They Will Take Everything If You Don’t Stop Them: Ten Things You Must Do To Defend Yourself

by | Jul 13, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 360 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    They will take everything if you don’t stop them.

    At first glance a statement like this brings up thoughts of the government coming for all freedom seeking people.  In actuality this is about your neighbors and those in your community that will ruthlessly mob up and literally storm your own home for what you have after a long drawn out disaster, perhaps sooner.  It is a fact that most people in the United States, upwards of 99%, have little or NOTHING put away for emergenices.  When chaos hits and a country’s infrastructure crumbles into powder, so does the nation’s ability to feed and sustain its citizens.

    Self reliance and preparing for a rainy day or even for a full blown hurricane has become almost a taboo for many, and a total waste of time, money and effort for the others.  While what a person does with their own money and time is their business, the same holds true for the person that sacrifices much to prepare for future mass disorder and total lack of purchasable necessities.

    The main conundrum with the vast majority of the population is that they have come to totally expect everything provided for them by someone else, human or machine.  This “serve me, as I am the only one that matters” attitude is more than an epidemic in the United States and many other countries.  As individuals of ALL ages lose the basic skills of self reliance, and more importantly the desire to do any task for themselves, a ticking time bomb becomes more pronounced for when these services breakdown.

    Various scenarios await the preparedness minded person in the event of a societal collapse.

    The majority of the country has become totally reliant on daily shipments of food and other necessities.  An oil emergency in the Middle-East, for example, can severely limit transportation of the goods that people depend on.  A war that would rage on a half a world away would mean that supermarket shelves would be emptied.  This would ONLY be regarded as a moderate hit to civilization until a regional war like this actually went global.  Most people can only get by without a few days of food before “snap” reactions begin.  Remember ONLY 1 to perhaps 1 and 1/2% of the people have stocked up for just such an emergency.

    One of the most critical threats to be faced will be from those in your immediate vicinity – and those who have prepared will likely be forced to draw a line in the sand.

    Most of us live around neighbors and are not, for the most part, living an isolated lifestyle.  We usually have fair to good relationships with those that live around us.  This often leads to the misconception that these neighbors and those that live around our community would never just come and take what we have saved up to keep our family alive after a calamity.  In some cases this is true. In most cases it is not.  After a week of starvation and lack of access to food, most neighbors will gather together and head for any house merely “suspected” of having food.  Unless those desperate individuals are stopped, they will ransack a home of everything that is in it like a hoarde of hungry locusts.  It is called the irrational conduct of a mob mentality.  An excellent example of this is how a person can be trampled to death by a herd of wild eyed shoppers desperate enough to get some electronic gadget at some super holiday sale.

    Let’s look at a fictional prepper family named the Smiths that have 1 year worth of food for 8 people, along with food for their golden retriever and cocker spaniel dogs, their tabby cat, and their macaw bird.  The Smiths are friendly people but have not told anyone about their stockpile.  After a severe incident, call it an ecomonic collapse, war, Earth changes – it really doesn’t matter – the chain links of food being delivered are now gone.  Through casual conversations somehow a couple of neighbors have figured out the Smiths have food and have alerted others through the gossip channel.  After almost 2 weeks without much food, no FEMA government trucks have come in to rescue, a crowd of almost 100 people have gathered around the Smith house.  Similar size crowds have also collected around other people’s homes suspected of “hoarding” food.  The Smiths have taken an unrealistic and idealist sentiment towards believing in the good nature of human beings and their community and have not stocked up much at all in self defense.

    Grandpa Smith understands that trying to feed 100 people would dwindle their supplies quickly and decides to leave everything closed up and not answer the door.  The Smiths find out how hunger will drive a civilized person into wanton rage and animalistic acts.  Four members of the mob pick up a railroad tie and use it as a battering ram to knock down the front door.  Then like a pack of sharks in a feeding frenzy the mob rushes in and takes everything the Smiths have including their food, blankets off the beds, the TV sets and computers, pots and pans, even the refrigerator is hauled out.  Why does this happen?  People in an erratic state of mind will grab everything they can, most riots prove this all too well.  The last items to be picked clean are the family’s pets to the screaming pleas of their 9 year daughter not to hurt her dogs.  Of course the dogs, the cat, and the bird are killed and cooked up for their meat.  The Smiths are lucky that they too did not become someone’s meal.

    The simple moral to this story is something most survival orientated people already know – that you must have self defense or you will lose what you have when someone decides to take it.  The fact that so few prepare means that food is going to be even more scarce and totally sought after.  The Smiths are hardly fictional and can be widely expected after a large scale catastrophe.  Most people expect someone to have what they need ALL the time and they will flock towards that source and attempt to get it.

    Fortunately for the self reliant family, those that live soft lives and allow everything to be done for them makes for a flabby, both in body and mind, person.  Usually this type of person is a also a coward and even during irrational hunger spasms will backdown and retreat in the face of dying or being severely injuried.  It is one thing to rush into a home with a mob like a pack of wolves with little resistance. It’s a completely different ball game to rush into a well fortified home watching those ahead of them in line being rapidly dropped one by one.  Even with this said, self defense of you and your family and your lifeline in what you’ve stored up takes a host of different dimensions that vary significantly with each situation.  There are some basics that can be vastly expanded on with each individual case.  A term that can be used for this is “CONFRONTATIONAL AWARENESS”.

    Here are 10 points to think about if and when you are faced with defending you and your own:

    1.  What type of self defense fits you the best?  Some individuals can make very exotic improvised devices, but everyone that can legally own a firearm should have at least one, preferably many.  The extreme number of firearms takes up pages, but everyone should have a firearm that can discharge as many rounds as possible without having to reload.  A firearm that has some long distance range to it.  A shotgun, call it a scatter gun, with at least size 4 buckshot up to triple ought 000.  A handgun of course for close range engagement.  The simple answer to which one is what is most comfortable with you personally and what you can afford.  You want stopping power, but also to be able to at least slow down a lot of targets if this becomes an issue.  Other weapons should also be added, such as bear pepper spray that can slow down or stop a large group of people rushing you.  Knowing how to jerry rig various home made weapons adds to your security.  Have extra ammunition for all firearms.  Don’t depend on just one or two weapons for self defense, have back-ups.

    2.  Litigation.  This is an extremely sticky point “IF” the society recovers. It should be remembered that (unfortunately) any act of personal self defense might have to be answered for.  The state or country that you are in may or may not view the 40 people you shot “outside” your home as a legitimate threat, even if they had a battering ram and other weapons and total anarachy ruled the day and night.  In other words, just because it may seem like the end of the world doesn’t mean that it actually is.  Protecting you and your family could also mean carefully assessing your situation and not acting without discretional thought.  You never want to be indicted with some mass murder charge should the world reestablish itself enough to prosecute you in the future.  Checking out the laws of protecting yourself where you live before the world falls apart is an excellent idea and sound precaution.

    3.  Determine your boundaries.  Where, exactly, does a threat cross that threshold in which you engage them?  For some people it is a property line or at the front door – wherever this may be, know it.  In some places a mob outside your door constitutes a deadly threat to your family.  In some places you may actually have to be backed into a corner and the attacker may even have to possess a weapon for you to legally defend yourself.  Know these legal parameters.  For some people it doesn’t matter the legal consequences, and this can be a life saving measure taken to stop an attack before a group gets too close that you cannot stop.  Establishing a point of no return is a good strategy so that you know where and when you must act to protect everyone.

    4.  Know the seriousness of what is happening.  This is of course ties into the legal ramifications of defending yourself, but especially with just how desperate people will become to try and take what you have.  Has the water been turned off?  What about the power?  Is there any food left in the stores?  Are emergency supplies and other food being shipped in, and if so how often?  Is there in town rioting?  Are the masses of people roaming around looking for food?  Have there already been homes attacked from mobs?  The more you know about the threat evaluation the better you can prepare your defenses.

    5.  Know what is around you.  This includes having some way of seeing a full 360 degrees around your home, up and down, and someone on watch duty most (or all) of the day and night.  An ideal security preventative is to have some sort of observation tower, motion detectors, night vision, and anything else to give you advance notice of anyone trying to sneak in unnoticed.  Hidden viewpoints throughout the home are a workable and important addition.  Booby trapping your property has been an effective method used in warfare all through history as a means of stopping someone and alerting everyone.  Dogs and other animals such as geese are often used as early warning systems.  Always try to know what is going on for as far a distance from your home as possible.

    6.  Decide on your barriers.  This brings to mind that raw stopping power of a projectile fired, launched, or even thrown towards you and your family.  The standard home (mud and sticks) offers little protection against a bullet travelling at over 3000 feet per second.  Consider how you might shield against radiation, and use the same strategy for self defense. The more mass the better.  Many excellent materials are out there, but raw materials around the house such as dirt, sand, rock are certainly better than nothing as a shield.  Taking advantage of underground levels of the home – because you can’t shoot through dirt – also offers good temperature control and isulation from the outside elements for people, pets and your supplies.  Barriers also serve the purpose of slowing down or even stopping advances of individuals trying to come for you and your stockpile.  Like many criminals, simple locks and anything that takes effort to break through can impede most individuals enough so they leave you and everyone else alone.  The more obstacles you can place to make it as difficult as possible is in your best interests. You want to do everything you can to avoid a situation where you’re left with no other option but hand to hand combat.

    7.  Be ready to take a stand.  Unfortunately many people feel that when the time comes that they can do anything it takes to survive.  Yet some will “freeze up” when faced with pulling a trigger and blowing someone away.  This is especially true after someone has actually shot one of the first of many individuals rushing in to take what they have and even hurt or kill them and their family.  Hesitation is human nature and throughout our lives society has implanted into our psyche that killing someone, even in self defense, is wrong.  This is why it is imperative for those in your survival group who have the responsibility of defending everyone to be willing to use those weapons if and when it becomes required of them.  Training and practice will make it possible for you to more efficiently and effectively deploy your weapons on a physical and psychological level.  There is a reason behind why the military trains and trains, not to just improve accuracy, but to make it mentally routine that a soldier will not vacillate in a life or death situation.  The two words that best describe this is “mental toughness.” You must be able to reliably act to save yourself and your family.

    8.  Be prepared for unconventional attacks.  Desperate people will do incredibly stupid and irrational acts that defy reason.  If a mob discovers a well fortifed home with food in it, they might try to actually light the entire structure on fire.  It doesn’t matter to the insane minds that all the food will be ruined inside; they only see and “think” that this will smoke everyone out.  Someone may even get the “brilliant” idea of trying to collide a large truck into you home.  The list is endless and depending on your unique circumstances, there are defenses against most if not all attacks.  The aim here is to make the distance an attacker needs to travel to your home as long as possible and this is where barriers and booby traps play an important role.  It is also passive protection in which someone can help protect their home with high water type bushes, plants, and trees that won’t burn easily.  In many high danger wildfire areas homeowners will use fire retardants on their homes, as well as having quick means of extinguishing fires ready to use if the time comes.  Help ready yourself by reviewing and thinking about the unconventional ways your refuge can be assaulted.

    9.  Remember you have the advantage.  Mobs will often try to frighten and intimidate people out of their home and/or try to  force you to divvy up all what you have. Don’t let them scare you.  Those supplies are your lifeline, without them you will be reduced to almost the same level of those roaming around aimlessly that have not prepared.  You have the upper hand in that they have to come for you in your own home – a dwelling that you are familiar with.  All depending on how well fortifed your place is, anyone coming for what you have will have to get across all sorts of traps and physical hurdles, not to mention various weapons being discharged at them.  Most attackers are also going to be depleated in body and mind from not eating, on top of already being out of shape flab bodies.  These individuals usually are totally untrained in any type of combat or fighting, and that gives the prepper/survivalist a whopping upper hand.  Time is also on the side of the hunkered down people, as a very hungry person will lose interest and go somewhere else easier to get at.  They will also likely become too weak to pose any threat after more time.  Long standoffs almost always favor those that have everything they need well stored up within easy reach and use.

    10. Avoidance of any showdown.  Everyone will be better off if neighbors and others decide not to storm your home for food and supplies.  Concealment that you have anything is crucial.  Remember that the very first “trespasser” that is shot at lets others know that you have something worth fighting for, use good discreation.  Convincing others that you have nothing and are just as “bad off” as they are will take some showmanship.  Rundown looking property is one way to discourage many, as well as looking as much like a sick or dilapidated person as possible.  Still one of the best ways to ward off hungry people is SMELL.  Out of the five senses, scent and smell will drive a starving person rapidly towards a possible food source, or very rapidly away from something that reeks.  Horrid smells tell the brain to stay far away.  Of course not telling anyone about what you have stored up before a disaster is essential.  It is often very encouraging to “think” those living around you are all aboard with preparation, but in reality people are likely only telling you what you what to hear.  It only takes one person to betray you and let everyone know you have a mini-supermarket ready to be picked clean.  True trust in others must be carefully weighed.  Remember this before letting anyone outside your family and survival group know that you are even interested in prepping, “most people are just TALK, too much talk, and are not on the side of the prepper (YOU!)”.  There are good reasons why close to 99% of the population freely chooses not to prepare.

    You always hope that you never have to fight off  neighbors that have remained friendly and courteous towards you for years, but almost no one has faced what is coming.  Insane cicumstances drive many civilized people into blinded insane savages capable of incomprehensible acts of desperation.  It has to be remembered that by self sacrificing much, the prepper/survivalist has what they need when civilization implodes.  Those who haven’t prepared have consciously decided to enjoy themsleves and waste much.  In other words, someone that has taken the money, time, and effort to save for tomorrow makes what they have stored up, “worth it to defend”.  Those that have not prepared don’t care if you and your family go hungry in less than a week, if they did they would have stored up supplies themselves.  These individuals are going to expect you to “share” everything you have.  This is why the prepper needs to be more than ready to defend themselves against those that will “try” to forcefully take your lifeline from you.

    This article has been generously shared with SHTFplan readers by regular community contributor Be Informed. For previous discussions on emergency preparedness see his other articles How horrific will it be for the non-prepper? and The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead.


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      1. Might also want to consider an electronic defense, anonymity online, don’t get me wrong I don’t really care any more. I’m physically ready to bail at any time, but for some of you youngsters it could matter. Remember next time you buy a computer; think about that initial registration and what story you might tell.

        • Recommending even a small consideration for the consequences of protecting yourself when someone is actually stealing from you is stupid.

          I don’t answer to the corp now, and there will surely be no room for it if I am forced to take some drastic action against an intruder.

          I may not be able to shoot the corp because it is a fiction, but its officers trying to second guess my NONREVIEWABLE decisions may end up next to the body they are investigating.

          I will protect what is mine without regard for corp “laws” or requirements.

          Have you ever noticed how “criminals” in the movies always get shot by the good guys because they talk too much before shooting?

          I will have nothing to say, before or after, shooting an intruder.

          Screw the corp now, and screw it even more when it challenges my right to defend myself under Gods Law.

          • Tuco in the “Good,the Bad and the Ugly” sitting in the bathtub…”Ya gonna talk….talk. Ya gonna shoot….shoot”.One of my favorites

            • Funny how memory is so fickle. That is one of my favorite movies but I remember that line as, “When you need to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”. Either way, the message is clear.

            • You know there’s a hefty bounty on someone’s head when they bring a .45 revolver into the bath tub for a bath. One of the great classic movies.

            • You a dog now! Where you going pal? Soon there be no more table.

          • I look at Drudgereport all the time. However, tonight, I mis-typed something…and oh, boy. Drudgereport is spying on everything and selling information. Go to I am disgusted.

            • So what. If you were on line they all ready know.

            • justsayin… that site has nothing to do with Drudge… it’s’s page on traffic stats. ALL of that info is in the public domain all the time.

              If you’re going to be paranoid and disgusted… at least get into reality first, okay?

            • I use “Ghostery” on my Mac (using Firefox) to block all those spying, data-collecting websites. You would be amazed at how many there are. Sometimes I have to pause blocking to use certain websites ( ancestry dot com and some bill pay sites).

          • This article talks about the “legal ramifications of defending yourself”. Well I’m not sure GC what exactly you mean by the “corps” but I am in complete agreement with you about what to do with people who violate your space. The “legal ramifications” won’t frigging matter if you’re D-E-A-D

            Personally, its not even my own self that I’d be most worried about, its my wife and children. I’m not a tough guy Rambo type like some here are; but even a near sighted computer nerd like me will protect his woman and babies by any means necessary. And no, it doesn’t matter worth a damn to me who’s coming through the door or setting foot on the property. Could be anybody; doesn’t matter

            • How should we all take the Rambo comment.

              For all another major Gun Show tomorrow in Washington it will be fun to see. Private sale gun (Useable modern) are all ready 30% up and rising. Collectable only are hitting rock bottom.

            • SOS, the “corp” is what is commonly referred to as the “government” or the “United States” along with it’s State of _______ divisions.

              These corporations do not exist in Natural Law, which I hold as my Law of Choice for protection of my rights. They do not honor the Peoples Law (constitutions) which decides the circumstances under which they can exist Lawfully. Therefore I hold them as illegitimate along with their claims of Authority over me.

