The Ultimate Prepper Bug Out Home

by | May 11, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 99 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    What would you do if you had a couple million dollars to spare?

    If you’re a prepper, than you’d likely be looking to put yourself in a home like this one on the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland.

    At first glance, you wouldn’t think much about it, other than it being a nicely built country home. It’s stylish with the architectural design based on Polish “cube” homes of the 1960’s:

    If the world ever goes Zombie Apocalypse, however, it quickly transforms into an impenetrable maximum security safe house through the use of sliding walls, a roll-top door and a draw bridge.

    The outer cube of the home is constructed with steel and concrete, and has an outer perimeter wall for added security.

    Few details have been provided about the home’s interior, but we suspect that anyone who has gone to the trouble of building this ultimate prepper bug-out safe house would also have built a multi-level basement and perhaps even a secret escape tunnel or two. Our thinking is if you’re gonna’ blow a million or two on construction you might as well go full-prepper and throw in all the bells and whistles.

    Dare to dream.

    The possibilities are endless when you have the money and your very own concrete and steel-reinforced survival cube.

    Hat tip Jonny V and Tess Pennington

    (Photos: Aleksander Rutkowski/Robert Konieczny – KWK Promes)


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      1. How is this place powered? If it doesn’t have it’s own power source, then it’s not a good bug out home. The house’s security is heavily dependent on electricity.

      2.    I can’t imagine that power supply has not been addressed.

      3. If your looking for a great location to put a secure bug out escape, i have 9.2 acres of  hillside land avaiable overlooking the  the 20k acre chetham co. game reserve, outside of nashville, with deer, turkey, etc running wild and free.  located nearby is the cumberland river with lakes as well.  615-636-8071,   will sell cheap. allen

      4. Nice.

        It looks like a set piece from Logan’s Run or something.

      5. Comments….. the concrete, and steel walls look thick enough to be fall out proof, probably a giant faraday cage also! Probably a bankster house!

      6. If I keep this up I’m gonna give Okies a bad name…
        I tried to convert my single-wide into one of these bunker homes. All I did was collapse the roof with the weight of all that concrete. Ruined the meth lab and the still, cutting off both my sources of income. Crap! Now I hafta go back to work!
        A word of advice: never trust a drunken brother-in-law as a substitute structural engineer. He said he learned all about it on youtube. Lying rat owes me a new still. Not to mention, we were cookin’ a batch and almost burned down the bathroom. Now my wife is so mad about having to use the outhouse again that she’s threatened to cut me off…like I’d notice! And after I was so sweet and tender to her on mothers day- used ALL the money from pawnin’ her rings just to buy her a gift certificate to the salvation army store. I can’t seem to do anything to please her.
        By the way, anybody want to buy a used mo-bile home? It’s 14 wide, 70 long, and 4 feet high. It would be a great retreat for real short preppers.

      7. Okie, does it still have the axles attached and are the tires in good shape???

      8. allen, what is the etc running wild and free?  Women?

      9. I pressume that the architects have predicted mallfunctions.
        Just imagine to lock yourself inside, and then you cannot open doors or windows.
        You will die like a rat in the hole.
        The destruction will pass, people will grow wheat again, fall in love, eat, smoke, play football, and you will be stuck in the s…hole, along with your dear wife.
        Dear wife? Where is that b….? come out come out wherever you are…
        I’m sick and tired of you and your f…… mother, 35 years now. 🙂
        Be safe guys.

      10. AZ Ready- sad to say, no the tires all got used on the pick-up. And we sold the axles last year for scrap iron when the wife had a dream about the lottery numbers and we were sure she was gonna win. Of course she didn’t, if she had we’d be in a new double wide by now. But it does still have nice shag carpet, most of the redwood deck survived the collapse, and I’ll throw in all 40 cinder blocks it’s on. I might even consider a trade- you got any transmission parts for a ’59 john deere?

      11. Maybe the house has the power plan from a retired Nuclear submarine.

      12. Hey, Okie, sorry about your trailer….   I made a bunker out of my single wide and no collapse.  I covered the roof with 3/4″ plywood, and then stacked dozens of old tires on it, 8 layers in all.  I also built a used tire security wall around it, fifteen feet high with firing steps inside.  The wall is about 20 feet thick, all interlocked tires tied together.  I also made the entry way a zig zag maze, so no one can charge straight in.  Attached to the walls, I am presently building a five foot thick wall of poured concrete, with shooting ports.  The door is a mass of welded scrap steel, weighing several tons.  It rides on steel rollers.  All I need now is a woman.  I am surprised my house hasn’t attracted one yet.

