The Reality of Combat: “Everything That You Have Prepared and Stored for SHTF Will Be Pushed to the Limit”

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    Editor’s Note: Do you want to know what it’s really like? If so, then the best place to acquire first hand information about what you’ll experience when the world as we know it collapses is from combat veterans and people who have been through the worst of what humanity has to offer.

    In 2011 Selco of SHTF School shared A Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone with our readers and it opened our eyes to how difficult a situation each of us will face when law & order, as well as human decency, break down.

    Selco lived it during the Balkan war, which spanned from 1992 to 1995.

    In the following article, Selco delves even further, detailing real life scenarios, training tactics and other key information that will undoubtedly help save your life should the streets of America turn into a war zone. Pay attention because this no idealized collapse scenario – it’s reality.

    When SHTF nobody told me how hard is gonna be and what things I will have to do to survive, there was no training or simulations, through most of the stuff I was going for the first time in my life, and I was hoping it is only temporary situation, it is not going to last for whole year.

    Few events opened my eyes, and somehow make me survivor right at the beginning, and I can say I have luck to understand in very early stage how hard it is, and what it takes.

    During one of the first bigger events of killing in the streets, I was out together with my friend who also was medical professional.

    Fire from machine guns was on people who were standing in front of the main city bread factory, and people started to scream and run over each other.

    My first impulse was to run to nearest cover but my friend got down to help some lady, so I stayed one meter next to him.

    I was confused about my decision and not sure to stay with him or run. Bullets from machine gun hit him over his legs, and I saw how his knee cap exploded, it looked like some bad movie special effect.

    He just looked at his legs, then at me, in silence. Even that was just seconds moments like this feel very long.

    I took him by the hands and drag him some 20 or 30 meters to safety. Only there I saw that he was missing his leg under the knee. It stayed with dead lady on the street.

    And only then he started to scream.

    I used belt to stop bleeding, ambulance still worked in that period. He went to hospital and then evacuated from the city. He survived but never came back.

    Lessons learned?

    In moments of chaos always listen to your instincts and do not hesitate. Especially if you are involved in situation when someone is shooting at you with high caliber machine gun. Just accept that people will die, and you have to survive. To help others is great thing, to survive is even better, also I realized that human being is so fragile and easy to destroy.

    Later I learned some things about weapons and how to use them, so I realize that more firepower does not necessary mean more dangerous and better chance to kill.

    Owning a weapon is just absolutely necessary in preparing for a survival scenario, even more in urban survival. You just need to go and get as close as you can to the real stuff while you are doing the preparing and training for the SHTF, so it makes sense to go out and check your preps, to check your gear and yourself.

    For example pair of boots that you bought and store for bad days will not be used for walking only, it will be use for running, squatting, jumping, in mud, junk, blood, guts maybe or just running trough a shallow river.

    Everything that you have prepared and stored for SHTF will be pushed to the limits.

    One thing is to go out into woods nearby and do recording of your weapon testing on some beer bottles with your friends, and after that concluding that particular gun or rifle is best for SHTF, and that you are dangerous dude because your accuracy rules. Some people gonna put that clip on you tube and go home convinced that they are ready and prepared.

    In reality you do not know if you are prepared.

    A lot of survival stores that sell things sell idea of buy this and you are safe. No you are not. Also you learn more about real urban survival scenario in my survival course and this helps you to mentally be better prepared but real deal when SHTF always comes as surprise.

    When time comes again it gonna hit everyone like a hammer. Good news is that when you know you will get hit like that you can recover fast and use your skills, knowledge and preps to make best out of situation.

    Using weapon in real life, in real survival situation is something absolutely different from shooting bear bottles, and if you could do some real training that is realistic that would be maybe going to camping with trash bag as a tent, being on camping for 10 days with 10 small cans of food, and 10 liters of water, walking every day for 10 km.

    And then on 11th day run few kilometers and then shoot and see how accurate you are when your body is wasting away.

    And still the most important thing is missing. While you are shooting at the beer bottles they do not shoot back at you in order to kill you.

    During some of the first battles in city I was moving trough the building behind a guy, we both had rifles. He was sweeping the rooms and shooting, it was the closest urban combat as it can be. In the moment when he run out of ammo he used his rifle as something between spear and bat.

    Now someone could say why he did not just switch to pistol? He did not have one, also he did not have time to look for ammo. But there I learned how it is useful to have folded stock of rifle when shooting and moving in very confined spaces.

    Also I learned that rifle with pretty sharp parts at the barrel can be very handy. He stabbed guy to the cheek, ripping his face down and finishing him on ground.

    One of the biggest misconception at the people who do not have fighting experience is what they need to practice.

    It is all about pressure. You need to learn:

    1. What your weapon can take

    In terms of kicking, throwing, how often and when will it malfunction, and what the most common malfunctions are, and how to fix it, of course how to fix it in middle of fight. If you find yourself in the middle of fighting, and your weapon “jams” do not be as we called “zblesavljen” or in English is probably looking like idiot.

    I have seen that: guy is shooting and in the middle of fighting his weapon jammed, and he surprisingly look at the weapon in a “what the f#ck?” state. And of course in two seconds he ends up dead.

    You absolutely need to know how to manage small weapon jams without looking at the weapon, you need to look at the target while you are “repairing” weapon (clearing the bullet, switching to other magazine etc.)

    Other option would be to MOVE immediately when your weapon jams, move to cover in same second, or to dropping it on ground, or on your back, and switching to your other weapon. But you need to learn to do all of above without thinking. You need to train that this becomes automatic.

    Small things like how quickly you can put your rifle on your back and a switch to pistol can be difference between life and death, if you somehow “trip” yourself while you are trying to put rifle on your back in order to take pistol you can end up dead.

    2. What you can take

    Remember this: while you are shooting at the bad guys, those bad guys will be SHOOTING AT YOU TOO.

    So shooting at the beer bottles in the woods with your buddies will not really do all the training you need. I am doing it often, but it just not covering everything.

    Fighting and surviving combat means constant moving and outsmarting the guys on the other side, you gonna need to run, squat, throw yourself in the ditch, lay down in all kinds of sh!t and shoot at the same time, and probably fix your rifle from jams, or switch to another weapon.

    Do some basic weapon training and learn about line of sight and how to get out off it.

    Very great percentage of shooting is done without aiming, just spraying bullets.

    It makes sense to do some airsoft or paintball in the woods to check how constant moving change whole game, and what kind of moving makes sense in order to survive gunfight.

    For example how often you shoot from your weapon with both hands, dominant and not dominant? In urban fighting you will need switch weapon around very often (moving through the apartments, rooms, around the corners etc.). When you are shooting behind corner, and you are having rifle in your right hand and corner is on your left side it make sense to transfer weapon to left hand. otherwise it is dangerous to stick your left part of body out in order to shoot form right hand.

    For all you who have some military experience this all is basic stuff, but I have seen many guys who were killed in stupid ways.

    Real gunfight is dynamic thing. Adrenaline is weird thing too, so people can do tremendous things while adrenaline is pumping, but also with lack of training and common sense guy can do tremendously stupid things. I have seen man who was pointing to something and he stood up from the cover, and got shot.

    3. How to train yourself

    Training is the key. You can not do anything else today except to train very hard.

    You can not experience real stuff today of course, but you can take it as close to real stuff as you can. Go out with your friends and think about all possible scenarios. But think about worst case scenarios. SHTF is not gonna wait for nice and sunny weather, you gonna be maybe hungry, dirty. Maybe have to give up your shelter and food storage on second day of SHTF.

    Or you gonna be forced to use other weapon that you are not used to. Maybe you gonna be forced to hide for hours hidden under a pile of rubble and then you are gonna be forced to jump out and “kill” ten beer bottles. Sounds like fun? This is why resilience and mental strength is so important.

    Maybe you are gonna be cold and thirsty and in the middle of the battle. One thing is sure – very rarely it goes the way that you planned. So just be ready for many options and do not panic when things go other way. Want to get some funny sounding advice?

    Get good at suffering while still being able to work towards a goal.

    4. What weapon, caliber, stopping power etc?

    It is very hard question (that I get asked a lot). But think about fact that everything today is about mainstream and commercial. And somehow it is more about what other people say is good and not necessarily about what you need and what is good for YOU.

    You and your hand kill, weapon is only tool. I have seen fight when man with knife is killing the guy with rifle. He had mastered fighting with knife and had will to kill. Other guy had a rifle only, and he ends up dead. I also seen more than once people shot with rifle bullets still fighting, running for good amount of time. Some of them were not even aware that they are wounded before someone else pointed that out to them.

    What I am trying to say, do not expect miracles if you own weapon that is at the moment most popular, having great stopping power, cool reviews. It is about practicing , weapon mastering and correct bullets placement.

    I said bullets for a reason, I have seen many things, but I did not see someone survive multiple shots in correct place at the body. Have weapon that is best for your case, and achieve perfection in using it. Do not expect that people will fly back if you shoot them with one bullet from some widely popular weapon and caliber (not talking about shotguns).

    So I am not gonna tell you what is the best weapon because what works for me maybe does not work for you or others.

    Having a weapon that is too rare, too good or too bad does not make too much sense for me. Do not find yourself in situation when you lose your weapon and pick someone else and then find out that you do not have clue about it, because your weapon was special and rare.

    Just have what everyone else around you has, because of gun parts, ammo and you look like everyone else.

    Your weapon is only tool to survive, be ready to lose it if you need to lose it, and pick some other from ground in the middle of fight.

    I knew a guy who did some scary stuff with rusty shortened M48. He was old and poor looking dude, he played that part good, until he would take out this old gun from under his coat and rob and kill people. Simple strategy but it worked for him. So look around and think what works for you.

    If you have experienced combat or heard what matters from veterans please share in comments.

    You can follow Selco’s story at SHTF School and learn how he survived one year in hell. 



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      1. The most dangerous weapon is us,everything else is simply a tool.

        Keep your powder dry,

        • Finally a article that I agree too 100 percent.

          • Hey Clint (fellow Iowan):

            SHTF in Iowa, I hope the the governor orders the Bridges on the Mississippi River to be blown to keep Chicago out. Fuck em.

            • So, I guess there is more to survival when shtf than two shotgun blasts from the balcony? Huh…I think I’ve been fed some bad info

            • This article should be read out loud with Russian accent. Makes the grammar flow better. Great read regardless of how you do it.

            • My BOL is in eastern IA, better not blow that fucker up until I am over. My spot isn’t ideal, but its a half tank of gas from my residence near Chicago and I got family in Iowa so that’s how I picked it.

              • Andrew,anyone near chicago needs to leave the area NOW,the lord is saying chicago will be the first city in america to be NUKED,if your even near there,PACK and leave now,and warn all your friends too……………

                • That’s odd, the Lord told me Arizona was the first place that was going to be nuked.

          • Everything this man say is spot on. If this is how he writes and teaches on other subject. I beleive they should be looked for and discussed.

            Remember the first kill is easy it is the 2nd third 4th and so on that is the bitch.

            • If you are afraid to even talk about killing then what will you do when a scumbag is running off with your daughter.

              Probably start wailing and fall to the ground saying this isn’t right this isn’t right. Guess what Daughter gone never to be seen in one piece again.

              • I have been a subscriber to Selco’s site for a while now and what he teaches is amazing. No fantasy SHTF stuff, he lived through hell and is trying to help us get ready.

                • He SELLS BS with fear.
                  Read again… he instills fear…which you all love..

                  then charges you and say “You will be one among 300 million to live if you just pay selco..

                  • ALLIE your one of the trolls who is going to wind up in a FEMA DEATH CAMP,IF your had a brain in your head(and I doubt you do) you’d listen and stfu,this guy knows what he’s talking about…………..

                  • Ass,gas or grass! Nobody rides for free!

            • Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.) wrote that it is relatively easy to teach a man how to kill, but it is very hard to have him deal with the psychological difficulties that often arise from killing another person.

          • Clint- I totally agree. That was hard hitting. As I sit here having my first cup of coffee,that article just put me in another mindset for the day. MAC, Thanks for that one…..something to think about.

          • My dad was a Platoon leader in the 1st Cav. His RTO got killed by a sniper and he told me that although he got tom within fifty yards of him, because of anxiety, fatigue, and fear he missed. It haunted him for years.

