The Strategic Advantages Of Community Building

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    The following article has been contributed by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market – helping to insulate you from economic collapse.

    Editor’s note: When the SHTF, as in total collapse of our economic system or power-grid, chaos will reign supreme. Most preppers are confident in their abilities to make it through tough times, as they should be. Many of us have spent a great deal of time, energy and money over many years preparing our larders, defense, and building skill sets. But whether you’re out in the boonies fifty miles from civilization, or living smack-dab in the middle of suburbia, going it alone is a daunting proposition. When one considers the seriousness of a collapse-style event it becomes abundantly clear that mutually beneficial relationships with neighbors and your greater community will be necessary to keep you and yours safe from harm. In the following article Brandon Smith lays out the importance of community in a post-SHTF world and provides some reasons for why and how you should consider expanding your horizons on this topic if you haven’t yet done so. We strongly recommend looking into doing what you can to establish relationships with others now, because putting food on the table, keeping your property maintained and your perimeter secure 24 hours a day will be a difficult task to accomplish with just yourself or a small family (especially if you have kids). The strategies outlined can be applied to those living in rural communities, or even in suburban lifestyles.

    The year was 2002, and while the majority of Americans were completely obsessed with the so called “War On Terror” and other devices of distraction, something much more real and decidedly prophetic was going on in our southern hemisphere. Argentina was in the midst of total collapse, driven by banker fraud and extreme currency devaluation in tandem with government mismanagement and corruption. First, cities exploded with rioting and violence as Argentinian police and military attempted to crush all dissent. Soon after, displaced refugees from population centers along with roving bands of thieves flooded into the countryside, wiping out isolated farms, murdering families, and hunting down any small group of survivors weaker than themselves and flush with supplies. The authorities (and I use the term loosely) were too busy trying to suppress civil protests to bother protecting those who were caught unprepared.

    This behavior is part and parcel of economic destabilization, regardless of the time or place in which it occurs. Only nine years ago, a very modern and technologically savvy nation of people, nearly cannibalized itself. Those who survived and thrived did so through family aid and substantial existing wealth, or, the tactical building of communities for the purpose of mutual defense and alternative trade. Farmers armed themselves and formed regional groups along with security measures. City dwellers formed neighborhood watches and barter networks when the mainstream economy disappeared. The bottom line; lone wolves and isolated country families were nothing more than tempting targets at the onset of the breakdown in Argentina.

    I and most other Americans have never personally lived through such a collapse, though some would be preppers rather boldly claim to be experts on surviving these specific kinds of catastrophes. I am not an expert, and neither is anyone else who has not experienced a collapse first hand. However, we CAN learn from the experiences of experts; those people who lived through the Great Depression, the Argentina crisis, the implosion of Bosnia, the breakup of the Soviet Union, the ongoing breakdown in Greece, etc. We can analyze their successes, and their failures, and devise solutions based on that which actually WORKED, instead of the random theories of people who can only guess at what life is like in the thick of hell.

    One solution that has consistently been adopted and applied by numerous societies across the globe in the face of a stratum of different calamities is the art of community building. This strategy has proven itself over and over again regardless of catastrophic conditions. It is not theory. It is not debatable. Community networking has been proven time and again as a means of subsisting safely during depression, hyperinflation, mass hysteria, despotism, martial law, and even widespread war. Unfortunately, it is a methodology that has gone mostly ignored by many Americans, even those who are well aware of impending economic danger.

    Common Oppositions To Community Building

    First, we must put to rest those misconceptions that hinder the development of meaningful defensive community before we are able to understand the nature of various organizational methods and their benefits. Let’s examine some often heard arguments against the formation of survival relationships, groups, and focused networks…

    1) Other People Aren’t Reliable. I Can Survive Better On My Own…

    I’ll be the first to admit that some people are unreliable if not downright pathetic. On top of this, many in our culture find it necessary to exaggerate their abilities or their resolve until they are faced with an actual crisis, and then they fold like a wet blade of grass. Counting on such men is a waste of time and energy, not to mention, dangerous. Certainly, every prepper should have the ability to make it on his own, at least for a short time, in a collapse environment, and anyone who does not have that option is in some serious trouble.

    I write a lot about “dangerous assumptions”, almost to the point of feeling ill, because most if not all of America’s problems are either caused or exacerbated by them. We presume too much too often, and it always comes back to bite us. Presuming that one will never be forced into a situation where he might have to survive alone for a time is foolish. There is no guarantee that we will always have others to fall back on, or that we will never be driven from our homes. On the other hand, it is equally foolish to presume that you will not face even worse circumstances while you are on your own. Unless you have the ability to go for weeks without sleep, and to be alert to every conceivable detail at every conceivable moment, it is insane to CHOOSE lone wolf survival over community and mutual defense. Its good to have the ability to go solo, but if you want to actually make it through a collapse similar to that which occurred in Argentina or worse, eventually you will have to work with others. This is not my opinion, it is a fact made concrete by numerous economic disasters around the world.

    2) Groups Draw Too Much Attention. It’s Better To Keep A “Low Profile”…

    I’m not sure where this nonsensical theory came from, but it definitely didn’t get started by anyone who has actually lived through economic implosion. The root of this strange position is that organizing networks of people for trade and for defense makes you a visible “target” for a corrupt government. At least, that’s the argument. It may be true that more focused groups of liberty minded people are indeed placed on lists, and singled out for surveillance or media ridicule, however, we need to apply some logical thought here.

    During an economic collapse, EVERYONE becomes a target. A target of poverty, a target of homelessness and starvation, a target of crime, a target of mass hysteria. Honestly, martial law and despotic politicians are secondary concerns. If you have no solid community structure to brace against the fiscal avalanche, then your problems are much larger and more immediate than any alphabet agency goon squad or military outfit crossing the Rubicon. You, my friend, have no support. You are relying on “luck”. This is pure stupidity.

    A strong community rarely attracts antagonism. On the contrary, strong communities dissuade attack, as has been proven in numerous national disasters. The risk of raiding the retreat of one man or one family is negligible compared to the risk of raiding an entire town. Most criminally minded people (this includes bloodthirsty bureaucrats), deliberately target the noticeably weak, and avoid any confrontation that might actually deal them a damaging blow.Believing that one can “hide” until the storm blows over is also a serious stretch. Again, assumptions kill.

    Finally, fearing the potential actions of government so much that we refuse to take meaningful steps to even protect ourselves is such an affront to the principles of freedom and liberty that I shudder to imagine what it must be like to be stricken with such cowardice. The Founding Fathers didn’t sign the Declaration of Independence, “Anonymous”. We should have the same courage to openly organize against those entities and events which aim to harm us. As we like to say here at Alt-Market; grow a pair!

    3) I Don’t Have To Organize, I Can Just Leave The Country…

    This argument often includes references to WWII and the flight of more affluent Europeans to places such as South America and Australia to escape tragedy. First, let’s be clear; anyone who fields an argument like this must have at least some means to travel internationally without much warning, otherwise, they are kidding themselves. Second, they would have to leave before the crash reaches critical mass, and before transportation and infrastructure are affected, or they will be trapped in-country like the rest of us. Finally, I would venture to ask them where exactly they think they will flee to in order to avoid the effects of a GLOBAL economic crisis? Only the ASEAN trading bloc has taken measures to shield itself from both a European and U.S. financial crash, and those countries have their own problems; financial and social.

    Strangely, I find China is often cited as a possible expatriate escape. If someone is dense enough to run away from possible totalitarianism in America just to live under assured totalitarianism in the land of the CPC, then I say good riddance. You can’t “escape” the destruction of globalization, you can only stand and fight it. All other solutions are a stop-gap at best.

