The Barter Value of Skills

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    This article has been generously contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready NutritionAfter joining the Dallas chapter of the American Red Cross in 1999 Tess worked as an  Armed Forces Emergency Services Center  specialist and is well versed in emergency and disaster management & response. You can follow her regular updates on PreparednessHomesteading, and a host of other topics at

    Recently, we talked about the necessity of learning skills to aid us in a survival situation.  Don’t underestimate the value of those skills for barter.  If the grid goes down, people may be left with no access to medical care, serious gaps in their knowledge or the inability to repair vital items.  If you possess those abilities, your skills will be in high demand.

    In the situation of economic collapse, there will be a revival of the barter system.  To barter means to exchange your goods or services for someone else’s goods or services.  To complete a satisfactory barter transaction, each person must desire something from the other party.  Despite the potential of desperation, it’s morally imperative to be fair to the party that is most in need. Remember that one day, that person who is most in need may be you.

    Right now, if something breaks, the replacement is only as far away as the closest Wal-Mart.  However, in the event of an economic collapse or a disaster that causes the trucks to stop running, it won’t be easy to replace broken items. The ability to repair broken items will be in very high demand.  It will be a rare skill, because we live in a world of planned obsolescence. Few people actually know how to repair an item in a sturdy and long-lasting way.

    Brandon Smith of Alt-Market calls this about bringing back the American Tradesman:

    “If you wish to survive after the destruction of the mainstream system that has babied us for so long,” he says, “you must be able to either make a necessary product, repair a necessary product, or teach a necessary skill. A limited few have the capital required to stockpile enough barter goods or gold and silver to live indefinitely. The American Tradesman must return in full force, not only for the sake of self preservation, but also for the sake of our heritage at large.”

    Check out Brandon’s excellent article on the barter system here.

    There is no limit to the skills that could be used in a barter situation.  Some examples would be:

    • First Aid for traumatic injuries
    • Sutures
    • Midwifery/delivering babies
    • Dental care
    • Herbal remedies
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Veterinary Skills
    • Teaching children
    • Teaching skills to adults like knitting, gardening, machine repair, etc.
    • Mechanic’s skills: the ability to fix solar generators, small machines, automobiles, etc.
    • Other repair skills: the ability to repair tools, woodstoves, plumbing, etc.
    • Gardening/Farming
    • Construction
    • Gunsmithing/Weapon repair
    • Security services
    • Food Preservation
    • Sewing/Mending
    • Making soap and candles
    • Blacksmithing

    If the grid goes down or the economy collapses in a long-term way, gone are the days of making your living doing IT work or ringing through purchases at the grocery store.  You will need to become not only self-sufficient, but a provider of goods or services. Consider what abilities and knowledge you possess that can be shared with others.  Nobody can do it alone – there is always going to be something you need that you can’t provide for yourself.

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      1. Last!


        Here’s a thought: instead of hoarding stuff up specifically for barter (which only makes you a target), you should instead get up some skills which you can trade for goods.

        Discuss. 🙂

        • I’m getting Ver-klempt.

          • Sorry to hear that. Ain’t that one of those STD’s?

          • Hello

          • “Russian airborne troops are set to train how to target terrorists in America as part of a joint anti-terror drill with the United States which will take place in Fort Carson, Colorado at the end of next month.”

            “The Russian soldiers will also be given access to U.S. special service weapons at Fort Carson.”

            “Airborne troops from Russia and the United States would hold joint anti-terror drills in the U.S. state of Colorado between May 24 and 31,” reports the Xinhua news agency, citing Russian Defense Ministry Col. Alexander Kucherenko.

            The story was also reported by Russian news outlet RIA Novosti.”


            The definition has “expanded” of just who is considered a “suspected terrorist” nowadays.

            The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allows indefinite military detention of “suspected terrorists” without trial.

            Recent govt. documents have described a “suspected terrorist” as:
            Having more than 7 days of food in your home (guess that would include all who garden & can their food)
            Those who pay for items with cash
            People who support the 2nd amendment – the right to bear arms
            Families who homeschool their children
            According to a recent DHS video, the white middle-class are the ‘most likely terrorists’

            • Not only do we have the G8 Summit meeting in Chicago but rumor has it Bilderburg also is going to meet, I think in Virginia, I’ll have to double check. Both I think are some time in May, I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong. You don’t suppose they are for back up in case something were to happen with the protesters? Just a thought~~

              They are a little short on Secret Service guys….

            • @squirt – thought i’d read last month that the G8 has been moved to camp david, but the NATO is still going on in chi town.

        • Alright, some questions with meat on ’em:

          * How do you arrange payment? Do you get paid after completion of services, half before and half after, or do you demand it all up-front?

          * What if the skill performed isn’t to the satisfaction of the ‘customer’?

          * How do you handle the more serious failures to perform (e.g. you’re a doctor, and the patient dies in your care due to circumstances that, while beyond your control, isn’t obvious enough to explain)?

          * What if you have competition… how do you stand out?

          • Those all sound like basic skills on an entrepreneur, which we all can learn. I’d like to learn a skill of value. Perhaps how to maintain machines, make candles, mass produce food for neighbors or teach them how to feed themselves. In exchange they could provide me with sexual favors. 😉

            • And you’ll be the next one to get VER-KLEMPTED!

          • If you’re trading a service for a service then there is a conundrum isn’t there? Barter relies on honesty and trust and in small communities where barter networks flourish it’s because of this honesty and trust that they are able to survive. If said work is not satisfactory, then according to the rules of barter, the trade was not completed and the job must be done again until the recipient is satisfied. As for a doctor treating a patient and he dies, well, I guess there is no one to complain about an unfair trade is there (although your reputation as a competent doctor will suffer greatly which brings us to competition)? As for competition: even in barter networks the law of capitalism will snuff out the competition- If Jim Bob will do my blacksmith work for 3 chickens instead of 5 like Billy Ray demands, well I just might take my work to jim Bob unless I feel Billy Ray’s quality of work is worth paying two extra chickens for.

            Barter sounds complicated but once you are dropped into it or are a seasoned swap meet, pawn shop, gun show, or farmers market goer you will find that barter is pretty simple.

            • Beefcake right on.

              Over a period of many years I’ve become a fairly skilled “horse trader” and one thing is, you have to be scrupulously honest. You can lie to a bank, to the gov’t, to impersonal corporations, you can’t lie or even fib within your tribe.

            • Beefcake, a man’s word will come into play. No contract, just our word. If our word isn’t any good, odds are neither will the work.
              During the depression, my grandfather had a team of horses for plowing and such. He helped many other farmers out and received payment in land, 40 acres here 80 acres there. As he had said ” your word and hand shake were your bond.”.

            • Speaking of hand shakes, there is this fellow who has been in business for over 50 years. Back in the day he made deals with a hand shake and by word. But now a days, everything has to be written in a contract and it drives him crazy!! Now he has to read through all that legal jargon even though nothing else has changed, just the paper work. He said some times he feels almost insulted but realizes that’s the way things operate now a days.

          • Clearly, what one put’s out, comes back 10 fold. When someone truly supports life, life supports that person. This is a mechanic of Nature. As you sow, so shall you reap. Without the understanding and experience of this basic, fundamental underlying Law of Natures Cause and Effect, bartering has no foundation to build on, and without a stable foundation the ‘building sways and collapses before long’. Trust is an integral part of the equation for this mechanic to function optimally. What we will find is, overtime, those who have the skills and adhere to these Laws, will rise to the top and attract those who need their help and who will pay them, accordingly, based on their mutual reputatiosn. Likewise, those who pay accordingly, will also rise to the top.

            Those who have the skills but take advantage of those in need, will also, over time, create a less than glossy reputation, likewise with those who have a ‘inconsistent’ payment plan. Those who pretend to have the skills or those who frequently are in need of someone else’s skills but try to scam in the process, will both receive exactly what they deserve, very quickly.

