Time To Plan For The Worst Rather Than Hope For The Best

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    Preparation for disaster, whether natural or man-made, should be as vital as any ideal found in the various practices of religion and spiritualism. Preparedness should be treated with reverence, discipline and duty. The drive for preparation should be seated in the very heart of humanity. As individuals and as a society, we should hold preparedness dear, for it is an expression of the desire for survival and the key to maintaining our inherent freedoms. Without self-sufficiency, we set ourselves up for endless failure and enslavement.

    Preparedness must be approached with passionate resolve; otherwise, there is no point. Halfhearted survivalists are just as likely, if not more likely, to get themselves killed as the average oblivious urbanite and suburbanite. Unfortunately, even in the liberty movement, I have come across many halfhearted and lazy survivalists who would rather hope for the best than prepare for the worst.

    The primary issue has always been one of “distraction.” Even those who are fully informed of the very real and immediate dangers to our economy and our Nation as a whole find it difficult not to get wrapped up in the concerns of the old America. Mind-numbing job environments, superficial family dramas, television hypnosis, Facebook narcissism, consumer addictions, improving one’s perceived social status: all of these things waste precious time in our daily lives, making us weak and sapping our resiliency. They encourage us toward apathy. Always, we are telling ourselves: “I did nothing today, but tomorrow will be different.”

    I hear many excuses and conflicts in my work as an economic analyst and preparedness adviser. Some come from people who are already in the liberty movement and should know better. Others come from people who for one reason or another seek to dissuade us from personal preparation. Here are just a handful of the many irrational arguments against survival planning that I am confronted with on a daily basis.

    “Prepping Is For Crazy People And Chicken Littles”

    Catastrophes occur all the time. Sometimes they are regional, sometimes they are national, and sometimes they are global. Since the age of the baby boomer, America has been spared widespread disaster for the most part, and this has bred in us a deep-rooted normalcy bias. We wander about in ignorance, thinking that tomorrow will always be just as comfortable as today and that because we have never witnessed real pain and suffering, we likely never will. To me, this attitude is far more unbalanced and insane than the forward-thinking mindset of the average prepper.

    Hilariously, survivalists are called “crazy” simply because they refuse to operate on foolish assumptions like the rest of society. We know from modern historical example — from the Great Depression to Weimar Germany to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Bosnia, Argentina, Greece, etc. — that the prepared and independent live, while the rest often die. We refuse to assume, especially in light of recent events, that such calamity will not occur in the United States.

    “Survivalism Is Stigmatized By Unpleasant Associations”

    It’s true, propaganda organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center have gone out of their way to attack and marginalize survival culture. They seek to draw false associations between us and racist, extremist domestic terrorist, blah, blah, blah. In the end, none of this matters. The SPLC is an irrelevant entity clamoring desperately for relevance, and America’s survival communities continue to grow despite their subversive activities. The truth, once recognized, has a way of steamrolling over groups of liars.

    Individual preppers and potential preppers need to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and do what they need to do to ensure the longevity of themselves and their families. Labels are only as powerful as the credence we give them.

    “My Family Is Not On Board”

    I hear this one all the time; and, really, it doesn’t matter. If you can’t take preparatory actions without constant approval from your family, then perhaps you need to examine your family dynamic rather than throwing away your survival plans. Doing the right thing is not reliant on the affirmations of a spouse or relative. Doing the right thing means taking action regardless of the obstacle, even if that obstacle is family.

    It might not seem like it now, but survivalism is worth all those late-night quarrels, angry stares and sarcastic rolling eyes. If they can’t accept that preparedness is a part of your life, then that is ultimately their problem, not yours. You can continue in the knowledge that, one day, they will thank you for ignoring their ankle-biting and self-absorption.

    “I’m Always Too Busy”

    No one is too busy for preparedness. Much of what the average American does each day is designed to distract and entertain him, rather than enrich him in a useful way. The sad reality of the American lifestyle is that it revolves around the desire to avoid being alone with our own thoughts. In fact, the consumer ideology thrives on people’s need to fill the vacuum with incessant entertainment and diversion. Much of what we call being “busy” is actually a self-created matrix of illusory and shallow amusement designed to help us forget the more important and vexing matters of the world.

    Turn off the TV, skip a few parties, rethink the career you hate, take your eyes off your damn iPhone for a day and consider what is really important. Stop worrying about what is comfortable and accept that very soon all the conveniences you now find yourself attached to may disappear anyway. Wean yourself off the teat of the establishment now or be forced to go cold turkey later. These are your options. Get used to it.

    “I Can’t Afford To Prepare”

    In some cases, I find this to be true. We are, after all, in the midst of an economic collapse, and many Americans are indeed falling into poverty. However, in at least half of the instances where I hear this excuse, it turns out not to be true.

    Every survivalist starts out with nothing. He first builds a foundation, usually with a storage made up of essential bulk foods, and then expands. Food is the greatest Achilles’ heel of our culture. With the freight system our country has in place, grocery stores keep little to no real inventory and only a normal week’s worth of supplies on the shelf at any given time. During a crisis, this food disappears within hours, not days. Any imbalance in our freight system (like an explosion in gas prices) would result in a complete loss of national supply. A mere six weeks of disruption (as things stand today) would likely wipe out about 80 percent to 90 percent of the U.S. population through starvation.

    Today, a single paycheck ($600 to $1,200) could be used to purchase enough dry bulk foods to last a family of four close to a year. Though variety may be lost, at least starvation is averted. Yet, many people, including those in the liberty movement, do not have even a year’s supply of basic staples, despite their low cost. If every family in the United States used one paycheck to purchase a food foundation, the effects of an economic collapse would be vastly minimized.

    “I Like The Convenience Of The City, Even Though It Will Be Dangerous During Collapse”

    The city is a distraction addict’s paradise. There is always something to mesmerize the senses at any given hour. On top of this, many cities are slathered with Federal funds, which the cities use to pour into beautification projects that give residents the illusion of economic improvement and progress. On a recent speaking tour in the Los Angeles area, I was reminded of the conundrum of the city environment. Millions of people on welfare and food stamps, exponential homelessness, massive potential for violence and destruction: yet they are surrounded by sharp, sleek, new shopping centers and refurbished business districts. The reality of many cities is that they are financially imploding, but on the surface everything glows like gold. This gives the average person and even some preppers a false sense of security.

    If they refuse to move away from their beloved metropolis, preppers should at least have a retreat location relatively far from the area — at minimum, a day’s drive away and several days’ walking distance. If you do not have this, you are not prepared. The bottom line is: more people, more problems. Anyone who claims otherwise has never studied the collapse histories of other modernized nations.

    “What’s The Point Of Preparing? You’re All Going To Die Anyway”

    This is the nihilist argument, and it’s my favorite. Nihilists are weak-minded and weak-spirited people who realize, at least subconsciously, that they are incapable of struggle and survival. Deep down, they feel shame and self-loathing. But they would never admit to this openly. Instead, they project their weaknesses on the rest of humanity. In their mind, if they can’t survive, nobody can survive. By assuming that their weakness is everybody’s weakness, they protect their own fragile ego and avoid admitting that they are the only ones that have no chance of weathering a disaster.

    “Stop Living In Fear: Humanity Is Adaptable, Technology Will Save Us”

    This is probably the most idiotically pretentious philosophy being peddled around the liberty movement today, and it stems from what I call “delusional optimism.” You see, looking into the abyss and accepting the fact that you are about to be pushed over the edge is a difficult thing to do. Some people respond to the terror through fantasy. They imagine that the worst could not possibly happen, that there will be no consequences, that the pain of hitting the bottom will not be so bad, that in mid-drop someone will come along and teach them to fly. They search and search for that silver bullet solution that will save them from the wretched horror of full-blown social destruction.

    This delusion manifests itself in many ways, but lately I have seen it coalesce in a movement toward technology worship.

    Hell, I’m a fan of new technologies, too. And I certainly believe that many of them are suppressed by the establishment to keep the masses physically and psychologically dependent. That said, I am not foolhardy enough to believe that the mere presence of these technologies alone will save us from fiscal collapse and totalitarianism. Given time (lots of time), new technologies could help the masses break away from the mainstream system. This is time, I’m sorry to say, that we do not have. As I have discussed in recent articles on oureconomic situation, any tremor in the global system will be enough to send the entire edifice crashing down.

    Hoping for a slow steady grind until we are able to adopt fantastic new tech is pushing the envelope of logic.

    We already have the technological capability for the average person to live comfortably off the grid with electricity and other amenities we have grown fond of; yet the establishment elites are still in power, and they are still engineering numerous misfortunes. Until they are removed from power, no amount of invention is going to change a thing.  The technological fantasy is used by many people to avoid the reality that a very ugly fight is coming, and whether they like it or not, they may have to one day experience and perhaps even participate in that ugliness.

    Finally, survivalists do not do what they do out of fear. We do what we do out of love. We love freedom. We love the principles of liberty that founded this country. We love our children and seek to secure their futures. We are not afraid of collapse, because we are ready for collapse. We do not need to con ourselves with false optimism and false hope, because we have already strengthened our souls with reason and courage. True survivalists are exactly what every American should be already; honorable individuals steeped in the confidence of their own ability to handle any adversity, no matter how monstrous it may be.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

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        • I think for many people there is the fear that if they actually start seriously prepping, then the event may actually happen. By not prepping, then it won’t happen. I know that sounds mad.

          It is a scary proposition to try and get a year ahead of yourself. It’s not a matter of buying an extra case of tuna. Proper prepping is complicated, costly and time consuming. It requires good organisation skills just to buy in the right quantities of stuff.

          Once you’ve got your preps, where do you store them? How do you rotate them? How do you hide them? How do you justify your mania to friends and family? Buying the stuff is just the beginning.

          Not many of us live in a house with a secure and hidden storage facility attached! If your partner isn’t 100% on board, how do you justify tying up all that money in goods that you may never use? Not many of us have money to burn.

          I can understand why people hesitate and procrastinate. I did myself for a long time.

          • Your right in all ways. I know my fiance doesnt think anything is going to happen so instead of fighting I just do it(prep). I don’t have stored water, we have water filters and can get to water eazy so no worries there, Food I have a lot of canned food so good(could get more mix of stuff. Guns/ammo Im loaded and mean it. Im going to stop there we all could say you need this and that etc and the list goes on. You hit it by saying if I dont prep nothing will happen, or maybe people have a lot of problems (stress job loss etc) they are dealing with and don’t want to worry or add additional stress to their lives by worrying about prepping so they don’t. We all know the amswer to that one!

            It’s amazing how many commericals are on these days, it’s nuts to buy this ab roller this product and so on. People have gotten away from self reliance to things they really are worthless and don’t need to survive.

            Guys if something happens there are going to be many and I mean many beggers for what you got. That is going to be the hardest thing to deal with. I would say shut your mouth now!! And don’t tell people anything and I mean anything. They will steal it or breakin or demand you give them what you have or some and really blow up at you. I’m telling you think about it, the neighbors your trying to help prep and he is rich and a dick but you get along and trying to help that family but he chooses not to and buy that BMW and the trip to Guam. He knows you got a lot of guns and food stored. A bank collapse happens and the stores are completly shut down and they have nothing. He is going to get his friends and him etc to force you to feed them. We talk tough and when push comes to shove you know what is going to happen here. Please be quiet. I know we are all good people on here that want to truely help but except a few idiots on here. But if you mentioned it they have to make the decision to execute or prep. We live in a sick world and I know we want to help but you can only help and give your opinion so much.
            I got a bunch of crap and a lot of thumbs down or listing places to get ar-15’s or ammo and the mags for them now. I’m not going to do it again. I picked up 8 60 round ar-15 mags (surefire) for 105 each which is a good deal and not inflated prices. If you want to talk guns Im always up for it. But go over exit plans in case of a fire or hostile people outside or if someone would try to break in with your family. Go over different situations and always have multiple backup weapons quickly. Like if you would have a gun jamb while someone is staring at you in your hallway. Things like that. Seconds make the difference between life or death for either. Don’t worry too much either what the news says, there is nothing we can do about it. Don’t let it effect your life in a bad way or go do crazy stuff our breakup your family over. We could be hit with a nuke and its all over. Use common sense and I do believe in planning for this fall of America. And never trust anyone if things do go south and your neighbors are all in a talk group unless you absolutely trust them. You don’t want anyone knowing what you have and especially the cops in some cases and the feds in no case.

          • You can justify the storage by showing your partner the cost for a can of …. today vs the coast of the same can last year. Groceries and most other necessities have gone up anywhere from 5% to 10% year over year so you are living on last years costs. When you use something out of storage, just replace it on the next trip to the store. Having a mini store of the things you use right at home, it will also cut down on trips to the grocery.

            If you do not have room for a years supply, then 3 or 6 months is possible. I live in a 300 sq.ft. studio condo, but we have at least 2 months supply stashed in many unlikely places. One corner has a stack of heavy duty cardboard file boxes you can buy most everywhere. In it are canned goods marked veggies, fruits, etc. Once a week I take out what we need, and replace them with new.

            If your freezer is not always full, you can fill it with bags of pasta which will also keep your fridge from running so often saving money on electric. A bonus is that a week in the freezer kills any bug eggs that might be in the bags. A few hours warming on the kitchen counter and they are ready to store anywhere. Good for years.

            What is under you bed? Food? Water? or dust bunnies?
            A little work will ease your mind and may save your life. Give up an hour of something not as important if you have to. We all have plenty of those.

            • “You can justify the storage by showing your partner the cost for a can of …. today vs the coast of the same can last year.”

              Was at store yesterday and decided to get some Kettle Chips. The bag was NOTICEABLY slimmer than the last time I bought some.

              Happened to be cleaning up and put two packages of TP from Sam’s Club next to each other. Even though they are sitting the same way, one is about an inch taller than the other.

              They may be hiding the cost from you….

              • You are so right about this. The massive inflation -aka dollar devaluation- on everyday costs of living is getting bad.

                The one that finally slapped me upside the head was when a package of my favorite hot dogs now has only 7 dogs instead of 8 per pack. I started looking at things and realized that the cheez-it box is 20% smaller, loaves of bread are 2 inches shorter, those tall cans of beans and potatoes that make for great storage are 29 oz’s compared to my older cans which were 33 oz’s…etc etc..

                Many people are waking up to the increase in costs but only a few astute people are noticing the decrease in package sizes.

                Sadly, even fewer have the understanding or the incredility to question “WHY” does life always continue to cost more to subsist? Why are gas, heating, electricity, food, cars, health insurance etal going up, up up in cost much faster than any raises or household incomes?

                If people would come to this obvious realization:–that life is getting more expensive, yet incomes are frozen or decreasing—then maybe more people would see the common sense in preparing for the even harder and leaner times ahead.

                This is how I got my wife on board. I appealed to her female sense of searching for bargains. Once she understood how much sense it made to buy more or extra of items at current costs instead of at the increasing costs of the future–you could see the light bulb go on. ( sorry ladies for the stereotype however I haven’t met a lady yet who didn’t love a good bargain or sale items- if they are useful.)

          • “”Time To Plan For The Worst Rather Than Hope For The Best”

            The irony is that the worst we can imagine is the best we can hope for, and prepare for. It is those things we can not imagine that will determine the survival of the prepared.

          • I beleive that it’s best to be prepared for the worst and have nothing happen than to not be prepared and then have the defication hit the air circulater. The unpre-
            pard will then become zombies and will try to get what you have stockpiled at all cost. The will to survive is in all of us but a desperate person is dangerous. Keep your guns loaded, your powder dry and watch your backtrail.

