The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions Of Preppers Preparing Feverishly For The End Of The World As We Know It?

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    In America today, there are millions of “preppers” that are working feverishly to get prepared for what they fear is going to happen to America. There is a very good chance that some of your neighbors or co-workers may be preppers. You may even have noticed that some of your relatives and friends have been storing up food and have been trying to convince you that we are on the verge of “the end of the world as we know it”. A lot of preppers like to keep their preparations quiet, but everyone agrees that the prepper movement is growing. Some estimate that there are four million preppers in the United States today. Others claim that there are a lot more than that. In any event, there are certainly a lot of preppers out there. So exactly what are all these preppers so busy preparing for?

    Well, the truth is that the motivation for prepping is different for each person. Some preppers believe that a complete collapse of the economy is coming. Others saw what happened to so many during Hurricane Katrina are are determined not to let that happen to them. Some preppers just want to become more independent and self-sufficient. There are yet others that are deeply concerned about “end of the world as we know it” scenarios such as terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, killer pandemics, alien invasions, World War III or EMP attacks.

    But whatever the motivation is, the prepper movement is clearly growing. Today, millions of Americans are converting spare rooms into storage pantries, learning how to grow survival gardens and stocking up on everything from gas masks to auxiliary generators.

    Recently, the Salina Journal gathered together about two dozen preppers. What they found is that there is a tremendous amount of diversity among preppers, but that they also clearly share a common passion….

    It was a diverse bunch. All different shapes, sizes, ages, gender and political persuasions.

    Some were ex-military. Some never served. Some were unemployed, some had jobs. A few were retired.

    But they all shared a common bond: They call themselves Preppers, and they had gathered to share ideas, demonstrate various skills, enjoy each other’s company and to put faces to the online names they use to disguise their identity.

    Never before in U.S. history have we seen anything like this. We are at peace and most of us still have a relatively high standard of living and yet millions of Americans feel called to start preparing for the worst.

    A lot of preppers don’t like to publicize the fact that they are prepping. As the Salina Journal discovered, a lot of preppers try very hard to keep their prepping to themselves…..

    They are trying to keep their passion for prepping hidden from neighbors and, in some cases, employers who they said would frown on their association with such a group. Two admitted their appearance here would probably get them fired if their companies found out.

    Many people believe that it takes a lot of money and resources to be a prepper, but that is not necessarily the case.

    For some, the best way to get prepared is to radically simplify things.

    For example, a recent article posted on Yahoo Finance profiled a man that lives in his RV and that survives on about $11,000 a year….

    I had an apartment in Burbank and was the typical Los Angeles apartment dweller. I started to feel a strong desire to simplify my life. I had a garage full of stuff I never used, my closets were full, and I started to see that it was costing me money to have an apartment big enough to hold all the stuff I never use.

    My initial plan was to scale back and move into a smaller apartment. Before long, I realized I didn’t need too much to be happy. I could fit into a small space. That’s when the RV idea occurred to me. I was just sitting in traffic and an RV pulled up. I said, “I could probably fit in that thing.” The more I looked into it, the more I realized how practical it would be. For what I was paying for rent in LA, I could own my “house” free and clear and not pay rent, and own my car as well.

    Other people make the most of what they already have. It is absolutely amazing what some families are able to do with limited resources.

    For example, there is one family that is actually producing 6000 pounds of produce a year on just 1/10th of an acre right in the middle of Pasadena, California.

    This family grows more food than they need and they sell the excess to restaurants in the surrounding area. You can see video of their amazing garden right here.

    Other Americans take prepping to the other extreme. For example, Steven Huff is building a 72,000 square foot “home” (some call it a fortress) in Missouri. Huff is the chairman of Wisconsin-based TF Concrete Forming Systems, and he wants to show off what his firm is capable of. Huff claims that this will be “a home that uses very low energy, as well as having strong resistance to tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fire, flood and insect damage”.

    In reality, what Huff is building kind of resembles a castle. You can see pictures of this remarkable “home” right here.

    But Huff is not the only one taking things to extremes.

    In a recent article, I detailed how renowned Texas investor Kyle Bass appears to be very well prepared for the horrible economic collapse that he believes is coming. The following is how one reporter described his recent visit to the 40,000 square foot “fortress” owned by Bass….

    “We hopped into his Hummer, decorated with bumper stickers (God Bless Our Troops, Especially Our Snipers) and customized to maximize the amount of fun its owner could have in it: for instance, he could press a button and, James Bond–like, coat the road behind him in giant tacks. We roared out into the Texas hill country, where, with the fortune he’d made off the subprime crisis, Kyle Bass had purchased what amounted to a fort: a forty-thousand-square-foot ranch house on thousands of acres in the middle of nowhere, with its own water supply, and an arsenal of automatic weapons and sniper rifles and small explosives to equip a battalion.”

    Do you think that Bass is taking things too far?

    Well, there are other big names that are busy preparing for the worst as well.

    For instance, Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series of books is now a full-fledged prepper.

    He says that he is “prepared for the worst” and that he and his wife “have food, we have water, we have guns, gold and silver, and cash”.

    So should the rest of us be preparing?

    Of course we should be. Our nation is drowning in debt, the U.S. economy is dying, the number of earthquakes and other natural disasters is increasing, and the entire globe is becoming an extremely unstable place. If you read my articles on a regular basis, then you know that there are a whole host of reasons to try to become more independent and self-sufficient.

    So what can we all do to get prepared?

    Well, in a previous article I listed a few things that can be done by most people….

    #1 Become Less Dependent On Your Job

    #2 Get Out Of Debt

    #3 Reduce Expenses

    #4 Purchase Land

    #5 Learn To Grow Food

    #6 Find A Reliable Source Of Water

    #7 Explore Alternative Energy Sources

    #8 Store Supplies

    #9 Protect Your Assets With Gold And Silver

    #10 Learn Self-Defense

    #11 Keep Yourself Fit

    #12 Make Friends

    For those interested in learning more about preppers and prepping, there are a lot of really great resources out there….

    *American Preppers Network

    *The Survival Mom

    *In Case Of Emergency, Read Blog

    *The Surburban Prepper

    So what do you think about preppers?

    Do you think that the prepper movement is going too far?

    Do you think that the prepper movement is not going far enough?

    Are there legitimate reasons why Americans should be preparing for difficult times ahead?

    Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….


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      1. Another thing I suggest: if you are out of debt, including your mortgage, keep the profile low and celebrate quietly. Let others assume you are still trying to make ends meet. This is a day and age when being successful is not popular, perhaps even dangerous.

        For certain friends, I drop hints about being prepared and share only some ideas of how to prepare for disaster. Be aware of those who choose to ignore the current economic atmosphere. They are the ones who think they can just mosey on over to your place and help themselves to your hard work and preparedness.

        • Ditto……………………….

        • Agree. It’s a shame but many people are jealous and if given an opportunity they will sink your boat, misery loves company. We had to make hard feelings by saying no to people that wanted “A Loan” when we know full well with them being irresponsible it’s a gift. The “you can afford it” wears thin when they poked fun at you a few short years back for living below your means and saving while they accumulated debt.

          I hate to say it but at this point we know more people in financial trouble mainly due to their spending habits then the overall economy. Many did get a bump in the road but worked making great money for two decades (combined income before crash $125K) and still owe on a lot on everything and have virtually no savings having a negative net worth after all of this time.

          It sounds nasty but some people your friendly with you have to sever ties with.

          • Your last sentence is quite true.

            Survival may push people to do things they never considered before. I’m all for helping others in need, and I may even get some extra food for the sake of the kids next door to me, should some sharing be needed. But it’s like the parable of the ten virgins. Some of us will be ready and some won’t. The ones that won’t will be asking, begging, pleading, even stealing while I worked to get myself ready.

            • ScoutMotto:

              Did you read the article by Selco? They won’t be asking and begging after awhile…


            • @Mal (a fellow Firefly fan – cool 🙂 ):

              The dynamic in the Selco article is a bit different than what you will find in a typical US town/city. There, you had large families and close neighbors who worked together, and were more or less at an equal state of preparation.

              Now in the US, it’s a bit different, and you’re probably going to have to plan for that. If you’re the only guy on your block who is prepared (and no one else is), you’re going to have a damned tough time organizing a neighborhood defense team. I say that because if they’re short, and you have plenty, they may just band together against *you*. It might help at this point (assuming that you intend to bug-in) to have at least one of those Costco emergency food buckets and maybe a small weapon for each neighbor you want to have helping you out (or maybe extra ammo for their weapons?) The trick would be to appear that you’re sharing everything, while keeping your real stash hidden. The idea is to build up a core of co-defenders where you would otherwise have none. It’s tricky though, because if any of them even get the slightest whiff that you have something they really want, it could very easily backfire on you.

              A critical piece of prepping is going to be getting to know your neighbors *very* well…

              True story: my ex-wife’s parents are well-regarded in their neighborhood as being the folks with all the guns, all the toys, and the fact that they live alone. These two idiots happily brag to any open ear on how much in the way of supplies they have stashed away for long hunting trips and etc. Now, while the rest of the neighborhood is mostly comprised of ordinary folks, I can *very* easily see starving neighbors banding together and rushing his house in a SHTF situation. Sure, he’ll take a couple of ’em out, but due to simple mathematics, the rest will still manage to kill him and empty his house. My advice? Don’t be that guy.

              This is one aspect to that Selco story that I’ve been trying to push ever since I stumbled onto this site: Alone, you are as good as dead. It is only with a group that you can have any hope of survival. Since most folks here in the US have small families (mine is considered among the larger as I’m the oldest of eight siblings), and most families are scattered pretty far and wide. This means that you’re going to be stuck with trying to create a community on your own.

              The sooner you can create that community, the better your chances.

        • They can mosey on over here anytime. I’ll be hiding out in my cabin on my bug out property that they don’t know about.

        • Simple. Because there is a illegal alien in the Oval Office who has nothing but evil intentions for this nation.

          • Sure, because John McCain and the entire Republican party would sit on their hhands and let that happen. “We lost the election to an illegal alien. Oh, well.” Duh.

            • Seems like this would be the time to settle any “scores” between neighbors as well. If your the creepy pedophile down the road and youre a prepper, watch out! And whatever you do, NEVER tell a fifteen year old girl anything about your preps. They will tell their whole high school about it!!

      2. no its good to refresh our minds about prepping and its a good feeling to know that when a collapse comes, we feel edequate for the situation that occurs. my suggestions if it is like bosnia, get 12 gauge shotgun shells and gun, more usefull when hiding and protection in the house. solar panel with converter, that way you can run a tv or a item or 2 on electricity with a car battery. water filter, good idea use your gutters and put water container under it and then filter it. propane tanks, very useful like the little blow torches. People you can trust!

        • Don’t try to use a car battery with a solar panel. Get a deep cycle battery with plenty of amps if you want more than a week or two of power.

          • Do you have more information on these deep cycle batteries. I am looking for a panel set up that would run a small machine for about 6 hours a day.

            • Get an 8D group battery, which usually has about 200 amp storage. That gives you about 100 amps of useable power before charging. 100/6 = 16 amps, so you could easily run a 10 amp machine for 6 hours with that.

        • Car batteries are not right for the job. GC has a partial solution, but the idea is to find a battery that has the longest warranty you can afford, and deep cycle is what you want, but it doesn’t stop there.

          A couple of things to consider:

          * Try and find what are known as “Group D” sized batteries – they look like car batteries, but are twice as long as regular batteries. They’re usually made for large power-hungry vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances. I used a pair in an RV I once owned, and they were totally worth having. They hold far more amperes, but the idea is that you want a far longer run-time off a full charge.

          * where your batteries sit is just as important as what you have. Build or buy a damned good “battery box” – something that is well ventilated, and capable of containing any battery acid spills. Many of them come with (or should have) some means to lock down, which keeps the kids out and makes it a little harder for the casual thief to swipe the contents.

          * maintenance is critical, long term. Check them occasionally, even if they’re sealed, to insure there’s no leakage. If they’re not sealed, you get to check the water and acidity levels. 🙂

          * don’t be stupid and stick ’em outside. extreme cold and/or heat shortens the battery life. You’re better off sticking them in a basement, the ‘mud room’, or even the garden shed. Just mind the ventilation. 🙂

          • Great points OQ!

            I also desulfate all the batteries in my cars. Sulfation is the enemy of 12v car batteries. I got a desulfator kit from a company called “Battery Minder”. You connect the pos and neg ends to your battery, and plug the converter to 120 VAC. It provides a trickle charge to your battery while removing the sulfation from the plates in your battery, thus extending the battery’s life. Works on sealed or the traditional lead-acid (top off with distilled water) batteries.

          • I’ve been doing solar and wind for over twenty years and have had all types of batteries. For Y2K had 8 AGM ($700 retail each)

            I agree about the D series – they have the thickest lead plates and can be reconditioned three to four times. Meaning they can be disulfide. Have to look up the process from my 3 ring binders -there are two ways one includes using Epsom salt and the other a chem from a New Mexico photo lab that is used by battery manufactures now to extend the battery life.

