The Home Invasion Dilemma – Discussion & Scenarios

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    This article has been contributed by Max Velocity Tactical.

    Home Defense Night Vision

    My intent is to discuss, in a scenario based format, the dilemma posed by the increased risk of armed home invasion and your potential responses to it. Firstly, let me lay out my assumptions for this discussion:

    1) Current ‘Law Enforcement’ policy has seen the proliferation of co-called ‘SWAT’ teams. ‘SWAT’ refers to a ‘Special Weapons and Tactics’ Law Enforcement team. However, due to insufficient selection and training for these teams, there is little ‘special’ and ‘tactics’ about them. Thus, for the purpose of this discussion I will be referring to them as ‘Home Invasion Teams’ or HIT teams.

    2) You and your family are law abiding citizens, for what that is worth in the current climate of authoritarian tyranny. As such, you are not expecting a home invasion. You would have no reason to do so. At worst, you may be in contravention of some unconstitutional local statute or ordinance, such as selling milk, or harboring Bambi, keeping standard capacity rifle  magazines, or some such other non-crime.

    3) If you actually expected a home invasion, then you would adopt different tactics. You would not be asleep in your home. You would prepare a defense and probably not actually be in your home. That is all a different topic, such as home / retreat defense in an SHTF environment, something that I cover in detail in ‘Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival.’ Similarly, the assumption is that if you suffer a home invasion, the intent of the HIT team is not expressly to kill you and your family i.e. there remains a veneer of legality over this activity. However, death is still a very likely possibility as the result of a HIT raid. If there is no longer any veneer of legality, and you are suffering from kill squad attacks, then refer back to the SHTF point, and you have no choice but to establish defenses to repel marauders, or bug out, or both.


    4) There are an increasing number of ‘no knock’ nighttime raids by HIT teams. There are also an increasing number of these raids that target the wrong address. There are also an increasing number of criminal (i.e. non Law Enforcement…er…) home invasions and a number of these raids have seen criminals wearing police/SWAT style uniforms – er…just to clarify, they were impersonating Law Enforcement, and they were not actually Law Enforcement personnel….still with me? I know, it’s confusing nowadays….the problem being that with a ‘no knock raid’ there is no announcement or expectation of a Law Enforcement visit. Back to point 2 above, you are ‘law abiding’ people, not a meth lab or some such other den of criminals.

    5) These HIT teams are often established but poorly or inadequately trained. The focus is no longer to ‘serve and protect’ but to hurt, threaten, endanger and control citizens, while ensuring that the ‘officers’ look to their personal safety. The focus is on the ‘officer’ “going home at the end of my shift.” This means that the HIT team tactics may be poor. They lack restraint. They are fearful. They lack fire control and discipline. If they raid your house, everyone in it, including the animals, is in great danger.

    6) The better way for Law Enforcement to deal with a visit to a home would be to phone ahead and discuss the matter. And/or send a couple of deputies or plain clothes detectives. You know, the way it used to be done when ‘Officer Friendly’ may have existed. If your grass is too long, in contravention of the homeowners association and local ordinances, perhaps they can discuss that. Maybe even offer to mow it on their time off. You know, hearts and minds and all that….However, if it is felt that there is sufficient threat of violence from the home, then have a HIT team on standby, secure the perimeter, place overwatch. You know; all those sensible tactical things. You know, for when the home is lived in by pesky tea bagger and constitutionalist types, crazy white cracker white gun clingers i.e. the holy grail of domestic terrorism. No: reserve your no knock 0300hrs raid for the den of drug dealers and actual criminals.

    Ok, so enough of the assumptions. Let’s take a look at this. We are going to have, for this scenario, a no knock raid at 0300hrs. You are the husband of a family with a wife and young children, and at least one dog. You are preppers and Patriots and you have firearms and ready gear. You personally have a tactical ‘crash bag’ with your personal tactical gear, battle belt, plate carrier (PC) and ruck. You have weapons readily available in the house in case of a home invasion: something like a handgun, shotgun or AR15. However, with young kids, these are not right there on the nightstand, they are either in a safe or up somewhere high, like on hooks in the closet. You only have the ammo readily available that is loaded into that firearm. The rest is in your gear or in the safe.

    You are asleep and not expecting a home invasion. At 0300hrs the first you may know of the raid may be something like the following, or a combination:

    1) Flashbang on a pole crashing through a ground floor window and detonating – hopefully not in the same place as your sleeping daughter.

    2) Your dog barking at the front door.

    3) Ram smashing into your front door (entry team stacked up behind)

    4) Security motion sensor light coming on outside.

    They may or may not announce with shouts of ‘Police’ as they smash the door. Even if they do, you will likely not hear this clearly and anyway this is what criminal home invasion gangs do anyway (er…). The stronger your perimeter security, such as your front door, the more delay you will have and time to come rapidly awake, orient and make a decision as to what to do. At this point, the only choice you have is to grab a firearm to defend your home and family against what must be a criminal home invasion. You haven’t done anything wrong, right? Why would a HIT team raid your house at 0300hrs?

    So you leap out of bed in your pajamas, grab a weapon (handgun/shotgun/AR), and run to cover the entranceway, however your house is laid out. You may be on the ground floor or covering it from a stairwell, for example. Depending on your reaction speed and the time it takes for the stack to ram through your defenses, depends on how the relative positions of you and the stack will play out. They may still be stacked outside, or they may already be boiling into your entranceway.

    This is where we bring in our different scenarios, and how they may pan out:

    A)  Realizing that this is a Law Enforcement raid, you decline to open fire. The stack comes in through the door. If you decline to fight, you better drop that weapon before they see it, or they will riddle you with bullets. At this point, you are putting your trust in the restraint of the HIT team. They now own you, your house and your family. Remember, they are poorly trained and afraid. They want to go home at the end of their shift. Your safety is not really their concern, only as far as any liability goes. If they kill or injure anyone, they will cover it up and get away with it. You are encouraged to pursue these actions within the system of the courts, but there will never be any satisfaction to be had there. The courts are corrupt and stacked towards the HIT team.

    Oh yea, and they just shot and killed your beloved family pet as they made entry.

    Remember: It is very important to note that any danger created by the HIT raid is unnecessary and purely created by the actions of the HIT itself. The very methods they use are creating danger, in particular for the home occupants. The HIT is liable, pure and simple, for their unnecessary militarized actions. Any threat to “officer safety” is greatly overborne by the threat to civilian victim safety, and entirely avoidable by the use of civilized methods, as opposed to the current thuggery.

    What to expect? If you are not killed immediately, you will have weapons pointed at you. You wife and kids will be rousted out of bed, the family dogs killed and laying around thrashing in front of them. Rifle barrels will be pointed at your family. Death is only a twitchy trigger finger away. You and your wife will be screamed at, cussed at, thrown to the ground and restrained. If you argue you will be tasered and beaten if not shot, until you ‘stop resisting.’ Anyone in your house who is slow to react, such as a handicapped adult looking relative or child, or an ornery old WWII veteran from the Greatest Generation, risks being shot and killed for not immediately complying with orders.

    The HIT team now owns your house and your family. They will tear it apart looking for whatever it is they are looking for, even if it is the wrong address. Your kids will be segregated until a social worker arrives to take custody of them. They are now wards of the state until you are freed. You property will be torn up. You will be cussed at and threatened by HIT team guys looking like military in their full gear. They will take all your legally owned firearms and you will never see them again.

    In my opinion, the only way to justify this submissive response is if you feel that opening fire will threaten the safety of your wife and children. You choose to submit to this outrage because on the whole you feel it is the less risky approach to keeping your children alive. Similarly to being captured by an enemy in war, sometimes to fight to the last is just suicide when you may need to swallow your pride and live to fight another day.

    If this happens to you, then when all is said and done you have a choice. You can choose, as encouraged to do, to pursue a futile and expensive battle in the courts. That is the decision to remain in the Matrix. Or, having now seen to the safety of your family, go get your gear and wage war to the death against the agency(s) that attacked your house and you family, killed your dog(s) and humiliated you and your wife. However, if you choose course number two, know what it means. It means your death, at some point, however many you take with you. Also, it means the death of your reputation: the child porn that will be placed on your computer, the reports from neighbors that you were a ‘crazy loner survivalist type who collected guns’, the allegations that you physically and/or sexually abused your dogs and the occasional squirrel. Make your decision. Some will never bend the knee to tyranny, whatever the cost. If you step outside the Matrix, you will be tracked and killed however long and whatever resources it takes. Are you up for it?

    B)  You open fire through the door. At this point, the scenario could go many ways. They could make entry and kill you. You only have the rounds that you have in the weapon that you grabbed. You may or may not take some of them down by hitting them in the face/head/hips/legs outside of their body armor. For this option B, you don’t kill any of them and they make entry. If they do not kill you straight up, which they will likely do, then we are back to option A but you are, if alive, definitely going to jail while you fight the case of the justified use of force. Recently this happened and the guy that fought it from jail ended up hanging himself in his cell when he eventually lost the case. If you are released on bail, you have the choice of staying inside or stepping out of the Matrix. Know the cost of stepping out.

    C)  You open fire, hit a couple of them in the stack as they are trying the ram the door in. Remember, policies have changed recently in Police Departments to where they will try and intervene immediately to an active shooter situation. However, active shooter is different to a barricaded armed suspect. In that situation, HIT teams will not make entry, but cordon and lay siege until it can be resolved. By resolved, look at Waco and Dorner – death by fire trapped in the building.

    So you hit a couple of them, cause chaos and they pull back. At this point it is likely that the house is not fully cordoned off, not yet covered by overwatch sniper teams. It’s not an entry made after a long siege, at least not yet – they probably just showed up in whatever ride they have nowadays, like an armored vehicle, and de-bussed onto your front lawn before stacking up at your door. It will become a siege now they have been repelled. You may therefore have a small window to escape, but not with your family. You may decide to take this option, grab your gear, and step outside of the Matrix.

    If you do, then you are on the run. You better know how to take to the hills and survive out there, wet cold/hot, hungry, thirsty, dirty, smelly. If you do this, know the consequences, there is no going back. You have to assume that your family will be able to safely give up the ensuing siege without being harmed. You now have to duty to engage in offensive operations against the tyranny that brought this outrage to your home. This is the John Rambo option, without the Special Forces Colonel coming to take you back in at the end.

    D) You hit a couple of them, they pull back – you run and grab the rest of your gear and weapons but remain in the house. Know that they will never give up. You are now on the news holding your family hostage. They will establish a cordon around the property and it will then be too late to escape without being killed by snipers. Don’t even think about trying to escape with your wife and kids. You may negotiate for the safe exit of your family. After that, you either give yourself up or die in the house. The siege will never give up, it will never go away. If you give yourself up, then you will go to jail and have to fight the case that you shot a couple of HIT team members. The more of a firefight you engaged in from your property, the more you are likely to be killed or never get out of jail. Also, the more likely that they will light the whole house up with indiscriminate fire and potentially injure or kill your family members. Or burn it down around you.

    Just to take this back to introductory assumption number 3: defending a home from inside is not a viable option. It is ultimately folly.

    There are two main themes through this post:

    1)  The need to take account of the safety of your family. In fact, this is really the only reason why a Patriot would submit to such tyranny, with the other exception that he is captured asleep where to fight would be suicidal folly AT THAT TIME. It has been suggested, and I agree that it needs to be done, that I write a post on family safety in an SHTF/Resistance scenario. That post will follow soon. I do write about this very thing in my novel: ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises.’


    2) The need to consider what your actions would be following such a situation happening to you. Do you remain in the Matrix futilely thrashing about against the injustice of your wrecked house, infringed liberty, dead dog and humiliated family? Or do you make plans to step outside of the Matrix and wage war? Will others rise with you? Likely not, you will just be a news event until they get you. Don’t shelter in a cabin and die by fire, right! Keep low, move fast.

    Meanwhile: Nothing to see here folks. He abused his dog, he was crazy. Move along. Let’s all get back to typing our outrage on our keyboards as the slow soft bureaucracy advances the tyranny.

    When does tyranny become tyranny? When it is already here right?

    For an interesting video, HERE is the link to another one of those SAS Training videos that I have been posting. This shows a little of what the SAS Counter Terrorism Team gets up to, and how they do it. These guys, back in the day, originated all this hostage rescue stuff that has now become ‘SWAT’ – ‘all the gear no idea’ HIT teams.  Note that they show and use Waco as an example of how not to do it!

    (BTW: the show is about real terrorism, not the current fake stuff we are being terrified with nowadays.)

    Live Hard, Die Free.