        • The crisis in Cyprus is getting worse…

          As Cyprus Collapses, It’s A Race To The Mediterranean Gas Finish Line

          Gasoline “Runs” Are About To Be Unleashed
          “Some petrol stations may have to close down as they do not have enough cash to pay for fuel shipments, the head of the stations’ owners said yesterday.”

          “Petrol stations pay for their fuel shipment only with cash and cash is running out,” Stefanou added.

          “There are some petrol stations that are still accepting credit cards today, but tomorrow no petrol station will do so,”

          As Cyprus Collapses, It’s A Race To The Mediterranean Gas Finish Line

          “Cyprus is preparing for total financial collapse as the European Central Bank turns its back on the island after its parliament rejected a scheme to make Cypriot citizens pay a levy on savings deposits in return for a share in potential gas futures to fund a bailout.”

          Former Cyprus Central Bank Head And Senior Fed Economist: “The European Project Is Crashing To Earth”

          Cyprus Deposit Levy Vote Delayed, Will Go “Down To The Wire” As Up To 70% Deposit Tax Contemplated For Some

          “Deciding how to best bring the news to Russian, and other wealthy depositors, that not only will they not have access to their funds for a long, long time, the ultimate haircut on what they thought was safe, easily accessible cash as recently as a week ago, may be a stunning 70%!”

          Zerohedge dot com

          • Ky mom good post! You see if you never followed this collapse you would think things are in no big deal or shape. If you followed in more you know it could be a big mess, and if you watch Yahoo news it shows articles but gives mixed perception of what is really going on. Then you read Infowars about it and get a better perspective of this mess. But if you have common sense you know they like yahoo are not posting the mess. They don’t wan’t panic here and trying to contain it and we all know this! But the hard part is are we blowing the crisis out of proportion or is this really a big deal. I think it is. Everyone or where I go in Pennsylvania near pittsburgh I hear conversations about politics and how mad and concearned people are. Ky Mom,
            I knew it was a big deal but when you explained the cash situation with the fuel, that caught my attention and I know that does not sound good and people are not going to get paid. This is a big deal and maybe not for us right this seconed but it will be I believe very soon. The news is so back-stabbing and bullshit anymore with the straight out lies and hidden agendas etc. Germany must feel rather confident not to help. I don’t blame them but again people have to speakup and let them know how they feel about their leaders. I know we all can’t stand ours and should of never been leading anything ever. We don’t know what is going to happen but the next few days and weeks I think its going to be like a weight thats on a casted broken leg seeing if it will cause a re-break and even more damage.

            • The MSM has very little on what is going on in cypres, the imf while primarily a euro zone organization, does have ties to the fed, the fed has been a major contributor along side germany and the uk in all of the bailing out that has been going on, anyone who thinks that this stuff is isolated and will never affect us will be in for a rude awakening,

            • Maybe Germany is like us–we saw it coming and prepared..an emergency on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part…here says Germany to other countries??

          • Amazing how the idea of ditching the Euro is portrayed as the end of the world. Ask the countries that never joined the EU if they would like to sign up NOW.

        • There are more and more crisis everyday. The banksters are not going to stop until it all comes crashing down.


          • Agreed

            Sinclair,Sprott and so many others are and have been dead on accurate..


          • There’s an excellent article in the March/April issue of Barnes Review entitled “Usury & The Fall of Rome”. Looks like these money lending roach cocksuckers have been at it since before they murdered Julius Caesar. They are like roaches and roaches have been around for millions of years, they don’t care if it comes crashing down, they don’t care how many people die they only care about fucking and money. They are absolutely, stupid, disgusting, psychopathic, cocksuckers!!

            • You could have said all that WITHOUT the filthy language.

          • Too many people not enough income. When the West decided to import millions of low skill, low ability third worlders they signed their own societies death warrants. The negative results of that stupid policy are just now starting to really take off. Parts of Europe are now just a few years away from looking like Somalia and other hell holes. Parts of the US are not much better and getting worse at a rapid rate.

            • Anonymous

              Those imports you refer to are partly responsible for the end of my trade/business as a trim carpenter/stairbuilder. Realtors/bankers/ housing burst, etc. are responsible for the rest. The burst, recession, and divorce were more than I could finacially survive. I went pretty far under but not completely. I still had two daughters to take care of. Arrogant white guys around me were spewing ” the recession is not affecting me “. Well now it’s affecting us all ( and some of them I know ). They didn’t care then but they care now. Now I have adapted and am advancing again. I just can’t lay down and die. It’s not in my nature. Just ask builders and realtors how it’s going today. I am not advocating white anything but all ethnic minorities seem to have each others back any where from a little to alot. The majority of the white man only cares for himself and that will be our undoing.

              PS I am not wishing anything bad on anyone if it sounds like that. It’s just how I see it.

          • WOW!!

          • @ TrailGuide:


            This guy is putting out a call for organized resistance…on friggin’ Facebook??
            Thanks- but no thanks.

            • Thats what i said, facebook? Yea right, beware of anyone trying to set up any sort of organized anything at this point. Read patriots by JWRawles.

          • TG,

            Been reading Dean’s site for awhile now, he is very real.I don’t like the fact that he is using facebook to organize but he is at least trying to get people together for whats coming. Its also very interesting that a armed march on DC is being planned for July 4th. That could be very messy considering the Gun laws in DC. Also check out some of Bob Owens articles. We all have to face facts here something big is coming we all feel it, as Bob Owens wrote (This is not a country panic buying guns and ammo for fear of a weapons ban, This is a nation preparing for civil war)


          • Could be a government organization mining for information and then gonna “hang you out to dry”.

          • If he was legit his house would have been raided by now.


          • Looks like troll…smells like troll…no need to take a bite.

        • “The more we endeavor nature, the more profoundly we land at the mercy of its deeper rhythms”.
          The Fourth Turning.

        • If we only had to prep for natural, and the odd man-made disaster, prepping would be easy. But the thing you can count on, is that tptb want one-world tyranny, and prepping for this upcoming event needs to be the buisiness of everyone else, world-wide. Once they have destroyed America, the rest will be easy for them.

        • I Will Survive

          Gloria Gaynor’s 1979 number one smash hit song, “I Will Survive”, has a tone of strength and survivalist mentality, after a devastating event. That “survival/winner mentality” is what is needed to handle what is coming upon the earth. I will address this issue a little later in my piece.

          We have been at the mountain retreat for the past several days because of work needing to be done and to keep warmth on the preps because of another “arctic blast”. It was during this time, that the thoughts kept coming to me about how often I hear the phrase “after the collapse or on the backside of a collapse”. During these past few days I have given this much thought and have come to some conclusions, and coincidentally it comes about as the world “should” be celebrating the Passover. I will tie it all together.

          When we first arrived on Thursday afternoon, Bear – dog met us, as usual, at the main gate about three hundred yards from the house. He ran around excited for his next meal of leftover meat treats. Upon entering the walkway, he let out a warning bark, which he only barks when tied or he is letting us know there is something abnormal going on. I told the little woman I bet we have an intruder in the cage/trap on the porch. Sure enough, another possum, the filthy animal, that has been raiding Bear’s gravity feeder for the past couple of weeks. Because of the horses, we are at the retreat every day or every other day and had set a box trap on the porch on Tuesday. All Gods varmint creatures(possum, raccoon, groundhog) have a place in the world; just not at our place. A couple of friends of ours, just last week, had to put down a beautiful horse of theirs. The diagnoses; by the vet, was that he had gotten infected by possum feces/urine in his hay. The cost to treat/put down and bury the 1200 lb. animal was about $1500.00.

          I set the trap with the possum out on the yard momentarily, so I could get some heat going first. Dingo (our little rat terrier/house dog) made a bee line to the trap and then back to Bear, back and forth as to say, “come on Bear, let’s get him, let’s have some fun. Bear just looked at him as to say; “you dumb ass, have at it; I got the piss bit out of me last summer by a juvenile whistle-pig so I ain’t having any part of it; I’ve had my treats from mom, so see ya, bye”. He just strolled off, out the drive, over towards Dad’s place where he just lies around waiting for the Old man to cull something from the fridge. Not an appealing site, cause the Old man never throws out anything unless it has something growing on it, or smells so bad you can’t get it near your face. He is one of a kind and uses his old timey mountain English as though it was taught him thru his last graduation class of “eighth grade”.

          As the Old man would say; “bettr get a far (fire) built in the heater, cause it’s gettin’ so cold now, I’m-a feared sumpin (something) might git froze. I’d be mad if’n my canning stuff froze an busted and it all was rurnt (ruined). Then I gotta get that bash-turd (bastard) in that cage kilt (killed) and hauled off, if I can get that 4-wheeler crunk(cranked/started).” LOL Like I said, “He’s one of a kind”.

          Dingo was all about helping, as I approached the cage, until the stinking animal hissed at him and showed all four rows of razor sharp teeth. Dingo made a run for the porch and scratched at the door for momma to let him in.

          Well, I was thinking; will there be a back side/ rebuilding, after a collapse? I guess it depends on the level of collapse/chaotic event. If it were something like a Mount St. Helens volcano event in 1980, and you owned one of the 250 houses that was completely destroyed; I’d say yes. Unless you happened to be one of the 57 persons that evidently had no common sense and a sure lapse in judgment concerning safety, and were killed. You would have thought that a scientifically educated person would have known better, but Vulcanologist David Johnson and Gerald Martin didn’t use common sense and were killed. With about 3 billion (in today’s dollars) and thousands of game animals, in losses, over a 240 sq. mile area; it was still considered isolated and a rather small event.

          With heads of households/wage earners, now having sat down or beginning to sit down at the kitchen table to pour over receipts and expenses for the 2012 Income Tax filing; it will be apparent to some/most, that the bottom line is full of red ink and more debt. With no visible sign of anything getting better, much less thinking about how to survive a climatic event or the backside of one; now is the time to rethink the “me” part of the equation, and start thinking of the “we”.

          In the article above, written by Brandon Smith; he lays out a series of questions/statements that the procrastinators and nay sayers on prepping might use. Another well written and informative article, I might add; however, there is the last line where Brandon says, “True survivalists are exactly what every American should be already; honorable individuals steeped in the confidence of their own ability to handle any adversity, no matter how monstrous it may be” , that has the “me” way of thinking, instead of the “we”.

          Confidence in their “own” ability is what I’m referring to. Now, more than ever, we need the mindset of, “anything is possible if I am in “divine obedience” with my Heavenly Father. It is time to have a little walk, and talk, with Jesus. We need to tell him how much we “believe’ on him and “thank” him for His sacrifice for becoming our “Passover lamb”. If, we are in “divine” obedience, then the “me” becomes “we”, in every aspect of our lives. We have to accept that everything we own is God’s, and then every blessing from God, can become ours. Our Saviour then becomes our advocate to the Father for all the things we need. But, and it is a big “but”; we must be willing to “humble” ourselves first. God has a way of bringing His own back down to earth if we get too big for our britches or sit too prideful on our high-horse. Sometimes he brings them back down with a “thud”.

          A little story. Airforce One was flying at 20,000 ft when all of a sudden, a low fuel alarm went off. By calculations, there would only be about fifteen minutes worth of fuel left because of a leaking line. Aboard the plane was Barak Obama, and an old timey preacher, and a hippie. The preacher and hippie were hired by the president for a publicity stunt that was orchestrated for the city they were en-route to. The pilot and co-pilot walked into the passenger area; immediately the co-pilot threw the main door open and jumped. The pilot said,” The plane has only about twelve minutes worth of fuel left. We can only find four parachutes and there went one of them and here’s the other two, (throwing them down) and I’m gone with the fourth”. As he was jumping out the door, Obama stood up hollering out, “I’m the most important leader in the world. As the smartest man in the world and the only man who can bring about world peace, I must live.” With that, he threw on a pack and jumped. The preacher said, “Well son, it appears one of us is going to die and I just want to say that…” The hippie interrupts, “Hold on a minute preacher, neither one of us is going to die in this plane today, because the smartest man in the world just dove off this plane with my nap-sack on his back”.

          God says, don’t worry about what has passed, because you can’t change the past. Align with him so the “me” becomes “we” and get over the bad news of 2012, and the debt and setbacks of the past. Don’t fret over whether or not there will be a backside to a collapse and how you plan to rebuild. Remember this; You can get beyond anything this world throws at you, with God’s help. You can change from being burdened down with anxiety and debt to living these last days carefree, “IF”. You know what the “if” part is, for God says:
          Pro 1:33
          But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.

          • Nice…..I’m taking the leg of Lamb out
            Of the freezer in the morning!

      1. I’m gonna wait for FEMA to feed me!!!

        • Prep for the worst? You can’t mean—They aren’t going to bring Twinkies and Ding Dongs BACK? NOOOOO!

          • I like the shelf life of Twinkies. But somehow I can’t keep them on the shelf when I’m humming “Margarita Ville”.

          • We have all the Twinkies and Ding Dongs that any human could wish on one’s enemy.

        • fema meal…open mouth and insert 1 of 1.6 billion…

      2. Better to be a Tiger than a toad…..

      3. My motto has always been to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst! Honestly, the hope for the best part is getting a little slim at this point, especially with the financial stuff, and the earth changes that are happening everyday. So prep like there’s no tomorrow….because who knows what tomorrow may bring!
        Good article…..

      4. … and a chicken little than a sheelpe…

      5. I meant sheeple…

      6. Well said

        Remember: GOYDA ADSAI

        Get. Off. Your. Dead. A$$.
        And. Do. Something. About. It.

      7. I have close family that is in the catagory above that do not see any need to prepare. These families have small children 5 to 7 years old that are picky eaters. As often as I have told them I am not doing your prepping for you and you need to get on board and get things that the kids like to eat.
        I use my storage often just to have my body used to the difference and to learn ways to prepare it. I have recipes of how to make homemade gravy, cream soups, etc. and lots more from scratch and all the ingredients to make these items.
        It is a given that freeze dried and dehydrated taste pretty awful without these seasonings and it is wise to store items to help them along. I have made many dished that my husband says “I can make a living off this.”
        I am one of those that has a husband that is not on board and it is exhausting to travel that road by myself but I keep on. Even in the event of a disaster I already know that he will take full responsible as if it was his idea in the first place.
        I might add he did build my shelves for my storage, built me a 8X10 shed to store paper products, cleaning supplies, etc. to have more room for canned goods. He also built me a large cabinet to store the produce I put up in my pressure canner. He is a winner even if he thinks I have gone overboard with my prepping. Even so I just keep right on doing what I feel is needed in the troubleson times we are experiencing today. Just don’t know how to do some things or have the strength to do others.
        He did purchase our ammo from a dealer friend he has.
        All in all I pray that all will be well.
        We own a specialty cabinet shop and have a shop on wheels that we can bug out in if needed.
        I pray the Holy Spirit will guide all of you in the direction you should go. Store wisely and LEARN how to use those items and have back ups to your back ups.
        God Bless

        4 year prepper

        • As a born pessimist, I always expect things to get worse. Comes from being born into a farm family during drought years. Your advice is spot-on, and I’ve known how to make gravy since I was about ten. Our kids don’t exactly pay attention, either, and we have told them to get started. I think their game plan is to put a sad-eyed grandchild in front of us to beg for food. We’ve told them we have enough for two getting-older people and none of our preps are canned ravioli.

