Terrorism Update: FBI Targets Preppers and Preparedness Supplies In Latest Bulletin

by | Aug 11, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness | 336 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    If you’ve been preparing for emergencies, disasters, or economic collapse there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve been added to a watch list somewhere.

    Hard to believe?

    The latest Communities Against Terrorism guidelines distributed by the FBI to military surplus stores in the state of Colorado outline specific activities that owners and retail associates should look for when trying to spot terrorist related activity. Much of the suspicious activity listed describes the behavior and shopping list of any modern day prepper:

    What should I consider suspicious?

    People or groups who:

    • Provide identification that is inconsistent or suspect or demand identity “privacy”
    • Insist on paying with cash or uses credit card(s) in different names
    • Make suspicious comments regarding anti-US, radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings that suggests or appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause
    • Demonstrate interest in uses that do not seem consistent with the intended use of the item being purchased
    • Possess little knowledge of intended purchase items
    • Make bulk purchases of items to include:
      -Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers
      -Meals Ready to Eat
      -Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks
      -High capacity magazines
      -Bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles

    View the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation Memo [PDF]

    The brief bulk purchases list described above is something you might find in the wish-list or supply closet of any serious prepper. If you are stocking up on ammo, buying extra magazines, a bi-pod and night vision then you are suspicious and potentially a domestic terrorist; nevermind that you may be planning a personal defense strategy for your property in the event of a widespread disaster and have no intention of using these items for any other purpose. Even if you are stockpiling the most basic of all preparedness lists, like MRE’s or other long-term food storage items, the FBI now considers you suspicious.

    Via Oathkeepers:

    The handout also instructs surplus store owners to consider as “suspicious” anyone who “demands identity ‘privacy’” or anyone who expresses “extreme religious statements” and those who “make suspicious comments regarding anti-US, [or] radical theology.”

    The “Communities Against Terrorism” flyer closes by stating:

    Preventing terrorism is a community effort. By learning what to look for, you can make a positive contribution in the fight against terrorism. The partnership between the community and law enforcement is essential to the success of anti-terrorism efforts.

    Some of the activities, taken individually, could be innocent and must be examined by law enforcement professionals in a larger context to  determine whether there is a basis to investigate. The activities outlined on this handout are by no means all-inclusive but have been compiled from a review of terrorist events over several years.

    The handout encourages surplus store owners and employees to provide information on “suspicious” customers by calling the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force or the Colorado Information Analysis Center. This handout is very nearly identical to one issued by the FBI to gun stores from Connecticut to Utah(PDF)

    This new handout expands the absurdity by now also targeting customers of military surplus stores, and by specifically targeting the purchasing of very common, and very popular, preparedness items such as Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) as “potential indicators of terrorist activities.”

    Those of us who have lost confidence in our government’s ability to manage a crisis, and have taken it upon ourselves to store reserve food supplies, water, self defense armaments, secondary monetary exchange units, or other SHTF Planning gear have now become “persons of interest” and domestic terrorism suspects.

    References: Steve Quayle, Oathkeepers


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      1. First time posting here. All I can say is I knew this was coming. Those of us that are prepping to take care of ourselves and not have to rely on the gov. to bail us out if the shtf are now “persons of interest”. You know what happens to PoI’s when the gov. comes knocking? We’ll be rounded up and detained, our stores confiscated, and we’ll labeled domestic terrorists. When you eliminate preppers you’re left with sheep and cattle that will be so much easier to control.

        • People paying with FRNs are now suspicious. Quite ironic.

          • I would think that people buying alcohol or lottery with there EBT cards would be more dangerous to socity.

            • You do realize that buying lottery or alcohol with EBT is already illegal, not just something passively surveyed, right?

              • Sure, it’s illegal, however people have been selling food-stamps since the very beginning–usually 50 cents on the dollar, same thing with the EBT cards.

        • The ‘govt’ and the FBI can’t find their backsides with both hands. Quit worrying about them coming to get your stuff, and worry more about the Bubba down the road with a meth habit, 3-4 hungry kids ( that are now being fed at school ), 2 cans of soup in the cabinets ( if that )but still has an old rusty .30-30 and 1/2 box of shells in the back of the closet. HE is the one that is gonna be your problem.

          • You got that right TnAndy! So right.

          • TnAndy: I couldn’t agree more, gov. employees can’t even find their butt with a Chinese butt finder (a mirror). Always best to keep a low profile in the community, interact only with like minded preppers for bartering, etc. Everyone should form a “leaderless resistance” in your city, town. Keep groups no more than ten people to prevent infiltration. Choose like minded well known folks in your group.

            • so, just how many Government employees do you know that are so inept?

              • Everyone of them that gets a paycheck from Uncle Sam.

              • a good example is to go to your local courthouse and try to buy a car tag.  gov employees hard at it

            • Yes brother. A Contingency. One for all,all for one. You’ll need a mobile party of 3-4 men to retrieve spouses/children from work/school and get them to “camp w/ the other 12-20 others and ……hold the fort down.

          • no problem here

          • Sounds like you described our neighbors to a ‘t’. Except for the meth habit, that is.

          • I agree completely. Everyone’s getting uptight about nothing. They can make all the lists they want but it would take more than a hundred years to check everyone out because there would be millions of names on the list. Meanwhile I’m waiting for Bubba and I’ve got a big surprise for him when he tries to steal my emergency supplies.

        • SIGH!!!! In the 60’s and 70’s they burned their bras and cards and hated the “MAN”. Now these libs are hypocrites and want nothing to do with freedom. They actually side with the “MAN” or are the “MAN”. Ask them to explain themselves next time you talk to them. Ask them “WHAT HAPPENED MAN , YOU USED TO BE COOL DUDE!!!!!!

          • HIPPIES is short for hypocrites!!!

        • Dear First Time Prepper,

          Now your MAC address is stored on the cloud, and the only thing required to find you is a request to certain businesses operated by left-wing socialist billionaires (like they will not sell you out FOR their principles).

          Plus! You have a comment tied to your post by someone already on a federal agency’s watchlist.

          Point: If you are going to be paranoid, and not count on the good will of our law enforcement to NOT become instant Nazis when the SHTF, I suggest you get a lot more paranoid than you are now.

          Just FYI….

        • Homeland security seized my order of non GMO seeds I payed for on Amazon.com

      2. And this is why I don’t buy silver online…I go to my local coin shop where I know them and they know me…hand over my cash and walk out the door!! I don’t buy ammo online…again, cash only…what a country we have become!!! I fear for my four boys and the future they are looking at!!

        • Right with you!

        • …and you know what? That coin dealer is probably a prepper too! He’ll not give you up because he knows. He probably has the same disgust for this type of behaviour as anyone.

          I don’t buy gobs of stuff or talk about the stuff to people that don’t understand.

          Government. What a bunch of idiots. I can’t wait for that currency collapse. I’ll be laughing my ass of while these idiots try to round up an armed public.

          People that write flyers like the one we are scrutinizing are nothing but morons. It will be nothing short of entertaining when these assholes try to round people up.

          Not only that, when they start rounding people up, if they do, they’ll start running names and IDs through the system. My Act of State status will be on file and they’ll know to back off or suffer the consequences.

          • You’re right, NetRanger…they ARE preppers! And we have a great time talking about what’s coming down the road!!

          • If the cashier at some store comments on the quantity of food items I buy, I tell them I am going to donate to a food pantry. Not really a lie because I am donating to MY pantry.

            • “Ben” there, done that. I’ve had people comment when I was first stocking up, “My God! What are you trying to do, feed an army?” My reply was, “Oh, no! Just some for us and some for charity and food pantries. Just helping out.”

              …and when you think about it, it *IS* helping out because when TSHTF you won’t have to have help from those charities, so, it really is just like donating.

            • I tell them I have a hungry teenager (which I do), and that he “eats me out of house and home.”

            • You don’t need any excuse to purchase any quantity, tell them XYZ so it’s not really a lie? Tell them to mind their own fucking business.

            • I bought 25 pounds of flour and sugar. “Why?” the girl asked.
              “We’re making Christmas goodies and we’ll probably need more!”, was my response.

          • Net Ranger, I agree with you! Excuse my ignorance, but what is an Act of State status?

          • All of you have your points accept one… I agree that our top leadership in Government has issues and are not above spying on vets, returning souldiers, and their own emplyees who believe in the same things you do.

            There are many of us that have a lot of experience from several wars that can be great allies and partners in surviving when the SHTF!


        • And I tend to buy what I want, when I want, where and how I want because I live in a FREE country. It will stay free as long as I exercise my freedoms. You are only as free as you allow yourself to be so stop being intimidated, marginalized, and vilified for exercising your Constitutional and God given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, unless of course you exist merely by the permission of the State. Come out of the closet for God’s sake!

        • And here all along I thought I was doing the right thing by preparing for natural disasters and man made disasters like UNCLE SAM told me to do! Well I guess I should take everything and burn it because I must have misunderstood ALL THE F$%^&ING add’s they put on TV and radios after our last earthquake.And here we are! We all mis-understood those add’s! We must be the dunbest sheeple on earth. Okay everyone smash your guns and throw your ammo into the sea. As for your food stored, Just burn it. The goverment will take care of us and there is no need to worry. Get off the internet and turn on your TV like good little sheep.

        • Wow!! The person ‘Anonymous” is really me…SmokyMtnLady..what’s going on Mac? Don’t want the ‘real” Anonymous gettin’ upset with me!!!

        • Good, but did you purchase your firearms legally? There are so many stinkin’ lists out there it isn’t funny. You would be amazed at how much we know about people before we go serve warrants and what not. Sometimes I think the best way to hide is to be overt about it. Do it in their face.
          After the fiasco they created confiscating weapons after Katrina, I think they would be pretty careful about doing anything like that again. Of course if thing truly get bad, anyone with a gun and any training will be “voluntold” anyways.

          • mtnmedic1 says:
            August 12, 2011 at 12:01 am

            Good, but did you purchase your firearms legally?


            A mute question for We have the RIGHT to buy firearms, and it shall not be infringed on.

            Anything written past the point of the second amendment, is not legal regulations.

            If your asking do some buy firearms without paperwork. I would have to say the smart ones do. If your asking is they buy them from the crackhead on the corner, or the Federal Agent in the gun store in TX, well then……

            Anyone buying anything on-line, is leading the government to your door step.

        • My motto is…”All cash all the time.” I have bought a lot of silver online but, anymore I just go to the pawn shop or to a few other local places and buy all the pre-’64 I can get my hands on.

          Ammo…”All cash all the time.” I don’t own a single gun on paper and I plan on keeping it that way.

          Careful out there preppers, the walls have ears in the world of the blind.

          • I was at a coin dealer’s yesterday. He was asking 31 to 33 times face value for pre 64 silver coins. I don’t know if that is a fair price or not.