    Editor’s Note: After much discussion on this topic, Max Velocity has added a follow up post to this article: Solutions – Follow Up to The Home Invasion Dilemma

    Max Velocity is an author, trainer, and operator of the website Max Velocity Tactical, providing tactical training and consultancy services for those preparing for disaster survival and high threat, protection and combat operations. His book Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival covers the subject matter in the article above, which Max derived from years of experience gained from service with special operations forces.

    For those who are fully squared away on the prepping side, his book: Rapid Fire! Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations omits mention of prepping, and expands on tactics.

    Read More From Max Velocity Tactical:

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      1. A serious topic for serious times. Not something most people want to talk about. Thank you Max for bringing it up.

        • It’s one of the best articles on the subject I’ve read in a while. Resistance IS futile in these situations, BUT, once it gets bad enough that NOT resisting is also futile in regards to self-preservation, then fighting back to the death seems the logical option…THEN, these SWAT thugs will feel some real fear.

          Imagine a prepper family who dug a tunnel from their basement to the free-standing garage, with a hidden exit on the back side leading to the neighbor’s yard. I know of one family like that. Their kids used to get dropped down a large laundry shoot into a bin of blankets and pillows in the basement. When they were young, they enjoyed the thrill of the ride down…it took only seconds.

          In today’s climate, it could save their lives.

          It pisses me off to no end, that we even have to have this discussion. The government seems to be the only violent criminal who can never lose, who never has to pay for their crimes.

          Somehow, THIS HAS TO CHANGE. I wish I had an answer for how to change it, but I don’t. I wish I believed it will get better, but I don’t.


          • Eventually a HIT team will insert into a dwelling that is boobytrapped w/ IEDs. When that happens, you can look for them to be a little more circumspect and a little less eager.

            • ….,only in the land of the free,
              and the home of the brave.

              • Carry even when at home. Carry a j frame airlight. Doesn’t get in the way and will save lives. Perfect with a Kramer holster.

                I can lay down and it isn’t in the way.

              • someday a great novelist is going to write
                a story about the “Summer of 13.”

            • 2packs4sure that is a possibility for sure. I thought of securing it here better but think I would just comply and then hunt them down latter and there family and post it on youtube. I pray that never has to be for there sake not mine.

          • We the people should raid there home.swat style.

            • every day, every hour, every week..until they are so burned out on it..that they get the F-ing message

              • HAHAHA,.VRF.the.USA.we.are.screwed.its.war.for.sure,thats.what.they’re.after,death.they’ll,stop.after.their.dead..

            • Kill my dog, I’ll kill every one of them. They wont have any place to hide.

          • Resistance is not futile if, and that may be a big if, you get together with your neighbors and prepare before-hand for this eventuality. Such raids would be stopped dead in their tracks if most people on your block agreed to shoot these bastards on arrival to your street, or as soon as they stepped out of their urban tanks. They only reason they are prevailing now is because there is no community resistance.

            • WCIII- I’ve been thinking for some time that the only way we may be able to effectively fight back, for now anyway, is to form “mutual defense associations” with like minded people who live close enough to lend a hand. That way, someone tries (hopefully unsuccessfully) to raid your house- you make 2 phone calls to start the phone tree off and the rest of the members converge on your property. once the “HIT” team was suddenly surrounded by several guys with guns at their backs- the dynamic of the scenario gets flipped a full 180. hopefully it would at least buy you enough time to bug out. the hardest part of course is going to be to find people who will stand with you and keep their mouths shut.

              • Thats why when they show up they have 100 to 150 to protect the team. Uniformed officers surround the neighborhood, block off all the streets, makes sure nobody interferes, regular officers dont even know whats going on. They just take orders.

            • Boring – Not even worth comment. Especially considering how a SWAT or HIT team are armed and protected!

              Better to face them stressing our constitutional rights, and live another day to win millions from the authorities who violated your rights.

              Our main job is SURVIVE, whatever they throw at us, and not act like a bunch of Insane, anti-government, terrorists.

              Folks are too intelligent to even consider the radical view stated in this article. Americans are Christians, believe in the good of mankind, not the evil.

              Better to drive the PTB crazy by laughing in their faces and not give them the violent press coverage, that they need to take away more of our freedoms!

              • Christian Man, welcome aboard. I don’t know where you’ve been, but unfortunately, such incidents really do occur. You’re NOT a terrorist if you’re defending your home against ANYONE trying to force their way in. It’s not exactly “AVON CALLING” when armed thugs try to force their way into your home. Such people will have evil intentions toward you; you can go to the bank on it. we are faced with a federal government that has some of the worst intentions imaginable toward all of us. You say you’re christian; read your Bible for the scriptures that command God’s followers to stand against evil. there are also scriptures where Jesus commanded his disciples arm themselves with swords and if they didn’t have the money for them to sell their clothing or whatever else they had in order to purchase swords. Self-defense is biblical; it was ordained by God. to surrender to evil will certainly guarantee your death. These out-of-control cops do not serve the public. they serve government. there are federal and state supreme court rulings that will verify what I’m saying. braveheart

                • Brave dude. Dead on again. You are amazing. I come from a large family and every family within our family has had the police boot their doors. Every fricking time, the police planted either dope or guns. I wish you had been on their juries.

                  • Mental health, sorry to hear about those raids. it’s time to start fighting back. You have the right to self-defense. I don’t care what anyone else says. Next person that kicks in your door, regardless of who it is, needs to be “ventilated”. braveheart

                  • out of curiosity — what state are we talking?

                • interesting comment – However you term all these LEO’s as ill trained, and eager to kill. I find our Police are very well trained, in conducting a Raid, you and your pistol would not have a chance against a modern SWAT team. It would be the same as committing suicide, and possibly giving them an excuse to destroy your family.
                  “Committing Suicide”, is in opposition to my Christian views. Survival is paramount, survival of you and your family!
                  You do no good to your self, family, community if you are Dead.
                  Get a grip and Life to pick your place and time to fight, not when you are outnumbered 10-12 to one or two. You are destined to die and give the PTB an excuse to add new and more restrictive laws.

                  • Fool.

                  • Christian Man, you misunderstand part of my comments. No, not all LEOs are like that, just the ones who don’t have what it takes to question what they’ve been taught in the academies. There are those who have resisted the brainwashing. they are the ones who know how to think for themselves and see what is really behind all this militarization of civilian law enforcement. the only real purpose of it is to have LE used as tools of terror and oppression against the people. There is a criminal nature to law enforcement today that did not exist in the cops I grew up around back in the 60s. back then the public could really trust them. they really did protect and serve in the communities all across this nation. corruption in their chosen profession was almost unheard of. Same thing for the courts. Now the situation is a total 180 turnaround from what it used to be. I don’t dial 911 for any reason. I handle situations myself. I don’t have blind, unquestioning faith in LE or the judicial system because I know better. Christian, you sound sincere in your views and I’m being sincere with mine, so I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’ll only ask you to google “swat team raids wrong address” or “police brutality” and you will have a gold mine of information as food for thought. Please wake up to what is really happening out here. Good luck. braveheart

                  • Well then by that logic all the Christians who went to the lions committed suicide…after all they could have just complied and bowed to caesar…no?

              • Boring? The only thing these thugs understand is force greater than theirs. If survive means on my knees hoping to win their fiat in their courts, the I’ll keep a full 30 round mag in my AK next to the bed. Ooohh, they violated my rights, give me some money. Sorry Charlie, I found out a long time ago how to deal with bullies and your way ain’t it. I’ve already decided to take them head on when it happens. I don’t kid myself about getting out alive. The plan is to take as many as possible with me. Maybe only one or two, but the rest will get it in their thick shaved heads that “we the people” will not take their aggression like we were Jews in WW2 Germany. And hopefully more will take them on as well. Maybe you’ll wish you had too when you’re sitting in a FEMA camp stressing your constitutional rights.

                • I’m with you SR. I would rather die with my boots on fighting a just cause than just give up and ‘live to fight another day.’ If I don’t fight now, then just when do I fight? If having my rights violated isn’t a just cause, then what exactly is? Something needs to spark a re-set in this country and if it takes the blood of patriots to do it, then so be it.

                  • Exactly. Like the guy who buries his guns so TPTB won’t find them. If they are buried how and when are you planning to use them and on whom? The time to use them is when they show up to take them. Imagine if the colonists hadn’t fought the British when they came for their guns. Would we even be having this conversation now? I don’t think so. Remember that when the inevitable happens, the last thing they are expecting is a fight. They aren’t ready for it. Take one or two out and watch them fall back like black rats. That being said, understand that as the article states, you probably will not get out alive. Deal with that fact, calm your mind, say a prayer and take out as many as you can before they take you out. Some of us HAVE to die so that others can live. The tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

                    If I were a drug dealer or some type of criminal it would be a different story. We’re not talking about that here.

                • Silverround, your brave words are inspiring, Have you read about Crazyhorse? You remind me of him. We need more like you.

                  • I have read about Crazyhorse. He was a great warrior. He had a vision that took him to the south where the Lakota were supposed to go when they died. He came back and was given a medicine pouch to protect him in life. A few years ago I was in an accident and my heart stopped beating. The paramedics brought me back and ever since that day I have had zero fear of death. I know it’s not the end.
                    This life we live in is merely a proving ground for the next one. It doesn’t end here for us, it’s just the beginning. Keep in mind that the powers that be are evil. Not of this world and against God and all of us that refuse to believe in them. They know that in the end they will lose and we will win. They may win some things here on this earth but so what? The game they are playing is for our minds and our souls. I will never give up either. Why should I? So I can live out my days as a serf, kneeling before their armies? I made a promise to always try and do the right thing, sometimes I fail, but I keep trying. Don’t ever let them get inside your head or your heart. Keep your head and your heart for the Father above. I will gladly die if I have to to keep them out of mine. Like I said, I don’t fear death, it’s another chapter for my soul.

              • You are part of the fucking problem.

              • @A Christian Man, Oh, I believe in the good of mankind, BUT I also recognize evil when I see it. It is every Christian’s duty and obligation to fight against evil, is it not?

            • There looks to be a lot of fear mongering by whomever for whatever reason, probably to instill chaos and impending havoc in our lives to get us fearful and undeceive. They know it’ll be difficult for your diction making process and extremely limit your choices when considering a reaction with either just you involved or having to consider your wife and kids. They know this and play on it.
              They already have Americans that for a paycheck will willingly triggeroff and gun down other Americans. All they need is a reason. If you break a law no matter what it is, in the right part of town in most cases, and if you resist any efforts on their part, that’s all they need. They go home at the end of their shift and you most likely go to the morgue.
              Remember; Officer Safety is paramount. Here’s why. Their taught a set of shooting parameters. Shoot inside these and you will be covered and protected. Economically it’s a lot easier and inexpensive to defend you and pay for a dubious shooting rather than pay for your survivor benefits should you be killed. That’s just money, numbers and odds. Everybody gets paid and you “the suspect” get dropped in a hole.
              Don’t think I’m saying that this in no way a shooting affects the offending officer, not in the slightest. Most green officers have not a clue of the effects of what they have done till it happens and they will deal with consequences for the rest of their lives. No matter how right. I have an acquaintance that back twenty five years ago in his career, he was involved in two that he has spoke about. It still bothers him today, it never goes away. One, he had a suspect that he was perusing came up out of his car pulling a trigger on a 380 hitting him. He pulled a shotgun out of the rack and returned fire hitting the suspect four times in the chest with 12 ga. 9 pellet high brass express at twenty feet. The one he has a real problem talking about was in the late 70s way out in the desert a long way from nowhere, there was this horrific truck crash. My late mother and father in laws were present. This driver was hopelessly trapped in the wreckage and there was fuel everywhere and it catches fire engulfing entire cab with the driver. He told me he was alive and talking before the fire, in bad shape but alive. He said the situation was hopeless and the screams were intolerable. He drew his service revolver and pulled the trigger once.
              This guy is a soft spoken a very nice and decent man. And he still has nightmares about these to this day.
              My wife and I believe heavily in Karma, I am a practicing Metaphysis. What you think about you bring about type thing or you reap what you sow. We refrain from considering what it would be if a 5 man stack came through the front door. Not saying we haven’t thought about it or failing to react to it but rather having trust in knowing that if it were to occur we would have guidance beyond us to deal with it. Trusting the whitelight for this guidance is all we need. Should we prevail, fine. Should we not, it might be time to get off of this rock on to a higher plane of thought. That’s fine too.
              There are thousands of actors in this play we are witnessing in front of us today in our country, hell, in the world for that matter. Tragic tails of all kinds on a daily basis in all locations. Inhumanity, cruelty of all kinds, mass killings shit just name it, it’s all there. Most likely it’s going to happen anyway. It’s your choice watch it, participate in it, run from it. Who knows what you or I might do. Maybe we’ll be shielded from it, that would be my guess.
              Bad people have bad things happen to them and they don’t know any difference. They don’t want to know another way, that’s what they know. A lot of times victims were bad people in prior life being taught now what it’s like being a victim of another. You won’t leave this place until you know both sides, should you choose. Should you choose to know what it is too willingly and woefully inflict pain, suffering, death and injury. Be assured of the “FACT” you will know the other side as well, you have no choice in it. Do one; most assuredly you’ll see the other.
              If you look at it in the right light long enough and honestly deep enough, with clarity you might see that there are in very few cases are if any such things as innocent victims.
              What would I do if an armed stack came through the door at four in the morning?
              I’m confident that I will have a clear and concise answer when it happens and in all probability will know my fate shortly thereafter.