          Anyway, point of this was supposed to be vitamin C. We have two rows of Rugosa roses lining our garden because we have a lot of deer. The Rugosas, in addition to their nasty thorns, have really nice rose hips, ten times higher in vitamin C than oranges. I just ordered twelve more roses, including Rosa Rugosa Scabrosa, which has hips as large as cherry tomatoes. Britain was embargoed during WW2, and used rose hip syrup to prevent scurvy. There is a really good and informative video on You Tube which explains the process (look up rose hip syrup) and it can be stored for a year or slightly longer in sterilized bottles. I’ve made it for all my kids, although cheating and using some orange juice for flavor. The hips have highly irritating hairs on the seeds which is why you make a syrup instead of just eating them. There is very little taste but lots of vitamins.

          BTW, I am relatively new on this site (4-5 months) and am not sure of proper etiquette. I tend to jump in with a reply when I see something interesting. Is this considered bad manners like jumping ahead in line? I ask because I’ve received some thumbs down to comments I wouldn’t consider offensive and wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

          • Vicky, welcome here — I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Nothing wrong with you or what you share — it isn’t you. There are some unhappy readers here, though, and their biggest joy is to give someone a red thumb. I suppose it is like a nasal hit of Viagra to these losers — pay no attention to it. Or them. Some of us liken it to a badge of honor when we ruffle the troll feathers, so to speak.

            Good tip on rose hips, too — excellent source of mega Vitamin C!!

          • Your not doing anything wrong Vicky. There are just some negative
            people that visit this site from time to time. Just don’t be too sensitive
            When they give you a thumbs down. Its great to hear about your
            Rose hips. I order mine online and use them in my “get well” tea.

            Keep preppin’

          • There’s a lot of trolls on here.

          • Vicky ~ Trollery is often afoot here. Sometimes you can take a thumbs down as a compliment because it means that you are providing meaningful information. I think your posts are great and I’ve found them very useful!

            Welcome, btw, and I’m glad you jumped in. It’s a tough crown around here sometimes. 🙂


            • Hi Daisey, you are right.

              “If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target”

              “When the flak is heavy, you are over the target”

          • Vicky
            Don’t worry about the red thumbs. The trolls come through and hit everyone.
            if you have something to contribute just jump right in

            • Mac needs to put up a “Troll Crossing” sign…..

              • maybe a troll in profile with a big red cross hair on him…

          • Vicky; If your get all thumbs up your doing something wrong. If you get all thumbs down your doing something wrong. Join the club. Think for your self.

          • Vicky: Great info! There is no “proper etiquette” here. Its an open forum. Mac only censors in EXTREME cases, and otherwise, everyone is free to express their opinion.

            Some opinions are valued more than others, but everyone has a perspective. Again. Great info. Keep it coming.

          • Vicky,

            Thank you for the information about rose hips as an excellent source if Vitamin C! Planting some rose bushes just outside the windows would be an added safety feature too.

            Welcome and thank you for adding to the conversation! Don’t worry about the thumbs down. Some days the trolls are busy.

            Take care.
            KY Mom

          • Its always nice to hear sensible and intelligent info,
            Thumbs up, keep your voice!

          • vitamin C is plentiful in many things that grow almost anywhere. The problem most people have today is the lack of some of your complex B’s. Particularily, B17.

          • Vicky, many thanks for sharing this kind of information. It’s much needed here.

          • @ Vicky

            I am wondering, where you get your Rosa Rugosa Scabrosas? Because any time I can combine my love of gardening with my love of surviving, that’s always a great thing 🙂

          • Vicky – A big WELCOME ! Your Rose info is very useful. We were just contemplating another barrier for deer, & perhaps human, obstruction to the inner delights of our garden. Your naming of the variety saves us the further research.

            Helping and information is what we do here on SHTFPlan. Troll smacking is fun as well !

          • Vicky dont worry about doing things right or wrong if you have some thing to say that you think is important just say it and if people dont like it thats thier problem. Anyway a nice quote from Thomas Jefferson I thought you’d all like to hear: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed at times with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” well wow i went pretty OT there but whatever a mans gotta say what a mans gotta say.


          • Where did you order the Rosa Rugosa Scabrosa roses from? I think it is a great idea!

        • He’s on board with you, just won’t agree with you. Some folks are like that, don’t like something, for whatever reasons, but carry on with the program when a leader leads.

      8. It’s a tough call.. We only have 1 life to live.. If you only worry all your life that the STHF is going to happen at any given moment.. You miss the enjoyment of being alive.. Thus then realize that you’ve pissed your life away.. Sad!

        We all live in the darkness of the fear mongers .. Just look to the left of this forum->. These assholes are profiting from our fears!

        Believe and trust in God.. Believe in yourself.. Live your lives.. Again.. You only have 1 life to live..

        If doomsday really comes.. Embrace it.. There is really nothing us mere humans can do about it..

        Pull out a cold one.. And say.. I really didn’t ever mind the small things in life.. And then deal with it..

        You could have 10 years of preps.. Guns and ammo.. Trust me.. Once the ones know you got it..you will have to move.. Then you are fair game.. So stop worrying.. Let the chips fall… That’s all you can do..

        Be happy.. Live your lives! Make amends with god..

        • Realist, I don’t think you get the point. Most are not worring about it. They are just being smart like the squirel preparing for the winter. Hope you don’t have children and have to tell them you have nothing for them when there is nothing on the shelves.
          Preping helps me appreciate the smallest things in life, perhaps even more than you. Like food and water.
          It sound to me like you plan to drink the cool-aid.
          Sorry to hear it.

          • Forced on Drinking the Kool-Aid- My friend We are all riding in the same car…

            I do have a daughter – and I have all my guns , ammo, food and H20 from years back .. all my preps are in line..

            All I am putting accross is that life is short… The SHTF theory has happened may times in human history.. And yes.. History does repeat itself.. But I ain’t gonna worry the rest of my life for a potential extinction event.. And miss the good things life has to offer..

            I’m sorry.. It seems you have drank the Kool-aid in buying into and investing valuable time into a fear mongering society that we presently live in..

            Only GOD can push the self destruct button..

            • I agree with a lot of what you say, realist. That is why you get a thumbs up. It is all about balance in life and not “living in fear”.

        • I like your post! I get burnt out on all this bad news and the chicken little stories all the time. Yes I am a prepper and I do believe we will have a financial crisis in this country at some point so save the red thumbs because I am one of you but I had forgotten to live as I was spending my free time prepping and training. Once I remebered that I am still alive and may have some years to go, now that six pack with my buddies doesn’t sound so bad anymore. There are still beautiful things in life to admire. Smell the roses and crack a couple with old friends. One day we might never have the chance again.

          • @Warface and Realist:

            As I posted before–

            It is better to have some prepper fatigue now, than to
            have the severe non-prepper fatigue later.

            Preppers should not have fatigue. It should be a way of life that we enjoy. About 40 years ago, most folks lived that way. It was commonsense and a necessity. You had chickens because you needed eggs.

            Sometimes just go for a walk or a jog and just clear your mind. You are doing the right thing. Just don’t sweat all the small stuff.

            • Ugly, it’s probably more about the waiting than the actual prepping. I just can’t believe what a shambles this country is in and we need a reset. It seems that pride is gone in most people and everywhere you go you get treated like shit. Around here, if you dare to drive the actual speed limit, you have some punk kid or asshole soccer mom under your back bumper and flipping you off. I have always known and been told that I was born in the wrong century. I would do better on horseback and living off the land in the middle of nowhere.

              • @Warface….I know what your saying about attitudes and tailgaters. Americans and non-Americans are very spoiled living here, expecting anything from full retirement to pensions to food to education to health care. I get tired of talking to many people and listening about their health problems and stress levels.

                SHTF is worth the wait, because we should hope it is down the road aways. A long ways down the road. But we all know it will come relatively soon.

                My prepper fatigue comes from mostly the non-preppers. The kooks that feel USA has tons of money that will never go away. The kooks that will raid, kill, and steal; but not lift a finger with a hoe and help you raise food. You get to raise it so they can eat.

                Americans have gone from a very strong Ag background to now one that is very ignorant of food production.

                • @Ugly and Warface:

                  Totally agree. It seems people in general have changed so much in the last few years. This entitlement mindset many have will be the root cause of the collapse of this once great nation, in my opinion. Today’s younger generation seems to think working anything beyond 8 hours in a day is some sort of torture. They measure productivity in how many times they update their facebook status. I am starting to see this type of behavior in older folks as well, not all, just a few I know.

                  Ugly, I too hope the real SHTF is a ways down the road, but I agree that something is bound to happen sooner, rather than later.

                  I got to witness first hand last month how much of the general public is unprepared. We had a winter storm knock out power for an extended period, I think I was out for 7 days. I talked with several of my co-workers to see how they were making it. Not a single one could make it a week without staying with someone else. One guy spent $700 on a hotel bill since they had back up generators. WTF? For $700 you can find a used generator, wire in a transfer switch and buy enough gas to run it for a week or more. One lady said she thought that FEMA should have brought in generators for people to use. Again WTF? A few days without power constitutes some major disaster? I told her the government couldn’t manage a one man rock fight, let alone keep tabs on 50,000 “loaner” generators.

                  On the subject of generators, a few helpful tips:
                  1. Run the generator at least once per month. Put it under a load by hooking up several electrical appliances, or run portions of your home or shop if equipped.
                  2. Keep a trickle charger on your generators battery. Small “lawn mower” type batteries usually don’t have a long life, and a trickle charger will extend their life. Had the same one on mine for 6 years now.
                  3. When shutting off the generator, turn off the gas supply to the carb. Let the motor run out of fuel. This helps get rid of the fuel in the carb, and reduces the chance of the gas “varnishing” in your fuel system. Use Stabil or some other fuel catalyst.
                  4. Install transfer switch to your home electrical panel. Not necessary, but sure is handy. You can also wire in directly to your home panel if you have an extra spot for a breaker. Just be sure to kill the main switch before energizing. You can also remove your meter and wire in there also. Power company gets pissed, but if you get cold enough, probably won’t care.
                  5. Check your recoil start rope. Have an extra rope and know how to install it.
                  6. Load share: Don’t try to run everything at once. If you are total electric, you will have to load share, unless you have a big generator. The more appliances you can leave off, the longer your generator will run without refilling. Big generators require BIG fuel.

                  Moral of the story: generators are great for SHORT TERM emergencies. Get off as many electrical appliances as possible. Get wood stove if possible in your home or bug out location, with an ample supply of firewood. Don’t use your last drop of fuel powering your home, save it, may come in handy if you need to power a submersible pump in a water well or something.

                  I know I’m preaching to the choir on this site, and most of you have more prepping knowledge and experience than I do. It just amazes me that most people will not wake up and have a little self reliance and independence. I can only imagine a complete grid down scenario, complete chaos. I understand where The Realist is coming from in the post above. You can’t live a good life worrying all the time about the future. I think prepping can become a way of life, with many enjoyable aspects to it. It all depends on each individual and what they enjoy doing. For us, hunting, fishing, camping and gardening are fun hobbies, that allow us to “prep” while enjoying life. Reloading ammo and attempting to hit tiny targets at absurd distances is my relaxation technique, that may unfortunately have a real world use soon. So, before the trolls start bashing with the “keyboard commando” and “you will all sh@t your pants when it all goes down” comments, the last time I had to dig RPG fragments out of my leg and body armor, I didn’t sh%t my pants. I did puke a couple of times and was shaking like a dog sh$tting a well rope for about 4 hours after it was over.

                  Sorry, I’m in a talkative mood today. Back to the loading bench.

                  Standing by in OK


                  • naw,BB Stacker, I don’t think you are “preaching to the choir”. I think you make good common sense and something more people need to hear; repeatedly.

                  • BB Stacker…I am not part of the choir, but a very unprepared person who is looking to change that. I have found some useful info here including your tips about the generator and also the comment above about the Rugosa roses.

                    I am gathering all the info I can, so I will have a clue as to where to start.

                    I appreciate your comments! 🙂

            • Lets get to the real truth here…The 1% need the 99% to maintain their status.. They aren’t going to stop their money pumping honey hole..

              I am not saying to stop prepping- I’m just concerned that once you’ve crossed into the prep zone it’s easy to obsess about it.. Live life.. We are still free to move about the county..eat whatever you want..

              If you want the Biggest Prep that would do the most Good? > lets ALL prep to VOTE OUT All of the Scumbags we put in washington to preserve our way of life, and our freedoms …

              As for my daughter/ I’m prepping her to become a water right attorney .. For this is where the future threat resides .. We are running out of clean water.. “If you want to worry about something- it’s game over once the h20 is depleted”

          • I am with you on the upbeat positive attitude. Besides with a great leader like Barack Obama at the helm what could go wrong?/s

        • Just Praise Jesus!

          • BS. Even the Bible doesn’t say that. Praying is no substitute for work.

            • You should pray you can continue to work

        • “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.”- Thomas Jefferson

          Sing it trolls-

          Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
          Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
          Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbaya

          Someone’s singing Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s singing Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s singing Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbayah

          Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s laughing, Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbaya

          Someone’s crying, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s crying, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s crying, Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbaya

          Someone’s praying, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s praying, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s praying, Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbaya

          Someone’s sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
          Someone’s sleeping, Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbaya
          Oh Lord, kumbaya

          While you “live” your life and singing.

          I’m reloading!!!!

          By the way, I DO NOT have to mend ANYTHING with god,

          because I never broke my pact with him.

          We are ALL gods chosen, not just some group of bankers.

          • Kevin

            you cant be reloading because you didnt add ” lord kumbya”

            ps dont take it to heart just a little teasing,,,kumbya

        • The Realist

          Yeah good advice except your stupid. It’s not doomsday one prepares for. It’s emergencies. What if your doomsday happens to be a new depression? God will probably think you are stupid also.

          PS Let your own chips fall.

          • Listen up chief.. I don’t offend anyone.. And don’t take cheap shots form a hermit like yourself either.. I ain’t no punk..

            Natural disasters come and go.. They mostly a inconvience.. But are rebuildable..

            On A global event – all bets are off.. And I fully understand that it’s every man for themselves..

            • The realist

              Your posts all seem to conflict with the previous ones. Your so called ” advice ” could be damaging to some seeking ” realistic ” info. One common theme in your posts is ” doomsday “. I do agree with you if that happens then game over. Until then one should have their shit together. I do not believe that doomsday is why anyone here prepares. Why would you prepare for doomsday anyway???? There are many other realistic situations to be ready ( as much as possible ) for. I have car insurance but I do not dwell on getting in car wrecks. It’s just there if I need it. Like preps.

        • yeah, live life to the fullest while you can..just make sure you do it with your eyes and ears open..and if you trust in God, then go back and read your bible dude- it says in there, over and over, to get prepared for whatever life hands you in the future.

          • I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

            Support for Caryn.

            • JayJay….I like that verse. In fact, I read Timothy and Ephesians quite often. However, Ecclessiates sets me straight on what life is about.

          • 2 Timothy 4: tells us in no uncertain terms to prepare…. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2%20Timothy+4&version=NIV

            Faith or no faith, the issue is simply put: my family and I will be living when shtf while so many others will be panicked. I don’t understand why so many are not able to see this. At times it makes me plum mad to see so many blinded about what is coming! Glad I can read this blog and know that I am truly among “friends” that get it! Keep the comments and insights coming… I’m writing them all down. 🙂

            • Anonomous….I agree with you say. People are very secure in the American system. We need to keep learning and to keep teaching others, assuming the others will listen.