    4) There’s No Point In Organizing. We’re All Doomed Anyway…

    Ah, the stench of nihilism strikes again! How often do we hear this from day to day? Good men and women have been confronting tyranny since the dawn of time, for the betterment of the future, and without fail, there’s always some group of quivering mental weaklings nearby to assert that “all hope is lost”. If liberty minded people didn’t pay these whining slugs any attention back then, why should we pay any attention to them today?

    The origin of this argument springs from the average nihilist’s underlying feelings of inadequacy. For them, defiance IS impossible, because they lack the backbone and the will needed for success. Unfortunately, nihilists also lack the gumption to admit this to themselves.Thus, to compensate for their failings, they project their weaknesses onto everyone else.

    “Surely”, they claim, “If I can’t fight back, then neither can anyone else”. You’ll find it is common for nihilists to react furiously and melodramatically when they are confronted with people who have the will to stand firm in their convictions. Nihilists feel highly threatened by men with solid character, because their feebleness is made more apparent when strong personalities are present. They also have a tendency towards eugenics, or overt religious zealotry to the point of obsession with apocalypse or rapture. They WANT the downfall of humanity, because they feel so isolated by their own pitiable existence and the desire to be proven correct in their wretchedness that they would actually be happy to see the end of millions of lives just to experience a fleeting moment of sour vindication.

    Trying to speak plainly with anyone who makes this argument against community building or proactive organization is usually a waste of time. Most are simply incapable of hearing you…

    Methods Of Community Building

    Community networking is our best available solution in the wake of inevitable economic chaos.Ending the Fed is a noble goal. Changing government through reform and by running for office should be pursued. Reducing or completely negating the unchecked power of agencies like the DHS, FEMA, the CIA, the ATF, etc, is essential. But, none of these actions will undo the underlying damage to our economy, or prevent a collapse. At this point, nothing can turn back the tide on the dollar, or our national debt, and we will see a considerable downturn in markets, employment, and wages, along with severe inflation in prices. The dam has been broken, and the flood cannot be turned back. This means that more than ever, we must organize to lessen the injury to ourselves and each other as much a possible, so that we are better capable of repairing the damage done later on.

    The following are a few different methods for actively constructing community groups and organizations. Some may fit particular situations more aptly than others, but the point is to get out of your house, and start meeting others face to face. Without this, there can be no community.

    Meet-Up Groups: This is better than nothing. At the very least, we should be able to find the time to talk with others of like mind in a neutral setting away from our computers and express our concerns. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings are a must. Anything less frequent will probably go nowhere. If taken seriously, Meet Up groups can easily develop into the first strides towards real community.

    Protest Groups: As I’ve said in the past, street protest alone is not enough to effect positive change. Governments today ignore the will of the people, and assert policy measures without regard for public outcry. However, a protest group could help in initiating wider political action and help build bonds of trust. It is a step in the right direction, but not the end of the journey.

    Farmer’s Or Garden Co-ops: Now we’re actually producing something vital; food. This kind of organization creates tangible safety in the form of commodities which can cushion communities from hyperinflation or total breakdown. Notice the recent government crackdowns on smaller private farming, private gardens, and even Amish farm goods? Personal food growing and especially organized citizen growing is a threat to establishment and corporate systems. If you are no longer dependent on their food, you are less likely to be swayed or controlled.

    Barter Networks: My personal favorite. Barter networks take farmer’s co-ops and other private entrepreneurial ventures and form living, breathing economies which decouple from the mainstream system. Now, not only does your community have its own food sources, but its own full fledged Alternative Market along with numerous options for currency and trade. A strong barter network with knowledgeable and skilled participants is like an oasis in the desert of economic disaster. It insulates and protects community, yet it refrains from centralizing or dominating community. Barter networking should be a number one priority for every American today.

    Neighborhood Watch: No, not the kind of neighborhood watch where everyone on the block gets together for a barbecue and talks in hushed voices about all the devious criminals you think are hiding behind every neatly trimmed shrub. And, not the kind of neighborhood watch where you call the cops every time you see a car driving slowly down the street. Those types of groups only create paranoia and dependency. A real neighborhood watch is a move towards independence, and self defense. With municipal investment disintegrating, and states (like Wisconsin) on the verge of default, you cannot always count on local police to have the funding or the motivation to help you. Which means, you’ll have to help yourself. This is much easier when the rest of the neighborhood is behind you.

    Survival Groups: Prep alone if you must, but build relationships with others if you can. Survival groups allow training with others who may have extensive knowledge in areas you do not. Also, Survival Groups can share the financial burden of stockpiling goods, and, they can coordinate the acquisition of supplies so that each person has less work load to carry in the long term.Hiking, hunting, and trips to the shooting range build team awareness. If worse comes to worse, and a full spectrum collapse takes place, you will have an organization of trusted friends with fundamental training ready to back you up.

    State Or County Militias: Yep, I used the “M-word”. Militias are perhaps the most criticized and demonized community type in America, and ironically, the only group on this list specifically mentioned in the Constitution as a national necessity. A county militia sponsored by a liberty minded sheriff would be the ideal situation, but this is, of course, not always possible. So, often these groups must form on their own accord without any support from local officials. Militias are an interesting breed of organization which I have a lot of respect for, despite the accusations of “domestic extremism”, and here’s why; militias aren’t just larger survival groups whose only concern is the extension of their own lives. Most militias very often take responsibility for the protection of the surrounding communities as well. They seek to ensure the safety of others in the event of collapse. This is an honorable endeavor, not “extremism”. The establishment is so threatened by militias because they supply another means of defense beyond standing military or law enforcement. Some militia members actually ARE standing military and law enforcement. Bad government needs the masses to remain dependent, or, it loses its source of influence. Militias take away that influence, and so, are constantly and maliciously scrutinized in the media.

    Safe Haven States: A Safe Haven State, or a “Free State”, is a state that has nurtured so many alternative markets and liberty minded communities that it acts as a barrier to not only collapse, but also to aggressive and corrupt government. Today we have the beginnings of several Safe Haven States ready to be cultivated, but not any that could be called full fledged. A Safe Haven State is Tenth Amendment conscious, supportive of sound money measures, and restrictive of federal interference in its affairs. Barter networks are a normal part of daily life, and use of Federal Reserve fiat is minimal. It is a community that sets an example for the rest of the country.

    Alt-Market and Oath Keepers are nearing launch of a project which we believe will help in the growth of Safe Haven States. The difference between this and most other communities is that it does not form through local effort alone, but is populated by independent people from around the nation seeking a more free way of life. Some areas of the U.S. already have considerable foundations for community, while others are sparse, or unreceptive. Liberty Movement participants in these places may decide that it is better to move to a more welcoming and productive environment. Safe Haven States could fulfill this role.

    Make It Happen

    All community efforts require one thing above all else; initiative. We have to be willing to put in the work. Plain and simple. The sooner this is done, the sooner we can reap the benefits of insulated commerce, sound money, mutual defense, and sincere associations and friendships. The most detrimental failing of the Liberty Movement today is its propensity for inaction, or the belief that internet research is “good enough”. Eventually, we will have to leave our comfort zones and do something with what we have learned. That means setting aside our jobs (which likely won’t exist in a couple years), our hobbies (which we likely won’t care about in couple of years), our habits and addictions (which we likely won’t be able to afford in a couple of years), our financial designs (which will be laughable in a couple of years), and ignore the skepticism of our immediate families (who will be thanking us in a couple of years). It means getting our priorities straight. This can be done, by everyone, and it can be done now. All that is required is the resolve to take action, and the determination to see it through.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:

    Join Alt-Market today, find a barter network in your area, or start your own. Insulate yourself and your family from economic collapse before it is too late.

    Be sure to check out Operation Sleeping Giant, an Oath Keepers project dedicated to getting veterans and communities prepared for the worst.



