The Government’s Boots on the Ground When It Hits the Fan May Be Your Neighbors

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Emergency Preparedness | 280 comments

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    This article has been shared with the SHTFplan community by long time contributor and emergency response professional Prepared Pastor

    It had been several years since I left my positions on the city fire department and county HAZMAT team to move to the mountain state to teach wilderness survival and firearms, but I still missed being an emergency responder.  Especially after moving to town when I got married and started a family. When a friend asked me to join him at a CERT training session, all I knew was that it was an acronym for Community Emergency Response Team.  A rational person would think that meant it was about becoming part of a team within my community that responded to emergencies.  A rational person would be mistaken.  Sure, the training covered the basics of first aid, emergency preparedness, fire safety, light search and rescue, etc., but lacked the depth of a boy scout merit badge on those topics. I could not help wondering why FEMA would spend so many of our tax dollars to duplicate duties that, in my professional experience, the American Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations provide for free.

    I left the first day of training thinking that CERT, like many other government bureaucracies was just another hole the federal government pours money into hoping it will leach into productivity.  I was tempted not to complete the training, but not being a quitter and already halfway to earning a really neat emergency response kit to add to the plethora of gear collected over a lifetime in emergency services, I resigned myself to spending another beautiful Saturday in a folding metal chair or aiming an electronic fire extinguisher at digital flames (we actually did this).

    I was surprised to find that this particular CERT team had never actually responded to an emergency. They were put on alert once which the commander was quite excited to talk about.  He told us one day CERT volunteers could be paired with uniformed emergency responders when an incident required additional manpower.  Another surprise was the speaker they brought in from the U.S. Department of Justice on the final day. The first words out of his mouth were a question, “Are there any militia members or white supremacists here?” While we sat there in stunned silence he continued to explain there was nothing wrong with belonging to a militia or being a white supremest as long as one did not did so within the confines of the law. “If men want to dress up and run around in the woods practicing their First Amendment right, I have no problem with that” he said.  He then spent the next couple hours describing the types of behavior he did have a problem with and how militias and other organizations had been infiltrated, enticed to engage in illegal activities, and prosecuted for thinking they had done so.  After several engaging tales of covert operations it was time for the real purpose of his lecture for which he prepared his only hand-out, Homeland Security Terrorist Indicators.  It provided contact information for the USDOJ and FBI offices serving our area and instructed us to call them anytime we saw ‘suspicious activity’ which included, but was not limited to:

    Individual’s residence contains little or no furniture Photographing or videotaping in public places such as malls Ownership of police manuals, military training manuals, flight manuals, radio scanners, or other communications equipment Presence of weapons such as knives, pistols, rifles, etc. in a residence.

    Attached to the extensive list was a reminder that these were just a few possible indicators and if it doesn’t feel right, report it! BUT do not disclose to anyone that you did.  During his talk, he verbally added to the list several common items including 100# propane cylinders.  When I indicated that I had a couple of those lying in my yard until I could get them filled and returned to my cabin, he replied that my neighbors had probably called the FBI on me and that they investigate every report.  If my neighbors did report my ‘suspicious behavior’ (which I doubt) then I either have an FBI file or an addition to my existing file.

    In July 2010, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), at Secretary Janet Napolitano’s direction, launched a national “If You See Something, Say Something™” public awareness campaign –a simple and effective program to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and violent crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper state and local law enforcement authorities.  While CERT teams predate this campaign by 25 years, the evidence is overwhelming that  the program has been realigned to confirm to that mantra. Other than public relations/recruiting activities, the only service opportunity presented since I joined was entering surveillance data during a large community event.

    If you are concerned about the federal government spending your tax dollars to train your neighbors to spy on you, the shadow army they are building through their Incident Command System should keep you up at night.  It includes 428,500 men and women trained (as per the 2012 National Preparedness Report) and organized into local units.  Units which have established call-out procedures for emergency response that will work just as well when the emergency is you. Sure, there are those who will refuse to respond (I will be at my retreat), but many will submit to the National Defense Resource Preparedness executive order signed by Barak Obama on March 16, 2012 which redefined authority expanded under the 2009 re-authorization of The Defense Production Act of 1950.  The executive order makes it crystal clear that any labor deemed necessary in a state of emergency may be conscripted at the discretion of the government.

    In summary:

    • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are trained and instructed to identify and report ‘suspicious behavior’ to the FBI and other authorities.
    • CERT volunteers are being actively used in covert surveillance activities.
    • CERT volunteers are organized to work with local and federal law enforcement agencies.
    • CERT volunteers may be forced into service in the event of a national emergency.

    It is not the purpose of this article to tell you whether or not to join a CERT Team.  The training is beneficial to newbies.  The free meals and emergency kit are quite nice.  At least with our team it is acceptable to get trained and equipped and not go through the credentialing process to be called out during emergencies. It could not hurt to have a county ID and CERT uniform (helmet and vest) if caught on the road WTSHTF.  However, their threat to your personal privacy today and, in a worst case scenario, your personal liberty tomorrow must be disclosed.  Those who question how authorities would know where to confiscate unregistered guns under martial law can expect their neighbors to rat them out and quite possibly accompany law enforcement to their homes.

    About Prepared Pastor:
    Before entering the ministry, I was a firefighter, HAZMAT, confined space, and rope rescue technician. I also taught wilderness survival and shooting sports for the BSA. An experienced author and speaker, I have spoken on emergency preparedness at churches and secular conferences.


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      1. The paranoia factor in a preparedness atmosphere can work against one. My neighbors could very well be scoping me out to see what I’m up to, but I figure as long as I act normal and just like them, I can blend in.

        Blending in is a technique to use in this day and age. If you come up on a riot, “become” a rioter. If you come up on a large demonstration and need to get through it on to the other side, “become” a demonstrator.

        • Hoping you are all well, and ready to put your survival plans into full swing.

          TOMORROW June 6 The ECB report on spanish bank runs in the first quarter(estimated at 121 BILLION)And you thought Greece was a problem?

          June 11…The IMF report of POSSIBLE bailout stats…Hundreds of billions that just like the US will NEED to be printed from thin air….NOT GOOD

          Sure…Watch your neighbor…but if your plan is in place,and you are ready, the nosey neighbor can fall right next to the commie he brings to your door….

        • Once caveat:

          Do be careful about blending in with the demonstrator thing just to get across the street.

          I tried that once (Downtown Portland, OR – that whole Occupy thing – I had a meeting to hit, and waiting for that mob to pass would’ve taken forever). The problem is that once you manage to sneak into in the stream, getting out of it is very tough to do, for two reasons:

          – The cops will demand that (in my case it was politely, but firmly) you stay in the protest march. They do it so that folks don’t wander off the protest and start breaking windows, looting businesses, etc. The police line the streets fairly well, so you have to keep a sharp eye out for a spot to drop off w/o a police officer threatening to arrest you for deviating from the protest. (FYI, they did arrest anyone who did step off the side w/o a valid reason – e.g. showing signs of medical distress, etc). I finally got out by faking like I was feeling faint.

          – second, you’re talking about a big, flowing mob of people. Very talkative, passionate, (depending on the protest) ignorant, and highly excitable people. These are people who want you to shout along with them, who will ask you questions, demand answers of you, who will suspect you of being a provocateur or an undercover cop, and who will think it really odd that you don’t quite look the part, aren’t carrying a sign, etc.

          Long story short, you have to be very damn careful in there, because you stand a good chance of pissing off the protesters (if you’re not familiar with or believe in their cause), or the cops (because let’s face it – you want the hell out of there ASAP).

          As for riots/mobs? Whole different ball of shit, and your best hope of survival is to not go near one if you can help it. Your one and only goal in that case is to get the hell out of and away from it, and do it weapons-ready while not attracting cops’ attention by showing too much. Good luck with that.

          • I agree 100%. If I or my family are going to “blend in” We will be blending in with the trees and dirt thanks.
            Tactically “address” ANY THREAT
            I would even be avoiding crowds over four people.
            God help us.Just remember,for those of you who “believe”there is no God(there are NO atheists in foxholes)
            Gear up and keep ENTIRELY to yourselves.

            • I work in an office with a very nice group of people but my boss likes to know what is going on and there are several well liked workers who regularly report all they see or hear. Those workers like being “in” with the boss and don’t have any issues with being a spy.
              Now if that is going on in an office with nothing much to worry about, what might happen there or in our neighborhoods if the political climate got dangerous? Those people who “report” in offices will also do this in neighborhoods if they have someone to report to. And the person who receives the report won’t know or care how true the report is.

            • What the bloody hell is going on in this country? When people turn on each other, what’s the point? We need to find common ground here. We might have different views, but if we turn on each other, they win. No? Help your neighbor, be a friend to those in need, treat someone as you would like to be treated. We are all kindred spirit, right?

            • No one is talking about “turning on each other”

              Just taking care of ones own…ALOT of us WILL band together…Now you tell me, When ten or fifteen MEN of mulitple colors, COME, and they will,to your door….
              Im thinking you wont be inviting them in for tea…
              I could be wrong??

        • Here’s the latest from manos..

          especially pertinent to this post..
          read the last sentence regarding neighbors..


          Hi guys,

          The daily life is still the same.

          Things keep going because some divine hand still help us.

          You wake up in the morning having no mood at all. And it’s this heat
          which destroys your brain cells. Today, it’s 34 degrees Celcius.

          I’ve kept a small amount of around 250 euros, to buy some final
          provisions. Mostly meat cans, vitamins, and dried bread. I will store
          them to my parents’ basement, in order to have alternative escape

          The rumour about a power shortage is more and more been discussed
          around people, and alternative media.

          It’s being said that the Power Company is no longer having the money
          to purchase coal and diesel.

          We don’t have a generator for home use, so in case of a failure, we
          must consume all refrigerator food first.

          Maria bought two big camping gas devices, with many spare bottles of
          gas. We can cook all meat and veggies, and then share them with the
          rest of the family.

          My shotgun is full, and well equiped. I hope i don’t need to use it.

          My car had a small sterring wheel failure last Friday, and i had to
          fix immediately. I don’t know if we have to leave the town in a rush.

          I tried to find a small hut in the property but nobody sells at all.
          Prices are so low, that they don’t want to sell their properties for
          nothing. I’m considering to buy a caravan and put it in the biggest
          olive-filed. A small one with 2 beds, light enough to be dragged by my
          car, costs around 5.000 euros.

          Today the stock market is going upwards, but soon enough the final
          collapse will occur. Spain is going down rapidly.

          I’ll keep posting as long as i can. don’t worry, i’m fully equiped and prepared.

          Just take care of yourselves and families.

          When the things reach to your neighborhood, you will have to fight.

          Your fellow citizens are still living in their utopia. When they
          realize the danger, they will turn into ruthless beasts.

          I pray for you all.

        • Yep, your jewish cult is what brings on so many problems that you are “preparing” for, and then when they escalate to epic proportions, you only want to help your fellow jew-wannabes. Christianity is a hateful religion for shallow people.

          //JW says:
          June 4, 2012 at 4:37 pm
          “I couldn’t care less if that puts the thumpers off”

          The problem is many people preparing for SHTF are Christian and you think this poor attitude towards people of faith is gonna help make friends? How discouraging it is for me and very near sighted on your part.

          Sorry but I’ll throw my lot in with the rest of my fellow believers and steer clear of people like you.

      2. Get Some!

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

        • ::thump thump thump::



          • Shut up troll! Get thee yonder…

            • Not trolling, referring to the tedious bible-thumping.

              I couldn’t care less if that puts the thumpers off. This is a SHTF forum, not a religious soapbox.

            • So when did you become the Freedom of Speech police? Like I said earlier, Get thee yonder!!!

            • ….It is a little boring.

            • “I couldn’t care less if that puts the thumpers off”

              The problem is many people preparing for SHTF are Christian and you think this poor attitude towards people of faith is gonna help make friends? How discouraging it is for me and very near sighted on your part.

              Sorry but I’ll throw my lot in with the rest of my fellow believers and steer clear of people like you.

