Thoughts on the Flu in our Public Schools

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    Editor’s Note: The following article has been graciously contributed by Todd Sepulveda. Todd is the administrator of The Prepper Website, a fantastic daily compilation of preparedness resources, survival strategies and alternative news (bookmark it, because it’s updated regularly with great content!)

    With three kids in elementary school, the Slavo household regularly goes on quarantine lock-down as a result of fevers, flus, vomit inducing noro-viruses, colds and a host of other surprisingly powerful (and sometimes scary) contagion the kids pick up from friends and classmates. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that once the symptoms have been identified in one of our kids, chances are that some or all of us have already been infected. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that, during the winter season, I often joke that my kids, as well as those of our neighbors, are little biological weapons just waiting to be unleashed on the population.

    And it’s true – if a sinister group wanted to spread a virus and make a statement, they could easily start in a public school (of course airports and other public venues are on the list). There is simply no way to contain it once released, especially with kids sharing  school supplies, food and drink, hugs, high fives, and of course, their constantly annoying lack of any reasonable level of hygiene when their parents aren’t present. By the time contagion has been identified, it’s already too late.

    In his thoughts on the flu, Todd discusses his experiences as an educator in a Houston public school during the H1N1 pandemic scare which led to the closing of 11 district schools. Others, like those in our area of Houston, remained open, which led to a good deal of confusion among parents who had no idea whether the ‘pandemic’ was the real deal or simply an overreaction by school boards, medical advisers and media.

    Our view, and one that Todd shares, is ‘better safe than sorry.’ If you suspect that something is up – perhaps you’ve heard that some of the kids in the area have been hospitalized, or there is a CDC warning, or you’ve been tipped off on your favorite preparedness/survival forum or web site – it may be a good time for you to take those sick days off from work and keep the kids home, isolated even from their neighborhood friends.

    As Todd points out, an alarming recent development is that scientists have actually created a flu virus in a lab (H5N1), it’s much deadlier that the H1N1 and has been confirmed to be airborne. On top of that, the details on its development have been shared publicly via the internet with those who would like nothing less than to do us harm. It’s contained for the time being, but how long before this or some other deadly virus – perhaps something similar to the black death (1348 – 1350) or Spanish flu (1918) – start spreading across our very interconnected globe.

    For the parents out there, consider discussing flu and cold viruses, how they spread, how to know if a friend or classmate is sick, and what protocols to follow if they suspect a buddy or girlfriend may be coming down with something. Using some of Todd’s recommendations, explain to them how to best prevent the spread, and finally, how to self-quarantine so as not to infect others and why that’s important. Additionally, consider what steps you would take if a truly deadly virus turned pandemic.

    Thoughts on the Flu in our Public Schools
    by Todd Sepulveda

    I wear my prepper mask and cape at night when I scour the internet for great prepping articles to link to from my site.  But during the day, I’m a mild mannered educator in the public school system.  As I prep for the various scenarios that my family might have to go through, I often think about these scenarios happening when I’m at school with a school full of kids!

    I’ve written about my worst nightmare, an EMP during school hours, before.  I also often think about possible terrorism and of course natural disasters.  But in this article, I want to touch on something that can be so deadly and yet creep undetected around your child’s school, the flu.

    My office is close to the school clinic.  I often look in and see the frequent flyer patients who are trying to avoid their school work.  I give them “the look” and encourage them to get back to class and start working.  But more often than I would like, I see kids laying down on the clinic beds with a cool pack on their head because they are running a fever.  When I talk to these students, the story is often the same, they woke up with a fever, mom or dad gave them some Tylenol and put them on the bus!  After a few hours, the Tylenol wears off and the students start feeling bad, all the while they were spreading germs all over the classroom and school.  We often tell students and their parents that we want them to have good attendance, but we don’t want them to come to school sick.

    In the Spring of 2009, 11 Houston area schools were shut down because of confirmed cases of the Swine Flu, H1N1. The problem could have been worse, but thank goodness that it wasn’t.  The scary thing is that officials did admit that cases were slow to be confirmed because of a lack of resources.  “One reason for the uncertainty is because laboratories cannot test specimens as fast as they are coming in.”

    The problem with the flu is that the little boogers don’t want to keep the status quo.  They want to change and evolve and mutate! The recent experiments with H5N1 show that it only takes five mutations to get the deadly form of the flu airborne!

    Now what happens when the SHTF in the form of a flu pandemic and major cities are overrun with cases that they can’t identify?  How do we protect our kids when students are coming to school sick and parents don’t do the responsible thing and keep them home to get better?  You can help your child be better prepared to face the challenges of the flu in public school if you do a few things…

    Give them the talk – When I was a classroom teacher, a few times throughout the year, I would give my elementary students the “germ talk.”  It went something like this…

    “Students today I want to take a few minutes to talk about germs.  You can’t see them or taste them or smell them, but they can make you really sick.  This is an example of how they can spread.  Your classmate comes to school sick.  They cough in their hand or wipe their nose because it is runny and then continue working or writing using their school supplies.  At some point they lay down their pencil.  You don’t realize that there are germs on their pencil and you pick it up, maybe by mistake.  Now the germs have gone from your sick classmate to their hands to their pencil to your hands.  You then touch your face, your eyes, mouth, go to lunch without washing your hands and now the germs have gone from your hand to inside your body.  Now you are probably going to get sick too!”

    I’ve done that same talk as an administrator too. Often I have to do it during their lunch, the last few minutes of course…it’s the only time I can get whole grade levels together at one time!  The kids always get grossed out, but the parents who are eating lunch with their students always appreciate it!

    Teach them to wash their hands – This is a no brainer, but you can’t imagine how many students don’t wash their hands properly.  When students are caught playing in the restrooms, I always stress to them, “stop playing, do your business and wash your hands.”  I’m a big user of hand sanitizer too.  But this is a temporary solution until you can wash your hands properly.

    Make sure they have their supplies – You don’t want your student touching or borrowing supplies from other students.  It is best to make sure that they have their supplies and use what they have.  Yes they are going to want to use their friend’s huge box of 65 Crayons, but try to minimize this as much as possible.  Buy them the cute pencils and erasers so they would want to use their own supplies.

    Teach them to cough correctly – Your child can do their part of coughing and not spreading germs themselves.  Teach your child to cough in the fold of their elbow.  This keeps germs away from their hands which in turn will touch everything else.

    Feed them healthy food – Make sure your child is getting their vitamins and eating well.  You wouldn’t believe some of the junk that kids bring and parents allow for lunch.  There is no way that a lot kids are eating right.  But it is important to maintain healthy bodies so that their immune system is working on all levels.

    Monitor the news and be informed – If it looks like the S is HTF, keep them home.  A few days of being absent is better than the risk.

    In 2009, when the Swine flu was being called a pandemic, I was a little concerned that it could get out of hand.  I monitored the news and monitored the clinic as well.  I wanted to know from the nurse how many students were going home sick and I got info from the registrar on how many students were absent.  Ultimately, it didn’t get as bad as I feared, but it could have.  But the prudent thing to do is to always be vigilant and prepared.