        • post a pick

      13. Oakie…

        Did the Dale Earnhart commemorative plates survive? Please Lord, let the plates survive….


      15. If 12 people will go back to (may 4th) osama is dead update article and post a comment, we’ll have an even 200! Come on! Mac would do the same for you.
        Besides, I had a premonition that silver price by years end would equal the number of comments. So we’ll be making money at the same time! Think of it as community service and personal greed all in one handy package. What could be better?
        Note: it’s cheating if one person goes and posts 12 comments. This has to be legit.

      16. if they have the money toi build that house, they also have the money to bury 2 five thou gallon propane tanks and have a couple generators, one to use and one for back up and probably plenty of parts.

      17. 200 coupons for Ag?  Any strikes or black outs over there yet Manos?

      18. Slim- 200 for silver? You never know. It could happen. As my uncle Skidmark used to say (he’s the one that taught me how to drive a truck, well at least until the accident) he used to say “boy, if your gonna have a premonition, then premonit big!”

      19. I bought my wife a dune buggy with gun scabbards for mother’s day,
        but she said she didn’t like it so she gave it to me!  Har Har!
        The zombie apocalypse is already here…..we went to relative’s for
        Easter, Bro-in-law’s g-friend face looked like it was falling off!  Saw
        lady at store, had chunk of flesh hanging from forehead, acting like
        nothing to see here, move along.  Everybody I meet anymore is
        a doper, getting stoned & falling off their Harley’s, etc..  Go ahead,
        run around stupid all day, it’s easier to pick off the ‘slow’ ones!

      20. If someone can afford a house like this, I am going to guess they have multiple routes of entry/exit. In the event of whatever mechanical failure, I am pretty sure they could still get out.

        A house like that is what many of us dream about and almost bury a hand in the garden with the pumpkins while we are out transplanting…ok, maybe it is only me. I have no problem admiting I would not mind having a place like that. BOL? Permanent living quarters!

        TO SPAIR. 

      22. Max H- I know what you mean about the zombies. The last family reunion, I kept waiting for the director to yell “Cut! Makeup, freshen up these extras over here!”

        NOTICE: all the cool posters are gonna hang out at the ‘osama’s dead” article for a while. We’re gonna max out the comment section. C’mon- be an individual, like everybody else! See you there…

      23. yesterdays news..I already posted this on the previous thread

      24. I’ve seen this a few places and I’m in love. Wondering if anyone has any information about whose home this is, the cost..etc. Has anyone seen any more affordable and smaller homes similar in design?

      25. Something more affordable but almost as effective might be a monolithic dome ( I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while.

      26. Comments…..Okie—you ought to be on Comedy Central.   The house sounds great if you and power it independently.  Also the Monolithic house is a good one.   We do need to be prepared for anything.

      27. Comments…..”fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man” . . . Gen. George S Patton

      28. Comments…..SmokinOkie…I just finished off my last two purple oxy’s bit’em in half, chased it down with my last beer, smoked my last cigarette,and I’m out of coffee.It’s gonna be a rough week.But i justed wanted to say, I’m might interested in your mobile.Do you deliver?,I’m in no shape to drive.

      29. I’ve given this bug in concept a lot of thought. Should it come down to a true zombie apocalypse, where very very well armed gangs or desperate and hungry mobs are to assault your position, then a static position becomes a static target. This home is a unique case however, you still need air purifiers and air must come from above ground, I will assume the architect is smart enough to have included tunnel networks or at the very least just an underground panic room. 

        If you find above ground ventilation, you can literally kill everybody in that cube with judicious use of any chemical or even fumes. A fire against the building itself won’t do anything, but inhale carbon monoxide and you’ll suffocate. A multi-million dollar coffin. 

        Many of these homes are great in design but I just don’t feel it would be safe. Ventilation and the need to supply fresh air is their greatest weakness. 