            I’ve been collecting used batteries to do just that for bartering – as many batteries don’t work because of the sulfate on the lead plate.

            If anyone wants the instructions on the how to and product used – let me know and I’ll pull the info

            • I do… thanks LH..

            • S not s

              Found it – the first is using the chemical tetrasodium (EDTA) – that’s what battery manufactures are adding to increase battery life. My motorcycle battery has that and it is going into it’s third year. You can find the info at Alton’s Battery Page (searched with google and it popped up on first page)

              The ones using epsom salt are under ehow dot com how to recondition a lead acid battery and the other is with ysuusy dot com search using Lead_Acid_Car_Battery_Repair

              It’s about getting the sulfates off the lead plates. So cracked battery carcasses or broken plates or shorts are not candidates for reconditioning. Use distilled water (make my own distilled water – using a Mr. Distiller (water) for $100 bucks (they also make one for alcohol using a different temp setting.)

              I use a combination depending on how heavily sulfated. Empty old stuff and save, have a cut off barrel with one of those tall bricks that I set the battery on top of a wood plank-

              use a cut off garden hose dedicated to this job to “hose” out the crud at the bottom of the battery and between the plates. No high pressure, just targeting crystals and letting it overflow. Pour off some water, plug holes (per info)and shake and empty.

              Now fill with distilled water and add Epsom salt solution. I let sit per information on website then towards end use a battery charger that has a desulfator mode –

              Somewhere in the process, after an emptying of the Epsom salt solution, (sometimes you do it more then once) I’ll add just distilled water, charge and shake and empty. Then the next cycle will do the tetrasodium (EDTA) and let sit, then charge. Per info repeat as needed.

              I finish with using fresh sulfuric acid since it’s readily available now.

              This is a time consuming process, but the rewards will be well worth it in a SHTF situation. The process can be done without the charger, just takes longer and not as many recoveries.

            • THanks LH – received, saved and printed.. kudos..

          • You also want to make sure that you do not allow it to discharge too far in each cycle. That extends life more than anything else. A battery that gets discharged 20% before charging can go for as much as twice as many cycles as a battery taken down 50% before recharge.

      3. I wish there were more preppers. All the sheeple who are asleep will make things impossible for themselves and infinitely more difficult for us. They make me mad.

        • That’s why God invented 7.62mm FMJ.

          • Oh……Yeah……..we got ‘um…….

        • it’s amazing, isn’t it? I tried to have this conversation with a neighbor a few days ago. Most people equate economic collapse with an impossible scenario; when i started talking about peak oil or the drastic paradigm shifts that are bound to come sooner or later, she just looked at me like I told her aliens were landing or I saw sasquatch. Some people just cannot handle the idea of collapse, and will continue to claim this ship isn’t sinking even as below deck fills with water.

          • Ding! That’s it. I tried to talk to one of my best friends from high school. We were discussing firearms and home protection. I told him he needed a 12 gauge instead of his li’l .22LR pistol. He said,”Why the f*ck would I EVER need that?” in a dismissive tone. And that was that…


            • Maybe you should’ve told him someone large may take his .22LR pistol and shove it up his Obama.

              I used to work with a former Marine Corp MP. He got shot by a black dude on Long Beach Blvd south of LA. My buddy got ahold of the guy and beat him damn near to death with his own pistol before he went to the hospital.

              I can tell you that that guy either threw away the .22 and got a .45 or he quit shooting ex marines.

            • POA:

              LMAO. That’s a great story. Don’t know if it would’ve made a difference though. Some people just won’t get it until it’s too late. And by then… Well, you know the rest of the story.

              Have a great day,

            • Former Marine…there are no x-Marines…

            • .22LR for home defense? ROFL. This is an example of conversations I have had too. These folks are totally out of the reality loop, and it really scares me. These are the folks we know personally that are going to die. And there is nothing we can do to help them.

      4. I know some here are not Glenn Beck fans (I personally love him). If you watch him, you’ll know that he’s been feverishly begging people to “get prepared”.

        He said on yesterdays TV show that you need to “Save Yourself”. That’s it time to stop worrying about the people who you can’t help.

        He believes there will be another wave of preppers coming because things are breaking down rapidly. (this means that many things will start becoming harder to find – our old supply & demand friend)

        He says to “batten down the hatches and get your butt into the lifeboat”. Once everything starts to break down, then its too late to get ready.

        Economic Trouble is Coming.

        • and I wonder how much stock Beck has in companies that sell prepping items, I believe everyone should be prepped, but not because of Beck, everything Beck does is for Becks wallet, always has been, always will be, he knows that hes got a fresh cow and he’s milking it for all it’s worth, just look at what great buddies O’Reilly and Beck were, inseparable, on each others programs, touring the country,raking in the cash,Beck got canned and now they don’t even mention each other.

          • O’Reilly had Beck on his show just a week ago. What the hell are you talking about?

            • I’m not an O’Reilly or Beck follower, I can think and see things out for myself.

            • Oh Really just me, well you sure spoke with authority on the goings on with both of them. Which is it, are you an expert on their affairs or do you ignore them?

          • I wouldn’t blame Beck if he has stock in them, since the prep companies are doing well right now. Granted it can be perceived as a conflict of interests to hawk the company you have stock in. Either way, he should still be getting the message out and I’m glad he is.

            O’Reilly lost me as a reader/listener ten years ago when he ravaged a guest on his show. His behavior toward Stephen Bennett was reprehensible and deplorable.

            • ScoutMotto, I agree with you on both, Beck and O’Reilly. I’d like to add that Beck had foresight on what to invest in. That is the American dream. He (Beck) gets free advertising on his programs, so what! If he is providing valuable info and products, we all can benefit.
              I’ll trust him any day/time before the main stream media and what comes out of DC. Is he always correct? Nope! But he does warn us when the political folks are saying everything is fine.

          • Bingo!

            Glenn Beck is a shill who spews misinformation and cares only about himself. The man is a complete fraud. He is a Pied Piper of the highest order. He will lead you down a path that you will not like once you are on it. The man openly mocks anyone who brings about any knowledge of the Federal Reserve or privately owned banking systems owned by the Rothchild’s. I have seen and heard him do it as recently as this week on his radio show. He barks about Obama being an agitator and sowing the seeds of division by using his Alinsky tactics. Does Beck not do the same thing? He mocks callers to his show who bring up these questions and then he and his toadies laugh at these individuals. He mocks them right off the air. I love how he tells people to do their research but when they do “too much research” that is not to his liking, he mocks them. I guess we know who butters your bread Glenn. He also steals material from other sites or persons. Alex Jones comes to mind. I don’t always agree with what Mr. Jones says either but I find him to be a little more credible than Glenn Beck. At least Jones will point to documentation, websites or videos to prove his points. Beck just feeds you his Mormon conspiracy theories and tries to sell you his wares. The man is a 21st century snake oil salesmen.

          • exactly beck is a muckraker working for the feds and their misinfo programs… don’t trust him… he’ll lead your to you own destruction.

            • Right, Montana Angry Veteran. If it’s on MSM, don’t trust it.

          • Remember everyone. When the gold rush happened years ago who made the most money from it?

            Was it the rushers looking for the gold?

            Or was it the people who set up camp near them to sell supplies?

            If you said those who sold the supplies, ding ding ding. Correct answer.

            Instead of bitching about someone like Beck making money off prepping, get off your butt & start selling prepping items yourself. I myself have thought about doing it but frankly I’m too busy with my own business to do it.

        • Glen Beck is a Joke, he is telling you to prepare in 2011, Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Alan Watt, Lindsay Williams, have been saying this for 10 years plus, beck is a johnny come lately, a propagandist shill, who knew this when working for faux news, but said nothing, you are idiots to follow him now. You are dupes!

          • I’m pretty sure that alot of Folk here prep for reasons other than because Mr. Beck ” says so”. I personally prep for natural disaster (hurricane alley) extended illness of the primary breadwinner( been there, done that :it take three weeks for the checks to roll in after the illness onset and our insurance)and because I don’t really like paying top dollar for food when I can get it on sale. Nor do I like eggs full of steriods, hormones or whatever( I keep my own hens) or veggies coated in pesticides from foriegn countries.( I grow what I can) If the world goes to hell in a handbasket well, BONUS! I’m ready.If it doesn’t, I’m still sitting pretty and have plenty of ammo for the range. It seems to me that people that point out the folly of prudent thinking and preparation may very well be scared completely Sh*&less, and looking for someone to blame. Just my opinion though.

            • Have to agree with you.. don’t see the down side here.

              As to extended illness, I have disability ins. that starts right away, but I am in the minority, and sure don’t want to find out the hard way that things have changed. I have read that in OH some people wait as many as 70 days for the first U/C payment (I think that was a 2009 number, but can’t imagine it being any better today). That’s a long time to go without ANY income.

          • i am a fan of glen beck..i miss his five oclock show. he reminded me of the history lessons of this country that i either took for granted or did not know about. for that, i can thank glen beck. he has a right just like the rest of us to earn money and spend money any way that he wishes. if he has convinced anyone out here in the real world to prepare for whatever disaster is to come, then that is great cause that means a few less folks i have to worry about coming to my door and begging or robbing me. on the otherhand, my mama did not raise any fools…we still have to do our own prepping for our own reasons, no matter what anyone on tv, radio, or blogs suggest. i am sure that i have friends who look at me like i am a nutcase for do you, and a million others. so what. keep on prepping.

          • Doesn’t make him wrong about it. Me or you liking or hating him has nothing to do with whether he is right.

        • I missed yesterday’s show. Darn. I bet it was good. I traveled to Salina KS, home of the Salina Journal today to shop for preps. The best stuff I picked up was “boze.” I purchased a few little set of 10 bottles. They were the very small bottles – maybe enough for a one drink mix. I also picked up one pint of 190 proof vodka. I will get more when I have the funds. Up to now, I only one bottle of Crown Royal hidden away, and it was a gift to us (we don’t drink).

          I had intended to purchase a couple packages of bic lighters, but forgot. I was inspired by a recent article on the site: Don’t Tread on Me. A survivor-now prepper from Bosnia had answered a few important questions on another blog, and the author gathered them up for viewing on the DTOM site. That Q&A piece was also the inspiration to finally pick up the boze. I have my own hangups on the topic of alcohol, but decided to get over it. The stuff is going in a old crate in the storage building, not in my dresser.

          Great article. I appreciate this site. Oh, I located some new warm socks on sale too – and stocked up.

        • Mr B; The reason a few people here do not like Glen Beck is because one of his TV producers was a troll here who stole ideas, even articles and adapted them for the show as his own.

          Plaigerism is a crime.

        • Gleen Beck works for the israeli jews massoud people… he is one of their schills … love him all you want… he is a misinformer agent for the NWO BANKERS… GET IT!

          The SOB was just in Israel given BJ’s to any jew who wanted one at the weeping wall… wake up!

          Actually don’t wake up the more of you Fruit Cakes that follow Him and His other Ilk , the less you’ll know the Truth and the Easier it will be for Guys like me to Get out ahead and survive what is coming.

          suckers ;0P pssssszzt

      5. wheres a safe place to be? i live in nebraska give me some insite

        • Personally I think Nebraska may be one of the best places provided you are away from the large cities, have a well, (preferably with a windmill) and access to something for heat. (wood)

          If you have 5 acres of arable land and a reliable source of water you can provide most everything you need to survive.

        • Make a checklist. On the list include having enough people in the area to have a small community but not big enough to be an obvious target.

          Operative guidelines:

          1. Walk softly and carry a big stick.
          2. Loose lips sink ships.
          3. A wise man walks with his head bowed low.
          4. A penny saved is a penny earned
          5. Your wants are many but needs are few.

          • #3 is bad advice. Always be aware of your surroundings. A head bowed low does not see the flying rock.

            • Agreed. I was taught in self-defense class that when you walk eyes down people can see you cannot see them coming. Walk with your head up and glance around from time to time.

              Now, if Kevin2 is suggesting one keep a low profile and not trying to attract attention, that I can agree with.

            • I think the translation would be do not boast, keep a low profile, avoid trouble.

          • Kevin2, #3; always walk like you know where you’re going, never look as though you’re looking for loose change. Just don’t stare at anyone or move your eyes too quickly. These are things I’ve applied around the world and it has worked for me.

        • Where to go? I’m reminding people of the story of the Frenchman who was so distressed by the situation in 1938 Europe that he bugged out. Picked out the most remote and un-heard-of place on the opposite side of the world, packed and moved his whole life. To Guadalcanal.

          • Solid point.

            Moving out to the sticks isn’t going to necessarily ‘save’ you. In fact, it may well make things even harder, depending on what happens, and how it happens.

            Sherlock Holmes (I know, fictional) made an excellent point about avoiding living in the country. I’m doing this from memory, but his point was that in a large enough community, you can still get some semblance of law and order. He then went on to say that you simply do not know what barbarities can (and in the late 19th century often did) occur out in a typical isolated country home.