              Anyone who would challenge your authority to defend yourself would be an “agent” of one of these corporations.

              NEVER deal with an agent of these corporations. Always demand to see their Principal. For example, the dumb woman in the video of the tased guy kept saying “get your supervisor.” He was an agent too, so what good would that do.

              The world of fictions is a vast maze of fraud. There is no Principal for them to produce, and they are powerless on their own.

              Don’t forget, YOU HOLD ALL THE POWER. That is recognized in all of the state constitutions. In Tennessee it is Article I, Section I.

              I refuse to surrender my Power to a fiction that is my servant.

          • Litigation??? Future Accountability????? Please give us all a break here from this line of crap!!!!!

            There will be no need for conversation and no warning shots fired over anyone’s head in hopes of “scaring them away” or “giving them a chance to back off” in a SHTF scenario.

            A couple of quick ‘pointers’ here???

            1) The talking part of any confrontation is most always over and done with before the first words are spoken. Don’t talk about it and work yourself up to it ….. just go ahead and do it. Get it on and get it done as quickly as possible with the least amount of risk to yourself.

            2) There is no such animal as “a fair fight”. Whatever you have to do in order to win is quite all right. Tear off an ear? Gouge out an eyeball? Go for it! You’re going to be the one that walks away.

            3) The person who makes the first aggressive/offensive move will usually be the winner in any confrontation; unless it is a completely stupid move.

            4) If you don’t know them; then don’t let them get close to you. They can talk to you as easily from 20′ away as they can from 3′ away.

            I have a feeling that everyone is going to have to ‘harden-your-heart’ in order to get through what I believe that we have facing us. And to think that those who know me consider me to be one of the nicest, most friendly and charitable people that they have ever met. They aren’t wrong, there’s just a ‘dark-side’ of my soul that they don’t know about.

            If MadMarkie is forced to go “Mad Max”, then there won’t be any possibility of future litigation against him. It’s pretty tough to drag a dead guy into a court of law and try him for anything. God Bless and good luck to all who post here.

          • Amen

        • good work jim right on. and young people you sometimes have to earn someones trust and not always trust right away. when something bad goes down a lot of people are fake and use you for your service stuff help resources so be careful. even day to day watch what you say about yourself and others. i had a few friends that turned out not trustworthy and that will be paramount in a crisis.

          • I two have had best friends turn out to be two-faced backstabbers. I had a best friend of twenty years turn on me when I helped him out of a jam with his separation from his wife. I worked my ass off for him to help him move to another state and then six months later he was back with his wife thinking she had changed. I told him to be happy and hoped she would but I can’t see it because she has lied before. He took offense and turned on me and we don’t even speak any more. We were preppers together. Now I think he would kill me for food or for his two=faced and two=timing wife. I have no one, even my own family that I trust. Me and the little woman trust each other and that is about it. We don’t even trust our own children. It is a sad state of affairs this rotten world has become.
            To protect our little 3 acre mountain retreat, I have what looks like tree huntting stands all around our property. Some in trees and some not. When SHTF and people get hungry and start roaming. We star defending ours. People roam near us they get a couple warning shots and won’t be able to tell where it’s coming from. “IF”, they don’t get the hint, they’ll get the hit. We don’t tust any of our neighbors. They will sell you out in a heart beat. Some will turn into thieves and murderers and some will be sneaky and charming like a snake. I’ve got news for them. My Heavenly Father us given us,(believers) me and the little woman, power over the devil and all our enemies. We have been given the power to “tread on serpents”, and we will use that power to defend what is rightfully ours. Woe be unto any man or woman coming to do us harm.

            • Don’t tread, etc: Many backstabbers appear when they need food for their kids, esp. when you have an argument over candidates; ex: I called Mitt a socialist phony and said don’t vote either one, they said anyone is better than Obumber, now they won’t speak..I tell no one about preps anyway, but I tell others don’t even trust folks in your civic club, patriot group or church discussing preps, as folks will get desperate!

            • DT keep the faith. I feel for u man u tried to do right and were rebuffed. Maintain and know what matters – your immediate blood family and the steadfast courage of your convictions.

        • Just wanted to share these regarding the article. I’ve dealt with hungry refugees in a military situation, 200 hundred at a time. It is truely frightening how a crowd will react when they want something (they tried to turn over a ton and a quarter military truck when I didn’t distribute supplies fast enough to suit them. I ended up driving off fast with some trying to grab on and climb into it). Police officers patroled four to a vehicle. Something to consider, also, as I was telling my mom today, people were/are very upset about the power outages of the east coast storm of two wks ago. What will be their feelings, actions, and emotions if the outage were to go on for several months? Final thought, a policeman’s maxim (been there) “never draw your weapon unless you intend to use it..if you shoot …shoot to kill.”

          • Been there done that. It is a hard feeling to drive away but sometimes you have to. One of worst concerns is how my Girlfriend will want to save all the babies and small one, We have discussed this and it is the one area that will be haed. It was and will be hard on me. But I have done it. My team was to important to lose. And I will live with the rest.

            • Been there, done that too @Old Soldier. Tipping out trash at a local garbage dump in a lovely third world shithole. 200-300 locals scavenging through the dump, looking for food scraps, decided they couldn’t wait for the TWO of us to dump our load, they rushed the vehicle and trailer and tore at anything they could grab. I didn’t have a rifle, as I had a C9 Minnimi (what you call M249) so instead of a warning shot, all I could do was fire two short 5-6 round bursts. Hell!! They didn’t even batt an eye lid!!!! Wasn’t till I stuck my barrel into the ‘head honchos’ forehead and started counting backwards from 5 that things calmed down a bit. Desperate people, just don’t care. You’re a source of food to them and that’s it.
              And on an even nastier note ….. At the Mess hall we had, everyone would dump there left over food into a wheelie bin till it was full. In the hot sun the food scraps would bubble and cook down to a brown slop. It would then be taken to a locals house and dumped in a pig trough for his pigs. Of course the locals didn’t care. They be in with there buckets and be scooping it out of the trough with buckets and old plastic containers. They were just sub human! It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever encounter. So just think how humans will behave when the SHTF in places where people have guns!!!! OMG!!! I shudder just thinking about it!

          • I remember the ones who were killed by air-dropped supplies in the aftermath of the 1991 gulf conflict. People wouldn’t even wait for the huge crates to hit the ground.

            • How about the mre we drop that were the same color as the bombs we drop. Many found the unexploded ones.

            • In afganistan and Iraq, the pilots delivering food do a false insertion to draw the crowd, then hop to another lz to drop off food so,they don’t get mobbed. If forced to, they just shove the supplies out while hovering. Sad for the troops actually helping the people of the countries we invaded as the planned mission goes awry because people will battle for every scrap. Even in Bosnia you couldn’t offer something to,one person you encountered without a mob forming out of thin air.

          • Agreed. Good article too. I was deployed as part of the 1st Cav to New Orleans for katrina relief. I learned a lesson apropos to this article; it takes hundreds of years to “civilize” a community but only hours to undo it.
            what i saw the first couple of days was an opportunity instinct, people were stealing tvs, escalades, electronics and other things of temporal value. After a few days, when clean water and food became scarce, i saw usual suspects attempting to steal food by any means possible. Reminded me of a racoon that would chew its leg off in order to get a twinkie. After about a week I saw rational people become beligerent, irrational and desperate. The mob mentality is very true! A family emerged from a building in an attempt to flee downtown. A mob saw them and saw that they were headed towards a national guard convoy. They began chasing them and would not stop even after warning shots fired. It wasnt until an armored vehicle approached that they backed off.
            On the flipside, we had many problems with individuals (marauders) that were more stealthy, and lethal. They typically made their moves between 1 and 3 am and seemed to know which houses were prime targets as well as empty OR poorly defended. As a side note, we came across an old marine in an abandoned neighborhood that set up concertina wire, sandbags, plywood windows and outward facing flood lights. Oh yeah, he had several USMC flags flying lol. We checked on him several times and he told us he had been attacked only a couple times and the “targets were easy to eliminate”. Love my jarhead brothers!
            Lessons I will never forget;
            1. The mobs are irrational but not strong willed.
            2. No one is trustworthy in those conditions
            3. The agressive/prepared individuals cannot fend off attackers alone for long periods
            4. The attackers revert to primordial instincs for survival, the use of basic tactics is very effective
            5. Never ever let your guard down, even with tears in their eyes.
            6. Law enforcement became the biggest threat.

          • Kurds in Turkey living in squallar waiting on air drops. Miami people waiting in drive up lines sitting in German cars waiting on free FEMA ice that did a round trip cross courtry. Trash shooting at Coast Guard helos in New Orleans.

        • This is the most important message I’ve ever given. Please don’t ignore it. For those who trust the drudgereport, as I did. Please don’t. Say what? They report everything you look at.

          • you should use the Ghostery program… it blocks all sorts of tracking stuff

          • Again so what we are on the web.

          • @important,,,What I read, write, speak, think, is protected. ANYONE come snooping and pooping because they think the constitution is dead, I’ll put a bullet hole in.

          • important that is not so important, you can find those stats for websites at multiple different websites like push2check EVERY WEBSITE GETS TRACKED LIKE THE DRUDGE even non news sites, they have been doing this since the Internet was up and running. maybe its time you get some fresh air.

        • How about a ELECTRIC defence?? check out this unit to keep you and your family alive and healthy (refrigeration,sewage pumping, water pumping, air conditioning) think I’ll get one of these.

          • There’s no such thing as free power. It’s a scam. I just deleted it from craigslist. Thanks for staying signed in.

          • Sonny says…………….Don’t waste your money on the $2500.00 system. (2) 386 AH batteries will run two 100W light bulbs less that 12 hours. You should never discharge the batteries to less than 50%. It would take a good sunny day to fully charge the batteries with just two 100W solar panels. I have (21) 230W panels and (8) 390AH batteries. I still have to be very careful or I can discharge the battries too much….Good Luck.

            • wonder what you paid for what you have?? I like it ..The four panels are for(other than perfect) weather, AND this unit runs silently.
              Sure it wont perform like utility power, But it will keep you alive..Your shit cost you over 7000.00 and you expect it to run everything??? silly man….

          • Sorry nobody likes this unit…I do.
            At least it gives most people SOMETHING.Not everyone has ten or twenty grand to throw down on a setup like yours sonny.
            And what it gives is totally SILENT,FREE Power.
            As for poor sonny, I think you may have some wiring issues, and WHY would anyone in their right mind run two 100 watt light bulbs for twelve hours?? When you need to pump water or sewage, or keep your family’s food refrigerated?? Cycling units like pumps or refrigerators,CAN RUN FOR DAYS with this survival unit.
            Even though it only needs to carry you through until sunrise…

        • good info to think about…….However, this is why you don’t talk about your preps plain and simple….if the situation ever occurs that a 100 people are gathering outside the door step, I think instead of acting defensively, it would probably serve better to act offensively….not trying to sound like Rambo, but if 98 people see two scum bags go down quick a shit, you might see 98 sets of elbows and assholes running the other way down your street.

          • Hey there drillerman (and everyone else here)

            A) I wasn’t bringing up Rambo to be pejorative or insulting: some folks here ARE Rambo. By this I mean, some here no doubt have combat training, or actual combat experience. Some here are skilled in martial arts. Some here grew up around guns and got their first 22 when they were in grade school. Some here know to survive in the wild, or consider “the wild” their natural home. Some here know how to shoot an animal, gut it, skin it and chop the meat into various pieces. Some here grew up dirt poor and can probably live off of supplies most Americans wouldn’t even consider supplies at all.

            I am none of those people. I can’t do any of that stuff; not yet anyway. I will tell you plain: I am a near sighted computer nerd with a wife and three kids. So I am all to happy to say that I absolutely applaud your idea of aggressive self defense drillerman… its exactly what I would feel compelled to do. Not because I’m a badass, but precisely because I’m the opposite: I would be scared shitless. “Drop 2, scare off 98″…EXACTLY! Its the same thing that happens when a 60 lb 7th grader — with a terrific fear of drowning — hears he is about to be given a swirly by a group of much bigger kids: if he flips out and starts eye gouging and choking, all of a sudden, they all find something else to do. Lesson learned!

            stand strong until freedom dawns

            • @SonOfSam:
              If you can swing it, buy yourself a new set of eyes. I was as near sighted as could be until this past February when I got corrective surgery. I had my glasses fall off in several fights, and it’s not a good experience. I like to see the inbound fist before it strikes 🙂
              I think it’s SHTF here in less than a year now. And I think it could get as ugly as this article describes. Not needing glasses is one less thing to worry about if you need to defend your life and your family’s.


            • Us nerds need to know who in the neighborhood has military experience, have a stock of concertina razor wire, and know where to block off the access roads and have defensive positions in place. Don’t let the 100-person mob get within the perimeter, take ’em out before they get there.

              This is one reason to buy a dozen Mosin-Nagants or Lee-Enfields, cheap bolt-action battle rifles, and a stock of ammo. You can arm your neighbors when it comes time to deploy a couple of platoons.

            • Good call Smokey. I bought my first Mosin a few years ago and as far as a good cheap rifle, that would be one of my first choices. Also nice to bury one or two if needed

          • Think strategically.

            I’ve stored enough pinto beans & rice to feed my neighbors.

            If they want their share they will defend my property and complete tasks as assigned to them.

            Sam’s Club 7/15/12:
            Diamond Pre-Washed Pinto Beans – 50 lb. bag = $39.68
            Adolphus® Long Grain Enriched Rice – 50lb = $16.99

            My army will eat well.

            • Wrong, idiot. They will conspire as u sleep and kill you and your family late one night. Good Lord get a fin clue from human psychology and history.

            • RafterManFMJ,

              Idiot? Really?

              My family numbers in the 50s. I live in the country. I have maybe 50 neighbors. And I guarantee they aren’t armed as well as we are. My problem will be armed gangs numbering 50+ or what’s left of the government looking to steal what I’ve saved.

              Go around assuming much? You won’t last long. Moron.

        • Think about what your children AND their friends are saying on facebook. All kids think their parents are crazy and will have no trouble bladding to eachother.

          • D284: I’m a retiree and glad I never had kids; I’ve heard others say kids can’t be trusted, and think parents are crazy. Don’t tell your kids about preps as it may slip out. Why the H would adults want to waste time on face book? Facebook used for data mining, snooping by gov. When I was a kid I was outdoors all the time; glad they didn’t have face book, computers back then. There are other ways to communicate long distance.

        • The golden hoard won’t last long. 3 days without water, toast. 5 days without food, to weak to be much of a threat. Roaming gangs will kill each other for turf. Others dying from lack of medication. Dead bodies and disease everywher. Whoever remains will be out of fuel quickly. Then of course there are those of us. Lay as low as possible and let the situation cleanse itself.

          • Great advice AZ Ready ……. sit back and observe as the ‘herd’ culls itself. Don’t become an active participant in the ‘festivities’ until you ABSOLUTELY have to.

            Normally, poor folks, like most of us who post here, couldn’t afford the price of a ticket to the coming attraction that will soon be presented in your very own neighborhoods.

            Would somebody please wake Leroy up??? Cause he ain’t never seen no shit the like of which we are about to witness in our lives!!!

            So you get off vicariously on “reality TV”??? Have I got a deal for you!!! ‘REALITY itself is getting ready to come knocking on your front door sometime in the very near future. Those who are able to relate will be able to star in their very own real-life, personal, up-close, life or death reality scenarios.

            God bless and remember to keep a ‘low-profile’.

        • I’ve never registered ANY of mine, just because.

      2. superb…

        and given the recent events of late..

        how close we are in real time..

        even now today the msm was on board for a potential over the cliff financial collapse..

        ah but we here know it’s already begun


        • Not so sure about #2 offhand… If I’m in a crap situation, and I had to choose between eating and being sued?

          Let the survivors among the mob try and sue me. In most sane states, a trespasser can be killed to protect life, limb, and property. Also in most sane states, once a crime is committed (trespassing is a crime, as is attempted breaking and entering), the criminal loses all right to sue the ‘victim’ over anything. The legal precedent is simple: you shouldn’t have been there doing that thing, so if you got hurt or killed, you nor your family have any legal grounds over which to litigate.

          Now the second part of that point (which I think the author goofed on by using the word “litigate”) is that if society is restored to pre-collapse levels, maybe the law might prosecute you. I sincerely doubt that would happen, given modern history. The reason why is simple – usually after most wars or massive SHTF events, one of the first acts of a new government is to put an end to any revenge activity. This means writing off (otherwise ignoring) any acts which occurred during the period while shit was meeting fan. Trying to prosecute every little legal infraction would quickly swamp the courts, and there would be no shortage of sleazy idiots who would try to lie about what happened to them for various reasons (money, more property, to settle old scores, etc).

          So yeah… overall, if it’s a true SHTF event, I’m not seeing legal repercussions as being a big thing to worry over.

          • No Body, No Crime…

            The garden always needs fertilizer, and me thinks me wood chipper will come in handy if the offender is left out over night in sub zero temps.

            Also, pre-dig some nice deep holes, get some lime and keep in the garage, drop in a bad guy an voila..problem solved.