        • Minor correction: the most dangerous weapon is an active mind chained to clearly-working pairs of eyes and ears.

          That said, there is a *lot* to be said about dexterity, stamina, and strength. I listed them in that order for a reason. 😉

          Selco is right in one aspect – you simply do not know what it’s going to be like. The closest you can get is to enlist and go to Afghanistan, then work as an EMT in East LA, and then move to some 3rd-world shithole (e.g. a few places in Africa come to mind right about now) to set up shop there. Then you could get some idea of what it’ll be like.


          Some good/bad news on my end. Got a job, but it also means I gotta move… closer to the big city. I did manage to find a spot that’s still somewhat out of town, but it’s going to force me to re-acquaint myself with folks, subtly help them get prepped, re-fill my short-term stocks, and completely re-assess how it’s gonna be at the new location.

          Overall, it’s gonna take work. It also taught me one hell of an important lesson: prepping can’t always be a static thing. Life has a habit of changing the variables. 😉

          • Congratulations on the new job, OQ! I’m sorry to hear you have to relocate but I bet you’ll have the new place well-prepared in no time!

            Best wishes
            ~ Daisy

            • Grow a thigh gap.

          • OQ, congrats and best of luck. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

          • East LA is a third world shit hole……….

            • MLK BLVD. is a third world shit hole.

              • Practically the entire Central Valley of California is a Turd World shithole. That’s what the people in charge want. Many other areas in other states will be joining the parade as time goes by. Alot already have.

                • Get out while you still can. I took a 60000/year hit to leave my home state, California. I was 4th generation born and bred. Towns and mountains are named after members of my family. No matter. Been gone for 7 years now and am back at the old pay level. And I live in the free-est state in the nation. Buy a rifle and take it home immediately. Screw California!

              • Years ago, when it was Exhibition Blvd, it was lovely. SAD Sad.

          • Good luck with your move OQ, and congrats on the J-O-B. I take it you’re heading a bit farther west (if I recall your loc correctly). Cache. You might be heading back before long, the way things are looking.

            • Depends on whether that dickhole in North Korea is only half-crazy or all-in, given today’s news 😉

        • Selco’s SHTF School does not cost much, and is money well spent, worth every penny. Highly reccomended.

          You may also want to check out Gabe Suarez’s Warrior Talk site, lot’s of good info there, too.

          • You’ll never beat the school of hard knocks.

            • The best teacher is the school of hard knocks. The next best is someone who earned their degree there. Selco did that. I pray I never get the education he did, but I am grateful that he shares his knowledge.

              • I am grateful as well. He was teaching people long before he started charging for a course, so he’s the real deal.

              • DJL,Steve Quayle was on Hagman&Hagman Report on march 19th,in the second hour steve talked about what the lord has shown him,ITS way beyoun what america is ready for,and I know what steve says is true because the lord has shown me to a lot of the same things,WE HAVE A WAR COMING,with all the stops pulled out,LISTEN to the show,its going to be as bad or worse then what selco went through,the russians mean to have america and we been sold out by everyone in our government………..

                • A mere mortal talks to the Lord or should I say the Lord talks to them. yeah, sure.


        • I have been reading the book “A Failure of Civility”, How to Defend and Protect You, your family, friends, neighborhood and America during a disaster or crisis. I highly recommend this book! I am really learning a lot about defensive measures from two combat veterans.

          If I were to pick out one section it would be the section on Improvised Security Methods. They are also called them Force Multipliers. Here is one example; The older generation may recall the Punji Stake foot traps from Viet Nam. They were so effective our forces had to wear jungle boots with a steel shank in them. They were made from sharpened bamboo. The authors show how to make these by simply using drywall screws, 2 inches apart, through a 2 foot wide piece of chip board (OSB). They point out that drywall screws are sharper than nails and stronger. The thought of having these go through some ones foot, would really take them out of the fight! A case of 2,500 2 1/2″ drywall screws is $40.00. A 4′ X 8′ sheet of OSB is about $20.00.

          This book is pretty much the course that Selco describes in his post.

          • Force Multipliers.

            Defensive and Offensive when used properly can highly effective.

            Caution: You can be injured accidentally by your own force multipler.

          • Maybe one of your grand kids will step on one. Won’t that be fun. Booby traps are a stupid idea.

        • Well said! the only thing I can add is, “A man has got to know his limitations”.

        • “The most dangerous weapon is us, everything else is simply a tool.”
          – JJsan

          Our brains are indeed our most powerful and potential self-defense weapon.

        • Everyone else is a tool.

        • Not really sure how accurate it would be with what is essentially a 7″ barrel for all the calibers it accepts.

          (now a 18″ barrel for each would seriously help it out…)

          • it probably wouldnt be too bad especially for the pistol loads like the 357, 38 40 and 45, because most pistols dont have much more then a 3 to 6 inch barrel to begin with and are fairly accurate to 30 yards or more

            • that and it sure would beat nothing, say you had a 308, but no ammo

              or you had one of these and a hand full of different ammo, you’d be in better shape IMHO

        • Check out “The Anarchist Cookbook”. It shows how to convert a shotgun into a mortar. A dowel down the barrel, into a shell with the shot removed, and a Molotov cocktail past the muzzle on the end of the dowel. I tried it with my Beretta OU, and was firing Bud bottles 25-30 yds.

      2. BTW…

        I’m very fond of the rugar 10-22.
        The ladies can easily handle it and
        I challenge anyone to stand and get peppered by 10 rounds.
        They puncture ones lungs and you have a real bad day fast.

        Don’t let the small bullet size fool you.

        Love this.

        • ready, the 10-22 is my weapon of choice

          • ditto that. quietly own the night!

            • Crossbow. Own the night….

          • I just purchase the Ruger SR22 pistol. It is very reliable with all types of .22 ammo. It is the 10/22 of pistols. It is also a great weapon to train the fundementals with.

            For fighting I will stick with my Glock 22 and Car-15. I have seen people shot with the .22 LR. It is not a man stopper by any stretch. You are very undergunned if you depend on the .22 LR for defense.

            • Red, I will be armed with my 40, 30-30, and my 7.62X39 and X54. The .22 is great for training but most won’t have the time to empty 10 rounds. One shot, then move.
              Though the sound of a .22 is quieter than what I’ll use.

              • Just fired rifled slugs through a 20 and 12 ga. yesterday. 5 rounds through each gun. Impressive, very impressive at 35 feet which is the longest distance in my house. I also like what 00 buckshot does at that distance. My .22 is for cheap practice, and muscle training.

                • I am breaking in my MKA 1919 semi auto 12 ga. Definitely needs breaking in. Have a 10 rd clip and would have 1-2 either FTF or FTL. Big no-no. My buddy and I did a side by side to see who could empty 5 rounds my semi auto and his pump. I love the semi auto was 1 to 2 shots faster. He was able to clear any FTF faster then i was so that is a big factor. I need to improve my clip swaps and any FTF/FTL.

        • I love my ruger 10-22 also. It is easy to handle and pack. I also have a P-22 so that I could buy lots of one ammo.

        • We are moving towards Mel Tappen’s prediction that when a single .22 LR cartridge is selling for a dollar/round (when you can find it)….the “slope” is about to get very slippery. Paraphrased, but we seem headed in that direction.

          The new factory Ruger Bx-25 round magazines will reliably eat and spit out ANY long rifle diet fed to it. Threw away all my other “after market” plastic crap.

          • @Yental well if thats right then we’re well on our way, I can find em but they are 40FRNs a brick right now and 223s a buck each so yeah, getting closer each day. I do love the 10/22 and I miss the carefree days of shooting up the best part of a brick without a second thought as to where the next one was coming from or how much they cost. Heres another thing that spooked me last weekend at the range, not one empty case on the ground. Last year the trash cans were full of disgarded casings, nobody had a care, and not even a full year later its like we’re in a 3rd world country. Its a reality Ive been prepping for but even so it sank in that this is happening now.

            • The old Chris Rock comedy routine about “no need to eliminate guns, just charge $5000/bullet.” I always considered Carlin the comedic prophet, but Rock was certainly “on target” with that assessment.

            • What happened to .22 @ .02 ea.? .223 @ .20 ea.? 12ga AA @ $4.50 a box?

              • Days long ago. Never to be seen again.

              • Same as $ .17 per gallon of gas. Greed.

              • can still get RIO 9 pellet 00 buck in a 25 pack for under 12 bucs where im at, not 4.50 but they do the job

        • Wish I could say the same about mine… Seems to have trouble reliably emptying a 10 round mag. I bought it new during the Clinton years when the only mags available were the 10-rounders. I got so fed up with it having misfeeds that I can’t recall shooting it since Clinton left office.

          • The Ruger 10 round rotary factory mags were the standard of reliability in the 10-22. Never found an LR round that would not cycle reliably. I gave up on the “hot-lips style” et al. Until the BX 25 came on the market, I started using the Alangator™ TriMag™ which combines three 10 round rotary mags into a “quick change” 30 round capacity.

            You get the reliability of the factory Ruger rotary mag with the ability to have 30 rounds available very quickly.

          • I had that problem with my 10/22 once. Turns out that it needs copper-coated bullets to feed well, not bare lead. If you clean it & use nothing but copper-coated, it will work better — I’ve never had a hiccup from mine since I switched.

        • I am on the waiting list for the new break down 10-22…. that thing is so fricken cool!!!!

          • Saw the “specs” on the “breakdown” model. The cost is damn near 3 times what I paid for the “several models” of 10-22 I currently own. However, I would LOVE to include this jewel in “the collection”. Very nice!

            • I have had a few problems with mine. (More than a Few) I would not trust my life on it. But good for a pack and a fun day shooting.

              • Really, what problems have you had??

              • Misfires. Stove piping. Very picky on its ammo. On more than one gun. Been noticing quite of few at the show like many are going back to an old faithful reg. 10 22.

                • FP,
                  It must be 100% clean and well lubed. mass produced 22lr is not perfect. clean, clean, clean, lube and fire. Dry 22 rifles and pistols will not fire well. My SR22P Ruger never stovepipes or misfires. Clean your weapon like your life depends on it. IT DOES

                  And the first kill is no easier than the second third or more. None are easy and if they ever are they should fly drones for the bastards running this country.

                • A few years ago I bought several bricks of Remington 22 and had misfire after misfire with it (1 in 10 were duds). Has anyone else had a problem with them or did I just get a bad batch?

            • the breakdown model shoots accurate and easy to cary around with a case,i have 10/22 in both models but the breakdown model is everything they say and made a good addition with my collection and shoot all the time

        • I love my Ruger 10/22. It’s chopped, folding stock, pistol grip, highly portable, and is the least-inclined-to-jam semi I’ve ever owned. I’m still saving my pennies for a decent night-vision sight.

          It’s a gun I trust to be there when I need it… can’t ask for more than that.

        • I worked 30+ years in superior court and heard/dealt with numerous murders. The most common kill was by the .22 as once it gets in the chest or head cavity, providing it doesn’t pass right through, it will bounce around inside and turn everything into mush… You can bet out of firing a couple rounds at least 1 will richochet. (sp) Thanks and great article.

          • While it may not cause an “immediate” stop of an aggressor, the .22LR should not be disregarded either.

            You can go on youtube and see some videos of what CCI .22LR Velocitors do to a roast at 300 yards. Trust me…you don’t want to get hit with one of these.

            Again…the .22LR is not a “man stopper” like a .357 magnum or .45 acp or 5.56X45…but it will get the job done…eventually.

            One thing to consider is the low sound signature makes it an excellent round for use in an urban environment. Easily suppressed as well. If someone had a very accurate .22LR rifle, they could cause a world of mischief.

        • Integrated suppress 10-22 with 60 grain subsonic. Tools of the trade are easy to get if you think it though.

          Everyone will not have armor. Armor is heavy and worthless if you have not train with it. Mostly it will be the scumbags we will have to deal with.

          Night is your friend. NOt saying when the big guns come you wont need a “Big Gun”

        • Also, it really helps if you’ve hunted a lot of deer (harvested). A hunting round is absolutely lethal re .243. Never put down a .22 rifle, especially with a scope. I live in rural Texas, and if it all goes south much of your time may be devoted to hunting.