            Regarding your last question, Competition is for the Competent!

          • OddQ: The world will look more like 1912 than 2012 when goods and services were a lot less reliable due to the low-tech nature of things. People will have accept that things aren’t always going to be as good as they once were, especially when it comes to health care. Payment is to decided prior to work beginning and the worker will have to trust that he will get paid in full and on time as per the agreement. If not, then whatever courts still exist will settle the dispute much like they do today. If there are not courts then the court of public opinion, just like ‘old days’ will will pass judgement. If the work was truly sub-par, then the worker won’t get much business. If, however the work was good and the recipient just doesn’t pay, no one will ever do business with him without some form of payment up front. The bottom line is this: Do what you agreed to or you’re screwed because personal/professional redemption will be hard to come by in the ‘new economy’. Honesty/hard work is always the best policy.

        • jack of all trades master of none. if you have general knowledge of alot of things and the ability to think outside the box and have a good supply of preps you should be self sufficient and not have to depend on anyone for anything. the only exception i see is a doctor or dentist

        • I have a friend that has so many of those skills, that she is afriad of being kidnapped in a SHTF situation I told her not to worry, we could chain you up in the cabin!!

      2. Hi all. Newbie here. Just wanted to say I love this site. I get more info from reading all the comments than the articles themselves.

        • Welcome Saq. Mac pulls in great articles, concise and clear, however, down here in the comments there can be so much more.

          …if you can wade the manure. You’ve got your standard fare here, like any forum. But, there are some real heavy hitters in here. I archive this site. If the net goes down, I’ll use it for reference.

          Hope you enjoy your time here.

          • NetRanger no soup for you, you meant “when the net goes down…”

          • If you wade through manure you need plastic bags over yer boots lol

            Hiya Net how are you?

          • Net

            I am not good with computers…some of you may have noticed this…how do you archive this stuff.? That is a very good idea, wish I’d have thought of it.

            Take care

            • There are applications that will crawl the entire website and save it locally for you.

              But… it’s going to be easier to just right-click in page you like and select “Save Web Page As…” You then select where you want to park it, paying attention to the name (you can change it if you want).

              Be sure to test it out by opening that resulting .html file with your network connections (wifi, cable, etc) shut off.

        • Seconded what Net Ranger said.

          You’ll find that sometimes it’s actually fun in here. Sometimes it’s informative. Sometimes it’s enough to make you roll your eyes and wonder just how low an IQ can get while still being able to operate a computer keyboard.

          Overall though? Well worth the reading. 🙂

        • Hello Saq

          • Like me saying hello to the wrong post a minute ago…I am foreign, they make allowances for me lol.

            Take care

        • hahahahaha that was funny kevin…

      3. i dont think i have any skills other than being a grunt
        hopefully there we be w need for general labor WTSHTF or
        i’m in big trouble…

        • I have many of the ‘homesteading’ skills listed in this article, but unfortunately so do many of my neighbors so they would be of little value to others. If I went to the city they would increase in value because they would become scarce, but I wouldn’t want to risk it.

          The best skill to have for barter is a skill that requires specialized equipment because we would not have competition from a lot of people with similar skills. Many people, for example, know how to rehabilitate a lead acid battery, but if they lack the means to charge it afterward that skill is not as marketable as someone who will trade your crap battery + boot for a refreshed and fully charged one.

          • PP – Eureka!! I have a large solar panel and a jumper cable which I can use to bring any dead car yback to life. If this becomes my new barterable skill, and people ask me where I got the idea, I’ll tell them Prepared Pastor is the visionary. Thanks!

            • make that dead car battery….

        • @ wally ~

          Most folks have a local community college within a reasonable distance from their home. All offer “continuing adult education classes” in the evenings or on the weekends at a very reasonable cost. Why not learn a barter-able skill, something like welding, then pick yourself up a small stick or Mig Welding Machine and a portable generator? You’ll be in high demand after the SHTF and with a little effort you should be able to do enough work right now for friends and neighbors to pay for your equipment.

          My dentist recently showed me his small Honda generator and a small air compressor. These are sufficient to run his pneumatic drill. His skills are sure to be in high demand in a grid down situation.

          Something as simple as purchasing an old fashioned hand sewing awl for < $20 will enable you to repair web gear and sew heavy fabric and repair leather items.

          The thing is, people have got to get up off the couch and put in the time and effort to get prepared NOW while things are still relatively calm.

          Your local public library has more "how-to-books" than any one person will ever be able to read. You have to think outside the proverbial box.

          God Bless and good luck to all who post here. My family and I will see you there in 'Barter-Town'.

        • the net is loaded with tons of info on everthing you can imagine, take time to research subjects that you need and save to a hard drive or better yet make a hard copy

        • walley, make sure you have a good supply of dependable tools. If you’re not sure how to use them, others will assist you. Make sure you get American made tools, they’re the most dependable and last longer. And don’t forget gardening tools also.

        • wally – you’re help will always be necessary. we’ll all be grunts if tshtf. right there with ya brother.

      4. Uuuuuuh did I mention, I can brew beer, and distill alcohol?

        • So can lots of folks. Question is, are you the only one in your neighborhood who can do it and put out a quality product?

          Distilling alcohol is one thing (and almost a required skill to acquire if you’ve ever been stationed to a predominately Islamic nation). On the other hand, making good booze that doesn’t taste like the leakage from a dead syphilitic dog’s vagina? Well, that’s another thing entirely.

          Yes, the mental imagery was totally necessary. I’m at a point in my life where I positively refuse to drink any alcoholic product that’s been poorly made – and honestly, I don’t think anyone else should have to either. There’s enough misery on this planet without having to add bad hooch to it.

          As a bonus, you actually attract and keep repeat customers. 🙂

          • The alcohol we have is used for making tinctures… And also ,if ya aint already bartering,trading.sharing and hitting garage and estate sales for old nonbreakable(repairable) tools and other things youll never see again. You’re still feeding the nazi b’strds

          • After that mental picture, I will not be eating breakfast. Thats ok though, bloody mary time!! I will use absolut.

          • Had to junk you for the first time ever, OQ….that is an image that is now seared in my skull…thanks. 🙂

            Speaking of brewing, I am in the process of looking for a few acres of land on which I can plant apple trees, in addition to the 3 we have at our house. We have been brewing beer for the past couple of years, but we always use a kit with the malted barley, yeast, etc. The malting process seems like it might be challenging to learn without an experienced guide (first you have to grow and thresh the barley, then you have to heat it to just the right temperature, know when to spread it out and know when to heap it up over a period of several days….plus an oast house is not an easy thing to come by here in the midwest).

            To steal a page from Johnny Appleseed’s playbook, making and fermenting cider just seems a lot less complicated. And in addition to cider, there are just so many uses for apples, from sweet cider and sauce to mast for hogs and deer. Plus cobbler, pie and crisp.

            I have always been very fond of apple trees, having played in and under their branches as a small child, and have always been impressed with their beauty, generosity and longevity. So, in addition to gardening, I am hoping to make apples my “skill.”

            • s’okay… I had the misfortune of test-tasting a friend’s attempt at making wine yesterday, and I figured that I’d share my reaction to it with the world.

              Good point on brewing vs distilling… brewing is a lot less heat and equipment-intensive. I’d only like to add that a bad batch of brew just tastes bad, while a bad batch of moonshine can blind or kill you.

            • Remember to make the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar too!
              VERY good fur ya!

