The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse *Video*

by | Nov 24, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 71 comments

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      1. Some hard assets will not go up.  Figure out which ones you want.  Get the ones that will, now!  The others, live without.

      2. So, when I wake up one morning and gold is up $1750  in the first hour……..tshf?

      3. I’ll bet #1 already has the speech wrote out for him.  I wonder what that feels like?

      4. Yeah, pretty much! And chances are that it will happen while we sleep, only to be told the good news over a cup of coffee checking out the latest news on SHTFplan.

        Personally, I don’t think the situation will lead to as rapid a collapse as depicted in the NIA video (12 hours), but it will be fairly quick – perhaps over a period of a week or so. The scenarios, insofar as how the Chinese, the Fed, the US and other countries respond will probably happen similar to how it happened in the film. Within a day or two people will realize what’s happening at grocery stores as prices sky rocket and there will most definitely be pandemonium when food stores start running low.

        After the dollar collapse, it’s anybody’s guess if we go James Rawles’ Patriots or John Galt’s The Day the Dollar Died or Troy Grice’s Indivisible.

      5. Comments….. And Soros was in the picture smacking his lips together.  Gold and silver no doubt will sky rocket.  Russia and China have already ditched the dollar, so it’s not too far off.  I bet helicopter Ben is crapping his pants.  Is there a resignation in the works?  LOL!  I’ve got a two-year supply of toilet paper, maybe I should send him a roll.

      6. That was the scariest 7-minute horror flick I’ve ever seen!

      7. Comments…..2012 they wish this will happen much sooner…

      8. Scary video!  It will probably happen over a weekend; Monday banks will be closed…a nightmare,  hope I never see  it.   Some “experts” predicted this would have happened already.

      9. I suspected you might like to post this one!

      10. what does this tell me i should do in this senario?

      11. Hey all…while off subject(because I dont have the ability to view videos) I just want to wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving!

      12. This scenario could happen this year or early next year.

      13. During this time, the most important thing to have will be security. How do you get security? Three things you must have: An out of the way place to be, firearms and the knowledge and skill to use them. You don’t need an arsenal with 20 different guns to fit every situation (Hehehe. Like I have.) and 10,000 rounds of ammo (like I do). If you have one gun and 100 rounds you’ll be 95% as well off as me.

        Of course you need a lot of other stuff but the most immediate thing you will need is security and protection. Many bad people will use this time to loot and release their mayhem on mankind. …except those with a shotgun. If you’re not a gun person, do yourself a favor and pick one of these packages and purchase it. All the food in the world won’t be any good to you if you are dead.

        Cheap: New England Firearms break action shotgun, 12ga or 20ga. 100 rounds of most any hunting load from #4 to #8 shot. Total cost is about $200.

        Better: Winchester 1300 pump, 12ga. 50 rounds of #4 shot and 50 rounds of #6 shot.  Total cost is about $350.

        Get it. Take it to a redneck friend’s house buy an extra box of #6 loads and shoot up some pop cans, milk jugs and other stuff. Just play around and learn to use it.

        Bring it back home. Stick it in a box and hide it somewhere in your house with the ammo.

        A person that does this will be 100x better off that one who doesn’t. While guns can be dangerous, malcontents and marauders and be much more so.

        I’m really not a guntard. I don’t feel that you have to have 100s of guns and 100,00 rounds of ammo, but, I can tell you this: Who’ll be better off when the S hits the F? The guntard or the sheople? I would certainly error on the guntard’s side.

        Get it. Learn how to use it. Hide it away. Consider it part of your preps. You know, the one prep to safeguard all the others.

      14. This is exactly what the Chinese have planned, it’s straight out of Sun Tzu, “If your enemy is defeating himself, don’t interfere”
        The Chinese will win this chess match with economics, not nukes.
        Just today the Chinese & Russians dumped our dollars for their future transactions, that is serious bad news that will only get worse.
        This is a direct result of an arrogant US that runs around the world kicking people in the nuts & bombing them instead of respectful trade.

        Hey, Netranger—we have our priorities in order—last night at wallie world, I got a Coleman axe to add to my BOB…husband got more ammo..

      16. U2 REB & all of U!

      17. I pray we all make it through the up coming disaster and the children don’t have to suffer or experience the grave calamity that will follow.