            • Silver was $1.29/oz in 1964, it’s $39/oz today. What do you think?

            • It takes 14 dimes (roughly) to make an ounce of silver. That’s slightly over an ounce. So figure 14*3.30 and you get 46 bucks an ounce. Personally I have no problem with that price. I have a two day pass to a local gun show and I’ll be picking up more silver and ammo tomorrow.

          • Well, they know now!!! Its called geo-location. If all of this may be happening….I wouldn’t let my right hand know what my left were doing…and a shovel and PVC pipes with caps and gaskets would be my best friend…I also wouldn’t keep all of my stash in one place…I would spread out over some area like old man Lucius Clay, of of Charlie Daniel’s fame did…If a silly old revelotion were to happen it would be availble after you had to bug out or were disarmed….but we all know that that will NEVER happen…..right?

      3. And what about preppers in Law Enforcement?

        • Those are not the ones we need to worry about.

          It’s the ones whose main prep is mastering the violation of the peoples rights and corporate service. An unfortunate majority.

        • you think they’ll be exempt from the purges?

        • Soon we will be making difficult decisions, easily…..There are a lot of us who know where we stand …..

          • Some, but God I hope not a majority GC…..

        • But on the flipside what about the law enforcement agents (local police and govt’) that don’t prep? It’s all laid out already by Homeland Security. Remember, they have families to feed too. If you have the food and they don’t, you’ll get to know that local swat team real fast.

          • Had Enough, I’ll torch every last ounce of my supply before allowing it to fall into hostile hands. I will render it completely useless as a last resort, if need be. Didn’t the Allies practice that in WWII if they were about to be overrun by enemy forces?

            • Amen to that my brother!!

            • Scorched earth policy.

            • good man j 10

        • There are no preppers in “law enforcement”…..Only goons looking to shoot your dogs and take your possessions. Don’t ever willingly open your door for a cop. They’re nothing but criminal scumbags. All of them.

          • That’s just not true. Don’t paint with such a wide brush. There are many, many ‘preppers’ in law enforcement and the military. If they’re politically more in line with you, do you really think they’re going to help the liberal so-and-so in their unit just because they share the same uniform? Hardly.

            • I agree and I’d like to also add that the police are part of the general populace. They don’t live in barracks behind guarded fences like military personal do. They and their families live in the same neighborhoods that you and I do and their kids go to the same schools too. Infact, many military personal live in off post housing as well. How the mindset that EVERY cop and military personel is a mindless corporate thug is beyond me. I’m ex-military and I never was nor ever would be a mindless corporatist thug.

              I don’t think people take into account how many military deserters there will be in the SHTF scenario. Like the rest of us, they will be wanting to protect their families and loved ones as well. I’m not saying there aren’t bad seeds in law enforcement & the military, but being ex-military I find it offensive at some of the closed minded thinking that ALL law enforcement and military personell are mindless thugs.

              • I wonder about that. If the government is stockpiling food it might be what they use to keep their militia in line with. Step out of line and we will cut you off. Just a scenario to think about.

            • Absolutely. Many people find themselves in various stages of government/military service when they become awake. I served 24 years enlisted and officer and now work in civil service. I just can’t walk away and find something in the private sector but I use my position to advantage and have my preps. I trie to wake as many people in my work environment as possible – just woke one up the other day with the banking history cartoon and The Secret of Oz on Youtube. It was hilarious when he was done.

            • I didn’t say military. I said “law enforement”.

            • Then how come almost every cop I have ever come in contact with in my entire life (I’m 60) was a scumbag POS?

              • You just said it yourself, “almost every”. What happened to your basic premise? People who speak in absolutes are bound to be wrong sometimes, eh? I was a cop for 30 years, “gasp”! Everybody run away and burn your hard drives! We’ve been invaded! LMFAO

                I could easily say that “everyone” I ever arrested was an…..”asshole”, but that would not be accurate. Some were just guilty of bad judgement in that instance. However, a saying comes to mind, “If you are the only constant in all your failed relationships, maybe you are the problem?” Not a far stretch to apply it here….

                Happy prepping

            • I’d like to agree with you, but watch those Katrina videos again. Not only were they confiscating guns, but they punched an 80 year old woman in the face for having the audacity to carry a small pistol in her hand while she talked to them.

          • pleeeezzz…get real…there are many law enforcement officers that a.)prep, b.) care and c.) would protect..give me a good cop or first responder over some arm chair, uptight and righteous wanna be prepper..most leo’s risk it all every day for yours and my skinny butts.
            they get to clean up the messes that so many of our sheeple leave behind..the druggies, crack heads and other savory folks…without someone to do this dirty work, you would have a much harder time of it keeping your possessions safe…

          • Jonny V you would shit yourself if you had any idea how in depth the preps of mine and half of my fellow officers went.

            • You’d shit yourself if you knew the extent of mine. I say stuff like that because every day or two, someone else has been executed on the street by the cops. They never get punished or suffer at all for any of these killings. They get protected by their superiors. You just watch, those cops that just beat that guy to death won’t even lose one days’ pay, even thought the whole thing was totally unjustified, and they already admitted that no cop had any injuries at all (after previous lying and saying that two cops had suffered broken bones).

              The people have every right to fear the police. There is no effective check on police power in our nation, no meaningful oversight whatsoever.

            • Jonny…Im in law enforcement….and you had better hope I dont find your skinny, punk ass when the SHTF. Cuz if I do Im gonna beat your sorry little bitch ass to a pulp and take ALL your preps…I`m not gonna kill ya so you can suffer and die a slow, miserable and then violent death!!!

              • I doubt you are anywhere even closely related to a real LEO.

            • Thank you for validating my point. I’ve seen your kind before “edgeofchaos” and you don’t scare me at all. I learned how to handle your pussy ass while I was in the USMC. I don’t give a fuck about you, or what “law enforcement” department you are desperately trying to get a job at. You’re nothing but a dick-lips sperm digester. Fuck off assbag.

            • edgeofchaos
              if in fact you are a cop , or even a cop wannabe, i guess you would realize you have just broken the law with your death threat? you do realize that you can be tracked and in fact arrrested and sued? you are a fucken joke … just shut your punk ass mouth or i will have you arrested and i will launch a civil lawsuit against you. not to mention i will inform your bosses and the fbi of your threats. i think you are a very dangerous little man and you should be locked up for your own safety. simply put, you are a fucken joke.. go to hell.

            • My preps are bigger than your preps. Hah!!! 🙂

              Jonny V, I think theedgeofchaos is messin’ with your paranoia. Lay off the caffeine and go count your #10 buckets.

            • You’re right Mal.

          • jonny v
            after reading your post, it sounds like you my have an issue with,as you stated it “law enforcment”. not only am i not a goon. Im a honorable discharged military veteran,{ret. 21 yrs service}with no criminal record, I have never shot any dog that wasnt in need of some lead. I certainly do not need to take any of your crapy possesions, I have accumilated my own and it is you right to not let me in your house if I dont have a warrant, i probably dont want to be there in the first place dealing with an ignoramus like you place. as far as the law enforcment in the county i live in we will not be pulling a new orleans, we my end up needing all the help we can get from knuckle heads like you, just watch which way you point you 2nd amendment

        • there are more of them than you know! In all emergency services.

      4. Just who in the Sam Hill is the Bureau of Justice Assistance. That has the high sounding type of name that stinks of one of those back room groups that try to turn the first line responders against concerned citizens. You know, like the memos that the SPLC gives out that people wearing blue jeans are terrorists. Bet if you looked into who is the BJA and where their funding comes from, bet a whole can of worms would spill out

      5. The key is to be invisible to the corp as it dies.

        That can be done no matter what the FBI does.

        • I agree with invisible part but my purchases are already in their computers. I was buying ammo everytime I went go get milk or bread. I also have had shipped to my home tons of food supplies over the past 4 years so I’m screwed if they start digging deeper. I think this is why I sleep with a 45.

      6. Only in “whatever America has become” would someone who is buying MRE’s or waterproof matches be considered suspicious.

        Clearly the government does not want us to survive whatever they KNOW is coming.

        • Mr. B,

          It could be that they want to know where to find those survivors after it happens…

          • True, so they can identify the folks who actually PLAN. They want to be left with multitudes of people who just do as they are told and follow “the mans” orders.

            I’m sure 100% of us are the most law abiding citizens and patriotic citizens in the United States. Yet, WE are the ones they are targeting? Just for preparing for the utter mess THEY have made?

            I’ve said it before. I can’t believe what America has turned into. It is pathetically sad.

            • Mr. B.
              I see your comments here alot, and I tend to agree with you. I believe that our generation, right now, will have to fight for our freedom. We are being constantly pushed into a corner when we are innocent of anything except believing that we are free and we have a constitution that is being trampled by ‘them.’ It does me good to read the comments of many of these others and know that there are some here who have backbone and will stand and fight.

          • Gods Creation: that’s exactly right, they want to find the preppers, shoot them, then steal their stuff and that is if they can find them. Stay low key and deal in cash to be safe.

      7. Oh Boy…..you mean browsing this site, buying 5 AR lower receivers (which had to be registered), and my $600 order to Costco for bulk rice, beans, and seeds is going to get me in trouble? CRAP….

        • Yeah Jim, you evil bastard! Why don’t you just go kick a puppy and burn down a orphanage on your way to Costco.


          I’m kidding of course.

        • YOU HOAR……DER!

        • YOU HOAR…………DER!

      8. Well, I’m good. Nowhere on that list did I see “a case of betty crocker brownies”. I can make almost anything in the world from basic staples. Brownies isn’t one of them. So, when the end comes, I shall have brownies. Lots and lots of brownies.

        • As long as they don’t contain THC.

          • No THC. I need a clear mind to shoot straight.

          • We use to put hash in ours over in Morocco 🙂 and we could still shoot straightm

        • We seriously need a LIKE button!

        • I vote for them brownies, that and a big glass of cold milk, YUMMY

          • Ever tried Hopium Brownies? They are especially good with a tall glass of Kool-Aid.

            • That’s awesome!

        • M.L.: I sure hope they don’t come after my bottles of E.V. olive oil and various food supplements, protein powder and exercise equipment, and four computers. We gotta defend what’s ours even if it isn’t on their list, from whoever.

          • laura, i hate to break it to you but when the shtf your computers will be worthless. i wouldnt concern yourself about them.

        • How much, post apocalypse, will you charge? And do you have a generator to power a microwave so you can serve them warm? Will trade shot shells or .22 LR for one warm brownie… post apocalypse, of course. 🙂

          • Now we’re talking. Sounds like a good trade. There is a method to my brownie madness. Microwave brownies???? Blastphemy! The answer is a dutch oven.

