The Preparedness Review: 17 Must-Read Preparedness Strategies

by | Nov 5, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 186 comments

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    Whether you’re just realizing the importance of preparing for unforeseen disasters, or you’re a seasoned prepper, you can never have too much information at your fingertips.

    Do you know how to safely store food for the long-term, or the self defense tools you may need to protect that food if the rule of law break downs?  If the global floating currency exchange mechanism breaks down, what will your ‘money’ be? When there are no doctors, how will you treat injuries and disease?

    Emergency preparedness and survival planning have numerous aspects, all of which need to be considered before a crisis hits, because when the ‘S’ hits the fan, it’ll be too late. We need only look at current events to see the truth in this.

    In the inaugural edition of the (free) Preparedness Review from Todd Sepulveda, founder of the Prepper Website and Education After the Collapse, leading preparedness authors and strategist share their insights, ideas and tips to help you make the most realistic plan possible.

    The Preparedness Review, a semi-annual archiving project, is available in PDF format.

    It can be downloaded, saved, printed and shared.

    From the editor:

    This Inaugural Edition is heavy in preparedness planning. This is important because the first step in preparedness is having a plan. Without a plan, you might find yourself acquiring gear, food and guns without a real focus. Also, within this edition you will find articles on medical and financial preparedness, firearms, security and wild edibles.

    Topics include:

    • The Rock & The Hard Place – Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
    • Jerusalem Artichoke – Creek Stewart
    • What is Money When the System Collapses? – Mac Slavo
    • Biological Night Vision – Joe Nobody
    • The Survival Skill No One Talks About – Gaye Levy
    • 3 Ways To Naturally Make Yeast – Tess Pennington
    • The Well-Prepared Kitchen – Amy Walker
    • Firearms for WROL – Brandon
    • The Realistic Approach to Preparedness – Gary Griffin
    • Fan of the Ammo Can – Top 10 Uses – Andrew Jackson
    • What are you, Who are you, and What are you Doing? – Michael Bunker
    • 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Doctor – Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
    • Making a Survival Plan – Chris Ray
    • Security in the Suburbs – Tess Pennington
    • 10 Preparedness Reasons to Carry Cash – Andrew Jackson
    • 14 Mistakes to Avoid When Storing Food for the Long Term – Gaye Levy
    • How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper? – Mac Slavo (Original content by Be Informed)

    Download The Preparedness Review (Fall 2012)

    Visit The Preparedness Review Web Site



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      1. Thank you!

        • Agree, nice Mac. We can always learn more and we never really stop prepping.
          Additionally folks, raisins and other dried fruit are great sources of potassium as canned clams are very high in iron as other canned sea food is benifical with iron.

          • Best quote in the article:

            “You must produce to be free. The old system made a slave out of you and you realize the only way you can afford to be free is to produce more than you consume.”

            I think that all preppers should strive to live off grid. Then, like the article stated, when the power goes out you won’t have to wait for things to “come back online” or “get back to normal.”

            Then you can tell the banksters to suck it.

            • I hate bait and switch banksters…

              Go read the Protocols to the Elders of Zion.


              How the Jewish bankers have enslaved you.

              If we run out of food…eat these fuckers first! ha

              • Check the bottom of their ass for that “Kosher” seal to make sure its ok before you eat bankster meat!

                • You are a bigot. People like you marginalize our efforts to educate people. You need to find Jesus and stockpile a core. This kind of crap is what people quote when they say we are a bunch of nuts. Go somewhere else and spew your stupidity.

                  • Your name is NAZI and you called someone a Bigot!!!!! FTMFW!!!!

                • And so it starts. Let us find a straw man to hate. Let us find a scapegoat, no matter how false, to blame our own errors on.
                  How foolish of you. How wrong. Be careful that you do not end up with someone looking at the sign on your ass. It always ends up happening.
                  You should be looking for allies and not enemies. The enemies will make themselves known to you quickly enough.
                  Open your mind and your eyes.
                  Be well

                • You know you’re gonna have a bad day when a Nazi calls you a bigot lol.

        • I love this post. The idea of having a plan and how to make one if you know nothing/are new to prepping. We can all learn something new and helpful.

      2. Great article! Lots of useful preparedness information!
        Thank you!

        • More EPA regulations coming soon…

          Fearing Romney will be elected, the EPA is planning to “ram through” anti-coal regulations in November.

          Cost of these regulations to the U.S. economy … $700 billion. They know once instituted, it will be very costly for Romney to “undo” the regulations.

          “Environmentalists at the EPA pulled this trick before in 2000 when the Clinton administration rushed out a finding that Mercury emissions from power plants were a growing public health threat pursuant to the Clean Air Act. That finding did not regulate power plants itself, but it did force the Bush administration to begin a lengthy regulatory process.

          The Obama EPA has estimated that this regulation alone will cost the U.S. economy $10.9 billion a year.”


          • Well…if Romney is elected, we’ll see how serious he is about turning things around.

            If he’s serious, he’ll just use an executive order and reverse the regulations.

            His next move should then be to fire those responsible.

            C’mon Mitt. Talk is cheap. Let’s see what you do.

            • Romney should be making this story a campaign issue right now.

              He should be saying, “If I’m elected, the first thing I will do on the first day I’m in office, is reverse these regulations.”

              • Two things Romney promised was to beat on China for money manipulation which is kind of funny considering our government basically washed their hands of that crime and enables the FED to do it; but they are separate issues. If he really did that to China and it had some measurable impact it’d be intriguing though inflationary.

                Second he promised to repeal obamacare which I don’t think he could summarily do. Though I do think as the executive he could demand every expenditure stop on the program until further review. Then kick it off to congress where the senate won’t repeal it but the house might. Fun times.

                Fact is I’d rather see him try and fail then watch obama sail forward as we all know what “forward” means in political terms. It was the name of the magazine that promoted the communist manifesto in France and German over a 100 years ago.

                • well I feel even though the fucking crooks in the supreme court are paid off basically or really are for passing obamacare, which a retard could figure out is totally unconstitutional just to breathe you have to pay and if you dont a approx 900 dollar fine, if not paid penalties,more interest and next year doubles or triples. then they own you and everything and you will never get out of the whole, then the fucking pos obama lies to us completly and all this BS! I wish and hope even though the supreme court passed this crap I hope 200 million people flood the courts refusing this. they thought the losers in the OWS were flooding the courts wait till we do. things cant go on the path we are on, we are taxed and broke! There is no way, the middleclass are being torn apart and we are fighting each year or month just to hold on to our guns, this should not be the case. there is no reason we should have to fight each year against these fucking losers who are not our parents and trying to tell us how to live or what gun we can own or not or how many rounds it can hold, and the fucking pos obama saying ak-47’s should not be in the hands of civilians. We have to do something even if it comes down to blood! What else can we do people? There are no options left to be left alone without being arrested. I really mean this. Too bad we dont have millions with the same mindset. This racist most 2 faced pos in the white house is trying to tell us how we should live. no large sodas or your fined.I know it’s fat ass bloomassburger, and what the hell was chris christie doing with obama? I think he’s just the same crap that obama is. I lost respect for him. I know he needs money to help but where really is that money going to? his business buddies that gets kickbacks. This is totally out of control. We the honest hard working people who care about others and do the right thing and being targeted for trying to prep and now we are the target? They are trying to control us and make us so dependent on them it makes me sick.Now we have ABC which I lost respect for has dancing with the stars all these fucking stupid skits etc. Where are the real shows about how we can help this country or learn about survival and being successful. Fuck these idiots. Leave us the hell alone, we are taxed to the T and it doesnt end. we need something to happen to clean things up. liberals with these regulations after regulations telling us what we can or cant do. I dont mean for people to be stresed more, once they push us for gun regulation the next step it will be all over for us and we can’t we must not let these people have total control over us. We are supposed to run this country but these liberals and many GOP are doing things to us that make no sense. why hurt the people that support you I dont get that? In south america i heard people pay 20 cents a gallon for gas while we are being crushed and the liberal media news has article after article saying jobs are flying to be filled and gas is as low as it ever was. Are these people that stupid to think we believe these complete lies when we shop for food and paying 3 bucks for hot dog buns and gas is 4.19 for one gallon of diesel. people are more rude then ever and more careless drivers are causing more accidents and the whole system is being overloaded with more racial tension and ethnic groups only wanting america to be one color and the biggest race haters there are I believe are the blacks. they are so on edge and always have their guard up. you try and say hi to a black person and they look at you like your crazy, they are not used to that here on the east coast. God i hope this collapse happens so we can rebuild and get these idiots out of there, What ever happened to eric holder, you dont hear a word about him or how he’s being prosecuted. or how about janet nopolitano(pineapple ass). homeland security called into new jersey for what? looters they are afraid. things are bad and they come in full body armor tactical plates and multiple layers of everything but honest help. god help us and help ourselves.


                • @ clint,

                  An “EPIC”…”MONUMENTAL”….’rant’. I am awed.

          • <<>>

            Which sort of makes this statement seem a little selfish??
            It is what it is. So, undo it!!

            • Whoa. My posts is stupid–what happened to my sentences??

              • jj

                white lightnin’…lol/sarc

                • Nahhh…it had to have been that pumpkin pie!!