        During all these years and decades, why didn’t grandpa Ron Paul warn us or do something to stop all this up coming disaster?? 

        We only became aware of him through the news media and Alex Jones during the last election, because  the Republican party would not allow him to debate, because the he or any candidate had to have enough supporters.
        He is just another career politician.

      18. Why do the left-wing leaders, the NIA or conservative shills keep saying Obama is the president for 2012.…???   But the next election is Nov-4-2011.  Are you saying the next presidential election is fixed or what???

      19. With respect Jane..Ron Paul is not a career “politician”,he is a statesman,we need several hundred more just like him.Perfect? no one is …even the founders were only human,but he does what he says and his word has held true all the years I know of him back to Reagan.
         In all the years I have had the pleasure of working with Ron Pauls office(mainly on small farm issues) I have not known him to back off his support for the Constitution and its principles,believe me he has “tried” to push these issues but in congress you have to convince a majority of your fellows to support and back you,sadly in DC today there are few who adhere to the rule of law(constitution)today you can do almost anything to the liberties of the people simply by spouting off something about it being for their safety(witness TSA and Homeland Security and biometric drivers licenses and NAIS and now SB510.
        I understand your frustration with the system,I share it but Dr.Paul in not one of our problems in DC.
        He has I believe(if memory serves me correctly) introduced a bill to audit the fed every year he has been there,it never gets out of committee,perhaps if it had 20 years ago we wouldnt be where we are today.Thanks!

      20. Comments….. Jane, the next Presidential election is in November 2012.

      21. We prayed that we would find a place with a garden, last fall we found one and it came with a well (unused so I do not know of the quality of the water). This fall the landlord raised the rent $50. a month which is not a comfortable price range for us so we started looking around.

        We found a place that would be $225. less a month, but no garden and no well but has a fireplace (wood pellet insert so I cannot cook with it). We have been torn if we should take the place or not because after all I can use pots for gardening.

        Another small problem with the new place is that the landlords are pack rats and would be around probably a lot to sift through the stuff they would leave behind.

        After watching this video….I think I will keep the garden one (it has a garden bigger than most 5 bedroom bungalow’s. I cried after that video.

      22. JANE, The next election in Nov. 2012. LOL OMG!

      23. Comments….. Penna said “After watching this video….I think I will keep the garden one (it has a garden bigger than most 5 bedroom bungalow’s. I cried after that video.”

        Nothing against crying, but crying never gets the job done.  Any time you have space to grow food, is more than reason to stay where you are at. Food = safety.

        /just saying

      24. I totally agree, Mac. That time will come upon us soon, but I don’t believe it will unfold as quickly as NIA projects. There are too many Americans in denial of what is currently happening now. When the stock market imploded in late 08/early 09 it took from Sept to March to unravel. But even if the dollar takes 6 months to lose another 95% of it’s value it will have tragic consequences.

      25. Will that white turkey bite me while I’m being filmed?  I pardon you.

      26. Follow the Money:
        What I see with the TSA and all the restrictions being placed upon the world, is a new way to suck more money from the people. 
        I was just wondering… do they offer these items for sale in the airport terminals?
        Follow the money!

      27. Reb – AMEN!

      28. Why don’t the girls on Bloomberg wear skirts over in Europe?

      29. Comments… Mac, check this out:

        If true, it`s the begining of the end for USD. 18 pages counted, but with graphs and tables. Change you can belive in IMHO.
        For non-belivers math-formulae is there.
        Counting ICBM is worthless if there is no more support for USD.
        If a new currency pops up in int`l trade, austerity will be,
        sadly, the norm … WORLDWIDE !

        But that idiot Palin, at a radio station, declared that US should
        support our NORTH COREAN allies.

      30. I cann’t receive the video,  can anybody send it to me,thanks
        my email: [email protected]

      31. The family and I have already ‘hunkered-down’ for the holidays. Who knows, it may well be the last traditional holiday season as we know it that we are able to truely able to appreciate and enjoy. It is our intention to enjoy the Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years holidays to the fullest.

        Please accept our sincere best wishes for a safe and happy Holiday Season for you and your family. God Bless and good luck to all.

