The Dollar Collapse Will be the Single Largest Event in Human History

by | Jul 7, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 168 comments

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    Every major civilization in history has collapsed. In almost all recorded cases the collapse has occurred as a result of infinite expansion in a finite environment. We are, no doubt, approaching a similar fate.

    Silver Shield of Don’t Tread On Me outlines the fundamental problems we face, and the repercussions that will follow:

    The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity is controlled by money. Our wealth,our work,our food,our government,even our relationships are affected by money. No money in human history has had as much reach in both breadth and depth as the dollar. It is the de facto world currency. All other currency collapses will pale in comparison to this big one. All other currency crises have been regional and there were other currencies for people to grasp on to. This collapse will be global and it will bring down not only the dollar but all other fiat currencies,as they are fundamentally no different. The collapse of currencies will lead to the collapse of ALL paper assets. The repercussions to this will have incredible results worldwide.

    This time around,it is a national and global problem. The global Ponzi scheme has run out of gas as the demographics decline,as cheap abundant oil declines,as hegemonic power declines. This comes at a time when we reach the exponential or collapse phase of our money. The Irresistible Force Paradox says, “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” We are about to find out,when infinite money hits a very finite world.

    You can read the full article here, or watch a video synopsis compiled by New America Now:

    What is to come is a mathematical certainty. It cannot be otherwise. The only question is one of timing.

    Perhaps the final breaking point will come in a few months and the system will crumble before the end of the year. Or, maybe we experience a slow and drawn out depression over the course of a decade. Whatever the case, we’re not going to pretend like we know exactly how and when it will come to pass.

    What we can surmise, however, are the effects if and when the unstoppable force hits an immovable object. Keep in mind that what we are talking about the largest financial, economic and governmental debt bubble in the history of the world – and it’s about to pop.

    When this happens we can expect nothing short of unmitigated global pandemonium – on a scale never before seen.

    Take nothing for granted and expect the unexpected.

    Food shortages, violence, governmental tyranny, and especially wide-scale regional or global military conflict. This is the reality of collapse.

    Hat tip JR, Silver Shield, Steve Quayle


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      1. The movie needs more bare breasts.

        • You just said that to get me to watch it, didn’t you?

          *reviewers note: this video contains full frontal economics*

          • Now, did I lie? Joe Bob Briggs would have been sorely disappointed. Not even a cage dance.

        • jackasses

      2. Well, it really isn’t *certain* is it? We could have benevolent aliens come, discover a free energy source that the corporate fascists give out for free, or a magical unicorn that grants wishes.

        But I wouldn’t risk my life on the above. Nor those of my family.

        We know the drill, right people? Fill your granaries with rice and beans, your magazines with lead, and a hole in the ground with silver and gold. And decide how ferociously you will defend it against thieves of all types.

        Amuses and amazes me how many people are willfully blind; and if you describe to them the simple math, they *will* label you an idiot and shun you.

        “May you live in interesting times.” -Anon, Chinese.

        • “May you live in interesting times.”

          I don’t know if you’re aware, but this is actually a Chinese curse!

          Those Chinese! What a bunch of funsters they are!

          • The Chinese have been quietly cursing us all along.
            They are not our friends. They are not kind to their own people, why would anyone think they would be kind to us.
            The Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times, is one they have been cursing us with since the beginning.
            They set up Chinese food take outs like land mines all over the contry. Why? To kill us all.
            Did you ever see the brown bottles of so called seasoning they put on your veggies?
            yeah they are seasonings alright.
            Keep eating Chinese food and take notice while you are at it the cancer rate in America is going up.

            • Let me bluntly retort in Manderin… moo goo guy pan!

            • reject cancer, learn about MMS miracle mineral solution and jim humble. reject disease. health freedom!

            • It’s funny I have been thinking about this for the longest time…those Chinese food Buffets…”Get’em fat and obese, get’em lazy, let’s defeat them silently! Food is their weakness, those pigs!” I wonder if all those Chinese food buffet places aren’t financed and “implanted” here in our soil by the Chinese government…Watch out for the buffets, stick with your hot-dogs instead, eat less and keep sharp and alert, go to the gym more often, get fit and strong, say no to msg and heavy seasonings (except for the tabasco or frank’s hot sauce, those are good for you!).

            • Good post.
              I was in Wash.DC, last year at a high dollar (read that ‘expense account only types welcome’) when I heard two .gov high level employees talking about a new mine going in the state of Montana.
              “We’ll have to put a stop to that, Montana has been sold to China”.”
              I almost went postal!!!
              But I did check, and the EPA and several other dot gov agencies are holding up a silver mine project in Northern Montana.
              If people only knew.
              But Montana votes Democrat so they deserve what they are getting :^(

          • Reminds me of a West African curse:

            “May your breasts always be those of a young maiden”.

            Now while you might think that, as a guy (most of you), this would be a damned cool thing to have happen to a woman, what it means is that the speaker is hoping that the target of her curse never has children.

            • Odd Questioner says:
              July 9, 2011 at 10:25 am

              Reminds me of a West African curse:
              Now while you might think that, as a guy (most of you), this would be a damned cool thing to have happen to a woman, what it means is that the speaker is hoping that the target of her curse never has children.

              Ahhhhhhhhhh nice one!
              now see everyone, here we are leaning interesting stuff!
              Thanks Odd questioner

        • again rafterman, you took the words right out of my mouth. it realy does boil down to taking care of business on a personal basis. get ready for what’s coming, and make up your mind in advance as to how bad do you want to keep your stuff. One thing for sure, there are people out there that want it more than you do.

          • Stuff is stuff, it comes and goes. It’s the valuables –your people — you need to protect.

      3. Impossible, the media says things are getting better. And they wouldn’t lie would they??


        • Check out the first 2 paragraphs of this AP article in the news today. Don’t worry people….the recession is OVER!!! It ended 2 years ago according to the state controlled AP.


          DETROIT — Volkswagen opened a plant in Tennessee last month with 2,000 workers. Honda is hiring 1,000 in Indiana to meet demand for its best-selling Civic. General Motors is looking for 2,500 in Detroit to build the Chevy Volt.

          Two years after the end of the Great Recession, the auto industry is hiring again — and much faster than the rest of the economy……….

          • Mr. B….how many billion did it take to bail out those unions? Those billions are part of our debt problem and they still build cars few people want.

          • Just this week I read Cisco is talking about letting go 10,000 workers as they “restructure” (and yes I meant 10,000!). They can’t compete with the likes of HP and GE anymore, too high in price and no real new tech.

            But hey, things are getting so much better!

          • But how many among us is going to be able to buy all these cars they are pumping out?

        • Depends on what you do for a living…

          The IT sector has been hiring like mad now for the past few months. I used that bit of good news to jump jobs a few weeks ago. 🙂

      4. “It is the de facto world currency.”

        Because the dollar is the defacto (illegitimate) world currency, the US may not have it as bad as many places. Plus there are a lot of people getting ready (though most are not) so there will be some money, actually real money instead of paper, that will begin to circulate.

        I believe the People and the free market will do what is necessary and come to a common agreement on what real money is. The sheep will beg the banks to continue providing them paper, and the corps may take it.

        The key to winning the war will be to adapt with new currency BEFORE the banks and gov corp can regroup and install a different kind of paper for the current one.

        All of the elites value lies in the paper dollar. They will do their best to preserve as much of that as possible.

        When the dollar collapses, every Man and Woman should immediately take occupancy in the foreclosed home of their choice. They have no lawful claim and if the money monopoly is broken there will never be anyone to challenge your claim.

        Our survival depends not on if the dollar will collapse. It is mathematically impossible for it to do anything else. The thing that matters is WHO replaces the current paper system. The corp, or the People.

        In 1776, it was the People that won the money battle. Bout only for a little while. The real reason behind the Revolutionary War the currency being inflated into worthlessness. That is why Gold and Silver are the only things that are money in Law, and that is all we really won in the war. It has since been lost and must be regained.


        In an unrelated note, I found a cool little water filter video here.

        • I think in the short term, food will serve as money. or anything else that people hold dear. The need for a medium of exchange will dictate choice very quickly.
          During the start of our countries development, the settlers used home made liquor as money. What ever people perceive as valuable will work, and i don’t think a paper currency will work. people have to believe in it, and after getting screwed by their leaders, it’s going to be hard for people to accept anything the government tells them.

      5. Oh, make no mistake, this is coming, its coming Now, I know many people, None of them have jobs, People are living with children in storage lockers, Don’t fool yourself, it has started and is gaining momentum now, soon you will not recognize this country!

        • I know a woman with two small children that was evicted from a trailer that she OWNED OUTRIGHT because she was $350 behind on the lot rent. She just got a job and was trying to work it out, but they filed eviction proceeding on the first day they could and that added about $700 to the bill. They ended up stealing her trailer because she could not afford to move it and could not sell it in the 10 days she was given to get it out. She ended up in a small room at the Salvation Army, cramped in with her two kids.

          The Shame is that the same people who evicted her allowed a known criminal who had broken into other trailers on the property, and damaged the cars of other on the property, to stay while paying rent for the woman whose trailer he was staying in!!!!

          Yes, there are people already in a bad situation, and those that put them there could care less as long as they get their corporate paycheck. They will protect their friends, not matter how bad of people they are, and attack anyone they feel is helpless if it profits their master. It’s all corps, not just gov corps.