            • I hear ya Mama Bear! I grew up in Apple and Peach Orchards. That’s all my Grandpa ever did. I have sat by the woodstove at night peeling and cutting Limbertwigs so we could dry them. Grandma never did much canning, except a few green beans and corn. She was into drying stuff though. We have several pounds of dried apples and some canned. The Orchard business around our area has dried up. Grandpa’s orchard is just about gone. My uncle (lazy dumbass) milked it for years after g-pa died and never worked it. It’s history. He never appreciated what he had. If the collapse last for years, and life, as we know it, continues for years, the apple tree thing is a good idea if; you can keep enough insecticide to keep the bug and aphids at bay. Unless you plant dwarfs, you will have to wait about six years to see many apples.

            • Halfkin, organic cider is also good to put in the chickens water during summer months. Cuts down on the slime and is good for their respiratory. I use “Braggs”.

            • don’t forget about making apple jack. just leave it out to freeze and take the ice off the top.

            • Just be sure to select varieties that will hold their fruit on the tree for a decent while. Otherwise it will all end up on the ground. same with plums. Any of the Beauty(Red or Black) varieties will hold up to the prune stage unlike Santa Rosa which will drop most in a short period. Important if one works or doe’s not get to their place everyday.

      5. They forgot ‘Tour Director.’ I imagine a lot of people are gonna get extremely tired of having to tell all their friends, relatives, and neighbors who didn’t heed their warnings where the nearest FEMA camp is located. Many will probably be willing to barter out to a ‘professional.’

        • The South was right!

          • The south was just trying to leave the power sphere of an out of control federal government.

            Just think, ONE MAN disobaying orders on top of the little big top at gettysburg, prevented the south from (most likely) winning at gettysburg(pickets charge would have never happened). That ONE man changed the destiny of hundreds upon hundreds of millions of people, here and around the world.

            One man CAN help determine world history.

            Who knows, maybee in 200 years they will look back at blogs and the spreading of information and ideas on the internet as the event that changed history for the better. We will never know.

      6. Having a mechanical ability is essential…learning Carpentry, small engine repair,and basic auto mechanics, will increase your power of sustainibility! however if these globalists plan to blow us back a century or two… knolowlege of Argiculture is our future! Build a green house, plant a vegtable garden,If youve never done so,do it now!if nothing else you will have really good and fresh food to eat, Knowolege is power!

        • Remember the Sprouts!
          Grown indoors any time of year, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Clover, Radish, Onion, Brocoli, Sunflower, Wheat berries, etc…
          (And Save Your Seed!)

      7. Here are some more high in demand positions after SHTF in mega fashion:

        Those that can manufacture ammunition are going to be worth their weight in gold, or after the world collapses, their weight in canned food and then some. Someone that can repair firearms will also be so much worth, but if that person can also make ammunition like that person on the National Geographic show out of metals and other scrap they will be worshipped for that skill.

        Someone that is not mentioned above is an individual that can accurately forecast the weather. People will depend massively on rainfall and preparing for dangerous weather. Very few individuals can forecast the weather without the modern day devices that will be trashed after SHTF. Old school meteorologists are becoming a rarity each year that can forecast what they see without any weather aid.

        People well schooled in nutrition will be valuable to help keep people from becoming ill from lack of what their bodies need. Without modern medical anything people will have to use herbs and other natural remedies to cure and heal.

        Weapon specialist. Not only those that can do wonders with firearms, but those that can take chemicals out of household goods, even from nature and make self defense out them are going to be very well in demand everywhere.

        Bodyguard. Yes, those that can protect those that still have “new wealth” what others actually need for survival will need to have individuals around them to secure their goods. Call them mercenaries, there will always be a need for individual(s), as long as there are threats, that can protect those that can’t.

        Masters of irrigation and water works. Like so many past agricultural societies, those that can bring water from other areas to the crops will be almost as important as the gunsmith. People still will have more demand for firearms than watering their crops, not much more though.

        Those with organizational and math skills. Any society with any population will need those that can keep food and other survival items in order. Those that have math skills will be used for surveying and calculating all sorts of problems associated with raw land use that people became too dependent on the computer to do. Someone like engineers that can understand complex spacial problems.

        This one sounds crazy, but psychologists and counsellors. After a true SHTF event, even those well prepared are going to still be freaked out and will need to deal with this to be able to function in a new society in a constructive way. Many times people that have been through a holocaust type disaster just cannot work efficiently or at full capacity. Handling this will require people that have been taught how to do it.

        This is terrible, but throughout all of human history those that provide comfort and pleasure, the mistress or call them a concubine. Sexual desires live on after any disaster and those that provide this “serivce”will always be in demand. I guess you can call this a skill also, kind of. I know this is awful.

        One final person of extreme value that I can think of will be the person that can properly organize the safe disposal of waste and refuse. We are not talking trash man here, but someone that divert human waste and other waste away from communities. Cholera and other deadly bacteria will be a big time killer like it has been for thousands of years unless cess pit and cess pools are kept safe. Hazardous waste will be a collosal problem and should NEVER be underestimated just how quickly it can kill most everyone. People that can keep hazardous waste away from populated areas will be also their weight in value, even if most people don’t feel this way they will eventually be grateful that they have these people when they see other communities that succumbed to deadly diseases that could have been prevented.

        • Specialization is for insects. It doesn’t take a special person to do most of the above. Just about everyone can do most of the above or learn it in short order. Although experience (aka “skill”) counts greatly, the necessary knowledge to do most of this stuff has existed in books and peoples minds long before the internet, and will/would remain there long after.

          What will be sorely lacking post-SHTF is not “skills” or knowledge, but the drive, willpower, clear mind, and leadership to see thing through.

          • toomany, why aren’t you running for office? Your 2nd para. was excellent. Overall, great points.

        • toomanyfakeconservatives
          My Granddad spent 7 years doing 12-14 hour days learning how to be a toolsmith (which covers blacksmithing). That was a REAL apprenticeship, that meant his skills were still in demand when he was in his 90’s.

          Skilled craftsmanship is almost lost. I wanna laugh everytime I hear a “carpenter” tell me they built a staircase from a kit.

          I’m qualified to teach woodwork/metalwork etc up to age 18 so I know I’m not just taking out of my ass when I compare his apprenticeship with what’s taught today. The gulf is enormous & to pretend otherwise is dangerous.

          To say specialisation is for insects is not to appreciate the learnng curve & time required to be REALLY GOOD at some of the skills described above.

          For preppers – I’ve said it before Historical reenactment societies are incredible sources of “lost skills”. Welcoming to families/children and OPSEC friendly. It’ll also help some of us aquire a degree of humility with regards to the lives & talents of our forbears.

          The comment about weather forcasting caught my eye. My lad has a knack for it & I suspect it’s to do with the hyper-sensory issues he has associated with his autism. You got me wondering if it’s a knack I should encourage him to hone while he’s still a kid, as right now he get’s teased for it.

          • I have great respect for experienced construction guys and woodworkers. Everything I’ve made comes out ugly and uneven… but certainly solid and safe to use or live in. I’m just saying that “people skills” have gone downhill at least as much as skilled trades have. Real people skills (meaning sales, negotiation, and management) will be perhaps the most valuable in a post-SHTF barter economy.

          • @lonelonmum. Please hone every valuable skill to your children, nieces, nephews, all children. Kids are bright and many of them have not yet been poisoned by the idiotic population that would have everyone believe that nothing is ever going to happen and everyone should only learn skills associated with everyday life. A child with interest in science is known as part of the future of humanity, what’s left of it.

            If you watch that National Geographic show on Doomsday Preppers, children are much more easy to adapt to the idea of prepping. Many children want to please and be included in the family planning. Explaining to children just how critical it is to have preparation items, especially food and water, when something happens it so important. Children want to learn, and many people can explain to them the economy of the world for example falling apart as long as they are given something to relate it to that makes sense. I saw this one child explaining to one of the people filming the Nat.Geo episode how grateful they were that their father cared enough to sacrifice everything so they all could be safe. I said to myself that was one of the best children I have ever seen.