            • Solar Oven

      9. We need to stay transparent and prepare quietly! Dont be stupid!

        • It is sad and scary how many people get online and spout off lists of what they have. Almost like showing off. Besides my case of brownies, I’m not listing anything for anyone. It makes it hard for likeminded folks to get together. All these sites are watched. And all they need is an IP addy. Or a smart phone. The REALLY smart preppers never get online in the first place.

          • Be careful with the brownie mix, they just might want to suggest adding something into the mix, just sayin! LOL

            • To funny LOL.

          • And I just this morning deleted two prepper sites that I visit daily–before I read this; no more..

            • JJ: This site has been monitored by the DHS for YEARS!
              🙂 Really. LMAO!

              Probably a mole or two on here to monitor for wackos. I promise you, they have “run my plates”.

              I mean really, what do you think those thousands of employees at that huge, newly new, office in Chantilly Virginia are doing 24 hours a day?

              Their coffee bill alone every month is more than enough to pay your mortgage. 🙂 LMAO!

            • Oh bugger, I am being watched by the US government. I doubt I am being watched by the UK government because they would have to set up a committee to decide if they needed a committee to decide if we were worth watching. In addition, over here you cannot buy so many useful things that are available for you in the States, guns…no, pepper spray…no, tasers…no, large sized prepper supplies…no. No we have to eff about with 2lb bags of rice and hope the nasty people will leave our properties if we ask them nicely. Makes me spit. Try to open a conversation over here about preparedness and they are likely to have you committed under the Mental Health Act. I keep my thoughts to myself, pay cash and go to many different shops to buy when things are cheap. Without you lot, on this and other sites I would never have known where to start. Many thanks x

          • MLG, only a few of us know how to keep things from being snooped, however, don’t give the government too much credit. They sure do like having you spread the mystery around about them, but, I’ve worked with them. They are mostly helpless and hapless. They sure to have a few cool toys but unless they are really intensely trying to find you, you’re pretty safe.

            Certain types of connections are easier to find than others. Since my provider doesn’t have any authentication for DSL, they don’t have much of an idea who I am. An IP address might get you within a 20 mile radius but thats about it.

            But, it is always better to be safer than sorrier. Some people just blatantly publish their name/numbers as if they can’t be touched. Not smart. Have a cover. Keep it updated.

            The CIA or the NSA might be able to find you, however, the FBI? I seriously doubt it. They are not nearly as able as you think. I’ve been inside. I know what they do. They should hire me and pay me 6 digits. I could improve their operation. Of course they refused to hire me. The found out I read the Constitution all the way through once. Pretty much killed my chances…

            • Negative net ranger. ISPs log ip addresses in use and they can tell who was assigned the ip address in question at the time in question. They are required to retain these logs for a year. This applies to mobile broadband too. Webmasters on may elect to flush their log files on the web server, and router if they control that too, in order to preserve the privacy of their visitors. A warrant is supposed to be needed to request this info from the ips’s, but isp’s typically capitulate when asked, they don’t want to have issues with the FCC next time their license comes up for renewal. Check out privacygirl.com for tips. Dated site, not sure if it’s been updated in a while, but the site discusses staying invisible online, and the tips are relevant, even as the tech moves progresses.

      10. I’m not surprised. It seems there are plenty of folks advocating violence on the boards. There is a distinct possibility that there will be outbreaks of violence, but only a fool goes looking for it. Protect and defend only. If you go looking for trouble, you will find a lot more than you can handle. Nicht ich. The human condition thrives best in an environment of stability. That is my mission. Protect and defend a stable environment where commerce continues reduce resource scarcity and mitigates conflicts.

        LEOs need to investigate? Uh-huh. One group of fearful going to investigate another group of fearful. I don’t see a lot of good coming from this. Then we also have the problem of IDing the preppers among the non-preppers leading to another class conflict over stored assets and public fear of the prepper community.

        Then the increased suspicion by the preppers against the LEOs over this. Are some preppers possibly dangerous? Yep. But little good will come from this alert. I kinda doubt that retailers will be eager to bite the hand that pays cash.

        • Edge: Thats the whole idea: sub divide US to control US.

          • Exactly right. These policies do not even need to be acted upon in order to be effective. They merely need to breed an environment of distrust, fearfulness……..Reverse terrorism.

        • “Protect and defend only.”

          Exactly!! I don’t advocate violence unless provoked to do so… however I do advocate self-defense at any & all costs necessary.

      11. Well, this pisses me off just as much as it pisses everyone else off… but, the good news is that zero of these types of companies would willingly ( stress willingly ) report any such purchases simply because such purchases are not out of the ordinary for these companies, but are in fact the bulk of their business.

        • Sam. These surplus guys know what time it is and could give a rats ass about what the feds say, I wouldn’t give it another thought, if you see somein say somein, pure stupid!

          • They should have just stolen the X-files slogan.
            Trust No One. Would have saved some confusion.
            Instill fear of your neighbor vs a strong community and divided we fall. Mission acomplished.

          • Nah, I’m not worried. Just pisses me off.

        • Agreed, and what happened to the agencies warning of coming disasters and urging preparedness??

          Gonna lock them up??

          • That was my point as well but……disector says:
            Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        • I agree. I could see them calling the police if someone tried to make a purchase with a credit card in someone else’s name while muttering about O-Qua Tangin Wann coming down from space to destroy America, but I’m really not concerned about being arrested for buying what one would typically buy in a surplus store. This memo, in my mind, is on the same level as the HHS pamphlets that remind people to get their flu shots.

      12. That’s probably why the lady behind the counter looked at me funny when I didn’t give her my key chain value-added-card when I purchased 5 boxes of oats & honey breakfast bars and a brick of large condoms.

        • i dont care what anyone says thats funny!!!

          • LMAO, Anonymous, you do surely make me laugh! Thanks!

        • Sandwich Bags and a rubber band work for me. BAHAHAHAHH

        • You’re lying again! I was in the checkout line behind you and it was a brick of oats & honey breakfast bars and 5 boxes of condoms. And don’t flatter yourself, they were mediums, not large!

          • That was my younger brother.

        • LOL

      13. From CNBC :

        “The U.S. Treasury sold $16 billion worth of 30-year long bonds at a poorly received auction Thursday, with investors showing the weakest overall demand in 2 1/2 years and foreigners largely steering clear.”

        There will be a push back…

        • 30 year? I’d give anything for the certainty of one year!

      14. its ’cause they are scared


      15. 🙁 sigh… Thye have a plan, and if you are doing anything which is counter to that plan you are evil doer, even if their plan is to ruin the United States hoping to create a United World.

        If our government is no longer able to properly govern, then a change should be made. That is the way it has always been… however typically the IDIOTS, MORONS, BUFFOOONS, MONEY WASTERS at the top of governemnet NEVER think they are acatually that. They are usually sure that they are doing a good job, even as they run our once great country in to the ground…

        But fatcs are facts…. and no matter what measure one uses, the people running this country are doing a poor job. What can be done? Can the damage be undone? How can it be fixed? I dont know….. I only know that some great men saw a broken country one time, and they fixed it….. but today they would probably (at least) be on a watch list.

        The signers of the Declaration of Independence, in the year 1776, may all be heros to us now, but if they were alive today, their names would be on a watch list, and they probaly would be considered dangerous, and possibly terrorist.

        If our leaders would do what is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States and stop wasting our money on stupid wars and adopt policies which disuade shipping jobs to China and stop wasteful government spending and start supporting teachers the way they support the military… then none of this would be an issue.

        • The leaders of the Revolution WERE considered traitors and terrorists. They rebelled against their gov’t. Today, they would be arrested for non payment of taxes, dumping tea in the harbor, inciting violence, you name it.
          The problem is, today you don’t need to do anything but hold our gov’t in contempt in order to be on their watch list. I would be surprised if this list is not monitored so they can come for us when the time comes.

          • Yes with the dump of TEA into Boston harbor they were environmental crimminals, I mean, terrorists!

        • Just as a point of interest, most of the Continental Congress was on what amounts to a “watch list”. In fact, the purpose of the ride to Lexington was twofold – 1) warn the people of the impending confiscation of arms and gunpowder that was stored in Concord and 2) warn Sam Adams and John Hancock, Britain’s Most Wanted, of the imminent arrival of the British troops, who knew those two men were at the home of the local pastor, whose name is eluding me right now, with orders to arrest both immediately.

          “Gentlemen, we must all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Ben Franklin

          Fascinating to think that the Founders of this country, which became the greatest, most powerful nation in the history of the world, were, to the established order, terrorists. Now, the very government they established, and which has been corrupted from within, has become the very same thing the Founders fought against, and is now repeating its own history by labeling people like us as “domestic terrorists”.

          We have our own “loyalists” or “Tories” today, just as we have our own “patriots”. The roles are being reversed by those currently in power, the labels are being attached, the definition of words being altered to fit the agenda, and the embers being coaxed into flame. The government is busy on the bellows, and the horses are being saddled for a new midnight ride.

          Those who say it’s the product of fear are right. The regime is terrified of what they see coming as a result of what they have brought upon themselves. They look out from the cozy security inside the Beltway, see the flames spreading, and they tremble with fear for what they have done and are doing.

          As well they should.

          • AS an American Insurgent, I mean Patriot, I am very proud of myself. WE should all be very proud of ourselves.

            Amensty is illegal. Amnesty is Treason.
            The Patriot Act is illegal. The Patriot Act is Treason. Free Trade is fraud. Free Trade is Treason.
            Bank bailouts were illegal. BG’s are thieves.

            Public servants who vote for these crimes are globalists.
            Globalists are traitors who should pay the penalty for:


            • Fiat currency, the Federal Reserve, “Wars” of aggression……….all Treason as well.

          • Excalibur,
            I wish you were right about those S.O.B’s being fearful of us, but I’m afraid they are too clueless in their giant egos to ever consider that anything they’ve ever done has caused this mess. These people are clueless as to the consequences of socialism, massive spending, massive deficits and debts. They actually think that spending more will actually help “stimulate” us. Remember their socialist mantra is “spread the wealth”, “workers unite”, “help the little guy” as they go about implementing policies that have ruined our country.
            I don’t think they realize how pissed off the people are. They’re too insulated and too wealthy to notice us.

          • Well said. I would replace the word ‘terrorist’ with ‘rebel’, however. Our founding fathers never drove a buggy full of gunpowder into a barracks full of redcoats.

      16. Every clerk in a military surplus store, every clerk or owner of a local coin shop, and every salesman in a gun store has EXACTLY the same midset as our little forum here on SHTFPlan. In conversations with all these, they are without a doubt the most aware of potential dangers, the most likely to take positive action, and also the most likely to encourage others to do the same. Same is true for volunteers at LDS (Mormon) canneries where you can purchase bulk for for long term storage. Not one of these groups would consider reporting a prepper for doing the right thing. Even suggesting that we should be reported by one of these groups is laughably naive. There’s lots to be worried about but this ain’t one of them.