            • JW said: Sorry but I’ll throw my lot in with the rest of my fellow believers and steer clear of people like you.

              Steer where you will, JW. Somehow I’ll manage.

            • BraneFrees:
              People speak in realtion to how they think or what is important to them. It is kind of like having an accent. So if you are a prepper you see the word in prepper terms and speak like that. So if some one loves God they also see the word in those terms and their speech reflects that. They are not attacking or trying to recruit anyone. They are just using the ideas and adjectives that make sense to them. Their speaking accent is their love for God. That is all. Do not be offended other put off by it. They are your fellow preppers.

          • I must have missed the thumping somewhere. One guy said something about God and one guy had Jesus as his name. Two people constitutes thumping huh? Ticks you off when people voice their religious belief in their response? Wonder if it ticks them off when you voice your distaste for religion? Hell, I don’t know you, don’t know them, just asking. It is a great site.

            • Lee from LA:

              You must be new here. Stick around and you’ll see the thumping on a regular basis. Personally I don’t feel it adds anything to the usefulness of the forum. Maybe someone could/should start a site titled “WhenSHTFGetOutYourBiblesandStartPreaching”?

              Regarding: Ticks you off when people voice their religious belief in their response?

              I do find it tedious and boringly unnecessary to publicly tie everything into one’s religious beliefs. All roads do not have to lead to Rome all of the time.

              Regarding voicing my distaste for religion – I don’t have a distaste for religion. See the above sentence.

              And yep, it’s a great site.

            • “All roads do not have to lead to Rome all of the time.”

              Err, I can tell you right now the dude isn’t Catholic 😉

              (How do I know? Well, for one we papists don’t go around misusing His name like that.)

              I get the feeling that once things begin to collapse in earnest, and the realization sets in? Well, it’s like the old saying goes: “No such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.” I figure a lot of folks will ramp up whatever religious sentiment they can scrounge.

            • Prepared Pastor- thanks for a great article. Ragardless of whether or not someone chooses to get the CERT training, I appreciate you taking the time to write it. We can all learn from your experience, as well as the experiences of those who respond to it.
              BraneFrees- Yes, our religious views are sort of a filter that everything we encounter must pass through. That’s just how we view the world. It actually is an ‘obsession’ that makes sense for us. Otherwise we’d drift through life not having any fixed standard by which to gauge anything, and we’d be much more vulnerable to the propaganda that surrounds us. By the way, thanks for remaining civil in your criticism. A hearty debate is always more profitable than a screaming match, no matter which side of the debate you’re on.
              Odd Questioner- ” …once things begin to collapse in earnest…I figure a lot of folks will ramp up whatever religious sentiment they can scrounge.” Now THAT was right on the money! (of course, in the interest of full disclosure, you know I’m still trying to convert you to protestantism too!) 🙂

            • SmokinOkie:

              Your comment – “Yes, our religious views are sort of a filter that everything we encounter must pass through. That’s just how we view the world. It actually is an ‘obsession’ that makes sense for us. Otherwise we’d drift through life not having any fixed standard by which to gauge anything, and we’d be much more vulnerable to the propaganda that surrounds us.”

              I understand that sentiment perfectly and have no disagreement. I frequently enjoy your writings and those of Prepared Pastor and even Odd Questioner (oddly enough). Somehow you folks and many others manage to post here without feeling the need to “expound mightily” (aka thumpthumpthump) on your beliefs. Others – well, sometimes they’re not so successful along those lines.

              This is where I come to get my daily SHTF input, not sermons.

              Mac runs a great site for the purpose intended. When I’m in the mood for the Hallelujah Chorus, there are places for that too. This just ain’t it – in my opinion. YMMV.

            • Well, I see it this way:

              a lot of folks, especially the newly-converted, get the idea that they’re the only ones who have figured this out, and go off to evangelize at full-throttle. At the slightest hint of being scorned, they go nuts and redouble their efforts.

              Strangely enough, I see a lot of the opposite online as well: atheists who, for various reasons, have decided to take the opportunity to belittle and dismiss any hint of religious thought or belief. At the slightest hint of being rebuffed, they in turn go out of their way to crank up the dismissal.

              You are someone I did not see at either extreme, so no harm, no foul. I’m somewhere here in the middle as well. I am rather devout in my beliefs, but I’m not going to go out of my way to become a full-time apologetic or missionary. There’s too many other, much bigger things that need to be addressed, especially this close to collapse.


              “…of course, in the interest of full disclosure, you know I’m still trying to convert you to protestantism too!”

              Many have tried, many more have failed. 🙂

              I’ve actually managed to sample a LOT of different religions throughout my little multi-decade journey, including the complete lack of one. Coming home to my own was, in spite of being away from it for nearly a quarter-century, one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever known in my life.

              Besides, prepping for SHTF as a Catholic is actually easy – just need a few books (3 annual missals, a copy of the latest Catechism, and if you feel like it, a copy of canon law. Maybe a hymnal or two, but the missals usually have a ton of hymns in them as well).

              Come to think of it? It’ll be impossible to get the whole Eucharist thing going sans priest, but you could get up somewhat of a stockpile in advance (but no wine – it would go bad within a year). I think we’ll all figure out how to make do. 🙂

            • @BraneFrees
              Like I said, I don’t know you guy (or gal), but I do like the articulation of ideas and freedom of speech without being beligerent (both you and most of the other responses); few people can argue a counter point without devolving into name calling. I like religious people; I even like some very irreligious (might have made that word up) people. What I don’t really like is fruit inspectors (religious people will get that reference).
              Thanks for the great conversation and replies.

        • So you’re trying to tell us that God wants you to take out your nosy neighbors?

          Please get a grip.

          • @VeteranJarheadAviator

            I’m not out looking for a fight. If the Kapos bring the brigands to your door what should be their expectation? Will you turn in your 2nd Amendments when your told to or forced to? If I say that my 2nd Amendment is my Battle Rifle are you offended? I say “Get Some” to whomever thinks they can take it from me. “Get Some”.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

        • @BraneFrees

          If my handle offends you, it might help to let you know it wasn’t my first choice and I was mulling a third name when my first comment posted, accidently. It’s good so I’ll keep it.

          As for the “get some” comment. It refers to the article above concerning confiscation of weapons. I’ll bar the gates and if they mean to breach I will defend the breach.

          So, no worries Brother.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

          • @JCiSoG

            “Offend” isn’t exactly accurate. Perhaps more exasperation at those in general who come here and attach religion to everything as though this were a place for proselytizing rather than the forum that it is.

            Regarding your stance on confiscation, no argument there.

            With you personally, no quarrel at all. We haven’t even met.

            • @BraneFrees

              Our quarrel is not with each other but to the usurpers of our Constitutional Republic. Will they put us to task? Until then.

              Standing by in Texas.
              The Lord is Righteous.

            • Branefrees

              As much as this might piss you off yes God is tied into EVERYTHING. have some patients bro. Be well.

            • BraneFrees,
              Please don’t get exasperated due to ‘attaching religion to everything…’. As a christian, we have a personal relationship with a living God and our lives and events (which we all read on this site) are inseparable. Without sounding too preachy, christianity isn’t a religion as much as a way of life. Many of us are feeling moved by our Lord (biblically and by the movement of His Spirit) to prepare. Many of us, christians, aren’t experts in the many areas of prepping and we are learning. Many of us do share our experiences in order to assist others. This is a perfect forum/site to share our abilities, thoughts, and ideas.
              I’ll agree with you that preaching here, on this site, may not be proper most of the time. Yet, many here need to be encouraged to continue prepping, that they’re not alone and most of the topics are first rate whether one is of faith or not.
              Peace be with you.

            • YoungMAP said: “As much as this might piss you off yes God is tied into EVERYTHING.”

              Why would that piss me off?

              I don’t think you’re reading what I’m writing.

            • With the possibble exception of Islam, Atheism is the most fanatical religion.

            • In responce to BranFrees’ frustration with those of faith,DRD5508 has the most articulate and true to Christianity response,I agree with him/her 100%

              DRD5508 says:
              June 5, 2012 at 1:05 pm

              Please don’t get exasperated due to ‘attaching religion to everything…’. As a Christian, we have a personal relationship with a living God and our lives and events (which we all read on this site) are inseparable. Without sounding too preachy, Christianity isn’t a religion as much as a way of life. Many of us are feeling moved by our Lord (biblically and by the movement of His Spirit) to prepare. Many of us, Christians, aren’t experts in the many areas of prepping and we are learning. Many of us do share our experiences in order to assist others. This is a perfect forum/site to share our abilities, thoughts, and ideas.
              I’ll agree with you that preaching here, on this site, may not be proper most of the time. Yet, many here need to be encouraged to continue prepping, that they’re not alone and most of the topics are first rate whether one is of faith or not.
              Peace be with you.

      3. I live out in a rural area, so all of my neighbors are armed and often practice shooting in their woods. But I wonder, is membership in CERT a matter of public record? (Meaning: is there a website where I can see who in my community is part of this program?)

        • Just join up and stfu…its your ticket,maybe,but wtf just join up.
          Tell them your a janitor and your wife a homemaker…
          At least you get the helmet,vest ,food, first aid equip. and possibly a free pass down the road?? You already paid for it ,why not play the game??

          • arizona fred: you are on the money as is the author of this piece. Get the training, basic as it is, and get the gear which includes I.D. and other outward signs of “office”. It’s like being in the other teams huddle because you get to know what TPTB really want from you and the other volunteers. And you can find out who could be potential rat by what they say during these meetings as well. Best way to hide is in plain sight. As long as you keep your mouth shut, you can gleen a lot as a mole and make some “friends” along the way.

          • thanks for the link.
            under the training section it states that cert members are required to build their own response kits and bring them to the training free lunch.

            • Where did you find that? I’m not seeing it.

        • Re: Mick’s comment In my county, it falls under County Emergency Svcs. The answer is “no!”. These tms fall under county and state , if need be federal, control. They have the tm roster, since they control and train these people, but no one else does. The training is thru FEMA. That should give you some information.

        • Thanks for the replies, guys. 🙂

      4. Or, start your own campaign to organize your own community disaster team….

        • Like Joplin Missouri. Great example of keeping the feds out.

      5. “It could not hurt to have a county ID and CERT uniform (helmet and vest) if caught on the road WTSHTF.”

        I know about 10 people that have all been through the CERT training and every single one of them did it for the above reason. (and the swag bag of gear/food, but mostly for the ID)

        • I say we all join, if they can infiltrate our groups we can and should infiltrate theirs…

          • If you’re concerned that they’re hauling the wrong people in, why not volunteer for Jury Duty and help put a stop to it?

            • Honest question: how do you “volunter” for jury duty?…Ive never been asked only told…be there.

        • Probably not a bad idea. Wonder if you’ll see fake ones popping up on eBay? ; )

          You are starting to hear that “If you see something…” line in more than just the airport and train stations. Interesting stuff.

          People will do anything to “feel” safe.

          • Just like in Germany in the 1930s, we have a lot of ex-middle-class now jobless, a lot of unease, a lot of resentment, etc. Two things people do in these circumstances are: Join organizations that give them a feeling of belonging, and fink on their neighbors.

      6. “” It includes 428,500 men and women trained (as per the 2012 National Preparedness Report) and organized into local units.””

        Good article Pastor.

        But I disagree. There are ZERO Men and Women, but 428,500 corporate robots with no sense of right or wrong.

        Hopefully they will find their human spirit before they do any real damage.

        • Oh no no no GC….428,500 are not all robots for the corp you hate so much…not at all. You’ve already seen the posts here; many join up just so that have that little ID tag…what a grand escape plan – think I’ll join.

      7. MOLON LABE!

      8. Oh but for a few baubels, a morsel of food, or a dose of medicine that many will swear their allegiance and follow!

      9. It’s a shame we have to not only watch our six for all the alphabet soup agencies, but now we learn we must be wary and aware of our own neighbors too. Just another reason to be vigilant on being observant with everything you do, and maybe most importantly, keeping quiet about what you have and your particular level of preparedness.

        I still must believe however, that WE SURROUND THEM, now to figure out how to eventually consolidate that power….

