The One-Year Pantry, Layer by Layer

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    This article has been generously contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready NutritionAfter joining the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in 1999 Tess worked as an  Armed Forces Emergency Services Center  specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management & response. 

    She is the author of the soon to be released Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals. You can begin your preparedness journey or extend your existing plans by visiting the FREE 52 Weeks to Preparedness guide.

    When planning for emergencies, layering is an ever-constant theme. I often emphasize when one begins to prepare that you start simply by preparing for small-scale emergencies, and then slowly begin adding onto those existing preps to create a longer term preparedness supply. These emergency layers help you create a reliable foundation, and the same layering approach can be used when creating a food storage pantry.

    There are some emergency food considerations to keep in mind:

    • The amount of people in the household.
    • Have a good amount of food varieties to reduce food fatigue.
    • The serving size of the food.
    • Vitamin content in the food.
    • The expiration date or “best if used by” labels on the food.
    • Special health conditions for family members.

    Additionally, these essential food pantry rules can come in handy when you decide on which food to purchase.

    Your Food Storage Layers

    Layer 1 (0- 72-hours) – In the onset of an emergency and the days following a disaster, the first food to go should be from the refrigerator. Keep in mind that refrigerated food will stay cold for four to six hours, assuming the door is left closed as much as possible. In a fully stocked freezer, foods remain safely frozen for approximately two days if the door stays closed. You want to use up your perishable foods first and then begin preparing your foods that are frozen. Plan meals to meet a 1500-2000 calorie diet that are high in nutrients. Once the perishable food has been consumed, it’s time to move onto your secondary layer of your emergency preps. A word of advice – have an ample supply of water on hand!

    Layer 2 (4-30 days) – These emergency foods should consist of “just add water” meals or meals that do not require substantial amounts of water, fuel or preparation time. Having some canned, pre-packaged dinners, or  meals that are “ready to eat” during emergency scenarios will help you begin acclimating yourself to cooking in a grid-down scenario as well as to help provide some comfort at the same time.

    Keep your family’s preferences, any existing health conditions and food allergies in mind when preparing this food storage layer. Another thought to keep in mind, is that a large amount of water will be needed to rehydrate some of these meals. Have a large amount of water stored or a means to filter water during an emergency.

    Layer 3  (31-99 days) – I have often said that our preps are our life line. The items we choose should be able to carry us, not only through difficult times, but perhaps through impossible times as well. This layer of  pantry foods should consist of multipurpose, everyday pantry items. These foods are relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire. Keep food storage shelf lives in mind and regularly rotate these items in order to maintain a fresh food source. Further, having a fresh source of vitamins will help your body thrive during an emergency. Consider storing a supply of seeds for sprouting – they are cheap, easy to store and require minimal amounts of time for growth.

    For those who are preparing for longer term or extended emergencies, at a minimum you should have a 3 month supply of food and build it up to a 6 month supply. This will be the beginning of your longer term food source, and re-packaging these food sources into more durable containers or packages will keep your food’s enemies away. Further it is a good idea to begin storing large quantities of foods that have extremely long shelf lives.

    For a list of the 11 emergency foods items than can last a lifetime, click here.

    Another method of bulking up on foods with long shelf lives is to invest in freeze-dried foods. These preserved foods have a shelf life of 20+ years! All you need to do is add hot water and voila!

    Some foods to consider for longer term storage are:

    Layer 4 (100-365 days+) –  If you find yourself in an emergency for over 100 days, it’s time to get real about the situation you have found yourself in. You must assume this could be your new reality. That said it is time to take steps toward long term survival. Having an understanding of essential skills, homesteading and gardening/farming concepts and learning ways to sustain yourself for the long term is of the utmost importance.

    Micro livestock is a group of hearty animals that will help you make the most of smaller pieces of land. To read the pros and cons of this livestock choice, click here.  For those in suburban dwellings, consider chickens, rabbits and fish stored in aquaponic for a long-term food source.

    As a prepper preparing for long term emergencies, you want to continue storing up foods mentioned in the last layer and add freeze-dried ordehydrated foods to your stockpile. Given that you are preparing for an extended or long term emergency means that you will also need to begin looking at ways to prepare or preserve food sources off the grid. Learning how to can, dehydrate and ferment foods will help you maintain your food supply. Moreover, to prevent malnutrition, you will want to concentrate on accruing essential food sources such as carbohydrates, protein sources, fats and essential vitamins and nutrients (see above list of food considerations). Having a vitamin source such as sprouting seeds or stockpiling multi-vitamins during this period will also ensure that you are providing your body with regular doses of needed vitamins.

    During an emergency, we are often left to fend for ourselves. Having an ample supply of  emergency foods can help your family thrive during the most difficult of times. Take the time now to learn how to make the most of your food supply, learn pertinent skills and the importance of balanced diets and the lasting effects nutritious food has on our body because when emergencies occur, we will need this knowledge the most.

    Tess Pennington is the author of the soon to be released Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals. You can begin your preparedness journey at by visiting the FREE 52 Weeks to Preparedness guide.


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      1. Glad to see y’all are getting back to preps!

        Y’all Beware! Keep smilin’.

        • Agree with you Beware. Back to the basics. This type of article is what brought me and kept me on this site Mac. We still learn a lot from other topics but not as much as prepping. I know the responses will be just as educational.

          • i have a new bull coming to visit the “ladies” this week .
            this should increase my food storage greatly .

            thanks for the good books tess !

            • Hammerhead: Yeah, from the North Coast, it’s June 1st or so so us to have April calving. God Bless

            • The much oppressed American people need to register tyrants, not guns. Certainly the American people need their own fusion centers and websites to keep track of the traitors, enablers, and perpetrators of our misery lest any escape prosecution when the time comes for Nuremberg 2.

              [New York Democratic Party Senator] Chuck Schumer is sponsoring an
              Orwellian named monstrosity designed to make gun ownership, as a
              practical matter, impossible. It controls literally ALL transfers of
              weapons. Just handing your rifle to a friend or neighbor to look at
              could land you a felony rap and put you in federal prison …

              Schumer’s “Protecting Responsible Gun Sellers Act of 2013”

              Schumer’s Transfer Tyranny
              By Charles C. W. Cooke
              Editorial associate
              National Review.
              March 14, 2013

            • “We”? Who are considering “we”?

              Catholics may have a new pope, but I don’t need a man to speak to God for me, I am fully forgiven and can approach the throne without a priest, virgin or pope!

              • Oh, the arrogance.

              • With ya 100%, T ruble. Never had one and sure as hell don’t need one now. I just know what my Creator says about the so-called Holy Roman Empire and where it is headed in the last days. As individuals associated with catholicism; I’m sure there are many good people that will make it to Heaven. But, as a whole, I’m not buying what they are selling.

                • You think you can thumbs-down the truth?

                  Jesus Himself founded (Matthew 16:18) a visible (Matthew 18:17) Church [singular, not plural] to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23). An invisible every-man-for-himself “church” cannot do what God commissioned. One man against the world, the flesh, and the devil? Don’t be silly.

                  He did not tell everyone to go be their own little pope deluding themselves with 30,000 sects offering conflicting “truths.” Your wishful prideful thinking won’t get you where you think it will.

                • Pretty good website till I ran across all the religion bashing. And that makes it like all the rest.

              • Jesus Himself founded (Matthew 16:18) a visible (Matthew 18:17) Church to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23).

                He did not tell everyone to go be their own little pope deluding themselves with 30,000 sects offering conflicting “truths.”

                • That’s right, Jesus really meant to say; let’s have one Pope (Pontif) and a heirachy of Cardinals, and then thousands of clergy to enforce our beliefs. Let’s model this system after the Roman civil empire, and even borrow a lot of their old pagan titles.

                  And just to top it off, let’s lean on kings and rulers to force conformity to our Universal Church, control as many assets & land as we can, improve on the doctrine and scare the hell out of the ignorant. Let’s also persecute, torture and burn all competitors too.

                  Now in our enlighted age the Cardinals elect a Jesuit as Pope. This educated sect of schemers have no other belief than loyalty to the Papacy.

                  Now that sure sounds like what Jesus was talking about … I think not.

                  • The failures of MEN is not evidence against GOD‘s plan.

                    Would you be willing to accept your own personal failures as evidence against your silly every-man-his-own-pope plan? [laughing]

                    Indeed the selection of Bergoglio, another modernist heretic, means that the Faithful will continue to suffer—a chastisement for our own failings.

                    May God have mercy on us all—even though we do not deserve His Mercy.

                  • “God’s plan” is the operative phrase here. Far to often people think that this phrase explains all the stupidity of man, all of it. That’s just plain nonsense.It not of God’s doing.

                    God’s plan is with him, and if he chooses to reveal it, we can know it. The Bible claims to be his word, with his plan declared and his will made known.

                    That has nothing to do with evil men and man made systems, or even evil being practiced.

                    Rather than assuming that God is on our side, how about understanding God’s way, and aligning ourselves with that. Time to read Matt.7:21-27 again. Take note.

            • You need to to a little more research there Jas…
              Think Jesuit…then his parentage…

          • Yeah, I almost forgot about the ONLY two things that really matter.

            Food and Water.

            I can live without anything else so long as I have those.

            In the end, the only real problem we may face is NOT having food.

            If I get too hungry, I can always sacrifice my life at the altar of freedom by taking out a bankster right before drawing my last breath.

            It’s not just how you survive, it is also about how you die should it come to that.

            • Take out all the Banksters you want but think, Jerky or at least bait. Waste not want not.

            • @GC:

              Please sacrifice the banksters on the alter of freedom.

              You make for good conversation, them, not so much.

          • @DRD5508….My sediments exactly! This is my kind of prepping article!! take care CC

      2. Great article. Good information. Awesome.

        • I agree Eisenkreuz

      3. Good article! A well stocked pantry is something every home should have.

        Both of my Grandparents had farms and depended on food raised and saved (canned, etc.) in their their pantry to eat during the winter.

        Somewhere in the past few decades, most people have forgotten the value of having a well stocked pantry.

        • @KY Mom….during the past few decades ‘We the People’ have taken our food for granted. In the 1970s many of us ‘kids’ worked on farms and dairies. Not so anymore.

          I think that foodstamps and easy food and fast foods has made us Americans comfortable that food is cheap and easy to get.

          We will pay the piper and very soon. Be prepared folks and practice. This summer I will eat edible plants in the wild. If you don’t hear from me later, that means I found some hemlock.

          • I sure hope you have Linda Runyun’s Wild Card’s… Invaluable…

          • Don’t eat the hemlock! I thought I accidentally ate some a few weeks ago while eating wild carrot. I was so relieved to wake up the next morning! After researching, I found many wild edible plants growing on my property and the nutritional value of them compared to the foods we buy at the store is astounding!

            • oh yea…it is quite amazing…
              I might add though to stay away from anything within a hundred or so feet of a roadway…to minimize the heavy metals and hydrocarbons from engine exhaust…enjoy!

        • Modern processed food is horrible. Just horrible. I’ve gone organic the last few years and I feel a lot better.

          • @eisen(front):

            Wow, red thums on watever u post. Yad thnk dat peepul woor tri-in 2 tll u howday feal. Eye don hold 2 dat.

            Gave u a thumsup. Jst a littul 1.



        • Seems to me it wasnt just a cultural shift away from self sufficientcy but was more a purposeful govicorp strategy to get people into the just in time mentality concerning their food as with everything else….people who live outside the system as I do are dangerous to the system…as long as theyre just a few then no real harm but when it starts to become more mainstream then TPTB get nervous…you see we are their herd in their eyes, we are not alive for our own purposes,we are here to serve and to empower the elite….like the old lie about getting a good education so you could have the best life…naw its more like get the best job you can get so you can be a good little consumer and support the corporation….cant have you growing/storing your own…so they worked to make us this way…to need them and their system…because otherwise they have no value…no reason for us to keep them around.

          • Morning REB,

            “…you see we are their herd in their eyes, we are not alive for our own purposes,we are here to serve and to empower the elite…”

            A rather horrfying realization, isn’t it? ACTUALLY, it’s a ‘tad’ worse than that…WE are considered by those at the top as subhuman chattel, lterally, property. I am fully of the conviction that the ‘subhuman’ part is the neccessary mental justification that will allow them to – at the END – exterminate the bulk of Humanity…kind of like ‘putting down’ a large pack of rabid animals or similar to when ranchers have to exterminate an entire heard of cattle when even a few test positive for Anthrax or other somesuch, Eh?

            Oh, BTW way I’ve never heard ‘GoviCorp’ before…good
            one…kinda ‘catchy’ little phrase!


      4. Thanks for the list of stuff. I will slowly keep going and have many of those items in stock. It is amazing just how much space 6 months of stuff for 4 people takes up.

        • Throw in the medical items, blankets, clothing, etc., they do require storage space.

          • All in boxes and storage totes stacked in the living room!
            There’s just no time to be concerned with decorating anymore.

            KEEP PREPPIN’

            • Do you have a basement? Comes in very handy for storing foods and all.

              • No basements in East Texas. We’ve got too many springs!
                My regular pantry is full and my third bedroom is my food
                Storage room. I’ve got plans for more shelving too.

                Keep preppin’

                • I’m trying to figure out how to stay cool in East Texas if we are without electricity for long in the heat of summer. If you have ideas, please share, cooking mom.

                  • Doesn’t take much electricity to run a fan. Consider a small off grid solar panel, battery, and controller.

                    I spent the money for a more serious setup but I get enough watts out of mine to run a small AC from Walmart. Considering how hot it gets here it is almost a necessity.

                    Currently I’m looking at solar ammonia chiller plans. May not be suitable for AC but I could enjoy a cold refreshing drink perhaps. 🙂

                  • You’ve got to live on a concrete slab for starters.
                    Then rip up the flooring and expose the bare concrete .
                    The floor always feels cool year round on your bare feet.
                    Run a floor fan if you can. Wick up more moisture by mopping
                    The floor with clear water. If things are desperate (120°)
                    just lay down on the wet concrete and you will be much cooler.

                    Prisoner survival method my son observed while doing electrical
                    Jobs in Texas and La. Prisons last year.

                  • If you have the water you can mist it on the roof(ESPECIALLY A METAL ROOF)allowing it to drip into the eves and then to a tank where it can be recycled…seen it used and it cools buildings quite a bit…just a thought!

            • We had food in the living room also until we had a pantry built last year. Of course that pantry is not the only storage location, but it is the only one that visitors ever see.

            • I’d be a little worried about opsec with so many things visible to anyone who walks through. Don’t get me wrong props for prepping, but be careful for unwanted attention. Peace Clay

              • Claymation: Yeah, the livingroom isn’t even on my list either. OPSEC is first, last, and always the most important thing. First rule is never tell anyone outside of your ‘circle’ what you have, what you intend, or even what you think. The time for warning folks is long over. Seocnd rule is never keep your stores all in one place. If someone does ever find out what you have then they can come and take it WTSHTF if the have a superior force. Just like in the military; have a primary and at least one alternate escape route and meetup point(s). Those points can be at or near the other places that you’ve stored your second, third, or more sets of goods.

        • That’s terrible Nina. I live in Texas too. The gulf is forever destroyed.
          I canned chicken last week and I’m making homemade yogurt today.
          Everything is stored up. We’re ready.
          Y’all keep preppin’!!!!

          • The Gulf is not forever destroyed. If not drained by people every oilfield eventually will breach to the surface. Hundreds/thousands have. Hundreds of tankers and other ships were lost during WW II, no oil was cleaned up at all. If the world was as fragile as you think it is, we would all have been dead before we started. Calm down, yes it was a big bad mess. BP was/is stupid.
            Most of the obvious mess is already gone. The rest will disappear over the next few years, yes there will be some spots that linger, the Gulf as a whole does not care now, and 90% of the rest won’t care in 3-5 years. And yes I am an expert on oil spills.

            • Finally. A voice of reason. I’m not saying you can’t hurt the planet, just the planet doesn’t care.

              We live and think as if the planet has always been as it is. It has been more “differant” for most of the earth’s existance. Now, we might be some trouble, but the earth has survived far,far worse, and will be here in some fashion long after we kill ourselves off.

              By the way, what does everyone think will happen when 1 billion plus Chinese start driving. Ha! Not to mention the Indians. By the way, does anybody know if the Chinese are building new power plants, waste and water treatment plants, for all those new vacant cities they’re constructing?? Or,my guess, pipes and wires that go nowhere. And if they do build the plants, they are idle or under-utilized (very bad for the plant). Imagine all those buildings, with no coresponding infrastructure.