            I have been buying up all the old barbed wire at farm auctions, and plan on going several rows deep just laied on the ground (i love the rusty stuff, it goes CHEAP)…When they get stuck in the wire, I will start shootin…

            Just saying I would rather be tried by 9 than carried by 4….

            • Seems a waste to go to all that trouble.

              If you kill folks defending life/limb/property during SHTF, give it a few hours for the family to retrieve the body, and then burn any unclaimed remains.

            • Throw em in the sinkhole out back in the woods

            • This isnt the movie a chipper is a bad idea. You will never sanitize it. There will always be proof.

            • Hacksaw Acid and lime.

            • You guys have been reading too manyu serial killer novels. lol

            • No it getting to the point where fantasy is becoming reality

            • Don’t even need to do that. With enough hungry people after it hits the fan, a fresh body is fresh meat to them.

            • Crows would finish em off in about 4 hours here. Collect them bones and put them on the fire.

            • I live on a salt water inlet. Anything tossed in at high tide is usually gone in the morning.

          • odd questioner, you are dead on, with mass killings or should say mass deaths they are not going to have the time or manpower to try and go thru all the chaos. it will be messy and they the government will want to get a system going again as soon as they can. so I would not worry about being sued. you know if your doing something right or wrong. so dont worry about these things. just protect yourself.

            • Modern financial collapses are simple. They are going on right before our eyes. Greece, Spain and Portugal are WORSE than 1929. (note that you don’t need firearms to ride out the financial collapse – you need CASH). But they can devolve in societal collapse.

              Modern societal collapses look more like a pervasive, and extremely violent, crime wave combined with arbitrary or corrupt government. Mexico, Syria, Somalia, the Balkans, Detroit, Libya AFTER Gaddafi, are all good examples. If you throw in an ethnic, religious or tribal element, they spin out of control into organized mass murder.

              Courts either don’t exist or they are summary.

        • I’ve posted here a dozen times this can gets kicked passed November. The powers that be might be non partisan but the American media has “their man” in place and will do all they can to protect. Coupled with the “powers that be” they will continue to make things “work” till then. After November – who knows – might depend on if they can bully the old congress or new into going 60 over the cliff or 90? (MPH I mean).

          Just remember if you are running a wifi network at your house and there are hungry hoards out there – they could be looking for just that sort of thing to recognize – if they got enough juice for wifi – they probably got kibble too.

          And FYI on the decision about shooting/not shooting and repercussions. I figure I’ll take some of them with me so it will be easier on some of you kids when they get to you.

          • thats mighty nice of ya. down right neighborly. artical reinforces the idea of the tribe/ survival group a well trained fire team of buddies will decimate desperate mobs. and in the event you check out, your buddies can take care of your family.

          • It doesn’t get kicked past November.
            Obama knows he can’t win.
            He picks a fight with Iran, Syria, or both.
            China dumps our dollars and our debt.
            The dollar collapses.
            It hits the fan.
            We have civil unrest.
            Obama declares martial law.
            Obama postpones the elections indefinitely.

            • As ole Hillary(hag) and bugg-eyed Rom E. said. ” you can’t let a good crisis go to waste”. The crisis and the “not letting it go to waste” part is soon to come. It has to, for the “Word” to come to pass. Most are just putting their heads in the sand or up their ass in order to ignore it. The rest are just ignorant. But, “Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to facing upheaval”. A direct quote from yours truly. Feel free to use it. ……Tread.

            • Barn Cats post made me shout WOLVERINES and everybody in the bar stared at me.

        • Another really great piece, Be Informed. You are really good at writing these educational articles! Thank you for what you do.


          • @ Daisy and everyone else. We all educate ourselves when we chime in and give our ideas. I am all the time learning new and valuable thoughts of what to do when this happens. I just wish I knew even more so I could help everyone a lot more. Thank you and everyone else for teaching me to on all that I need to know. 🙂

      3. great tips

      4. Why is this article posted? Won’t Obama fix everything? Wonderful Government is there for you, people. Just hand over your guns, privacy, and rights. Everything will be just fine.

        • Prep 49er

          I think there’s as much chance of that as of seeing David Cameron vote labour lol

          Take care

          • Or sunshine in London!

            – currently enjoying the Alaskan Rain

            • Prep49

              Tell me about it lol

              Take care

            • We had one good week in June =P

            • Or dental care in london

        • Hey fellow shtf commenters..

          I have a question regarding firearms and calibers..

          What is your qualified opinion on 40 cal s&w carbine for home defense?..obviously 223 or 556 is more lethal as the military uses these rounds..very expensive to practice at the range.

          Your input greatly appreciated..

          and bout a primer on self defense weapons from a-z for all of us with stats and accuracy and stopping power..

          kudos to all


          • I’m far from being an expert on weapons but i’ll be glad to share what I know. At the places I shop for ammo, there isn’t a huge difference between the prices of .40cal s&w and the 5.56 Nato rounds. I have a Bushmaster AR15 that shoots both the .223 and 5.56 rounds and I love that thing. I put an EOtech holographic sight on it and the thing is dependable and accurate. My daily carry piece is a .40cal Springfield XD which I also love. Neither is cheap to shoot. What I recommend possee, is an AR style rifle with a .22cal conversion kit (comes with bolt and 1 mag). I’ve seen them for approx $180. Between the rifle and kit, you would be putting out a fair chunk of change up front. But the way I look at it, you have the 5.56 round for personal protection (even larger game if need be) and the .22 for not only target practice but hunting small game as well. And we all know how cheap .22 ammo is. Additional mags for the conversion kit can be bought for around $25. I would’ve gone this route myself but already have two .22 rifles. Hope that helps!

            • Stay away from the conversion kits. The 22 shell foul the gas tube. These day there are to many exact size 22 to practice with for just a little more and then you have another complete weapon if needed.

              And if not a 45 get the 9. I know the shit I will receive. But the advantage of a nine is that everyone in every group can shoot it. Yes there are exception my grandma can handle anything over a 25. But her duties in the group place here the least need of firepower.

              And the issue is just the first shot it is can you make/handle the 2 3 4 5 6 ——. I handle my glock 20(10mm). all day but my son cant. 45 great so everyone has a 9. for SHIF. Plus AMMMMO. All the same and mags.

              Also go to the craft store and buy styrofoam heads for art work Paint eyes and lips on them a wig is a big help. Just set in 10 feet in front of you and shoot it. You will be amazed at how the best shooters miss. It is human nature. This a tool we use. Much better than modern warfare and even man targets, It seeing the floating head that your brain reacts to.

          • The only wrong answer on firearms is to avoid them and not have them. A .40 cal carbine is fine if you are using a .40 cal hand gun and set up to reload .40 cal. In fact that combined with either a 12 gauge or high powered rifle (.308 +) for some extended use isn’t a bad option.

            For reference I opted to go with a lever 357 and revolver for my bug out without a vehicle option. Not something I think would be wise at my age, but my wife would then carry a 10/22 and 22 revolver for herself and we’d have only 2 calibers to carry (22 and 357). I have a hand reloader for the 357 so I can carry a few components instead of all ammo. She can manage a brick of 22 easy. That situation would have to be real bad; if I can’t bug out in the Honda Element chances are pretty good I’m going to dig in and stay.

            REF: All of these firearms and the many others were lost in the future boating accident 🙂

            • In the end the best firearm is the one you have with you.

            • I thought about reloading on-the-go as well and came to the conclusion that the components were susceptible to damage. Better off loading up your favorite flavor and plan on avoiding confrontation altogether. If you need 15 rounds, you’re not trying hard enough.

          • Possee, get yourself a good .22. Ruger has recently come out with a 10 shot revolver in stainless. A revolver is easy to operate and maintain, and .22 is economical to shoot. Outside of the AK, more people have been sent to the “other side” via .22 cal than any others. I usually go to Walmart and pick up a “brick” (500 rds.)of Federal 40gr. hollow points for $20.00 each month. YMMV.

            • Thank you all..

              So far been using the 10/22 for practice..and yes the rounds are cheap..$20 for Blazer 550 rnd brick.

              Also use the MK3 for handgun practice and efficiency.

              Recently purchased a 40s&w carbine 10 rnd ..shoots beautifully..but expensive at .40 a round..

              Most likely going for the S&W MP40..have shot it many times at the range..and she sets perfect for me over the 9..380.or 45 cals..


            • Amen to the “revolver” there PO”D Patriot! Unless you shoot regularly and know your firearm inside and out, you could run into mechanical problems with autos. With a SHTF/martial law scenario, a locked up auto or broken piece would be a nightmare for someone with only one gun to rely on. A quality 22 cal revolver is better than three 45s or 9s lying on the floor jammed or broken. I know that doesn’t happen that often to “quality” pieces, but murphy’s law will come into play somewhere, somehow. My preference is 357 mag/38 revolver(preferrably in stainless) with a bag full of quikie-loaders and loaded for bear. I love to shoot my little Ruger 22 auto and ammo is cheap, but, it does misfire/lodge a bullet now and then.

          • possee, if you are asking about home defense, I would recommend a 12 gauge pump shotgun. The 40 cal rifle or any other rifle for that matter as a home defense weapon is not practical.

            Now for defense of the home parimeter, my personal choices have been the Ruger Mini-14 and the Ruger Mini-30. Long distance is the Remington 700 30-06 and a Mosin Nagant 762-59R.

            My two cents.

            • 7.62-54R, sorry!

            • AZ amen to that I’m looking at selling my AR to pick up a third mini 14 by far the best gun I have ever owned!

          • You can kill a man with one shot from a $110 plinkster with 22shorts

      5. Be informed.

        Brilliant post mate. You have highlighted many points we sould all be considering.

        Take care

      6. The truth is that you can not defence for ever… And may be you have a good plan and weapons and everything, but more people will be coming with guns also, and starving. You have no idea what parents of small children would do to feed them. No chance. The only realistic way of surviving is to leave the city before the SHTF to a more isolated place, with family and very good friends that think like you and create a community where you can live almost self sufficient. And you have to start now !!! it is not easy to live that way and is better to have some experience before when you still can go to the supermarket if your potatoes didn´t grow well.

        • Yakeka

          I agree that would be the optimum, but sadly many of us will not have a choice.

          Take care

          • I agree BtB… if everyone living in cities moved out to the woods….there would be cities in the woods. Btw, there’s this guy named Ragnar who talks about survival in urban situations, and he brings up a lot of great points. Not sure what the name of the book is, and I can’t remember where in GODs name I found mine, but I’d highly recommend it.

            • Ragnars Urban Survival by Ragnar Benson
              also check out,
              Ragnar’s Ten Best Traps – Ragnar Benson
              Mantrapping – Ragnar Benson
              Homemade Grenade Launchers – Ragnar Benson
              Homemade Detonators – Ragnar Benso
              Homemade C4 – A Recipe For Survival
              Homebuilt Claymore Mines – Ragnar Benson
              Home and Recreational Use Of High Explosives – Ragnar Benson
              Breath Of The Dragon – Homebuilt Flamethrowers – Ragnar Benson

            • Son of Sam

              Thanks, name like that I may be able to find it

              Take care

        • Who’s going to know I have food? I close the drapes. Don’t go outside. Try to remain as quiet as possible. Don’t answer the door. Don’t even see who it is. Most people will think I’m not home. Anybody tries to break in I shoot them. I live in a small town. I expect to be safe here.

          • When SHTF put out warning signs/NO Trespassing signs thick around the perimeter of your compound/property. Anyone foolish enough to enter where it is apparent that they are not welcome and that a possible mad-man lives; well, let’s just say, they get what they deserve for being that stupid.

            • Putting up warning signs and Don’t Trespass notices just lets people know that theres someone home and who’s trying to protect something. No signs, nothing. Dont advertise to people or draw attention with warnings …It just makes hungry people becom curious.. Hide and stay low in plain sight. Let them walk right on by. If know one nows where you are, thwont bother you

      7. Im not going to say how many dogs I have or what each of their breeds are..(and yes Im prepping for their survival too-they are part of the family)but if they dont know you, your not even going to get close to the house.

        the smallest one at 50# the one thats going to tell on you to all the much bigger ones..because he thinks hes the boss.

        I also have a very elevated look out that can have cameras or night vision equipment set up on it that could see for miles

        and for Opsec reasons I have changed my screen name for this post,so hopefully those records dont leave Mac’s servers or where ever that info is stored.

        As far as fire power, lets just say I have loved them as a kid, grew up in a family with them.. learned and trained to provide food with them, or protection with them..lets just say..I’d hate to come up against myself.

        never under estimate your foe..or a hungry desperate person..I wont.

        Good luck folks..lets hope we dont need it.

        • oh I forgot to say..I know how to keep my perimeter in check..yup i was trained how to do that many ways..some with lethal consequences if necessary

          • It’s not me

            Although the article was great I am always on the lookout for advice and ideas. Any chance of you giving me some pointers please?

            Take care

            • Howdy Burt,

              We bugged out 3 years ago. Now we live quite aways from anything resembling a “town”. Our spread isn’t that big, just enough for us and our animals, but we have our own off grid water supply, so we’re good to hook.

              A few of the things I plan on doing when things get really bad are:

              -Installing tanglefoot. These are wooden 1″ square stakes driven into the ground at random intervals and heights, all interconnected with wire, like a giant messed up spiderweb. We used this in the military to impede the progress of people crossing terrain. It helps to install it early and let the grass grow up around it, hiding it. No way someone can run across your property and up to your home with that in their way.

              -Barbed wire/concertina wire. In addition to the fencing we have, topped by barbed wire, I was seriously considering purchasing concertina wire to surround the house proper. That stuff is just evil, mean and nasty. It’s worse than the acacia bushes the Africans use to keep lions away. It CAN be defeated, though, which brings us to:

              -Reinforced doors and windows. One of the first things we did when we moved here was install a better front door. Metal clad solid oak with tiny windows, hinges sunk into the walls. Locks are redundant. Even thinking about installing a couple “L” fittings and a crossbar. Mylar sheeting over the windows will keep the glass from shattering into a thousand razors in case of a bullet (or tornado).

              If they get past the signs saying: “Nothing here is worth your life”, the tanglefoot, the wire and somehow manage to get through a door or window, then we have contingency plans in place.

              Best anti-personnel round ever made is the 3″ 12 gauge shotgun shell with #1 Buckshot (24 pellets of .30 caliber at 1100fps). A 12 gauge Brenneke slug will also disable a vehicle at medium ranges if you hit it correctly (top of engine block).

              If I were in England, I would also give punji sticks a serious consideration. Just metal or wood spikes a few inches long, stuck in the ground points up, sometimes in shallow holes. Spike someone right to the ground. The VC used to smear their punji stakes with feces, so our guys would get blood poisoning. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s up to you.

              When defending yourself and your loved ones, EVERYTHING is fair game. I’d rather be tried after things get normal, than suffer the “mercy” of the mob.

            • @ Malgus-
              You were in the service? Me too.
              Do you also have a firesuit for when your “Retreat” goes up in flames? This way you won’t have to step outside and get shot.

            • Pungi stick = “victory charlie toothpicks”

            • @Inon,

              OOOOoooo, snarky!

              I served most of my adult life in the military. I was Airborne Infantry until I re-enlisted and changed MOS’s.

              But your snarky remark does bring up a decent point: fire. I cannot defend against that. However, the scorched earth policy the Russians used in WWII has much going for it… meaning, if I can’t have it, then neither can you. If the Golden Hoard shows up trying to raid our farm (or gubmint JBT’s), and it looks like they’re gonna win, I will burn this place to the ground before I let any of them have it.

            • @ MALGUS—

              I wasn’t trying to be snarky. NO ONE on ehre thinks of fire… they relocate to the mountains in diaho and look at what just happened in Colorado.
              We burnt more people out of villages/buildings when they hid. When they thought they had us…
              Trust me, YOU wont have to set your own place on fire….someone will do it for you. SOmeone with a MOS like yours that KNOWS.

            • Burt
              It would be a bit difficult to “set you up” so to speak, without knowing how your property and home is set up.

              But I would have you gather intel about all your entry, and home.
              also look or make “choke points”..this purposely forces predators to go thru this area. (Fish, meet bucket)

              trip lines can be made to fit your perimeter or set up in your choke points,you can design them to be silent or audiable or. , dont need to lay them out and leave them up, just design them to fit those areas or borders, and stash them in your “early warning kit” or when you bug in at first.

              I know all about the punji sticks pits and swinging bamboo fabrications, you can improvisse on that design fairly well with modern small pipeing,etc.

              if you have a tall tree in your yard and feel able enough to do some climbing ( i would suggest a safety harness for this and proper equipment and a certain ammount of risk knowledge)place a cctv camera up in a “bird house” ..this idea and many i have used and seen can be improvised to a greater preimeter knowledge if and when necessary.
              A lot of this all depends on your area too, or property layout and ability to set this all up.
              every piece of equipment brings you more peace of mind.
              Deer stands are great, and some can have a small enclosure around the seat.

              dogs are fantastic animals , well trained and pack like mantality with their families, brings in a lot of security with all around investment ,,but that is coming from a dog family guy.
              you cant set up your yard like its viet nam..or it will do in your 4 legged family member..
              but knowledge of how to set up what i like to call tell tales..they let me know if anything has come thru on the outer edges with out alerting the one who tripped it.

              there are so many facits to this fortifying that one can go thru..but you do need an offence ,or the ability to force back what is coming at you. And if you dont have warnings or ability to see those warnings , well it will be a rough fight..probably not with a good outcome. Or at least no advancing for you, in a retreat position, totally on the defensive , and thats not a good set up. The element of surprise you have to own and early warning for you , that will give you the upper hand.