          Another thought re .22’s. Have lots of hollow points. If you want to see a jackrabbit blown to hell, split the hollow point, close it, shoot, and watch the result! God only knows what it would do to a human.

          I’m 73. Lord only knows what I could do when the crunch comes- but that scoped .243 can reach out one hell of a long way!

          All the best to you all…

        • One of the moron democrats in california is trying to get the 10-22 rated as an assault weapon. These people are just plain evil.

      3. The strongest or weakest weapon in the arsenal is your mind.

        • I agree. And this is a very good article. I am so glad I live out in the country. Urban warfare is scary, too many people fighting for too few resources. You can take one thing from this article. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!! This just doesn’t mean shooting your weapons. This applies to all the things you will need to do to survive SHTF. Gardening, building fires, gathering food from the wild, medical treatments; you need to be able to do these things without thinking or using a book, because in the stress of the moment, you may need to be able to do it automatically. That is why I am collecting sap from the maple in my front yard. I wont get a lot of syrup from it, but I want to at least have attempted it before my life may depend on it. Be safe all

          • Jim, right you are ‘ to do it automatically’. As don’t tread says about the mind, there is one thing this article didn’t touch: the panic of others and the imagies of shot up bodies to one’s pyschie. Have to gut through it and hopefully live, to weep or throw up, another day.

            • Added thought: there is nothing, again nothing, that can prepare one for their first kill and how it changes you.

              • But you wont know that until it is done and to late.

                At that point you drive on or curl up and die.

                • Trust me…you don’t want to know.

        • yep… right on the money…what’s left of it…
          and yes…we know this is going to turn into a thread about who’s got the coolest tool…
          When it comes to those “tools”…you do need to know if it works when it’s wet…God knows that’s important…
          Along with what you stated…
          Will those minds work when they’re saturated…with everything.
          I do not want this to happen…nobody wins…

          • jerrytbg—-Maybe. We may lose a few battles, but we will win this war.

            “May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.’

            • After posting I went off to do something, then came back…
              Scrolled down a bit and low and behold…
              I’m not the only one who doesn’t want this to happen…
              Seems I’m in the company of those that know…
              Those who also know this truth…
              I will fight…but only as a last resort…
              To save my life and those around me, esp. the little ones.
              Take care JayJay…

              • @Jerrytbg. You are not alone. Anyone with any experience in combat will tell you that getting into a shooting match is the last thing they ever want to do again. Not to say they wont fight just don’t want to do it.

                22LR is one of the most deadly bullets ever made in that it does not have the power to pass through the body and bounces around off of bones causing a great deal of damage. No it does not have much stopping power. But it is all about who you are fighting.

                It takes about 5 people to take care of one injured combatant. That means you have just put 6 people out of action by wounding just one person. If you kill some one then it only takes 1 or 2 to handle the body.


                • How right you are on all counts…
                  Your #’s look VERY accurate…you read that someplace… 🙂

                  It only takes 70 some odd lbs. of energy to create a lethal wound and the 22lr is more than capable…keep that in mind.

                  These people are out of their minds…
                  Those who’re picking this fight and those that say bring it on.

                  I just wish they’d leave me the f alone…let me go sailing…

                  • jerrytbg.

                    I would like to be left alone too. Problem is we are going to get caught up in it all, whether we like it or not. After reading some of Selco’s material, I really do not know what I would do, considering simular issues he was confronted with in the war.

                    Look at all the people who run to obtain just the paperwork for section 8 housing.
                    Watch as people are injured while Christmas shopping over a new toy or shoes.
                    They riot over sports events.
                    All these are localised events!

                  • I hear ya sling…it’s just so sad…

                    The good in your case…
                    you’ve given it consideration… kudos…
                    I wish I’d had that consideration…
                    The last I’ll speak of it…

        • Train your mind to make it a habits. So when it explodes around you you will react and give you that one second that keeps you from being dead.

          So you can then be seasoned. And go change your pants. It no longer a funny to anyone then.

      4. We are not going to have a war with the Gov. Simply they don’t have the money, that’s the problem, if they don’t run out of money everything’s OK. Nobody pays taxes while they are being shot at. People in cities, may have terrible riots. Get out of there. First thing that happens when the “IT” starts. No one will loan anyone money, so oil imports stop. The gov has to stop Medicare, medicaid, Social Sec, ADC, food stamps, disability, pensions, and balance it’s budget, right then. Think about the ramifications of that

        • I made this a separate comment because you do need to pause and think about what a true collapse is. Most Gov employees don’t get paid. The large cities will become madhouses, they don’t support themselves. Do I expect mortar and machine gun fire? No. The Gov has very good control over those things and will keep it. It’s not going to look like Beirut because you won’t have the Israelis and the Syrians sending guns to both sides. The large cities 100,000 plus have only 1-2 weeks of food, In the very large cities like NEW YORK half the people don’t have cars. They can’t stay and they can’t go, 30 days and it’s all over. Look at the population of the 50 largest cities. With them gone there will be food all over. I don’t really think this is going to be. But if it does, BURN A BUS TO CLOG THE LOCAL ROADS AND STAY LOW. There will be some local spillover to deal with but gone by the first bad snow or 90 days.

          • Do not be “misguided” because things have different names maybe. It is not matter what cause for collapse is gonna be. Result is gonna be pretty much same: people fighting for resources, and at the end point of everything are people who trying to take your life, everything else will be not important.
            About what to expect in terms of fighting, you can expect everything. I lived in country where most of the things were highly under the control of government,even too much, and still everything collapsed very fast.

            • @Selco

              Reading your SHTF school link. Thanks.

            • Selco, thank you for being willing to re-live all of the pain and horror you went through in order to help us. What you teach is is priceless.

          • You are correct, on all parts my friend. Think of it this way… An inevitable catastrophy is coming. You know that it cant be stopped. You know that it will forever change the world. If you are the govt of any nation what do you do?
            You know that people feel it coming, but you know you have to keep the system going until that event, you have to remain after that event. Sure it will be painful, but you have to come out on top. It is not your ideal situation but you have to prepare for continuity, if you dont, nothing distinguishes you from the people you have no way of saving.
            So until that event you tell people everything is fine and you make preparations for your success. Sounds like prepping. Whats the alternative if your a govt. or a news organization for that matter.
            Do you really believe for an instant that you arent being lied to daily?
            When did it become ok for our politicians to lie? We accept them as liars. Openly people know and just accept that lying politicians are just a fact of life.
            On a further note, when did it become acceptable for us to negotiate for freedoms guaranteed to us by our constitution? When did that become something that could be talked about?
            Think about it.

          • Good post, was trying to get some of my neighbors thinking about what ifs
            Our problems will ALL be from somewhere else, best solution, block the roads, only 2 ways in or out, only response i got was we cant block the roads because then how will the cops or fire trucks or ambulance get in and how will we go to the stores?
            At that point i excused myself, if SHTF there wont be stores or anything after a day or two, and the emergency services barely make it here within a half hour now when things are groovy,
            People just dont get it, so guess itll be a wait and see thing.

            • You had me at ‘hello’.

          • PARANOID. Good point and is true. But there is BIg Guns out there.. Many just with collectors that keep them in the basement. Rocket launchers sneaked off base and so on. But they will be used up quickly or used to secure a compound somewhere. Either be friend with it or stay the hell out of the way.

          • What the f-ck are you smoking?

        • Wars are not paid for with taxes. Taxes are for paying the interest after the fact on the bonds that the government sold to the fed for the money to pay for the war. Taxes are for enslaving the citizens. The US doesn’t need our taxes to fight a war. Oil imports won’t stop as long as the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, and I don’t think that will change for quite a while… All the talking heads that say we need to stop Medicare, medicaid, SS, ADC, food stamps, disability, pensions to balance the budget are full of BS and either don’t know what they are talking about or are intentionally spreading propaganda. The US budget can NEVER be balanced as long as we have a dishonest money system where money is “loaned” to the government by a private bank. Balancing the US budget is a myth, purposefully stated to keep the citizens flailing about trying to balance a budget that is intentionally designed to be mathematically impossible to balance.

          • spot on

            the budget will NEVER be balanced

            because they don’t want it balanced
            and our fraudulent financial system would collapse
            if they did balance it

            it is a debt and fraud based system
            remove the debt and it collapses
            remove the fraud and it collapses

          • There are 10,000,000 people in LA County, Yes the Gov can print money, It cannot print value. There will be no collapse as long as the Gov has a tax base and is TRUSTED, the collapse only comes when it isn’t. Then look at a map. Where can the people go, San Diego another 4 mill, San F, Palmdale, Bakersfield? That’s why Civil Defense died, they discovered that NEW YORK City required a city the size of New York City, to function and Millions of tons of supplies each day. For the Big cities there are only two collapse modes: Detroit, slow and lasts years, or gone in 90 days.

            • Within one week of the SHTF Mexican troops will have occupied most of California and adjoining states. That will be with the approval of the Obama govt.

              • Mexican Troops cannot even occupy Mexico!
                The gangs own the border, not the GOV. US goes down the drug traffic stops because we don’t have cash. Mexico then falls apart, they live on three things: Drug money, oil money, tourists. ALL of that comes from US. We go down the drug people will shortly figure out that the only way to keep what they have is to take over the GOV of Mex. They won’t bother US for a long time if ever..

              • Within one week of SHTF, the gangs of LA will make “Gangs of New York” look like a bar fight.

          • “All the talking heads that say we need to stop Medicare, medicaid, SS, ADC, food stamps, disability, pensions to balance the budget are full of BS and either don’t know what they are talking about or are intentionally spreading propaganda.”

            Im sorry, what?

            • Are you an idiot or just X. Go to anyplace that has real data. At they present rates in two years the total tax take of the US will only pay for: Interest on debt,(And this will be at the lowest rate ever) Medicaid, medicare, disability, pensions and social sec. No money even for Congressional pay, Want to bet what has to be paid and what gets cut?

        • I’m sorry Paranoid, but it isn’t the government who funds death and destruction—it’s the global elitists. Their pockets are far deeper than ANY government. Have you forgotten exactly who has funded major conflicts?

          Global Banksters. Sometimes even covertly funding BOTH SIDES AT THE SAME TIME. Any government that advances the NWO agenda will have all the funding they need.

          Wake up my friend—sleeping at your post might be the last thing you ever do.

          • They would not fund it. Why should they? The cities wll go to the end wthout them. They have nothing aganst the farmers and small towns, we make them money.

          • You are both right.

      5. REV 13-9,10 He who has an ear let him hear. If anyone is to go into captivity,into captivity he will go.If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed. This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of the saints.

        • REV 13:9-10. If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.

      6. No one can even think they have an idea how bad things are going to get!
        Unless you are combat vet it is all to be seen and to learn from.
        People ask me what to expect…I say I cant even imagine what we will face…except after reading the the book One second after….
        that’s scary stuff!!
        Read all you can…if you rely on computer put everything on disc and prep a computer for EMP…have solar chargers on hand!
        the list is endlesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

        • Digger – You are on target. The book “One Second After” is the closest of all the doom’s day scenario books available.

          For those that have not read the book, please do so. My wife has read it several times and absorbs many things from the book. I too, have taken many lessons from the book. The survivors in that North Carolina town dealt with unknowns of the best and worst.

          No it wasn’t Viet-Nam again. In many ways it was worse. There was no DEROS date to get back to “The World” in a Freedom Bird.

          No escape from the pending “feces impacting the votex generator”, so learn all you can & keep the faith. Hug your dog and enjoy the sunsets.

          • Hug your dog till you are forced to eat it. If you read the book you know what I am referring to. That we are discussing this whole scenario is about as depressing as actually experiencing it.

            What the f**k happened? I know the answers to the question but just don’t know how we the people allowed ourselves to be in this position.

            When I was a kid I was always proud and considered myself to be lucky to be born here in the U.S. A country that never attacked some one else unless they attacked us. Then there was Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. We attacked them for what?

            Just like they are talking about starting a war with Iran. Really? What have they really done to us? What did any of us as U.S. citizens gain from any of those wars? Nothing.