              Wow, I wandered…

              Somebody with the skills needs to post a link to Michael Cricton’s preface about the earth. It was in Jurassic Park, I think (the book). Should exist a youtube video.

              • The Chinese are building one new coal fired power plant every 7-9 days. By a rough guess they now burn more coal than the rest of the world, and exempted themselves from the CO2 issue. Things are far stranger than people realize. The other countries also decided to ignore the fact that as the US grows more wood every year than it harvests, enough to absorb almost 20%? of our CO2. and use it for a world bank for the other countries, nice yes?

                • @Paranoid

                  When you say 20% of OUR CO2, do you mean of the world or the USA? Interesting obeservations in both your posts. Thanks for the insight.

                  • US

              • George Carlin once said something just like this, that Mother Earth just sees us as a bad case of the fleas she will eventually get fed up with and shake off. And maybe, the only reason she keeps us around is because we make plastic – something she can’t do herself, so she tolerates our BS. For now. 😉 (I miss his comedic reasoning so much!)


                As someone who does care about the environment, and I will go there and say MY environment, including the food I eat, I do believe it’s important to not crap on it. Even my very “Me and Mine” father’s heart broke when Exxon dumped in Alaska, where he lived for many years, watching the otters try to rub the oil out of their eyes. We’re supposed to be better than that in this day and age, but unfortunately, it’s selfishness and greed that prevail.

                Yes, Mother Earth will do just fine, with or without us, and I’m guessing sometimes she thinks she might just say screw it and get rid of us.


              huh ??? WTF ;0p

              your an idiot . ;0P

              corexit is literally breaking down the cell’s gene’s of organism’s humans sea life animals alike .

              generations of DNA are literally destroyed in all life the gulf touches including all those who live in the rain path of the rain storms generated from the gulf of mexico from texas to maine .

              its in our drinking water now and foods PERMENENTLY .

              sigh … IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE .


              • RUN RUN RUN THE SKY IS FALLING! No it’s not. You couldn’t poison the world’s oceans if you tried. Ever wonder where we dumped the entire supply of German WW II war gasses after the war and before the idiot environmentalists got here? And that was some NASTY STUFF. (And yes I did work for the Ohio EPA for three years cleaning up crap and yes there is some bad stuff out there) The world is not ending, and in a thousand years at this rate except for the Pyramids and some big holes it’s likely to be hard to tell people were even here, unless they get a little smarter.

                • The oceans can take a lot. They have, and are finally getting taxed out.
                  As the oceans go, so goes the planet.
                  Have you not looked closely lately?
                  Do you dispute the damage done and still being done in plain site ‘under’ the water of corexit?
                  Have you not heard of the increase of animal die offs?
                  You surprise me Paranoid, learn another thing about each of you every day…

                  • Actually yes I do. Sink a few hundred Japanese fishing ships and most of the ocean will be fine in 20 years, whales will take a bit longer. If China will stop using it’s rivers for garbage dumps that would also help. Overall relax, if people don’t stop breeding like rats, the oceans will be fine in 100 years. Because people will be gone, If people do stop and behave themselves it will also be fine. because the oil and gas will be long gone. Need to look after the whales because they could go extinct but the rest will be fine regardless. And by the way I have not attacked you, why the hatred? You deal with me that way in person and I’m afraid I would have to DEAL with you.

            • Are you an expert because you work in the oil industry? Just wondering.

              • I worked cleaning up the industries crap for three years, and by the way the oil Co’s are scum, Chevron the worst, Marathon as a Co was fairly honest, in my opinion, railroads are the stupidest(Big steel right in there), and Coal Co can be trusted, if you have a shotgun up their ass.. All my opinion. Worked as a geologist for awhile, worked for the gov producing Gov crude (All gov problems can be cured by Neutron bombing DC, save the Books and paintings) Most of the people in the field would do a good job if allowed, and taught school.

      5. My Father is trying to take money out of a well known mutual fund (Vanguard) and getting the runaround. Its his money or so he thought.

        Be careful, and stay extremely Frosty

        • If it is not in his hand, it is not his. Hopefully you learned this lesson even if your father did not. But now he knows too.

          • Truer words were never spoken. Get it in your hand.

        • Well my pop asked for his money from Merrill I thnk it was back before the last collapse. Took them like 4 months to cash him out. By then he had lost like 30% or something. You might want to document when the request was filed etc.

          • Any online access to accounts. My orders are excited online through a major fund provider. As I recall Merrill was in the middle of the hedge fund and jmk bond mess in ’07-08

      6. Great read! Start your garden soon and read everything you can. Verticle gardening is a wonderful way to grow alot of food in a small space. Don’t forget to get Heirloom seeds and learn to collect and store them for next years use. Get away from the box store seeds. Your family will thank you.

        Also look into aquaponics. I have just started and enjoy a new way to grow things faster without weeding. Put up a 10X12 greenhouse from Harbor Freight and put in a 400 gallon tank that was being thrown away and filled it with water and trout. The water is cycled with a 12 volt RV water pump run by solar panels.

        Keep working on your preps and NOMI!


        • great idea, Could you provide a link with more information on this?

        • Tried starting seeds inside for the first time this year. Thought I would get by on the cheap and use my wife’s full spectrum lamp as my light source. Not enough light. Broke down and bought a plant light this afternoon. About $100, but large enough to cover two flats. Just assembled it. Will have to start over with the seeds. Can’t put out anything until mid-May here. Part of the learning curve, I guess.

          • Garden centers have trays with clear plastic covers that you can use as miniature greenhouses. I have started seeds outdoors in early February, and everything sprouted. I just set my trays on the ground in a sunny area.

            I recently started saving plastic boxes that cakes come in from the grocery store bakery. They are black plastic with clear tops. I have plastic cups that cat food came in, and I put my soil mixture in those and set them in the cake boxes. I poked some holes in the bottoms of the cups so there wouldn’t be too much water. The plastic covers let the sun in and keep the moisture in so you don’t have to water as often.

            You can make a more permanent miniature greenhouse (cold frame) using old lumber and old windows. You can find plans online, but it’s basically build a box the same size as your windows and attach the windows with hinges so that you can prop them open when the weather is warm and close them at night.

            Also, it doesn’t cost very much to build a small greenhouse. Basically, you build a square out of 2x4s, attach hoops of PVC pipe, then stretch plastic over it.

            I built my own larger greenhouse. I cleared an area by using a flat shovel to cut the sod away. I then shook the dirt out of the grass back into my cleared area. Then I set 4×4 10-foot posts in holes at the corners of the area and every 8 feet. I also set posts where I wanted to put a door. Then I ran 2x4s around the top, bottom and middle of the posts. Then I used 2x4s to frame window openings to fit some old storm windows I had (ones with sliding glass and screens). I used 2x4s and hurricane ties to make rafters that I attached to a ridge pole of 2x4s that I had set on top of triangular frames at each end of the greenhouse. I covered everything with that clear corrugated paneling that you use to cover patios. I bought a storm door to use as an entrance door. I originally used gas heat, but the heater quit and gas is too expensive for that anyway. So during the winter I only use the southern end of the greenhouse. I partition it off with plastic and heat it at night with a couple of light bulbs. During the summer, I set fans in the windows at each end. I have more storm windows, so I will later remove some siding and frame out more windows so I can get even better ventilation during the summer. My greenhouse is 12×24 but you might want to start out smaller. I don’t use all of mine for plants yet. A large part is used for storage of wood and other stuff. If you can keep a greenhouse warm enough in the winter, you can have tomatoes. Just be sure to get indeterminate tomatoes, because they don’t know seasons. They bear as long as they are warm enough. I had some a couple of years ago that were bearing into December until they actually froze.

              green house covers –

              Affordable, lots of testomony to it’s use and strength and long life, great freindly people, cottage industry –
              It is what I used on my green house. Hurricanes have blown down structures but not tore the plastic.
              Also it refracts light better thatn glass or fiber glass.
              Check them out!

              • My greenhouse has lasted through hurricanes. But the corrugated blue translucent paneling eventually gets brittle in the sun and will need to be replaced someday. Also, when it gets brittle, hail can poke holes in the roof. That happened to a previous greenhouse in a previous town. I had to replace the roof with some brown translucent paneling that was supposed to be more hail resistant. Lowe’s has three different kinds. I use the cheaper blue for the walls and the more expensive brown for the roof. I hope to put more windows around the greenhouse because they are much sturdier than the panels or plastic.

          • Just buy a shop light with fluorescent bulbs at a farm supply store/only about $25-$30/works great for seed growing and is much cheaper!!

          • I start my seeds in red Solo cups (with a hole drilled) and put the cups inside those clear plastic rectangular salad containers. The clear plastic lids make it just like a mini-greenhouse and this works fine in a south or east facing window. As soon as the seedlings are up, give them a little fish emulsion and watch them take off!!

        • Great (how to) seed saving article in December/January issue of Mother Earth News.

          • just purchased seed to seed (Susanne Ashworth) on ebay for $20, one of the most informative books on subject, great book on seed saving

        • Fun aint it? :)…fish and veggies 🙂

      7. I know this article primarily pertains to food, and I also know that canned goods are good many years past their “best by date” but just wondering. I use a lot of juice and when the bottle is empty, I wash them out very good and then fill them with water and recap tightly and store in a dark cool place. Question is, how long will this water stay good to use for drinking and cooking? WASP

        • Dangerous practice because of the bacteria. Spend the money and get some containers that have never been used for anything except the water you will put in them. Be all prepared and then get sick from some intestinal bug. Spend the money. At least get the iodine solution that is used for disinfecting animal enclosures and let it stand in your containers for a couple of hours. Dilute it first. It will come in handy for all kinds of other things even in normal times.

          • I think it would be OK after you run it through your bucket berkey type filter

          • I got 50 gallon drums that had corn syrup in them. They are metal and reseal and I put 1/2 cup of bleach in each while filling. How long will this water stay good? Neone know? I Store it in a dark cool place.

            • Properly stored water will last as long as the container. Bottled water only has an expiration date because one state up north, probably NJ, requires expiration dates on all beverages. So the water companies put the date on all the water bottles rather than produce special dated bottles for that one state.

              I don’t know how much bleach right off the top of my head, but you might want to check online and see if you’re using enough.

              • It takes 6-8 drops of plain bleach, left sitting for about an hour prior to consuming to purify a gallon of water. 50 gallons of water would then require 350 drops or approximately 1.5 tablespoons added to it.

                Leaving the top of the bottle off during purification lessons the taste of the bleach.

                Wally Fart sells 6 one gallon jugs of distilled water for a very cheap price.. but the good thing is if you buy them still in the boxes; you can stack em high and deep. The box it comes in is rated at over 150 lbs burst strength, PSI. That’s one sturdy box. Makes a really nice prepper box too if you don’t want to store the water. Perfect size to slip under a bed.

                Distilled water stored in proper bottles will last about as long as the plastic bottle. If it is truly distilled, it has no impurities or contamination and if it stays sealed, will remain that way.

              • Evening Archivist,

                The CENTRAL trick to storing water in plastic jugs – which as you’ve noted is LONG TERM storage – is to prevent any sunlight from getting to the plastic container itself …Ultraviolet (UV) of all wavelengths ‘rots’ plastic over time….some types faster than others.

                Please note that I am NOT here asserting that you can simply put water into a jug and drink it six months later,
                the issue of sterility remains…I am only refering to the plastic of which the jug is composed. IF there are NO micro-organisms within the container – AT ALL – then if same is WELL sealed you could drink that 20 years later. The TRICK is getting both the water AND the container sufficiently sterile prior to sealing it all up.

                Alternately, any ‘triple distilled drinking water’ which you buy at Wal-Mart has an effectively NLIMITED shelf lfe (stored in a dark, cool, dry place)


                • What about shining a UV flashlight on water?

                  • @ Eiz,

                    Actually, you’re on a true ‘track’ with that suggestion.

                    For what it’s worth folks, for those of you who WILL have electricity after a SHTF (By virtue of pre-planning!) there are a large number of products out ‘in the wild’ today that insert into the water lines at your well, whjich run off of AC power which are – in essence – one of those Mercury-based lamps which used to be all the rage before sodium lighting became wide-spread. The single difference is that the construction of the interior bulb OMITS the quarts glass ‘shield’ which ordinarily REMOVES the emmitted UV-B spectra before it can exit the outer bulb casing/sheath. THIS is HIGHLY effective at destroying ALL bactreia and viruses in water as the flow passes through the device.

                    I have succesfully rigged one of these for my RV such that with the simple addition of a tightly webbed filter I can fill my on-board water storage from any mountain stream without fear of giardia or other somesuch.

                    These are not cheap, being some few hundreds of dollars per….there are FEW other things which are quite as fast or as effective at sterilization though..

                    Just a thought…


            • Repost

              @ Young MAP,

              DID you say METAL? Bad idea…all halogens (of which chlorine is onesuch) react STRONGLY with most all metals. In the case of ANY steel, rust. Also, IF the interior is coated with a layer of some interstitial material (usually a plastic compound) it is usually the case that the layer is THIN and will alow gaseuos chlorine to diffuse through the material into contact with the metal container.

              There is a REASON nowadays that most water bearing containers are made out of PLASTIC (thick plastic)…
              Also, though I don’t think anyone would actually go this route, it is also the case that EVEN stainless steel is susceptible to corrosion… BUT only when in contact with sulphuric compounds, especially sulphuric acid.


              • Right. Bleach and metals don’t mix.

                • unless it’s Monel…

                  • OK good tip.

                  • 2nd Repost…BAD NET today…

                    @ jerrythg,

                    Hmmm, hadn’t thought of MONEL, true enough…

                    Also, what I FAILED to mention is that MOST good grades of Stainless are relatively impervious to the entire halogen family…in fact, nickel-plated 414 SS is used in the petroleum industry in the holding tanks and pass-throughs for the Hydro-Flouric acid used in catalytic crackers (CatCrackers) where crude is ‘fractioned’ into it’s components…deisel, gasoline naptha, et al. Thanks Bro! 🙂


        • rinse out, and add a couple drops of bleach, and should be good for a year or better.
          then just try to use at a year (Date everything, canned foods, bottles, everything, i keep sharpies everywhere for this) by either watering plants, in toilet(s), whatever, and refill w/another couple drops of bleach.

          • @Stcroix..thats how I store my water, in food grade buckets, date, one year later I use to flush toilets…I have actually lowered my water bill by a great deal of $$. Of course I also collect rain water for the same purpose……Nothing goes to waste around here!!

            Another thing I am saving $$ on are cleaning pads/scrub pads…I save the bags that oranges/onions come in….some folks use as “suet” bags for bird feed, but they work great as “scrub pads” take care, CC

        • Storing water for drinking and cooking in any “plastic” container is never a good idea. Although, it is better than no water, their are many chemicals used in the processing of plastics, and they will eventually will “leach” into the water.

          For long term storage of potable water, use glass or stainless steel containers. We collect gallon and half gallon wine or juice jugs and wash them thoroughly and let dry completely. We then use them to store our preps. I even have jugs full of cornmeal and flour.

        • Not to mention, water will naturally distill over time. You will want to cycle out your water just like your other stored goods with limited storage time.

          • What does distill mean?

          • What?


            please give more insight to what your are trying to say.

            regualar “tap” water or any other water will not turn to distilled water over any amount of time. Distilled water is something very different than well, tap, or your typical bottled drinking water.

          • You are correct Timothy…..I have a 5 gal container and many 1 gal that I keep full of water. Every week I use the water within them to water the plants and then refill.

            • Obviously, I would treat the water stored before I used it….duh

          • One way to cycle the water through is use it in your toilet tank. Turn off the vale and just fill up the tank with water you are exchanging for fresh until you run out.

            • That should say turn off the valve.

          • Timothy,

            “Distillation’ is the process of heating water to a boil then capturing the steam off that (in a closed loop environment) then allowing it to return to a liquid state in a ‘condenser’ (think a cooler here, typically a long spiral coil of non-toxic metal such as staineless steel) whereafter the condensed fluid is captured in a sterile container…THAT is the practical definition of ‘Distilaation’


          • Are you sure about that? Cite a source.

            • @ Eiz,

              I AM THE SOURCE…

              Degree’s in Physics, Mathematics (BA’s) and Masters in NE (Nuclear Engineering)

              any other questions?