    For more info. on talking to kids about the flu, visit the CDC site –

    Todd Sepulveda is the editor of The Prepper Website – The mission of The Prepper Website is to provide links to quality articles and websites that focus on preparing for emergencies, survival, homesteading, simple life and alternative news.


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        • No fair #1 !! You passed me on a caution flag!

        • allow me to be your FIRST thumbs down! Sorry, it’s just the way we roll here at Mac’s World

        • Very NARCISSISTIC #1.., I bet you were slobbering for days just to post it… weren’t you ? 🙂

          Have to give you credit for originality !

      2. I always wanted a hundred thumbs down. Maybe this’ll work

      3. Fuck that shit, I want as much Echinacea, Sambucus, Oregano, and other herbs as possible fresh at hand at all times. Things like this are your only real defense against superbugs.

        • Also a good supply of cleaning products to kill the germs that make it into your home. Tea tree oil is a great natural item for disinfecting.

        • Herbs are great to strengthen your immune system. When my children were younger, I gave them small garlic capsules with a small container of applesauce. I told them, “swallow the capsule, don’t chew.” It really helped. After I started that, they were sick alot less than before. They went from multiple cases of strep throat and ear infections to one ear infection all year. 🙂

          I think hand washing is very important. It should be stressed more in the schools.

          I have stocked lots of Clorax disinfecting wipes. Around the house I regularly clean door handles, light switches, phones, remotes, etc.

          After reading an article on the high percentage of grocery carts found with ecoli on them, I always carry a few wipes in a ziploc bag in my purse and clean the handle on the shopping cart before using it.

          • Avoid the wipes. Study after study shows they’re actually not that effective when studied in a proper university lab instead of the companies personal ones. You’re also contaminating yourself with the disinfected chemical as it gets absorbed through the skin (not a lot each time, but over months it adds up and some chemicals leech slowly from the body).

            Being sick as a kid builds a healthier and stronger immune system (for most) later in life. I allows you to produce antibodies faster then if you had been exposed to fewer viruses/bugs.

            Ironically I never had anything other then the flu/cold/strep. No ear infections, no chicken pox, etc. Both my parents had everything one could get though so guess I got some of their antibodies. I was around kids that had all of these things too and have been since I graduated, still nothing (though a lot more dangerous in most cases as an adult so I avoid people with those types of illnesses).

            But just a thought. I’ve never used those wipes, my kids are rarely sick, if they get 3-4 days off a year for actual sickness I would be astounded. We had 3 years of perfect attendance for each, just not in the same years. Guess its some of the German blood I passed on… Wife says its the Irish. Silly drunk Irish.

        • Along with your herb selection, you may want to have a manznita bush around. Tea made from the leaves will stop vomiting and diarea. Very useful for many these two body reactions, no matter the cause.

          • Zinc rules! Sucking a zinc tablet will kill any bacteria starting in the sinuses, throat, or chest!

            • Colloidal silver is a good weapon against bacteria, germs mold fungus…etc. ect. ect.

        • You might want to stock up on collodial silver as well. It works really well on both bacteria and viruses, and best of all, it doesn’t kill off all the good stomach bacteria and doesn’t cause drug resistance. It’s getting more expensive with the rise in the price of silver, but is still affordable. Try your local health food store or one of the prepper supply sites.

          I grow my own echinacea and powder it, plus think Sambucol is workable as is hot chicken soup and tea. Good luck keeping your child home from school. The schools act like they own your child and we get constant “truancy” warnings when we pull them out. Think I’ll home school next year. Have been mulling it over for a year and so, and think now is the time.

          Todd, I hate to be prissy, but kids are lying on a couch, not laying. You’re a school teacher for God’s sake. Otherwise, I enjoyed the article.

      4. I thought the public school system was the disease.

        • Don’t even get me started on government indoctrination and forced mediocrity.

        • You got that right.

        • Homeschooling my children 100%!!!
          (BTW ~ I’m a FORMER public school teacher.) 😉

          • me too!!!

            • The stories I could tell! I’m sure you’re the same way!

        • One more thought….
          Johnny and Suzy don’t know how to cough into their elbow.


          they can put a condom on a banana


          if the condom fails, Suzie can get a free abortion through the counselor and her parents will NEVER KNOW!

      5. I just built my new colloidal silver machine.
        Will it work at all for a virus?
        Any thoughts?

        • Just don’t take too much, you’ll turn blue.

          • Hi Sandy, just like to clarify a bit about colloidal silver. As long as it is ionic, you can drink gallons of it, with NO adverse effects…The problem is with the silver salts. The particles are too large to pass through the skin, they get stuck, and with light, may turn bluish. The pharmacops don’t want people knowing about colloidal silver because it is effective and very inexpensive. Probably the BEST natural antibiotic, anti viral, and anti fungal substance known. Every prepper should become aware of this, read all about it, and by all means always have some on hand. I would recommend a silver generator to produce gallons of it for the neighborhood. It is far superior to wipe on hands and face, than any of the anti-soaps and wipes. Many have agents that dry out skin…skin is first line of defense…

            • Thanks Woodlander, good info.
              Toward the bottom of this site I responded back to NetRanger about my hesitations with C.S.
              By the time today’s over I may just be brave enough to crack open a bottle. Why save it for a rainy day, right?

          • Sandy,
            The abuse of colloidal gold among the Oompa Loompa tribe is well documented.
            The way I understand it is that there are 3 silver components that can be produced.
            The system I built makes primarily ” silver ions” which as I understand has a far less
            Risk of turning you a fine shade of blue-grey.
            But as the Oompa Loompa, have shown us, excessive use of chocolate, coffee, and smoking at at a very early age will keep you small, and overuse of colloidal gold will turn you orange.

            • Slick, you may be right but if I recall correctly the Oompa Loompa’s were a terra-cotta, probably from Carrotitis.
              It’s actually the Smurfitis Syndrome that I was referring to. I know you’d probably have to take in excessive amounts of Colloidal Silver to achieve it but on the bright side, there is a demand for blue men in future
              Intel Pentium commercials.

        • Slick…I don’t know about the flu but a few weeks ago I had a sinus infection that turned into an upper respiratory infection and I went to the health food store and bought colloidal silver in an inhaler and it was gone in about 2 days. My girlfriend begged me to go see the Dr. and I flat refused. I don’t want his poison. Antibiotics never cured any infection I ever had as fast as CS will.
          I sure would be grateful and I’m sure others would if you could share how you built your machine. I wouldn’t want to go into SHTF without having a good supply. I have seen plans on-line but some of them look complicated.

            This is what I believe to be the best, and simplest CS generator that I have ran across in my research on how to build one.
            The .9999 silver wire is important, $29 for 2 6in. Pieces from Atlasnova (comes with a certificate of analysis). It was 10 or 12 gauge.
            CEN-TECH brand multimeter is about $8 from Harbor Freight.
            CEN-TECH brand 18″ low voltage multiple-colored test leads(pack of 10 alegator clips) $3
            1/4w 33k ohm 5% carbon film resistor( bought from West Florida Components) ten cents apiece(got 10) plus $3.50 shipping for a total of $4.56
            I still need a freakn red light laser beam and a clear glass.
            I’m looking at it…..
            It’s all here….
            I should make my first batch…..yes…..yes I should.
            Good luck with yours.