              At the most when im not armed (on my person) at home but im never very far from one. (basically i dont sit at my kitchen table having my coffee with it on, but it could be on the table) The 1 deadly thing for who holds an empty weapon is a firearm is usless and deadly for who holds it when its empty.

              Home protection should be a good pump shot gun, or what is nice is a short 1100 remington semi auto. shotguns open up your accuracy indoors and in a panic to making sure you have a very good chance of hitting your target, keep pulling til the threat is down.
              your warning devices should have set you up in an excellent position to be ready to push back

              I can set all of my guns fully loaded, safetys off even, on my table …indefinetly and they will never kill a single thing, it comes down to the intent and willingness of the finger to pull that trigger and send a message that cannot be summoned back once its been sent

              you have to know your line in the sand, than dont hesitate or push past that point to see what will happen because it was time to react. Im still learning about myself, you will always have vulnerable areas or emotions. I think its human nature, learn a lot about what you can do if you put your mind to it and improvise what you see around you

              but always try to live as much of a life as you can, when you can.

              One thing i have learned thru many travels to other states and countries and talking to many of the people, is that most people just want to have peace and safety for thier families..a job and security, food and shelter.
              it seems to be the governments of all the countries ( i leave not one of them out) that are the ones who have created such a problem in this world. and they are using us as slaves and fleecing our work and knowledge, to finance it.

              research the past use of perimeter defense..and make it work for your situation

              I wish you well

            • @Inon,

              Okay, fair enough..

              When we came across a nut that was too tough to crack, we just stood off and pounded the crap out of them with AT4’s and LAWS’s until the building/whatever fell or burned down. Then moved on.

              Your point is an important one. I was always best at fighting mobile… light infantry doesn’t lend itself well to static defense anymore, and truth be told I’m having to re-educate myself. If I can think of it, then the Bad Guys can think of it, and I can be a devious and sneaky SOB.

              But short of putting ABC fire extinguishers in every room or installing a huge Halon system, I’m pretty much out of options re: molotov cocktails. There’s only so much one can do to protect and prepare.

              If the Golden Hoard shows up, I’m down to one option: overwhelming firepower applied liberally until they decide to go somewhere else. Bloody their nose a few times and they’ll get the message.

              I hope.

          • I’ve always been a fan of the old mousetrap shotgun shell trick. 🙂

            • Arkaden

              What’s that?

            • @Arkaden,,Me too. Buy in volume and spread around like a welcome mat.

            • Malgus

              The tanglefoot would work in my location. Great idea thank you. The punji sticks sound formidable, my version is six inch nails hammered through planks of wood and put in my very small garden. Anyone climbs the six foot fence they land on them. Putting faeces on them sounds extreme, but in the situation we may face it would ensure that they didn’t return, my 7 year old girl is the one whose survival I care about, not those trying to rob me, and I will do what I have to to get the right outcome for her and myself..

              I have the roll of barbed wire in the shed ready for use, that is going along the top and inside of my back fences, that is the weak point of the house.

              I have fenced off the garden, and put a gate it so that the child and dog can play. But if there is trouble, i can close that gate, once they get through the defences they have to get through the dog, who is fiercely territorial, very defencive of us and bloody massive to boot.

              That’s as far as I have got

              Thanks to everyone for the help and advice

              Take care

        • You mean dogs can’t be shot from a distance??
          Just saying.

          • @ Jay Jay… NO….bullets don’t work on dogs, and fires don’t work on retreats or the many many acres around them.

            • Have to agree with the posts about Alamo fantasies. Consider yourself lucky if you repel the first mob. Survivors will regroup. You have to think about flight.

            • @Fema

              I know the “Strong Man against the World” impulse is prevalent… but it’s part and parcel with the rugged individualist mindset. It’s hard to unlearn.

              One man cannot survive alone for long. Eventually, something or someone will lay him low- disease, sickness, starvation, Bad Guys, injury, etc. Folks must learn how to band together to make it.

              As far as bugging out? Well, we got noplace else to go. We bugged out to here 3 years ago, and I’m glad we did. For good or ill, here we stay and I will not be moved.

        • Dogs are great. With excellent eyesight and hearing they will warn you if anything is on THEIR property.If an intruder gets close enough they will put their life on the line to protect you and give you that extra minute to arm yourself.Sure, they can be shot from a distance. But that also gives you time. And if they kill my dog they better be prepared to pay dearly.I value my dog more than my wife.

          • maybe I meant to say “life”. Nah

      8. Among the many blogs and articles I’ve read, I’m glad that the legal perspective in a panic situation is being covered. I’ve often thought this through and wondered what I would actually do in a given “event”, and what those legal ramifications down range would pose to me and my family when that “angry mob” or individuals of it eventually came to power.

        • Find out if you live in a ‘castle doctrine’ state and where it places the boundaries. In many states it is inside your home, but in mine it extends to the fence line.

          • Say there Prep Pastor,
            what if your state includes not just your home, but also your car and place of business? Does that mean it extends out to the fence line there too?

        • Hi Sterling,
          I think if your family was threatened you wouldn’t hesitate. Believe me, I’m far from being some Billy Badass who wrestles crocodiles and kills wild boars with nothing but a rusty butter knife, but anytime I think of anyone trying to hurt my wife or kids, there’s just no way I could bear for that to happen. I would literally lose my sanity

          I may be a four eyed computer nerd, but there’s some lines you just don’t cross. Not ever

          • Sam

            I like you. Well said.

            Take care

            • I like you right back. stay well in old blighty 🙂

        • Remember, if the SHTF, the law is going to be very local, maybe even neighborhood level. Get a signed and witnessed declaration of justifiable self-defense from the duly appointed legal wing of the elected Dogpatch Provisional Governing Council and you’re good to go, in my opinion, when the higher jurisdiction comes around later.

      9. Be Prepared, practice at the ranage, think of possible attempts on your home and how you would defend them. Not pleasant, but necessary to keep your love ones safe.

        • Also practice on your property with bb or airsoft…allot to be learned about its geometry that way.

          I was considering getting my boys together to practice home invasions on each other.

      10. OPSEC is critical before, during, and after an event. If your neighbor’s kid is starving he will do whatever it requires to feed that child. Even if you know you can kill if needed and you have an armory that would make The Exependables envious, you will never have enough rounds to continually hold off an attacking mob over an extended period of time. OPSEC!!!

        • True, plus why would you waste ammo on a fight that you can avoid? I know its just a stupid TV show, but in the walking dead one of the guys was firing rounds at a crowd of hundreds of zombies making all kinds of noise and attracting the attention of hundreds more zombies. I mean damn, how stupid can you get? Shoot ’em if you gotta, but why start a fight when you can get by without one?

      11. My uncle throws little away. Even old dehydrated canned food, rice, beans, and wheat that he has had for 30 years, some which has gone bad and has weevils, he keeps. Of course it is his second tier food, as ‘his’ food is stored away discretely. When panic ensues, he plans to share this second tier food to the angry masses or the few that straggle by. At least he’s throwing some ‘meat’ to the angry dogs while actually helping them…in a way.

        • Tis is a bad idea. They will come back they always come back

        • Sterling

          I know I sound selfish but I will give away nothing. I will maintain I have nothing to give. I would be worried that even seeing any long life food, bad or not would plant the idea that I had more.

          Even now I join in the chat at the school gates about how I have to go shopping as I have nothing in, kids from school who come to play I take back rather than have these parents in my home. Their kids are fed, for that visit the crap they eat at home, which my child thinks is great as she never gets it usually.

          I lead a very low key life, seen around at the local shops everyday, they assume I am buying food for that evening meal, in reality it is another couple of boxes of matches, a can of fruit to add to the cupboard, a packet of instant mash flakes to put away.

          Living in the city, within easy reach of people who are nosey, who get to know your habits it is wise to make them think you are just like them in my opinion. I cannot risk them deciding to come and ‘visit’ because they know or even think I have what they do not.

          It may not be the most Christian thing to do, but they will get no charity from me. I will explain my reasons to God when I get there.

          Take care

          • burt Well said:I,like some others don’t have a “bug-out”location,so I must “bug-in”and hope&pray that all goes well and as I’ve said before,one MUST PQQP(prep,quickly,quietly,prayerfully)with all due speed because if tshtf,all bets will be off and everyday life will get TENSE.As I’ve seen in law enforcement,mob mentality can be downright dangerous and a variation of plans must be in place to overcome this scenario,but if all goes to hell,then it’ll be time to “SCOOT”with a quickness and not worry about where cause you won’t know where you’re going,but you sho-nuff know where you’ve been and only YOU can&will protect your family. As I’m writing this,my thoughts and prayers are with everyone here as the knowledge shared has been most helpful and some have evened added humour to take out the sombering reality,but we as a group will always have each other as kindred spirits. Well got to go as there’s a sale on ammo&food that I can’t miss. TAKE CARE.

        • Good idea. He can kill them without using his ammo. If he has a big picnic and party, they might not be able to regroup.

      12. Except #2, the other 9 are topics my inner circle have talked at length about. Enjoyed the read. #2 is an additional thought that most of us hadn’t considered. Then again, if order has been restored where we could be going through litigation, then we have another form of gov’t.
        Two points folks; 1) if you see a person freeze or it appears they will, with a weapon, get behind them.
        2) Don’t over kill (shooting too many rounds), if it is a mob, aim low (legs) they’ll fall faster and slow down the mob momentum faster. If the person is shot in the upper torso, they can be pushed foward more easily.

        Mac, enjoy these type of topics. Thanks and great timimg.

        • DRD, thanks for your feedback. Be Informed really has a thing with timing… I recently had a conversation on this same topic, and a few hours later this hit my inbox.

          • Mac and everyone else.
            I truly hope that this will help some of the preppers out there understand that most people will indeed act much like that classic Twilight Zone episode called “The Shelter”. Everytime I see that it reaffirms to me that these so called “civilized” people that live around you will regress to something several thousand years ago. Every single after Thanksgiving Day sale someone is stampeded on for what?, some gadget at half price, maybe 80% off. If people are so crazed that they are willing to possibly kill a person below them for a toy, imagine what they will do after a few days without food.

            I agree with many other taking their chances of the law after society were to somehow recollect itself, but I also say that sometimes are not as bad as they “appear”. It would be awful for someone to face charges and go to prison for the rest of their lives when they did not have to. This is why I mentioned to know the seriosness of the situation well. Good judgement that is well thought out can save future misery.

            I truly believe, I could be wrong, that when people are actucally faced with an opponent that is well armed they will opt out. Most people will be dead within a month after a true SHTF event, and if you can last that long without a group storm trooping down your defenses, your chances of seeing the rest of the year are very good to excellent. The government could attack, but the likely individuals you will have to fight off are those in the community.

            Over the news today and going viral is a video of that character up in Washington, Keller, that murdered his family then killed himself in a bunker. The media and the net is having a field day about how all preppers/survivalists are whack jobs and gun loving lunatics. People in this country are actually more and more believing the rhetoric that BO, the obama adminstration is spewing out about guns. The media feeds on this that one deranged person makes all preppers equally as demented. Fire arms saves lives and will save many preppers when individuals try to take their food and supplies.

            That National Geographic Doomsday Preppers had that one family that, most likely falsely believes, that everyone will come together and share like some 1930’s time frame. People will take what they want, this is human nature. That family no way can support all the hunger that will come. Hungry people, especially in an suburban setting, forget about any urban area which will be a nightmare, don’t know anything about foraging for food, obtaining water, or anything. They will “try” to go whereever someone has what they need.

            A well beefed up home can withstand the common flabby individual with proper defenses. Like I said most people have become soft in the mind and will not risk getting “hurt” or killed. This is one advantage of the 99% that don’t prepare. If Hezbollah can hold off one the best militaries in the world with Israel for weeks, and cause them to lose 100 of their best tanks. The prepper can hold off the untrained very soft pudgy common walmart aisle walkers, often wobblers, for a long time.

            There are so many really intelligent people on this site that can add a lot to this article. I truly enjoy all the insight and ideas that are commented here. I personally feel that time is rapidly getting shorter and the more we can all contribute it will truly help everyone. Mac, if I come up with anything else I will send it to you.

            • The mob — any mob — will back down from a confrontation with a determined individual, especially when they figure there’ll be other easier targets to go after. Its like that old story about the hikers and the bear: you don’t have to outrun the bear, just the other (unprepared) guy

            • Be informed, good point: The prepper can hold off the untrained very soft pudgy common walmart aisle walkers, often wobblers, for a long time.
              Added thought: The average citizen and soldier aren’t as well trained in basic skills as most of us baby boomers.
              I believe they’ll initially turn on each other first then us.

      13. I sent this to mac earlier. Read technique #5. Please everyone consider everything that you write on here to be open information to agencies. Years ago to get a file on people they had to be arrested and photographed. Now in the electronic age they can simply build files by tracing you electronically. Stealing photos sent via email ect.

        Be very careful about what you are saying. While you may think you are being pretty cool, you may very well be brought up on domestic charges and this could be used against you.

        I am not a techie so please don’t try to tell me how you are protecting yourself. It will go right over my head. Just saying be careful.

        • Thanks for the email SaddleUp, I’ve been a bit behind lately….

          Recently a commentor suggested that this web site was a government intelligence agency collecting data on users…

          my response was basically that the internet as it exists today is directly plugged in to regional Fusion centers… That means every access point you touch, everything you write, every query you make, or article you like, everything you read or watch, is logged… While the processing power to aggregate and analyze everything likely doesn’t exist just yet, the new NSA Utah data center is probably going to have that capability or eventually be expanded for it… It will be processing Yotabytes of information and performing tens of billions of “calculations” a second, and I think it is going to be the next evolution in digital surveillance.

          So yeah, everything we do is tracked, and soon it will likely be cross-referenced against our cell phone conversations, texts, credit card purchases, medical records, social networks, GPS location info in our cars (and phones), etc etc…

          Orwell’s 1984 was peanuts compared to what’s in store…

          • I don’t think mac that your site is anything other than what it is. But I wanted people to go back and think about things they are writing. A perfect example is the cold dead hands article or yesterdays. Read some and consider how militant they sound and some could be considered active threats against gov’t officials, law enforcement ect.
            I just want people to consider some of the possible consequences before writing some things.

            • I hear that… It’s only a matter of time before I get a request to provide IP’s…then again, they could always hit it at the server level and none of us would ever know…

            • You may get a request but my money is on that by the time you get the request they will have already gotten all the info needed. There are kids 1/4 my age that are scary good with a computer.
              It would be sad to see someone work so hard to prep only to be incarcerated 10 states away from their family.

            • Hi Saddle Up,
              I agree with your level of caution, but honestly I believe that government at all levels has become so arbitrary and capricious that it almost doesn’t matter what you do, or if you do nothing: if they wanna bust your balls, they will. The important thing is to be able to bust back. Bring lawyers guns and money!

          • @mac- I am glad each comment has a comment number.

            If they do ever ask for IP’s, they have to go by comment number not the names.(since anybody can use any name.)

            Example A- this was not me.

            Kevin says:

            July 13, 2012 at 2:53 pm

            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click to read it.

            Enough with the fear mongering please. Its ALWAYS something. For the last hundred years we have been brainwashed to fear (and fight) someone. From Germans, Japanese and Russians, to phantom terrorists, Sadam, Iraians, and now, we’re suppose to fear our neighbors and prepare to fight them off. Get real.

            Stop living in a culture of fear.

            -and this has NOTHING to do with prepping.

            @thefeds-I will always speak my mind. It is my god given RIGHT. If you do not LIKE what I say,(I must be over the target) and if you every ask for an ip of mine(like you dont know already), it proves to me(and it should prove to you fed employee)


            “freedom of speech” (if you agree with it, and its pc)

            “they” hate us because we are free. (our leaders are,us? usary, irs audits, taxation without rep)

            “free markets” (libor,fake treasury auctions to yourself)

            “humanitarian wars” (wheres libya’s gold)

            “humanitary bombing” (bombs simular to mre’s)

            “national security” (the dollars world dominance)

            “we” (you, not us citizens)

            “american style of democracy” (private central banks,vote rigging, selecting the candidates)

            “justice” (just us)

            The fed(banking power) have bigger fish to fry. Once the big fish are all out of the lake, thats when anyone around here should start sweating the facists.

            • “NATO” freed the shit out of Libya. They are surely still finding unexploded freedom.

          • @mac(and everyone)- you seen this-

            Judge Gary Brown has ruled that an IP address cannot be used alone to connect illegal downloads to a specific person. IP addresses are generally known as being associated with a connection, BUT NOT A HUMAN BEING. This ruling was made in the context of mass torrent lawsuits being filed against thousands of IP addresses in court charging everyone associated with them. Below is a document of the ruling:

            • Notice the word “context”.

