lights if possible.
        10. In any “attack”, yell and scream at the attacker to draw attention to yourself and it also helps you breathe.
        11. Don’t hesitate to ask for an escort if your car is in a dark place and there’s a suspicious vehicle parked nearby.

        • OhioReader

          I always keep a combat flashlight (5 cell Streamlight,
          Maglight, etc) very close at hand.
          The batteries leaked in one I had and they couldn’t
          be removed. So I took the opportunity to see just how
          effective it could be as a club.
          I hammered on an oak tree with it and it took the bark
          clean off the tree, without so much as even a dent to
          the flashlight. Zowie!!
          The best part is, a flashlight never raises an eyebrow,
          either day or night.

          • @Slingshot – Thank you.
            @OutWest – I have a couple of tactical lights too. I carry one in my purse, so it’s always handy. I learned how to shoot in low/no light with one. I’ll bet the jagged edge would really hurt if used as a club!

            Another thing I want to mention is a very good book that fits right in with this discussion: The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker (1997). It’s subtitle is: “survival signals that protect us from violence.” The author is a security consultant to governments, corporations, and celebrities. www dot gavindebecker dot com

          • Just remember the vehicle you are driving is you best weapon. Use it to your advantage. Defense, Escape, or Offense.

        • OhioReader

          Good common sense points to be followed.

          • Many biker guys in no gun zone cities carry a ball pean hammer in their coats or even in a hammer holster like carpenters use. Most places have no anti-hammer laws I am aware of. That may have changed so check first!

            A 2LB ball pean hammer can assist quite swell if attacked.

            You could even saw the handle down shorter to better conceal it. One swing to side of jawbone will change a perps attitude quick. The All American Attitude Adjustment tool.

            • Makes a nasty little dent in car roofs for those wankers that try to turn you over as well.

        • I was born and raised in Ohio: 1. Should be; Don’t live in Cleveland, Elyria, or Lorain. 2. Get CCW, it’s easy in Oh. Open carry is also OK in Ohio or used to be. 3. CARRY

          • I’m with you paranoid. I’ve had a CCW permit since 2005 when I got out of the military and I use it. If I’m going to town or hell down to the local gas station I’m carrying a pistol. To everyone who is hesitant over getting a permit because you’ll be put on a list, I’ve got news for ya YOU ALREADY ON A LIST. Rule #1 always carry a knife, rule #2 always carry a gun, and most importantly know how to use them.

          • Too bad Ohio doesn’t accept Indiana CCW. Thats why I’m not going to anymore Reds games.

            • Get Utah permit, easy to do, half day class, no shooting required,took mine in Az. not costly, renews by mail

        • OhioReader,

          Thank you for your post! These are all very good! I will pass these on to friends and family.

          Here is another good rule to follow. ALWAYS LOCK your car door after getting out of your car – even if you plan to be out of the car only for a few minutes.

          A few years ago my daughter stopped as a gas station on her way home from a friends house. It was not that late, only about 7 p.m. But, it was wintertime and was already dark.

          After she pumped the gas, she went inside to pay and had a wait a few minutes in line. While she was in the store, the attendant told her, “It was a good thing you locked your car doors. A man just tried to get in the back door of your car.”

      35. SO basically this article is telling us to stay paranoid 24/7?

        No, I think I’ll pass!

        • Jack,
          So go ahead, walk down through the bad part of town dressed in your fine new suit and shoes… go ahead.
          That’s all he’s saying… and if you disagree… like I said… go ahead, demonstrate your lack of fear.

          Situational Awareness begins in knowing where you’re going to be ‘situated’… and who you’re going to be situated WITH.


        • No, it gives you advice on how to be invisible, to hide in plain sight. There is a very fine line between preparing for trouble and paranoia.

          I’ve been called paranoid (or worse, planning to murder someone) for my views about concealed carry on my side of the border. Until I ask if people plan to set their houses on fire since they keep a fire extinguisher or two at home or to slash their tires since they carry a spare.

          Preparation and awareness aren’t paranoia. They just make sense. After all, in the immortal words of Frank Herbert, the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing it is there.

          • Ahhh, another fan of Mr Herbert,

            Howdy CV, I am always mystified by those who refuse to even consider being in a state of preparedbess for those things which could easily happen to any of us, on any given day. I suppose that essentially, many are of the conviction that if they ignore the possibility then it will simply GO AWAY. “A mind is a TERRIBLE thing to waste.”, No? Oh, I don’t recognize your handle here, “Be Welcome Friend!”.


            • “Fear is the ‘mind killer.” But fear is needed for survival. Just as ‘prepping’ is needed, so is fear and courage. Just don’t fear the wrong things. Have courage, I know who wins.

              • But the rest of the quote goes to the tune of “I will face my fear, I will let it pass through me and only I will remain”.

                From where I’m sitting, it means that if you face your fear, if you are aware of it and acknowledge it then yes, you are still afraid but you are in control of it and its effects on you. That is healthy fear, the kind that keeps you alive by making your skills and mind sharper.

                • Howdy CV,

                  I concur with all that you here say,

                  A conversation occured here lately with respect to ‘meekness’ which I did not ‘weigh-in on at the time. “Meekness’ could best be viewed as ‘Power under Control” reserved, considered reponse to events. Thus, the connection to what you mention above.

                  The entirety of Life is a study in ‘Control’ and a controlled reponse to the events we face in the World. Both Fear and Anger are VERY ‘useful’ things at one’s disposal. Fear will keep you alive…IF you control IT; it acts to cause one to pause before acting…which can be the difference between Life and Death in a variety of circumstnaces. But, ‘The Horses of the Mind must NEVER be allowed to run free without restraint”, Yes? So too, Anger is a supremely useful tool in one’s ‘Mental Armamentaria’ one that can honed to the finest edge – under control – to allow one to do that which would otherwise be Impossible…

                  Herbert’s full quote on Fear arises from the ‘Litany against Fear”, From the ‘Dune’ Saga, which reads (I had put his forth here some small bit ago)

                  “I must NOT Fear”,

                  “Fear is the Mind-Killer”,

                  “Fear is the ‘little-death’ that brings TOTAL obliteration”,

                  “I will face my Fear, I will PERMIT it to pass over me and through me”,

                  “And when it has gone past I will turn the Inner Eye to see it’s path”,

                  “Where the Fear has gone there will be…Nothing”,

                  “Only I will REMAIN…”

                  So too, We must always control Anger…Must be it’s MASTER..not the other way around. Those who can Master those two things are, in a word, ‘Formidable’ I do MOT Fear any who can not control either of those two things…those are easily lead to thier own destruction. I am wary of ANY who CAN control those…those ARE to be Respected and Feared, as well. The Awakened, LIVING Mind is a Terrible Adversary…

                  Something to dwell on here perhaps.