            • Oh yeah,
              Don’t forget the 4 9volt batteries.

            • ~Slick~

              For “yer freakin’ red laser…ask & thou shalt receive.


              —very nice (electron-chaser)hobby center/whole-sale house that sells a decent variety of ‘techie-stuff & components’.

              For example:……
              I built my own radiation meter (my design) via components I purchased from those folks 3 weeks after Fukashima boiled over…and you wouldn’t believe the readings I got around the house after a good rain, 5 weeks after the event!!! I used tritium as the calibrating element & I ain’t gonna reveal my source online…Cesium 137 might have been a better calibrator, but its unobtainable on my end.


              The down-spouts off my gutters produced a proverbial amplified symphony of noise & meter spikes….& curiously, (which I’ve yet to figure out)…so did every rose bush around the house!!!

              –Keep in mind, I live in NC.(see atlas) hint: Eastern Seaboard & a long f*cking way from the Jap’s island–


              NOTE:)****for all you amateur/country-boy “MAD SCIENTIST” wannabees!


              See sample video link (example) of their neat stuff projects below. Enjoy all!!!


              —& here’s their web-site—



              P.S.) Please boys ‘n girls, use some common sense if you build/construct some of this stuff…as some projects can be dangerous to bystanders/others if incorrectly applied/demonstrated!!!! Lasers(even Helium-Neon & visible LED types) are/can be vision destroying devices…………..

            • Thanks Gunsmith,
              And WOW! You made a radiation meter!
              I have looked at them for a couple of years, and hadn’t really thought about building one.
              I think I shall try to build my own then.
              Man, I bet that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up getting those readings around the house.
              I always thought fukishima fallout via rainfall was a distinct possibility.
              Hearing or reading about it is one thing, detecting it yourself is another.
              An ( Oh boy, or Oh shit! Moment if you will).

            • ~Slick~

              Oops! Post should have read ***(NOT my design)*** via kit/ components purchased from those folks….

              My sincerest apologies sir!

              NOTE to self:)…”Damn, I need to proof read better before poking submit”!!!

        • Sorry, I posted my answer to another comment before I read yours. I think silver works quite well for viruses, one of the few products which does. I have two silver machines, neither of which work very well, so hope you have better luck. I buy silver by the case and we go through it in one year. (Six children)

          There is also a collodial silver spray which is good for cuts and scrapes, plus a salve which I also use for pet injuries. The spray doesn’t burn when you apply it and we haven’t yet had a cut become infected. I also use hydrogen peroxide to gargle with in case of sore throat, and have sprayed the back of the kids’ throat with silver. No more strep! Hot salt water is golden for sore throats, just make sure your child knows how to gargle all of these remedies without swallowing them.

          Silver can cause a gray cast to the skin which is irreversible. Be careful how much you use and be aware there are several commercial varieties which don’t seem to cause the grayness.

          Home schooling for all! (And, yes, I have a college degree, although not a teaching certificate which I think is beneficial.)

        • 40ppm in 8oz bottle; keep one gallon of water with 1/2oz of silver in it. Should last one person a full week. You won’t turn blue till you start using over 40ppm in 8oz bottles per day and even then it depends on the person.
          I keep an 90 year old woman and her 2 dogs(she adds it to their water bowl as I do) stocked with Collodial silver.
          Folks don’t forget your Vitamin ‘C’ powder. If you can get the tape ‘dead doctors don’t lie’, forgot who it was by.

      6. Thats why homeschooling is looking more and more attractive for when my girls are of age in a few years. Pisses me off when parents let their kids go to school or church sick and then infect everyone else just because they don’t want to be inconvenienced.

        • If I can do it, anyone can…….Just having the desire to protect your children is the best reason after all.

        • My wife and I did the same for our kids…they aced all their finals and are now strong independent and hard working adults….and in their circles all of them are the natural leaders…yep they make me proud!

      7. One link you might want to add to your links list… where Adam Smith (the Health Ranger) really keeps on top of things that are happening. He has a really good newsletter also. Plus, he recommends natural ways of getting rid of annoying health problems. Check it out!!

      8. Uh……….HOMESCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Keep preppin’

        • We home school our kids, one mild cold since last summer.

      9. Some of these flu bugs are really nasty litte rascals. (hey, wouldn’t the Nasty Rascals be a great name for a rock band?)
        Back in my oilfield days I’ve tried working with the flu. It just saps all your energy. You feel like a soggy sack of wet noodles walking on rubber legs. You nearly pass out from any exertion. Oh, wait, maybe that was at the bar after work. Either way, it was terrible.

        Feed a fever. Starve a cold. Drown the flu.

        • Drown the flu? never heard of that but ironicaly thats what I do! The best rock band I’ve ever heard of is

          “FREE BEER”

          Put that on any marquis and sure to fill the house!

      10. If we spend long enough isolating ourselves from any germ that comes along we’ll soon be dead from an inefficiently educated immune system.

        • For what a flu pandemic could do just watch the TV movie – After Armageddon on the History Channel.

          • I thought that was a show illustrating how many things a family could do wrong and still live.

            Burning Star Trek question: If Q is an omnipotent being, why does he have a receding hairline?

          • I just bought a copy of that. Not exactly oscar-winning acting, but it does make for a plausible scenario.

      11. oops

      12. It is my belief (and a few others I’ll leave out of this) that the Swine Flu that created a “pandemic” was lab created and set loose on purpose. If you examine the structure of that particular flu, it is very strange compared to other flus. So, in keeping with my tinfoil clamped tightly to my head but including logic…

        There are literally thousands of viruses available to wipe us out. I posted in the past about some of the nastier ones and I think ebola is the winner for the worst, though really, any one of them can do it. IMHO Being aware and taking steps to protect yourself and loved ones is the best way to stay healthy and safe.

      13. Hand washing, in my opinion, is the single most important thing you can do to not get sick.

        • Dh and I keep hand sanitizer in our vehicles, in our BOBs, in my bag(don’t cary a purse), etc. and at home.
          Great advice..after shopping what do most of us do??
          Dine out–sanitizer is a gret enemy of the germs off those shopping carts.

      14. Mac, there’s an incredible story of welfare in the UK from the BBC. Found the link at Rawles place but it’s also available on BBC main site I think. “Life On Benefits” Folks, go check this out. It’s a crazy story of how much the ‘benefits’ crowd are getting and what they’re spending it on. ($90 month for premium satellite tv among other things) Wow!

        • oops…that’s “Family Life on Benefits” for those of you that go snorkeling, noodling or googling

        • Hiya smokin,

          That’s only the work shy. Get incapacitated by something like arthritis, or losing a leg in Afghanistan and you get a fraction of that, I know I have arthritis, and am grateful it is in both my legs.