        Great article Prepared Pastor, hopefully your neighbors are truly your friends and are trustworthy. Because if they happenchance to read this article, and they are gung-ho CERT members, you may actually get that visit, know what know mean?

        • Op Sec is everything….my neighbor and I signed up. Now the authorities know us, and we know them. Hopefully that will get us thru the roadblocks and back to our homesteads when the SHTF. We now have a “legit” reason in their eyes to be carrying the gear we carry back and forth to work…

          We no longer look like “right wing militia” in their eyes. That is the point…

      10. Yes, there might be a large shadow army of unwitting finks that the Feds will press into service ratting out their neighbors, but at the end of the day, someone is going to have to go to those locations and try and disarm those with guns. I would not put it above those who have a conscience to set up John Q. Law by sending them to a location where the inhabitants have been tipped off and are waiting in ambush.

        Also, those who rat out their neighbors are a lot more accessible to the same neighbors seeking revenge for confiscation of their food and weapons than the police thugs who took them. Either way, there will be bloodshed that will turn your stomach when TSHTF. Expecting that, and being prepared for it, needs to be a part of your mental preparation.

        • MHM ~ In your opinion how does a relatively peaceful person mentally prepare for witnessing/participating in that type of mayhem? Is it enough to simply be aware that it’s going to occur?

          I somehow don’t really think so. We can expect it till the cows come home but when actually presented with something gruesome and horrible, it’s going to be far more horrifying than many will be ready for.

          • @Daisy,

            I believe the majority of people are relatively peaceful and do not deliberately go looking for trouble. However, when there is a shortage of food and people are starving, then all bets are off. Think about it for a second – assume you do not have a stockpile of food stored away, and your girls are starving. What lengths would you go to to ensure they did not go hungry? Would you rat on your prepper neighbor if it meant you got a portion of their food when the Feds come to take it away? Would you sell yourself to ensure your children had food? Or would you kill others for the food you suspect they have, or in order to butcher them for sustenance?

            Now think of the 95+ percent of the populace who are not prepared for when the food shipments stop. Desperation will compel normally peaceful and nonviolent people to do things that they would never otherwise consider. For examples look at what the survivors of the siege of Leningrad did to stay alive, what the survivors of the plane crash in the Andes did to stay alive (they were all strong Catholics by the way), and look to the recent examples of the civil war in Bosnia/Serbia, and what the inhabitants did to survive. In Africa, regimes routinely use hunger as a weapon against rival factions, and the weak and old starve to death while the strong take up arms to take what little food there is.

            I served several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and I was lucky to never firsthand see dead bodies or body parts. I certainly saw plenty of photos of what happens during a civil war, enough for several lifetimes; and my duties required me to compile battle reports into brief summaries of the battlefield incidents for the reading enjoyment of members of the command group. From this, I have no illusions about the degree of inhumanity which one group of people can inflict upon another. Certainly part of mental preparation is first accepting how evil people can be, and accepting that you will see those kinds of things. It is like prepping in a way; most people refuse to accept the need to do so because it requires an acknowledgment of the problem, and because it is such a horrible problem, most will choose to pretend it doesn’t even exist so they will not have to think about it. You have to accept that you will see awful things, that their will be stuff you will see and your impulse will be to help, but some things you just cannot help. If you are squeamish with those kinds of thoughts, then you need to desensitize yourself to the squeamishness because it will paralyze you into inaction when action is required.

            • Bravo – excellent post! (I think about this very think alot)

            • Wow, great response, MHM.

              First, I’m really sorry that you had to document those atrocities – that must have been a very difficult way to spend a work day.

              I worry about people I care about simply shutting down because it’s all too much for them to cope with. We’ll see a lot of that paralysis that you mentioned. I am not squeamish, a characteristic which has (unfortunately) been tested. My biggest personal mental struggle will be to stand by and not help.

        • So many on this site just seething and eager for the opportunity to kill a fellow American. There is something very wrong with you people.

          • Not just ANY American..But a real scumbag liberal American …..Talk about driving into the ditch? Are we really seeing what we think we’re seeing??
            Its simple…if you’re not prepared ,you will be the first to go…sorry

          • I dont think the one that seem eager are the ones to worry about

          • ummmm….remember the American Revolution?…

            Then we were Brits ready to shed British blood, to free ourselves from that yoke???

            Today, we are controlled by idiots in DC that understand us as much as the idiots in Parliament understood the colonists…

            They seek to take our freedoms, our liberty. They in DC seek to destroy the country given to us by our founders, and the Constitution that many of us are sworn to defend.

            Many similarities between then and now

        • @Daisy:

          Can and Will you protect your daughters from mayhem ?

          Kill to protect them ?

          Can And Will you protect yourself from mayhem ?

          Kill to protect ?

          If in doubt…”WWND”…
          ……………..what would ninaO do………

          You are now mentally prepared….now go outside to watch the sun go to sleep….hot beverage to sip….breathe……….breathe….survival is 99% mental……..we humans are a tough breed, with mothers being our rock, our foundation, our strength……now….go hug your children…they are your rock, your inspiration, and your strength….

 safe…nuttin’ but love..i got your six….B

          • BA ~

            Sadly, but without doubt or hesitation.

            NinaO will love your acronym.

            Hugs back at ya, B. 😉

            • @Daisy:

              NO ! NO ! NO!

              No doubt

              No hesitation

              Make that part of your preps…

              When you get knocked down, no doubt, no hesitation…get back up!

              When you get knocked down, no doubt, no hesitation…get back up!

              When they try to knock you down, no doubt, no hesitation…knock then down first…knock them down permanent!

              Sell your cloak and buy a sword…that sword is not for parades…the sword is your tool…YOU are the weapon.

              Do not pay with your life to protect what is yours…make them pay with their lives for trying to take from you…make them doubt,make them hesitate!

              Give unto God, that which is His. Give unto satan,that which is his. Use extreme and permanent prejudice. When it comes to survival,there is no second place.

              …Be safe…take care…i got your six…you too Burt,lol…B

            • @BA Nice!!! Hope you don’t mind but I’ve printed that out.

            • Bad American

              Thanks for that…bit of a language issue, what’s my six?

              Take care

            • He thinks your oil needs checked

            • It’s your 6 o’clock, or back. Think of a face clock when giving directions, your left is 9 and your right is 3.

      11. Interesting, the gov’t is creating a cold war environment in this country. On the plus side, as the ptb are constantly proving they have ulterior motives so are many that attend the CERT training. They are using people for their own agenda and attendees are turning the tables; using them.
        For you alls info; many of the Fed LEOs (i.e. border patrol, ICE, etc..) are experiencing an increasing and alarming rate of agent suicides. There are also a high number of retirees that the agencies can’t replace fast enough.
        Point: TPTB are having a hard time with employeed LEOs, they’ll have an even harder time counting on the supposed 400,000 plus CERT trained.
        Keep prepping and don’t have any anxiety attacks, we that are preparred must continue to encourage one another. Stay in His Grace.

      12. First, I would like to thank the author for bringing us this information.

        Secondly, I would like to ask as many activists as possible to join CERT teams to make sure the enemy is given false information, and to help sabotage their operations.

        when no one is looking you can slash tires, infect computers, steal equipment for our side, make sure important documents are lost, etc. etc.

        The possibilities are endless, but it’s important that we do infiltrate the enemy’s camp so we can accomplish these things.

        This is war. We either win, or die, and we’re already being attacked, so start fighting with your brain until the bullets start flying.

      13. Really interesting piece, PP. This is the first article I’ve read discrediting this “training” and showing it for what it really is. Great job!

      14. Soros said that he enjoyed serving up his neighbors to the Gestapo. I’ve lost my fear of any of this for several years now. I hope that our LEOs and Service Members refuse any illegal orders. We will just have to deal with the circumstances as they develop.

        The Lord is Righteous.
        Standing by in Texas.

        • Tyranny breeds informers like rats.

          Might also point out that bureaucracies do much the same. Scandal is a political tool in a world where government workers cannot be fired for incompetence.

          • How true OC. I know it was only a movie, but a great example was on the movie “The Patriot”. For those who watched it, the scene where everyone was herded into the town church and one person started spouting off about those who supplied Benjamin Martin( Mel Gibson), hoping he would gain favor with his captors. Alas, he died anyway when they (the British) burned the church with the townfolks inside. This type of conduct from neighbors, friends and even family will transpire when their bellies become “pinched”. Some however will “drop a dime” on those who will try to curry position or money from the PTB, others out of just plain meaness.

        • And he is wealthy enough to live like a king for a thousand years.

          Guess he chose the right way to survive.

          • If his life were a lesson on surviving and thriving, I would say that the class is still in session. Conclusions like this should be drawn only at the end of it?

        • Most of the LEO’s etc. will not refuse the illegal orders. First, they aren’t lawyers and don’t know what is legal or illegal. They aren’t trained to know. Second, they don’t want to lose their jobs or be otherwise punished.

          I remember recently seeing a picture on a threeper site of civilians being lined up to be shot by soldiers in Poland. One Polish soldier refused to shoot the civilians. He was shot by his comrades just after they shot the civilians. This photo has only just now surfaced, i.e. his sacrifice went unknown all these years, and made no difference at all, except he got killed.

          • I expect most LEOs to jump at the chance to brutalize their neighbors.

      15. Bilderberg 2012 : An Assembly of Felons in Chantilly, Virginia

        they are in violation of the Logan act

        Under the Logan Act … American citizens cannot negotiate with foreign officials without the authorization of the country. According to the text of the Logan Act of 1799, “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

        now if our countries FBI, CIA..etc.. were to have any balls..this would first order of the day..but sadly it is not..what does that tell you?

        • It tells me what we already know. There is no law for the corp officials, only the slaves they administrate.

          You must also realize that the United States today means the corp, whereas in 1799 it meant the People and their representatives.

          Sad either way.

          • Bingo…

            on point GC

      16. No offence but when and if the SHTF, every man will be for himself and their main concern will be, how to provide for their family. There will be no organization, time, or will, for your neighbor to rat you out. If anything, your neighbor will come to you for a handout. It will be chaos and confusion, certainly not a priority to cooperate with a government run snitch brigade. I just don’t see it going down that way at all. There will be no structure in place in most neighborhoods, just masses of people scrambling to find food, medical supplies, water (if it is due to a catastrophic event), a place to keep warm, gas for their vehicles, etc. Even the government run militia groups will probably abandon their duties to fend for their own. There are just too many scenarios to consider and thinking this will become a well orchestrated plan to turn in your neighbors,and go door to door, when there is no food available, is very remote in my opinion.

        • Your right…not at first. In the beginning you will have chaos and many will die. Eventually there will be a restructure and this is where the govt will count of everyone to “do their share”.

          I “KNOW” we are headed for events that are imaginable for most people.

          I “KNOW” there will be a time we will be expected to “take the mark” in order to buy or sell anything.

          I “KNOW” that your best BFF will rat you out to feed their family.

          I “KNOW” there are very few you can trust “GOD” and yourself, and maybe for some of us “YOUR SPOUSE”.

          • Tina,

            Thumbs up for your post.

          • Tina …great post.
            Yep–at first, no ratting on neighbors…and then hunger pains set in; and baby needs sustinance.

            • Tina +1. In the early days of it there will be confusion. Reality will then set in and then it will begin.

          • @Tina:

            Great post + to infinity and beyond!!

            Trust your God

            Trust your instincts

            Trust your training

            Trust Winchester

            Trust Smith

            Trust Wesson

            Trust Wild Turkey…just sayin’

            • Thanks Guys

              Well…you will never believe who came knocking on my door just as I was leaving for work this morning. It was a man from our local power company stating that he was there to install a new “SMART METER”. I asked what was a SMART METER and how did it differ from my current one. He stated that this new one transmitted by satellite and now there is not a need to send someone out to “read” the meter….it is all done by SATELLITE now.

              SO YOU SEE…I do not need my neighbor to spy on me…..when I have satellites……scary!

            • Aww BA you left out Mr. Ruger you can trust him!