          I have few dollars that will lose value. Just a couple of months of rent and bills. My computer business would certainly suffer and generate worthless paper if anything at all. But I have some stuff that will gain a lot of value as well. Maybe not in dollars, but in things that also have value.

          • Funny, the same situation happened in my town too, to a friend of mine. She got breast cancer and had no insurance, got behind on the lot rent in a doublewide trailer she had lived in for 20 years, and the trailer court took her trailer away — and everything in it, too because she got behind on her lot rent. She ended up having to move in with her daughter. Nothing like kicking a person when they’re down, and you can expect LOTS more behavior like that when the economy tanks.

          • Folks, this is why if you buy a trailer, you immediately buy a patch of your own land to put it on, and save up like mad to move the damned thing off the lot.

            BTW – anyone got a URL for this?

            Personally, if I were in her situation, the night before I would’ve moved my things out and then did everything just shy of burning it down – including using a cutting torch to cut the axles into chunks, and the frame into something you wouldn’t dare try to pull.

            Let’s see those SOBs move *that* off the lot w/o paying through the nose to do it. 🙂

      6. I think it will be a slow decline, taking a decade or two.

        Slowly over time…..our housing values will continue to decline, jobs will continue to go away, under-employment will be rampant, savings will be further eaten alive by QE3 &QE4, food will be wildly expensive and in short supply, crime will rise, gas & oil will be in shorter & shorter supply, govt entitlements will continue to rise, govt will become more & more powerful, those who are self-reliant will be cracked down on, farmers will be told what to grow & how much they can charge, etc, etc.

        Those of us who make it won’t like the end result very much. We’ll probably end up like China. With a dictator in place.

        • I believe the PLAN is for a slow devaluation…but who knows how it will unfold? It’s not as though our ‘leaders’ are competent.

          • Make no mistake Rafter Man these assholes know exactly what they are doing to the American economy and people; they only want you to believe that they are incompetent.

            Incompetence is malfeasance in office. Intentional destruction of the American economy is TREASON by the Globalists, gangster banksters, and dual citizens that run this country.

            Treason has a more appropiate penalty for these people.

        • Mr. B,

          I agree in principle that the collapse will take a decade or two. But the fact remains that it has already been in progress for the first decade and is into the second now.

          At some point in the decade or two, events will spin out of the control of the controllers. I think the Banking Families were synchronized to begin the last stage when 9-11 happened. That was the starting point for creating the animosity of the People against government to take the focus off the bankers. How can we fight both?

          Rather than divide a conquer, the bankers want a divided People to come together to fight the government and leave them alone. It would take less than 100 bullets to set things straight, if the right people are found by the right groups of people.

          We need to destroy the crooks that used fraud to buy the government and make a corp out of it. That will destroy the corp itself and, with a little luck and lead, bring the government back under the control of the People.

          The end result does not have to be that bad. It depends of who the fight is taken up with. If the goal is to destroy the fraudulent money powers there is a chance of success. If it is to fight the military corp US, it will be lost.

          The gov will cater to whoever pays its bills. Without the fraud of the bankers, that will be returned to the People. At that time, and only then, will the gov corp answer to the People.

          Til then, be invisible to the corp.

          • Gods Creation,
            I have read your previous comments and I must say they are outstanding. I consider myself one of ‘a better grasper of reality’—naturally!—yet my hat comes off to you. If a handful of outstanding idea men and women were to accumulate a basic plan on a site [here], and it caught on, we could be the new government for a truly New Order!
            I have been “preaching” for the past 18 months from my early 2009 book, that with my 5 steps this Nation could be turned around. If something is simple it works over all others!

            The 1st step is the Ending of the usury private Federal Reserve. This can happen by starting something that works even though the FED has yet refused to “give up” and comes up with their solution being: taking on even more power!
            Early you hit the-nail-on-the-head [7/7 @ 3:14 pm]. “adapt with new currency BEFORE the banks and gov corp can regroup and install a different kind of paper for the current one.”
            I also agree that a collapse takes 20 years, but most fail to accept that it began almost that long ago. The curve turns up faster towards the end. These next couple months will determine how fast things move after that, therefore these are the most crucial.

            As the SHTF is underway, the area you are in determines how bad things get. We all see this already. If more people are PRODUCTIVELY working, it is not as bad. Order is determined by a currency working! An area that is under the Ithaca [NY] Hour will have a lesser SHTF. There are also some geeks trying to get other examples up: Bitcoins. Mike @ is doing some outstanding work. Gold and silver coins are not the total answer.

            As with the 20 year collapse already well in progress, I tell those who say “we are being invaded by illegals, the NWO is coming, we are losing our freedoms, or we are being driven to One World Currency”—these things have already happened, now we must deal with them, it is too late try to stop them. Sure things can get worse, but you get my point: the usury banksters have been dictating for hundreds of years. Open your eyes illegals are everywhere, they have already depleted the welfare system. The US $ is the world currency thanks to the US Military; just look at Gaddafi who nearly saved north Africa and half the Arab world with his attempt at a gold and oil/asset backed currency. The 1st organized thing “the rebels” do is set-up “a new central bank” patterned after Goldman Sachs!

            It is time for an Internet government composed of a committee that dictates changes. ‘A benevolent dictator’ will work if it has no power to threaten anyone; and people are truly free to follow it or not. If said dictates take hold, politicians will get the idea—CHANGE and claim it “as their great new idea-plan.” The populace will eventually realize where the dictates are coming from and that they are free, and the politicians will cease to get paid and will go home to find their homes possibly foreclosed on by people who have taken to the streets as in Greece!

            Just some thoughts! Why wait for a continued greater fascist controlled “new” World Order? Start a New system. Why fight them? Start something new that is simple and works and the old evil will dry up a blow away.

            The Elite are fighting amongst themselves. They will not make war with some Internet kooks who act as dictators. The Elite fear those who are no longer receiving “their” welfare checks and increased benefits—these are the ones who will take form them.

            • Why create a new currency when we could go back to the old tried and true barter system. It really is not hard to get what your family needs through barter as long as you, yourself, are a producer of something of value. Blow up the TV, throw out the paper…

          • I agree. Felt it way down in me ol bones that we’ve been on a downward slippery slope for the past 10 years. Now it’s starting to pick up speed…had been impressed several years back to store food.
            Had a nightmare 2 weeks ago about Muslims trying to kill American women. A few hours later I was paying for some stuff @ a store and an elderly woman behind me wanted to chat; she asked if I was going to can (I had picked up a magazine on canning/preserving) & began to tell me how to do it. As I was pulling out, this same woman flagged me down & told me flat out, “YOU NEED TO PREPARE!” She said Hitler was on the earth again; she was French & had been under Hitler’s rule back in WW2. She had starved then, went thru much evil and said again that Hitler was back on the earth & I need to prepare. WOW!

            • Yes, the dreams which began for me a decade ago come more often now, are more real, violent, closer (used to be like watching something happening far away, now they appear to occur nearby), and then I’m awake the rest of the night in prayer. Prepare physically, yes, but even more important spiritually.

              BTW, I’m not a mystic, but rather a very pragmatic person not given to charismatic or emotional behavior. If I’m having these dreams, so must be others.

        • i do not think it willl take that long and it will not be orderly. The gov was forced to rape the federal retirees pension fund and spent 89 billion in 9 days …i think their is only 300 billion in it. then there is 15 trillon private 401k etc they will seize that at once and it cannot be stopped already it is very hard to even get a 401k loan…15 t will run the gov for about a year….i am totally unprepared and have lost over 150k per year in income so buying stuff to store comes down to rent for today. I think we will embrace humanity pull together ….maybe naive but the vast majority of people in this world are good souls imperfect but good…and if i am wrong would you want to live in horror ???the dark?? No not for my family or myself good luck to all and pray for the weakest ..

        • Some parts of their plan will be slow but others will happen overnight. I bought another 50lbs of rice earlier today and noticed this lady readying her car for tonights sleep. I am seeing more and more of this. They outlawed panhandling here so the sheeple feel more secure but the poor still exist even if in the shadows.

        • you’re right, it was a slow decline starting back in the early 70s the factories started leaving, the small farms were sold to large corporations,Kmarts, Ames,Zares put the little store out of business,then Walmarts swalled them up, public unions started controlling the politicians and now we’re at the end or the tracks waiting for the crash

      7. I didn’t see any bear breasts either.

      8. No bare breasts, just toe shots. I don’t think I would trust my drinking water to be clean enough through his science project. Good enough for the hamsters though.

      9. What better way to pay off $20,000,000,000,000 then to print 20 trillion dollar bills….2 for China, 2 for Russia, 2 for Brazil, 1 for Japan…so on and so on….suckers…….!!!

        • Jim,
          After we’ve printed up $20 Trillion in dollars and paid off our debt, then they come over here and start buying up real estate, commodities, stocks, bonds, and everything else. Everything shoots up in cost.

          Yes, we would be debt free, as a nation, but a sixpack of beer will be $500, and your Big Mac will be $400. Not a pretty picture and is not a legitimate solution to the debt problem.

          Print money to pay off debts ruins a society. It will destory us. Not a solution.

          One solution would be to just default on the debt and tell our creditors – Japan, China, Russia, Middle East, etc. – to go stuff it. It would plunge the world into a global depression of biblical proportions, but it would solve our debt problem. Eventually, we and the rest of the world would recover and we could start fresh. We can’t even pay back our interest every year without borrowing it from another creditor. We borrow from Peter to pay Paul. Year after year after year. We might as well wake up and realize the debt is unpayable and get this depression over with. It’s going to happen, might as well get it over with instead of jacking around.