            Children should always be included with prepping and EVERYONE has a special skill that they have that can be of tremendous use to everyone else. Developing that skill until someone is really good at it is paramount. If a child or an adult has a skill that they really enjoy then all the better because they are going to become quite excellent at it. Anyone that would teased for their desire to learn science belongs with the other non-preppers, in extremely dire head deep you know what. I say birds of a feather flock together and a child can find good quality friends that have similar science interests, in which they simulate each other’s desires to learn that much more together and have fun doing it.

            Lost skills can be relearned like others have mentioned. I guess another skill that someone can have is the motivator that can pull up someone from depression to have a reason to continue. Realisitic but able to find something uplifting to help others see some hope, without giving false hope to others. The common leader everyone can fall back on.

            One other items about kids that many people don’t realize, children often have some truly unique ideas and their advice can solve problems. Besides this, children want their opinions and ideas to at least be considered in the family preparation plans. Just like these shows, the more children are taught and can learn about when the world collapses, the more they will be able to survive if their parents and guardians should perish. Also the more likely they can help save anyone that needs help in their survival group.

            • I see parents with young children (we are talking like 6 to 8 years old) almost every time I visit the local indoor shooting range.

          • Ask any old person how their joints are feeling.

        • I like your well thought out list.
          Practical ideas of real value.
          I am personally a get your water together type of gal, and remind people that a functioning well built Out House can do wonders.
          I am too old to care about the oldest profession but know that it will exist.
          I garden and can, and make medicines and spirits, so I may have need of one of those Body Guards you mention!

          • PS
            I love math also.
            Trigonometry was my favorite.
            Useful for calculating gravity pressure drop, to pitch lines on roof tops, to plumbing angles for proper drainage!

      8. beat cancer: FOLKS PLEASE CONSIDER learning herbal medicine… “just juicing” fresh organic carrots and organic apples five times a day will kill cancer… add fresh garlic, fresh onion, baking soda , vit c , vit d , hemp oil and hyper-Barack oxygen therapy , coffee enemas and you’ll beat cancer naturally!

        As U.N. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS , the FDA , ObamaCare , Veterans Administration Death Panels become the norm … everyone will BE looking for alternative home grown remedies to cure their ills disease and pains!

        It works and is 1000% better for your body mind soul!

        Learn Homeopathic Herbal Medicine and how to grow your own medicine herbs!

        Stock up now while you still can on essential herbs and Vitamins!

        Buy a Juicer , Water Osmosis Filter Machine and Colloidal silver machine! ALL Worth the expense! It is your life after All we’re talking of!!!

        And you can sell trade what you don’t use!


        • the Gerson Therapy Works

          The Gerson Therapy regenerates the body to health, supporting each important metabolic requirement by flooding the body with nutrients from about 15- 20 pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables daily. Most is used to make fresh raw juice, up to one glass every hour, up to 13 times per day. Raw and cooked solid foods are generously consumed. Oxygenation is usually more than doubled, as oxygen deficiency in the blood contributes to many degenerative diseases. The metabolism is also stimulated through the addition of thyroid, potassium and other supplements, and by avoiding heavy animal fats, excess protein, sodium and other toxins.

          Degenerative diseases render the body increasingly unable to excrete waste materials adequately, commonly resulting in liver and kidney failure. The Gerson Therapy uses intensive detoxification to eliminate wastes, regenerate the liver, reactivate the immune system and restore the body’s essential defenses – enzyme, mineral and hormone systems. With generous, high-quality nutrition, increased oxygen availability, detoxification, and improved metabolism, the cells – and the body – can regenerate, become healthy and prevent future illness.

          • Gerson therapy is a great detox regimen, very intensive and “cleans a body up” well in a short space of time, the vitamins and minerals give a boost and the body naturally eliminates toxins and waste.

            However, the average person has an oxygenation level of about 97% , it cannot increase this above the 100% . This level is controlled by lung gas exchange and detoxing will not change this.

            Removing respiratory pollutants and increasing vital capacity is the only way to improve this.

            Take care

            • Burt…I know you are in the medical field.Did you ever hear of inhaling hydrogen peroxide(H2O2)? I have been doing this a couple times a day for quite a while now. I am under the impression that the extra molecule of oxygen enriches your blood and many infections and diseases cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment.I have not been sick for a long time. Maybe I’m just lucky.

          • haha Nina you mean hyperbaric not hyper-Barack.

            • @DomesticTerrorist … crapolla ;0) my bust … your right when your right!

              Thank You @DT! For correcting me! ;0) I’m a lazy Poster at Midnight!

              Have a Great RADIATED Fascist NEO-Christian UN Carbon Credit NWO VAT Tax Debt Slave Day! ;0)


          • Cancer needs an acidic environment to grow.
            Beleive it or not,look it up,Organic Apple Cider vinegar actuall turns to alkaline in the body.
            Chekc out ‘Braggs’.

            • @HalfKin. A body with a high acid content leads to all sorts of health problems, most junk foods lower the pH levels of the body big time. The lower the pH, as you know, the higher the acid content. Fruits and vegetables that are high in acid content actually are turned into an alkaline base in the body during the metabolism process, you are correct about Apple Cider Vinegar. You should see that Bragg brand of vinegar fly out of the health food store. People should not however confuse cheapo supermarket vinegar with the Oragnic Apple Cider Vinegar that goes through a long process of of purification with what they call the mother. Store bought vinegar with cause upset stomachs and burning.

              I found Bragg is the best Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and everyone would add much to their survival supplies by having some jugs of this stored as there is a huge list of health benefits from it. HalfKin you are also correct about cancer thriving in an acid environment as some people have made their bodies much more alkaline, more towards the neutral level of 7 which is pure water and had their cancer go into remission or go away. It can be difficult for people to go less acid in their food because so much food is loaded with a high acid forming content to it.

        • Nina

          Good post, but sadly the juicing will not kill cancer. What it will do is boost a persons immune system and massively increase their general health,this could relieve some of the stresses the cancer places on the body, but sadly the cancer will remain.

          I totally agree with everything else you said and this is sound advice for getting into the best possible shape whilst we still can.

          Take care

          • Thanks Burt….I use 3% strength. I don’t understand why it would be corrosive but I am not a chemist. Isn’t it just water with an extra molecule of oxygen combined? I do use it on cuts,etc. and it foams a bit.

            • JRS

              It mixes with catalases in damaged skin, this is what makes it foam, the release of oxygen as the peroxide and catalases mix together. I think corrosive is too stronger term, it damages the edges of the wound due to the hundreds of tiny little explosions going on. I would assume that if you had a defect in your nasal caity, such as a spot the same thing would happen…roflmao…sorry, visualising that….gives a whole new meaning to blowing your nose…sorry JRS, ( burt giggles manically).

              Sorry, where was I oh yes…nope, can’t type.

              Okay, okay,

              Oh my, okay, I’m alright now.

              The worry would be that the delicate lining of the nose could be damaged. I would advise that if you have a nose bleed or nasal irritation you leave off it for a few days.

              Sorry about the hysterics, not sure what came over me then, it has taken me ten minutes to type this.

              Take care

            • Burt…lol.That’s true, but I don’t use the nose route. I spray in the back of my throat while inhaling. It feels much like carbonation bubbles.

            • Oxidation reduction process. Oxygen atoms are unstabe and grab hold of any other loosly bound atoms. That is how rust occurs. The oxygen captures the iron atom and replaces it with rust the by product of the reduction. Oxygen is the most common element in the earths crust it’s just not in a free state.