            And the reality of today is that after many years of playing by the rules, raising a family doing our duty to God and country we are at the point of losing all that was promised to us, it is just frigging depressing to know that it was all a lie.

            The morals and ethics we grew up with have been thrown out the window. Discarded like yesterdays garbage. A media that perpetuates an endless drivel to support a collapsing system. Politicians that appear to be doing everything in their power to destroy our American way of life.

            And now at what is supposed to be the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor only to find out that it is not going to happen is really, really sad. And it pisses me off. I hope it pisses off the rest of you as well.


            • Big B – I read the book. That is why I said what I did. Enjoy what you have now. Now can change on a heartbeat. My dog may be eating me if the sorry a&& meth-morons and crackheads get the upper hand. That is just as possible.

              You are correct to be pissed at what is happening around us, we all are. It is why we are here reading and posting. Sickening is my word.

              Agreed, having endured one war with everything I needed was painful enough. Enduring the coming chaos with known limitations…more than the human mind need to imagine.

              Again,..enjoy what you do have. Today.

        • Also good reads: Lights Out by David Crawford, Patriot, Survivors, TEOTWAWKI all by James Rawles.
          Just finished Lights Out-couldn’t put the book down.
          Rawles has a new book out, haven’t seen it yet. Don’t even know the name. I believe that one can absorb useful information from each of these books.

          • Yes, “Lights Out” by David Crawford would be the #2 best I have read. All that you mention were riveting.

            Yet, “One Second After” was a wake up for wife as she is a Pharmacist and sees first hand what a few days without the local pharmacy currently low stock causes. When the Medicare/Medicaid hand outs stop….just that fact alone will be the biggest threat to any household trying to survive the unstable & drug dependent populace.

            • Lights Out was my awakening..could not put it down….then One Second After…then Patriots…everyone needs to read these three books…so much information to guide your prepping and survival of what is coming.

        • As a Vet that spent over 3 years in Iraq and thankfully none in Afgan. I would say what is coming is going to be much worst then what we vets there had to deal with for the most part. Now that is not saying much as it sucked the hind quarter over there. I am just saying after patrols and convoys at the very worst we got to eat MRE’s most of the time behind the wire on a Cob or Fob with friends around you that were trained for war. When SHTF happens here in the states I wont have my buddys here with me. I will have only the food I can get and KEEP! And I wont have a safe place to scrape the shit out of my pants after a hairy day. You can break down infront of your buddys but you cant infront of your wife and kids.

          • Ramadiron – I would give you 5 thumbs up for that if I could. Combat environs with support is enough. Surviving 24/7 with non & never in combat individuals..well…I get stressed just imagining the stress.

            Again, well said !

      7. thats why you have a variety of weapons. For me, AK74, AR15, 8mm Mauser, 12 gauge, and SKS; with plenty of ammo for each.

        • Problem is they only have to kill you once no matter how much ammo,etc. you have. There are however bunchs of them and they will be trained and getting paid. They will have three shifts 24 hours a day covered where you have to sleep.

      8. It sounds just like the way things would happen. I keep telling people you do not want the SHTF AT ALL!!!

        It will not be like some kind of survival/adventure fun course you pay $299 for!

        • I agree Bimbam

        • You’re damned right I don’t want it to happen.

          Problem is, history has a habit of giving people what they do not want.

          • I DO WANT IT TO HAPPEN!

            Currently this is like living with an abscessed tooth that isn’t going to get any better. Only worse. More infected. Let’s get this over with so we can get on with our lives!

            • If this goes on if you live close to, or in a big city you won’t go on with your life you will die’ likewise friends family etc. there are worse things than a bad tooth.

              • “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

      9. Government will not run out of money…they just print more. You and I can’t. We won’t be able to access ATMs,food will be out except for those in power. The stores keep 3 days of food on hand and how long do you think the gas will hold out? Unless you have stuff set aside and don’t plan on going anywhere you might be ok. Where will anyone go on a tank of gas? where will you be and can you get gas when you get there? Food? A real mess folks!

        • Well, I want a bunch of that money. I need it as toilet paper. I’m already using the papers to start BBQ’s.

        • The time will arrive where it is to their advantage to not print more money. You will know that time is up when that happens. What is going on right now is window dressing while all the pieces are put in place. The market being sent higher is so the elites do not cause problems and it is also a way to steal even more wealth from the rest of us. They know what they are doing and I believe they will be successful.

      10. This is the type of “kick butt” article that people can use to think about what is coming from ANY true SHTF event. You will likely have to defend yourself and what you have after a true SHTF, maybe even before. Better to learn now than later. This covers all SHTF events from a natural disaster to World War 3, because we are going to need self defense against all those, the 99% that choose not to prepare and depend on the government AND the neighbors in the community that did.

        One course of action everyone should consider is to TRY to get to the lowest population density as possible so you have less enemies trying to take what you have, but also because the massive competetion for natural resources still left, like food, but especially clean water.

        • 99.99% We need to stop overestimating.



        • Ummm..I assume by “Economist”, you mean “Dickbag”. Am I right in my assumption?

        • Ki!! your tv…

          • Y, know…That’s really fun Mr. Springer!

          • Threw the satellite in the creek. Paid off Visa. Just have dialup. Learn to do without.
            Get lean. Pray.

        • You are a complete fool! Mr. Macho Man, probably top dog in your ghetto, the type, of Tour of Duty Video game, that turns pale when the first real cap pops.

          • Randy Savage IS pretty awesome. Ooooooohhhh yeah, Snap into it!

            • ooohhhhhhhhh yeahh

            • randy savage is pretty dead he snapped into a casket may 20 2011

        • Golden Rule (subsidiary of United Health, the largest commercial health insurer in US I believe), raised the premiums on my wife 36, healthy, and daughter 9, also healthy, by 49.7% this year!

          Meanwhile, the government essentially forced me to buy EMR (electron medical records) and I will pay $60,000 over 5 years for this POS software (Nextgen), which I never would have even remotely considered buying had the govt not had a gun to my head. Only after I signed the contract to Nextgen, then the hospital administrator, now fired after having run the hospital into the ground financially, suddenly employed more doctors, thinking that more doctors would bring more business to the hospital to the point I couldn’t keep the practice open because of all the competition and had to shut it down. Are the adminsitrators that dumb? Yes they are! One year later, only one is left…and you wonder how the money is being wasted in health care! The recruiters are getting $20-30K a pop to recruit doctors.
          So I pay $1334.33 a month for the next 4 years for this EMR that I no longer use. I’d rather pay extortion money to the mob.

          Thank-you politicians and Obama and corporate health care (a pure fascist co-existance) for completely fucking up health care and my career and my life.

          Then to top it off, over a year ago when my daughter went to an allergist’s office in Chesapeake, VA for a check of allergies (one visit-she doesn’t take any meds or get any treatment), Children’s Hospital of King’s Daughter’s, who is actually the owner of the allergist’s practice, sent me a “facility fee” bill last month for $473.00 – on top of all the usual office and doctor’s fees!

          Try living in Massachusetts where hospitals are tacking on these facility fees with a vengeance.

          So in addition to rising food and energy costs, now we have a sudden explosion in health care cost increases for those who can still afford insurance. But this new boondoggle will finally kill the middle class. It will take about 1 1/2 more years. By that time Obamacare will have ravaged healthcare.

          • That’s just one of the ways our wonderful socialist, Marxist,anti colonialist,bring America down a notch or twelve,racist,illegal president,will destroy this country…….did anyone watch 2016 ?

          • Anonymous wrote: “Thank-you politicians and Obama and corporate health care (a pure fascist co-existance) for completely fucking up health care and my career and my life…So in addition to rising food and energy costs, now we have a sudden explosion in health care cost increases for those who can still afford insurance. But this new boondoggle will finally kill the middle class. It will take about 1 1/2 more years. By that time Obamacare will have ravaged healthcare.”

            So very sorry to hear of your personal experiences and the failure that was forced on you. This, to a lesser degree, is something that many of us will be facing in the next 2 years.

            It IS by design. It IS part of the plan. The assault is coming from all directions — just as they planned it.

            • Stock antibiotics in large quantities and stay away from doctors and other quack frauds every chance you get.

          • Blessings to all brothers and sisters! I have worked since i was 14 yrs of age, now 53 and living in my car. Suffice it to say i dont have medical insurance or job or any family. With that said, i count my blessings that through trials and tribulations we learn or relearn to endure and overcome such with humbleness, love, and compassion. I count my situation a “blessing” from my Father who in fact 1st loved me. Peace in the name of Jesus the Lord be with each one here. I am typing on my prepaid cell phone that expires soon and i end up on a site such as this by no accident. Count all things on this fleshly worldly earth as temporary and donot allow “Things” to obscure your view. Love ALL men, even…your enemies and persecutors. In the flesh made from the dust of the the earth and marred by the potters purposeful hands such can not occur, but with the Holy Spirit of God whose WORD IS SPIRIT AND LIFE. Look above and out of mans carnal realm. Seek

          • Prepare for underground medicine. Stock huge quantities of antibiotics, ms, insulin, diuretics, HCTZ (all that’s needed for most hypertensive pts.), trauma supplies including IV (Ringers Lactate) solutions and you know the rest.

            Primum non nocere,

            Doc X

        • According to Drudge, Ohio premiums for health care are supposed to rise 80%. We can’t do that and I think TPTB are going to have trouble trying to collect that much money from people who are already struggling, fines or no fines. Sensible people knew this idiotic plan was unworkable which doesn’t seem to mean anything, anymore. No, I don’t yearn for SHTF to happen, but think it’s going to in some fashion. Too bad as I can’t take care of all my family and there are several really hard-headed members who are going to be just devastated that it all falls down around them. Also, I’ve never killed anyone and hope I don’t have to. That sounds so stark, but I’m trying to consider the possibility. IMHO, I think “One Second After” is the very best of the doomer books. Also consider “The Unit” by Terry DeHart. The female in the book makes all the rest of us look bad, but she is fictional. Norse Prepper: Got in our Big Berkey today. It’s badly dented so will have to go through the whole exchange process, but am glad it’s here and paid for. Many thanks to all of you who gave me encouragement. I’ve learned so much here and the (generally) positive atmosphere is wonderful.

      12. War is awful.
        Do what you can to avoid it.
        Be merciless and prepared if you can’t.
        Be prepared to leave all of the things you find comfortable in an instant.
        Be grateful for each day you don’t.


        • You old people eh?……You are indeed one fucked up individual. If I see you on the road to perdition in the afterlife, you an’t gonna like me much.

        • Arizonans voted for Nappy because she moved RIGHT to get elected and re-elected. But yes, Illegal immigration / amnesty is a NWO strategy to dissolve the US Constitution and merge the USA and Mexico into the NAU under UN auspices.

          Not gonna happen. Civil war comes first. Lock and load. 🙂

        • Janet needs a Dirty Sanchez. Volunteers wanted.

        • You’ve been spouting off for months about YOU being the big saviour for America.Well,lead the charge boy!

        • You’re such a little twerp I can’t take you seriously. And your generation has done WHAT for the world? Do you have a great deal of personal power to change things? Are you able to twitch your nose and cause magic to happen? Probably not, so you’re in the same situation as those of us who saw the landslide start but could do nothing to stop it.

          • His generation (the little twerp) is the one that voted the enemy in and is ignorant in general of the dangers inherent in socialism, fascism, communism and authoritarianism.

        • Yes, eisie….this indeed will be the last stand….for you. you have multiple personas so no one trusts you to say anything of import…..get over yourself or selves…and bring something to the table that no one has to re-think because it comes from you….or those who are you…..