          • Run for POTUS! The slimy sub-humans in the gov’t couldn’t even find their balls long enough to think of telling off their creditors. By the way, food and beer don’t cost any $ if you make them yourself!

      10. Nothing like a hyper-drama metaphor to get the natives in a frenzy…

        “unstoppable force hits an immovable object”

        Although, according to some chat shows, this was how the Universe was created. On the other hand, wouldn’t one cancel the existence of the other.

        Anyway, slow meltdown over the next 10 years. It’s much easier to control the masses, while utilizing perception management, when food consumption and quality, over an extended period of time, is reduced:

        Low moral
        Physical Weakness
        Confusion and disorientation
        Poor judgment
        Weakened immune system
        Inability to maintain body temperature which can lead to hypothermia, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke

        If you are not eating healthy now, e.g. wholesome, organic, non GMO foods, balanced with getting good rest and exercising, then watch out for the above symptoms, over time. to manifest. Of course, by then it may be too late.

        • Irritability
          Low moral
          Physical Weakness
          Confusion and disorientation
          Poor judgment
          Weakened immune system
          Inability to maintain body temperature which can lead to hypothermia, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke

          We have a name for these symptoms in our hospital,
          It’s called “OLD AGE”

          • Exactly, and why are “they” in the hospital in the first place? What brings them there? Old age? Not hardly. Aging equals illness. And aging is synonymous with one or more chronic diseases. They are there under the care of a doctor because the body is breaking down and illness is what breaks the body down. Fortunately, a healthy diet, proper rest, exercise, to name a few, reduces the aging process immeasurably as it strengthens the immune system which in turn helps prevent the breakdown of bodily functions.

            Unfortunately the symptoms above are taken right out of various medical history books, verifying and validating changes the body and mind go through when over time, the body (and mind) is (are) deprived of nutritional food, i.e. the effects of prolonged systematic starvation.

            “They” know how to lower the resistance of the masses. Imagine when the vast majority of Americans are displaying these symptoms, at the average young age of 40! Do you really think there will be room in your hospital?

            • Oh precious European American,
              I now it is hard to come to grips with your own mortality,
              The phase you are going through is quite common in people in their late 40’s and early 50’s. you are not alone.
              Middle aged people, see old age symptoms everywhere, and try to put a reason behind it.
              It is a powerful shock the psyche and can cause some to imagine a mysterious force destroying lives.

              But in reality it is called old age and death.

              I know what you are feeling. I went through that phase along time ago. Also, I see it every day at work. It is hard at first to understand, they do not teach these things in school, but soon you will come to know we are nothing more then simple sometimes complex organisms with a beginning and an end.

              God bless you Child.

            • Wow Mortality, deep, very deep. However, don’t extend yourself too much. You might find yourself pushing your mortal boundaries beyond their limits. When one as old as you exceeds the body and minds capacity to coordinate as one, grammar, spelling and punctuation often suffer. Clearly, at this time in your life, you are having difficulty in that department. But I don’t hold that against you. Your message has valued substance (probably more for yourself than anyone else). However, medication can influence the mind adversely. Might want cut back or increase the dosage… whatever works best in your particular case.


            • Poor euroamerican,
              Anyone who doesn’t believe in his conspiracy theory is dissed. Lol, and he says adjust my meds? lol, euroamerican you couldn’t afford your monthly
              meds if you had to pay for them especially the ones you need, now back to your shack and wait for next months ss disability check.

            • You having another bad day Mortality/EuroCrazyman? Hospital life not conducive to your perverted life-style? Got to hide under numerous names? Living in fear? Unfortunately medication will do that to the physiology. Boy, your struggle to express yourself only digs your hole deeper into the convoluted nonsense you find yourself drowning in. No wonder you hide behind multiple names. What are you going to invent next?
              Sorry, I can’t help you, you’re on your own. That must feel incredibly disconcerting in your case. I wish I could help but where would one even begin to start? and end?

              Good luck. Ciao. 😉

      11. I have been watching, reading and hearing about imminent collapse for the last two years. In the beginning when I tried to have a conversation about it with one of the sheeple they would just laugh. Now that they have lost their jobs/houses or know of someone who has, they are starting to listen. Hopefully, more and more people will wake up and start to prepare. I can only pray that I have prepared enough and that they still have time.

      12. The Dollar Collapse Will be the Single Largest Event in Human History

        And the least noticed…….by all accounts 97% of the dollars value has already been destroyed via inflation and other influences. Why is everyone suddenly so upset about the loss of the remaining three percent when we all agree it cannot be saved?

        • It will lose the remaining 3% of its 1913 value, which is no big deal. But it’s the remaining 100% of its current value that should worry you. Unless of course, you don’t mind paying $500 for a six pack of beer.

          • Yes, by all means let’s save the patio while the house burns down so we can still entertain our guests.

            • That made me laugh so hard I almost blew milk out my nose, lmao!!

            • I think someone should call the fire dept.

      13. i have been prepping for this for quite a long time…and although i probably still lack a few things i am set up pretty good to survive whatever comes economically. went to the military commissary today to replenish a few things expecting to spend a fair amount of money…i left there having spent almost twice what i normally spend for the same amount of goods…and it was all paper or junk. thank goodness there are only two of us in this household…

        • caryn…dh and I are okay also…the worry I have is vitamin c…real vitamin c, not from Tang, I have that.
          I searched for sprouting seeds and now I can’t find broccoli, or anything that sprouts well. Still looking.
          Also, beets are easily sprouted inside and grated beet is good for you and the sprout can go on a salad or beans.
          Since I’ve been saving food for 3 years, I understand your ‘angst’ about the prices…same here. Where will it stop??
          Purchasing rice is our new habit each week now.

      14. Side effects may include slight headache, dizziness, bloating, unchecked farting, bouts of explosive diarrhea, intestinal inflamation, severe gout, projectile vomitting, various forms of incurable cancer, warts on your scrotum, and regular use my induce heart failure, liver failure, kidney disease, Type II diabetes, dementia, early onset of Alzheimers, penile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, water retention, blocked digestive tract, uncontrolled itching, and hair thinning. My nipples hurt…

        • Isn’t that the new warning label on a box of band-aids?

          • Carton of un-filtered black market Camels while eating home made ice cream at a pretender beer summit.

        • sounds like side effects from Booze, Ciggerettes,

      15. Collapse is not imminent, folks. These are the same guys who last fall predicted hyper inflation by this SUMMER! No hyper inflation yet, and none on the immediate horizon. Inflation yes, hyper inflation no.

        That is not to say that I disagree with everything they said, but they have been pumping disater and putting themselves out on a limb while sawing it off at the same time, for quite awhile.

        Eventually they will look like chicken little and people will stop prepping; which would be the wrong move. Its coming but it has a ways to go. Inflation by a thousand cuts.

        One more thing that I have to point out. While I personally do not believe that ELEnin is Nibiru, the reality is that New Zealand had a magnitude 7+ earthquake on the 6th which is close enough to the 7th to make me say: Hmmmmmmm …..

        All in response to the post by Your Daddy awhile back suggesting that blogs he was reading by a scientist predicted July 7th might be a day when WE could anticipate a severe earthquake due to alignment with ELEnin.

        Close enough for government work, DAD. Close enough.

        • I agree. The too big to fail crowd has too much to lose. The main reason I don’t believe it happens soon is Obama. They love him, and will re elect him. To do that QE3 will occur and we’ll keep posing like things are all right. Good thing is you can enjoy a few more years of preparation. Nothing wrong with being prepared, but I don’t believe they will let it happen.

          The failure in the article is noteworthy. All of the failures over time were regional and not global. This is no historical record for a global monetary failure. Hey guess there is a first time for everything. To the gent that noticed we’ve lost 97% of our value? Really? I can still buy an ounce of silver for $40 of those. So silver was worth $1.2 back then? You must be older then me…..

          • Actually, he may be right. Just checked some old charts at KITCO’s site and it looks like silver was pretty staedy in the $1 to $1.50 range for hundreds of years until the FED was created. (it did have a temporary blip during the civil war, then back to normal)

            • I think when they make that comparison they make it between what a dollar will buy today and what a dollar will buy at a certain point in time with respect to certain goods and services, but precious metals are not factored into that comparison.

              As PM’s do not move dynamically in sync with the value of a dollar, but rather lags or leads the dollar price of PM’s there is a bias in the comparison. A small error perhaps but one which may account for the discrepancy.

              Where is OUR metal expert, Howard?

            • If silver was in fact 1.50 for a long time and is not $40 over the period of time we’re talking a quite stable and favorable tangible for it – the dollar. Remember too that just last summer that silver was what $28 and it did not “soar” until early this year.

              Someone wrote that a gallon of gasoline does the work of 300 men in an hour? It might have been even more. $4 a gallon for the work of 300 plus people for an hour? Not a bad deal.

              Yes it may fall, but its not going to fall now, this fall, or winter. Main stream media and the socialist have too much invested in obumbler to let it fall during this tenture – hence QE3.5 around the corner (QE3 is already a certainty they just lableed it a “reinvestment).”

              And what other world wide currency has fallen? Yes I know lots of local one’s have, but so long as we can print money and buy the worlds goods – this one might inflate some but its not about to collapse.

            • Jim, have you done the conversion for junk silver quarters or dimes when they were still in pocket change? Let alone junk silver war nickels. I agree.