          • @Carolie UK ;0)

            first thank you for the feed back… i sincerely respect you, your knowledge and your profession! RESPECT!

            ummmm ;0) second … i’ve done very thorough research on this topic … the human body naturally produces cancer cells due to alcohol ingestion, man made environmental pollutants irritants and poor grade food substitutes refined sugary corn syrup white wheat aspartame laced radiated amoniumnized FDA poisoned foods and BIG PHARMA deadly false poisoned meds!!! The list is long of the poisons we are exposed too daily from our environments and poison foods pushed on us by the BIG CORPS and FDA FED GOV!

            The wonderful thing is your bodies auto immune system actually DESTROYS CANCER CELLS every day of your life! right now your body is killing cancer cells!

            Kinda makes sense doesn’t it to help your body kill that which is trying to kill it! That is why GERSON WORKS! Sure it’s not a cure all! nothing is! but its better than radiation and other quack doc big pharma cures! which only kill you sooner! spread the cancer more!

            also cancer doesn’t grow in oxygen rich environments! nor does it grow in rich HIGH PH environments, the less acidic your body is the better!

            there’s limits to everything in life … i though prefer to use my own bodies immune system to cure me and KILL CANCER , than the FDA BIG PHARMA poisons which just creates more cancer and spreads it!

            ummm ;0) this post was for a SHTF SCENARIO by the way! ;0)

            and hospitals are where you go to die… i learned that one personally through the inept american veterans administration medical eugenics veteran health care death programs.

            just my thoughts and response.

            too each his own…



            • Nina,

              I see totally what you are saying and it makes total sense, and in theory it should work each and every time…but it doesn’t.

              Now, if we were talking about preventing cancer, well that’s another issue altogether and I would have to agree that this regimen would, in my opinion, and the opinion of many people far more qualified than I , be a good step in preventing cancer.

              For anyone who disagrees, you are correct our body does destroy would be cancerous cells on a daily basis. You are also. Correct that pollutants cause these cells to be there in the first place .

              Cyto toxic cancer drugs kill of healthy cells as well, radiotherapy can cause cancer….I certainly think that a terminal diagnosis would prompt me to ditch the drugs and try the natural method, I just am not sure I would take the risk if my prognosis was good with the drug.

              Hopefully it’s a decision I will never have to make.

              Have you ever considered discussing your research with anyone that would be in a position to have it checked out? The problem is, even if you are totally right few will listen due to the misguided belief that medics know it all……they don’t.

              There is still so much to learn, and in many cases re-learn, so of the ‘old ways’ have been passed over solely due to the fact that it is an old method, not for any valid reason.

              Good luck with your research, I would be interested in Nything you are willing to share.

              Take care

          • Burt…why couldn’t carrot juice do the job? Carrots are alkaline. Dr. Lorraine Day fought her breast cancer with some juicing regimens. Check her out. She has put out some real good videos. Think you may have to buy them though.

        • NinaO….Here is the ingredients for a tonic that I get from the local Amish….fresh horseradish,fresh garlic,fresh ginger,fresh onion,fresh cayenne,extracted in organic vinegar. It actually tastes pleasant to me but I like horseradish and garlic. The wife can’t stand the taste.They call it Super Tonic.

          • Does anyone have a great recipe for making apple cider vinegar?

            I’m ashamed to admit my attempts the last couple of years have not been a resounding success.

            Cider vinegar is so damn useful for so many things from laundry and cleaning to first aid and food preservation that I’m determined to master how to produce my own for when the supermarket shelves run bare.

            It’s aso frustrating me as I’m OK at making drinking cider, mead and homemade wines. I feel like it’s summat I should be able to do competently but can’t iykwim.

            • Thanks countrymom & nina.

              I’m of Cornish stock – we invented cider & my Great Grandma and Grandparents made damn sure that skill was passed down ; ) My wines & meads are good too. I can even produce a decent potcheen (acceptable to Ruskies & Romanians, so I’m assuming it’s OK).

              I cannot fathom why my vinegar is so awful! What’s worse is that here in the UK, admitting I’m trying to make vinegar would be more likely to get me carted off to the loony bin than offers of help. Prepping in general is such an alien concept here.

              Apple cider vinegar has to be of excellent quality to be any use for preserves and making preserves from the summer surplus is to me a key shtf skill for surviving the winter.

              It has such a range of health benefits too that I refuse to be beaten. It’s produce decent vinegar or bust!

              Mind you it does bring home to me how important it is to practice, & practice all these “prepper” skills rather than just reading/storing the books & equipment.

              Perhaps that’s the lesson I’m supposed to be learning while there’s still time?

          • JRS hiya

            I have indeed heard of this, and can see the reasoning behind it. I do have a major worry though

            Hydrogen peroxide has many uses, fizzing the crud out of wounds I’d one of them, but, it can also cause tissue damage. Now, whether that is damage to wound edges where there is already an open cut rather than skin damage per se I am not clear on, going to make a couple of phone calls to find out. Bear with me, backin a minute.


            • JRS

              Okay, have spoke to Paul, the awake doctor I have mentioned on here before. He has also heard of this, and tried it apparently. The jury’s out, there is no guidelines for it as a therapy though the substance itself does have properties that makes the theory make sense…if you get what I mean.

              He had heard of a doctor in North Carolina that is using it for patiens but does not know his name. What he did sayis it must be low weight/volume, 3.5 % max as an off the cuff guide, as the higher % stuff, used for wound cleaning and disinfection is corrosive to human tissue, moreso if used on a regular basis.

              Sorry I can’t be more definitive than that. As my state registration could be at stake I have to formally say it is not something I would advise,. Lol (I have to say that just I case there are NHS lurkers in here)

              Take care

            • Thanks Burt…Somehow my reply got buried in the thread above

          • @jrs ;0) thank you so much! i added it to my list! ;0) thank you! your truly appreciated!


          • @ninao-Hows it going brother? Got 45/70??????

            @ everyone-Have any of you guys researched the MMS(miracle mineral solution) in controlling diseases?

            • @kev ;0) whadda-up dawg … you know me kev …

              “I’m chillin like a “FREEMAN PATRIOT” villain!”

              “Spreading U.N. GLOBALIST NWO ZIONIST NEO-CHRISTIAN ILLEGAL FED GESTAPO “hate” and “discontent” every where I go!”

              and I’ve increased my range to target a bit lately … so i can “reach out and touch someone” easier!

              @kev … Got .300 Win Mag! ;0) tee-hee

              later dawg , keep your powder dry ;0P pssszzt


            • @ninao- since I had 350 rounds of 45/70 laying around, had to get a delivery system for them, (a single shot break open) cheap, not the best, but reliable!

              Working on the long distance phone plan now!!

          • JRS

            I need to tell Paul the doctor he is meant to swallow it not sniff it..oh here I go again lol

            Take care

        • Sambucus works like a charm for me.

      9. stockpile toothbrushes and baking soda, because no skills are going to be able to produce good ones for a long time probably

        oramedix makes great ones

        • Toothbrushes are easily fashioned from hardwood trees like Dogwood. Baking soda — yes — 5-gallon buckets of baking soda not just for the cleaning factors but for leavening in baking.

      10. It will be the skilled “Jack of all Trades” type, able to treat his/her potential customers respectfully, who will have a significant advantage of navigating through the perilous times ahead.

        When the food finally runs out for the “unskilled”, the day of reckoning arrives, whereas the skilled “J.O.A.T’s” individual will always be in demand, providing him or her the opportunity to generate “income” any time, any where. That’s why “skills” over “provisions” wins out in the end.

        Of course, having multiple skills and ample provisions is the best of both worlds and a goal for all of us to consciously work to attain.

      11. grow sprouts:

        learn to grow “sprouts” in your home… in 3 days you can be eating a regular sprout salad everyday… no matter where you live or what conditions! basic nutrients fiber cellulose in three days after planting… keeping yourself in functional internal organ health post shtf worth the effort!