              They are trying to say IP’s are people some times but not others???????

              Court of law wont!!!(if there is a shred of real justice left)

              But I guess thats what ndaa is for.

            • oh, I did not post his ruling but it is easily found.

          • Ah, but CIA and NSA are not allowed to engage in domestic operations, so that couldn’t POSSIBLY be happening! After all, it’s “our” government. At least that’s what I’ve always been taught by the government media (Fox, CNN, etc) and in the government schools…and they have no reason to lie.

          • Thanks Mac. Especially on the info about the up and coming surveillance via the Utah based center. Most people don’t have a clue about how easily their every movement is being tracked/traced. That is why it is so important for everyone on this site to get all the information shared as quickly as possible. I, for one, will become incognito in the near future. There will be “no” more posting and sharing of ideas. There will be no more computer in my home. The NWO is about to get implemented in full force and I do mean “force”. TPTB have already set up the international courts in the EU and will have no problem picking up anyone they see as a threat to their system and putting them in a court system that will keep them locked away indefinitely. All national sovereignty is/has/will become unaffected by their international laws. If someone swears a “hate crime” against you; the mere statement against any religious organization is now considered a “hate crime”, and saying anything about a person of a different race other than your own can be considered a “hate crime” and get you carted off by the UN police. I am ready to accept the reality of the end times and hope everyone that visits here has the mindset to be prepared in all matters, regardless of their social/economic status.

      14. Enough with the fear mongering please. Its ALWAYS something. For the last hundred years we have been brainwashed to fear (and fight) someone. From Germans, Japanese and Russians, to phantom terrorists, Sadam, Iraians, and now, we’re suppose to fear our neighbors and prepare to fight them off. Get real.

        Stop living in a culture of fear.

        -and this has NOTHING to do with prepping.

        • Hi Kevin,

          Unfortunatly, you’re wrong. If you remember New Orleans back during Hurricane Katrina, about 4 days after the hurricane had hit, folks just went nuts. 4 days is just about the time it would take to eat up the food in the average person’s home… If I remember right, the folks living in smallish neighborhoods on higher ground armed themselves and banded together against the looters.

          Stories coming out of NOLA during this time are sketchy and sometimes contradictory, but it seems the ad-hoc neighborhood militias did some good work keeping their respective areas clear of scum.

          If a much larger event should befall the entire US, such as the collapse of the dollar and/or hyperinflation, it isn’t such a reach to imagine that people, very hungry and desperate people, would do some very desperate things.

          Someone I am familiar with was in the Balkans during the late unpleasantness. His town was surrounded and shelled with artillery daily for over a year. He states that people were shot and killed for the smallest trinkets you could imagine. God forbid if someone found out you had something really valuable, like antibiotics. People banded together, armed, and literally would raid other areas of town for basic survival things such as food, fuel, medicines, medical supplies, etc.

          To think that ‘it couldn’t happen here’ is just you with your head in the sand. It not only could happen here, but it probably will. Again.

          • hey, is he the guy named selco? Because he is da bomb!!!

            • That’s him..

              I highly reccomend his site.

          • Malgus. Good points. Anything is possible when people are desperate, they can and will sink to any depth to survive. Also. Don’t forget the several different security companies that were pulled into New Orleans at short notice to help Law Enforcement, from the US like Blackwater, AND from the UK (??!!!!) Yep!!! That’s right!
            Kevin has a point too. The MSM have worked hard over the years to find evil despots with ideals counter to ours, to scare the average citizen to go fight wars, so someone else can make a buck. A friend of mine was working in Libya during the fighting, helping the ‘rebels’ take back the country from the evil Gaddafi. Man!!! Awesome photos and wicked wicked stories. I found his take on Gaddafi’s ‘demise’ quite interesting as compared to what the rest of the world were told. If I hadn’t seen his ugly mug in the background where Gaddafi is getting whacked, I’d have fallen for the official story too!!
            With regards to your earlier post, regarding trying to defend your post using fire. Might I suggest water as well. I know lots of people like barbed wire, pungi stakes ect. But don’t forget water is and can be a good phycologocal barrier. Flooding strategic areas and turning parts of your perimeter into an impassable bog is very effective. Boggy ground is sometimes more effective than barbed wire. It cant be breeched like wire and it will stop vehicles. And you can ‘liven up’ wet areas up with some well placed and submersed power cables ; )
            And getting off point here for a sec …. While I think of it. A laser pointer is good to have. Even a cheap one from an Office supply place or a pet store. I used them in Iraq at night. You can stop traffic in an instant with $6.00 worth of laser pointer. Bring a busy street full of cars, to a screeching halt. They think it’s a weapon site. Brilliant!!!! Works on people too!! People tend to freak when you ‘lite em up’ with a laser pointer at night. It’ sounds a little non aggressive. But the person on the other end isn’t thinking about passive anything!! They just see the little red laser!!!

        • This one you are 100% wrong and deserve every thumb down not due to the delivery of a stupid idea but the idea itself. It come back to blending.
          The time to have the harsh idea is when the the pendulum starts. Not before. This one is the worst of anything you have said. Many of your statements are based in some fact this one you pulled out of the ass of wishful thinking. I have seen hoards. I have see hoards of “gods people get hungry. With few exception, I have seen the ones with true conviction do some amazing things. The unprepared will lose it and will come to find it.

          Keep your preps to yourself. Just like you keep your sex life to yourself or what ever disgusting thing some do. Look at it that way and you will understand.

          I hate to compare this to a Sex offender but think what will be happening to the know offenders in a neighborhood once the first of the break downs occurs. It will be the same hoard later coming when the food runs out. Or the meds Heat or even the women.

        • Kin those cargo launchers are a bigger problem than many know both foreign and domestic. Thick how many are now just “sitting” around.

          • I m changing my name to I hate this little keyboard.

        • I did not post this. Please use another avitar, I have been posting a long time under it(but you know that dont ya)

          I do agree we have been brainwashed.

          BY THE BANKSTERS who OWN, and HAVE OWNED every politician in the last 100 years.

          They own and control what is put in the text books in schools, they say since california is the biggest market, they HAVE TO publish nation wide what they put in those cal textbooks(gay marriage, pro-illegal immigrant.

          @page-That mre drop was a disgusting example of what our government has become/is/has been.

          @malgus-Dont forget. the big money also brought in blackwater.

          • So it is clear as soon as the problem was discovered they were remove from use completely.

        • I notice you capitalized and used () just like I do.

          Nice job.

        • It’s not a culture of fear, it’s a preparation for probability.

      15. I don’t think lone individuals or single families would survive very long in some sort of catastrophic breakdown of society

        you can’t stay awake 24/7

        small communities will do best I think

        good examples of this in the books ONE SECOND AFTER

        • You are right Satori it will take a combined effort to defend a position. No one can stay awake 24 hours a day and if enough people charge your home you can’t shot fast enough to keep them from the side of the house then you can’t shoot them without getting out of the house. The only way to survive with a single family is to be where no one else is (this would be the suggested method for most I’d say) cause I gotta say the last thing I want to do is shoot another person. If they come for me and mine I won’t hesitate cause I’d rather die than see my wife and children raped and killed, I can imagine nothing worse in my mind.

          • I often see where guys are pondering the 24-7 security issue. If you go to American Specialty Ammo, they have a .308 trip flare round and a .12 ga. trip flare round that will not only light up the sky but the sound will point the direction of the incursion. I think we preppers should load up on these babies!

            • Dakota alert makes modular wireless system that sends to base unit with four zones. You can as many senders as you like. Base unit in the $50 range: senders around $75 will sense an 80′ cone swath.

        • Lights Out is one of my favorite books on the premise of banding together.

          • Agreed… read Lights Out in 4 days while on vacation. Had to make myself put the book down and enjoy the Cossatot River while camping in Arkansas. If you know the region then you know it must be a great read to distract from that beautiful,wild and isolated scenery.
            These a very dark times when you put into perspective the very idea that we talk with no doubt or hesitation of how we have definitively left the shores in a boat not deemed sea-worthy and are actually navigating in very troubled waters.
            Recent conversation with the 20+yr old kid “Aren’t you PO’d that all you worked and dreamed for has come to ‘naught'”… “no, son, I mourn with great despair for the young~ no matter which way the tides roll”.
            ~..~ carry on ’til you can’t.
            (p.s. Thanks, Be Informed, for giving your time and attention to the community – much appreciated)

        • Well stated Satori, I’ve gone thru all tyes of scenarios about trying to make it with just me and my family and in every case I come up the loser.

        • @Santori,,,A lone individual may have a problem, but a family unit would have a good chance depending on dad’s combat experience and knowledge of force multipliers, area denial and improvised weapons. Still, I would prefer a group.

        • My #1 criteria when selecting my retreat was a community that could be easily closed off. I found one surrounded on three sides by mountains with only one dead-end road into the community which can be controlled at one bridge.

          #2 was neighbors who are already gardening, hunting, heating with wood, etc. The last place I want to be is in a community that is doing all this for the first time.

          As detailed in ‘Lights Out’ I believe layers will be an important security measure. Roving guards outside the perimeter comprise the outer layer. Perimeter guards complete with a army field phone to the command center comprise layer two. Layer three is within our individual fences which is a clean kill under the castle doctrine in our state.

          I realize this is not a perfect plan, but it’s what we have thus far. One weak area is devising a way to identify friendlies that cannot be easily duplicated.

      16. I have 2 ft deep ditch in my yard goes all the way down road, I am trying to think how to utalize this for protection.tTis is my next phase in preps. have woods on 1 side of house and forest behind me but both could easily have access to my home. one side has house only 4 feet from one of my doors. I could plant but it takes so long to grow stuff and clock is moving faster than I do that is for sure. This post came in perfect time for me becasue I need ideas.I have a high pitched roof which allows me to see see well and far if I were up on top of it. I know I can get creative with that drainage ditch just has not come to me yet….I have also changed my name for this post also. Great topic of discussion and look forward to hearing some ideas ans what others have done.

        • Short of turning your ditch into a mote complete with drawbridge, which I personally think would be f’ing awesome. I know it’s just a drainage ditch.
          I would tell you to walk around and plan how you would use different strategies to assault your own house. Look at areas of cover, avenues of approach ect, then have a plan of defense for each. Alot of times it is best to leave one avenue easier than others then defend that heavily. Many times you will find that humans are like water and will choose a path of least natural resistance.
          It would be virtually impossible to cover everything so I would also have an evac plan. If you can evac you also can come back and take it back.
          Everyone has either a problem of cover which can be used against you or in my case almost unlimited line of sight which also means unlimited avenues of approach.

        • @M Late in the game-

          With woods on one side and forest on other, your preps better include a fire dept.

        • punji stakes and barbed wire. Also, there’s these devices that are used to measure earth tremors, but can also tell if someones walking across your ditch

        • I can’t see the layout, but you may want to consider that ditch as cover for attackers and think about how to get enfilade fire along it’s length or deny them the use of the ditch somehow.

        • Thick forrest? (woods) cut lanes in it. typical deer hunting trick,..than funnel them into the choke points..

      17. Thanks for the post Be Informed!

        I’ve been a looker for the past few months and finally thought I’d post 🙂

        I truly enjoy learning what I can to do to prepare my family and this site has been an awesome!

        It’s been a slow go getting my DH to accept the need to prep each week. We have done good to the point my DH says “we need a bottle of Ketchup….and I say go to our store” 🙂 And also need to stock up on ammo with the new addition of artillery.

        I still feel like we are not prepared enough….I will carry on though.

        Thanks everyone for the great info.

        Southern Girl

        • Indeed ~ carry on. I am blessed with a good job that gives me bonus FFF (fake, felonous, fraud) printed pieces of paper each year. I will never be as ‘prepared’ as I would like. Couldn’t ever possibly be ‘done’. Me and mine have done our best and continue to do so until we can’t.
          But, yes, it is a great feeling to know you don’t have to run to the store for….
          Related to the ‘What if it never happens’ report. I don’t care one way or the other. It’s out of our hands and I have ketchup (and most other stuff paid for with less FFF)so I sigh with relief that I am home safe and sound with no need to ‘run out’ this particular day…. ahem… moment for anything.

      18. People make a fatal mistake to look back at their grandparents generation enduring the great depression assuming people will again as readily make do with less and pull together when it repeats.

        The morals that sustained them then also restrained them, too, and that’ll be the first commodity discovered to be in critically short supply amongst the current population in a future crisis.

        They’ll be pockets of good & moral people working together all across the country, but they’ll be outnumbered by the masses and overrun, too, if un-armed.

        – Shane

        • True shane, but this may work to our advantage in the sense that the amoral rootless masses will respond to a SHTF crisis by doing the following:

          A) looting shops and stealing bling and electronics (Why would you steal a TV if there’s no electricity? Dunno…why did they do it during Katrina?)

          B) looting liquor stores and bars and getting good and drunk “for free”

          C) getting stoned off their ass without worrying about being busted

          D) breaking into businesses to steal cash out of the drawers or safe. Yeah, I know, why steal cash when you can just take the stuff you want? Dunno…force of habit? sheer dumbassed stupidity?

          E) breaking into pharmacies to steal pills (again to get good and stoned)

          F) stealing porn

          G) looking for people to rape or beat up without fear of retribution

          H) stealing junk food

          I) stealing weapons

          Of all these activities, only I actually poses a real threat to any of us….the other items on that list make the rootless brain dead idiots out there even less of a threat, less dangerous and less prepared (there’s that word again!) to actually deal with the situation they are in.

          • Agreed, in regards to the dregs & riff-raff of society, but I was thinking more of the usually normal people we assume will be better restrained by their morals, IMO many won’t be to as high a standard, or for as long, as we might have thought. IOW’s, crossing line of desperation under duress, where somebody would then rat out neighbor for gain or envy or join in raiding mob against them will surprise many at how quickly they surrendered their moral restraints. Civilization today is a thinner veneer than in times past, even for many otherwise decent appearing people, that’s what’ll fatally surprise many of us, how quickly so many, seemingly like ourselves, will fold, rationalizing the worst behavior then.

            • I think the line between dregs and normals might be blurrier than we can imagine. But beyond questions of right or wrong, its also a question of the difference between responding and reacting. People with foresight, who engage in planning, who are doing their best to follow the old Boy Scout motto and “Be Prepared” will meet situations by responding… they have thought about this beforehand, and will at least have attempted to come up with some contingencies. Most people though won’t respond, they’ll react; that’s because they have never thought about what might happen, they’ve taken zero steps to be prepared and when a major problem hits, their first reactions will be dis-belief, plus a touching trust that someone “in authority” will come in and take care of them. When it doesn’t work out “the way it should”, the next reaction will be anger and despair, and it will no doubt be taken out on ANYONE seen as having the slightest bit of authority…somehow it’ll be their fault. They’ll also be quite surly and snappish with each other… anyone who’s ever seen a typically clueless suburban family with zero skills trying to pitch a tent and start a fire will know what I mean. All this time, they will have been without hot food (or maybe without any food, if they eat out every darned night of the week like so many people I know STILL do…what recession?), without bathing — again, no provision for any alternatives — and of course, no electricity, so –gasp!– no TV or internet. (Trust me, I’d be pissed without Internet…but then again I have a library of over 5000 books to keep me company).

              None of this will make them stronger. In fact, though they may be hungry mad as hell and ready to kill for food, they’ve got nothing they can use to kill, no training in how to do it, and again, no prior plans about how they would go about it.

              I’m not saying this won’t be a major problem — just look at all the crap that happened during Katrina — but I am saying that being a responder not a reactor will give us a major advantage

      19. I got iron gates, then a 6 foot wooden fence and i keep to myself in my complex.

        I know that won’t stop everyone when they’re starving, but they’ll also be walking into a great supply or pepper spray, tazers and bullets.

        I imagine, I can be over powered; but i’ll have long had left and be living on the beach if I think it’s getting bad enough that pepper spray and a tazer won’t keep neighbors out(there’s a lot more attractive places to hit first around me, by those that are looking for easy entrance to people that have money and might have some supplies).

        • @Lee-
          will you come out of the house when the fend is on fire?
          No one thinks of this. Fire in the woods draws them out or gets the house eventually…. fire directly on house ought to draw ya out, ya think? You people need some time in a combat zone, MAYBE then you would wake up.

          • Fire is a mjor comonent of all riots. If you actually need to fire thousands of rounds, you are losing and should consider fleeing.

            • Were are all these level headed idea come from. That is a magor rule we follow. If you needed to much ammo go the other way.

            • Another major component of riots is that there is ALWAYS a handful of assholes who will start trouble…the real problem begins when they start shit and nothing happens to them. That’s when the bulk of any mob finds its “courage” and begins rampaging. Deal with the ringleaders first swiftly and without mercy, and the others will suddenly come to their senses.

              So, if we take your advice literally, you’re saying that we should shoot to kill anyone carrying anything thats on fire. OK, sounds like a plan 🙂

      20. A word on litigation – everyone has the RIGHT to defend their family. In California, there is no duty to retreat once you are threatened in your home.