        I’ve come to the conclusion that caching your supplies in many different locations but within reasonable hiking distance, say five miles. It should be a network of cached supplies, like a spider web. I am from the school of mobility and stealth creates security. However, you trade huge, you have to be fit, healthy, and be able to bear hardship. Something, few of us truly know these days.

        That is not to say static defense is not good. It’s just not my philosophy. When world war 3 comes, and it will, you will get very well armed mercs or soldiers knocking on your cube. They can get heavy machinery on the spot, demolitions experts etc. If they want to crack it, they will and it won’t take them long.

        If it were a desperate mob of hungry people. Then it’s perfect.

        If it were a angry mob of well armed gangs. Then it “might” be perfect. Depending on how bored they are. 

        Electricity is another important factor. If this is a fully self-sufficient home, then power must be independent. If they had a wind mill, anybody can take that down while you’re hiding. If it were solar, same deal. If you had back up generators underground and you’ll need ALOT of fuel. Then it’s only a matter of time when you will need to get new supply. No electricity, no fresh air and that equals slow death. Don’t matter if you had 20 year supply of food and fresh water.

        That’s my take on static defense. I’m probably wrong but if you’re young and can’t afford a home like this, stay mobile, stay quiet, stay low and stay away from large concentration of humans. 

      30. kaynine- thanks for your interest but I can’t deliver. Besides, if all you’ve had is two oxy’s, a beer and a cigarette you may be in better shape than most of us. Around here we call that ‘breakfast.’

      31. If it does have a basement, I hope they made it graboid-proof (poor Burt!)

      32. slim,   the etc  is your normal  forest creatures  “such as”   and “such as,”   stuff, and “such as”   u know.

      33. Okie…..ROFLOL!!!! I read about your “home” and laughed right out loud!!!! My sister asked what I was reading and I TRIED to read it to her…but was laughing so much I could barely do it!! Sooo sorry about you’re still…it’s a downright shame to lose such a great source of income!! LOL!

      34. Where’d you get those pictures of my house?!?!?!

      35. I love that mid century modern style with clean lines, flat or low pitched roofs  (Frank Lloyd Wright,etc) and contemporary minimalism style along with the  security features.  Dan:  the modern dome idea is also great and can be “hidden” more so than a taller house.  Also more storm resistant.  I would love to see a dome subdivision built in my city,   as we’re in a hurricane area. Seen these type homes along the beaches in Fla.

      36. Looks like a muslim home to me.

      37. Comments…..yep, i agree looks like a mid eastern hacienda to me too.

      38. Whoever has built it, for whoever , they have forgotten the inevitable blow of time in the form of old age , diseases and death, which no steel and concrete can stop. but only by loving unto supreme loving God one can win over time to get immotality free of old age and diseases.

      39. Nice looking house($$$)! bet EVERYONE knows about the “hidey hole” part too!
        SmokinOki, I get my Rx’s legit due to the severe injuries caused by a “vet”(i.e. someone who served but only learned to play with explosives,saw no action) who got real fed up with his “civie”c o-workers(Rufus also had no people skills) and planted a bomb that I unfortunately was the first to find.One or 2 Rx’s and a chaser of takara saki(try it you’ll like it!) with fresh killed chicken salad,and life for a few hours feels almost nice.With all the Barium being sprayed in the air by Uncle Sam,it  kinda feels like a B-grade “end-Times” movie written by some TV preacher.If only a little more Black humor kind of funnier.On a lighter note.Found a x100 slowed down version of Jurassic Park theme on web.Perfect for visiting here with the above.Absolutely  Ephemeral!! Not a everyday mind trip,but for those moments when it truly is FUBAR around here it helps…..
        Best to All,
        Keep warm and dry,

      40. Comments….If you folks are typical of the survivors, I may think twice about making sure I survive the end times! SmokinOkie, I would have sworn you were one of the back to the land hippies who invaded the Northeast Kingdom.  I think they only reason so many remain around here is that they are too stoned to realize it’s -40 degrees–before adding in the wind chill factor OR just enough of your pot crop surived and kept you sleeping through the winter–mid-September to the last week in June is a short season for pot crops. 

      41. awesome I want one!