      13. Most people have no clue how money works other than that they can use their paper money and electronic book entry money in exchange for goods and services. For that matter… most bankers don’t have a clue either. There are only a few people that know how money works and they fall into two different groups. The first group are the elite bankers and money changers that control the creation of money. They also control all the governments and people who use the money they create, and they have systematically assassinated anyone who got in their way. This is an historical irrefutable fact and goes back in time to before the days of Julius Caesar. Jesus Christ wasn’t the first person to be murdered for trying to topple the money changers. The second group are the few bright citizens that know how money works but have no power over the elite bankers and money changers and no means to either affect fundamental changes in the system or the behavior of the first group. Claiming that most people have never held a gold coin in their hand has nothing to do with anything any more than saying they have never held a Tally Stick. It’s obvious from the comments here and elsewhere that there are a few (very few) preppers lurking about that know how money works, but there is nothing any of you can do to change our corrupt money system because you are unable to play by the same rules as the corrupt rulers. There are two things you can do to mitigate the effects of the corrupt system and help soften the blow of a SHTF collapse. One is to stay out of personal debt not-with-standing our corrupt money system is a debt based currency, and use your paper FRN’s or portions of your electronic book entries to purchase hard assets (housing, transportation, food, water, guns ammo, knowledge etc…) If you have any FRN’s remaining afterwards, then buy a few gold and silver ‘shekels’ which you can pass on to your children after you die in case some smart, powerful person figures out how to destroy the monstrous, corrupt system and start using gold and silver as a bases for a government issued currency, or even Tally Sticks for that matter.

        • I’ve been wanting to express my thoughts on this as well but you put them to words. You have described the “big Picture” that not many are familiar with. Their goal is to drive us all into slavery through debt. That is why money by fiat will be maintained.

          Maybe a survival plan could be seen by following their tracks, to find out what is next on the menu. By combining the actions of big business and the central banks. It appears the another financial melt down is in the works as the hammer falls again.

          What is so puzzling is the long scope of this plan and the few un-born that may see any benefit from their actions today. I can’t seem to get my mind around this unless it involves traveling into the future. May be not of this world!

      14. OK, I’ve got to weigh in on this. One of the best articles I’ve ever read about any SHTF scenario. I don’t even mind Selco’s English skill level; i understand what he’s saying and I agree with him all the way. I have a Ruger 10/22 myself and swear by it. I have some of those plastic 25-round mags and never had any feeding issues, etc. Also have an M1 Carbine which is a proven warhorse from WW2 and Korea. I started building my ammo stock last summer and still adding to it when I can find any. I’m going to get some parts kits for both rifles. I also keep plenty of gun cleaning supplies. You can never have too many bore brushes, cleaning pads, Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent, lubricating oil, silicone cloths which are great for cleaning off excess oil from the weapon. I tend to overdo it a little with the oil on maintenance but I make damn sure my weapon is going to work. You take good care of your weapon and your weapon will take good care of you. It will be your best friend in any post-SHTF scenario. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Now your talking Braveheart.

          Ruger 10/22 are good rifles. They are prone to jam because of dirty ammo and some makers of 22 ammo are cleaner burning than others.
          Yes. Can not have enough cleaning supplies.

        • BH, try the EWL Slip 2000 on the semi bolt carrier groups. Guaranteed down to -100F. I still always do a wipedown on the surfaces with CLP breakfree. And Hoppe’s number 9, shoot, I’ve got several quart bottles. I even keep a small bowl of it by the bed I can dip my finger in and put a liitle bit under my nose (just like Vic’s) to help me sleep better.

        • Braveheat: Think about getting some BORE SNAKES in your cals. I use them all the time and when they get dirty just wash them in dawn dish washing liquid, dry and they are go to go again.

          PS: They are like pulling 100 patches though your bore every pull.

          Keep the FAITH

      15. P.S. After SHTF, there will be total breakdown of law and order and everyone will literally be on their own. There won’t be any kind of laws being enforced and the only thing that will matter is survival. If anyone comes to you with evil intentions toward you, DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT YOURSELF, FAMILY, AND SUPPLIES REGARDLESS OF ANY POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES. THAT IS THE KIND OF WORLD WE’LL BE LIVING IN AFTER SHTF. DON’T WORRY ABOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS ON SELF-DEFENSE AFTER SHTF. NOBODY WILL BE AROUND TO ENFORCE ANYTHING. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

        • Don’t talk SHOOT

          • says Tuco

      16. @ Dick


      17. Paranoid, I know you mean well and I sincerely wish i could believe there will be no war, but there’s just no way DHS would buy 2 billion bullets, weapons, military vehicles, bulletproof checkpoint booths, and training Obama’s ‘civilian national security force” WITHOUT HAVING ANY INTENTION OF USING THESE ITEMS AND ARMY AGAINST US. The federal government is gearing up for war against the people; make no mistake about that; don’t have any illusions about it. I do agree with everything else you’ve said, but remember, governments are not run by sensible people. Braveheart

        • Dear Brave: I do not argue the Gov intentions. It’s ability and sanity are other issues. To quote Eisenhower and Clausewitz: No plan survives contact with the enemy. Let them think what they wish, they cannot control this country without the support of the people not on the dole.

      18. I’m not a combat veteran and now at this age, I don’t want to be. I don’t feel worthy to call myself a veteran (1975 -1981) as I can’t carry the water for those that have been in combat.

        One of the things that this article didn’t mentioned was that when it’s civilian on civilian warfare there are no rules and there will be a special kind of brutality that a trained and disciplined western military doesn’t exhibit. Forget about rules of engagement and the Geneva Convention. Think revenge and pure unadulterated hatred being the rules of engagement.

        • Think if some street gangs used machete’s to fight with, what other horrors are below the surface.

        • You are so right. Think of Somalia and the skinny

        • @RickinOregon,

          Don’t short change yourself my brother. AMVETS has a saying “All gave some, Some gave all”. You signed a blood oath when you joined to do what was asked of you to defend your country. Just because that you were not called upon to fight does not mean you were not there if needed. If you have not taken advantage of your VA benefits, which I strongly suspect, because of your reasoning that you did nothing you are, like a lot of vets, missing the boat. Thank you for your service.


        • Rick in Oregon,
          Why are you not worthy of being called a Vet? Just because you didnt go to combat doesnt mean you are not a vet. You trained many long hours in a very important skillset that alot do not have. You did not forget the skills you learned in training.
          I wouldnt ask you to carry my water. I would ask you to fight along side me against these bastards that wish to own us.

          • I’m an honorably discharged E-5 and I have no shame in my service. I have the greatest respect for our combat veterans. My comment of not being worthy to carry their water was said out of respect for their service.

            • RickinOregon,
              Have you ever listened to Henry Shively? He is in your neck of the woods. Does a show daily at two PM on fromthetrenchesworldreport
              Appreciate the respect, it is returned to ya.
              75-81? THat was the tough years when carter was doing everything he could to destroy the military. (kind of like the bummer is now)

              • It was the bad times for those of us returning from overseas. Just glad the middle east fighters are getting some respect and welcome home.


            • @rick…as the widow of a Vietnam Vet….I can and do understand your feelings….however, I believe that my husband (if he were here) would be forever supporting the Constitution….that is what he died for….regardless of what anyone else says..including yourself…YOU are worthy and You are valuable…..especially in the coming days….

        • @rick….this is a possibility but not a “done deal”
          Best to be prepared for anything which comes our way….I, myself, have no hatred within my heart…..I just wish to be ready for anything which comes my way….lived through many hurricanes and one ef5 tornado in joplin….still here….do not allow others to determine YOUR thoughts and/or beliefs…..they belong to you alone… aware, be strong, and above all, be yourself….

      19. “I’ve always believed that the mind is the best weapon” -John Rambo

        Sounds like he and Selco are peas in a pod here

        • @Red Scare—

          you do realize “John Rambo” is not real don’t you?


      20. There will be more 40sw and 223 in the streets than cig butts…if your not packen those cals …think again…

        • I’ll get mine from the dead traitors !

          • And then trade that poodle popper stuff for a deer rifle.

            • Big X’ remember one of the things the revolution will do is give us the chance to rid our world of Pekingese, Toy Poodles, Chiwawas, and all kinds of worthless ankle biters. This does provide a use for all the crap 223 and Russian stuff. No way I’d use 30-06 or anything useful on them.

      21. Great article!…

      22. @Paranoid, yup, that’s scary. There is the chance that those things will end, and then IT starts. But in the Great Depression there were no riots, that I know of. Of course back then people were not dependant on the Fed Gov for handouts.

        Alexander Fraser Tytler,(15 October 1747 – 5 January 1813)
        “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

        • We also had 1/2 as many people. far more on farms, and most people trusted the Gov, and didn’t think it as responsible for either taking care of them or causing the problems. We also didn’t have Homeland Gestapo and our Army was tiny.

        • A democracy is tyranny of the majority, tyranny of the mob. That’s what we’ve got now. Bush, the elder, loved the word, democracy. Now all Stalinist commies, dems and repugs alike, love the word, democracy, makes ’em feel superior while totin’ X’s on their backs.

        • Just as we find quotes like those of Alexander Fraser Tytler to be timeless in their relevance, so is the word of God.

      23. I could hardly read the entire article with all the bad grammar!

        • Then dont read it and never learn.

          His bad grammar has more info then all the professor lecture you could ever go to or read.

        • How’s your Serbo-Croatian, Mr. English? What articles have you recently written in a language other than the one you were raised speaking?

          He does an excellent job presenting information in a second language. The important thing in Selco’s writing is the content, not the grammar.

        • Another over educated idiot joins the fray.

        • I love Selco’s English!! I can just about hear his accent and imagine him talking, makes it all much more visceral.

        • English,
          Shut yer gob and open your eyes and ears. Listen to what the man has to say. He has seen and experienced things I hope and pray I never do. By listening to advice he and people live him give I might, Just might be able to get through what we all know is coming. I seriously advice you to do the same. Twat.

          • People like him give

            • Hi BB long time no read. I try to read Telegraph and Guardian, but your politics are getting as screwed up as ours. It’s hard to figure who’s a conservative or liberal and who’s just nuts. I Like Nigel, UKIP he sometimes tells the truth about Europe. No one else in Europe even tries. Hope all is well.

        • Selco is not a Native English speaker. He writes as he speaks, with a Bosnian syntax. He spells some English phonetically.

          However, he lived one year under siege. He is a trained EMT or something comparable.

          Don’t read it. I am sure he isn’t insulted, at all. He survived. We should all be so fortunate if our time comes.

      24. “This third I will put into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold…”

      25. If we redo the laws…we need to put into two clauses…

        1. Sustainability of a capitalist economy

        2. Death sentence for those who ship jobs to other countries…traitors.

        There was a time if you bought a foreign car…that people fucked with it.
        Now them were patriotic values.

        • Now they are all built in Tennessee.

      26. I have to agree that “One Second After” is a scary book but contains some very valuable lessons. An oldie but a goodie is “Alas, Babylon”. I just got Glenn Beck’s “Agenda 21” from the library and read it in about three hours last evening. I have to say that I had some very bad dreams !

        • “Lights Out” is a far better indicater of what may be to come….

      27. This is what I learned to do in this order: (1) Stop, (2) Observe, (3) Think, (4) Plan, (5) Act. With practice you can go through these steps very quickly, but you have to go through each of these steps in this order. Yes, instinct and reflex is going to dominate your actions in the split seconds after the crisis begins, but with discipline and practice you can learn to take these steps in that order and it will save your life.

      28. The Ruger 10/22 is now a main battle rifle.

        • Perhaps, but I’ll still take my Semiauto BAR 30-06. or M1A

          • Paranoid: I’m with you. M1A and a 45 Kimber CDP Pro. But I have other how you say Options in the back room.

            Keep the FAITH

          • I own a ruger 10/22 not what i would use for my main battle rifle,squirrel rabbit small game, emergency, yes. If thats the only rifle I could find yes.Big heavy bullets stop mass quickly.

        • It can be. I remember a whole company of African militia with only Zip guns.

          • Zip guns are easy to make. made many back in High School. When that is all you have it will work up close.

      29. Newark considers curfews, armed guards for all businesses…

        Drudge Report

        • KY Mom,

          ….But we’re in a recovery! Bernanke said so himself! It must be so! All these naysayers around here are just trying to bring everyone down. Just because the IMF helped engineer the pillaging and plundering of Cyprus (along with every other country they’ve tried to “help”), and the IMF headquarters are right next door to the Federal Reserve in D.C. means nothing!

          I’m sure those hard working Cyprus bankers were working overtime like slaves and got a badly needed two week holiday. After all it must be strenuous work counting other people’s money all day…and night.