        • Have you checked out how bad Saturn’s storm has got the last few days

          • No. My weather app can only keep track of weather in 10 cities, most of them are in Arizona.

            Have the winds there reached 3,000 miles an hour? 🙂

            • It’s worse, like nothing we can even imagine. The lightning strikes are out of this world…no pun intended

        • actually wasn’t it the 7th in the location of the EQ’s? But only here it was the 6th?

          • It may have been BJ I haven’t checked the time difference, but it’s damn close. Still I am real reluctant to believe that this thing is as big as some say as more havoc isn’t being generated.

            WE will see soon enough, but right now, I would still bet against this being the game changer.

            • Yeah, but what about the one coming in Nov? Sounds like it may be the one to be worried about!

            • Check out the lates 2 quakes – one Pacific, one Atlantic. Nearly exact same latitude, it appears. Within an hour of each other!!

          • Brandon-

            Good observation…There is no “exact” date when discussing celestially alignment events as half the Earth is a day ahead/behind of the other half depending where you reside.

            Also, when discussing celestially alignments (in this case Saturn – ELEnin – Sun) the distance between the Sun & Saturn is around 10AU (900 Million miles) ELEnin is about 1.74 AU from the Earth, and almost 8AU from Saturn…Not to mention that ElE is moving at a tremendous rate of speed (2.4 Million Miles/Day or 100k MPH), when you review the orbital diagrams of these 3 objects, taking all of that into account, the best you can do is suggest a date range when all 3 will be “in alignment.” In this case, July 6th-8th would have been the consensus, so everyone just uses July 7th when discussing this recent alignment.

            As I mentioned to Durango, the upcoming alignment with our Earth, will be on 9-27-11…Go ahead and call that 9/26-9/28…and best to be tied down to something during those days!

            Funny how on 9-11, ELEnin will reach Perihelion (her closest point to our Sun and her binary twin)…seems that date continues to live in infamy…Another chance coincidence I suppose. Although we won’t be in alignment on 9-11, with ELE literally a stone’s throw away from her sister star, I expect a ton of STHT around this day, as their gravity wells & gravity troughs will spin up all sorts of CME activity and Lord knows what else as she clears her throat for her Grand debut…

            I hate to spread fear, as prepping should be about being prepared…But for those that live near coastal cities (Like Mac & I do here around Houston), be extra vigilent throughout August tracking ELE…If she starts flexing her muscle in August (i.e extremely powerful “natural” phenomenons” you might want to consider taking temporary residence away from your coastal town/city. If that kinda move is too dramatic for you, or untenable, I totally understand…Just be alert. The MSM will write off any occurance as “normal” or “cyclical” or “due to El Nino” etc etc…You’ll know better though.

            • what do you mean “best to be tied down to something”??

            • Great stiff YD.. I, for one, am certainly following ELEnin developments and if there is anything that looks even remotely weird come august/sept I am heading for higher ground

        • Hey Durango:

          The recent ELEnin-Saturn-Sun alignment just put Saturn into a tizzy. Funny how all of the MSM articles are now claiming this “storm” has been raging on her surface since December, and is a “normal” 30 year occurrence. If so, I find it awfully coincidental that dozens of MSM outlets were ready to pounce on this story at the exact moment they knew 1000’s of folks would be tuning into Saturn…Remember, we in the Northern hemisphere cannot see ELEnin right now…(She’s just below the ecliptic to our SE horizon, but is now no longer tracking on our orbit line but cutting across Mars’ orbit on her way across Venus’ orbital path…) However, EVERYONE can see Saturn in the Eastern sky as Saturn is above the ecliptic, and very reflective of the Sun’s light. Knowing that there is nothing they could do to stop folks from viewing any “event” impelled on Saturn, the MSM seemed well armed and ready to drop this story regarding a recurring, 30 year storm that stared in December the moment they knew everyone was pointing their telescopes up at her…

          Another thing to keep in mind, assuming you believe ELEnin is indeed tracking towards our inner solar system (now only 1.74AU in distance from us and picking up speed), her distance from Saturn is almost 8AU!! (or 720 Million miles away), and Saturn has an enormous Mass, yet this little “comet” was able to put Saturn’s Northern hemisphere on her ass. The size of the storm Saturn is enduring is half the size of our Earth (6800Kms x 10,000kms)…Not bad for a little piece of rock & ice from over 700 Million miles away…and not even completely aligned as ELEnin is just below and Saturn is a handful of degrees above the ecliptic.

          Bottom line, this represents another astronomical coincidence regarding this inbound object’s ability to wreak havoc on celestial bodies when in alignment with our Sun.

          Again, if you grant the premise that there is an object inbound, and you believe this object is one that contains great mass (unlike a comet) then we will soon begin to see things deteriorate around here…The Grand Pooh-bah event will be on or just around September 27th when ELE is exactly aligned with the Earth, on the Ecliptic and directly between us and the Sun at a distance of around 40 Million miles…At this time, ELE will attempt to wrestle polarity control of the Earth from our Sun, and with positive polarity, she will “repel” our North Pole 90* from its current position directly away from the Sun…This will put the Northern hemisphere in constant darkness and the Southern in full, Sun exposure for days on end…As ELE races past us, the Sun will violently re-take polarity control of our Earth pulling her back upright again…You can only imagine what this type of magnetic action will have on our oceans and plates.

          You can forget the death by a thousand cuts theory if ELE is what we think she is and is even 1/2 the size as many believe her to be as the Earth will be like a little ball of string between two very determined cats.

          Been away. Good to be back in here with y’all.

          • Hey Dad! Good to hear from you. You need to keep US posted on this. Yeah, I saw the storm story on Saturn. Believe me this thing is blowing my mind. Maybe its the “normalcy bias”. 🙂

            I would really like to get a “fix” on the size of this thing. Does anyone really know from a truly competent source? Do you?

            You are not spreading fear, DAD. This is a real object hurtling OUR way at tremendous speed. You would think some independent source could ID the size of this thing. Any links?

            If this thing is a brown dwarf with a mass 2.5 times the mass of Jupiter, which is 2.5 times the mass of the rest of the solar system except the sun, I would have to believe that the astroid belt, Ort cloud, and some moons somewhere would have been affected by now, or would be soon.

            I can sit this thing out in a mine carved from SOLID rock with my preps if necessary …… 🙂 But I am having a hard time accepting that this is for real.

            Any links?

            • DK, if you or dad can find a reliable source for the actual size and mass of this, please post a link or other info for us. I’ve done a bit of searching but most of what I’ve seen is conflicting debates on the actual mass. Some say it’s not enough to affect the earth. Others are calling for armageddon. (my work hours are unpredictable so I just grab a few mins online during breaks when I can find wifi service) Maybe Sunday I can park this rig for a few hrs and do more searching. Anyway, if you don’t mind, keep us posted. And maybe Mac can do an update article on it soon. Thanks–okie

            • We will see a lot more come out about her soon. A lot of people with knowledge (NASA) that are going to be ticked at losing their jobs and are going to start blabbing.

              I know a guy online that has done consultant work for NASA, he has eluded to it not being a comet as well. Also keeps eluding to the fact that right now trajectory is all there is and it doesn’t always work out that way…trajectory paths are predictions, not a for sure thing. Let’s hope the trajectory prediction stays as is or moves farther away…of course ELE has been effecting things from ten times as far away when in alignment, so I don’t think at this point distance makes much difference….unless distance becomes a HIT!

            • DAD: The Saturn storm doesn’t impress me because these things happen regularly. However the major earthquake prediction for the 7th of July WAS impressive.

              I have never known anyone to predict a major earthquake, to the day,and year, weeks in advance. The timing was only off by a few hours. Close enough.

              I believe a magnitude 7.0 qualifies as a major earthquake. The event took place in the Southern Hemisphere and ELEnin is approaching from the South.

              There have been ALOT of earthquake activity in this location as annotated by USGS, but mostly 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. The largest previous to July 7th was a 6.0. So a magnitude 7.0 represents a hundred fold increase in intensity, right?

              Thats impressive!

              SmokinOkie: Put a tape on this puppy!

            • Please keep posting ANYTHING you know about ELEnin!! I’ve been looking into this for the last few months and have A LOT to learn! Thanks ya’ll!!

          • I with ya on the coincidence of Saturn going into a tizzy.. I was just reading on Saturn 3 weeks back due to another “coincidence” I am came across and there was nothing being said about Saturn at all, now it is in the news of a storm there..

            I am not so sure Elenin is what I am more interested in.
            we have another visitor and it get waaaay closer than Ele does and the two of them almost hit and this second one look like it will almost scrape us… anyway to shorten this up with my babble… do this

            This is the NASA one on C/2010 X1 (Elenin) (most have probably seen this one);orb=1;cad=1

            now go and look at this one, P/2006 T1 (Levy) and run the simulation.

            I am interested others thoughts on this one, them numbers on the bottom are foreign to me but it sure looks like more of threat to me… it was discovered in 2006.. I wish I could overlay the two as it looks like the two of them get real close to each other also..
            double whammy maybe ??

            • I guess my last comment needs moderation due to the 2 links in it but when it does come up, run the 2 simulation and take them both to Nov 10.

              I think this fall will be VERY interesting to say the

            • Honda and Levy we have been starting to hear a little about. Elenin has gotten all the attention….there is one other that concerns me the more I hear about the other three adn nothing of this fourth one.