              • Dear Karma,

                I have a list of people you missed.

                • Lost power last night during a thunderstorm, and my name disappeared.

                  And I didn’t do anything to cause it.

              • “Dear Karma,
                I have a list of people you missed.”

                No such thing as Karma. No such thing as previous lives. Bad things happen to good and bad people. Good things happen to good and bad people. Thinking about something bad will not cause it to happen. That’s like the old superstition about being quiet during a thunderstorm so lightning won’t strike the house.

              • Hammerun, I also am a “practicing metaphysics”, have been meditating for most of my life. I don’t believe in violence either, pursue peace with a passion, etc.. However, my spiritual path teaches me that even though it is wrong to kill, there is a time and a season for everything under the sun.

                These are not ordinary times. Our government has been taken over by unsavory characters. Our lives are at risk. And under the circumstances, it is wise, IMO, to consider what to do when SHTF because it IS COMING!!! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but sometime soon SHTF scenario will be here and we better be prepared!!

                There is no “if” about this… this stuff is coming. Unfortunately, no amount of positive thinking will change things. I think these are really great videos because they teach us what to do when things get rough. (Whether male or female!) (I’m female but have male name for this website.)

                Its better to be prepared than to be caught unaware. We all need to learn NOW, while we can, how to fight because TPTB are not on our side!!

                • Dam!!!
                  Maybe my composition skills need a little honing. I didn’t say I would just lay down and puppy up. Oh contraire! What I am saying is, situations like this are fluid. Decisions are quick, decisive and lethal, either side. I could be asleep and not hear it coming and wake up with a flash suppressor in the face. Or somebody out there gets a lucky shot in.
                  Or they throw a burner in and burn us out.
                  I’m not a full blown bible thumper, although I do believe but I believe in Spirit and the White light. Not fighting when in the presents of an aggressor is not in my DNA. But, going out and advertising that I’m looking for a fight is not a healthy idea.
                  Nor am I one of those that are hiding in the back closet armed with a steak knife franticly dialing 911 as someone is kicking the front door in. Force would be met with force without doubt.
                  Nefarious players and characters leading America today is without doubt at an all-time high and getting worse by the day. I haven’t done what I have done in the last 4.5 years because of Obama. It’s in spite of Obama. I saw this coming many moons ago and you are right “It aint over not by a long shot.”
                  They are going to slow roll us to at some point they trigger something and then this place will look akin to Kosovo or Cambodia, Syria, Egypt take your pick aint none of them nice. I believe there are those that want a civil war here, it frees up a lot of assets ripe for the picking.
                  No, no, no I have no delusions; we are in trouble, a boat load of it. But I believe there are those that are wildly deluded into thinking Americans in mass are going to just lay down without a fight. Have they got a surprise coming, the only problem is that the right faces won’t be out in the open where we can see them.

              • Hammerun, I didn’t mean to imply that positive thinking isn’t worthwhile; of course, it is important to think positively… God is the most positive “thing” there is…He said, “let there be light” and there was light, we are made in His image, etc.

                However, I know what has happened to my country; I know that TPTB are no good; I know that they have working steadily to erode all our civil liberties (even the second amendment– the most important one!!) And I know what happens to a citizenry when their country has been turned into a police state (like the newly acquired United States). And since I DO KNOW all these things, it is icumbent on me to also know how to defend myself because TPTB are up to no good!!!

                I guess, basically, I’ve taken the red pill (its the red pill?) have gone down the rabbit hole and keep seeming to go further, looking for TRUTH and the truth is, REVOLUTION is the only way to save my country from the thugs that took it over! I’m a truth seeker. and now I need to learn how to survive the storm that’s coming. so… the video is good!

                • sounds like you two are in violent agreement then. good.

              • @hammerun, ALL Children are innocent and they are often victims of great brutality that they didn’t bring on themselves, or do anything to deserve. How can you say there are very few innocent victims with a straight face?

                • @Sixpack;
                  I too have had thoughts on that level and about just that topic. Here’s the only justification I can see.
                  Stay with me here.
                  If you are a bully do you not eventually run into somebody bigger that can bully you?
                  If you beat the shit out of somebody doesn’t somebody beat the shit out of you?
                  If you are a burglar, don’t you at some point get arrested tried and jailed?
                  If you are a murderer, are you not murdered or incarcerated or put to death?
                  But that is for the here and now.
                  Humans are by nature, are self-punishing for the little stuff. If not, it will certainly be with you for the rest of your life.
                  Now for the pedophiles.
                  Me personally; I can think of a few things that should happen to a pedophile. But this is a unique group. They are so far gone with such a low moral standard, protected from the DOJ on down, given second chances and turned loose on society repetitively. The horrific unspeakable acts they commit, they’ll never self-punish. Our judicial system almost never drops a hammer on them.
                  So, if there is such a thing as Karma, they get reincarnated as an abused child and experience first-hand what it is like to suffer what they have done to other children in the past by somebody that at that time has made the choice to become a pedophile.
                  As I have said before, if one makes a dark choice he will experience the other side as well before he is complete.
                  This is the only closely viable reason I have the capability of thinking of. If there is a God, and I believe there is, why would he allow acts like this to occur? He has every capability of stopping it and yet it goes on.
                  That’s the only theory I can come up with that I can see any type of justification, ANY!
                  If I walked in on a situation like that and there was no doubt, the child would be sent out of the room. And I would find out what my self-inflicted punishment would be….. I could live with that.

            • Warrior Class III has the right answer. It is the only answer. There is no way they could twist a story of the entire neighborhood fighting off these thugs. I still remember Jose Guerena and what happened to him in Tucson. In addition, if more of the people became involved in true justice; for example the families of these SWAT thugs being exiled from the family for their acts then we could have an effect. Too often these SWAT team members are looked at as some kind of heroes for killing people before they can be brought to get a fair trial. I personally would not have anything to do with a SWAT team member in my family and would be highly critical of them. What it really comes down to is that this state of affairs will continue down this path and get worse until people take the same business to these individuals and give them a taste of their own medicine.
              Until people become organize to that end the situation will continue to get worse.

            • This is exactly correct. This simple set of statements needs to go viral. When everyone realizes that everyone is ultimately a target of the swat thugs or a serf on their knees, perhaps there will be more overt resistance.

              Lock and load.

            • And if your neighbors are sheeple just bringing up this subject can you in trouble.

          • Amen to that, sixpack!

          • How about we make a small start by disbelieving any and all of the “dog raping survivalist lunatic” media spin that’s put out whenever one of these things goes down?

            OOHHHH right… I forgot… Dorner lit the house on fire HIMSELF. Of course, how could I be so stupid?


            No big fan of his but come the fuck on, you expect me to buy that bullshit?

            • All of you folks who seek and speak Truth, they are going to call you a nazi raysis hater…So you may as well go all out.

              • Well, I DO hate nazis and racists…so what of it? LOL.

        • Honestly, if it came down to this situation, and I awoke to a home invasion, it would be a fight to the death.
          I know I’m not a criminal, and neither is anyone in my family- therefore, any 3 am door crashing must be interpreted as a CRIMINAL home invasion, and treated as such.
          If I ‘surrender’ when or IF I hear ‘police’, only to discover that they weren’t really police but a gang of thugs, now my kids and wife are raped and I’m dead anyways.
          And if they had the wrong house- I’m sure the police will already have a cover-up excuse for their incursion, so we’re all probably dead anyways, because dead people can’t sue, and they sure can’t refute any ‘planted’ evidence.
          No, the most likely reason for a 3 am door-busting is ill-will to my family and I.
          I’ll make sure their blood spills before ours, though.
          Inside my doorway, of course.
          So in summary…
          Note to thugs: pick a different house.
          Note to SWAT/HIT thugs: be DAMN sure you double-check the address first.

          • @ Fed Up –

            Our ‘amigos-in-black’ always want to play to their strengths and to use your weaknesses against you. Their night vision capability is one of their strengths.

            The only thing that the majority of us have going for us other than the ability of flip on a bedside light could perhaps be a flashlight somewhere in the nightstand. In order to neutralize even this minimal capability, the ‘amigos-in-black’ will ALWAYS kill the power to ANY building that they intend to enter dynamically.

            There may be a small window of opportunity for you to react between the time that they ‘drop’ the power and when they actually attempt entry ……. if you had any idea that your power had been cut off.

            The answer to this is a very simple, quite small alarm system that will let you know the second that the power goes down. Basically it consists of a wall-bud (plug-in transformer), piezo (sp?) electric alarm, a normally open
            relay and a 9-volt battery. There are excellent, easy to follow instructions posted out there. Most everything can be bought as a local hobby type store.

            When your power is cut, the normally open relay closes and the battery sets off the small alarm. If the alarm goes off and a quick peek out the window tells you that your neighbor across the street has lights on? You may just have unexpected ‘guests’ intent on dropping by.

            God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

            • Am I correct in restating your post? You are saying that invaders wearing night vision glasses can be temporarily blinded if you suddenly shine a flashlight at them?

              • No new nv have eye saving teck. It will adjust quickly. It will maybe give you a second or so.

              • The older ones shut down in bright light but the newer ones have a safety override…a good strobe might well mess with them though…

                • a large Kevlar net in front of the door properly secured, 3 feet out, and stood off from said door would give a nice safety margin. It’s not as goofy as it sounds.

                  • Not goofy at all…nets and wire work well over doors and windows on all kinds of outbuildings now…you can make great shutters and covers out of this type stuff…netting that can drop and entangle the feet or bodies of intruders can be effective…think of its equivalent to rolled barbed wire for entanglement purposes…not a goofy idea at all 🙂

            • back up power can be a real bitch for them, also very high powered tactical flashlights on the business end of a Remington 12 gauge

              can you say Light em up!?

              • I have the Leopold MX Modular tactical light. It is bright as hell when batteries are good. It was an expensive investment, but these things are damn well built.
                I know because I used to make them when I worked there in Beaverton.

            • @ mad markie – I have a flashlight in every room in the house and the car. Good reminder.

              • @ Greetings Emily –

                You are 100% correct that a WORKING flashlight can be a lifesaver in any number of situations. Both my wife and daughter carry a flashlight, multipurpose tool and a poncho in their purses at ALL times.

                I wasn’t suggesting that anyone attempt to shine their flashlight into the eyes of a night vision equipped intruder(s) in an attempt to blind them either. This could just get you killed a little quicker than otherwise; your flashlight would be a really excellent target.

                If the ‘amigos-in-black’ do come to your house in the early hours of the morning; there are certain ‘rules’ that they will ALWAYS follow. The building will be under observation. 1) They like to enter while it is still full dark but at least 2 hours after the last light has gone out. 2) They will ALWAYS turn off the electricity going into the building at a nearby substation.

                There can be a period of time between when the power is cut and when entry is attempted while the ‘amigos’ make sure that everyone is in place and that the power is actually off.

                This is when the little < $20 alarm that I described previously could be of use to you by alerting you that your power has been shut off.

                Good luck Emily and please don't ever stop asking questions or adding your input. We all learn from each other.

          • You have that right. Where I live in Florida, there is an armed invasion at least once a week and I will assume that this is one too. I have motion detectors in the yard and video surveillance cameras inside and out. If you come to my door and kick it in, you will be in for a serious surprise. I am armed 24/7, so there is no going to get a gun. I will be firing before the door hits the floor. My family comes first and you will go to hell fast if you kick in my door.

          • Fed Up, I’m with you all the way and there will be NO surrender on my part, regardless of who the would-be invaaders are. SURRENDERING TO ANYONE WITH EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD ME IS NOT AN OPTION, NOT EVEN PART OF MY VOCABULARY! braveheart

            • Way to go brave dude. You are awesome and would do anything. You are my hero and much tougher than most. Could and would I am sure will turn into do and done.