              • I have a question –
                Which Government indoctronation center college gave you your BS degree?
                Nuclear is only safe until it isn’t. Which is every time it operates with mediacore safety fudged, bought off over seers. The waste is FOREVER!

                • @ Reaaly?,

                  Einschuldigan sie Bitte?

                  mi no habla stupido

                  Typically, I don’t bother to respond to ‘lib-tard-ese’ 🙂


                • I do reply to stupid,, sometimes; no it’s not forever. even the bad stuff goes away long before forever. Einstein said: “Only the Universe and human stupidity are infinite, and I’m not sure about the Universe.”

        • Water will keep forever with a Big Berkey 😉 —->

        • If the bottle is clear, fill it with water, stick it in the sun, and let the UV rays kill the germs for you.

          • SODIS. Not as good as boiling, but quite effective. Quite common in the third world.

        • The real keyword is “Plastic” It’s not hard to store water basically forever. The average plastic jugs give water an OFF taste fairly quickly. And they tend to get hard and brittle. There are a number of Nalgene; nylon bottles that you can keep water in effectively forever. Likewise glass If you keep metal lids from rusting.
          There is no such thing as spontaneous generation of life sterile water does not all of a sudden get nasty bacteria in it, if it’s not open. Unless it’s really well distilled water if it’s not completely killed, in the sunlight it will eventually grow alge/moss. The moss can be killed very quickly with Chlorine or Iodine.
          People have pools outside and don’t drain them, the birds do things in them so do the trees and they get green if you don’t treat them, How many people have you heard die from the moss in their swimming pool? NONE? Same here. The Coast guard has canned water in plastic bags then in metal cans that keeps for at least 25 years cause I’ve drank it. It’s not cold COORS but it drinks.

          • I have had an inground pool for 15 years. I am now a well trained and highly skilled chemist and expert water treatment specialist.
            And my gal looks reeeal good laying beside it in the sun!
            22,000 gallons of crystal clear,sparkling life juice.

            (as long as the pump works) just beating you smart guys to the punch.

        • WASP, You’ll be fine.
          Food was stored in those containers; so water can be stored also.
          Pool Shock, calcium hypochlorite, $4 for a pound, can purify that water regardless how long stored.
          Keep the shock dry and out of sunlight. One lb bag purifies 10,000 gallons. Or use your Berkey.
          Pool Shock Mixture:
          Easy directions for small amts: To 1 cup water, add 1/4 tsp c.h.
          Add 1/2 tsp. of solution to a 2 liter bottle.
          Set overnight for chlorine taste or smell to disappear, or add Tang.

          • Thanks to all, for the input on storing the water. I figured I would rotate my supply periodically, if and when the time comes to use it, I will just add a couple of drops of bleach, and pour from one bottle, to the next, to purify and aireate it, these are 64oz. bottles. Believe that should take care of any problems.WASP. Semper Paratus!

            • WASP=no need to rotate. Water is water for always.
              You are now drinking water a billion years old.
              Water isn’t made daily, silly boy. It’s been here as long as the earth has.
              Just purify before drinking–it’ll be fine.
              Get you a few bags of pool shock, coffee filters and alum for really dirty water.

              • J’s right J’s right

        • I live in a (hot)hurricane-prone area and must store water. As a test, just this week I opened and used water that has been stored in a clear plastic jug in my garage for 2.5 years. The jug is one of those you can buy at the grocery store that holds five gallons–the kind that can sit on top of a water cooler.

          The garage is not climate-controlled and gets quite warm (90+ degrees) in summer. The water originally came from city water, not a well. Th water was/is fine with no change to taste or appearance. As a precaution I ran it through a Berkey, but I don’t think even that was necessary. We’ve been using it four days now and everyone in the household feels fine.

          All this may disagree with “science” or conventional thinking, but it is what it is.

          • did good.
            I have water in 30 gallon drums and wouldn’t hesitate to drink it–but I have a Berkey too.

      8. To recognize the seriousness of prepping for long-term
        food storage, one only needs to look at how quickly the
        shelves were cleared of ammo during a shortage panic….


        • OW
          Dec. 19 1973 Johnny Carson joked that the USA faced a serious shortage of toilet paper ” You know what’s disappearing from the supermarket shelves? toilet paper. there’s an acute shortage of toilet paper in the United States”. By noon of the next day store shelves were stripped clean. The rest is history. Went on for three weeks.

          Zsa Zsa Gabor on Johnny Carson, was holding a long haired white cat. She asked Johnny if he would like to pet her pussy. To which Johnny said, “I would love to if only you’d get that damn cat off your lap.”
          Source: Wikipedia RIP Johnny

          • I thought that was Raquel Welch?
            Heard she sued him also…

          • Actually, I think Jack Paar started the whole toilet paper frenzy. It was an easy introduction to prepping, because I was very young when this happened. My mother continued to collect toilet paper even after the scare was over, and I took note, as well.

            • I buy the individually wrapped tp in bulk from sam’s….about 20 bucks for 40 double rolls

            • It was Johnny Carson. I watched the show and saw the empty store shelves afterwards.

      9. Ooops, so much for variety, the vast majority of my pantry is rice, mixed grains, canned fish and fruit, and beef stew. I also have a boatload of coffee, sugar, spices, honey, booze, chocolate, and powdered milk in a “cool dry place”… and don’t forget the coconut oil, no oil stays fresh longer.

        • Buy for then what you like to eat now…

          • Exactly right. I always try to think ofwhat I would like to have if nothing was available. Things like tp, spices, soap etc.

            • You don’t really have to have toilet paper, except as a barter item. Just buy cloth diapers, cut them into squares (maybe 6 inches), use them, then throw them in the diaper pail just like you would used diapers. Later, you wash them just like you would diapers. You can fit a lifetime supply for a whole family into the space of one large package of toilet paper.

              • Also, Sam’s sells white washcloths in huge multi-packs. Great for washable toilet paper.

              • You can do that thanks, Scott paper Co says the average person uses 16,000 Sq of TP per year. I’m sure a lot of that could be reduced, so what? I can buy a 24 role of 1000 Ct TP for about $18.00. That’s a year and a half supply for $1.00 a month. If you think I’m going to wash Sxxxie diapers for $1.00 a month you are nuts.

                • It’s more to have on hand for when you can’t get to the store to buy TP…

                • I think Scott Paper is trying to sell toilet paper. I don’t believe I use even half that much.

                  When the SHTF, you won’t be able to buy any more TP. I think there may be a shelf life issue also. TP may get dry rot like old newspapers. It might fall apart into useless white dust. I wouldn’t count on being able to store a lifetime of TP. I would plan on getting cloth diapers or some other type of rags just in case.

                  • In 1971 I was living in the Dorm while working that summer, the school decided to paint all the halls and store rooms, They threw out about 100 rolls of TP, the cheap kind. I took a pillow case and retrieved a sack, About 30 rolls of it went into my parents Attic (Real Hot) about 5 years ago I retrieved it, works just fine. Still got some. That’s 40 years, how long would you like it to last?

        • 22winmag- coconuts are very good for other things such as:
          1- use the milk for a laxative
          2- meat is healthy and high in fiber
          3- shell usable for bowls, etc. (occasional shell game to fleece the neighbors also)
          4- most importantly, the milk can be used as an emergency substitute for blood plasma during EMERGENCY surgery.
          The list can go on and on.

      10. This is a great article! I really like the 52 weeks to preparedness series, it’s a great way to get started. I think it’s crazy to have no food storage. Layering food preps is what I have been doing so I don’t end up with a limited meal plan. I could not imagine only eating beans and rice every meal. I know my kids would refuse to.

        • It is an intimidating task to get prepared for long term disruption. It would be nice to know someone that outfits/plans some of those back to basics camping trips.

        • “”I know my kids would refuse to.”””

          Not if the other choice was NOTHING.

        • I strongly disagree with the 52 weeks to preparedness series content.

      11. There was a time in my life when I knew real hunger, no food and no money to buy it. So when I was able to buy it “Stocking up” became a way of life for me. These days they call it “Prepping”. My most precious metal is my canner, my ammo is my ability to can,and dehydrate food, make my own soap, cheese, milk a goat, butcher and raise a garden. Today I own my own buisness and I continue to stock up. There will be 13 People on my doorstep when the shtf and I will be ready. We will not relocate as I live within walking distance of the Blueridge Parkway, and there is no better place to just fade away.

        • If its the BRP in VA, we are probably related or know the same people(my ex hubby’s relatives are from Bent Mountain). I learned tons from my mother in law…

        • I knew someone who lived near Low Gap, NC. He had an ideal property. It was a very deep lot. It was in a valley, and he owned up to the mountain peak on each side. The back of the property adjoined the Blue Ridge Parkway property. Plus he had a babbling brook running through his yard. He raised sheep and cows and had a big garden. His wife and daughter would pick galax leaves to sell to florists. But he sold the property and moved to flat land. They’re all dead now.

        • I can see the high ridges of the BRP from my retreat on top of a mountain. We grew up visiting and traveling the BRP. What a God-send!

          I have traveled from one end to the other(not in the same year) and loved every inch. On the southern most end, the Great Smokies begin at Cherokee. My great great grandpappy owned 300 acres of land that he sacrificed for $1.00 an acre to help make the park.

          If I die before Christ returns, part of my ashes will be spread there.

        • Funny how doing without can make ya appreciate it more… 🙂

      12. And make sure that that pantry is extremely hard to access for ALL outsiders.

      13. THE TAX MAN COMETH …

        U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans’ finances

        THERE IS NO ESCAPE … you are all born Tax Debt Slaves even after death . ;0p

        The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

        • Become a “globalist”. Form an offshore corporation, open an offshore account in the corp’s name, stick some cash in it (RmB) and let it sit, or invest offshore using the foreign corp.

          While you must reveal your interest in foreign corps to the FEDs, reports for activities by that foreign corp domiciled in Panama, or elsewhere, to the IRS, are not required.

          There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. Follow SOP and you will be ok.

          • US citizens are required to file a special tax form, I believe by June of every year for the former tax year listing all foreign bank accounts or trusts to which you are a responsible party. The limit for reporting used to be that the account / trust had to be worth more than $10K USD. They removed that limitation a couple of years ago. I believe that we are now required to report any account or trust. If applicable, you can find the form required with a search online..

            I have foreign accounts and was shocked to find this out many years ago.. I always figured, hell, the money I send to a foreign bank is all after tax money anyway.. so it’s mine..all taxes have already been paid.. so why would I have to report that to the IRS ? Wrong. They think they need to know, so it is required to report it.

      14. Great Info!

      15. Obama just had a interview with Stephanopolus (sp?) The title? “There is NO debt crisis!”

        That’s the big one folks! The final denial before the fall! Assuaging the sheeple so as to totally catch them off guard, unprepared, and easy pickings for cannon fodder.

        Please return your seatbacks and tray tables to their full and upright locked position. We’re going down. Mayday! Mayday!

        • “When they telling you everthing is fine you know everything is going to hell.”


        • This idiot may really believe his own bullshit. Why does he get so much credit for brains? He made it to the highest office, of the leading outfit, but that was dumb luck. And a dumbed down population, allowed to vote.

          • Haven’t you heard, why he is one of the smartest men in the world. Just ask him. Must be why he sealed his college transcripts. The mopes that make up this country love him and his knockout wife.

          • The university is based on reciting talking points from the literature. They tend to dispise critical thinking.

            • Exactly. They tried, oh how they tried, to teach me WHAT to think, not HOW to think (for myself).

              The Matrix…had me.

        • George Steponallofus.

          • George Steponaphallus

      16. 2008 the economic collapse is coming

        2009 this is the year

        2010 it is coming this year get ready

        2011 shit will hit the fan this year

        2012 everything will collapse

        2013 get ready for the big one

        2014 everyone will die

        2015 it’s really coming this year, max kaiser said so

        2016 shtf this year

        2017 get ready for total collapse

        • I have to agree with you, I am getting so tired of the dam doom and gloom. Always prepping and preparing, I am starting to think this was all orchestrated. Yet I digress, and continue to prep and prepare…

          • It did collapse in 2008…
            Don’t forget to LIVE and pursue happiness. Or why bother?

          • I must say that I am in a better place within myself for my simple, but vital, choices for my preps….but my preps are what I normally eat with the exception of a few things….it is not about what gadgets or such that you can buy to be prepared, it is a mindset… you can be healthy in the event of any emergency…..whether it be of a natural occurance or shtf….it is relearning…how to do without conveniences….and not about what you can get to continue on the way it is….get rid of the mindset of temporary discomfort…it will be very real, very fast, and be very unpleasant for quite some time. Best to aquaint yourself and become comfortable in fending for yourself…conveniences are just that – conveniences – I understand that we will be back to basics and I, for one, really do not wish for a generator etc to prolong that which will be for a very long time….I would rather just jump right on in there and just do what needs to be done…



          • @Eisen….that is your best post of all-time. Please frame it.

            You are right. The collapse was in 2008 and the only thing keeping it afloat is the printing press. We should have went into a depression in 2008 and jailed all those dirty bankers, etc. We didn’t and here we go again in 2013 with more printing bailouts of stocks and housing.

            lmfao and CB, you folks can deny it but it is coming. Yes date prediction is stupid, but we are looking at troubles within the next 3 years or less. Proceed your future at your own risk.

          • Eisen- So the time use of yours…seems you use time to play around on this site. What else do you do?

        • @lmfao … ummmmmm silly rabbit ;0P

          get a clue …

          the economic collapse already happened in 2008 .

          The AmeriKan Fiat Dollar is a Zombie Dead Currency Walking the Green Mile ! Being falsely propped up by yur’ own TRAITOR ZOG FEDGOV who work for the WALLSTREET BANKERS !

          If you don’t have Phyzz … you don’t have sheeit .


        • Dipshit, the economy DID collapse in 2008. And it’s been on life support ever since. Oh, and Obummer has spent $6 trillion fiat dollars in five years, increasing our national debt to just shy of $17 trillion. Right now in the US over 45 million people are on food stamps. And you make fun of people who are preparing for an economic collapse? LMFAO — pun intended.

          Go ahead and keep trusting the morons running the country. Just don’t look for me to be in the bread line with you.


        • If you are preparing for a certain date youre missing the point…whether yourre putting supplies back for doomsday or predicting the second comimg of Christ…it has to be a lifestyle not a nervous disorder…been at this since it was called the Back to the Lander movement…or somthing the hippies were doing….whatever…seen alot of folks come and go…most got into this lifestyle for the wrong reasons and they didnt last…I dont worry,I just live,love,laugh and go on living,being prepared isnt somthing you do for awhile till something better comes along…if folks are thinking that way then they best go for it(whatever it is) and not bother with this ole hippy lifestyle cause theyre wastin time…personally Ill just go ahead and can this “govt beef” that was trespassing out here awhile ago 😉 and keep on keepin on… 🙂

          • Yup….I eat what I prep and restock and rotate…..

          • I don’t think of “prepping” as a lifestyle. At the very least, I don’t have to give a thought to joining the melee that occurs before every storm. If I’m wrong, I can just eat my mistake. If an item doesn’t have a use in everyday life, I don’t buy it. It would be silly to think that our JIT system will never break down. The system is run by PEOPLE. Any fool can see how tightly we’ve stretched the rubber band.

            • The ‘New’ term “prepping” is indeed a lifestyle….it is what I grew up with….the pantry. Need more coffee and sugar….go to the pantry….and then restock the pantry….it was how I was raised….use and restock….very simple and very effective….and, YES it IS a change in Lifestyle…..for some

          • @REB,

            Nice post. Your words are so true and to the point. I just wish life had not jaded me over the years since I lived excluisivly by your words. My head was certanily in a better place back then. But as I alluded to, life and responsabilties to others got in the way. Thanks for the reminder of what is important.


          • EXCELLENT post REB

            I especially like “it has to be a lifestyle not a nervous disorder”

            that pegs it

        • LMFAO: 2013

          Lifeless, My Food All Out

        • Well by all means keep laughing . Nobody sais you have to prep but dont expect help if it does hit the fan .

        • Were it not for over a trillion dollars of funny money being printed every year and some other accounting frauds the shit would have hit the fan a while ago.

      17. Chasing the Dragon: ‘China will overtake US as world’s largest economy’

        Mar 13, 2013

        Beijing’s been rapidly growing over the last two decades – at a speed which has brought it close to the traditionally major economies – including the US and even allowed it to surpass Europe’s powerhouse, Germany. That’s slowed down a bit recently but, China’s still expected to overtake the US as the world’s biggest economy in 2017. The economic rivalry comes amid the battle for influence in Asia between the two.