          Recentlt terminally Ill people were taken of the special rate (higher)benefit if they had longer than six months to live, they were required to provide evidence that they would die in less than six months. All this to get about $30 extra a week in their last days, it is criminal.

          Now, turn up for any interview they send you on if you are fit and able and you are made, throw the interview do what you like, it matters not, go to the interview and you are considered to be trying to find work and they give you more than many earn.

          Incapacity benefit is taxable, freebies are not…it is madness and the system is totally abused by, in my opinion, a high percentage of those that get benefits, it needs to be stopped.

          We should have a system more like yours, where you can spend vouchers to but food, that may stop them buying expensive phones and x boxes with their unearned money.

          Thanks for listening, rant over

          Take care

          • ~Burt the Brit~

            Here in backwoods Dixie-land(the Southern US), my grandma swore by the benefits of 3/4ths teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of real sour-wood honey & an 800mcg(pill) of folic acid as a cure all for….”Arthur-itis”!!!
            Chase immediately w/ a modest quantity of water/fruit juice!

            Does it work?
            Well I’m over 50…6′ 1″ 210/lbs & I can still roundhouse/axe/snap kick above my height!

            Try it…you just might be surprised after 30 days!

      15. Homeschooling has a lot of benefits. Less cooties is one of them. Having smarter kids is another…..

        • Homemade probiotic yoghurt is great protection against stomach bugs. I researched it from US websites when my mom was sick, she had clostridium diffecile and was heading for heaven.

          The docs were amazed and took some for testing, came back with millions of good bugs per spoon and they had the recipe off me for other patients.

          Tastes great and does the job

        • If people that had kids in public schools took an interest in what their children were learning and involved in their education like those of you homeschooling you would see better results from those children as well.

          • Wrong. You can’t change public schools.

      16. I love The Prepper Website–I visit about every day.
        Now, the flu…I’m 61 and can NEVER remember having a cold..and I know I’ve never had a flu.
        I read there were 5000 deaths worldwide with the H1N1..put that in perspective to other causes of deaths…so I’m not really worried about H5N1.

        • Thanks for the tip JJ. Now I love the Prepper Website too!!!
          I think we’re going to can cream cheese next week. Bought new jars last night. The soap is drying and looks awesome……..keep preppin’

      17. I saw an article somewhere years ago about a machine that I think it was the Germans had in WW2 that was the size of a toaster and could be driven through a major city and would spread a chosen airborne virus by atomizing it, thus easily spreading disease. If they had that technology then, image what they could do now. I also think that people are such germophobes that they have weakened their immune system to fight off diseases. Being a carpenter for 30 years, I am pretty comfortable with eating with dirty hands and eating food I have dropped on the floor etc. Also, I believe that you need to keep your body in a state of repair. I have been cut at work a million times and we don’t need band-aids and kisses..if it ain’t laying on the floor, tape it up and get back to work. I believe that my body having to repair cuts and repair muscles from work and the gym, actually has strengthened my immune system. I never get colds or the flu when everyone else in the house has them. My weak spot is from having a wood burner in the house with a fan that spreads fine ash in the house and messes up my sinuses. I am by no means immortal but I think by exposing yourself to germs, your body learns to fight them off easier. We have become a world of pussies who need anti-bcaterial hand wash in every room.

        • BRW…your theory has been proven medically….I will try to find the link. Also has been shown to reduce asthma in young kids.

          A body needs some exposure to germs in order to build up non-comensal immunity.

          • I will have to agree with this theory. I was in the public classroom, private daycares, and operated a home-based preschool of 6.
            I absolutely never had any illnesses any of those years, and as I stated, I don’t get any illnesses now; I do believe I was exposed to so many I built a great immunity system; that and eating right.
            Lots of fruits and vegetables.

        • I know this may gross some people out, but here it goes. My kids (1 and 3 yrs)have chewed the shopping carts, ate food off the floor, put pacifiers back in their mouth after its hit a public floor/ground, you get the idea. They are never sick. My youngest hasn’t had one runny nose. The older one has only been sick a couple times in 3 years. The immune system needs excersise!

        • BRW…You got the answer.I was a bricklayer for 30 years and was rarely sick(if you don’t count hangovers}. Plenty of fresh air and hard work keeps you healthy.You need to catch the bug once in a while to keep your immune system up to snuff. And, like my pappy used to say “you need your peck of dirt a year”,

        • “if they had that ability then imagine what they could do now”
          Ever look up at the sky and wonder about those white jets that go back and forth in the sky until it is cross hatchec? Pilots have followed those planes and their wake is not a contrail, it is a chem trail.
          Tests show that they have sprayed various chemicals and that included that feds admitting to have sprayed the pneumonia bacterium over LA in the past. Elderly secumbed and died. And this is what they have admitted to!

      18. Don’t get a flu shot & and don’t let you children get them.

        Go see “The Patriot Nurse” she is on youTube as well as Facebook. She is a friend of mine…

        The pharmaceutical company called the hospital where she worked and made her pull here videos off face book and youtube …on “not getting a flu shot.

        • She is awesome! I have watched her vids. Too bad more people in healthcare won’t grow some balls and tell the truth. My highschool auto shop teacher is a drinking buddy of mine and he came in the bar one night with some little kiddie sticker on his shirt saying how he just got the jab. I told him I should punch him in the face for being so stupid. The place he got the jab said it was a ggod thing for him. I told him he needs to smoke a fuckin joint and start using his brain.

        • Bloodyfellow,
          I’ve watched some of Patriot Nurse’s videos but missed the Flu Shot one. Any chance there’s another source to view it???

        • ~Bloody Fellow~

          Please forward to your nurse friend, that one of her biggest fans happens to be a “southern right-wing extremist” who’s views are measured on the “Richter(earthquake) scale”….GOD bless you both!


          —and @~Blackriflewarrior~—

          Dammit, bro….you’d make a great VA counselor…..ahhhh shit, screw that! Run for office, I’ll vote for your ass!!!

          ——-Kudos pal, you’ve got point tonight——–!!!

          • LOL Thanks Gunsmith. I believe in telling it like it is. And I love having point, always will.

        • “Baxter acknowledges H5N1-tainted lab samples
          Officials from Baxter today responded to reports of influenza vaccine contaminated with the H5N1 virus that caused a scare at a Czech laboratory. Chris Bona, a Baxter spokesman, told Bloomberg News that the virus material sent to labs in three countries near its Austria headquarters was supposed to contain seasonal flu virus but was unintentionally contaminated with the H5N1 virus. The Czech lab workers discovered the error when inoculated ferrets died…”

          if interested, see also

      19. Just a tidbit for what it’s ex-wife home schooled my daughters for a year then turned custody over to me.Public schools here didnt recognize it and they both had to do that year over again.I wouldnt’ r
        recomend it unless your planning on going all the way. Beside they need the social learning,so when they have to ,it won’t be a culture shock.Besides what goes around comes around…

        • It’s different from one state to another. I guess you don’t live in Texas……sorry.

        • LOL…that old “socialization” myth is still around???
          Good grief!

          If “socializing” my kids means exposing them to progressive brainwashing, Marxist indoctrination, sex, drugs, and loose morals…I guess I’ll risk my kids being social misfits.