      42. Most of us know that smokieokie is kidding with a lot of humor.  Who is you folks?  Now you’re on the list.

      43. @Jonny V

        OK… I concede!  🙂

      44. I hope when SHTF it doesn’t come to this!

      45. The ultimate prepper-bug-out-home is a log cabin on a lake up in the mountains with an AirStream & F-450 or a 43′ Hans Christian makin waves down South.  Better than the sand box.

      46. Wow, only a couple of people noticed anything about the house at all.  Outside of the obvious price tag, this house illustrates many security issues that “preppers” are supposed to be well versed at.  Of all the posts so far, only Phil and Dan have had anything thoughtful to say.  

        This home (while admittedly costing the moon) has many very good security features that might be worked into a much less expensive home.  It takes a little thought and reasoning.  That was the reason I sent this story to Mac.  We’re all supposed to be “Preppers” here, but it sure doesn’t look that way.  I assumed the people here were smarter.  How ’bout we go back to posting up South Park videos instead?

        They took yer job!!!!!!!!!!Derka-derrr!!!!!!!

      47. Dream on JV.  Ass ume.

      48. Looks like a couple solar panels on the roof, not enough power for survival there. No VAWT, so no power there. He must have underground utilities. No compost pile for methane production. And what fortification does he have to protect the roof from fire?  Just asking.

        Without power he may never be able to lower the drawbridge and get out.

      49. Much safer would be completely underground with access by electrically operated natural doors (rock/sod).  Nobody will bother you if they cant find you.

      50. Anon- you crack me up! as usual.
        Vermont Dutchess–I’ve been to your area many times. The scenery is absolutely beautiful but I’ve never smoked it. Honest.
        GFG–I wish you were my neighbor!
        Now, about the actual topic of the article (there was a topic up there somewhere, wasn’t there?)…Oh, yeah, the big boxy looking glass house that converts into a big boxy looking concrete house: If power, fuel, air and escape tunnels are in place, like some of the more intellectually functioning people have already mentioned, then I think you’d be in good shape. This really would be a fantastic place to bug in. That is, if you got the 2mil to spare. Me? I’m about 1.999 million short. Guess I’ll just stay with my casa de mobilo. Lots of us probably dream of the perfect house, but the reality of finances gets in the way. We do look for ways to modify and adapt some of the ideas we see in places like this though.
        Jonny V–don’t give up on us yet. We just get the 90% prepper/10% moonbat ratio inverted sometimes. Maybe it’s just a coping mechanism for dealing with so much uncertainty in our screwed up world! In all honesty, thanks.   okie

      51. Anon–I watched the video a 2nd time. I think I’m in love!

        Gold dropped below 1500. Silver struggling to hold in mid 30s. Dollar index is up again. I guess we’ve been wrong about everything. No need for a retreat of any kind. The economy is on the mend, bin laden is dead and Newt’s running for prez. It’s all gonna be ok. Time for us all to un-prep, power down and go party! Surely our biggest concern ought to be how the royal honeymoon is proceeding and anxiously awaiting the new star of 2 and 1/2 men. Well, it was nice being paranoid while it lasted…
        On second thought, I have an eerie feeling about the next few months. I mean seriously, does anyone else here have that gut level suspicion that something a WHOLE lot bigger than bin ladens death is headed our way? It’s kind of like teetering on the edge of the cliff and then a hand reaches out and grabs you. Then just as you breathe the first sigh of relief, you realize the hand isn’t pulling you in–it’s pushing you over! Either I’m getting real good at being paranoid over nothing, or something very sinister is in the works.
        I’m gonna tighten up the seat belt, nut unbuckle. Damn the distractions-Full prep ahead!!

      52. @ Oki..
        LOL!! Sorry about your house.
        With regards to the royal honeymoon, the prince asked where they should go to avoid being found and one of the royal advisors recommended to them “Pakistan”!

      53. Get one for your other half on her birthday but make sure she gets the blanks or just get two and have at it on the back forty.  I understand you can barbie an entire pork with no re-loads or put a saddle on it and charge for rides.  I’m still looking for astroids from my lawn chair.

      54. I have all of the Alfred Hitchcock and Vincent Price movies too.  Ag/Au is just taking a breather scooby while waiting for the world wide flash crash that is expected out this June.