            My own preference would be a smallish town, but one that isn’t all cramped-up in cliques and nepotism. Big enough to defend itself, but small enough to not easily fall to internal chaos.

            OTOH, if the collapse isn’t complete, then folks in the cities will be most likely tended to, as will select corporate-run agricultural areas… while everyone else is left to fend for themselves.

            Thing is, it’s not just what kind of community, but *where* it is. Way out in BFE, you will find it impossible to get some rather critical things.

            Overall, it’s a tough call to figure out where the best place to be, would be.

            • OQ: You are right about that, there are many factors to consider when selecting a “location”.

              The answer I think is for people to go within themselves and discover who they are first, then where they are suppose to be.

              All of the answers, like all of the questions, are within.

        • Mr F:

          Try this link for info and decide for yourself.


        • Kearney here, good place to be. We should talk my computer will be fixed Monday for emails.

      6. I dislike the term “prepper”. To me, it makes those of us who are awake from the herd sound like we have some kind of disorder, or conjures images of some kind of yuppie nerd at some exclusive school. There has to be a better term to describe our activities; we are the sane ones and the sheeple are the ones that need labels attached to them.

        • Anything the corp wants to marginalize they put a tag on. Prepper is just one example. I am preparing, but I am not a prepper. I am just a Man doing his best to provide for the future of his family in an unstable world. Madea said “It’s not what they call you that matters, it’s what you answer to”.

          Most preppers are not awake to the real problems of today, they are only preparing themselves for the problems they think may come in the future. Because of that, todays problems will not be solved and tomorrows problems are guaranteed t be worse because of it.

          It doesn’t matter if you can feed yourself for year. If we don’t remove the cause of the problem it will not be enough. You will gain nothing but a year of living in Hell.

        • I agree Mistress. When I started prepping way back when, you mostly kept quiet not so much for OPSEC but because you were afraid of the bias you were treated with. We who are prepared have fought the stigma for awhile now. I am afraid whatever name we are tagged with, we will always be treated like the fringe lunatics that TPTB need us to seem to fit their agendas. Until the SHTF, then the justifications of our actions will become apparent. Peace and keep prepping! Clay

        • The term “Chosen Ones” has a nice ring to it, and we’ll be a more deserving lot of that moniker than the current batch of dregs that occupy it.

          • The Chosen Ones – I love it!

        • “…There are yet others that are deeply concerned about “end of the world as we know it” scenarios such as terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, killer pandemics, alien invasions, World War III or EMP attacks…”

          I don’t mind the word “prepper”. It beats nut job, crazy person, a few screws short of ….or doom and gloomer which have been previous titles. I’ve been at this prepping stuff for close to thirty years now and stayed the course long before invention of forums and blogs such as this excellent one. In those days, bringing up coming events like the economic collapse of the USA and getting back to basics, only got one unmentionable ridicule.

          So, it’s validation in some ways, to see folks like the posters here come on board. As prepping ranks expanded and increased, many have and are experiencing being dismissed as I had/have and will be. They bemoan and are frustrated that they can’t get family, neighbors or sheeple to see the signs of a coming economic collapse perpetuated by our own government and power elite. As that has been one of the drums I have beating for years.

          As I read this article, I’m still frustrated as it mentions several scenarios, but ignores the one that is a planet changer – a pole shift. An event, that has been documented to have happened several times previously. Which, again, the elite and government hierarchy are aware of and have made preparations for themselves, but leave the majority of the populous ignorant, unsheltered and ill prepared. They are intentionally misdirecting and deceiving people to enrich themselves with power, resources and supplies.

          I’ve come to understand, in previous years it was too early to raise the issue of a pole shift within the main stream population, as the technology in support of such an event was limited and it was the same about forewarning of an economic collapse when we were experiencing boom times. Who would of “thunk” we would be thinking and discussing where we are now? (I did – not the posting on forums, but the events soon to happen.)

          Most here having prepped, are on the right track to survive a polar shift as their “preps” will be key. There are, however, areas that need to be tweaked, discussed and addressed. I’m hoping the time has come to have a forthright discussion on the events leading up to a pole shift, with like minded prepping posters I’ve come to care about for the purpose of surviving such an event. Most here are about prepping and survival, and we are in the thick of events. Keep on prepping.

          • The last pole shift happened 200 million years ago. I don’t think it’s a danger. I don’t think it would be that bad if the poles shifted by a few hundred miles. It would be a disaster if the North Pole shifted to Kansas City but we’re more likely to experience an asteroid collision than that.


            • Farm Cat

              I mean no disrespect, but have to disagree. I so struggle in trying to explain the why and how I know about the coming events. It has taken far longer then I anticipated for the events to unfold and thirty years in the knowing has been a horrible burden.

              Pre 1800’s the solar eclipse was a mystery. Given the rare reports of such events, the majority of the populace worldwide was skeptical such events had even happened or taken place. Those experiencing such events were marginalized as being religious practitioners that attributed an eclipse as their God being displeased.

              The corona was a complete mystery with the accepted theory being that it was either an atmospheric effect (optical illusion) or light scattering caused by an atmosphere on the moon. It was not considered part of the sun. Early in the 1800s the chromospheres was not yet discovered and the spectrograph had not yet been applied to study the nature of light. That all changed in the mid 1800’s, with the invention of spectral science (the study of light passed through a prism).

              The science and technology has evolved that we now know exactly when there will be an eclipse so we can rush outside with our protective eye wear to experience it. It was always a natural event and I use that analogy to make the point that so is a polar shift. A predictable event involving a larger planet with a 3600 year extended orbit beyond what we are currently able to detect, that passes through our solar system. It’s passing has a destructive effect on our planet causing dramatic weather changes, flooding, extended forest fires, intense tropical storms and hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and abnormal seasons. (Ringing a bell here)

              A hundred years ago, hurricanes were deadly because the populace was helpless to know the when and where. Now we can turn on the weather channel and see the jet stream and a tropical storm turn into a hurricane and be told hours, if not days in advance of it’s path and the prediction of where it will make land fall. So, why is it so hard to believe there is science and technology that does the same for the tectonic plates of earth? Plates globally on the move causing rising, seduction, stretching, bowing – cause and effect of what we are currently experiencing.

              There are signs every where of the coming events. Each and everyone of us has choices to make. I bring this up only because I care for what’s to come.

          • LadyHawk; how about two possible names for us, other than preppers. Commoners (for common sense) for being able to see what is happening. Or. First Responders for being ready for emergency/SHTF events that are about to come.
            We prep everytime we get ready to drive our vehicles. And for bed, etc..
            Remember, whatever they label/name us, that name/label will be a reminder to them that “we told you so”.

        • But if we are preparing, because I can’t think of any other definitive word, then I’m pleased with ‘prepper’.
          I’m at my second church in a little over 2 years and noone here knows what a prepper is or is storing any supplies/food.
          I would know–you get that look… you know the look; the look you get from your neighbors when you mention storing foods, etc.
          I’m almost accepting the attitude of a man on a prepper site—Just don’t answer the door.

        • I dont know, I like the term. It may have been meant as a nasty term, but I say we take what they dish out and use it for us. I am proud to be called a prepper

        • Preppers? whats that? Some who begats preppies?

          • Whoever among us it eh expert at prepping, they can be Dr. Prepper.

            Sorry, couldn’t resist.

        • I am not horribly opposed to “prepper”. It’s better than “that crazy paranoid chick”.

          I generally refer to myself as an environmentalist since much of prepping closely corresponds with the environmental movement. (Well, minus the guns and stuff.) 😀 But the self-sufficient lifestyle, bulk purchasing, etc., is right down the environmental alley.

          I really don’t want the whole world to know that my kids and I have tons of supplies – I don’t want to become a target should things go downhill. I imagine a single mom and two girls might be considered easy pickings, so I keep a very low profile in Real Life.

          • Move to North Dakota Daisy lotsa of rich single guys working the fields there looking for a lady…. ;0P pssszzzt

            Or come to Montana lotsa single guys here too… all gripping of there is no women here!

            • no place to live in ND. Many are living in cars/pickups.
              lots of sheep (Montana blondes) though, on both sides of the border. i be an original from western nd and eastern Montana. Willston police recently busted four ladies of the night……

            • Not really looking to get married, thanks. I already have two people to take care of. 😉

        • Isn’t it amazing that they demonize wise thought? It’s the Scout Motto even – “Be prepared.” But if you store up for tough times and learn new things to survive, you are at best a nutcase, and at worst an enemy of the state.

        • Used to be “survivalist”.

          • True. And that term was always used as a pejorative.

        • I prefer the term “hoarder.” Prepper sounds like a coupon-obsessed kook with years of toilet paper and toothbrushes in their basement.

          Alternatively “secret squirrel” might be a better choice. I know it’s two words, but what the heck, hoarders have an affinity for extra everything so probably won’t have a problem with an extra word, right?

      7. Growing up in Appalachia with a grandfather who did all the things mentioned in this article, I have never been any other way. I moved to a small city a couple years’ ago when I got married and built a free and clear, solar-powered, wood-heated, retreat in the nearby mountains. Before I knew I could bug out when necessary, I never told anyone. I confessed that I had food storage recently in a small Bibld study. The pastor immediately blurted out that – “Someone will take it.” So much for reaching out to my fellow man.

      8. I know for us, we came to the realization a year ago that if anything serious happened, we were so dependent on weekly trips to the grocery store, living month to month, putting things like ipads and new cars higher on the priority than the safety and security of our family – it was just a huge kick in the groin to put it bluntly. And what it was for us was watching a Discovery special on EMP. It showed just how dependent we are on a very fragile system. From there we’ve learned that there are for more likely dangers to our way of life than an EMP, but the mindset is the same.

        I’ve found that this community is so welcoming of newbies, and even though we all have different reasons we do it, the end goal is self-reliance. And I can sympathize with those who aren’t prepping because we were blind for so long, and in retrospect it is amazing how dependent our society has become in just a couple of generations – you don’t know until you know, and when my wife and I realized it, it was a shock – almost a panic. Thankfully we’re both on the same page so that has helped us make a lot of headway in a relatively short amount of time, but there’s still a ways to go.

        • Z, I think one of the reason this site is encouraging to newbies is that everyone brings some a little different to the table. Glad you are on board!

      9. Even if the 4 million figure is accurate, that’s still only about 1% of the American population.

        If you’re generous and assume that each prepper will support a family, it’s under 5%.

        If SHTF, we’ll find out how few preppers there really are.

      10. Prepping not only prepares one for disasters, it prepares one for everyday life. Since waking up to the troubles and realities of today, I started buying extra food and supplies. it is so nice and saves gas too, when we need a can of peas or gallon of bleach, to go to the pantry or shed and get it.The convience and peace of mind is a GOD send. Thanks to this and other websites we can sleep better at night. While I’m on the subject of food storage, does anyone have any suggestions for storing long term food in the desert southwest. The heat in summer I know will decrease shelf life. Thanks again!

        • Personally if it was me, I would build a root cellar that goes deep down since you wouldn’t have a high water table. It’s usually very cool down in the ground. You could then put a shed over the small stairway.

          • @KB- during WWII my grandparents built a combo root cellar and nuclear safe ‘bunker’ all in one- it was small and inexpensive- they had canned/ stored food, root vegetables, seeds, and room enough for them in a small hole in the ground- covered with heavy steel topped with 24″ of dirt. It’s perhaps a wise choice to build one now.

        • This makes the most sense of anything I’ve read in these comments. Very practical view: Stockpile to make life easier now.

          Tomorrow an evolved TSA and FEMA will have tanks and when the fascistic new government armed with drones and CCTV cameras makes it illegal to store surplus food, your neighbors will report you.

          It makes sense to prepare for short-term SHTF, like a period of unemployment, or a dirty bomb, or riots, but planning for long-term disruption, by building a bunker or “bug-out” cabin in the wilderness with huge stores of food and guns etc., thinking you’re going to out-survive everyone is pointless.

          They will find you.

      11. Well being an old Boy Scout, you must be prepared its more fun to have it and not need it than the other way around

        • I couldn’t agree more.

      12. “At peace” my ass!!! Does anyone remember the last time we didn’t have a war going on, much less several?

        • The United States in particular? Or the world in general? If it’s the world in general, I think the last time of known peace was for a decade or so back in the sixteenth century. The United States? Arguably we’ve been involved in wars of one kind or another since the Spanish-American war.

      13. Everybody that saves toilet paper and supplies along with hording food and not paying their bills are extremely messed up in the head. The fantasy that you people have of living in a post apocalyptic world is a reason to get your head checked.

        The reason peanut butter or tuna goes up in price is because people read these posts and goes out and buys 10 of them each, jacking up the price. Thats how this economic system works. Silly people. you make me laugh.

        • It has nothing at all to do with a shortage on the supply side based on wildfires, drought, floods, or other increases to production costs, or anything like that then? Gee, I better contact all my economics professors and tell them they were wrong. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I will now take thirty seconds to re-evaluate my life.

        • I buy dolphin free tuna in the package.