        Further, you may act in defense of yourself or others if your life is being threatened. The test is whether or not you use “reasonable force”. If a mob of angry people are storming your house, threatening you with weapons or other objects that could be used for a weapon, you have every right to start shooting and/or using other weapons to defend yourself. This applies in a pre and post shtf scenario.

        Some states have more liberal laws (such as being able to shoot people who merely trespass on your property). I’m not sure that will really matter if society begins to fall apart, but it’s worth knowing what the laws in your state allow.

        • Eventually in kalifornia they will outlaw breathing on the grounds it is bad for your health.

          Such a pathetically run state, defense of any kind while “rol’ still has effect in that state typically puts the criminal above the owner.

          Sad as it is, you only have to look up just about any attack/defense situation in the last 10 years to get prime examples.

        • Litigation? Are you serious. We’re talking SHTF plan and when it hits, martial law will be the law of the land. That will include International law implemented via the UN. Your local and state law won’t mean shit. All the lawyers that think they are one step ahead of everyone else will get the same treatment as everyone else. When TPTB get everything ready to activate into place it will happen so fast, none will see it coming because it is already here. The laws of the states have already become a farce. If you have the money and influence you can get away with murder; literally. Just ask OJ.

          • The article mentioned litigation, so I wanted to respond to that because I agree with you – shoot first and ask questions later if your life is in danger. I don’t want people thinking this over too much. When your life is in danger, you need to act fast. I think most people can determine whether or not a serious threat is comingt heir way and how to respond.

            As the legal side of things is my specialty, I just wanted to share this knowledge with others.

      21. Greetings Everyone!
        “Hardening” your house is not all that hard.There are security door setups that even DEA assaults(sans the tank of course!)would find take a very LONG time to overcome.Same with windows.And the best part is that they look like the normal stuff.Watched a segment on mythbusters about it.Let’s hope things don’t get that far anytime soon.The movie “book of Eli”,was fun to watch,but as a real life scenario not so much.Just check out books about the current state of things in Argentina.Of course that may be just what the PTB have in mind for the rest of us.May God in his wisdom have mercy on us all.

        • Hi there GrayFoxGreen,

          Could you provide some examples of security door setups and window hardening? Because as Ross Perot used to joke “Im all ears”

        • Hardening a house is near impossible unless you had a hand in it’s original construction.
          “easy” he says, delusional I say.

          Get real..
          Most houses are easily no problem for any large caliber rifle.
          Place I live is over 100 years old and shooting through the place(through the entire house)will only slow a bullet.
          Most homes are like that, yes they are.

          Oh yea, forgot about those special doors and windows..
          You hide in there while I shoot THROUGH your house all over but you be proud of those new doors you bought because they held up well with multiple holes through them and out the other side of your house.
          Your dead on the floor but those doors were real nice and sturdy.

          Best place is basement here, walls are field stone and concrete about 15 inches thick.
          Houses are death traps if shit goes down.

          • Exactly right. The idea is to defend a perimeter with a group organized into squads and platoons from defensive positions. Don’t let them into the housing area.

          • Horse(and co.)
            The “breakproof” doors and windows I talked about are intended to RESIST(not prevent completely!) break-ins.Much like a big dog(s) will deter home invaders.The doors and windows I saw were able to resist almost completely with minor damage a DEA door knocker.And they tried VERY HARD to get in.Bullets were not part of the menu.When THAT bit of history gets played out no-one here will be able to tell us what happened.Where I live there are no basements being built.The options I mentioned were to give you TIME to be able to decide to either make a stand(and kill enough of “the zombies” to make them reconsider)or just enough time 4 U get you BOB and head to a different locale.
            ANY locale can be overrun given the ratio of the size of the opposing parties.Does what happen to the French at the end of their part in Viet Nam ring a bell?A certain American general called Custer perhaps?

      22. @ Be Informed….very well said…..I have thought a lot about this myself and already know exactly who i will feed…and who I won’t feed.

        prep double time friends!

      23. Be ready if the SHTF to cache as much of your things as possible, especially if you live out of town or in a small rural community. The truth is that you may be overrun even with all of your defense guns/razor wire/improvised explosive surprises etc. The wife and i have identified where we will bury most of our supplies (which won’t be anywhere too close to the house) and how we will protect that from the elements. You’re better off not having much in the house at all in a shtf situation as you will likely be targeted like the article says. Best to not fight the neighbors at all if you can help it. As mel gibson put it in the movie mavrick, “He who runs away, lives to run away another day.”

      24. During the siege of Leningrad in ww2, people that weren’t skinny were killed because everyone else thought they were cannibals.


        1 FLAVOR ONLY…223

        ITS TO DIE FOR!!

        • Love this..can I use it too?

      26. The Executive Orders are already in place for government to steal everything you have, using jack booted thugs. Street thugs do not have executive orders to give them legitimacy, they just steal because they can. I see no difference between the two. We-the-people will still be victims, regardless of what group comes to raid. Cutting to the chase, prepare for both.

        • In a real life SHTF siutation, I will just assume that anyone in uniform trying to batter down my door is actually some criminal who stole a LEO uniform. Why would a legitimate peace officer try to smash in my door when I’m an honest law abiding citizen?

          • exactly my mind set..even right now at this present day.
            always thought those no knock warrents were a stupid death threat, that the police union is allowing to thin their numbers or create a bunch of scared to death cops on a power trip to survive.

      27. One very cheap idea is to put “Intrud Alert” alarms on every door. When turned on and someone opens a door, a screeching siren turns on. Only $1 each at dollar store, they really do work. At least it will wake you up and give you time to respond, or scare them away. $3.89 on Amazon.

        • by than its too late, a great idea if all you have is a door, but if you have surrounding property, your going to want a perimeter alert..

      28. One thing I take comfort in when it comes to this particular aspect of prepping is that I live on the outskirts of a small town and when I step out on my front and back porch I see gardens in the back yards of all but 2 of my immediate neighbors and it is a community of avid hunters. I don’t see a lot of this happening in our area, at least not anytime soon after whatever SHTF situations takes place. I still practice OPSEC but having a garden here doesn’t really stand out.

      29. my tip of the day is this and anything could happen no mobs in small towns to total gangs but I can see people using fire to burn you out or burn your stuff down you know what i mean and then they rush in to get you out. beware of this. I dont have the answer but multiple fire extinghishers or garden hoses in case something gets lit on fire if have running water etc. I just think fires are going to be everywhere if things go bad.

      30. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight??

        • To everyone

          Reading these posts, and many others from past articles, it seems I should jack it all in and top myself and my child as soon as the going gets rough as we apparently have no chance of survival.

          I live in a city, have no chimney on the house, have no gun, i have no chance of bugging out. Yes it will be much much harder than in more favourable circumstances but to all those faced with the issues I am faced with, I say this.

          People in cities do survive, even when it is all out warfare as opposed to guerilla warfare, people survive. We are way ahead of most city dwellers in that we have supplies, we have learnt techniques on boards like this that will be of use, we are so far ahead in improvised weaponry and home defence when compared to the majority that we have the edge in our communities.

          I will not give up. I will continue to learn, to adapt ideas I hear about to my circumstances, and I will fight tooth and nail to preserve what is mine for the sake of my child and myself.

          I fully understand the logic of a retreat, and Lord knows I wish that was in my reach but it isn’t. Instead of wasting valuable time dreaming about it and dwelling on it I have moved on, adapting what I have, improvising what I don’t . Knowledge, determination and the right mind set play a huge part in survival. The knowledge I am still gaining, the other two I have in abundance.

          Take care

          • Hey Burt?

            Don’t let the naysayers and snarky comments get to you… you do what you believe in your heart to be the right thing, and tell everyone else to STFU. You have a child in your care. That is enough to justify almost anything to keep them safe.

            I know you’re compromised from the word “GO” by your traitorous government who stripped you all of arms… that sucks, but use your imagination. Find a workaround. Guns are a recent invention. A good one, but recent. There’s more than just guns out there.

          • Burt you are very right about the mindset. I still believe a person’s ability to accept and deal with a SHTF situation is gonna be the most important asset. A person can have all the preps in the world but if they lose their mind they are gonna be toast, not to mention if your castle is stormed and you have to flee all your preps just made your competition better fed and stronger 🙁 So that being said your ability to be a hunter gatherer is really gonna be your best long term shot at survival. I have decided that large national forests will be a good place to bug out without having a retreat to run to. A tent, fishing gear, some farming tools, seeds, lumber tools and weapons would be what you’d need to have in your car to take you there and have a shot at living there for a long time. Just think about a scenario like that where you are, ’cause in a apocalypse scenario you have to be able to wing ’cause the best plans often are laid to waste 😉

          • burt, don’t you dare! first of all, you sound way cool. second of all, you do NOT have to do either of the following:

            A) let anyone tell you that there’s no hope for ya — bullshit!

            B) let your bullshit government tell you that you have no right to a firearm. You have a right to defend yourself by any means necessary

            Its like when you’re at work: if your bosses start making rules that are completely insane/irrational/illogical, then its time to stop respecting them and start going around them. Ditto for your government. Ditto for anyone who denies your inherent worth as a human being

          • I would still have some weapons on hand, even if they aren’t fire arms. I have a pellet rifle that shoots at 1,250 fps. It sounds like a .22 going off. And I am willing to bet if I ever had to shoot someone with it, they wouldn’t want to be shot again. Ammo is very cheap; pellets. It cost around $100 USD for the rifle, and $5 for 250 pellets. Its reliable, and not considered a firearm.
            I have seen YouTube videos of people with slingshots that can cut a playing card in half at 30 ft, and hit a Bic lighter at 100ft. People talk about stopping power of their big caliber firearms, but the truth is, any projectile of any size, can stop a person or people from coming towards you. Get shot with a $40 Crossman BB gun, and you will believe me.
            Pepper spray works well. I don’t recomend it on food though. (gross)
            If you can’t have a gun, or get one, be inventive with what you can have/get. Tactical flashlights, super soaker water gun with lighter fluid in it, taser, mustard gas, bow and arrows, slingshot, flaming bags of feces….ect. It takes a lot less to deter a person than a hand cannon or a deer rifle.

            My concearn would be water.

            Just my 2 cents.

      31. I see the gangs doing this.

        • If you have heard of Manos,then you will understand but if not here’s what he taught. No one can survive alone!No roving gangs from the inner city will kick in your door. But your next door neighbor will! Religion and Race will matter not, his words not mine! You will trade,barter with or shoot anyone! Nothing else matters but you and your families survival. Period!! All else is just conjecture and false information. In his story, the small community was broken down into blocks. And sometimes parts of blocks. If you REALLY believe that a SHTF scenario is going to break down into cute little groups. Well your already in paradise. No need to prep where you are.

      32. So damn glad I live out in the sticks. Less people, less problems!

        • Yes, but you may have to dig a large hole before hand to bury the bodies. Your absolutely NOT going to want to call the authorities as they will probably be on the looters side. Most of them dont prep either. Just sayin, you’ll get no sympathy from hungry officers or prosecutors. This all depends on the severity of said collapse of course.

        • @ Cinderella- STicks burn very good.

      33. For some reason I think of that twilight zone episode,you know, the one with the neighbors storming the house, and breaking the door down to the bomb shelter.

      34. This is my first post here so please bear with me. I found this site only about two months ago and wish I had found it long before. I’ve enjoyed reading most of your responses, so here goes…..

        It would be terrible to be forced into this situation. But I can totally see this happen as most of the people that we know are not prepping. We no longer try to talk to anyone about prepping due to security concerns but how many people will remember the former conversations. At least that won’t be very many people since we were very selective about our contacts anyway.

        Pray for peace, Train for war.

        • Welcome, Countryboy! 😀

          • @daisy- you still mad at me for wanting to draw a heart for you and V? 🙂

            • Kev ~ I still love ya, you deluded man!!!

              But please, tell me you think I can do better than THAT!!!


        • Hi countryboy
          I understand your concern, but the average person has the attention span of a gnat. People aren’t prepared because they can’t think any further ahead than the next round of American Idol… you really think they’re going to remember anything you have ever said? Especially at a time when they will be panicking

        • Prep for the amount you tell about your preps, for they will be coming to your door first. If they are friends are you going to shoot them first?

        • Welcome Country! Great article @Informed! Love the comments!

      35. Here’s one for the guys.
        We go out shooting a lot and I can’t get my wife to get use to a shotgun, other than shooting it a couple of times. She likes a .22, .25 and a 380. I bought her an H&K MP5 SD6 .22, she likes that but I told her, if she has a choice, grab A 12gauge, every time! I tell her, this thing will scare the living shit out of an assailant, all he has to do is just hear it but you have to know how to handle it too. I want her to get use to handling, loading, taking off the safety, finding the bolt release, all of it in the dark, knowing the feel of it. I have seven different shotguns all of them different. If she gets in a situation I don’t want her trying to figure out how to fire the friggen thing in the dark, I would really like for her to know how to do it in the dark. Wouldn’t it make since if you are going to attack a place, take out the power first and put your victims in the dark?
        We may have solved the problem though. The Lions club and a group of certified NRA instructors are holding an all-day weapons instruction seminar for women only. Pistols, rifles and shotgun. She and her daughter are signed up and going and are kind of jacked about it. That’s good to see.
        This is my concern; if in some kind of sudo-apocalyptic situation, you don’t have to let your imagination stray too far as to what could happen to females and children.
        If for some reason I am not here or dead I want her to have the tools to fight and defend herself. I know in the past this hasn’t in the forefront of concern to average people, but it might be getting to that point in time. Gentleman; GET YOUR GIRLS TRAINED!

        • You might want to also consider reduced recoil ammo: its easier to control your 12 gauge this way. Heck it works for a nerdy little computer teacher with fubar hands due to arthritis 🙂

        • There is nothing more stimulating than that…”click-click” sound.

          • damned right jayjay…Ive even seen research that the sound of shotgun shell being loaded into the firing chamber is one of the most universally recognized sounds in modern society, right up there with the ringing of a telephone. EVERYONE recognizes that sound

          • Funny sounding beer!!! Click click???? : )

      36. I cant tell if this is justice(because she used to be tsa) or just-us.

        A jury took just 20 minutes to deliver the verdict which stemmed from an incident earlier this year which took place at at Southwest Florida International Airport.

        Traveling to her brother’s funeral in Cleveland, Ohio on April 20, Price, a former TSA screener, became infuriated at receiving a pat down, which included touching her breasts and genitals, a violation of the protocols she herself had been trained to carry out.

        “(The screener) dug into my bra strap coming down,” Price told the jury. “She also swiped the palm of her hand down the front of my breast.”

        “She just took the palm of her hand and went up my leg — front, back, right leg, left leg — and touched my genitals,” added Price

        Read more: Woman Convicted Of Battery For Pat Down Of TSA Worker « America First

      37. Mac, the very first paragraph reminds me of the article you wrote with the Twilight Zone episode, where everyone was busting into the basement of the one family who had prepared for disaster.

      38. i’ve done all i can do and have prepared for the worst whether offical or un offical guests coming to my door.

      39. Growing up in the 70s, “a couple of weeks without much food” was a pretty common experience. I don’t recall feeling like storming anyone’s house.

        Of course as a racial minority (white), even looking sideways at anyone’s house could get me killed. I *did* get good at foraging and at eating things not generally accepted as food, like sweet potato leaves. We tried growing a garden, but it was all wrecked and stolen in short order. The sweet potato patch was exterminated without a trace.

        This is why I think we will eventually go right back to hunter-gatherer ways after a huge dieoff.

        But, getting back to the scenario, perhaps my experience was different as I was starving but a member of a tiny minority. If the majority were hungry, well hell, *we* could have ended up being *eaten*.

        The scenario here, looks like an area where people are of the same race/tribe, and at least kind of know each other, and most are hungry because most didn’t prep. I guess it *could* happen. I grew up inured to hunger and two hungry weeks were nothing. But modern people freak out if they miss a single meal. I guess it’s possible, but I still can’t help but think people would cooperate a bit. Basically the food is *going* to get shared and then everyone will starve together I guess.

      40. Mac, reading this article reminds me of the Home Alone movies.

        • Ha!

          In that case maybe #11 should be to have this playing on your stereo when the SHTF (running off a solar generator, of course):

          Keep the change you filthy animal!

          It worked for Macaulay Culkin….

          • Make me think of home alone, Then McCarthy and than Milla Kunas. Thank That just screwed up my train of thought for the night

      41. Let’s all be real here, prepers will be targeted by neighbors and most assuredly the Government in any type of collapse scenario. There should be no question in anyone’s mind that the globalist desirers a reduced population, prepers stand in the way of that goal on multiple fronts. First and simply we prepared for survival in any event, 2nd for the most part we are nationalistic in our belief of the Constitution, 3rd we are armed and fierce people.

        We will be targets on multiple fronts, my suggestion is to quietly find others and form support groups, because by day 30 we’re in trouble either way.

      42. Some may call me an idiot. I don’t care.

        I’ve been telling EVERYONE they need to stock up. God’s Word IS that if I can save a man’s life by giving him information, I better do it, or God will punish me, not him.

        Remember, there are 2 deaths, I’m not scared of the 1st one, just the lake of fire.