              YU55 comes the closest and is the biggest thing to come that close to earth since one (smaller I believe) came by in 1976

            • Black Sheep: Thanks for the links. Well, WE will be passing through ELEnin’s tailat the very least; but to me, Levey appears to be the more dangerous as it is moving fast and right up our tailpipe.

              At a .056 AU PROJECTED distance from earth on or about January 8th, 2012 that means it’s only 5 million miles away. Any size estimates for this puppy?

              As it comes in behind US it may pick up a lot of speed too, a “slip stream affect” as it were, and earth’s gravity may enhance that increased speed too.

              Is there another one Granny B?

            • DK, I am not sure what they mean by regularly

              most info I have found state,
              “Since 1876, astronomers have observed only five other megastorms on Saturn.”
              such as at,
              I have seen that stated in other sources as well. (But, I don’t trust MSM, they lost credibility to me a long time back)

              P/2006 T1 (Levy) will be with us for an extended period in my opinion from like early Nov..
              I dont know what the numbers mean on the bottom at the NASA sites but I do know the Levy ones are bigger…lol, like that means anything.. when it comes to space it may just mean smaller, I

              This fall will be something to see and experience I think..

            • Sheep/Durango/BJ:

              As it is clear you are definitely “following” this stuff….I think you’ll appreciate this video which overlays the veritable shooting match our Earth is about to enter into.


              Levy, Honda, YU55, ELEnin all will be grazing by closely in the very near future. However, it is ELEnin that is still the most notable IMO. Distance from Earth really isn’t that big of a deal…At least when compared with Linear alignments. For example, a 4 mile wide asteroid that comes 200,000 miles away from the Earth will have much less seismic impact (if any actually) then the planet Mercury, in full alignment with the Earth/Sun when she is on the opposing side of our Sun. Mercury is about 3000 miles in diameter, and from the other side of the Sun, would be over 130 Million miles away, yet would have a FAR greater impact on our tectonic activity if she were in linear, ecliptic alignment with us then that little rock from 200k miles…

              Regarding the “confirmed” mass of ELEnin, well that will unfortunately remain a mystery (for now) as no one REALLY knows. However, you can sorta back into this one by answering this question:

              However, before I ask the question, one particular fact for your perusal

              -Megaquakes are EXTREMELY rare…Here’s the list that indicates the 15 MQ’s dating back to the year 365 AD. Eliminating all those that occurred before the year 1900, that leaves only 8 in the past 111 years…

              1) Do you believe the 2 recent MEGA-quakes that took place in Chile & Japan (representing 25% of all MQ’s over the last 111 years) were the result of natural, on-going phenomenons within the Earth, or is their arrival on the EXACT days that ELEnin, the Earth & our Sun were in alignment just too much “coincidence” for you to stomach?

              If your answer is “Natural” occurrences: Then you will gravitate to ELEnin being a very small object as her alignment with us is a non-event.

              If your answer is “alignment with ELEnin” is very likely the perpertrator of such a high rate of MQ’s over the last 111 years: Then you will gravitate to ELEnin being a very large object, with tremendous density/mass…As alignment with her (from nearly 700 Million Miles & 200 Million miles away respectively) shook our Earth to its core and shifted our planet off her axis.

              For your discernment gentlemen.

      16. I’ve been reading of the “dollar collapse” for 15 years now.
        Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz

        • Pleasant dreams Dave. We’ll wake you if anything important happens. And did you have a brother, name of Van Winkle or some such?

          • Don’t worry about me, gold, guns and groceries have been on my list for that same amount of time.
            I’m done!

      17. I think you folks are going to be suprised at how fast the fall is. When economic problems really start, there will be panic to “cash out”. The effect of this cashing out will be the closure of the banks. They were closed in the 30’s, so don’t say it can’t happen. You will probably see long lines around the banks, as people wait for the couple hundred at a time of THEIR money. the bank lets them have.
        The stock market will be closed, denying you the ability to sell your stocks in your 401k, and cash out of that. They have you by the short hairs unless you take action now.
        Do your preps, seperate yourself from the banking system as much as possible, and hunker down. it won’t be long. you have to think ahead of these crooks.

        • Mark Twain was once asked about his bankruptcy and he said, “at first it happens very slowly, but then very, very fast”.

          The depression and the dollar collapse will be slow moving. Death by a thousand cuts. Everything will hum along just fine, and then all of a sudden everything will begin falling apart. Wham! Very fast!

        • I think that you’re right greaseman, you have to think ahead of the mobs and get any money out of the banks and 401K’s (if you’re lucky enough to have either) and get liquid and stocked up and the three “G’s” (Gold, Guns, Groceries).
          If someone has yet to do these actions, I don’t know if they even have the time to at this late stage of the game.

        • Comment… The individual writers here each have their opinion on the dollars demise. Fast, slow, never, or something in between. Each opinion IMHO is based on the senario they believe is most likey to happen. My advice to others; reread Greaseman’s thoughts. It is better to have your financial preps done now than one minute after the SHTF. Just one old man’s opinion MM

      18. My girlfriend’s girlfriend (Hooter’s) flies the bald eagle.

      19. Its important to remember all the cards are in place for the dollars demise. The system can fail at anytime. Whether it crashes in a week, month, or years doesn’t matter. What matters is that each individual preps for the inevitable.

        WW3 is where we are headed. I’m watching the BRICS nations. I believe the system will dump Obummer, who will falsely claim he was withdrawing the troops from Trashcanistan, only to have Romney or Perry surge it again when the GOP takes the whitehouse.

      20. There is a very simple solution.

        If the economy is a big Ponzi scheme

        we just need more Ponzi’s.

        Don’t you remember the Pyramid schemes of the 70’s

        As long as there was somebody that would buy a block the game would keep going.

        It only stopped when there was no new players.

        Kind of like social security.

        Thought for the day:
        I was sitting down on the battlefield of victory to take a rest and resting there I died.

      21. Can-Can sale shoprite in NJ, July 10th to July 17. Stock up, good on average for 3 years. Plus check out your local LDS.

      22. Only wish it would collapse soon as I can’t wait to watch my faggot neighbor’s eat their white plastic fences. As sad as it sounds, everyday I get up and prepare for work I read fox, cnn, yahoo, reuters and still nothing! I’ve tried to tell folks but they seem to not care as they polish their fences, boats and brand new over priced cars. Even my wife continues to buy shit she can’t eat, wear, drink or screw telling me how stupid I am for buying the shit in the basement. She will be one of those running to the store during the 11th hour hoping for a can of soup to be forgotten on the shelf. I would leave but I took a vowel and with 2 daughters I have a responsibility I can’t walk away from. Thanks for listening!

      23. I think I have a faggot neighbor also. Yea, I’m pretty sure. He has a new car too. I see his fag toy leaving in the morning. I wish I had a basement. What kind of soup would be forgotten on the shelf?

      24. Hey, is it just me or is scott and anonymous all hot over each other and speaking in some sort of code. You guys need a room?

      25. You’re getting excited, right? Please stop trying to reproduce.

      26. like the article states , the dollar collapse will be a long drawn out process over a decade IF it happens at all !!!! now go out and stop listening to these fools and live your life !! this is how they make their living

      27. Until something happens it doesn’t happen. In the meantime pretend it already has.

        • R.H. I like it. Those are words for a prepper to live by. Are they copyrighted. Can I make a bumper sticker out of those words?? just kidding. TKS MM

      28. The dollar will not collapse into hyperinflation. The way things are going we are going to have stagflation for an extended period of time. The worse we can get is a stagflationary depression which is prolonged. The US dollar is backed by our military might. As long we maintain our hyperpower military the dollar will be king. That does not mean we will face problems in the future with our debt and fiscal irresponsibility but the world still will use dollars for years to come. We will have double digit staglation(double digit unemployment and inflation) but it will not mean the end of America.

        • Our dollar is toast, China is dumping like mad soon, when we are not the reserve currency anymore, this country will resemble mexico, already does, you are a fool.

      29. Here is kind of a dumb question for the other men here. What are you stocking up with as far as shaving goes???

        I thought about a straight razor but I’d probably cut my head off. Or do you have beards or plan to just grow beards instead of shaving??

        • Hello..Funny you should ask just picked up 12 cakes of shaving soap you use with a shaving brush and mug. Picked up a couple of beautiful old safety razors at an estate sale. Bought 3each 100 count pkgs of stainless razor blades. Ordered the soap and blades from my friendly local barber. The cost less than $50. Plus, the nice part it all fits into a nice small zippered bag. In addition these items might make good barter items in the future. This is just one old man’s idea. MM

        • Laughing my ass off about the cutting your head off comment!

        • I want a straight razor and I quit using any kind of shaving cream about a year and a half ago….hot water only….real hot, softens the whiskers up quite a bit….and the wife thinks it sexy tough….LoL

      30. I agree: stagflation is the more likely prospect. The US still has many levers it can pull to shape events. As you point out, the military being the biggest one. Few grasp how all-pervasive the US military and the intelligence networks are in the world. The British only last week were protesting because they woke up to a vast new listening post that just opened in the country.

        People will complain, but the government has the upper hand. If there was a catastrophic systemic fail event (the entire financial system goes down within hours or even minutes) the US still has many options on the table:

        Option 1: Grand re-set: A day or two after the fail, they could jointly have all the fiat currencies re-pegged to a new level, and re-adjust all debts.

        Option 2: Full dollar roll-out: Just scale the US economy to be the world’s economy, declare it the sole global currency and suddenly all that debt gets shared out amongst everyone in the world: it starts looking a hell of a lot smaller.