          • When did they ever put dolphin in cans of tuna?

        • Smart people usually do make idiots laugh.

        • Did you hear something, must be a fly buzzing around here somewhere? If you ignore it it will go away!

        • Pay attention to what Finx has said. Understand that when the SHTF people who think like Finx does will rationalize that YOU caused the problem and therefore it is only right and fair that he can take from you by force. THIS is the reason preppers also buy guns and ammo.

          But here is what YOU need to know:

          1. It’s later then you think.

          2. Food will be worth more then money in the future.

          3. Someone you know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

          4. Someone you don’t know intends to either sponge off you or take what you have when things get tough.

          5. By the time it becomes obvious to everyone it will be too late to prepare.

          6. If you don’t prepare then you are the one planning on sponging off someone you know or to take what they have when things get tough.

        • Who does Number 2, work for ?

        • The wise man sees the evil approaching and prepares for it,the simple pass on.

        • are either mocking, or totally in the dark. Have you noticed smaller packaging? I buy in quantity for a good price. Peanut butter is going up due to the rotten peanut crop. You might want to look around the world..and see how many crops have been destroyed the last 12 months..freezing, flooding, high energy….all with a growing demand. And, stuff I purchased early, some has gone up 40%…..heck, that’s a lot better investment than throwing it in the bank at .01 interest Do yourself a favor, and start becoming informed. You are so sadly misinformed…better get back to Idol, or your football game..

          • Finx is merely a little speck of poo that some TSA agent forgot to wipe off his big, hairy…

            Now that I’ve stopped laughing, seriously, he’s just an agitator and, like children who throw themselves on the floor, he’s better left ignored.

        • You Finx will be one that will not get a reply to any knocks on my neighbors that think I’m the strange one—well, I think THEY’RE the strange ones!!!
          We pay our bills; your disinformation is wrong, but expected.
          Peanut butter and tuna hasn’t increased in my neck of the woods..Aldi’s tuna is 55 cents a can; and hey, we’re merely stimulating economy by buying lots of food.
          Better than any jobs bill costing you millions in taxes, huh??

        • Don’t forget your Koolaid, Finx

        • RICH is dead, all hail Finx, all hail Finx,…

        • Good one Schpinchter.

        • stinx is back everyone… hey stinxs how is your wife … ooops hows is your sister doing???? lmao ;0P psszt

        • crawl back into your hole. what is your zip code? why is gold $1720?

        • Who said I’m not paying my bills? Where did you get this assumption? You ought not to assume such things.

          I happen to be out of debt, including the mortgage. As for water phone and electricity, I pay for those all the time.

        • Well actually I kind of enjoy the fact that my P-nut butter cost 99 C a jar and my tuna cost 48 C. and yours will cost $5. So laugh all you want as you pay the $5.

        • the price of peanut butter is increasing because of a bad crop. google it.

        • He who laughs last , laughs best.

        • Finx, Obviously you are a Liberal A$$CLOWN! Wouldn’t want
          to be you !

        • So, drought has nothing to do with prices of food? Corn taken out of the food production cycle and placed in the green gas etyhnol production has no bearing on all corn based products? Flooding? You should probably stay at the Wall St protest and keep yaping there…

        • I forgive you for this insane post as you must be off of your meds.
          Be well and stay safe.

      14. For a little insight as to what it might look like during a collapse, read One second after by William R Forstchen

        • And also read PATRIOTS and SURVIVORS – 2 books by James Wesley Rawles.

          • Survivors was garbage

            • I keep hearing this… It’s sad, because I thought Patriots was pretty good.

            • Wouldn’t say garbage, but…. it, to me, wasn’t what I had expected. I was somewhat disappointed.

            • I agree, Rawles can definitely do better, hope his next effort is even better than “Patriots”. Read “One Second After” if you haven’t already.

            • No, I you want a really GOOD book… ;0P

              READ “THE ROAD!” ;0P psssszt gave me actual nightmares…

              way better than the movie … WAY Better!

              Really makes you realize how important it is to be prepared physically mentally and spirituality to survive of true holocaust environment! RATED X not for under age 18!

              Check it out! It’s worth it… ;0p pssszzzt

          • I also was disappointed with Survivors. A lot less usable info in it than Patriots. Except how to make some shit hot napalm molotovs. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a launcher that won’t blow the molotov up in the tube and kill me. would make a nice mortar for that extra shock value during an attack. Been trying to work out something based on propane as the propellant for the round, but the way the mototov is constructed in the book, the ignitor is on the outside of round and would probably cook off halfway up the tube with my luck allowing me to meet my maker before I wanted to. Not that I really have the choice as to the timing of when He calls me to judgment. OOOH, high volume compressed air would work with a triggering mechanism to let the pressure build behind the round before launch, I think. Sounds like experiment number coming this weekend!

            There’s supposed to be another book coming next year purported to tie all three together. Hope its better than Survivors.

            • Now this is ALL hypothetical… Use a 3 inch I’d pipe schedule 40 3 feet long, pipe cap with a striker pin in the center. 20 oz mountain dew bottles are 2.88 in. Use 5 inch pieces of 3/4 inch pvc pipe with cap .5 in hole dead center and drill 1/4 in holes in top 3/4 in of pipe half inch down from the top of the nipple to let gases escape. Use a 12Ga shell filled with 4f black powdee as a propellant.
              Drink the dew, drill a hole dead center for cannon fuse for co2 cylinder igniter glued to cap with hot glue.
              Use imagination for the rest. Cardboard fins optional and a cardboard spacer/gas block around the pipe nipple helps.
              But its all hypothetical with a 400 yard range or so…

        • Reading it now! Great book! 🙂

      15. our America got more than 8000 tons of gold, why dont the government wait the price up to double or triple then sell them off to pay our 15 trillions debt? so that EVERYONE OF US NO NEED TO PREPARE for the crisis. why the stupid Fed manipulate the gold price to undervalue instead?

        • It would only be $435 billion if you used $1700 an ounce as the price. Besides, who knows if the gold is even at Ft Knox anymore.

          • Thk u Farm cat, i have a bad calculation, i thought the 8000 tons gold is enough to clear our total 54.5 trillion debts( refer to )
            i think i have to prepare myself since i got SEVEN thumbs down

        • raymond the gold is fake … made of tungsten dude … bill and hilary clinton stole it all with larry summers when bill clinton was president! fort knox is empty dude! ask the chinese… they we cheated by america , when we sent them a bunch of gold from fort knox and it was all fake gold…

          • Thk u ninaorket,
            our government is facing a very very serious crisis, refer to Farm cat calculation the 8000 tons gold only got $435 billion? not enough to pay off our total 54.5 trillion debts? if the gold are REAL? Plz refer to

            If really the case as what u said the gold is all fake, and the fort knox is empty dude, oh my Jesus, the God also cannot help our America.

        • The total debt cannot ever be paid, since the system is designed to enslave the borrower. I’d like to offer an imroved suggestion: rather than give the central bankers any of our actually-valuable assets, let’s repudiate that part of the debt held by the Fed, and repeal the Federal Reserve Act. Let’s put the central bankers out of business and stop them from profiting at everyone else’s expense.

          • Thk u ScoutMotto,
            refer to Farm cat’s calculation, the 8000 tons gold only got $435 billion, even not enough to pay half Trillion debts, now refer to the US total debt is 54.5 Trillion!!! if including the social security, prescription drug and medicare liabilities the Grand Total debt is 116.15 Trillion!!!
            Oh my God,
            I have to prepare myself NOW.

        • I read an article, some months back, can’t find it now, that said total US debt including sovereign and unfunded pension liability for SS, Medicare/Medicaid and State and local pensions is $114T in the USA. If true, we’ll truly never be able to pay that off and there’s going to a lot of PO’d poor people around.

            • Dear Navy Vet, once again, Thk you for your hightlight.
              I MUST prepare myself NOW
              Thank You to all of u, Thx

      16. If you think about it the numbers are much higher. I live in Florida and I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some basic preps. I think its pretty much the same for all natural disaster prown areas in America.

        Now there are pockets that don’t do much like New Orleans, The Mid Atlantic, The North East and So.Cal. Just look at what happens in the north east when they have a big snow storm. All the stores are picked clean.

        Here In Florida when a Hurricane is coming we may run short on batteries, bottled water and plywood but that’s about it. Most are prepared even if the preps are to run away, which is smart depending on the storm.

        In my opinion everyone prepares to some extent. The ones that don’t are mostly the entitlement crowd.

        So whether you are preparing for a Hurricane or Retirement, your prepping for something.

        • Utah would be a good place to be when the SHTF. Hint: Mormons.

          The Quakers and the Amish probably also have it down pretty well have, what, hundreds of years of living “the lifestyle”?

          • Have you been to Utah lately? Probably the small towns are still safe but the big towns look like LA and the people you see don’t appear to be god fearing, turn the other cheek kinda folks.

          • I was informed that only 6 – 10% of the local Mormons in the middle of a Salt Lake area had the recommended 1 year of food storage. I think they have also been decieved by our material society. It’s hard to eat that wide screen TV or BMW. We need a Joseph and a supporting Pharoh to help store during the years of plenty. I think we are now behind the curve. Time to be your own families Joseph for the coming years of dearth.

            • Speaking as a Mormon, I can say that we’re pretty much like the rest of the preppers. Some adhere 100%, some 90%, some 80%…well, you get the picture.

              You should check out She is a Mormon too and she has some amazing prepping information. She is pretty much no nonsense about it too…a no-excuses kind of gal.

              Did you know you can store eggs coated in mineral oil out of a refrigerator for months? Did you know that if you coat cheese with red wax that it too stays for months outside of a refrigerator? Or that water doesn’t have to be constantly changed in your water jugs — that it can be filtered later? I didn’t know any of this until I read her website.

              And, believe it or not, Mormons don’t prep for the end of the world. We are actually counseled to prep for hardships such as loss of jobs, bad economy, and mother nature. They just advise that you don’t go into debt prepping because that can make things even tougher down the road.

              I certainly don’t advertise that I am Mormon where I live because we do have the rep of having food storage, but I think you have it wrong about us in terms of how far we will go to protect our families. I am not a turn-the-other-cheek kinda gal (you should read up historically on what turning the other cheek actually meant in Roman times), and while we will share with you anything that we have, we will NOT let you kill our families or take our things in terms of supplies that our own families need. Believe it or not, Mormons don’t roll that way…wrong religion. We will defend.

      17. Peace of mind is a relative term, relative to accepting of my responsibility and preparing for my family’s well being. The world is not at peace and probably never will be as long as big banks and corporations profit from it.

      18. I don’t know about the rest of you but I just have this gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach, kinda like yelling at the girl in a scary movie not to turn around. You just know something bad is going to happen. So we became more reliant on ourselves. Divided the chores so to speak, my husband became weapons and safety guy, I learned to make soap, candles, sew, and can food. Both of us garden. All we have is each other and I am okay with that. Still better off than some, worse off than others. Be blessed everyone!

        • I agree about the gnawing feeling in my stomach–that little pricking of a “still, small voice” that tells you something wicked this way comes. I too have started canning and have ripped out perennials in favor of heirloom vegetables. We’ve been honing our camping skills with our two young children. Additionally, I’ve been practicing with the 12 gauge and the .22 long rifle, and got my husband a ruger mini-14 for his birthday (.223)…which I’m still too nervous to shoot (BIG boom), but I believe a good wife has her husband’s back. 🙂

          • AMEN SISTER!!!

            • AMEN SISTERS. Got lucky with one of the same “Partnership mindse”.

          • this gut feeling that you have is a very common thing. I call it a collective consciousness. Many people that have woke up have listened to their gut, and started prepping. They know something is wrong, and they are listening to their gut.
            Just taking a step back, and looking at all the economic and social problems we have, there is no way we are getting out of this mess. We are going to see problems that would make the 30’s look like a picnic. I always like to remind those that make fun of preppers of this idea–if we’re wrong, no big deal. We just have some extra stuff that we bought before prices went to the moon. but if they are wrong, it’s their life they’rre betting. Now which postition makes more sense??

          • Mama Bear, use the roll up ear plugs and insert them properly by lifting the top of your ear. Then let them expand. Next wear the external ones that look like stereo headphones. When you reduce the boom you will find a .223 has very little recoil and it is fun to shoot.

            To see if you are flinching, have your husband (you can do this for him as well) load the rifle and hand it to you. Every third or fifth time load it with an expended cartridge and have him watch to see if you flinch when you squeeze the trigger even tho it only goes “click.” When you can fire on a click without moving you can fire on a “boom” without moving and your shot group will improve dramatically.

            And remember the rule when it comes to zombies: Double tap.

            • two in the chest , one in the head! great post…

            • Thanks so much for the advice! I think I had my earplugs in okay–I just need the “earmuffs” to go on top of them. The only problem there is, how do you hear the zombies as they come shuffling out of the woods?!

          • Do you can any meat? We can beef, chicken,pork steaks,stews,chili and soups. Good eats, plus more reliable than freezing and it’s already cooked when you open it.