        • Everyone wants to eat, but no one is willing to be eaten. A little ‘paranoiya’ is a good thing.

        • Paranoid? Really. Jack, look, you can be as ignorant and unthinking as you want. …and become a statistic.

          The fact is, your “lack of fear” is not lack of fear, its ignorance and it will end up getting you killed.

          Most of the people who aren’t scared just arent thinking about it. Normalcy bias. Its deadly. You’ve got it. There is a fix! All that has to happen is on simply mugging. Then, you’ll change your mind. Nothing has EVER happened to me. Nothing. Never. Never been threatened. Never felt like I was even worried. But, you know what? I was raised on the farm. The bull, the bore or the stupid biting horse can get the best of you if you don’t watch out. Its not about being paranoid. Its about being prepared and to think about your conditions.

          Of course, this is all framed in a STHF scenario with applicable present day seasoning. In a SHTF scenario, people like you die very quickly unless you are lucky beyond belief.

      36. I carry a decoy wallet.

        The bad guys will take it, thinking they have the real thing and disappear. That, of course, only works one time, then you need to get another decoy wallet. But 1x may be enough to keep your stuff safe and secure.

      37. By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do Boston Israeli Mossad posing as FBI agents engineer The Boston Massacre, run the investigation, treat the surviving patsy and spit in the face of America.
        From similar ops in Argentina and 911 the hand of The Beast is identified for millions in this, our People’s Court. http://theuglytruth.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/fbi.jpg

        Lest We Forget–Former CIA officer says Mossad posing as FBI agents In America

      38. Things are so bad today that you don’t have to be in a bad part of town to get hurt or robbed. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity and if you do enter a bad section, they have already singled you out with all the drug look outs. Street smarts are a plus but avoid these encounters by good planning and a secondary backup plan.

        Have a pair of $200 Nike’s sneakers, cut off baggie pants, Boxer type under ware so you can hang your pants over your ass cheeks. A rapper “T ” shirt and a Black Hoodie and sunglasses. Always greet with, “What’s up Bro” or “Que Paso” Oh Yes, grab your crotch and hold you pants up by your belt if your choose to have one. Make side to side movement while walking.

        Going to leave the Lady side wardrobe to your imagination.

        • 3n3my

          Your a Muslim, tell it like it is.

            • so you’re just an ordinary racist then, right?

        • Thanks for the video. Yes, ALL of the 9/11 evidence points to an inside job done by israel. Americans just do not want to believe it, and the media is controlled so most remain in the dark for now.

          • Ranch, glad to see another person that is wide awake to Reality’s long suppressed. Yes most americans have fallen hook line and sinker for the lies and fables devised to decive, by those folks who have become the worlds foremost experts at claiming Victimhood as the Only victims that matter. While also becoming the foremost experts at Projecting Their own Guilt onto others.

            Today that projection of guilt is mainly against muslims and White Americans of the conservative and christian persuasions. One could almost say these two types are the New Modern era Nazis of the 21st century. This is undeniable when considering the MSM for the last decade, and the msm 24/7 efforts at promoting such deceptions.

            What a Tangled Web They Weave,when First they Practice to Decieve!

            MOSSAD Slogan: Thru Deception we Shall Cause Wars.

      39. Just carry a gun all the time and dont pull it unless you are going to pull the trigger. Obeying gun laws will get you dead.

      40. Off topic:

        Over in Syria an the other Mid East counties should USA get involved with weapons to help. Yes, Sunni against Sharia. “Whats the problem” What ever side seems to be loosing “ARM THEM” . “THEY CAN Fuckin kill each other”

        • Have You considered the Fate of Christians in Syria?

          Michael Hoffman’s comment: Assad’s pro-Christian government forces have been gaining traction in the past couple of weeks against the Al Aqaeda-dominated terrorist “rebels,” thereby obstructing the goal of the New World Order to exterminate the large and flourishing Christian community in Syria, which has been protected by the Assad family for 40 years. As a result, the Israelis felt compelled to intervene on the side of the anti-Christian Islamic terrorists. As in Iraq under U.S. forces, Christians in Syria must be killed or expelled and the Israelis are helping to realize this objective with their completely illegal bombing of Syrian troops and facilities in and around Damascus.

          Newspeak watch: As usual, the corporate media describes the Israeli bombings cosmetically, as “air strikes.”

          FROM: May,5th,2013 www dot revisionistreview dot blogspot dot com In May blog archives section.

          MORE from Same web page.

          By Michael Hoffman

          While I regret that any arms are being sent to ether side in this horrible civil war, since some of the Gulf states that are implicated in advancing Wahabist/Salafist Islamic fundamentalism and the terrorism and anti-Christian repression that it is known for, are also shipping weapons to car-bombers and Christian-hating “Syrian rebels,” with the collusion of NATO, Great Britain and the U.S., it is understandable that Russia wants to protect the Orthodox Christian population of Syria from massacre, and retain its Syrian naval base.

          The Israelis recently invaded Syrian air space and bombed not just “arms bound for Hezbollah,” but Syrian government troops. Should the Israelis be allowed to assist in the overthrow of Assad with their aerial missiles and bombs? Do only the Israelis have the right to intervene?

          I welcome Vladimir Putin’s independence, and defiance of the New World Order. Russia is finding support from emerging nations such as India, Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia and perhaps even China. These nations view state terror perpetrated by arrogant western powers, which we saw in NATO’s overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya, as the bloody and hypocritical reincarnation of 19th century colonialism in “human rights” habiliments.