      17. Hahhah i bet 90% of those CERT bozos would tuck tail and run if The S hit the F!

        besides..what makes them any different than any other so called authority figure in the face of all out chaos, when they have a family at home to protect..
        and if they are giving “survival” supplies..wouldnt that make them also breaking their own rule they enforce upon the other citizens( or what they are reporting to FBI)..fuck that..I have a huge problem with hypocrites

        maybe every CERT loser should be pointed out to the FBI…

        sounds like Germany cerca 1930’s..narc on your neighbor for brownie points

        • Took the local version of the training and you’re right in one respect: We were told to take care of our families first and then try to help others. My training was several years ago and we didn’t have anyone telling us to report on our neighbors. Perhaps I need a “refresher” course to see what I’ve missed. /sarc

        • What loyalty do you have to an unconstitutional government? I would to

      18. Great read! Right after 9/11 where I worked we were trained to be I C’s, there were a lot of loose puzzle pieces lay around in my head, but now they have come together. I no longer work there. The training has been very helpful. No mather what side your on, you have to have INTEL period. That was my life for years. With that being said, long live the free people of this great nation, but if we go down they will know they were in a fight. A big TX PP!!

      19. Just like Hitler’s Germany, if you have any beef with your neighbor what better way to get back at someone. Everyone becomes suspicious and everyone becomes the enemy. It is like a classic Twilight Zone episode, Monster on Maple St, in which neighbors all because of a few lights coming on and off suspected their neighbor opf being an alien. All the while the real aliens were causing this to happen to turn everyone against each other. The “government” are masters of this, turning neighbor against neighbor so they rat on each other.

        The one issue with firearms here is that they are a part of life here, and government regulations on firearms is highly looked down upon. Small children here are taught how to safely operate firearms and the gun is something that is respected a lot more so than the government. I guess where I live will be classified if and when the government tries to take our firearms as a “pocket of resistance”.

        I live in an area that strange behaviour is viewed as someone that is pro-government and pro suffocating everyone with regulations. Unfortunately most areas are not like this and keeping your mouth shut about your preparations and the way you feel and think is probably the best course of action around your immediate neighborhood. This is kind of like a paradox when you want your neighbors and those in the community to prep, so extreme discretion is necessary. It is pathetic to think about it, “working for the enemy” when all someone “might be” doing is trying to do is strengthen their community for response to a disaster.

        Prepared Pastor, I want to personally thank you for taking your time to try to help others get ready for what is coming. Everytime one of us writes an article and/or comments about something we know it helps all of us for the nightmare that seems certain to hit. It may be a small number 1% or so of those trying to be prepared, but that is still a large minority when people all puts their minds together and come up with ideas to aid each other. Nice article! 🙂

        • You are so right. But this site and others like will have to go, before they can do their thing. This is why there is a push for the U N to take over the internet. It must be controled peroid. I think that when they make their minds up the plug on the net will be pulled and it might be this July as they have been reporting about this virus out there that the FBI is stopping (lol)it is their virus, but thats just me.
          Live Free

        • exactly the point i was trying to make and only got 1 thimbs up for and 2 thumbs down..glad to see you cleared it up for not that good at spelling it out

          • VRF
            Don’t be discouraged by the “thumbs down”. I have been looking at this site for some time now, and it is just like any other segment of society. About 10 percent are right on point, 80 percent fall somewhere in the middle, and the remainder think like bozo’s. Sometimes the bozo’s are more likely to speak up, even though most of us don’t care about what they have to say. Go ahead bozo’s, give me a thumbs down!

        • Just like in Hitler’s Germany…control is the key. They will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

          I read in today’s news…

          Senate Considers Ceding Power to U.N., Sinking U.S. Economy in One Blow

          “Law of the Sea Treaty — or LOST…which was endorsed by the former Soviet Union, would reduce our military power, rob us of rights over our own coastal resources, subject U.S. actions in international waters to the authority of foreign countries and submit our country to an international taxing agency that would “redistribute” our wealth to other nations, including some of our enemies.”


            • Shameful indeed but we must remember that the senate(or any of the fedgov corporation) doesnt have that authority,oh I understand they occupy a position that has a certain authority associated with it(and theyll decree whatever they choose too) but they do not represent we the people,nor do they act on our behalf with our authority…they and their supporters seem to believe that if they decree it then the rest of us have got to get in line and knuckle under…thats where we decide the fate of such BS decrees…we either kowtow or we say hell no!….sure, not submitting has a price to it but then so does submitting…Id rather take a boot in my face for rebelling than one on the back of my head for bowing to their BS…but then thats me,never had time for folks trying to run my life…dont reckon to start letting them anytime this side the grave…again thats just me, I cant speak for anyone else but know this folks …we will all choose,theres no fence sitters in this fight,youll stand for liberty or youll support the tyrant and you will pay a price…regardless of that choice!
              Point is that we who say we choose liberty have to continue(in some cases start) to say NO to the tyrants…in some cases thatll mean engageing the enemy(fedgov)and in others itll mean opting out,unplugging/withdrawing your support of the system…wisdom is to know when to engage and when to slip away…personally I engage by helping write legislation to right a certain problem(usually state level)then working to see it passed and enforced,admittedly I see more failures than successes but now and then we do win one…on the other hand I do without alot of the “permission” slips the govicorp requires,I dont ask to hunt or fish,I dont get permits to build a house or a building or drain a wetland and so on…where you can disengage do so… but dont be afraid to challenge TPTB where you can!
              They may think they can give the UN or others authority on this land over this people but they only get away with it if we let them…the “tyrants will”(statute law) does not trump the LAW of the Land(the constitution and related documents) nor does it trump the rights of man…any man, as long as that man is a defender of liberty,if he is then he is free to do whatever need be done to defend himself and his liberty…if hes a mouse then he eats the cheeze and dies in the trap…again it comes back to that choice thing…a wise person once said to choose life so that you and your kids could live…just sayin 🙂 “Live free or die tryin”

          • LOTS is just another power grab by the UN and the Global Elite….much like agenda 21. Don’t think that Boehner and the repubs…..or decepticons as Mike Church calls ’em are any better than the dumacrats/marxists. We live in the book 1984 more than I ever thought possible…..OPSEC to everyone as much as possible.

          • Hahhahaha. What is that called, when every single discussion eventually leads to someone ranting about Adolf Hitler? hahahahha.

            • Godwin’s Law.

      20. When Norway was occupied by the Germans, a lot of police officers and public servants, which then had to stay in service for the Quisling government, choose to be on the peoples side. A few of them were even shot for that. When arrests had to made or confiscations were imminent the people would be warned. Norwegian officials would sometimes manage to help their countrymen out of trouble by guaranteeing for them. Even some Germans occasionally looked the other way.

        There is a lot someone can do within the system. Being a nice coworker and making here and then some “mistakes” will not get a person punished. Where leaders are unsure on decisions, advice for the better for the people can be made. If there is resistance, passing on information to them can be a good thing for a government body. To lower risk, do the careless talk approach.

      21. I’m not concerned about the Feds after it hits the fan. We’re a nation of 310 million with just a few million Feds. They’re going to be concerned with fighting gangs in major cities where the Elite live and guarding supply routes across the country for the Elite. It’s going to be some time before the federal government cleans up the dead, sorts through the remaining survivors to identify everyone and confiscates weapons. I expect that eventually the US will become part of a one-world government. I also expect the Rapture to occur before the one-world ruler (the Antichrist) is revealed.

      22. Thanks for the article PP!! Very informative!

      23. In my neck of the woods..
        all bets are off..

        majority of wives are on psychotropics for depression

        majority of called..are on sports mania syndrome
        reliving their youth wearing pro sports paraphernalia.

        obama biden stickers everywhere

        opsec for me


        • I hear ya’. Live in New Hampshire and every time I venture into Western Mass. it is like taking my life into my own hands??!!

          • Have relatives in Hill/Alexandria area..120 acres in the foothills.

            How;s the concealed carry situation there?



            • Still need a permit but not hard to obtain. The legislature has been attempting to get rid of the entire concealed carry permit idea for two years now and go back to the idea of constitutional right to carry however you please but the governor and others have been sticking a spike in that wheel at every turn. The restrictions on knife carry are almost totally gone…..gotta love live free or die!! The castle doctrine or right to protect was passed last year…….seems we are starting to recover some of the ground we lost in years past…..hope it continues.

          • And western Mass is still somewhat sane, stay away from the coast at all costs!!

        • New Hampshire is just a few miles to the North. Time to move here is now. Doors closing soon.

        • Stay off the subways in Boston.

          • I live 60 miles southeast of Boston….the bastion of Moscow east..or the former anyways..

            It is still big brother pro government environment at best.

            Everywhere the sheep have their Obama/Biden signs.stickers or Obamney signs on the lawn professing their allegiance to the corps..

            I stay low.polite,how are ya attitude and never discuss anything except the weather with my neighbors..wouldn’t trust one of them out of 75 home owners in my neighborhood..

            Most are useful idiots for the left/right paradigm anyways..
            Always bring my preps in under the cover of darkness..

            And when off to the local gun range..very discrete as well.. when asked what’s in the kids musical and the like.they are practicing in a new band and such..and off the local future ss busybodies go..satisfied..for now..

            Stay low..and blend as a prior commenter suggested..

            excellent advice..

            Much like My cousin vinny episode..”you blend”..


      24. This article is complete paranoia! I took the CERT training a few months ago in California. First of all, there is no ID handed out – just a certification “diploma” like you get in almost any seminar/class. Second, it’s all volunteer – there is no organized call out system so that I can spy on my neighbors and work with the FBI…hahaha…Come on people not everything is no a “black helicopter” conspiracy!

        I’m normally with most of these articles posted here but you lost me on his one. Preparations are great for the coming financial crisis but when you start questioning everything even as non threatening as a CERT training than this is where you lose some people that may be open to preparing and don’t want to be seen as “tin foil hat” wearing people.

        I took the CERT training as a suggestion from another site on prepping – so which is it? A great program to get extra training for emergencies or a NAZI-like group hiding in the shadows waiting to report on any “suspicious” activity my neighbors Bob and Ethel are up to.

        Maybe when Ethel is walking her dog she isn’t just walking the dog. Maybe she is secretly casing the neighborhood looking for weakness in our security and planning to pounce on us one day. And maybe her dog when is does his #2 act is really leaving a hidden listening device the size of a small microchip that dissolves into my yard and picks up every sound coming from my house…..You see how silly this gets!

        I’m sure someone reading this thinks I’m an agent for the FBI or CIA trying to make fun of this article because it’s “too close to the truth”……PLEASE….wake up people – don’t believe every single conspiracy theory.

        Enjoy every moment you are alive and can spend with your family and friends. Prepare for tough times ahead or for any emergency that may come along but don’t get consumed by it or your everyday existence will be passed by waiting for the last shoe to drop. What good does it do to be so future focused on some “disaster” that may or may not happen some day and lose the joy of living today – consumed by worry and fear?

        I am preparing for tough times and have for several years now. I’m a fan of this site and several others BUT I have a healthy view of prepping that allows me to enjoy life today and still plan ahead just in case.

        Just wanted to share some of my thoughts that preparing is good but misplaced paranoia is not healthy…remember to live today and enjoy your life!

        • I don’t think it is paranoia and I certainly don’t think you know enough of Prepared Pastor to make the determination he is or isn’t living a full life. He is making a determination based on his experience…..he isn’t questioning yours so why are you questioning his??

        • Just because someone had a different experience than you does not make them a liar any more than your failure to notice a comment prior to yours acknowledging their CERT also issues IDs makes you an idiot.

          • Hey Government Guy, “lighten up Francis”! I never called PP a liar. I’ll admit that I could have left off the words “complete paranoia” when referring to this article and for that I’m man enough to admit may have gone too far. But his experience was so far different than mine that it was almost a completely different program he was describing.

            I simply wanted to point out that us preppers while vigilant must also guard against too much paranoia. A healthy paranoia and natural mistrust is OK and can save our lives but too much paranoia is not healthy.