            • Handy, I just have a stockpot that I can with, I need to get a pressure canner to do a broader variety of things. I’m just working out of the Ball Blue Book right now, practicing for if the grid goes down, with an eye to being able to do it over a fire, and stocking up on jars and such. I haven’t done as much this fall, as I made a dumb decision to plant all heirloom tomatoes–the caprese salad kind, which are awesome fresh but insipid in a sauce–and no paste or roma tomatoes. Last year I researched and practiced root cellaring, and this year I am learning lactofermentation techniques, starting with sauerkraut.

      19. on the Daily Crux this morning. There are some charts in this article you might want to look at.

        Porter Stansberry: Get ready… The worst is yet to come

      20. I also don’t like the term “prepper”, even though that is what we are. I can’t count the number of friends I have that only keep 2-3 days worth of food in their homes. They seem to pride themselves on this…only preferring “fresh food”. So many are woefully unprepared for anything.
        Here in Denver we are having our first snow (5-6 in. so far). It is the heavy wet kind…the electricity has already gone off and then on again 4 times. What if it went off and stayed off for more than a day? Awww…all that “fresh food” would go to waste.

        • lol I prefer “prepper” to being called the tin foil hat crowd

          • but i like my hat! Prep out bro.

        • Right here with you. My trees took a beating.

      21. I am a prepper, but I am NO where near where I should be. My problem is having a truck pmt and mortgage. I just can’t spend the money I want to on prepping supplies, and the skills I have are fine and dandy, but to continue my practicing will put my storage supplies, what little I have much lower than they currently are…I feel like it is almost at the too late point for me, but I keep trying, and prayer that I can continue amassing supplies for a while. Land right now is out of the question and I am in a fairly large city, so my bug out is in National forest land for now. I feel like I have let my family down, by not being further along.

        • Rusty – but you haven’t let your family down. Every little bit that you do adds up and in time you’ll be amazed what you’ve accomplished. And just having the mindset is important – when all of the other people haven’t a clue what’s going on, you will, and you’ll be able to react accordingly. Just don’t give up. Make a plan, make a budget, and month by month knock whatever items off your list that you can. Every month that goes by, you’ll be better off. Good Luck!

          • Nice!

        • No Rusty, It is never to late. Keep doing the best you can. When you go grocery shopping, pick up extra of what you can. Even doing it in baby steps will put you ahead of your neighbors and other sheeple. By waking up to whats going on you have not let your family down, on the contrary you may just save their lives one day. Keep your chin up and keep doing what you can. Peace. Clay

        • Your not to late. I have truck payments,a mortgage, and I am one of those really wealth self employed people(LMAO). It is easy to pick up a few thing here and there. Everybody laugh, coupons are a great way to get that extra bit of money to stock up with. We went through our bills and reduced a fair number by, is this bill a want or need. There is always a way, as long as your trying you are not letting your family down.

        • Is this the real Rusty Shackleford, or Dale Gribble?

          After reading the article from the Bosnia guy yesterday, I decided to invest more in the little things. He said it would be good to have a thousand Bic lighters to trade.

          I also have a good source of antibiotics and can get a bottle of 50 pills for $17 after shipping (500 mg Amoxcillan), and other types for cheap as well with no prescription required.

          Point is, I have food for a few months, a way to cook it, water to survive, and can generate a little electricity. After reading his experiences, I might even sell some silver to buy more antibiotics. Seems “things” will be more like money than money will be. Even things that are small and cheap right now.

          In a world where starting a fire is a chore, the man with a 1000 Bics will be richer than the guy with 100 silver Eagles. If he had no way to start a fire, you could name your price.

          Just saying, spend a little here and there on things like that. You will not miss the money, and when you need something to trade it is there, and valueable.

          • Is that Fish Mox or do you have a source for human antibiotics? Do tell.

            I went to the SC prepper conference 2 weekends ago and the medics there said that animal antibiotics are the EXCACT SAME THING AS HUMAN.

            But, if I can get human ones, I’d prefer it. Just in case…….

            You need more types of antibiotics that amoxicillan too – check out the patriot nurse on youtube. She does 2 videos on antibiotics & tells you what to get. We’ve got about 5 different types here in our household.

            • They are Fish Mox, and EXACTLY the same 500 MG USP pills that you get from the pharmacy. They are labeled to scare sheep, but work like magic and will be worth their weight in gold if really bad things happen. Yes, I have taken them.

              Beware, there is at least one antibiotic that turns toxic after some time goes by. Can’t remember which one though.

              I am starting to see it like this… buy the things other people will need, that are small and easily hidden or carried. That paper dollar you spend today for a Bic lighter might turn into a silver dollar at some point in the future.

              150 bottles of fish antibiotics will be far more valuable than an Oz of gold, and have an unlimited market besides saving your own life.

              Just saying, it’s not all about food and water. Once you have the guns food and water, you should work on meeting as many of the needs of others as you can.

              The one problem everybody associates with barter is that you not only have to find somebody who has what you want, but you have to have what they want when you find them.

              Building an array of items to trade may just prove to be a better investment than all that gold and silver. Money can only buy what is in surplus from someone whose other needs are already met.

              Before all the fraud was what made people rich, it was capitalizing on the needs of others. Providing solutions to others problems.

              How many gold coins will 30 antibiotics be worth if you have a bad infection and no way to treat it? Better make your offer generous. Otherwise all he has to do to get your gold is wait for the infection to kill you…

              Prepare for the world of scarcity by collecting the things people take for granted today.

            • On my list to get–feed store(TSC??) ampicillin.
              $25 dollars.

            • The toxic antibiotic is tetracycline and all in that cycline family. AVOID them like the plague if they have expired.

              Thanks for the info! Confirmed what I knew. In fact, it’s on my list of things to buy this week from calvetsupply this week.

              Also, I store mine in the refrigerator. Makes them last longer. AND, they are good for years past their expiration date – except the one I mentioned above.

            • love this site, and the info y’all share. thank you for that, and for everyone (well, most) uplifting each other during this very stressful time!
              btw, where was the SC Prep Conf?? I’m in SC and would love to learn more. I’m very grateful for my food supply and we have a pool for a water supply.
              I’m specifically looking for info on guns, filters & solar panels/converters. and this antibiotic info is very exciting. also, I never even thought about BIC lighters; again, it just makes sense.
              I just need to cut/paste helpful comments into a document so I have it all in one place. I find myself reading & agreeing & then moving on without saving the important info. not very smart of me…
              thanks again! Jenn

            • GC,
              Tetracycline, and most antibiotics in the “cycline” family are the ones that may become toxic after their expiration date. Other antibiotics are safe but will begin loosing potency.

              All drugs are generic in India .Buy large quantities as shipping is $26.00 even if it’s more then 1 package to ship to you. Same price
              NO SCRIPT necessary!!
              When you are doing your order, just click past prescription page.
              We buy ALL our drugs there for over 6 years. Never a problem with any drug. I take nexxium(generic there), Tricor, blood pressure meds, diabetes 2 pills etc.
              If they didn’t work my blood pressure would be sky high, same for my glucose from diabetes and I would have reflux if their generic nexxium did not work.
              Pills are very inexpensive ….downright cheap we have many many different antibiotics for us and barter.

            • tetracycline goes bad after its due date

            • Jenn. Here is the site for the South Carolina prepper conference in Greenville – it was Oct 14 & 15.

              So far they’ve had 2 in the last year. I hope they have another in 6 months, I’ll go again.

              Lots of good vendors there, great presentations, nice folks.


            • @ Texan250, great site with great advice.Peace

          • Regarding the Bic’s – had a few boxes stored in a tote that was ducted taped around edges from Y2K and when checked a few years ago majority didn’t work – don’t know if need to store differently or prime -fluid low – someone else commented on that too.

            That article was great and he said something about modifying his propane tank (?) to refill (?)

            May want to think zippo type with canned butane – lots of canned butane

            The boxed kitchen matches stored the same way did still work – but I repackaged in glass jars, lids and oxygen absorber.

            Barter stuff from Dollar Tree (by the way you can now order online) Besides aspirin/pain stuff, don’t forget the allergy pills, vapor rub (under nose covers scent of decay), safety pins, boot laces, shower curtains (for partitioning, waterproof bed/med sheets)shower curtain rings (great to attach things together along with hanging stuff), vaseline for all body parts from baby to adult to name just a few overlooked items.

            • Knock off zippos are really cheap on ebay in lots. I am thinking about picking up a few along with fluid, flint and wicks, just for my own use and barter if needed. Peace Lady and thanks for the heads up on the bic lighters. Clay

        • Rusty, so many on blogs and sites are talking land, bug out location, solar panels,
          $1600 dollar weapons, etc…and I’m still on Ramen noodles, rice….you’re not alone.

          • You mention land – has anyone checked out billyland for buying land? I’ve watched the site for a long time – looking at Colorado – a lot of the land is in the southwest part of the state – $250 down and $175 monthly payments

            • LHAWK – CO, the four corners is very VERY windy Baked HOT summers, Cold Blizzards in Winter and flat… kinda like kansas except no people… very boring view. I use to Transport Prisoners there monthly.

            • YIKES!

            • LH: The mountains in SW Colorado are a good and safe location. Land is reasonably priced, wood, water, and are food available ……

              If you are not a veggietarian!!!! 🙂

              Take a hint from the name people!

        • Rusty S. The only way you can let your family down is to do nothing. Just do the best that your circumstances allow.

        • open up your mind. Flexibilty is the key. A can here an extra bag of beans or rice there. Box of. 22s or extra propane tank for the grill. You CAN DO IT! We all do what we can as much as we can,when we can.

      22. Being prepared for a tornado or hurricane is one thing. Surviving a government that is out of control through reckless spending is another. Preppers should also seek “other options”.

        When there is no more money left to fund this huge bureaucracy, where do you think they will look to secure their debts?

        We have always saved for the unknown and spend according to pay back time. Having fun on the vacations and here at home without racking up big bills.

        A Navy fighter pilot once told me that it doesn’t take a lot of money to have a good time. Over the years, I see how right he was.

        You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money. If the area that you live in is safe, stay put. If not, MOVE!

      23. Consider this: you and your friends may have to set up a parallel government in your area, until things get back to normal, after the SHTF. Give that a lot of thought. Study other countries situations that required citizens to run their own services until a governmnert stepped in.

        • Parallel government?

          People governing themselves is what the country is about. We don’t want a government with any relation to what is there now, and certainly not something going in the same direction.

          We need a right angle government, run by the people, and protected when a “parallel government” tries to step in.

          • I think we’re talking about the same thing.

      24. best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago
        the second best time is today!

        thats the way i think about it, just bought 2 20kg bags broken rice for GBP £7 each!! at tescos

        have a waterr filter, 400 candles, log burner, fishing tackle, 500 packets seeds, 2 months supply of dried and canned foods, 2 years supply of solgar omnium multi vitamins, chainsaws, fuel, tools, 4 x 4 , first aid and some medicines plenty of ex army clothes and boots for winter, just want a crossbow and a few other things and ill be happy to tackle any situation that happens!

        lets see what the EU fools agree on tonight and see what happens to the markets tomorrow?????

        to those people who feel like they would just like it all to collapse now so we can get on with our new way of lives………….i think there is a very good chance the dominos start to fall tomorrow!

        good luck everyone, we are pioneers of a new way of life.

        • quote:lets see what the EU fools agree on tonight and see what happens to the markets tomorrow?????

          exactly … heads up folks the market is possibly gonna go CRASH!

          On the 27th Oct watch the news from europe…

      25. Wow. Thanks all. I feel pretty damn good now after reading your comments. I guess all my learning, unknowingly, is a huge help. I can start fire easily with nothing but sticks, I can hunt like crazy, fishing is easy to me. I guess sometimes we need a little encouragement, and mine is only my family, because I am completely surrounded by sheeple, that I can NEVER speak of prepping. I taught myself a ton of survival things years ago, because I enjoy it, but it sounds like they may be life savers in the future.

        My wife is 100% on board and is very good about bring food and other items inside after dark. Our biggest thing is very very little silver, which it now sounds like it may be unneeded, and no land to go to. I hate being in this city. That is our biggest survival obstacle at this point IMO.

        Anyway, thanks much for the encouragement all!!!!!!!!!!

      26. Mormons in traditional churches will defend themselves and the family/church/community. First rule of self defense: don’t talk about preparations.

        2 faces of preparation: peace and love, food storage, keeping lists of people to help (old, sick, helpless), “missions” for 20 year olds, etc. This is the soft public side. The quiet side is reloading, stockpiling, logistics, off-road transportation, training, military-style units, all deniable to the public.

        Scum in big cities will either behave and integrate, or told to hit the road. Only current surplus and fed money allows these folks to stay and behave in a useless way.

        I agree that the Free State of Utah is a very likely result when the USA is unable to fund it or keep it. They will be like Israel, in some geographic and organizational ways, but without the $6B/yr subsidy.