        • Forgot Key word: “SELL”

      41. Very cool article, thank you SHTFPLAN.

      42. you just can’t make this sheeit up … JOHN Mc’CAIN

        PIECE OF HUMAN BILDERBURG SHEEIT , who’s father covered up the USS LIBERTY MASS MURDER by isreahell jews

        JOHN HIMSELF DELIBERATELY IN A CHILDISH PRANK as a navy jet pilot GONE WRONG killed 134 NAVY sailors pilots and destroyed the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal during the Vietnam War …


        WTF ???


        sigh … AMERIKA what a sheeithole of a country to produce so many prostitute politician criminals and corrupt corporate thieves .

        ‘ i’m thinking it’s time to move to Fiji .’

        seriously what the point ?


        N.O. ;0p

          • I agree. John McCain needs to go build houses with Jimmy Carter.

            He has done as much damage to this country as the worst liberal Democrat.

            He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

            I look forward to the day when he is no longer physically able to hold office. It can’t come quickly enough.

            • AGREED!
              McSHAME needs to understand we don’t need another WAR! Especially against the Syrian allies… RUSSIA!

      43. Stay the fuck out of the hood and you won’t have to worry about Urban Camouflage Dressing for success. I dress like a red neck geek, pack a piece and a hunting knife and nobody in the hood has anything I need or want, either now or in a SHTF world. They may want the shit I have but it’s gonna cost them more than what they are willing to pay and they instinctively seem to know it. As much as they can read me, I can also read them and there is nothing they can do to hide. Gang bangers come to my neighborhood to rob and steal and commit whatever brigandage they have on their mind and they stick out like a sore thumb and there’s no amount of camouflage will help them. It is what it is.

      44. Off Topic:

        Just got back home from our annual shrimping trip to the Strait of Juan De Fuca in the Puget Sound. We fished out of my boat using my buddies shrimping gear. Day one was blown off because of the wind. Day two we set traps and let them soak for two hours before pulling. It took all day to set trap lines and wait, then pull numerous times before we found the shrimp. When we did find the shrimp my buddies pot puller broke down. The pots (traps) were sitting in 300 feet of water (four traps). We jerry rigged up an anchor puller to be able to pull pots and recovered the four traps. We had to pull the last 100 feet in by hand because of two eye splices that join two lengths of rope. The eye splice would not fit through the anchor puller. That evening I spent time splicing the rope in a away that would work with my anchor puller.

        On the morning of day three I was BS-ing with another skipper at dock side and during the conversation I found out that he had the same pot puller we were using but he had left the base at home, needless to say his puller worked on my boat and he let us use it for a day. There are nice and trusting people out in the world. We did not betray his trust, when we returned his puller we returned it in better shape than what we received it and we also gave him a share of the days catch.

        On day four we went back to using the anchor puller and the newly spliced lines. The system worked great and we had a stellar day of shrimping.

        Day five the wind blew most of the day and calmed down a couple of hours before sunset so we set the pots for an all night soak.

        Day six we pulled the all night pots, the location we set them in was a more sheltered spot, out of the main current and away from the shipping lanes. The pots had some shrimp but not enough to limit the boat so we went back to the honey hole. A two soak later and the boat was limited.

        We now have enough shrimp to last the year. Tomorrow I’ll be freezing the shrimp, cleaning my boat and camping gear.

        Time to take a shower, I smell like bait, shrimp, camp fire, clams (I forgot to mention, we had clam tides and scored on oysters and steamer clams).

        Your Salty Mud Dog

        • good job Rick…righteous food that you guys earned by gutting it out and being helped by another good man.

          you are the “Salty Mud Dog”…fucking awesome.

        • What is the limit on shrimp?

          • ALL YOU CAN EAT! — Thursday at Golden Corral

          • Thanks Lastmanstanding, we are blessed here in the northwest with the bounty of the outdoors if you know what to do, when and where.

            Paranoid, the sport limit at this time and location of the shrimping season is 80 per person per day and there were 3 family members on my boat with 5 total people on my boat. The shrimp are four spot shrimp, also called spot prawn and this years crop is of a very good grade, large.

          • All you can get on one stringer.Depends,are you talking about salt water shrimp or fresh water shrimp. Trekker Out.

            • Saltwater shrimp.

        • Howdy RickinOregon,

          I have a question. The region near to where I am heading is – reputedly – LOADED with large quantities of the ‘prawn’ you mention…several inches long by the look of them…which I LOVE to eat. That said, is 300′ depth common as depth at which to set ones pots for that…does that vary seasonally? I love to fish but have never been enagaged in THAT perticular effort..any ‘wisdom’ you might graciously choose to share – in adddition to what you have already! – would be greatly appreciated Friend! MANY THANKS in advance!!!


          PS: ‘Crustacean’ is NEVER ‘off-topic’!!!

          • JOG, We fish for them along slopes that go from 200 foot deep to around 350 foot and set the traps in about 265 foot of water. It takes about 25 pounds of weight in the trap to hold it in place when the current is running.

            • Next fish report will be on American Shad, they have shown up in our local rivers. FYI, they are a sea run shad that’s in the herring family. They get from a half pound up to five or six pounds. They show up by the hundreds of thousands and some years the count over Bonneville Dam will exceed a million, they are easy to catch. We use them for bait for sturgeon, crab, shrimp and halibut.

              Link to the fish ladder camera at B Dam, salmon and steelhead are coming through right now too.


              • Many Thanks Rick!

                As I am here an ‘ignoramus’ in THIS particular area that is useful info! When so ‘potting’ I presume that you leave a bouyed, leadline to be able to relocate and retireve the pot, Yes? If I may, what ‘test weight’ line do you use for that? As with many htings in the world, ‘The devil lies in the DETAILS’. Again Thanks, I’m a ‘Crusty Old Guy’ and my mouth started ‘watering’ for that some MONTHS ago…and it’s JUST getting WORSE by the day! 🙂 I hope to be able to haul-in a good mess before the year is out…Fresh, DELECTABLE Crustacean GOODNESS…Ahhh, but I’m driving myself ‘bats’ thinking about it!!!

                Thanks Friend!