        Option 3: QE and forever: Keep firing QE and use e-firewalls and other technological work-arounds to isolate and marginalise the people who lose out in the QE tsunami. About 40 percent of the population will always be employed in one way or another so they will be fine. Isolate the fails in their own communities and the system continues. Not very humane option, but it would work.

      31. Or they could just set off 3 EMP’s like in ” one second later” and destroy all electronics. Blame n. Korea and Iran….removing two big problems, and declare BK. The old will die quickly so the SSecurity debt is gone.

      32. We are in a depression now, families living in storage facilities, homeless on the streets everywhere, stores closing down, restaurants closing down, foreclosures everywhere, if you cant see it you are blind or ignorant, which are you?

      33. I see families living in storage facilities now, You are ignorant to think we are not in collapse now, that is depression level stuff happening now. Wake up sheep!

        • Had a conversation with a family member today who has their head buried in the sand…oh, they are stocking up…in between going out to dinner and watching Fox and every movie Hollywood puts out there! And they have toys..uh..guns, that they NEVER shoot…well, maybe once a year, so I can’t say NEVER, I guess!!! But do they think a collapse is coming…no!! They live in a city that will be over run with coco puffs in a split second! But they don’t “think” it will be that bad…trouble is…they ARE NOT thinking! They have NOTHING to show them it’s not going to get bad, while I have plenty of evidence to show them it IS going to be bad..But you know what? I’m done trying to convince them it’s coming…when the 401k is gone, when the job is gone, when gas is through the roof, then I’ll be able to sit back, smile to myself and say “See, told ya”!!!

      34. the crash will happen somewhere between 13 and 14K….what was it in September of 08?

      35. crash will happen in the 12k range

      36. Until 1964, silver was worth $1.38 in the US. Proof? There is 0.7234 ounces troy in $1 of US silver coins. And yes, I was a teenager then.

        2 comments suggesting prolonged stagflation. Interesting neo-Keynesian concept.

        A recession is defined by GDP growth below 2-3% for more than 2 quarters.

        Stagflation is defined by inflation (supply side pricing)and low economic growth. Some would claim it is “supply side inputs” availability. Now ask yourself, “Does the price of “big named athelete” athletic shoes reflect manufacturing ability and materials?” It is pricing.

        Depression is somewhat ambiguous but is either/and consumer inability to purchase potential supply for a prolonged period or a reduction in real GDP of 10% for more than 2 years. Ie. a prolonged, severe recession.

        Semantics? Perhaps but notice common threads.

        In all the above definitions, the problem is prolonged stagflation with little to negative growth. Now notice the term real GDP? If manufacturing jobs decline by 100,000 but gov’t hires 90,000 census workers then the GDP only slightly declines under our current GDP definition. Real GDP removes gov’t from the equation.

        So what is the real GDP, unemployment numbers without seasonal adjustments or other crap, loss of manufacturing jobs, etc? I have no idea but I’d bet a buffalo nickel what we are told is an gross understatement.

        Another thought to consider is cummulative percentage of GDP loss aka compounding effect such as -5%, -3.7%, -2.9% and -2.3%. Looks like things are improving, but cummulative loss is 13.2%. Even averaged over any two year period, the GDP never went over 10%. It is a question of what metrics are used and do these metrics stand up to scrutiny?

        So does terminology matter when it comes to the public? Only from the propoganda angle. The economic effects continue, but the public has a new and improved normalcy bias.

        Another thought you might wanna consider is just what marks the end of a recession? Usually it is when the decline turns around. Remember that cummulative loss bit above? The second year 3.7% was the turnaround and everything is looking up. -3.7% is a 1.3% positive growth over the previous -5% decline. And the last two years were net positive.

        Semantics, perhaps. We just don’t want any restless natives upsetting the plan.

        The plan? Push inflation as much as the international investors and US citizens will accept. Reduce deficit spending and service the debt while bragging about retiring a few $billion each quarter. All this time there will be incremental drawdowns in our military and reduced Pentagon budgets. Everyone will carry the burden including the wealthy.

        If it works. Else the monetary supply will increase too fast and the system collapses overnight. Even if the plan works, the long-term outlook is collapse. It’s that damn compounding shit.

        Oh and we ain’t seen squat yet. There is still the state and community defined benefits retirement problem. These were based upon 7-8% compounding interest. Prime rate is what? Can you spell under-funded? Who’s gonna pick up this tab?

        Semantics? Damn right. Effective communications demands common definitions. Prolonged stagflation? Uh-huh. I sure hope I’m a pessimist and not a realist.

      37. This shows how materialistic we are. Loss of an intrinsically-worthless medium of exchange is not even as important as the birth of a child or death of a man. We have it ALL backwards, which is why we are about to be hammered like our dense asses cannot even conceive. [FWIW, the Crucifixion is THE most important thing that ever happened. Nothing else compares.]

      38. Bingo. One of the few well done, accurate pieces I’ve seen yet.

      39. Well, I have about 2 years of food and other things like tp and bandaids, but being recently divorced and knowing nothing about guns I am in need of getting that and bullets now. I want to get some that aren’t registered but don’t know how to go about it. Do I try but from individuals. If I have $1,000 to spend for both the guns and the bullets what would you suggest? Once I get them I will look into some classes on how to shoot and take care of them. Thanks

          • thanks 🙂

        • Don’t worry about registered vs not. Guns are quite easy to hide, and with 50,000,000 US homes in possession even the best trained UN cop wouldn’t stand a chance at taking them. If some agency came along trying to take them, ” oh those”. Oh man they went into tahoe lake when my boat capsized their last year…..I’m sorry I lost all of them!

          • Don’t answer the door. That lake is deep!

        • Build them yourself. Believe it or not, it is legal (as long as you can legally own a gun and it’s not full-auto or short-barreled (unless it’s a pistol, of course)), and the best part is, they don’t go on anyone’s list.

      40. oops, should have proof read before posting. haha, I meant “Do I try to buy from individuals” thanks

      41. One thing I think alot of preppers fail to recognise the inherent value of in bad times is…….wait for it……..Salt. Yes salt I’ve been preparing for approx 3 yrs and after speaking to one of my neighbors, he brought me up to speed on the necessities of salt. My point is that after 3 yrs I thought I was way ahead of the curve, and in many respects I prolly am, but salt wasn’t on my list. Rest assured it is now, and at $.97 cents a box Sam’s Club is a great place to get it. If you’ve ever seen Jericho (I suggest seeing)than you will remember how important the salt mine was:)

      42. calmityjane,

        My husband and I are NRA pistol instructors in Texas. Where do you live? Wherever you are look for NRA classes.

        • I’m in CO. I’ll look for those classes tho, thanks. Oh and Rich, salt I have, 🙂
          Just wish I knew some people around here who felt the same way about the way things are headed. Really hate doing this on my own. But I’m getting stronger and more able every day. Still rather not be alone when all the shtf.

      43. BlackSheep: “Regularly” may not have been a good choice of words for a space phenomemna, since Halleys Comet passes by every 76 years.

        The storm on Saturn as powerful as it may be and as “occasional” as it may be doesn’t impress me, as that phenomena is apparent in the Giant Red Spot on Jupiter, the Little Red Spot on Jupiter, and other locations in the universe.

        ELEnin didn’t generate that storm on Saturn but maybe it exacerbated it, like it may have enhanced the 7.0 earthquake in an area already generating that phenomena.

        Personally I have a hard time accepting that as every notable source I have found (including the discoverer) seems to indicate that the size of ELEnin is only about 4 miles wide.

        That may be big enough for an E.L.E. if it were to hit the Earth but current projections of its orbit show it at about 22.5 million miles at its closest approach to US.

        So how does a space rock only 4 miles wide generate enough gravity to affect Saturn to create a storm and/or the earth to magnify an earthquake? I don’t know. That’s not rational.

        Levy on the otherhand, appears to me to be much more dangerous as it may run up our tailpipe on or about January 8th, 2012 according to the JPL Video.

        The earth travels through space at about 67,000 mph and ELEnin is travelling at about 100,000 mph so Levy may be traveling that fast too. (I haven’t seen a number for that yet.) In which case it could be attracted to US gravitationally and overtake US like a heat seeking missile.

        I think WE need to hold an “intervention” for Levy. Anyone with a rocket and some Thermalite? Okie?

        Jonny V: Do you have a Rail Gun?

      44. There is plenty of oil, cheap, abundant oil. Everywhere – they are lying to us. Surprise! Our only problem is money, get rid of the Fed and everything else will get better.

      45. They will nationalize IRA and 401k. It was all planned…suck everyone in and then use all the retirement money to pay all the boomers when social security goes belly up. Classic bait and switch. Never put more than than the min employer match in 401k. The rest, buy metals and don’t forget the lead. You’ll need it when the gang bangers try and take over suburbia. They will find suburbia is massively armed and will be well organized. Dems. are not getting armed. Proof that things are coming…folks are getting ready. Me..I’ll just stay home and watch it all go down. Good luck. ps. If China gets any bright ideas…they need to remember that we still have nukes pointed at their country and most here in America are armed to the teeth.

      46. BJ: I am not sweating ELEnin. It has a “coma” of about 100,000 km. The coma is the fuzzy aura aspect of the comet as it is affected by the solar wind. A 100,000 km coma sounds HUGE for a object that’s only 4 miles in diameter.

        But in fact, historically, other comets have had comas the diameter of the Sun! This is much ado about nothing. I am concerned about Levy.