            And again, never called him a liar and I apologize if I made it seem as if he was overly paranoid; especially without really knowing who he is as a person.

            Lastly, if you REALLY knew who I was, you wouldn’t be calling me an idiot – so check yourself next time as I have amended what have stated here this time.

            • Nor did I call you an idiot. Do you have the courage to tell us who you REALLY are? In my experience those who have to brag are not as impressive to others as to themselves.

        • I agree 110% with not letting the joy of life today and tomorrow escape. It’s quite easy to become all consumed with fear and paranoia in these current times. There’s VERY real concerns, some of which are huge and pertain to both political/economical and natural/earth change scenarios, as well as a rapidly growing virtual ocean of mis/dis information to swim through in search of real truth. I suspect that for most attempting to be “informed” at all, it’s at least a little overwhelming and easy to get lost in.

          However, this particular article suggests certain possible “government tactics” that HAVE been used in various similar ways, going a long long way back in history. So I would ALSO suggest that one does not get so caught up in trying to “live for today”, that they never take any time to consider yesterday. “Those who fail to learn from history ARE condemned to repeat it”!!

          If you’re truly interested in what is or isn’t likely to happen in the near future, take a careful look at the past (easier said than done, as many truths and facts have been obscured, distorted, or hidden) to see what governments have done over and over to their own populations, and how.

          The very long history of “cycles” between freedom and prosperity vs. absolute tyranny and mass murder has changed very little over thousands of years. Technology has changed a LOT, but the nature of man and government has changed very little, i.e. the “New World Order” is a very old concept, as is freedom.

          With all that said, it’s my personal opinion that regardless of how you do so, it’s a VERY good idea to get to know your neighbors and community as MUCH as possible, and to know what and how they think. Accurate knowledge and good discernment are very essential in ANY survival scenario.

        • Henry,

          I also took this training a few months ago for a +100,000 population city in Northern California.

          The message I walked out with: there is very little money for an “out of bandwidth” emergency. If Godzilla starts eating your village, you’re screwed. So get prepping!

        • I absolutely agree I’ve sat through 3 or 4 classes as we had new SAR members take these classes. I don’t know who the hell taught the clases you went to but this was not even in the realm of reality of what takes place in our area. I agree you can’t take someone elses experience and call it a lie, maybe PP class was the exception and not the rule!!! This article DOES NOT represent ANYTHING I’ve encountered in the class. It did however give all the SAR team a good laugh! I’m at a loss for words here???

        • PP has simply pointed out a “possibility”…something that he has seen in his living of life,seems a bit silly to call him paranoid for informing people as to what he sees….I might add he did a good job of it…Ive been around enough of these types(volunter firemen/paramedics/ civil air patrol/military/police/rent-a-cops/security guards ECT) to know that theres a % of them who are (A)dumber than dirt (B)would sell their souls and their kids to get an “attaboy” from most anyone (C) thrive on power and get off on exercising it over anyone and anything…its not much of a streath to believe theyd narc me/you out for any reward they can get…that being said I did not say that all or even a majority of these types would do this,some are good people who do a thankless jobbut for me to say that PP hasnt got a good understanding of whats going on would be foolish…you might want to rethink what your saying….

      25. My suggestion? EVERY prepper should join these teams! That way, we can infiltrate them and turn their resources against them when the need arises. You just have to know how to keep your mouth shut. Don’t let on that you distrust them or disagree with the prison state. Remember: It’s all about counterintelligence.

      26. Forwarded the article to my wife at work. Here’s her comments:

        Yes, interesting – NOW you have to have a background check to be a NET member here in town, update your profile and TAKE a quiz – which I could not get to load…hmmm. Remember the video – “The Obama Deception”? Well, recall the NETs/CERTs in that movie? Remember O’s campaign promise to raise up an ‘army’… hmmmm. I personally am getting out my spy glass that I got in the corn-syrup sweetened box of cereal and my extra magnifying glass that I sent those box tops in for… come to think of it – the FBI was part of the address… better not get them near a magnet – I bet they have computer chips! ooohhh, I can hardly wait – I JUST KNOW that the ‘worst’ offenders will all be found living in government subsidized housing and getting food stamps! I just bet the poor people and various ethnic groups will be found guilty of subversive behavior… hmmm.

        Sounds like this pastor is a wise person! – I bet he actually preaching the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin! BUT, that will become hate speech too! When the churches close I bet ministers have to renounce the Christian faith or disappear! Would NOT surprise me!

      27. “ Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger? Know that you yourself are essential to this World. ”

        —Chief Arvol Looking Horse

      28. Well thank you once again PP for raising the awareness level of myself and others because now I think about where at work one day the “bosses”were handing out medical sheets for one’s family and we were told in event of “bad luck”during NATO that meds would be available-very interesting. I personally think now that all should prepare for a year of instability during which time who knows what will happen and if there is no BOL(bug out location),there get your place fortified and hold as long as possible,but if it becomes untenable,dont stay so long as to “get stuck”;HAVE YOUR TRANSPORT READY!!!!This is where having those CERT credentials would come in handy. You can’t help but wonder how the HELL did AMERICA get so far off course,I mean greed has been around forever,but,damn,where was the foresight? Anyway,I know all you guys will keep on doing the righteous things to ensure survival,btw,can store bought water be kept indefinitely?

      29. I’ll bet a dollar to a dounut hole those CERT kits are RFID’ed

        or some type of smart chip in them someplace

        i wouldnt have one of those any where near my place

        • No worries, I just put mine in the microwave for a few minutes to be sure. 😛

          • @Arkaden

            ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      30. I was Swatted this past w/end. A criminal chase ended with a police dog downing the criminal in my Gardinia bush. moments later there were,[I am not making this up] 22 police officers in my front yard. 6 with weapons free and actually pointed at their fellow officers, in case the dog bit scum somehow freed himself. Wisely I stayed inside till weapons were holstered. when I stepped outside I was asked for permission to search my house. I declined, and things went down from there. When they finally allowed me
        to speak, [shut your mouth was a common theme] I asked why they would possibly want to search my house.I was informed that I had 3 A/C cooling units outside my small house and that could only mean that I was a “Hydroponic grower” I then explained that they were super high eff units for each room. I then asked if that was what they wanted to verify. they said yes. I was then led into my own house so they could verify the lack of pot. A/C units, that was all the rational needed to bring the full power of the law into my life. We are much further down this road than most are willing to admit.

        • That is awful, Watchermax. When they verified your “suspicious air conditioners” did you have any further issues?

          • Daisy, in the end knowing a search warrant was on the way. I agreed to search, but only because of the amount of hidden high powered resources, I was afraid they would find in a through search. By this time they just wanted to verify a lack of drugs. blessedly in their haste they missed every single defensive item stashed about the house and attic. thanks for concern. Max

            • my friend had an officer b;ock her into a paking spot the other day. she parked in a handicap spot. she then pulled out her sticker that hangs from the mirror and hung it up. LEO then oulls to the side of her and asked her if she just hung that sign. she said yes he then asked why she pulled the sign down and told him that at the print at the bottom it says do not hang while driving hang only when parked needles to say he lefted all pissed off. I laughed my a$$ off when she told me ans she said she felt darn good about it because they are not out to help peopole any more just harrass them,

        • “We are much further down this road than most are willing to admit.”

          And everyone thought Denial was a river in Egypt. 🙁

          Good thing you didn’t have an issue of “Gun’s and Ammo” or something laying out on your coffee table or it’s quite likely their “verification” would have shifted. In far too many LE communities things have TOTALLY shifted from “server and protect” to “intimidate and dominate”.

          Daily Americans are being subtly trained by the 1000’s that their rights and liberties are gone and that the servant they created to protect them is now the master who considers them all privileges granted by them to us, and easily suspended / revoked whenever they say so.

          “All bow to your corporate masters and submit in fear and trembling, for WE are your god now”.

          Who was it that said… “Men will either serve God or they will serve Tyrants” ??? …I’m sure it was just some radical, crazy old geezer who didn’t have a clue?

        • I’d bet that a chase involving 22 LEOs would rate some media coverage! How about a link to corroborate the chase?

          • Trust: I tried to contact LT in charge as I had a real problem with his officers weapon safety. Was told it was info not available for public. Will try then post.

        • You should have waited til they left the yard to open the door. Once they holster the guns for one criminal, it’s on to the next so they decided to try a shortcut on you.

          I don’t care how hard a cop knocks on your door, or how many threats they throw at you

          NEVER OPEN YOUR DOOR when the corp is in your yard. Doing so is construed to be an invitation to have their way.

        • What scares me is just how little they seem to think they need to prove probable cause. I was thinking about this the other day as I am someone who is pedantic, not easy to read and does not read social situations well (and yes, I think I know why medically). I worry that a routine encounter with the police, in which I have done nothing wrong, will escalate because of some hunch an officer gets from not being able to read me.

          The thing is, too many LEOs run fast and loose with the law, especially when they perceive the other person may be poor and vulnerable. In fact, the last time I was pulled over the officer got very upset when my response to him asking me why he pulled me over was to say that I did not know and was trying to ascertain the probable cause. It went slightly downhill from there with him saying I was accusing him of being a liar when I disagreed with his assessment of my actions. Fortunately, it ended well and he let me go as I showed that I could disprove his argument in court, or at least create reasonable doubt. However, it ended with a threat that he was going to pull me over again to be sure I had gotten a replacement for my tattered-looking driver’s license and that next time, he WOULD have probable cause.

      31. Oh, chit—I have kittie litter….and no cat!!

        • thats easy..say you use it to sweep your garage floor..or pick up small oil spills when you change your oil in your lawn mower

          • Watch where you put old oil remember E.P.A. ( lol )

        • Go to the humane society and get a little kitty.

        • Ohno! My dad grows tomatoes inside!!

      32. someone on here the other day, was talking about an earth quake coming soon..Quake sways tall buildings in Indonesia’s capital

        think it was a 5.9
        but could be more on the way

        • @ VRF. Been working on theories on earthquakes for years, found whenever there are a series of earthquakes south of 60 degrees south or north of 70 degrees north, bigger earthquakes follow, usually 6.5 or larger within 5 days. It is difficult to pinpoint the location, as it takes a three dimensional look on a globe. That 5.9 was downgraded from a 6.1 in Indonesia as the USGS always seems to do this when it is located too close to a populated area. Use to seldom do this.

          Saw an Oregon earthquake downgreaded from a 5.9 to a 5.3. If the equipment is that horrible that it cannot distinguish between the amount of energy of a 5.9 and 5.3 which is almost 15 times as much, they should be shut down. They downgrade earthquakes likely because it is the political thing to do. Happens all the time in california. “Don’t want to scare too many people”, or the government make cut its funding.

          There was also two earthquakes in Panama, one foreshock that hit about 3 hours before the main shock at 6.2 then a 6.6.

          There was a 5.6 earthquake at 77 degrees south in the Antarctica On June 1st. in which since at least 1990 there had been only 3 quakes, the 5.6 and two others that all happened this year. Before the earthquake in Panama there was a 5.3 at about 61 degrees south towards the South Sandwich Islands. These quakes were, as 85-90% of the time, harbingers of what was about to happen.

          On June 1st. After seeing the earthquake in Antarctica I gave a forecast of probably at least a 6.5, but 6.2-7.4 within 5 days. The location I saw on my globe as focal points were New Zealand, the China to Japan area, and Southern California to Oregon as possible trigger areas. It did not surprise me that Panama had a 6.6 as the Antarctica quake does have a plate connection to the area. It just seemed on my globe of the earthquakes I have been charting as the other areas to get it.

          I went through college and heard over and over again from Geology professors that earthquake prediction was near impossible, and this just is not true. Previous posts I have made before the events happened prove this. After that super strike slip earthquake went off (8.6 or 8.7 and 8.3 or 8.2)I warned of many earthquakes to happen, which they did and I got a couple of the locations correct. That 6.7 in Argentina last week I said between 35 degrees south and 45 degrees north there would be an earthquake in South America or North America at least 6.5 after a similar series of earthquakes towards the magnetic north pole in the Norwegian Sea, and there was at 28 degrees south.