        • I think they are looking for violent militia. We just happen to do/buy some of the things on this list, therefore can fall into the same catagory. Problem is, average-joe-stupid doesnt realize that. Can’t tell the difference between the two groups. Thus we get reported for our bulk oatmeal.

          • You’re wrong. Anyone not satisfied with the status quo is suspect. After all, Ron Paul supporters are on their list too. Who in their right mind would think RP supporters are terrorists? Only gov’t scumbags.

            • Well the Mainstream Media did ignore BHO’s request for polite discourse last week while it’s political leaders ( leftists) called the tea party followers ” terrorists.”. I guess racist didn’t stick, and even McCain called them hobbits in some form of demeaning presentation…..no wonder he’s one of two senators (Kerry) that is a loser!

          • Even back under clinton when I sold Army/navy and survival goods they wanted me to keep a lookout for people who bought alot of certain items…even back then I told them to go to hell, they didnt like it…I never kept any records on any sales and cash was king,were I selling today Id tell them the same thing!

            After calling the regional director of HS he was an idiot at a Real ID meeting,my farm rights activism and having a “rebel flag” and a Ron Paul for president sticker on my pick-up Id say I made the list,it doesnt scare me because better men than myself found themselves on king georges list of “rebels”…just sayin’

      17. once all those FBI government paid goons stop getting their checks..whos going to enforce what?

        I smell fear..they are scared

        the corp that cuts their check has one foot on a banana peel and the other one in the grave

        List smist..good luck with that “list”..because when the chips are down there will be people that never got put on that “list” that will be every part of what they fear

        and when the news gets out that they are going around strong arming preppers..how long do you think they could survive with a target like that on their backs

        if they were smart, they would be coming to us to educate and offer our knowledge and services,, but because they are ignorant fools..they wont get it until its also too late for them

        I hope they are on this list too..they better get their asses to prepping, because that FBI job doesnt look like a well paying job once the country is completely broke

        all by the doings of their own kind i might add.

        fear tactics people..thats all it is..let it work on YOU if you want..Im turning it back on THEM

        • OMG!! I could not have said it any better… THANK YOU!!

          Fear mongering only works with small minded sheeple who fall for the gov’t propaganda the watch on the MSM channels.

          Like you… I ask… who’s willing to risk their lives for worthless FRN’s?? Are the elitist going to pay them in gold & silver bullion/coins? Well… silver won’t be available to them since no central banks nor the U.S. gov’t have ANY in thair vaults and now the central banks are competing to buy back the gold they sold… but this time so is the rest of the world so they don’t have as much as they once did.

          So I ask… what would the compensation for them to risk their lives be?

        • Since you reference FBI in particular let me just say one thing I found very inaccurate in your presentation. As individuals they are not fools. I’ve met quite a few of them and have yet to meet a stupid one. When their checks stop they, like you, will be among those who survive. You watch….they will be among the first out of harms way ( town) and the first to help a neighbor who is deserving.

      18. I wonder how many of those surplus store owners have already sent that handout to file 13, after of course showing it to all their friends for a good chuckle first.

        • I just returned home from my local Army/Navy Surplus Store over in Davie, Florida. Stuart and his merry band laughed themselves silly when they read the printed copy of the PDF file that I gave them.

          VRF says; “I smell fear ….. they are scared.” I have the feeling that he is right. The PTB & the ‘elites’ know full well just how badly they have been screwing us for the past 35 – 40 years. They fear a day of reckoning.

          • MadMarkie: Born and raised in Hialeah, used to bullride as a teenager at the davie rodeo arena, Dave Morgan and Bud Dobson had the stock, wow brought back memories, small world indeed and such much more enjoyable without global elitist scum! Amen and Amen

            • Davie is still “cowboy country” in the middle of South Florida. Us ‘rednecks’ feel right at home there.

          • PLUS 1

      19. This is almost laughable, the people I know that own surplus stores are for the most part preppers themselves. Sounds like Janet Napolitano is behind this and up to her stupid shit again. What the hell do they do sit around all day and think this shit up? Goodgod, dumb as a stump.

        • I am afriad I must admit it. Nappy has been nipping at the punch bowl. But then, anyone who spends more that 18 months inside the beltway gets the G Flu: R1,D1,L1

          Eradicate the G Flu.

      20. this was inevitable….now everyone is a terrorist unless you’re on foodstamps, non-white, financially helpless without government largesse and or a muslim…..

        The USG has redefined terrorism into anything that makes you independent and therefore automatically suspect.

      21. So if you live in the hurricane prone areas you are a terrorist. If you live in earthquake areas you are a terrorist. If you live where the electric could go out because of summer storms or winter storms, you are a terrorist. What is the government trying to say? We’re all terrorists? Yup!

      22. You gotta think, even the FBI agents in the field have got to be shaking their heads on this nonsense. Could you imagine them fielding a call because a guy next door bought an MRE some batteries and a chemlite at Walmart. AND YOU KNOW THERE IS SOME DUMBSHIT THAT IS GOING TO MAKE THAT CALL!!

        • LMAO! I think WE should have a telethon and call them about every Morman in Utah. They may try to quaratine Utah!

          • Ha ha ha… Too funny, even I get that one!

          • i can see it now.. “Mormons! we have you surrounded!”

      23. The moment one decides to opt out as a slave to the system, one becomes a terrorist.


        You don’t think that they can’t trace back to you via your post here?


        Bottom line, it’s a roll of the dice “getting apprehended “… too many fit the description.

        • I’ll leave the porch light on for them and this aint no motel 6!

        • Of course they can. They have “run my plates” so to speak. I mentioned that before by some folks didn’t believe. I don’t give a damn. Contrary to what they may want you to believe, I follow the Constitution,I am a fucking American citizen and I am not going to cower before MY government.

          I am the government. They work for me!

          • Wasn’t it Thomas Jefferson who said “When the people fear their government that is tyranny, but when the government fears the people that is liberty”. Well I guess it’s obvious where the U.S.A. lies on the Tyranny Spectrum — down toward the tyranny end and a long, long, long way from the freedom end.

      24. I’d like to see the look on thier faces when the number on that “list” surpasses their numbers..or even the military numbers.or both..LMFAO

        • Or when a good part of the military show up on that list? =)

        • This has already come to pass. The “silent, middle-class majority” is still there. They may have beat the crap out of us, especially over the last few years ….. but we’re still there. That’s the really annoying thing about us. In a certain respect, we’re a lot like cockroaches ….. no matter what you do to us, a few always seem to manage to survive.

      25. I’m trying this again. When I read this story early this morning I have to say a got a huge laugh out it.The plain and simple fact is this, EVERYONE that post here is already on a list!!! It is what it is, VRF is right they are going to find out that our numbers go way beyond their numbers. And the really funny part to this is the fact that we are not starting the shyt, it in FACT is them starting the shyt, So I say make your list and by all means spread this pamplets to these shops but the thing is smile because they to are on candid camera. I don’t see a single person here that I would consider a Domestic Terrorist, what I see is a group of people that want to protect their families,their property,and make sure that they can put food on the table in the event of a shtf situation.But like Dad always told me ( boy a guilty dog barks first). If they are prepping would it not be in our best interest to prep as well?


        • DPS: And like my daddy, said boy it ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog! Great comments.

          • Cop
            Yes sir you got that one right..

            Maybe something to make u smile

            When I hit the lottery from a buddy in ark.

            Earl and Bubba sitting on the front porch drinking a cold beer, and they both see a semi-truck loaded with sod.
            Bubba looks at earl and sez when I hit the lottery I’m going to do that.
            Earl replies do what?

            Bubba saez when I hit the lottery I goin send my grass out to be mowed.

            Hope thats good for a laugh

            Have a great day,

            • DOS: That’s funny brother, its why I don’t drink anymore, want to stay Sharp. There is a sod company in my state called Green Side Up, you know a lot of illegals aren’t the sharpest knives in the box, know what I’m sayin.

          • Copout
            Yes sir I do know what you are saying. I’m a simple man I build house’s and log cabins, and I can tell you that I’m not a bigot but what is happening in my state is wrong these illegal’s are in fact stealing from us. When I see them driving new escalades and paying with food stamps in our store’s this really pisses me off!!! I work hard for what I have, I live my life with a set of values that I was brought up with, I respect my lord and I try and live by the values that he lived by.

            God bless you,


        • DPS: I was in a hurry last night, the library was closing, I was trying to finish my post to you and run my closing scan all at the same time.

          I said that the insiders were buying and that they would continue to buy on the way down, “income averaging” the cost of their shares. I should have said “price per share averaging”

          Income averaging is a whole different thing. Sorry.

          • Np dk the funny thing is I reall don’t care about the markets. I just like to see how close I can come to the closing..


            PS. I can tell you this much I spent 19yrs in the trenches selling siding and windows. I know just a tinman, but the thing that I learned most is this, when you talk to 5 new paople every day 5 to 6 days a week you learn alot about people. For the most part the folks that I have met share the same values that you and I share. so in the end we can agree to disagree and then just shake hands and have a cold one. I’m not to sure about whats going to happen in my life time but I can tell you this having a differant opinion is what made this country great because if we don’t share these thoughts with each other then we are doomed.. A mind is like a parachute, if it closed whats the point of having it..


            • Mac
              how much would it cost for spell checker on your site? I would canvess the streets to pay for it..

              • Lol, I will see if i can get an editor plugin to make linking, spelling and other text features more accessible…we used to have one but the new threaded comments didn’t mesh well with it…will see what we can do. Thx

            • Mac,

              Sounds good maybe we could get a grant for it, after all the pay for every thing else, We can call it the poor prepers of America fund. After all we pay for all these trips abroad, then they can pay for us to rebel…

      26. I am a proud Tea Party terrorist..that by free will chooses to prepare for the coming chaos ..in whatever manner I see fit…..the state is the enemy… and all ho choose to obey the same…..clean ’em , load ’em, stack ’em, prepare to use ’em

      27. Really, this is not news. We preppers been targets for years. I once had a judge question my ability to parent because I had a subscription to “Backwoods Home” and appeared to be a “survivalist”. This was almost 20 years ago, and the same types of people are still makoing the same kinds of character assinations.

        • Dear Backwoods Grandma, I do love that magazine. Great tips, recipes, and I look forward to the six issues a year. One of the two subscriptions I haven’t cut loose.

        • B G- It wasn’t so much the magazine subscription, it was when you stomped into the courtroom if full camo with that AR15 slung over your shoulder! I think you kinda scared the judge. By the way, Backwoods Home is a great magazine. But I buy it at the newsstand now(with cash). Don’t want to be on any suspicious subscription list.