            • To Clint – I think there might have been something in there that was worth reading, but NO paragraphs is to much to sort. And ALL Caps, hard to read to…

              • sorry im so pissed off at this system, ok will not do that next time and im not a very good writer either, i try and proofread what I write but I write how I speak and its hard to follow what i say sometimes. Ok will not do that next time.

                • You go right on typing man… I read ever fucking word and we all feel the same way.
                  Don’t let anyone beat you down. Freedom of everything…even in CAPS!!!

                  ROCK ON MAN.

                  I will get great joy tomorrow firing that fucking asshole….. go vote!!!

                  Obama is an arrogant prick who NEVER ran a lemonade stand!!!!

                  You watch…if he loses..the blacks will riot!!!

                • It’s just that paragraph spacing is so helpful. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s grammatically correct. Just use the spacing to separate your thoughts a little bit.

                  I like reading your comments, but I must admit that I skip over long posts that are not broken up into paragraphs. It’s got to be my old eyes….or maybe it’s ADHD…LOL! I just can’t stick with it.

                  And…..I definitely sympathize with how you feel. I feel much the same.

                • Thanks Clint for not getting angry at me and taken constructive critique! Kudos’s.

                • clint, etc al.
                  doesn’t matter which tool wins neither are the right tool for the job. (i.e a phillips head when you NEED a flat head screw- driver. getting upset at folks in dc is like banging your head on a brick wall- doesn’t hurt the wall, but bloodies you the F#%* up and gives you a concusion so you can’t think straight.
                  keep your heads, don’t let the rascist propaganda blind you. however the election turns out, it will be just fine as long as people hold onto their heads and stop comparing cock size. be prepared for the worst but ALWAYS pray for the best, and act with good intentions and love no matter what the circumstances. this country has been so poloraized that no matter what happens there will be half the population mad as hell. too lazy to do anything brash, maybe, but don’t count on it.
                  just feed the chickens, make supper, get the kids to bed, cuddle with you lover and move on with YOUR life. all positive change will only happen with your own personal responsibility for you and yours.
                  the best way to overcome the “system” is to STOP being part of it. govt, banking etc…

        • Good evening folks

          I just read this article on Zerohedge..

          and it hit me like a ton of bricks unlike any I have read..even here..

          Strongly advise all of you to read it entirely..
          as this is the closing paragraph…

          “Winter has arrived. The gathering storm is about to strike. Are you prepared?

          “Reflect on what happens when a terrible winter blizzard strikes. You hear the weather warning but probably fail to act on it. The sky darkens. Then the storm hits with full fury, and the air is a howling whiteness. One by one, your links to the machine age break down. Electricity flickers out, cutting off the TV. Batteries fade, cutting off the radio. Phones go dead. Roads become impossible, and cars get stuck. Food supplies dwindle. Day to day vestiges of modern civilization – bank machines, mutual funds, mass retailers, computers, satellites, airplanes, governments – all recede into irrelevance. Picture yourself and your loved ones in the midst of a howling blizzard that lasts several years. Think about what you would need, who could help you, and why your fate might matter to anybody other than yourself. That is how to plan for a secular winter. Don’t think you can escape the Fourth Turning. History warns that a Crisis will reshape the basic social and economic environment that you now take for granted.”

          – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning


      3. Good day all.

        These days I am spending much of my time in contemplation.

        I find myself more often these days, referring to the writings of Shakespeare, Jefferson, Thoreau & Walden etc, looking for guidance as to the current morass in which the republic has been placed.

        I say placed, because governments are typically more harmful than helpful, and therefore cannot be justified, even after a reset.

        It is said that democracy depends on an informed public, this is to say that democracy is impossible.

        The genius of the American political system is that it is not necessary to suppress inconvenient information, but only to keep it off television.

        Democracy is destroying this great republic, as majorities simply by virtue of being majorities, do not also gain the virtues of wisdom and justice.

        I do believe the useless eaters, by virtue of their desire to be unaccountable, for their own existence, and the oligarchs bent on self enrichment, at any cost, have placed our status beyond recovery, and it is merely an unknown series of act(s) and scene(s) before the final curtain call and in fact the stage EXPLODES!!

        I love the theatre of the current “Super Storm Sandy” situation in which the “take care of me crowd” finds themselves.

        It has once again reinforced my tenant that prepping (I hate that word) I prefer (self sufficiency) is a noun not a verb.

        I live like I do well, because I live like I do. I can feed me and mine, I can provide warmth for me and mine, I am the pillar of strength for mine, and is deep a part of my DNA as involuntary as breathing.

        I advise all to be thoughtful in these changing times.

        Whether weeks, months or years, the landscape will continue to change, and a willingness not to embrace, but adapt, will allow many like minded, dare I say
        patriots the ability to not only survive but thrive.

        Remember there are 3 (three) kinds of people.

        1. Those that make things happen.
        2. Those who watch things happen.
        3. And those who wonder what happened.

        Stay thirsty my friends……………………………………

        • @ WallyDog,

          Bravo…Well stated. I just drew down my acct. this AM in favor of stocking-in more ‘Tangibles’, of all variety’s. “None knoweth the Hour nor the Day…”

          “Don’t Shoot me, I’m ‘Prepping’ as FAST as I can!!!” 🙂

          • J.O.G.
            I get it …

            It is an easy word to use to discuss the preps one is making to get to a self sufficient lifestyle.

            I just hate the word, as it has been used stereotype those of us who look at the sheeple as feckless zombies drinking the “it’s OK, someone else will be there to help you when TSHTF” Kool-Aid as crazy doom and gloomers.

            I too prep as it is defined; I just choose to live different than 99% of the west of the world.

            Stay thirsty my friend…..

            • Hi Wally,

              +5 thumbs-up for proper use of ‘feckless’!

              You to Mi’ amigo….

              • And thumbs up to you justone . I had to look it up…in a real dictionary with pages and everything

                • @ Islander,

                  Golly Gee……Ain’t ‘Scrabble’ FUN!!! 🙂

                  Of all the things we have, language is the most useful; without it we would be no better than cows in the field.

                  “May He be with us in the days to come…”

      4. THANKS, I needed that. I plan on printing this out and reading it when i get a chance. right now i am just buying things that i think will be useful.

      5. Glad to see this is posted here. This compilation deserves all the attention it can be given!

      6. Prayer and prep…


      7. Awesome information and download!! Great price as well!!

        As old uncle Alfonse used to say, “Anything free is worth saving up fer.”

      8. Thanks Mac,
        Learned my lesson about long term storage a long time ago, but there are many who need this type of info.
        I myself would appreciate an article on… wait for it…
        BOOBY TRAPS, tangle foot, and non techy perimeter alerts.

        😉 I ain’t gonna hold my breath…

          • *** Your better off with a MULTI-LINE fish line web “bell” systems … mount the bells by your sleeping area … run the primary trip lines out in multiple layers out 20 feet … spider web trip layout with a second solid wire alt height and spacing security web as well to trip up the intruder(s). bed down in a hidden camouflaged strategic position that gives you the height advantage and limits the approach path of intruders. it’s just not prudent to make so much AIR HORN noise “that travels for miles” possibly attracting more human two-legged predators … unless absolutely necessary in a SHTF SURVIVAL SCENARIO.

            Move Quiet as a Mouse
            Strike Fast as a Viper
            and you will Survive.

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • Very true, NO, in your scenario. 🙂

              My set-up is for 4 legged critters coming up on my deck and messing with stuff.

            • I got 22 yrs worth of saved banana peels saved up. I plan to use at a bait trail to lead rioters into a trap.

              Lead em to an open field where defenders can be pre set up!

              Just still not sure if I should begin the banana peel trail in Detroit?…Or farther north such as Flint mich areas?

              • Washington D.C. —just a suggestion.

                ….be safe…………….BA.

          • God Bless Daisy!
            Am checking that out…
            Got the small yappy dog covered, as well as the big nasty beast.

            The problem becomes, there are certain types, that will simply shoot the dog. I would like to know ‘where’, as in, what direction they’re coming from…

        • Small, yappy dogs work extremely well, and they don’t eat much.

          • Small yappy dogs are better than any electronic alarm. And if you run out of food…


            • Instead of eating yappy small dogs, you can shove your foot up their ass and wear small yappy dogs as warm furry slippers!

              • best to get small yappy dogs in pairs…

        • Look at first alert window alarms with led light alert. They are small and handy if you were on the move. Quick set up and quickly cober ave of entrance in a home and you can take them with you.

        • MAgnetic backup night cameras. Portable and the price have dropped.

        • Broken glass from thick items also limit liability because it was not made by you. It just happened.

          Sting and cans.;
          Christmas bells LED Christmas lights
          Bells on gate

          Motion detect light switches on outside switches
          String looped to turn a switch on when some goes though a walkway.

          1×4 laying across your front steps. Old one look like you were already looted. Make them step and make noise.

          Metal garbage can in walkway with a small bucket with cans on it when it move it makes noise. Normal looking till then.

          Quick weapons Pepsi bottle hole in lid fill with bleach.

          Wasp spray Give this to young one in place of a knife 6 7 8

          Any bug spray or bleach cleaner.

          Acids but that can backfire.