          The real goal though is nailed it down to an area so people can be warned and prepare, this is what is very difficult to do. It is a start to forecast earthquakes coming. There is still 2 days left for those possible earthquakes in either New Zealand, China Japan area, and southern california to Oregon area. I can still see stress being directed to these areas from the previous recent earthquake activity.

          Much like those little weather forecasters that use previous patterns in weather, earthquakes and other geophysical activity can be predicted from past events. Economical patterns also are predictable to a degree. The Foundation for the Study of Cycles attempts to use past patterns to determine future events. If more quakes happen again towards the True magnetic poles then 85-90% sure more earthquakes to follow. Look for the next 2 days, then this cycle should break and the next cycle will begin again. Also look for a large number of quakes 4.5-5.8 in many different areas as this is often an indication of a big quake coming.

      33. loose lips sink ships!

      34. I live in a rural area and my neighbors know me, either personally, or by reputation. As I have stated before, I believe one is a snitch for the Homies. As soon as I gather enough condemning evidence on him; I am going to deliver a message: “Don’t shit where you eat”. No middle ground here. You are either with me, or you are the enemy.

      35. @ Prepared Pastor: Did you have to be finger printed and photographed for the FBI, to become a team member of CERT?

        I find it interesting that they use CERT for a facade.., to get their potential informants. Kinda of like bate and switch.


        • I didn’t even have to provide them with ID so I gave them my nickname and a PO Box connected to a former address. The ID they provided me bears that name, the CERT logo, and the name of the county sponsoring agency. It appears not every team provides IDs. I have read comments from people whose local teams do and and do not.

          There is a subsequent credentialing process for those willing to be called out for emergencies where they do the background checks. Since I did not continue, I am unaware how extensive it is.

          As I stated in the article, I do not believe CERT started off as it is today, but was changed to facilitate ‘See Something – Say Something.’

          • Thank you.

      36. Im not too worried about my neighbors..most of them are too busy keeping their heads above water..unless there is a large sum of money offered to be a CERT narc..they aint going to go for it..and the other ones I know of are too busy watching sports and drinking their paychecks, or their wifes pay checks..the rest of them down a 1/2 mile er so are mostly old vets, and snow birds

      37. YIKES like I say every time —get OUT of the CITY NOW!!It’s your only real chance to survive!

      38. People you are going to have little choice in the coming fight. Stand your ground and if necessary go down fighting or die on your knees like a good little slave.

        What are you going to do when they come for your mother, father, so, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins? Are you going to fight or cower in fear?

        There is a war coming and you have a choice fight for your family and your families freedom or live in tyranny. The government forces have weapons and organization but little will for a real fight, Patriots have a reason to fight. The government forces are far smaller that you think and remember they are little more than mercenaries who will run when the fighting gets really tough.

        People the coming war is going to be very unpleasant, you need to resolve that you will meet force with force and brutality with brutality. The government loyalists WILL go after your family, so you need to go after theirs. Do not fool yourself, these people will imprison, torture and kill everyone you love and know; you need to do the same to them. Target their families, just as they will target yours.

        What is coming will be a Very Un-Civil War, steel and prepare yourself now.

        • What a disgusting suggestion, to “imprison, torture and kill” the families of “loyalists.” You forgot the part about “rape their little girls and boys before you put the bullet in their heads.” Freaking animal. Slavering over the vision of the innocent blood on your hands, like the Russians on the Eastern Front of Germany. Or like the fed sniper that killed the wife with her baby in her arms, or that shot the boy in his back, at Ruby Ridge.

          • Well put, Mama Bear.

          • Don’t forget how the Germans treated the Soviets, especially in Ukraine.

        • Fighting and standing your ground is not the same thing as wholesale brutality. You are showing yourself not to be one iota superior to those whom you claim to despise for their tyranny.

          Defend yourself, but don’t use it as an excuse to behave like a monster.

        • MegaYacht,

          You need help.

        • @MegaYacht

          Mao was successful at atrocities by having his men masquerade as nationalists when they massacred entire villages. These kind of monsters mean to have us fighting each other as well. This is just part of the asymmetrical warfare we will be facing.

          Don’t think so? Watch this about the Weather Underground. These are the monsters in the White House right now.

          Selco said that people will do all manner of things if pressed to( shtfschool com). Still try to maintain the higher ground, brother.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

        • @MegaYacht

          Mao was successful at atrocities by having his men masquerade as nationalists when they massacred entire villages. These kind of monsters mean to have us fighting each other as well. This is just part of the asymmetrical warfare we will be facing.

          Don’t think so? Watch this about the Weather Underground. These are the monsters in the White House right now.

          youtube com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HWMIwziGrAQ#!

          Selco said that people will do all manner of things if pressed to( shtfschool com). Still try to maintain the higher ground, brother.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

      39. During the Civil War in border States there was a division in sentiments. People loyal to the Union would snitch on neighbors who favored succession, with the result that people would be arrested and confined or even murdered right there on the spot without any trial or appeal.

        When civil war or revolution comes, it will be as much neighbor against neighbor as it will be rebels against government hirelings. Be careful who you trust.

      40. Evening all

        My neighbours would sell they granny for are quid.

        Take care

        • Your neighbors sell squid to their grandmother?

          • Smokey

            Possibly lol, quid, a pound in money $1.58 or thereabouts

            Take care

      41. Nails need filing again lol….for a few quid lol

      42. I have Seen Something and want to Say Something.

        I would like to report to the FBI the fact that we have a Communist in the White House (something you could get Black Listed in Hollywood for just 50 short years ago). Can you please remove him from office as he is unfit to be a United States Commander in Chief?

        I would like to report to the FBI that we have an Attorney General who is not upholding the law and exhibits extreme racism. Can you please arrest him for hate crimes?

        We have 99% of Congressmen actively engaged in insider trading and outright theft of our tax dollars to give to their buddies. Can they please be arrested for stealing?

        Are you listening?! DO YOUR JOBS.

        • The lawyers at the Hague, our military, and our federal marshalls have taken your report seriously and will be acting upon it soon…

      43. Sometimes, joining an agency or a team/militia, whatever, isn’t exactly the best thing to do in the age of spying we have now. These days you never really know who you can even talk to without if having future reprocussions. The term Lone Wolf comes to mind here and I feel it plays a very essential role into realistic operations. It is just too hard to trust people these days with all the brainwashing, back stabbing, moles/informants, etc. Solo may just be the way to go.

      44. As CERT instructor I can tell you this is furthest from the truth. We have had no such lecture and no such training and NO requests from the FBI. Utter BS or you are in some wacked jurisdiction. It sounds like you are not in favor of citizens helping out professionals and you have typical “fire fighter syndrom”. That is OK we dont want to steal your subliminal hero status but my guess is you are more concerned with the shrinking fire budget and think CERT money should be yours. Typical scare tactic.

        • If you check the January 11 CERT Basic Training Participant Manual, you will find Unit Eight on Terrorism. This is the module the USDOJ was brought in to expand upon. I can only report what I experienced and applaud your local CERT for its ‘See Something – Keep Your Mouth Shut’ policy.

          If you read the article closely you will see that I retired from the fire service and moved to another state so I have absolutely no vested interest in what FEMA does with the money it borrows.

          Glad to hear that emergency response is the focus of your team and would be interested to hear how many active emergencies you have been called out on in the last year and last five years.

      45. The key question for me is..

        with all these alphabet agencies,homeland laws, and exec orders in place..

        what will be the trigger event..?

        any takers..

        given the worldwide financial debacle..

        I’ll take financial collapse for one..


        • Possee

          Totally agree, that will be the tipping point

          Take care

        • I feel that within a short period of time, Israel will hit Iran. That will bring upheaval and a major slowdown of oil deliveries that will bring on rationing of fuel for the US. This could also bring on food shortages due to panic buying and the inability to get enough food to market. Rioting in major cities will erupt and the feds will really show their ass. Marshal law could be declared and carry us into November. The skinny Kenyan Kemosabe with the “hang glider” ears will call off elections and declare himself King.

          • Our military won’t comply this time. The minute Israel hits Iran is the minute our military hits the White House and they know it. Our finest drone landing safe and sound in Iran was a not-so-subtle message to this effect.

          • Israel will just scream & yell unless they are confident they can drag USA into the conflict. They know that without going nuclear, they will lose (big time) in a protracted conflict. Iran can do enough daage to degrade the IDF’s capability and break the Israeli will to fight. These are not the Israelis of the recent past.

        • I think we will see a societal collapse led by race wars and the uprising of the marxist/communists, followed closely by WWIII in the middle east culminating in an EMP event that will bring about TEOTWAWKI. At that point, I don’t think any of the rest matters a damn as we’ll all be Grizzly Adams…..damn me if I’m wrestling any bears though!!

      46. I think if anyone admitted to belonging to a militia at the training lecture, he/she would have been asked to go downtown to run an errand. Or the lecture would have been slightly different. And the militia member probably would get an FBI file opened for him.

      47. This kind of thing was practiced in Japan and North Korea for many years and was very effective.

        The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled the country in a complete peace and tranquility for 2 centuries (between about 1640, when it got rid of Catholics, and 1853, when Americans came to Japan to open it up to trade, to the regret of those who died at Bataan 90 yrs later).

        After the shogunate fell, the Meiji government kept this system of Control, which North Korea learned after Japan took over korea on 1910.

        Americans got rid of this system in Japan, but in NK this system of control still survives, and it is still the last surviving Stalinist state, and still defying America.

        This system works.

      48. Turn the people against the people, that is the plan.

        They are already doing it along political lines & ideology. Look at the message boards on newspaper articles – people are rude & mean to each other. On both sides of the aisle (though I contend that the lefties are much worse & just downright mean & nasty for sport)

        Divide & Conquer.

        Will there be an election in November? Time will tell…….

        • “””Will there be an election in November? Time will tell…….”””

          Of course there will be no real election. The question is will we be presented with the appearance of an election?

          • I too, ave been asking that question for a while, since the last one in fact. There have been calls from members of the democratic party to abolish or “postpone” the next presidential election to give oblahblah a chance to “fix the economy” before e leaves office. I say hes fixed enough already.

            • Archer25

              Of course were going to have an election because it gives the masses the illusion of self rule. The power elite cannot loose because they own both horses in a two horse race. From the standpoint of economic and international trade policy the differences between Obama and Romney will be insignificant regardless what either say before the election.

            • I’m banking on the following to pass before the upcoming “s-election”:

              1. Civilians, backed by police, the military, and federal marshalls arrest thousands of traitors and assorted federal scum from Obama on down.

              2. FEMA camps repurposed to be used on “them” rather than “us”.

              3. Ron Paul installed temporarily as President until a legitimate election can be held. Congress and senate gutted like a fish, with Sheriff Mack types to step in.

              4. The return of the equity-based treasury note and a revaluation of our currency.

              5. Serious disruptions, but no WWIII and no unrecoverable meltdown.

              If not, I will see you in the streets and in the trenches. You will recognize me by my 60 year old rifle and the smell of Kona coffee.

            • If any of you follow the Bilderberg group, presidents for a while now have been showing up at their meetings…. Guess who WASN”T at the meeting this past weekend??? Romney wasn’t there, be ready for another 4 years!!!

        • “Divide & Conquer”

          Only makes sense, for as armed to the teeth as Americans are, if we were also truly united when push came to shove, they could NEVER get even a 1/4 as far as they already have. They wouldn’t dare even try.

          Just like 2 brothers in a brutal and bloody fist fight, but try to step between them and you’ll very quickly have both of them all over you like a world champion tag team.

          “They” know history and human nature VERY well, they have entire “think tanks” just for that purpose, whereas far too many of “us” do not. They also long ago perfected the techniques of Edward Bernays to be applied in many and very effective ways.

          • This reminds me of the scene in “Gangs of New York” where the rich guy at the dinner party says (to paraphrase) “If nothing else works, we can just pay half of the poor people to kill the other half”.

            Based on the Agent Orange documentary I just watched, the power-mad sickos we allow to “rule” us will spray any chemical on anyone for any reason if it makes them a dollar or adds to their power.