        • Durango-
          I’ve got a post (currently in moderation) that might require you to re-think your position. Sit tight while Mac gets that one out of Purgatory for you.

          Gotta be a way you can “auto-approve” some of your known posters when our posts are getting flagged for moderation. Not sure what triggers that (suspect it is based on number of html links included within each message).


          • Hey Dad, love the video, hate the stupid song….LoL
            I actually seen that video last week on that global anomalies site I told you all about. I got Texas Granny to come over and she loves it.

            I guess time will tell for sure, I am definitely concerned and think there is much to ELenin and I hope we are laughing about how wrong we were this coming Christmas

        • Durango/BJ/BSheep:

          As it is clear you are definitely “following” this stuff….I think you’ll appreciate this video which overlays the veritable shooting match our Earth is about to enter into.

          Levy, Honda, YU55, ELEnin all will be grazing by closely in the very near future. However, it is ELEnin that is still the most notable IMO. Distance from Earth really isn’t that big of a deal…At least when compared with Linear alignments. For example, a 4 mile wide asteroid that comes 200,000 miles away from the Earth will have much less seismic impact (if any actually) then the planet Mercury, in full alignment with the Earth/Sun when she is on the opposing side of our Sun. Mercury is about 3000 miles in diameter, and from the other side of the Sun, would be over 130 Million miles away, yet would have a FAR greater impact on our tectonic activity if she were in linear, ecliptic alignment with us then that little rock from 200k miles…

          Regarding the “confirmed” mass of ELEnin, well that will unfortunately remain a mystery (for now) as no one REALLY knows. However, you can sorta back into this one by answering this question:

          However, before I ask the question, one particular fact for your perusal

          -Megaquakes are EXTREMELY rare…Here’s the list that indicates the 15 MQ’s dating back to the year 365 AD. Eliminating all those that occurred before the year 1900, that leaves only 8 in the past 111 years…

          1) Do you believe the 2 recent MEGA-quakes that took place in Chile & Japan (representing 25% of all MQ’s over the last 111 years) were the result of natural, on-going phenomenons within the Earth, or is their arrival on the EXACT days that ELEnin, the Earth & our Sun were in alignment just too much “coincidence” for you to stomach?

          If your answer is “Natural” occurrences: Then you will gravitate to ELEnin being a very small object as her alignment with us is a non-event.

          If your answer is “alignment with ELEnin” is very likely the perpertrator of such a high rate of MQ’s over the last 111 years: Then you will gravitate to ELEnin being a very large object, with tremendous density/mass…As alignment with her (from nearly 700 Million Miles & 200 Million miles away respectively) shook our Earth to its core and shifted our planet off her axis.

          For your discernment gentlemen.

          • Great Stuff DAD! And I know WE all appreciate the info. Your question is the quandry that I find myself in because I recognize that statistically, the alignment of ELEnin with the earth and the accurate prediction of a major quake (7.0 or better) or two or three is ENORMOUS!

            It is too specific to be a coincidence, yet where is the evidence of the size of this thing? Even the discoverer says it is 4 miles in diameter. A four mile wide object could not generate this kind of activity.

            Yet I have see the photos of the two suns. That cannot be dismissed either.

            Put yourself in his place. If you had discovered NIBIRU would you allow anyone to silence you, even under the threat of death?

            If this is a brown dwarf (Nibiru) and the binary companion of our own sun, its the biggest astronomical discovery, all things considered, since Copernicous said that the earth revolves around the sun.

            I guess WE are all going to have to keep OUR eyes and ears open and see what develops. It is an enigma.

            • Hey DAD! While you are at it could you explain those huge round UFO’s sitting next to the sun while NASA photographed the solar flares?

              Thanks DAD! 🙂

            • The things around the sun are planets in the background….seen real good videos explaining this (I believe Mercury up close and the one out farther awayis Saturn…if I remember correctly). Elenin CANNOT be seen right now…the two suns thing are sun dogs.

            • A few thoughts regarding the alledged discover of this object.

              1) IMO he is a figment of the imagination. Most discoverers are readily available for the media, are often interviewed by major, scientific based outlets, and are turned to for discussion as their “object” approaches (if not for technical/astronomical data, just to “personalize” the object for the rest of us). This guy is virtually non-existant. I know there is a website that is claimed to be run by him, but I’m credulous on that.

              2) Even his name: LEOnard ELEnin seems like a cruel twist on words. This object mostly resides in the Constellation LEO, and we all know what ELE stands for (Extinction Level Event). Ok, maybe it’s just a coincidence that this guys name contains those two little nuggets in it…but c’mon…How many coincidences are we expected to swallow?

              3) This “guy” is credited with locating an infintesmially small object, from over 200 Million miles away, with a Magnitude of around 13 (almost invisible for those that aren’t familar with the space object luminosity scale) and done with only an 18″ telescope?? Please! That might be the equivalent of you looking down to a white sandy beach from a 747 airliner traveling at 20,000 feet above sea level and alerting us to a fire ant that you can see…

              4) The art of “Comet gazing” is a worldwide past time. Remember, the official story on Object ElEnin is that she is a comet with a tail 100’000s of thousands of miles long. With her entry into our inner solar system (she is now inside Mars’ orbital plane) everyone in the Southern Hemsiphere would/should be able to get a solid peek of her and her long tail. Nope. Not a single, verified sighting on record. No photos. Nothing in the Astronomical rags, No Facebook groups “following” her with daily updates etc etc. NOTHING. That is beyond suspicious.

              5) I too have seen the many postings of photos/videos of the “2 Suns” and all of those were posted at a time when Elenin was “coming around the sun” (from our perspective), now that we’ve moved around the sun, and changed the angle of her approach, she is now coming in from just underneath & equal with us in relation to the sun…Notice how there haven’t been any postings of those types of incidents the last few months? And if that was really her in those videos….you can forget all talks about her being 4 miles wide, as you’d have to add 5 zeros behind that number.

              I guess we’ll all see soon.

          • Thanks for the thoughts YDaddy

            I am with ya on many of your points..
            with these four visitors coming in (now I am hearing 5 but can”t confirm #5 yet)

            I understand NASA states none of these four will hit earth but I don”t see jack about where the moon is either when any of these guys blow past us.. I keep seeing like pool table balls in my head when I throw the moon into the

            my personal belief leans towards these four or 5 visitors being distractions to what will follow behind..

            I think what will be coming will from the same direction that Elenin came from and is a distraction so to speak as all eyes will follow her to the wrong side..

            if you notice, all these comets and such all get close on the right side of the JPL animation stuff.. on the default view of them on the simulations…meaning to the right side of us is where all the close fly by’s will be..

            it reminds me of the fake with the right handing pointing while something else is coming from the left.. I dunno if that makes any sense in

            I have seen some extremely intriguing stuff with the IRAS infrared from the same direction Elenin is coming from or I should has came from.. if it is a brown dwarf it would not be seen be normal telescope or observatory (you already know that anyhow)

            to add to why I think from that same direction is them storms on Saturn themselves.

            Saturn orbit is like 29 years or so.. 5 storms since 1876 or so breaks down to Saturn being in the same area or spot in its orbit for each storm to start (maybe when it is between the sun and the brown dwarf?? and that is when it gets perturbed)

            from what I see that position is very near where Eleinin has come from… I dunno, them are just my thoughts..

            anyway, I am just here on this planet for the ride, so I will watch what ever it is in all its glory and be GLAD I am one of the ones to maybe see something like this…. I have no fear of it, just amazement in it all.

            • let me add, I think after Levy comes we will then be able to see the direction Elenin came from again… during the time Elenin and the other one comes through and the close FLY BY’s, the sun will block our view of the direction of where Elenin came from… I know it is all confusing and more confusing to
              it is great talking with you guys about this.
              yourdaddy,DK,BJ.. good deal and I wish you guys the best in what ever comes our way 🙂

      47. You guys all think just because people here in the U.S. are armed will make a difference. It won’t make a difference because everyone in this country are indoctrinated sheep. You can be armed to the teeth with your so called “preps” and gold and silver but you won’t do anything to stand up to the tyranny except complain on blogs and videos.

        Meanwhile the people in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe have no firearms or are “prepped”, they are trying to fight against the tyranny that is imposed to them by the corrupt banksters and government.

        Don’t think for one second that China/Russia/Iran have already studied us for years. They know we are armed and they probably have multiple plans on how to eliminate the “armed” sheeple of the U.S. as well as the military industrial complex.

      48. Digi-
        Yes, and you wanna know their plan? Even Sherlock Holmes would agree that the easiest answer is usually the right one.

        They’ll wait for our own government to try and disarm us. Why should other countries make the effort?

      49. Bullshit! The ptb simply want to scare us into compliance…have us running back to “our masters.”

        We’ve been suffering with the Currency System for hundreds of years, whatever happens, it couldn’t be worse. Look at the homeless. then tent cities, the jobless, right now.

        God! thank God it will all be over!

        We “peasant” have lived for MILLENNIA w/o fiat currency, we can do it…and thrive now.

        We’ll have local currency or Goods and Services. And Local Councils that will benefit their own communities.

        For those hobbyists that all along have been doing their “thing”, you will be able to pickup the pieces and make a good living now: -carpenters/woodworkers; – -repairmen; -herbs/herloom seeds; -pottery; – 4-H Clubs; -Earth HOuses; -metallurgy; etc.

        Even layed off teachers earn a living with Homeschools, and others can be trained Midwifes/Dualas and others, Watchmen for townships.