      55. Is Mac MIA?

      56. I was wondering the same thing…maybe he bugged out?

      57. I’m sure he is a little busy.  Anybody here that is “up” effected directly by the river floods?  We could send the men in black to check on Mac.  Any suggestions Scooby?

      58. I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag but since you asked: Mac is on assignment. OPSEC is vital so let’s just leave it at that.
        I’ll be in Memphis on wednesday, taking my fishin’ pole just in case. Last time I went thru was as the water was rising but still passable. I hope it’s on the way down when I get back. If I see any hollywood celebs or politicians floating face down in the river, I’ll let you know…hammer down! Put it in the big gear and let’s roll!

      59. SmokinOkie – Hilarious!  I hope you get paid for this stuff; priceless!

      60. Have any of you lived in a shipping container? Superior construction, cheap, mobile & tough.

        If you’re serious about small, affordable, energy efficient domes, I have plans that can be modified for 8′, 12′, 24, 36′ and a 4th grader can understand them- (if they know how to add), seriously. Materials are cheap, plentiful, strong, and smaller structures can be completed and dry in 3 days in a dry climate or during summer months elsewhere for under $700. They can be used as a guest room, office, storage…and can be moved on a flat bed. They’re also light weight but can handle high winds. Larger ones are used as energy efficient homes very successfully and constructed for under $2,000. Not $20,000. $2,000. You’ll crush your Schlitz can on your forehead when you see how stupid simple this is and wonder why you didn’t come up with it first. If you want plans & a pic of smaller dome, call 520.490.8222.

      61. Comments….. Hello… is there anybody in there? There is no pain you are receding, a distant ship’s smoke on the horizon, you are only coming through in waves, your lips move but I can’t hear what you say, when I was child I had a fever, my hands felt just like two balloons……………

      62. Comments….. A little bit of something fron Pink Floyd. Back in the mid seventies when I graduated HS, we had the best music going. Man, time sure has flown by. Of course my “old man” (pap) used to say the same thing when I was growing up ‘back in the day’!

      63. Note the solar panels topside on the last picture for power. Probably that ultra expensive element that can convert starlight.

      64. I just sent Mac a message letting him know that his fans are getting restless…

      65. @Rick Blaine – Yeah I was wondering about 4 days of no updates also.  Would have thought he would have posted a “going on vacation for a week” story or something.

      66. Hope he’s all right.  I had the idea that Mac was in the Houston area, but maybe I’m wrong.  If he’s in one of the trouble spots at least he’s prepped.

      67. Heh. I’ve largely kept out of the commentary, because I wanted to spend some time digesting the thing mentally. 

        A couple of thoughts come to mind…

        * It sure is pretty, but I sincerely hope they test out the gear once in awhile, and check for corrosion in the metal bits.

        * Unless the owner is an ultimate lottery winner or trust-fund baby, he’s obviously going to have to be at work… a lot. Could he and his coterie bug-out in time? Who is taking care of the place (maintenance, security, etc) while he’s out? OPSEC is obviously going to be the suck (and not just because he’s got the pad’s pix all over the web, either).

        *  Generators… umm, yeah. If it’s a few really large propane tanks buried under the house, it’ll last for awhile, but I wouldn’t call it much beyond five years of near-constant use (and 10 of irregular use). Not seeing him relying on them as a primary source, but more like a secondary/emergency source.

        * Where does the water come from? Big tanks? Hope they have a manual pump if the power somehow goes out.

        *  That thing is gonna get *hot* in the summer-time. The concrete will easily mitigate solar heating, but it will also insulate the interior real well… enough bodies in there will make things a bit stifling. This means ventilation/AC, and that means running a generator or two just for that. 

        *  Some good news, maybe: The solar panels on the roof may be the latest/greatest (250 Wp as of 2011), but I’d put them at perhaps 2009 latest/greatest, which equates to around 230 Wp per panel (that is, 230 watts max in direct, bright sunlight). With 25 of them up there (5.7kWp), and a metric shedload of long-lasting batteries, he could do okay with them as an alternate power source that could keep the house going for quite awhile. The house would only really use 3kW on average from the looks of it, with the rest accounting for cloudy days (efficiency cuts down to 60% when overcast) and battery charging.  

        * If there’s some escape tunnels under that, I hope the exits are adequately protected. If not, all that concrete fencing and draw-bridging will be for nothing (see also a wee biblical example: ).