          Hair spray

          Kitchen knife Sharp Taped to broom. Use hair bungis

          Battery drill with a wood bit.

          Battery powered glue gun.

          Battery power staple gun. Hell one with cord at your front door.

          Propane power nail guns.

          Dewalt has a battery power nail gun. I have seen the damage it can do to flesh. Think no guns areas.

          Window scrapers

          Just about anything will work. And many thing you can carry and it won’t be seen as a weapon until it is to late

          One of my favorites Propane solder torch

          • Very awesome list, FBP. I hadn’t thought about a blow torch before.

            If I can add a few of my own personal non-gun favorites:

            Bear spray (available at camping and hiking stores any place there are bears)

            Lots of things from the tool box – sturdy screw driver, hammer, pry-bar

            Flare gun (also available from the camping store)

            Supersoakers filled with pain-inducing substances (thank you NO, for that one!)

            A ‘decorative collection’ of knives and swords scattered randomly throughout the house

            I don’t know if it would be useful but BB guns are easy to acquire pretty much everywhere.

            Every room in our house has a minimum of a half a dozen things that could be used as a weapon. This is by design. I went through and identified them all with my daughter because I want her to understand that she can use many different things to protect herself.

            We have bells hanging on our doors, similar to the ones that shopkeepers have to alert them that a customer has arrived. We also have a dog who barks ferociously if anyone comes around.

            • Remember that flare guns in some areas are still concider a deadly weapon by the law. So they could act against you for carrying it.

              ‘I love all pepsi bottle made weapons

              Don’t waste your time with a lighter and hair spray work correctly only in movies.

              Please remember that these weapon are for the SNAPer Gangbanger wannabe looter or street slime. If you run into a real “Killer” with weapon of death. Best plan of course kill him/her first or lower your head and keep walking away. Don’t let pride get you killed.

            • My weapon of choice…..COMPOUND BOW!
              Silent and makes a point! ha

              The way I see it…
              If a guy breaks into my house…..ready for this…

              I’d turn off the breakers and I know where everything is…all the weapons.
              I just hope he has a flash light….easy target for me.

              Folks just put up some NRA stickers.

              My father-in-law knew a professional burglar.
              He said, he NEVER would go into an “NRA house”.
              Too much risk.

              Think about it.

              As for road rage… nobody ever fucked with me…as I have a sticker on the car
              and the thing is loaded with weapons.

              Don’t forget a good old fashioned tire iron.
              Get hit with that and it’s lights out.

              My two every day carry favorites..
              The smith and Wesson Tactical Pen
              and the Unbreakable Umbrella… titanium core.

            • Battery power saws all with a sharpen bit in it.

            • just take the chainsaw blade, let it naturally fold in half and put a band of about 6 inches wide duct tape on one end. This is a good use for old, rusty, dull blades you forgot about. If you swing it—they will move, or wish they had.

          • facebook, you are one crazy mofo buddy. dangerous little fellar! dont get too cocky though boca boy. you dont scare me.

      9. I think my husband is coming around…a bit. I’ll take it and build from there.

        It didn’t really hit him until we had an “emergency visit” from his sister, who could not return home to NJ after a business trip. She drove about 6 hours to our house. Sister-in-law and I had a chance to talk about preparedness.

        After sister-in-law left to fly back home, husband asked what we can do to make our preparations better. I was shocked but I’ll take it.

        Thank you for your support!

        • VanMom

          Some say you can’t fix stupid, but my wife did and I’m grateful to her for it. Stay strong. He’ll come around!


          • Thank you Bill!

            If his own sister hadn’t been forced to deal with Super Storm Sandy, I would not have been able to post this.

            Up until this point, Husband thought the government will be there. My theory is…Maybe…Eventually…if you’re lucky. I’m just not sure I can afford to wait “until I find out if I’m lucky”. We may need something before luck arrives and I had better get the items together I think we’ll need.

            Thank you!

            • do you people not understand. the government, CAN NOT and WILL NOT be there for a disaster. they might come but it will be too little too late. when stuff like this happens it becomes clear. just look at blustering zionist fat bastard chris christie. all cocky, until shtf, than he acts like a child looking for any support he can get. even from obama! dont look to these people for anything. they lost control long , long ago. all they have is threats left and if youre stupid enough to believe what they way, you are dumber than them. get a life guys. you were all warrned long ago. most of you ridiculed the few here who stood up and told the truth. honestly, i have no sympathy for people who have been involved in trying to destroy my life. to those people , i do not say i told you so. i DO say GO TO HELL!sick destructive little ziobeasts.

              • as barry sotoero would say, WHoomp there it is!

              • Look at the emergency food the gov’t just recently stocked, it is only enough for themselves!!! When SHTF, they will be protecting themselves and that is it, count on it.

      10. Great Article and very well written.

        I hope you will read mine on the same subject!

      11. I’m looking for some recommendations for a stove.
        Someone had mentioned the stovetec wood stove before and that might
        fit the bill for me. Does any one know of any alternatives that I should be

        • Stove for cooking? Stove for heat?

          There’ll be as many recommendations as there are responders!

          If heating a house is the objective, don’t overlook Brunco wood furnaces. The Amish around me are sold on them. I have one in my cellar, another fellow I know put his in the garage, but he has to use an electric fab to move air. I don’t.

          • Sorry coach,
            I’m looking for an outside stove for cooking.
            I should have been more clear.

            • I have many of the ammo can stove and I have not been able to beat them for a portable all around stove. Yes you can make them but time is money.

            • Slick,
              Sorry My advice is not applicable.

            • Here you go. Best stove ever built, and made in America!


              Cost me about $150.00 last year.

              • @highspeedloafer— that is an ok stove… BUT…. dont ever use srcrap lumber as they advertise….treated with all kind fo shit you dont want to be ingesting. They need to take that off their site about using scrap lumber

            • The Deadwood Stove is a valuable piece of equipment for any camper, hunter, fisherman, or outdoorsman. It is rugged, compact, and portable. The Deadwood Stove uses sticks and small pieces of wood to operate, eliminating the need for propane, liquid fuels, charcoal, electricity, or large stacks of firewood.

        • Slick,

          I purchased a Napoleon stove for the casa when I built it.

          We have been very happy…

          2 bit’s of advice.

          1. Extend the chimney at least 4 ft above the minimum recommendations… Much better draw.

          2. Get the width as large as possible…. Getting stuck trying to wedge in a log, just a bit bigger than the unit will hold, can result in a big problem of running through the house with a smoking log to get it outside.

          Don’t ask how I know…Just trust me!!

        • You can make a small camp stove for cooking from a can. All the wood stoves I’ve seen run at least $500

        • I love the Woodstock wood stoves. They are a bit pricey but they are made of soap stone so even a small fire will keep putting off heat for hours after the fire goes out. they also have a reburner in them so they are very efficient and have low emmisions. Ive been looking into this option or a norwegian style stove(cant seem to find one) They have a large masonary structure with them that warms up and radiates heat for a long time also.

        • Hey Slick, I have a Stove Tec, and love it. Well insulated, little smoke, burns good.

        • If you are looking into a wood burning stove check out Lopi. There are several sizes. Some come with cooktops. Not very sexy compared to Eurotrash stoves. They are made in Washington State. You will have a bigger expense for the steel chimney than for the stove itself. Consider creosote fire fixer and a few good extinguishers as part of your cost. An excess of caution maybe but if there is no Fire Department to call in the future worth it.

        • My dad just showed me this idea. How about building a rocket mass heater? They look super efficient.

        • Slick, there are a bunch of rocket stoves on the market. We have the Stovetec. There’s also the Ecozoom, the Grover and more. Their designs are quite similar. The Deadwood is another rocket stove and it has a tripod set up so that you don’t have to constantly kneel on the ground to feed the fire. They’re all easy to build, too, just check Youtube for some how-to videos.

      12. Thanks for the info!

        Being a Jersey Girl, I can’t say enough about the valuable information I’ve gotten from this site. Although we came through Sandy pretty easily, many did not. When I see what others are doing to cope, I consider our family lucky to have everything we need to ride it out.

        My son went to Staten Island last week to help someone out and it was truly a SHTF scenario. People were guarding their home with guns to keep away looters. No ones gas tank was safe. People were punching holes in cars gas tanks to get fuel for their generators.

        Just want to send out a big THANK YOU to all who contribute here and share your information. I am truly grateful for all I have learned about being prepared.

        • @Busy Bee ;0) GREAT POST – THANK YOU

          Quote: “People were punching holes in cars gas tanks to get fuel for their generators.”

          Yeah … ummm that’s a VERY BIG “No No” and will get you Shot with some “Bird Shot” in my book.

          That’s a In-direct Personal Attack on my Life by limiting me access use of my own personal property and resources that I depend upon for my own survival.

          *** Folks might want to THINK ABOUT INSTALLING A GAS TANK SHIELD , pick up some “jb weld” puddy (to seal tanks – perform other high temp harsh environmental type fixes mends) and maybe a spare extra portable gas tank or container – learn how to hook it up to their vehicle engine with a salvaged 12 volt fuel pump … just in case.

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • Not to argue but we are not to the point to kill over some gas or a hole in gas tank. Ass kicking another story.