                • Jog we used wire traps that were approx 24″ x 24″ x 10″ with a 3/4″ mesh. 25 pounds of weight, 450 feet of 3/8″ led core rope. A chartreuse float about the size of an over inflated basketball with a tag buoy about 3 feet away. The bait was a mix of sea food flavored dry cat food, tuna bellies, old tuna loins with the oil, shad, and menhaden fish oil. We mix the bait in a bucket and let it set over night. When using the bait we pack it tight in bait bags that fit in the top bait hatch of a shrimp trap. You can buy large cans of tuna from Costco and use that in place of the old fish parts that we had in the freezer. Menhaden fish oil can be found online, it comes in one gallon containers. I don’t recommend using an anchor puller if you don’t have a lot of experience using one and if you’re not a seasoned skipper and you don’t know your boat’s handling characteristics.

                • JOG this season will be over in a couple of weeks and wont open again until next May, I don’t know what Canada’s season is but I do know that their water are easy to get to. You would need a Canadian license and you would need to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island to get one. They use to sell them online, don’t know if they do anymore.

      45. Eisen, I agree totally with your last comment. There’s only 2 things about the military that burn me the most. First, they brainwash people and teach them to be mindless robots and not think for themselves. Second, they just use people. It is possible to support the troops but not to support any illegitimate cause they’re sent off to fight in. Our military has been used in illegitimate wars since the Civil War. The VA is one of the biggest jokes we’ve ever seen. They’ve been rotten to the core since Vietnam. they don’t take care of the veterans at all. Nowadays, if you join the service, go off to fight in a war like Afghanistan or Iraq, come back home alive, you get ridiculed and shitted on by everybody and DHS labels you a domestic terrorist. That’s the thanks people get nowadays for serving their country. I don’t blame the poor men and women who get sent out to fight in thankless wars for anything. I blame the top leadership; they’re just politicians in uniform. Now I’m glad I was discouraged by my family from joining the service after leaving high school. Eisen, I hate war and violence, too. War or a good old-fashioned street fight should only be a last resort. But this country is headed for civil war 2 which will be much, much worse than the last one and will cover the entire nation. A lot of us may not survive it, but I’m standing up and fighting regardless. I want my country back and I know everyone else here wants the same thing. I’ll either live to see it happen or I’ll die trying to make it come true. I don’t care what feds or anyone else think of me. I’m not here to win any popularity contest. I just wish all of our LE and military would wake up and join us in this fight. It’s their country just as much as it is ours. braveheart

      46. As far as blending in, it won’t be perfect and that may be the only option. Stay out of the way or don’t. Yes, don’t have a big Neon Sign flashing on your forehead.

        I have nothing else to say.

        Take care

      47. When tshf and I grab my get home bag That is exactly what it means. It’ll get me home hopefully. Carry a nice size center punch / icepick with a hole drilled in handle and a lanyard attached = silent but deadly now about their screams …. That’s a different story ARRIVE ALIVE

      48. If anyone thinks I’m wrong for not ridiculing Eisen, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree. He said some things I cannot disagree with. He didn’t insult anyone or even use caps. He carried on a decent conversation just like any of us would. I don’t even feel irritated by him anymore. I think he feels like we do; a sense of impending doom hanging over this land. Once the balloon goes up, everyone’s lives will change forever. something is coming and soon. Everyone get everything you can now before it’s too late. braveheart

        • @ Braveheart,I think you’re full of shit as usual. It seems as if every time some one disagrees with you that YOU FUKEN IMPLODE . Number one , I am a veteran and no, we are not programed! Number two, The humanitarian missions that I have served on far outweigh any war I’ve been asociated with in the military for human kind . Number three, I took it upon myself to join 30 years ago and it’s made me a better man to where I am comfortable in my “SKIN” unlike yourself! The military is’nt for everyone and people like you that jump back and forth on whether cops or military are the boogyman one day,.. and the saviours the next SUGGESTS that there is a possibility of substance abuse in your past if not present! people like you have absolutley NO HOPE in life because you think we’ve failed you as a nation !Well I got news for you, We are still one of the youngest country’s on earth and still the strongest and still free!Unless you have somthing that “YOU” can help your fellow man constructivly,….I sugggest you keep your powder dry, and GO STAND POST !

          • You nailed it opinion.braveheart is a drunken pudding head.One day he’ll never talk to eisen again,the next day he gets mushy and drools over him.

          • The current state of our military sucks. I don’t know why anyone would join seeing how the top of command will shit on the grunts as soon as they are of no use to them any longer.

        • Actually was surprised, several times he responded like a responsible adult. I was trying to figure out if someone else had logged in as him or if he were back on meds?

      49. Predators can smell fear. Things like dogs ,horses even bees can smell the fear on you. Human predators can detect fear on a weak person. I always carry. reciently my son and I were walking down a sidewalk and a group of darker skinned individuals where forcing others off the sidewalk, folks had to get in the grass when that group approched. my son and I where walking abreast and they suddenly stopped as we approched. then they left the sidewalk and just looked kinda sideways as we passed. They knew who to not mess with. Now if they hadnt moved it would have been pepper spray. and we got the good stuff that has a range of 15 feet.We also have tasers. I am a elected township constable and can get anything the regular police have. We previously had a constable who was a barney fife. He bothered and harrassed everyone. So at the urging and request of the neighbors I ran aganst him. Beat him by a landslide. In twenty years I have never drawn a opponet and never stopped anyone or wrote any tickets.If your a scardy cat it wont matter how you dress you will likely be a targret.

      50. Well I guess I shouldn’t carry my $300.00 Coach purse around, but so many women have them I don’t know if it matters. By the way , I would never spend that much on a purse, my aunt bought it for me in Germany. I do put my car keys in in between my fingers when walking to the car, makes it easier to stab someone in the throat. But I cannot recall a time in the last decade I was uncomfortable walking somewhere. I try to be careful and we are very picky where we vacation.

        • You don’t have a remote with a ‘panic’ button??

          • Oh, keep it by your bed too!!
            Intruder??? Push that button–wake ALL the neighbors and that intruder is history.