          • Everyone talks a big game about how ” I’ll go out in a blaze of Glory ” – not one stood + fought of the 3000 + people who had guns confiscated after Katrina. People have their most precious children taken away by social services every day – rarely does anyone put up a noteable resistance.

          • Amazing–don’t these raids get days of surveillance to be sure who they THINK is there, is really there??
            Easy for a screw to come loose and that 6 becomes a 9!!
            So, 106 becomes 109.

        • When I have spoken in the past about being mentally prepared to pull the trigger, this is what I was referring to.

          It all boils down to maintaining good situational awareness…..with some divine intervention thrown-in for good measure.

          • The first ones easy.

            It the second one is where you will be tested.

        • The next time this happens to some innocent family we as a group need to march, protest, harasses, and bring this to the front. Give the media what they want. A good old fashion protest. This works for every minority out there. It is time to use their tactics and say enough is enough. I am talking about hundreds of thousands of Oath Keepers descending on whatever town does this and hitting them hard using protest, the legal system (law suits), following cops in the town 24/7 with cameras, financial support for the family, whatever it takes to make this so painful and expensive for the said municipality that others will see this and have second thoughts. A shit storm like this got the state of Colorado involved in Ross management’s attack of the second amendment in very short order. It’s time to take back our country using all means necessary. ALL MEANS!!!
          This artical makes my blood just boil.

        • I don’t care if you KNOW it’s the biggest drug dealer in 4 states, there should NEVER be any such thing as a no-knock warrant: surely, that is a violation of Amendment 4.
          That being said, I know that they happen everyday; and, the answer to situation A, B, C, and D is to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

        • RIGHT NOW,the russians are traveling around america ,collecting the NAMES AND ADDRESSES of police gang members,START PHOTOGRAFFING them and follow them home,THE RUSSIANS WILL PAY $5.00 for every picture of them,a way to make money,and the russians will take care of these TRAITORS IN BLUE,they just need to I.D. them,and trust me,THE POLICE GANGS WERE NEVER YOUR FRIENDS,better to let the russians have them….THIS will be the FIRST TIME,someone can deal with these terrorists and THEY LOSE.GOOD by piggies,sad to see you go……..

          • I’d rather watch them fight it out, than to have to engage either myself.

        • Like the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany, now you see why people did not fight back then. Try to organize a resistance group and likely there will be a collaborator who will just get the bunch of you disappeared.

          These are scary times.

      2. As the anti-gunners continue to gain a foothold in the areas that pacifists are taking over, this type of police Gestapo is becoming more and more common. Why is it that you hear about the worst police abuse in areas that have restricted you protecting yourself the most? It starts with the police becoming thuds where the common citizen is lacking in self defense and the rights to use it.

        Also in free states the police are generally more driven by that freedom attitude to protect and serve. Not always, but far better than any european driven type states where the police get to act like KGB. You hear about these incidents much more so in places like california, new york, and other states that make it extremely hard to defend yourself. Look at states like Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Those states the police respect gun rights and the 2nd Amendment far more than these other feinsteinless and pro BO states. Just something to think about if you ever decide on moving, choosing a pro 2nd Amendment state is a pretty darn good idea.

        • BI you are exactly right, Big Government and Big Law Enforcement are just like a Bully, when they think they have you cowed they will try even harder to intimidate and subdue you. But in states where people are more Conservative and more Independent, Government and Law Enforcement show more respect to the people because they have to view peope more as equals rather than subjects, not because they want to, but because these people will not tolerate being pushed around. Sad thing is that these same States are becoming diluted by an influx of more Liberal or for lack of a better word, Hippie type people, who are drawn to states such as Idaho, Wyoming and Montana due to the fact that these states are scenic or recreation type states. That’s why I see bumper stickers in Wyoming that say’s ( WELCOME TO WYOMING, NOW GIT) My thoughts on this are, if your coming here, don’t try and bring what your trying to flee from. Trekker Out.

        • IMO this is all being driven by DHS who seems to have a lot of unlimited funds to throw around as bribe and extortion money. If your department wants a piece of that pie then they have to get with the program. And remember, DHS was created under a GOP leadership in the WH and Congress. Anti-gunners is a red herring. This goes mush deeper and higher than that. It’s about Agenda 21 and a globalist corporate oligarchy that would profit from an unarmed America and one world governing body and financial system. We are being fed upon by parasites.

      3. The FIRST thing preppers and patriots need to do is press their elected Reps for an Indiana type law that allows a homeowner to use deadly force against intrusions.

        The SECOND thing is to replace your windows and install Gorilla Glass 3 instead of duo pane windows. It will be a nice surprise when the SWAT Team tries to throw a flash bang through your window.

        Engage your employees or be assaulted by them. 🙂

        • Got to love my state!! Don’t come to the dance if you don’t want to party.

          • I forgot to mention, after the travon crap; there were a bunch of people at the capital stating the stand your ground law needs to be reviewed. I doubt it changes because we are a pretty pro 2nd state. We also just made switch blades legal again.

        • Im still waiting for the first home owner to implement the wake up call,,.,.., and to see how he is treated by the LEO’s and the Judges, and to see how quickly they try to change this law

      4. This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. What do you do, secretly work for the democratic party trying to stir up some incendiary responses that you can then quote on MSNBC.

        The simple answer to your loaded question is….DO NOTHING. ALWAYS MAINTAIN OPSEC.

        • Youre gonna maintain your OPSEC right into the National Socialist States of Amerikkka. Speak up or be trampled down.

          • Good to see you’re back…And of course you’re right…

            • We are facing the same situation that occupied Europe faced in the 30s and 40s. A hostile government hell bent on the destruction of basic freedoms so that the wealth of the occupied would be enjoyed by a few.
              The formation of a movement similar to the French, Dutch, Polish and Jewish resistance is necessary for liberty and freedom to survive. If anyone is delusional enough to believe that they are capable of standing alone against the onslaught of multiple armed assailants with unlimited government backing then they are mistaken.
              Survival with be determined by shadow warriors. Seemingly complacent during the day and active in the shadows and night. Sir Charlie did it in Vietnam and was quite successful. The Mujahadeen did it and continue to do it in Afghanastan. There will be those that have to go into hiding eventually. But the vast majority will be in the open waiting for the sun to set.
              OPSEC is your number one priority. Keep your mouth shut and your ears and eyes open. Let others thump their chests and threaten. They will draw fire away from you and your enemy will expose their position. Prepare and Pray !

              • It’s the multi-spectrum infra red they have that worries me.

          • Eisenkraut we did miss you. Kinda like you miss a wart when it’s gone. But you didn’t need to hurry back. Trekker Out.

            • Hey Trekker, cut him some slack…
              you do know how difficult it is to debug, right… 😉

        • The time for dancing around the issues is over..the music has stopped..did your chair go missing?

        • @cellar spider

          I kinda thought the same thing you did. Any agressive response to this topic could be used against you.

          Loose lips sink ships.

          • everything is going to be “used against you” even shit you didn’t do or say..being quiet isn’t going to win you any thing from them

            • agreed VRF. we’ve pretty much all got a target put on us by the gubmint already. might as well earn it.

              • Getting on this site telling everyone how I’m going to be John Rambo is stupid and does nothing for our cause. We don’t know what would happen in these situations so to get on here and stroke each others ego’s is useless.

                • sun tzu….

            • VRF

              Being stupid should be used against you.
              A “TEAM” of heavily equipped, half-assed trained guys who have made a plan to engage your home while you are asleep and you think go down in a blaze of glory.
              I think that is stupid.
              If you aren’t a criminal and they have the wrong house they made a mistake. I know noone on this site has ever made a mistake but apparently cops do.
              If your home is being invaded by thugs dressed like cops you are a drug dealer and they are ripping you for product or cash.
              Are SWAT teams overused? Sure.
              Are they needed? Would you do what they have to?
              Fight on your terms.
              In the beginning of TRUE SHTF many patriots will be targetted and the rest can then transition to a shoot first ask questions later mode at that time.
              Otherwise you just made someone’s job easy.

              • Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas have already provided the road map as to how to deal with government invasion in a pre SHTF scenario.

                The government has unlimited money and thus they have unlimited resources. If they want to kill you, they will. There is no doubt. And unfortunately, no consequences for them either, even if they made a mistake.

                You won’t be a martyr, the valiant effort you put up won’t be acknowledged, and as usual, documentation of the event will only be hearsay at best.

                I stand by my statement. Keep OPSEC to the very end and possibly live to fight another day. Your true advantage only comes in a post SHTF world.

              • your screen name is very fitting

                anyone who comes thru my door uninvited will get to meet God and my shot gun


                im not into getting raped, or watching it happen to any of my kids or wife
                so if you want to be a screaming little bitch over in the corner begging them not to hurt you as they take advantage of your family..thats your right

                Its just not how I plan to go out

                when they come thru your door they aint asking you if they hit the right house junior
                get a clue

                • Wow VRF

                  Didn’t realize you are such an Internet badass!
                  I should have known you are half ninja and half Chuck Norris.
                  Well I am fully aware of my capabilities and my responsibilities.
                  After they get done stomping a mud hole in your pompous ass then they will put a bullet in you.
                  It is Murphy’s law in reality.
                  My cowering ass will be alive and I can make realistic choices.
                  If it isn’t a mistake and they are there to “rape” my family I will still have the ability to give just as worthwhile an effort as you say you will.

                  When the SHTF you will have ample opportunity to prove yourself.
                  But hanging on to your Rambo fantasy will not serve your family because you will be tits up.
                  I still stand by what I said and you need to choose the terms of battle to be successful.
                  This hypothetical scenario is a fear pill.
                  He wants to sell a book.
                  Prep for what is likely to happen, that is scary enough.
                  Or go down in a blaze of glory.

                  • still clueless I see

              • SWAT teams are rarely ever needed, and it doesn’t matter whether or not I would do that job. I live near a city of 180,00 and county of over 350,000, and there is no reason to have a SWAT team here other than so we can get more DHS money and guys with thick necks can dress up and play soldier boy.

      5. Honestly, if it came down this situation, and I awoke to a home invasion, it would be a fight to the death.
        I know I’m not a criminal, and neither is anyone in my family- therefore, any 3 am door crashing must be interpreted as a CRIMINAL home invasion, and treated as such.
        If I ‘surrender’ when or IF I hear ‘police’, only to discover that they weren’t really police but a gang of thugs, now my kids and wife are raped and I’m dead anyways.
        And if they had the wrong house- I’m sure the police will already have a cover-up excuse for their incursion, so we’re all probably dead anyways, because dead people can’t sue, and they sure can’t refute any ‘planted’ evidence.
        No, the most likely reason for a 3 am door-busting is ill-will to my family and I.
        I’ll make sure their blood spills before ours, though.
        Inside my doorway, of course.
        So in summary…
        Note to thugs: pick a different house.
        Note to SWAT/HIT thugs: be DAMN sure you double-check the address first.

      6. More moronic stupidity from this site. You dwell on remotely improbable events while ignoring the highly probable. Idiots. You are not patriots, you are just stupid.

        • at least we’re well armed idiots…bang, bang, mofo!

        • NC Joe, do you actually watch/ look at news websites? This overjacked-adrenaline-and-ego-fueled authoritarian behavior is occurring all over the US. For heaven’s sake, why does a SWAT team need to intervene in raw milk distribution or rescue bambi. It goes to show you the efforts being made at desensitization by this administration, and our government as a whole.

          This kind of insanity scares the crap out of me. I live on the right side of the law. BUT I refuse to be a victim. If someone comes unannounced into my home they will pay for it. Period. Surely I will be listed as a whacko on the news, and the MSM will use it to further propagate the misconception that gun owners are nuts, because no one will be alive to tell the tale.

          On that note, there is an iPhone app that once you activate the camera, it immediately streams live footage to the internet. a site that you choose. That could always be an option to try to get the truth out before they can take the site down.


          • ” This overjacked-adrenaline-and-ego-fueled authoritarian behavior is occurring all over the US. For heaven’s sake, ”

            He’s mind blind…btw, what a wonderful quote… nice…

        • @ NC HOE

          If you don’t like the topics or the people here…. STOP COMING BACK Some people value the info here and the people we connect to

        • ncjoe, f#$%you! If you believe you’re smarter than anyone else here, then why do you keep coming back? you’re the moron so go f##$% yourself!

          • Brave heart , why dont you go slowly eat a fat bag of spicey dicks after you SOBER up !