            • That’s a In-direct Personal Attack on my Life by limiting me access use of my own personal property and resources that I depend upon for my own survival.

              • We are not even close to where the gas in your tank will make a difference in your life to where it is needed to take a life to secure it. The day is most likely coming but we are not there yet.

                That comment is always made by someone who has not taken a life from someone.

                • @fbp … some day your gonna look behind yourself and there I will be standing . promise .

                • Hopefully if its a firefight we will have each others back.

          • @fbp ;0P … PissOff DimTard .

            If I need a “Bwiatch” for a “Cell Wife” I’ll let you know … till then go back to your San Fran street-walker corner where you belong – offering all the Rainbow Brite Obama Pretty Boys free services .

            ;0P pssszzt

        • There are no guns in New York. That’s illegal.

      13. Might have to download this once I get home. Is it any good?

        • It is a pretty good read. I definitely learned a few things.

        • Yes!

        • Sweet. I’m gonna be busy for a while.

      14. I really appreciate the articles and comments on this site. Many items that I hadn’t considered are now on the table! Thank you, all!

      15. I have been reading your site for a couple of years now, and want to say thank you for all of the information that I’ve gotten from it. I used much of that information to get through the aftermath of Sandy. We had plenty of candles, flashlights, batteries, to withstand the power being out fir six days. We used our old charcoal grill to heat up food and heat up water to wash in. For heat, we have a huge fireplace smack in the middle of our house, and plenty of firewood (we live in a wooded area, so firewood isnt a problem. We got a laugh of watching out neighbors run out of their house every day with a gas can trying to find fuel for their generators. Sometimes living simple is the best way. You won’t have to find us running to the government for food, or waiting for the government to provide for us. There was a lot of damage in our coastal town in CT. When we moved here, we looked at the homes near the Sound, due to my love for the water, but we decided to buy in a part of town that was on a hill and about a fifteen minute drive to the beach. I’ve never regretted that decision. It certainly wasn’t fun being “in the dark” for six days, but we learned that we can do it, and it really isn’t that hard. There were trees down all over the place here, but in a couple of days most of the mainways in our town were cleared, and we could get out and resume our lives. There are still over a hundred streets blocked, but we can get around fairly well to do things we need to do. The lines at gas stations are tremendous…people are coming here from New York to buy gas rather than wait five hours in line in NYC. It’s easier for them to drive thirty miles to Connecticut and gas up. Thanks again for all the help!

      16. OK, here I go again. The first paragraph of this article really says it all; another great one, Mac. I’ve already saved a copy of the manual to my computer and printed a hard copy. WallyDog, welcome to our humble site and I agree with your entire post about government. You’ll be in very good company here. Braveheart

      17. I got word today and proof enough for me to believe this..

        Social Security Offices are training thier workers how to shoot..they are taking 6 week classes at least the offices around me are

        the ones that pass are issued a Glock 9mm hand gun ( at least the office of the person I talked to, his wife works there)

        so that answers the question why Social Security Purchased ammunition,

        you can guess why they are going to need it, the answer isnt rocket science

        you better be ready..and its no joke folks

        • Holy crap – that’s not a good sign!

          • Im not sure if its everyone in the office, I kinda doubt that..but possibly certain people within the office that may have positions of supervision?

            Or for added security reasons, he couldnt tell me much, there isnt much talk about it, but it sounds like she was interviewed for the classes, so its not like its forced on each employee, possibly just certain ones.

            although this tells me that there could be a possible shut down of the system, or maybe they are aware thet the crowd they are feeding the free money to, just might come back one day to bite the hand that fed them..with our money

            • The office she works at, is in a bad area too..this might have something to do with it, but it still makes you wonder.

              I wonder if there are more people who have knowledge of this? and if it is wider spread then just this one I know of…If anyone on here can add to this or debunk it, It will be greatly appreciated.

              I would like to hear if there is more of this to add some more creedence to the possibility

              • I believe someone was shot up this way in a social security office last year, I think they were armed to and causing problems, I’ve only been downtown once and there was a gaurd there with a nice magnum, I asked him what he planded to do if he had a 7th problem, he wasn’t to amused. I didn’t know they were armed there, but like you say it was in a very bad city!

                • I’ve heard that

              • VRF: I recall back when Klinton was prez, he did an exec order signing or something. There was alot of hoopla on many progun sites about it.

                Basically it stated klinton gave the go ahead to train and arm with Sig 9mm’s and remington 12 ga pump shotguns like cops carry in cars.

                They were useing the same gun training as fbi does. There were somewheres like 80,000 fed workers added to total of armed fed personal.

                As for your soc sec offices scenarios?…It makes sense that if soc sec recipients stop getting a check, why would soc sec offices remain manned by fed workers?

                Wont be any need for their offices to remain open if no checks avail correct?

                IMHO= Its for personal safty/defense just incase. Like if looters types try to do something or harm soc sec workers.

                But Klintons plans was definatly to Add more armed fed workers to existing fbi-atf-cia etc etc for more total armed feds. After WACO/Ruby Ridge, klinton had big antigun plans. But Progun folks nationwide had Bigger plans to Remain well armed!

                Gun sales the last 5 yrs since hobammy began his run for prez testifies to such eh.

                ps hard to believe they are actually useing expensive HP ammo like DHS is buying just to train with aint it?

              • wasn’t there a story a few months ago about riot squad doing a “drill” in florida at a social security office? can’t recall enough details to search it out… maybe KY mom knows?

                • Kimintn,

                  I remember reading about that. I will look for the link and post it.

        • Social Security is “prepping” just as we are … Obviously they plan to make some “drastic changes” deep cuts too social security itself … CHANGES WHICH ARE GOING TO ANGER A FEW MILLION FOLKS … cause them to go POSTAL !!!

          GOT PHYZZ PM’S ??? *your gonna need em’ for financial security.

          It’s only a matter of time.

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • social security is prepping to take on us and probably will go after the list of people with large amounts of ammo or large caliber guns. fuck them in all honesty. there is so much fraud and abuse in the country where billions are being taken and they go after the middleclass or the people who do nothing wrong but john corzine can steal billions and nothing happens and hes protected by the bastards in the house/state etc. I would not leave all your ammo in one place if they do a illegal house seize or stop etc. I would keep some in different locations suck as a grandparent or a mother in law etc or a uncles home. that way if they come in they cant take your whole stash that you worked hard for in 10 min illegally. do make it as hard as possible for these crooks to take what is yours when you did nothing wrong. or they find out you were in a fight with someone with road rage and they find out you had a concealed carry and they decide your a threat and dangerous so they go and get a seach warrent while they got you at the pin and take all your weapons or cash etc that you have saved and make up some story that you were unstable all due to someone who hit you in a road rage accident and everything you had is taken away by complete idiots. i know that may not happen like that but something close.

        • What region of the country are you in?

          • North East

        • VFR,

          Where can one obtain info on such training?

          • Im not sure, I got it word of mouth.
            Its probably not soemething they are talking about, or maybe even asked not to talk about.

            Im going to ask more questions if given the chance..could be she is going for or is a manager? I dont know, and are they arming managers? could be

        • Many Federal agencies have their own police forces. They can not or will use State or Local police forces.

          The following is an excerpt from an oficial S.S.A. website.

          …”As we said, our office has criminal investigators, or special agents, who are responsible for investigating violations of the laws that govern SSA’s programs. Currently, about 295 special agents and supervisory special agents work in 66 offices across the United States. These investigators have full law enforcement authority, including executing search warrants and making arrests”….

          …”Our investigators are similar to your State or local police officers. They use traditional investigative techniques, and they are armed when on official duty”….

          ….”Our special agents need to be armed and trained appropriately. They not only investigate allegations of Social Security fraud, but they also are called to respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees, and customers”….



            Just as is most of the rest of the CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL Fed Gov Agencies.

            PLAN A : You fight them just as you would a Private Individual … with Corporate Law in a Federal Court of Law.

            If that Fails … then PLAN B !!!

            ;0) You All Know what PLAN B is.


            ~N.O. ;0p

        • SS has it own security/police and investigative departments that are all armed.

        • VRF I hope they do and they try and take on some of us who are more trained and higher confidnece levels and larger weapons. then they call backup and we are dead or thrown in jail or go out protecting our rights and freedoms while the crooks try and take something that is not theirs, or they try and pass more property taxes and steal more and more but the news reports us as someone who was always a trouble maker and very unstable. then more restrictions on whatever gun was used to protect themselves from the thiefs who tried to take everything. the news never reports anything accurate! you watch something happen on the news and if you have seen it in real life, totally different in everyway from what really happened. i hope something major happens and things are back to basics

          • back to basics? how basic? how basic are people willing to go? people geek w/o electric. people geek about hot showers, w/o internet,w/o flush toilets, w/o cars, not to mention govt assistance, ssi, public transport, crap food….
            how many here have ACTUALLY lived with their families off grid? not in an unexpected disaster, waiting for the grid to come back online. not just the weekend camping trip either. how many have had to grind their own flour, mend or make their own clothes, hand wash laundry, get a fire going to cook breakfast and cup-o-joe on 30 degree mornings? wild harvest a nutritional meal? gutted processed prepared and cooked their own kill?
            just wondering….it’s one thing to prep, it’s another to be prepared.