        • Agreed, and a few pots of duel function herbs, flavourings and medicinal on the windowsills works for me.

          And even if you hate the stuff have a couple of boxes of tea bags around, the strongest you can find. They contain tanin which is a vasoconstrictor and it helps control blood loss.

          Take care

      12. As mentioned in the article,someone who can repair or make solar panels will be in demand if the grid goes down for any length of time. The skills to do this are not hard to learn and you don’t need a lot of tools. A multimeter, a soldering iron to run off a battery,some solder and that will about do it.You can actually do it without the multimeter if you know the cell value and that amps x volts = watts.The cells can be had online cheap. You could stock up now and have your own local business. After all we do like some conveniences.And someone who can repair your “shootin iron” will also have a valuable skill.

        • On the subject of trading.

          I have a piece I have written about leptospirosis, a disease spread in fresh water. As you lot have given me so much if anyone wants a copy and feels I would not be compromising their security just say say will get it to you. Fair exchange is no robbery lol

          Take care

          • Doh…not advisable to advertise email addresses on here is it lol… here is the not the real me email address if you want the leptospirosis piece. It’s quite hard to know how to get info out there if you have it but have no idea what to do with it, how to pass it on and all that so here we go.

            [email protected]

      13. I live in a rural community and the only skill we do not have, on the list, is someone who can deliver dental care. For decades we have traded favors like, I’ll fix your tractor if you’ll build me a new porch. Everyone is a hunter,a gun owner, many are competition shooters, combat veterans and best of all, we all have known one another for decades. But, like every other community, we have a few horses asses. They are mostly new comers who have no sense of community nor any appreciable skills. Mostly they are former urban people who earned enough money to buy property in the country. If they have a problem, they throw money at it, rather than fixing it themselves. I see these useless zombies as a bigger problem than the lack of someone with dental skills. The world would sooner come to an end than see them pick up a copy of the FOXFIRE books, or Readers Digest,”Back to Basics”, where they could actually learn something. One, I firmly believe is a snitch for the Homies. I’m gonna have a talk with that boy.

        • I had not heard of the Foxfire Books. Looked them up online and wow, they are great! Thanks for the tip…

      14. Between growing up in a farming household army and marine father and my own navy experience I have learned skills:-) everything from accounting to zipperfoot. It saves a lot of money being able to rewire a motor and repair bearings on motors and engines. I also learned metal casting steam engines and mold making from my wifes grandfather along with wagon wheels and blacksmithing from my own. we have strange hobbies we preppers. One of these days I will cast a replica naval cannon to put on my lawn, full size 18 pounder and shoot cabbages on the fourth of july

      15. An absolutely glaring omission… the much-hated middleman, salesman, recruiter, pimp, whatever your call him or her that connects the two bartering parties, directly or indirectly, manages the transactions, and sees them through.

        Just because money isn’t changing hands doesn’t mean the effort and skills of a salesman, middleman, recruiter, pimp, whatever you call him or her isn’t needed… they’re needed even more because barter transactions are less measurable and less transparent than a transaction denominated in dollars and standardized products/services.

        In a world where standardized, factory-made products, and standardized, straightforward services rule, salesmen are still very necessary. They’ll be much more necessary in a world where the availability, quantity, quality, and value of goods/services become difficult or impossible to measure.

      16. Good day, and may God bless all.

        I would like to point out a very important area of concern. It is the security issue. Please avoid violence as much as you can. Preferably avoid violence completely.

        Dealing with teenagers and some even younger, and dealing also with some of their parents and/or guardians, I have learned quit a bit about mentalities.

        My heart has always, and will always, desire to help people. Especially the younger. It is with great concern for all that I write this.

        A huge percentage of the many people I work with have personally disclosed to me that though they would not do anything to me personally, they will do whatever they feel they have to to feed themselves and/or their family no matter who they have to hurt. They admit they are wrong but say they don’t care.

        They are not lying when they say this. They, and many many others will be out looking to hurt others to get what they want or what they think they need.

        Please provide yourselves with a net of protection for not just yourselves, but for others also. This may sound like fear mongering but it isn’t and you will need to evaluate and continually re-evaluate even those already in your sphere of influence.

        I know a lot of people talk about love and such but first hand I know that what most call love is a false love based primarily on ones contentment with things in life. When that ends and people begin to lose “things”, and especially when they lose life as they thought they knew it, many will become extremely hostile.

        All I ask is that people think and plan for as many given scenarios as one can contemplate.

        Again, God bless all.

      17. CISPA passed the house in an “UNEXPECTED” last minute vote!!

        • Shall we count down the days till net-shutdown?

      18. The economy is already tanking and there are so many signals that only the fools and the laggards are not acting on it now. Some people saw this coming years ago. Some realized the ‘rat race’ is nothing more than a sham lifestyle and disengaged. But the majority of people just keep plodding along, complaining but plodding along, accepting the dismal outcomes that keeps happening. Few react — and this is one of the problems!

        We got out of the ‘rat race’ years ago so we have become debt free and worked hard to gain skills. None of this came overnight, in fact, many skills have taken decades to acquire but we have worked at it and acquired the majority of skills listed in this article. We are exceptionally proficient with many of those skills (and others not listed), too, but again, many have taken years of experience. How about you? How far along are the readers here? I will wager less than 5% are self-reliant.

        We have essentially unplugged already — we grow and preserve most everything we eat (veggies, fruits, meats), do our own repairs, manage our own livestock, and construct all buildings we need at our place. Doing all of this already, I can assure you that there is very little time remaining in our work-day to “barter out” ourselves for someone else’s need. We are not unique in saying this — most people who are farming/homesteading/self-reliant do not have spare time for someone else. That’s the reality.

        Also, the majority of people who are interested in bartering for goods and services don’t realize that those who are already self-reliant don’t have those same needs so why would they engage in a barter-contract? Time is already precious to those of us who are IN much of this lifestyle already. Where would spare time come into play to get involved with bartering when there is next-to-nothing needed?

        No one speaks of this dilemma because there are VERY few people who are already engaged in self-sufficient lifestyles. The average person just doesn’t realize that taking the time to barter or to work for others puts a serious time constraint on those who must manage their time efficiently because of the daily obligations and chores.

        Maybe this chould be a wake-up call for folks. This dilemma will become a serious problem for many people, including the majority of those SHTF-readers, who think they will be able to conjure up the skills of those who are already self-reliant or have a high-level proficiency with a particular skill. These people are already in-demand — will the demand lessen when the S hits? If you think the turnaround time for a specialty rifle or knife is ridiculously long now, just wait! Face it, the ‘needy list’ of the majority of unprepared people will far outweigh the needs from people who have honed skills and are self-reliant. And those who are actively engaged and productive in their self-reliant lifestyle at this time are NOT going to stop their routine to get into “barter contracts” with others. It’s just not feasible.

        In honesty, talk is cheap. If people are serious about survival, they will need to take an active role in setting a new lifestyle up NOW. If they want meat and don’t know how to grow out and butcher animals, they need to start now. If they want to eat veggies, they must grow them now — and not just 4 of this and 2 of that. Learn the different ways to preserve food now. Life is going to depend upon hands-on knowledge, not the neighbor’s.

      19. On Drudge Report…some good news

        UPDATE: Obama flips on farm chores for children

        Labor Dept. withdraws farm child labor rule after Daily Caller report goes viral

        “Under pressure from farming advocates in rural communities, and following a report by The Daily Caller, the Obama administration withdrew a proposed rule Thursday that would have applied child labor laws to family farms.

        Critics complained that the regulation would have drastically changed the extent to which children could work on farms owned by family members. The U.S. Department of Labor cited public outcry as the reason for withdrawing the rule.”