            • Dearest Mother, I can’t see anything dear about you with the comment you posted, so go f#$% yourself, dearest mf!

            • How does this get by moderation unless it is one of the pre approved posters here.

              Just a question??

      7. The previous article was a paid advertisement for Buy-my-books-Max.

        • But on SHIF it will hopefully start a good three with serious discussion about home in vision which will help now and teach for the future.

          Remember in the end all we all want to do is to protect our home and family.

          • AND BE LEFT ALONE!!!!!

      8. I’m not buyin’ the whole, “all LE is working for TPTB” mentality.

        Yea, there are isolated incidences going on out there and mistaken residences whereby law-abiding citizens are being abused and their rights trampled on. But, we are not living in a “police state” yet.

        Most LE are just trying to make a decent living and raise their children without taking on the whole “gestapo” ideology.

        Until SHTF and we are living under martial law, I will be more concerned with the drug addicts and mentally unstable freaks trying to break down the doors to steal anything of value. Very seldom will those elements of society be bashing thru the doors at 3:00 am. loaded for bear.

        Most of the low-lifes/thieves are more likely to attempt to break in when there is some daylight and when they think no one is home.

        Meanwhile, I will count on the “local” LE as still being on the side of the law abiding citizens.

        If foreign forces start showing up disguised as LE, then all bets are off. Pass the buck shot and aim for the heart.

      9. Garbage buy my book crap.

      10. BI,
        You are 100 % right in the victim disarmament zones this is becoming all to common,
        NJ is facing a very nasty Antigun bill . NJ senate bill 2723 , this will invalidate ali of our Firarm purchaser ID cards and replace them with a digital version attached to our drivers license.
        You will be mandated to show proof of training approved by the state , you will not be able to purchase ammo without the I’d and a PERMIT TO PURCHASE FOR HAND GUNS to obtain handgun ammunition which will be registered with the state police , Quanity and caliber being recorded along with rifle ammo. This means you can not order ammo from the Internet or mail order. This will all be recorded electronically and Transmitted to Trenton.
        The penility for the possession of firearm without the proper ID 25 years with out parole 85 % mandatory sentencing.
        The RHINO governor has already passed 10 new gun bills that will have no effect on crime , he withheld this one and 2 others , if they are not vetoed by August 19 when the state senate is called into a special session who’s only purpose is to pass this draconian law it will by default become law do to the 45 day rule .
        They passed this law in committee by stopping the vote when they did not have enough votes to pass it then sent it to a democrat controlled committe where it passed . Anti gun organizations where allowed no time limit to comment , pro gun where held to a 2 minute rule.
        NJ sucks and it’s not going to get better, my job is here , I have an elderly parent that I care for so leaving is out of the question .

        Sometimes I feel I am living in a Anyn Rand / Robert Heinlein novel about a distopian future.

        If you live in a free state thank God for it.
        What this article presents is the dire consequences of bad leadership with an agenda Not consistent with our way of life.




        Semper Fi 8541

        Deep behind enemy lines

        • Good morning SHTF family, I rarely comment but I read the site everyday. Wanted to share my good news with everyone. Sorry its off topic.

          So long story short, I’ve been a prepper for about 4 years. I read “One Second After” and that was it, life changed immediately. Been preparing ever since. But my wife never wanted any part of it. She did see the point of having anything more than a week or so worth of food. Never wanted to go to the range with me, etc. She would make comments about the amount of money spent, and the amount of room my “things” were taking up. All in all she let me have my “hobby”.

          I have tried to get her to see what is happending around us, and after Hurrican Sandy last year she was a little more understanding. But she still wanted no part of it. And I’m not sure why I never thought about it before but I had never asked her to read the book that changed my life. It never occured to me, I guess I thought I could just convince her what needed to be done.

          So last week we were taking the family on a one week vacation. (which is another story in itself considering half our truck was full of survival gear) Anyway, I asked her to read One Second After while we were on vacation. Well…. she did, and her first response was “why didn’t you have me read this years ago”. Then she wanted to know how much food we have, how much cooking and heating equipment. She asked what she could do to help.

          So after years of prepping by myself, I finally have someone to help. The relief I have now is amazing. We’ve been home now a couple of days, and starting to talk about turning closets into a pantry and expanding our garden next year. It’s awesome!!

          So to all the other preppers out there who have significant others who do not support your efforts… be patient, keep trying to educate them, they will see the light. Hey if my wife did, anyone can. 🙂

          @Night Breaker; This state is getting worse by the day. We are looking at crossing the bridge into PA, but it’s not easy with jobs, kids, family, etc here in NJ. But now that my wife is on board with prepping it may be easier, we will see.

          • Good deal Ghost.Have tried the same with some friends/family,folks I love who actually have fair amounts of money.Have made small gains but still working on them.I on other hand with limited funds prep the best I can,at least buys me a little breathing room in natural/man made disaster,will keep working on folks gently but with legitimate points.I believe the issue is that deep down folks know things can go very wrong quickly but do not want to face that,especially those with kids.That said even a little prepping can help,will keep talking with them and hopefully expand their preps while I work on my own.Live for today,prep for tomorrow.

          • Ghost…hahaha… now that shes up and running you may find yourself following her lead…Ive seen this before and sometimes the one who didn’t care becomes the leader…its all good…glad to hear you have a helper now 🙂

          • Night Breaker and Ghost Rider, my deepest sympathy to both of you and hope you can eventually leave NJ. It’s Kommiefornia on the East coast. braveheart

          • We were already prepared for lots of stuff.
            I read the book, and then Gene read the book.
            His view–everyone should read this book. If you’re not prepping AFTER, there is something wrong with your brain.

          • PA is being turned into a fracking wasteland. You’ll be getting your water off the back of a truck if you want to live rural.

        • I am sorry for you night breaker… I pray for you and braveheart in my daily prayers. I lost a house and my credit with it to move to the pacific northwest but it has been worth the loss… free state, good gun laws and great rock concerts (LOL)…. keep the faith…

        • See!
          this is why you don’t sit around saying its not going to happen to me..shhh keep opsec..etc..

          its time to face it people , they are coming for your shit unless you stop them.

          In NJ too many people were afraid to “stick out” and say No..and now they are getting fucked

          Like I said in another post..the music has stopped..and they took your dam chair!

          • VRF, if I was in NJ, I would disregard their gun laws totally. 2A is all the permit we ever need. Man on the inside, thanks for your support. braveheart

            • yup, I agree

        • @ Night Breaker -I heard on the mainstream media this a.m. that they want or are thinking of having Chris Christie run for President.

          • He will lose…

      11. If one acts accordingly, the number of No knock Hits will quickly diminish, the reason they are so “scared” is because they know its unlawful, and that you’d have every right to mow them down

        no sane LE would want the outcome..its only because this hasent happened yet, that they even try this bullshit

        make it so you always have the upperhand, after all its your castle
        fortify it as such

        • Steel doors pined with a barricade bar, rolling shutters for the windows, and escape route to the basement (working on a tunnel… dammed water table fighting me on this one), gives us time … oh and i have covert security cams outside AND inside on all entry ways and hallway…. with a 48 hour nonstop loop with audio… that will be a blast when my attorney whips that out in court…. oh and all my door for the home are second story so the don’t get to use the “car” to ram….

      12. The scenario described in the above article happens more often than we would like to think about. If some here are not familiar with informationliberation dot com than I suggest you visit. Be prepared to be educated on the illegal searches and seizures and the killing of innocent family pets that is happening all over our country. Then make sure you have a plan.

      13. In fact, “law enforcement” DOES work for TPTB. No police are specified by the founders. Police chiefs and commissioners are appointed by the mayor. They are brought under the Federal umbrella by accepting grants and equipment. They receive specialty training, many times through DHS. They are the modern day version of the Gestapo.

        Compare some of the “Cops” teevee shows from the early eighties to now and the pre-emptive violence toward alleged criminals can be seen. You are guilty until you can prove innocence. Ass backwards. Submit or be tased or worse. Is this the way our “employees” should be acting? Most of the code and statute being enforced is not constitutional but a cash cow for the corporate state.

        The only local law enforcement should stem from the sheriff department, who IS an elected official.

        I believe Max had an article about vehicle getaway that I thought was a little over the top and resembled a “Baghdad convoy” story. This article, however, seems spot on.

        • I’ve read and seen some of Max’s articles and vids and some of them can be a little off the wall. It’s going to be downright impossible to defend your structure against a police style intrusion. If you don’t get out of the structure/house immediately after initial contact, your chances of you being the victor is slim. At that point it will become a siege and possibly a “Dorner” ending. Any tear gas CN/CS will ignite carpet, furniture or possibly wood, on fire. Try extinguishing four or five of those simultaneously while staying away from windows and carrying your long gun. Your best bet after engaging these invaders is get out of the structure if you can so you can move and fight, possibly withdrawing if necessary. Another thing, unless your house is bricked or of stone, you better sandbag the inside walls, cause .556 is coming through. A few years ago I had a friend who had some teenagers drive by his house and shoot at his mailbox with a .22 rim-fire rifle. One bullet went astray and came through his outside wall and lodged above his TV. His exterior wall is 2×6 stud with vinyl siding.

          • Build your home out of Trid Panel…. great stuff.

        • @JRS
          Agree with you 100%.. I spent 15 years as a police officer (1990 2005) and watched as the pervasive attitude changed before my eyes… The newer officers began viewing the public as 100% enemy and discussing “loopholes” whereby they coould perform warrantless searches just about anywhere anytime. I tried on numerous occasions to explain the basic flaws in the logic and when I brought up the constitution and it’s limitations they looked at me as if I was retarded or as if i was a “thug-hugger”. The whole attitude and atmosphere has changed and NOT for the betterment of society….

          • Seeing it everyday……

          • Tomcat, welcome aboard. I’ve had relatives who left LE for the reasons you just mentioned. They told me, “We joined law enforcement to protect and serve the public, NOT TO TERRORIZE THE PUBLIC.” [emphasis mine] Their fathers and grandfathers before them were cops, “old school” cops I will add. You sound like one yourself. Shortly after the creation of DHS and they starting giving grants to local, county, and state agencies, is when i began noticed a subtle change in their attitude toward the public. Not long afterward, I learned that the curriculum in all local, county, and state academies was being changed to the federal curriculum. That change was mandated as a condition to receive the federal grants from DHS. I’m afraid the day will come when LE will pay a horrific price for allowing themselves to be brainwashed like that. However, there are still some good people left in LE who never accepted that brainwashing as gospel. those are the only kind of people left in LE who the public can trust. LE today has a criminal nature to it, just like the judicial system it represents. There used to be a time when all police work had a legitimate basis to it. Now it appears to have lost that legitimacy, thanks to the federal government. That is who responsible for what has happened to law enforcment in this nation. the feds have ruined it, for everyone in and out of LE. Whenever the balloon finally goes up, I hope for their sakes they have a very good place to hide. the people that all the bad apples have victimized have longer memories than anyone thinks. I don’t want to see any war break out between LE and the public, but if LE totally turns against the public, it won’t end well for them. braveheart

          • When I worked as a jail guard, I witnessed in a hallway, a drunk prisoner. He was telling the trooper that he was going to kill him. When he made his lunge at the trooper, the trooper physically took him to the floor. He could have tasered him. I always hated to hear someone threatening to taser. In my opinion this trooper, 30’ish, is a caring man.

      14. Devvy Kidd just covered this topic yesterday at newswithviews.. titled:”who will stop rampart police brutality in America?” Direct website: She tells you of several true stories that tie into what is mentioned in this article. She also discusses the solutions. She refers to what Dr. Vieira has been talking and writing about…and that is the constitutional militia of the states..there is a video you need to listen to, that she references…it is at newswithviews TV..and you just have to hit on it in her article, and there it is. Coach Daubenmire, who also writes at newswithviews interviews Dr. Edwin Vieira on the state militia and the 2nd amendment…he asks Vieira how a militia would have been beneficial when Waco happened…Basically, our government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” (bottom up control) has been lost to “top down” control. Vieira explains how we have to regain what the Constitution outlined for us…Sheriff Richard Mack has been educating the sheriff’s across the nation of their “duty” to the constitution…if you access this video interview with Vieira…at the right side bar are several videos, and one is Sheriff Mack talking on the Bill of Rights before an audience of law enforcement people. You will really like what he says.So there is hope…there are people leading the way….and soon, the movie will be out, Molon Labe, that I have mentioned before…that will be so educational..inspired by Vieira’s book, “Sword and sovereignty”..which will feature Vieira, Ron Paul, Larry Pratt, sheriff Mack, G. Edward Griffin,Chuck Baldwin and many more…due out around labor day..last I saw. Read, get informed, educate others… most people will at least look at a video..Molon Labe should be one that will get many people’s attention. Vieira is so very knowledgeable…I have read all I can of his writings..mentioned his wisdom to many persons..and finally, some of the men, started to pay attention, when they saw the back cover of his book, on the state militias…(mentioned in Devvy’s article:Constitutional Homeland Security I think…has a big red X on the front), and Vieira is pictured with his rifle at a shooting range…I think he is an instructor…

        • Ive spoken/worked with Ed(Vieira) a few times and kicked a few ideas around concerning real money(his book Pieces Of Eight is a good read about money)and the state militia ideas…a very educated thinker with both feet planted in the rights of man arena…a lot of his ideas have been used in drafting bills for state legislatures on a host of issues…any of his books are goldmines of thought…Devvy Kidd is another one Ive had the pleasure of corresponding with on a few occasions…another deep thinker.Live free or die tryin”

        • I read Greg Evensen was just breitbarted, but still alive.