          I taught public school junior high for nearly a decade. The majority of the kids were NOT people I wanted influencing my children!

          • Ha! I’ve home schooled all four of my boys… 2 down, 2 to go and they have soooo many friends…and most of them hang out at MY house!!
            The “socialization myth” was put out by the Government to discourage parents from home schooling…Big Brother wants control of everything and everyone!!

          • That is funny. We heard that all the time too. Just another excuse to not homeschool. Socialization at public school….. Right On Right Wind Mom. My kids can talk without swearing and they know how to make up their own minds. No brainwashing from some lousy public school.

            Clark Kent – You didn’t try very hard did you. There are lots of ways around what you found. I gotta admit though….it takes two parents to homeschool. One has to work full time cause the other one is too busy teaching kids. No way I could have done it alone either.

            Best thing we ever did for our children.

          • Hmmmm Rightwingmom….if home schooling is so darned bad, WHY DO UNIVERSITIES SEEK them out..You are right on. It will be the homeschooled kids that will help find our way questioners (not you RWM) should really wonder why the authorities are always trying to shut down homeschooling….DUH, it’s a threat to their agenda. And more often than not, these kids are MORE socialable with all age groups, not to mention they can do circles around “state” educated kids. You home schoolers go….National spelling bees anyone..all you doubters, please wake up.

        • Bull..all needed is an assessment test–takes about 2 hours..maybe less.
          That will place her in the accurate grade level.

          • In fact, unless things have changed since the 80s, it is in the school system’s best interest to place a child in the correct grade level, for the system is only receiving funds for 12 years; why do you think they are not retaining children any longer and just pass ’em on??
            Every retained child costs the system money.

            • My sons started out in a small private school that only went through 6th grade. Despite testing at 12th grade level on everything, the public schools said the boys had to be placed according to age. No negotiation. They were bored. They thought the public school kids were infantile. We ended up homeschooling for the rest of the school years and it worked out great.

              During the private school years, the teachers emphasized good handwashing and not sharing school supplies. In six years there was never a school wide flu outbreak. Even young kids can learn what it takes to be healthy.

              I work in health care. I almost never get sick and I never take the flu vaccine. Part of it is probably due to building up my immune system by being exposed to so many germs but I am also big on hand washing and good hygiene.

              One place where I worked demonstrated how easy it is to spread germs by using a powder that glows under UV light. They had one person start the day with the powder on their hands, then went through the building and the office late in the day with a black light to show how much the powder had spread. It was a great lesson in handwashing (the strict handwashers did much better on avoiding contamination) and a lesson in the epidemiology of the spread of disease.

            • The school likes to place kids that have been home schooled or have come from private schools into places based on age instead of ability based on just this reason. They can retain the child longer and get more funding. The child raises the overall scores on testing for that grade level. It does not matter what works for the child.

              My sons put up with our attempt at public schools for a few months. Then I grew tired of seeing how much they were suffering in an environment that was boring and demeaning. They were treated like serfs. They couldn’t relate to the other students because they found them to be juvenile and superficial.

              I finally took them out of school and did home schooling. I regret I didn’t do it sooner. During the time in public school, my youngest son went from being a happy cheerful kid to being angry and tense almost constantly. It took years to undo the damage done.

              It is possible to find a way- I am a single parent. I had to modify my work schedule to fit in with home schooling It wasn’t easy but I am grateful for the time with my sons and I am proud of them today. They are thoughtful caring adults who are not part of the crazy consumer society that surrounds us.

      20. hand washing,coughing into your elbow and Lysol
        are NOT going to stop a pandemic

        if you haven’t already
        read The Jakarta Pandemic by Konkoly
        see the movie Contagion
        these give pretty accurate scenarios of how things will play out

        theres also a new foreign movie out called Phase 7
        I havent seen it yet

        in a true pandemic scenario
        the best way to protect yourself is ISOLATION
        keep in mind the virus can come into your home in a million
        and one ways
        on the daily newspaper,the mail,that can of soup from the grocery store,on the handle of the trash can you just brought back from the street side ……..
        but it is recommended by many

      21. 1happycountrymom

        More power to you.i know at that time i was a single parent working full time.There was no way that i could of home schooled them

        I do Know the 3 R’s of learning
        Rithmatic (kidding)

        • What makes you think I wasn’t single and working full time???? If it helps, we used the relaxed homeschooling method. More flexibility with our schedule……

          KEEP PREPPIN’

        • Homeschooling is not easy, but it is certainly rewarding and a wonderful opportunity for your kids, if you can find the proper amount of time. I do believe anyone can homeschool their children, however, it does take a serious commitment.

          There are wonderful curriculums available that walk you through every step and every problem. The home school coalition is very helpful. I would recommend it to anyone who has the time and desire to raise good kids without the presence of peer pressure and brain washing. I would also stress the importance of having friendships and activities with other children, outside of the home.

          I am not saying that kids in the public school system can not be great kids, it all depends on what goes on at home and how involved you are with your childrens school life. Some kids thrive in the public school system, but many are mentally destroyed.

          • Those opposed to homeschooling do know (or care to find out) what a challenge it is to accomplish correctly!

            Children CAN succeed in public school but ONLY if their parents are involved in their education: homework, studying, completing projects, etc.

            Of course, in the professional opinions of teachers unions and many administrators, there’s a LINE parents must NOT cross. Mainly, parents should NEVER presume THEY know more than the professionals when it comes to knowing how to best educate, train, and morally mold their children.

            I’ve seen “It Takes a Village” on many counselors desks. The translation: drop off you kids, let us raise them, and don’t question those in authority. Side note ~ We (professionals) have the responsibility to question your parenting skills.

      22. Jamming that many snot slinging brats in one place is an epidemic waiting to break out.

        kids are the worst at presonal hygiene, and it doesnt matter how many times a parent trys to teach just doesnt register with them.

        All school buildings should have Brass door knobs and brass push plates on their doors, brass railings etc..

        look up the ability for brass to kill viruses, bacteria and fungus..its not hokey pokey.

        quarentine , needs to happen some times when this crap gets out of hand, but if they didnt jam so many people into one building it wouldnt get this bad..its completely un-healthy in my opinion..

        Than the rug rats bring it home and infect the out side world..Mom or dad gets it and takes it to work and it ends up rolling thru the major part of that areas population

        Canning up a large population of humans in any building is not a smart Idea, Just like the idea of FEMA camps or using stadiums for housing the homeless..its ignorant, and its a threat to those with comprimised immune systems and the elderly

        But intelligent though process isnt something we get from our government..they cant see past their own greed

      23. This is not limited to public schools.

        I was standing in front of the vitamin section at Walgreen’s. A young boy (approx. 4 or 5 y/o) picked up a package of candy, as his mother stood about a foot away. As he held it, he let out 2 – 3 BIG WET COUGHS directly on the bag. He held it up and asked his mom if he could have it. She told him no. He returned the package without the mom giving a second thought to the germs he just contaminated it with!!!

        After they left I informed the pharmacy tech. I’m not sure if anything was done.