      32. 2012?????  They have done it yesterday
        It was probably a response by the USA false flag attack on N. Korea and trying to start a conflict with China.
        This news was never reported by ANY western media. Not even one!! It’s called a total media blackout. Now would be a perfect time to move to hard assets.
        The Dollar has been dumped.

      33. Mad Markie,

        I have been thinking the same thing – that this may be the last of the carefree holiday seasons of the “golden age” of consumerism.  Let us all give thanks today for the blessings we have received and the opportunity we have to prepare for such an event as hyperinflation/death of the dollar.  While I am sure it will not be pleasant, I am doing my best to have faith that there are enough American patriots around still to get us through this and forge ahead to a new way of being that our children can look at and say that it was worth the struggle to get to this better place.

        Have a wonderful holiday everybody.  Now I gotta go make pie crust because I didn’t last night (Thanksgiving dinner is 100% from scratch at our house!).

      34. The way things are going we could have a dollar collapse in 10-15 years. It takes time to find a replacement. The euro is not safe,if Spain falls then we could have a deflationary collapse of europe. However if they get bailed out the euro will get devalued even further. the way things are going Germany will leave the union and go back to a gold back D-mark. China still has alot of problems,they have inflation thta could go out of control and lead to a deflationary collapse of China. This will plunge the world into a depression. The one thing that will kill our dollar is interest rates. Sooner and later when our debt reaches the mid 20 trillions our creditors will ask for higher interest. Any rated above 5% will lead to a default because we would have to pay 500 billion-650 billion to just pay interest! This alone will kill us and lead to a failed treasury auction. Also they fail to mention when our credit rating gets lowered. Our credit rating should get lowered in five years time because our debt in 2015 will be at least 24.3 trillion. So it will take time and the collapse will not occur in a 24 hour time period. It will take week for a collapse to happen and for the American people to feel the effects.

      35. The way things are going we could have a dollar collapse in 10-15 years. It takes time to find a replacement. The euro is not safe,if Spain falls then we could have a deflationary collapse of europe. However if they get bailed out the euro will get devalued even further. the way things are going Germany will leave the union and go back to a gold back D-mark. China still has alot of problems,they have inflation thta could go out of control and lead to a deflationary collapse of China. This will plunge the world into a depression. The one thing that will kill our dollar is interest rates. Sooner and later when our debt reaches the mid 20 trillions our creditors will ask for higher interest. Any rated above 5% will lead to a default because we would have to pay 500 billion-650 billion to just pay interest! This alone will kill us and lead to a failed treasury auction. Also they fail to mention when our credit rating gets lowered. Our credit rating should get lowered in five years time because our debt in 2015 will be at least 24.3 trillion. So it will take time and the collapse will not occur in a 24 hour time period. It will take week for a collapse to happen and for the American people to feel the effects.

        Hey mac John Galt has a sequel to the day the dollar die series. Its called the Year after the dollar died. here is the link.

      36. Comments….. In years past, I would cook all the fixings for Thanksgiving. We spent upwards of hundreds of dollars for our family.  It would take me hours to do all the shopping, bring it home and stand on my feet for hours preparing the food.  Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly but as the years have come and gone, I find myself ditching it all and going out to eat.  For $30 we can have it all with very little effort.  Who knows, this time next year we’ll all be eating our preps–beans and SPAM and be thankful that we have that.

        Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone.

      37. Comments…..Mardochee:  Here’s an excellent blog regarding Spain – Gonzalo Lira.  I don’t believe the IMF has the money to bailout Spain.

      38. I don’t believe it will happen this fast either.  It’s in the process and each day we move closer to the end.   Take a break today and give thanks for all we have.  God bless you all…

      39. @Jane – When I was doing my citizenship, my wife told me that elections are always on even years and every second.  Obviously presidential is every 4 years.  Also remember even if he is elected on Nov. 4th, he has no power until Jan 20th of the next year.

        Hope that helps, I know it helped me.

      40. Now to comment on the actual video.  Could it happen this way?  Sure.  Things start to fall apart on a Friday and come Monday, within 12 hours full on panic.  Is it likely?  I would say it would likely happen over several days, though not likely a week.  I’d say 1-3 days, 3 days being a max in my opinion.  Too many people would be freaked out World wide and be mass selling Treasuries.  Once that started, I think it would be over fairly fast.  It’s just a matter of how long it takes for the momentum takes to get going.  Even if the Federal Reserve is purchasing, it’s with worthless dollars so it’s meaningless and likely to have little effect in slowing the sales.