        • I don’t trust what’s going on, KY Mom. A few months ago, the USDA tested some other new rule and within hours, the govt retracted their intention of proposed legislation. I wish I could remember what it was. It was announced and almost as fast, it was retracted — like this child-farming rule.

          The bigger picture is about control, as we know. But why are they initiating-then-retracting a few of these big-govt rules now? Are these serving as samplers of what the public will and will not acquiesce to? Reminds me of the H1N1 hype….

          • Zoltanne,

            It makes me uneasy too. They keep pushing and adding controlling laws and restrictions on the American people.

            We live in such uncertain times. Be safe.

            Keep praying and prepping!
            KY Mom

        • Have no fear. If he is re elected it will be brought back with even more rules and regulations. Get familiar with what both FDR and Stalin did to their nations farmers.

      20. “THANK GOD the republicans control the house” Isn’t that what people said, after the last election?????

        Yeah, a bunch of “conservitives”

        See what they are trying to conserve???- the governments out of control POWER grab!!!

        I heard newt ging-grinch say(a while back)- “if “WE” lose this election “WE” will be in danger for the rest of “OUR” lives”

        Qusestion-What was he refering to, terrorists?
        Answer-NO! He was talking about crooks like himself, who have stolen from the system all their lives.

        @crooks- IF ron paul gets elected and makes a man like Stewart Rhodes attorney general, there will be NOWHERE for you to hide. YOU will be persued by OUR military to the ends of the earth and prosecuted for crimes against the constitution,humanity, and the tungsten in fort knox.

        They HAVE to turn us into a complete police state, or they will literally “loose” their heads. Self preservation is all it is.

        • I see RP won the majority of delegates in Iowa and Minn. Nothing in MSM about that. He still has a chance to get the most delegates to the convention. Where’s eeder?

          • The banking criminals better not send a sirhan sirhan to Ron Paul.

            I sometimes wonder how many really good candidates were ignored by the newspapers through out us history.

            Woodrow Wilson was the nominee in 1912 from the democrats, I sometimes wonder if there was another “sound money” candidate in those pivotal years that was ignored by all the big newspapers of the day, and then with voter fraud, POOF- the federal reserve(our master) was born.

            Hell, they are ignoring, frauding, and doing dirty deals to RP today, why wouldn’t they have done it to someone else 100 years ago!! Crooks are crooks.

            • Just like Obamcare the Fed Reserve was authorized by sleight of hand. I have little doubt that in it’s own way Obamacare will be just as big a hosing.

      21. Other than remote and self sustainable communities I don’t think there would be enough stability to have any form of orderly trade. Unfortunately people are viewing this through the prism of the current world not one that is in chaos and breakdown.

      22. Friend do it this way – that is,
        whatever you do in life,
        do the very best you can
        with both your heart and mind.

        And if you do it that way,
        the Power Of The Universe
        will come to your assistance,
        if your heart and mind are in Unity.

        When one sits in the Hoop Of The People,
        one must be responsible because
        All of Creation is related.
        And the hurt of one is the hurt of all.
        And the honor of one is the honor of all.
        And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.

        If you do it that way – that is,
        if you truly join your heart and mind
        as One – whatever you ask for,
        that’s the Way It’s Going To Be.

        passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman

        One must think outside the box in order to survive and thrive. Learning and reading history will be very helpful. What if, is a good question to ask yourself and others. What would you do if this were to occur, or if that were to happen? You can never be fully prepared for something that has not defined itself completely.
        Think, study, act upon and have faith in yourself and your vision. If you proceed with hope and compassion in your soul, then you will succeed and be rewarded.

      23. When is all this SHTF stuff going to happen? How much time is left for me to prepare?

        • InAweandWonder,

          It has already arrived, slowly and sneakily at first glance, almost unnoticed by many. If you are speaking of the final culmination of this extraordinary event to occur, then that will be at the end of it, and the first day of rebuilding. Listen to your inner self and proceed with whatever it is you feel compelled to accomplish. Do not panic and do not waste your precious time wondering and fretting. You can accomplish all that you feel is necessary, with patience and perseverance.

        • the time is NOW…


          Keep preppin’

        • In Awe…It happened about 4 years ago but Ben is “papering” it over. Your personal SHTF moment will most likely be when the FRNs you have will no longer pay your bills or feed your family. For some it has already happened. Until then, keep preppin!

      24. I barter with my friends down the road, I give them fresh eggs or produce and they give me fresh fish, it’s fun!!! I can fix you up if you are sick, the old fashion way not with pharma drugs, get a few of the Fox Fire books you will not regret it, tells you everything to know, the folks from the mountains know a lot.

      25. Recipes | Gardening | Preparation | Homemade | Chickens | Beekeeping | The Bartering Corner
        Foxfire Books
        Foxfire books are handy tools for anyone interested in homesteading, and their history is a great example of what one man can accomplish when he breaks away from the traditional way of doing things.

      26. I try to learn and read about as much as I possibly can.
        being a person very interested in the mechanics of machines and processes I have skills to offer for my survival, and my families ability to survive. If any of those skills become worth to someone else I can trust than I will work with them. If my skills are going to be exploited,,forgetaboutit..not interested

      27. @ Daisy,

        Off topic but she really is a good writer as a friend (sends daily emails) says, “One of my favorite writers (Daisy) summarizes some of the tons of waste Obama has caused by stealing from you and me to give to his friends and foolish pet projects.”

        Way to go girl. Y’all can see it and more at inalienably yours dot com.

        Y’all Beware! Spreadin’ the news LSM won’t!



        • Pleae. What a crock. The magnetic poles shift all the time but slowly over thousands of years. Where is this planet X you are so worried about? Not much anyone can do to stop a wandering planet.

      29. I was just wondering with all the news coming out of Europe and our own recession lingering for so many years, how many of you believe that this global recession or meltdown, is a planned social engineering event?
        With all these greenies in Government positions, and the worlds scientists warning about over consumption, Global warming, is it possible that all of this austerity was carefully engineered to prevent the global population from over consumption?

        Are all of these financial hardships around the world a result of Government studies, the Central banks and Governments designed this collapse to prevent over consumption of world resources?

        Or do you all think this is normally occurring events of ups and downs in any economic history?

        Whats everyone’s thoughts on this?
        Planned collapse? or Natural events?

        • All of the finacial disasters and wars of the last century were instigated, controlled and manipulated, all for the purpose of social engineering; and the same people, and thier successors, who orchestrated those events are behind the current problems too.

          • I believe you are correct, that was my gut feeling as well, but who are THEY that everyone keeps mentioning?
            are they world scientists? Are they Mega wealthy families of the world? who controls this social engineering experiment in boom and bust? Are they Banking Cartels?
            The Federal reserve? and if so who? names? G20?
            Is it planned as a collapse is it because they believe there is no other way to solve the worlds resource problems?
            No one has yet to define THEY”!

            • i.t.l.i.a.h.
              THEY is all of us! it was the rothschilds. THEY have left the building… its one big clusterfuck now… we are all the idiots who are THEY!

      30. It’s every man for themself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Had to read everything on the site. I can only hope he’s wrong.

      31. You have to remember that a post-collapse society will be a place without the rule of law. You could easily go somewhere to work for somebody and find yourself held prisoner. And tortured until you reveal where your stuff is hidden. Or held for ransom. Or you could be killed for the clothes on your back, the gold in your mouth, and the meat on your bones.

        Trust only the people you knew before the collapse. And even then you have to be very, very careful.

        • Sadly, the older I get(and I’m 2 days older than dirt) the less I trust anybody I don’t know. I used to think people were basically honest. Now I believe the opposite. Don’t know if it’s me that changed or them.