      30. Selco has written some eye-opening stuff on his time in shtf. Some of it is downright spooky. And it makes me feel kind of silly leaving a pointless comment of total nonsense…
        But not silly enough not to. So here goes-

        Camping With The Aliens

        My neighber Bubba, the one with the all-purple, year-round Christmas lights on his trailer, decided to take his youngest boy, and three nephews, camping. He wanted to give them some real-world training in self sufficiency. At least that’s what he said. So he loaded up a few hundred pounds of gear, a month’s worth of food, and the four youngsters. And headed out for a weekend at Lost Lake.
        The boys, all about 15, get along remarkably well. They’re all in the same grade at junior high, and they stay together constantly. They sort of remind me of the Rat Pack, except that they can’t sing. And they probably smoke more cigarettes than Dean Martin ever did. They’re basically good kids, with hardly a felony record among them. (though it’s hard to be sure, what with the juvenile identity protection laws and such). More than anything, they love to play practical jokes. On one another, and, especially, grown-ups.
        Bubba says they got to the lake about an hour before sunset last Friday. He put the boys to work, setting up camp, while he went to, uh, ‘take care of business’ in the brush. When he returned, no more than 15 minutes later, the boys had the tent pitched and the whole camp neatly set up. He was impressed.
        Then he noticed how quiet it was. Three of the four boys had vanished. BJ (Bubba jr), Raymo (named for both his granddads- Raymond and Moses), and Blister (he’s gonna be a welder, like his pa), were nowhere to be found! The only one there was Simp. His real name is Simon and they used to call him Simple Simon. Not that he’s dumb, or anything. He just ain’t that complicated a person- hence the nickname. It eventually got shortened to Simp.
        Bubba, assuming the boys had gone to ‘take care of some business’ of their own, gave them a few minutes, then asked Simp where they’d gone.
        Simp, who never gets excited about Anything, looked at his uncle with those sad eyes and said, slowly, “I believe they was kidnapped…yessir, Uncle Bubba….that’s what happem to ’em.”
        Bubba was frantic at first. Then, remembering the boy’s penchant for practical jokes, he calmed down. “Who got them?” he asked. “Was it a space alien….a bear…the government?” He was a bit concerned that they were out in the woods alone, but he wasn’t gonna set himself up for a prank.
        Simp said, in his distinctive slow drawl, “Wellsir….I thank it was a alien….tweren’t no bear….yep, it was a alien….I don’t know if’n he was from the guvermint or not.”
        Just then, a rock sailed into camp and landed at Bubba’s feet. It was wrapped in a paper. He picked it up, removed the crumpled page and read: ‘This here is a ransum note. We are from a distant plannett and we aim to do some experimentin’ on these here boys. Don’t come after us. This is our ransum demand- leave us be for a couple days to run our tests and we’ll return the yougins to you safe and sound. If you try to rescue them, you will never see them again. Just let us do our experiments on them. We won’t do ’em no permanent harm. Signed, Some Aliens’
        Bubba decided to play along. He’d let the boys stay out of camp for a while. They’d eventually get hungry and come back on their own.
        When he woke up Saturday morning, Simp already had the bacon frying on the fire. He was shocked to see the other boys had not returned. He bagan to worry.
        Simp just said, “I rekon they’ll be back tomorra…best we don’t spook them aliens into hurtin them…I found one of Raymo’s boots out back of the tent…the aliens must be gonna do some testin’ on his feet or somethin’…do ya want some eggs, Uncle?”
        As Saturday dragged by, Bubba became increasingly frantic. The boys had no food. Not even any water. They couldn’t possibly be still hiding in the woods. They must have really been taken! He was beside himself. He couldn’t go looking for them, considering the demands on the ransome note. But what if the aliens didn’t return them? How would he explain to his wife that their only son was kidnapped by aliens?
        By Sunday afternoon, Bubba was in shock. He stumbled around camp in a daze, not knowing what to do. It didn’t help matters when he found Raymo’s other boot near the camp.
        Simp didn’t seem the least bit concerned. He methodically packed up the camping gear and loaded it in the car. He said, “Don’t worry, Unk….They’ll be back soon, I reckon….The aliens said they’d give ’em back in two days….unless…maybe they lied…do aliens lie, Uncle Bubba?”
        Just then, there was a crash in the brush and the three missing boys came running into camp! “We got away! We got loose!”
        Bubba was overcome with joy! There were hugs and tears and a constant jabber as everybody talked at once. the lads had some fantastic tales about the aliens, and their ship! Bubba was spellbound by the details of the ship. More than anything, though, he was relieved.
        On the way home, he cautioned the boys, “Don’t never tell nobody you got kidnapped by aliens. They’ll think you’re crazy. And especially you, BJ. Your momma would skin me if she ever found out I let you get taken by the aliens. So, just swear to never mention it to her.” Bubba Jr swore he’d say not a word.
        I was over at his house when they returned form the trip. Bubba pulled me aside and told me of the kidnapping, knowing I’d never tell anyone about it. He then busied himself unloading the gear. As he was putting the tent back in the garage, I overheard the boys. They were clustered near the car trunk and evidently didn’t see me in the darkness.
        Blister said, “Dammit, Simp! You know we only had three fake IDs to get in the honky tonk at Tulsa. Besides, we had to leave one of us behind to babysit Uncle Bubba. I swear you can go next time!”
        Bj said, “And my Dad! I was worried how I’d explain the weekend to Mom. Then Dad swears me to silence! This is too good!”
        Raymo lit a cigarette and said, “Man! What a weekend! Road trip to Tulsa, and NOBODY to have to alibi to about it! We got to do this more often!”
        Simp said, “Tell me again, Raymo…how much did they give ya for winnin’…and, how’d you win that line dance contest in your bare feet?”

        • Crazy old man.

          • It’s more fun that way!

      31. Thanks Mac for this article.
        It goes in line with what I thinking about today…
        How far can you walk?For how long?
        How many days?Now add a heavy pack.
        Thats just the physical part…you need mental endurance and spiritual endurance as well.

      32. Easy Survival Bread
        Like all things survival you need to LIVE IT day to day, not just stick it in a closet and hope you never have to use it! If you’re storing wheat and all hell breaks loose….what do you do? Bake bread of course! But do you know how?

        If you are new to baking your own bread it can seem like a daunting task but it really isn’t. You don’t need yeast, sugar, baking soda, or really anything but flour and water. Everything else is optional. Here’s a basic recipe to get you started.

        1 cup of fine whole wheat flour (buy from store or grind your own)
        2 tbsp. of olive oil (optional, also regular vegetable oil works too)
        1 tsp. salt (optional, add more or less to taste)
        1/2 cup of water

        Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and scoop it together into a ball. Lightly dust a cookie sheet, rock, or other flat surface with flour. Pour the dough ball out and knead for 5 mins. Roll out to about 1/8″ thin and bake at 350F for 20 mins.

        Powers out? No oven? Put it in a Dutch oven instead and cook it over a fire. No Dutch oven? Throw it on a heated flat rock – or even in the ashes if you don’t mind some grit and charcoal flavoring – and flip it a couple of times till lightly brown and firm.

        This will serve about 3-4 people if eaten as a side with a meal, or make about 2 sandwiches.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Thanks for the recipe. We need more like this in these times!! You can also cook meat, pounded thin, on a heated flat rock. German restaurants that serve farm raised venison bring the rock to your table so you can cook your venison and veggies on the rock.

          • That sounds good and makes perfect sense. Venison is best cooked quick and hot and served rare, anyway. No need to pound, just slice it thin enough, but not so thin it gets tough because it was too well done. Take it off while still juicy. It will continue to cook off the heat if it is already hot.

        • Thanks! I can and have made our own bread hundreds of times, but that was with a dependable gas range, pre-measured yeast and a clean and handy counter for kneading. I’ve made pancakes on top of our wood stove, which was tricky, but I also had all the necessary ingredients and a metal spatula, plus no one was taking potshots at me. I’ll try your recipe in one of the dutch ovens. Know I can make good cobbler and great beef stew in them, but I keep remembering that the stew meat was top grade then, and handily chopped for me by our butcher. Camping with the kids has been great training, but I need more practice in the basics. This will be fun and I appreciate the kick in the pants plus the recipe.

      33. Boss Hog, I haven’t had any .22 here in memphis since January. i practice in my backyards on the weekends with a .177 pellet pistol. At least the pellets and CO2 cartridges are still available. I saw something like this coming last year regardless of which scum puppet got elected. I started stockpiling .22 and 2 other calibers and only stopped because of the panic buying emptying all the shelves. We can thank Obama and his fellow scum gun grabbers for that with them starting talking all that trash right after Election Day. I’m saving all my ammo for the war that’s coming. braveheart

        • No 22 ammo in NW Ohio, either. 38 can be found once in awhile, and some shotgun shells. Haven’t seen 223 in a long time. The smaller towns have reasonable prices for the times, which is exactly opposite of how it used to work.

          Reading about “One Second After” reminds me…does anyone know a good dog food brand for long term storage? We need (and love) our dog and she has to eat. Thank God we don’t have any serious or exotic diseases with which to deal. Only encroaching arthritis, but if my grandmother could do it all, so can I.

          • Costco now has dog and cat food that is already packaged for
            long term storage

            • It seem to be a good food we are trying it now for our dogs that can get food themselves. And they seem to like it enough

            • Thanks!

          • @ Vicky…..I do the same for my Shepard as I do for myself in regard to preps….I buy the food she likes in large bags and I always have several bags on hand….I use one and rotate and restock…..I rather think that dry food would last a long time, although I am not sure of this….but in the event that all of it runs out after time, she will eat what I eat (even though I do not now give her “people” food often). I do not have much in my preps that I do not eat on a regular basis…, rotate and restock….makes it easy for me and I am not paying an immense amount of money on “pre-prepped items”

            • Yeah..better keep those dogs healthy… you may need to consume them after your collapse happens.

              • @allie….attempted to give you thumbs down but site would not allow me to do so… just for the record, you have a huge thumbs down from me….

                • Old broad. The government is making it so thumbs up and down are reversed. You are being watched.

      34. When push comes to shove….push back. If that does not work…shove back. There is no solution if there is no combined, cohesive effort…..when you need to survive, you will be amazed at what you know, that you did not KNOW you knew….when the time comes…the mindset must come first….sadly, you cannot “make” others understand, and, so, they must be left behind to fend for themselves…brings new meaning to loved ones, doesn’t it? The bottom line is, once you have made you opinions known to your family, they can take that info and run with it or they will ridicule you muchly…..but they will then expect YOU to care for them……it is hard to turn away anyone, much less any family, but… you really want to have anyone in your group who cared not to prepare for themselves? Food for thought….as I have been thinking this myself today…..

        • I really like you, FOB. Wish you, Daisy and Ky Mom lived close to me, or vice-versa. Think we would be unbeatable and a credit to the human race. Some of the guys on the site are pretty awesome as well. Too bad we’re scattered all over the country.

          • Vicky..thank you for your kind words…I like you as well…I am thinking that there may be a reason we are all so far apart ….perhaps we are to be way stations for the new underground railroad… give aid and comfort to the freedom fighters and to those who are attempting to get to another location safely….

      35. Oh no, another “Alamo Fantasy” article. A list of combat zone “what’ if’s” that is of little practical value to anyone who doesn’t already know this stuff. 99.9% of us are never gonna be involved in guerilla warfare, much less traditional combat, but reading material like this sure makes for wasteful daydreaming.

        Join the military or do some serious hiking and physical labor. Deprive yourself of food, water, sleep, comfort, and train, train, train if you are inclined to do so. If you are not ex-military or doing these things already, reading about it will only serve to make your imagination run wild.

        • And we are being a dick today why?

        • Had stomach surgery once, was off alcohol and chocolate for over a week, deprivation is awful, no Twinkies for over a month now, how much worse can it get?

          • Twinkie will be back on the shelves soon. Life can continue.

          • You could be dead. That bad enough for you?

            • Nope, I’m old enough that dead is little to fear, it’s not that far over the hill. Hot, fast, bright and with a boom, is just fine. That’s another reason the Gov should follow the LAW. Needs to keep us law abiding people on their side.

        • @22winmag—- he is just another one who is selling something by using fear… like all these sites do.

      36. I know JuJitsu. Actually I don’t. They don’t fall for my bluff and that is why I always got my ass kicked.

        Need to know what to do. Find a defense mechanism you are comfortable with. It can be anything, but learn it.