          • Okie,
            Watch out now them black helo’s are closing in fast..LOL


      28. The US government is accustomed to fighting ill prepared military personnel from all over the world who use inferior equipment. They are simply trying to un-level the playing field here in the US, so when they finally do determine we no longer have constitutional rights, they will have just as an easy time overwhelming their new enemy. I really don’t think anyone in our government is truly mentally prepared to go up against a highly motivated freedom loving American who also has night vision and 50 caliber simper rifles, and maybe some waterproof matches and a MRE. The typical Texas deer hunter with a 30-06 class hunting rifle could do very serious damage to any advancing military regardless of origin. The baby blue UN helmet shows up great in the green glow of classsIII night vision cross hairs, but that’s a different conversation altogether.

        • Dude, the U.S Air Force can smoke you from 50,000 ft.

          But that’s not the way it’s going to play out.

          • Mal

            Dude lay of the boob tube for a night, I don’t know much but I can tell you that we are about as worry some as a cloudy day to the armed force’s.

            With all due respect,


      29. they can watch anyone they want…..cameras everywhere, from stores,parking garages,stop lights,highways,schools and so on and so on….so if you pay in cash for ammo, or guns, bulk food they can record you in the store then walking out then they record what stop light your at then record what highway your on and if need to use satellites from space to record you. My point is it doesnt matter what… they can get you if they want.
        most of us just from being on prepper web sites are probably on some FBI or CIA list anyways. The key is being one step ahead of them at all times by being informed and ready, so when the SHTF you can move to a safer place. just my 2 cents.

      30. I wanna be at the top of their petty assed list with my name underlined three times. If they know so much then I’m gonna stay right where I am, so I ain’t too hard to find. If they want to sharpen their blades, I’ll gladly be their whetstone. Just one thing, don’t send familymen, cause if you do, I’ll be obliged to make widdows and orphans ‘fore I go down.

      31. Person of Interest, huh? Well, at least somebody thinks I’m interesting!

        I wondered what being a terrorist was like! Now, I know….It’s boring. Kinda feels like regular life, you know. I thought being a terrorist would be exciting! Instead, it’s going to work, coming home eating supper, taking a shower, reading SHTFPlan, and going to bed! It’s good to be a terrorist! Jeff Dunham, eat your heart out! HA HA

      32. Seriously, I JUST went out TODAY and bought 15 mountain-
        house meals, and a WHOLE bunch ($300 worth) of camping
        supplies. Actually, I’m going to Michigan for a few days
        of fishing with a buddy (I live in Colorado!) but heck
        fire, I might now be on a watch list ’cause I went
        camping? I gotta tell you, it’s messed up. This is not
        the America I grew up in..(oh wait, that might be mis-
        construed as anti-US ideology).
        I don’t know what to do anymore. Just stay in my house,
        never venture outside, try to turn transparent. The
        blood-sucking leeches are waiting everywhere.

        • Get something to take care of those moles.

      33. Mac, what the devil is going on? I post something and it comes up anonymous? Sometimes My user name is already printed and sometimes not. What gives?

        • No idea on this one… This, as well as the comment moderation thing seems to be a WordPress limitation… I am looking into user management type plugins that should make this process easier, at least for registered users. sorry for the trouble.

          • I’ll just have to scroll down I guess at the beginning to make sure my user name is up before I click on to make a reply to someones post. No big deal then, it is what it is.

            • Sorry Mac for the gripe. This site for me is just one of the very last few where I believe sanity does exist. Thank you for all that you do, it is appreciated more than you know.

        • Enable cookies for SHTF site and save your history for a couple of days instead of deleting them when you close the browser.

      34. I knew that guy selling me those “surplus-priced” MRE’s looked suspicious. 🙂

      35. Mac
        well damn how do I become a registered user. Hell right about now I chip in for a new WordPress program


      36. I wish they would make half as much effort to find illegal aliens. Illegal aliens cost the U.S. government (taxpayers) $338 billion a year. But who cares as long as we can cut grandma’s medicare.

        • And that number is compounding because they are having 400,000 kids a year.

          • Per family.

      37. Well, I guess I’ll see all of you in the “re-education” camps bound to be in our corporate futures… 🙂

        • Bullshit Sam, As for me, I’ll see you on the other side of the river Jordon.

        • Sam,

          Sorry to hear you have a corporate future. That is a choice you have made for yourself.

          • oh stiffle yourself

      38. yeah hey great idea..in a depressed economy..tell on your customers..
        tell on the ones, that dont want to become a burdon on the system, or their family members..or become a social problem

        pfffft..fricken idiots..

        this is the mantality of this countries leaders people..

      39. Man… I had to laugh hard when I saw the memo says to look out for missing fingers or hands. Isn’t that taking things a step too far (as usual)?

        • That is a sign of a gang member from mexico.

          • Of course “missing hands” would more like be an Arab who has run afoul of the Saudi justice system. Ouch!

            • The hand, fingers missing refers to those working with explosives, some times they get bit!

            • DK and Copout,

              Missing fingers could mean its a cowboy that can’t rope.. LOL. missing hands could mean you need to stop making them home made mailbox bombs or you may have to much time on the hand you have left..LOL

              Sorry guys been on of those days..LOL

          • Aren’t the gang members from Mexico getting their arms directly from the ATF?

            • Yes, but the ATF doesn’t provide them with a “per deim”. they have to spring for there own preps. So by tracking the preppers they hope to locate the mexicans and get their guns back.

            • Dk
              gotta love then going for those guns. To damn funny

        • Well missing a few fingers wont hurt ya none as long as you still have the big middle one you can confer with them in a language they will understand! SALUTE! 😉

      40. Repeat after me!
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills

        You are surprised by this
        Bucky? TPTB are prepared
        to do whatever is necessary
        to rob you of your last
        penny, and if that means
        them or you, it will be you.

        Lemmeeseenow, where was I?

        Oh, yea

        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills


      41. All the more reason to keep your stash stashed safely out of the range of prying eyes and the coming house to house searches.

      42. Off topic: checkout wideawakenews.com on operation “Gardenplot” to keep you wascally wabbits in line during domestic unrest.

        • Po’d
          been there done that and yepp gardenplot is a eye openner.


      43. Thanks Mac for the heads up. Once the federal government collapses we won’t have to worry about the feds snooping around. They’ll be busy looking for something to eat.

      44. I have a SERIOUS question here. Someone in this forum mentioned they never do transactions on – line; because of the government taking their stuff. I bought a BOATLOAD of silver on – line from a site i got off of NIA. What is the chance of the government taking ALL of my silver someday??? What can i do about this; while theres still time? Im a little more than concerned about this. Any suggestions on how to hide the stuff i already bought. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

        • Google or YouTube something like “hiding valuables”, then follow the leads from there. Gold and silver brokers that sell physical gold and silver do NOT ask for your SS#, so there is nothing reported to Uncle Sam. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, unless they confiscate the records of the dealer you buy from.

        • Well I guess if you plan on letting some thug (government or otherwise) waltz into your home (private property) with the intent of confiscating lawfully obtained merchandise then perhaps you do not deserve to own any silver.

          • Sanityjones,

            I don’t know about your fron gate but mine states, Private property Keep out. The deeper meaning in TX is this( Step foot on my property and I ahve the right to shoot you)Another words you better bring more then a piece of paper with you..

            • LOL! The signage on my driveway looks like the opening scenes from the movie ‘Secondhand Lions’….only a bit more to the point. It’s a great movie. (Robert Duvall & Michael Cain)

            • Sanityjones ,
              I hear you, the vest I wear when I get on my Harley is way worse, And yes folks I ride a Harley I have long ass hair, I have some tatt’s. and yes my vest read’s a few things. 1st A American flag below it states try and burn this one assh-le, 2nd flag, These colors don’t run!!!! and third place Loud pipes save live’s..And the truth be known most of my neighbors call me sir.. Not out of respect. Simply because me and my step sons wear a 9mm with a drop holster going to shoot on sundays. When met with a stronger force, just step to the side and let them bust their ass..Then whip some ass


        • Dave
          not a damn thing now brother. once you start doing business online you are marked


          • DPS: I also have a 1500 v-twin Vulcan classic, not a harley but full dress and is a beauty, i like the helmet sticker that saids Jesus loves you I think your an asshole. My wife gets upset about that one. LOL

        • Uncle Scam is not interested in silver, but is interested in gold. So your silver is safe.

          • Couple of old silver dimes and and a few 1981 and earlier copper pennies can get you some firewood,manure, seed taters, etc. Gold chunks get you humiliated when you give them up for ALOT less than they are worth because you have no choice. Gold preserves wealth for your kids. Silver and copper enables you to live day to day. So you can give your gold to your kids. People must start to play out real life scenarios out in their heads.

        • Weren’t you already robbed? Or didn’t you have to sell that silver in order to meet emergency expenses?

          Check out a book called “Secret Rooms Secret Compartments” by Jerry Dzindzeleta, copyright 1990.
          It’s still available on Amazon for < $20.

        • Throw it all away! I’m soooo scared that I drove out to the resevoir and disposed of all my PMs, guns, ammo, and storage foods. I don’t want to be a target. Trolls take note; I am poor and defenseless!

        • Dave – First, congratulations on making a bold move to secure your future. After you make the decision to buy, how to hide silver is the next most important. I don’t recommend bank safety deposit boxes. Go to https://www.kitcomm.com/ Click on the tab that says “Gold Fourm”. The 14th line down says survival preparation. Click on that. Go to page 3. The second one down says “Secret hiding places: Stashing your Stash”. There are 265 posts and about a quarter of them are actual ideas. Personally I would not actually do any of the suggestions (since the bad guys read the posts) but this should get your mind going in the right direction. Good luck!!!

        • A hole in the backyard is the traditional method. If the feds come aknockin’, tell them you sold that silver off when it hit the $40.00 bubble 🙂

      45. Hey, anyone got any M R E s Im also looking for a Blunderbuss a Civil war cannon and a slingshot. Will this raise suspicion

      46. Seriously, tell no neighbors ext. They ll rat you out hoping for Reward$$$

      47. WOW–glad I bought my wool socks at the surplus store in Ft. Campbell last year…

      48. P.S. Im missing 3 fingers & 1 toe. (From birth)
        I should be exempt under America With Disab Act. Lol

      49. 6 months ago I was at a public shooting range Legally& some guy looking out of place lurking. It was ATF Taking tag # s. They are out there folks (Pennsylvania)

      50. If Achmed comes in don’t bother him its okay bc we let guns go to Mexico& we don’t want to offend anybody

      51. I think they left out a Ghillie Suit /Scent Lock boots/Boonie Hats/and pilots goggles& scarf

      52. Next they will look at people with metal shop machining skills.

      53. “night flashlights”……as opposed to day flashlights?? cuz I’ll buy those then I guess to stay off the FBI “terrorist” list

        Hide your silver someplace safe…if they come for it say you sold it to a local dealer to pay for your water heater or something like that

      54. #10 cans, crisp $10 bills….fire starter.