          • JRS

            I need new glasses, I thought you’d written

            “I am 2 days older than Burt”

            Glad I re-read it I was going to ask you how you knew that LOL

            Take care

          • With the “takers” and “floaters” making up over 50% of the worlds population, it is hard to trust people. I have had at least four people that I counted as friends, turn on me like rabid dogs in the last three years. It came mostly from their greed,envy, and jealousy over my laid back,out-of-debt, and independant-christian lfestyle. That’s OK, with fair weather friends like those, who needs enemies. We have some pretty good friends and they are the kind that don’t call and bother you with bull caca all the time. We have our prepping goals and keep that to ourselves.

      32. In Washington, D.C. an old priest lay dying in the hospital. For years he had faithfully served the people of the nation’s capital and was well known among the elected officials. He motioned for his nurse to come near.

        “Yes, Father?” said the nurse.

        “I would really like to see President Obama and Senator Reid before I die,” whispered the priest.

        “I’ll see what I can do, Father”, replied the nurse.

        The nurse sent the request to The President and Congress and waited for a response. Soon the word arrived; President Obama and Harry Reid would be delighted to visit the priest.

        As they went to the hospital, Obama commented to Reid ,”I don’t know why the old priest wants to see us, but it will certainly help our images and might even get me

        Reid agreed that it was a good thing.

        When they arrived at the priest’s room, the priest took Obama’s hand in his right hand and Reid’s hand in his left
        hand. There was silence and a look of serenity on the old
        priest’s face. Finally President Obama spoke. “Father, of
        all the people you could have chosen, why did you choose us
        to be with you as you near the end?”

        The old priest slowly replied, “I have always tried to
        pattern my life after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

        “Amen”, said Obama.

        “Amen”, said Reid.

        The old priest continued, “Jesus died between two lying
        thieves; I would like to do the same.”

      33. Off topic… Here’s another “can you believe this s–t” story. The Wilmington,N.C. Housing Authority is now allowing Section 8 participants to convert their rental vouchers toward home ownership. In other words, WE (the taxpayer) will be buying them a house. I guess the girl who said “‘O’ gonna pay my mortgage” was right. Somehow I think I got on this ride at the wrong place.

        • JRS

          Its hard to get your head around isn’t it? Over here people can put down their benefit payments as income on mortgage applications, I really thought it was a joke until I met a single mother of 5, four fathers involved, who was buying a rather nice 4 bedroomed home. A house that as a working single mother of 1 I could never hope to afford.

          Makes me sick

          Take care

          • In the UK benefits can be used towards a % of the Interest payments on a mortgage – they cannot be used towards repaying any of the capital part of the loan.

            As new loans are only issued on a repayment basis I can only assume that the 4 fathers were each contributing child support payments that were being used towards paying off the capital section of the loan and some of the interest too. Or that the woman was involved in some type of criminal fraud.

            Getting a mortgage or remortgage based on benefit income just isn’t going to happen anymore in the UK. No help is available at all towards mortgage interest payments for a few months.

            One of the worst parts of having a kid with a disability is the damage it does to the ability to work full-time. Sadly I’ve seen good friends lose their homes due to very short periods out of work in recent years (3 to 6 months between lay-offs).

            Our welfare state is generous – but not that generous ; )

        • This was predictable. Comming to ALL of our neighborhoods soon. Call it a bank “owned” property bailout.

        • Thanks for passing this along. I was telling my husband yesterday that increasingly, I feel robbed. Although I have always paid my own way (including paying back a mortgage worth of student loan debt living frugally as a teacher), there are few benefits for doing the “right” thing. We’re going to he*&^ in a handbasket, and I’m positioning myself accordingly. What a shame. Everyone is getting a handout or a bailout except us poor suckers who pay our debts and taxes.

      34. i was raised up to be a “jack of all trades” and a master of a few…i sew for a living and have all the best ecquipment to use, but i am prepared with non electric human power backups…as well, i have a fabrric and notions stash that is amazing…i would be happy to trade a new dress, work pants, coat, quilt or whatever for say a quarter of beef, half doz. chickens, all the eggs i can eat for a year, labor in the veg. garden for the summer…sadly, there are alot of people out in the world as we know it today who have no idea how to take care of themselves in a small two day crisis much less a long lasting one that might require them to actually think and do.

      35. Just wondering? Will the person with the most gold and silver, become the pharaoh of Barterville?

      36. the rebirth of barter

        “In a similar move on a more micro level, the government of Spain in a similar desperation has banned the use of cash transactions above 2,500 euros (read this great article here on it). How do you think citizens are going to respond to this? People are already in the streets. They are not pleased with what is going on. Then the government is going to tell them they can’t use cash amongst themselves so that the authorities can track every single thing they do and bleed them with taxes until they are slaves on a banker plantation. Everything is going to go black market and to a barter system.”

      37. Interesting article! I’m noticing the shift now. I happen to have an odd job where I have a foot in high-tech, and another in the building trades. Computer programmers are a dime a dozen these days, but plumbers are harder to find. As an anecdotal example, I have a client for whom I assist in running they security badge system, administer a TCP/IP based phone system, assist with the network administration, handle all facilities issues for & etc. The skill I have that impresses him the most? I can sharpen a knife well enough to shave hair off of my arm. You’d think the sharpening would be a pretty common skill, but apparently not.

        As a last note, it’s not only the skills you need, but good tools as well. It doesn’t matter how good a carpenter you are, you’re not building much unless you have some tools to work on the wood with.

        If you got this far, thanks for taking the time to read this!

        • Your are correct. It is not only skills that are important, both DIY type and knowledge base, but the supplies for those skills. My husband has always said that one needs the right skills for the right job.

      38. If we go into a serious “decline”, we can likely barter skills to get by, but if there is a real “crash”, I would’nt bet on bartering anything for a while…

        • YES! People do not appreciate what civilization has given us. Before good roads, rail, electricity, clean water, and all the rest. The world supported 1-2 Billion people. That’s all it will support if we lose those things. AND WE NO LONGER HAVE THE SKILLS, THE SYSTEMS, OR THE EASILY AVAILABLE MATERIALS THEY HAD. Every famine you ever head about had massive amounts of stuff provided from outside, even in the bad times. A collapse of the system will be world wide; no support. You are not going to get back to this pastoral BS until after it’s over. (If ever) If it’s really going to be; get every vaccination you can get, and keep your head way down for several years. Ugly

          • People do not appreciate. We are living in a deskilled society. The parents of the soldiers of WW2 were skilled. My grandmother would have been in this group. She was able to sew, knit, cook from scratch, and cook on a coal or wood range. She knew how to take care of the sick. She had fortitude. My parents had skill. Unfortunately, the women were admonished through the media to be “modern,” and that meant the slow death of skill. The next generation learned less, and today it is what it is.

      39. How to Barter Legally?
        written by kd0ozo, April 28, 2012

        How might we implement a barter plan similar to the Greeks (see:…wanted=all)?

        The U.S. IRS now makes barter substantially illegal (see: Virtually any payment of $600/year to any recipient must be reported on Form 1099.

        Any ideas on how to legally utilize barter in the U.S.?


        • The 1099 for payments of 600.00 was never implemented. Bitching actually worked.

      40. I think 2 skills not on the list are brewing/distilling, because we will all need to booze when SHTF comes.
        The other is mining. we will still need minerals/metals to make things with. I’m talking old style mining not the huge giant open pits we now have. Knowing where to dig and how to dig will be needed.

        • Beandip, we’ll need alcohol, but not booze. Getting drunk is not going to help with community security or productive work.

          Melting and smelting will be the skill to have, basic metallurgy. We will have millions of tons of refined ores laying around: steel, copper, iron, all of it. Being able to turn that scrap into something else is going to be a civilization-restorer. Learn to mold, cast, forge, mill, and turn. We’ll need simple machines again.

      41. check out and make. These sites are highly infomative for diy types. I would also reck
        mend Lifehacker.

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