        Watch for hands….chop, chop, chop. Now say your sorry.

        • ouch! I didn’t mean it! Now, just take my lunch money and go!

        • Martial Arts are great, but a sucking chest wound takes the fight out of anyone!

          • True that, and well beyond my ability to cure.

          • And that’s why you want something big and not hollow points. In one side and out the other, damn sure takes the fight to another level.

            I’m thinkin’ .44 and/or .45.

            • I load up 150 gr. Barnes Tipped Triple Shocks and MPGs for the .308 main gun and 230gr Remington Golden Sabres for the .45 side arm. I also run with Barnes 55gr MPG frangibles and 62gr TSX for the backup.

              These rounds are pure destruction.

            • On 45 If you are talking about gov 230 grain slug at 810 FPS. save your money, Hollow points are more than you need. 44 same issue, you can load them hot enough; HP is really little improvement. If you get down to 9MM (38) You have a small and fast enough slug that HP can be of real use, Myself In my 9MM first three are hollow points and rest are penetraters. I always figured if I didn’t get them with three, they either had vests or were behind something; and I wanted to come visit them.

        • 15 months in Dojos in Okinawa and that’s why I’m always armed with a handgun with a big hole down the barrel, .44 or .45.

          In Budo, a .45 to the chest beats Ate every time, particularly when punks meet an old guy.

          1911-A1, don’t leave home without it.

          Semper Fi

      37. Please Google “joe Mitchell rant”. This moron has a bright political future here in Alabama.

        • fkin savage…when a race elevates society’s vices into virtues, scum like this political cancer can take reelection from his local constituents of the same race for granted.

        • Shifty- I saw that. Mitchell is a pathetic excuse for a legislator. Even by today’s standards. Obviously not too bright, either. Does he really think a race war would result in anything less than the extinction of his kind?

      38. This is the most realistic article I have ever read on combat by a civilian. It is interesting that he can back to using weapons other than firearms and firearms in ways other than shooting them. By far the most memorable fight I ever had involved using an M4 like a baseball bat. Learning to use a common weapon well on moving targets seems obvious but is something even combat arms types fail to train on. There is a big difference between shooting a stationary target and a guy in the dark who is moving towards you while 10 other important things are happening.

      39. Because the news that is put out can sometimes be overwhelming, take some time or a break, to step back and decide where you need to place your hardearned “ducketts” at. Firearms, food, water, medical, seeds, herbs, food storage containers, food storage equipment, food prep/cooking equipment, communications, power, tools, sanitation, etc. The list goes on. At some point and time you are going to have to barter with others. There is no other way. Try not to let it overwhelm you but then please don’t be smug if you see some one else suffering due to the lack of something. You’ll have to use your best judgement, but remember ain’t nuthin’ guaranteed. Stay safe!

      40. If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.

        If you’re not loading, you should be moving.

        If you’re not moving, you’re dead.

      41. Can’t read this guy’s shitty English and take the article seriously.


        They have regional instructors in 20 states that train exactly the way Selco is suggesting.

        Stop being a mall ninja pussy and take some classes from these guys….even career LEO’s and AD service members come away from these courses saying “holy crap,they’d never let us do that at ##@##$@$$4”




        All the liberals do NOT remember their history.

        Today, they pat down your private parts at the air port…
        What next, then after that and so on.

        Stay armed and that is the check and balance against tyrants.
        They fear the cross hairs of 150 million armed Americans.

        • Liberals, Stalinist commies, know their history very well. They want to be the executioners, killers.

          They’ve got their work cut out for them, however. Deer hunters behind every tree.

          Lay in plenty of 30/30 catridges for the bastards.

      44. Excellent article! I think the main theme is you can’t plan for everything and life will be very fluid. I think the main thing is to have conviction in your mind that you will do whatever it takes to defend yourself and your loved ones.

        I pray the SHTF never happens. There will be too much pain, suffering and death.

        God bless,

        • We pray the same. We’re old enough to remember the peaceful times and regret their passing, but young enough to want to stick around in relative peace and some comfort, although that may just disappear. We also have more useful things to teach our kids. They will have to totally reinvent the wheel if we’re gone. Every time I see my granddaughters and youngest sons glued to their I Phones and I Pads, I think an EMP wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

          My Big Berkey came in today. Badly damaged in transit and am preparing the freight claim now. I’m not letting go of it until the new one arrives since my husband can do anything and I suppose the unit can be repaired if it has to be. Thanks for your encouragement and advice.

          • @Vicky- PLEASE DO NOT rely on that Berkey. Go on amazon just for starters and type in black berkey filters and start to read. The Stainless part is ok…the filter are JUNK and will not do as stated. Dont take my word for it, start to read. The doulton filters will fit in the berkey.

      45. Very informative article.
        Most folk here will most likely die off in the first two-three days of shtf because of mental unpreparedness.
        Here in Africa, things change overnight. I’ve seen someone get sprayed with bullets in Northern Kenya because food was so scarce yet he was found having a shit but couldn’t give up the rest of his food stash. Poor guy had just arrived from a war ravaged province. Fleeing from urban centres to the wild means a poacher’s bullet may kill you, if you are unlucky to survive the bullet/spear/machete injury, a hyena clan or lion pride will trace you by smell of blood and chew you alive.

        • I had forgotten about the 4 legged dangers there.

      46. Evening All,

        On the solar front…we will have a busrt of new spot regions entering the terrestrial LOS (Line-of-sight) over the next 6 days. There are at least 7 groups now so identified as being imminent in the period. the current leading area has been identified as a rapid-growth region and will emerge into view over the next 24 hours along the north-east limb. Thereafter, the disribution will be both northern and southern randomly.

        As I mentioned some few weeeks ago the measured Penticton solar flux has in the several month prior been eerily regular in terms of the observed pattern of increase/decrease. As of of 12 days ago we have seen that to depart completely from any identifiable pattern. As of yesterday the obseved flux reached a 6 month low and with the advancing spot groups noted above, should be on track to shortly begin a pattern of increasing activity again. Given the irregularity we have seen, ie, the departure from the previous metronome-like predictable pattern, little can be inferred at this time. Watchfulness is warranted over the next week…

        Additionally, another GRB was recorded several hours ago…no light curve is as yet available at the Repository by which such can be assessed. Will post tomorrows AM as that becomes available.


        • You may as well be speaking Japanese. Just like the article above, your info is of no practical value to 99.9% of the population.

          • Hmmm,

            S’Ok…How about this?

            New spots coming (lots)…activity increasing… unexpected solar behaviour.

            Does that do it?


            • thanks jog! even i understood your first report. very kind of you to explain it to the whiney 2 year-old 🙂

        • Thank you JOG! Always look forward to your solar reports!

        • Thanks. You and “Be Informed”, as our resident scientists, are valuable to the community and your posts are appreciated.

          • @ Vicky. Just One Guy is all right in my book too. Had another earthquake on a plate boundary at Antarctica/Indian Ocean border at ONLY 4.7. This is the 9th earthquake out of 10 in the past 2 weeks that says Mexico. 4 Days after this region was hit on Dec.7, 2011, Mexico had a 6.5 earthquake. So the plates are saying look out Mexico, Central America down to Central Chile, a big quake is coming. Of course New Guinea to Fiji was also in the recent target zone along with Japan, but more so southern Japan. It still seems to be pointing to the zone between Guadalajara to Acapulco in Mexico as the most probable area to get hit next. Most of Mexico still stands in danger though.

            @ Everyone. JustOneGuy might just be the person that alerts us before a near planet wide EMP from the Sun hits and nails civilization. I sure appreciate his efforts to keep us ready and informed about the solar activity.

      47. Ever wondered how the ‘Flash Crash’ actually happened…
        …wonder no more…Here it is Folks, the Final, DEFINITVE analysis of the “Flash Crash”, up over at the ‘Hedge,

        Damn HFT is gonna get us ALL killed……


      48. Evening Bi,

        Some new activity at El Hierro,

        El Hierro is waking up..Island moved back to ‘Yellow Aleart’ Status

        While I’m here BI. I just had a comm with Mac. He indicates that he is NOW attempting to get the PM ‘up and running’ here…probable availabilty in roughly a week. I would VERY much like to discuss some things with you, at your convenience…if you were so inclined. PM me (or vice-versa) as that becomes operant Friend!

        🙂 Oh Thank You Lord!….err, Mac!


      49. The V.A. IS WHERE VETERANS GO TO DIE !!!





        • Dont start this crap again.

          • oooh … i’m just gettin’ warmed up @fagboypuss

            ;0P pssszzt

            • Now there is the Nina I expect. Boss must be out today.

      50. Just an idea on gun registration; they should register criminals who use a weapon (gun), in the commission of a crime, just like they do sex offenders.

        Leave law abiding citizens the H-LL alone.

        Keep the FAITH

      51. One of the nastiest wounds and probably the worst nightmare for a surgeon is an “ICE PICK” wound I saw frequenly used in Iraq by several people. It woud’nt hurt to have one in a bugout bag or one near when the old weapon jams, especially for a woman’s defense. In othe words he may not go down NOW, but he will eventually bleed out in some ally…just a thought folks !

        • grunt sgt.,
          ice pick, good idea. ANything that creates a deep hole is a good idea. Preferably rusty also.
          Try to get em in the chest or head. 🙂

          • Or any fatty area where bacteria can breed.

          • For the women
            Go for the inside thigh, Below the ribs (Soft Meat.) Neck.

            Skull to hard and harder to get too. Chest Rib defect more than you thich plus you must get inside of the attackers arms.

            Think inside thigh and then think out the rest.

            • FB,
              when they stoop to go for the thigh they make themselves vulnerable to a head blow. Aim for the chest or skull. You always want to remain upright looking at your attacker.
              If you puncture a lung they stand a chance of a collapsed lung. They are not coming after you with one good lung and air and fluids mixing in the other one. Have you ever been smashed in the head full force by anything? It stuns you quickly, and hurts bad, now imagine it is a sharp object. It WILL crack the skull and cause damage.
              Hopefully you get em with your firearm befoe you need any of this, but as a last resort…

              • oops, sorry about the ebonics, replace befoe with before 😉

              • I was politely saying when the attacker has your hair and is forcing you to his crouch the inner thigh is open to termnianal attack. It easier to cut or rip than to bite.

            • Other good targets for sharp objects: Throat and eyes.

      52. This article aptly proves the point that those with the will,luck,perseverance,and ability to adapt just might survive the outcome…

        Survival is a ongoing education so to speak.

        We are taught ,as concealed carry holders, to always assess our surrounding every minute of the day..scan your instincts..always be prepared mentally and physically.
        Practice, drill and practice again drawing your sidearm and aiming …day in and day out..

        I have learned valuable lessons from this site and others on all aspects of preparedness..

        The first step is becoming aware of the situations at hand..then take the necessary steps to address them..
        Quite simple for those who wish to prevail.

        Afterall, Selco was not trained to survive..he adapted.



      53. Cyprus Banks Reopen With Capital Restrictions

        “They have stolen our money,” Mr. Lucas told Sky News.
        “I have been working for 60 years. I am 80 years old. I cannot work again for my living – they have cut the lot.
        “Our money, our social insurance – they have cut them. How are we going to live?”

        Another Cypriot, Stelios, came out of the bank empty handed. “I tried to get my February wages and they gave me a piece of paper only,” he said.

        “My old parents didn’t get their pension.”

        “Cash withdrawals and other transactions are subject to tough restrictions, introduced by the country’s Finance Ministry in an effort to avoid a run on the banks.”

        “Large depositors face losses of as much as 40% of their savings as part of the deal, leading to fears that customers would attempt to withdraw large amounts of money when the banks reopened.”

        “As a result, strict capital controls include a withdrawal limit of 300 euros (£253) a day and a ban on cashing cheques.”

        Sky News (Link on Drudge Report)

        • Banks have become more important than the people that they serve.
          I’m going to avoid them whenever possible.

          • Are banks burning?

        • If you are trying to subtly stir up anger and fear by posting this off topic news summary, please stop.