      18. BusyBee, welcome aboard and I’m glad to hear that you and your family made it alright. on the gas deal you mentioned, sadly, that’s not hard to do because all vehicles’ gas tanks these days are made from plastic. it can be done with a cordless drill or even a good fixed blade knife. The holes in the tanks cannot be patched. The tank would have to be replaced and depending on the make and model of the vehicle, be ready to spend $500-$1000 including labor. Braveheart

        • Hi Braveheart,

          I don’t know if it’s still applicable but years ago – while working on construction sites it was common to have some detritus kicked up resulting in a punctured gas tank. Now. I’m no talking about “2×4″ through tank action here, instead pinholes and the like; We used a simple ‘sheet-metal” type self-tapping screw and a nut driver to seal such. It usually worked quite well, when it didn’t you could extract the screw, put some ‘goop’ of one sort or another on the threads and Viola’. Plastic being ‘plastic’ I don’t see why it wouldn’t be self-sealing, unlike the meatl which did occaisionally not seal the first time…just a thought.
          Oh, AT NO TIME should one EVER consider driving suxh in with an ELECTRIC tool for the obvious reason…BOOM!

      19. VRF, I find that interesting and scary. When the grid goes down those disability checks will stop just like all other checks, ATMS down, etc. Although I can’t help but wonder how many of those people getting disability checks are mentally instead of physically disabled. Oh well, just pay a lawyer the right amount of money and he or she can make anything happen. Braveheart

      20. @Be Informed…

        Congrats 🙂

        Wish you had a blog so I didn’t have to search for your handle when I’m interested in the latest geological activity. 😉

        • @ The Universe. Actually I am kind of computer illiterate and having a blog is something that I would not really know much about. I think that when Mac gets up the forum it will be much easier to find certain subjects. People have to realize that changing a site like this takes a lot of time and Mac will get the forum up and I can see it as successful. You know what I would like to see is a warnings section that when someone sees suspecious activity somewhere that they can alert us all to it, both natural and manmade. Another good section would be where people have seen good deals on survival supplies they can tell others so they can jump on the bargins. Everyone could give Mac suggestions on topics and this would help the site and forum become even better.

      21. Greetings Everyone!
        I suspect that we’ll look back at the storm “Sally” as the “The Day Things Changed”.These massive storms(more to follow !) will be far beyond whomever is elected.I doubt either the “muslim” guy or the “holy underwear wearing,we’re from another planet” guy are truly capable of leadership needed for these times we live in.What we don’t need is “Change” that isn’t,or a someone whose way to being quite RICH was via the wholesale destruction of American Companies sold to China increasing unemployment as the plants are shipped to China.
        What can we do about it?
        As many here do,think “self-sufficiency”.You can forget the feds(they’re ALL lost in their own alter universe),don’t count on the States(most are broke/going broke anyway)and if what I see in western Tenn. is any example state-wide,it’s the “D- high schooled” leading the stupid and foolish on a local level.No matter what happens,when your “prepped” even on a modest level,you’re ahead of 70% of everyone else(and that includes more than a few of the Bush one percentile RICH).
        Mac’s site is one of only a handful worth the visit.To get the “real life education” we ALL need and can use.
        Best to all,
        My condolences to the folks back east who are suffering from the storm,even the Sheeple who assumed they’re needs would be taken care by FEMA.

        • @
          Her name is Sandy. Maybe you got her confused with that little chicky that you bumped uglies with in High School. LOL! I had a Sandy once; and she sure rocked my world. A tight bodied blonde with a perfect butt and…..

          • GFG: you mentioned the “Bush” 1% rich people. Did you know that a couple yrs ago somebody did research and found that, of the Top Twelve richest US Senators, with a net worth of Over $5 Million or more, all of the top 11 senators was all DEMs….Only one guy at very bottom of list of 12 was a repub worth over $5 million.

            Thought you should know is all.

            • Angelo Mysteriouso:
              The Bush speech was to “his” supporters(They were ALL well above the 100 million level.).Having said that,I see no real difference between one party and another(a most unfortunate set of circumstances),I call the whole bunch “REPOCRATES” in a general term.
              Any measure of being truly “wealthy” today has to be not less than 100 million or perhaps even greater.
              (note I heard that Mr. Obama just won)
              Let’s see if he improves on his first term…..
              Best to All

              • Republicans lie then domocrats swear to the lie. Hello people ‘RICH PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT OTHER RICH PEOPLE’!!!!

      22. Off topic, sort of. All of the poles say that it will be a close election, yet according to Rush today they have all been “cooked” to favor Obummer.
        On the other hand both Dick Morris and Mike Barone are saying a Romney/Ryan landslide.

        So I ask you, is the reason the Socical Security folks and others, are learning to shoot is because the Neo-Marxist Dem’s are planning to steal this mother?


        • No there won’t. No matter who wins. Blacks ain’t going to riot if Oslumber loses and whitey is too civilized. Ain’t nobody coming. But I’d still keep that pistola handy for any fringe f@%kers.

          • I agree with PO on this one–no one is gonna riot; another ploy to intimidate whitey to stay home.
            Now reversing your vote by remote control??
            That’s a whole ‘nother topic.

            • Yep. The whole kill whiteys is mainly scare whites tactics I think. Used to keep whites on massive guilt trips like our parents were.

              What africans blacks didn’t plan on was us boomers getting tired of being called raysis non stop.

              The Race card is the ONLY card blacks has ever had. Lately their race cards turned into a Joker card.

              And each deck has only Two jokers and they played em both long ago.

              So now they are desperate and threats of kill whiteys are way more prevelant. And if they really do try such an insane move?….There be alot less of Them around usa anymore I rekon.

              However as one who was born and raised and spent 43 yrs in Detroit…Do Not count out anything they may do, no matter how crazy it seems. 95% aint famous for Deep thinking. Gimmedat!…Kill Whiteys! Blame Whiteys!

              Thats more in line with their avg deep toughts.

              I doubt if even 25% of whites still buy into the guilt trip any longer…Thats good too! Lets strive for ZERO whites has white guilt asap!

              • You know, it’s funny how you completely forget the Armies of extremely well armed Black men and women that have trained to kill for decades and actually performed the act. Many of the “militia” types dream of white on black turkey shoots with no law to stop them but the reality is you would be engaging in warfare with hardened killers in unplanned circumstances and it would not be nearly as easy as you think. Also, we never CARED whether you were tired of us pointing out racism because it still applies- example- your racist generalizations above. So good luck when you shoot your AR from your “hardened posistions” and they return fire fully automatic with a few bonus grenades to boot. Drug money buys the BEST weapons. Gang warfare makes the BEST killers. No conscience, no remorse = no hesitation. They have been waiting on you to make the first move. Whats the hold up? When rodney king happened, you guys did nothing, where was all the racist bravado then? You had a golden opportunity to put up or shut up. When Katrina happened where was the feared white resistance army, militia, kkk etc to take back the streets? Why haven’t ANY of these MASSIVE white groups attacked the gangs, black panther party, black muslims, etc, head-on? not even ONCE? Because deep down they know it would be a deadly lesson learned. You’re a fool spending all your time, thoughts and money talking so much killing and survival. The people you think are so stupid have learned to survive on the streets their entire lives. Just like “stupid Obummer” outsmarted your entire 400 year establishment TWICE without so much as a sweat, the lowest street dwelling black will outsmart many like you when survival is in question. Because it will be just another day for them and the last one for you. Bring it on, we’re still waiting…we are prepping too…Prepping for racists like you. I live in TN, a red state known for white meth addicts, on disabilty at 25 yrs of age with 4 kids and 9 dogs and you think that’s superior somehow. ya know, better yet, don’t wait for the shtf scenario, we’re only 12% of the population. You heavily outnumber us, have more money, own the land and the government, so what cha waiting for? come get some. Oh wait, the special deal on an ar15 with a free set of ba11$ expired huh?. Oh btw my wife is white, in fact 3/4 of my family is white. My son is half white. I love white people, but a racist can duck a sick. Now back to you regularly scheduled programming…


        • E. S.
          Sorry to burst your bubble, but there will not be a civil war if either establishment candidate wins.

          It is a choice between the evil of two lesser, and neither will be able to avert the current collision course.

          I will agree that the current “Obama Turd” is a raving Cloward and Piven strategy poster boy, but do you think even if Romney wins, the owners of this country will allow him to stop the current dismantling of the Republic.

          The oligarchs have a plan and strategy no matter who sits in the oval office.

          They are there for one reason.

          To enrich themselves and steal the birthright our founding fathers established for us.

          To put faith in a single individual within a corrupt system is pure folly.

          When I wake up on Wed the 7th 2012, my life will be no better or worse than it was today.

          The decisions I make in conjunction with my loved ones and the things we will do today, tomorrow and throughout our short lives is what will have true impact.

          This election as are all elections, a mere bread and circus for the masses…

          Don’t be a sheeple.

          • Thanks for the truth, some people go off the deep end when they realize 160 familes own everything because in GOD they trust and rest of you JERKS pay cash. A lot of people don’t have the capacity to understand they are part of the Untermensch regardless of pigment. I know its hard to accept for some but FREE YOUR MIND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW.