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      1. What a cool article. I’d love to have a Mutual Aid Group but each time I try people want to live a survival lifestyle and that isn’t for me. I prefer S not HTF and live life as we enjoy it; but want to prepare for the worst. It seems those interested in “joining” want to buy a compound (have one), train weekly (not) and have 7 years of kibble stored up in bulk (I store what I eat).

      2. The worse the situation, the worse off you’ll be if you organize.

        In a hurricane, having an organized neighborhood is a great idea.

        But in a total tetowawki situation, the best prepared of the group, will be the one paying the most into the groups survival.

        This is “progressive taxation” BS communism. So those that subscribe to the “organize your neighbors” idea, are probably the same people that would rather have someone else pay for them in the normal world too.

        Any prepper worth his salt should either prep alone, or prep with a very small group that all share the same burden. Once you start coming up with larger groups. You’ll be screwed.

        Only prep with people you choose, not people that have little in common with you except having bought property in the same area.

        • I am with Objectivist on this one.

          The main problem in any group, is some one always want to be leader and tell others what to do like as in orders or some shit, Or they will berate others as in they are doing less work than the one doing the talking or what ever.. in all chicken coop’s, the chickens have a pecking order… I will pass on

          The people I want around me, I will not have to speak a word and nor will they… all we will have to do is look at each other and we will both already know what is needed.

          • Very true blacksheep I never did follow well. Old racing term 2nd is the first loser, and If your not in the lead the scenery never changes.

        • Man does not live on bread alone… Although mouths do take resources they also make life worth living. Beyond the cost benefit analysis of how much labor will be needed to survive in a society in which the division of labor has collapsed: security, medical, agriculture, building, security, security…. People are made to love, simply put, to be in relationship with other people, and to deny this in favor of some sort of perverse individualism is to risk loosing your humanity and your mind. Say its you, your wife, and your babies. That’s a pretty good little community. The family gives us a reason to live. Maybe its enough in the short term to survive with but what happens when someone in your family gets an infection or is injured and dies? Forget your wife how about you, talk about a stresser, when you realize for the first time post SHTF how fragile life truly is and your all alone. Maybe the man who is free loading on day 1 post SHTF will be the man who takes care of your family once you die, or gives you a reason to keep living once your family dies, etc. etc.

        • Thanks, Ob, I agree with you…but who’s gonna mind our stores while dh and I sleep??
          I have people living on my street that don’t even buy chit from yard sales..snooty types??
          What do we do?? Where do we go for help?? ‘Cause it sure ain’t on this street; and don’t say your church; been there, done that—those idiots think I have a subversive attitude cause I don’t watch tv!!!!

          • The way i handle security is by motion detectors wired in four layers.

            At least four detectors per layer and should these be crossed I’ll know by alarm and light board going off precisely where they are on my property.

            I don’t use bulbs in detectors. I wire from socket back indoors to alarm and a simple wired light board.

            I will know the minute anybody is on my property w/o alerting them to that fact.

            Once intruder breaches layer two the defense of me and mine kicks in.

            Plus, i live in a “Castle Law” state that allows me the right to blow their ass to hell if need be.

            And then I’ll drag them into the house for good measure and call the cops.(maybe)

            After that into a hefty 55 gallon trash bag and set it at the curb for garbage pickup.

            As one who is prepared way more than average I will not “share” w/the very people who think i’m currently overeacting to the current state of things.

            This would be like the devil wanting to spend Eternity w/GOD.

            What would they have in common?

            • I believe that we and a few other here live in the same state.

        • exactly right, every person that you take in or prep with has very close relatives and if any of them show up, you’re going to be obligated to take them in no matter what the agreement was when you started prepping.
          It’s better to go at in alone and start up a band after the dust settles,that way youl,ll get people with some knowledge,guts and independence, someone who really understands the situation and will do what they have to do for the groups survival without batting an eye.

      3. Outstanding article and I have to agree with Jim. But it gets the mind think why not gun to the shooting range and strike up a small talk with some people hell who knows maybe even print up this article and drop it buy the gun stores add a e-mail contact and see who responds.

        Its kinda the way I use to sell siding and windows, (Canvassing)
        Damn if I wouldn’t have wore out my printer on those field manuals..LOL
        This might just work

        • Personally, I like the idea of finding a community that already exists, and join it.

          I don’t mean a full-on prepper community, but a small town or neighborhood, kind of rural, where folks already live somewhat independently. These folks are the type that will get groceries around once a month (due to the required drive to a bigger town to get them), and likely already have quite a bit of food put by. They already have tools aplenty. They’re armed. Odds are good that they know each other (and if you move in, be prepared to get known and to know them just as well). In the US, odds are good they’re mostly (if not all) Protestant Christian – which is at base a good thing. Now if you’re Catholic (like me), or Jewish, or etc? You’ll likely have to put a bit of extra work in to be friendly, but if you’re like-minded, you’ll get along pretty well if it’s a good community… just put in a bit of extra effort to show up at community events.

          Now I will say that certainly, it is *not* easy to become part of a community this way… you’re the stranger, the outsider. You’re basically going to have to ‘sell’ yourself. OTOH, if you have good character and personality, and if the community is worth a damn (and not overridden by drugs, general BS or hopelessness), you stand a good chance of integrating pretty well.

          Also, I think that most good communities can recognize folks who are necessary/helpful resources in a pinch.

          For instance, as a teenager I graduated high school in a somewhat small town… mostly farmers. Population was around 3,000 in a mostly empty county. My old man bought a nice place, and as an electrical engineer (hospital equipment was his specialty), he set up shop, and invited neighbors over at any time for drinks and general chatter when he was puttering around on the weekends. He then happily offered to fix anything that used electricity, in exchange for things they could do/make – painting labor, produce, venison, homemade wine, whatever. Even if he had no use for it, he didn’t mind. It was outside of his day job (he worked at a hospital about 20 miles away), but he was always ready to help out, and the neighbors reciprocated with equal and greater kindness rather quickly (it took about six months – the man is one hell of a salesman). He eventually had a solid barter system going, and a solid reputation in town. Meanwhile, I learned enough along the way to easily ace my own formal Air Force electronics training when I left home.

          …and no one ever knew about the preps we kept, back when the most obvious and ominous SHTF event involved nuclear missiles. As the oldest I knew, and my step-mother knew. The other kids were kept perfectly blissful and ignorant about it until they were old enough to keep their mouths shut.

          Mind you, this is just an example… and one that I grew up with.

      4. opps take the gun to the shooting range

      5. Speaking of the shooting range, I had an interesting conversation the other day at the local shooting range with the head DNR officer over middle Tennessee. He told me something that really got my attention. He said that the DNR is being taken over federally and you will have to be federalized in order to become eligible to be a DNR officer. He told me strait up that the government was going to weed out the state run DNR programs and make it a Federal issue.

        Big government says no hunting, no guns, no problem!

        • I have heard and read the same here in Tennessee about the DNR and the fed jazz.. Bloodyfellow is speaking truth.

        • For those in middle Tennessee, there is a Provident Living meet up group lecture on 7/16/2011 on this very article. It’s an Introduction to Preparedness Colonies. We also hold annual Preparedness Fairs and monthly meetings.

          A separate Yahoo group called Middle Tennessee Preppers does more and includes field trips to the firing range, HAM Radio classes, etc…

          Check it out! Get involved.

          • AfunTXcowboy: Thanks, will look into it!

        • Believe it or not, your county Sheriff has the right to supercede the feds on any issue concerning states rights.

          Of course if he voted for O you may have a problem………………………….

          Out west several Sherrifs have stood up to the feds.

          Poeple don’t realise is any law eminating from DC is ONLY lawfull in that juridiction. Not the whole country. Of course, this takes YOUR STATE to stand up for your rights.