      51. I was staying in Old Town in Naw Orleans. I was asked by friends to meet them at a restaurant for dinner. I asked a guy at the hotel desk where the restaurant was. He showed me and said he’d call a cab. I said that it’s only 5 blocks away so I’ll walk. He said, not after dark; I’ll get a cab. I said no, it’s not that far.

        He said that if I walk, go like I own the street and are on an important mission. O.K. I did. I knocked a panhandler off the sidewalk who was hanging onto a couple of obvious tourists simply because the sidewalk wasn’t that wide and I was on a mission. Other than being cursed out as a “fuck’in” New Yorker, I had no problems. However, after dinner, my friends insisted on getting a cab to take me back to the hotel.

        I was probably lucky to not get arrested for assaulting a panhandler.

      52. Learn to hide in plain sight. The recommendations are good, but do not forget that your location may not be the same as mine, adapt. That means doing so over time as the situation changes over time.

        As for your home, make it look as inconspicuious as possible and don’t drawl any unnecessary attention. Keep the Bimmer hidden in the garage so to speak, put the junk outside.

        If your a concealed weapon carrier, keep it concealed unless needed.

        If you live in the suburbs, your going to become a target for the zombies. Form neigherhood security groups.

      53. I thought i’d share this from Ms. Daisy ‘THE ORGANIC PREPPER’ to All of You … it’s worth checking out .

        N.O. ;0p

        Apologies if this is a repeat e-mail, or you had already heard the
        news… The original listing of survival PDF files I had setup contained
        around 300 in it’s entirety. I’m happy to say that number currently
        being hosted… is now NEARLY 1,000 IN TOTAL!


        Armageddon Online proudly presents… 954 survival books, manuals,
        guides and more in one place! Topics include: – Natural Disaster
        Survival, Food and Water Prep – Navigation – General Urban and
        Wilderness Preparedness – Evasion Techniques – and much more! Opening
        the files requires ADOBE READER or a web browser with it built in. All
        of the following 954 files are free to read and download individually.
        If you would like access to all 954 files at once (to download) – please
        consider a donation to help with bandwidth! I am hosting these because I
        believe information like this should be PUBLIC and FREE — and the vast
        majority should be taught in public schools.

        By all means if you’d like to share, please do so. 🙂

        Thanks much!

        • Adobe Reader XI (11.0.03) (47.79 MB)

          UNCHECK – Yes, install McAfee Security Scan Plus – optional (0.9 MB)


      54. The easiest thing to do is don’t go to the urban areas if you don’t have to. If you do, it seems that the article does give some sound advice. Trouble has a way sometimes of finding you. No need to increase the chances. Take care and keep your finger offn the trigger until you’re ready to press it.

      55. Morning BI,

        “An odd thing happened on the way to the Forum…”

        I happened to be over at the LC Repository last night and while there decided to glance at the Light-curve for the event on the 27th of April…Lo and Behold, that has been refrehed with additional data…the same data that initially appeared on the day of the occurance which seemed to later be revised out of the curve….the most recent revisisons act to increase the inital portion of the curve duirng the first several seconds during which it was monitotred, by an Order of Magnitude….as per my origional reporting thereof.

        Additionally, the region during 5he first ~100 seconds after the occurance of the BATSE trigger event, which – not uncommonly – remains void of data, suggest therefor that the inital period before recording proper began by SWIFT, was MUCH larger yet still. In summa, this event IS ‘Singular’ in the record. Also, the fall-off of this curve during the period from which recording was operant, appears – in a fully logarithmic plot to be completely LINEAR….”Area under the curve…”…an enormous potential, total ‘ effect’ as compared to anything else ever measured.

        Event 130427A is now classifiably the largest such occurance in recorded history…were we not just discussing the oddity which is the appearance of the deep focus phenomena observed lately?

        Oh, and while I’m here; what’s up with the sudden DECREASE in ALL thingss seismic since yesterday…I stopped over at USGS and for the 24 for period previous there are only about 10 TOTAL events…listed…at ALL. That DOES eem both rather ‘odd’ and an abrupt change from what we have seen at any point in at least the last year. When Solar abruptly goes qiiet like this I usually GET nervous …something almost always follows thereafter.

        Thoughts hereon Friend?


        • Do you speak English on your planet?

          • Yes,

            …but only on Tuesdays and then on Thursdays after 4 PM.

            Howdy Paraniod. The initial event – or rather the recordings we were given for that some 36 hour later – showed a nearly perfect, VERTICAL drop in the measured intensity during the first few seconds that the SWIFT was actually monitoring that…thereafter, THAT data was removed from the files, leaving us wondering what had happened. I’m not talking about a ‘conspiracy’ here…there are often very good reasons to ‘revise’ raw data…many in fact. However, that those who have the task of deciding whether to include or discount specific data FINALLY decided to include that more than a month later is suprising to me…usually, THIS is NOT what happens in that process. (?)

            The note to BI here is intended to aprise him of the large change in what our initial assumprions were in the period when we were attempting to fiugure out WHAT the ramifications of that would be…which obviously change IF the data upon which we are basing the assumptions made itself CHANGES. BI and I had/did engage in a ‘running’ dialogue as to several things we noted thereafter, this change affects almost all of that…our basic assumptions, and so puts a different ‘slant’ on everything that follows.

            That said, NO ONE ‘KNOWS’ what the actual implications of this ARE. Beleive me…Science is JUST now beginnning to get a handle on ‘WHAT’ is going on when such occurs..we are FAR from any full undertanding of these things Friend. Hell, We’re NOT even sure WHICH particles are involved in such a thing…Neutrino’s, “WIMP’s” (Weakly Ineracting Massive Particles AKA ‘Dark Matter”, Axions (a hypothetical particle in the far reaches of theoretical Physics) OR ‘something else; entirely…

            Pleae to note though, that at a point when ALL things Solar had been EXCEEDINGLY quiet for MANY months, that shortly thereafter, an otherwise utterly unremarkable region of the face of the Sun emitted 4 X-class flares back-to-back-to-back…as well, the occurance of strong ‘Deep Focus’ tectonic activity went – relatively speaking here – berzerk. Simple ‘Coincidence’…don’t SEEM to be…

            I have found that English is a Marvelous language, full of nuance and ‘shading’ that gives a breadth that most spoken language do not, by that – as one who lives in the realm of Science – the effort is to provide a ‘clarity of expresion’, to NOT say that which one does not mean…thus I unduly – here – afflict Y’all, at times….My Apologies therefor.