      24. I work in a high school. I found a way to keep from getting sick. I used to be sick a lot. Colds, flu, ugh, the one I hated the most: the “going at both ends” flu.

        Now, however, I have no such things. I pay no attention to hygiene either. Why? Well, there are three things you need to keep the bugs away. I mean REALLY keep it away. Every day, or when you think of it (it does not have to be a regiment):

        A) Take about 1000% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D3.

        B) Be sure you eat some raw veggies and fruits and/or take a few hundred mg or ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

        C) Carry a 1oz pure silver round in your pocket with your change.

        D) Get some CS (Colloidal Silver). A few times a week, take a mouthful and brush your teeth with it.

        You’ll start to get stuff and then it will just magically never take hold. You’ll start to get a sore throat and then in the morning its gone. Or, you start aching and you know its the start of the flu. You go home, take a hot bath, the flu never materializes.

        I had pneumonia a few years back. The doc said that I’d be back multiple times in the next few months. She said once you get pneumonia you never really get rid of it, you just kind of keep it down and when you get sick, it will come back. Fail. Wrong. Never been back. I started with the colloidal silver a few months later, then added the other stuff as I moved along. I’m telling you, my immune system can take anything. I rub my eyes with impunity. I do things just to dare the bugs. They can’t touch me. Between the D3 and the silver, they’re toast.

        Also, if you start to feel something coming on, don’t ingest CS, snort it. That does something. I suspect its the D3 and the silver, mostly. Also, I handle that silver round all the time. The stuff runs off the bugs.

        D3, CS, Silver Round, Vitamin C – They’ll give you an immune system of steel.

      25. We put our 8 month old in daycare for the first time three weeks ago and she has already been sick twice. Now she has an ear infection. I am starting to regret taking a six month temporary assignment so I could buy more preps. I could not resist the opportunity to accumulate the equivalent of 7 years of additional food storage for my family.

        She had never been exposed to anyone but us and I was hoping to strengthen her immune system before SHTF.

      26. The REAL scary scenerio is when there is a long time breakdown of services and supplies due to whatever (name your man made or natural disaster). There will be limited amts of antibiotics, medical services, you name it, whatever is needed to disiffect things or fight cold symptoms, the won’t be available at any price. With that in mind, it’s important to consider stockpiling those things that will be scarce and needed in the above article. By the way, I took a week long course at the Centers for Disease Control on infections in a hospital many years ago. One thing mentioned is that after a while, micro organisms have have been found growing in some of those disinfectants and surgical handwashes, including alcohol. As for how fast a disease can spread, I remember a case scenerio of a surgical nurse with an infection who walked every day thru a med surg unit on her way to the operating room. She ended up not only infecting the entire unit with its staff and patients, but being quarantined as well for about a month. That is the power of the bug. As for herbs, think again. If they are not 100 per cent pure or close to it, and know where they come from, you can get some other things in there as well that can affect the heart or/ and respiratory systems.

      27. I am just now getting over the flu. I thought I was dying, the first night I had the shakes followed by, well, you can figure out the rest. I hadn’t been sick for 30 years and forgot how bad it could be. I have never taken a flu shot and likely never will. But I gotta say if it will help, next time I will eat silver dimes. I am still weak as a limp fish but I did some work in the garden today, grtting ready for the new grape vines, but WHEW!!!!!

        • ~highspeed~

          Start taking 5000-10,000 units of vitamin D-3 & some zinc supplements daily!!!

          You’ll never acquire a ‘kick-your-ass’ episode of the flu again…yeah, you might be drag-ass for a day or so, but the bounce-back factor is astounding! Good luck, pal.

          • Thanks Gunsmith, I’ll do that. Its hard for me to believe I could have a vitamin D deficiency, as I am outside all the time, but that could be it, that or some of the old ladies at church gave it to me. Anyway good advice and I’ll put a little extra in the pantry.

      28. VITAMIN D!!

        Every year since I’ve been a kid (40 now) I’ve dealt with months of bronchitis (alpha 1 carrier) – every year it would take me 2 months of antibiotics to kick it. I’d pick up everyone else’s colds ALL the time.

        When the swine flu thing started I said to my wife, there’s no way if I’d survive if I got it. So I started reading. I came across vitamin d. . Back there wasnt much about Vitamin D in the news. Quite different today (google news Vitamin D – EVERYDAY)

        I started taking Vitamin D at 5,000 IU a day after HOURS UPON HOURS of reading up. I now have my (along with my wife and 2 kids’) Vitamin D level checked every 6 months to ensure we are getting enough and not taking too much. The government rec is way too low. Blood level range is from like 20-100 – that’s a huge range – and their daily recommendation is only 400 ius. My son was at a level of 25, that’s almost deficient – he’s now at a 60 (50-80 is though to be optimal). It is now believed that 75% of Americans are deficient and now is believed to be linked to a whole host of health issues from asthma, respiratory problems to cancer. Vitamin D is produced by your skin through exposure to UVB rays which are only available from spring to fall in the northern hemisphere. Your skin will make 20,000 IU’s in about 20 minutes and then shuts off. Guess what, how much time do we spend outdoors anymore? Another kicker – SUN SCREEN blocks the production of vitamin D.

        Since starting my Vitamin D kick – I HAVE NOT TAKEN A SINGLE ANTIBIOTIC – I point this out to my family doctor every time I get a chance – I even had all my script histories pulled to be able to show people. I have not gotten sick once since. I am living proof.

        Do your own reading and come to your own conclusions. But if you start on it, just make sure you check your blood levels – you can order a home finger stick mail in lab test or you can have your family doctor add it to your next blood work.

        • ~Karl B~


          Sorry, I didn’t see your post before making my own! Hence, Highspeed should defer to you!



          Am going to be in ‘Kings Mountain’ this Friday!

          You know, you & I ought to hook-up sometime & if nothing else swap garden seeds/info & contact data.

          • Hey Karl, I would be happy to meet you, sorry if you were talking about this past friday, I have been catching up on missed work the last couple of days. I have some “Hercules” crowder peas I’d be glad to share with you. There has been a big crop failure for them and most people can’t get the seeds, but I got plenty.
            They make a delicious meal all by themselves. Last summer I brought in 2 crops, so plenty for sharing.

            Let me know when you get to K.M. again. I am

      29. I suppose everyone has their own special remedies. I, for one, will never get another flu shot. There are so many strains of flu that they are, at best, maybe 15% effective at hitting the right one in any given year.I myself huff hydrogen peroxide(H2O2}. Bacteria or cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. I get that extra molecule of oxygen from my peroxide.

        • JRS, Just a comment on hydrogen peroxide (H202). It is awesome stuff. But, not all off the shelf stuff is good. It is best to purchase food grade, and cut it to make it 3%. I swear by this stuff. If you have any lung gunk, steam a small percentage and breathe it in. I mix it with a little colloidal silver. It is incredilbe, and opens the lungs right up. BUT, make sure it is a low percentage (3%), or you can do damage. We are being lied to by the medical community. I have a daughter in law, who is a pharmacist, and has NEVER heard of Colloidal silver. Mind was researched heavily by a man in the 30’s, who started a pharmaceutical company, which is now Merck. They KNOW the effectiveness of colloidal silver,and hydrogen peroxide. It’s just that they are both INEXPENSIVE.