        • Don’t forget about the “scum” in rural areas who depend on those same surpluses and fed money. States with highest food stamp reliance are MS, OR, TN, NM, MI, LA, KY, WV,ME and SC. States with highest disability rates, WV, AL, AR, KY and MS. Also lots of drug and alcohol abuse in rural areas. You might have an “Escape from New York” scenario in urban areas and “Deliverance” scenario in rural areas.

      27. WHO REALLY IS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA? Is Obama REALLY a Christian? Would a TRUE Christian mock the word of God? I think not. Watch video…. Is Obama a Muslim? Watch video and make you own conclusion… Is Obama being groomed to HEAD the New World Order? Watch the Video and see for yourself….. According to the Bible the leader of the NWO will be the coming Anti Christ. Watch these videos and make up your own mind who that might be….. The Bible says that the number of his name will be 666. What is the number of Obama’s name?….

        • KYM – I appreciate your thoughts a due diligence. I admit, when he first showed up; the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. While he definitely is playing a MAJOR role in fullfilling biblical prophesy; I do not see him as being the AC.. mainly because he is proving to be so absolutely inept. Oh, the markers are / were there; especially the unGodly adulation heaped upon him. He seems to be a facilitator.. but heck; we will see won’t we ?
          My real concern is to caution you about relying on such things as Bible code stuff.. our Lord is not doing these things hidden in a corner. He has told us more than enough in advance to be prepared and on guard. Be cautious my dear in putting faith in “hidden mysteries” or “new knowledge”.. be very, very cautious. Many people have been ensnared by such things.. Our Lord promised us that he would send us the Holy Spirit who would teach us all things that we needed to know and that we would have no need of any “man” to teach us. He has kept His word and has done so.. just read your Bible, pray, be humble and not afraid. Don’t seek knowledge in “hidden” places.. it is a trap. Seek Him who IS knowledge.. and don’t be afraid.. but TRUST.

          • Sam not sam,

            I have been thinking about what you said. Your words are full of wisdom and what I needed to hear! Thank you! 🙂

            I will try to do more reading my Bible and praying and to “seek Him who is knowledge and not be afraid, but TRUST”.

            Thank you!

            KY Mom

      28. barter is an extremely important system when the dollar collapses…..

        matches, lighters, soap bars, toothbrushes, coffee, batteries, multitools, etc….

        Go to a dollar store and look at the indespensable items that people can’t live without and stock up.

        Some former fat-cat might trade his 18k Gold Rolex for a tube of Preparation H if his hemmorrhoids hurt enough….

      29. I agree with PO above, but then, I also hail from SO FLO.. I don’t object to the label of “prepper” at all, I find it descriptive and a compliment..

        I started seriously prepping perhaps 3 years ago. Initially, I justified it based on where I live. But for a very long time, I’ve “smelt” something coming.. like many people here have reported.

        My son last night made me very nervous when he commented that several of his friends had said if the world comes to an end; they are heading to our house. I almost jumped out of my skin fearing we had been “outed”. But as it turned out, they were only basing that on our “visible” pantry, which apparently is much better stocked than their own. My son assured me that he had not let the cat out of the bag regarding our FD food and other preps..

        But it did make me think.. if what I consider to be a normally stocked daily pantry is “stuffed” to other people; maybe my “perception” of normal has been skewed.

        In our “public” pantry, we only have normal canned goods, snacks, condiments etc. If we stretched it, it might be 3-4 months of food.. Just about what my parents who were born at the end of the depression always kept on hand..

        • 4 years ago I didn’t call it prepping, it was just prudent. Then again 4 years ago if you talked about an economic collapse in America I would have thought you were ready for the looney bin.

          Today I have my own selection of Tin Foil Hats, go figure!!

          • I know what you mean.. after Andrew, I suppose I was prepping then too and just called it “not being stupid”.

      30. seeds, shoelaces, spices, matches and cigarette lighters, lantern mantles, coffee filters, aluminum foil, hydrogen peroxide containers and rubbing alcohol, feminine napkins, diapers…..

        • shoe laces. Good idea. You can buy a few thousand feet of paracord & use that.

      31. can openers, scissors, hand tools, grain grinders, paracord, organic seed, household electrical and duct tape, adhesives, bug spray…..

        • DNT
          This is all the stuff that can be bought at the 99cents only stores !
          I guess I need to work on the barter items next time I am there !
          Thx for the good ideas .
          Montgomery County Texas

      32. ammunition, firearms, backup firearms, two-way radios, how-to books and DVD’s, extra medical perscriptions, extra shoes for the kids to grow-into, pet meds, alcohol for barter, tobacco…..

      33. We have a year’s supply of food and water. Ways to cook our food and heat our home. We have guns and ammo. There are multiple disasters coming. The Fed is printing so much money we’ll see hyperinflation in the next year or two. The dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. When that happens and OPEC stops accepting dollars as payment for oil we will become a third world country very quickly. The most immediate danger is that a Greek default could cause a world-wide banking collapse. Things could get ugly very soon.

        • where do you live?….just kidding—your post/comment is very realistic and quite probable.

      34. Preparation is good. Preparation allows you to think clearly when others may panic. Your best survival tool is a mind clear of fear and hysteria, all else is window dressing. Critical, clear headed thinking in difficult times is your best weapon. Avoid the temptation to get caught up in a prepper frenzy, imagining a boogey-man that may never appear. If it does appear then face it with a poised and calm determination. Let your actions be based on the principles that have made America great. We support each other in time of need. We band together as a nation against a common foe. We do not accept anarchy. We are a God loving people. We are a selfless and giving people. We are nobody’s fool. Analyze conditions as they exist and not as you imagine them to be. Take care.

      35. Hello from the UK…where we can’t have guns, tazers, pepper sprays and where ‘hording’ is considerered to having more than three days of food in your house. Talking of houses, few have chimneys over here, no electric, no heat…great. Even so I am proud to be one of the few Brits who has sought out people such as yourselves and learned from them, I don’t give a toss what they call me, mainly because nobody knows that the draws on the beds are filled with supplies, a sheet or two on top to hide them. The loft space is so full of non-temperature dependant stuff that there is hardly room for the christmas decorations. Having said all that can anyone advice on defence please? I live in a city am in my late fifties, have arthritis and a late in life baby who is now four. No husband, no siblings and no parents.. do have a huge dog, who in reality would slobber folks to death but looks and sounds the part. This will make you all laugh your socks off but before you do please remember real guns are not an option for me. Do these BB gun things hurt enough to make people back off or would it just piss them off to the point where we would be done for? I have got to sort some form of defence out or there is a high chance I will lose everything when whatever is going to happen happens. I know instinctively that putting on a brave voice and asking maurauders to leave the property is most unlikely to work. Okay, rant over, thanks for listening x

        • MS Carolie,

          In my humble opinion you must find others who my also be trying to answer the same question. A network of close like minded individuals may provide some of the answers to your current situation.

          Do you have a method to provide extra security to doors and windows? Do you have a baseball bat? Do you have access to wasp spray(it can shoot out 6+ feet into someones eyes)?

          Your baby must be the driver of your plans. While your home will provide a sense of security, have you thought of a 72 hour B.O.B. for each of you.

          There are many here who can provide other ideas. Also as others will so shall I pray for you and your child. Please let us hear from you as time allows.
          Montana Mike

          • Hey Montana Mike hows the job at the MONTANA VA Psych Dept going??? Still harassing Veterans over what kind of guns they own??? huh? Still Living LARGE with a FED paycheck on the Pain of Veterans??? Still working with the DHS in Helena Montana reporting PATRIOTIC Veterans to em’???

            Fed Scum…

        • Carolie – I agree with Montana Mike.. get yourself several cans of wasp spray.. over here, we can buy cans that advertise the ability to shoot 20+ feet and they really do shoot a long way..

          IMO – given the situation you have described; bug spray and being as invisible as possible is your best option.

          Be invisible.. draw no attention to yourself or your home; don’t put on airs or drive an expensive vehicle.. no matter if you can afford it. Look poor, uninteresting and needy to anyone who might seek to rob you..

          You did bring up a interesting note though..and I hope everyone here catches your statement about having more than 3 days worth of food is considered hording. You did not mention that hording is also considered a crime in the UK. I have been told this is true; but would appreciate your confirmation ?

        • Carolie: Starting googling ancient weapons and weapons by other cultures. There are some really cool things you could put together…boiling water can be a weapon. Morning stars (a club with spikes sticking out of it) are very interesting weapons. Just gotta think outside the box. Find a few you like and then practice, practice, practice.

        • BB guns will likely kill a pigeon and be enough to hurt, or at least annoy, a human. I’ve been hit by them and cursed my friend for shooting me. You can buy steel BBs too. I haven’t been hit by one of them and would not want to be hit by one. I’m an American in the UK and my friend bought the latter BB gun in the UK.

          All of my stuff is in plain site. I have a room full of camping gear and people think it is just that when they see it.

        • Hi from Canada. Some good advice there from Montana Mike. I’d like to add that your most valuable asset is good health. Research causes of arthritis, sometimes a change in diet will help. Tone up, get in shape. Start out slow and easy, stretching, weight training. Take vitamins. CoQ10 is a great help for older people. (our bodies make less of it as we age, when we don’t have any we die) (I’m 56, have a physically active job, I take 100mg a day, along with an assortment of other vitamins.) Anything can be a weapon, base ball bat, crow bar, hatchet, spray cans of something corrosive, large blunt objects d’art. Secure your windows, blackout drapes for at night. Network, make a community of friends and like-minded people. Be charming and useful. And remember, you are a mother, you will defend your child, even if it ends with a shovel and a deep hole. ooh, shovel, there’s another good weapon.

        • Remember to get hornet spray………….legal everywhere……shoots 20-30 feet…….makes a great “mace’

      36. Ex-military, retired military, conservative in thought are becoming the known to the Obama Administration. You are being watched; on the net, C-Phone, bank accounts, spending habits. Use cash for prep supplies. Buy in bulk. Save in oxygen free 5-gal pails. Secure your weapons, ammunition, food and don’t talk about your preps to anyone you can’t trust. SHTF tactics to be agreed upon before needed.

        Plan on having health issues, medical needs, and food shortages. Now is the time to prepare. Buy double what you think you’ll need for a First Aid Kit. Learn how to spot health issues (ie: scurvy, dehydration, infections). Blood Poisoning is what it was called in the 30s-40’s and is deadly if not treated.

        Get in touch with your God. Reestablish your relationship with him. Pray frequently. Ask for his help. You’d be surprised what happens.

        If we prepare and nothing happens – we have invested in our family’s future.

        If we prepare and are ready we have a 90% chance to get through the challenges. Plan, Prep and Pray.

        • Excellent advice! God be with you.

      37. I think there are “preppers” out there who don’t even know that they are “preppers.” I know a lot of people who have a half dozen handguns, shotguns, hunting rifles, etc. One of my friend’s fathers makes his own ammo. Awesome. Wish I knew how to do that. Some friends have land just because. Friends who grew up in more rural areas, especially the northern tier states, seem like they know how to survive and fend for themselves almost by instinct (there is a story about a co-worker who ran through woods and over snow covered MT hills with a buck and rifle across his back as he was being chased by a wolf… some exaggerations, but most of the story is true). They just do it to do it and don’t put a label onto what they are doing. If we really do enter some type of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome scenario, I would probably grab my 72 hour bag and head in their direction. The military has taught me some things, but I think it takes a certain lifestyle, or being reared a certain way, or being raised in a certain place, to be able to survive a real SHTF situation.

        • Get a basic Lee 50th anniversary loading kit, Cabelas has them for under 100bucks. Find out what dies you need for you your family and support team and local law enforcement. Them get bullet molds for all of it. You can salvage tire weights, old car batteries, roofing lead etc and make everything including slugs and buckshot.
          A can of powder will load 3000 9mm or 38 not so special. Check with shooting ranges for brass and your own. I haven’t bought ammo in 5 years but have loaded over 10K in 3 months and save a lot of money. Lyman and lee both have great books on load data and bullet casting.
          And its a useful skill for trade when shtf. Plus its fun

      38. It’s a vote of no-confidence in our government. There will be no “life raft” for the peons when it comes crashing down. We have to provide and build our own life raft to continue whether society as we know it is here or not.

        Something to think about- the government would use food as a weapon. Governments in the past has used it as a tool to break the will of the people. Invest in makeup to look starved and anemic. Having a healthy looking face could bring trouble in times of no food.

      39. ANSWER to the article ….because they are NUTS !!!!

      40. Thanks to many “preppers” on the web (including this site) I personally have shifted from spending my paychecks on Xbox games and expensive dinners out to canned meat and loads of .223

        If nothing happens it is ok, as I enjoy target shooting and spam.

        If something happens I shall pray for us all.

      41. I guess everyone has forgotten pearl harbor….how will you react when the banks close their doors and websites?
        How will it feel to turn away people, family because they
        know you have prepared…the very first comment on this article hits home
        fun times ahead ….