        • Don’t buy it Booger. They are in a bubble bigger than we are. We acclimated to this size. ( well, until recentley). They grew like a bamboo shoot in 20 years. Now they are building WHOLE CITIES that are vacant, for the investment!!! We are dumb here, but not that freaking stupid. And the chi-gov can’t put the brakes on it.
          Largest solar manufacturer in the world (Chinese), going bankrupt. That whole country is a bubble. I think they will incur a catastropic flame out.

          But I could be wrong.

          • WRONG !!!




          • Rick; I don’t think you are wrong. I have watched this train for a few years and believe, right now, The Chinese gov’t is starting to lose control. Not knowing how to put the brakes on in part is due to western countries (that the Chinese invited in) helping structure this flame out. Kinda like a hidden virus. Remember, the elites, control even the Chinese economy and they don’t want any new partners.
            The Chinese are under the illusion of great financial power and the US is in the decline. Scripted? I believe so because it is quite possible that our debt is a wolf cry. Figures don’t lie but liars figure. And with that I don’t trust TPTB’s financial reporting.

            • @ Anon,



      18. No matter how much food that you prep at some point it will run out. I would suggest getting a book on edibe wild plants is your area. This can be a great family outing and at low cost. We have always made jam, pickles etc. and the one thing I know is you have to have lots of jars and lids–something to have in reserve. As practice we almost every year make Christmas gifts of home made items–always well received

        • Great suggestion on stocking up on lids. I remember when I was young my parents used pariffin wax to seal jelly in jars and rubber banded a cloth over the top to keep the wax clean. Wax can be washed and reused too. I priced it the other day and it is not cheap anymore.

          • The Tattler reusable lids and rings really do work. Most people don’t pay attention; if you are real careful when you take them off the regular ones can be reused, a few times also.

            • Good idea…I was going to buy some tattlers, but I couldn’t bring myself to hit the “buy” icon. Even on sale, they are salty. I have a lot of used once lids saved. I try to use at least one of these every canner load and so far, 100% success. Dry canning 90% success. I don’t screw the ring on too tightly when I use the new flats so the rubber doesn’t get too deformed. I also reuse glass pickle jars and their lids. Then again, I am an old skinflint.

              • On the stuff you don’t use a lot quickly the Tattlers don’t pay. But for example my wife uses lot of pickles and tomato relish, most get regular lids. but some get the reusable. if you use them first, you can use them three or four times in one year. Then they are paid off very quickly.

            • I remember a few years back here when I mentioned re-using lids that I recieved some flak…but you are correct….you gotta be careful to not damage them,clean them and carefully inspect them and if you have any doubt…toss em!
              I boil them good and hot just before I apply them…they seem to work well….I can hundreds of jars a year and so I hate to throw out used ones if theyre ok(a certain percentage yearly are re-used lids)…I re-use sauce jars and pickle jars and such also…so far thank God Ive not lost any jars of goodies that were in either re-used jars or with lids (boil the pickle type lids too)…Ive got years worth of jars and new lids put away and I pick up deals all the time and add to the “stash” 🙂 …I always listen carefully when I open any jar of food and if I didnt like anything about it the hog/chickens will clean it up…dont take a risk if you have any doubts!…Thanks!

        • Just wondering how long it will be before canning supplies are as hard to get as 22Ls…..

          • @ fob – had a thot about those. 22’s… they keep trying to warp our kids minds by making them fear guns. most kids learn to shoot. 22 cal. if they make that particular ammo scarce are they trying to prevent us from teaching the next generation to shoot as well as limiting the kids practice shooting?

      19. Good article in general, however, I don’t really agree with the “Layer 2” thinking.
        In layer 2 it is said “These emergency foods should consist of “just add water” meals or meals that do not require substantial amounts of water, fuel or preparation time.”
        I don’t particularly agree with this. At this time, while hopefully the electric and gas are still on…for awhile at least, I’ll begin tapping into my large stores of rice, beans, split-peas, etc. stuff that requires water and at least a while to cook. that way I can still (hopefully) cook inside and out of sight on my stove. These foods are inexpensive, but do take a bit of heat (fuel) to cook, and also since they are so cheap right now, I have an abundance of.
        I’ll save my canned (pre-cooked) goods (i.e. open a can and eat) such as raviolis, beef and noodles, veggies, fruit, soups, canned beans, etc. for later on down the road (“Layer 3) when utilities are shut off.

        • Plus a small amount of fuel, whether from a stove, camp stove, or some type of bucket or rocket stove, (even indoors in a small room with a vented window,)to cook beans for 15 minutes and then placed in an insulated laundry basket, thermal cooker, thermos, or wonder box – will cook those beans over night. Just get ahead for a day.

      20. well, we have a new pope. and he is a jesuit. the first ever to be jesuit. This is not good news.

      21. Gang, I don’t want to rain on anyones prepping plans , but I would think that looking a year out, while good , is a bit unrealistic. Let me explain my thoughts. Given all that is happening in our lives personally and as a nation, we are so very close to a major event that will forever change the lives of all of us , shouldn’t we be focused on the next month or so ? I mean look at the ammo situation, who’s buying it ? The govt, to be used against us. Who’s buying all the food ? the govt to starve us into submission. Who’s enacting illegal laws ? The govt, to regulate us to death or submission. Who just released a “list” of all groups ,patriotic or otherwise? The govt to target us for extermination or internment. Can you see my point. I have maybe 6 months of supplies at best and cannot afford much more. But that is my issue. We have gone too far to return to the way it was that we all love to talk about. Just my thought that’s all.

        • Good points Chris45.

          A year’s worth of food supplies for everyone, now in, and expecting to be in, a household is a big undertaking. I agree. I put people in this category as mid-level preppers. That is not saying anything about their security and financial preps.

          Most people just beginning, are looking at one or possibly two months worth of food and water reserves as making them feel more secure. A good place/goal to start.

          We began several years ago with a goal in mind of having at least six months worth put into storage. That way, if an event wiped everything out in the early fall and we had to rely “solely” on our reserves; we could make it until springtime and planting time. Some crops like kale and salads start producing right away.

          As our reserves took on more urgency, and we began to see bargains on certain items, we just added to what we had. Now we see ourselves as top level preppers, food wise, since we have surpassed the One Year food reserves and are now into storage for longer term survival. We see our new goal as having a food supply storage for three (or four) people to be able to survive for two years.

          We can’t,or don’t, count on having any wild game to re-supply our meat needs, so we look for bargains on chicken breasts and can it in our pressure canner. Every few weeks, one of our local grocers has split chicken breast on sale for 99 cents per lb. We buy up enough to can about 6 or 8 pints. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and we get clean lean meat for long term storage.

          • I do not have “years” of food….I do not know if I will be at my current location a year from now….if I am, then I will be growing and hunting…..if you have to leave your location you will not be able to lug all of that food with you….so, you either leave it or give it to others who will then know that you are leaving….and, if you must leave, the fewer who know – the better

          • if your starving rice and beans will be the tastiest meal you ever had. for roughly $125.00 you can super pail each and have over half a years food, add an abc soup super pail for roughly $85.00 and at least you have more.

            Survival is about surviving not about how good it tastes. Also super pails are a great way to add on to your supply for,
            1. Breaking down into smaller amounts for barter.
            2. For decoy stored food.
            3. To help start a community or join into a community.
            4. To help bulk up your over all storage of daily carbs.
            5. add some tvp chicken beef even the taco tvp and mmmm new meal.

            • Did this and far more by myself…..without any expert opinions….at a quarter of the cost….

      22. Great article for my friends just starting out.

        • booger
          “cause the ZOG FEDGOV sure is”

          ZIONIST OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT OR ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT [abbreviated as ZOG ] is an antisemitic conspiracy theory that holds that Jews secretly control a given country, while the formal government is a puppet regime.
          The expression is used by antisemitic groups such as white supremacists in the United States and Europe, ultra-nationalists such as Pamyat in Russia, and various far-right groups, including some in Poland.
          Source: Wikipedia

        • Booger: BFD, so there are some Russians in E. Tenn. I was in Brighton Beach in 2000 and 2/3s of the folks there were speaking Russian, what of it? I’ve also been to Chinatown in San Francisco and Seattle in 2009 where I heard Chinese being spoken, what of it? I lived in Miami for 21 years until 2009 and was just back home in S. Cal. in 2012 where I heard a lot of Spanish being spoken, what of it?

          • ” You could see the forest , except for the tree’s in your way !”


      23. Great Article! Me and my family are working on bulking up our food storage. Slowly, because big families eat a lot of food.

        • Look at it this way jason….you have more people to work the garden, fish, hunt, etc…..big families are a blessing 🙂 And a lot more love is had by all!

      24. VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack The US Banking System Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran (or Russia or China)? The money junkies and DC boys will not accept the responsibility when their little 100 year old Ponzi scheme finally collapses. Like they did in 1907 and 1929, they will distract the people of the United States with a World War, and all such wars are started with lies and tricks. The Lusitania was carrying war materials when it was sunk. Pearl Harbor was not a surprise. And, as we all know now, Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction.

        What lie will the liars try next?

        Please share this with your social networks.

      25. When It All Becomes Too Much

        When all the depressing issues of this modern world becomes more than we want to deal with; the looming wars, the failure of our leaders to assume responsibility, the liberal ideology that is sweeping our world and our children’s minds, the ever increasing cost of living, and the desire for doing more prepping for what is about to come, and realizing their isn’t enough time or money to do it properly. When it all starts to consume our lives, we need to put it all in perspective. I give you a story of just how one man did it.

        A man by the name of Dr. Viktor Frankl, was captured by the Nazis and was taken to a concentration camp, along with his parents, his wife, and their children. All his family died in the camps, either killed (beaten or gassed), or from disease and starvation. Dr. Frankl was stripped naked, head shaved, and given a tattoo number to replace his name.
        He told the guards; “You can take away my family, all my clothes and hair, and give me a number for a name, but you will never take away my freedom to believe as I want to, and the freedom that I will never accept Nazism. I have the freedom to believe that I have triumph over you.” Dr. Frankl believed in a higher power that gave him freedom and power over what was being imposed upon him at that time. We have that power also.

        We can either let all the negative consume and control us, or choose to live with a positive outlook and enjoy life to the best of our abilities. If we have children, we must give them love and caring by instruction and guidance from the word of God and not the word of man, and government. We must learn, that love does not come from a bag of worthless, chemically laden, Chinese junk, purchased at Walmart. Our children deserve more than that.

        If a man or woman is unable to work or can’t find work and their ass is super glued to a couch, bed, or chair; their days should not be wasted on Follywood bullshit or worthless video games. They need to get into, or deepen, a relationship with their Heavenly Father. It is accomplished by getting into “His” word and not the words of man. Sometimes it takes several men’s explanations to get to that truthful understanding, but can be accomplished if the desire is there.

        The day is fast approaching where none of the “worldly” accumulations will matter, except for our accumulations of food stuffs.
        The old saying; “ whoever dies with the most toys, “wins”; is a lie. We only win, or loose, by what is within our hearts, and our pantries.

        Get rid of all the “stuff”, in our lives that doesn’t add to our long term survival, and getting closer to our Maker, and to the love of our close friends and family. It is time to rid ourselves of burdens and debts. If our lives are consumed by burdens of owning fine homes and automobiles, it’s time to change to a different style of living. Make a change soon and start living, what little living there is left to do, in this world. The “new” world is coming soon. It will be Heaven for some, and Hell for others.

      26. Between the possibility of a false-flag hack attack, or the collapse of the Eurozone, or just the continuing fraud by the US financial system, you should only have as much money in the banks as is needed to cover your outstanding obligations, and you should have the rest of your money under your own personal control in case those bank doors do not open and the ATMs stop working.

        • U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)

          Mar 13, 2013

          The Economy isn’t going to recover. The government knows this and is getting ready, but in ways that are very disturbing.

      27. great article, Ms. Pennington. I’m happy to see a preparedness article of any type back on this site. John W., while I agree that prepping for long-term is intimidating, people have to overcome those fears if they want to survive. Your food pantry is something that must be added to constantly. Of course, food rotation is so essential. Start with your oldest canned goods, oldest whatever, and put the newest items in the very rear. I drink my oldest water that I’ve had stored for awhile first, then put fresh water I’ve collected immediately into storage. While long-tern food and water storage is essential, let’s never overlook other survival items, like clothing, boots [especially insulated boots], extra socks, extra underwear, medical supplies, camping equipment, guns, ammo, tools, knives [especially knife-sharpening equipment], LED flashlights, plenty of batteries, etc. etc. etc. Some parts of prepping are harder than others to do, but it’s all necessary to get you all the way through any adverse situation. I’ve been a prepper since my years in Florida when I had to be prepared for every hurricane that came along and I survived them all. I was a prepper before the word was even invented and I don’t regret it for 1 minute. I have peace of mind and satisfaction knowing I can survive any adverse situation on my own and not ask anybody for help, especially not the government. Going shopping again this weekend. Best wishes to all and get everything you can now while you still can. Braveheart

        • Condoms my friend, Condoms. They need rotating too Bheart !First in,….First out !

          • Nasty old lady. Why women wait till their 40s to be in their prime I’ll never know.

        • Never say that you”ll never “NEED” help my southern friend ! Swallowing pride someday may serve as a PRICELESS survival tip Braveheartrt!…..I’m just sayin !

        • I always think of one of those comedy routines where they are stranded with plenty of food and someone says,”Who has a can opener”.

        • I was an Eagle Scout in WVa and I was trained by many of the original survivalists from the ’70s. Also I am an ocean sailor and I have a pilot’s license.

          I bugged in the last few hurricanes here in FL with no problem. I enjoy watching the sheeple run out to the stores at the last minute.

          • Your aircraft has to be painted RED.

        • I have said it before and will say it again….I truely wish there was a way to establish safe havens for those who must bug out, to stop, rest, regroup and be refitted…..safely.

          • My home will be “home” to those who give me the sign…

        • braveheart-
          My thoughts exactly!
          Food, water, and ammo is absolutely essential, and “luxury items” like tp, spices, matches, etc. which will make survival less stressful are equally important…but people do tend to forget things like necessary tools. I don’t mean your hammers and saws (we all have those), I mean tools that (if TSHTF) you will dearly wish that you had.
          I’m especially referencing your note about knife-sharpening equipment.
          Once your fancy Bear Grylls recommended survival knife gets dull and you have no knowledge of or way to sharpen it then you’re stuck with the equivalent of a tiny metal spatula. You’d be surprised at how many people have absolutely no idea how to sharpen a knife anymore.

          One great item that I picked up last month was an old 1960’s hand-crank grinding/sharpening wheel for $10 at a flea market. Then I picked up additional stones at Home Depot for $5 each.
          If SHTF, not only do I have the means to keep my knives, axes, scythes, chisels, and other tools efficiently sharpened but I also now have a “SHTF Sharpening Service” to offer to others for bartering purposes!!!

          The weather is getting nicer, so get out to flea markets and yard sales and stock up on old serviceable manual tools for only a few dollars!!!

      28. Good healthy raw milk, fresh eggs from the girls, home brewed wine and applejack and lard…yes,lard…it does a body good. My grammy told me so and she was always right. Well,except that story about going blind.

        • Why were you doing that in front of grandma?

          • Could of been he was washing it faster than normal?

            • Oh my gosh, that’s funny shit PO’d. I’m still LMAO. a good thing I hadn’t just taken a sip of beer or it would be all over the keyboard. LOL.

          • What? I was caught sneaking the BB gun out.

      29. Yesterday we picked up some Gamma sealing lids. They fit on regular five gallon buckets. Supposedly, they provide an airtight seal.

        Does anyone have any experience with these? We plan to start using them with flour, beans, rice, and other bulk items.

        Kind of pricey for the lids. $10.50 each at the ranch supply store, but saw them much cheaper by the dozen on eBay. Please let me know the good, bad, and the ugly before I buy more.

        BTW, I read that it is best to put rice, etc., in the freezer for a day or so to kill bugs before storing. Ever hear that?

        Do we need a dessicant? The linked site in this article mentions using rice for this.

        Thanks for your opinion.