        * Personally, I think the guy should have used a bit more time studying how classical fortifications were built. That land looks way too flat, and the terrain isn’t really helping him much. A better site would be a modest (or better, moderate) hilltop, which even Poland has, IIRC. If you’re going to build badassed, then by all that is holy, do it right (hint: unless your neighbors can bring/buy/build a large working cannon, or raise a large army and build trebuchets, you can’t go too wrong with something more castle-like, eh?)

      68. This 69 party is over!  I’m #70.  Put a shrimp or squid on it and pull in a big one, bring your salt shaker and a lime.  Have a little faith baby.

      69. The thing I really noticed about this house was the heavy dependence on “active denial” versus “passive denial” for the majority of the construction.  Sure, there is a drawbridge that would limit the number of individuals that could approach the front door, but around all the other windows and entries, there is not so much as one sticker bush.  He is depending on having the thing locked down before the mob arrives.  

        The house was probably constructed as a concrete tilt-up, which can be surprisingly affordable.  Most commercial buildings that I work on now (new construction) are done in this manner.  As a tilt-up, a million dollars would buy a larger structure than this.  His money went into the solar, and the trick concrete swinging doors.  

        I’m surprised that the house seems to be enclosed with all that vegetation out by (and behind) the pool house.  That amounts to good cover and concealment for individuals that want to get in.  If you’re going to have vegetation, it needs to be in the form of strategically planted rose bushes and other sticker plants that assist in keeping zombies from using windows (etc) as points of entry.  I also find his wall to be of dubious value as it seems to only enclose one side of the house.  The other thing about the wall is that it protects zombies from you too (as long as they’re on the other side of it), not much in the way of “fields of fire” in that direction. 

        What I think he did do right was to build in concrete, put the main entrance up off of ground level, and provide secure closure for his doors and windows.  That being said, I would have built in a different direction from what he did.  As noted before, he’s got no passive denial, and the concrete doors for the windows would be very heavy, and this might lead to maintenance issues.  Also, they would take time to close (15-30 seconds?).  He might have been better off with the steel shutters, and they certainly would cost much less.  There are steel shutter systems on the market right now for hurricane prone areas of the USA that could probably be adapted for security use.

        The last thing is that not every SHTF scenario will result in the golden horde of zombies heading your way.  Most of them are more mundane.  We need to prep and build homes to withstand extended power outages, severe storms, and even determined efforts at forced entry, but to construct an above-ground bunker seems over the top.

      70. UPDATE re Mac.

        I just heard back from him.

        Everything is fine.  He’s just been out of town and a bit under the weather (well, I guess that doesn’t make sense in the spring/summer)…but picked up a cold or something.

        He should be able to add a new post within the next few days.

        On a somewhat related tangent, and what is probably WAY more info than you guys need, I believe I am currently recovering from a case of pityriasis rosea (PR).  Google it for more info.

        I know this is a weird comment but I had never heard of it before, and supposedly, PR is misdiagnosed as ringworm or just eczema VERY often…even by experienced doctors.  The give away for me was the sore throat and other cold/flu-like symptoms I had right before the rash started.

        …I just thought this info may come in handy…to someone…somewhere.

      71. what the heck, that looks exactly like what my little buckeroo and Ani girl have and the docs said it was just eczema??

      72. Just got a job offer as assisstant associate deputy director to the undersecretary of the Ministry of Silly Walks. Fantastic! I think I’ll hop, skip, slide, twist, twirl, mosey on over and go to work. Always did want an important job in government where my natural sense of unbalanced equilibrium could help make a difference in the world. In the future, please address me as Sir SmokinOkie. We must maintain proper decorum. Thank you.

      73. OK, this is getting way off topic for this site, but I think it is important…

        @ BJ

        FYI, I am not anything remotely resembling a doctor…but like I said, I THINK this is what I have/had because I had “upper respiratory” issues before the rash – congestion, sore throat, a bit of a cough…

        HOWEVER, it is my understanding that the rashy spots caused by PR can look VERY, VERY similar to those caused by other things – two examples of which are eczema and ringworm…and I think there are others…even shingles (though I think shingles is generally on the lower back and sides of the torso or something).