      55. It would seem if .gov wants to be told about preppers [or campers] paying for bulk items in cash they are already watching those same purchases by credit card.

        The real question is if the fed goons come for someones preps and they cannot produce them what will happen?

        • I’ll just say…”well Mr. Revenuer, I was just talking big on that website so’s that you and all yer revenuin’ buddies would thunk that I had some stores ’round here! Truth is, I only got three ears a corn and a sak a cat-food!, Sorry!!”

          • You forgot to say BLAM!, BLAM!, BLAM!, BLAM!

          • ….I learned a thing or two from “Charley” dontcha know…better stay away from copperhead road……

      56. Terrorist to pilot “take this plane to havana or I’ll make you eat TWENTY MRE’s and you’ll die of a belly ache!”
        Yeah, I seem to remember hearing something about all them terrorists menacing people with buckets of bulk food and weatherproof matches. Dang, that was scary! Glad to see the Federal Bi-atches Incorporated are clamping down.
        On a more serious note: their own guidelines state “…appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause.” Isn’t that what THEY do every time they kick in somebody’s door and shoot them? By their own admission they are TERRORISTS. And the ’cause’ they kill for isn’t to throw off the king of England and establish a sovereign nation, to resist tyranny, or even to please allah. They kill just because their gov/corp masters tell the brainwashed idiots that someone may have broken the corporations rules.(bought drugs outside the corporate drug monopoly, didn’t pay a ‘tax’, spanked their kids or didn’t send ’em to gov indoctrination centers, own a weapon the corp says they don’t have permission to own) And these goons go out and KILL people for that! It’s easy to see who has the moral high ground here. Hint: wearing a uniform or badge while you kill for the corp doesn’t make it right.

        • You’re right Okie Smoker! The terrorists are IN CHARGE!, not hiding in the shadows……..

        • Yeah and most times they get the wrong house, which of course is probably by design.

        • I can eat a lot of twinkies but can’t fly you anywhere untill the bare foot bandit movie comes out and I get paid.

      57. Where have I read the “spying on your neighbor to be a good citizen” stuff before? Hhhmmm….oh yeah, Big Brother by George Orwell.

        Be prepared to hide your food, water and gun/ammo stores. We all need to remember what happened when the oppressors came for the gun and ammo stores in Lexington 1775!!!

      58. You can thank the SPLC for this nonsense. I hope everybody in Alabama knows where their office is. If the feds had to round us all up, it would break their system. I’m old and disabled so they would be wasting their time coming for me. I can hardly get around and I’m not very alert. I can’t see good enough to use a rifle and I don’t hear very much any more. Forgot everything I learned in the Army, too.

      59. you can always have some fun with the feds. Just take a camera, go to the supply stores, make sure you act like you’re crazy and post it on you tube. see if they actually do anything. lol.

        • Damn I love that thought. I would love to know how far they wanna take this worthless list..

        • I think if you wore a diaper and a fan belt on your head, you would get a much better result.

      60. First off to the gov lurkers and FBi tools — KISS MY ASS.

        (How’s that Operation Fast and Furious going by the way FBI hacks? You did a good kneepad service didn’t you? Not doing those NICS checks for ATF all supervised by the White Hut with Zero the Usurper in Thief and the racist troll Eric Holder. 2 Americans dead. How does it make you feel? Bravo, bravo.)

        These power control freaks and pawn-moving mongers won’t ever back down until the shooting war starts. That’s what pride, arrogance, and totalitarinism get you. Good and dead. They are using federal agencies and an umbrella of administration posts in the ever larger government monstrosity for control.

        The Zero administration has also started tracking “terrorism talk” and “extremism” on social websites like Twitter and Facebook. Just like the jolly Third Reich bastards and Commie swine of ole.

        In the meantime, flash mobs of g-rats run around without federal interdiction or law under terrorism or uprising statutes, no investigations, no public statements by Feds or leaders in Zero administration, the Black Panthers never got prosecuted in Philly for voter intimidation in ’08 election, all because Attorney General Eric Holder the racist and Zero the usurper want it that way. And now U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services offering aid to illegal immigrants..they won’t check status at location centers around U.S. It goes on and on….

        Isn’t it clear who they view the enemy is? Freedom loving independant thinking oathkeepers to the Constitution, that’s who. This is what happens when you have anti-American liberal fascist, muslimtard, commie, New World Order scum at the helm who hold no allegiance to this nation or it’s sovereignty.

        I’m licking my lips over my 100 head list, revised and expanded daily.

      61. 308 is NOT an area code; however, you can make long distance calls with it. Let ’em try to round us up…

      62. anybody here still have their book of ration stamps from world war II? i do..amazing. during the second world war, along with blackout curtains there were alot of things you could not buy due to shortages. and those who did see things coming and stocked up were considered hoarders. it was not unusual for government “volunteers” to go around and check on their assigned communities..and when certain items like meat, sugar, flour, wool fabric, etc..were found would confiscate such items if you had more than what the government allowed. if you had your old ration stamp book you would know this. babies were even given stamp books with stamps for things like coats, shoes, milk and so on. also, those who remember those days will also tell you that when time came to use those stamps, the shortages were so bad that chances were good you could not redeem them. now that my friends is a fine example of our government at work. be prepared in all ways…bible, beans, bullets, and bandaids and have a good hidey hole for it.

        • caryn,

          With all due respect may I please ask your age? I do not ask this out of disrepect but if you do have these rations stamps from world warII. Then what you hold is a wealth of knowledge, and I for one would be very interested in some of the things that you have in fact lived through.What has been written in the many books has nothing to do with real life. So would you please share some of your past with us? I wait with a open mind and thank god that something brought you to this site.


        • Question.. do you recall what excuse they used for entering someone’s house without a warrant ? Or did they not actually go into houses unless invited ? Sorry, I was even a glimmer in my dad’s eyes then.. and I am interested to hear..

          • I’m not 100% sure but I think they can use Probable cause, it can be used if a report has been called in on you. You might wanna ask Copout for the right term. I do know this if I report a crime and invite them into my home I can also tell them to get out of my home.. Kinda learned this ont the hard way.


          • Sam: Usually they will ask you to step out onto your porch because they are not allowed to enter. That was the mistake that Obummer’s beer buddy made.

            He should have given him the name and number of his lawyer and closed the interior door. Never engage an officer in conversation. He will take that as an opportunity to interview you.

          • Excuses? Excuses? We don’t don’t need no stinkin” excuses!

        • Would you take a 1961 Micky Mantle for your ration stamps? Barter may be comiming. They are both paper and could soon be useless.

        • I have my grandmother’s ration books and they are not empty, she couldn’t use them all. Single mom with four kids and an ex-husband who was a WWI vet who was not doing too well. It’s scary to think it happened here, just like internment camps for japanese americans. It all has happened here in the land of liberty.

      63. RUN! Fear for your preps! Ah, wait, nope… I just wanted to insite panic for a moment. This stuff just keeps reminding me of Hitler’s Germany. The government wants everyone in fear their neighbor is going to report them to the gestapo for suspicious behaviors and activites and their house will be raided by the gestapo…you know, see something say something.

        • You know, I see the paranoia in the comments here and I think “Seven years ago I would have said these people were nuts”. Now, I’m right there with the commenters.

          In the Age of Obama if you’re NOT paranoid, and you DON’T believe in conspiracies ….. then YOU’RE the one who’s crazy.

      64. It will be interesting to see what the Hells Angles and every other multiple member biker club feels when the rounding up starts and the hand “over your weapons” meme become the norm.

        Real interesting.

        • Hell’s Angles? Hell’s Angles? Is that a bike gang for fans of Geometry? Or of pre-Saxon England? (jk)

      65. Hey jules you out there? Can you imagine this Shiiit! Just like we predicted man back in SZ!

      66. you gotta be pretty robotic to have a career in the FBI….I wouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that any of them will sympathize with you or your intentions or respect your constitutional rights if they suspect you of being a terrorist because you have food & ammo stockpiled.

        Just like an ambitious district attorney pressing a conviction on an innocent man….the FBI will bust you if given permission just to get the career points.

        It’s too bad too. If and when all hell breaks loose with a dollar collapse the most stable neighborhoods for the Feds to set up camp will be where the preppers have banded together to keep the looters out, distribute food and supplies and keep order until the authorities can get a grip.

        • Get a grip? The only grip these authorities want is a grip with an iron fist!

          They’ve created this mess on purpose because they know the end is near. Its mostly distraction, so I’m told, and you need to watch behind the scenes to really see whats up.

        • Me and my buds get an area secured to where no criminals can operate then Ill be danged if we allow the fed crooks to use that as a base for getting their grip back on freemen and womens lives….naw methinks we will clean them out too just like a bunch of weasles or theyll clean us out!

      67. Because of my advanced age I was stocking up on adult diapers and wet wipes. All the result of me blowing out my “O” ring 3 years ago after I ate a large can of beans. I hope they don’t put me on that infernal list. I still can’t find my hearing aid, my glasses or my teeth.

        • Just be careful not to get the suppositories and hearin’ aids switched up. If you do you’ll have to lift your leg to hear anything.

          • Once I messed up and took a sleeping pill and a laxative. I dreamed I was in a mudslide!

      68. Then the FBI better arrest FEMA, because back in January 2011, read a story about FEMA buying massive quantities of ‘MRE’ so I sent them this question:

        There’s a story circulating on the Internet that FEMA “FEMA Buying 140 Million Meals For A Specific Earthquake.”

        The Solicitation Number is: “HSFEHQ-11-R-Meals”

        Here’s the rest of that story:

        “Added: Jan 20, 2011 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day).”

        Can you confirm or deny this story to help squelch the stories flooding the ‘Net?

        Here’s the reply received in March 2011:

        Dear Mr. Bacon:

        Thank you for your e-mail to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) inquiring about HSFEHQ-11-R-Meals.

        The posting is in connection to the National Level Exercise (NLE) scheduled for May, 2011.

        As part of FEMA’s ongoing efforts to prepare for all hazards, we are constantly engaged in planning for disasters both large and small. Each year, FEMA, along with our Federal, State, local, and other partners – including the private sector and volunteer groups – participates in the NLE, which is a large scale exercise that simulates the response to a catastrophic disaster. This year’s NLE will simulate a large scale earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Here is a fact sheet: http://www.fema.gov/media/fact_sheets/nle2011_fs.shtm.

        The Request for Information (RFI) was prematurely posted on FedBizOpps in an attempt to gather information from potential venders that may be able to provide commodities that could be needed in such a scenario; however the RFI was canceled, because FEMA’s partner, the Defense Logistics Agency is responsible, through interagency agreement, for providing commercial, shelf-stable meals (i.e., the civilian equivalent of military meals ready to eat (MREs).