        • $10.50 a lid?! I’d order some Mylar Bags off of ebay, you can prob get 10 mylar bags for the price of one lid, and will provide the airtight seal you are looking for.
          as far as freezing, that is to kill any “unwanted” pests in the rice, honestly, 99.9% you buy from the store doesn’t need this, and even if by some rare chance something did enter your bag of rice/beans or whatever, after sealing in your Mylar bag (w/oxygen absorber(s)) there would be no oxygen and they would die off soon anyway.

          (use oxygen absorbers, not dessicant packets)

          • my advice ?

            freeze any and all types of grains

            I have seen bugs in packaged rice from the store
            also in instant oat meal
            and those Lipton rice packets

          • OK, will check on the mylar bags. Saw the Gamma lids for $80/dozen on eBay. May use them for the things, like flour, that we buy in bulk but use on a regular basis. My wife bakes bread, and the flour is much cheaper in big bags from Sam’s.

            We also buy large bags of beans, but they don’t seem to last over two year in the non-airtight bin we have been using. Don’t soften up when cooked.


            • Try soaking the beans overnight before you cook. On those stored awhile, you might want to crock pot’em. Slow on low, all day. Don’t forget the fat meat for the seasoning.

              • I read this a couple years ago. Has anybody tried this?

                Removing Air from Containers Without a Foodsaver

                You can get a brake bleeder at AutoZone for $29.99. You can order mason jar adapters from Foodsaver. Put the hose on the bleeder, and a cone shaped tip. Put the tip into the jar adapter, pump the vac up to 20 Hg, and pull the tip out. You will hear the jar seal, and you can control the vacuum. It also does not wear out your foodsaver!!

                This also will be priceless if we ever have to live without power…!
                (June 2011)

                • Ky Mom,

                  I’m usually a lurker here. Love the great advise from everyone.
                  I have one of those break bleeders and the food saver attachments.
                  It is very convenient, I can break the seal, get what I need and then reseal.
                  I have both sizes, wide mouth and regular. The wide mouth sealer works fine, but I think there is a design flaw in the regular mouth sealer,I have to use 2 lids to get a vacuum seal.
                  Also, it’s a great way to reuse lids.

                  • *advice

                  • *brake
                    proof reading not my strong suit.

                • Dang KY Mom, you certainly are “on time” today. I’da never thought about that!!!! Now you got me curious (dangerous thing according to the missus). Gonna have to definitely try that especially when I make deer and goose jerky.

        • I used to sell them when they first came out…they are a good item but Id not say they are completely airtight…they probably can be but theyed have to be left in place long term and their purpose was to allow easy access to the items…regular snap lids would probably work best for long term where youdidnt plan to open it for awhile…get you one of those bucket opening tools,theyre handy!

        • Once again I say, plastic is “not” the best choice for storage. However; if kept in a controlled temperature environ away from pests such as mice, you will probably be ok with storing rice and grains.

          We opened up a 55 gal drum about a month ago, that had been sealed up in an outside building for two years and had a large supply of dried pintos and rice. We poured up all rice and beans directly from their original packaging, into clean glass containers before putting into the steel drum for long term storage. None was pre-frozen. We didn’t notice any evidence of bug infestations/eggs in any of our rice or beans. Anyways, just extra protein if there were any.

          I do freeze (for a few days) all my cornmeal, that I’m storing long term, before putting into glass jugs. Don’t want to see anything black in my cornbread.

          • >Don’t Tread, Your storage system sounds interesting. Being in an out building doesn’t that expose the contents to to much temperature variation. Would you give some examples of the types of glass jars and the lids you use,
            original, canning, other ? Thanks


            • Yep, MM, I will. When using my steel 55 gal drum with a sealing lid, which can be clamped tight with a ring/bolt/nut; I’m not worried about mice getting in so I use my glass containers with plastic lids. I have glass containers that begin with half gallon liquor jugs, 1.75 litre wine jugs, and gallon wine jugs. Most, I find at the public recycling center where I fish them out, take home, clean and dry throughly. Some I have to use lids from our bottles of vitamin/herb supplements since the originals were thrown away. I get funny looks from people that are depositing recyclables, fishing them out with my special thick wire tool, especially when I have several half gallon liquor jugs sitting around. I can hear them now, “I saw this nice looking man at the recycle bins today, fishing out liquor jugs so he could pour out what few sips of liquor was left; he must be a hard up alcoholic”. LOL.

              No, I am not a drunk. But, I have to admit, someone goes thru a lot of expensive Bombay Gin/ Sapphire, @ $48.00 for a half gal. I find four bottles every two weeks or so with lids intact and a jigger full still in the bottom. That is some smooth tasting pine needles.

              I buy three gallon carbouys from the local wine makers supply store when i have an extra 20 bucks. I design my own metal lids which I secure with tough Gorilla Tape(stronger than duct). In these I put dry beans and rice, whenever i buy in bulk bags. Sam’s club had 25 lb. bags of drid black beans a while back for about 73 cents per lb. We have a rule of thumb, Dry beans/ anything less than a $1.00 per lb. is usually a fair price/bargain, depending on your location. Rice/ anything less than 50 cents per lb. is usually good.
              We bargain shop, since we surpassed our 1 year supplies target a long time ago. We ran across a deal at our local Food Lion grocer. At the coupon kiosk just inside the door, we average getting a .75 cents off coupon on any size FL brand rice. about once a week. Sometimes the wifey gets one on her savings card as well as myself. The cheapest price per lb. is on the 3 lb. bag.(even cheaper than the 10 lb….go figure) so we buy every chance we get. Cost per lb. = .28 cents. I call it the sore peter deal. Can’t be beat.

              As far as temperature change, yes there is a wide range of change but it is a gradual change and we only put dried items in there. We are now cycling out the oldest dated items and have found no change in taste. Until I build a secured blockwalled/drywalled root cellar, this will have to do. At the current storage building location on my property, I have plenty of places to hide and wait for a low-life victim, if he starts monkeying around with my preps.


              PS My canning jars are too valuable to use for storing dry goods.

              • >DontTread, Thanks for the informative reply!!


        • As for Gamma seals, I use em and like em. I do freeze everything. Up north its easy. I seal everything in separate bags of 2-3 lbs.

          You can buy them now in the Menards around me for about $6-$7. I use them even for non food. The first places I saw them used a lot was for for tools and kayaking not food.

          Good Luck.

        • Obtuseangler,

          We use the gamma seals on 5 gallon buckets too. We bought some for my parents last year too. The gamma seals make it much easier to open the buckets as compared to the regular bucket lids.

          Be sure to add an oxygen absorber with your food in the mylar bag. Freezing your grain for 24-48 hours before packing in the buckets is good prevention to keep your food free of insects.

          The oxygen absorbers and Mylar bags can be purchased cheaply on eBay and from the LDS. (Direct link below.)

          • I thought only Mormons could order from here, but apparently that is not true.

            They sell hard red wheat, white wheat, flour, rice, quick oats, and pinto beans in #10 cans, by the case. (There are 6 #10 cans in each case.)

            They have a starter kit (includes wheat, rice, oats & pinto beans) and also sell oxygen absorbers, dry pak pouches, water filtration bottles, water filters, and some other basic items.

            Prices are very reasonable. Shipping is free.

            See the link below.

            • OK, I have to reply here, even if it doesn’t get put on the site. You sound like you work for this company.

              Why, oh WHY anyone would pay these prices for beans or rice just amazes me. I know everyone wants long term storage in a food grade bucket that last years…guess what….go to your local grocery store, or wal mart, or bakery, and ask if they have any food grade buckets that their products came in (I get frosting buckets with lids all the time, as many as i want). Clean them out, order some mylar bags and oxygen absorbers on ebay, and buy your rice and beans at your grocery store you got your buckets from.

              do a little research on how to seal them up, and save yourself a ton of money this way.

              Please do not pay $25 or more for a 10 pound bucket of rice or beans.

              Good luck out there.

              • Clarification: i meant to ask your grocery stores bakery, or wal-mart bakery, or any other bakery. the frostings/donut glazes come in large food grade pails.

                good luck out there

                • I’ve mentioned this before during a previous thread:

                  Restaurants that have fryers all use fryer oil that comes in 5 gallon food grade jugs. They all just throw these away or recycle them every week. Usually if you ask the restaurants to save them for you they will.
                  Cleaned and sanitized they make for great water storage and I also use them to store rice, grains, oats, flour, etc…

                  I manage a restaurant in a small tourist town filled with restaurants and I get them from almost every restaurant in town (including my own) so I end up going home with 4-20 of these jugs a week.

                  …and if you’re shy about asking or too concerned with questions that may compromise your opsec, then just check out the restaurant’s dumpsters late night Sunday or Monday (restaurants usually change their fryer grease on Sunday or Monday nights before closing).

                  5 gallon food-grade storage for free!!!!

            • Checked out the site. Ordered the starter pack so we can see what it’s about. You are right, don’t have to be LDS to order. Shipping is free. Don’t know if that’s always the case or not. Also, they have oxygen absorbers 100 for $12. Thanks.

              Based on what people are saying I’m thinking about vacuum sealing individual bags of dry items and putting them in 5 gallon buckets with the standard, cheaper lids for long term storage.

              • the gamma lids work well if you dont stack too much weight on them otherwise the gasket can leak. if you stack your 5 gal on each other you may want to use a flat lid for the lower one or two. but they are great if you need to get in and out of the buckets often. we keep oatmeal that way and that bucket gets open often.

            • Thanks KYMom for the info site. Gonna pick up some of the red wheat. Already have the grinder.

              • PO’d Patriot,

                You are welcome! 🙂

            • Why does one need/want an oxygen absorber? Why not stick to the tried and true results from those who came before us….and didn’t have the oxygen absorbers….LOL
              Learn from where we came….and revisit that era…. don’t waste your money on crap…..

              • Cheap technology has its advantages.

              • There is no tech simpler or older Tech than Oxy Abs. All they are is iron filings, and sea salt. Sea salt absorbes the water from the air the iron rusts and the O2 is used up

            • Just how much money do you make when someone “clicks” on one of your links?
              Just Curious

              • Its a FREE manual.

        • I have purchased beans in 25 lb bags. They do get hard because you don’t know how long the company has had them stored. I use 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids because I cannot get the other ones off. They have a tight seal, plus I put all grains in the freezer until I remember they are in there and store them in the original bags or dump them into mylar bags-insert an oxygen obsorber and iron the bag shut. When I check later all oxygen is out and I can see the outline of the beans. I store rice in the original bags (after taking from freezer) in those popcorn tins you see at Christmas–give the contents away if it is something we don’t like. I soak beans over night (not all beans need soaking) boil them for three min., let stand for a while then cook until tender. Have better luck this way.
          I don’t hear any mention of personal hygiene as to an emergency potties, but I have a six gallon bucket with a commode lid and double doodie bags and enzymes for exposing of body waste that can go into the trash or bury in the yard. I also fill the bathtub for flushing if I have enough warning and also the washing machine for other uses and use gray water of whatever it is safe to use on. I am in a hurricane prone place that will educate you in a hurry. I have a propane gas cook stove,gas water heater,gas furnace, coleman stove, heat cell and a fold up stove, have at least 6 mos. food storage and can a lot of food in my pressure canner, have a bug out bag packed and millions of other stuff and still do not feel that I am properly prepared. I have emergency funds in the bank and a safe place out of the bank and still wonder if I have done all I can do. My husband I each have a gun and ammo.
          What more do i need to do?

        • Amazon has Mylar bags and oxy absorber combos matching the correct absorber to the bag size.

      30. If the grid goes down (ie EMP), or looks like it is going to go down, one of my action plans is to use a pressure canner to can meat. I have used a pressure canner to can chicken and venison. I have a freezer full of venison and chicken and frozen vegetables. As soon as possible, I would pressure can as much as I could.

        Another possibility is hamburger rocks. It is cooked, hot water rinsed, and canned.

        All preppers should have on hand a pressure canner, plenty of lids, and canning jars.

        • Everyone should buy a pressure canner. We have canned over 300 jars of beef, chicken, pork and recently corned beef because it was on sale. Canned properly these jars will last a very very long time and each jar contains about 2 to 2.5 pounds of meat. We added season and some vegetables to most and plan on adding the meat to pasta for a complete meal.

      31. Hello All,
        I am relatively new to the site, and I have a quick question. I started building my preps a few months ago. I have compiled around 6 months of food (freeze dried pre-mades, went the mylar route for additional beans, rice, etc.), two 55 gallon drums of stabilized water with filters, appropriate defense tools and ammunition, a couple of ounces of PMs, cash on hand in small bills, a well rounded medical and dental kit, and a whole lot of miscellany. I have taken several classes this Winter on square foot gardening, and have the backyard plots and seeds ready to roll for the Spring. I plan on bugging in for certain, but have 2 bug out bags ready to go to a hand picked remote locale if the need arises. My question is this, have you guys ever undergone what I term “Prep Fatigue”? I am actively prepping, reading, learning, etc., but it occurred to me this afternoon that I am rather mentally fatigued. I know what I am doing, and what I plan to do, has merit, but I just found myself exhausted for some reason. Any thoughts or words of wisdom?

        • yup
          been there

          but I don’t “prep” anymore

          I simply live differently than I did before

          I don’t spend any time waiting or worrying about some calamity

          opt out of the consumer society
          it’s a choice

          • I have to agree with Satori. I now live the way that made my Grandparents healthy and happy, through two World Wars and several ‘Police Actions” and even more foul leaders…Praying over the food you grew yourself, for reason to return to the world.

        • Yes, I think we all go through that. We are literally waiting for a bomb to go off and the wait is exhausting. Hard to let your mind rest about the preps, always something else that needs doing or buying, some new disaster you didn’t think about that needs a whole new set of “stuff”. Examining everything you do as to it’s importance to when TSHTF (can’t bring myself to buy a pretty pair of shoes, they all have to be hardy and durable). A lack of interest in the goings on of the world because it is all becoming irrelvent to surviving it’s collapse. I need therapy 😀

        • Shifty, for starters, scroll back up and read my piece,”When It All Becomes Too Much”…..#1289594

        • ;0) your not alone …

          just pause an realize your not alone in your endeavors … 2.5 million other like minded Americans are doing just as you are and more joining the prepper family daily .

          and be kind to yourself , be your own best friend , take care of you just as you would care for others .


          • You are at the point where you call allow it to be fun. As above make it part of your normal life or maybe the beginning of a new one. Every day I add and use stuff from my supplies.

          • N..o, that was different than your usual rant. You do have a heart. God bless.

            • don’t judge a book by its cover ;0P

        • Shifty,

          Having lived on a boat for the better part of the last 30 yrs….here’s my take on your concerns…

          It’s like perpetual camping…which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to deal with a muddy entrance to the tent or cutting corners on comfort all the time…it just means you have to get into the mindset of innovative approaches to the problems you encounter…be flexible…unless something is imperative for immediate survival…go on to something else that’s been on the backburner that you’ve read about or talked to someone else about…make a list of the desired goals…prioritize in categories… and relax you’re on the right path…

        • About once every 20 minutes….well okay just kidding but I do know about that…the point is to prepare without allowing it to become who and what you are…listening to the news for instance all the time will burn you out…theres just too much bad stuff going on and not much we can do about it so if we over indulge in it itll wear us down…make it a part of your lifestyle but dont obsess over it,you cant prep for everything…live laugh and love, hug your loved ones and pat the dog…lifes still Gods greatest gift,enjoy it!

        • Shifty,

          I think we have all felt ‘Prepper fatigue’. Try to take a break. It is important to prepare. But, remember to appreciate the blessings and beauty in our life today.

          When I need a break, I like to take the dog for a walk outside. Do something fun that you like to do – play ball with the kids, put on your favorite music and sing along, or …

          Take care!
          KY Mom

        • @Shifty….Look at it this way. It is better to have prepper fatigue than non-prepper fatigue later.

        • yepperz know what you are feelon. I am just getting back to preppng again. I actually took a small break if you willill couoned and shopped, getting garden realy but for about 4 months I did nothing more than that. I had family issues that consumed all and any extra time and they finally seem to coming to pass. It is ok not to go at full speed on this everyday. It can happen tomorrow or ten years from now. You will always need to get more or do more but there is still a life to live now. I am finding the balance. I actually bought a 200 dollar pair of boots for 4 dollars the other day and usually would have said that could be 4 cans of soup for my storage but I worl and it is OK now and then toget something for the now.just pace yourself. It is hard to straddle living in the now and the could be you have to find what is ok for you. I put away some water today and yesterday for storage, and some boxes needed organizing. small things but I am pacing myself now and not going crazy and rushed like before. Relax take a break if needed, yoiu will know when you are ready to do it again. It may be a few days maybe a month, only you know what you need, good luck

        • Thats when I go fishing.