              Brandon Smith’s article is another wakeup call. Myself, I believe we have some time left; but not too much. Keep preparing the best way you know.

            • Amen, anon..like the citizens that say prepping may stress them out??
              Say what?? Compared to not being prepped??
              The stupidest attitude yet.

          • 4 year prepper says
            You are so right. God shows us from Genesis thru the entire Bible how to prepare. Store up in the fat years for the lean years. Those lean years are fast approaching as food prices skyrocket.

            We are called “preppers” today but my great grandparents, grandparents and my “Mom” have always grown all we need. My own life has been around, livestock that kept us well fed. We were poor but never hungry.
            We had hog killigs, slaughtered cows, had chickens for eggs and fried chicken on Sundays, preserved produce from our large garden. It is a way of life.
            But by todays standards we are paranoid because we follow God’s word and prepare.

            God gave us wisdom and expects us to use it. He also gave us a free will to except Him or reject Him, to prepare or not to prepare. “The prudent man foresees difficulties ahead and prepare for them, but the simple go blindly on and suffer the consequences.”

            Even tho my Mom was poor and uneducated she had so much wisdom and knowledge because she was well read. As I sit here with tears in my eyes I want to say: “I miss you Mom and wish you were here to show me which way to go, what way to turn.” I miss you so much Mom! I am trying so hard to live the kind of life you would have me to do and instill you wisdom on to others.

            4 year prepper

            God Bless you all

            • Well said 4 year prepper….my great grandparents were farmers and they taught my grandparents and my Mom to always prepare for lean times….and my Mom blessed me with her wealth of wisdom!

          • I live psalm 91.. Every day..

            I am ready.. But always ready for the day God pulls the rug out from all off the malignant A-holes in this world!

        • And get more jello!!!

        • There is no absolute “right answer” to living in turbulent times but there is a right approach to the problem and I believe the realist has expressed it very well.

      9. I prepped for Y2K and the world didn’t end… but I had a bunch of stuff stored up that I didn’t have to buy again. The problem with Y2K was that – while a bunch of prople were saying nothing would happen, a lot of others were saying just the opposite and I wasn’t in a position to know who to believe.

        This time though, I can see prices climbing while income drops. I can see legislators calling for gun control while the government stocks up on guns and ammo. I can see politicians driving wedges between ethnic groups while pandering for their votes. More importantly, I can read and understand historical accounts where all these signs have shown up in other times and places to the detriment of those people who were not prepared.

        I’m preparing.

        • Even though you are so old?

        • @ Oldfart.

          I’m the same way. All my years of prep I can know what works and what does not. One thing about food. If what you have prepared does not activate your taste buds, a little hot sauce, chilli powder or jalapeno peppers will do the trick. Those who are low octane can use onions and black pepper.

          • And peppers and onions are easy to grow. The less you water the peppers, the hotter they get. I don’t like peppers, but I’m really good at growing them. I grow them and give them away. I might start drying them and keeping them this year.

            Also, wild onions that grow in your yard are edible. They might be stronger than garden onions, but that just means adjusting recipes. There is a yard down the street that is so full of wild onions, it looks like a wild onion farm.

            • @ archivist if you can grow cayennes they would be good for trade. cayenne powder is used in alot of herbal remedies. maybe print a few pages on its usage to hand out as well.

          • I’m puzzled by the hostility to the idea of having extra food. If you’re wrong and disaster doesn’t strike, you can EAT your mistake. Seems that some people like the idea of being part of the melee at grocery stores before every storm. I’ve never had any desire to go to Home Despot and fight with my neighbors over plywood and batteries.

        • Sometimes, truth is very self evident. It doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on out there. The lies being told to keep the natives calmed down. Apparently there are still enough people out there who believe what our controlled media tells them. That we are in a recovery, inflation is only 2%, and all is well.
          But history repeats itself over and over, and we are at the end of a cycle. unfortunately, at the end of every cycle, is war. can you see the pattern?
          So, we just do what we do, and deal with things the best way we can.
          Good luck to all of you, even if it’s only about 2% of the population. It’s nice not to be a sheeple.

        • @Oldfart

          Learning from your past mistakes is knowledge- learning from others mistakes is wisdom and a whole lot less painful since you gained knowledge without suffering the pain of their mistakes. I thank you (and others here) for sharing your knowledge. 😉

      10. has anyone considered what the bible says about all of this time to start reading and praying !!!!! get saved today

      11. Thank you, Brandon, for an exceptionally well-written and logical article. So many people think that because a thing hasn’t happened, it can’t happen. Tell that to the people who lived in Pompeii or Indonesia or Warsaw. It’s in the ether; a mounting confusion and hysteria, and frantic running around in circles that all the technology, reality tv shows (now there’s an oxymoron) and selfish dedication to “things” can’t disguise. Even preppers (like me) can get lax, caught up in the momentary, fleeting distractions of the day. But it’s time to step it up. My little clan has a “bug-out” location within walking distance (a good stretch of the legs) and we are concentrating on food, light, medicines and what we’ll need to live wild. “Protection” has already been secured. Not all of us will survive, but for those of us that do, it’s our responsibility to teach, honor, remember and guide. Even we baby-boomers, though we may have some gray feathers, have a lot to offer and can teach people to fly. Political, social and natural events are increasing in intensity and each will exacerbate the others. Sometimes it amazes me that people can’t feel it in the atmosphere. Hang tough and keep getting ready, because the times are coming when we will need what we have, and each other. Misneach, my friends.

      12. @ CL

        The GDP of planet Earth is $60 trillion and the US gave the banksters $17 trillion in 2008. In Britain they gave them $2 trillion pounds. That is a lot of fucking money! That’s 1/3 of the money in existance in the world! Where the fuck is that money? What have the banksters done with it? Now they want more? They want our life savings so they can gamble it away in derivatives? Why don’t they ban derivatives? Why hasn’t anybody reinstituted the Glass–Steagall Act? Is there any logical reason why this criminal, tyrannical, government shouldn’t be stopped as our founding fathers would have wished?

        • Eisenkreuz

          Call your Congress Critters and they will answer all your questions.

        • eisen:
          I’m not sure about all your figures dollar wise but your tone is spot on. Key word “Glass-Steagall Act”



          • The Bretton Woods and Glass Steagall repeals have gone hand in hand to hand to achieve their goals. Dr Paul Craig Roberts says it is too late to stop the cabol now.

            • Didn’t make sense to me either. That should read repeals have gone hand in hand to achieve their goals. Whats that smell? Did someone fart? What this on my arm? Quick, turn off the fan.

        • Look above, Eisen, at the blue line written by trailblazer– just above where I commented, “Wow!!”

        • Eisen
          No reason at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • I think that money was sucked into the abyss of derivative losses, hell who really knows, maybe we had to buy back our treasuries that was threatening to dump them on the market… Over a quadrillion dollars worth of derivative exposure in the system. A quadrillion is after trillion.. As you said way more than GDP of all the countries on this planet.

          • How the hell was this ever allowed to come into existance? And why didn’t anyone ever say anything?

      13. I find that being prepared means that I worry LESS and enjoy things MORE. People who don’t prep really don’t understand the peace of mind and feeling of security that preparedness brings.

        Also, I’ve found that I don’t focus quite as much now on prepping per se, as I do on self-sufficiency. I think that it’s kind of a “next step” that many people here have already taken.

        The less you need from “the system” the less chance the system has to screw you over. If you can grow your own wheat, harvest it, grind it and then turn it into bread, then you don’t need to buy bread when it goes up to unaffordable prices in the very near future. The personal satisfaction of opening a jar of salsa that you canned yourself and contains only ingredients from your garden is unsurpassed. Playing a boardgame by candle light in front of the woodstove when the power goes out, looking out at your thriving garden, and going for a walk in the woods to pick berries in the late summer are all humble pleasures that many people will never experience because they are so tied into the system.

        Deriving your happiness from simple things is the key to a joyful life. Who says preppers don’t know how to have fun? 😉

        ~ Daisy

        • You’re the perfect wife. You just need to move back to a country that has freedom of speech.

          • E ~

            We are moving to a nice little farm in the Pacific Northwest this summer – yay!!!!

            ~ D

            • Rain, fog, and infested with communists.

              • Eisen….not in Northern Idaho. Yes rain, but commies and fog are reserved for western wash ie Seattle.

                Idaho is great.

              • But great soil and on the side of the border I’d like to be.

                • Daisy….which side of border, Idaho or Washington? Pullman to north of Spokane not bad. Pullman an excellent college town. But Idaho side much better. Moscow, where I got my degrees Univ of Idaho), is excellent. Preppers in area and also granolas (organic)….

                  You cannot beat Moscow thru Sandpoint. Courd Alene has it pluses and minuses, but south or north is great. CdA is too close to Spokane.

                  Whatever you have chosen, I wish you the best.

                  • Ugly –

                    Sorry – OPSEC – I’m keeping my location really vague but I certainly appreciate the input! 🙂

                    Cooking Mom –

                    Got that stuff lined out and waiting.


                • Yea!!! Buy a real gun the minute you get here!!
                  Mines a 22LR . It’s all I can handle and I like it.

                  Keep preppin’

                  • Daisy….dont blame you on the OPSEC, just was curios on whether WA or ID.

                    Anyway, I think you made a good choice of area(s). Great mollisol soils with plenty of rainfall. Good luck.

                • Hiya Daisy,

                  Longtime no speak. I am moving also, out of the city to a small island in the south of the country. A couple of degrees warmer, a truly massive garden by UK standards and a population density thats minuscule compared to the city.

                  I wish you well for the future

                  Take care

                  • Burt

                    Long time..

                    Great news..

                    Check mail..


            • So you are coming to me Daisy. Oh this will be fun.

              • You’re incredibly creepy.

                • I know. But come to the shows lets get you something with more punch than a bow. And some serious survival, gear.

              • Ok, Norman (facebook) Bates. Sorry couldn’t resist. I don’t say anything bad about anyone, but ‘smart-ass’ is one of my spiritual gifts. I wish everyone well in that area. I am jelous. It is beautiful. I am hoping my son wants to go to college at the University of Idaho, thus his dad and mom can move too.

              • Facebook Page – Sexual Pervert Much?

                You’re kinda like a Real Perv Predator Stalker Rapist aren’t you.

                You’re a known Veteran “WHO WORKS FOR THE V.A. – Veterans Administration”, has self admitted “bragged about large amount of firearms” in his possession.

                Hangs Out at Gunshows like a gun nut would.

                And Likes to Mentally Stalk Prey Upon inflict fear and psychological trauma almost daily … Upon Defenseless Single Mothers here @SHTFPLAN for his own Mentally Sick Sexual Fantasy Jollies!

                Is that about Right? Or did I miss Something here.

                Some One who works at the V.A. VETERANS ADMINISTRATION in Washington State and Oregon State might want to Investigate this V.A. Employee known as @facebook_page.

                Maybe the Veterans Administration – Staff Judge Advocate needs to be involved in this Veteran and V.A. Employee who likes terrorizing and stalking defenseless women single mothers online?

                Maybe @facebook_page needs to loose his Right to Bear Arms through a V.A. Veterans Administration Psych Doctors Seizure Order and permanent weapons ban.

                That’s It , now I’m Mad.

                I’m reporting you to the V.A. and hope they catch you, take away your guns and fire you!

                You need serious psychological help pervert!

                I encourage All concerned Preppers here by @facebook_page behavior to do the same.

                Now I’m Angry!

                -Pretty Pink Polka Dots

                • @Pretty Pink….Not trying to play devils advocate, but maybe Facebook was just using sarcasm. I do it all the time.

                  On my bumpersticker it says the famous:

                  Sarcasm–Just another service I offer

                  Sign on my office wall says:

                  Professional Advice: $75/hour
                  Smartass comments: free

                  Who knows what motives other have?

                  Life is good. All I can do is control my own attitude.

                • Daisy is far from defenceless you insult her with your rant.

                  • @Facebook….please accept my comment with grain of salt. remember 50% of my genes are spanish-basque and the other 50% from unknown tribe called Smart-Ass.

                    You remind me of those that wear full cammos and combat boots just to shop at WallyWorld. Don’t forget your BOB just in case SHTF and you need to bugout in Wally’s freezer. Also, dont forget portable Ham so you can let emergency crew know where you are bugging out.

                    PS. Have you captured one of those giant Palouse Earthworms yet? Good luck with everything.

                    I’m just joking. Thanks for your service. I think I remember you stating you were in the military and have served.


                  • I’ll bet yours got beaten on a regular basis.

                • Triple P/D, careful how you sling about “Gunshows” and “gun nut” in one sentence on here.

            • Welcome Daisy. What part of the PNW?

            • @Daisy….Happy for you that you have found your little farm….but sorry to see you leave the “Great White North”..

              have a feeling it was “too far north”….especially such a short growing season! Still waiting to hear back from U with that “list”….take care, CC

            • We still got Daisyland! Glad for you.

          • Eisen, what country has more free speech than Canada? Oh , you mean the USA! haha, good one. Funny , how here we can basically call out the alphabet agencies and not go to prison or have a spy agency spending so much time watching us. Freedom of speech? Give me a break bud. If it was up to me, I would also not moderate you or nina or fbp and more importantly myself. Funny how Mac doesnt really like Canada, so I am on moderation. Is there any chance that any of you will have a light come on soon and realize how bad it really is in AMerica? No, I didn’t think so. I for one, will not be returning to America. Ever. I really do pity those who believe they are the land of the free and the home of the brave. you people are no more free than the people of North Korea and haven`t the bravery of a group at an accountants convention. You`re pathetic. Its that simple.

            • Proof once again, You’re a DUMBASS!

              Your government in Canada is as crooked as USA. They are all in bed together. You think your sorry ass is gonna be exzempt when the SHTF? ROLMFAO on that one.

              There is a part of the Canadian peoples/society that is just as important to God, as is a part of the US peples/society. No better and no worse.

              “No more free than the people of North Korea”. What an idiotic statement. You need to be banned from the site permanently for that remark. So, eeder, you can kiss my red, white and blue patriotic ass, the very dark part.

        • Finding enjoyment in the simple stuff, makes it much easier NOT trying to keep up with the Jones’s. With the side benefit of not caring if S does HTF cause we can make do.

        • Daisy – Your posts are always a joy to read. Wife and I have similar reflections as we walk through back pastures and marvel at the plantings about ready to grow.

          The wood stove & candle light has been our most relaxing of the evenings even when the power is off for a week. I look forward to those power out times without apprehension. It allows us to use the backups. Some of those backups are as old as this 1940’s farm.

          Wish some of you were our neighbors. Yet, I guess every road has a few meth hags, skanks, numb-nuts and lib-tards exiting on it.

          • That is “existing on it” at the end…old eyes !

        • amen! better to change a lifestyle then have it changed for you by force. this was truly a good article to read again and again.

      14. My husband is not totally on board, he has become more supportive recently. He thought I was spending to much money, but we broke down the budget and low and behold he spends way more then I do. He’s very helpful when it comes to gardening and making out food storage taste better. He is a chef so he can make almost anything taste good.
        I personally decided to turn off my Facebook for awhile, it’s a great waste of time.
        I do enjoy some aspects of technology but it has overtaken real life.
        I do still hope for the best, I would want to kill myself if I only thought about the negative things going on in the world.