            Have a Good one there Friend…Yep, that’s my ‘Thumbs-up’ beside your comment…What are Friends for, after all? 😉


            • Thanks for the explanation—–I think. Sorry to see you go. See if you can find a spot to hook in once in awhile

      56. I am a computer tech and I always have a Swiss Army cybertool and a gerber multitool and a pair of lineman’s scissors on me. I also don’t carry an expensive laptop either.

      57. LOOK AT THIS PIC … then you tell me what you see ???


        1.) it looks to me like the israeli zog idf zio-troops are a bunch of puss’s and pansies ;0p


        2.) Palestinian ‘ 6 year old Gurl’s ‘ holdin’ a teddy bear and wearing a pink holly dolly book back pack are some serious Bad-asses to be Feared !

        i’m gonna go with choice number #1


        N.O. ;0p

      58. “funky/off-beat crap (programmers)”

        Where did you get your impression of programmers? San Fran? I’ve never seen this to be true anywhere I worked.

      59. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        49 cases now
        and 3 more deaths being reported
        for a total of 27

        The World Health Organization isn’t mincing any words now

        ‘A threat to the entire world’: UN warns of Coronavirus contagion after death in France


        no cases in the US
        cases reported in 8 countries so far

        hope your prepped for this
        no need to panic
        but if cases start showing up in the US
        things like N95 masks,hand sanitizer may be hard and expensive to come by

        kinda like ammo is now

        the threat in and of itself may be serious enough
        what makes it a thousand times worse is how people react to it
        and that is usually with PANIC
        picture your local grocery store hours before a hurricane

        • Satori, thanks for the info.

        • Howdy Satori,

          27 fatalities in 49 condfrmed cases…a 55% MORTALITY rate?!

          Sheesh, that’s SERIOUS no matter HOW you slice it…Scares ME. Many Thanks for the updates Friend, keep us ‘up to snuff’ as you can…I am STILL wholly convinced that Mother Nature has ‘something brewing on the back burner’ which she’ll soon ‘suprise’ us with, there are too many such manifestations of that sort foing on lately …that’s PART of why I’m ‘Northern bound’…soon.


      60. @ Watchman. Syria and the Middle East is the new Vietnam and far east, it is a war that is either ready to explode to WW3 or can’t be won. As long as Russia and China continue to supply on side with arms, Syria will remain with a dictator. Even if someone got Assad, someone from his circle would step in. You look at a country like Libya that was taken over by the rebels and one dead dictator because the west decided to take down the air power, what little Libya had, and give the rebels the advantage. Syria is vastly different.

        Russia is not stupid, there are actually extremely intelligent people and should never be underestimated. For years they were very weak and allowed the encirclement of their western borders, plus had a very bad leader to allow this to happen at the end of the 90’s. Boxing in Russia from the south now WON’T happen. Many people don’t understand the Monroe Doctrine of the U.S. and how this almost lead to WW3 in 1962 with Cuba. The U.S. will not allow an enemy to operate close enough to rapidly strike the mainland.

        Russia knows full well that its ICBM forces, even the mobile launched ones are extremely vulnerable if the response time is dimished. Lose more land and that time to react is reduce that much more. Allow your enemy to oocpy airbases that surround you and you have surrendered your country. People don’t see the geographical importance of never allowing your country to have the enemy that close to your homeland. Russia can’t and won’t lose anymore land to the U.S. or NATO forces, to allow this is to admit defeat. Russia will launch their strategic missile forces, nukes, before this happens.

        I am no fan of Russia, but I totally understand where they are coming from, just the same as I understand where Israel in coming from. You can’t be encircled. Israel understands that they have a very tiny country that is no bigger than many counties in the U.S. Israel is fighting for their survival in not allowing arab towel heads hostile to them to surround their country. Nukes can deter only so much if you can’t get them out of the silos in time. Russia and China can’t allow their countries to be surrounded the same as Israel can’t. This is where Syria comes in because either way one side loses with the war.

        IF the west wins and Assad loses, and his regrime is ousted, Russia loses another key port and is further boxed in. Iran also become more vulnerable because it frees up Israel to hit Iran without that satellite state of Iran top strike and hit Israel when Iran is attacked. IF the Russias and Syria win, hezbollah and other pro Iranian groups will be able to fully arm everyone that wants to drive Israel into the sea. Hamas in Gaza ia already getting very advanced weapons through Egypt. That is another wild card against Israel, that being the country that it has waged war against several times, Egypt. Israel could be hit with thousands of rockets and missiles a hour and Erdan admitted on Debka that their Iron Dome could no way handle the barrage of rockets coming in.

        This is the dilemma that most don’t understand, someone has to lose over there. The loser is country with nuclear weapons and will not lose without taken out a hempishere or the entire world. Russia or China can completely destroy the U.S., this is a fact. The U.S. can’t get involved or it is game over for the human civilization. If the U.S. was in the same boat as Russia. losing most of its western borders to the enemy, it would react the same way, missiles aloft. Israel can’t allow itself to be completely surrounded with seconds of response time to react to an all out attack on their country. In other words, you are correct in your assumption of the situation, all options are open and are extremely bad for both sides.

        Even Israel has admitted that its options are horrible and will likely lead to a regional war. A regional war has a very chance of leading the next world war. This is something all of us should pay very close attention to. This is not on the radar screen of the news hardly at all, neither is the new killer virus out there that is starting to possibly become more contagious. It is amazing to me how the threat to the survival of the human species hangs in the balance and people are more concerned about the new york yankees or some other baseball team winning and staying in first place. It is both a sick combination of utter ignorance and total denial just how screwed the world is in and getting worse.

        • Thank you, BI, for this analysis. I am not good at putting all the history pieces together and seeing the big picture. You’ve made it much more clear and now I wonder if diplomacy would even help. I can’t imagine getting all the “players” together to work out a reasonable, peaceful solution.