          • Jim, Your are right about county sheriffs can supercede the feds even on state levels. For you or any other that do no know look up (posse comitatus) and find out what citizens rights are on these matters. If posse comitatus was enacted we all could sleep better.

      6. Bloody

        That is so fu-ked up. Its just like this new council that Obamagama signed in, They want to have the power to take over and run rural USA, I hate to tell them but damn there really is a bun behind every wheat straw out here. I’m not sure where you live but here a posted sign means come on my land and I will shoot you.


        Ref Executive order #13575

        • DPS: That is a solid copy!

          I live in Southern Tennessee for the time being. Hunting is a big deal here and lots of guys at the shooting ranges every day. Some guns never make it to the range…public ranges anyway.


          This is the executive order you referred too. What a bunch of “HOOEY.’ I challenge anyone to read that and tell me what the “Fan” it means. Someone on another forum I partake in said it looks to them like a precursor to the Land Decree of Stalin…..

          • Jim
            You hit that right on the mark. The way I read it was this is nothing more then a land grab.

          • Thats right,thats what it is!

      7. My sister has already met several preppers while working at our farmers market. They have shared freely their year-round green house blue prints, heirloom seeds and chickens. Great article.

        • Dreaner
          I’d very much like to see those plans. I have a few ideas about that my self. This maybe way off topic, but this yr I managed to build 300 sq ft of raised beds with a savaged deck and some old 4×4 post. I didn’t set the post in the ground I turn them up and added a 2×4 to the top of them, then covered with plastic and there you have 300 ft of greenhouse in 8 differant boxes. Total cost screws and plastic less the $30.00 bucks


      8. Dammit a gun behind every wheat straw.

        Bloody I’m with you on all this If I wanna go shooting I just go out to the job site, Most all of the log homes we build are way out in the country, and most of the owners will even let us shoot some ferral hogs. As a matter of fact the last owners ask if we would help him get rid of some of these pigs.Texas is overrun with these things,and I hear they taste great.

        Kinda looking forword to next week the concrete was finished today so next week we start building (YEAH a fulltime check)


        • DPS: Cool deal man! Hog hunting is a blast the meat is great, as long as you don’t run them to long.

          Been a long time since I have been a good ol hog hunt. Shoot one for me. I hear they have parts of Texas tore up pretty bad.

          • Lots of wild hogs in Texas, but dang they’re smart as whips. The big old boars are NOT edible, but the younger males and females are good to eat.

            • T
              Thanks dude, guess i’d better rethink the gun cal then thinking the 30-06 might just be a bit to muchand I know the 7mm-08 would be way over kill. Maybe .223 would be alot better for the small ones.


      9. Mac

        As I sit here off work again cleaning up some guns, I thought to myself, self I wonder why Mac has not added a forum to his site so that preppers might talk about so interesting things they have learnt about and tried and failed and succeeded? Just from what a have read since Jan 30th 2011 I know the good folks here have a wealth of know how and could shed some light on things before wasting $$$ to find out she don’t work.

        And yes I know you all will be happy when I get my poorass back to working fulltime.

        • This is in the works…sometimes the day job gets the better of me, but we are definitely going to get a forum on here in the next 30 days… The software is already installed, i just need to get off my lazy butt! It’s comin’ – stay tuned!

          Thx DPS and everyone else for the great comments and regular community contributions!

        •’s the first tip I’ll share—that dang DIY laundry soap making sucks…I tried twice and screwed it up—and by the way—my laundry detergent at Kmart, SaveaLot, and Dollar Tree is $2 and sometimes $1—why would I want to make my own??? I have about 40 jugs in the pantry.
          There, DPS..happy now? I bared my soul to tell ya’ll just how un-pioneer I feel right now!

          • LOL yep happy now. And let me tell you if you buy the drip water filter from amazon get 3 of them it would take 1 full day to get 5 gals of water with just 1 so if you install 3 you can get up to 5 gals in a mater of 3 hrs cost runs about $50 same compared to the berkley filter.


            • opps small compared to the berkley

            • Thanks for sharing, there, buddy…I have a Berkey…not real fast filtering.
              I’m happy with it for now, but will stay advised of your suggestions and thanks again..heck, we could be the next ‘CONSUMER ADVOCATES CLUB’.

          • JJ, what’s the “recipe” you’re using? I love my DIY soap…last me 4ever, and that’s doing laundry for 7 peeps! My “survival” tip? Start gardening NOW…there’s a lot more to it than throwing some seeds in the dirt!

      10. Mac

        Thanks Dude,that will be a great thing. And could you check in to spell checker too LOL so my dumbass can get some of these words right..

      11. One theory is that the Powers That Be are deliberately engineering a total economic breakdown, soon leading to a period of brutal anarchy, and material destitution. The idea being that the survivors will gratefully embrace a return to order in whatever slave system the NWO imposes. My question: anybody have a guess as to how long the “anarchy period” will last before order is reimposed? My guess, when the NWO types see many communities reorganizing themselves independent of NWO institutions, they will act to impose their new system. Maybe 3-6 months. Any thoughts, people?

        • Good question. The question I ask is, will people give up any hope of future freedom in return for a dubious “security?” I personally will not! There is an old German proverb — “Better an end in horror than a horror without end.” This is not intended to be defeatist, but merely to put the choices forced upon us into their proper perspective.

          There is of course ANOTHER alternative open to us — STRUGGLE, bravely embraced, followed by complete VICTORY over the NWO globalists and traitors. I requires courage and above all WILL power.

        • Hal,

          Once the corp lets the people down, leaves them hungry, and steals their last “dollar”, it is highly unlikely it can regain the trust required to establish it’s gov corp of choice.

          The bankers power is all in paper, and once it is worthless the people will be off the paper habit for a while no matter what the crooks try to introduce.

          I think the corp put a lot of money into a control grid for the People, but it did not count on things going to shit so quickly, nor on the internet to wake up so many people to the fraud it represents.

          If the people accept paper again, they deserve what they get. And they will get it.

          Refuse ALL paper, and Freedom has a chance.

        • Hal, I agree with GC, DK in their own ways.

          me I lean towards your theory being rite in some way such as, “”leading to a period of brutal anarchy, and material destitution.””

          What they truly want is different to me..

          I see the Constitution being completely destroyed… That is what they ‘truly’ want.. along with the creation of the NAU

          something tells me the EU will pull through all of this hardship and they {the PTB} will then tout it as a success and we will be told here, we need that type of setup with Mexico and Canada.. minus our Constitution here of course. (they will write a new one for us..LOL)

          Creation of the NAU will include things such as privatization of the TVA and more… meaning all energy setups like Hoover Dam, water and everything else.. nothing will be property’s of the people. (what we see in Greece with things being sold for privatization will be coming here)

          yes they already side step the constitution all over the place but it is still here and creates headaches for them getting around it.

          Them just my 2 cents.. I know they not worth much.. LOL

          • BlackSheep, I agree with you concerning the constitution and most of your thoughts about the NAU. I differ in this thought; the EU won’t make it. The period of brutal anarchy kind of reminds me of what the communist have done in the past. The progressive mindset has learned from their past attempts (communism-socialism) and it appears they have decided to rape the countries, financially, right before our eyes. No longer doing it in the shadows rather through the veil of progressive advancement by means of the rights of animals, the environment (global warming), and of course the economical collapse of the world. Unlike the past attempts of world take over; they’ve increased the number of enemies and distract the people by splintering them into groups with different priorities: i.e.Peta, pro choice/life, same sex marriages, eco-green, illegals, etc.
            I believe this next attempt by the NWO mind set is to sit back and let the splintered groups eliminate the masses for them. There by weakening people/society to the point that they’ll be able to conquer people with minimal effort on their part. They’ve regulated (in our country) fuel, coal, farming, and a host of other items that limit resources for the populace. The bail-outs appear to be the payoffs to offset the potential future loss to the financial entities. Because, whern the SHTF, who is really going to pay their bills (morgage, credit cards, etc..)?
            To those that are preparing, we are the enemies to the NWO. Keep a cool head on, and continue to prepare, for our work is never done.