      15. Sent my aunt an article about the dangers of fluoride. She send me back a government source saying that fluoride is just fine.

        • All you can do is try to open peoples eyes. You are a good person for trying.

        • It is toxic. They dump it in our water to get rid of it.

      16. Prepping is for people who do not live a sustainable lifestyle. The time for preparing is over. It is time to be.

        • PP,
          What was your ratio for calcium hypochlorite to a gallon of water to treat it?

          • Mind if I share mine??
            Pool Shock Mixture:
            Easy directions for small amts: To 1 cup water, add 1/4 tsp c.h.
            Add 1/2 tsp. of solution to a 2 liter bottle.
            Set overnight for chlorine taste or smell to disappear, or just add Tang if needed now.

            ( I have a canvas bag with 1 measuring cup, 1/4 and 1/2 tsp measurer, a cleaned 2 liter bottle, with bags of C.H. in storage room-kept dry and cool)

            • Thanks JJ

        • Prepared Pastor ~ No disrespect is intended here, but there are many people just getting started and that kind of statement is so discouraging!It does a disservice when people say things like “it’s too late” and “the time for preparing is over”, especially people who are well-prepared like you. I know you would hate it if your statements influenced someone to the extent that they felt convinced that it was hopeless to even try.

          Every bag of beans you put away, every secondary cooking method you invest in, every single thing you do to prepare is a step in the right direction. It is NOT too late until the stores and banks are closed.

          Are people starting today going to be as well-prepared as you are? Probably not. But each family that is NOT part of the Golden Horde is a family that you and I will not have to worry about coming to steal our supplies.

          Newbies, dig in and get going. It’s late in the game, yes, but it isn’t impossible. Your newfound awareness is an enormous step in the right direction – possibly the biggest step you’ll ever take. Please don’t be discouraged – focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t.

          ~ Daisy

          • Daisy — Amend sister Many Newbies will be moving very slowly, because they still not totally sure of their prepping.

            C Howard Fields

          • Well said Daisy.

          • Thanks Daisy.

            Yep, I’m one of the new ones. My family has pride and has never been the type to depend on others for our keep. So, once we woke up to what was really going on in this world, we were fast out of the starting gate to get ready. I feel “it” is fast approaching and we are working furiously to prep, but as you said, “It is NOT too late until the stores and banks are closed.”

            We’ve been preparing for around 2 years, which sounds like plenty of time to get ready, but it’s flown by. My wake up came in quick one-after-the-other steps. The initial wake-up was an illness, which woke me up to the Medical Industrial Complex, which woke me up to the next and the next and so on. I had always known this ant farm we’re living in was challenging, but when I realized TPTB were shaking it just to watch us scramble, it was time to take charge.

            We stepped up our food production this last year and I learned how to can and dehydrate, so our stores are looking good. The biggest hurdle in being self sustaining is, we live in town. And it’s an ICLEI (Agenda 21) town at that, so the importance of moving to a country site has been foremost on our mind. We just put our house on the market and we have some acreage, but no buildings on site – no cabin, no shed! So, we have our work cut out for us and we’re going to have to do something fast – but we’ll get it done.

            Here’s a question: You had mentioned a secondary cooking method and we’re looking for a wood-burning stove. Is that a good idea? Any brand suggestions?

            And I, for the life of me, don’t know how you all keep track of the postings here. I mean, since I’m asking a question and hoping for some guidance, is there a way for me to know if someone answers my question. Do I come back to this article to check? Sorry, if that’s a dumb question. I’m not the sharpest tool, but I’m not the dullest either! And I’m plum tuckered out.

            Thanks to all. Working fast and furious – not Holder style.

            • Plum truckered out,

              Hit up Northern tool web site the have some good buyes right now. But if money is not a issue hit the lehmans website for all the really cool homestead stuff. And yes you have to keep coming back to your post to check replies for now buddy..


              • Thanks DPS. I’ll check out those sites. I wish money wasn’t an issue.

        • From what Iv’e read here my friend it’s never to late to start prepping. I myself have just begun & don’t see it as being to late. In my book it’s better late than never !

      17. My grandfather used to say “Prepare for the worst, and the best will take care of itself”…and….”Buy rope, it’s going to come in real handy some day”…the latter was normally after the daily news….
        Shelves are stripped of ammo here regular, just so little coming in. I’m waiting for a sunny day above 40 or 50 or so and I’ll be casting bullets.
        BTW, an Asian American friend makes “sticky rice” for special occasions. I tried an adaptation of the recipe with added fruit I reconstituted from my storage. Very palatable, and a nice filling meal with one of our basic storage staples. Also, wheat ground fine for flatbread, made witha tortilla press and cast iron skillet, and covered with whatever you like for personal size pizza.
        Store what you eat and eat what you store!…Starting garden seeds indoors today…

        • coldinwisconsin—aren’t grandparents great…

          My grandmother used to say, when people woke up in the
          morning they should say “Good Morning Lord”, but insead,
          most people say “Good Lord It’s Morning.”

          • Sorry—instead

          • I agree its like this one

            Officer: Are you High?

            Citizen: sir, thats Hi, How are you

        • 4 year prepper says:

          You just hit on my weakness. I cannot bake bread to safe my life. I can just barely bake a biscuit we can actually eat. My Mother used to bake flatbread that she fixed in a cast iron skillet. Wish I had paid closer attention.
          Just how do you do it? I have 3 sizes of cast iron skillets, 1,2,3 qt. sauce pans and a 5 qt. cast iron dutch oven.
          I used my biscuit recipe to do flatbread in my skillet. It was not bad either. My husband and I ate it but it could be better, I think.

          Is this the recipe you use.

          Care to share?

          I have a bread machine but need alternative for a grid down situation on my gas cook stove. Oven will not work without electricity.

          4 year prepper

          • @4yr prepper: look up a recipe for Naan bread online. it’s a flatbread, easy & total YUM!

      18. I was raised half on the farm, part in the woods and partly running around a small town in Northern Minnesota.
        My Grandparents and relatives always had gardens, livestock and we were always running around the woods chasing small game, furbearers, hundreds of lakes around to catch almost any kind of freshwater fish. There were rough fish running in the spring, we caught or speared them and cured/smoked them. We picked berries and made our own jam. Canning and preserving was/is a way of life.
        Duck hunting in the fall, along with whitetails. Every day of the year, if one wanted, you could go find/catch something to eat, something to preserve, save, smoke, cure, put up, and some took advantage of it. I always did. And I worked hard along with everyone else and had a great time! I still do today but with age has come a new sense of more reasons to keep on with this way of life. Even having the duality of having to live near and work in a large city.

        As far as people thinking consevative people like myself are crazy and laughing at me/us. Now I’m laughing as the same fellow that ridiculed and scoffed at me buying reloading supplies a few years back, is begging me for just a box or two of pistol ammo. I told him, “get some brass and call me when it comes in”! He is not the only one asking me.

        We have a handpump now as back-up water, in country. Have planted as much early veggies as far back as a month ago, Gulf Coast winters are not too harsh. Still have teh warmer weather veggies to do and in spite of having dried beans and other goods put up, am planting more types of beans, when harvested, will be dried and put up also. Along with forage for the wild game and many other plantings.

        Busy making fuel makers and water units. Along with day job, I hardly ever stop. Figure the old saying, make hay while the sun shines. If you ever tried mowing or tilling in the dark, you will agree.

        For those peeps that haven’t the woodmanship, the hunting skills, or the haven of a place in the country…
        Find public land, go backpacking, go fish in a river, go out and try to spot animals and their signs. That is how you learn best, just go do it, get the experience, try it.

        Plant something, even if it is in a pot. Grow a tomato plant on your porch. Try anything. That is how we learned, well, we had others to watch, but all real learning is by making mistakes doing and learning from the mistakes and the success.

        Have fun and God Bless,

        • All the game will be gone quickly in SHTF. This happened in Weimar. Just sayin’.

      19. Preparedness never ends in our lifestyle. If the stores suddenly empty, I’ll be on a commando raid “outside the wire” after dark carefully harvesting cattails, so as not to leave a trace. We will still be prepping, just different things in different places. Like drying the weeds from the garden, instead of eating my fill and throwing the rest out. Or netting rough fish if the water is cool. There are many things I have eaten, that I won’t eat alot of if I don’t need to, but when SHTFS (seriously) I’ll be a scrounging. It is a mindset we are comfortable with, and it can help to relieve stress during trying times. Kinda like, reloading ammo after the latest lame stream media news, it relaxes me.

        • *CiW* Great advice. As an addition to the phrase “Prep what you eat and eat what what you prep”. Those of you with young and/or old ‘picky eaters’, vegetarians, vegans and others unwilling to adjust to the new conditions, a wake up call may be necessary.

          They will need dense calories to survive. Those ‘pencil thin’ young women had better learn to cook and eat the types of calories needed to survive.

          Don’t just purchase a book on foraging and throw it in some forgotten place. Go out into parks and wild areas and practice now! Go at different times of the year to learn what is available then.

          Get a filter bottle or straw; learn to use them now!
          Preparations take many forms. As has been said many times here; preparing your mind and body are good places to start. Heart and soul too, of course!

          Each of B.Smith’s points requires you to pick up and expand on them. Do it now not later.


      20. He whom laughs the last, laughs the longest. In this case it is not laughing, it is basic survival that can be met by everybody IF they choose not to be the 99% that CHOOSE simply not to prepare. Lame excuses don’t fly, it is not that difficult to save up supplies, even very poor people can and do accomplish this. The government and mass media has told everybody that it is not necessary, which is pure garbage. This country has NOT had a true SHTF event in more than 100 years, IT IS OVERDUE.

        People choose to be the ignorant and likely dead 99% after there is a major catastrophe, which given time, will almost certainly happen. The ODDS say so, and basic statistics say so. Why would anyone not choose to save up for their families is exactly why stupidity is more deadly than most pathogens. True stupidity is listening to the state and worthless media telling you that you don’t need to prepare for tomorrow. Stupid people don’t live very long and many times die hard and ugly. It is coming, and 99% of the people are going to be in very critical trouble WHEN it happens.

        • Be informed
          I wonder if Neanderthal Man kicked back with a beer and
          said “Well, maybe I’ll get to those Preps tomorrow”…..

        • natures way of adding chlorine to the gene pool.

        • “LET THEM DIE” > “LET THEM FAIL”

          • And with God’s help,you’ll be the first one.

            • I’ve done everything humanly possible to warn people. You reap what you sow. The reaping draws nigh.

              • Yes Eisenkraut, you’ve been incredibly helpful. And such an inspiration to all. How in the world can we ever repay you. You may reap the whirlwind! Trekker Out.

          • Love it.
            Yeah….fuck all the “sleepers”.
            These are the folks who will try and steel my 401k.

            Keep stacking metals.

            Think for yourself and any one who tried to label you a conspiracy nut…brand them an Obama commie. Nice and loud.

            Then ask them if the dollar collapsed or if we had a global crop failure…what they’d feed their kids? Then accuse them of being irresponsible for not thinking for themselves.

            Always world.

            Finish with… “STUPID FUCK”.

            • Believe, me, I pound on people every blessed day. Especially old people. Strangers at restaraunts, in the supermarkets, in the bakery, everywhere.

              • Yeah, you pound on old people here on this forum too…shows a real lack of respect!

                • Why should I respect the people responsible for this shitty country I live in? America sucks now. Good job.

                  • You can take yourself out anytime sheistmeister,nobody will regret seeing you gone.

              • Some old person must have really spanked you hard.


                You’re such a little punk.

            • This is for all those that tell you, IF IT GETS THAT BAD, LET ME DIE, like my neighbor did.
              Well, she sure was happy with chemo when that ovarian cancer arrived—wasn’t so quick to die, was she??
              Now, great for you; that’s your choice to die–but your loved ones?? Your children??
              ‘Nother story all together and God may will not be thrilled with your choice–yep, it’s all in that little ‘book of life’ He keeps.

        • Darwinism natural selection

      21. Just got back from Cabela’s an hour ago. Ammo shelves are EMPTY. If you’ve just started preparing, you’re screwed… at least when it comes to firearms and ammo.
        I’m so glad I started when I did. At least the people I overheard at Cabela’s are assigning the blame right where it needs to be. On Obummer and Napolitano’s head.

        Stay frosty,

        • Yeah Mal, wish all these people that hate WalMart so much, would quit going there. Maybe I could get some more ammo. Got 3 boxes of 40 last week, only other thing they had was 25 auto. Trekker Out. Keep Your Powder Dry, If You Have Any!

          • I walked out with 20 rounds of .357 SIG for my Glock. Wow, it finally ‘paid’ to have a firearm chambered in a less popular round.


      22. Hey, all you garden types..we grew Seminole Pumpkins (squash) last year, here in the midwest…we grew oabout a hundred, put about 60 away,still have over a dozen in the basement, storing just fine. Grow 20+ foot vines, but produce good and keep very well. Mild flavor is great. Just hack open (BIG knige or machete) and steam in slow cooker. I was skeptical of reports that they keep a year, not any longer! The ladies here like these better than the acorn and butternuts we were growing.

        • My friend shared some butternut squash with me; said treat it like sweet potatoes and I mashed them. Sort of okay, but can’t compete with real mashed sweet potatoes, butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar.
          Know what??
          Nothing can compare to yellow summer squash, boiled, then fried in sauteed onions and bacon grease!!!
          Yeah, I’m a country girl.

          • I might have to try growing cinnamon in the greenhouse. I found a company (Logee’s) in Connecticut that sells plants.

            I had fried squash almost every week during the summer while I was growing up. Good stuff. And, as Emeril says, pork fat rules and flavor is fat-soluble.

            • +1 Archivist on the fat meat for seasoning!

          • jay jay
            you boil them befor you fry them????


      23. …when the tough get going, stay close or I’ll leave ya behind…..BA.

        I may be a casualty of SHTF, but I won’t be a victim…BA.

        You are the weapon.

        You are the reason.

        You are the wolf.

        …be safe…stay the course…..BA.

        p.s. — Hope is the flame.

      24. went shopping today…pasta,soup, toilet paper and silver…it was a good trip

      25. I am tired and worn out

        • I know how you feel. I’ve changed how I look at it and it helps. When I get up in the AM rather than be down about it, I start with: “I wonder what those comedians have screwed up now”. And I start the day amused and wondering how people so stupid can think up the stuff they do.

        • You too huh? Seems like ten minutes ago I was 22 years old and had the world by the ass. Time flies. I should have listened to those dumb old people about not wasting time.

      26. I can appreciate the people’s desire to have nice tasty food for when the SHTF. But…..When one’s ass is truly hungry, it is surprising how good mediocre and bland foods become. Some of you guys are in the luxury line of eating well. I am content to just have food available that provides sustenance at a basic level. This mindset allows me to have peace of mind for future events should they occur. Please don’t ding me too hard for this opinion, just wanted to give a shout out to those of us out there that won’t be eating 4 course meals down the road. I imagine my body condition score will drop nicely. Hell, Obamacare will love me and maybe I can get a job at CVS

        • You need to talk to a cook, you think that cheap, bland and poor have something in common. They don’t. Hot bread is one of the best things to eat I know of. It’s also cheap and easy If you know how.
          My father was a company commander during WW II, one day they took all the cooks and for a month he took over cooking because as he said, “I at least knew I wouldn’t poison them.” He said the food was terrible, when the new cooks arrived it was very good. That was when he decided to learn to cook. A couple # of spices and some know how can make all the difference

      27. Howdy All,

        Three quick links here..in case these haven’t gotten posted yet,

        Cyprus Debate Cancelled, “Not Within Touching Distance” Of A Deal -…implying a potential 25% haircut for Bank of Cyprus deposits.