        I’m glad I have a few weapons (1 for each person I expect to make it here plus a pistol for each also (cheap ones, about $139 each but they always go bang) and 1 years supply of freeze dried food for each now too).  I also have 5 years worth of long term seeds (some don’t keep well but I know how to save seeds).  I also have chickens, rabbits (hidden from the wife, she is not a fan of me killing the Easter bunny lol) and a few other sources of meat.  I am short of TP though, can never have enough! 

        I’m hoping the powers to be can keep things together a bit longer though, have some more stuff I want to get to make life easier.  I need more solar panels and need to build two more solar hot water panels along with another 3kw wind generator and spare parts for both so each can be completely rebuilt.  I also need to get a diesel pickup as gasoline does not keep well even with stabilizers, compared to diesel which can easily last 20 years if you keep it circulating and with stabilizers.

        Things people forget to get extra’s of:
        -Underwear (My friend has 8 sets of camo clothing (all Multicam, YMMV) and realized he had no spare underwear for him or his girl, oops!) 
        -Winter gear
        -Boots/shoes (I only have 1 space of each and in boots I nearly need to bust into my backup pair as it is, I need 4-5 more of each I think)
        -Snow shoes (if you need them obviously, I completely forgot and found one of mine busted this weekend ruining a hike)
        -Tactical gear like vests and pouches (why I only get MOLLE gear, can just replace damaged parts or transfer if the vest is damaged)
        -Gun cleaning equipment, oils, cleaners, etc.  I have a case or two of each and 6-8 brushes.  Though need more with more people planning to get here.

        People rarely forget the big stuff like food, overall clothing, personal hygiene stuff.  But the list above is things I’ve found I was short on.

        Don’t forget to standardize your weapons and calibers.  Makes getting ammo easier and sharing magazines is important.

        Also a good read, if you haven’t:

        Enjoy your turkey day!

      41. Mike L (Lunatic),

        Don’t take this opportunity to insult me further.  You must be stupid to think people do not know the presidential election is every 4 years. 

        I inadvertently used that info. from another article and didn’t notice the discrepancy.  You  have been calling me every filthy name in the book. 

        Since you are an extremist and a strong supporter of George Soros to legalize <Marijuana, I have repeatedly told you I do not want to discuss anything further with you.  Don’t read my posting and explode every time you read it. And all you want to do is fight with me and others, except your team members.

        I’ve refused to respond to you, because I see no value in responding to a Mad ManI am here to exercise my constitutional rights – FREE SPEECH.  


      42. NIA are out of their mind. It is not going to happen. There is no economic dollar collapse coming folks; just a constant erosion of your purchasing power, so buy precious metals every chance you get.

        The bonds the Treasury is printing and the FED is “buying” is just money going to the Bankster Gangsters to prop up their balance sheets for the additional loan losses in the pipeline.

        Bankster Gangsters: Bailout Number Two at SHTF Times Epitaph

      43. Another WW.  Read your history & talk it out with others that are older/wiser.  That’s what happened in WWI & II.  That’s just the way it is.  China has to feed their people to keep them happy.  What does it take to keep the rest of the world (each country) happy?  China will go high tech just like we did after WWII.  Their own people are just now able to buy what they build except the millions that are just trying to eat with double digit inflation. 

      44. Comments…..I’m one of those that believe things will go bad very fast.  Even someone who has had their head buried in the sand knows when the “jig is up” so to speak.  All types of panic will spread quickly, it’s just human nature, and that never changes.
               People holding money in banks (everybody), and people holding money in 401k’s, (many people), need to remember that when panic starts, banks will close to prevent runs, right along with stock trading.  If stocks don’t trade, you can’t close out your 401k—same with banks.
           The banksters and the market people have all of us by the short hairs.  I have removed most of my funds from my retirement 401k, and done some of the things we talk about, and i’ve removed  funds from the bank, and made them disappear.
            I don’t have any better idea on a time frame for collapse than anyone else, but there is no doubt that it will happen. The die has been cast, and the economy is hanging on by a thread.  The collapse will come in due time, just be ready when it does.
             Everyone have a great holiday season, and enjoy this time of year.  it will more than likely be your last chance before our lives are changed forever.