        • No you got it all wrong. What you need is an understanding confidant, One that will always have the right advise when things go wrong. I recommend a Lab Puppy. Get your puppy and explain to it: first the FED and it’s QE, then discuss the Bank of Japan’s money printing and the likely effect on world trade. With a larger older dog I’d suggest also talking about the island dispute but with a pup that’s enough for one day.
          Then watch and listen closely: The pup will show you that the secret of preping consists of: Eat when you can, pee when you have to , sleep a lot and ALWAYS get our Tummey rubbed. If you do not do these things, why are you prepping? Pups are smarter than people.

          • @ Paranoid,

            Thanks Paranoid…that was actually rather ‘precious’, a much needed bit of releif from the day-to-day aggravations…again, my thanks…


          • Paranoid, have you been spying on us? Just kidding.

            The little woman has been going thru a rough time over the past three years with a menapause thing/ change of life/ hormones??; I just know it has been tough on her. She had her baby brooder removed over twelve years ago, so i kept seeing all these signs of “maternal urges”. She has no grandkids, I do.

            Anyways, going against everything i have always preached about no dogs(especially cats) in the house, and having three mutts already, I always shot down any of her attempts at getting a little yorkie or miniature schnauzer. We fell upon a year old Rat Terrier, slick haired, and about 13 inches tall. Loves to play, go on road trips, and smart as a whip. He is house trained, doesn’t bark(except at other dogs on the public walking paths down by the river in town). People are amazed at him for his voracity towards much bigger dogs. It is mostly show and people just laugh while their dogs are just kinda dumb looking, and “Dingo” is full of character and spunk. A little too much spunk Sunday when he lunged, at a HUGE Great Dane, with feet and teeth frailing. The GD could have squashed him with one paw.

            The little woman is like a new person, toting him around in her arms like a newborn. He don’t mind at all. I told her all she needs is one giant/48DD tit for him to ride around on and growl at people like a Chihuahua on a fat woman. She hasn’t found the humor in that yet.

          • Good one Paranoid. So true. After going 15 months without a dog for the firt time in my life I just got a mini Australian pup a month ago. Sure has brought new life into the house. Can’t say our 15 year old cat has appreciated the new addition but she sure does not spend 23 out of 24 hours a day sleeping anymore. 🙂

            • Howdy BigB,

              How’s LIFe in the USSC this week? (United Soviet States of California)

              OOPS, I just realized that THAT now applies to Colorado as well…same Acronym! 😉


            • I love my dog, but I am not a good dog owner(according to some)….I have not trained my dog to do anything…..she knows the word “ball” and she knows who to bark at….if push ever came to shove, I believe she would have my front….literally. I am one of those people whose dogs are family….I KNOW my Shepard is far smarter than I in some ways…..I won’t go on and on extolling her virtues….but I COULD:)

          • forgot to mention; do NOT try to discuss derivatives with your pup, they lack the experience to explain them to you, so they just pee on your foot. Which, realistically is all you need to know.

        • Shifty, in short, the answer is “Yes”. We all do as you can see by the number of responses that you drew. You’ll know when you need a break from it, so take it. It’s hard but try not to let it consume your every waking thoughts. That’s about all I can offer you in the way of advice.

        • @Shifty:

          Good day.

          I go to the gun range.

          A few hours of shooting, then coming home and cleaning guns, perks me right up.

          If I cannot get range time, I play catch with the dogs.

          …be safe…stay the course……BA.

        • Don’t fret about the future, just keep working toward self-sufficiency if something does happen. Be on good terms with neighbors and friends and ready to band together when necessary. Be sure you are armed and with munitions, and enough to arm a friend or neighbor if need be. It’s OK to take a break now and then.

      32. Obtuse Angler:

        We store all our food in mylar bags, including rice. Put oxygen absorbers and dessicants in every bag, according to the size of the bag.

        We put the sealed bags in the freezer for 2 weeks to kill insect larvae (because we are only storing organic food).One day will not be enough. We started out buying the buckets, but, now we just carefully arrange the mylar bags in rows. If you have a mouse or rat problem, then you will probably want to put the sealed mylar bags into buckets.

        • We did that and had more than normal bag failures. We believe it was from seam stress and time. Bags require secondary support. Even if it is a wood box.

      33. Just adding my 2 cents. Told my wife to buy all the canning jar lids she can find. Also, going to auctions and picking up many canning jars. Have already picked up propane stove and 6-20lb propane tanks and a 100lb tank.
        If it hits, remove the meats from the freezer and fridge, brown and can. Buy all the Heirloom seeds you can afford.
        Emergency Essentials or some other bulk store has 5gal sealed buckets of grains. Went to Lehmen’s store in Ohio and bought grain mill. Also, for long term storage of grains, beans, rice, dtc. consider sealing in 5gal. food grade buckets in mylar bags and oxygen obsorbers. Can be obtained at Emergency Essentials.
        It takes some time to collect all the things a family would need in a grid down situation but the easiest way I’ve found is just think-THE POWER IS OUT, DON’T HAVE ANY IDEA WHEN IT’S COMING BACK—WHAT DO I DO AND WHAT DO I NEED.
        It helps to accumulate as much knowledge as possible in written form, books to keep for reference. Maybe get the Foxfire series. Read books like “One Second After”, “Lights Out” by David Crawford or any number of good books on survival. I’ve found these to be helpful.
        Good Luck to All, Prepare for the worst, pray for the best, and prep.,prep.,prep!!!

        • SW…try the tattler canning lids, reuseable.

          Highly recommend.

      34. You can get burners which take alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, propane, and butane. Burners only cost about $20. You should have at least 2 and plenty of fuel. Some burners are multi-fuel, that is optimal. You can also get or make a solar oven.

        Leaving your water in the sun for several hours should make it potable in a pinch.

        • Just adding to your comment. Some people don’t realize that you can’t hook up a 20 pound gas grill popane tank to a camping stove without an adaptor. So don’t forget one of those if you plan to use your grill’s propane tank for your camping stove.

        • Water in bottles left out
          AZ type sun 4 Hrs min.
          Wa normal sun 8 Hrs min. More with over cast.

          If you use this. Keep a rotating amount in the sun. Always shake the shit out ofthe bottle to aerate the water for better taste.

          I have used this method and it works. Will admit it was easier when the Berkleys showed up.

          People don’t screw around when it comes to water. I have buried people for being to lazy to do a few simple things before drinking.

      35. I just hope we’re still around to read this after the publishing date…

        Brilliant presentation…short and concise…can’t wait to read the book… and maybe a few of the others…

      36. I like this article, but there are some difficulties that certain people are going to face, namely WATER. Anything needing be rehydrated uses up a lot more water than people realize. IF you don’t have a reliable source of water, you could be eating food in the dry TANG breakfast juice form. People need water for drinking, 1/2 gallon per person in normal conditions, add dry hot weather and that number jumps a lot.

        IF you have room, most canned goods have that water packed in the can with the food from most vegetables and some fruits to even some meats. Canned goods have a much longer shelf life than the use by date, and while heavy and bulky, they sure don’t require the same rehydration process. Another consideration is cost. canned goods are far cheaper to store up than freeze dried items or commercially dehydrated foods. If you dry your own foods then the cost goes down dramatically.

        The other issue with many freeze dried foods is the high sodium content which needs more water to counteract the salt. If you purchase freeze dried or dehydtated foods, try to look for those that are not loaded with salt and going to make you more thirsty.

        Many people are turned off by the cost of prepping when they go and see how much dried foods are. This is why I suggest to everyone that is thankfully interested in preparing in starting out with canned goods and other very affordable foods. JUST GET STARTED is the ticket here. As you see more and more of your supplies growing, it can be extremely uplifting and then you can start to invest in the much longer term survival foods. You see a closet full of food, even ONLY cans of vegeatables. it can be so inspiring to do that much more.

        I say to those that are afraid of food going bad to at least store up something that you can barter with that doesn’t have a shelf life on it. Without being crude, everyone that eats has to take a crap, and toilet paper will become a commodity in extreme demand and can be traded for food and water. Of course so will cigarettes and alcohol (booze), salt that everyone needs to live, sugar, and whatever else people need to feel more civilized after SHTF in a grand fashion.

        The main objective with everyone is to START NOW, don’t put it off one second more. Even if it means going to the supermarket and picking up some cheapo supplies to store, it is something and builds a foundation to get more the next time. Really, time is wasting very rapidly, no more delay to anyone procrastinating, your future is on the line here.

        • Amen to that, BI.

          Water! The biggie. We live in a mountain region and have many fresh water springs nearby. I still don’t take anything for granted and know that one strong earthquake can move aquifers and that a dusting of poison from the air could make all sources deadly. I distill all our drinking water with my countertop one gallon. My second one and it’s a beauty for the amazing price of about 150 bucks last year. Peace of mind is priceless.

          Now, if SHTF in a big way and we loose the electric grid and I can’t get enough solar to run my countertop unit; I started constructing a wood fired 10 gallon unit out of scrapped stainless steel and copper tubing that I found at the scrap yard, years ago. With a little more fitting and soldering, I can have a water distiller going to supply the daily needs of ours, and a few neighbors.
          Something people might want to consider.

          • Howdy dt,

            Just a thought here…

            As i’ve indicated before, the mystical side of reality is NOT my field…I’m not here ‘dissing’ anysuch, it’s just not where I abide.

            The ‘thought’ is this;

            What would an exhaustive analysis of the original Peter – The Apostle – yeild with respect to (any) similarities with the life of the newly elected Pope?
            My understanding is that this one is a rather humble man, one who has the tribulations of the People at Heart.

            Food for thought…I’ll leave the rest to you all.


        • Excellent points BI…
          I might add that most of the salt content in those canned foods packed in water is in the water…
          Drain and then cook in fresh … exemplifies the need for a clean water source…
          Besides having a Katadyn micro filter I also have one of their Power Survivor 40e‘s…
          Produces 1.5 gal/hr from seawater, drawing 4.5amps 12VDC…or manually operated…good exercise…

        • Evening BI,

          Just a reminder to any and all who end up having to consune more salts – of any sort than they usually would.

          Rememeber that during the niddle ages the seafarer’s of that time were forced to subsist on a large intake of salted pork along with ‘hardtack’. As it happens, anytime a person consumes more salts than normal it has the DIRECT effect of mitigating the amount of vitamin C in the body…hence the preponderance of SCURVY seen throughout the period…


          PS: What’s new Friend..I’ve been a bit busy today..anything of note, significant, that is?

      37. Talking about preparation for the mega SHTF events to come, can someone please tell me how those that feel this is going to be the last pope can fit Peter Romanus into that Cardinal from Argentina that is now Pope Francis being that person? I could see how Benedict could be the Glory of The Olives, but how can this new pope be Peter Of Rome? I don’t know much about these prophesies, is there any reason to think that this pope is the last one and some form of tribulation or the apocalypse is closer because of this new particular person? Anyone out there have any ideas on this?

        • As soon as I got the news today, I started looking for a connection, BI. The only thing I could come up with as to a connection to a “Peter” was concerning the Franciscan Order. In 1220, Saint Francis put into effect the “First Rule” which became the “Rule without a Papal Bull”. He gave governance of the Order over to a one Peter Catani of the Porziuncola. Numerous miracles were attributed to this Peter and caused an uproar. Subsequently, things were changed back to “Rule with a Papal Bull”. Whatever TF that means.

          • Saint Francis’s father’s name was Peter… Jesuits have their home in Rome. All are stretches… One theory is that St. Malachy wouldn’t have recognized South America and skipped it. Again, conjecture… I’m glad there isn’t a link as we don’t need any more reasons or signs for shtf.

          • If there is a connection of any kind to a man named “Peter”, it may well come from his association as a Jesuit.

            During the 33rd General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, which was summoned to receive the formal resignation of Father Pedro Arrupe, Father Peter Kolvenbach was elected as the order’s 29th superior general on 13 September 1983.

            As all Superior General’s are elected for life, Peter stepped aside on 19 January 2008. A month after, the Pope received members of the General Congregation and urged them to “to continue on the path of this mission in full fidelity to your original charism” and asked them to reflect so as “to rediscover the fullest meaning of your characteristic ‘fourth vow’ of obedience to the Successor of Peter.”

            Interesting, even if not a cut and dried connection to Peter of Rome. Time will tell. Maybe, because the Jesuits had not yet been founded when Malachy had his vision, he could only write down what he knew about. ???

            • That very point you make made me start looking into it further. Called a couple of people I know who are well versed in such trains of thought… Both chuckled and said it’s all bait n switch…subterfuge…

            • and although pope francis is from argentina, his father was an immigrant from italy. that makes him italian and it fits part of the prophecy.

        • That Bergoglio–the final Pope on St. Malachy’s list and the one prophesied to reign over the church as it enters the Great Tribulation period–named himself after Saint Francis of Assisi is intriguing given that shortly before his death Assisi prophesied that at the time of the tribulation a man would “be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death… Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it…for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer” [Works of the Seraphic Father St. Francis of Assisi (1182–1226), Washbourne, 1882 AD, 248].

          Furthermore, in naming himself after Assisi, Bergoglio branded himself after an Italian (Roman) priest whose original name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone — literally, Peter the Roman.

          • I just read, by accident, the Jesuits founded the NWO.
            Try looking at one-evil dot org.

            I’m goin’ to the kitchen to cook….

            Keep preppin’

        • BI:

          Of course I had to ask my friend the eyebrow-raising conspiracy theorist about his thoughts on the new Pope Francis and the St. Malachy prophesies and his response was this (and I actually took a spin on google to verify his dates and facts and yet again, the dude kinda knows what he’s talking about):

          He says that in Malachy’s eyes, Francis from Argentina isn’t technically the pope.

          The last pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415.

          In the 11th century during Malachy’s time the Catholic Church started to get lax and less structured in it’s traditions and general management. St. Malachy was institutional in getting the Catholic Church back into a more strict and traditional way of doing things.

          The reign of the pope is technically considered “ordained by God until death”.

          So my buddy thinks that since Malachy was such a staunch traditionalist that he very well may not have considered Francis to actually be the pope since “the real pope” (Benedict) is still alive….kind of like how us Catholics aren’t supposed to recognize divorce…once you marry someone, it’s “til death do you part”.

          SO his theory on this one is that since Malachy was such a strict traditionalist he would not consider this Argentinian Cardinal to be anything more than a placeholder and not a “real” pope because the “real” pope is still alive. He says that after Benedict AND Francis die, it’s the NEXT pope who is elected who will be the last pope and the one who will be Peter the Roman according to St. Malachy’s prophecy.

          Yes, this is the type of stuff running through this guy’s head 24/7….and no matter how strongly my opinions or beliefs may be on a subject, every time he gives me his theories it really does make me raise my eyebrow and say “hmmmm”….because he ALWAYS ends up making weirdly well-informed and very interesting points.

      38. Hello All,
        We now have a handpump installed on the old well! Icluding dropping pipe, total installation was $250. That is what keeping it local will do.

        1200′ potatoes coming up, 2000′ of sugar beets sprouting and another 1/2 pound of seed to plant. Am going to feed the deer, make fuel and then the deer will feed us. Also going to plant field corn until I run out of room.

        We also shot some wild black boar, made awesome bacon, ham and the meat trimmings were cured and smoked as well.

        We have planted turnips, beets (regular), rhutabaga, leeks, carrots…all but leeks and carrots have started sprouting. Planted onion sets, all three colors and planted green onions as well, all are doing great.

        In two to three weeks, we will plant all the weather sensitive veggies, peas, beans, squash, watermelon, pumpkin, sweet corn, and will set out the tomato and pepper plants we started from seed. Also at that time I’ll do the filed corn and sugar beet remainder and almost forgot, the redrox cane sorghum, very high in sucrose production. So excess potato production, sugar beets and the sorghum will make the brunt of my bio-fuels crop. I’m looking forward to playing with all of that, see what produces the most. The field corn may be used but primarily will be for the whitetails and to keep the wild black pigs coming back to the property. I don’t want them to stay, just come every night for a snack.

        We all ready have put up dry goods of all varietys. Will be canning and preserving all of the harvest plus eating good in the meantime.