        What SEEMED to help (or IS helping) the rash the most FOR ME was alternating applications of tea tree oil (lightly dabbing on with a gauze pad) and Aquaphor.  Note that tea tree oil did “kind of” sting – BUT I THINK it was a “good” sting…and the slight sting was a welcomed relief from the itching.

        Then again, it’s been a couple of weeks now…so if it is PR, maybe the virus is justing running out of steam…and perhaps the tea tree oil and Aquaphor didn’t do a darn thing…?

        ALSO NOTE – just in case it was ringworm, I was taking an oral anti-fungal – BUT I THINK ringworm usually starts clearing up after like a week after staring anti-fungal meds…and this was not the case for me.  The anti-fungal didn’t seem to be doing a darn thing.

        From what I understand, diagnosing this kind of stuff, even for a legit dermatologist, is almost more of an art than a science.  So, I wouldn’t be surprised if the docs got it wrong.

        Again, more info that you guys need – but from what I am reading about PR on the internet, it doesn’t SEEM to be all that uncommon…and I’m still quite surprised that I had never heard of it before.

        Good luck.

      74. Comments…..@ Rick B. My son had a couple of spots that the physician said were ring worms down around his ankle and was given an ointment. After a couple of weeks of no change, he returned to the doctors and was seen by the physicians PA and was told that he had lymes. He was placed on antibiotics right away. Both places cleared up in short order.

      75. Sir smoO, any high H20 up to your bearings/youjoints yet?

      76. Roger Houston, confirming on Tang uplaunch.  Good picture from above.  We’re still watching you sam when you are outside.  Are you balding a little?

      77. All the wealth in a bunker sealed so that they can not do any further harm. Good idea.

      78. They will probably be on vacation or work when the shtf and won’t even be able to take advantage of this homes features. Problem with all shtf plans is, locking yourself in a bunker won’t help you in the long run. You need to exercise your body and mind and take some basic to extreme survival courses so you have a framework to work from. You will need a level of discipline, knowledge of others in your party capabilities are. Evaluate and determine now if you should even have these folks with you and can you walk away when the time requires you to.
        Can you get from the baddest side of your local city in the middle of the night now to your bug out location? Can you blend in? Can you communicate with the locals now both young and old? Can you negotiate, barter and trade now?
        All these things you will need to be able to do if you find your self far from you nice warm little bunker. And once you run out of supplies as we all will you will need these skills more so than ever IMHO.

      79. Lets start our own thread.  Where did Mac go?

        I heard he flew out last week to climb the tallest mountain in the world to look for wild raspberries for Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

      80. What is the difference between a prison and a fortress?  A fortress has a way out!

      81. You guys are hilarious, thank you, I needed to laugh in the midst of my paranoya-prep. But seriously, There are some crazy things going on …Okie, I hear ya, things just are not adding up, people are not using logic…it is weird,  this machine can’t keep up with this vibration forever…and seriously, dumping his body in the ocean? Holy crap!, though I understand it, that is gonna boil their blood. That was the weirdest thing, the whole white house watching it on TV, are you serious!?! Hey, where IS that popcorn! no I said no butter…

        But I do see/hear more and more people with positive attempts, so maybe…one of them will help you rebuild your flat tortilla-trailer…




      83. Comments…..since we’re dreaming…if I wanted in – I’d find a place a half mile away where I’d be undetected with a clear shot (through all those windows) and pick off the dude with a sniper rifle before he could activate the inclosers and then…I’d just walk in. duh

      84. Comments… more note: It is all for not if there is no surveilence cameras to view the outside; furthermore it would have to be a system that can not be found…once found and destroyed, you’ld be living in the dark…this is such a dumb idea! duh again.

      85. It must be for a criminal or Osama Bin Laden markII.  safe from himself and US proof.  But it needs lead lining to stop radiation and an oxygen and nitrogen generator with access to sunlight for solar energy and Vitamin D.
        Hope the dude has his women and farm in there too. Damn stupid anti social clot!!

      86. Bullet proof glass and a tunnel with extra exit some ways away. There are other websites that make survival homes underground too…kinda like this one tho..

      87. The writer says ‘a million$ or two?’ Try 10 million or 20.

      88. for a great idea stateside visit this link: www.

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