      45. @Jane – I don’t know how I could have been any nicer in my post on here to you.  Honestly what does it take?

        I’ve never called you a filthy name yet.  Please, take this time to go through any of my posts and find one instance of it.  I’ve always talked to you as a civilized person, though you’ve never, ever done the same for me.

        You constantly call me names and put me down because I do not 100% agree with you.  I really don’t care, but you claim I’m the one doing it.  Please post a link to a post where I called you a filthy name, just one.  Otherwise, back off.

        I’m actually not an extremist like you at all.  I’m quite middle of the road, leave everyone alone to do as they please unless it adversely effects others.  Not sure how that is hard to understand.  I hate both major political parties in this country because, honestly, they’re one in the same.

      46. Provoking a fight with woman to get people to read your postings is weak and wicked proganda.  

        But if you think you’re right it’s okay with me; take some medication will you!!!!  Or buy some more drugs off the street since you’re promoting them to keep you calm. 

      47. MIKE L (Lunatic),

        People are more worried about the coming Korean War, and congress may restart the draft ag (ages: 18 – 45) as it did during previous wars. 

        No one cares about your mental instabilitys or whether you’re right or wrong, so stop demanding that I or other people have to agree with your twisted thinking. 

      48. @MikeL:  While I’m relatively new here, I must say (IMHO), your posts in this string have been respectful, gracious and informative. I appreciated your taking the time to write about those items one may not immediately consider stockpiling, which are nonetheless equally important in a SHTF scenario. Of course, TP is a given, and there will NEVER be enough (especially with the shrinking rolls)!

      49. Jane, you need to chill…. Mike L is fine…….Your the one ranting all the time.

      50. I would say, don’t necessarily freak out.  That’s not going to help.  When I go to the store these days, I buy a few extra cans of protein food like beans.  Also have rice, potatoes ,onions on hand. Tea or coffee would be nice, too.

      51. @JANE – I think you may have some minor issues…. Just throwing that out there. @Mike L, good points sir.

      52. Franklin D Roosevelt (D) said nothing that happens in the government is an accident.  We know everything is and has been orchestrated. 

      53. Using propaganda and all kinds of tactics to achieve power, wealth and to control people, they have been doing this for many centuries. 

        Before going into an attack mode or using personal insults, Extremist started making a posting with lousy tips to justify his actions……and he and his team member used it as a defense was another dirty tactic. 

        I don’t go to any websites which the Left-Wing, Extremists/Conservative Shills recommend, that would be a deadly mistake.
        Mac has many articles about survival tips which are more than anyone needs to know.

      54. Most of you have your cart before the horse. 

        When there is a run, it will be on all asset classes, including the stock market and your precious metals.  Those that don’t sell their stocks and metals at the start of the run will be getting 5 cents on the dollar weeks after the collapse begins.  A run on a bank may be laughable as most people have no savings at all.

        Why do you think the insiders have been dumping their stocks all this year to a population of braindead sheep.  Why do you think there are many happy to sell you their metals near record prices.  Because the answer is: you are the next bagholders.

        The ultimate metals buyers market will occur when you bugs dump a few weeks after the collapse.  You will be dumping because you will need the all mighty dollar to buy things.  Walmarts will never accept gold and silver.  Who will be buying your metals when all the brokers and dealers went bust?  You paid a premium when you bought, you will be basically giving it away when everyone dumps together.

        Cash is going to be scarce (cash will be king).  I see the dollar rising from USD 80 to 175 by this time next year.  Your metals are going to retreat down, at the same rate they rose, upto the date of collapse, then expect 50% cuts day after day for a week or longer.

        Think Deflation.  QE2, QE3, QE4.. will never end up in the masses hands.  Zimbabwe LOL, not here, USA cash will first be scarce.  Jobs will become scarce.  The value of everything will fall.   Even the cost of oil and gas will fall, for awhile, until they reduce production.

        Once the store shelves are bare and the truckers no longer haul, then expect inflation.    The trouble with inflation people is they don’t realize that stores need to keep prices down in order to compete.