        Also planted grapevines along the fences near old barn, second year of vine planting. Have put in fruit trees. Just a few to start. Too bad rhubarb will not make it in the Texas heat, I miss that stuff.

        Next thing will be to start experimenting with electrical generation using E85 and E99, both I can produce, the E85, whilst I have hydrocarbons but in the long run I would like to run completely on E99, as I can produce that as long as I can grow certain crops. I can also always have antiseptic on hand. The old well water, I’ll test, it should be fit, but if it isn’t, I’ll distill that in needy times and use it on the garden when not. No chlorine down that hole….lol.

        On the gardens, folks, remember to mulch…it will keep you from having to pull weeds and it will help the soil to retain moisture. We use straw or hay, whichever we can get and then till it in after harvest, instant humus, self composting. But we also keep a very large compost pile going, just remember to turn it over every month or so. Also, for you composting NEWBS, if you want to hasten the compost action, buy a case of cheap beer, the cheapest you can find, like old milwaukee…lol…take it out to the compost heap and pour it out on the pile, proven, look it up.

        Keep up the good work, Tess and Mac….
        Terry W. Reed

        • Wild boar, eh? I am jealous. They have not made it to North Alabama in droves yet. I am waiting patiently. I know they are destructive as hell, but they taste DAMN good.

          • It is so very informative to receive info from everyone! Including those who have goods/services for sale…. I, myself, would never purchase anything from someone who would utilize a free site in order to sell their “stuff” …I understand completely the advantage of advertising on specific sites….but, me being me, I do the research and I make my decisions based upon my findings….

        • Speaking as a well prepared lifelong farmer/homesteader I gotta say it sounds like I could envy you abit…especially the fact you got taters in the ground already!…I can get my hands in the dirt some in the hoophouse but the ground here is frozen like a brick and no taters are going in till at least mid May…on that note I got ahold of a old IH potatoe digger a few days back…about 100 years old Id guess….tore it down and am in the process of fabricating some parts and rebuilding her…shouls be ableto increase my potatoe crop alot…by the way I planted last year about the same amount of rows…over 1000 ft of taters and a fork gets to be alot of work,let me tell ya…so ya, a digger behind the tractor will be very welcome….still envy your weather though,sounds like youre well on your way to being your own man…good luck! 🙂

        • Long time no see Terry, welcome back. Hope all is well.

        • Yep, Potatoes were planted last Saturday. Everyone says “No way, the ground is so wet it is like soup in our mountain area”. It is that, but i have 30 wooden bushel crates above ground with a mixture of sand/topsoil/ and composted manure in them, with wire placed in the bottom.

          Last season we began digging out new potatoes with our first greenbean harvest, as most people were just beginning to see their first greenbeans come up. We harvested potatoes all season as we needed them and finally dug up the remainder in mid October. The russets are good keepers.

          It is still freezing here at night, but we are starting our first tomatoe,cukes, and squash plants inside. In early April we will begin our first green bean plants in cups in our little 3 X 6 cold frame with a removable cover. Still have over 100 quarts of green beans from 2011 & 2012. Just finishing off the last dozen from 2010.

          Happy gardening!

          • I hope those are Russets from Idaho?

            • About pouring that cheap beer on the compost pile.. what if you drink it first?

              • Actually, peeing on your compost is a good thing. Gives it plenty of nitrogen. I did that last year if I needed to relieve myself when I was out. This year, my compost is inside the chicken run so I don’t. The chickens climb in, eat whatever scraps they like, add their share of “fertilizer” and turn it over so I don’t have to.

          • We are also in the mountains. Have a small greenhouse and will have fresh spinach next week…planted argula today.

            Fruit trees are pruned and will have blossoms on my pear trees in just over a month. The last 4 years lots of flowers and not one single pear…weather and wind got them…should be a truckload of them this year.

            God willing…just like everything else.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

        • Damn! Sounds good. Got my seed potatoes, but up here in the Mid-Atlantic we keep getting smacked by copious amounts of rain. No snow, just rain. Walked out in the garden to throw out some table scraps and almost sank up to my knees. I still haven’t had to switch out the 4 ft. tiller on back of the tractor for the snow blade yet, but I probably just jinxed myself. They are calling for more rain here starting on Sunday and continuing through Wednesday. Won’t be able to get any rain in July though.

          • My father always planted potatoes and peas on Good Friday, no matter the weather. People would ask him what was special about Good Friday, and he would say it was because he had the day off from work.

          • You can actually grow potatoes by tossing them on the ground and covering them with hay…..they do not actually need to be under the ground

      39. USDA “bailing” out sugar industry. I wonder if this is more stockpiling the bunkers?

        From Huffington Post:

        The USDA is considering buying 400,000 tons of sugar in an aim to limit supply and boost prices so that sugar producers can pay back government loans that they’re in danger of defaulting on, the Wall Street Journal reports.

      40. Great read, took my mind back to prepping,and this is why.
        today a new pope was chosen as you all know,he has chosen the name frances for the founder of the jesiut order Frances bjora.If you know any thing about he jesiut order,it has a very rich sadistic heritage.
        They did not play well with other pope’s.
        The following i found very intresting, because it had a similar date involved.
        Important Announcement Concerning Redemption and Fulfillment Whilst the Jesuit Order has shown contempt towards the Divine Creator, under the Covenant of One-Heaven (Pactum De Singularis Caelum) the entire Order is granted Divine Redemption including the Sainthood of all Generals and Provincial Generals, the Redemption of Lucifer as a Great Spirit and the Great Order of Wisdom of One Heaven if all evil behaviour is ceased and all sins admitted.
        Date of Treaty Ratification Day of Redemption VENUS E8:Y3210:A0:S1:M27:D6 also known as [Friday, 21 December 2012]. This shall occur regardless of whether the living General and Provincials of the Jesuit Order Ratify the Covenant of One Heaven or not.
        This is very very interesting, to say the least.

        • Did I read you right; “the redemption of Lucifer as a great spirit”?

          If that is part of their platform/belief/motto, then the whole darn mess of the jesuits are sacrilegious and don’t follow the truths of the KJV Bible. Lucifer/Satan is called the “man of perdition”. This means he has already been sentenced to die, snuffed out of existence.
          To offer any possibility for redemption of Lucifer’s sins, is going against God. That could make them Satan worshippers.

          I have heard of some disturbing things concerning the actions and beliefs of the Jesuits. I wonder if they are wolves in sheep’s clothing as some of the Catholic priests are that “rape” little boys. What a sad state of affairs, for any group or organization to cover up such criminal acts. I smell burning and it just ain’t the smell of red clothing.

      41. Apparently, US isn’t the only one. Found this article dated Feb. 5th by Dubai Reuters: (link below)

        China is storing a growing mountain of sugar it does not want or need as inflated domestic prices, designed to protect farmers who face some of the world’s highest production costs, attract imports from a global market overflowing with supplies.

        USDA pegged China’s sugar stocks at the start of the 2012/13 season at 3.605 million tonnes, up from 1.621 million tonnes a year earlier.

      42. Today was the first time in months that I revisited this site. My previous impression was that the inmates had taken over the asylum and the site had become essentially useless. Today was a welcome reprieve. The content was primarily substance (there will always be the psychological outliers). I hope you focus more on the substantive in coming articles. I suspect shared preparations knowledge is the concern of most readers. Great job.

      43. One food source that is easy to store and lasts at least one year is black walnuts and hickory nuts left in the shell. Pecans, English Walnuts, Filberts, and other nuts might as well but I am not familiar with them that much. You will need a good nut cracker but a 1 ton bearing press works wonders. The black walnuts and hickory nuts grow about everywhere and are tuff trees.
        Also, I would plant several kinds of fruit trees and berry plants such as blackberries since they are quite nutritous and easy to grow.
        Gogi bearies would be a good choice to grow also since they contain every essential amino acid.
        Just a few thoughts

        • Black walnuts don’t store well unless you husk them. Unless you have a good store bought Tree, very few B Walnuts are worth shelling. husk them and throw them back in the woods, eat the squirrels.

          • I use to crack over 60lbs of walnuts a year when i was in middle school. Most of these came from trees that my dad had in the yard but some were from the woods. I have cracked nuts more than 2 years old that were in the basement and they were mostly fine. You would want to the husks of but be sure to where good gloves. I prefer a good rubber glove covered by a leather glove unless you want to turn your hands greenish black for a while. Would make great long lasting camo paint perhaps. I would rather eat black walnuts any day than a rat with a fury tail.
            On a side note, certain cannot grow around a black walnut so if you plant a few, be careful.

      44. A few more thoughts about building your preps. One of the things I thought of when I started my preps a few years ago was-get up in the morning and get started. What do I start the day doing. Shaving-buy extra disposable razors, extra mug soap, extra toothpaste and toothbrushes, soaps, whatever is most storable for a light breakfast-then go from there through the rest of the day. Buy extra for the possibility of barter.
        Garden hand tools bought possibly at old farm auctions.
        Just put a lot of thought into it, you may not think of everything, but you will be further ahead of those with their heads in the sand.

        • Don’t forget extra handles for the garden, lawn and wood tools. I know the list goes on in the prepping world and should nothing happen, we can all gather together and have one hellaceous yard sale!

        • Baking soda!! You can never have too much.
          I’m down to 48lbs and need to get more.

          Keep preppin’

          • the cooking mom,

            Agreed! Baking soda has many uses.

            If you remove the baking soda from the box and store in a glass container (sealed tightly) in a cool place…it will last a very long time.

            Vinegar also has many uses.

          • You can make washing soda from baking soda by heating it in the oven at 400 degrees. That way you can make just the amount of washing soda you need for laundry soap making.

        • “SayWhen”– I certainly do not worry about a razor.. I’ve sported a beard for the last 40 some odd years. I shaved it twice since I was old enough to grow it, the 1st time I shaved, just minutes afterward, I was walking out of the bathroom and my then 2 year old daughter stopped dead in the hallway, SCREAMED bloody murder, and ran full tilt for her mother! funny as hell. The second time, I got a hair crossways, shaved, then looked in the mirror and vowed NEVER again. Good Lord- never saw so many wrinkles on ANYONE before! Or such a case of pure UGLY! Besides- who is going to worry about a vestige of so-called society as shaving after the SHTF? “not I ” says the little red hen! If your wife worries about her legs getting hairy, just explain that it keeps you warm at night… yeah… that’ll soothe her ego.

          • I think it is funny that your daughter freaked when you shaved your beard, the exact same thing happened to me when I shaved my beard when my daughter was aprox. 2 yrs. old. Scared her to tears. I also sport a beard, have had it for approx. 30 years, but do trim around the edges. About the hairy legs thing, I live on the edge of Holmes Co. Ohio (Amish Country) and see the hairy legs thing alot. Not really too impressed with them. Maybe thats why we should stockpile razors.

          • Funny! Same thing happened all those years ago 🙂

      45. I think we have a bunch of liberals lurking here and thumbing everyone down.

        • scott, they are far more sinister than liberals.

      46. You might want to check on your canned goods once in awhile. I had a can of pumpkin leak and it leaked around some of the other cans. Messy cleanup.
        Also, the best price I’ve found for gamma seal lids and mylar bags is from baytec containers online.

        • watch out for high acid foods in cans

          I’ve had some leak long before they even hit their “Best Buy” date

          especially things like pineapple and tomato based sauces

      47. I think there is a mistake and its something I see a lot. It says to base your plan around a 1500 to 2000 cal diet. Besides smaller women and younger kids I don’t know many people that eat like that normally. If power is out and gas scarce, like we are assuming, then you will burn even more calories than you are use to. If your not careful your 1 year food supply could be gone in 6 months or force you to start rationing either way its bad.

        • @ Thunder,


          In any case wherein a maximum amount of physical labor is required the caloric requirement for an adult human male may go well north of 4500 cal/day. For women this will typically top out at about 3200 cal/day…both cases are representative of heavy, old-fashioned LABOR. Women who are child-bearing also need VAST amounts of nutrition in order not to suffer depletion as the fetus grows. I am not familiar of what the corresponding intakes would have to be for sub-teens..teens are to be treated as adults, perhaps even more in the case of the rapid growth period…


        • It’s all relative. Relative to how much activity one does.

          If i lie around in the shade all day I can get by on a couple packs of cheese nabs and oatmeal cakes, with water.
          If I’m having to work in the cold and doing firewood stockpiling with a chainsaw and splitting maul, I’ll probably need in excess of 5000 calories for that day.

          It will come down to common sense and restraint.

        • I see this all the time. “1 YEAR SUPPLY!” and it has 1200 calories a day in it.

          “Feed yourself for year with this soupe reciped for only $300!!!” And when you count the calories it’s a WTF 300 calories a day.

          I strongly urge everyone to work the numbers. If you’re buying cans from folks no that not all #10 cans are the same. Some places might have 20 ounces of product “contents may settle during shipping” while others might have 30.

          Currently we’re set up with 3816 calories per day for 365 days (I have a spreadsheet) for 4 people. I can play with the numbers and see how many days we’d get if we limit to 2000 calories a day, or what the impact would be in the other 8 folks in our little group showed up with nothing.

          Anytime anything comes out of preps it gets removed from the spreadsheet and of course the opposite.

          I’ve got every single can and bucket inventoried down to the ounce and how many calories per ounce each item offers.

          It’s the only way I felt we could possibly plan correctly for what’s coming.

          This doesn’t count the 3-4 months of ‘normal foods’ we keep in our pantries or the foods we have canned. Those are our buffer foods to get us through a short term hump or to keep us going in case we have a bad growing season (or lose the fields from bugs, disease, raiders, government confiscation etc).

          Is all that extreme? Maybe. Is it costly in time, energy, money to keep it all up and counted? Of course. But the feeling of not giving an utter damn about 95% of any and all potential disasters that might hit us? Priceless.

          • Awesome!

      48. I have my years supply of preps in one envelope.

        Mickey D’s sells these gift certificate books for hamburgers, Dairy Queen has books for Blizzards, Sonic has foot longs and tots, well, you get the idea.

        Check around your town and see who offers Gift Certificate Books.

        Be careful though — some coupons have expiration dates.

        • Blondie, I bet you dress out at about 250 lbs., if you eat that much fast food.

          Depending upon your metabolisim, you will have about three weeks worth of “fat” reserves when the SHTF and no cash or coupons are accepted.

          Good luck! You gonna need it.

          • Don’t Tread– yeah, but look at all the soap you can make with that much lard from someone who eats at Mickey D’s! I mean, if she “dresses out” at 250… just KIDDING. I’ve heard comments here about soap and cleanliness after SHTF, and not very many here realize how easy soap is to make. No need for sodium hydroxide (lye) at all– just wash hardwood ashes until an egg floats in the water and add lard or oils to your liking… then add scents as you like to “flavor” your soap. Seriously folks- don’t worry about storing store bought items in the pantry, taking space, when it’s so easy to make them afterwards. Knowledge is our best friend after all.

        • It will either be you/me/us…or them.

          Prepare for a free-for-all with those who you do not know or trust.

          Hasn’t it been you who has been calling for repeal of all laws? Be careful for what you are wishing for.

          • The CFR is spread across ten shelves at the Library of Congress. You’re telling me we need all these stupid laws you damn communist? 90% of laws are completely inane and useless, just as I said. I never called for repeal of all laws. Just think about what you’re saying old man. You need big sugar daddy government to run every aspect of your life?

            • Repeal, revoke, remove all gun control laws, or die.

        • Eisenkreuz

          Most likely…

          and this has nothing to do with any generation now or in the is a well planned, by design, scenario that has been implemented for well over a century or more.

          Only those who have minds wide open have seen what’s coming regardless of age…

          Be ready


          • I learned about the Federal Reserve from my third grade math teacher. All my life people have called me weirdo, conspiracy theorist, etc.

            The evil has been with us since the begining. But the founders expressly warned us not to have a central bank. And no one listened. And don’t tell me the Jews have nothing to do with it. Nobody hates the Jews because of their religion. People hate the Jews because they’re bad people who live to cause trouble.

            • Sure,all third graders discuss the Federal reserve system with their teachers when they’re nine years old. That and nuclear fission too. Maybe people have been calling you exactly what you are.

      49. Go buy two or three large plastic tubs. put 50# of water softener salt in each one. Stack in corner. When the power goes out lots of you will have 2-300# of fresh meat in freezers that’s going to rot. You can’t can it or eat it fast enough. When the SHTF you can make a salt brine and keep the meat from spoiling,give you a little time, and time is the most valuable thing there is.