      43. Get out there and join the mob. Then after a good day of mobbin go rest up and eat your preps. Next day get up, eat some preps and join the mob again. Rinse and repeat!

      44. DO YOU FEEL IT? Even a few months ago, the MSM, financial wizards, and most people in general poo pooded the idea of mass chaos in a financial collapse. How times change. The reality and clarity of mind is spreading into the popular culture. I know it’s anecdotal but saw at least six people in Cosco buying large amounts of rice, beans, powdered milk, you know the kind of things you might need when the big crunch comes. Average people starting to wake up to the possibilities possible. They all had a rather cagy look about them like they did not want to be noticed. What we have known for the last four years is slowly sinking in to the general population mindset. I am blessed in a wife who knows adversity. She read some of these articles two years ago. The next day when I came from work she had a nearly complete action plan. We were blessed to be able to have the financial means to implement plan, right down to the 3/8ths thick steel covers for all windows and door backs. I WEEP at what is heading our way. Our blessed country heading towards true fudalism. In reference to any legal re-cource worry about that if you happen to survive the events to come. I don’t think many of us will. We here at the SHTF forum have known this was the end play for some time now. Prepare your mind, get right with God, and remember to have some compassion for those so caught up in their day to day lives they cannot see this coming. By compassion I mean shoot for the head, a gut shot is a terrible way to die.

        • Now, that was a surprising ending.
          You had me at hello.

        • Well said, Watchermax!

          Yes, I’m feeling it, too.

        • Quit watching me at Costco. Oh, yeah. I saw you!! (I was the cagey, yet ruggedly handsome, looking one).

          BTW, you didn’t happen to see my three kids in there? Still can’t find them…


      45. You can avoid letting others around you think you have food.

        Every day or so, wander around your neighborhood begging for a can of beans, some matches, anything….

        Make sure you keep in shape and you won’t be fat (big clue), and just plainly keep the trap shut. Look disheveled, old dirty clothes, no shoes, messed up hair, etc.

        And get some guns now while you still can.

        • JohnG – excellent suggestions.

          My house in the country looks like the typical hillbilly white trash house, but decent on the inside.

          My husband and I both have old cars. They’re not beat up but they’re over a decade old.

          I’m going to make sure and appear I’m “poor”.

          I dress very plainly in public, blue jeans and a T-shirt or short/flip flops in the summer, nothing special to look at. In view of what is going on, that’s probably a good strategy.

      46. Dang it, wouldn’t you know that our freezer failed recently when we were out of town, losing all our frozen foods. Then lo and behold, I found mice, roaches in my bags of sugar, rice, flour, then the shelf fell that holds my canned goods, and most of the canned veggies busted and are no good. Woudn’t you just know it! So if anyone comes to ”get what I have” it won’t be much! LOL

        • I know how you feel. I took all my guns on a camping trip and the damn canoe over turned in the middle of the lake! The most stupid thing I have ever done! I’ve got to start all over!

        • I just threw out 3 garbage bags of food apparently not rotated in my kitchen. I’m sure when I go through the rest of my pantry, I will find at least that much, again. I realize my problem is due to clearly not rotating, well enough.

          Very disheartening.

        • Hoopster, I had that problem with some rice I had in ziploc bags.

          I bought a lot of really good sturdy glass jars and mason jars at the goodwill and garage sales. Also any thick plastic like a 2-liter soda bottle is good storage as well.

          I found that when I put the rice or beans in a ziploc bag and then put another one over it, the mice don’t seem to get through.

          I have my canned goods in a wood food storage shed and I try not to heave it too heavy. Also I have bins on the floor (the plastic stackable ones you can buy at Staples) and fill those full of cans and other things.

          My preps have not been compromised by doing this.

      47. A worst case would look something like the remake “War of the Worlds” movie. You just can’t stand alone against a mob like that for too long. Buy your neighbors homes for a sack of beans and move in extended family real quick. Your home is Ft Knox and they man the ramparts.

      48. My house has had a seven foot fence since the sixties it was but in for cousin of mine who was brain damage as a child. My Grandmother was worry he run to train tracks.
        anyone can be climbed a fence. So upstairs if you come threw the rooms up there you will find that you can not get down-stair because the lock has been turn around and your lock in. And doors are old oak. Nice thick oak. That a good point of 100 old house. Could you find away in yes but because it was also renter up stairs there are locks on all the doors down stairs. Plus new metal doors, front and back. I love to have panel for down stair windows to go up and that may happen if time allows. Most of house around me are rentals or elderly people. As well old factory and small business not sure if this kind of area one would want spend time searching threw. At least for food.

      49. I recommend buckets filled with dirt. Placed on the roof already.

        If something big has come down. EMP/grid down. Dollar tanked and banks closed. If its a few days after and things are looking worse. Home break ins are spiking. I’d consider a layer of dirt on the roof in advance to reduce the molotov risk.

        I even consider defending from the roof better than a window. All I need is a bunch of bullets zinging through my house and food and computers. I’d rather have only a roof with holes to patch up afterwards.

        Correct me if I am wrong. But firing from the other side of a A sloped roof would reduce your profile. You could add sandbags, presuming you know the strength of your roof. AND have access to dirt filled buckets to quench a fire.

      50. Make up some “Medical Quarantine” signs…influenza, not some weird crap that’ll get the neighbors burning your house down. Just simple infuenza. And wear a face mask when you step outside, which you remove for fresh air…anyone asks, so and so is getting better, so and so is pretty bad…Doctor said it was probably transmitted by (mosquito works here, near river) insect bite. Tell them quarantine is on until 30 days after last case, and then you will have to disinfect everything…then put your mask on and go back inside….

        • The best idea I have heard yet!

        • If you look up some images the FEMA quarantine signs are very easy to duplicate. Just print your signs on red paper and copy and paste the FEMA emblem on them.

          I have very official-looking signs printed up and ready to go if needed.

          • look up fema quarantine signs where?

            • Search it up on Startpage (or Google if you use that as your search engine). Use the search terms

              *FEMA quarantine images*

              Of you use Google images you will get pages and pages of the Fema trailers and houses with red signs posted all over them. Zoom in and study the signs, then make your own.

      51. What is the best way to dispose of the bodies?

        Are women and children fair game?

        • Grim Reaper: Tony Soprano and Fried Green Tomatoes comes to mind — solve both problems with a little barbeque or a little sausage casing…LOL and ewwwwww.

        • Grim

          Unless you are burying them six feet deep bodies should be burnt. Burning destroys bacteria and other pathogens and also the build up of vermin that the body will attract.

          Anybody threatening my life is fair game, a young child, I would try to scare off, a child of an age to do no damage I would leave alone. A kid old enough to damage me or my child, in my head is as dangerous as anyone else.

          Women…. I am shocked you asked. I see intruders as intruders, what they have between their legs is incidental. Roving gangs will not leave me alone because I am a woman, why should I behave differently?

          Take care

          • From a scientific perspective, sure, a burned body will get rid of pathogens, but there is a problem. It is nearly impossible to burn a body without a serious heat source. Because the human body is 70-75% water, this gives the body a very high specific heat which essentially means really damn hard to burn. When people die in a fire they usually do not get burned to crisp (not to be insensitive). Sure there can be 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree burns, but unless that fire is super hot a body won’t burn that easily. Mass graves have been used throughout history for a reason.

            • Kynase

              Problem is digging a mass grave may well be nigh on impossible depending on the situation. Either no mechanisation to dig the hole, or not enough people willing to do so. Time of year would also be an important factor due to frozen ground etc. Other cultures still use open cremation routinely, and it works if the pyre is built correctly or a large Dakota fire pit is used which burns hot. The key is not having the body on the floor when the cremation starts. The wick effect from body fat keeps the fire burning hot. I am not self promoting but I have details of this open cremation method in the waste article on the blog.

              Take care

            • Kynase

              I agree to a point. But digging do mass graves may be nigh on impossible due to lack of mechanisation or lack of people willing to dig the grave. Also time of year will be a factor, frozen ground etc. Soft ground also means soft bodies and there may not be time to dig the hole/s before decomposition begins. In cities burial could also be a problem simply due to the space available locally, way to much hard standing to be digging up prior to actually digging the grave. In such a situation, a car park, school yard, practically anywhere could be used for disposal using the open cremation method.

              Many cultures still use open cremation very successfully. Building the pyre correctly or using a large Dakota fire pit makes the fire burn hot enough to do the job, the key being not having the body on the floor. Many fire victims are on a solid object which prevents the fire burning hot enough due to lack of air flow. The wick effect from body fat helps keep the fire going in open pyres. I am not self promoting but this is covered in my article on waste on the blog. Like most things that have to be thought about post collapse nothing is going to be ideal, I think that decisions will be made on the spot depending on manpower, location and weather.

              Take care

            • @Burt-
              You are absolutely correct…I’m gonna assume the average every day Joe doesn’t have a clue how to properly set up a pyre. But as you stated location, manpower, weather all play tremendous factors.

              Another point to toss out there, never bury or dispose of near a water source and I would also encourage to dispose of far from your residence, if possible. Disease will be rampant. Though it is a clever tactic to scare away others, it could also get you and yours very ill.

      52. I detest the paranoia displayed in articles like this, and yet I have the author’s 10 points covered. Probably just a coincidence.

        • kb7dqh
          You must be a boy scout and not a prepper then 😉

      53. I’d just like to chime in. Around here anyway we have a lot of deer hunters. Blackpowder, crossbow, bow, centerfire, pistol, they do it all. Not all that many prep in my casual experience. Or rather their preps revolve around stacking it high and deep.

        These good ol boys I’ve shared many a campfire in the fall with can drop a deer at 300 yards without blinking an eye. And frankly I move a lot slower than a deer.

        Thanks to good action movies and FPS games everyone knows what a molotov is.

        Recently I heard from another prepper who attended a local preppers group. The topic for the meeting was ‘what tools do you need at minimum to break into someone’s house’.

        Whether you live in the city or the country, if they know you have something, they’re going to get it eventually. Sure you might make it a very expensive meal for them but a panicked starving mob, mothers and fathers watching their children die of starvation and dehydration, if they even suspect you have something, they’re going to come for it. And very likely they are just as well armed as you are, at least around here. They’re not going to go “Sucks to be us, we should have planned ahead rather than getting that new SUV.” They’re going to be desperate parents doing whatever it takes to keep their children alive even if it means sacrificing yours. Family comes long before some neighbor you wave to occasionally on the way to work.

        And all it really takes is one sneaky son of a bitch with a beer bottle full of gasoline to put you in a world of poo. Because it’s unlikely your water is going to be working in a SHTF situation. Hell in the city they just have to start fires up wind of you, well out of your view, it’s likely to spread right to you or at least drive you out. Same goes for the country depending on the weather. Right now someone with a Bic could set the fields east of us on fire and we’d be hurtin no doubt about it. And never be able to see them do it.

        So best you plan ahead and in a SHTF situation you starve along with everyone, just a little slower with some basic no cooking needed foods that don’t have a lot of odor, just enough to keep your strength up. You have most of it hidden away. Under the beds, couches, attic spaces, under the floors, in crawl spaces. And you have a small supply of sacrificial stuff in case they do break in just because you’re not losing weight as fast as everyone else or they just get lucky in their panic guessing who’s got the food.

        You don’t have to do without for long, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. Just sit it out that long and hope no one remembers the Donnor party and goes down that path.

        Think before you open your mouth about your preparations, think long and carefully about who you share that information and consider your own children who might quite innocently tell a fellow student or their teacher about all the 5 gallon buckets you have in the basement or the big safe full of guns.

      54. That is a reason to prep and keep quiet about it.
        Its natural to want to meet others who are doing what we are , but its also dangerous . It would probably be a very good idea to blend in with your neighbors and behave like you are in the same boat . There is much written about this , dont go cooking steak on the grill outside when the people on either side of you have nothing , on and on . Be ready to leave at a moments notice , have cache locations ….more than one , and hide them well . Good luck to all .

      55. One thing that was posted by a Korean War vet , was making and storing smoke bombs , this is because most people will not enter a house they think is on fire and will move on to easier targets .

      56. This is is such a politically correct yuppie bs survival article. The author starts off talking about self defense using firearms with “…those that can LEGALLY own a firearm should have at least one…”. Does that mean that if someone unlucky enough to be deemed by the government to be unworthy of owning a firearm is then unable to defend themselves, by government fiat? If I cannot own a firearm legally, regardless of the reason, I should just stick my head up my azz and pray? Sorry folks, but EVERYONE, has the right to defend themselves using whatever means they have including firearms and that includes everyone including all the people that some government bureaucrat has deemed it illegal for them to own a gun.

        • Ron, Be Informed probably agrees with you, but isn’t going to write an article that starts with encouraging others to break any current laws. I don’t know for sure if he does, but I’m guessing he didn’t want to be an author of an article encouraging people to break the law.

          • @ Norse Prepper. I think that people sometimes read into an article incorrectly to what was really meant. The government is the problem, and that includes the other governments of the world also. I would hate to see someone that has spent enormous amounts of money and time preparing get thrown into prison before they have a chance to survive what is coming because they feel that they have every right to own a gun. If they have a felony they risk several years in prison, and If they are in one of these countries that restricts gun ownership then they also risk going to prison.

            Number one rule is to live to survive the SHTF event. I would hate to see one single person on this site break the law and have everything they have go to waste because they are sitting in a cell when everything breaks. When there is no law, and not a chance of it coming back, EVERYTHING GOES. I am just suggesting to everyone to please use caution before SHTF, so one day maybe all of us can met and perhaps begin rebuilding society into a better one.

            I have been out all weekend looking for garage sales for survival items. I actually got 35 pounds of candles for $7.50. It is scary to see people selling these, and it is even more frightening to see that for hours no one had the insight to buy these candles. It really shows how few people see survival items as necessary. This is why I wrote the article, because preppers are likely going to have to defend what they have because 95-99% of the people are so ill-prepared it is frighteing, and they are really going to be desperate.

            Thank you and others for the complements. I have throughly really enjoyed what you have written before also. I sure hope others, and there are some truly intelligent people here, might decide to also try their hand at writing something that all of us can use to prepare. I am waiting for someone to write someone that everyone will say, WOW why didn’t I think of that.

        • @ Realistic Ron. To tell the truth I was also referring to those in other countries that also read this site, that cannot own any firearms. In the true SHTF I say get ANYTHING you can to defend yourself, starting with national guard depots if you can get to them. I am probably the most pro-gun person that there is. During the “normal” times I would hate to see anyone that is a registered felon lose their freedom because they feel that they deserve to own a firearm, and be in prison when all this happens unable to protect their family. When true SHTF get whatever you can to protect yourself and your family.

      57. What Would Happen After an EMP Attack ?
        or a solar flare
        or virtually any other catastrophic disaster for that matter

        people would start dying off fairly quickly
        your odds of survival increase as the population decreases

      58. Well I hate to tell everyone, but the longer it goes on even the unprepared learn to adapt and overcome! The mobs will die off quick, but the ones that survive get better at what they do.

        You will also have well armed and trained gangs roming, pillaging and plundering as they move from area to area. These would include unprepared military, police and veterans. As a veteran that disturbs me. As the article says 98.5% are unprepared so you realistically have a 98.5% chance of encountering this gang, mob or tribe.

        The best defense would be to have a retreat in the middle of no where, but that’s not an option for most of us. I’ve networked with some others who have small farms, however they are to close to cities. I would recommend studying satilite photos of larger tracks of land that you could cut in and squat on. It’s not a great idea but neither is sitting in your urban or suburban home waiting for the mob to come. And they will come sooner or later.

        Prepping, planning and practice will give you a great advantage but lets face it none of us knows what’s going to happen or if we will survive. If its Gods will, we will survive.

        • you may well be right

          see my post

          Monsters of Anarchy

      59. @Be Informed:

        Great article Sir.

        If the worst happens and you have to defend youself from looters and/or mobs, leave the bodies in the street.

        In a few days the bodies will ripen with maggots, “welcome to the buffet neighbors”.

      60. I have a few Horrid Smell jars. All it takes is some broccoli and a few raw eggs left alone in an old jar for awhile. The longer it sits, the worse is gets.

        • Lil bit

          Great for putting around the property to put people off. Most people have never smelt death and assume the worst. Of course they may therefore decide to see if there is anything left worth taking, but their hesitation is always good. They will be a little shocked she the bodies fight back lol.

          I know this sounds awful, but in a world without antibiotics infections will kill many, many people, most marauders with have cuts and abrasions. Anything that causes infection should be employed widely around the outside of the home. Use your imagination, they won’t come back a second time.

          Take care

      61. Just throw canned goods at the starving mob, let them kill each other over a can of green beans.

      62. This scenario is why insurance policies usually have a clause that says they do not cover any loss from riot or civil unrest. They know the likely scenario will be the neighbors turning looter.

      63. Surround your house with yellow police ribbon. Then put up some medical quarantine signs. They may think twice about wanting what you have.

      64. Why can’t we all just live in a “live and let live” world

        • Can we all get along?