        • Mr B

          I got pick pocketed today…if I could get my hands on the little scrot I would show you a whole new meaning for rude and nasty.

          Take care

          • Burt; I am on it right now. I have my fingers on my head and using my new found skills in Remote Viewing to locate your belongings. 😉

            • Eagledove ( big sigh…my herooooow)

              Thank you. 25, white male. Grey top, blue jeans, white trainers, 6ft, well built and dark brown hair. Was at Warwick castle on Monday.

              Security asked me why I didn’t try to detain him and was I hurt in the “attack”

              What hope do we have when security do not understand the difference between a pick pocket incident and a mugging.?

              Take care

        • I’ve said for a couple of years that I think world events will lead to a temporary suspension of elections in the US…..followed very closely by a permanent relegation of the constitution to the dust-bin of history. We already have royalty in congress and the executive so it stands to reason that the representative republic idea is no longer en vogue. Obama has been setting up the executive as the central authority for almost four years now…..just need that final push to flip the switch and make it official.

      49. Long story short, you had better KNOW who you KNOW and ust dont let other peple in your home. IF they are not invited and do not have proper business there, dont let them in. I dont let anyone into my home that 1)I do not really know and 2)Dont have a reasonable level of trust with. Dont share your preps or personal business with people that dont need to know it. AKA, OPSEC

      50. In light of all this speculation which all seems to assume that the ultimate authority and power is at the federal level, I’m very curious to know how many here are at all familiar with the work of Richard Mack?

        Especially his “County Sheriffs Project”!?!

        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do some research on it. There’s a very cool channel by that exact name on YouTube.

        Richard Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County Arizona who fought the Brady Bill all the way to the US Supreme court along with 6 other county sheriffs from around the US. On June 27th 1997 the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the sheriffs and established firmly that (in layman’s terms) THE FEDS CAN NOT TELL A SHERIFF WHAT TO DO!!

        MOST Americans have no idea that constitutionally, the highest authority in law enforcement ANYWHERE IN THE US that can ever set foot on their property is their own county sheriff. IT’S A FACT!! Many sheriff’s themselves either don’t know or do not stand up to, but never the less it’s an absolute fact backed up by the US Supreme Court and the US Constitution!!

        In his / her own county, NO BODY including State Patrol, US Marshals or ANY alphabet soup agency you care to name, outranks the sheriff in authority. If you find this hard to believe I STRONGLY encourage you to research it yourself.

        THAT IS WHAT the “County Sheriffs Project” is all about!!

        It’s such a concern to some in these times that there is even a quite effort underway to make the office of county sheriff either an un-elected position, or to even do away with them all together.

        Sheriff Mack has been trying for well over ten years now to educate sheriffs around the country as to the true constitutional authority of their office and their responsibility to the people who elected them, to uphold their oath of office.

        If a lot more Americans would simply elect a county sheriff who is committed to keeping his oath of office, it would go a long LONG way towards keeping the feds out of our communities and our lives.

        Again, THIS IS FACT NOT THEORY …please verify for yourselves if you have any doubt.

        • I have researched and this true very true, but for the most part the sheriff’s are to scared to stand up to the Fed’s or as that matters anyone else. They are the highest law enforcement in the nation. because they are ELECTED by the people. I have two quotes I would like to share: “Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another, they both march in the same direction.”– Paul Proctor — “Those who have been intoxicated with power-can never willingly abandon it.”–Edmund Burke —

        • Fact!

        • I believe the military and federal marshalls are about to pull a “Sheriff Mack” on Obama, Brenanke, and the whole pack of federal rats by arresting them en masse. Nobody who understands and believes in the power and righteousness of local-level guys like Mack can simply dismiss this as fantasy.

        • You think Sheriff Joe knows this?

        • @ Redpill

          Renew America website has a very good article on Eric Holder and the DOJ.

      51. My neighbor is the first one iam shootin!!!!!!

        • Careful..he might have the same adjenda

        • @COF
          If I’m a cop and anything ever happens to your neighbor, you are the first suspect I’m going after.

          • Then…… I guess your next!

      52. Thanks for sharing pastor. I had to move a year ago because of my job. I’m living in a rural area not as crowded as the city. I’ve only spoken to two neighbors, the one across the road and the one next door. I pretty much keep to my self and don’t draw any attention to my preps.

        I wonder sometimes about who to trust when the shtf. Right now I don’t trust anyone. But if a neighbor came to me for help, the Christ follower in me would be hard pressed to ignore them or send them away. It’s a dilemma I know I’m going to have to deal with.

        Reminds me of the line from the Godfather: ‘keep your friends close, your enemies closer.’

        • Arco: Just something to consider. I have grown up in the country. If you are the guy that doesn’t talk to your neighbors then you are the strange one in the community that is behaving strangely. My advice is to swing by your local happy hour or morning coffee with whichever group is at the local cafe and atleast have them know who you are. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone but atleast if they know who you are they are less likely to be threatened by you or they would be willing to help in a jam.
          Nothing against being quiet about your presence but at the same time you have to know who lives around you and they have to know you. That is what a small community is all about.

      53. PP, thanks for the article. I think the “say something” campaign is a little creepy. For example, we know what the demographics of the typical terrorist are, but the video promotions of the program produced by the feds all showed white male perps. For example, the federal officer you encountered felt comfortable asking if there were any militia members present. Do you think he would have had the balls to ask whether there were any mosque attendees present?

        My county has a SAR (search and rescue) team and I considered joining, but I was concerned about civil liability if a situation didn’t go well or I made an error.

        Thanks, again.

      54. Greetings Everyone!
        It sounds like the first new rule for survival might be
        “Sound”like a sheep,”look” like a sheep and “act” like a sheep.Then as the rest of the flock heads for the shearing/slaughterhouse BE a TRUE FOX!
        Just saying…

      55. This is some comical bullshit… just watch “Red State” to see how your neighbor would realistically end up in this kind of situation. In the movie, the *neighbor and rat* is the local sheriff who calls and accompanies the Feds.

      56. PP,

        Good write up and its always nice to know whats going on with you.
        I have been working alot so I only have a chance to read mac’s site, to damn tired to make many comments. But I have to say getting away from all the prepping thing has been really good for my soul, yes I still prepp but I now take the time to enjoy the fun things in life and I urge folks to try doing it once in awhile. Hell get up early and watch the sun come up and enjoy gods art work. Who knows it maybe the last.

        Have a great day,


        • DPS., good to hear from you again !

          Have a good afternoon. 🙂

        • Thanks DPS,
          I don’t know why people think I am not enjoying life. Although I’m old enough to be a grandparent, finally had my first child and am now a work-at-home dad while my wife pursues her life’s work. Since then my writing (except sermons) has suffered and I do not get to the mountain cabin as often, but I still get to garden (been picking strawberries all week), and am building a new shed, etc. My toddler loves the outdoors and we take several hikes through the woods behind our home every week. One guy in my mutual aid group claims I have his dream life.

          When my wife gets home from work today, I’ll hop on my motorcycle to meet for chicken wings a guy whose wedding I officiated a few weeks ago. While I certainly could have more, I do not know how I could have it better. My retreat, car, truck, motorcycle, food storage, armory, etc. are paid for and in place and I don’t think about them that often.

          • Careful of the ticks, pastor.

      57. My neighbor looked at me funny the other day, I think i will report that as suspicious..

        • The speaker claimed they investigate EVERY tip even if only calling their neighbors and/or landlord. We have a fusion center not far from here. Maybe they have a lot of free time or do not want to see you on Fox News telling the world you called and reported a neighbor who subsequently does something newsworthy.

      58. All is not well in Hooterville. Charlie keeps a jar of alcohol on the Cannonball for cleaning the high pressure steam overload valve. Floyd found it and evidently drank it all. He then built up such a speed on the little train that it derailed on Dead Man’s Curve and the caboose did a barrel roll right into the front of the Shady Rest.
        Poor old Uncle Joe was the first casualty. (guess that’s what he gets for ‘movin kinda slow’). Then the caboose took out most of the lobby and the dining room. Kate escaped with minor injuries, but her girls didn’t fare so well. They were all skinny dipping in the water tower and the derailment took out the support posts and dumped all the water, and the soggy girls beside the tracks.
        Bobby Jo was the least injured and she limped over to Drucker’s store to report the disaster. Unfortunately, Sam had already been co-opted by the Pixley FEMA Council and had her arrested. And he swore out a warrant for Kate and the others. Kate managed to get to a phone and called Mr Douglas for legal representation.
        Douglas, lawyer that he is, contacted cousin Jed in Californny to get his fee covered. That must have been when the feds traced the call and siezed all Jed’s money and arrested him for possible drug running. (why else would anyone have $62 million unless they were narcotics trafficers?)
        Fred Ziffle and his boy(?) Arnold made it over to the Douglas’s where they recruited Eb to help build a make-shift catapult. They plan on launching Lisa’s rock-hard hotscakes at the enemy. Arnold is hiding out in a foxhole near the Shady Rest, dressed in camo and ready to toss a molotov cocktail at anyone carrying barbecue sauce. He swears he ain’t going out without a fight.
        At last report, Charlie was being held for questioning and trying to explain to the on-site haz mat crew why he was carrying alcohol (any amount) without a BATFE permit. Meanwhile, Mr Haney has set up a FEMA approved trading post at Crabwell Corners selling outdated potassium tablets and leaky surplus gas masks. Floyd was seen stagering off to the AA meeting….

        • I figured Haney would be out to make a buck

        • @ Okie, you are the Mark Twain of Preppers.

          Awhile ago you wrote about your love of Country Music and how it’s changing. I want to nominate “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Jr. as the offical theme music for all Preppers. For those who have not heard it, it’s all about survival.

          Hank Jr. for VP!

          • My son is as outraged as only a 7 year old can be right now that his guitar teacher hasn’t heard of Hank Jr.

            He walks to school singing that song with his wee buddies – highly amusing considering we live in the big city here in the UK lol!

            Deffo a vote from this household to adopt that as a theme tune ; )

        • The show Green Acres inspired me to move the country. I am here and I am loving it.

          • Does Bobby Joe need CPR? I’m willin’.

            • If those girls keep takin’ dips in the water tank at the depot, I’m digging out the scuba gear.

      59. Half the things you posted make my family suspected terrorists. Doesn’t instilling fear or intimidation through the threat or even implied use of force or violence make the fe*s the real terrorists? Since the definition of the Big T has never been codified then yes it does. Seems like everything is ack basswards as usual when it comes to common sense in this country nowadays. Should we really expect anything different from our fear mongering fearless leaders? Not as long as we all sit back like cowards and let it happen to us.

      60. EVERYTIME a police state gets too powerful, or a military rule decides to attempt ultimate power over their own people this happens:

        Atypical of yet another country trying to ban private ownership of firearms. Almost always the dictator will preach that it is for the citizen’s protection that no one has firearms. They will site Europe’s “wonderful” lack of gun related violence. Yeah, and fail to mention the increase of victims from all sorts of crimes now unable to defend themselves. Couldn’t happen in the U.S., sure hope not. Bad trend though is more people are moving towards the European regulations of gun suffocating laws.

        In fact a huge majority of the population are becoming Hard Core big government worshippers. They are becoming Greece and Spain’s failures in so many ways. The U.S. culture itself is being metamorphosed into spongy, “trendy”, complacent government androids, or what is now called the walking and talking, but not thinking, zombies.

        Keep preparing, you are the 1%, and I mean the top 1%.

      61. I took CERT training in Southeast Virginia in Feb of 2010 and there never was any mention of what Prepared Pastor describes as far as reporting anything to the FBI. Granted this was before Aunt Janet’s “If you see something say something” campaign of July 2010. I never got any food, just a nice bag, helmet and vest and flashlight with expired batteries. Also, I might add, no one that I know of, has ever heard from the CERT folks again as to how we might help out or any further training. I took the course because I felt that I could use some first aid training so I would have some idea of what to do for my family when the SHTF.

      62. Let’s see..

        This past week every news site has world leaders/bankers crying potential collapse..