          • Do you have a link?

      15. It’s not a dilemma. A dilemma, by definition, is choosing between two bad choices.

      16. One way or another, there is no happy ending to this sort of situation. You open fire, you and most likely your family too will die. You submit, you might as well have died. Over here, they like trying the “spaghetti approach” when laying charges: throw a bunch of crap at the wall and see what sticks. So even if it is a wrongful raid and you and your family behave they will find something to charge you with even if it is total BS just to try and save face. Say, in the case described, improper storage of a firearm with my (legally unloaded but rounds in the sidesaddle) trigger-locked 870 in the armoire or even for a non-existent offence like owning body armour.

        And since the raid was illegal and nothing found on it is legally admissible in court (except for the reverse-onus gun charges) nothing will stick so they will likely say “no harm no foul” and it will take years and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

        So yeah, they boot your door down, you lose regardless what happens.

      17. maybe build your own flash bangs, once they are inside they would not be expecting shit like that to go off as you exit a window.

        two can play that game

      18. Here’s the deal, these scenarios have already played out, look back to the beginnings of WWII, the best course of action is intelligence. Stay tuned into ALL forms of news, mainstream and alternative. Once the ball starts rolling determine what it is they’re looking for, then the game of subterfuge begins. Coordinate with other like minded individuals as discreetly as possible, discuss and determine rally points. Set up early detection grids with neighbors. Because if they can come for you, they can come for anyone. Do NOT engage until you have safely secured your family if this is possible. Violence should ALWAYS be the last resort. When its time to fight, fight until victory!


        • Though will personally not buy a firearm like that my guess is no matter what the tech it can be beaten,perhaps not today but if they get out in the world soon will be.

          • absolutely, we think along the same path

      19. Every Measure, has a Counter Measure

      20. This is a disgrace to all law enforcement who try to play by the rules. There is a point in time, I believe, where people will start shooting LEO’s on site for abuses caused by these Barney Fife wannabes in military gear. If I’m going to get shot anyway, might as well take some company with me for the trip.

        • sight not site

      21. (Off Topic) I hope we all have enough bullets, beans, and band-aids 🙂 May I add….Baking Soda to the list. You can do laundry, clean, brush your teeth (tastes funny, but hey) Mix some with water and drink it to calm heart burn and acid reflux! 2 for a buck at the dollar store! It really is a good pre and post SHTF item to have. With many uses:)God Bless and keep Prepping!!!

        • Ah clean skivvies and fresh breath. Sounds like both ends are covered.

      22. Is insane that folks even have to think about this,unfortunately see a point if more die in these insane raids that this will be a spark that sends this country reeling,no good for anyone(at least anyone who can think clearly).This will lead potentially to citizens just shooting first.One city or town requires I read about tested leo’s to wear a lapel cam or something similar,if this was required during all these raids would not endanger leo lives unless clear time and again breaking law/constitution.I doubt though we will see wise spread use of this even though it helps protect everyone in legal situations.

      23. If they want you, they will get you sooner or later.

        It all happens in seconds with coordinated effort. Multi entry points with stun grenades and tear gas. While you wake from your sleep, confused and dazed.

        I had an experience with SWAT early one morning.
        Awakened by a knock at the door with two heavy arm officers. They asked me to vacate my home because the neighbor behind me barricaded himself in his house and was armed. I asked which home and told me. I said, “It’s only Crazy Bob”. The officer was kind of perplexed to my statement. My wife and I decided to go to breakfast.
        The inside story is that Crazy Bob was abusive to a wonderful wife as I had had conversations over the fence many times. One day as Bob was at work, she emptied the home of all belongings and left him a bottle of whiskey and a .38 special. He drank a lot and early that morning shot up the house to which the neighbors called the cops.
        The police taped off the roads and there was about a dozen or so SWAT guys. I figured it would be over by the time I came back from breakfast. OH, No! Bob was still inside and they were using a bullhorn trying to communicate with him. The sucker passed out on the floor and this went on for a few more hours. When I came home I ask one of the officers if his dog was still alive. He said yes and I said Bob will come out. He is just pissed off at the world. I could see all the positions the SWAT had set up to include snipers. One was in my back yard surveying Bob’s back yard. When Bob awoke I heard the SWAT commander ask Bob what he wanted. Bob answered he wanted them to go home. The commander informed him that was not going to happen. He finally came out but was shot with bean bags or rubber bullets as I heard the shots fired. He was unarmed but he wanted his smokes and turned to go back into the house. Yepper, they took Crazy Bob off to Jail.
        A few days later Bob was in his back yard and showed me his black and blue impressions of the projectiles. He did apologize. That was not then end for Bob had another run in with the Law and rather to give up after a car chase, shot himself.
        My neighborhood has had its problems. One lady with 10 dogs and 132 cats in her home. Druggies doing transactions. Racial tensions. Burglaries. Shots fired in the night. Even gun fire right in front of my home.
        Life goes on, I guess.

        • sounds like you need to move asap

      24. It’s a shocking crime caught on surveillance video. Looters trash and steal from a Detroit gas station. No one’s been arrested or charged in the case. The owner tells us, he’s thinking of closing up shop.

        Detroit’s east side has the store manager fed up. He asked not to be identified, fearing retaliation for coming forward, and Fox 2 is not revealing the location of the gas station.

        As shocking as it looks the manager claims this is “normal” and he says he says he’s not surprised. He believes there have been worse incidents than the one that was caught on camera, but owners are too afraid to talk about what’s going on.

      25. Home invasions are not uncommon here in the biggest craphole city in Texas. There is a lot of cartel violence, and the illegals and the gangs, and when they go after one of their targets they occasionally get the wrong address. Most of the population here is not awake to this and it can’t happen to them. My home was burglarized one year ago. That finally motivated me to get the home alarm system from the best company in the US (and pay the city permit so they come to the call), then get a gun and take tactical shooting lessons. There isn’t a lot more a person can do other that to make sure the folks passing your home understand what they are walking in to if they make the choice to have that experience and of course to keep what you have secret, or as secret as possible. Packs of 10 people doing home invasions are fairly regular down here. You have to watch who you associate with because you can become a target from that. I don’t let people into my home, I don’t have guests, I don’t talk about prepping anymore, I hussle my purchases inside in big generic shopping bags I bought at Ikea and I make sure I take my garbage/boxes/wrappers from anything that looks worthy of stealing to dumpsters down the road. Another whacky thing I do is keep solar powered flowers in the windows. The movement freaks people out, they have told me so. Also keeping a radio on AM talk radio at your door on loud is a deterrent. A yappy dog is a good one too but I don’t have time to deal with a dog. As a single female with one small child I think hiring the tactical teacher and then having him come to our home to do run thru’s was the best idea I’ve had because it allowed me to play through the scenario’s with someone the could have an intelligent give and take on the situation. Down here if you feel like you are in danger you can fire on them through the door. Happens daily. Ultimately motion detector camera’s with an alert would be the only way you could have notice. Down here they tend to do these invasions during the day to avoid the human element in the house. Since they watch your home in advance they know your schedule. As a single female I can hope I am not home is we have an invasion or another burglary. The reality of having a squirrely 3 year old in that kind of incident is pretty much a nightmare. This topic is something to always have active in the back of your mind.

        • Your comment is too well written to have come from a baby momma. Who wrote this comment for you?

          I don’t doubt that your circumstances are as bad as described because you appear to reside in a bad area, and the reason for that is the self-imposed poverty you made for yourself when you became a baby momma. How much welfare do you collect, just out of curiosity, for doing nothing other than getting pregnant out of wedlock?

          And, just out of curiosity, what makes you, personally, believe that you are entitled to being cared for by the taxpayers by virtue of getting pregnant out of wedlock?

          • I know you’re not talking to me a-hole because you have gone out an assumed a whole lot. Taxpayers are paying what for who and what? I pay everything myself. And you do not know why I’m a single parent nor do I need to fill you in. I’m not seeing how my post makes me some kind of welfare dependent slut. This city is a total shi#hole, every inch and I’m just really sorry if that’s a problem for you. I think you need to go crawl back into your hole and re-insert that rod that you pulled out of your @ss to be able to type to fantasy bullshi# you wrote above. Oh, and I’m not a ‘baby mama’…but thanks. I have to explain NOTHING TO YOU.

            • Sally, way to go, get that troll. Sorry to hear about your situation, but it sounds like you’re making the best of a seemingly hopeless situation. I know where you’re coming from. I face the same problems in Memphis every day. I’m also very selective about who I associate with, especially where I work at. That’s where I’ve had some real problems in the past. I pay for everything I want and need for myself out of my pocket, just as you do for yourself. Memphis is fast becoming a shithole itself, but I know how to hold my own. best wishes to you and your child. braveheart

            • Sally, I forgot to add. I’ve been burglarized in the past. just had 2 attempted burglaries on my home back in may less than a week apart, but I stopped their sorry asses cold both times. braveheart

              • Did’ja blast ’em full o’ holes braveheart?

                • Why don’t you just fuck off? Seriously, two comments in a row blasting others and not a single constructive word. If you’ve nothing smart or useful to say, do the world a favour and keep it to yourself.

              • THANKS Braveheart!
                Our Troll is likely the moron Peterson changing his name over and over on here- he got me- I was heated. I just know that as a single parent who does make it on my own I hear a lot of crap from people that assume that means you get all kinds of hand outs. I’ve never gotten a nickel nor wanted one. I got so sick of it at one point I checked into it for fun. Let me tell everyone, if you can qualify for those benefits you need them. The income level you have to have is so low we would be living under a bridge or in the car. I now understand why people who want those benefits have 4+ kids, that’s the only way a person can get them. We do not qualify. So the troll did hit a nerve because there is so much ignorance out there about the poor and I guess people automatically assume that if you are a single parent you are penniless and stupid. I don’t think many welfare recipients are concerned with prepping, tactical shooting, or anything else other thing except maintaining the benefits. Those benefits require the government to be pretty deep up your backside and they actually take over a lot of your private financial stuff, so for anyone to like that is definitely needy.

                Today’s news here is that there are ‘bottle bombs’ all over the Woodlands and that they have found 9 in the last week, so there’s an alert for no one to pick up any bottles there. I guess if people live in smaller populated areas they don’t have this level of non-stop crime. Here it is urban warfare with your neighbors (etc), not the police. Here you are more likely to have a home invasion by a crime group or a cartel issue than the police getting a wrong address. People that don’t live in areas overrun with illegals and gangs don’t understand that the cartels have infiltrated the entire country and that a lot of the drug related crime is through them. If you follow the Narco blogs you can see what is really going on. It’s just a matter of time before non-border states start acknowledging that. Memphis is pretty tough actually too. You have a tough situation there too, same as here with a little lesser population.
                I have found, here, that most people don’t think they should have to spend money to get alarm systems and do things to try to secure their stuff. Personally the alarm money paid per month is worth the ‘no entry delay’ going off and allowing me to grab the 9 and be ready. So all the whacky things that I do, as typed above, do make a huge difference. I only wrote them because some people could use some ideas and maybe take something from it. My whacky ideas also make me less of a target because it’s easier to hit the house next to me instead of dealing with mine. But if we do get hit again, I hope we’re not home.

                This city, whether you live in a regular neighborhood (as I do) or you live in one of the fabulous suburb’s like Sugarland or the Woodlands, the crime is beyond what is reported. The more fabulous areas are the targets since they know that’s where the good stuff is and that these people believe it can’t happen to them. I know when I lived in Phoenix it was the same story as here really. I think it will be fine, but for me and you as well, we cannot let our guard down to those around us. Thank God for PO Boxes.