        A word of Advice for the ‘Hedge…Unsecured Depositors Of The World, Unite… And Get The Hell Out Of These Countries

        Michael Pettis Asks “When Do We Call It A Solvency Crisis?”

        …And yes, the Cyprus thing is simply getting worse. My read at this point is that the entire affair is well on track for complete implosion…total. The second link speaks to the issue of what might happen post-facto.

        The final link is much od what we’ve been screaming about for so long…weren’t we all discussing just these things a year and more ago? When will people learn to take things seriously…


      28. @ All,

        One of the Russiian Oligarch’s turned up dead in London last night…this story is broadly being claimed all over, you’ll find it. I expect a number of ‘unexplained or suspicious’ deaths will be on the newdwire’s over the next few weeks.


        • @JOG…. next will be some terrible suicides of multiple gun shot wounds to the back of the head. I have never figured out how this can happen. oh, well, i’m not a smart woman… back to the TeeVee – good stuff on tonight so I’ve heard, except I don’t watch TeeVee, sad thing – right?

          Take care.

          • And watch for the ‘Clinton M.O.’…gun found 12 feet from suicide victim…makes ya go…huh???

        • JOG, I’m sure in days to follow there’ll be quite a few floaters in the surrounding rivers.

      29. I am not in the consumerist rat race. Am well into adulthood and live debt free. I have carefully filtered my media exposure for the past 5 years. I expect trouble is coming and am 94 % prepared for it. But not perfectly.

        How so? Suppose I enrolled in and passed the basic EMT program. Suppose a VFD would have me so I could get some street time. Even if i were their most experienced paramedic and could do amazing things I would not be a board certified trauma surgeon. Nor would I have access to perfect sterility, pharmaceuticals or other health professionals. I could meet a few needs, be better than nothing for others, and hopelessly inadequate when professional expertise meant someone living or dying.

        Being pretty good at the range and at several weekend seminars hasn’t made me Carlos Hathcock. Nor will it. Will never have the been there’s of deployment honed professionals. I have more claws than the sheeple but there are people out there who can swallow me in one gulp. Probably swallow most on this site too.

        There are some things I am never going to be “perfectly ready for.” Or even as ready as you, honorable reader, might be. I made a command decision a while ago to just accept that to concentrate on living my life as best I can. To do what service for others I have in me to do. And to enjoy what there is to enjoy.

        Because unlike some inveterate “the sky is falling any moment now” prognosticators, who have tons of egg on their faces and have lost what credibility they had with me,
        I don’t profess to know exactly when it’s gonna hit the fan. But my reason applied to my experience says it’s not far off. Unlike many, I am ready for it.

        I have made some sacrifices, and alienated some friends I might have had if I’d kept my views to myself, with no regrets. A lot of “smart people” just don’t realize how abysmally ignorant they are outside their narrow specialties. They drink the normalcy bias koolaid. But I’m not gonna sit in a bunker sucking my thumb expecting the roof to collapse any second now.

        Will see you on the other side or not.

      30. I haven’t started prepping, I’m too busy reading SHTF and watching Doomsday Preppers !

      31. I also posted sarcasm but it didn’t show.

        I’m prepped, believe me !

        • WA
          We know. Stay safe

      32. I have 20 years worth of salty, preservatives filled can foods. I’m ready.

        • Anti, Got lots of water?

      33. I’m with you all.. I have all the guns and the Ammo, several years of food, tons of H20.. Antibiotics, first aid… Yada yada yada!!

        I am just concerned that we are all TOO BUSY thinking the end is near.. We should realize that the best things in life are free!!

        Leave the internet and smart phone for a while.. Go outside.. Speak to people.. “We have lost our human touch..because the Internet is a very cold and dark place..

        FYI –
        I went to Cuba a month ago.. Spent 10 days there and traveled the Entire island..I’ve seen what 50 years of Socialism looks like- 1st hand.. And the question I put forth here is “Are you prepped to sustain that many years of Govt Control ? I don’t think So! Do you think these people had any idea that Govt was going to govern every aspect of their lives for so long? I don’t think so!

        It’s all good to talk the talk.. But I can tell you that if Anyone in this Forum was placed into the type of Life these people live in Cuba for the last 50 years … You’d be singing a different Tune..

        It’s daily struggle just .. To eat.. NO one can pre-prep for this..you got to see it to understand that with Full Govt control – NOTHING IS YOURS.. Period..

        I Pray that we are all just waisting our time here.. Just Talking BS.. Because if a real SHTF scenerio Would occur here in the USA and we were forced to trade our freedom for A socialist/ Democracy..> and Folks we are here Now!!) there ain’t enough guns or ammo you could have to really make a stand against a well organized govt plan to round up the non-conformists..

        I am NOT a troll.. I am a realist… and We are all riding in the same car..

        God bless the United States Of America always..

      34. I’m preparing for the best; there’s no way or reason to prepare for the worst.

        In fact, it’s pretty dang hard to plan for the best case scenario, ’cause it’s pretty bad.

      35. I’ve been self-reliant longer than I have been involved in preparedness, but in reality, they go hand-in-hand in many aspects. Preparedness, though, involves a deeper commitment because of the potential obstacles that a person might face in a disaster-type scenario.

        From working with disaster victims in the past, the majority of people are mentally unprepared for any type of disaster and they can’t handle the “S” hitting the “F”. Those who are involved in preparedness should become acquainted with the mental and emotional problems that can manifest after a disaster. No matter what the disaster is, from a fatal car accident to 9/11 to a tornado, the emotional fallout can break a person down.

        Ask yourself how a number of disaster scenarios might affect you and your family/group. Then try to mentally work through some of the possible situations that might occur. It’s strategic gaming but it can force you to think through situations while you are rational, not affected.

        If you are a disaster survivor but one of your children has perished, how will you cope with the tragedy in the face of the disaster? If you are in a disaster situation and forced to do something horrific like drive over dead bodies, could you do that and then cope with the trauma afterwards? If your neighborhood was just leveled in a tornado, where would you turn and how would you recover (think Joplin, MO)? Each of the above scenarios have occurred to real disaster victims.

        There but for the grace of God go I…..It is critical to prepare the mind, the body, the soul.

        • Hey Z.

          You are getting there and you are right most would freak out or go numb. Many can handle the trauma initially as adrenlin kicks in but some trauma effects will attached to us in the aftermath. I do not have a problem with injuries to adults. It’s the children that I struggle with.

          Good post.

        • Zoltanne–you are so right
          Not everyone is mentally equipped to shovel guts with one
          hand and eat a hamburger with the other while in a very
          tough situation, metaphorically speaking.

      36. I’m more prepared for TSHTF than I am for it not Hitting The Fan.

        That’s the problem with being born 250 years too late I suppose.

      37. My brother in law is the poster child for a nihlist and he’s a cop in a transitional area– 500k+ houses and crack apartments. He patrols the swanky area– can’t ever write a ticket because by the time he gets to the car the person has the mayor, city council person on the other end..

        I’ve had numerous conversations with the SIL about buying extra when stuff is on sale, saving two liter bottles to fill with water. They don’t have a lot of money as she isn’t working with 1 and 3 yo. I give them all my sons hand me down so she’s got a couple of years of extra clothes and shoes for the 3 yo and I have told her to try to buy a little extra in the next few sizes up at the kid’s consignment sales for the girl. I’ve tried to explain to him that whatever extra items bought now are at least a good hedge against inflation.

        They seem apreciative of the one ounce silver bar or coin the kids get for Xmas and Birthdays instead of Chinese cr*p..

        I don’t know if they get it, yet…

        • lady
          ” MY brother in law is the poster child for a (nihlist and he’s a cop in a– etc.”

          That paragraph I DON’T BELIEVE IT

          • What’s so bizarre is he’s always buying guns and bullets but he likes to competive shoot and is a collector. But when you start talking about the what could happen and you think he would get it with some of the things he sees day in and day out on his job. I think a lot of it is since he’s the baby of the family and mom and dad have always been there to bail him out– they bought him a house, yada yada… The normalcy bias is strong..

          • Hi Noon-

            You really got me thinking about why its so hard to believe that he could be like that or why people don’t see what so obvious to us on this board. The BIL and his wife are in there early 30’s, both youngest parents. Her parents are still married. My hubby’s dad remarried BIL’s mom when hubby was in his mid teens and his dad. The cop BIL parents are still married.

            I would suspect that most people on this board are in there 40’s and up. It sounds like several of you have read the book- Fourth Turning which lays out the two authors theory that thru the course of western civilization at approximately 20-25 year intervals, our society experiences a turn- in a continual cycle of lows to highs and discusses howe each generation interacts with each other and what their role is.

            For those of us in a 40’s of the Gen X mold- Fourth Turning suggest we are natural cynics and products of divorce and of parents who were to busy pursuing their own interests. Well that fits hubby and me to a tee- my parents were screwed up– only looking for a good time, his parents shouldn’t have ever gotten together and should have gotten a divorce long before they did. Anyway- our normal wasn’t the American normal. If you grew up dirt poor or on a farm being self sufficient– that wasn’t the American norm.. The American norm is pervasive enough that those of us that didn’t have it– want it, understand that we missed the boat or at least can relate to the American “norm”. But if you all you have ever experienced is the two parent middle class consumerist, suburban society– chances are you’ve never missed a meal,wondered why your parents couldn’t give a **** about you, or even thought about where your food came from other than the grocery store, no less understand that an alternate paradigm exists beyond the American norm that might be different or down right ugly.

            My hubby is a few years older than me and he can remember the gas lines in the 70’s, if you are in you 50’s and 60, you can remember things like the Cuban Missile crisis and your parents talking about WWII. It exists in your conscious reality that something could happen and the “American norm” can cease to exist.

            But a lot people from 18-30 are just now getting their first taste of the American norm not being in their reach. The Fourth Turning describes the generation after X as bascially a bunch of coddled kids that were over indulged by doting parents (helicopter parents). Supposedly this group is an optimistic group,not much on independent thinking but rather prefering to work in groups and still beholden to mom and dad to get them out of any jams they may find themselves in and supposedly trusts the gov’t.

            Well I know that these are generalizations that the authors present in the book and there are always exceptions. But looking at my younger cohort of BIL’s and SIL’s its spot on.

            There are plenty of people out there still doing well and have jobs. I imagine many sense that that things aren’t quite right, but that’s not exactly cocktail party conversation is it? There’s some info out there on the MSM about what’s going on but who really stops to think about the potential impact or even realize that that something could go wrong, or does the research to find out more beyond the MSM.

            For those out there getting the raw end of the deal for the first time think about those Five Stages of Grief stages– Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I bet most of us who have’t had the ideal American norm has had to come to terms with it at some point. We’ve probably done been at the acceptance point and that makes it a little easier cope with the difficulties of like- and just shrug, accpet it for what it is and move on planning accordingly.

            I could go on and on but I thank God for the adversity in my life, it’s made me a lot more reflectful, stronger tougher person for it..

      38. We survived Joplin, and believe me, we still have children in the schools who quake when the sky turns dark. Or when the state-wide tornado drill goes off. Keep praying; keep prepping. They go hand-in-hand well after SHTF.

      39. * reposted so folks can learn the truth on the new thread – thank you for posting @mac .


        @Chantily Lady … my RESPECT .

        I understand that (great comment by the way, i suggest you contact @mac salvo for a job as a writer) , bottom line AmeriKa no longer has enough physical collateral (land resources oil gas minerals pm’s) to support cover its loans outstanding debt purchases from , its dependency upon foreign governments , banks and investment houses from around the world to buy AmeriKa’s Trillions of Debt .

        AmeriKa can’t even Afford to pay it’s current Compound Interest % payments on all its outstanding loans plus hidden secret black money budgets in the trillions . And that Amount is Constantly compounding Generating every minute of every day of the week month year … FROM THIS POINT FORWARD TILL COMPLETE MARKET ECONOMIC COLLAPSE !!!


        If this doesn’t show you how completely screwed Amerika is , nothing will … bottom line AmeriKa no longer has enough Physical Collateral Land Resource Reserves to cover its debts .

        AmeriKa is a Zombie Dead Country Walking !!!


        Prepare .


        • @nina. wasup!!

          speaking of fiat dollar


          “Swindling the Goyim – Secrets of Banking”

          If it wasn’t so true, it would be hilarious!!

        • Give some references for these:

          • do your own friggen leg work .

            ;0P psszzt

        • Is interesting that the EPA was created pretty much around the time that we ent off Bretton Woods.

          I don’t doubt for a moment that some of our creditors haven’t demanded something in return– jobs for Chinese citizens comes to mind..

      40. My next prep is for my new job. I’m pouring into software manuals. Let the guy next to me get fired off. Only the strong will survive.

      41. GREAT ARTICLE.

        No need to bother reading comments.

        • @ HFB:
          If you’re not reading the comments, you’re missing the point.



        New ZOG AmeriKan CIA al-CIA-duh (Al-Qaeda) Anarchist Cookbook has been erleased by the CIA for the American lone wolf type to wage a Terror War on their own neighbors !!!


        Uuuum … WTF CIA FBI NSA !? ;0p

        THE CIA NSA FBI = FAIL !!!

        New al-Qaeda Terrorist Cookbook for the American lone wolf type


        • It was tha J00s! The J00s took all the money and put it in their J00 cave somewhere! Listen to me, people, listen!

      43. Get thee all to a Flea Market.

        If you have the time and make it like a treasure hunt a flea market is the place to find good prep gear at a reduced price. And I have found plenty over the years.

        Latest find is two boxes of medical supplies
        24ea. 4×7 in. battle bandages. All sealed
        24ea. 37x37x52 in. muslin compressed bandages. all sealed.
        Total cost. $5.00
        The deals are out there you just have to find them.

        • POP QUIZ!!!
          where is the worlds largest flea market???

          • Webster, Jacksonville and Waldo, Florida has a large ones.

          • cooking mom

            on a hounds back


      44. My family and I are preppers. We have all the right stuff and do most of the right things.

        However I can’t see too much happening with Cyprus. It’s like not even 1/10 of the Eurozone’s economy. BFD, Germany and France will cut them loose and the people will starve, sure. But Cyprus will not bring down Europe.

        Having just been in France and Italy last week, I can tell you that crime is going crazy in Paris and Milan. Everyone I spoke with had either been mugged or had their homes robbed. One day the trains doing into Paris would not move because some crooks ripped of some rails, (sell for scrap?)
        Many of the French and Italian jails have been emptied because there are not enough Euros to pay to keep them open.
        London is super expensive and crime is also bad there.

        The new leader of China met with Putin and issued a joint warning to the West to “Back Off”. Is anybody listening?

        • Anon:
          Cyprus could be the Fuse on a very large Cannon….

      45. Good article, I think I fall into that category at time. Oh I will do more tomorrow or the next day. Then a week goes by and hell I did nothing. I really hit it hard the first year. I have about a year of food on hand, as well as bows and arrows, guns, and a 10,000 gal water supply, seeds in storage for gardening. I need to refocus and get more ammo, wood for cooking and heat, and a good defense plan to defend our house. I am fortunate to live in a small community and have made connections with local farmers for meat and eggs. I have been reading the articles here for about 6 months making my first post.