        Crop can be grown in individual patches of land in townships, etc.

        We’ll do JUST fine!

      50. DAD: Good info, interesting thoughts. The LEO thing was an eye opener, a clever invention by someone maybe. 🙂

        Yes if the two suns is accurate ….. and how can THAT be explained away? ….. this object is BIG.

        The storm on Saturn, though unusual, CAN be explained away as natural forces on that planet. The earthquakes here, CAN be explained away as natural occurances from a more active period in the techtonics of the planet.

        These earthquakes as aligned with elenin? Statistically improbable if not impossible; particularly since the last one was predicted and occured within hours of the predicted event, and in the Southern hemishere where it would be anticipated to occur, coming from the south.

        A predicted earthquake event (to the day, weeks in advance) has never happened before. Never.

        DAD, given that “comet gazing” is a universal amateur activity for sophisticated enthusiasts, why hasn’t someone been able to ID the size of this thing, take quality infrared photos, and publish it on the web? It would go viral in minutes, faster than the PTB could even hope to move to surpress it.

        How does the size of the tail in relation to the size of the coma compare to other known comets? Is it similar, or different? Given that the size of the current coma is not that large, but immense for an object that is supposedly only 4 miles wide, how does the length of the tail compare to other comets?

        I will be going to Flag in a week or two. Can ELEnin be spotted by telescope from the northern hemisphere if the telescope has infra red capability?

        Do you have the coordinates where a telescope should be trained to locate this beast? Thanks DAD.

        • I believe the “alledged” discover actually claims ELEnin to be 4KM’s wide (not 4 miles)…That would still make her tiny from such a distance, but more like the width of the United States vs a 4 mile jog. I’d like to say, “let’s Fact check that one,” but you know what I think about the discover and this discovery already…NO real “FACTS” as they would relate to such a significant find.

          The size of this tail at a few 100k miles long would be par for the course. Some tails exceed a Million miles or more.

          Don’t waste your time looking for her in Flagstaff (at least not in July). She’ll peek above the Ecliptic in August and continue to rise until her lineal alignment with us on or around 9-27-11.

          In the meantime, sink your teeth into this website:
          Then Copy & Paste these coordinates 09 39 54, 11 58 53.8 into the search bar (top left)
          Then click the magnifying glass to run the search. Then zoom in.
          You can leave it in its default state, or under the DSS section change the view to Infared…

          I don’t know about you, but that thing looks ominous.

          • see now that’s similar to what I was talking about in my other post to BJ..
            the coordinate I have been looking at of,
            9h 48m 14.79 13 20 27.14
            what is the difference between that one I have and your coordinate ydaddy ??
            this location stuff chimes my bells and amazes me..
            Thanks !

            • I should add, the coord’s I put up, are where I was told the direction Elenin had come from.

      51. Dad, if you run those coordinates, then zoom out a bit (to where you have a larger section of sky), you’ll see the “blacked-out” section to the left of your object. The common answer as to why there’s a blacked-out box is that the data wasn’t collected in that stretch of sky. I call B.S. on that. From a satellite’s point of view, if there’s any data loss, it should be HORIZONTAL, not vertical. Clever bit of photo-shopping on the image, IMO. If you want to know what (if anything) is heading our way that the PTB don’t want you to know about, it’s behind that “curtain”. Then again, if I was running the world, I wouldn’t want the masses to know about it either…

        We’ll know enough about mid August or so to make a call on it as to “what” IT is. By then, I have a gut feeling that the PTB will have us distracted with an economic scare or other disaster…

      52. Plane Guy is a smart cookie…Welcome to the discussion brother.

        I find it funny how our little “Elenin” discussion is weaving its way through a thread where others are passionately arguing about militia, communism, socialism, Republicans vs Democrats etc etc and all the other NONSENSE created as a distraction when the real story is heading our way at 100,000 MPH (and gaining speed)…

        I find it awfully coincidental that we have another debt ceiling “Crisis” set for an Aug 2nd showdown, and all of the time wasted debating who will do what and when and how and to whom and who benefits politically…All the while, 3 more weeks will go by, and our little friend continues to step on the gas looking to play in our celestial sandbox…

        …Can you believe Bernake had the gaul to argue with Ron Paul today that Gold isn’t money? LOL. LOL! I hope you’re not buying into the meaninglessness of such tom-foolery.

        Keep prepping…Time is now a VERY expensive luxury. Don’t waste it.

        (Durango: While I’m flattered you think I’m ex-NASA, I’m nowhere near as educated or informed as they are).

      53. The jews have absolutely no allegiance to the US. They are all traitors. And they are all hiding inside the White House.

      54. mathmatics 101
        the end beguins around dec 2011 into 2012.
        the united states will be ejected 100 years into the past. this will be dubbed the great thinning process were the dependent will fail and the self reliant will survive.cities will crumble were back woods survivalest will stand proud.

      55. The Federal Reserve keeps on printing millions of dollars every day, I am just wondering when I will be receiving my OBAMA MONEY!!! Has any one else received there OBAMA MONEY yet?

      56. I have been following the collapse of the dollar and the US economy in relation to Bible prophecy. One site I follow on End Time prophecy has a few articles that point to the United States being out of the picture in the End Time events. Is the economy the reason the United States is not a player in the last days?

        Muslim Prophecy

        “Is Barack Obama the ‘promised warrior’ coming to help the Hidden Imam of Shiite Muslims conquer the world?” asked columnist Amir Taheri in Forbes. “The question has made the rounds in Iran since last month, when a pro-government website published a Hadith (or tradition) from a Shiite text of the 17th century. The tradition comes from Bahar al-Anvar (meaning Oceans of Light) by Mullah Majlisi, a magnum opus in 132 volumes and the basis of modern Shiite Islam.

        “According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a ‘tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.’ Commanding ‘the strongest army on earth,’ the new ruler in the West will carry ‘a clear sign’ from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: ‘Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.’”

        The Khomeinist establishment in Iran sees Obama’s rise as another sign of the West’s decline and the triumph of Islam and the return of the Mahdi.

      57. FUTUREDATABANK*COM Called it first! Watch the free 90 min video on the global economic collapse!

      58. I would have to say the second largest event,I think we have forgotten about the birth of Christ…….

      59. At least I won’t need a wallet anymore

      60. As of now, it is much too late.
        Nothing can be done to take the New World Order down.
        It’s written in scripture: Word of God.

        Many of you guys here had some refreshing ideas, like:
        -creating a substitute currency to use for the people
        -using gold/silver coins as a currency
        -use barter trade
        -buying some land and cultivating it and live self-reliant

        I feel sorry, but: IT’S NOT GONNA WORK.
        A substitute currency will most likely lack of TRUST, if it’s not LEGAL TENDER.
        Second, it can easily be outlawed and forbidden by lawmakers, and they will do it.
        The possession of Gold or Silver can be outlawed also easily, if it ever became a serious threat.
        But there is not enough available of it, anyway, in order to use it as a currency (or for fully-backed notes).
        Barter trade involving BUSINESSES can also be outlawed and prohibited, under a fiscal and taxation viewpoint, because it would veil and disguise a businesses profits and thus, it’s owed taxes. Let alone the difficulties of bartering in general, which are substantial.
        Real estate taxes as well as taxes on land can be increased by the government at will, to essentially make proprietors nothing but tenants (slaves) of the government.

        They legalized and endorsed racemixing, immigration, toleration of illegals, feminism, a variety of non-christian religious groups just for one single purpose: IN ORDER TO DIVIDE US, and they teach us in schools how right and beautiful all this shit was.
        The fuckers buy votes by welfare handouts (with taxpayer money of course), and they WILL stay in power as long as we are DIVIDED. And unfortunately, a non-homogenous society with at least 7 different religions, with different heritage, WILL ALWAYS REMAIN DIVIDED.
        It’s very simple as that.

        There is something you guys who are what i call the “world-improvers” or the “do-gooders”, do NOT realize.
        The New World Order are really WE THE PEOPLE.
        Don’t you freakin get it?
        Of course, the politicians are a degenerated scum, good for nothing (except for being shot or hung), but they are not the REAL PROBLEM. The real problem is THE PEOPLE.
        It’s the mass of the people, who vote for them, who allow them to do what they do. It’s the people who chose to work for them, in return for some fiat money, who freely chose to take orders from them and to conform.
        The New World Order is really just a reflection of what THE PEOPLE have become.
        I am speaking here of a COMPLETE loss of morals, decency and sense of what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

        If we do not get RID of all the people who want SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, who feel that somebody else owes them something, even if they know exactly that’s not the case, if we do not get RID of all the people who demand even higher taxes instead of MUCH MUCH LOWER taxes and an immediate STOP of the out-of-control spending frenzy, if we do not get RID of all the people who want to be TAKEN CARE of by the government, if we do not get RID of all the people who want to be SAFE & SECURE and willing to sacrifice most of their freedoms and liberty for it, then WE WILL SOON LIVE IN A TOTALITARIAN COMMUNIST POLICE STATE. And then we really didn’t deserve any better.
        We should have put ALL THOSE criminal people in prisons and camps, where they truly belong to, instead of giving them suffrage, let alone welfare handouts. It’s insane.

        Unless there is a way to get RID of all these idiots and imbeciles, which i feel are as much as 80%, if not 90% of the population, then HELP US GOD, because it will eventually lead us to HELL ON EARTH.

        Forget about the New World Order and its pawns.
        The majority of THE PEOPLE have become the worst enemy of America and of american values.

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