      55. NetRanger…thank you as well for your comments. and why did I become the subject of your vitriole?

      56. Comments…..@oneway,
        I agree with you on some points, but i think you’re wrong on others.  I think there will be mass chaos in all markets, but a middle ground will be found on the PM’s. It’s just the way the real world works.  Anything with value willl find an agreeable exchange value with another trader. Example-how many bullets for how many beans? How much toilet paper for how many ounces of silver–or whatever.  Black markets will spring up, and anyone with anything of value will seek to find what they don’t have, and try to get an added value on what they trade for.
             I also agree that cash wil be king, but, only as long as it’s perceived to have value. When the perception of value  is gone, think Zimbabwie money.  Most common Joe’s know the dollar doesn’t buy much anymore. When they see the dollar crash, they will try to spend it as soon as possible, because in a short time, it will be worthless.
           There are way too many scenerios to consider , to cover all the possibilities, but you can be sure that it will be chaos all the way.   It’ll be a good time to stay home and count bullets or pm’s.

      57. Interesting.  It reminds me of Argentina when the Argentine peso virtually collapsed (December 2001)…except the events didn’t transpire as rapidly (more like over 2 days instead of 12 hours).  I remember all of the locals being glued to their tv’s watching the riots in the streets and the looting at the grocery stores.  It sure did emhasize the importance of food and water storage.  
        Make no mistake, the events that took place leading up to the collapse in Argentina are happening here right now.   

      58. @boludoargentino: I’m very curious…what were the weeks and months like immediately after these 2 days? Could you give concrete examples in how your life changed? What would you have done for the future if you saw this coming? Can you provide advice (other than stock food & water, and stay out of public places when the S is actually HTF)? Prompted by this article, I read John Galt’s “The Day the Dollar Died”. I read it the evening before Thanksgiving and finished it Thanksgiving evening. The next day, I went to the grocery store (which is Stop & Shop, here in New England). The hairs on my arms raised when I realized that they ALREADY stock (and continue to stock more and more on a weekly basis) no-name, logo-only food products. I knew they ‘changed’ their logo during the summer, but never realized they did away with their name on the product (which was there, previously). Just yesterday I noticed that they now sell (at the best price on the rack) a 1 pound BLOCK of butter (one block, not 4 1/4 sticks) no-name, logo-only!!! I fear we are rapidly approaching the corner, and I’m so worried that I could be doing something more that I’m not doing now.

      59. @LindaG  – Thanks.  I foolishly thought Jane was someone intelligent and would be able to back up her claims of me calling her every dirty name in the book.  I now realize the errors of my ways.  I now just skip her posts as she never contributes anything but rambling nonesense for the most part (yes, that would be an attack Jane, you can quote it all you want).

        Glad to see you’re finding the site useful LindaG and wish you the best of luck along with anyone else smart enough to prepare for anything.  The end of the world is a bit much for me, but I do live in an earthquake area (North of Seattle) so I am parparing for that and it just happens to cover most other situations.

      60. @LindaG.  First off, just a little background…I am an American citizen and was only in Argentina for a few years; it just so happens that I arrived one week before the SHTF there (December 2001).  A plus for me was that all of my money was in dollars, so I wasn’t effected quite like everyone else at that time.

        I can’t remember exactly what happened when, but I can remember general events.  The country was in absolute chaos.  There were three “presidents” within a two week period; riots and strikes were an everyday occurrence (especially in downtown Buenos Aires for the first few weeks after the meltdown), and looting was fairly common.  I actually have pictures of a grocery store getting looted and demolished. 

        Some of other things that really stood out to me were the rapid increase in prices (prices nearly quadrupled over a two month period); people fleeing the country in droves (especially to Spain) in search of jobs; people telling me how their retirment accounts had vanished overnight; block-long lines at the bank; families sleeping on the streets; transportation strikes, etc., etc.

        The experience taught me the importance of food storage and owning a gun (or two).  I had a few friends who were actually robbed in their homes when most of the rioting and looting were taking place.  

        Anyway, this was a very general overview of what I experienced.  It was scary at times…but, again, my money was in dollars and not 
        Argentine pesos, so I wasn’t effected quite like everyone else.   I guess that serves as a learning point on how to prep for our impending economic collapse: get away from dollar-denominated assets and stock up on food.   