        • I think the S.S. folks are getting armed and ready for total economic collapse..when folks like me that rely on SS and disability to pay mortgage & utilities, the SWHTF quickly.
          Food, heat, and shelter..they can’t kick out 200 million from their homes.
          That leaves food and heat…and ammo for those damn guns that might be recovered from that canoeing accident!! 🙁

          • Jayjay,
            Let’s pray that we are both wrong and brave enough if either one of us are right. God Bless

            • I just took my only prepping, in-the-know neighbor a piece of pumpkin pie; as we talked the subject of mortgage came up–she listens to Rush every day.
              As I told her, even IF our mortgage will be clear in a year like yours, if the nation goes under, how we gonna pay taxes, homeowner’s?
              They can’t kick us all out–they can sell our mortgage to China, but not kick us out.
              If they do???

              • jayjay: thats what AGENDA21-“Human Settlements” is all about. A website map I seen showed only 3-4 locations where they plan to build massive high rise apt complexes.

                Like 50 stories tall to house everybody nationwide. And make UN/agenda21 laws to make 97% of ALL americas entire land OFF limits to ALL uses,especially human use.

                I am sure their plans are to begin such new dwellings After a huge mass culling of us all.

                Thats the UN agenda21 main goal plans though. 97% us land off limits(except of course to well conected rich folks like al gore or ted turner etc) where not even humans on foot travel is allowed any more.

                Weather or not their plans come to fruition?…I rekon it depends on Us eh.

                For good example of agenda21 going on NOW as we speak…

                Read Keliegh Nelson(think thats her last name)several part article at newswithviews dot com site.

                She lives in Eastern TENN, says a ongoing fairly recent 5 eastern tenn countywide development plan going on NOW, is total 100% agenda 21 crap.

                Her and others are fighting it at every turn. Its being done at LOCAL govnt levels all over american Rural areas.

                Outside NGO’s and PPP’s(public private partnerships aka UN Kommies) are doing this stuf in over 500 local citys-viliges-townships and counties nationwide!

                They are from an Org called something like ICLES(?) or close to that..Its letters stand for full title of org.

                They is who are the “Change Agents” trained in “DELPHI” tecniques. Which is nothing more than old fashioned “Helgian Dialectic” methods…aka= Problem(they create) + solutions(theirs!)=”Synchronicity”(or similar to that.)

                Folks like Us who go to thwart their agendas at town halls etc are labled as whatever name calling works, then Booted out!

                Go read her exallant info on them 5 countys in east Tenn areas. a 5 county multi county plan to screw TENN residents OUT of water rights for starters!

                Its in Tenn state const that all tenn citizens is who Owns All waters statewide…Thats about to change drastically!

                All you naysayers on agenda21 stuf…Read this stuf first and whats avail at united nations own website papers etc…Then try to remain in Denial!

        • empty space, thanks for bringing that up. it makes you think what actually they know and are they really gearing up for 1. obama the coward and asshole going to inforce obamacare and people are going to revolt and he will immediately engage new gun laws etc. or 2. Romney will wind and the racial groups are going to revolt and start riots etc. what do you guys think? the elections are rigged or do we really have a chance of getting obama out and stopping this obamacare bs. Hell we are fighting with half stupid americans that are white and many racial groups that hate us for being white and many more riots happening. I’m afraid if romney wins many black will beatup whites just for being white and blame this on them that had nothing at all with race. If obama wins and I cant see how, things are going to go in 110 percent prep mode in all honesty. if romney wins still preppeing but going to spend about 20 percent of my money on preps and for sure leave non in the banks for those bastards to make money off of me. I cant stand greed in these politicians while they give our money away and tax us more with no control over what we can do.

      23. Jerusalem Artichokes alone was worth the download. thanks and i need to find out where i can get this and plant em!

        • me too. what asian prep said.

        • Asian Prep, you can usually find them in ‘seed swap’ sections of forums. Sometimes you can ask around and find someone who will give you some tubers to start your own plot.

          This is the perfect time to plant the tubers, btw. I have one plot and this year, am working on a second plot. Good luck finding some!

        • i was also happily surprised to see tem listed in the contents!
          they are a wonderful perrenial crop!!!! been grwoing them 4 years now, seed was kinda expensive to start with, but they just come back thicker every year, also the stalks make great livestock feed. great that they can be left in the ground harvested first tging in spring or all winter till the ground freezes too much to lift them!

      24. Be Informed,
        What do you make of the N. Jersey earthquake earlier? I know it was only a 2.0, so it won’t get much coverage, but would anything about the superstorm have contributed to it? I am not at all scientific, by the way! 🙂

        • @ Carolina Girl. Truly a 2.0 is tiny and the New Jersy area is actually a lot more active than people realize. The new Jersy and New York area is capable of a good size quake, from 6-7 pointer. You start having earthquakes in Florida for example would be concern. The New Jersy area seems to go in long term dead times where nothing moves, then just from the fact that the North American plate is actively moving, you get these little earthquakes. Right now I am seeing some movement of the African plate that affects the central and eastern portion of the Mediterrean.

          • be informed thanks for talking about those earthquakes, I belive in the way you right and your sincerity to be very genuine and honest and wanted to thank you for taking the time and writing what you belive on this,. I know you have been here for a long long time. i have been here for about 3 years now. thank you

      25. @ Mac,

        Superb post sir, and Oh-so-timely….

        Now, on a completely different note,

        As a suggestion to those here I move that we vote to confirm the word “Congress” for full, non-honorary membership in the halls of vernacular forever more.

        Possible Usages:

        Common – “Oh man, he/she REALLY ‘Congress’ed-up”!

        West Coast – “Dude, I think don’t so feel good…I think that ‘stuff’ we got was “Congress’ed’.

        Male:Female – “Ewwww, that’s disgusting…I wouldn’t “Congress’ that at gun-point!

        I am quite sure – given all the creative thinkers here – that this vein of thought will yeild RICH results. A bit of humor before we see what the next 48 hours has in store for us all. Good luck, God Bless.

        Note: This is as close as I’ll get to profanity openly on the board here or elsewhere.

        “If I wasn’t laughing, I’d be crying…” it’s always a choice, isn’t it?

        • JOG- great idea! May I suggest a few more uses for the word Congress:

          We had a keg party at the frat house. Everybody was totally congress-faced.

          When the congress hits the fan.

          He don’t know congress from shine-ola.

          Tastes like a congress sandwich.

          Congress for brains.

          Same congress, different day.

          Bull-congress, horse-congress, chicken-congress. It’s all the same to me…

          • @ Smokin’

            I can see from your illuminating post that you, sir, are a man of RARE quality! 🙂

            The fecal association hadn’t occured to me but your sterling treatment above FULLY justifies my faith in the creative pneuma of those resident here. I say, “Here Here!!”

            I reiterate, “This will prove to be a RICH vein!”

            “Congress-faced”….Excellent…..multiple Thumbs-up!

      26. The best prep for the next four years-

        AS they say in Chicago “VOTE EARLY VOTE OFTEN”

      27. Went to the grocery store today and noticed something that really stood out. Usually at this store (Publix) it’s a pretty much homogenized crowd, but today there were ‘probable obama voters’ all over the place in there. Being that so many obama voters have been threatening to riot, do things to Romney, etc. if Obama isn’t re-elected, it *almost* made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I figured maybe they were there gearing up for a celebration.

        Normally I wouldn’t post something like this, but the system is trying to divide and conquer the public, and it seems to be working with some sectors of the population. They’re trying to foment a civil war and I want no part of it.

        • LT

          All it takes for evil to win is for good men/women to do nothing. Publix, you must live in the South.

          • Yes, just north of Atlanta. Turns out my hometown is one of the recommended places in Joel Skousen’s “Strategic Relocation.”

        • LT- you are right and glad you said that. I see it here in the midwest as well. so many blacks are wanting this and I hope that they dont do this. many of us and other blacks are prepared to protect ourself and will be shot if they cross that line. if this happens im afraid the stupid government will try to ban guns on a large scale if mass killings or crimes happen in a short amout of time. hope to god the GOP is in control of the house and senate. if they do win the senate and hold the house, do they take over the GOP immediatly or do they have to wait until next jan or feb when obama is kicked out? if obama stays in and gets beat tomorrow im afraid he will go gung-ho and try to put in gun bans like crazy. the next few weeks are going to be nuts. god be with us all that care and believe in god and goodness.

      28. Wow. You are all forgetting to stock pile your psyc medications.

      29. Possee, that article you posted is spot on. LT, I’m in Memphis and we’ve had similar things going on at some of our stores here. I feel the same way you do, but if I’m forced into a fight, I will defend myself, period. if any Obama supporters are looking for trouble, that can be arranged. Braveheart

      30. Best article in a while, Mac. Good info as newcomers are always starting to tune in to prepping sites. I would figure a huge portion of the Northeast US is or will soon be getting all the info they can about prepping for “city dwellers”. The coastal populations around Long Island/Staten Island/Jersey Shores are sure in a whale of a mess if they haven’t prepped.