            To DPS; a 30-06 isn’t over kill for a ferral pig, you’ll use a few rounds from your .22 to bring one down. And the meat isn’t that good from an aged boar.

            • DRD5508, That is some good food for my thoughts you have given..

              I really only have 2 reasons why I think the EU will make it..
              1, The Anglo Saxon money machine was created there and is truly controlled there.. we here are nothing but muscle jabronies for them and hooked on their so called “money” concept.

              2, I keep seeing and hearing more and more about them new types of wanted money like the SDR’s and such… yes, I think the EU and their euro dollars will crash out and the new will start there.. then they will migrate it to the newly formed NAU.. to me, I see the new world dollar being used in the EU and the NAU

              Then I think they want the 2 super power machines (NAU,EU) to dictate everything else to the rest of the world and then create the other 2 blocks.. Asian Union and the African Union.. I already hear things about them 2..

              I laugh at some around me when they get huffy about me telling them whats happening in reality.. they then say OKAY smart ass, so then who is it who controls all this shit??..

              I laugh and tell them the truth,
              The Same People Who Blew John F Kennedy’s Head Into Pieces During Broad Daylight and Live on TV….

              There hasn’t been one president since him that has had balls enough to threaten them… LOL, they get pissed at me then and walk away.

              have a great day !

        • If their goal is to take over, they will allow hunger and fear to rule and then step in and “fix” the situation. (Think brutal communist takeover).
          But if they want to follow the UN Agenda 21 guidelines to decrease world wide population, they will allow starvation and violence to run it’s course while they wait underground. Then they will emerge and us whatever means to take over. That plan entails moving people out of the center of the country and into very heavily populated zones along the coasts. The rest of the nation will be exploited for resources but officially it will be listed as a natural zone.
          Door #1 or Door #2 ??

          • #3

        • My question is this:
          Do those brain-dead, elitists, POSs really think they can buy ‘the’ land with ‘the’ water and acquire ‘the’ water rights and not be infiltrated with a few hundred thousand citizens with guns that they stole the money from to acquire ‘the’ land with ‘the’ water???

          • JJ
            They don’t want to but it. They want to steal it. And they think that we just a-ok, But I can tell you this I grew up around here and I sold goods and service’s to these good ol boyes for 20 yrs plus, I have sat at their tables and broke bread with them, all within a 150 radius of my house. These good olboys ain’t gonna take that shyt they will in fact go down fighting not to mention that their kids and wife’s are better shots then most of our own army.


            • Dammit buy it.. I gotta start proof reading.

        • Look for a Black Swan in the form of an EMP which they’ll blame on North Korea. Once a good 80% of the population dies out it shouldn’t be too hard to corral up the survivors and “protect” them from the big bad bogeyman. The good news is that most (if not all) of your neighbors will die within the first thirty days, so if you can hold out that long you should be around for the disease, famine, and pestilence which will follow 🙂

      12. My only reason for “communing” would be to know who the problem people are..kinda like know your friends, but know who your enemies are better.

        say what you will about my approach..maybe if you feel im too negative about it, you could be one of “those” types.

        Networking with the like minded and well prepped not a bad idea, but dont go into it blindly or open all your doors to those you may not know their true adgenda

        even in the best of organizations there are infiltrators or those looking for someone else to do their work for them, just be aware of that possibility

        power in numbers is a fact, if you have the right players..its just not a blind faith kinda thing

      13. Excellent post Brandon. Bad theory Hal. Your question as to “How long the anarchy will last” begs the question, when does it begin?

        Why would the PTB destroy the slave system they control and profit the most from now, destroying their power and wealth generating infrastructure, to build a new one from a chaos they cannot control?

        Not a rational idea from where I sit and I have these jackboots pretty well figured out.

        The PTB/GB/UR already have a process and plan in place to control the sheeple. It already exists and is well underway. Its called the NWO / UN Plan for the NAU and One World Government. If they hadn’t been so brash and impatient under GWB only a very few would be any wiser.

        They already control the Lame Stream Media, government by lobbyists, Free Trade, and Open Markets (meaning WE open OURS). It can only get better for them by slowly increasing the level of destruction in America, then backing off consolidating their gains, and tightening the screws again.

        Right now the PTB/GB/UR have too many assets and too much wealth locked up in America to destroy it all with another collapse.

        Inflation by a thousand cuts.

        • Exactly DK, why kill the golden goose?

          So then it does beg the question will this be a gradual Roman style decline or an Argentinian melee? How long before the checks just stop comin and the horde awakens?
          I know, I know it’s easy to question–hard to answer.

          BTW I would love to find a down home beer joint and suck down a coupla pints with some of yall one day…what a great conversation that would be!

          • Stealth: IMHO the next crash begins by earth changes / pole shift; just when the GB and PTB think they have everything under control, Divine Providence intervenes.

            Europe may be the location and original source of the New World Order, but America will not be part of that scenario too much longer. Americans are awake. Americans are aware. And America will renew itself again. Its OUR DNA.

            That belief stems from three things:

            1. The absense of America in the end times Biblical prophecies according to most Biblical scholars.

            2. Washington’s prophetic vision of the Future of America. In OUR next and last great struggle, America will stand against ALL world powers, survive, and thrive.

            3. Americans are re-discovering their roots, understanding their purpose once again, and the unique distinction of their political, financial, and social heritage under Nature’s God. This understanding will grow and be watered by the blood of Patriots.

            That awareness is in process and will culminate in a renewed America thanks to the efforts of tea partiers and patriots, like those here.

            This is OUR country. The process is underway and evidenced by the great disatisfaction of the American people with the past four administrations and the globalist direction which they have taken America.

            That is unacceptable.

            WE have seen enough “Free Trade”, “Open Markets”, “political correctness”, and “security” as opposed to personal liberty and individual initiative. With the Pole Shift a new opportunity to renew America presents itself. And it will.

            Globalism will end in America as American Patriots will push for, demand, (and get) a New World Order based upon Constitutional principles of self reliance, self determination, personal liberty, and fair trade. No euphanisms or political doublespeak allowed.

            Once the American government is run by Patriots again, the Illegals will be deported or thrown in jail, the gangster banksters will be put on trial, the Dual Citizens stripped of their dual citizenship, and any government officials found guilty of treason or self dealing, will be awarded the penalty reserved for traitors.

            Obviously the globalists around the world will be pissed at the turn of events by a new, independent direction taken by a renewed America; its refusal to dissolve the US Constitution and accept a one world government under a UN Compact. This is when Washington’s vision is manifested.

            The tide of history in America is turning. Stand still and quiet yourself for a moment and you will feel the undertow on your feet. Stand ready, be prepared on a minutes notice for that day, and VOTE for Patriots in the interim.

            America has a destiny determined by Divine Providence and it ain’t globalism.

            • I agree with you DK on the Pole Shift, I do believe that is coming and is already underway really..

              I can only HOPE things roll the way you typed them out… it does give me a shimmer of hope.

            • I like the attitude,even if you are completely wrong(which I dont think you are)I just have a gut feeling freemen and women are gonna win this thing in the end,crazy? Crazys good! 🙂

            • “Stand still and quiet yourself for a moment and you will feel the undertow on your feet.”

              Yes, yes, YES! But I call it the “Quickening.” Same feeling though, it’s like the crackle in the air just prior to a lightning strike.