        Major financial institutions are postponing vacations.?

        Every financial site the same..prepare

        Every alternate media.including the likes of..southernprepper/crabbydogtrix/fabian4liberty/silverdocs/zerohedge..etc etc etc..

        Everyone is shouting from the rooftops..prepare prepare!

        Perhaps it is time..?


        • @possee

          Yup, meanwhile Union thugs are hanging out at Wis. voting booths, Isreal is fitting nukes to their German made subs, the civil war in Syria has spread into Lebanon, and the Leaders of Russia, Iran, and China are meeting to define a “Middle East Policy”.

          But, our President is having dinner with the chick from Sex in the City, so it’s all good.

      63. a house in my neighborhood has black plasic over the windows (on the inside)..and one has like a corrigated air filter showing high up on that same window showing only a foot square area of that air filter thru the black plastic bag..any one have any idea wtf this is all about?

        Im not calling anyone..I really dont G.A.F. , but it seems odd..

        these people are freaking wierd anyways..mid 50’s losers no curtains messy visitors. a man and a woman.

        im not a nosy person , and i dont get into other peoples buiz..i just TCB for my own family, and go to work.

        but im watching these freaks , just in case they ever become a major problem

        • Hey, that sounds like my in-laws, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, leave’m be and they’ll stay stoned most of the time.

        • Wouldn’t concern myself. These types are typically awaiting the return of the Hale-Bopp comet and will be found semi-mummified in their tinfoil PJs (the ones with the ‘feet’ in ’em) at some not too distant point.

          • Actually….they are probably preppers…in cognito, laying low and trying to look like they don’t have a pot to piss in.

            Unless….it’s pot that they are growing….LOL.

      64. Ron Paul Wins Delegate Majority in Louisiana — Despite “Nazi”-style Police State Tactics

        • Found this on whatreallyhappened com

          Federal Law Proves All Delegates Are UNBOUND! All Delegates Must See This!

      65. dont believe that this wont affect food production and costs..

        Feet of sand leave farms wasteland after flooding

        Hundreds of farmers are still struggling to remove sand and fill holes gouged by the Missouri River, which swelled with rain and snowmelt, overflowed its banks and damaged thousands of acres along its 2,341-mile route from Montana through North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. The worst damage and the largest sand deposits were in Iowa and Nebraska.

        “We’ll be working on this for years,” Hansen said. “It’ll never be right. Ever. People don’t have any idea how big of a mess this is.”

        • Saddle Up @June 5, 2012 at 10:28 am
          VRF @ June 5, 2012 at 8:46 am

          These posts are why every meal I thank God for the farmers, ask Him to care for them, their families, and leave each farmer with watching angels.
          Without them, we ‘ain’t eatin’!!!

          • Amen

      66. Just bought a used generator at the pawn shop and a couple of goats, I think it’s a good start. What do you guys think ?

        • I hope you use clean, pure, non-ethanol gas..we learned the hard way.

        • What are you going to use the goats for?

        • Major Woody – confused on the generator issue. Some say they will only lead everybody else (everyone without power) right over to your place…

      67. I can only contemplate the brief lifespan of such a genus of rodent– after the authorities leave. Probably less than that of bacteria.

        Then again, one can’t thrust a Bowie knife through the back of the neck of a microorganism.

      68. The financial news is so depressing.

        Time is running short. I must prepare more.

        “Raoul Pal expects a series of sovereign defaults, the “biggest banking crisis in world history”, and asserts that we don’t have many options to stop it.”

        The End Game

        • You know so much, are well-informed; you wouldn’t be near central south Ky??

          • JayJay!

            Thank you Jay Jay. I live in eastern Kentucky. I like to read.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

            • Man, we’d make one great team –too bad.
              Pray, prep, and pray some more.

      69. I’ve been a member of the CERT program for ten years now on teams in California and New Jersey. I have NEVER been asked to report on anyone’s “strange/suspicious” behavior.

        In my ten years the teams I have been on have responded to assist with mud slides, wild fires, evacuations, hurricanes, blizzards, kidnapping attempts and more.

        The CERT program is about being able to help yourself, your neighbors and then the community at large in disaster situations.

        Part of the program involves getting subject matter experts to share their knowledge with the team. That particular subject matter expert happened to share his specialty with the one team. That does not mean that every team in the USA is being told to do this.

        Keep in mind that depending on who is doing the training that CERT members receive all sorts of information/training that may or may not be useful in the real world.

      70. The financial news is so depressing.

        Time is running short. I must prepare more.

        “Raoul Pal expects a series of sovereign defaults, the “biggest banking crisis in world history”, and asserts that we don’t have many options to stop it.”

        The End Game

        • I have it on excellent authority, you have at the maximum, until the Spring of 2013. NO LATER!

          I hope this motivates you so you will make every effort as a good Kentucky mom. Best of wishes to you and your family.

        • if you thug your way into my home, or are caught doing something criminal..cop or not..better watch for the flash!

          it needs to go back to serving the public..not invading our homes and privacy..
          not to mention..the thin blue line has a ton of sociopaths in uniform..its a job that breeds it, feeds it..and hires them because its the power they seek

        • wow
          a little GOOD news for a change

      71. Thanks P Pastor for a good article. I enjoy reading from real people and their experiences that give more insight and understanding on what matters. In my experiences with most of the people that I know, whom work for/with, or are tied to, because of relationships or family, the law enforcement groups; they tend to all stick together like glue. When it comes down to “sticking” it to neighbors or anyone “outside” the LE community, they will have no problem in doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for “good” cops/LE of any level and appreciate the job that most do while making medium salaries. Where would we be without them? I’m just saying, anyone connected will probably be called upon in a state of emergency and they will do whatever it takes to get a passing grade or a little paycheck.

      72. @Mac

        You really should check out the article by Gina Miller posted on the “Renew Amercia” website. It’s general tone and subject matter might be worth a reprint here.


        • Thanks for the heads up, Snake. I just read Millers article. Wow! Kinda gets the blood pumping!

        • I agree! Great article!

          Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

          Who will stop the lawless Obama Justice Department?


      73. For some scary shit, check out this years new defense authorization act.

      74. Walker won huge! The people 1. The demons-from-hell democrats 0.

        • I saw that. I also noticed most of the libtard media reporting it as a ‘narrow’ victory and rambling on and on about the ‘multiple millions’ from outside the state that financed his campaign. Seems the libs just can’t accept that their ideas would actually be REJECTED. Sore losers.

          • sad to see that so many people are still locked into
            the left/right paradigm

            George Carlin started speaking the truth years ago


            what is is that people still dont understand ????????

            for some years now THEY have been knocking a fair amount of crumbs off the table for US to fight each other over

            now they’re not doing even that

            WAKE THE F_CK up America
            good God
            how stupid can we be ?

          • And I see the loyal red-thumb commies are out today! Bring it, you pinko pansies. By the way, ya bunch of whiney, snot-nosed cocoapuffers, huffpost called and they want you back. When all 4 of you come over here, that depletes their audience by half.

      75. the 2012 edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual is now available
        for purchase or free download

        lots of good info and you don’t have to be Mormon to take advantage of it !

      76. Obama’s EPA admits: yeah, we’re shutting down coal towns

        “‘Painful Every Step of the Way’: Top EPA Official Inadvertently Tells The Truth About the White House’s Environmental Agenda”


      77. My Rant: Just got done reading an article on yahoofinance about why pump pries are not reflecting the drop in crude pries. Here is an excerp from the article:
        “None of which does anything for people just looking to pay less at the pump. The U.S. has an ample supply of WTI Crude; we just can’t refine it fast enough to drive gas prices lower. Ilczyszyn says the problem is due to a refinery network that’s 20 or 30 years old. Because of that creaking system, the prices can’t fall despite supply being ample and demand remaining static—a violation of economic law. Whatever the reason, “going lower in gasoline is not going to happen this year.”

        Looks like someone from the oil industry went down the list of typical excuses for high gas.
        Hurrican season: Nope wont work yet
        Mid East termoil: Nope public thinks we are ending things over there.
        China Demand: Nope MSM reporting they are slowing down
        US demand: Nope with recent numbers reported and looming QE wont work either.
        Refining process: When none of the above work use this

        These people know they have a stranglehold over us and they also know that most people will believe anything they report. I remember when phone companies used to do this to consumers. It is a lesson I cannot wait for the oil companies to learn.

      78. I submitted a comment or two a while back on the FEMA SURG team when you had the article about the new DHS bullet proof checkpoint huts. I was lambasted by several folks who thought they knew more about the new FEMA SURGE team and how my caution of their purpose was over reactionary. This is a new team that started up with DHS Last year. TSA has provided the bulk of volunteers and they are taught online several courses in incident command. Reading this article and being acquainted with the SURG team… (See my login name), it is now beginning to raise some real red flags. This article is dead on and I can tell you from where I sit things are moving faster than I expected. If you are prepping… prep faster…. Change is a coming and it will not matter who is in the white house…. Look to the Lord and draw close….

      79. I am an active CERT member and I would like to point out that an individual’s experience may vary quite a bit from CERT to CERT and state to state depending on the quality of the leadership and the cultural and political makeup of your local CERT. I don’t doubt Pastor’s experience, but my experience with the organization has been very different form the author’s. I’m a multi-generational prepper and have been through all kinds of training, much of it very expensive and some of it only available to gov’t personnel or contractors and I am still able to get quite a bit out my ongoing CERT training. My CERT has been activated half a dozen times since I joined it a couple of years ago, but I live in a small town that relies on CERT to backup its’ first responders. Since I joined, I have been privy to an incredible amount of information about emergency preparedness in my area. I have access to my Emergency Operations Center and supply trailers including combination locks. I know I’ll be among the first first to know any info about emergencies in my area that comes through local gov’t channels. I’ve learned about my city water supply and power. I have radio equipment and frequencies to monitor any emergency response in the area. I have used my volunteer work with CERT to cultivate personal contacts at the city and county levels. The gov’t doesn’t have any additional info about me, and I have tons about it. It is what you make of it. Just maintain OPSEC. You aren’t obliged to help in an emergency, but some of us want to help others after they and theirs are taken care of. We’ve cross-trained with City and County first responders including law enforcement, the Amature Radio Emergency Service, Civil Air Patrol, Fire Dept, Ambulance Services, the Red Cross, the Medical Reserve Corps, our local churches and our hospitals, but we would only interact with FEMA in an emergency, and then only through the chain of command and probably after everything was all over. Many have commented on the benefits of the ID getting them through roadblocks, but it’s also nice to know how to mark your property as having been cleared by seach teams and all OK in a disaster so no one tries to search it again.

      80. I am a CERT member in my community. When reading your bullet point in the summary, based upon my experience I can only conclude two things: One, you are delusional or Two, you are a liar. As for your aversion to “if you see it, report it”. I hope someone sees you under attack by a criminal and does not report it. That would be in keeping with your philosophy. Plus, since you believe so much in self-reliance, you should not want assistance if attacked by a criminal, since, if you cannot resolve the situation on your own, it’s your fault for not being adequately prepared. After, all men are islands unto themselves.

      81. Without any namecalling or insinuating that the author is mentally ill, I have to disagree with three of the four bullet points. I have trained with local law enforcement with CERT … though not in a conspiratorial sense as is suggested. County deputies were used to give simulated damage assessments to our Emergency Operations Center in an exercise that simulated the aftermath of an earthquake. And the county corrections dept sometimes requests volunteers (CERT members or others) to play the part of inmates in roleplay exercises that simulate the evacuation of prisoners from the county correctional facility. None of my friends would characterize me as a supporter of Big Gov’t or even as being trusting of Gov’t, but at no time did I feel like these events were any sort of cover for detention camps disguised as FEMA shelters. I am not even saying that I know for a fact that they don’t exist, I’m just saying that I’m heavily involved with CERT and have never seen or heard anything that causes me to be suspicious of the CERT program. I have seen it do a lot of good in my community and plan to continue to support it. If I was ever asked to do anything I felt was contrary to the constitution or my largely Libertarian values, I would refuse to do it.

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