        To be prepared for a SHTF scenario means being able to sustain all life within your household without dependence upon the grid(elect),fuel(gas and diesel), and definitely not dependent upon anyone else for your staples.
        If your household is not at that level, or striving to get there; You may need a “new” plan.
        Just voting out one crook for another doesn’t count.

      31. Cocopuff Crackhead, in your post about the gas tank shield, did you say that jbweld can be used to repair a plastic gas tank? I know it can be used on the older cars with metal tanks, but are you sure about the plastic ones? braveheart

        • There is one for plastic tank repairs. And if it has been punch with a screwdriver. (The prefer looters way) a screw will work. Sometime it is even a permanent repair.

          • @fbp … i think your confused again by what “your name” is bwiatch.


            • I am just better at this than you.

      32. As we get closer to whatever WILL hit, we have less and less time to consolidate what we all know, inforamtion like this is so useful. Within an instance we all could lose most if not all access to the outside world, permantently. An EMP from the sun, we are not even at solar maximum, or an atteck from a foreign enemy, and then boom, nothing. This is why I always recommend books, this is something that every survival plan should have, or hard copies of all these invaluable articles as in the printed page.

        As many people have brought up the second after and others, it can happen so quickly without warning. There are sometimes warnings like the earthquakes that seem to alert us when the polar activity goes up, bit many times there is not. For months I have given warning days for a possible Israeli attack on Iran, within each 5 days of a new moon. I truly though thought something would happen before the election, it did not. The new moon warning should be take seriously though because each month this is the likely time when war would begin. By the way this month’s new moon is November 13, so anytime between Nov. 8-18 would be that danger period for war possibly starting in the Middle East.

        I truly believe that the end of the civilization would occur from either war or a plague, but out of the blue disasters can happen and those are the most difficult to predict and most difficult to usually handle. This is why the more information that we can all get, the better our chances will be as part of the equation of survival is knowledge. Looking forward to more articles such as this, they help many a lot, good job Mac. 🙂

        • Hi BI!,

          Just got up a bit ago…RELIEF, finally. I’m not sure what’s been floating around here in my locale lately, but whatever it is it makes me miserable. The NWS doesn’t currently list a lot of antigens as being hereabouts so I’m somewhat mystified.
          Coming over tonight, I stopped back by over at a few of Mac’s most recent articles and found a couple of instances where you had graciously ( and plainly laboriously ) taken the time time respond to one of my postings…ones for which I didn’t get back to you. Apologies therefor, sincerely….I hold that the most denigrating thing one person can do to another in polite society is to fail to respond when addressed. I am new to this board and DO find it all a bit difficult to keep up with the ‘spatio-temporal distributed’ model that’s employed here. i WILL BE SO GLAD when Mac – as he can – get’s the PM thing up and running; much will become easier then.
          Posting – large segments – as we do here could easily be viewed by some as ‘aggravating’ as they are attempting to glean knowledge from the collected wisdom posted here; “Brevity is the soul of wit”, Eh?. I am very pleased to have found Y’All, this place! Sometimes one can feel like ‘Diogenes’ with his lamp, searching, seaching endlessly.
          As said, MUCH to converse over when Mac get’s it all up and running, looking forward to being able to pursue what we discuss here in amplified, non-abbreviated form. I will try to limit my post – the length of – whilst patiently waiting for the new venue to become available. Have a good night,
          “He is with us always and He neither sleeps not is He innattentive…”
          Got to get back to sorting today’s stock acquisitions
          bye BI.

          • @ JustOneGuy. You know I am so much looking forward to November 7, the day after this absurd election is over. I was thinking about something that has happened in the past 8 years, as this was when it started with the election of that year. Did anyone during and after Hurricane Sandy walloped their home, business, community, really care a hill of beans about this election when their very lives were abut the end possibly? Absolutely not. Then I started to think about did it matter whom was president when that wall of seawater was caving in their support wall of their house? Absolutely not.

            Since 2004, there has been 4 mega earthquakes of 9.1 in Indonesia, 9.0 in Japan, 8.8 in Chile, and the largest ever strike slip quake of either 8.6 or 8.7. The two tsunamis killed 230,000 in Indonesia areas, the other caused the WORST nuclear nightmare ever. Haiti was destroyed 2 years and lost about 300,000 and still looks awful.

            Now for the hurricanes. Shall we start with Katrina or Sandy. Sandy had the lowest pressure ever of a land arriving hurricane that far north. How about Rita or Wilma with 200 mph winds at one point. Wilma had the lowest pressure ever of any Atlantic hurricane and would have easily rated a Category 6 if they used the same scale up to 6.

            Then there is the tornadoes that have nailed several areas again and again and ranked worst than even in 1925 for the shear destruction, almost as many deaths even with advanced warnings that no one had in the early 20th century.

            Shall we go into the worst oil spill ever and an area in the Gulf that is gradually developing a real problem with that sink hole. At first it was no big deal, but now that sucker is looking alarming as it has grown to the size of an average size walmart.

            I short, I totally worry about too many people focusing on what either of these two fools can do with the economy, and not looking at the bigger picture that Mother Nature is having true fits. People are getting into this trap of not seeing something that is UNCONTROLLABLE and not focusing more on preparedness for these events.

            I see 4 areas in which it could send this country into martial law and it has absolutely nothing to do with whomever is the leader of this country. The New Madrid and all the nuclear power plants it will affect when it eventually breaks. The San Andreas that will destroy the 8th largest economy in the world, california and send millions into FEMA camps. The Cascadia Fault that will almost destroy the entire Pacific Northwest. The Caribbean fault that will send a likely large tsunami into totally unprepared coastal cities and again could affect one nuclear power planet or two like Fukushima.

            All of this totally meaningless whom was the leader of the country at the time as martial law would come to at least part of the country after one or more of these events occur. Anyone that thinks that their preferred leader would not declare martial law after such a catastrophe is sadly not looking at the scope of such an event.

            Next is something you are an expert on, a solar flare from which the Sun will reach maximum in the the 1-2 years. A natural EMP in the range of the Carrington events of 1859 and this world is toast. Even if the Earth had been in line with that mammouth event 8 or 9 years ago, can’t remember which year, that woulkd have fried most electronics and of course the news didn’t even cover it.

            The economy of course is important, but just look at all that has happened in the past 8 years that has had absolutely nothing to do with whom is the leader of the U.S. That is unless some of this has been caused by HAARP or that Hadron Collider in Switzerland, which I am not sure of. I just know that records continue to be broken again and again with Mother Nature and this is what can flattened those that are not prepared like a bug. This is my highest concern with preppers/survivalists that they become too caught up with the illusion that things are going to get better with the country’s economy and other issues. And right under their feet is true hell waiting to erupt and they are not as ready for it than they could be, because they have fallen into the trap of this political crap.

            This is what I am worried about with some of the fellow preppers and why I must try to alert people to something that is really going on with this planet, and be ready for it.

            • Hi BI!,

              As usual I agree with virtually every point you bring up…every time. Perhaps back in 2009, before they bailed the banks out, we might still have had the resiliency as a nation to ‘bounce’ when dropped…no more I think

              The absence of a ‘reserve’, a potential well of ‘fall-back’ is what terrifies me the most under the circumstances we see today. Frankly, it’s what keeps me praying as much as I have been – for us all – lately. IF, any high-magnitude, Natural or man-made, event occurs I do not beleive that we will have a response. You were observing earlier that Sandy IS ‘BAD’ but that there’s still an ‘outside’ world from which assistance can flow into the breach. It wouldn’t take an event 100 times larger than Sandy to put us or Humanity face-down possibly forever, at this point it would only take an ‘Event’ whose effects were but a few multiples of what we see on the east coast to deplete EVERY resource that could practically be mustered. I, as you do, fear what may come.

              I fear I am no source of joy or succor to amyone today. I should tell you this though – My field – here that the Solar activity we see of late is perplexing to say the least. I have just went back through the NOAA archives and relative to the last cycle (23) this one is s pussy-cat…eerily subdued for the most part. We have in the last 12 months had X-grade flaring but by this point in the last cycle we had had 4 times as much and some few of those we ‘X-teens’ – greater than X-10. The largest we have seen thus far during cycle 24 is the X-6.9 last September 2011.
              Now for the ‘oddity’…this past spring a team of researchers concluded that something ‘new’, something we have NOT seen in all the time we have been mointoring solar activity is present on the sun. Our Sun has become a quadropole. That is, both the North and South polar regions are now carrying a positive electric charge while the equatorial regions have become oppositely charged. Firstly, I’m not trying to ‘freak-anybody-out’ here…we simply don’t know what this means inasmuch as we have NEVER seen this before, ever. There is ‘speculation (academic) that this may be the precursor signal for another “Maunder Minimum”…we simply don’t know.
              Conclusions can’t be drawn from an insufficiency of both dara and theory. This is what I was alluding to when I previosly said that things are just ‘off’, not normal or usual, Eh? If we were to ‘judge’ the current state of the Solar cycle today we’d be forced to conclude that in fact we are already long past solar maximum and heading rapidly into Sol-Min…and this in a cycle that started 15 months later than normal? Eh?!?