      14. The thing that concerns me about a large group is infighting and bickering over who is going to be in charge of what or how things will be run, etc. etc. I think this should all be discussed right now BEFORE the S Hits The F. My group has already had this discussion and came to the conclusion that if we are in separate but close cells (just a few miles apart, 15-20 minute response time if even that) with adequate and constant communication means, each can manage itself and quickly come to the aid of other groups if necessary. The larger the group, the more headache that comes with managing it.

      15. Opened up another quart Mason jar of 4 yr old beef tip stew with a quart of peas poured over 6 yr old rice. Quart of 4 yr old butter is still fresh. Priceless! The dehydro is still vac sealed.

        • How did u can the butter? Any & all tips would be appreciated. Thx

          • You’re up early AK. I just canned it like anything else. Use “salted premium” butter when on sale. Melt butter slowly, pour in boiled jars, leave a generous gap and then pressure. Release pressure slowly. After setting out, shake milk fats gently (many times) “until cooled” down in fridge. Better than two cases of canned butter made by Kraft from Australia. It will not be spreadable (no whipped air) but tastes great and cooks well. Does not have to be fringed after opening if canned in pint or half pint jars after opening if used timely. Think about that. Used one pressure up from weighted round on pressure canner. Many recipes on google. Start with small batches. Never had a bad batch, always went over on time.

            • That’s great to know, A!! I’ve been wanting to can butter, I’ve watched the vids on youtube…but “they” aka…the gov’t. keep saying it will go bad…but if companies can can it..why can’t I, right?

      16. We don’t want to join a group ITSHTF, we are better off by ourselves and doing it alone. Of course our son and his wife will join us as they are like minded. But I don’t want to have to answer to anyone or get into any husband/wife squabbles that may happen because the wife isn’t a trooper. Also, children are another problem, ever try ti discipline some one else’s kid because the parents refuse to? Wait until the kids start whining that he/she wants McDonalds for dinner instead of beans. Nope too many things to put up with that I’m not willing to do. Take care of yourself.

      17. QUESTION?

        Is there any other sites that is comparable to SHTFPLAN , that I can enjoy reading?
        The only one that I found some what comparable is END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM .COM . (

        I love this site, come to it everyday. Looking forward to the forum.

        • Here is a website where you can order antibiotics from a Dr…I for one am thrilled with this because that has always been a big concern of mine…no antibiotics for even a simple infection during SHTF can do you in!! Check it out!

        • Thank you , I will check them out.

      18. Best article I have ever read here.

      19. I have to agree this is a great article!

        There is a saying in the Marines. “Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups!”

      20. I created an alt-market location a month or two ago but because the site isn’t advertised no one has shown any interest in my location. I will most likely continue on my own and die on my own unfortunately. As mentioned previously not one neighbor is even remotely concerned with current events. Others think Jesus will save them. No one I’ve talked to even has an extra can of peas in their cupboard. I am on the boarder of Idaho & Washington State if anyone is interested in a quick get together let me know.

      21. ***My sincere apologies in advance. There’s nothing even remotely funny, sarcastic or uplifting in this comment. It only vaguely addresses the topic of group membership and not in a preparedness way for shtf. Or maybe it does. Also, I’m not here for pity or even moral support. I submit this because I consider many of you friends and maybe one or two of you need to be aware of this. It’s downright depressing so skip it now if you want.***

        Y’all go ahead to the meetings and group start-ups without me. I’ll catch up later. I hear there’s one in Tulsa in Nov. not sure of dates and times.
        I stopped by the house for a few hrs last night. The good news is everybody is still alive…so far. My son the auto mechanic lost his job and he’s finding out just how scarce jobs are in our area. Thank God he’s still single and no kids to support. His work ethic won’t let him stay unemployed for too long, but a career move to Mcdonalds isn’t exactly what he was hoping for. Miraculously a guy named Hernandez, who claims to be here legally, has less than half my sons experience and is willing to work for $6 less was just hired. He’s one of 4 newly employed mexicans (non citizens) that replaced one black guy and 3 whites(all experienced hands) at the job. Imagine that…
        While I was home I went to see my brother. The biopsy results aint back yet, but we both know it aint good. He’s lost 40 lbs that he did NOT have to spare, and he’s aged about 20 yrs in the past 3 months. I got 3 brothers. When we were kids, he was the one that taught me to roller skate backwards (the girls won’t skate with you if you can’t waltz), and to winch a non-4WD pick-up out of the sand at Red River (let’s don’t tell Dad you got your truck stuck down here or he’ll kick our butts), and the proper way to chase girls and drink beer and play pool and fight(and win, well sometimes).
        Now, when all you tough guys, and I know every one of you were navy seals or rangers or cia assassins or worse, when you want to tell me how prepared you are for shtf, and how strong you are, I just want to ask: are you in THIS club? You know, the club where initation is holding what’s left of the body of the strongest, most capable man you’ve ever known and gut-checking yourself so you don’t start crying with him? The club where you see those skinny little gramdma arms, the ones that used to have biceps that could snap Swartznegger in half, and you see the hollow eyes and shrinking face of the guy that was so handsome in high school that girls would go out with you just because you were his brother?
        You know the club I’m talking about, it’s the one where you pray to God that you say the right words when you tell him about Jesus and that there’s still time to be saved and you hope with everything you’ve got that he’ll understand and believe. The club where you hate yourself for postponing this ‘talk’ with him because you always figured there’d be time for that later? ( by the way, all you atheists, please prove to me that, deep down, you’re secure enough in your nonbelief that you have no need to reply with attacks on my religion, just for today, ok? thank you)
        Men and boys, this is the club where you find out what you’re made of. Where you change roles from student to teacher, where one of the few people you’ve always leaned on (for his strength and wisdom and integrity) now has to lean on you. And you’d better not crumble because, like it or not, you are now the strong one.
        Thinking back, maybe I’ve been in longer than I realized. A few major traumas in life have shoved me into the position of responsibility and somehow I’ve filled the role. But he was always there, subconsciously at least, for me to rely on. Now that’s not an option.
        Are you in that club? No doubt some of you are. Some of you probably got initiated much younger than me. None of us joins it willingly. We didn’t even know it existed till we were in it. For those of you that aint in yet, a word of advice- if you refuse to acknowledge God or a creator or higher being (call it whatever you want) then you should at least go find some karma or something, because all the tactical training and all the beans, bandaids and bullets in the world won’t help you in this club. You’d better know something or Somebody greater than yourself if you want to survive in here…

        Note: tomorrow we’ll smile and laugh and argue with each other like we usually do. For today, excuse me while I go have a serious discussion with my invisible Creator. I know He has the answers, I just aint sure how to frame the questions.

        • I joined in January of 1996.

          A prayer heading your way…

          • Yeah I am in that club and don’t envy you I don’t ask why he will tell me when I get there. And Yeah I am a Ranger and all that shit and it is one hell of a gut check. I choose to only be thankful for the memories created. Good luck

        • Smokin Okie – This article is all about building a community. Brandon Smith, the author, had in mind a local community of like minded people who can help and support each other. Well, SHTF Plan is a community of a different sort. I may not be able to trade you a bag of beans for some shotgun shells, but we are here to share information and support each other as we drift toward difficult times. Just about everybody I know had had to endure something along the lines of what you are going through now. The details are always different but these character building experiences seem to be getting more and more common as we travel down the road of life. Like you, I also have silent conversations with my invisible Creator and have gleaned from those conversations the need to keep on hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. What will happen is not known and is out of our control, but how we prepare for it is very much within our control. While you are talking to the Creator, after you ask Him to watch over your brother and give strength to your family, please put in a good word for the rest of humanity which seems to be teetering on the brink of disaster. Maybe a global disaster is His way of slapping some wense into a world gone mad, and if we need a dose of tough love, I guess we have no choice. At least we have each other on this forum to lean on.