        • i think your right i wouldnt be able to turn down anybody. i think none of us do. i have to much respect, honor, sarrow for that

        • If your family comes knocking at the door, you kick them in the nuts for being stupid and then let them in. You make a sacrifice, adapt and move on. If you turn away family you are a cold person. Or, maybe I’m just fortunate enough to have a great relationship with my parents and brothers.

      42. so guys im a new comer to this whole thing i just turened 18 and quite frankly i dont know what the hells going on. i would rather be prepared for something i know the conseqes about then not. so guys hows the end of the world going to happen? where? why? when?
        i need some feedback here!!!!

      43. im thinking about buying one of the stills advertized above

      44. Sorry to Ladyhawk about this next comment but I think it needs to be said:

        my brother in law married an uneducated black woman…her entire family except for one brother (Halliburton employee & a responsible father) has spent their entire lives in and out of jail, on welfare, drugs and foodstamps, pumping out babies of men who never stick around (three and four apiece) and getting fired from jobs beneath fast food work…her daughter is a prostitute in L.A.

        They are all in bad health from obesity, drug abuse, CHF, diabetes, poor living choices and the generalized sloth that accompanies the multi-generational welfare ghetto lifestyle.

        I really think the only reason my brother-in-law (who is/was a white country boy) married this person is that he always wanted to feel like the smartest guy in the room.

        If TSHTF and systems go down and he shows up at the mother and father in-law’s country house with this bunch of nappy-headed layabouts in-tow to eat the rest of us out of house & home I’m sending them all down the road if I have to shoota couple of them to get my point across.

        Unproductive or dysfunctional family members (or this distant sub-cultural trash I’m talking about here)do not deserve your kindness after TSHTF unless you want to go hungry and weak while they live off the fat they’ve stored-up over a lifetime of laziness and government largess.

        If your relations didn’t buy-in to your preps and they can’t pitch-in if you shelter them then kick them out onto the road….

        • I wasn’t thinking beyond my nuclear family on this issue, but you have a point.

        • lmao ;0P dude the folks in Blacks Oakland CA and Chicano’s East LA CA and WASP’s of Wallstreet are saying the same thing about Your CRACKER Country ASS! Come to Montana and the Injuns at the Reservation will skin you alive here… during a SHTF just cause your white!

          So understand they all feel the same about you as you do about them!

          tribalism will definitely be the norm in a SHTF situation!

          • sounds like you can’t wait….

        • DNT

          “…Unproductive or dysfunctional family members (or this distant sub-cultural trash I’m talking about here)do not deserve your kindness after TSHTF unless you want to go hungry and weak while they live off the fat they’ve stored-up over a lifetime of laziness and government largess…”

          That is your point and I’m in agreement. I live in an old commercial area that has lots of transients and homeless folks. I volunteer at the local food bank which is open once a month, so I know their circumstances.

          These folks are alcoholics, druggies, thieves and worst. They are on the off ramps “flying signs” and begging for money to support their habits. They get food stamps and suck other services from the public trough paid with tax dollars. As you said, unproductive or dysfunctional.

          I too will not be squandering my hard earned preps on those type of folks, even if they were family in a SHTF situation as their addictions and destructive behavior would be detrimental. Oh, by the way, these people are 99.9% white.

          I got your point. Do you get mine? Trash is trash and they come in all colors and sizes. Your nappy-headed lay abouts seem to equal my straggly blonde rotted teeth due to meth homeless hoe who is willing to give you a BJ for cash or a drink. What’s the color of their skin got to do with anything?

          • LH why does everything have to be race thing with you in defense or offense? Do you really think you are going to change anybody’s norms here.

            • She’s right to challenge people when they make stupid comments about race. And in this case she was specifically engaged. Maybe if she smacks some folks upside the head enough times–combined with her very articulate and thoughtful manner of writing–it will sink in, make folks think a little deeper. She stands her ground. I admire that. This site is all the richer for her opinion and gentle chastisement.

            • A
              “…LH why does everything have to be race thing with you in defense or offense? Do you really think you are going to change anybody’s norms here…”

              NO – you don’t change people, but I can make folks aware and hopefully, uncomfortable on just how far we “haven’t” come when it comes to race in America.

              In this case, Death and Taxes had made some good points. Why aren’t you asking him why race was an issue in his post?

              Being slothful, multi-generational welfare, in and out of jail, on welfare, drugs and foodstamps, pumping out babies of men who never stick around, or prostituting oneself isn’t just a black thing.

              My response was to point out whites are equally afflicted with similar issues. I will even go further by saying whites (who are still in the majority) are more likely to use the disability route to avoid work, get a check, food stamps and other tax supported services – there is less negativity associated with their being nonproductive and dysfunctional. It’s more genteel and acceptable.

              Both DNT and my comments on the character of the people involved would of gotten our points across. The race card and nappy head/straggly blonde comments were totally unnecessary and not germane – that was what I tried to point out.

              As far as responding, I let some things go by. I don’t understand why in describing an incident, the race of the person is germane. If it’s an asshole, it’s an asshole. I don’t post this white man ran me off the road or this white woman stole my purse. But I do see the need sometimes that someone has to say, you got a bugger in your nose. Here’s a tissue, clean it up.

            • Mama Bear

              Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comments. Know I will continue to smack some heads when there is a need. 😀

          • I agree with most of your post–But, some compassion must be considered..what about those children of those nappy heads and rotted teeth meth users??
            I read a story a few days ago…it stuck with a third world country or one of collapse, a mother knew what food she’d be given and had to choose which children she would feed and which to let die.
            THAT is on my mind with every $ I spend and what I can accomplish with what foods that $ will buy.
            I hear you LadyHawk, but I have The Man to answer to for my actions…but, neither am I A PUSHOVER!!!
            And Jesus said, “Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity. Stinginess impoverishes.”
            With your attitude presented, aren’t we really imitating the elite that got us where we are today with their greed??
            Peace. JayJay

            • JJ

              “…what about those children of those nappy heads and rotted teeth meth users??…”

              I’m giving you a thumbs up. Good question and I don’t have an answer for you. Although I’ve put back supplies to help others, I’m not in a position to run an orphanage.

              Those people you describe are service to self. Many of their children are already wards of the state or in juvi centers or incarcerated. Then, giving the parent(s) food, doesn’t mean the children would get any of it.

              It’s something I’ve thought about and prayed over. It goes with thinking about group dynamics and balancing the welfare and needs of the community.

            • JJ

              You have no idea how your post has rocked my world. Your comment about the mother and the decisions she had to make on which of her children lived or died. It reminded me, I too experienced similar traumatic situations, resulting in not taking care of myself making it possible to work one’s self to death. Who knew?

              My awakening was on two levels (physical and spiritual) and in two stages (then and later). First off, I didn’t want to come back – period.

              But my deceased Grandma, lovingly, was telling me I must. That I needed to get physically healthy for my children and there was something I had to do, which was connected to future events. I wasn’t given a time, location, or what my role would be. That was still for me to figure out. Just, the need for back to basic skills, tools and supplies. What is now called prepping.

              My physical awakening and stage one was a return to complete twenty years of working two full time jobs, struggling to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table, while raising two children; one with life threatening medical (leukemia) issues and the other developmentally disabled (retardation).

              This was pre-war on poverty and there was no safety net or food stamps. Hospitals then, were not required to provide services if there was no money and there were no educational accommodations or special ed till my son was in 5th grade. My options were to institutionalize him -and it was the time of separate but equal (“eyes rolling”) or keep him home.

              There were no credit cards, that I knew about. There were Household Finance loans and I used them for medical and tutor bills. I Chapter 13 twice. Every day was a work day, with some days pulling a double. Any time off, if not involved with doctors or hospital was to provide some type of quality time with the kids – time at the zoo, museum, a picnic at the park.

              Given these challenges, there was no time to revel in my children’s day to day achievements, only duty to shelter, feed, and provide that they may survive. I hated the circumstances I was under to raise a family.

              There are scars all around. I swore, the next time around, I wanted to come back as a majority of what ever race, color or tribe would be in vogue and NO children, what so ever and know why I don’t want them so I don’t spend a life time trying to have any.

              Which brings me to why I’m providing these details, JJ. So you can relate what you posted to my epiphany . (Also, it’s a glimpse into why I didn’t want to come back.)

              This is about my second awakening and stage two, which has been my Spiritual quest. Hand and hand with the thirty years of prepping I’ve been working out my relationship with God and I’ll leave it that we have come to an understanding.

              I don’t make Him sweat the little things. I am grateful for all I have and where I am today including health and peace of mind. Sometimes, I become unsure of myself and try and second guess, like I have been on the location. Stay or move.

              My journey to the place I’ve called home these almost 20 years, come from those times I’ve put what to do next in God’s hands. This location is like the sites they filmed the Discovery Channel’s the Colony (SHTF) series, old warehouses, fences, river/fish, well, etc, etc. The downside, it’s a couple of miles from a major city. When I’m not sure what’s next, I put it in God’s hands with the prayer “Thy will be done.” I’ve been at the stage awhile. Then, your post yesterday.

              JJ says “…But, some compassion must be considered..what about those children of those nappy heads and rotted teeth meth users??…”

              My flip response, “…Although I’ve put back supplies to help others, I’m not in a position to run an orphanage…”

              Thinking nothing more, went to sleep and about 1:30 AM this morning -Bang -sat straight up and shouted out “are you freaking kidding me, an orphanage!!!

              What’s running through my mind right now is this would be my worse nightmare – Please no! Let this NOT be God’s will. No way I’d be good at that. God, we need to talk.

              JJ, you just may have been the messenger. Want to know how to make God laugh? Have a plan.

          • well said and I agree….useless trash is useless trash no matter how their ancestors got here…..

            • +1 and Amen

      45. YOU ALL need to WATCH the new movie MARGIN CALL… holy sheep sheeeit!

        the jews in hollywood are trying to tell us something…

      46. My wife is 67 and I am 65. Five years ago I w ould have thought preppers were tinnfoil hat fans. No more soap operas for my spouse. She is on the internet and watching the news all day. In the past year we have built a three bedroom /two bath house on 13 acres of mountain land in east Tennessee about 15 miles from Hot Springs, NC. I have more guns than I can hold and thousands of rounds. True we have a mortgage on this retreat, but the land was ours and my daughter splits the payment — she was the main reason we built this. Our goal is to watch out for the safety of our grandchildren. Period! We are working on food, generators, etc. We have some fine tuning. Just reworked a ’75 jeep incase of emp.
        THe world has gone crazy. If my father came

        back, he would not know this nation. What the hell has happened? We will prepare, and if those who know about it think we are nuts, who cares! I’m glad this site is here, as we all need support. Nuff said.

        • You sound like a very sensible man to me! SEMPER FI !
          May God be with you.

      47. “From each according to his ability, to each according to their need.” Preps may mean well, but the Karl Marx quote from above is how preps have been programmed—at “liberal” schools of “higher” education.

        Mucho work available in Rocky Mountain states–oil & gas.

      48. Born into a poor, dirty, abusive, and hungry household I was born a prepper; and for this I am blessed. Nothing has ever been taken for granted. As a child I buried food to retrieve later when I was hungry. It sounds horrible but really it was wonderful to establish that control over my needs at the age of five or six.
        Poverty and abuse lost their hold. I left home earlier than a child should, but it was a good leaving. I am no longer hungry but never got fat…this is important. It is hyper compensation over a want that digs the grave. Money is now silver or gold (or lead) and there is no worry for want, yet I live in the humblest of is not fat either.
        It is time for all of us to realize when we are full and push away from the table of consuming for consuming sake. I am all for preparing for times when we are hungry…the trick is not to eat it all when we are full. My truck is a clunker. My clothes are older but strong and clean. They are enough. Because of this I have food to preserve, true money to stack, and good tools that can go bang, filter water, and treat the injured.
        My flesh is weak even at this late hour, but in my heart of hearts I’ll let it all burn down nothing to include my life if it is pleasing to the True Creator that has kept His hand on me, and His son Jesus Christ. My life is a debt to His generosity and love for I have deserved NOTHING. I will be better than I am, and I see progress from the man I once was. I have traveled well…and it has taught me to love you all. God bless.

      49. here it comes!!!!!!
        EU crisis meeting ends in crisis, i think that is the first domino!!!!! good thing for self defense is an old ninja technique adapted slightly:
        mix insanity sauce(very very hot) with sand, dry then crumble into dust, keep a large handful in your pocket and if you need to throw it in someones face, game over!!!

      50. BE READY FOR BAD TIMES, and you will always do better in good ones!

        I think there are many legitimate reasons for anyone to prepare. Crazy times we live in and the more you prepare the better you might be in the future.

        Personally I would love to grow my own food but living in an apartment makes a little bit hard

        Nice article, spread the word!

      51. I started two year’s ago.Went to thrift store’s and second hand store’s.I was unemployed at that time.Some money was little to none.Small side job’s helped.I also asked people for thing’s.Which many where just given to me.The friend part is very powerful.I think of you all as friend’s looking for life way also.I’m new to this site.And have been helped all ready.I hope in some small way ,I can help too.I just hope for the best and the truth of thing’s.