        I hope this information is helpful and wish you the best.

        Janice Sosebee
        FEMA Recovery Directorate

        It’s the same old story, the government can do anything, but if you as a private citizen try and prepare for the future, you’re viewed as some kind of survivalist nut and need to be put away.

        Another curious angle to this story is that in late April 2011, the feds decided to relieve the swollen Missouri River by dynamiting the levies in SE Missouri, damn near right on top of the New Madrid fault.

      69. If gun confiscation and unconstitutional detentions of preppers begins… the news will spread like wildfire amongst America’s 80 million+ gun owners.

        If the DHS or the FED or the U.S. Military is willing to take this drastic step to usher in some kind of new regime that pisses on the U.S. Constitution….they will be resigned to destroying America as we know it as at least half the gun owners with nothing to lose fight back. Millions will die, trillions in property will be damaged, millions of taxpayers will be killed or forever incarcerated, millons of police, soldiers, mercenaries and federal opeators will be killed and wounded…..

        It will destroy the country’s ability to function and defend itself and leave it wide-open to be ravaged by the inner-city minorities, millions of mexicans flowing north and foreign powers…

        Is the Fed stupid enough to do this to the people who pay their salaries???

        Of course it is….

        • This won’t happen in our lifetimes…..well I’m old

        • The people who pay their salaries? Have you noticed any roundup of the Wall Street criminal class since they caused this problem? Follow the money. That’s who pays their salaries.

          Someone pointed out that if the 1 in 10 Jews had fought back when they were asked to go to the “relocation camps”, instead of kneeling politely at the edge of a ditch, 600,000 Nazis would have been taken out of the equation.

        • I suspect that is the game plan……………..

      70. Why would anyone in this day and age go into a store and say anything to anyone about your business or plans?

      71. To Whom It May Concern:
        Department of Homeland security

        We the people of the United States of America find your latest pamphlet to be not only unconstitutional but a total lack of respect for the people of this great nation.
        For you to suggest that because we acquire the same goods that you as our own government secure for your wellbeing is a outrage. You label us as terrorist is not only absolutely crazy but it tells us we the people of this great country, that you have been telling nothing but lies!! I’m referring to your last attempt to the army surplus stores to report us a domestic terrorist. You say because we choose to stock up on food that we are terrorist, you say that our shops must report people that buy these Items such as MRE’s or waterproof boxes and waterproof case’s for matches , You claim that we in fact that we the people must provide a ID to secure these items. Well I have to say BS sir or maam, the fact is that none of you have provided us with a sense of security for many yrs now. And now you are shocked and shaken to find out that we the people will handle it ourselves. You say that if somebody is missing a finger it should be reported? You say because we pay cash for these items we should be reported? You say because we choose to purchase a full cap. magazine we should be reported? Well let me be one of the people that say this to you (We are not like you, We will not rat out our own people, We will not turn our backs on our friends and neighbors) We the people have had about enough of all of this. We are so very tired of your ideas about how to fix this great country, we have had enough of your lets form a super congress to fix this problem, We have had enough of your BS vacations on our dime. We the people have heard enough about what in your own mind is going to get this country back on track. Enough is enough stop this BS and get the job done that you were either voted in for or hired for.
        I’m not sure about your job but if I performed as you folks do, I’d be FIRED long ago. And by the way how much did you spend to produce this BS pamphlet. Being in sales for many yrs I’m sure you could have put food on the table for about 200,000 people that really could use a good meal. You can’t be this stupid to not listen to the people that put you where you sit today or maybe you are. I’m not sure, if you are taking orders from a higher power then you sir or maam are a dumbass, because you are nothing but a pawn and what they do to us is the same they will do to you once you serve their purpose!!!


      72. As with LE concerns over NRA stickers and Constitution Advocates – its way passed too late to hide any Internet footprint any of us may have accumulated over the years.

        Current datamining methodologies would have already flagged most of us if we have ever bought ammo online, silver, ordered books from Amazon, subscribed to any 1 of the dozen Gun magazines, become a member of the NRA etc etc…

        And ‘They’ will just hit any of these organizations with a DHS search warrant and they will fold. I consider it unlikely that any publisher or vendor will fight the DHS on principle…

        Its not a paranoid concept, as there is no question that Lurker Agents would monitor this site or any other prep related one as we have served ourselves up on a plate – far easily than monitoring FaceBook or Twitter which we know they already do. I guess no-one remembers the old Carnivore or DCS-1000 programs from many years ago either.

        I have 4 words for you ‘Echelon”REX84′ & EOs’NSDP51′ &’HSDP20’.

        Shame as this country sadly has committed ‘economic debt hari-kari’ by raising the Debt Ceiling to $16.7trillion, the Feds have put in place many protocols for a SHTF events population control and there is no way to repeal any of them. Its as simple as that.

        Obvious to me but, I would be way careful with what you say on any forum especially related to firearms.

      73. Does not surprise me in the least; look at everything else they screwed up!
        I would not be surprised if everyone who makes a comment here is under consideration. Wish I had stayed on the commune I was on in 1973, dam

      74. I get confused on what is said here. Don’t get me wrong, I like the site and agree again with most things said.

        The confusion comes in when on one hand, we say our government has a master plan to create a New World Order. Then on the other hand folks say how inept and stupid our government is.

        So which is it? I am leaning toward inept. I think thngs have gotten out of control, and that is why I have begun to prep.

        No need to slam me, I am sure others have thought what I am writing. Which is it?

        • It isn’t the government implementing the NWO–there is an elite plan by a ‘select’ few and the govt. persay will be just peons like us when it the plan is implemented.
          Population control/decrease by destroying mankinds ability to produce food..you didn’t think all these disasters were God’s doing, did you??

        • Don’t agree that our government has a master plan,they
          don’t have the brains.
          Our Government just implements the master plan given
          from outside of the U.S.A.

      75. the Constitution has been shreaded and trampled by every president since old Abe.
        I think history will show that most of the terrorists wear badges and the people that they terrorize are their own citizens, just say something to a TSA agent or even the local cop who had a bad nightor an argument with their sprouse before going to work..

        • Spouse? There is a season on them isn’t there, oh I am sorry that would be grouse, I know, I know, its me.

      76. There will be another market crash

        thats when it will get ugly real fast

        there are too many players looking for that trillion dollar score

        hackers looking for a quick score or a way to extort or exploit the system

        they look for weakness and go for the throat even for short term gain

        they produce nothing, but can drain an economy in the split second of a bell ring

        and the FBI is looking at preppers….again LMFAO..ignorant fools

        • I heard the FEDs were going to implement an incentive program in order to boost morale amongst their ranks. A few of the ideas put forward were Waco Wednesday, Firebomb Friday, Torture Tuesday, and TSA Thursday.

      77. We’re getting the opportunity of a lifetime right here before our very eyes folks. You couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to the show that is unfolding in front of us. And we have front-row seats.

        I’ll pop the popcorn and you run and get the milk duds.

      78. Here we go…The joke of the day 🙂

        Dad buys a lie detector robot which slaps people when they lie… He decides to test it at dinner, “Son, where were you today?” The son says, “at school dad.” Robot slaps the son! “Ok, I watched a dvd at my friends house!” “What dvd?” “Toy story.” Robot slaps the son again! “Ok, it was a porno” cries the son. “What! When I was your age I didn’t know what porn was” says the dad. Robot slaps the dad! Mom laughs “HaHaHa! He’s certainly your son.” Robot slaps the mom. 🙂

        • Bahawawawawawawaw

        • I enjoyed that Bf!

      79. What does it really say about the USan regime, in that it feels that it has nothing but enemies in the world, and especially, vast numbers of enemies among its “own” people? What does it say about this regime, in that it deems it expedient to employ vast numbers of spies to retain its hold on power? And what does the regime’s obsession with coercion and surveillance say about its concept of “rule by the consent of the governed?”

        One could come to two conclusions:

        1) The regime feels that it rules over a conquered foreign nation that it is exploiting for the good of another class, clique or entity (quite logical if one considers the numbers of Israeli dual-citizens in “our government”), in much the same way that Great Britain ruled India or France administered its possessions in Indochina), and

        2) The USan regime does NOT care what the opinions, let alone the needs and INTERESTS, of the broad masses of its people are, and will ignore them or suppress them in pursuit of its primary goal, which is the advancement of interests other than those of the Amerikan people (see no. 1).

        Either way, in its paranoid, Stalinist obsession for ascertaining what is in people’s pantries, the regime is actually PROCLAIMING that it has already lost. They don’t realize this in their hubris, but history is replete with examples that prove coercion is a poor basis for a lasting government. The fear instilled in the coerced inevitably turns into hatred. Then comes regime change.

      80. Highlights Of The Iowa Republican Debate – Ron Paul Is The Overwhelming Crowd Favorite, Battles Rick Santorum Over War With Iran, Gingrich Supports Full Fed Audit (VIDEO)


      81. Over the years I’ve heard many “patriots” say the would never join any organization (NRA, GOA, etc.) because they were afraid they would be put on a government list. These cowards mearly self neutralized themselves. There is strength in numbers. But keep in mind, most “activity” is usually done by less than 3% of the population. The commies in the Soviet Union, The Nazi movement in Europe, only had relative small numbers of the population as real members. Fear can paralize. Everyone can have fear. It’s how you deal with fear that matters.

      82. Caryn,

        Regarding your post yesterday about “ration books” and “government volunteers” going into homes and checking for “hoarders” (those who had seen what was coming and stocked up) to “confiscate what it deemed were excess of amounts of meat, sugar, flour, material, etc.”

        That is terrible! Are there other things we don’t know and should be aware of? Why is it I never learned about that in school?

        I forwarded your comment to my Dad. Here is his response:

        “Yes, those things happened. Of course, because we lived on a farm, we were much more fortunate. We had milk, eggs, beef, pork, chickens, a big garden, gasoline, and
        everything needed to live well. Because we were farmers we could buy tires for wagons, which we did for our 31 Studebaker car. It had 19 inch tires, we bought 16 inch wheels for wagons and then wagon tires for our Studebaker.”
        Your Dad

      83. Everybody in the whole world who is just a little educated knows that the USraele government is the most dangerous terrorist in the world. I talked to Spanisch, Russion and German people and they where very different but they all agreed in this point, that the US-government is the worst cheater and betrayer and terrorist out there in the world. The US-government has supported the communist tyrants and then acted like they are against communism. The US-Department of Homeland (UN)Security has even hired the Stasi-Boss Markus Wolf who has turtured many Germans in the socialist German Democratic Republic (also called East Germany) and he has indoctrinated us to destroy the US completely. Now he gets payed from the US-government more then one million p.a. how to enslave, control and turture the US-citicen. I am sure he loves to do so… And the Germans who did fight against communism and got persecuted from the socialist government in the GDR are getting kicked out from the US nowdays. This tells me everything about how evil the US-government is. You have the Bill of Rights and the constitution, the first and second amendment, and this came out of it…? I am deeply disappointed about the US-Americans that they are getting along with all this US-government fraud.