        • SmokinOkie,

          I understand how you feel. I am praying for you, your brother, and your family.

          Have recently found out my son-in-law (only mid 30’s) probably has cancer – test to confirm not until next week. He has also lost alot of weight and is not doing well. They have children – the youngest only 5 months old. I am also concerned about the future for my daughter and the children.

          Just take 1 day at a time.

          KY Mom

        • In Afghanistan in 05-06.
          Be all you can be was never really a slogan but a way of life.
          Bless you Okie.

          • And Kent…and all of us.

        • I gitcha man….been over 2 years since I held the hand of the strongest most gentle man Ill ever know and watched him meet Jesus…..never gets easier,even though I know he was ready…..I wasnt….my thoughts and prayers are with you man in whatever it is….hafta go….cant see the darned screen,got something in my eyes…

        • SmokinOkie, I feel your pain, it hurts.

        • thanks for making this man cry. Very real and touching….sending a prayer from here too


        • SmokinOkie,
          I have lost a younger brother and sister to diabetes. I’m a diabetic myself now 57, on insulin since 27. Not for pity, just reality. Through all my travails, my faith in God; and prayer, has helped me survive. I’ve prayed for you and your brother, and prayer has been effective in my life as I pray it will also be in yours. Pain is the smelter in which you will find your faith becoming stronger as it is poured out; or lose it as it melts away if the strength of character fails. I see driftwood in fantastic shapes from the effect of carving water, and I know that God sees our bent and twisted spirits as beautiful testimonies to his grace and Son. For HIS mercy endureth forever. May God bless you.

      22. He always listens to me. The trouble is, he knows what I’m going to say before I think it, and he knows that I know it.

        • True, but He credits you for doing it of your own free will.

          • Military always taught me that if you’re on time, your thirty minutes late for the debrief and you will never catch on. I’ll sleep later.

      23. I understand. My wife of thirty years was pronounced terminal yesterday, her leukemia having returned for the third time. Her chances of making it a year five per cent. Smokin’ Okie is absolutely right, it destroys people,a somber household, her quietly crying sitting on the couch… your impotent rage and helplessness. Those strapping young men reduced to skeletons. And yes, I have prepped, and will keep prepping….but some things you cannot prepare for, you simply endure them. My heart goes out to you, Smokin’ Okie, it truly does. I find a great deal in you to admire…….and like you, I will endure…..and my wife and I draw closer to God…….

        • Kent, There is nothing I can say to truly help you.. just know this, I do feel your pain.
          stay strong as you know, she wants you too.

        • Sorry to hear

      24. Front Yard Gardener Faces New Charges

        Due to massive negative media attention, Oak Park City decided to not to pursue the “garden charges” (for now) against Julie Bass. On the same day, they decided to reinstate “no dog license” charges – a month after they had been paid!

      25. Do we prep out of fear of the unknown, or out of love and compassion for our friends and loved ones? Do we prep for a world devoid of compassion; a world thrown into the depths of darkness, chaos and despair….Or do we prep so we may be that city on a hill, a light in the darkness that is to come, a beacon of hope in a time of hopelessness? Choose ye this day whom you will serve…….otherwise it’s going to be a crap-shoot.

        • Sanity Jones – Rather than prepping out of fear for the unknown, the biggest reason is so you don’t have to fear the unknown. No one has a crystal ball and no one can tell if / when / how / or how badly the SHTF. Although we can’t be completely prepared for any imaginable scenario, we can be at least partly or temporarily prepared for just about anything that can go wrong. As our resources allow we can fill the gaps, learn new skills, and awaken neighbors. For some, the world will be thrown into the depths of darkness, chaos, and despair but those who prepare are far less likely to face such dreadful adversity. In my opinion 99% of the process is simply facing up to the possibility that something could go dreadfully wrong. Once you wrap your head around that, the rest is relatively straighforward. Barrels of water, bags of beans, buckets of bullets, boxes of bullion… you get the idea.

      26. Believe it Black Sheep. Washington’s Vision sustained him through the darkest, drearyest, coldest, and hopeless days of the Revolution. Let everyone who reads this post consider the circumstances under which this Vision occured.

        It will do the same for US. Spread the word every chance you get. Washington’s Vision is the future of America. It will not be dissolved into a one world government. It will not be divided as some propagandists would like the sheeple to believe.

        The future of America is clear to those who read his vision of America’s future. It’s purpose has not yet been fulfilled. All WE must do to claim this future is to see it, believe it, and act upon it in small but meaningful ways.

        America is down but not out. Divine Providence still has His hand upon America, to bless US. This is but a time of testing, and HIS wake up call for US.

        WE know who the enemy is: it is the globalists in government, the gangster banksters, and the dual citizens spread throughout the MIC and the State Dept who run America’s affairs and business.

        Timeline Zero is only the beginning for America if WE acknowledge the Source of OUR good fortune and honor It once again. That may not be happening in the BIG cities, but it is happening all over America in small towns, neighborhoods, and villages.

        I see it where I am at.

        I know it is happening all over America. It will be enough to ensure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity forever as long as WE each do OUR part and do the best WE can with what WE have to work with. That is all HE asks.

        To whom much is given, much is required.Do your part. I promise to do mine.

      27. DK I hear what you are saying but I can only hope, and that is the truth..

        I am trying very hard to do my part, but it is getting hard to try and overcome all the hate in this country..

        I know the elites master plan has always been, divide and conquer and they have that mastered in this country.. very much so.

        even on this site, the evils of divide in here is a daily deal of postings and it is starting to make my skin crawl reading it..

        racism and self centered thinking with group herd mentality’s runs deep in this country, I could cut it with a knife even and it wouldn’t make any difference..

        in my mind, before this country can go to higher levels or even return to what we had, EVERYONE must learn to love and respect one another regardless!!

        I dunno, call this my gut check feeling post or what ever, but dammit, the hate in here makes me sick !

        sometimes we are shown people acting like animals and most want to act like they are all soooooooo much better or some shit… thank god for the few who do feel the pain.

        the people being show in videos on this site are HUMANS and they are the same as everyone of us.. they have been TRAINED to act like animals or what not, and people in here want to separate themselves from the reality of it being their brothers, sisters, cousins, FELLOW HUMANS etc..

        all I see the most of, is identifying what color there skin is, or group stereotype, and it is not their color or grouping so they blow it off and berate the others as meaningless… instead of seeing the TRUTH in HOW DAM UGLY WE HAVE BECOME..

        Like I posted in another thread,
        If we can embrace the pain of our brothers, then maybe, just maybe, Then we can WIN this game.. if not, I do not think it will work.

        this isn’t the ancient 1600 or 1700 hundreds, this is 2011 and we will NEED everyone. not just a few patriots to win the future..

        I guess I have said enough.. if some want to jump me for speaking my pain and how I feel.. o well, I don’t give a krap.. it makes me sick in watching and reading humans devalue each other..

        Like I said DK, I truly do hope you are rite.

        • Reading your reply felt as though you reached out and slapped me. ( I know you were replying to DK) I get angry with myself sometimes because it is real easy to forget about other folks humannity. The thing is that I know better. I have always tried to teach that lesson but it is so tempting to just view all of the violence and stupidity and just assign it ti a group for BS reasons.

          Thanks for the grounding.

          (And DK, I’ll try and do my part. I love this country)

      28. Black Sheep: I’ll tell this little story and that will be it. After I got back from Viet Nam I totalled 3 cars in three months and walked away without a scratch each time, but I was now down to driving a little black beetle, an OLD black beetle.

        I had babyied my other cars but this one? Never washed it. Nothing. Just gas. One halloween the windows were marked with four letter words in wax. Wax does not come off your windows unless you scrape it off.

        The words were still there the following Summer when I had a flat tire so I pulled over to the side of the street to address it.