          • Details please…….I just bought the brown plastic bottle at dollar store. Where/what is food grade???

            • Greetings 1happycountrymom..hope you are well and the preps are piling up. Do a google search on hydrogen peroxide. You’ll find places to buy food grade. It is best stored in a dark bottle in the freezer, as H202 breaks down over time. There are a couple good books on all of the uses for hydrogen peroxide. The store bought stuff is ok in a pinch, but due to age may be less effective. Store bought is also more for topical uses. In any event, it’s wise to have some. Search it out to find all of the uses, but keep it out of reach of little ones.

            • Yeah, after I typed that I thought why not do my own search……anyway, I will keep the cheap stuff around for cleaning, etc. and the “little ones” are in their early 20’s now !!!!

              Thanks……keep preppin’

      30. As a youngster I can still remember having the mumps and chicken pox.With 4 siblings, when one got sick, you could almost guarantee we all did and almost all your classmates did. We all got to make the trip one day to the docs for vaccinations. One bawling kid after another. I don’t know how they give em today but back then they left one helluva scar on your shoulder. But we liked the polio immunization because it came on a sugar cube!

        • Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t just go ahead and let kids get chicken pox and fight it off instead of forcing immunizations for it. My husband was immunized as a kid, I caught it with the rest of my friends. When my daughter started kindergarten she had been immunized. First grade she caught it and 3weeks later my husband, myself and the baby all had it. My husband & baby had it real bad. That was 8 years ago.
          I just think the shot was a waste of time. I couldn’t believe I caught it a 2nd time. I guess I’ll have shingles to look forward to in my old age….

        • Funny. I remember standing in line in grade school to get those shots in the early 60’s. Lots of kids sobbing. I still have the big scar on my shoulder.

      31. Amazing more schools don’t teach kids how to cough correctly. I don’t look forward to the day I have to tell my kids they can’t go to school due to a start of an outbreak.

      32. Ya know, the nightmare scenario could easily be defined in the propaganda predictive programming movie now available on DVD I think, called “Contagion”. I went to the theater to see this film, not because I like to let Hollywood into my mind, but so I can peek into the minds of the propagandists. Basically, if you want to see what an all out global killer flu scenario would look like, just watch this movie. Aside from the movie painting anyone that prefers homeopathic cures over big pharma’s poison a nutjob, and of course, painting the pharmaceutical companies as the heroes, it is a fairly realistic look.

        If I recall, 26 million people die as announced near the end of the story. Well, if a super killer such as H5N1 ever got loose with a kill rate of 50%, yeah, you can expect more than that. Anyway, the moral of the story is that this is exactly the type of event we prepare for.

        In the movie, people are tweaked when the news finally goes public and everyone is scrambling for supplies. Most services like trash pick-up and many other things you can think of, just are not going any longer. As I watched this with my wife, I whispered in her ear, “If this happens, all we do is lock down and paint in bright red paint across the garage door ‘QUARANTINE’ and we wait it out with everything we need in our home.”. I’ve even considered getting some “Crime Scene” tape just to have handy to wrap the front entry area with. Would you want to take the chance on coming inside? heheh

        The icing on the cake was at the very end of the movie. It was pure propaganda when they show the infected bat drop some colon bombs onto a pig. The pig goes to slaughter. The woman eats the pig. The flu begins. In reality, I think it would be more likely some high powered genetically modified version of lab grown H5N1, or some other disease variant, to be either accidentally released, or maybe even deliberately.

        I certainly hope something like this never happens, but if it does, I think most people on this site will be doing the same thing, QUARANTINE and CRIME SCENE – DO NOT ENTER. Maybe even get some good looking Halloween props and put a fake rotting corpse near a window for anyone coming close to see.

        • JoeRepublic,

          Right you are and I believe most people do not perceive the propaganda of the movies. Ever wonder why they used a homeopathic remedy to debunk and not an herbal remedy or something else? Most people don’t know anything about homeopathy- why raise it as a treatment? I will give you a hint…you can find information readily available on the net of the mortality rate during the Spanish Flu of 1918… homeopathic treatment 1% to 5%, conventional allopathic treatment 25% to 50%. There were multiple studies including 10s of thousands of cases.

        • Not bad ideas. Just make sure they don’t start burning down all the Q areas which is very possible.

          • Good point. Something to keep an eye out for.

        • I don’t buy the scare—H1N1 was supposed to kill all that didn’t take that untested vaccine—hello???? We are still here and that big, bad H1N1 killed 5000, not 5 million, 5000, worldwide.
          I don’t scare easily–I’ll not take the vaccine. And with the crap reported by whistle-blowers being put in any vaccine today—I’ll not be taking any.
          I don’t think the lab grown H5N1 is the killer; I think the vaccine is.

          • JJ,

            Exactly! For those interested, look to see who coined the term “vaccinosis” and what year. Evidence of vaccination problems have been evident for over 100 years.

          • Yeah, I agree. I’ll be one of the homeopathic kooks that everyone thinks is crazy for not taking the vaccine.

            • ~Joe-R~

              Rest assured, dude! You have lot’s of company all across North America! Good honest post & a thumbs up!

            • Around here they offer those shots everywhere. You can’t walk in to a drugstore without being asked if you have you’re shot. Piss on that. I agree with you 100%. If it’s coming from the government they can shove it up their butts…..

        • ~Joe-R~

          Hmmmmmm!!!!…..ya know, you might be onto something!!! I think I’ll try to scrounge up a few of those official looking “QUARANTINE” signs & maybe compliment them w/ a handful of universal “bio-hazard” placards…and post ’em around the road frontage of my property when the SHTF!!!

          Call it a ‘passive filtration system’ to weed out the less predatory/violence prone zombies…thereby reducing my ammo expenditure.

          Good Post & a thumbs up to you, sir!

      33. getting a comment posted here is worse than dial up

      34. I think the perfect place for a germ warfare attack on the US would be at the superbowl. Especially if the germs were planted in the locker rooms so a lot of high-profile players died.

        • You are twisted, and most likely on the no fly list now. 🙂

      35. My kids are in public school, when we first moved to the woods they caught EVERYTHING that was going around. The exposure to new pollens didn’t help. Everything they caught, I caught. Lasted about 3 years. Finally had their tonsils removed and they haven’t been back to the DR’s since. Their immune systems are great now.
        I get the re-occuring pneumonia like Net Ranger described he’s able to dodge. Vitamin D & C is a must!!!
        If a major pandemic breaks out, I’ll break out the prayer because I’m a germ magnet.

        • Sandy! Reverse your polarity!

          You’re missing the silver component. Buy a 1oz silver round and put it in with your regular change. Get some colloidal silver. Snort, gargle and brush with it.

          After that if you had a microscope with a little microphone you could probably see the germs running and screaming with their little microscopic hands waving over their heads.