      84. I have been tortured by our fine public servants in Iowa. Leave the country if you are financially able to. These servants are not working for the people but their foreign principles in Europe if you would read the Federal Acts of Congress. Be afraid very afraid everytime you come into contact with any government official. Some are plain evil beasts working for Lucifer.

      85. They don’t work for me. I fired ’em for theft.

      86. I doubt that those guidelines would affect very many preppers. It seems more designed to detect militia groups.

      87. Well, it’s just the shits that everything I’ve had nightmares about could become reality in my lifetime. To turn back time… No kids.. I can’t even think about what would happen to them if I’m not here to protect them. But I’ve taught them to shoot straight and reload fast. What a bitch to think that this planet is on the path to taking the biggest dump of all time. Love your children, try to find a few people you can trust, and hope for the best. So… Planning to buy a load of MRE’S is gonna make me a public enemy? To have survived a war to end up like this? Damn, that’s almost funny, if it weren’t so close to reality.

      88. I do not believe that when the shtf that the gov. will be the problem.By then gov. checks will be bouncing so there will be noone to carry out the confiscation.The real people you will have to watch out for will be the have-nots.If you are wooried about people taking your food you can always have a few special cans that you would not eat yourself.

      89. Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
        by Tony Cartalucci

        The Real Revolution
        “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”

      90. Article: Did The 2008-09 Downturn Ever End?
        “Many Americans Believe That The 2008-2009 Downturn Never Ended”. They’re Right.

        Article: Job Cut Announcements Hit 16-Month High, California And New Jersey Lead Cuts (8/3/2011)

        Real unemployment closer to 22%

        The Federal Reserve Made $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Their Bankster Friends (while their ‘globalist’ associates shipped our jobs overseas)


        The Federal Reserve: Our Policy Is To Steal From You (July 21, 2011)

        Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (will be GLOBAL, in scope)

        [Central] Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power [duh, i dunno…maybe via bailouts to bankers, at taxpayers’ expense?)

      91. News from Aug. 2010: THE REAL UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS?

        “The editorial also says that the numbers actually are as follows; ‘With 14.6 million people officially jobless, and 5.9 million who have stopped looking but say they want a job, and 8.5 million who are working part time but would like to work full time, you end up with nearly 30 million Americans who cannot find the work they want and desperately need.’
        I wonder why we are not being told the actual official numbers?

        To read the whole editorial click to: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/10/opinion/10herbert.html

        Source: http://fatcatwebproductions.com/the_paper/841-editorial-how-many-americans-are-really-unemployed

      92. If you’re not on a government watch list you should be ashamed of yourself.

        So what good are these watch lists going to be when almost everybody is on them?

        • In 1928, Stalin replaced the New Economic Policy of the 1920s with a highly centralised command economy and Five-Year Plans, launching a period of rapid industrialization and economic collectivization in the countryside. As a result, the USSR was transformed from a largely agrarian society into a great industrial power, and the basis was provided for its emergence as the world’s second largest economy after World War II.[2] However, during this period of rapid economic and social changes, millions of people were sent to penal labor camps,[3] including many political convicts, and millions were deported and exiled to remote areas of the Soviet Union.[3] The initial upheaval in the changing agricultural sector disrupted food production in the early 1930s, contributing to the catastrophic Soviet famine of 1932–1933, one of the last major famines in Russia. In 1937–38, a campaign against former members of the communist opposition, potential rivals in the party, and other alleged enemies of the regime culminated in the Great Purge, a period of mass repression in which hundreds of thousands of people were executed, including Red Army leaders convicted in coup d’état plots.[4]

        • It will show TPTB that they are surrounded, just like

      93. The other side can play this game too.
        Those well fed, pension sucking FBI agents who list American citizens as “potential terrorists” for doing nothing illegal can also be placed on watch lists and have their names gathered to be added to a “potential tyrant” list

      94. Anyone else get to the part of the FBI .pdf that says:

        “Some of the activities, taken individually, could be innocent and must be examined by law enforcement officials in a larger context to determine whether there is a basis to investigate.”???

        Is this a joke???

        • Uriel:

          Yeah, I saw that shit! FUHK-en BS!!!!!

      95. I’m old and sick. I hope they come and get me so I can have a clean, dry place to stay with free medical. I hope they have a large supply of “Depends”.

      96. That’s why you should have been prepared a long time ago. And think outside of the box folks. Definition of Bureaucrat, ” a person who works in a bureaucracy by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment.” And don’t forget there is a boogey-man under every rock.

      97. The fore fathers were terrorists for Liberty.
        What sparked the revolution was an unregistered arms cache.

        The FBI teaches that any one who follows the fore fathers teachings are terrorists.

        I was born in Real America. We liked Ike.
        I lived the American Dream
        I went to war for my country, when it was not popular & no one supported us.
        I will die a terrorist, With the same ideals as MY WWII parents & the fore fathers.

        I have but one regret. That I only have one life to give in defense of the constitution of the Untied States of America.


      98. Well, If asked, I shot every load of ammo, and sold every weapon I had at the last gun show… That’s my story and I am sticking to it!!!!

      99. Remember:
        You get what you are willing to put up with.

        If you aren’t willing to tolerate any more of the current Washington madness, be sure to educate everyon you know who will listen, and some who won’t. We must significantly change the complexion of the Federal Government to reflect our country’s Founders values. Please don’t give up. Our country is worth fighting for.

      100. I see a big frickin problem here people! Hope you are already stocked up on possibles! The “storm” is at the door!

      101. MOLON LABE !……………SEMPER FI !

      102. WTF ? What in the hell does being a prepper have to do with being a terrorist ? Our FBI can’t be that stupid, can they ?

      103. I would like to see all of you mentally ill preppers rounded up and executed. You do nothing but try and drag the healthy segment of the population down into your gutter of fear, anger, and hate.

        • How dare you wish death on innocent people, Fool!

          “All negative energy you send to we”
          Three Times Three XXX XXX XXX by your reflection, comes back to thee.”

          From now on you should be very careful of looking into mirrors………..even your reflection in a glass window you should be worried of! Enjoy

      104. 1984. Is. Here.

        I live in West Hollywood, CA. In the next week or so, that worthless piece of shit Obama is bringing his useless ass to my town less than a mile from me (House of Blues), and then later to some overpriced fundraising dinner about two minutes from my front door. You don’t think those motherfuckers in the statesecuritycomplex haven’t profiled every single inhabitant (meself included) within miles of where’s he gonna be? but, no worries. i’m probablyalready on the fbi’s radar because of sites like this that i always visit. that, and i’m an avid Ron Paul supporter.

        btw, Obama did the entire country a favor. he taught people that no politican is ever gonna change their life. each one of us is the only one that can bring ourselves hope and change.

      105. Just some thoughts after reading all of the comments and thoughts. First, let them put me at th etop of their stupid list. If that is all we have to worry about then we are in pretty good shape. But…divide and conquer is still one of the best plans of any tyrannical “leadership”. Turn neighbor against neighbor. Stop food supply, stop most rebellious tendencies. When your neighbors are hungry and everyone is issued their food vouchers, you had better think about how you are looking. Do you look too well fed? Do you look a little too clean? Have you been using your food vouchers? If not “they” now have probable cause to come take what you most likely have OR burn what you have to make an example of you and punish you for using the vouchers when you already had food. Basically, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. How is a country supposed to come together when there are so many ways to divide us. Threaten any child with death, or starvation, and most parents will do as they are told, regardless of prior morals and ideals. Not one of us would want to believe this could be us. We all want to believe we would do the heroic thing when the chips are down. But, only truly together do any of us stand half a chance in this hell to come. Yet, I ask, how do you stand when your child is tortured in front of you. I put nothing past our country’s hunger for control. We have all seen what happens to our’s and other countries during times of crisis. Women and children are the sacrifice, the men who might stand to protect them are usually the first to die. Put a gun in the hands of the women and the children and teach them well. A time of leaving your current “American Dream”, to enter into a long night may be very close at hand. I will walk with you as long as I am able, as will my children. We may not all agree on religion, race, gender, or even what we have done in a former life, but, when this long night does come to our door, I hope that we each remember that if we stand by each other in the darkness as a new person of a new time and age, we will not be alone in the dark.

      106. Last I looked, my bank account won’t allow me to buy bulk night vision…really?

      107. Mr. Tom Cruise, Please place your hands on the wall and spread them, where going deep. We also want to know just what you have in your 10 Million dollar Bunker.

      108. Well very lively blog ya’ll got go’in here lol.Just a reminder to everyone about the question:what are we missing in this conversation??

        • I wish I could tell you that Okie fought the good fight, and the Sisters let him be. I wish I could tell you that – but the road is no fairy-tale world. He never said who did it, but we all knew. Things went on like that for awhile – road life consists of routine, and then more routine. Every so often, Okie would show up with fresh tires. The Sisters kept at him – sometimes he was able to fight ’em off, sometimes not. And that’s how it went for Okie – that was his routine. I do believe those first two years were the worst for him, and I also believe that if things had gone on that way, this place would have got the best of him.

          I find I’m so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope Bora Bora is as blue as it has been in my dreams.

      109. I’m a call em and say I’m voting for Ron Paul.

      110. the folks who will survive are the true “native sons” of the southland who have known all their lives how to cultivate, gather, kill and clean food. And have heritage of fighting for survival.

        • the true “native sons” are not just in the Southland they are in all these little towns and rural areas of the Nation.

      111. Then prep smart.

        Don’t buy 30 cases of this and 10 cases of that. Like some Sheeple troll out on black Friday.

        I hit stores for routine supplies and life staples daily. … So every day, grab ONE case of this or that in addition to normal purchases. I do weekly grocery shaping, well, the extra case of this or ten cans that doesn’t look like an alarm.

        When you buy a box of ammo, case of mres, and case of water…your going away for a weekend, when you buy twenty of each, you look like a fruit cake, and your own stupidity deserves whatever police state scrutiny you get.

      112. hahaha OMG you guys really waste time and money on this crap??
        you guys could get help or find a woman

      113. Why don’t those of us who are concerned about entities invading our privacy turn it around? Why don’t preppers get on board the information highway and collect data on them? Maybe some lone rangers are doing this but if there was a big enough, savvy enough, committed enough networked group then the information highway could work both ways. Food ammo and guns are important but so is information in this day and age.. We need to think smarter not just to survive but to turn things around. and get our future back on track. its the least we can do for our future generations. Just a thought.

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