        There was a little old lady, tiny, very tiny, with white hair, sweeping the sidewalk outside the two story house where she lived. I didn’t pay much attention to her, I was busy with my own problems and very self absorbed.

        Well it was really hot and humid and of course I didn’t have the right tool to take off my tire and skinned my knuckles pretty bad. I was in a really ugly mood when I heard this tiny little voice behind me suggesting that I should clean my windows because I was by a school and the little kids might see these words.

        I turned around filled with rage and was about to tell her what she could do with that broom. She smiled at me and in an instant it was like I was looking into the face of an angel.

        Everything changed for me in that moment. I mumbled ok and went on my way. But I was shaken and felt soooo bad about what I almost said to this tiny, little old lady, that I stopped at a flower shop, bought a little bouquet and took it back to her house.

        She lived up stairs in the back. I was a little winded by the time I reached the top of the stairs. I knocked real hard, even with bloody knuckles, but no one answered the screen door. I shouted but still no reply. I opened the door and walked into the kitchen and saw a small pot of milk toast warming on the stove.

        Milk toast.

        She came out of another room, saw me and my little bouquet. I stuck them out and apologized to her, not for anything I said, but what I just about said. She smiled and a little tiny tear rolled down her cheek.

        She invited me in and ushered me into the living room. I was in shock and awe at the site before me. In a diaper, on the living room floor sat a human being. A living individual whose eyes were void of almost all intelligence. He sat there with a round blue plastic ball in his lap. He couldn’t speak but he could make sounds. He had little control of his movements as his limbs were somewhat atrophied. But he was big.

        She offered me a seat and explained that this creature was her son. An accident at birth had caused his condition and she explained that a “visiting nurse” would come by once a week to look at him.

        Now this creature was a grown man. His father had abandoned them when it became clear that the son was an imbecile and could not control his limbs or functions. It was all he could do to sit upright.

        She explained that every day she changed his diaper twice a day and picked him up and put him in bed every night and carried him out to the living room every day. He was twice her size and obviously no help to himself.

        I said astonished, “Isnt he kind of heavy?”

        She smiled the smile of an angel and replied matter of factly, “No, I have been doing it for forty years.”

        In the forty years since that day, I have never, never felt sorry for myself. I have remembered him and I have remembered her. And I have recognized that WE do not always understand the burdens that others may be required to carry.

        I think America is a nation great enough to care for its aged, its weak, and its infirm. SSI and medicare is a small price to pay for OUR own blessings, and the grace of God moving in OUR lives.

      29. To every one of you- “Thank you” seems like such an insufficient way to express it, but that’s all I, thank you. Kent and KY Mom, I’ll be praying for you too. Anonymous, I knew you’d be among the first to reply. Just let me say, I take back all the bad things I’ve written about you on truck stop bathroom walls!(you know none of it was true anyway). Prepper, PlainOldAmerican, sanity, SSPXER, Stealth, Reb and all the rest, thanks for what you said. BalckSheep, don’t know how long you’ve been coming to shtfplan, but you bring an insight and sometimes a reminder to many of us to stay focused on the real target and not fall into the internal bickerings and divisions that would weaken us. I hope you stick around in spite of the nonsense that sometimes gets posted. This site really is one of the best, and we need more people like you. DK, you’re one of the most positive thinkers here, kind of like an anti-cynicism vaccine. And I know you aint leaving, clark would be lost in the twilight zone without you to argue with!(bless his little ‘free market’ heart)
        Now, let’s not turn this into a never ending soap opera. Remember, we’re here to rail against the PTB, cuss the government and put forth our incredibly brilliant plans to fix everything in the whole freakin world, right? I’m still working out a few details on my own plan, plus Mac said something about a 20,000 word limit on comments, so I haven’t posted it yet.
        Just one last thing. If they have iced tea (or beer) in heaven, the first round for everybody is on me. And somebody tell St. Peter I want to trade this harp for a banjo!

        • Thanks for the compliment. I have two things to say about that:

          1. As a man thinketh so he IS.
          2. You are what you eat.

      30. I never went to art school anyway.

      31. Fellow at Harvard, Putnam by name, author of BOWLING ALONE, had done another study on the new multi-culturual, multi-ethnic, U.S.
        He withheld the study from general release as it wasn’t PC and he is above all else, PC. What he found is that diversity has brought DISTRUST, not just among the differing races, etc. but even among those in the SAME race and ethnic group. Without TRUST what are you supposed to be building?
        And if the SPLC has decreed that RAND PAUL is a RIGHT-WING EXTREMIST on their HATE LIST, then what do you think .gov is going to do to you when you organize? Just asking questions…

      32. “Only nine years ago, a very modern and technologically savvy nation of people, nearly cannibalized itself”??? What are you talking about!?? Yes, we had a huge financial crises, riots and looting but talking about cannibalism or explosions of violence, refugees and thieves flooding into the countryside and wiping out isolated farms, murdering families, and hunting down any small group of survivors for supplies is an absolute joke! It’s not true at all!! Are you serious? How condescending it is to assume that because people lost their financial savings they turned into wild beasts? It did not happen like that at all! I agree with community building and I agree that in Argentina we had a good amount of cooperatives and communities working together but there were many factors that led to that and definitely not people killing each other for supplies!!! Yes, five people died in riots…FIVE…but things were not as you describe them in this article. Pathetic.

      33. I sat mostly quietly and read through all the article and the responses and tried to formulate a response. Community Building I live remote you have to cross a river to get to my house and if the shtf you will be under a scope when you hit the dock. I have hogs and cattle and horses and stuff here like a forge and a gas powered welder. An abundance of wilderness right across the pasture and many years of military training for survival as well as defense training. So to those of you who live in the city you have my condolences, review the tapes of the Rodney King riots. To the hog hunters I would encourage you to check out Bay Dog . Com and start thinking about your first steps for survival. Go meet some of the good ol boys and establish a rapport with them and get a good dog. I just lost a great one and am looking for another. While it is great to have friends or Family to be with the Dog will save your life time and again. And since this is an article on survival I would suggest a good hardbodied all purpose dog Airedale Bouvier Des Flandres,Black mouth Cur,Catahoula, German Shepherd Rottweiler etc and get a female they are more protective. A good dog in the Shtf times will hunt fetch protect go to hell and back for you, and sound an early alarm Any of the livestock guardian/ herding breeds are great and have a lot of heart Trade in your designer mutts now. And the best of luck to us all If I had one friend as loyal as my dog I would be a hell of a lot more inclined to build communities. I do have friends and family that have an open invitation if they can get this far. I don’t know my neighbors so they are decidedly at risk.

      34. Any man that thinks the Lone Wolf tactic will last beyond the first encounter with a mob is delusional. Those that claim being part of a group is risky, hard or wrought with problems is either lazy, stupid or a sociopath that refuses to adapt to society. I say go ahead and make it on your own. I will pray for your families. The Road Warrior model is a MOVIE!!! I have seen the world over where war and society collapse has created millions of refugees and no one survives alone for long. Yeah you can find a cave some where and hide out until the food runs out. if you gather or grow food you will not be able to protect your family. If you are a lone hermit you will go nuts trying to do it all alone……so all you Rambo Lone Ranger types out there please buy all the gear you can and stash it well so it will be in good shape when the rest of us find it long after you are dead.

        • wow.. not a peep about how you yourself intend on staying alive. only a bash onto others… hmm

          in the world over as you say you have seen, I guess they had as many guns as everyone in the USA does.. huh ?

          I find it funny you think anyone being a ‘loner’ is a threat to themselves or to others.

          in your grouping, will you be the General or the Grunt ??.. I would think that would be the deciding factor in how long you think yourself will live trying to find others and their things… just asking, please clarify or explain your position in it all. what is your grand plan?

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