        • CD, welcome aboard. If you have’nt already, try and start a vegetable garden.

      46. OK, everyone, just got home from more prep shopping. Brandon, another excellent article. 4yearprepper and Celtic Nana, welcome to both of you and hope to hear more from you. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions; we’ll be happy to help. Vicky, you’re doing just fine with your comments; always enjoy your posts. Daisy, glad to hear you’re coming back to our side of the border. The NW does have certain advantages. For all the newcomers here, I highly recommend going back into the archives on this site to May 12, 2012 and check out an article by Be Informed titled “How Horrific Will It Be For The Nonprepper?”. It’s a very interesting article that really spells out what the nonpreppers will go through in any post-SHTF scenario. It’s also one of BI’s best articles, I believe. I stopped trying to talk to people about prepping years ago. They didn’t “get it” then and most won’t “get it” now, but it’s still encouraging to see anyone wake up and finally smell the coffee, show a sincere interest in prepping, and ask for information on survival-related subjects. That’s what SHTFPlan.com is all about, to help each other and give each other the best possible chance at survival in any post-SHTF scenario. I confess I do still go to other sites on occasion. [Sorry, Mac] When it comes to survival, we should all “broaden our horizons” all we can. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and as long as we put that knowledge to the proper use, then we should be just fine. But I still come to SHTFPlan.com FIRST every day before going to any other sites because this site really rocks! I’ll keep prepping all the way til’ the balloon goes up and even beyond that point. braveheart

      47. Where is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” when it comes to “prepping”?

        Prep all you want, majority of Americans or one of their family members are overweight, and/or have chronic health conditions. Prep all you want, I don’t see people coping well without their prescription meds. Prep all you want, women/girls that have it good right now will get tired of shitting in the woods/sleeping in physically uncorfortable conditions. They’ll get tired of going without hot showers/make up/staring in the mirror. I wonder how teens/young adults will cope without texting, fb, and “always connected”. I wonder how women/girls will cope without their social circles. It will be ugly. Invariably there will be a weather/enviornmental condition that will happen that wasn’t viable to prepare for. Going overboard and putting all your faith in guns/camping skills will not last because you can’t prepare for the psychological change that will happen nor stock up on prescription meds.

        I find curiously absent among all the preppers’ packing materials, a Bible. Faith in Jesus is first and foremost! And by having Faith in Jesus you would know to love your neighbor not disqualify them as a potential canibal or zombie in a disaster situation! Are we a people that comes together in a disaster situation like a small midwest town after a tornado, or selfish people that encourages anarchy/looting/fear?

        All I’m saying is it seems “prepping” is throwing to the wind, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” when preparing for the worst.

        • @Tom….many preppers are trying to Unite and sound the trumpets. But it is the deaf ears of others that are ignoring the warnings, thus dividing us.

          When will the Divided Party join the United Party?

        • We are selfish people that encourage anarchy/looting/fear. Anyone who believes this “the people are coming together” crap needs to read SELCO. People are talking animals. When SHTF we’ll rip each other apart.

        • @Tom.
          Prepping has its own set of Mind Games. To be sure with all the Meds and trinkets that absorb the minds of our youth, will inflict plenty of damage. No T.V.,phone,
          facebook, twitter,texting and all that will zombieise many youth. They will just sit down or go crazy.
          Want to add that most people will do the right thing in a localised disaster. When it turns into a national or global event, that is when things get ugly. Jump out there with open arms and you Bible in this case and you might get harmed. A case by case adjustment would be more prudent.

        • @Tom…..this country girl learned to go pooh in the woods at a young age. We regularly camp in the rough, bathing in a cold creek. I am proud that I’ve taught my sons to turn the electronics off. My 16 yo actually lives it when we go camping and have no phone, tv, computer. He knows how to split wood, start fires (even in wet conditions) he can fish and is a hell of a marksman. All this, and we live in the “constitutional betrayal” state of CT. We had an exciting morning buying our first chickens. Trying to impress upon him ‘be prepared’ and ‘be realistic’ without scaring the crap out of him. All of my boys (2 are Army Medics, one highly trained hoping to go spec ops) know what it is to work hard for what you have, and to be self sufficient. If only we could convince another 46% of the population this is the honest and moral wy to live. I worry for my aging parents, but my dad and his wife are preppers and don’t know it. My mother just buries her head in the sand. Oh well. They are 1300 miles away and will be on their own hen shtf. God help us all and the ones we love.

      48. FRACKIN’ AMERIKA is Toxic Poisoning entire States across AmeriKa underground natural water reservoirs and YOU !!!

        America: The New Saudi Arabia?
        by F. William Engdahl

        At a time when much of the world is looking with a mix of envy and excitement at the recent boom in USA unconventional gas from shale rock, when countries from China to Poland to France to the UK are beginning to launch their own ventures into unconventional shale gas extraction, hoping it is the cure for their energy woes, the US shale boom is revealing itself to have been a gigantic hyped confidence bubble that is already beginning to deflate. Carpe diem!


        • Sorry you fell for that load of used horse fodder. But where would the “advocacy industry” be if it weren’t for the gullible?

          • @The Old Coach … my SEMI RESPECT ;0p

            In all seriousness Sir , do you honestly believe Fracking is good for the Earth in general , good for the Earth we live on , good for our communities , farms , ranches , wildlife and families ???

            Fracking destroys natural watersheds and millions of years old aqua springs and natural reservoirs all life depends on for survival .

            They are used as dumping grounds for not only toxic waste but radioactive waste as well that all seeps into your our drinking waters and natural aquifers , eventually lakes and streams ! Billions of Gallons of Water H2O Destroyed for Profit of a few !

            Isn’t the Earth already poisoned enough by man ???


        • Excellent link. I wish more people would wake up to the fact that cheap oil is gone.

        • it was a ridiculous thought Nina. As ridiculous as the oil sands up here. There are simple solutions. The green energy crap is just that too. Crap. There is a simple solution, which I have stated here before and in two years will be in your computers. It is a magnetic generator. It can power anything with no fuel (gravity and magnetic force are its fuels). Secondly, they will be able to make more oil than all the world can ever use from algae. The shale and oil sands booms are just about done. But donèt believe or post what I say Mac. Might hurt the ego a little , huh pal..

          • hi eeder ,

            i hear you … i have my own plans for my own magnetic generator ;0) !!!


      49. Zoltanne, what you said in #1352941 I can relate to. During my years in Florida, after every hurricane I survived, there would be people everywhere going around dazed and confused. This was back from the mid-70s to early 80s. After every hurricane, i would talk to people about prepping and believe it or not back then some people actually listened to me and took my advice to heart. Lord, how times have changed! nowadays it’s a miracle when anyone finally “gets it” and seriously and sincerely start prepping. Any and latecomers need to be encouraged and given all the advice we can possibly give them. I’ve been prepping since I was in my 20s and the word ‘prepper’ wasn’t even invented yet. In those days, i made less money so i couldn’t buy as much at one time as i can now, but i bought what i could every chance I had. I’m debt-free so i can prep faster than i would be able to otherwise. braveheart

      50. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOVD-m8urJU

        Funny and these folks were just xmas shopping.

        Now imagine when they find out there’s no food because of any number of reasons.
        It will really be quite the moment for them.
        And they will justify in their little minds any sort of action they feel to “feed their kids”.

        Folks… get ready… you’ll be up against many fools.

        When this hits… you better be ready to bug out early to an undisclosed location.

      51. @ Be Informed… 6.1 in Russia about 1/2 hour ago.

        • @ Norse Prepper. Been away from the computer most of the day, but I did check into that 6.1. ONLY TWICE has this area been hit with anything over a 5.0 in the past 40 years of recording keeping, a 5.9 in 1981 and a 5.6 in 1984. Each time a 7+ earthquake(s) occurred afterwards within 15 days. A 7.2 in Chile, 7.3 in the Philippines, 7.4 in southern Japan, and a 7.0 north of Afghanistan. The 5.0 east of the South Sandwhich Islands today also indicated large earthquakes coming, again in Mexico. There seems to be a focal point of Mexico from Guadalajara to Acapulco for a large shaker. IF not Central America to Central Chile is definitely in danger.

          These earthquakes shown on the map show some major tension building in the Atlantic. That Scotia Plate down south of South America when it gets this active either indicates something quite large is coming on another plate, or there is something big coming in that region 7.5-8+. Nothing but penguins and other birds down there, other than Stanley, in the Falklands Islands from a moderate tsunami. It still is pointing to southern Japan, from New Guniea to Fiji, areas along the international date line such as the Kermadec Islands and New Zealand, Mexico big time, and the area from southern Mexico to Central Chile. There have been 8 earthquake sequences now that point to one or all of these above areas. No coincidence. Look to see breaking news of a large earthquake, probably before April’s Fool’s Day.

          • Thanks BI. Your work is again very much appreciated!


          • BI – is there any truth to the story that El Hierro has had “- 155 earthquakes > mag 2
            – including 15 between M3-3.5” Today alone ? I sure as hell hope this is not true…

            • @ oUCH. Really don’t worry about El Hierro or if the entire Canary Islands goes into the ocean unless you are within 500-1000 miles of it. When there is an ocean wide tsunami such as Japan or the Indonesia mega quakes you are talking about HUNDREDS of miles of ocean floor that that has been uplifted, and quickly. The amount of energy from an entire Canary Islands collapse would be about 1/17500 the amount of energy of the after Christmas Day mega earthquake in Indonesia. The island, worse case scenario would be ONLY about 25 miles of mass, and going considerably slower than the much quicker thrusting action of a major undersea earthquake. Speed is the real equation here that generates kinetic energy and why a .223 round from a AR-15, the same size really as a .22 round, going at 3500 feet per second as opposed to a typical .22 LR round going at 1200 feet per second, can tear up so much more.

              Large scale avalaches such as the one in Alaska that produced a 1700 foot tall wave, rapidly dimish in open ocean. The ocean currents and the circulation of the water helps to break up energy rapidly. The east coast of the U.S. is 3500 miles away from the Canary Islands. To compare this Easter Island is ONLY 2000 miles away from the 8.8 earthquake in Chile a few years ago. That 8.8 earthquake would be at least 10000 times stronger than what the Canary Islands could ever produce. Easter Island is also in almost perfect line with the tsunami waves travelling out. As I can remember the tallest waves to hit the island was about 9-10 feet. Japan had some of the waves channelled into it and had a 12 footer.

              These ridiculous claims of of 160 foot tall waves hitting the east coast from this are pure science fiction. Even properly channelled and focused into a bay you might see a 8 foot wave at absolute worst. Likely you would see a 9-12 inch “tsunami” when it reached the Atlantic Seaboard. Even a dinosaur killer asteroid of 6 miles wide travelling at 20 kilometers a second would produce a tsunami of around 50-75 feet at 3500 miles. To get a 160 foot wave at 3500 miles you would have to have a small moon hit the ocean.

              Much fiction has come from past tsunami evidence in Florida and other Gulf Coast and U.S. east coastline. The almost certain cause of this comes from the eastern and northern portions of the Caribbean plate or other plates, OR from asteroid or comet impacts in the Atlantic Ocean in the past. In fact there has been deposits of iridium found on the Atlantic ocean floor that is a telltale sign of either massive vulcanism or from an asteroid impact. Any further doubts please look up “Canary Islands Tsunami Myth” on Yahoo or other search engines as they have some excellent articles backed up by some of the most foremost experts on tsumami science in the world.

              • Thanks BI.. personally, I thought it was hooey, but I’m not an expert in the subject.. your response is VERY appreciated.

      52. So Im in a briefing at work and getting ready to go help with Sandy victims and I ask the question… who has one month worth of food and water for thier family. I explain how small of an area it takes up. I am told “I don’t have the money.” I ask everyone to hold up thier cell phones… 90% had top of the line smart phones with data plans and then I tell them all you are selfish and don’t care about your family. The silence as I left the room was priceless….

      53. YOU BETTER WAKE UP !!! ;0p

        The Dollar and Euro Economic Cancer is Spreading from Greece to Cyprus to All of the European Union .

        As Cyprus dissolves into Chaos and Economic Ruin remember it Failed , Cyprus Failed Crashed because it was trapped by the IMF / Euro into buying bad bonds from Greece who is also Trapped by the Euro and the IMF … just as AmeriKa is trapped by it all .

        IT IS ONE BIG INCESTUOS AFFAIR OF BANKING CORRUPTION and FRAUD in the 10’S of Trillions of Dollars amongst the NATO Countries top tier Banks , the AmeriKan Federal Reserves , European Central Bank and the IMF !!!

        As the Euro and European Union collapses and Dies so too will AmeriKa !!!


        OVER NIGHT !!!

        “CLICK” … And it’s Gone !!!


      54. Hope of things getting better is a sustaining force… That Hope is what energizes my prepping… I’m not hoping to avoid troubles rather to see my past the troubles to a better time after…

        pray for the best, prep for the worst

        • PP, Rather, have faith. Hope is empty but faith has an infallible confidence. 🙂

          • Faith is what keeps the strong, moving forward. I couldn’t agree more!

          • Faith is not believing that God can. It is knowing that God WILL!

          • “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” any other suggestions..???

      55. Who is Mac Salvo anyway…. Maybe you should have a bio on here so we can see your credentials, a bit about you and your life…. nah, i didnt think so. get a life bud. sit on a tree and rotate actually.

      56. Ukip INDEPENDENT PARTY urges Brits to withdraw their money $$$ from Spanish banks IMMEDIATELY !!!

        Nigel Farage has urged British expatriates in Spain to pull their money out of the country’s banks.

        “There is going to be a big flight of money and that flight of money won’t just be from Cyprus, it will be from the other eurozone countries, too.


      57. I plan for the worst and hope for the worst.

        • Why not,that’s what your parents wound up with.

      58. Good Morning SHTF!
        Today I am going to address the four wheel drive truckers that have those large diamond plate tool boxes.
        Yes! “What’s in YOUR tool box”.

        Jumper cables, 2ton come-a-long, 20 ft of 3/8 chain with hooks, 20 ft of snatch rope, full axe, machete, hatchet,Q-beam light, small pry bar, hack saw, crosscut saw, battery drill with all sorts of bits, tire repair kit, fix a flat engine oil, stop leak, small tool box with wrenches and sockets, cresent wrenches, several pairs of vise grips both flat jaw and curved, WD40 engine start fluid, spot ties and Duct Tape, bottle and sissor jacks, small sledge hammer, Small inverter, air compressor.
        Have a major first aid kit in the cab. I probably lose 2 miles to the gallon, transporting all this stuff around. There is plenty more but I will stop here.
        When your in the woods and you break down, have to have the tools to get you back home.
        Or you can call a tow truck. ;0)

      59. Quick question for the avid gardeners on here: Does anyone use a soil tester in their gardens? I’m looking for a decent (accurate) tester to determine PH and add lime/fertilizer accordingly. There’s quite a few testers out there so I’m looking for some input to possibly narrow down the different ones. Thanks, POP.

        • PO’d, according to Mike Ruppert, you put burned wood chips in your garden and then pee all over to give correct amount nitrates/ammonia… or something like that. ; ) Listen to his latest video.