                Be careful up there! It’s going to get worse with this economy. I’m stuck in the city for now but not forever. We’re in a good spot for being suburban preppers. We will be ok, but if something massive breaks out it will be dicey without question, but it will be for anyone in a city anywhere. So close to the border and such trash roaming the streets on a normal day.

                Going forward I will ignore the troll. Have a great week and be safe!

      26. Gave this some thought with a cup of coffee(no work today).The best one can do/peacefully is wire house for video/audio surveillance,probably not too much,battery backed up with perhaps a direct wireless feed to a computer elsewhere.You then have a record of raid,dump on net before bringing a copy into court whether a civil or criminal case.Of course though hope I am wrong this may become very common and folks carted off to who knows where,then see folks actually attacking police forces first,at that point at least short term all is lost and insanity rules.

      27. For the times we currently live in. You are out numbered, out gunned and stuck in a building. Cooperate then sue the hell out of everyone, make the rest of their life a never ending court case, make them have sleepless nights thinking about the litigation that they are going through. Be relentless and when you run out of major cases then use small claims court on each individual. Make sure they spend more time in court than on the street. Hire a researcher to run back ground checks on all that you can and see if you can dig up anything that can ruin their career or their chance for advancement. Hire someone to befriend one or more of them and record them saying something racist and then destroy their life with it. If you win one case then use that money to pursue other cases or to find dirt on the participants.

      28. Home invasions and burlaries are going to skyrocket soon. Eric Holder says release early all drug offenders. He says they are non-violent. Not. They may currently be in prison for drug charges, but those of us who have had to arrest these guys know whats going on here. It’s a racially motivated concept. Black people are disproportionally involved in the drug trade. So, lots of them are arrested and go to jail. Holder just wants to free black criminals. Holder is a racist. Obama is a racist. And they are making our country more dangerous for everyone.

        • @ maudy – I missed that on the news blabber.
          Holder really wants to do this?
          Ah, the excuse is ‘overcrowded’ prisons, I bet.
          Great, just great. My father now tells me
          my home is like a fortress now.
          All I need is the moat.
          There has to be a better solution.

        • No, what’s really going on is the drug trade and subsequent crimes and arrests are being intentionally created to fuel the war on drugs and privatized prison system. The people at the top make billions off of the scheme, and why not, they created it specifically for that purpose. The CIA for instance has been running drugs in and out of this country for years. And our esteemed politicians use it to stay in power with their backroom deals and speeches about being tough on crime. It’s one giant scam being played against us just like everything else. Locking up another 10,20,30 million isn’t going to change a thing except get a few old fat white haired rich freaks a few more billion dollars.

      29. last year, I came home to find my husband having what I thought was a stroke. It is a very long story, and I will spare you the details except to say thank God it was an isolated seizure, and he was in a post-ictal state (post seizure). He was beligerent and kept interfering with me calling 911. after a couple of attempts, he realized something was wrong and just sat and stared at me, made as hell as I called 911.

        When I told them what was going on, i mentioned I was not sure if he would cooperate with medics, as he was being stubborn about the whole business. they said they had to dispatch police in that scenario.

        I told him to sit his ass in that chair and not move. I checked him for his firearm, did a cursory search of the downstairs, shut and locked the safe, put the dogs out back and ran through the up stairs tucking my gun safe out of sight.

        Our local cops know us, they only stayed in the living room. I assured them he did not have any weapons (except a 2 inch pocket knife I forgot about–we found when he emptied pockets). Medics did want to go upstairs to “search for meds” because they were certain he OD’d. As such, the ED dr. treated him as an OD, even after the drug screen was negative, he said he had to have taken something. would not even call the neurologist. It was 6 hours before he could easily speak solid sentences. I took him home rather than have him admitted and be labeled an addict. The police I’m sure,now assume he was on something because of the medics actions.

        Our Neurologist made the diagnosis based on that days events, and his chronic condition.

        I’ve always wondered if the PD keeps notes on shit like that, in case they are ever called back to a residence.

        • “I’ve always wondered if the PD keeps notes on shit like that, in case they are ever called back to a residence”

          Yes , yes they do

          • I can second that they ABSOLUTELY do !! 15 years in the career field

        • Pen, I had a situation like that last February–couldn’t get him awake for 15 minutes; foaming at mouth; eyes receeded.
          Drs/nurse staff called it a stroke–I call it a seizure-stroke.
          Still think it was a stroke, not seizure.
          Good luck with those mood swings. Gene has beginning dementia, sleep apnea, and lots of stuff that affects behavior and attitude. CPAP training in Sept.; don’t even talk about dementia with VA!! You all know why.
          He’s like that 2 year-old with no restraints at times.

          • So sorry to hear of your struggles. Godspeed.

      30. @ Off Topic – Did you see on the news the rodeo of the clown with an Obama mask and put a broom up his backside. *snicker*
        I know I should be affronted, but thats one way to get the message out, that the majority of the people in this country don’t like Obamas running of the gov., and the raze of the constitution.

      31. though I agree its probably not a good idea to name your kid this, but..I don’t feel a Judge should have any say

        Also..does the court think that they can tell a parent what to call their kid, when the court is not listening ( so to speak)

        Just because his legal name on paper isn’t what the parents want, don’t think for one second if the parents have any moxie..they will call this kid as I would by their parents given name..screw you Judge, you cant tell me what to do in my own home, so KMA!

        • Saw this yesterday and I agree…she has no say in a kids naming! I doubt itll stand!

      32. This author has a very active imagination. This type of over-the-top hypothetical fear-mongering serves no purpose other than that of leftist political theory which promotes the disintegration of Americans’ trust in their institutions. It’s Basic Communist Theory and Practice 101.

        The author would do better focusing on composing an enthralling science fiction novel.

        This nonsense is so ridiculous as to not even be entertaining.

        How about getting some better educated, more intelligent, more credible economic contributors on here who could actually add explanation and insight to real world machinations???

        • The author is a former SAS soldier and former US Army and a combat veteran.

          He has forgotton more than you will ever know, troll.

          • Reality Check, right on, just another troll. braveheart

        • Anonymous, we can only WISH these things don’t happen, but they DO on an almost daily basis. braveheart

          • Hey BH,

            The avg is some 200 times a day across the country…
            Some of them legit. I wonder how many.
            In any case this just pisses me off!!!

            Nay sayers… do the research.

            • Howdy, jerrytbg. I didn’t know it was that high; interesting and alarming at the same time. No such incidents in my area yet to my knowledge, but I suspect something will happen soon. braveheart

              • It is mostly in high density pop centers…
                even so it is alarming.

                Peace brother.

      33. In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive they will find………

        The best way to prevent home invasion is to have a 87 year old naked female in the front yard. Believe me, nobody is going to mess with a naked Grandma!

        These are serious solutions for serious problems people!

      34. There is a book I would like to introduce you folks to:
        “Savage Continent” by Keith Lowe. It is an historical account of what happens to people in the aftermath of WWII and the complete breakdown of societies/civilization. While it does deal with WWII, it is well worth the read for one important thing, what happens to people and how they react/recover to the enormous shtf event they just lived through. It gives great insight into what one might expect on the other side of a major shtf event. We hopefully will have to live through that too. Civilization is eggshell thin and cracks easily.

      35. There is not a one of us who could say for sure what we would do in those circumstances, although just about all of us know for certainty what we would like to do.

        • Here is the Key to that

          Train for the event, train hard, train often..never let up, continue to train for the event

          When the event happens, you will go into “auto drive”
          and you will preform flawlessly

          this is what the SWAT teams do..and that’s how it works for them

      36. Plan B for me. 00 buck aimed low for the knees and below. Keep laying rounds through the bottom of the door until the police door knocker falls silent. Call 911 and explain your house has just experienced an attempted home invasion. Scream into the phone that you are in fear for your life and your families lives.

        Since you’ll most likely go to jail, finish off the entry team so there will not be a repeat on anyone else house.

        I think after a few of these incidents of entry teams having their dicks stepped on by law abiding citizens maybe they’ll get the idea that it’s better to come at a decent hour as officer friendly.

        • Don’t forget the 1 0z. rifled slugs. Two local police officers (sheriff deputy and town police officer) went to check on the welfare of a known schizophrenic residence. His mother had called the town police dept. because she was concerned for him after unable to reach him for a couple of days by phone. The two officers arrived and knocked on the door and didn’t get an answer. They tried forcing the door and were met with two 12 gauge shotgun blasts through the door with rifled slugs. Both officers died on the porch instantly. The guy was found guilty by reason of insanity and placed in a penal institution for the criminally insane. Two years after that he died of cancer while serving his time.

      37. The real question is whether you’re talking now or after it hits the fan. If it’s now you’re not going to die if you don’t resist. After it hits the fan it will be a whole different world. They might just be after your guns. Or they might take you to a death camp. It could become a life or death struggle.

        • With respect BC…a lot of people don’t resist and they die anyhow…too many documented cases out there to be able to logicly argue it any other way 🙂

      38. Families live fight and die together.

      39. A situation where all options suck and you will lose. You know that the SWAT teams have a “we will win at all costs” mentality. And willingness to burn your home down to the ground with you and your family in it. The media and the PAO propaganda machine will lie to public about what a menace you were, and the heroic efforts made by the LEOs to keep everyone “safe”. Dead men tell no tales.

        • Just what exactly have you hypothetically done to get SWAT to visit your home?

      40. So if I’m getting this right, the people on this site believe the police/SWAT are coming for them because they are doing something in their homes to get that visit? If that’s the case are you all drug dealers or cooking meth or something? Are you really delusional enough to believe that you are special enough to be a target for them randomly AND that you can out gun them. I’m hoping I’m reading this wrong because if that’s the situation you’re all out in lala land. Maybe you need to get out and meet non-prepper types and be with more positive people because it’s affecting your cerebral cortex. Maybe that ‘peterson’ guy yesterday was on to something after all yesterday. Basically you would be a dangerous group of murders plotting against law enforcement. You would then be the very reason they have had to become aggressive. Yes, I would believe this is not for the sane. Best of luck..

        • Obama has kill lists for after the collapse. They’re going to target gun owners, Republicans, Christians, Constitutionalists, and Pro-Lifers. They have people categorized based on their religion, purchase history, social website activity, internet searches, emails, and every other scrap of information that the NSA has captured and stored.

        • @ anon and sane: Please google “police raid wrong address” and see how many come up. I am not concerned about a warrant being served, I’m concerned about them raiding the WRONG ADDRESS and rather than double check their info, carry out the raid and then do everything they can to justify unlawful entry (ie: their stupid ass mistake), after the fact through false/manufactured charges or evidence. Basic fact: if they are at the incorrect address, they have NO LEGAL RIGHT to enter your home nor do you have a duty to let them in without a warrant. How each individual handles this situation is their own personal beliefs and acceptance of the consequences of their response. Whether it is an armed defense by the homeowner (PERFECTLY JUSTIFIED-if probably not survivable) or an attempt to reason with officers (only possible if they are not power trippin’ authoritative jerks), the article highlights to me that no matter the response by the homeowner, there are no easy answers or really any good outcome.

          • Howdy, Central TX Mom, and everything you say is true. Anon and sane is one of those people with blind, unquestioning faith in police; he thinks they’re perfect and would never do anything wrong. All he has to do is exactly like you suggested and there are a ton of articles to give him food for thought. Better yet, let his home get raided and see what kind of song he sings afterward. It bears saying again and I know I sound like a broken CD but here goes: ANYONE WHO COMES TO MY HOME WITH EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD ME HAD BETTER FORGET ABOUT IT. IT WON’T END WELL FOR YOU. I don’t go around having bad intentions toward other people, so no one has any good reason to try that on me. braveheart

            • Hi Braveheart, how are you doing in your neck of the “woods”. The area you’re in I think would be ripe for mistakes by LEOS having lived there myself and seen their “competence” in some situations. I get where anon and sane is coming from. Even though I’m only 42, I grew up respecting police officers and believing they would do the right thing. Unfortunately, due to my rude awakening of growing up and observation, I think all those I observed growing up in rural areas and small cities have either retired or quit and the “I’m a cop-aka god- you have to do as I say, right or wrong” have replaced them. The places we lived had 20,000 people or less – we moved about every 4 yrs – dad is retired Navy and he kept us on the outskirts of the bases except in VA., not really any rural areas close there. Stay safe & keep preppin’. Central TX Mom

              • Central TX Mom, to my knowledge, there have been no such SWAT incidents in this are as of yet, but unfortunately, we do have our share of new breed cops with that anti-public mentality. It’s only a matter of time before such an incident occurs here. braveheart

      41. Like 2 Pack mentioned before, IED’s laced around the entrance to the home in question would definately work to the dfenders advantage. All the talk of you will NEVER win when the SWAT Team arrives is rubbish. If you kill enough of them, they will stop or at least back off long enough to re-evaluate plans, giving you time to re-equip, move and/or re-arm. SWAT or police snipers a problem…..who plans on running out in the open anyway, and who says you can’t do a little sniping yourself? They are just damn people. They sweat and bleed just like we do, and can die just the same, thug gear, body armor or not. I think too much hype via image and TV has made law enforcement larger than life and in reality made people too afraid to even lift a finger. Maybe time and consequence will make Americans grow larger balls.