          Silver is the enemy or germs and facteria. Pardon my tinfoil hat, but I think it is one reason they eliminated it from out coinage. A more sick population is easier to “herd”. Start handling some silver today. The exposure to silver molecules not only runs the germs off, it also promotes healing.

          Colloidal silver is also very easy to make.

          • NetRanger, you’re right.I guess I’m stubborn because I have several bottles of C.S. that I’m reserving for TSHTF
            I guess I’m scared to take it daily because if it acts like an anti-biotic wouldn’t it mess up your good & bad bacteria balance? Or is it more of an anti-viral?
            Wouldn’t your body get used to it then if you did catch something maybe it wouldn’t work as potently? I have a C.S. making plate here somewhere, tried it 15 years ago.
            Looked like gun powder or metal shavings at the bottom of the water pitcher. My dad kept saying “go ahead, drink it, drink it everyday,it’s good for you.”
            This was coming from a man who cleared his sinus infection by snorting DMSO for months.
            My husband & I stared at each other like you go first.
            I was young & didn’t want to die yet.
            Today I’d be willing to try it again, what do I have to lose?

            • Sandy,
              If the shits got metal shavings in the bottom, don’t drink that.
              It sounds like it was overcooked. That is what the freak’n red light laser beam is for on my CS
              Plans that I posted. It will keep you from over cooking it.
              I am not a CS making expert,
              But I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express, last night.

            • Slick, I don’t think mine has a red laser thingy. The thing sat in water growing this stuff for days.
              I’m not clear on the details but I think my dad told me to
              run it through a coffee filter first. I remember I made a mess of the whole thing, packed it up and put it away with my “for a rainy day” stash. Thanks for the advise, now if I accidentally ingest the metal shavings I suppose I could have fun at airport screenings….

            • Don’t matter if its got silver goo in it. First, unless you’re REALLY sick with food poisoning, don’t drink it. Gargle with it or snort a teaspoon full once in a while (twice a week?) It takes very little.

              Silver is *NOT* like an antibiotic. While the end result is the same as an antibiotic, it doesn’t work like one. The process is totally different.

              Basically, the way “bugs” survive inside the body is that they use an enzyme to get what they need to survive. This enzyme is created by the bugs and they use them to harvest what they need from your blood and fluids. Silver readily combines with this enzyme and promptly makes it useless!

              It even works on viruses, which antibiotics will not. In short, unless the virus or bug can mutate into something that doesn’t need to eat or breath, it can’t beat silver.

              …the good thing is that you need very little. This is why you should carry a silver round in your pocket with your change. With that silver round rolling around in there with your change its grinding off small amounts of silver. Everytime you handle the change you get a little silver dust on your fingers. Rub your eye, pick your nose, rub a cut, you rub silver dust off, into and onto it.

              I take a mouthful of CS and swish it around and spit it out right before I brush my teeth. Goodbye bad breath again.

              Anyways, I never recommend drinking it unless you’re doing a detox or trying to recover from food poisoning. The word is that it will make disentary seem like case of indigestion.

              As far as your bacteria balance, thats different. Those bacteria don’t use the same enzyme system as “invaders” do.

            • Slick, you’re right, lots of goo in the bottom means its overcooked. Just cut it with some distilled water. Its probably way too strong and is a waste to use it at that concentration.

              The fact is you need low voltage and long exposure tp make small molecule CS.

              Just strain the goop out. But, keep it if there is a lot. Its the most sterile stuff in your posession! Keep it in something. Take that goo and rub it in an infected wound and *BAM*! Its like super healing salve. I mean its like NOTHING you’ve ever seen!

              Also, heed this warning:

              WARNING: *NEVER* keep colloidal silver, silver paste or any silver product in anything plastic. Glass *ONLY*. Plastic attracts the silver molecules and will suck them right out of your colloidal silver in short order.

              I used to think this was a myth until I tested it. Put some of my finest CS in a plastic bottle, half full. In a few days there was a grey stain allover my plastic bottle right up to the level of the CS.


              It’s worthless in melt value, but historically it’s believed the wealthy fared better during epidemics because they ate off silver. They were boosting their immune systems simply from the eating utensils they used. If you have solid silver flatware, it’s your call: melt value or immune boosting properties.

              SOMETHING TO CONSIDER. 🙂

      36. My wife is a school bus driver for a public school district.If i worried about every germ that passes in and out of my house,I wouldn’t be able to sleep.We practice the best sanitation that we can.Other than that nature just has to take its course.Our immunity system has built up a level that we very seldom get sick.Granted the common cold visits every now and then.Feedback welcome.

      37. get yur’selves and your kids Black ELDERBERRY EXTRACT… it’ll save their lives… by lowering their immune systems response to the h2n1, h5n1… which is designed to kill the babies, children and healthy adults with their own immune systems!

        Black ELDERBERRY EXTRACT will save your childs lives!

      38. Do you ingest this black elderberry extract or use it in a vaperizer like uecalyptus extract?

        • I have some in a syrup form. Neighbor made it. Very sweet. And I LOVE my Eucalyptus essential oil for coughs and colds. Clears them up super fast…….

          KEEP PREPPIN’

      39. When ever one of the Grandkids get an upper respatory infection NaNa gets the vaperizer out and puts uecalyptus oil in it (with water of course} . I’m here to testify , within a day or two, they are ready to go home.It works on me too .

      40. ac, this is really a good sight , just don’t mention home schooling or you get your ass handed back to you.K.O.P.

      41. Public school is a cesspool of both mental and physical infection. Homeschool the kids!

      42. If you want to spread a flu virus or any other contagious disease, you go to an airport or a train station or subway. Places where millions of people circulate daily. Someone coughs on 2 persons beside them. Those people cough on two people each the next day. In 40 days, everyone in the US has been exposed to the flu. Do the math. But, by then, it has spread around the world because millions fly everyday to other countries. A really deadly flu could kill all of us in less than 40 days.

      43. Carts one of dirtiest places in grocery store, study says

        “72% of the shopping carts had a positive marker for fecal bacteria. When they examined some of the samples, they found Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, on half of them…

        Researchers say they actually found more fecal bacteria on grocery cart handles than you would typically find in a bathroom, mainly because bathrooms are disinfected more often than shopping carts.

        Since most stores do not routinely wash and disinfect their carts, it’s up to you to do it.”

        I carry a small Ziploc bag of cleansing wipes in my purse and always clean the handles on my shopping cart before using.


      44. How many of you ‘wipes/sprays/soaps’ people know that you gain immunity by being exposed? You don’t avoid anything. You just guarantee that when you finally get a virus, you will be weak and it will hit you harder than someone who gets a cold or the flu occasionally and builds up immunity.I survived measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc as a child. I have my tonsils, and I have had hundreds of colds and a few dozen flus in my 67 years. I am perfectly healthy, no meds necessary, and, other than washing my hands when I get home from outside with plain soap and water, I rarely get anything anymore. And I live in the Philippines where most cannot afford antibacterial/viral anything. Yet, the life expectancy here is 72 years.

        • Well said, Bill T. It is called suspectibility.

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