      61. @boludoargentino – thanks so much for your reply. Sounds like they were indeed some scary times. I worry most for my Mom, who has scrimped and saved her entire life (she’s in her late ’70s now) to save for a decent retirement. I KNOW I could never get her to invest in non-dollar demominated assets, as the concept is simply ‘too foreign’ for her. I’m working on getting her to convert some of her retirement into physical gold and silver, but even that has been an uphill battle (still trudging, though). I have FINALLY gotten her to see the wisdom of putting by some extra food. In the meantime, I stock up on as much food as I can, because I know that what I have will also need to support her.

      62. @LindaG – You’ve already likely done this but get a few years worth of her medications and see if there are natural alternatives.  Keep them in the refrigerator and it should be ok.  The FDA told the US Army most drugs (not insulin or water purification tablets) could be store on average 18-33 months beyond their best by date.

        Get extra wool blankets also for warmth.  A lot of people don’t turn off their heat in the winter to see (when its near freezing) how it is.

      63. @Mike L… good words of wisdom. Fortunately, she is not on many medications, primarily just one for cholesterol, and I do try to get her to stock up on this. After my step-dad passed away, I realized that he was a prepper, maybe not intentionally, but just in who he was. It was a major coup when I finally got Mom to stop GIVING things away (i.e. generator, couple cords of wood… UGGGHH). She simply would not listen at that point. But now she has stopped and is starting to see the light. I might even have her talked into getting a few more cords of wood, but in the meantime make alternate plans and take notice of all my step-dad stocked up.

      64. @LindaG – Awesome news on the mom front.  Sorry for the very long delay it’s been crazy at work.  16 hour days to get caught up for the season. 

        I got home early today because someone forgot to put 200′ of refrigeration lines on the truck and drive 3 hours to the job site today.  He did remember the fittings though, but those are kinda useless without pipe to attach them too.  Out of two things to bring, forgetting the most important one is quite funny.  Oh well, 8 hours of pay for 5 hours of driving 🙂

      65. Comment    Prior to Y2K I prepared and had published a how to survive the forthcoming Y2K crisis.  I have recently dusted off my survive manual, revised it to include weapons and ammo purchases.  I solh over 10,000 of the Y2K manual.  I expect to sell over 1 million of the How to Survive the Economic Destruction of The United States.  I also have give-away-land for sale in West Texas.  You can contact me at Wilderness Canyon Ranch, PO Box 1132, Pearlandland, exas 77581 or by sending email to [email protected], I will hellp you and your family to survive.  God bless us all…..

      66. China, Russia and now India- some of the biggest powerhouses have already announced discontinuing dollar as trade entity. I dont believe US citizen reaction would be this fast.  Most Americans wont grasp the implications of the collapse for days.- google “Protocols for an Economic Collapse” which seems more detailed and realistic.

      67. World war 3 is near pray to god and never trust an american government they just inform you with lies.
        When american economy fall then they use nukes to get it back.
        Thats how US always do. If they loose they cheat with nukes.
        Fema camps and more stuff is goin on. Just be careful and dont trust the goverment they just give you lies.

      68. One Way says that this won’t happen, but advises to buy precious metals. If this were not going to happen, folks would not need to buy precious metals, so right there One Way trips him/herself up. This crash will happen, because it has been planned since the beginning of our country was formed as odd as that may seem to people reading this article.

        If people study accurate history, instead of what their high school history books taught them, they know that the Federal Reserve Bank prints money and lends it to the American people at interest. The Fed doesn’t supply the interest to pay for this, so that comes out of the economy which causes less money to be in circulation, and the dollar is actually debt, information that experts have taught me as I certainly was not in a position to figure it out for myself.

        The way in which the Federal Reserve Bank was established, which you can read on my site at was so devious that anyone who thinks at all, knows that the American people were scammed. Indeed, when the congress passed that legislation, it committed treason. So, yes, the crash will come. Like one other who posted here, I don’t know when, but all of the advice that has been given about stocking up and investing in at least 1 gun with the amo to support it, is sound advice.


        Arlene Johnson

      69. I have enjoyed America for 76 years and now they want to make our lives miserable so a group of people  can rule the world. Control all of us. Take over BIG time.

        When this all comes down, the people sitting and standing in lines in front of stores for Friday morning sales will be sitting somewhere else wishing they could pay their bills.  Yeah, its coming and they don’t believe it.

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