      50. Thanks y’all for all the great info.

        When you think you’re gettin’ prepped out… I like to look back at a 1 pound bag of lentils that was purchased 2 years ago for 79 cents.

        Y’all Beware! Today $1.39 – Keep Smilin’ Makes my Scottish heart – happy, happy, happy.

        • you’ve got that right Y’all about food price increases

          pinto beans here used to be 48 cents a lb
          now they’re $1.08 at best

          other dry beans are all $1.38-$1.68 a pound

          WTF ???

          • Agreed!

            I stocked up on lentils @ .79# a few months ago as well as barley..


            right into the mylar with 02 absorbers in 1 # packets.

            I would not bulk pack any grains/pasta or legumes/rice..just pack enough for 1 meal or so each..less chance of spoilage and exposure.


      51. You should have a pressure cooker as this cuts down on cooking time.


        it’s a BIG CLUB and YOUR NOT IN IT !!!

        Bill Moyers Essay: ‘Cronyism Blowout At Goldman Sachs’

        Bill Moyers explains how the fiscal cliff deal gives tens of billions in tax breaks to banks and corporations (especially Goldman). Even the Wall Street Journal called it a “crony capitalist blowout.”

      53. Glad everyone got off there cop killing talk and back to surviving anything only to die from insanity lonliness or becaue you forgot something stupid. lol

        • Cops kill, that’s for sure. Especially swat types. Dogs, cats, children, it don’t matter.

      54. Dow Posts Another Record High, Logs First 9-Day Win Streak Since November 1996!!!

        Another perfect reason to continue prepping..

        Precursor to the 07/08 debacle X infinity..


        • booger,

          Great site!

          Y’all Beware! Thanks

      55. My own helpful two cents:

        1. Get from the library and read The Great Depression, A Diary by Benjamin Roth. It’s the diary of a lawyer in Youngstown, Ohio that he began keeping when the Depression set in. It is filled with eye-opening information about how ordinary people were affected by decisions made by various powers that be. The similarities between then and now are eery.
        2. From a person who lived for many years in a tropical third world country filled with bugs and insects….store packages of flour, dry cereals, rice, etc. being used for everyday needs inside the oven. The oven gasket keeps out the bugs.
        3. Use only stainless steel and glass for mixing, cooking, serving. Let it air dry after washing, even if the wash water is not potable. Do not dry it with a cloth because any bacteria, etc. in the nonpotable wash water accumulate onto the drying cloth and are then spread from utensil to utensil.
        4. Home can all the meat you can afford, but you must use a pressure canner. You also then have control over the quality of water that goes into the jars. It is much cheaper than buying canned meat.

      56. watch sugar prices folks

        the government is buying 400,000 tons of sugar with your money in an effort to prop up the sugar companies, or so they say ( yeah like we need that its in everything)

        yeh they need the 400,000 tons of sugar to go with thier 2.2 billion rounds of JHP’s and thiier 2700 Armored mine protected military vehicles..

        and cut spending… i am rolling on the floor with the acts of these fools

        have a fun ride with these bastards

        • @VRF:
          China is doing the same. It is an attempt to support domestic sugar prices/producers in the face of falling world prices.

          First, they harangue everyone on the evils of sugar. Then they support the introduction of various low-to-no-calorie sweeteners. Greens wail about the amount of water needed for sugar beet production. Demand falls. Product sits in warehouses. What to do?

          It is the same as the old Milk Support Program or New Zealand’s *Butter Mountain*. The producers pay a lot of taxes and if they are not given price supports (which sugar already gets via a tariff on imported sugar), they stop producing, which lessens the government’s and, incidentally, the political parties’ cut. There is, also, a factor considering the loss of a domestic supply if demand/price fell too far, whatever *too far* may be.

          They ain’t preppin’! It is just good ol’ boy bidness as usual.

        • substitute sugar with real honey , real maple surp .

          its awesome !!! ;0)


        • I’m picturing a bunch of liberals with guns, armored vehicles, 2.2 billion rounds of ammo, all hyped up on sugar…

        • The price of a 50Lb bag of demitria sugar has gone up from like 28 bucks to over 50 in the last couple of years…they sure arent going broke and needing price supports…this is another govicorp screwover being handed to us,sheesh…. 🙁

      57. Remington just signed a contract with USSOCOM for a 7 year multi million dollar Precision Special Purpose Rifle program

        notice the new name? ..nice isnt it?

        hey, they cant call em assult rifels any more..this is just too stupid for words

        • sorry bout the typo..rifles..

      58. Preppers….thanks for the many good ideas. Could you please add GPS locale to some of your food stotages and water areas. I am looking for some new and reliable ‘bugout’ spots. Thanks and keep awake because 95% of Americans are not.

        • Interesting question there.

        • UH? Let me think. NO!
          But you might be able to get eeder’s ph # in Canada, and GPS his cell. I bet he would welcome you with open arms. Just yell FACE-Book as you drive up. I hear they are BFFs.

          • No Just bellow. THE PAGE IS HERE.

          • nice ;0)

        • Ugly I’d love to, but I’m just to dang dumb. Can’t figure out what all these numbers mean on this here GPS. WASP

      59. @ Daisy

        25 pts why SHTF don’t care. At Activist site.

        Good article. Made me smile cause it’s the truth.

        • Explain. What did we miss.

      60. A bit of info we should all pay attention to. — especially when the market is so high for guns and ammo right now, why would any manufacturer not be on the band waggon? ..’because they are being bought, and shut down.

        MARLIN FIREARMS CLOSING ITS DOORS-Important for all gun owners

        Even if you do not own a gun you need to know this. I checked this
        out on “Truth or Fiction” who verified it. I trust them more than

        Marlin Firearms is already closing its doors! They are doing it to
        us, America! This needs to be spread to all gun owners and
        sportsmen/women. We cannot rely on the media to inform us of these
        types of matters.

        Something you may not know that Is happening … Who
        is buying the companies manufacturing guns??? For the last several
        years a company called The Freedom Group has been buying up gun and
        ammunition manufacturers. Some of the companies are Bushmaster,
        Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R. Some people worry that
        this Freedom Group is going to control most of the firearms companies
        in the United States. If you control the manufacturers you can
        decide to stop selling to civilians.

        What a perfect way to control guns. Now if you do some
        digging you will see that The Freedom Group is owned by a company
        called Cerberus Capital Management. Guess who controls Cerberus???
        GEORGE SOROS, Obama’s chief financier!! He wants to restrict or ban
        all civilian guns. Please pass this on to all your freedom loving
        friends. This needs to come out. Why have we not heard about this in
        the “mainstream” media? I would think this would be BIG news. (Soros
        also owns Progressive Insurance). If you don’t know who George
        Soros is, you need to do some research. This One-World Government
        atheist backed Obama with millions of dollars and Obama is a puppet on
        a string controlled by Soros.

        Send this to every gun owner you know!

        • From The web:

          UPDATE: I just spoke with some officials from The Freedom Group about the fate of Marlin and they told me that while the North Haven, Connecticut, plant is going to be shut down, they will continue to produce Marlin guns in the future.

          Where that’s going to happen is still up in the air. I asked whether production will continue in the U.S. and was told that all options were on the table. That said, the company official told me they were going to retain the existing plant’s tooling and would give the to-be-laid-off employees the opportunity to apply for work at the new facility, wherever that might be.

          The company says what it is certain about is the desire to keep producing Marlins and invest in the brand with no reduction in the variety of lever guns, bolt guns and rimfires.

          The timeline for the closing of the existing plant won’t be set until a new location for Marlin is identified.

          The Model 94 might be back but it looks as though Marlin Firearms is set to close. There’s no way to sugarcoat this news: this really stinks.

          A 140-year-old icon is disappearing, 256 people are going to lose their jobs and lever-gun fans are going to have to content themselves with browsing the used-gun racks.

          • I went to the Remington plant in New York this summer, It’s part of this mess, they make 8 or 9 different brands there. Was unbelievable, this plant is so old I expected to see US Grant wondering down the stairs. Saw three ,3, Machines that were less than 50 years old. As an engineer I was appalled at the palace. Brick building close to 100 years old, several stories, all their stuff on little carts, no assembly line operations, like going back in time to WW II. Most of their equipment was old green or gray stuff from the war. By the looks some was the war of 1812. People were friendly and place was CLEAN!. But wow, primitive.

          • If the freedom group is holding the money and running the show..Marlin will be doing what they tell them to do..

            and I dont trust the Freedom Group to observe our, with that being em like a hawk, because you cant trust them

        • Stalinist commies want to buy up all arms munufactories and ammo plants. They are well on their way.

          Hang on to your deer rifles and load, load, load.

          Stalinist commies will kill you if they get close enough.

        • VRF, you just said how much you trust “Truth or Fiction” and then you pass along this old lie about Soros controlling Cerberus. Check it out on “Snopes or Truth or Fiction” WASP.

      61. Tip of the day:

        There is no such preposition in the English language as “in regards to”. It’s “in regard to”. Stop saying that.

        • Hey, “Eisen”– just stop and think what happens to an “anal” person in prison, or after SHTF…
          PLEASE end your anal compunctions regarding what you believe to be a correction of punctuation or grammar. I’ve read some posts of yours that have incorrect terms and values associated with the English language. Remember that “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. This advise can be taken by NinaO also.

        • In regards to. In regards to. In regards to. And so on…….

        • tip of the day, this is a prepper board, not a spelling bee or a grammar board..get a life

        • Not true, you just said it, and it’s in English. When the day comes and the Teachers take control of the language and clean it up; fix the spelling and do anything worthwhile I’ll worry about it. I should live so long. If the engineers were as bad, we would still be trying to build a steam engine using cubits

          • Don’t tell me about engineering.

            • See what I be sayin’, Yo!

            • You know, I haven’t given you thumbs down when everyone else has, I’ve even stood up for some of your comments; but I decided if I see you jump starting a car, I wouldn’t even tell you it was out of gas.

      62. Remember we always used to see military on the highways? Caravans of Army vehicles. Husband is an over the road, all parts East of the mighty Miss and he never sees any military but has delivered humvee gun turrets to a place in Illinois (subs W of Chgo)

        • seen many on the trains..maybe they have decided to ship them via rail, less fuel, less wear and miles maybe?

          but they are still seen around bases and in the general area of military bases and such

      63. A post above recommends soaking your freezer meat in salt brine to buy time after the lights go out.

        I’d like to recommend making jerky out of it so it retains it’s nutrients and will last a lot longer properly cured.

        Goose jerkey I made last fall was excellent and made the skies safer for those pilots and passengers.

        • I’m the Guy above, I agree with you. but when the power goes out, you have to much to do to make jerky right then, could be wet, could be cloudy, could be you just cannot take care of 300# all at once. Brine it, you are going to likely salt your jerky anyway. and will give you a few days to get other things done. When the SHTF it’s going to splatter. you have things to do.

      64. Did all of the Pope “elects” have a Pope uniform already made or is it one size fits all.

      65. We have a year’s supply of food and water in our basement. Enough for 4 adults. 1500 gallons of water. 400 rolls of TP. Some of what we’ll have is stuff we already eat. We have things like hamburger helper and chili that we’ll make with canned chicken. We have canned beef stew, canned hams, a lot of canned veggies, fruit, soups, 100 cans of baked beans, 150 boxes of mac & cheese. We also have a lot of premium blueberry oatmeal and a box of Hershey bars. I suggest keeping your diet as close to what you eat today as you can. I don’t think it makes sense to have 100 pounds of dried beans when you don’t eat beans like that today. Not unless that’s all you can afford.

        • Dear BC In the old fallout shelter days the Gov stockpiled 35# cans of rock candy, lemon and Cherry. They aren’t even airtight. I’ve had some, 50 years old and still OK. Obviously an idea if you are planning on rug rats.

          • I have crackers sealed in 1962 from when I had the Army/navy store…had some awhile back…they were tasty…amazing…Ill leave the rest in storage till needed.

      66. tinfoil hat time ???

        mark of the beast ???

        “The skin-printable sensors stay on with a spray-able bandage and can last for two weeks, but that’s why under-the-skin embedded sensors are on the way for more permanency”

        let me repeat that last part

        “but that’s why under-the-skin embedded sensors are on the way for more permanency”

      67. Administration admits thousands released from jails last month due to “budget constraints”

        Feds rearrest four illegals released by administration

        Posted on Drudge Report

      68. WHAT DID YOU CALL ME ?
        I’m a Racist for criticizing Obama ?
        I’m a Terrorist because I want to protect my 2nd Amendment rights?
        I’m a Tea bagger for supporting the constitution?
        I’m a National security threat because I speak my mind?
        I’m a Troublemaker for asking unanswered questions?
        I’m a Traitor for exposing the corruption of the government?
        I’m a Conspiracy Theorist for presenting documented facts?
        I’m Anti – American for not towing the party line?
        I’m a Greedy Capitalist because I believe I am entitled to what I earned?


        • Howdy VRF,



          Good one Bro!


        • Add on.

          Coward. According to Holder.
          Gun and Bible toter.
          Vets are Threats.

        • Comeon man, dont be hogging all the guilt…Im guilty as hell too and just as proud….hehehehhe 😉 …glad to be in good company!

      69. ITS so hard to prepare for something thatv we really dont know what to prepare for,so im doing my best like everyone else.Dont have alot of room to store alot of TP so i went to baby wipes,they dont take up alot of space,cheaper than TP.We have around 8mths of food,generator,our big swimming pool if needed will help flushing the toilets if needed.I bought seaweed/kelp pills for radition pills if needed,they work the same as of the pills you can buy online.Our four plus acerage land will be paided off next yr,my son starts homeschooling next wk,my garden is growing,my 6peach trees,blueberries,fig,pear,apricot,lemon,limesblackberries,dewberries are all in bloom.bought a frech coffee cfart so i can make coffee with no electric..i have the indian bread recipe that the indians made on the trail of tears that kept them alive if anyone is interested in that,very simple to make…Also stocked up om OTC meds,sorry to ramble,but im getting very worried,thanks to all on this site,and a special thanks to BI FOR KEEPING US INFORMED..I read this site faithfully everyday

        • Howdy Anon,

          First post is pretty exciting, ain’t it? 🙂

          Be welcome here!

          Keep on keepin’ on…things aren’t apt ot be getin’ better anytime soon…sounds like you’re on top of things,
          though, GOOD JOB!


        • Welcome, ignore the rants, If you are new on the nut net, Survival blog is good, james Daiken is a true whack job, but has some good thoughts, zero Hedge has good news, and Harvey Organ comments interestingly on PM’s, Woodpile report, Several others; just ask anyone, they usually don’t kill the young.

      70. So excited…just found out I can have up to 15 chickens in a coop here in town. Unfortunately roosters not allowed because we have less than 3 acres. Still can’t convince hubby we need to seriously consider storing water, as we are on city water. Any ideas or suggestions on that? On Craigslist I can get 275gal tanks made from food grade plastic (held soy milk) secured on a pallet with a wire cage for $130 has a top fill opening and base spigot. Thought this would be nice.

      71. Wonderful article on establishing food storage for those who have not yet begun this process. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed in some of the responders. I think this is a micro-chasm of what it would be like if the $@#& did hit the fan. People with common goals (I assume if they are all reading this blog) at each others throats. It is also disappointing to see “Christians”, be they Catholic or not berating each other with so much vitriol. We are all children of God. All children of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Catholic Church has been around a long time and has done more good than bad; the various Protestant religions have been around about half as long, but also has done much more good than bad. I think some of us in this line of comments need to spend a little time on their knees and beg forgiveness for the hatred that spews from their mouths. Let’s focus on helping each other prepare for a time that is certainly coming that will require all of us believers to help each other with humility and an eye on the prize – eternal life with God. We need to be able to live together, fight together and perhaps die together before this all gets straightened out – I forgot one – pray together. Thanks for the blog.

        • Relax, If you spend much time in Church you will find the average bar has fewer fights than a Church. But Bars are louder. Recognize many of the people here have “known” each other for a long time, so the fights are “Family” fights. Not to worry. Lastly; you don’t usually learn from the people you like, as much as you do from the ones you don’t.

      72. Some good items…

        The Sprout House

        Coconut Oil

        The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

        Energy Tablets

        Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb

        For bugs in those rice bags, flee killer, for the gsrden, and for internal cleansing.

        Detox for heavy metals and radiation.

        (Bentonite clay is key)

        Also, get Calcium Bentonite pure clay for your garden.

        This is why…

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