      60. Sure you can trust the serve and protect crowd..just look at this man who did 23 years , the prime of his life, all due to a set up , the line up was rigged and this man payed the price, than finally got out and had a heart attack..who’s going to pay for his wrongful incarceration?..it seems he payed for it, and the criminal was still out on the streets

        let me say that again..the line up was rigged, they fuckin lied and knew it..whos getting punished for that? whos getting punished for ruining this mans life, why are they not doing 23 years?

        sure you can trust em, just call them up and see what happens to you


      61. It’s very easy to get distracted, and I think, speaking from a relative newbie’s experience, there’s a pattern that many seem to follow. I know when my wife and I first had our eyes opened to the reality of things, you almost panic, you feel like you’re too late, so like for us, we started our prepping in a frenzy, and trying to set up as much of a base as you can before it’s too late- it’s daunting, it’s exhausting, and you’re looking on websites, and your listening to the predictions of celente and alex jones and the other “experts”…..and nothing happens in the time frame they say, and you almost get jaded a little – thankful, but annoyed, and so for us we have taken a step back from the frenzy of things, but the reality is still there, and our prepping is more consistent. There have been periods where we stopped completely, took a break for a couple of months, but we always have come back to it because the reality is still there.

        That’s why I always try to tell newbies to not panic, don’t read every single thing on the internet that you can because you’ll get burned out. Pace yourself, make lists, be consistent, prioritize based on your personal situation.

        • Totally agree. And to Sling shot I do always try to thumbs up or thumbs down unless there are just too many comments to get through. But there are a lot of us out here reading and learning from all of you. My family hopes to one day soon move to the sustainable lifestyle Zoltanne and others have achieved. Until then we try to consistently keep prepping. Thanks.

          • One day at a time…one step at a time…youll get there 🙂

      62. Okay, here’s a question for you all. We’ve sold our little suburban house/lot and are getting ready to move to a suburban spot with a large enough lot to grow most of our veggies (have to stay in this area for DH’s job). We’ve divested most of our preps to the local food pantry and our church’s food pantry so they don’t have to be moved and to help maintain a degree of OPSEC (friends know we keep some emergency supplies, but not to what extent), and it will be a primary priority to reinvest in the food preps as soon as we’re settled. We should be settled by June and in full prep-mode again by mid June.

        So, though no one has a crystal ball, reading the tea leaves about what is going down in Cyprus, things are escalating and picking up speed. When do you all think the economic malaise is actually going to REALLY start hitting the US. Ie: Do we have time to actually reacquire what we need to reacquire? My estimation is that we’ll be back to where we are now by August if we make a Costco run every week for two months.

        • Keep the food preps!!!!
          I moved mine!!

          Keep preppin’

        • Id go rural and commute to work, more value for the dollar
          Just my opinion

      63. All this article did was tell you being a prepper is great and thanks for being part of the team. It did little, if anything to help the would-be prepper get started.

      64. This article read by over 10,000 and only 185 comments?

        • I count 186.

      65. I’m glad that you put the fact that prepping is very difficult for people who don’t have the money to do so. I look at it over a year long period. If you separate the major items and save for them over a year, you can quickly find the items that you don’t need to buy, in order to purchase the items that you need. Think of all of the smoking preppers out there that say they don’t have enough cash to prep. If you quit smoking, that’s easily $1,000 a year that you can use for prepping!

        • And cable; some $70-$120 a month. That’s $840-$1440 a year!!!!!
          Now, throw in cigarettes, two packs a day for two smokers.

      66. At Lexington, on April 19, 1775, the British Major John Pitcairn shouted out,
        “Ye villains, ye Rebels, disperse; damn you, disperse! Lay down your arms!”
        Captain John Parker of the Lexington militia, outnumbered by the British
        almost ten to one, shouted, “If they mean to have a war let it begin here.”

        “Because, free men with a duty to keep and bear arms, never willingly lay
        down their arms.” constitutional scholar, Edwin Vieira

      67. All you readers out there. The least you can do is give us a thumbs up or down. Pathetic I say. No feed back.

        • @Slingshot….don’t take things too serious. At least people are reading. Remember Pascal’s Triangle and the power of one? You can take the number one and grow it exponentially using Pascals Triangle.

          If we all influence just one person or family we may be surprised by the number of folks ready if or when SHTF. That would be good. Thus, keep giving ideas–you have readers out there that may be observing more than we know.

      68. Can someone please tell me how to get to the archives on the site, I see folks posting articles to go back and read, sorry for the dumb question, just trying to learn here.

        • SB, please utilize the search box in the upper left hand corner of the site. it has recently been updated with a new search engine and should point you to articles/info based on keyword/keyphrase searches. I’ll look into adding an archive drop down box in the near future.



      69. slingshot,

        Those numbers reflect all visits to the article. So it really depends on how many times somebody comes to check replies to their own comments. And alot of people don’t post because they fear being put on some list somewhere. Myself I don’t fear the list I made that a long time ago.
        Keep prepping brother.


      70. @ DPS.

        An interesting experiment would be if the regular posters to this site, go silent for a few days. Who would step into the void?

        • Slingshot,

          I would say the void would be just that. Not many are willing to get in the game. Thats the problem now days. Most like to tread lightly. I myself am a Don’t Tread On Me guy. Like all of the regulars on this site we make our voice heard and don’t care who hears it.
          I can’t tell people how to succeed but I can tell them how to fail, That would be to try and please everybody..


          • Im with you bud,
            Keep the faith!

      71. You survivalist whackos drive me up the wall! But seriously, with all respect, if you spent as much time BUILDING the future, investing yourself in meliorative enterprises and less time preparing for the Great War of All Against All, our country would be set up for success. Instead, you pour all your time and energy into living out a Mad Max fantasy life, that would be much worse than any of us can anticipate should it ever happen. Which it won’t. The US may indeed go kerplunk, but it will be with a long whimper, not a bang. As many recent returnees from Iraq and AfPak can attest,even real hot war is mostly just boring and miserable, and marked by despair and exhaustion more than adrenaline. The Great Drain- Circling of America is even worse. It is ongoing and slow and overseen by a massive bureacratic army. Our transformation into a third world dump is multi-generational and soviet-style — our struggle against the darkness will be bleak, boring and soul-crushing. It will not be swift and violent and spectacular. Our state and federal governments will slowly crumble like our infrastructure, and leave us more and more in the lurch. By all means, get your money out of the bank, and put it somewhere where it can do some good. My point and response is that everyone should be focused on developing sustainable living skills — building, trade skills, farming, medicine, more than preparing for some great struggle for survival, as if our future is the Walking Dead. Our future can indeed be bright, but it belongs to the builders and inventors, not the survivalists, the “bug-out”-ers. Digging ourselves out of the mire and getting back on top as a country will require strong families and communities, technological innovation and know-how, social reform, more than a little prayer and a lot of boring and back-breaking work… not an army of John Rambos or Jeremiah Johnsons. So that’s my response. Tear me a new one if you want!

        • Delamare you might be indeed right- but what is wrong with a cache of weapons to protect your family against the inevitable welfare burglers? Or a stash of food and water in case of infrastructure or currency snafus?

          • Absolutely nothing at all. Being prepared for self-sufficiency and being able to protect one’s family are moral imperatives, regardless of the temper of the times. It is actually immoral to delegate those duties to a government, in my mind: I have a wife and small children, and they will be fed and protected at any cost, but I will not be begging or stealing in case of “SNAFU”s. However, I’m advocating taking the long view: Our nation will hit rock bottom at some point, and the decay and degradation will be obvious to all. Unless the Chicoms decide to invade us a la “Red Dawn” — an absolute impossibility — our process downward will be bleak and boring and long. Societies don’t collapse with a bang. I believe we will limp along ever more sclerotically for decades, and the symptoms of collapse will emerge and aggregate slowly. I advocate focusing at least half of our prepping energies on preparing for the long-term, developing productive strategies and abilities, rather than just hunkering down for the big TEOTWAWKI kerplunk. Congratulations, you survived and fought off the horde of motorcycle pillagers.. what now? Sometimes the prepper community seems to have a perverse relish for the day that the US turns into Yugoslavia or Stalingrad and there’s mass violence and starvation… except for those of us who packed away food and weapons! Well, civil collapse and civil war is the worst kind of hell. Living that way for years turns people into soulless animals.

        • delamar
          I admire your optimism–good luck with that

          • I think the middle ground mentality between the 2 extremes u mentioned is the way to go. Be prepared for the worst of humanity, and prepare your soul for whatever you have to do protect those most important even if that means some darkly horrible things. However at the same time, hope we end up with more of an “Apocalypse Lite” rather than an “Apocalypse 151”.

        • delemare, I think everyone here would agree that the prepping scenario you present is a short term solution. Having food, ammo, and other supplies handy is in response to a man-made or natural catastrophe, either of which could easily happen. For successful long-term sustainability, the skills that you noted would be necessary, and I think that, by virtue of seeing the need to prep, most preppers would be far sighted enough to understand the need for such skills.

          However, being skilled in farming, carpentry, or medicine would do you little good if you don’t survive the initial weeks or months after such an occurrence. Therefore, if you happen to be wrong about the slow and gradual decline, you could be asking for a quick death. If you are saying that we need to prepare for both scenarios, then you are correct. But degrading people by calling them “survivalist whackos” won’t make you many friends if the S actually does come to hit the fan.

          • Hey MattMcCollum, the “survivalist whackos” comment was facetious. I certainly wasn’t intended to degrade anybody. By any rational metric I fit into that category as well as anyone. I was just venting that many “preppers” spend so much time preparing for Civil War part deux, that they forget that the real and necessary work for survivors will not be military in nature. That’s true regardless of what our inevitable descent into madness looks like, whether it is fast and violent or slow and pathetic. I am biased by my environment. I am surrounded by professional soldiers who have spent the last 12 to 20 years squeezing triggers for a living in distant and exotic places. There is no lack of killing ability — but not a single one of them has any idea how to make a living that doesn’t involve blowing something up, or how to build something or organize a sustainable community. As the old Marxist line has it, when you only have a hammer every problem looks like a nail. Well, many preppers are overly focused on the military side of things, and often with a bit of relish that I find short sighted and silly. Here endeth my rant.

            • Then I regress, good sir. Your points about surviving past The End Of It All are valid and should be considered by everyone who has ever hoarded a case of Vienna sausages and a brick of shotgun shells, myself included.

      72. DPS, I’m with you about being on a list. I most likely made somebody’s list back in the Clinton era, but I don’t care. I don’t change anything about myself for anyone. I don’t go around trying to please everyone or win any popularity contest. Anyone who wants you to change anything about yourself to please them are exactly the kind of people who will have bad intentions toward you, so I avoid those kind of people like HIV. braveheart

        • braveheart,

          I never did play well with others, I’m just set in my ways I guess. About the only thing I have changed is reading to much. Since I found this site over 2 yrs ago I can’t seem to stop reading. Its pretty bad when you go back to reread Lights Out or One Second After and you finish it in 2 evenings.


          PS Thank god spring is alomost here, my garden is ready to plant just waiting for the mesq tree’s to set blooms.

      73. Use federal reserve notes and incur an Irrecusable obligation. The puzzle is complete!!!
        A Banksters defeatism (realization of defeat) nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money, Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. Redeemed 12USC411 – http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/12/411 Refusal Penalty 12USC501a – http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/12/501a
        http://savingtosuitorsclub.net/index.php Stop being a Slave!!!!!! This is Tax Free Money!!!!!! http://stormthunder.com/ Convincing Congress to Abolish the Fed http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/convincing.htmlIrrecusable obligation, which according to ‘Bouvier’s Law Dictionary’ (1914 ed.), is “a term used to indicate a certain class of contractual obligations recognized by the law which are imposed upon a person without his consent and without regard to any act of his own.” This is distinguished from a recusable obligation, which according to Bouvier, arises from a voluntary act by which one incurs the obligation imposed by the operation of law. The Income Tax succinctly described is an irrecusable obligation.
        The obligation to make a return of income for using private credit is recognized in law as an irrecusable obligation. The voluntary use of private credit is the condition precedent, which imposes the irrecusable obligation to file a tax return. If private credit is not used or rejected, then the operation of law, which imposes the irrecusable obligation lies dormant and cannot apply.

      74. Some people call it “Doom and Gloom”, I call it paying attention.

      75. My son accuses me of personally starting the collapse because I prepare. His logic is: If me and others did NOT prepare then it wouldn’t happen. And by preparing we are making a self fulfilling paradigm, so I am being personally blamed for the coming catastrophe. And in his mind he will probably stab me, (when his welfare checks stop) blaming ME personally for the collapse.
        Bad Situation!

      76. Just curious.
        How many have a Rambo Knife under their mattress for fast access.
        Yeah, guns.
        But a nice rambo knife makes a person think twice.


        Also.. having access to a nice compound bow is handy.
        Yes to the guns…but what if all got confiscated…
        What else have you got?

        Also… with a gun… noise.
        A bow is quiet stealth… until the guy gets shot. ha.

      77. Sheesh….I go out to trim goat hooves and come back to learn Bashar al-Assad has been shot by a bodyguard and there’s a rumor that he may be dead. Headlines on Drudge….which also include other headlines about Israel firing into Syria. And there’s a vial of a deadly virus missing from some bio-lab.

        All of the above situations could be the “S” that hits something which rattles something else which in turn creates another event. But there’s nothing to see….all sheeple just keep grazing and be sure to say “baaah” when the herder raises his hook.

        • @ z thanks for mentioning assad on drudge. i read those earlier and now NONE of the he-is-dead-no-he-is-alive stories are there. and the story about the missing vial of hemmoragic fever is no longer posted either. things that make you go “huh?”.

      78. So many strange names here now days, and thats a good thing. But I don’t see many asking questions and thats bad. If you are new to prepping then feel free to ask the group anything. We all had to start somewhere, besides that I have never heard a dumb question.. I have seen some really dumb attempts.


      79. @DPS, I do have a question for you:

        I am a graduate student attending college, so I don’t have a permanent place to store my prep stuffs. I DO have the money to prep though. Moreover, I am living all by myself in US so I don’t have family here.

        What can I do?

        • buy a shovel and bury it 5 – 10 miles from your home at night in a 5 foot deep dugout cache in the well foilaged woods near water that has very clear natural land marks you can map its location from in a cross azimuth .

          have multiple caches , spread them out .


      80. Bobby,

        That is hard one to answer.If I was in your shoes I would be looking a small RV or a enclosed trailer to store preps in. That way you could just move when you get out of school. My daughter is in grad school also so she just rented a bigger house with a yard, she has lots of storage now plus a yard for her gardening. I hope that helps. The only other thing would be find a bug out spot and bury alot of it.


        PS look back out this site for older articles about this make sure and read the comments.

      81. Bobby, why don’t you look into renting a storage unit? They come in all different sizes and prices. all sorts of storage companies…

      82. Bobby, why don’t you look into renting a storage unit? They come in all different sizes and prices. all sorts of storage companies…

      83. I agree with grasshopper, Bobby. Not knowing where you are geographically or what your long term plans are, but a climate controlled storage unit will give you the space, and keep it decently cool to store food- maybe start off with freeze dried since canning might not be an option for you right now. So that way when you ultimately move again, it’ll be easier to maintain opsec.

      84. If you don’t have a bugout retreat you’re not prepared?

        Meh. Next article please.

      85. Americans watch disaster movies and real disaters yet do not prepare. Americans say what happened in Cyprus cannot happen here, yet it already did it was called the great depression. Americans are so self absorbed they cannot relate to natural disasters in their own country let alone a financial crisis in a foreign one. When things go bad in the US it will be brutal!

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