              Yah, something’s up with the world in the greater context but as yet we can’t ‘place’ it appropriately…watch your end, I’ll watch mine and cross-talk is ALWAYS good! 🙂 Soon, I hope Mac get’s the PM up…there is much to speak on Brother/Sister/Friend. Well, the last dose of Nyquil has kicked in and I’m drowsing off, a good night to all…Bye BI.

              “May the Lord Bless and Keep us, his Children, everyone of us. Amen.”





        DO IT.

        Sorry to be all in caps, it’s annoying I know this. But I wanted it to be seen, we only have one day left.

      34. @ piper mike: Booby Traps! Isn’t that a bra? LOL C’mon ladies, let the girls get a little fresh air! Indulge me, please. I’m in a rare mood tonight, dancing w/the chicken. Despite all the rhetoric that it’s all a grand illusion, that the beast needs it’s left and right wing, that Obummer and Robme are two sides of the same coin; I still believe tomorrow is a critical day for America. Get out and vote!

      35. Off topic. Those who reside in Mid-Atlantic states, between New York and New Jersey and the warmer southern states, be alert. Something tells me there is going to be a mass migration. It’s what I would do, if homeless in the cold. 30-40,000 who need to find shelter? And I don’t trust that number, most likely highly understated. In an area already with a low supply of low income housing.
        At least in La. with Katrina, it wasn’t freezing. These folks are going to be desperate. And I don’t see them moving North or West. FEMA trailer camp, in NY, just don’t see it. This fuse is burning. Stay alert!

        • Look at as a test run. I see many just giving up and dieing in place. Wonder the whole time what did I do wrong.

          I truly expected a move by many of the SNAPers all ready.

          • snap’ers can’t afford to move far, if at all…

            • That is one of the points.

        • Yep, its what I meant a few articles back when I said the safest areas are Northern Cold places. None of them 3rd wordlers will come north because the hot temps lands is in their dna.

          Whites dna is cold weather areas. Vikings-Anglos-Saxons-Celts etc…We Thrive in cold temps!…They do Not!

          Wait a few weeks or a month longer and extreme cold in NJ & NY will force Millions of ghetto dwellers to head SOUTH!!!….Which is already over crowded with their types eh.

          Tried to tell my pal a few yrs ago when he moved to Fla…I Bet he returns to northern mich if my predictions come true soon. If he can make it out that is!

          The colder and snowier it gets…The whiter it is.

          Like that xmass song..”I’m Dreaming of a White America!.oopps! I meant a white xmass!…

          If all them now in NJ and NY flee south?…They can put a huge sign up…”Welcome to Multicultic Diversity Tolerance ZONE”….stay safe ya’ll, hear!

      36. Predictions from a certified Prognosticator. Last week I couldn’t even spell it, and today I are one!
        As I used to say back when I was a professional tree trimmer….I’m gonna go out on a limb-
        And predict (drum roll, please)


        Romney 325 electoral votes
        Obama 213 electoral votes

        Popular vote:
        Romney 76,000,000
        Obama 54,000,000 (total turnout is slightly less than in ’08 when 131 mil votes were cast)

        Black voter turnout was 68% in 2008 (much higher than normal). I predict a black voter turnout under 50% this year. Many of our fellow citizens of African heritage voted last time because of race. I honestly don’t blame them for that. They wanted one of their own and they finally got it. With almost nothing publicly known about Obama at the time, it seemed like it would be okay to do that. Now, however, the Bomster has a track record and many black Americans are disappointed, disillusioned, unemployed and pissed! Most of them will stay home. As will many of their guilt-ridden, delusional, white, liberal counterparts.

        **NOTE** these are only my personal predictions, based on highly un-scientific methods. And, since I once forecast Goldwater as a shoo-in, better take it with a grain of salt.
        Also, even if I’m right about the winner, nobody really expects the slimy, corrupt politicians in DC to change. After all, the alligators don’t stop being alligators just because a new guy is pissing in the swamp.

        -keep prepping

        • I will make a future prediction also…After seeing a tv promo ad thats pro-hobammy by Ret. Gen. Colin Powel, which is shown on tv Non stop since a couple days ago.

          And considering that untill the Darkman african ran for prez n 2008, colin powel was a staunch repub conservative.

          Then all a sudden powel admited on a tv interview a year or so ago, that yes he did vote for hobammy!…Powel said he did it because hobammy is Black.

          And its a “Historical” type thing etc..Well now powel is all out as Pro hobammy to the Max!

          His tv ad has powel lying thru his teeth! On all the great acomplishments due to such a great black prez as we now have!

          Now, I also recall seeing many times various UN war council tv news reports prior to us entering into Two Bogus wars in afganny and of course…Iraq!

          There was Colin Powel all spit and shined testifying on how he had 100% Factual Evidence of “Yellow Cake”! And Sadam was makeing NUKES!(sound familiar? it should! think Iran today!) and useing thugs to go into newborn baby emergency hospital wards, to grab newborn babys by ankles and smash babys heads against walls to murder babys!

          (Both claims of yellow cake nukes And smash baby heads was Proved to be Lies, all lies…Baby head smashers was done by 20 yr old collage bitch whos an agent in usa for Mosad of isrealis, she later admited it was Lies to get usa in war!)

          Yeah, good ol’ Repub for Life conservative powel, Mr.”Integrity” hisself!…Most Honest man in all of GW’s cabinet as Fox’s hannity and various neocons reported of colin.

          I predict he is doing this pro hobammy stuf to get african black support as a Dem now, and hopeing by doing this He himself can run for prez NEXT time…

          And of course get tons of dem $$$ & Support after so swell a job promoting hobammys second term.

          Yep, I predict we will hear Ret. Gen. Colin Powel is running for 2016 cycle prez elections, and probobly soon as he can after this time around.

          Gee I hope he don’t announce it the next day after election like Hillery did! Then every day for next four years its all MSM will talk of eh!!!

          • At least we won’t have to sit through a bunch of speeches to know powell is a liar—he has a history of bullshit on him already.

      37. Hi I enjoyed the review on survival just wanted to add a survival garden will be worth its weight in ediables…ran across afew ways for the northern gardener to extend there growing cycle…one is a hoop house made out of PVC pipe and another is a barrel garden.Both are inexpensive to have on the ole homestead.

      38. IDEA….

        Pick a state and have all the preppers move there…
        It would be the most free, well armed and stocked place.
        I bet most of you preppers are business owners, or have some good education.
        And if not…then you’re hard working well skilled folks with
        good American constitutional values.

        Funny how the Doomsday preppers show… made those folks out to be wack jobs.
        Who’s laughing now?

        I think we all have a common bond.
        We love our country…hate the UN and bankers.
        Buy American when we can and support the 2nd Amendment.

        Tomorrow….we all need to vote Obama OUT.
        We all know he’s a socialist and his task was to get us into massive debt and increase all the red tape.

        I bet we all have a healthy amount of silver…enough to start a bank and currency backed by it.

        We all must eat healthy and garden.

        Yes to hunting and teaching our kids.

        Gee…we all sound like a bunch of “domestic terrorists”…
        Just ask the beige fucker and the leszo in charge.

        Get my point…
        The country has lost it’s values

        I’ll take some heat for putting the assholes down.
        But anyone who wants to disarm America, get us deep into debt and inflict socialism on us…
        Yep….. tomorrow at the poll we get to send a loud and clear message that
        we are still the WHITE, Christian majority and some gave Obama a chance…
        Now it’s time to get the right guy back in the seat.

        Think about it… Mormons…
        Well armed, preppers…. and Magic underwear!
        Wonder if it’s bullet proof.
        Hey, they stock silver too.

        The age of the White man is back.
        I’ve never heard so many white business men say that they will not expand or hire
        another until Obama is out of office.

        Ha. just like the divorce laws…that bash men….
        The gents are refusing to get married as they used to.

        You fuck with a man so much…they turn your back on you.

        In closing….
        There’s going to be some fuck that thumbs down this.
        Just remember this… I bet ever person that read this site are gainfully employed
        and part of America.

      39. FP, thanks for the tip on the gas tanks. AM, I lived in Miami from 1975 to 1982, so I’m something of an authority on all those groups from the Carribean and Latin america that I encountered there. Only a month after arriving there, I met, dated, and later married a refugee from Cuba, married into a Cuban family, worked and played with Cubans, etc. Never had any trouble with them; only group there I ever trusted. All the other groups there are another story, especially the Haitians and Jamaicans. Those two groups are really some mean, evil, cold-blooded people. When they come into this country, they get straight onto the public dole; they won’t work for squat. But all the Cubans who came here from the time Castro took over all the way up until about the 90s refused to get on the public dohey worked and paid taxes into the system just like any of us. They’re one of the few immigrant groups in this country that have been economically successful. I had all kinds of trouble with the Haitians and Jamaicans and so did the Cubans. There is no love lost between any of those groups; they fight each other all the time. Only reason I left Miami in 82 was after my wife was killed by a drunk driver [a Haitian by the way and my inlaws and i made sure he paid for it], life just wasn’t the same for me anymore. The atmosphere there wasn’t nearly as bad there in 82 but is far worse today. I’m nervous about Tuesday night, but as prepared as i can be for it. i get the real SHTF is coming in stages; i hope i’m wrong but i don’t think so. Stay safe and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • Ft. Lauderdale and area. 1971 to 1981

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