The Ten Best Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles

by | Jan 10, 2009 | Emergency Preparedness | 10 comments

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    Matt Hardigree of has put together a list of the best vehicles to have when SHTF. If you’re serious about survival, and we know you are, then you’ll love these top-of-the-line survival vehicles.

    Read Matt’s article and view pictures here.

    Our favorite: The Steel Wheels 4×4

    Check out the vehicle specs:


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      1. i like the combo of the sportsmobile and the whothahellizat together. you can take the fam in the whotha, i’ll drive the van, and we can rock the post-apocolyptic world wherever we go…

      2. It’s my fav! Perhaps a hot tub on the roof would be fun too.

      3. You are fool if you are considering about post-apocalyptic survival vehicle for your future survival escapism! Bad news for these Post-Apocalyptic Survival Vehicles: They need gas to run! Without gas then they are useless and even, worthless. These vehicles often require mechanical parts, tires and electronic parts to replace in order to continue to run efficiently. US dollars will be worthless and spare parts will not be available because of markets and economy collapses. Post-Apocalyptic survival vehicles are perilous as a vulnerable spot for escaping and staying alive when the time of our civilization collapses. Highway sadistic killers, roaming road bandits and many angry unemployed people seek to attack and steal these survival vehicles and even, brutally rape terrified women in survival vehicles – their favorite targets! Cowering and running away with fears will die quickly! We will stay home and built our fortress with a secret underground bunker with a huge load of emergency food stockpiles and guns/ammos, and small plot of food gardens to keep us survive. We never use any petroleum fuels and electronic junks (within hidden government micro-surveillance bugs) because these force you to depend heavily on them for huge market profits, your money. We live simply, cheaply and freely. Our self-sufficient home fortress will be the Home of the Brave on the Land of the Freedom!

        • I have often thought in this way myself. HOWEVER… You WILL need a way to get from wherever you are to wherever you’ve decided/prepared yourself to be. My decision has been to have that transport but to abandon it some distance from where I plan to set and survive. No vehicle = no tracks, no way to tell which way I went and where I ended up. You gotta think, people. As much as you want to survive, everyone else will too, and 90% of them will have done NOTHING to prepare for it but will be quite willing to take whatever YOU have, but they can’t take what they can’t find.

      4. Gas will be an issue. I admit it, you’re right. Perhaps I can convert it to a hybrid? But i won’t be afraid of roaming road bandits in the SteelWheels 4×4. It’s a tank man!

      5. i would be afraid of that guy with the mohawk from mad max…

      6. What the hell is the point of this story and this site other than cashing in on a disturbing increase in survival interest?  Survival vehicles?  You posted a story on survival vehicles?  Wow.  That’s incredibly stupid.

      7. It’s more of a “fun” thing, really.

      8. It isnt that bad of an idea, considering where you will be, the avenue you take, and the place you will be going. Fuel can be stored for a year, with things like fuel stabilizer. Also, spare parts can be accumulated before this happens, it only matters how much you are willing to go to prepare. If you are in a bug-out situation, you will need a way to get to your retreat spot and carry your gear…that is if you have not prepared your retreat ahead of time, which would be the smart move. Those in cities will need to get out of dodge, in the rural areas, it wont be as bad. Unless of coarse you did “fortify” your residence like one person here with his bunker set-up. Which would be fine, however there are some cons about it. First, you are stationary and can be found…if you drive off any perps, they know where you are and can come back with help and equipment to get what they want…even the friendly government will go door to door looking for weapons and food hordings, and if you look prepared, they will want to take it “for the good of the many”…no individualism allowed with them, there are already anti-hording laws in place…look them up. My suggestion would be, if the scenario is right, to have a fortified area, but have the potential to go mobile if needed. Have a plan. I also have a “survival vehicle” but it is not my main contingency, but a tool in the arsenal of being prepared and having options. Having options is not stupid, because the more options you have, the better your chance to counter any given scenario.

      9. Wow some bitter comments on here. First off yes spare parts oil and fuel will be hard to come by, but that dosen’t mean you can’t have a veichle to use to survive. Gas will be pretty plentiful considering all the abandoned cars and gas stations, not to mention there will probably be a few oil rigs and derricks that will still function.

        Also like in the 3rd Mad Max movie there are alternative sources for fuel such as methane. As for parts find with the right know how and some equipment they can be built from scrap metal.

        Electronic components are a different storybut there will be so much of it lying around from computers and power lines that it can be salvaged and used. 

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