          Also, thank you again for your comments in the previous article about the tsunami watch. I have a feeling that the BIN editor tacked on the extra info about the Canary Is. I did read your explanation from a few weeks ago. Thank you again for repeating it. It would be nice if the topics were grouped – there are many posts from the past, on other topics, that I’d like to read again.

          The small quake in AZ (west of Page) yesterday is disturbing. The Paria Plateau has some beautiful canyons, and I hope they weren’t damaged, especially The Window. Of course, quakes that endanger lives are more serious, but I have a fondness for that part of the west.

      61. When the SHTF, you had better be prepared to snuff anyone who even looks like a threat. Don’t hesitate. Be pro-active. Shoot. And keep shooting until they don’t breath. We’re talking about the breakdown of law and order. Then by golly you be the law. If you can’t deal with it, hide real good. Maybe they won’t find you. Maudy rules.

      62. The ‘Recovery’ …

        Record 10,978,040 Now on Disability

        CNS News dot com

      63. how about this guy ,
        Just finished a town hall meeting with the director of my agency ( REDACTED FOR OPSEC)
        Contracts will be cut in half over the summer , Federal employee’s positions to be reduced , minimal funding into fall . this has never happened in a cabinet level agency before.

        Keep prepping heavily at this time finalize all you preps , get all you can ,
        I really feel something VILE is in the wind and there may not be much time left before it all comes crashing down , you could have head a pin drop when the 800 plus of us heard this.

        Prepare , Prep, Pray

        Semper Fi 8541

        • August September 2013 downsizing window

          @Night Breaker

          i concur on the ‘authenticity’ of your report your company is not the only one planning a re-organization and downsizing of personnel targeting the August September 2013 window other Fortune 500 companies are reporting the same move as is the US Federal Reserve talking of Ending the QE Quantitative Easing (money printing) at that time causing higher interest rates … hyper-inflation higher-unemployment is coming a-knocking to AmeriKa’s front door .

          Prepare Now Preppers !!!

          N.O. ;0p

      64. All this talk about camouflage clothing. Trying to blend in. Forget it! Wear whatever you want! I just walk down the street, flipping the pages of a Soldier Of Fortune magazine, muttering to myself…”bunch of pussies” and people always leave me alone.

        • You do make our day(s).

          • My 77 yr old Mama would spank me if she knew I used that kind of language! But it was sort of an odd mental picture. 🙂

        • Smokin I’m with you, forget about camoflage clothing, but some camo face paint may come in handy. Preferably black and lots of it, and throw in a hoody.WASP

      65. US Dollar Losing Reserve Status

        “The U.S dollar is shrinking as a percentage of the world’s currency supply, raising concerns that the greenback is about to see its long run as the world’s premier denomination come to an end.”

        “…the dollar as a percentage of total world money supply. That total has plunged from nearly 90 percent in 1952 to closer to 15 percent now. ”

        “To the degree that China succeeds in increasing its market share of the world’s currency market, the United States is the loser,”

        “For a country with a budget deficit in excess of $1 trillion a year, the consequences of losing standing as the world’s reserve currency would be dire.”

        “If the dollar loses status as the world’s most reliable currency the United States will lose the right to print money to pay its debt. It will be forced to pay this debt,”

        cnbc dot com

        The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order

        “The problem for the United States will be to manage the transition. Trillions of dollars that will no longer be needed will have to be repatriated and this will lead to very strong inflationary pressures at home.”

        “But when the dollar loses its current status, long term price rises will become the norm.

        The Greatest Depression has only just started.”

        Real Currencies dot wordpress dot com

      66. My Opinion, obviously you have misunderstood certain parts of my comments or ignored them. First, I KNOW the military has never failed this nation. I blame the political leadership for the way they have used you people. Second, I HAVE NEVER HELD ANY GRUDGE AGAINST ANY ENLISTED PERSONNEL OR LOW TO MID-RANKING OFFICERS. I HAVE ALWAYS SYMPATHIZED WITH THEIR PLIGHT. THEY AND YOU ARE THE ONES WHO GET ORDERED TO GO FIGHT IN CAUSES THAT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR NATION’S NATIONAL SECURITY. Take Iraq for example. Bush claimed that Saddam Hussein was behind 911 and had WMDs. A decade, thousands of wounded, maimed, and killed, plus 1 trillion dollars later, NO WMDs WERE FOUND ANYWHERE IN IRAQ NOR WAS ANY EVIDENCE EVER PRODUCED OF SADDAM BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR 911! The ONLY time Saddam ever had WMDs was in the Gulf War after we liberated Kuwait. We found a very nice stockpile in southern Iraq which were later destroyed. Remember that one? Also, there is historical precedent, sadly, for the military being used against US citizens. Google the Civil War and especially the Bonus Army atrocity. The officers in charge of that mission would later become “heroes” in WW2; Douglas Macarthur, George Patton, Omar Bradley, Dwight Eisenhower. Check out a book titled, “War Is A Racket” by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC. Straight from the horse’s mouth! Not one person in government ever challenged anything he wrote in that book. Their silence spoke volumes! Have you been to the VA for anything since you left the service and what was your experience like? If you really believe in them, just ask other veterans what kind of trouble they’ve had with the VA. All I’m asking is that you do some research for yourself then decide. I never could’ve been a good soldier or even a good cop. I am too independently minded. I know how to think for myself. I don’t accept ANYONE’S PROPAGANDA REGARDLESS OF THE SOURCE! I’m not going to turn against my people. I believe in freedom and will stand up and fight for it. if you can’t see the direction this country is headed in, you better wake up and smell the coffee fast for your own sake. For the last time, I AM NOT ANTI-MILITARY; I’M ONLY AGAINST OUR TROOPS BEING USED FOR AN ILLEGITIMATE CAUSE. We’ve been destroying other countries around the world since WW2 for no good reason and you wonder why the world hates us? Especially Iraq. All those people who lost arms and legs FOR NO LEGITIMATE PURPOSE. I’m sorry to say it, but those sacrifices were in vain. None of it was for freedom; it was all for special interest groups who don’t give a rat’s ass about you or anybody else! braveheart

      67. So, want to fit in? Go to the local Wally World, check out what the people are wearing there, then go buy that. Don’t bring clothes with you when you go somewhere and hope to fit in unless you want to be noticed. Wally World markets to the niche of their locale. Listen to the people talk and learn the general phrases used and tone of inflection. Practice that in front of a mirror and toss a phrase out that is appropriate locally now and again. DO NOT try to sound like everyone else or you might get someone po’d for making fun of them. Just enough to be able to be figured as someone not so new to the area, but there long enough to be an imported local. Phony will not earn trust, or reserved judgement. It can be smelled by anyone who knows local when they see and meet them.