          What happened in Cyprus is now being roundly criticized by every credible financial commentator of which I am aware. The other shoe is yet to drop on this situation, which is that Cyprus may well still exit the Euro currency.

          What happened in Cyprus happened because of four little words: “They have no guns.”

          And that is why their type of disaster is not likely to happen here….that, and the fact that Obama is not supported, liked, trusted, or listened to by a majority of Americans. He is, I believe, being allowed to continue his little games and live high on the hog at taxpayer expense only for so long as he does not threaten the core of what makes this country strong and functioning. He can attack our religion, our morals, our values and our economy all he wants — with words. When push comes to shove, he and his entire house of cards will crumble. Even his compromised little lap dog Brennan, as the new CIA director, cannot protect him. The good guys outnumber the bad guys and always have — that’s why this country became the superpower and still is the superpower, disinformation and communist propaganda notwithstanding.

          Stirring up, or introducing into the mix, non-applicable fear mongering is not helpful to an intelligent discussion of events.

          • Anonymous,

            I am not “trying to subtly stir up anger and fear” as you suggest. I am just report news information that I think others here might find of interest.

            This country has already seen bank runs and a depression. So, don’t imply that it could not happen here.

            I did not add any commentary, just info from the article.

            Since you brought up Obama…
            Obama may not be well liked or trusted by many, but he has power and influence as President. As you say, the ‘house of cards’ may crumble. In the meantime, the direction and laws being promoted and passed by this administration is doing great damage to this country.

            But, Obama stated he intended to … fundamentally change this country.

            • You don’t read well or know your U.S. history or understand the constitutional separation of powers very well, do you?

              For all intents and purposes, Obama has been politically neutered. He’s just riding out his term, taking advantage of all of the luxury benefits he and his family can possibly derive from the presidency, and obeying his handlers when and as ordered. Where were you when the train whizzed past bearing the blazing neon signs exposing Obama as dumb, lazy, narcissistic and incompetent? He is anything but powerful and influential, as you suggest.

              Whose side are you on, by the way?

              And just wondering….does the “KY” stand for Kentucky, or for something else, like KuKluxKlan/White Supremacist?

              Have a nice day.

              • Anonymous,

                I read very well thank you. I also know and understand U.S. history quite well. I am a former teacher.

                Maybe you should spend some more time reading history.

                Go on ‘thinking’ and ‘believing’ that Obama is powerless if it makes you happy. Meanwhile, don’t be shocked as this administration continues to promote and pass laws that infringe upon our freedoms and further weaken our country.

                I am not a racist as you suggest.

                Just so you know…KY stands for Kentucky.

                Have a great day!
                KY Mom

                • KY Mom ~

                  You must be doing something right. You have your own pet troll. 😉


            • Change indeed, from commie light to Stalinist commies.

              “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Straight out of “The Communist Manifesto.”

              Obama’s salute, a mixed metaphor, “Sieg Heil, Comrades.”

          • You live in a dream world.

          • @Anonymous…yeah but this whole site exists on fear.

      54. FBI plans to spend $100 million on ammo
        Quarter-billion new rounds also slated for DHS

        wnd dot com
        (link on Drudge Report)

      55. Learn how to be the hunted. You will need to be hyper vigilant all the time. And your tricked out ar15 is about as good as an old sks. People do not care about you or what you believe. Its called survival for a reason it ain’t living like we are now. Watch wild animals to get an idea. Animals always have escape in mind. They are always alert to change in their area. Predators know these things as well. Human predators are worse. Humans can think and plan. BTW there are no medals or parades for heroes. So don’t even think about being one. Get your head wrapped around being hunted. And do whatever it takes to live.

        • The wife and mother in me finds that horrifying, even while I know it’s good advice.

        • There are 20,000,000 of us that have served in the armed forces and we aren’t any better than the country boy of ole Hank’s song, “…a shotgun, a rifle, and a 4 wheel drive, a country boy can survive.”

          I don’t know anyone who has a monopoly on poppin’ a cap and we own about 400,000,000 firearms, mostly Hank’s type and they sure as hell aren’t commie calibers.

          Semper Fi

        • excellent advice ed. even watch your own cats if you have any. they are always vigilant about things.

      56. All good observations above from real combat experience.

        The biggest problem with most people is their distorted sense of reality as a result of a lifetime of watching TV and films with fake violence. Real violence and warfare is nothing like you see in movies. Absolutely nothing like movies.

        Most people will be thrown into a state of total shock and mental confusion in a real-time violent, battle scenario. And as the military knows, training is the only defense you have to mentally overcome the shock and start to act.

        People do not realise how noisy weapons are in confined spaces such as hallways. In fact, the concusion from the shock waves will leave you disoriented. Many do not realise how hard it is to hit a target at a distance, especially under pressure and if you are either very cold or very hot or out of breath. As a former machine gunner, I know what it is like to have repeated jams when you do not want it. In fact, in battle everything tends to go wrong just when you need everything to go right. In short, you need to be quick to improvise and adapt. I have seen cocky troops thinking they were really cool doing a fast retreat over a bridge with a jeep, only to lose control and flip it, and ending up paralysed for life.

        In short, most people have no idea.

        • Frank your absolutely right I have seen guys draw a complete blank in a firefight even with experience. Luckily it was only momentary and he had others around to cover him. I have also seen some unbelievable bravery from guys you wouldn’t expect it from. Best thing a person can do is find another brother in arms. They have a differant mindset from the normal person. If you haven’t experienced it you actually will not understand.
          Thanks for your service brother.

        • Frank
          4 year prepper says:
          That is why my son cautioned me against getting a gun vault with a combination. His children are 4 1/2 and 7 years old. I have my gun fully loaded and by my bedside

          He reminded me that in times like that people panic and can’t remember phone numbers, combinations,etc.
          He said for me to get one that recognizes my finger prints. I am in mid 70’s anyhow and it wouldn’t be wise to rely on my aging memory.

          The noise in a confined space is something I never knew and hope I can remember it if some punk pokes a head into my private chambers.

          I just wish everyone would read this site. I have learned so much listening to all you folks that wish us all well. With so much wisdom and knowledge from these learned people there is reason not to feel that we will be the winners in the long run.
          God Bess you all

          4 year prepper

      57. This is where training is so important; you need to react at the point of contact whether it’s sight, sound or smell. Asses your situation in 9 seconds and take action on the 10th second. That’s the speed of Battle and the looser is usually dead.

        Even the most highly trained troops don’t know how they will react to actual real combat individually. What we do know is the majority will act the way they were trained. Make no mistake War, Combat is a young mans game!!

        As for your weapon, its a tool and sooner or later it will fail of something. Redundancy, standardization and spare parts are your best defense. I think I’ve seen as many weapons broken in combat as I’ve seen on off road creeps and marches. The most common being just a trip and fall on the weapon. Walking through unfamiliar terrain at the high or low ready isn’t easy and neither is running and gunning. Worse yet, its also very dangerous to train that way with live ammo and most people don’t have the blanks. Air Soft is a good training tool for CQD and close urban combat, but you just can’t feel it, the concussion and sound of multiple weapons being used in a confined space can rattle your brain.

        My advice is buy quality and buy 2 of each weapon you buy. Standardize weapons and calibers and limit your calibers to no more then 5. 9mm, .40 or .45. 12ga., .22LR, 5.56/223, 7.62/308 or 7.62×39 or 54 those are the most common and if you run across someone else cache’ its likely those.

        Know who you will be up against. In a local, national or global event you will likely be up against a mostly untrained golden hoard. I believe its highly unlikely you will be up against the US Military in a National or Global event. Yes you could face them in a local or maybe a regional event, but the regional would be pushing the operational limits.

        • Patriot One: I’ll put a little FRN on the one you will most face are AK-47’s.

          keep the FAITH

          • If I’m right it will likely be a hungry mob armed mostly with hand guns, sporting equipment, axes, machetes and pitch forks. Most of the gang banger’s will have already killed each other.

      58. Nelson Mandella is back in the hospital. May he choke to death on his own vomit. He is a communist. He is a racist. He was a terrorist, blowing up civilians. He would still be a terrorist but the communists won with the help of the US Government. Land of the free? Really?

        • Nelson Mandella had every right to blow up civilians. A society who would deny people human rights does not deserve the right to life either. He should have murdered more apartheid era whites.

          • This statement from the one who always says “you can’t put a black man in charge of anything!” You have officially identified yourself as the largest troll on this site. Why anybody would take you seriously is beyond comprhension.

        • I wonder if the “night of the long knives” is still planned for the night of his demise???
          If so, it is going to be bloody and brutal for a disarmed populace.

      59. Some of the economic figures have come in…and it’s not good.
        Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Misses Expectations, Still Contracting
        Last month’s print was a brutal -10, this month was expected to be -3, came at -5

        As well, Chicago PMI Tumbles As Production Plunges To September 2009 Levels,

        …”which tumbled from 56.8 to 52.4, the lowest since December and far below expectations
        of a 56.5 print – the biggest miss in 11 months.”

        Doesn’t seem to be what the MSM portratys everyday, does it? Not one of the various figures given by the Philadelphia, Dalls or other regional sections has shown anything pther than a faltering, failing economy.

        This will not end well Folks…Do for yourselves, Do it now…


        • F.O.A.D. punk

          • Your pathological hatred of me manifests itself on a daily basis.

            • In case you haven’t noticed,he’s joined by the majority of readers of this site.

      60. Thank you. Just one other point: don’t buy a weapon with a stock made of plastic. Was once in the field with soldiers who had a variation on the M16 with a plastic stock. It was very hot and we had been outside for a few hours. When they re-boarded the Deuce and the rifle slammed the side, it broke like a child’s toy.

        • Frank Thoughts, M16 clones are POS toys and fools pay $2,000 and up for them. And they spray brass all over the hillside.

          Pick up every round of brass.

          Teach your youngsters to own and shoot deer rifles, lever action 30/30s and bolts, and powerful calibers, mostly .30 cal or better. Hand load for them, and have all the tools for casting bullets for them.

          Buy all the scrap lead and wheel weights you can.

          Semper Fi

      61. You people need to be buying canning equipment; pressure canner,hot water bath canners, cases of mason jars both quart and pint size and boxes of extra lids. Grow your own food. Buy guns and ammo. Get out from under the thumb of the bankers and fascists.

        • Fascists and Stalinsit commies are two sides of the same coin. American commies don’t like the term Stalinist commies so use that term, it pisses ’em.

        • The problem with canning is that I can’t stand over-cooked food. Before it is even finished the canning process, it is overcooked. The hot water bath only works if the pH is low enough. I suppose that’s fine if you like all your food pickled.

          I find dehydrating and then vacumn sealing a much better option for preserving food that I would enjoy eating later. Sure, I will need more water but at least I will get to savour my food. The other advantage is that the space requirements are reduced for dehydrated versus canned.

      62. No-doubt about it, this really is the most financially rewarding Ive ever done. Make money with Google. I’m a full time student. I actually started six months/ago and almost straight away got me at least $80 per hour. I work through this link,,

        • SPAM ALERT!!!!!!

      63. Can anyone confirm this posting from theblaze where Tim Raulson shows off his ammo adapters…

        Posted on March 28, 2013 at 12:35am
        “I just heard something this eve that really ticks me off. For those of you that aren’t aware of this, DHS is now going into gun stores & pawn shops and buying up the entire inventories of ammo and some weapons. It happend here just this week in a central FL pawn shop that I know of. Also, a friends family member was up in the midwest @ a Cabelas buying handgun ammo. he had continued his shopping before cashing out and when he came up to the counter to pay up, DHS people had come in and bought the entire invenory of ammo on the shelves.

        This is a fact jack! Looks like they really don’t want us to have ammo. get what you can & do it fast. these bastids are up to no good.. This obama admin is sick!


        • @Worrying Comment-

          If you read it on the internet, it must be true. Does that sound feasable to you that DHS is out at Local Gun-shops buying guns?
          Might it take a few million agents to do this? Does it sound FEASABLE?

      64. For you 10/22 guys. The factory extractor loses is edge very quickly. Replace it with the Volquartzen piece to end stove-piping and jams. I rarely clean my 10/22 and it never has feed failures.

      65. Slavo, you are spreading massive levels of propaganda. Anybody that listens to you is an absolute fool.

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