      52. If God’s judgement is to punish the wicked, prepping
        won’t help.

      53. Try to learn about plants that grow in your area and can be used medicinally.

        For example – Plantago major or Plantain

        This is a common “weed” that grows in many places and has numerous medicinal uses. It is so commonly available that everyone should be aware of it.

        It can be used to treat toothaches, bronchitis, fever, wound treatment, snake bites, bee stings, spider bites, blood poisoning and more. It kills germs, speeds wound healing, and stimulates the growth of new skin cells.

        Nice picture at altnature dot com

        Copy and print a picture of it. Learn to identify it.

      54. Lots of time left folks, but stay focused, and keep improving your preps.

      55. I farm, and have been a budget prepper for a long time. You can read my tips and experiences at my Blog

        My suggestion is

        1. buy 10. of something every week… You need 40 lbs of rice, 40 lbs of beans and water… with that you won’t starve… now improve on it.

        2. Figure out WHERE you will go if things get bad.

        3. Work up a little worst case senario with your family. It it is easier to as a group…

      56. Hello M Mile and S not Sam…thank you so much for your replies. I like this wasp spray thing and will look into it right away. With regard to food I have not heard that it is a crime to stockpile, if it is I am well into breaking the law already lol. It is more the populations mentality, corner shops everywhere, huge supermarkets on every scrap of land, as a nation we have become so complacent it is scary.Last winter was bad by UK standards, laughable to those who have experience of real bad winters, I remember ’62-’63 which WAS bad, anyway I thought the shops running low of some stuff and running out of staples might shake a few people up…but no. With regard to making friends I have been a bit careful about this. I live on a large estate, elderly ladies on each side, I have enough to share with them if needs be. The estate is not ideal, terraced (row) houses where most are unemployed, quite a bit of youth crime. Doors and windows are sorted, previously mentioned large dog makes people wary of approaching. I have not got a bat but I have a home made ‘club’ about the same with but a foot longer, one by each door and one in the bedroom. Experiments reveal that vaseline on cotton balls burn like hell and are quite sticky so throwing a few out of upstairs windows is a possibility. I am waiting for bioethanol to arrive for basic cooking, as I said no chimney for an open fire. I am also looking at a smallish tent to do the room in a room thing to keep us warm at night. Once again thanks for your interest. ANY comments are welcome as I am new to this and as I said it is not something that has any kind of community over here. Take car Carolie x

      57. Sorry Mike called you mile there x

      58. back in the 50s and 60s prepping was commonplace, there were government folk even talikng about prepping, underground shelters across the nation, most of which were concreted up when fema rode in and declared underground bunkers were not useful to the slaves.

      59. So you buy land, the shtf then how do you pay the property taxes?

        • in shtf, who is going to collect property tax? answer no one

      60. I am not a prepper, I am an individual who would rather not assume the system is going to continue perfectly at all times. The system is fragile and imperfect and in no way reliable.

        Living in a northern climate, I understand the importance of having heat when there is no power -having heat means the difference between freezing or staying comfortable as well as having the means to cook. I was essentailly raised by my grandparents, and they taught me a lifestyle that stressed the need for personal responsibility and responsibility for my family. If I am not keeping a decent amount of food in my home, my family could go hungry if we are snowed in for any length of time (or if the stores close because the system has gone to pot). If I cannot heat my home without the grid, my family may freeze to death. Having guns sitting out in the open is normal -you can’t shoot a deer in the garden if it’s in a locked case!
        When times were lean, folks in my family would go out on the property and bring back meat -squirrel, rabbit, deer, etc. for the stew pot. Beans were an every day or nearly every day part of meals. Composting kitchen scraps or feeding them to animals ensured nothing was wasted. Saving paper products for fires was expected. The “garbage” produced was and is minimal. There is more to it, but I think you all get the picture.

        I could care less if the mainstream doesn’t accept my lifestyle. I’ve been living like this for the majority of my life, and the rest of the world doesn’t live here, I do.

      61. Need a place to stay when the SHTF? Consider squatting. Illegals do it all the time. There won’t be anybody to evict you when SHTF. Just an idea for you to comment on.

        • I tried that once.. I was in Mexico, way up in the mountains and something I had eaten picked that moment to bite me back. I squatted right there and let fly..

          Unpleasant to say the least..

          Leafs leave a lot to be desired…

          No thanks, I’ll only squat when there is no other choice.. 😉

        • How odd that you’d say that old fuzzy. As I was driving through the country the other day (to our bug out property) we passed dozens & dozens of empty houses, buildings, etc.

          I commented to my spouse that there are plenty of places for the golden horde to stay – they might not be clean or fancy but they are still shelter. Yes, there will be lots of squatters.

      62. Can anyone suggest a dried bean that is good for long term storage in 5 gal. buckets with oxygen absorbers???
        I know that beans are hard to cook without electricity, and is there an easy way to prepare them??
        Any suggestions?

        Thanks in advance

        • You can store more than the standard variety of beans, but certainly do get as much of all varieties as you can. I would also suggest you get lentils-they store well and are excellent IMHO. Hope this helps.

        • I read that pinto beans are easier to digest, and they are usually less expensive than some other types of beans. Soak overnight to lessen cooking time.

      63. Good morning—noone has touched on this subject–so I will. WTSHTF, and I mean the country has collapsed and nothing is moving, after a few weeks, what’s gonna stop hungry mobs, hundreds, not just a few, of going to the warehouses where these foods–not frozen–are stored and just getting truckloads and passing out to communities?

        • Nothing will stop them. But the food won’t last long. It will be a temporary solution for them. And can you imagine the rioting & shooting around those things?

        • Mr B. is correct.. I don’t think it will take a few weeks.. a few days maybe.. I’ve personally seen stores almost completely emptied in a few hours.. big stores. ( I live in Hurricane alley ).

        • That would happen. The first people in however would be criminals because they have no reservations breaking and entering. They will likely sell what they take if the third world is any indication of how people react under that kind of stress. I read a quote somewhere that said, “Civilization is only seven skipped means away from anarchy” .

      64. Thanks..I think if there are running vehicles, no EMP attack, which I think is very remote, there will be a concerted effort to relieve these warehouses of their bounty—and why not???

      65. so gibt es nicht irgendwelche Autos, Schwarze, oder irgend etwas sein für diese Angelegenheit. denn es wird zu einer nuclar Krieg das ist werde distory alles. hoffe, das beantwortet Ihre Frage Mr.Fehringer

        • git autos irgend wedre au vitizen, mein kamph, ba fangue, mr fehrir du fairy, alles uber ales das autobahn, das va gin a

      66. yea i was knida thinkin the same thing would happen

      67. I have about 20 cans of soup and that’s about it. What do you think? Will I survive ? I do have a shotgun and 2 boxes of shells and a 22 automatic with 100 shells. I live in a city with about 150,000 people and after just finding this site I am a little concerned. I haven’t any money other than My S S check I get every month and I use it all to pay my rent buy food and pay my utilities. I am 66 years old. I suppose if some thing happens I could go and get some supplies from the local stores at night. Can’t I just drink the water out of the lake nearby if I boil it? I am looking at what other wild food sources that I could eat besides catching fish in the lake or If the shyt happens I can always kiss my azz goodbye

        • Jimmy, thanks for posting… Yes, the water in the lake should be ok if filtered/boiled properly… Since you are on a budget I certainly understand where you are coming from…. You might consider spending an extra $10 or so each week on rice, pinto beans and long dated canned goods… You would be amazed at how quickly you can amass a 90 day supply of food on a tight budget… Check out … Use the food storage calculator to get an idea of the foods you should stock… You’ll see that you can store regular foods for the long term at a very reasonable price. Even if you can only swing $20 a month, you can still put away a reserve supply of core foods.

      68. Okay, well i would like to hear a few opinions about what i should do with the next few years of my life… I am currently a college freshman here in Anchorage, AK attending UAA. Ever since the 6th grade, i’ve been reading up on various dates or interesting moments in history, and have been spectating the actions and thoughts of other people around me. Now it seems that everyone knows that SOMETHING bad will happen, but nobody seems to know EXACTLY what. I’ve noticed the average American is…. lacking. Anything from intelligence, to decision making skills, to plain common sense. seems to have all but dwindled away from these poor people’s minds. Now i dont think it matters HOW this happened, it’s already too late to matter. Based on past events, and current ones; it is becoming ever clearer that the world as it exists today simply cannot be sustained! i refuse to accept the fact that the world has become just like a real-life thriller movie. You’ve got the bad guy on top making all the cash (while still seeming like the good guy), while the guys on bottom get to collect all the spare pennies, and fight over the “good” guy’s scraps. As hard as it is to believe, i have to accept the fact that most of the people are just walking sacks of bullshit. now, instead of studying like i should be, i am here typing this out… I would like to hear some opinions as to what i should do! As an 18-year old college freshman, i dont really have the means to do anything but go to class and eat the campus food. But i would like as many opinions as i can get on this matter, since the situation we are all in is so unfortunate, and we all know it will probably NOT change for the better in any way for a long time. I could go out and try to get a substantial loan from the bank(fat chance), buy a truck-load of silly supplies and camp out somewhere… but what good would that do me in the long-term? i would like to have a relatively happy life with little worry, but i am starting to notice that this fact probably will not come true, simply because of the actions of my not-so-fellow man. Now i cant simply do as i please, because the people around me will not approve!I am obligated to these people, but i am tired of bieng shuffled around to meet other people’s pleasures and desires, I’ve been listening to other people for at least 15 years, so it has to be something i’m really good at. maybe the only thing i really know how to do well. But im tired of shoveling around their bullstuffs! How can i break free from these people without detrementally hurting their stupid ego so bad they want to run out and kill me? I know what i WANT to do, i also know what i NEED to do it, but as the situation is now, it looks like i will never be able to (“legally”) develop my own means to support myself positively in such a short amount of time.
        What should i do to further better myself in this time of increasing “bull$hit”? Is there any hope for me?
        I am seriously considering dropping out of my first semester of this sh1tty college, signing up for that line of credit cards i will not pay back,living the american dream (as it was in say, the 50’s-60’s) for awhile and using the soon-to-be useless dollars to buy a greenhouse, move back to the village, and start growing as much weed, vegetables, and small fruits as i can fit into that space! It is the only feasible option i can think of, and it’s been swirling in my head ever since i was about 12. But there is still that “what if….” in the back of my noggin that tells me to just do what dad says, STFU; and hit those books until i get that piece of paper that says im qualified to do what the paper tells me. Anyway, It’s almost 3am, i should go to bed. I hope this bit of garbage is still coherant and easy to read. If you find this remotely interesting, or would like to offer some constructive criticism (or ask questions about this situation), it is always better heard from my email… Shoot me a line or comment below!
        Email: [email protected]
        P.S it just snowed another 6″ tonight in Anchorage, Happy Halloween!

      69. I am glad for becoming a Morman (Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints) more than 12 years ago. Asside from the spiritual benifits.
        It is considered the norm among Mormans to stock up and be prepaired. (they come from a farming culture, were a crop failure was a real possibiliity. )

      70. I woke up at 4:25 this morning and the thought that was foremost in my mind was this: When Israel bombs Iran, Iran is going to turn right around and hit America. Many people will be killed. This will immediately turn a huge portion of American’s against Israel. This will truly be the turning point, the beginning of an very open hostility against Jews and Israel in America. We will be blamed for the deaths, not Iran. Maybe this and not an extreme economic downturn will be the reason Jews will be forced to hide out. Jews in America should be getting together and working out some kind of plan. We need to plan for when the SHTF.

      71. Reading the post, i appreciate all the info both positive and negative and have come to one conclusion. You will not need to search for information on prepping, Turn of your electricity, heat and water for a year as it happened to me and you will learn what your requirements are. It happened to me in 2008. I think it was a lesson for me to learn. Since then I no longer require those services, should they disappear. I am contend. Its nice to know that others are here to chat with. And am prepared. Time to go to work 🙂

      72. JJ.. The stockpiles that you refer to are being absorbed by our government. Last I saw, which was a couple of days ago, the actual surplus of food is very low and hence we are forced to export our food due to commodity pricing and Wall Street Greed we are exporting it for the mulla. Look at the import of food to our country. We used to be able to feed ourselves. Times have changed.

      73. Just a last thought for those that are not so fortunate, have lost there homes and are homeless, my prep is completed and that food that comes up for rotation before 6 month expiration i give it to the food bank. In hopes to help those in need. THANK YOU

      74. The Usual Un-Known: How Long of an Event to store supplies?
        Red Cross says 3-7 Days but they are politically restricted. The more that I research 2 Weeks minimum.
        Cody Lundin says 2 Weeks to 4 Weeks supply on hand. If you are prepping for a Pandemic then Prep for 3 Months.
        End of America Video says 6 Months (De-Valuation of US Dollar). Mormons say 1 Year.
        There is a Limit to the “Funds” that we have.
        I think that the greatest effort should be on FOOD.
        I can scrounge water.

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