        Another thing. Got a dog? Bring him/her with you. They like to be out and about too. Just make sure your dog is trained and learned how to be appropriate to the circumstances. Either the dog will make you friends or the unfriends will give you some room.

        Body language can and will give you away every time. Try reading Body Language for Dummies for starters. There is a phrase from WW2 that sums it up nicely, Marines should know this. It is called Boyd’s Loop, or the OODA loop. It means, Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Another way of saying this is: wait, watch, learn, choose. Dogs do it and they are a whole lot smarter than many people think they are.

        Be safe, trust but verify. Harm none, including yourself.

      68. My Opinion, I forgot to add all of the LIVE POWs who were abandoned by the government in WW2, Korea, Vietnam AND NOT ONE DAMNED THING WAS DONE BY THE POLITICIANS TO BRING THOSE MEN HOME! Oh, yesm all done by the same government you served, the same government you seem to have blind faith in. Well, there are plenty of us out here, INCLUDING VETERANS, who know better. do the research for yourself before you go spouting off like a damned fool! Also, I have no substance abuse problem, but the SOB who killed my wife back in 1981 damned sure did! braveheart

      69. Mojo, f#$% you! You’re just another troll so go f#$% yourself!

        • No,go read your own comment history you old fool.You do 180 degree turns on your eisen comments and claim to think clearly for yourself?Must be before the jack daniels kicks in,or the dementia.

        • Just another troll?That’s funny bh,I used YOUR comment history to form my observations.Perhaps you would care to deny that?I’ll await your response to that one.

      70. Be Informed. Couldn’t agree more regarding staying away from Urban as much as possible.

        Did you see the 4.8 in Isla Vista California? Any thoughts to this being a precursor?

        I have told relatives in CA to be on the watch and want to give them as much lead time as I can.

        Thanks friend,

      71. seems wearing Camo gear gets you un wanted attention..ive packed mine away for now

      72. June 9th folks Chicago goes Constitutional Cary..either they get their act on it..or this could be the way it goes there.

        and openly packing could get you a death sentence by the popo..so they say

        Chief of Police of Chicago publicly stating that he has ordered his officers to SHOOT anyone caught openly or concealed carrying

        isn’t this how civil wars are started?…or ended?

        A federal judge must be asked to immediately impose an injunction on the Chicago PD Chief, and then asked to impose an injunction on EVERY OTHER chief or sheriff in the state inclined to emulate Chicago, post June 9 if no law makes it through and is not signed by the Gov

        this is where the rubber meets the road and quite frankly, I can see a blood being spilled in Chicago and other towns in IL, if the federal judge does not step in to the issue and quickly, should June 9 come and go without valid legislation.

        pack em if you got em

        good day ya’ll

      73. when does the hammer fall? or has it and we missed it?


        I disagree with Judge Ronald B. Graves

        so folks, how much more bull shit are we going to put up with, how many more have to “go down” before we “stand up”?

      74. How many will stand by and let TPTB jail Zimmerman for murder even though this was a 100% correct, and Florida legal, self-defense shoot ? You can almost feel the direct line to Holder and Obama’s phone lines crackling with power on this case. They’ll be able to cripple stand-your-ground, self defense, and CCL as well as “stick it to the man” and get the riots they so desperately need to foment that very last click stop towards martial law.

        watch it, and closely

      75. In an urban setting, when SHTF, the only people that will be on the streets are the gangs and the pan-handlers, and they will know that you are not local, no matter what you do to hide that fact. They know you are not one of them, simply because you are on the street, and you are not a gang member. The best bet is to get out quickly before things get bad, because there will really be no way to blend in. I spend lots of time in 3rd world urban environments that operate as though S has already HTF, and some of these places actually close up entirely every day at around 5 pm. Montevideo, Uruguay, for example. Bustling and lively during the day, but try finding a hot dog after 5 pm. It’s all closed, instantly. The bars go up on the windows and you’re in a ghost town where the gangs roam freely. Even the panhandlers try to mug you. I’ve gone so far as to purchase the local clothing in these spots, and get a hair cut from a local barber so I can have the local style. All for naught. I can fool the other foreigners easily, but locals know their neighbors, even in a large city. Things to consider.

      76. Radiowave, welcome to our site, and i couldn’t agree more. I was born and raised in an urban setting so i already practice everything mentioned in the article. I live, sleep, eat, drink, and think urban. everything in the article i can do in my sleep. braveheart

      77. Mojo, if you would go back to 7-17-12 in the archives here that’s when I made my debut on this site and read my comment history VERY CAREFULLY, YOU’LL SEE MY VIEWS ARE CONSISTENT AND NEVER CHANGE. All I’m saying about Eisen is that he’s been acting decent for a change so I had no reason to attack him. Was he insulting and irrtating previously? Yes. Did he rant and rave using caps lock? Yes. He even irritated me at times, believe it or not. I don’t know why the sudden change in his behavior lately. As long as he’s civil toward me, it’s only right that I act civil toward him. Get shitty toward me and I can and damned will be shitty to you in return. that’s how I was raised. How long will this change in Eisen’s behaviour last? Only time will tell and that’s up to Eisen. If he keeps it up, he could actually start earning people’s respect on this site. You, on the other hand, seem to pass judgment on other people too quickly. braveheart

        • I thought Dr Phil came on at 4 Edna…..?

        • Fair enough braveheart.That is a very reasonable response,I retract my previous commentary.

      78. Are we reading books by Joe Nobody?

      79. Dress in dayglo orange rain poncho and everyone will think your just a traffic cone.

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