      65. SSS
        The battle not fought, is always won.
        Sun Tzu

        • nice post piper michael,Sun Tzu would be a good read for any prepper/survivalist because those philosophies will translate to the situation nicely. I posted in another thread “the best way to not get shot is not to be in a gun fight”. Sun Tzu’s ideas on positions and how to achieve them will be helpful. He also touches base on smoking out the enemy for those worried about being burned/smoked out of their house read that part and learn from it. Also in The Art of War is a statement about the more impressive “army” often wins by sheer impressiveness so gather a group of preppers together to fight off the riff raff mobs that show up and they will run without a shot being fired when faced with 20-30 people with nice weaponry in their hands 😉

          • Most of us will bw forced into uneasy alliances.

      66. Had a little time to think about this last week after that storm took out our electricity on June 29th and left us without power for 8 days in a heat wave.

        I saw folks fighting over bags of ice at walmart and gas stations. I noticed there were still batteries available but the D cell batteries were wiped out.

        I had all I needed. I only drove into town to recon and study people. I had filled up the gas tank of my truck on my way home (I always top off my gas tanks when I’m down to half a tank)so I had plenty of fuel, plus it helped that I was on vacation from work (paid) for two weeks.

        There were gas lines at the pumps too.

        I also observed that the fast food joints were PACKED. That’s probably what kept things relatively civil. Folks gotta have their double cheeseburgers.

        Meanwhile I cooked canned soup over small fires, drank water from my folks’ well (they have an old fashioned hand pump behind the barn and live about 1/4 mile from us) and did some foraging out in the woods.

        Didn’t have any looting and chaos out here.

        But I was thinking about… what if… ?

        So by Day Two, I’d practice staying outside with my dogs and AR-15 and minimal gear. Sentry Practice. I didn’t expect any troublemakers. I just wanted to get a feel for it.

        SHTF, bad, and extended? I’m staying outside to watch my home. I found just the right place to hide where I can watch everything. And I’m a really good shot.

      67. These 99% of Americans sound a bit like the ANC supporters in South Africa. They have a sense of entitlement where they expect to be served like royalty

      68. it may then be time to hunker in your bunker… jus’sayin’

      69. Double up on exterior doors; mount another on the outside that opens outward rather than into your house. It’s a lot harder to pull a door open than to bash it in. This will buy you precious minutes to ready yourself. As your food stores expire create an openly stored, freely taken, ((highly medicated)hint) box of food and water. Mark it so you and your group will know not to consume it. Put on a good act when they take it.
        It will be as much a mental war, as a physical one.

      70. After Katrina, in the search and rescue, they (FEMA) went door to door. Looking for survivors, casualties, and weapons. Then they would mark the house. Learning the symbols they marked houses with might come in handy, if you wanted to do it yourself as if your house had already been searched.

      71. Google-White House gives Homeland Security control of all communication systems

        Man, I figured along tome ago, that russia WILL enventually have more freedoms then us.


        Our press is pethetic.

        • Yes…Iwas watching an interview with Lori Wallach of Global Trade Watch. She researches this so called “trade agreements” that seem to never endingly pass through the DC corp gov. She claims that the text in part of the new TPP trade agreement circumvents SOPA that was voted down by legislators.The trade agreements like GATT and TPP are just end runs around Congress to get what the globalists want without oversight.When asking legislators about why they approve a trade agreement that nullifies their vote, they are surprised and claim they didn’t know it was even in there. They vote for it because they don’t want to be seen as anti “free trade” and don’t bother to read it.Why are we paying these jerks if they don’t know what they are voting on? They are selling our countries sovreignty to the globalists.With these morons in office we are truly fucked.Welcome to the newest third world country….USA.

      72. A good idea to deter potential looters and robbers of your supplies might be to pretend you are one of those new ” face eating zombies”. Just put on some zombie makup and act insane running after everyone trying to bite them…..course you might get shot….but it could work possibly. lol

      73. Love #6 on barriers. The more you can throw in their path, the better off you’ll be.

      74. Good article. Prepared Pastor, I wish I lived in your neighborhood. I am in a “countryfied” area, but it is all illusion. People have horses on acreage that they never ride, the local high school is full of 16 yro cheerleaders who have just received their “first Range Rover”, and gardens are produced to brag about “organic” veggies. I just try to keep to my own OPSEC-my Facebook page is full of the dogs’ pictures and their visits to various parks; I have standard lines about questions when I shop Costco or have stuff delivered; and some are aware that I help a former elderly neighbor who is struggling financially. I never unpack groceries until the garage door is closed, I deliberately order some stuff so that neighbors see the UPS man once a month, and I try to keep everything that I buy below the “Vision Line” of my older SUV. The dogs always go with me, unless it is 100o+, so I can pick up a couple of dog toys & 3- #40 pound kibble bags. The neighbors have said-“Boy, your dogs lead the life. They are always going to parks.” Just to throw a wrench in the works, I leave the dogs home-once in awhile. My car is ALWAYS in the garage, so when I am gone & when I am home is a mystery-unless someone is stalking me. I try to have few patterns of going & coming, and I have told only 3 people about my prepping. 2 live out of state and also prep, one is a friend that has been invited here-if teotwawki hits. I hope that we get someone new in the White House, but I am not holding my breath. I AM continuing to prep!

      75. Not sure things change all that much with Romney in the White House Stealth Spaniel. Romney is just the white version of Obama really when you look at it and do either take the average man much into consideration when they make their decisions…NO they don’t. The best bet we have politically from an avg. joe’s situation is to vote out every incumbent and replace them with new people and only re-elect the few we believe are worth while.The way congress has been behaving the past 8-10 years there is no wonder why we are in a serious shit house because they only try to advance their name and are completely unwilling to compromise in any meaningful way. Gov’t in most ways is a collaboration of men and women coming together to solve the countries problems and to compromise on ideals that solve these problems. Unfortunately there is no compromise in washington right now so we are pretty well screwed 🙁

      76. Don’t worry about litigation or legal problems. If the SHTF just do what you have to do to protect yourself. You really need at least two people awake and armed at all times. You can’t afford to be sleeping and be attacked in your home.

      77. Bill Murray did an excellent job pretending to be a zombie in “Zombieland” he was actually playing golf dressed like a zombie to avoid detection….of course he did get shot for acting like a zombie like I warned might happen above. If word gets around you are a face-eating-zombie your preps might be safer is all i’m saying…and yes….i do realize it’s a longshot….but the reality is we do actually have face eating zombies now and my guess is people will stay as far away from you as possible if they believe you might try to eat them.


        • If a mob comes to my door I know exactly what to do. Run out of the house buck naked running around the yard acting crazy (like talking to a tree or a rose bush), eating an Oh Henry that looks like shit. Yeah I just said that!

      78. 11- Sneak over at night and throw your empty tuna cans on the lawn of the non-prepped zombie house next door. The mob will go for them.

        12-Best way to blend in with the desperate crowd is to look, dress and smell as bad as they do post shtf. And always remember to be the first in the group to ask for food.

        13-Remember to brush after every meal. Last thing you want to do is show up at the local hungry persons gathering with twinkies on your breath.

      79. a little security overview from my buddy spartacus. what he/she tells me is:

        download and install the latest “tor-browser” bundle. there are set ups you have to do with firefox browser.

        disable java, java script, cookies in Firefox

        the latest version checks anonymity at the tor site. “Spartacus verifies with this other site: (and checkpoint2) to verify anonymity. Access with regular IE and with TOR. Difference in IP and anon rating?

        If some gov’t wants you maybe they can find you, very hard to do with this.

        Spartacus likes to send email thru various anon emails. Very few are really anon, especially if based in US. Google brings some up. Hook up to them with firefox and TOR running.

        receiving anon email, spartacus recommends

        Many sites do not work with cookies and java disabled.
        Your choice on risk.

        to send anonymous email, go to this site with the Tor program (others out there. Anonimity changes)

        The bad guys use this, also.

      80. And the Very First HS@25 award goes to – SmokinOkie

        Enjoy what I read when you post.
        This is a thank you for the pleasures you share.

        Y’all Beware! HS@25

      81. In response to the first sentence from an almost 40 YO that needed spell check for this response, Dude, nothing more to steal now…. yo…..HELLO?

        Also, I’m sexy and I know it!!!!!!!!

      82. ever take a beer from your dad?

        • Not in my case…my Dad was and is a badass. He is the only human being I have ever met that could scare you shitless without a weapon of any kind, just him and him alone. He also built every house we ever lived in, and I mean he made every part from the foundations to the window treatments. To this day he has at least six months of food on hand just because that’s how he was raised.

          Crap…he was a prepper before there was a word for it

      83. What ever you do from here on out. do not. DO NOT. start a brewery in my hood, yo… like its…..

      84. hope you guys are keeping track of the solar stuff

        strong geomagnetic storm NOW in progress

        15% chance of an X flare

        • @ Satori. I have come up with a simple way of people comparing the intensity of the sun and flares with the way their rate tropical storms. The disturbances on the sun behave in ways like the storms on the planet, and someone can get an idea what a X something flare is in comparison to a hurricane on Earth.

          Class B = Tropical disturbance

          Class C = Tropical depression.

          Class M = Tropical storm.

          Class X = Hurricane

          Category 1 hurricane = Solar Flare X class 1-5.

          Category 2 hurricane = Solar Flare X class 6-10.

          Category 3 hurricane = Solar Flare X class 11-20.

          Category 4 hurricane = Solar Flare X class 21-30.

          Category 5 hurricane = Solar Flare X class 31 or above.

          This is assuming that the flare is Earth facing. Just like an Earth type hurricane, a glancing blow does little damage. With the recent X 1.4 falre this would be a minimum hurricane, just above a tropical storm. Little problems usually. A flare usually has to get up into the 7 or 8 range to start to cause any electronic problems on the surface of the planet. Satellites are another issue.

          This is a semi crude estimate, but fairly accurate. The nest time they talk about a X class something in the lower range 1-5, just think of what damage a category one hurricane does in respect to wind, storm surge, rather than flooding. When someone talks about the recent class X-23 flare that just erupted, then you can say to yourself what a category 4 hurricane has done to cities. Time to prepare big time and get those important electronic devices protected in a Faraday Cage from possible EMP that will fry them.

          By the way lots of earthquake activity all over the place, just had a couple in the far north, above 70 degrees north latitude. Activity on the sun can help trigger earthquakes.

          • Satori ~

            That is the best explanation of solar flares that I have ever read! Thank you for that!


            • Wasn’t it Be Informed who wrote that? Just sayin’.

          • An X-23 could be a planet-wide catagory 4.

            • The Carrington event was largely a novelty because verylittle electricity was in use. Now more will notice such a thing. Most of our civilization dies in proportion to the loss of electricity.

      85. @ Satori….very scary stuff ….thats one of my main concerns is the solar activity we are seeing. Huge problems could happen in a split second with an x-class flare hitting.

        prep, prep, prep, prep folks

      86. @ Satori…..I am keeping track and it’s very scary stuff…we are sitting ducks for an x-class flare.

        • Ummmm… have you tried prayer? Since God is in control of all of this, why worry yourself to death over something completely out of our control?

      87. If at all possible layer your defense’s out as far from your home as you can. Make them have to work to get to you. Use anything that comes to mind in how you do this,pungy pits, trip wires, barbed wire what ever, make them work at it. As for they must have something to protect, yes you do YOUR LIFE peroid. Do not let anyone on your property that you do not know and trust(and be carefull of them), or not close family enough said. In defense shoot to KILL ALWAYS, no if and or buts, take them out and as far from you as possible. Just remember when the SHTF no body is going to come to your door just to say HI, they are there to take what you have. Get a mind set as to what you are going to do and stick to it, no matter what. It’s your life and your love ones that matter, and to HELL to everyone else. Thats just me
        Live Free and be Strong in your FAITH

      88. I actually had a sort of dry run on the home defense thing. A man tried to murder his girlfriend on the first floor, she was stabbed 20 times in the face, neck, chest, and hands. When it happened the friend of the victim ran upstairs and started banging on my door. I opened the door to a hysterical girl screaming that someone what killing her friend. I let her in and re-locked the door. My mom took her aside and talked to her, we had been ‘displaced’ when the city condemned the building that my mom, brother, sister (and their families) had apartments in two weeks earlier. Now that I knew what was going on I got my P-85 and positioned myself between the back and front door, locked or not, I live on the third floor. The girl who was stabbed came up the front hallway calling for help. I shouted that the police had been called and held my ground. My mom was in the apartment and I still didn’t know if the maniac was in the hallway. The door was shut and not opening again until all was clear, now that I knew what the situation. She bypassed my door and went to the apartment above and started banging on my brothers door. He was protecting his wife and child and wouldn’t let her in either. The police came and helped the girl into an ambulance about 10 minutes later.

        After talking to the police, the officer praised us both for our actions. I was in the right to defend my home with deadly force and my brother for resisting the thought of bringing the girl into his home. If I had killed the ex-boyfriend after getting through a locked door I would have been in the right (I had to shore up the doors when I moved in, it is the bad part of town).

        So at least in Maine you can defend your home with deadly force if the incident occurs in the home. I’m looking up what to do in a mob situation though….

      89. Forget the legal stuff. If things go Mad Max even for a while, you will have to use any weapon at your disposal to defend yourself, just as people will use any such weapon against you.

      90. One thing I have set aside for a psychological warfare deterrent is a set of medical study faux human skulls. They’re not real human skulls of course, but made of resin. They’re very realistic looking, and they’re not all uniform. I’ve aged some of them with coffee grounds and other methods.

        They most likely will not fool a doctor who might be passing through but they certainly will fool the average person. I reckon if I mount them on stakes at the front of our driveway, a group of hoodlums might consider attacking another house.

        If anything, it will buy me time to sight them in while they are looking at my halloween decorations.

        • You could buy real ones (and whole skeletons too) from India, I forget the website though. I used to sell swords, armor and stuff online at Swords-n-Stuff but people stopped buying ‘luxury’ items and I couldn’t keep the store going.

          Oddly enough some guy from Chicago seems to have taken over the domain, I wish him luck!

      91. A wet dream! Crowds and hordes of hungry, crazed individuals heading my direction, walking 2-3 deep while I lock n load my first mag of FMJ’s.

        • You better hope that first mag is a drum……………or you got some good back up……..and another suggestion…..use Lake City XM855 62 Gr penetrator rounds……should get two, maybe three with each round.

          • Or go with a 7.62 M1A to start with!

          • You don’t understand?…where’s the excitement! LMFAO

      92. I’m starting to think the study of magic would be a helpful prep. How to create illusions. How to misdirect attention. It seems like it might make sense to have a beaten up shed as a place to live and use the actual house as a decoy. Things like that.

        • They actually did that in WW2. They hired illusionists/magicians to help develop clever new forms of camouflage and decoys.

        • The magic would be things like flares or noisemakers off to a side, set them off and the mob stops and turns to see what’s up. That’s when you start the ball. Drive them into multiple crossfires, a killing zone.

          After the mobs are gone, the small groups with guns and experience coming after the supplies inside targeted homes are going to be the problem.

      93. It is frustrating to think that if a mob shows up at my property that I must give them the advantage of the benefit of the doubt before I can safely defend myself and avoid later prosecution by a government that itself is more interested in plundering and controlling me than assisting me in defending my freedom and myself.

        At least in States that have castle doctrine laws and stand your ground laws that the property/home owner will have some protection if forced to shoot those who show up uninvited. If things are bad enough the system will be overwhelmed by the number of self defense killings, and investigation by authorities will be cursory or non-existent.

        And as bad as it sounds, I think the possibility of prosecution will encourage some property/home owners to leave no witnesses.

        • It’s not frustrating for me…shoot the bastards and worry about everything else later.

        • I believe you meant to say…encourage some property/home owners to leave no…. evidence??

      94. The way I see it, when the SHTF there will be no fuel, that means you will have to deal with your local’s. Look at how far the mob will have to walk to get to you, if you live in a rual area I feel you are a little safer than the city, maybe a 10 mi radius at the most for the walking hordes. They will want to get back to their own hide outs after taking what they can get. If they show up in a car, truck, or anything, light them up before they can get out of it. Get some NIGHT VISION NOW, stock up on batts. for them. Most of the thugs will take the path of least restraint, so scout your area make notes and learn where they we come from. Thats just me
        Live Free and Stand Tall in Their Face.

      95. Listen to the song from We Were Soldiers, for me it says it all. Sgt.MacKenzie

      96. Home invasions are already kicking up in my area..and im not in a city, they will bring the fight to you so you better be ready.

      97. .
        Official: US ship fires on boat off Dubai, 1 dead
        By ADAM SCHRECK | Associated Press – 26 mins ago.

        • VRF,

          I just read that too. They have a link on Drudge Report.


        • Pentagon sending aircraft carrier to Mideast early…

          on Drudge Report

          • Gotta save that Petro Dollar.

      98. Anyone who comes to steal my Cheese Doodles must DIE!!

      99. I’ve thought this through; just try to blend in and look like you’re one of the starving dummies who didn’t bother prepping.
        This can be done by visibly pulling weeds to “eat later” from your lawn, collecting ants for a quick, spicy snack, etc.
        Long before your neighbors might start to think you have food, they’ll have left to look for food far away & abandon your neighborhood (or jumped onto a FEMA bus).

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