      42. Take a look at This BULLSHIT and remember, THESE are the people who are our Enemies.

        Be sure to read the pack of lies down the right side of the page with all their “False Statistics”.

        Man we really ARE at war for our Freedom.

        Keep the FAITH

        • In my world its hard to understand that there are people out there like this…breathing up good air that a sane person could be using….

      43. We know one of the goals of Agenda 21 is to disarm the population. The U.S. is the last hold out on the right to be armed. So, they are working on ‘the message’ to the public – to convince us we don’t want or need guns. While older American’s aren’t buying it, children in the public schools are being indoctrinated that ‘guns are bad.’

        Take a look at the document. Be able to recognize their manipulative words.

        Democrat manual: How to lie about gun control

        “Strategy document offers tips on manipulating public’s emotions”

        “The 80-page manual offers a step-by-step guide on how to stir up sympathy for victims, arrest the “moral authority” from opposing groups like the National Rifle Association and keep the debate emotional instead of allowing facts to interfere.”

        (The document)
        Title: Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging

        Examples from the manual:

        DO talk about “preventing gun violence.”
        DON’T talk about “gun control.”

        DO advocate for “stronger” gun laws.
        DON’T use the term “stricter” gun laws.

        • The important part of Agenda 21 is the goal of depopulating the earth down to a sustainable level of 500 million. That means 13 out of every 14 people on earth must die.

          • Does anyone know what the 21 stands for, as in agenda 21?

            • 21st century?

              • Agenda 21 stands for a NWO which in turn stands for…Talmud+Kabala=J.W.O.

      44. It’s been apparent for quit awhile that the
        Biggest threat to Americans freedom
        Is the American government.
        I just recently flew home after a long
        working trip,TSA is now using Boot
        Camp/drill Sargent tactics and yelling
        Too move people along.
        They just keep pushing pushing pushing
        Till they push too far,then whatch out!


      45. With the release of more and more criminals from prisons and jails, you would have to be living in fairytale land to not think one or more of these types could end up at your door any time day or night..

        also with the fact that we can also be dealing with this when it comes to our own government, because we all have seen where they cant get shit right..and kill or terrorize the wrong person or home at a regular basis

        so for those saying” what are you doing to believe you would encounter this”..the answer is.. Im living in The US of A and minding my own buiz.. not breaking any laws, and minding my own.. but when a criminal decides its your place hes going to hit, or a mistake by our lovely lawless enforcers.. it doesn’t really matter then if you were minding your own , now does it?

      46. Home invasion counter measures. Berreta Storm loaded with Hornady Critical Defence. Tarus seven shot 357. loaded with the same. And the safty that comes from God

      47. Wow, so basically, your options are:


        Oh yeah and die.

        As an aside, if you’ve only ever seen the movie “the Running Man” and never read the book… the movie’s a travesty. The BOOK was almost exactly like this article. You’d really like it.

        Hmmm. Middle of the Pacific Ocean’s looking better all the time, isn’t it?

      48. God save us all if we are now having to deal with having our doors kicked in for perhaps nothing more than venting or speaking our mind about the current situation.
        Lucky my house is small, less to fix after they tear it apart,
        To the NSA and the rest of the government thugs, you know who i am and how to get ahold of me. Just call me and or come by during the day and lets talk about this like adults, im hiding nothing so you are not going to find anything, ill even make a pot of coffee, personal liberty and the pursuit of such is not yet a crime, so to take one name off your list and save your resources just contact me and then we can meet up.

        • If 911 is a busy signal? Try 1-800-Dawn Donuts or 1-800-Dunkin Donuts when you need a cop.

        • Too bad civility is not in their nature

      49. Home invasion counter measures. Beretta Storm loaded with Hornady Critical Defence. Taurus seven shot 357. loaded with the same. And the safety that comes from God

        • He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

          • So true ,one must always know how to duck and run for cover!

      50. While this is good information, it is truly a situation I don’t want to get caught up in. Everything about it is lose-lose.

        • My feelings exactly!
          Who in their right mind would really want this sort of thing?
          I could be fine with just being left alone,

          • All I want is to be left alone. That is my Right as an American and as a free, sovereign human being, in control of my own destiny. I will not infringe on the person or property of others and expect no less of my fellow man.

      51. I just got done reading Radley Balko’s excellent book, “Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces”. I highly recommend this book, as it will really cement the “war against the citizenry” that rages on within police departments across America.

        It was noted that SWAT was to be called “Special Weapons ASSAULT Team”, but the word assault was considered “too harsh”.

        It is duly noted that the original term is more akin to what we now have. That’s a shame. Until the police start seeing themselves as civil servants and not our masters, we are headed on a dangerous course.

      52. Hmmm. Let see.

        So, they’re stacked up on the front door and they just busted the deadbold off. Oh, wait! The door is double barred. Yellow pine 2×4 on edge equa-spaced on the door.

        How about you snap on the switch to the microwave flood funnels? 10 microwave oven magnetrons on two 20 amp circuits all directed right up their assholes from underneath the porch??? Sounds interesting.

        What about the sten guns 10 of them, 5 on each end of the house each about an 8 gauge loaded with 4oz of 00 buck aimed in a crossfire pattern across the front port. Pull the safties. Arm the igniters. FIRE!!!

        Or, those porch lamps sure have funny fixtures. Oh, wait! No, those are hot water nozzles set in a spread to drown the porch fed from a special water heater that feeds them. The pressure? Comes from the 200+ degree water that is kept in the 40 gal heater. Takes two hours to recharge. Will they survive?

        Ever hear of a claymore?

        Its hard telling what some patriots will use, but, one thing is for sure, this better not become a trend in the rural areas. It won’t people will die horrible deaths. Patriots will not let this go.

        • You just gave me a warm fuzzy feelin!
          I would do the bar the door thing but right around the corner on the deck is a 16′ long sliding glass door! Kinda hard to secure that,

        • String those fishing hooks with three hooks on each with some fishing line at eye level on the back and sides of your country property. Screaming and hollering by invaders will then lessen the need for sensors, when they get their faces and eyes hooked. 🙂

      53. There’s something else you can do to make things a bit more difficult for them. Security system including cameras, silent alarms that are not on the grid. Another is, and this may SOUND stupid, and IS a bit of a pain in the rear, but you can put up a net along your hallway, very unobtrusively, where any flash bangs tossed down the hall will be rebounded right back at the tosser (a real “tosser” in more ways than one. I’ve seen this described elsewhere, but a pairs hooks paced near both sides of the floor, ceiling and maybe waist length at “chair rail level”.

        Another is some obstacle placed to slow a “dynamic entry” team at the door, ie. slide the sofa before bed.

        Yes, these things SEEM a little paranoid and MUST be done daily, but they will stop both real home intruders and misguided HIT teams. May buy enough time, should you choose to fight. May even get them to reconsider the raid before it’s truly underway.

        Just some thoughts.

        • I think some motion sensors that make a dog bark alarm noise and turns on a bunch of battery powered flood lights, they could just be standard exterior motion sensors connected to the noise maker and light relay, your neighbors wont like it but will definitely wake everyone up, and will also be a huge deterrent if its crooks

          • Kula,thought of and posted same thing,had not seen your post,agree completely along with battery backed up home video/audio.

      54. Wait till the goons meet dragons breath from a semi auto 12 gauge. Im sure there’s people out there with that type of weaponry. Hopefully there is.

      55. “FEAR SELLS” Not a very good story.

        Remember IF you read this stuff. “FEAR SELLS”

        I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just fallow the reason.


      56. anyone that crashes your front door is a thug.scenario 1. knock knock, hello who is there? scenario 2. crash….. bang bang…

      57. An eye for an eye!

        • Maybe change that to a whole head and neck for an eye….make it too costly for the lawless!

      58. Never, ever, ever fire on a police SWAT Team if they are coming into your house. That is absolutely a huge mistake.

        Yes, America has gone crazy but you still should not fire a weapon at police when they come to your house.

        They may be wrong and acting on false or misleading information. And they will be rough with you and it will be unpleasant but still do not fire at them.

        To discharge a weapon at a police officer or SWAT Team is to change the dynamic of the situation – for the worse – for you.

        They have the advantage and will, possibly, pull back and go into siege mode. And that will not end well for you.

        It sounds macho and Bruce Willis on an Internet board, but in real life, you are playing a totally different game. The state has the upper hand. You will not win against the state as a lone, Rambo character.

        Do not like the current political situation? Form coalitions, partner with others, call out the bad policies, kick out bad politicians. That’s what you do.

      59. kobayashi maru
        Truly an unwinnable scenario.
        Choose how you want to loose, on your feet or on you knees.

        • you mean Us tax payers will pay for this fuck up.

      60. I realize have posted a few times here on this issue but gave it more thought.It seems many times pets and at times people are killed who are innocent victims,so besides video monitoring the home would also consider trips at doors that set off a bright light/loud noise,battery backed up.A few fishing line what appears trip wires leading to bottles say on living room floor filled with water,this may delay a raid a bit,time to make phone calls or at least have more attention to area by neighbors if you have any.That idiot in Co. that shot up movie theater had his apt. wired with what seemed like explosives,caused a long,thought out approach.I would make a video of this setup and give to folks I know,if raided have em dump on net,might help in either a criminal/civil case along with any monitoring I mentioned in previous post.A nice side note to this would be many home invaders would also be in a state of shock with loud noises/bright lights,might get them to move on!

      61. In an ideal world you would have a lot on nanny cams and audio recording devices. If you we’re seen filming their actions they would confiscate the recording device and beat the crap out of you (which they may do anyway just because of the steroids induced anger). If you otherwise resist you will likely be killed. Fighting back just justifies their thuggery.

        Sooner or later with some luck too much video is going to turn the tide in the direction of the citizens.

      62. The best you can do is to document what happened to you. Do not violently resist. Violent resistance is a red flag to a bull. Put yourself in the shoes of the police officer: it is 3 am, they are entering a stranger’s home, they have no idea really what awaits behind the door, it is dark, they are pumped with fear, adrenalin, and excitement. They will also be acting on their training, which is basically designed to create automatic responses to situations in order to protect themselves.

        We also have more and more the tactics from Iraq being deployed. And you really do not stand a chance with that. The new technologies give huge advantage to law enforcement officers (ability to see through walls, listen through walls, track electronic devices, map and track all individuals under suspicion in real time). So, while you think you are being covert by hiding in the dark in a closet, they have already used a heat detector to analyze the house and all living creatures inside and see your sad-ass body in crouch mode with a shot gun in your hands. You will have just won the “Dumb-Fuck of the Year” award.

        • Than they should not be doing it

          the reason they are filled with fear is because what they are doing is illegal as hell, and any sane person in their own home should never be woke to this and be in the state of mind to wonder if they should defend themselves or not

          the cops know this is wrong, thats why they come in like gangsters..because they are, and acting just like someone who deserves a lead filled breakfast sandwich

          • Beg to differ here. I would bet dollars to donuts that those tac team types are pumped with that same mix of fear, adrenaline and excitement whether it is an unlawful raid or they are knocking down the front door of a confirmed meth lab/crack house/etc.

            Only difference is that law-abiding citizens are less likely to open fire or have booby traps set up.

      63. I just want to say, I think some commenters are neglecting to see that this is about Home Invasion…No matter who’s doing the Invading

        as far as I see it, if you are Invading, that word implies an unlawful entry

        so , with that said..fill em full of lead

      64. Max V is sooooo right. Depends on situation and circumstances on whether to fight or not. I would definitely carry a 45 with hp and extra clips. When they identify as law enforcement, I comply and drop gun (only because I know my law enforcement). If they didn’t identify or they shoot first, it’s on… A SHTF scenario would definitely be a different matter. They better identify before they knock and better not be breaking anything…

        Now I want to read Patriot Dawn again… Max V should write another PAW fiction book!

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